stiv2kso i have a directory that several users access to share files... the dirs have perms drwxrws--- and files have perms -rw-r-----, yet for some reason i'm still able to delete files that aren't owned by me... how can i change this?00:24
faulkes-is there a reason the directory has the setgid bit set?00:34
faulkes-(the s in the perms)00:35
stiv2kfaulkes-: i used to think s was sticky00:36
stiv2kbut recently found out it's t00:37
stiv2ki really need some help organizing this directory structure -- if you don't mind, faulkes-00:37
stiv2kat least to get in the right direction00:37
faulkes-why do you need the sticky bit?00:37
stiv2kits a directory that many people will be accessing00:38
stiv2kto share music00:38
stiv2kand i dont want people to be able to modify or delete anything that isn't owned by them00:38
stiv2kand i've been messing with permissions and stuff but i can't seem to get it just right00:38
faulkes-well, start by setting the sticky bit then00:39
faulkes-well, probably remove the setgid bit, then apply the stick bit00:39
stiv2kright, but the sticky bit does not inherit00:39
stiv2kwhich kind of makes it a problem00:40
stiv2kso, if someone were to add a new directory, lets say its a new album00:41
stiv2knone of that new stuff will be stickied00:41
stiv2kfaulkes-: is there any way to get around that? maybe a daily cron script or something...00:42
faulkes-cron may be an option, I'm not sure about what value selinux would provide, although that may be an option00:42
stiv2know, is there anything else i should do in terms of permissions on directories and regular files00:43
stiv2klike for the samba config, theres a create mask for them00:43
faulkes-umask is set usually upon login00:44
faulkes-depending on the shell00:44
stiv2ki have no idea what that is00:44
stiv2ki was talking about samba's configuration00:44
stiv2kcreate mask = 064000:44
stiv2kdirectory mask = 077000:44
faulkes-umask is the default permissions a file/dir is created with00:44
stiv2khow do i edit those?00:45
faulkes-it is typically set upon login by the default shell startup files00:46
stiv2kso it's user-specific00:46
faulkes-i.e. either .bash_profile, .bashrc or /etc/bashrc (/etc/bash.bashrc on ubuntu usually)00:46
stiv2ki dont think thats a viable solution for me00:47
faulkes-the . files being user specific settings, the /etc/ generally being the defaults00:47
stiv2ksince i'd have to configure it for each user00:47
stiv2kfaulkes-: i think i found a solution00:54
stiv2ki'll do a sticky on the parent dir00:54
stiv2kand use a directory mask of 075000:54
stiv2kso if they dont own the directory, they cant fuck with any of the files within, even if it's not sticky00:55
faulkes-sounds good, test it out00:56
darkpixelI am getting ready to do a network install of 7.10 on a handfull of machines.  I copied the cd to /var/www/ubuntu, created a kickstart file, setup PXE, and am running into one minor problem.  The machines PXE boot correctly, download the kickstart, and begin retrieving some of the installer files via HTTP...but at one point it says that downloading a file failed.  The file is ...01:21
darkpixel... /ubuntu/pool/main/e/e2fsprogs/e2fsprogs-udeb....  I look in that folder and I find an older version of e2fsprogs.  Why is it trying to download a newer version?01:21
darkpixelI have even tried symlinking /var/www/ubuntu to my local copy of archive.ubuntu.com and I run into the same issue--except with different files.01:22
kgoetzdarkpixel: because the package lists your using point to that file01:23
darkpixelThat's the part that confuses me.  If I'm doing an apt-mirror, shouldn't I have the correct package lists?   If I instead make a copy of the CD and try to install from that, how would I suddenly end up with a bad package list?01:25
kgoetznot sure, i havent tried netinstalling yet (but i'd be interested in any guides you have, i'll be doing it soon)01:25
kgoetzi have full mirrors at home, so i dont have that issue01:26
darkpixelHere are two from the ubuntu wiki: ectory under your freshly installed apache's document root and copy all of the contents of the Ubuntu Alternate CD to that directory01:26
