vorianevening :)02:30
Jucatoer.. I meant "ey"02:30
vorianhow do you set directories for games?02:31
vorianlike a new kde4 game I stumbled upon :)02:31
nixternalvorian: dep on libkdegames-dev-kde4?02:35
vorianlemme check that02:36
vorianI just did libkdegames-dev02:36
nixternalLibKDEGamesConfig.cmake is not found anywhere02:36
* nixternal wonders if that is built on the 4.1 framework?02:36
nixternalhrmm, I cannot find that file anywhere02:37
vorianI am quite proud of my copyright file too02:38
vorianI am rebuilding with the libkdegames-dev-kde402:39
vorianwe'll see how it goes02:39
nixternalsomething tells me he needs to fix his CMakeLists.txt perhaps02:39
voriankdiamond is the source02:40
nixternalahh, kdiamond..just seen that on kde-apps02:40
voriannixternal: that worked02:42
voriankick arse02:42
vorianuploading to revuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu02:43
nixternalwhich is funny, because the file it is looking for isn't real :)02:43
voriani got a new tv this weekend02:43
nixternalI didn't :(02:43
vorianI am in heaven02:43
vorianI though my wife was going to kill me02:43
nixternalshe should of02:45
=== nivek_ is now known as nivek
vorianit's funny because she cant stop playing with it02:49
nixternalI need a new TV myself02:50
nixternalmaybe one of these days02:50
jcastrohi guys02:56
vorianhey jcastro02:56
nosrednaekimhey jcastro02:56
jcastrohey so I missed the kubuntu meeting this saturday (I usually log), can someone point me to irc log or a summary?02:57
ubotuChannel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - Logs for LoCo channels are at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/ - See also « /msg ubotu ircstats »02:58
jcastronixternal: ta02:58
nixternalI missed it to, but they highlighted me enough to remind me to scroll up on Saturday to see what I missed02:58
nixternalpretty much Riddell spilt his guts on what he would like to focus on at UDS, 2 new members02:59
* nixternal hopes that Kevin can stop by Benton Harbor the weekend of Penguicon and pick me up too02:59
nixternalis it me, or is Konqi 4.0.1 worse than 4.0.0?03:00
nixternalit seems to crash a heck of a lot more now03:00
nixternalbut at least I can view YouTube now03:00
hadsI don't see that here.03:01
jcastronixternal: can you help me out, what's Jussi Kekkonan's nick?03:01
nixternaljussi01 <<-03:01
jcastroah, ok, thanks03:01
nixternalno problemo03:01
jcastronixternal: any idea what time zone he's in?03:01
nixternalgroovy, I get a Developer Week break!03:01
jcastroI would like to let him know if he needs help for anything to ping me03:02
nixternalcan't say that I do03:02
jcastronixternal: thanks, I'll pm/email him03:02
vorianjcastro: you are one nice dude :)03:03
jcastrovorian: it's a character flaw. :p03:03
nixternalvorian: don't fall for it!03:04
jcastronixternal: also, let me know about penguicon resources you might need.03:04
nixternalI will be in Benton Harbor the week leading up to it, so either Kevin can come through and pick me up or I will have to drive up there on my own03:04
jcastronixternal: not so much, I just wanted to let you know that wolfger should be on your "get on the kubuntu train" list.03:04
nixternalhe already is03:04
jcastrogood, he's hardcore, if he's not a kubuntu motu by the end of the year then we both suck.03:05
nixternalend of the year?03:05
nixternal6 months top!03:05
nixternalsummer time, if he isn't a MOTU come the end of summer, then he sucks as much as we do :p03:05
jcastronixternal: I am playing it safe. Mike is good people, if you want to show up and finish him up for MOTU then beers are on me.03:06
nixternaloh, I am down for that then!03:06
nixternalmake Canonical pay for my drunkness :)03:06
nixternalhaha, I would love to see the expense report on that one03:06
vorianthat's bribery!03:07
* vorian hides03:07
nixternal$250 - Pub ("nixternal's pay for helping wolfger become motu, damn he drinks a lot")03:07
jcastroheh, you think I have a trump card, the funds come out of my own pocket. :p03:07
nixternalgotta learn how to play cards then :)03:07
vorianwhen did they put changelogs in PPA?03:08
nixternalcouldn't tell ya, haven't looked at my PPA in a while03:08
jcastrovorian: you're not off the hook, we expect a good many possible motu's from ohio.03:08
vorianjcastro: I'm hardly working at it03:08
jcastrovorian: work harder.03:08
vorianI mean I'm hard at work on it :)03:08
* nosrednaekim never wants to be a MOTU03:09
nixternalsure you do!03:09
nixternaleveryone wants to be a MOTU!03:09
jcastronosrednaekim: why not?03:09
nixternalI want to be a core-dev some day03:09
nixternalnosrednaekim: don't be like me and wait 2 years to finally go for MOTU though03:09
nosrednaekimbecuase, packing is no fun...03:09
nixternaland never get caught in the "documentation" trap :)03:10
nixternalonce you fall in that documentation trap, and there are just 3 of you tops, man it never stops03:10
nixternalthat goes for Kubuntu and KDE :/03:10
nixternalso, how many times can I listen to this Amy Winehouse album today?03:12
jcastronixternal: I have to go and hit the beer store before it closes, who's the -chi guy for penguicon?03:12
jcastroI need to send some things to him03:12
jcastronixternal: vorian: also, you guys in for super-midwest packaging jam and bug jams?03:13
jcastroI hear we have an ubuntu room for PC, free beer, etc. etc.03:13
nixternalI guess that would be Eddie Martinez, aka posingaspopular or eddieftw03:13
nixternaljcastro: you know I am down03:13
jcastroso surely you guys can help us our with filling up our ubuntu talks?03:13
vorianhell ya!03:13
nixternalmost definitely03:13
jcastronixternal: ah, posingaspopular, I'll ping him03:13
nixternalI have a lot of community, Kubuntu, and KDE lovin' to share :)03:13
nixternalspeaking of which, I need to start preparing my talk for Flourish too03:14
nosrednaekimif you pay for my trip to where ever this is... sure03:14
Hobbseetalks talks talks.03:14
nixternalHobbsee: talks are fun!03:14
Hobbseepity it's in the wrong timezone03:14
jcastronixternal: can you do me a favor, if you want me to come can you mail me about it? jorge@ubuntu.com03:14
jcastroI can come, just need to be reminded03:14
nixternalwill do, I will also make sure Kevin bugs you as well :)03:14
jcastronixternal: I will bring the michigan crew with me03:15
nixternalFlourish is 2 weeks before Penguicon03:15
vorianwhy isn't this showing up?03:15
nixternalgive it a few minute03:15
nixternalrevu can be a slow poke03:15
