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squish102what is the mixer command in mythbuntu02:45
squish102i think i need some more tone02:45
npurcifulwhats up everyone, hey got a new reciever here and after hooking it up and setting myth up to use digital coax (was using in optical before) that everyone once and a while i get a pop or click in a show, so i started tracing problems test in kafine and vlc aswell kaffine it pop in the same spot and vlc it didnt pop at all, it does it at the same location everytime03:04
npurcifulany ideals on resolving the issue03:04
npurcifulmythtv & kaffine it pops and vlc it doesnt03:05
MythbuntuGuest49Hi, I am trying to setup a remote mythtv frontend machine to play videos and music03:21
MythbuntuGuest49I've got the rest of the stuff working properly (live TV, recordings)03:23
MythbuntuGuest49I am having troubles setting up the samba sharing03:23
MythbuntuGuest49any help would be highly appreciated03:23
superm1keescook, you around by chance?04:06
superm1or does vacation end for you as of tomorrow :)?04:06
superm1keescook, well whenever you come back around, I was looking for sponsorship on another lirc upload, as described on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/lirc/ubuntu .  I was hoping to get it in before FF if at all possible (it's a bit of a drastic change to how lirc-modules-source functions)04:16
npurcifulhey superm104:45
AquahallicEvenin' folks....06:50
Aquahallicon a frontend only setup of mythtv.... seems like I can't get it to auto-skip my commercials06:51
Aquahallicanyone else experiencing this?06:51
Aquahallicwhen I look at the recording on mythweb it has commflag "yes".... also if I use a keyboard shortcut (z) it does skip the commercial06:56
Assiderr.. when i connect my digital box to my tv tuner.. it seems when i navigate/use the functions of the box its pretty darn slow07:42
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ubudI install mythtv on top of ubuntu. but keep having no signal problem12:03
Seeker`I have an analog TV card (PVR-150), and I get a background hiss while watching TV / recordings14:25
[nrx]keep your snake in it's vivarium then14:25
[nrx]sorry :P14:25
Seeker`when the program has no sound, there isn't any hiss, but it seems to start a fraction of a second before sound starts, and ends a fraction of a second after14:25
Seeker`any ideas?14:28
WcktKlwnare you sure it's the card and not the sound card?14:37
Seeker`i turned up the sound bitrate for recordings, and it seems to be better14:44
Seeker`it was on something like 30kbps14:44
daviscIs there an easy way to add a menu item for mythtv setup from within mythbuntu frontend? (Lauching mythbuntu-control-centre breaks as I don't have a keyboard to type in the root password)18:27
HighNohm, just having a first look at the screenshots. Does mythbuntu really look that slick? :-)19:47
DorwardI'm trying to use mytharchive, but it is failing with "ERROR Failed while running mytharchivehelper to get stream information from '/tmp/work/1/newfile2.mpg'. this doesn't seem to be a FAQ. Does anyone know what is going on here? Or have a suggestion to get more information about the error? Thanks.19:54
daviscHighNo: Yes, pretty much :-)19:59
JThundleyHighNo: yes19:59
adaptrHighNo: run it in OpenGL and it'll look even better... that's not on the screenshots :)20:19
Seeker`Dorward: It may be due to permissions errors20:20
rhpot1991_laptopI'm not a fan of opengl in my myth20:20
rhpot1991_laptopmight be cause my boxers are uberpowerful20:20
adaptrI'm a 12" fan of OpenGL20:20
adaptryour boxers ?20:20
adaptrthat's slightly TMI20:20
rhpot1991_laptopstupid fingers and their not working like my brain tells them to20:21
adaptrso.. why would fast boxes have anything to do with NOT using OpenGL ?20:22
adaptrQt is light compared to OpenGL20:22
rhpot1991_laptopdidn't seem as responsive when I used OpenGL20:22
HighNohm, do dvb-s usb receivers exist - with support for HD?20:22
rhpot1991_laptopall OpenGL gives you is animations between menus IIRC20:23
HighNoI would love to exchange my receiver with mythbuntu now - and that would be on the wishlist for my next one...20:23
adaptrrhpot1991_laptop: not..quite, it also does real transaprency, as opposed to computer transparency20:23
adaptr*computed, darn20:24
adaptrrhpot1991_laptop: but I just set it to OpenGL after the install and forgot about it, frankly20:24
rhpot1991_laptopbeen a while since I messed with it too, back when I was setting up and didn't really know what I was doing20:24
rhpot1991_laptopmaybe I should revisit it and see how it runs now20:24
adaptrI set it up 3 weeks ago, and am at the point that I know that IT doesn't know what it's doing20:25
