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asacbug 190856 , bug 190845 & bug 19067509:41
ubotuBug 190856 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/190856 is private09:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190845 in seamonkey "seamonkey has no Help > Report Problem in Help Menu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19084509:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190675 in firefox "firefox crashes when downloading or uploading attachments" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19067509:42
asacUbulette: with new nss firefox 2 fails to build :/09:58
[reed]asac: what error?10:08
asaci don't have it anymore. a symbol is missing10:09
asaci will try a bit later again and let you know :)10:09
asac[reed]: is that considered a bug for nss?10:10
asac( i thought that nss has strong abi/api rules)10:10
[reed]depends on the error and the fact that you all are trying to use an unreleased version of NSS with something as old as Firefox 2 :p10:10
asacyeah ... if i can confirm that its not packaging related i will ask kaie10:13
armin76asac: old news10:16
armin76asac: http://patches.ubuntu.com/by-release/extracted/ubuntu/s/seamonkey/1.1.7+nobinonly-0ubuntu2/11_bz399589_fix_missing_symbol_with_new_nss.patch10:16
asacmozilla bug 39958910:17
ubotuMozilla bug 399589 in Security: PSM "PSM + tip of NSS, error ‘SECAlgorithmIDTemplate’ not declared" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39958910:17
armin76Ubulette: nope, i haven't seen anything like that, in fact i don't use ff3 :P10:17
armin76Ubulette: any page i could check that?10:18
armin76Ubulette: with beta2 there isn't a button either11:46
armin76so probably a feature :P11:47
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cheguevarahow nice to see all your browsers pass :P11:52
asaccheguevara: the image looks squashed12:14
asacwhich test url is it?12:14
asacyeah ffox 2 fails though12:17
asacok lunch14:17
armin76mozilla bug 1532214:37
armin76mozilla bug 17281814:37
ubotuMozilla bug 15322 in XP Apps: GUI Features "Ability to rearrange toolbars (by drag and drop)" [Enhancement,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1532214:37
ubotuMozilla bug 172818 in Toolbars and Toolbar Customization "Allow movement of toolbars (using visible grippies)" [Enhancement,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17281814:38
armin76asac: fix :P14:38
asacyou rather mean "implement" ... its not a bug/regression ;)15:07
armin76asac: implement! :P15:31
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shirishasac: you up buddy?17:08
asacshirish: yes17:11
asacshirish: i asked you about the extensions :)17:11
shirishasac: right, I disabled all the extensions, and still while I try to upload it fails.17:12
shirishmeans ff crashes.17:12
shirishbut there is also another possibility17:12
asacdid you tell me what those extensions are?17:12
asace.g. post the install.rdf of them?17:13
asacshirish: maybe also try with a fresh profile17:13
shirishasac: what do you mean post the install.rdf of them?17:13
asacyes, like what i asked in the bug17:13
shirishasac: there is also another possibility, I came to know I also have ubufox installed, perhaps that might also have something to do with it, what do you think?17:14
shirishasac: I can copy & paste the install.rdf files if that's ok with u? What do you say?17:15
shirishalongwith the paths that u have given, I am also updating ff2.0.x series as we speak.17:15
shirishasac: will also try a fresh profile, just to see if that works out in any way.17:15
shirishasac: the first extension is Seamonkey, the second is Adblock Plus.17:17
shirishasac: of course will be putting up all this info. on the bug as well, so there is a history there as well.17:17
shirishsorry, the first extension is downthemall, a download manager.17:22
asacshirish: please attach to bug17:28
asacshirish: the ones with the path i named in the bug17:28
shirishasac: I couldn't attach it to the bug, because ff crashes, I instead copied & pasted the contents to the bug itself bug 19085617:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190856 in firefox "firefox-bin crashed with SIGSEGV" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19085617:30
shirishasac: sorry again :(17:30
shirishasac: ubufox is a ubuntu-only thing, is it?17:33
asaccopy&paste is ok17:35
asacplease try a clean profile too17:35
shirishsure would do.17:36
asacshirish: what do you mean with "This is seamonkey"17:36
asaci don't understand that17:36
shirishasac: disregard the bit about seamonkey, I was reading the install.rdf, I misunderstood something.17:39
asactry the clean profile (how i described in bug) first17:41
asacif that fixes it we at least know the direction to look closer17:41
asacif it doesn't we know its the system files that cause this17:42
asacshirish: ^^^^17:42
shirishasac: working on it, have a clean profile :)17:44
shirishasac: how do I recursively mv stuff from my .mozilla to another directory?17:52
asacshirish: just mv $HOME/.mozilla $HOME/.mozilla.backup117:53
asacthen start ffox again17:53
shirishdone, doing the rest.17:56
shirishasac: that also didn't work out, it also crashed.18:00
shirishasac: although this time, I tried to just upload & then tried cancelling that.18:00
asacwell ... you most likely still have a contaminated system18:00
asachard to say18:00
asac(in worst case hardware error) ... if upload really crashes i would have seen more reports so far18:01
