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achandrashekarhello, i need some assistance with an installation of edubuntu in standalone mode. It appears my system does not have the pxelinux.0 file a noted in dhcpd.conf and I dont know how to get it install it. Can someone help out?02:27
achandrashekarhello, i need some assistance with an installation of edubuntu in standalone mode. It appears my system does not have the pxelinux.0 file a noted in dhcpd.conf and I dont know how to get it install it. Can someone help out?06:47
pvh_sa|wrkhas anyone here ever run edubuntu as "zeroclient" setup? i.e. 1 server, 2 monitors, 2 keyboards, 2 mice, and 2 independent login sessions?07:31
cooli1hi anyone here tried to download the training pdf's from the wiki08:35
stgraberogra_cmpc, RichEd: Just did some additional testing of iTalc, everything seems to work even using some Windows computers09:30
stgraberI also did some test with low resolution screen as client (800x600 and 640x480), it works correctly, the only problem being that the student will have to scroll the screen if the teacher's resolution is higher than his09:31
* RichEd brings out the garlic, the silver bullets and the wooden cross09:31
lagaogra: ping09:31
lagaogra_cmpc: ping09:31
RichEdstgraber: sound good ... a scroll or pan is okay ... they will have to do that for some of their local apps anyway09:32
stgraberright, and resizing the picture on the fly takes way too much CPU usage09:33
stgraberbest would be that the teacher think to lower his own resolution before starting the demo09:33
RichEdstgraber: that would make sense actually ... the teacher should really demo it in the same mode that the student would experience09:34
RichEdbesides, the rest of the world has really moved on from the 800x600 screen res that was more or less okay in the days of DOS, so if intel want to go with 800x480 .... they must expect a few little compromises09:35
stgraberRichEd: I gave italc a try at 640x480, the teacher UI seems to be usable. The only problem is that you won't have much space for the classroom screen preview09:38
stgraberbut the demo on and demo off buttons are accessible, so it's fine to start a demo mode at low resolution09:38
stgraberRichEd: http://www.stgraber.org/download/ubuntu/italc/screenshots/09:43
RichEdstgraber: will check it out now09:43
stgraberso as long as the teacher is using the sidebar to select the clients and not the live preview, everything should work fine even at 640x48009:45
achandrashekarhello when configuring dhcp failover/load balancing for ltsp, i entered the failover parameters. DHCP server fails to start. any ideas?09:53
johnnybad config?10:31
pvh_sa|wrkmy LTSP client gets the ubuntu login screen - then i login and all i get is a black screen - any hints on how to debug this?11:48
stgraberogra, ogra_cmpc: around ?13:32
lagastgraber: i wonder where he's gone13:47
Joris_ogra/ogra_cmpc: you comming to fosdem next week by any chance?13:57
Joris_or anybody else here :)13:58
ograstgraber, pong15:00
ograstgraber, http://www.stgraber.org/download/ubuntu/italc/source/ is that the package i can upload ?15:00
stgraberogra: yep15:18
ograok, uploading :)15:18
ograet voila :)15:19
stgraberogra: What about the MIR, can that be done before Thursday or will be done afterward and need a FF exception or something similar ?15:19
lagayay, he's back :)15:29
ograstgraber, we should get the MIR ready asap, i think we can get it through even after FF15:31
lagaogra: looked at the patches? :)15:39
belutzogra, hi :D16:09
fannagogannahi, wondering if there's a bluish edubuntu background (in addition to the yellowish one).16:13
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Cheerioinstall standard boot IPL to memory stick21:31
Cheerioo sorry21:31
achandrashekarhello. I believe i have my configuration correct for dhcp failover/load balancing for my ltsp clients on the master. I tried just to test with the master. Is it absolutely necessary that I have the slave running or configured? Any time i put in the failover parameter in /etc/ltsp/dhcp.conf the clients cannot boot or find the pxelinux.0. However, when taking it out, it works fine.21:59
achandrashekarits been silent in here for 3 days now...all 31 users are asleep?22:05
ograachandrashekar, feature freeze tomorrow, everyone is extremely busy22:06
ogralaga, i added your mythbuntu plugin as is for now, but in the debian dir under extra-plugins, so we dont need to fiddle with upstream for hardy ;) and chanegs can still go in22:07
achandrashekari see. Okay....I understand. Im desperate for some help on this and have been across 3 channels with no answers. :(22:07
ograachandrashekar, yes, i saw you in #ltsp :)22:07
ogradtrask once wrote a very detailed wikipage on the ubuntu wiki22:07
achandrashekarmy fear is that maybe the wiki instructions dont work for 7.1022:07
ogra(dont ask me for the name though)22:08
