cheeseboyhow can i uninstall an apps dependancy without uninstalling the main app?01:15
roe_anyone know where the netboot images are?01:45
sonic_trying to install xubuntu on an old laptop, but I just get dumped into busybox with initramfs01:53
Rhorsesonic_, try fluxbuntu?02:15
cheeseboyhow do i use xfce4-screenshooter-plugin ?02:15
sonic_Rhorse: why should I use fluxbuntu? I have 192 RAM.02:16
sonic_how do I figure out why the install failed?02:16
sonic_the same happens with all ubuntu based installers02:17
sonic_I dont see why fluxbuntu will be any different02:17
sonic_join #debian02:20
echosystmcan anyone tell me how to install nvidia drivers without using the driver manager?02:33
echosystmi need to do it from the commandline02:33
echosystmsudo apt-get install nvidia-glx ??02:33
FloodgeWhen connecting to a wireless network, Xubuntu will "attempt to connect" and then stop, what can I do to get it to connect?02:44
bad_cableswell i have to say that the fix for the small fonts works... but only after i restarted 3 times03:01
bad_cablessorry for that blow-out last night... boy was i angry when it didnt work when i logged in03:02
bad_cablesnow it works03:02
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Nick3hello, i have a problem with my wireless 3com 3crusb10075 in xubuntu10:08
Nick3it worked out the box but then i think i accidentally did something but now it won't connect to anything10:08
Nick3it still finds wireless networks but it can't connect10:08
Nick3is there a way to like reset all internet settings?10:09
Nick3because i tried on my other comp with Xubuntu and it worked perfectly10:09
EpicenterHello! I am looking to reinstall Ubuntu but "Gutsy" has Xorg v1.3 which has serious issues with the siliconmotion card in my laptop. I want to get an older version that has 1.2. Which would you guys recommend? Thank you!10:34
EpicenterWhy can't I download 7.04 anywhere? Just 6.06.1 and 7.10? I just want the next step down from 7.10 that has Xorg 1.2; Xorg 1.3 has major problems with my Silicon Motion-based video card.10:40
age6racerhi all I just reinstalled Xubuntu over the top of an existing installation. Everything is working pretty well but i can't seem to add/remove items from the autostarted applications tool. Where is the config file for this and why can I not write to it?11:49
TheSheepage6racer: there are two, local in your home in .config/autostart, and a global one in /etc/xdg/autostart11:52
shadowkernelyou may check the permission of .config11:52
age6racershadowkernel: My user owns .config and has read/write permissions11:54
age6racerTheSheep: Thanks for that info. Do you know what I need to do in order to change what starts? do i just delete the files relating to the ones I dont want? and do i create new ones for new apps? why does the autostarted apps tool not work?11:56
TheSheepage6racer: you edit these files and add 'disable=true' or something like that, not sure, there is a freedesktop.org spec for that12:01
EpicenterHello! I am looking for a VERY, VERY fast file manager for X. I used to have XFE but now I am running feisty, and it seesm to be in Gutsy only. Can anyone make a recommendation? Thanks! :)13:04
EpicenterI do need a gui :)13:07
EpicenterTheSheep: know a good fast X11 one?13:11
EpicenterThanks. :) think I'll go with XFE, found a working .deb on the author's site13:18
Epicenterbut will keep thunar around in case it gives me trouble13:18
Da_Putzlerhi folks, does xUbuntu detect usb digital cameras and let you download photos like ubuntu does ?13:32
TheSheepDa_Putzler: I think it supports fewer cameras, but youcan install gthumb and have it the same as in gnome13:34
Da_Putzlerso it's basically gthumb that deals with the photo side of things ?13:34
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RoboCopwhen will the next version of *buntu going to release ?16:50
ubotuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!17:42
schokoforumwell, i'm installing Xubuntu and i have a problem17:43
zoredacheperhaps you should elaborate.  I don't think any of us will try and interrogate you17:44
schokoforumafter some time there is an error and the box says me, that there is a problem with the DVD-drive or the harddisk17:44
schokoforumis it possible to take the Disk out of the drive to clean it?17:45
zoredachedid you run an checksum scan on the disk?17:45
zoredachedid you check the md5 sums on the iso you downloaded?17:46
schokoforumyou mean the option when i start the system?17:46
schokoforumeeehm, no17:46
zoredacheyes there is an option at bootup to check the disk17:46
zoredachewell I would start by trying that.  If it tells you your cd is bad, then either means you have a bad optical drive, or a bad burn of the ubuntu disk17:47
schokoforumwell so i have to restart my computer....17:47
schokoforummmmh, i hope, i have a bad burn...17:47
schokoforumbut the optical drive isn't the newest17:48
schokoforumthank you i will now be away from the chat and if i don't come back, i had success, if i come back, there are two possibilities: 1st i want to meet you and 2nd i still have the problem...17:50
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* Che-Anarc thinks Ubuntu off of livecd is tooo slow.20:12
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rwwHmm. I have an Ubuntu 7.10 live CD. My CD burner is currently broken. Is there a relatively easy way of installing Xubuntu from an Ubuntu live CD, without ending up with tonnes of unnecessary packages being left over from Ubuntu?22:23
deepsrww: are you on a linux based system already?22:26
TheSheeprww: look at the instructions for installing from knoppix, for example:22:27
TheSheep!install | rww22:27
uboturww: ntation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - Also /msg ubotu automate22:27
isulxubuntu doesn't come with a vnc server, how can I get one?22:45
zoredachetry apt-get install x11vnc22:57
zoredacheor search for 'vnc' in the package manager and choose your favorite22:58
isulit says package not found, and there are no results for that search in "Add/Remove..."23:00
zoredachedo you have the 'universe' respositories enabled?23:01
isulno clue.  it's a fresh install23:03
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories23:05
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