nixternalI am waiting for another app to update on revu so I can upload it03:16
Hobbseedoes it need fixing?03:18
vorianrevu or my package :)03:19
nosrednaekimpackaging broke my app..... I just spent an hour fixing it....03:20
vorianit looks like other packages are getting directories03:20
vorianmy first upload was without an orig.tar.gz03:20
vorianmaybe that broke it03:21
nixternalhrmm, I thought dput would bug out if yu didn't have an orig.tar.gz03:21
vorianUploading to revu (via ftp to revu.tauware.de):03:21
vorian  kdiamond-kde4_0.1-0ubuntu1.dsc: done.03:21
vorian  kdiamond-kde4_0.1-0ubuntu1.tar.gz: done.03:21
vorian  kdiamond-kde4_0.1-0ubuntu1_source.changes: done.03:21
vorianSuccessfully uploaded packages.03:21
vorian'yu' that's cute03:22
nixternalglad you thought so :p03:23
voriannixternal: if you want a sneak peek http://ppa.launchpad.net/vorian/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kdiamond-kde4/03:24
ScottKSo it's been a while since I booked Feisty.  Only 157 updates.03:24
ScottKbooked/booted anyway.03:25
nixternalthen again, i will admit that many updates in *buntu are way quicker than half of those updates in Windows03:25
ScottKUnfortunately one of the is OOO.03:25
ScottKBut even with that, I'm up to 60 already03:25
nixternalya, I hate seeing an OO.o update myself...reminds me of a service pack for windows03:26
nosrednaekimmeh..... who else thinks mac OS is ugly...03:26
* nixternal does03:26
* nixternal doesn't03:26
nixternalit isn't ugly, it is just stupid03:26
nosrednaekimjust looking at a screen shot here, and the folders look very.... gnomish...03:27
nixternalyou mean gnome looks very os xish03:27
* txwikinger is reminded at Atari03:27
* Jucato is reminded of coreymon...03:28
voriannixternal: can you nuke that package so I can re-upload it?03:28
nosrednaekimyeah,well, same thing... they are both ugly (default GNOME, human actually looks decent)03:28
nixternalvorian: just reupload03:28
txwikingerDidn't Atari have a nuke when it would crash?03:28
nixternalit will overwrite whats there anyways03:28
nixternaljust rm *.upload03:28
nosrednaekimlater guys...03:31
vorianthere is something wrong03:36
voriani got the email saying it was accepted, yet it's not found in revu03:37
Hobbseedid you upload it to ppa?03:40
vorianHobbsee: yes03:43
vorianmy ppa at least03:43
Hobbseewell, that's why it's not on revu yet, isn't it...03:43
vorianI uploaded to both03:44
ScottKHobbsee: Thinking about the mail about the PPA today that you and I replied to, I'm considering a mail to ubuntu-devel subject PPAs considered harmful to Ubuntu brand identity.03:45
HobbseeScottK: it'll certainly promote discussion.  CC LP users03:46
* ScottK isn't subscribed to LP users. It'd just get moderated.03:46
HobbseeScottK: i can poke matt revell to let it thru03:46
ScottKMaybe if I'm not to tired after I get done with clamav security patches.03:47
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jussi01nixternal: jcastro Im Jussi Schultink, Jussi Kekkonen is Tm_T07:33
* Jucato scrolls up07:33
Jucatooh hahah! I did't even notice that :)07:34
Jucatojussi01: so now, not only are you mistaken for me (and vice versa), but also with Tm_T :)07:34
jussi01Jucato: I wonde who Ill get next :P07:35
Jucatojussi01: make sure you don't get Hobbsee... or you'll be sorry :)07:35
* jussi01 hugs Hobbsee 07:35
* Hobbsee comes stalking around07:35
jussi01hello there Hobbsee :)07:36
* Hobbsee shines her red eyes around07:36
Jucatored.... eyes...??07:36
* Jucato gets the eyedrops...07:36
Jucatoare they itchy?07:36
jussi01Hobbsee: lack of sleep?07:36
jussi01too much alchol?07:36
* Jucato gets the wooden stake and the revolver with silver bullets07:37
* jussi01 warns Jucato to watch out for the pointy stick of doom07:37
Jucatobwahah :)07:37
Hobbseeclearly you arent' a harry potter fan!07:37
jussi01Hobbsee: nope07:37
JucatoI am/was/but forgot details07:37
Hobbseeyou suck.07:38
Jucatospeaking of which... my sister hasn't yet returned my HP books which she gave me for my birthdays, which she then borrowed, which she hasn't returned yet,07:38
Jucatogah!! she has the ones that matter!! books 5 and 707:39
* jussi01 wonders how often -devel channels look like this...LOL07:40
Hobbseethis one/  often07:40
Jucatojussi01: look like what?07:41
jussi01Hobbsee: love the cartoon07:41
Hobbseeyeah :)07:41
Jucatoah look like that?07:41
Hobbseemy email's gonna implode by the time i get back :(07:41
Jucatoget back from?07:42
Jucatooooh!!! Hobbsee's red eyes: http://photos.streamphoto.ru/5/f/3/3c7f890532acb9c9378372de22c3b3f5.jpg :D07:42
jussi01Jucato: nice one07:44
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wolfgerMy spidey sense is tingling... I sense nixternal and jcastro plotting about me...08:24
_StefanS_kwwii: ping?09:12
doc__hi there09:14
kwwii_StefanS_: pong10:08
kwwii_StefanS_: nope, I didn't get around to the buttons...been working on another project for work10:09
_StefanS_kwwii: ah ok, can you make it before thursday?10:09
_StefanS_kwwii: I would really like to get them in before ff10:09
kwwii_StefanS_: not sure...it depends on how long this other stuff takes10:10
kwwii_StefanS_: send me an email with an explanation of exactly what you want10:11
_StefanS_kwwii: ok, maybe i can get some help then.. maybe nuno can do it?10:11
kwwii_StefanS_: I am sure he could do it if you can convince him ;-)10:16
_StefanS_kwwii: he already accepted :)10:16
kwwiihehe, cool10:17
Tm_Tjcastro: hi10:33
Tm_Tjussi01: ping10:39
jussi01hehe, Daddy Tm_T  has arrived :D10:39
jussi01Tm_T: hi10:40
Tm_Tidea what was it about?10:40
xRaich[o]2x!seen blueyed10:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about seen blueyed - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:40
jussi01!seen | xRaich[o]2x10:41
ubotuxRaich[o]2x: The seen function has not been operational for a long time.  Use /msg seenserv seen nickname instead.10:41
xRaich[o]2xjussi01: Thanks :)10:41
jussi01Tm_T: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55702/10:41
Tm_Tjussi01: thanks10:41
* jussi01 feels good, everyone is saying thanks :D10:41
Jucatojussi01: thanks10:42
_StefanS_kwwii: do you by any chance have the symbols inside the buttons somewhere?10:42
_StefanS_kwwii: else nuno has to make them by hand10:42
Tm_Tjussi01: interesting, I wonder what did I do this time10:42
jussi01hahahha, Tm_T10:44
Tm_Tjussi01: prolly something bad and illegal, so better to hide, see you kids later ->10:46