darkpixelHere are two from the ubuntu wiki: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer01:26
darkpixelDarn copy/paste bug01:26
kgoetzcopy/paste bug?01:27
darkpixelI've noticed there appears to be a difference between Edit->Paste/Right-Click->Paste and Shift+Insert.  And occasionally when you have text selected in firefox and then right-click the address bar and hit copy you may get the text you selected.01:29
darkpixelI've never really dug into the issue too much.  It happens on just about every linux platform I've used.01:30
Clintegerim installing samba, what's smbpasswd for?01:54
Clintegerdo i have to make an account for it first?01:54
Clintegerohh right nvm01:54
kgoetzum... can someone try and install 'tofrodos'? launchpad lists it as available in gutsy, but i cant install it (package not found)03:05
kgoetzhm. updating my package lists fixed it.03:05
joycetickanyone know how i can make my apache alias show up as a directory tree instead of 403 forbidden?04:17
kgoetzjoycetick: can you explain a bit more?04:24
* kgoetz has a question about mysql :/04:24
kgoetzspecifically: is there a way to read a file in mysql syntax, and verify the file without loading it into hte database?04:24
joycetickkgoetz: i have a website in /home/web/public_html, so http://localhost shows me that folder in a directory tree because theres no index.php/htm file, now i want localhost/files to show /home/user/files in a directory tree but it just shows 403 forbidden :( (but i can still access the files in there if i type out the name in the address bar)04:29
kgoetzcheck the perms on the folders04:32
kgoetzyour setup seems strangely complex though04:33
joyceticktheir 755.. does it? :S04:33
joyceticki just made another website for the /home/user/files and now it works04:34
joycetick..but the root folder isnt the original website anymore, im not sure how to change that :$04:34
joycetickso now going to localhost or localhost/files goes to /home/user/files :S04:35
kgoetzare you editing sites-available/default ?04:35
joyceticki copied it04:36
joycetickso i have 3 files, default, web and files04:37
kgoetzand they are all enabled?04:37
joyceticknot sure if thats how your supposed to do it?04:37
joycetickdefault is disabled04:37
joycetickweb and files are enabled04:37
kgoetzcan you pastebin your files please04:37
kgoetz!pastebin | joycetick04:37
ubotujoycetick: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)04:37
joycetickok, will just one be fine because the only difference is the directory in 2 of the lines?04:39
kgoetzjoycetick: sorry, i've been doing work (i'm at work currently) :/ try #apache if you havent already, hopefully people there will have time to help out05:16
joycetickkgoetz: yeah np thanks05:17
Dimitreeis it possible to have the server version with GUI ?07:06
Dimitreei'm trying to acheave a secure noob phpbb server :)07:06
kgoetzyou can install the desktop (or install a desktop on teh server)07:06
Dimitreeand not lose the GUI :)07:06
Dimitreewell i installed LAMP with Synaptic but it didn't work ... php pages were downloaded instead of opened, now i have installed xamp over it and i think i made a bih mess :) altho php works and i have installed phpbb07:07
zobboDimitree: from memory "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"07:07
zobbonot that i'd ever do such an evil thing ;)07:08
Dimitreehaha :)07:08
Dimitreei'm noob :) i need the GUI but i also want it to be at least secure to some point :)07:08
Dimitreei tryed Fedore and installed apache and php and mysql and i got hacked after 5 mins in irc in the Fedora chan07:09
Dimitreeso if there is a way to avoid such incidents and still run a web noobish server with only one forum ill be very very happy :)07:09
zobboI don't run gui's on my servers. I'd read up on and install shorewall though (firewall software). (apt-get install shorewall)07:10
zobbothere's a shorewall channel on freenode07:10
Dimitreecan someone try to hack me :D07:13
Dimitreeplease ? =)07:14
Dimitreenevermind :)07:17
Dimitreei readed the server webpage and i think its what ill go for :)07:18