rhpot1991_laptopI've contemplated stopping using XvMC too20:25
adaptrxvmc ?20:25
adaptrahh... hmmno, I don't generally do DVDs20:26
adaptrdoes it work under xvidix ?20:26
rhpot1991_laptopX-Video Motion Compensation, or XvMC, is a part of The X Window System which allows video programs to offload motion compensation and iDCT (Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform) portions of MPEG-2 decoding to the GPU hardware. XvMC can greatly reduce CPU utilization when playing back MPEG-2 video.20:27
adaptryes, I clicked the link20:27
rhpot1991_laptopah ok, was confused by your dvd comment20:27
rhpot1991_laptopnot sure how it works with xvid20:27
rhpot1991_laptopI think you would still need to burn cpu to decode them for playback20:28
HighNoadaptr: DVD? DVB = digital video broadcast - satelite20:28
DorwardSeeker`: Nope, not a permissions issue, all the files are 66620:36
Seeker`Dorward: I got that error, and other similar ones, and it was fixed when i logged in as the "mythtv" user instead20:36
adaptrHighNo: no, I don't do TV either - it's just a pr0n - sorry, video playing box :)20:37
DorwardSeeker`: I'm running it from the GUI in the interface. Do you think I should try it from the command line instead?20:37
HighNoadaptr: :-)20:37
Seeker`Dorward: I was doing it from the GUI20:37
adaptrHighNo: hooked up to my download machine and a 1.5TB NAS, for when I gets bored20:38
DorwardSeeker`: Ah. I'll give that a try then. Thanks.20:38
adaptrHighNo:  still struggling to make the mythbox do what I want, though - I have many small gripes and a few larger ones, still trying to work out the kinks20:38
DorwardIs it safe to change the password on the mythtv user account? I've never used it (since installing from mythbuntu) so I don't know what it is.20:39
adaptrth ebare fact is that a friend of mine runs the XBOX XBMC and it's way slicker than mythbuntu - on a P3 733 with seriously no hardware to speak of20:39
rhpot1991_laptopif by way slicker you mean slowerrrr, then sure20:39
adaptrDorward: as long as you don't change the mysql password; the user is not used to log in20:40
* rhpot1991_laptop has xmbc hooked into his mythbox as a frontend20:40
Dorwardadaptr: Excellent. Thanks.20:40
rhpot1991_laptopI don't like it to say the least20:40
adaptrrhpot1991_laptop: disagree ! XBMC runs lightning fast on his TV20:40
adaptrerr.. XBOX and TV :)20:40
rhpot1991_laptopnot as a frontend though, it has to query to change shows constantly20:40
rhpot1991_laptopand live tv is questionable as far getting it to work20:40
adaptrlive TV on an XBOX ?20:41
rhpot1991_laptoplive tv through your mythtv-backend20:41
HighNoadaptr: I would go into it if I knew it would support some dvb-s hd stuff. I will have a thinkpad to be my server soon (this one's display is about to fall into pieces...) and I have a beamer anyway so I would like to see some 1024x768 progressive action20:41
rhpot1991_laptopusing xbmc as a fronend with the python scripts20:41
adaptrehm, no.. just XMBC, music and videos20:42
adaptrmythTV's music section sucks gigantic monkey balls, unfortunately20:42
rhpot1991_laptopI like my recording functionality thank you :)20:42
rhpot1991_laptopwhat kind of annoyances do you have?20:42
adaptrrhpot1991_laptop: true, if you need it - I don't watch TV for fear my eyes will fall out20:42
adaptrit has nothing I particularly want to see  - I don't live in the US :)20:42
rhpot1991_laptopmight be better going with xbmc or something then, the real meat behind mythtv are the recordings20:43
adaptrannoyances.... oh, well, how about video playlists ? video ranking, and shuffling playlists based on popularity ? how about automatic, inotify-driven, instantaneous database updates20:43
adaptreverything, basically, that amaroK has, but for video20:44
adaptrhow about IMDB queries that WORK :)20:44
rhpot1991_laptopmost IMDB queries work20:44
adaptrI would *run* XBMC if I had an Xbox...20:44
rhpot1991_laptopthe ones that don't I normally get href="blah blah"20:44
adaptrnone have worked for me yet20:44
rhpot1991_laptopand you can see the numbers you need20:44
rhpot1991_laptoppull them out and type them in by hand20:44
HighNoadaptr: In my setup of dreams it would automatically get the newest stuff like 'the office' 'simpsons' 'heros' and stuff like that via bittorrent and I'll come home, switch it on whenever I want to and have a great evening of nice tv stuff :-)20:45
adaptr2200 times so far ? no, thanks :)20:45
rhpot1991_laptopI'd say about 3/4 of mine work20:45
alexvd_adaptr: some people like elisa.  I dont but you can take a look.  It does have some issues20:45
adaptrHighNo: yes, my plan exactly20:45
rhpot1991_laptopreally you have done 2200 imdb queries?20:45