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_StefanS_kwwii: btw, it was okay with djmattricks to darken the wallpaper a bit if we like that12:55
_StefanS_kwwii: it might be a good idea since it outshines the icons a bit when in default (light) colors12:55
kwwii_StefanS_: cool, that shouldn't be too hard either13:13
_StefanS_kwwii: could you fix that part maybe ? nuno has created the buttons already13:23
Tm_TI got my adsl back13:28
kwwii_StefanS_: yeah, I'll give it a whack later tonight13:55
_StefanS_kwwii: cool13:55
_StefanS_kwwii: you can see what he did here: http://enhance-it.dk/pics/13:56
_StefanS_Riddell: the new win deco icons ^13:57
kwwiihrm, they are not transparent though13:57
Tm_Tumm, who was our adept guy?13:57
kwwiiso if you change your window deco color it will look funky13:57
mornfallWhat do you mean? : - )13:57
kwwiiactually, they look like the ones from edgy :p13:58
Tm_Twhy that shiny thing everywhere13:58
_StefanS_kwwii: already told him, he will correct it later on13:58
* Tm_T hides13:58
kwwii_StefanS_: here is a quick gimp job making the wallpaper a bit darker: http://sinecera.de/darker1.png13:58
_StefanS_kwwii: better than nothing I think13:58
_StefanS_kwwii: looks quite good13:59
_StefanS_kwwii: did you saturate it?14:02
kwwii_StefanS_: actually, I desaturated it a bit :-)14:11
_StefanS_kwwii: oh ok14:12
mornfallTm_T: Sup?14:12
Tm_Tmornfall: hi :)14:20
Tm_Tmornfall: something I can help you with or just wanted to remember me?14:21
* Tm_T is bit lost atm14:21
mornfallTm_T: You were asking about some adept guy.14:22
Tm_Taaah :))14:23
Tm_Tmornfall: just wondered where is current "trunk"14:23
Tm_Tand if there is something I can test etc14:23
mornfallTm_T: http://anna.fi.muni.cz/~xrockai/adept-3/14:24
mornfallThat's darcs get14:25
mhbhey folks14:25
Tonio_hi there14:25
mornfallTm_T: Also, https://launchpad.net/~me-mornfall/+archive14:25
Tonio_mornfall: I expect a first release of kdesudo-kde4 toonight, so that adept might eventually work :)14:26
* ScottK likes the restart required swirly for the updater.14:30
nosrednaekimhey, Ubuntu Derivatives is having an open-week session, you want me to sign up myself to do a little presentation?14:34
Tonio_Riddell: I noticed that the kdesu binary was removed from kde4 packages ? only -dbg packages have it14:34
Tonio_Riddell: is that wanted purpose ?14:34
RiddellTonio_: not that I know of14:35
Riddellnosrednaekim: presentation of what?14:35
Tonio_Riddell: okay so it looks like packaging issue14:36
nosrednaekimwell, they just want what the derivative's goals are and a little bit about what makes it different.14:36
Tonio_Riddell: hum, I'm wrong, not any kde4 package has kdesu in it14:38
Tonio_Riddell: ho ! usr/lib/kde4/lib/kde4/libexec/kdesu14:39
Tonio_Riddell: that's the new path for soem binaries ?14:39
RiddellTonio_: right, for binaries which aren't called by users14:39
ScottKRiddell: Would you please binary New gpsd 2.36-2 so I can get the rebuilds started?14:39
Tonio_Riddell: the problem is that "where kdesu" reports it is in /usr/bin14:39
Tonio_Riddell: isn't that the reson kdesu doesn't work on kde' ? /usr/bin is probably prior in the path to that path right ?14:40
RiddellI don't know, wouldn't have thought so14:40
RiddellScottK: accepted14:41
ScottKRiddell: Thanks.14:41
vorianshould we keep adding -kde4 to new kde4 packages14:42
ScottKBTW, I just upgraded gutsy -> hardy with apt-get distupgrade with no problems at all.14:42
ScottKExcept I spelled it right when I did it.14:42
ScottKACPI works again on this box.  Very nice.14:43
Riddellvorian: if there's an existing kde 3 package yes, otherwise I don't really mind14:45
Riddellvorian: any progress on marble?14:45
vorianRiddell: I plan on hammering that out today14:45
vorianRiddell: it's got some weird path permissions issues14:46
sahin_wHi Devs? Have you seen gtk-kde4 package?14:47
mhbwhat's that?14:47
mhbis it the reimplementation of GTK using Qt libraries we all are waiting for?14:47
sahin_wAllows you to change GTK style in KDE 4 and change font of GTK applications.14:47
vorianyeah, I pulled that earlier today14:48
Tm_Tgtk controls for KDE4 then?14:48
nosrednaekimnice.... now we just need qt3-kde4....14:48
sahin_wI knew you will like it. ;-)14:48
voriansahin_w: have you installed the source package?14:49
* Tm_T likes some sugar with his coffee14:49
sahin_wvorian: Yes, I tested it at the last weekend.14:49
voriani love the quote "it makes my firefox look pretty again"14:49
voriansahin_w: how did you like it?14:49
sahin_wvorian: yes, this is why I like it. I use firfox on my KDE4 desktop.14:50
Tm_TTonio_: kdesudo for testing, me wanna?14:50
* apachelogger_ votes for personas :P14:50
sahin_wvorian: This is promising app14:50
vorianlemme see how it shapes up then14:50
* vorian builds it for kicks14:50
apachelogger_http://aplg.kollide.net/images/osiris/snapshot88.png <-- way to go :P14:50
sahin_wvorian: Maybe some love needed for it, but will rock very soon. I hope...14:51
Tonio_Tm_T: not yet, you'll have to wait a bit ;)14:52
voriansahin_w: did you use 0.3.3 or 0.4b?14:53
sahin_wvorian: I've tested version 0.3.314:53
nosrednaekimlets see how this works in amd6414:54
voriansahin_w: it seems there is no copyright with this package14:57
sahin_wvorian: I did not check the package for copyrights.14:57
sahin_wvorian: In this case... maybe a good idea to add a comment on the www.kde-apps.org site.14:59
sahin_wvorian: Do you have an account on that site?15:00
sahin_wvorian: So, will you add a comment? ;-)15:02
vorianI sent him a pm15:02
sahin_wvorian: Ok, great!15:02
nosrednaekimmeh.... doesn't seem to work....15:04
nosrednaekimoh wait... where is the info on applying kde3 styles to gtk apps stored?15:05
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mhbhow I hate waiting for the exam results... :o(15:06
mornfallTonio_: Good, good.15:07
mornfallmhb: I had state exams last Monday... : - P.15:10
mornfall(Bachelors, so written.)15:11
mhbmornfall: did it go well?15:12
mornfallYes, quite well.15:12
mhbmornfall: congratulations15:15
mornfallWell, I don't have the results yet ; - ).15:15
mornfallBut hopefully it goes well.15:15
mornfallSo, thanks.15:15
mornfallAnd I gotta go now, so see you later.15:15
nosrednaekimouch.... that really messed up kde4 compositing15:17
nosrednaekimand it dod not fix any of my gtk apps.15:18
sahin_wnosrednaekim: Well I encountered some problem too, because previously I use the qt-gtk-engine from KDE3.15:21