Dimitreeafter apt-get install ubuntu-desktop do i have to do anything + to make the gui autoload ?07:18
Dimitreeou one more thing07:26
Dimitreewill i be able to setup my network ip during install ? if nto what is the command to configure LAN ?07:27
Dimitreeguys please ? :)07:29
sorenOf course you can set up your network during...07:32
sorenoh, he buggered off.07:32
spiekeysoren: you there? :)09:27
sorenI am.09:28
spiekeyi was here last week because of a nss_ldap problem. I could need some help or hints ;)09:28
sorenAh, right.09:28
sorenI'm sort of busy, but I'm sure someone in #ubuntu-motu could help you do the backport using your ppa.09:29
spiekeyif i comment out ldap from my group section in "/etc/nsswitch.conf" my vmware-server works fine09:29
spiekeysoren: okay. no problem. I am just not quite sure if backporting will solve this ;)09:29
sorenspiekey: Didn't you say the new libnss-ldap fixed it?09:31
sorenThat's the last I remember. Sorry, if I missed something.09:32
spiekeyi hope it will fix it.09:34
spiekeybut it does not make sense to me since starting a vmware-child works if you press the start button a 2nd time after the error.09:34
spiekeyi would have expected it to either work or not work. But thats weird09:35
sorenspiekey: Well, it's hard to say if it remembers that the ldap lookup didn't work out.09:40
GargoyleMorning all10:03
spiekeysoren: what tool would you use to draw the nss and ldap architecture for documentation purpose?10:09
spiekeyi would like to have a little diagramm to show what requires what10:09
_rubenScottK: got a few mail server/postfix q's for you: does postfix offer a method to remove certain headers from emails that are relayed through postfix, and im looking for some performance statistics (mails/hour etc)10:10
sorenspiekey: Depends on how masochistic I'm feeling.10:17
sorenspiekey: On a day like today, I'd probably be writing it in pic (using groff to turn it into something pretty).10:19
spiekeysoren: what the url of pic?10:47
sorenspiekey: Good question.10:53
sorenspiekey: ah.10:53
sorenspiekey: /usr/share/doc/groff/pic.yourpreferredformat.gz is a good primer.10:54
sorenspiekey: pic's a bit special. If you're on a tight deadline and never used it before, it might not be what you're looking for.10:54
sorenspiekey: graphviz might also be an option (depending on what exactly you're doing)10:54
spiekeygraphviz looks cool! ;)10:55
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ivokspatching your kernels? :)12:49
zulno because I let the security team do it for me :)12:49
ivoksi don't see anyone commiting patches :/12:49
zuloh they are working on it...besides its not even 8am yet12:50
ivoksit's 1:30PM here :)12:50
ivoksi think people from security team should live all around the world :)12:50
_ruben1:30pm ? you live in a timezone with a 20minute offset? :P12:53
_rubenfigured as much :)12:55
Kamping_Kaiser11.30 here. i do have a 30 min offset ;)12:56
_rubenKamping_Kaiser: i know there's 30min offset timezones, wasnt aware of any 20minutes ones ;)12:56
Kamping_Kaiser_ruben, i think theres a 45 minute one in AU too (it covers one town+ surounding area)12:57
Kamping_Kaiserhowever - night al!12:57
_rubennight? .. ah, 11:30am then i guess ;)12:57
sorenOne city with its own timezone? That has urban legend written all over it.12:58
_rubenerm .. pm12:58
zulnewfoundland is half hour ahead of everyone in canada12:58
_ruben'everyone in canada' .. i'd say that'd cover several timezones .. newfoundland is 30mins ahead of all of those? :p13:00
sorenWikipedia mentions the one in Australia.13:02
sorenGo figure.13:03
sorenNepal has an .25 hour offset as well.13:03
* _ruben decides to go southpark-ish and "blames canada!"13:06
Clintegerhow do I add a new user and make it have a home directory and all the stuff that the user created in setup has [in the sudoers file, etc.]?14:12
zulClinteger: adduser for start and then you can add the user to the various groups after14:33
ScottK_ruben: Yes.  You can remove headers using header checks.  There are add-ons for performance stats.14:39