adaptralexvd_: I did take a look, and it refuses to play anything I try to open :)20:45
alexvd_yep me too20:45
adaptrrhpot1991_laptop: sorry ? isn't it supposed to hit IMDB automatically for anything in the library ?20:45
adaptrif not, that's just ....stupid :)20:46
adaptrwhy automate when it doesn't, actually, automate ?20:46
rhpot1991_laptopvideo library?20:46
rhpot1991_laptopno it doesn't20:46
adaptrnow I'm sad...20:46
rhpot1991_laptopyou go into the video manager, and push right (or enter, I forget) on a video20:46
rhpot1991_laptopmenu pops up and you choose search IMDB20:46
adaptrand there's no way to do it for the entire library ?20:47
rhpot1991_laptopyou can modify in mythweb too, might be easier if you have a huge library20:47
rhpot1991_laptopnot that I know of, but I haven't really looked20:47
alexvd_adaptr: yes thier is a script you can run.  search is your friend20:47
adaptrsjeesh.... them folks never did think of real downloaders :)20:47
adaptralexvd_: you mean teh goog is my friend ?20:47
alexvd_i think its on knoppmyth forums20:47
rhpot1991_laptopHighNo: in theory you could script all that out20:48
Seeker`Dorward: I dont believe there is a password20:48
adaptralexvd_: thanks, I'll check it out20:48
Seeker`Dorward: You can change it using "sudo passwd mythtv" i believe20:48
adaptrSeeker`: you can most definitely change it like that, but his point was whether he *should*20:49
adaptrAFAIK mythtv uses it only to log in automatically on a headless frontend, or else it never get sused20:49
Seeker`adaptr: Well, Daviey advised me to do it a while ago, and it doesn't seem ot have borked my system20:50
HighNorhpot1991_laptop: Mee too, it's just the thing I will have to use a notebook and therefore I need a usb receiver. I have satelite but I do want hd.20:51
HighNorhpot1991_laptop: I want the maximum geekness out of it :-)20:51
rhpot1991_laptopgets tough there, currently all you can get is svideo out of your satellite system so its technically not HD20:52
rhpot1991_laptopkeep an eye out for the new hauppauge h.264 usb encoder box20:52
DorwardSeeker`: Yup, thanks. I just wanted to make sure it was safe first.20:53
HighNorhpot1991_laptop: the whole setup should be <500 bucks as that's what a technisat HD s2 would cost, which is a twin receiver pvr hd-capable  ethernet connected beast with nice gui and a high waf (woman's acceptance factor)20:53
DavieySeeker`: what did i do?20:54
Seeker`Daviey: Got me to set a password for the mythtv user20:54
rhpot1991_laptopHighNo: thats gonna be rough cause that tuner is supposed to be $250 on its own I think20:55
DavieySeeker`: did i?20:55
DavieyOh, that was becasue you were having group problems - to help debug..   Didn't mean to do it as a production thing20:55
HighNorhpot1991_laptop: that's half the price - it would be ok. The thinkpad is here without extra cost. I would love to do programming via web frontend on my iphone :-)20:56
rhpot1991_laptopHighNo: you should be able to easily operate it headless, mythweb and ssh, though I'm not sure exactly what your needs are20:58
HighNoI also think of doing the recordings at the basement and my wife watching her shows in the upper rooms - she would love that20:58
rhpot1991_laptopthats what I do, have 2 backends, one in my office, one in the living room.  Each one can access the others recordings, works out real well20:59
rhpot1991_laptopyou can do similar with just tuners in a backend and a frontend somewhere else, and so on20:59
Seeker`Daviey: Yeah, when I was having problems with permissions and burning stuff to DVD20:59
rhpot1991_laptopHighNo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythExport might interest you with the iPhone and what not21:00
HighNorhpot1991_laptop: mostly do programming reordings from dvb-s via a nice webfrontend without use of ssh as my iphone (no jailbreak) don't have one. oh, using the iphone as a mythtv client would be rocking, though that would include transcoding to quicktime stuff...21:00
HighNorhpot1991_laptop: great!21:00
rhpot1991_laptophopefully that will make it into hardy21:01
rhpot1991_laptopworking on packaging the script up today21:01
HighNonow if it would also update my dsl line to greater upstream bandwidht I could watch tv everywhere :-)21:01
rhpot1991_laptopGUI and some other features will follow when I am done slacking21:01
HighNoI can do iphone testing if you like/need to21:01
rhpot1991_laptopI have it (not that version, one on my box) so it generates a podcast feed of whatever you export21:02
HighNoMy idea was no podcast but simply live viewing on the iphone. I don't want to boot a windows machine to get iTunes sync my phone21:03