nosrednaekimsahin_w➜ how did you fix that?15:21
sahin_wnosrednaekim: I deleted all of the gtkrc files (backup first!).15:21
sahin_wnosrednaekim: ... and I run the gtk-kde4 again.15:22
* nosrednaekim did the same.... but without any backups :)15:22
sahin_wnosrednaekim: You're the man! ;-)15:22
nosrednaekimbut it still doesn't work. The app itself is in kde4 style, but firefox, audacity., etc are not.15:22
sahin_wnosrednaekim: No-no. This apps configure gtk apps, but you have to choose a gtk engine from the list.15:25
sahin_wnosrednaekim: So gtk apps won't looks like a KDE4 apps until you create/install an oxygen like gtk engine.15:25
sahin_wnosrednaekim: For example here's an oxygen theme for gtk apps:15:26
sahin_wnosrednaekim: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/yet+another+OXYGEN+style+for+Gnome?content=6474815:26
sahin_wnosrednaekim: You have to install this theme first.15:27
nosrednaekimsahin_w➜ right... I installed the "qt4" theme, which uses the current kde4 theme (I thought)...15:27
nosrednaekimbut i'll install this too...15:28
_StefanS_kwwii: did you have time to fix the win deco "glassy" image to be used on the window titles?15:44
kwwii_StefanS_: as the buttons are not transparent that image will have to fit with them so it would be better if nuno made it since he made the buttons15:45
_StefanS_kwwii: alright15:57
apachelogger_Riddell: thanks for the backport :)16:03
Riddellnew queue down below 200 entries!16:06
apachelogger_smarter: I'm merging oxygencursors16:22
Riddellapachelogger_: merging with what?16:25
smarterapachelogger_: thanks ;)16:25
smarterRiddell: with the package I made long ago16:26
smarterapachelogger_: I'm really busy this week :S16:26
vorianok, new kde4 package in the hopper http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=kdiamond-kde416:26
vorianum, its a farming term :)16:27
voriana hopper is where grain is stored :)16:27
apachelogger_Riddell: smarter's package, which is using more reasonable names and puts the white theme in an own package ... gotta talk to pusling later on, since debian should probably adopt these changes16:29
apachelogger_ahoy nixternal16:32
apachelogger_vorian: please close a needs-packaging bug in the changelog16:32
vorianapachelogger_: you are evil :P16:33
apachelogger_I no :P16:33
nixternalvorian: you are a hillbilly!16:33
voriannixternal: I told you :)16:33
nixternala hopper is also where beer is stored!16:33
apachelogger_vorian: you should make the long description more readable16:33
nixternalno, you went with farming terms :p16:33
vorianapachelogger_: I can do that16:33
apachelogger_a numbered list within a sentence is awful16:33
vorianapachelogger_: I agree, I should have changed that in the beginning16:33
nixternalyou know, for a country always talking about fighting terrorism, we sure do provide a lot of information that would help create a successful terrorist..ie. the front page of http://www.foxnews.com16:35
apachelogger_vorian: what exactly is the use of the list in debian/copyright?16:36
apachelogger_vorian: Upstream Author(s):  <--- kill the  (s)16:36
vorianthey are all the files licenced to the author16:36
apachelogger_vorian: why would you list them?16:36
apachelogger_I mean, if all files are copyrighted by him anyway16:37
jpatricknixternal: http://www.bbc.co.uk/home/beta/16:37
apachelogger_and are GPL2+ anyway16:37
apachelogger_why whould you list anything ;-)16:37
vorianthey showed up on licensecheck16:37
voriano, ic :)16:37
apachelogger_torchwood game16:37
nixternaljpatrick: what am I looking for here? Besides the fact that their beta website is very clean and nicely laid out :)16:38
apachelogger_vorian: well, technically you can list them, but that is going to create some nice headache when maintaining ;-)16:38
jpatricknixternal: better news page16:38
vorianI'll remove them16:38
nixternalheh, BBC isn't any better with their news reporting I see...they report silly things too like "Calls to ban 'anti-teen' device"16:40
nixternalwe are starting to see the anti-teen devices around here now16:40
apachelogger_the only reasonable news source is the KDE dot16:41
Riddellnixternal: why is that silly?16:41
nixternalI like watching BBC news though16:41
apachelogger_....and maybe my "Wall of 5 Layers of Notes"16:41
nixternalRiddell: I guess that would be considered up there with the "Britney Spears" stories for me I guess16:42
apachelogger_thinking about it, I think quite some stuff got lost there :S16:42
* apachelogger_ should revu that as well16:42
Riddellnixternal: it's a pretty serious issue if you end up next to one, those things are deliberate public disturbance and quite painful16:42
Riddellnixternal: http://jriddell.org/diary/?p=5416:42
nixternalhahaha, Mosquito Teenage Repellent16:43
nixternalI haven't heard one yet, just seen a coupld16:43
jpatrickjust hope you don't16:43
nixternalthe way it was explained, it plays a tone my old arse can't hear16:44
nixternalit will prove useless in the US...our teens are rebels, they will just rip um off the walls16:44
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
nixternalthen again, we actually talked about these things in our class, and teens are just keeping their iPods plugged in while around areas that have these16:45
RiddellI very nearly ripped that one off the wall16:45
* apachelogger_ only sees one proper solution16:45
nixternalRiddell: so even not being a teen, you could still hear the thing?16:45
apachelogger_go out clubbing16:45
apachelogger_destroy your hearing16:45
apachelogger_and voila :D16:45
apachelogger_mhhh, I love today's society16:46
nixternalI can't stand clubbing anymore...I like finding a nice hole in the wall bar and just chilling...with some good classic rock, or even a karaoke booth16:46
nixternalor a sushi bar :)16:46
* apachelogger_ never was much of a clubbing person16:47
apachelogger_bars are so much better :)16:47
nixternalany pub that plays the Beatles, Zeppelin, Floyd, and such, is my type of pub16:47
nixternalI even like a good honkey tonk16:47
vorianyeee haaaa16:47
vorianthe wildhorse is an awesome club/honkytonk16:48
vorianin Nashville16:48
nixternalpeople that haven't been to a honkytonk just don't know16:48
nixternalwildhorse rocks16:48
vorianI'll be there on ....16:48
nixternalwe used to have a couple of really good ones in Chicago actually16:48
vorianmarch 10th i think16:48
nixternalI live about 5 miles from the Cadillac Ranch which was a great honkytonk back in the day16:49