_rubenScottK: g'day .. after browsing some more on the postfix site i did find the header removal option .. still looking for some real life benchmarks/comparisons .. but those seem to be non-existent :p14:40
=== Clinteger is now known as tez
ScottKAh.  I thought you were looking for a package to check your own performance stats.  I misunderstood your question.14:41
_rubenScottK: any thoughts for hardware to run a bulkmail server running postfix on? currently i have a quad core / 4 gig / hardware raid using sas disks on the to-order list14:42
ScottKThis kind of question does come up and it's difficult to have reliable, comparable benchmarks.14:42
_rubeni know14:42
lamontpostfix has an smtp-{source,sink} binary in it, iirc... good for comparisons14:42
ScottKWhat are your message flow requirements?14:42
_rubenthere's a lot of variables involved14:43
ScottKYou'll be able to move a lot of mail with that.14:43
_rubenScottK: what do you mean by that?14:43
tezwhat the hell O_O14:43
_rubenit'll be a dedicated bulk mail server .. so lots of outbound and only bounces as inbound14:43
ScottKHow many messages do you need to be able to send (e.g. messages/minute or something)14:43
_rubenScottK: our current setup (using suse+qmail) varies between 60k and 120k per hour14:44
tezso i have my server, right. and now everything is in capitals [as in BLAH LOGIN: <nothing> PASSWORD: <wrong> LOGIN INCORRECT]14:44
tezokay now thats not there14:44
tezidk :D14:44
_rubenScottK: we want to atleast have similar performance14:44
ScottKIn large volume deployments, disk I/O tends to be the bottleneck.  Having a large cache battery backed up controller is good.14:45
_rubenScottK: figured as much .. the current mailservers all have software raid1 or raid5 .. switching to hardware raid should be a nice win i hope14:45
ScottKFor an outbound server that doesn't need a lot of spam scanning, virus scanning, etc, I would guess that's achievable.14:46
_rubenScottK: not too sure about the cache options, will ask around14:46
_rubenScottK: no spam/virus checking at all14:46
tezmeh so i think my .bashrc is screwed up, cause it only shows $ not name@location $, and I can delete the $ on the screen :}(14:46
ScottKFor reliability reasons Postfix always writes messages to a queue file, so that's why disk I/O can dominate.14:46
_rubenthat's similar to qmail i think14:47
lamonttez: if you give getty an uppercase login name, then it switches to believing that you're on a terminal from the 1970s that only does upper case, and downshifts everything you type, and upshifts everything it prints14:48
tezohh okay.14:48
tezbut what about the other part? you can't normally delete the $ :,14:48
ScottKEvery site is different, so I think you need to just first set it up and then work on tuning for your situation.  Depending on what header checks you do, those can be pretty CPU intensive.14:48
lamont_ruben: you can tell the filesystem to not force the update (faster, introduces risk of lost mail), or just get a phat UPS and RAM and put /var/spool/postfix on a ramdisk. :)14:48
ScottK_ruben: ^^^ lamont is the postfix maintainer for Debian and Ubuntu.14:49
lamont(RAM + ramdisk and no UPS?  better be able to explain lost email......)14:49
lamontand then there's that whole what-happens-at-panic issue14:50
lamontSetting up tetex-bin (3.0-13ubuntu6.1) ...14:50
lamontCreating config file /etc/texmf/fmt.d/01tetex.cnf with new version14:50
lamontNo alternatives for oxdvi.bin.14:50
lamontI hateseses tetex14:50
_rubenlamont, ScottK : just asked my boss .. the machine (dell pe1950) will have a perc6/i controller which has 256MB battery backed raid controller14:52
ScottKDell 1950s work well with Ubuntu.  I know a number of people that use them.14:53
lamontwith ext3 you can generally feel good about turning off sync writes... in fact, I, um, think that might be the default...14:53
_rubenhmm .. the battery backed part is actually a bit vague on the dell site .. lets just hope we dont have too much crashes during mailings ;)14:56
lamontDefault: false14:56
lamont_Description: Force synchronous updates on mail queue?14:57
lamontuse ext314:57
_rubenext3 is what i use pretty much everywhere anyways14:57