rhpot1991_laptopsupposedly the new version of mythweb will stream via flash with a proper ffmpeg21:04
rhpot1991_laptopthough I think iPhone lacks flash doesn't it?21:04
HighNoI see the script exports files to a certain directory. It would be no problem to do a webfrontend for that directory to have the files be running directly on the iphone21:04
HighNocorrect - iphone has no flash21:04
rhpot1991_laptopmight be able to hack up mythweb to point at an ipod encoded directory and try to launch them from mythweb21:05
* Dorward tries running things from the command line.21:05
DorwardWould I be right in remembering that "Parser not found for Codec Id: 94212" is code for "Ha ha, UK person, there is no decoder available for this codec"?21:05
HighNomight be - I'm no UK person :-)21:06
Dorwardhmm, it seems to be running despite those errors21:07
* Dorward lets it tick on21:07
alexvd_dorward: i think that error is meaningless21:10
Dorwardalexvd_: I think you're right21:11
rhpot1991_laptopHighNo: when the RSS stuff gets added it will be optional, so you would be able to generate the ipod recordings without all the other fluff21:11
feshaI have Mythbuntu and every time I go into the guide it crashes can some one help me?22:00
feshaI have Mythbuntu and every time I go into the guide it crashes can some one help me?22:11
fesha!mythtv Guide chrash22:17
fesha!myth tv22:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about myth tv - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:18
ubotuMythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV22:18
fesha!mythtv guide22:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mythtv guide - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:19
fesha!mythtv crash22:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mythtv crash - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:19
ubotuMythbuntu is an Ubuntu derivative centered upon setting up a standalone MythTV system. See: http://www.mythbuntu.org for more information22:19
alexvdfesha: i think i had this problem check your time22:21
feshaalexvd: the time is correct22:22
feshaalexvd: Do you know much about mythtv? I got everything working it is just when I go to use the guide everything breaks22:24
alexvdare you running ati for graphics card22:25
alexvdok at the time i was having the crash i had ati card22:25
alexvdi switched and it fixed it22:25
alexvdalthough I dont think that was the cause22:25
alexvdit was 2 years ago22:26
alexvddid you do a search on the mythtv-user list on gossammer threads22:26
feshaI had MythTv on this system before with that card and I recently just rebuilt the system with a 1tb drive and I so while I was doing I decided to go with the Mythbuntu pakage and now it doesnt work22:26
chukis mythbuntu 8.04 alpha publically available?22:27
alexvdI cant remember how i fixed.  I seem to think it was somethig with the time.  I think I had different timezone or something.22:27
feshachuk: I have 7.10 I dont know about 8.0422:29
feshaalexvd: I have the right time and I know for a fact the my card isnt the problem. Thanx for your help though22:32
alexvdsorry i couldnt help22:32
frank23Is it possible to shrink a xfs partition?23:25
directhexxfs can only grow, never shrink23:25
frank23ok. That's what I thought. Just wantd to check23:25
Tuv0ksuperm1, yes it still persist23:31
Tuv0kGot an email from you , but can't make it out.23:31
Tuv0kI've had an accident, and my vision is temorarily impared.23:31
Tuv0kCan't help like I would like.23:32
Tuv0kBut I can confirm that the modules do not compile, and the blaster firmware is still not included23:32
Tuv0kSo everytime I update the kernel, I have to manually add the blaster file to the firmware in order for the remote to work.23:33
MythbuntuGuest53I have a frontend / backend successfully up and running...my purpose is only to play recorded DVD and Music files.23:48
MythbuntuGuest53I have successfully connected to a freenas server using nfs23:48
MythbuntuGuest53however the NAS keeps failing....drive just disconnect...23:49
MythbuntuGuest53the drives are formatted ufs...is this compatible with Mythbuntu if i directly mount into the front/backend box?23:49
directhexnever heard of ufs23:57
directhexhm, it's in the kernel though23:58
directhexfilename:       /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-rt/kernel/fs/ufs/ufs.ko23:58
MythbuntuGuest53sounds like it might be worth a try23:59
directhex"Linux includes a UFS implementation for binary compatibility at the read level with other Unixes, but since there is no standard implementation for the vendor extensions to UFS, Linux does not have full support for writing to UFS."23:59

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