nixternalbut new owners took over and tried to make it into a late night club16:49
nixternalnow people go there when the 2am clubs close16:49
apachelogger_2am clubs16:50
apachelogger_that sounds rather strange16:50
vorianok, it's back in the hopper :P16:52
nixternalunless you go to the city, all clubs in the burbs typically close at 2am, with a few 4am to 6am clubs16:52
vorianapachelogger_: I adopted all of your suggested changes16:53
apachelogger_vorian: aye, I'll give it a full revu as soon as I finished the oxygen cursors16:54
apachelogger_hm, full revu, now that sounds strange16:54
vorianyou rock :)16:54
apachelogger_nixternal: do you have time to revu http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=kdiamond-kde4 ?16:55
apachelogger_jpatrick: ^16:55
* vorian changes computers16:57
txwikingerapachelogger_ is too sexy for Amarok ;)16:59
apachelogger_yes I am16:59
txwikingerI know.. I translated it :D16:59
jpatrickvorian: description: s/Kdiamond/KDiamond17:00
jpatrickapachelogger_: if builds and runs: +117:02
vorianjpatrick: here 'KDiamond offers.....'17:02
jpatrickvorian: http://tinyurl.com/3xtrq617:04
vorianthanks :)17:07
vorianjpatrick: I fixed the long description and it's back up :)17:09
jpatrickapachelogger_: kdiamond looks good17:12
apachelogger__aye, will have a look at it soon17:13
* jpatrick gets backs to economics hwk17:13
apachelogger__jpatrick: can you please add an adovcate to kdiamond17:19
jpatrickapachelogger__: done17:21
txwikingerLong live the advocado17:21
* txwikinger is checking how many forwarded bugs kde.org has fixed in the meantime17:22
* apachelogger__ isn't sure about the "is licensed under the GPL-2, see above."17:23
apachelogger__txwikinger: did you actually link them to the LP bugs?17:23
apachelogger__I didn't notice any traffic from that direction :)17:23
txwikingeryes da'17:23
txwikingerI did not create new ones in LP17:23
txwikingerI thought that was a waste of time17:24
Riddellapachelogger__: should be fine if above is something meaningful about GPL 2 but "GNU GPL version 2 {only,or later}" better17:24
txwikingerI rather put the ones I found while testing directly to kde.org17:24
Riddell"see above"17:24
RiddellNew queue down below 150 items!17:24
apachelogger__Riddell: well, above is the URL of GPL-2, though the license abstract is GPL2+17:25
smarterRiddell: great :)17:25
jpatrickwell, I'll get kmediafactory-kde4 into hardy+117:25
apachelogger__txwikinger: yeah, just link them if there is an ubuntu bug17:26
* apachelogger__ thinks we should actually close the reports in ubuntu as soon as we forwarded an upstream bug to KDE17:26
coreymon77hm, wednesday the 20th at 6:00 pm17:26
coreymon77i should be able to make that17:26
txwikingerapachelogger__: We should ask for another state... forwarded17:26
txwikingeror upstream or something like that17:27
Riddellqueue accept lemonpos-kde417:27
Riddellone for you vorian17:27
apachelogger__vorian: IMO you should change the copyright content to http://paste.ubuntu.com/4505/17:28
* txwikinger wants a kubuntu without resource leaks17:28
apachelogger__vorian: i.e. state it's gpl2+ and give the URL to GPL rather than GPL-217:28
apachelogger__txwikinger: resoure leaks?17:29
apachelogger__txwikinger: btw, I like the idea of a new bug status17:29
txwikingerwell.. If you don't restart kdm, the desktop gets slower and slower and has a lot of D status processes17:29
vorianawesome Riddell :)17:30
apachelogger__txwikinger: hm, does it happen with gdm as well? ;-)17:30
txwikingerand xorg accumulates memory17:30
* apachelogger__ doesn't exactly like kdm these days17:30
txwikingerapachelogger__: Never tried that but I would assume so17:31
apachelogger__Riddell: btw, did you have a look at my k-d-s commits?17:31
txwikingerrestarting kdm restarts all of kde and xorg... that is why it solves the issue17:31
apachelogger__txwikinger: well, IMO it's some Xorg issue17:31
txwikingerfine with me apachelogger__17:32
txwikingerAs long as it gets fixed17:32
txwikingerI noticed that already years ago when I used SUSE17:32
vorianapachelogger__: so just like this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/4506/17:33
apachelogger__maybe we should add a notification - "This session is active since more than 1 day, please relogin to avoid speed problems"17:33
apachelogger__vorian: yes, but wait with the upload17:34
* apachelogger__ testbuilds17:34
txwikingerapachelogger__: Well, that sounds like a Windows fix17:34
smarterapachelogger__: "This session is active since more than 1 day, please relogin to avoid speed problems"  << I would expect that from Windows, not Linux17:34
apachelogger__txwikinger: right, we should just invoke a relogin ;-)17:35
apachelogger__kde session mangement will take care of it just fine17:35
smarteror we should'nt let the computer boot at all17:35
txwikingerAnd save all changed documents?17:35
apachelogger__good point17:35
* apachelogger__ can break kdm-kde4 again17:35
apachelogger__then we have no performance issues with KDE 417:35
apachelogger__one more reason to switch :D17:35
* txwikinger is talking about KDE317:36
apachelogger__so letz break that as well17:36
txwikingerhowever, I have seen plasma going crazy on resources too17:36
* apachelogger__ inagines that this is quite easy with all the kdm patches in kde317:36
apachelogger__I like17:36
apachelogger__txwikinger: the trick is not to use plasma17:37
* apachelogger__ is wondering why plasma is duplicating icons17:37
apachelogger__anyone having this issue as well?17:37
txwikingerwell... I did not know that I ded17:37
* apachelogger__ is a bit concerned about the duplicate icons17:37
apachelogger__it seems to appear one day17:37
apachelogger__and never go away17:37
txwikingerlet's see what dist-upgrade do today17:38
* apachelogger__ is wondering why kde-icons-oxygen download is so slow17:38
txwikingerEventDispatcherUNIX::unregisterTimer: invalid argument17:39
txwikingerI don't even run unix17:39
apachelogger__/ is out of space17:41
txwikingerwell.. that is a way to stop it from booting17:42
smarterapachelogger__: use LVM :)17:42
txwikingerwell.. that will be another 30min update17:43
apachelogger__smarter: it's only oos because it's filled with crap ;-)17:43
apachelogger__next try to testbuild kdiamond :D17:43
txwikingerapachelogger__: that is a dangerous statement17:43
smartertxwikinger: right ;)17:44
apachelogger__txwikinger: 7 diffrent versions of amarok don't count as crap? Oo17:45