lamontof course, by default, ext3 just does metadata, not actuall datadata14:57
_rubeni really should find me some time to dive into filesystem optimization possibilities and such14:58
_rubenjust far too many things on my to-do & wish list .. tho i recon thats a far too common issue around here ;)14:58
tezin ubuntu, for root and the default created user it shows name@comp:location$ but for the account I created myself it only shows $, i can't use the up arrow to go to previous commands, I can delete everything in the terminal, etc. -- how can i change this?15:01
sommertez: double check the user's default shell in /etc/passwd... you probably meant it to be /bin/bash15:04
tezahh thanks so much!15:05
_rubenlamont: last quick q before i head out .. concerning the performance .. given a dell 1950 (quad core / 4 gb / hw raid) on a gigabit uplink without any spam/virus checking .. does 100k mails per hour sound fair ?15:09
lamont_ruben: others would be better for that question...  although I once moved >30000 emails in far less than an hour in 1997, with no tuning.  I know it's come a long way since that evening.15:10
_rubenah ok .. thanks for the pointers so far :)15:11
lamontamusingly, that was the evening that my patch introducing header_checks was accepted.15:11
_rubengotta go now .. be back tomorow (that is in about 16 hrs)15:12
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rootehi all!15:48
rootehow do i install a package to use while installing ubuntu server? i need to install the dmraid package.15:48
faulkes-hrmmm, next week is gonna be a whole lot of busy afternoons with UDW for me16:36
* faulkes- expects to learn a lot16:37
sorenroote: Which Ubuntu version?16:39
livingwaterwohoo :) successfuly installed server and desktop :) and it works !16:47
=== livingwater is now known as Dimitree
Dimitreeis there some way to check if my installation is secure ?16:47
tezhi. I'm not sure if its a grub error or ubuntu, but I'm just starting ubuntu server [recovery mode] and it gets stuck at Starting up... after that. Nothing at all, no errors, shows16:50
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StonekeeperHi! I'm wondering if it's possible to install dmraid using the gutsy server CD. I'm trying to get it to pick up a promise raid controller. Many thanks.17:35
rootesoren: ubuntu server 7.1017:43
faulkes-Dimitree: that is a hugely scoped question, re: security, try to define it a little more18:04
faulkes-tez: is there a reason you are starting in recovery mode? (granted you seem to be having issues)18:05
Dimitreefaulkes-, i want to know if my system is secure enough so that a "l33t" person can not hack it in 5 minutes :)18:09
Dimitreei have installed LAMP and phpbb318:09
Dimitreei don't want someone to just try and due to my not knowing anything be able to destroy everything in 5 inutes18:10
Dimitreecan someone intentionaly try hacking my pc ?18:10
Dimitreeplease don't do damage :)18:10
faulkes-unfortunately that isn't something I would do, I would recommend though reading up on security, especially as it relates to phpbb318:11
faulkes-follow any phpbb3 best practices for security, etc..18:12
faulkes-in general, LAMP is fairly secure, but when you add php code (such as phpbb3) that is where security becomes an issue18:13
Dimitreeany chance to referance me to a good guide ? I don't know what is good and what's not :)18:14
faulkes-I would start with the phpbb3 homepage18:16
faulkes-you can google that up fairly easily18:16
faulkes-phpbb has been around for quite awhile, so starting at the sites page is most likely to provide you with up to date information18:17
Dimitreeok thank you18:17
jlong_Hey guys I'm still new to Linux command lines, can I get Ubuntu Server up in a GUI?18:32
jlong_I don't really have a purpose for it yet just exploring the OS.  I was reading somewhere it might be best to just install ubuntuX instead if I wanted GUI18:33
pepperjackjlong_: for minimal gui i usually use server install then grab xserver-xorg and fluxbox18:33
* pepperjack shrugs18:34
faulkes-sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop18:34
faulkes-would probably be the simplest way18:34