achandrashekari used the instructions22:08
achandrashekarand just dealt with the master.22:08
ograwell, thast all i can point to atm22:08
achandrashekarokay... i also read the "very similar" version fro k12ltsp22:08
ograyour best hope is that moquist is bored/has spare time or dtrask comes by22:08
achandrashekarall i need is a simple answer of " hey you need both servers to be up" before you go testing. I just have the master up22:09
achandrashekarbut...i will go ahead and just do it anyways and see what happens.22:09
achandrashekari appreciate the response :)22:09
lagaogra: ping :)22:12
lagaogra: thanks for fixing those bugs22:12
lagaogra: any hope for the initramfs patch? it's OK if it doesn't go in, i can put it in my own package22:13
lagaogra: any hope for the initramfs patch? it's OK if it doesn't go in, i can put it in my own package22:14
ograergh, i've missed that one22:15
ogrado you have the bug number handy ?22:15
lagaogra: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ltsp/+bug/19001622:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190016 in ltsp "[patch] Mythbuntu: add aufs support and various other options to initramfs" [Wishlist,New]22:16
lagaogra: there's two small issues with this: 1) the WOL initramfs hook will generate warnings if etherwake is not installed 2.) the path for the overlay is /opt/ltsp/overlay/ and ltsp-update-kernel thinks its a real chrooted install. should just change that path :)22:17
ograyeah, just looking at it22:18
ograi'd actually prefer to not patch ltsp_nbd itself ... i'll think about something we can do from the plugin ...22:19
lagaogra: we can put it in the mythbuntu-diskless-client meta package22:19
ograyeah, that sounds like it makes sense22:20
ogradoes mythbuntu-diskless-client depend on ltsp-client ?22:20
ograhrm, seems its not out of new yet22:20
lagaogra: ltsp-client-core.22:21
lagaogra: i don't think ltsp-client is needed on fat clients22:21
ogracore has the ltsp initramfs stuff ...22:21
lagaogra: do you think that's a problem? it's not22:22
lagai already ship a config file there: conf.d/mythbuntu22:22
lagawhich will override conf.d/ltsp22:22
ograwe need to do it through the initramfs config then ... iirc configs placed in /etc/initramfs/conf.d override the ones in /usr22:22
lagaproblem solved :)22:22
lagathat's the plan at least. %)22:22
ograwell, it wont *just override*22:23
ograit needs to eb in the right place else you cant predict which one applies :)22:23
ograbut yes essentially thats the right approach22:23
lagayou can predict which one applies IMHO. if you look at init, you can see it's using simple shell magic to source the config files22:23
lagawhich will be in alphabetical order22:24
ograright, but you cant rely that nobody changes the name :)22:24
ograso using the override dirs is better22:25
ograthats actually their purpose22:25
ograand i thik youre the first one to use it :)22:25
lagayay :)22:25
lagai kinda fell in love with LTSP even though i don't use it as X terminal :)22:26
ograhmm, we should probably just start to use sequence nubers for the filenames ...22:26
ograinstead of making it more complicated22:26
lagaogra: yes, i was going to suggested that22:26
laga(but then i forgot about it)22:27
ograwell, thats somethng debian should agree on as well then, that needs discussion22:27
ogranothing we can fix now22:27
lagaok, i'll put that stuff in my own package then. what about the ticket? close it, submit it to upstream..?22:28
ograthe bug you mean ?22:28
ogramark it invalid or fix released if your included the code in your package22:29
ograwe need to test that stuff anyway and i dont expect it to work without rough edges :)22:29
* ogra takes a break and then moves on to ldm packaging 22:30
lagaaww, poor code. :) i don't expect it to work w/o rough edges either. i'll bug you again next cycle :)22:30
* ogra wonders if fixing 13 bugs in one upload gains you luck or misfortune :)22:31
lagaogra: happy users if anything22:31
ograheh, hopefully22:31
crimsunfrom my experience, both.22:34
crimsunit's pseudorandom which outweighs the other.22:34
stgraberogra: ouch, 13bugs closed with only one upload, impressive :)22:58
lnsAnyone in here using Koolu thin clients with Gutsy?22:59
theunixgeekI think Edubuntu should be renamed to Ubuntu Education Edition23:27
ogra_cmpctheunixgeek, thats exsactly waht we will do over 6the next releases23:30
theunixgeekogra_cmpc: really? so Edubuntu 8.04 will really be Ubuntu Educational Edition 8.04?23:31
ogra_cmpc8.04 will be edubuntu (ubuntu educational edition)23:31
ogra_cmpc8.10 will be ubuntu educational edition (edubuntu)23:32
theunixgeekogra_cmpc: where can I get info on 8.10?23:32
ogra_cmpcnowhere yet23:33
ogra_cmpcnew releases are defined during the ubuntu conference shortly after a relese23:33
ogra_cmpcthe next will be at the beginning of may ...23:34

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