shirishasac: true, I don't know about contaminated systems but what you can say could be true.18:01
asacshirish: contaminated: e.g. you installed some lib or other thing once on your system that isn't plain ubuntu18:03
asace.g. left over from some 3rd party install et al18:03
asaclike the ftp archive ... you never know what standards those packagers follow18:03
asacfor instance installing ubuntuzilla is the worst you could ever do :)18:03
asacif i ever meat the author of that package i will get a shotgun :)18:04
asacbut most likely would just shoot in the air as i am not the kind of person that can shoot anyone :)18:05
shirishah, right, that is entirely possible.18:05
shirishalso uninstalled the ubufox extensions, let's try this the last time. If nothing works then I am doomed :(18:05
asacshirish: ubufox is unlikely to cause this18:06
asacshirish: you can attach a strace -f firefox &> /tmp/strace.log to the bug18:06
asac(use konqueror to do that if no gecko browser works for you)18:06
asac(does ffox 3 work)?18:06
shirishasac: I know but just to make sure that isn't the cause the of it18:06
shirishff3 also has the same bug as well as couple of others mozilla/gecko-based browsers.18:07
asacshirish: attach the strace ... deinstall all themes (which can cause wierd issues as well)18:08
shirishasac: will do, btw where are themes located on ff2?18:09
asacshirish: well if you have  fresh profile you shouldn't have any themes now18:09
asaccheck the Tools -> Addons dialog18:10
asacif there is anything still left18:10
asacmaybe try to uninstall vlc plugin as well18:10
shirishasac: there are 3 themes even in the fresh profile18:10
shirishfirefox (default theme) , gnome theme 0.5, Human theme 0.5 & Tangerine theme 0.5 , all of them have uninstall greyed out.18:12
shirishasac: perhaps they are the culprit.18:12
asaclet me see18:13
asacyes they are globally installed18:13
asactry to uninstall them (you should have packages for them)18:13
shirishasac: I think this is most probably it, i   firefox-themes-ubuntu  Firefox themes matching the Ubuntu desktop look18:15
asacshirish: that one usually should be good18:15
asacthere should be others18:15
asac(e.g. tango)18:16
asacshirish: what does  MR Tech Local Install (version:  do?18:16
asacshirish: try to remove gnome and tangerine theme18:16
shirishasac: will do, MR Tech Local install is basically a package to use outdated plugins, plugins which have not been updated for a long time, kinda like a patch.18:17
asacsounds scary .... and nothing a user wants to install18:18
shirishit does no. of things as u can see.18:19
shirishdamn, i did something stupid & all my profile is gone :(18:22
asacshirish: you moved it away18:24
shirishasac: that's why I usually copy the profiles, this time I didn't do & in moving mv it got overwritten.18:24
shirishasac: not your fault, all mine, I was just stupid.18:31
asacsorry for that18:32
asaci didn't tell anything harmful ;)18:32
asacbut well ... every one working with computers lost important data multipe times and survived ;)18:32
shirishasac: I know, its just mv doesn't give a warning when you copy stuff over that, I didn't realize that.18:33
asacat some points you'll find that creating incremental backups of your important folders is the only way to reduce the chance to wipe something to a safe probabiliy18:33
asacyou can also use the file manager (nautilus) if you feel more secure18:33
asaccommand line is pretty efficient, but can be quite destructing if you are tired or something18:34
shirishaha, I do still have ff3 & I have bookmarks synchronizer, so lots of things can still be salvaged.18:38
shirishso not much harm done.18:38
shirishasac: tangerine-icon-theme is a dependancy of ubuntu-desktop18:43
* asac wonders why18:44
asacis the human theme still a dependency aswell?18:44
shirishI have no idea18:44
shirishhuman-theme is also a dependancy of ubuntu-desktop as well as edubuntu-artwork and ubuntu-artwork as well.18:45
shirishasac: the 4 themes are still there, firefox-default, gnome 0.5, human-theme as well as tangerine-theme18:47
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shirishUbulette: hi18:51
shirishasac: got the strace & it crashed without any extensions, just with the themes, I can uninstall the themes if you really want.18:51
Ubulettewhat ?18:53
shirishUbulette: just said hi, asac is helping me to work out that bug which I had filed a day before, which I also put up on the mailing list.18:55
Ubulettecrash doing what ?18:55
asaccrash during upload18:56
asacshirish: please figure out which theme it is18:56
Ubulette[Sun 15:08] <Ubulette> mozilla bug 25742718:57
ubotuMozilla bug 257427 in XP Toolkit/Widgets "opening filepicker without first appending a filter crashes" [Critical,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25742718:57
asacnote that in the bug ... attach the strace and let me know :)18:57
Ubulettelike this one ?18:57
asacUbulette: yeah ... but it happens during upload afaict for now18:57
Ubulette(fixed in trunk yesterday)18:57
Ubulettethe stack trace is not usable in the bug so it's difficult to guess18:59
asacmy bet is that its a contaminated system (by some 3rd party installs done in the past) ... or last chance its a theme19:00
asacthere were themes in the past that crashes ffox19:00
shirishdunno how long this is going to take or whether it will be a successful upload or not, that's 23 MB of strace.log19:00