faulkes-although the gui is not a garrauntee of making things easier ;)18:35
jlong_heh, yeah figures18:35
jlong_So with server would I be able to setup something like Active Directory or is it called something else?18:36
faulkes-99% of the server stuff I do is all command line18:36
faulkes-ldap + samba18:37
pepperjackjlong_: ldap is... an adventure ive heard. ive not tackled it yet18:37
faulkes-would be the equivalent of an AD PDC18:37
zulthere isnt and gconfd on the server is there?19:12
mathiazzul: nope19:29
mathiazhi tez19:36
tezI'm having trouble installing Ubuntu Server 7.10 because it stalls at "Trying to enable framebuffer..." installing it19:36
faulkes-mathiaz: see my emails when you have a moment19:38
faulkes-what type of fb and hardware?19:38
tezuhmm its just an old computer, some compaq something or other19:39
tezFrom the wiki: When installing your Ubuntu system, you can tell the Ubuntu installer not to use the framebuffer. How to do that is not covered in this wiki.19:39
tezI'm not sure how to do that19:39
gclerictez: check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions19:40
faulkes-iirc it's a boot option, sec19:40
tezsorry bout that.19:42
tezI think I want vga=771 as that would be 800x600, 256colors19:42
faulkes-that sounds reasonable19:42
* faulkes- nods19:42
teznow it went Starting... Loading Linux Kernel, went to 100% then the 100% went away O_O19:43
tezperhaps I'll try 76919:44
faulkes-if it's old hardware, you may have to be patient for it to boot19:45
teznow its asking for COLSxROWS19:45
faulkes-80x25 is default iirc19:46
tezokay there.19:46
teznow its just a blinking _19:46
faulkes-describe "blinking"19:46
faulkes-oh, the cursor19:46
tezyeah lol19:46
faulkes-hrmmm, have some patience19:47
tezblah earlier when i had patience i spent a couple hours because of a problem where it just sat and was blinking just after grub loaded the kernel and there weren't any errors or anything19:48
tezmaybe the kernel doesnt like this computer19:48
faulkes-without exact knowledge of what hardware is there, it's entirely possible19:48
gclericis the cd at least still spinning?19:50
tezlights not on :|19:50
tezno noticeable movements or sound19:50
tezok i have the model of craputer.19:51
tezcompaq presario 5003us.19:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 82014 in casper "can't start ubuntu or kubuntu from cd" [Undecided,Invalid]19:52
tezim not the only one19:52
tezgcleric, faulkes-, any ideas?19:54
tezit seems this computer isnt compatible with the kernel. both the install disc and current install [installed through VirtualBox onto the hard drive] hang loading the kernel with a blinking _ and nothing else19:55
faulkes-follow the bug link you listed and follow the advice for the f6 to remove quiet and splash and report what it says19:56
faulkes-it's entirely possible the cdrom doesn't like a burned cd19:56
tezit does.19:56
tezi pulled it out of a new desktop19:57
gclericwhich version of Ubuntu are you installing?19:57
gclericServer or Desktop?19:57
tezwhich is why i'm in #ubuntu-server lol19:57
tezdo I need to go lower?19:57
gclericyou can create a server from the desktop live cd..19:58
faulkes-again, follow the instructions on the second last post of the bug youlinked19:58
tezfaulkes-: in the process of doing that19:58
tezblinking cursor.19:58
tezwhich is what it did after grub loaded on the hard drive19:58
tez\i'm trying to reinstall incase the virtual->native intstallation didnt work19:59
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tezhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=462688 shows that someone installed 7.04 on it successfully19:59
faulkes-that forum post is about envy and nvidia cards20:00
tezbut that means they got ubuntu installed20:01
tezbut they're using 7.0420:01
faulkes-but how does it relate to your compaq?20:01
tezbecause I can't get the isntaller to work20:01
tezthey obviously did20:01
tezso theres something new in 7.10 from 7.04 that is different20:01
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tezi'm going to try 6.06lts20:03
\shtez, how are you trying to install you 7.04/7.10? via IlO 2?20:05