txwikingerwell.. there was a lot of room for creative thinking ;)17:46
apachelogger__txwikinger: orly?17:46
apachelogger__ah well17:46
apachelogger__linux is on it as well...17:46
apachelogger__pretty much equals my inital statement :P17:46
apachelogger__windows ftw!17:46
* apachelogger__ is wondering17:47
smarterI got flammed when I said something about a debian .diff.gz17:47
apachelogger__why would krunner off Konsole/KDE3 as default17:47
smarterand nobody react when you says linux is crap :)17:47
apachelogger__smarter: must be true then :P17:48
smartermaybe it's related to the latest cool way to become root on a linux box :)17:49
* apachelogger__ doesn't like root17:49
apachelogger__it kinda distrubes my thinking of "everything is equally important"17:50
* apachelogger__ shouldn't sing while writing :D17:50
jpatricksmarter: you won't happen to have a log of kepas pbuild would you?17:51
apachelogger__I might have, if I didn't delete it17:51
apachelogger__nope, already gone :(17:52
smarterjpatrick: I think I could find one if I scroll a lot ;)17:52
smarterhold on a sec17:52
jpatricksmarter: just need the last part, where dpkg-shlibsdeps is17:52
smarterjust realized it's in french17:53
apachelogger__jpatrick understands french just well17:53
jpatricksmarter: no problem17:54
* apachelogger__ waves to mhb17:54
smarterpas de problème, then17:54
mhbhey apachelogger__17:54
mhbI finally passed that darn exam.17:54
mhbso I have got free time until monday.17:55
mhbthat means - kubuntu hacking time!17:55
mhband party17:55
apachelogger__someone get the beer17:55
* apachelogger__ looks at smarter17:55
* smarter only drinks lemonade :)17:55
jpatrickexplains lemospas-kde417:56
apachelogger__mhb: no party, thanks to smarter17:56
smarterand is underage, btw :P17:56
jpatricksmarter: no martini, no party17:56
apachelogger__underage as well17:56
* apachelogger__ notes that smarter must never join the secret amarok channels when a party is going on17:56
smartersecret amarok channels?17:57
smarterthant sounds cool ;)17:57
smarterthere's more than one?17:57
mhbwe are pretty much the only open source development team with no secret channel17:57
apachelogger__smarter: basically every amarok project got one17:57
apachelogger__and we have like 4 of them right now17:57
apachelogger__+1 uberleet channel17:58
smarterwhat are the amarok projects?17:59
smarterworld domination?17:59
apachelogger__world domination, neon, anorak and marketing17:59
apachelogger__[18:59] <insanity> Neon is the internal codename of the Amarok Nightly Builds Project. Transmissions tagged as Neon have to be kept secret at all costs. Most important policy item is that every transmitted object has to be destroyed once it has been processed. Only the current project leader is allowed to store information.17:59
apachelogger__[18:59] <insanity> This message will self destruct in 5 seconds!17:59
smarterand anorak?18:00
jpatrickTransmissions tagged as Neon have to be kept secret at all costs.18:00
apachelogger__smarter: radio18:00
jpatrickwell well well18:00
apachelogger__jpatrick: I don't exactly care what insanity says ;-)18:00
smarter#amarok.radio ? :)18:00
apachelogger__smarter: yes18:00
Riddellwhy do they have to be kept secret at all costs?18:01
smarternightly builds?18:01
apachelogger__Riddell: generating a promotion bubble18:01
smarterlike, free .deb package everyday? :)18:01
apachelogger__so, if suddenly a lot of amarok people start talking about how cool ubuntu is and how much better amarok + ubuntu is... it's probably the bubble for neon ;-)18:02
apachelogger__smarter: yes18:02
Riddellapachelogger__: so it'll go public at some point?18:02
apachelogger__Riddell: yep, as soon as I pointed out how to properly sign packages in a cron job18:03
apachelogger__first starting off with ubuntu only, but we hope to attract more people so we can offer nightly builds for various distros, maybe even windows18:03
smarterhttps://edge.launchpad.net/~amarok-nightly/+archive :)18:05
txwikingerwouldn't windows be obsolete by then?18:05
* apachelogger__ throws an empty beer bottle at smarter18:05
apachelogger__txwikinger: is bug 1 yet in fix commited?18:05
* smarter ducks18:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118:06
txwikingerNo still only confirmed18:06
apachelogger__so probably not ;-)18:06
txwikingermaybe we should put it in stage traiged18:06
* smarter is going to play with amarok builds :}18:07
apachelogger__smarter: don't hurt yourself18:07
txwikingerapachelogger__: Can I listen to web radio stations on amarok?18:07
jpatrick"20080208-0~amarok1" - yay, for great version numbering..18:08
txwikingerI mean the webstream of real radio stations18:08
=== uga|away is now known as uga
apachelogger__txwikinger: why souldn't you?18:08
apachelogger__jpatrick: :P18:08
txwikingerEverytime I try it I have problems18:08
apachelogger__I need to think of some meaningful scheme18:08
txwikingeroften they are encapculated in stupid javascript calls18:09
jpatrickapachelogger__: 2.0~svn20080208-0~amarok118:09
smarterapachelogger__: 1.9.80+080208-1 ?18:09
smarterjpatrick's one is better18:09
apachelogger__jpatrick: I'm not going to change the versin number once 2.1 is in development :P18:09
* apachelogger__ is more worrid about the 0~amarok118:10
apachelogger__doesn't look all that good IMO18:10
jpatrickapachelogger__: ~ means less than, it's used in backports: 2.0 > 2.0~1: true18:10
txwikingerI need to have a plugin which asks me for the radio call sign and plays it18:10
smarterapachelogger__: -0killyourdog1 ?18:11
apachelogger__jpatrick: yes, but I think it should be 0ubuntu0~amarok1 to make it most visible that this package is not from ubuntu at all18:11
smarter0amarok1 then18:12
apachelogger__yeah, also possible18:12
mhbhmm, where can I send a valentines card to Kubuntu?18:12
apachelogger__*head meets table*18:12
mhbit seems this valentine it will be just me and her alone18:12
smartermhb: Kubuntu is a girl?18:12
jpatrickapachelogger__: 2.0~svn20080208-0ubuntu1~amarok1 then18:13
* apachelogger__ just hopes someone is sending him a valentines card18:13
mhbsmarter: caring about the gender is so uncool now18:13
apachelogger__jpatrick: 20080208-0ubuntu1~amarok118:13
jpatrickapachelogger__: and you have to release version 2009...? :-)18:13
jpatrickor just use epoch?18:14
apachelogger__2009 :P18:14
smarterapachelogger__: no packages for hardy? :o18:14
apachelogger__smarter: nope, always for the current version only18:15