shirishwow, how can it be, it shows 22 MB of strace.log attached19:01
shirishasac: I just have no idea, I hope text isn't garbled when you are downloading stuff.19:03
shirishmy upload speeds are usually capped at 8-10 kbps or at the most 15 kbps.19:04
shirishAnyway best of luck to you if you do manage to crack that one.19:04
shirishdamn, ff3.0 was also using the same profile, shouldn't this be using a seperate profile ?19:06
Ubulettesame profile as ff2 ? which ff3 is that ? looks like b3rc2~fta1....19:09
shirishff3 3.0~b3~cvs20080101t1000+nobinonly-0ubuntu119:12
shirishasac: this is strange, ff2 shows 4 themes at startup, while ff3 shows only 1.19:13
asacshirish: can't you disable them?19:15
asacshirish: does downgrading help?19:16
shirishasac: no I can't there is no way to disable them. its greyed out.19:16
shirishasac: downgrading to what, I just upgraded them 2.0.12, the latest release.19:16
asacok but it happened with previous too?19:17
shirishasac: yes it happened with 2.0.10 all this time, I just upgraded to 2.0.12 & let's see what's in store here.19:18
shirishasac: at this point in time, its downloading file without an issue, although the assertion is still there on the CLI.19:30
shirishasac: once I have made a profile with profilemanager then do I need to give firefox-profilemanager each time, I have made profiles of both at 2 different places so one can't touch the other.19:31
asacwhich assertion?19:32
armin76Ubulette: you implement!19:37
jcastroUbulette: asac: got a mail from upstream about a bug, I just fwd'ed it to you guys.19:37
asacjcastro: yeah ... thanks. already got it though:)19:43
asacbetter safe than sorry ;)19:44
jcastroasac: ok cool, so what do I tell them, that you're applying it already?19:44
Ubulettejcastro, I didn't get anything (so far)19:47
jcastroUbulette: I think I have the wrong email for you19:48
Ubuletteplease use the one in my LP profile19:48
Ubulettemaybe you're in my greylist then19:49
jcastroyou don't have a public address published on lp19:50
shirishasac: once I have made a profile with profilemanager then do I need to give firefox-profilemanager each time, I have made profiles of both at 2 different places so one can't touch the other ?19:51
Ubulettejcastro, I don't ? I thought anyone logged in could see all emails19:51
shirishasac: the assertion such as (gecko:6663): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed19:52
Ubuletteconfirmed, you're stuck in my greylist for a few more minutes19:52
jcastroUbulette: no worries, looks like asac is tracking it anyway19:52
shirishUbulette: can u tell me the question I asked asac ?19:54
shirishthat once I have made a profile with profilemanager then do I need to give firefox-profilemanager each time, I have made profiles of both at 2 different places so one can't touch the other ?19:54
shirishor do I have to do firefox -profilemanager & firefox-3.0 -profilemanager each time so they don't mix up stuff?19:55
Ubulettewith  3.0~b3~cvs20080101t1000, ff3 is still using ~/.mozilla/firefox-3.0 while ff2 uses ~/.mozilla/firefox so you should not need the profile manager19:56
Ubulettethat will change with 3.0~b319:56
shirishAlso I have job for both of u when u have free time Bug 19101519:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191015 in amaya "Sync Amaya 9.55 (universe) with Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19101519:56
shirishUbulette: with 3.0~b3 it would stop using ~/.mozilla/firefox-3.0 or what?19:57
Ubuletteyep, asac removed the appname patch i've made a long time ago creating ~/.mozilla/firefox-3.0 so it will use ~/.mozilla/firefox, like ff2. That means ff2 will disappear soon19:59
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UbuletteI don't mind myself, i've already removed ff2 from all my boxes20:00
shirishI use both alternatively, especially with the issues which we have been having. Anyways doesn't matter now, would have to think about that when we hit b3 & the .deb comes here.20:01
shirishI wish there was a password & URL exporter site too like foxmarks for bookmarks, would make things so easy20:02
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Ubuletteasac, did you produce any patches for miro ?22:04
Ubuletteasac, i wonder if the bad wrapping in miro's left pane is not caused by your tooltip patch in xul1.9...23:01
asacUbulette: how did you get miro to build?23:17
Ubulettehaven't retried since last time. I'm still with r600023:18
asac1st .. it just doesn't work with how the do it now (e.g. need to mv platform platformxx)23:19
asacmost likely they don't use setup.py to build their dev tree23:19
asac2nd they have changed startup order ... i have to tackle that next23:20
Ubuletteok, i'll move my branch to mt, feel free to push there :)23:20
asacbut miro is not high prio for me atm :)23:21
asacthough its tempting to do it right and reminds me that there is still work left for python23:21
asaci think thu is feature freeze :(23:22
Ubulettepeople are complaining about the left pane wrapping in hardy too23:23
Ubulettedonno, they didn't say. http://geekport.com/files/mirocrop.png23:23
asacthey need to file a bug ... i mean its hard enough to look at bugs. searching the web for arbitrary claims is just cumbersome ;)23:24
Ubulettei know that. I'll tell them next time23:25
asacif you can reproduce this with hardy verisno you can even file on their behalf23:25

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