\shilo ;)20:05
tezoh lol20:06
\shthe remote insight board of the hps20:06
tezim not sure what you mean :S20:06
\shtez, are you sitting in front of your server with a CD or are you trying to install it via the remote insight board?20:07
tezits not a serveh20:07
tezits just some old computah20:07
tezand sitting here with a cd20:08
\shI see...I thought you are talking about hp/compaq servers20:08
teznope, sorry20:09
tezlol i feel bad for anyone that has a compaq server20:09
\shtez, why? it works :)20:09
tezidk, compaq sucks :p20:09
tezim not sure they make servers, aren't they all hp branded?20:09
\shtez, compaq is only still valid for old hardware...the newer "compaqs" are all named "hp"..even the alpha ones ;)20:10
tezohh okay.20:10
tezk well that computer isnt getting anywhere20:10
tezbeen loading for ahiwle now20:10
teza while*20:10
\shbroken cd?20:11
tezthe kernel doesn't like this computer at all20:11
\shacpi=off apic=off?20:11
tezsee i have an install on a partition on the hard drive thats flagged bootable, but past grub, it does the same thing as the installer does. nothing, exxcept sit with a blinking curser20:11
tezok just tried taht20:13
tezstuck at blinking cursor, cdrom isnt flashing20:13
\shwhile booting the install cd? I would say a broken cdrom, likely not burned <=10 speed...I have this problem always, when I do 52 speed burning with boot cds20:14
teznope i've confirmed the cd boots20:14
\shhard to debug when I don't sit in front of the bugger ;)20:14
tezespecially since this problem also happens on the hard drive where ubuntu server is installed20:14
tezyeah :p20:14
tezsee i installed ubuntu server to a partition on the hard drive through a virtual [really the raw] hard disk in VirtualBox and it works fine there20:15
tezanyway im going to install 6.06 see if that works because I know someone got 7.04 installed on the same computer20:16
tezwell same model20:17
* \sh thinks a strange kernel setting which can be disabled via grub/selinux boot20:17
teznope. at least I don't think so20:17
tezivoks:  you're having problems20:19
tezk then I don't know what you're talkng about :p20:20
tezanyway, I'm going to go piece together my desktop and i'll throw the server in the basement for the time20:20
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
DimitreeAny ubuntu Log Viewer/monitor for Apache ? i can't find one with the Add/Remove ?20:50
macdDimitree, try tail, multitail20:55
macdso 'multitail -f /var/www/apache2/access.log /var/www/apache2/error.log'20:56
ivokswith ubuntu you get tail for free!20:57
fooheya ivoks20:58
mathiazhello ivoks ! :)20:58
ivoksi have a solution for bacula problems20:59
ivoksi've worked on it with upstream20:59
ivokswe will just ship our make_catalog_backup script which will read database config from director config21:00
ivoksand... that's it21:00
ivoksno command line arguments except names of catalogs which are getting backed up21:00
ivoksdownside is that i'll introduce new dependency for bacula21:01
ScottKIn Ubuntu, I think that's not a problem.21:01
* pepperjack smacks ivoks 21:01
Dimitreeawesome macd  :) thank you21:01
ivokshopefully, i'll upload changes tomorrow21:02
ScottKpepperjack: We like Python here.21:02
ivoksScottK: we do, but introducing delta with debian isn't welcome :(21:02
mathiazivoks: have you contacted the Debian maintainer ?21:03
ivoksi've sent an email to dd21:03
pepperjacki will fight you all if i have to21:03
ivoksbut he never responded :/21:03
ScottKTrue, but that was coming regardless.21:03
mathiazivoks: ok. It may take a while.21:03
ivoksmathiaz: i know; but we don't have time :)21:03
ivokswe have scheduled releases :D21:03
mathiazivoks: so you rewrote the make_catalog_backup script ?21:03
ivoksmathiaz: yes, in python21:03
mathiazivoks: that's an upstream script ?21:04
ivoksupstream said it's ok and helped me with it, but they'll continue shipping old shell script for now21:04
ivoksi planed naming this script make_backap_catalog.py21:04
mathiazivoks: ok. And it wasn't possible to fix their script ?21:05
ivoksor something, just to to be clear this isn't the same script21:05