apachelogger__it's all about reducing the maintenance work18:15
* smarter can't stay with a stable ubuntu release more than a month18:15
apachelogger__because, from my understanding a lot of daily/nightly builds breakt at some point and stay this way because it would be "too much" work to fix it18:15
mhbhrm, having no-one at valentines day is so nerdish :o)18:16
apachelogger__this is also the reason for the amarok-nightly-kdebase and stuff18:16
* apachelogger__ winks at mhb18:17
mhbapachelogger__: no long distance relationships for me, thank you18:17
smartermhb: so I must be a big nerd18:17
mhbapachelogger__: unless you move to prague18:17
apachelogger__vorian: I hearby declare the demanding of a debian/watch file :P18:18
apachelogger__mhb: ah, at some point I might18:18
mhbsmarter: yeah, me too... it is a long process for me to realize it :o)18:18
vorianit's a mangled mess18:18
* apachelogger__ is not really feeling like staying anywhere very long18:18
vorian403 forbiddens with multiple combinations18:18
apachelogger__vorian: I hearby declare the debian/watch demand as 2nd class demand and demand an upload of the latest version18:19
* apachelogger__ is listening to Help Yourself by Tom Jones on Greatest Hits [Amarok]18:20
apachelogger__all the truth by mr jones18:20
vorianhe's a cool kat18:20
* apachelogger__ starts dancing with his sonic screwdriver18:21
vorianapachelogger__: so the copyright file I pasted was good?18:21
vorianokie dokie18:21
apachelogger__maybe I start to hate it within the next few minutes18:22
apachelogger__so better hurry up :P18:22
apachelogger__too late18:22
* apachelogger__ thinks tabs aren't any good for any file but debian/rules18:22
* apachelogger__ is listening to It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones on Greatest Hits [Amarok]18:24
apachelogger__it's not unusual that I change my mind :P18:24
jpatrickxRaich[o]2x: interesting hostname18:25
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
apachelogger__vorian: Game -> Quit doesn't work ;-)18:29
xRaich[o]2xjpatrick: CCC Münster ;)18:30
apachelogger__Hm, über Münster hab ich glaube ein Lied18:31
apachelogger__Oder etwas ähnliches18:31
* apachelogger__ is listening to Sommer in Münster by Skampis on Live in der Leeze [Amarok]18:31
apachelogger__wusste ich ja18:31
apachelogger__jpatrick: plz readvocate kdiamond18:32
* nixternal waits for vorian comment :p18:39
voriannixternal: what do you want me to say :|18:39
apachelogger__something nerdy18:40
nixternalblog post :)18:40
nixternalSam McGuffie going to the MAIZEN BLUE!18:40
nixternalhave you seen that kids highlights on youtube? he is sick18:41
smartervorian: Try to change the useragent, default uscan has an empty useragent and some servers don't like that18:42
nixternal190 pounds, 45" vertical, 355 pound max bench, 6'-0"18:42
nixternalI have been lifting since that kid was born, and his max bench press is within 30 pounds of mine18:43
nixternal45" vertical is nuts18:43
nixternalhe can almost jump 4 feet straight into the air...like he is spiderman or something18:44
vorianI feel sorry the kid has to play on such a team18:44
vorianhe could have had a good college career18:44
nixternalno school in this country better than the maizen blue all around :p18:44
voriannext thing you know he'll be fighting dogs18:44
vorianthey are good at badmitten18:45
vorianping pong18:45
vorianand super mario 318:46
nixternalto bad you all picked shugart18:46
nixternalbig dumb dude18:46
smartersuper mario ftw :)18:46
vorianI think our main goal was getting a qb18:46
nixternalmcguffie hurdled shugart on film18:46
ScottKRiddell: IIRC you asked me to remind you about attending the tech board meeting when I'm up for core-dev.  It's starting in ~75 minutes.18:46
nixternalScottK: good luck, though I think you are good to go and very much needed18:47
RiddellScottK: where's your wiki page?18:47
nixternalon the wiki :p18:47
* nixternal ducks18:47
* ScottK get it18:47
ScottKRiddell: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScottKitterman18:47
voriannixternal: why does your blog say i'm using ubuntu?18:48
vorianis it because of ff18:48
* apachelogger__ doesn't like firefox18:48
smartertrue kubuntu users don't use firefox :)18:48
nixternalvorian: cuz the user agent in Kubuntu is goofy...are you using hardy?18:49
voriani know, i'm a fake user18:49
nixternalmy hardy is saying GNU/Linux again and not Kubuntu18:49
nixternalbut ya, could be because of FF18:49
smarterKonqueror has a more verbose user agent18:49
nixternalkonqi was displaying Kubuntu correctly for a while..just the past couple of weeks I think it has changed18:50
nixternalwhere it lost the OS18:50
smarternixternal: you can configure it in the settings18:50
apachelogger__nixternal: KDE 4ß18:50
apachelogger__nixternal: and it did work before? Oo18:51
nixternalyou can see it in some of my previous posts/comments on my blog with Kubuntu18:51
nixternaland now it says GNU/Linux18:52
* apachelogger__ points at Riddell :P18:52
nixternalhappened with Gutsy too, we couldn't find the setting for it, or where it gets it from18:52
nixternalI never noticed it until I add the silly browser and os sniffer plugin to my blog18:53
vorian steve (13:51:21) :18:53
vorian   (Using Konqueror Konqueror 4.0 on GNU/Linux GNU/Linux18:53
vorianthat is weird18:53
apachelogger__how to test that anyway?18:55
smarternixternal: settings -> configure konqueror -> browser identification(or whatever it is called with konqueror in english) ?18:55
nixternalI guess I am wrong, it has never worked with KDE 418:59
nixternalsmarter: been there done that18:59
apachelogger__ok, so we are just missing a patch18:59
apachelogger__nixternal: yep, patch missing in kdelibs19:00
nixternalthere is a useragent patch in kdelibs/19:02
apachelogger__nixternal: kubuntu_19_debianize_useragent.diff19:03
nixternalthought we looked at that before..can't remember though19:03
apachelogger__nixternal: can you please revu kdiamond?19:03
apachelogger__jpatrick apparently got lost19:03
nixternalumm, jpatrick already +1'd it19:05
voriannixternal: copyright changed19:05
apachelogger__nixternal: yeah, but policy says it needs a new approval for a new upload19:05
nixternalapachelogger__: looking at it now19:07
smarterapachelogger__: so you merged/synced the oxygen cursor theme?19:07
apachelogger__smarter: yes19:08
apachelogger__just need to get someone revu the changes :)19:08
smarterapachelogger__: where is it?19:09