leonelmok0: will you do the dbmail  merge  ?21:05
ivokswe should ship both21:05
ivoksmathiaz: it is possible, but i'm not so much familliar with awk (and awk is the only solution for this)21:05
ivokssome really serious parsing is needed :/21:06
mathiazivoks: right. So this was needed to fix a CVE ?21:06
ivoksi think there's no point in CVE21:06
mathiazivoks: IIRC the configuration is well structured21:06
ivoksmake_catalog_backup is just an example script21:06
mathiazivoks: or at least a security concerns21:07
mathiazivoks: something like password on the command line21:07
ivoksit's up to user to decide to use it or not...21:07
ivoksi know what's the problem21:07
ivoksi just don't think that example script deservs a CVE :D21:07
mathiazivoks: do you have a link to the debian bug ?21:07
mathiazivoks: correct. I'm not familiar with the actual bug.21:08
ivoksmailing list21:08
ivoksdebian has an interesting fix21:10
ivoksi don't know...21:12
ivoksi'll propose solution; which *isn't* backward compatible21:13
ivoksit can't be, cause atm, password is an argument21:13
mathiazivoks: right.21:15
mathiazivoks: you could add some code that checks if there is a third argument and warn the user if so21:15
ivoksthis should be done during upgrade of package21:15
mathiazivoks: correct.21:16
ivokscause some of the users don't check status of catalog backup21:16
mathiazivoks: is this just an issue with mysql ?21:16
ivoksno, it's also a postgre issue21:16
ivoksbut my scripts solves both21:16
mathiazivoks: right - because you extract the information from the bacula configuration files.21:17
mathiazIMHO it's the best way to do i.21:17
ivoksit basicaly parses configuration, creates my.cnf and connects to mysql with it21:17
mathiazivoks: do you have a reference to the discussion you had with upstream dev ?21:17
ivoksjust emails21:17
mathiazivoks: private emails I guess.21:18
ivoksi'll talk with the dev about making a 'public statement' :)21:19
ivokssomething like 'ubuntu rulez, they solved our long lasting CVE' :)21:19
mathiazivoks: well - I'd rather make sure they'd accept our patches.21:19
ivoksas i said, this is an example script21:20
mathiazivoks: that's why I'm not so sure about shipping a python script it upstream doesn't think it's a good idea21:20
ivoksit's like udev rules21:20
* mathiaz install bacula-directory to understand this situation better21:20
ivokswe don't change a code21:20
ivoksyou have a backup procedure which can run a job before backup21:21
ivoksso you could dump database to a file and then backup it21:21
ivoksi do that with oracle, mysql, etc...21:21
mathiazivoks: yes - I'm familiar with that.21:21
ivoksso, baculva provided a example script how to dump sqlite, mysql and pgsql21:21
ivokswhere you provide a dbname, username and password21:22
ivokspeople you this script to dump bacula's database21:22
ivokswhich is silly21:22
mathiazivoks: ok.21:22
ivoksi don't know one would create special program to dump my_secret_db, but then not use the same program for bacula's db21:23
ivokss/know one/know why someone/21:23
ivoksjesus, how many typos21:24
ivoksi should take typing lesons...21:24
ivoksor buy a bigger laptop, with normal keyboard :D21:24
danphi. any word on when new kernels will be coming out for feisty/gutsy?21:27
ivokswe are probably to slow regarding this problem21:28
danpwhat's holding it up? anything i can do to help as far as testing?21:29
ivoksthere's nothing to test21:31
pepperjackbah, you should trust your users anyway21:31
ivoksproblem is a known thing and patched kernels are probably already buildin21:31
mok0leonel: yes21:31
faulkes-pepper: you did not actually just suggest an admin trust a user did you ;)21:50
=== jmtt___ is now known as jmtt
Dimitreewow O_O anyine seen "The hills have eyes" movie ? its just starting but it shows some shocking images lol o-o22:40
ScottK!ot > Dimitree22:40
ScottKMovie reviews are a bit off topic for this channel.22:43
Dimitreeok i'm sorry22:44
Dimitreevery strict rules around here : )22:44
pike_wait we do ontopic chat here?22:57
jjesseoff topic can be found at #ubuntu-offtopic23:21

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