apachelogger__smarter: not yet uploaded19:10
apachelogger__ubuntuwire is still down :|19:10
smarterapachelogger__: no it's not19:10
apachelogger__smarter: http://www.ubuntuwire.com19:12
smarterapachelogger__: oh, I only tried revu.ubuntuwire.com which works19:14
apachelogger__yeah, it's a different server19:14
apachelogger__nixternal: patch ported to KDE 4, I am testbuilding now19:15
jussi01hiya Level1519:19
Level15i think i there's a bug on the language updates of today for 7.10. After installed, people using en_CA as LANG will have most kde applications refusing to start.19:19
jussi01Level15: did you report it on Launchpad?19:19
Level15had to set it to en_US for it to work19:19
Level15not yet19:19
nixternaloh man, KDiamond is addicting19:20
vorianthat was my plan19:21
vorianto distract all the powers that be!19:21
nixternaluploaded KDiamond...good job!19:21
apachelogger__nixternal: you already did?19:22
apachelogger__very good19:22
* nixternal goes back to playing KDiamond :)19:22
apachelogger__nixternal: stop playing :P19:22
emonkeyvorian, where you from?19:22
apachelogger__we hav eserious work to do19:22
vorianemonkey: ohio19:23
vorianthat's why nixternal is always picking on me :)19:23
apachelogger__nixternal: please have a look at this: http://aplg.kollide.net/kubuntu/inter.diff19:23
emonkeyvorian, but you're speaking german or why do you wrote danke?19:23
apachelogger__emonkey: weil hier sowieso ständig irgendjemand deutsch spricht :P19:24
emonkeyja das is schon klar19:24
emonkeyaber ob der das so schnell gelernt hat?19:25
apachelogger__emonkey: wieso nicht? :P19:25
emonkeywer weiss :)19:25
vorianemonkey: I often like to through out words from languages I haven't the foggiest about19:26
smarterIch verstande nicht wtf you're talking about :)19:27
smarterapachelogger__: debian people still use plain debhelper? :o19:28
apachelogger__smarter: très bien :P19:28
apachelogger__at times, yes19:28
apachelogger__debhelper ain't that bad19:28
apachelogger__and it's probably easier to create workarounds in plain debhelper than with cdbs19:29
apachelogger__...considering one doesn't want to get in touch with cdbs at all ;-)19:29
ScottKCBDS is fine if the automagic works.  Trying to teach it to deal with other situations can be, um, interesting.19:29
apachelogger__which is also understandable, sometimes it's just magic19:29
apachelogger__ScottK: one just needs to get used to it19:29
smarterIch lerne Deutsch seit drei Jahren :)19:30
apachelogger__...and know how to read the dotty graphic :)19:30
smarterI don't really like makefile-like code19:30
smartercdbs syntax is short so I like it19:31
apachelogger__smarter: that sentence was actually pretty good, considering you're learning german only for 3 years19:31
apachelogger__...also my french is still tha worst, after 5.5 years... ;-)19:31
nixternalheh, I need a video camera...it wouuld have been awesome to watch footage of me getting smashed in the ring today19:33
apachelogger__nixternal: did you have a look at the diff yet?19:33
nixternalthis mornings workout took us into the ring with 10 ounce gloves, and the guy I was sparring with knocked me flat out, and they said when I started coming too, I was screaming for my laptop19:33
smarterI just don't understand why every german teacher I had were so bad19:33
nixternalapachelogger__: ya, looks  just like every other diff I have looked at19:34
apachelogger__good point19:34
apachelogger__nixternal: do you do a lot of sponsering?19:34
apachelogger__sponsoring even even19:34
nixternalwhen I can..and I really only sponsor K stuff19:34
nixternalunless ScottK forces me to work on stuff I normally wouldn't..and he knows what I am talking about19:35
ScottKHe's still scarred from when I made him merge courier (and I started typing that before nixternal's last comment).19:35
apachelogger__sounds like not a lot, so the diffs are prolly hi-quality which means oxygencursors is ready for upload :D19:35
emonkeysmarter, ich verstehe nicht not ich verstande nicht19:36
* emonkey knows that learning German ist just PITA19:36
nixternalpackaging isn't my only forte, I have a ton of other stuff I am working on, especially right now...I need to start biting on smaller chunks so I can dev more and type less19:36
apachelogger__emonkey has to learn it as well19:36
apachelogger__swiss aren't all that good in german :P19:37
emonkeyyou little austrian bastard ;)19:37
apachelogger__can't even pronounce it properly19:37
apachelogger__that is like RRRrrrRRRrrRRRRRrr19:37
apachelogger__which would mean "how are you"19:37
emonkeyan chCHCch19:37
apachelogger__means "nice weather, isn't it"19:38
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger__: That was dutch!19:38
* smarter lives 200 meter from swiss border19:38
emonkeydutch is a bit similar to the swiss-german sometimes19:39
apachelogger__->> languagelogger: wü göt es dür19:39
RiddellScottK: looks like I'm having to go somewhere19:39
emonkeysmarter, but in this part the swiss are speaking french19:39
RiddellScottK: but "I advocate ScottK for core-dev, he's very reliable for backports and motu activity and has done some important merges in main"19:39
vorianemonkey: hoe gaat het?19:40
ScottKRiddell: Thanks.19:40
RiddellScottK: feel free to paste something like that from me19:40
ScottKWill do19:40
voriannederlands ftw!19:40
smarteremonkey: I know, but I hear some strange Deutsch in Geneva from time to time ;)19:40
emonkeyvorian, you speaking dutch? mi gaats gut19:40
voriangoed goed :)19:40
vorian/ends knowledge of dutch19:41
vorianother than Vader19:41
nixternalwy pachneicie jak goovna  <-- only polish my grandmother ever tought me19:43
apachelogger__whatever that might mean19:44
nixternalI think it means "you smell like shit"19:44
ScottKSome Grandma you had.19:44
* apachelogger__ is wundert où Nightrose è19:44
Nightroseapachelogger__: here ;-)19:45
Nightrosejust got back from university and shopping19:45
apachelogger__you bought yourself a university? Oo19:45
apachelogger__what the19:45
Nightrose*lol* nope - two new jeans19:45
nixternalbut spanish, well at least the way the latinos speak it here in chicago, I got that down19:45
apachelogger__Nightrose: tight ones?19:46
Nightroseapachelogger__: sure :P19:46
* apachelogger__ is listening to I'm Gonna be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers on The Best of... [Amarok]19:46
Riddellapachelogger__: good tune19:49
RiddellI recommend it for karaoke19:49
Nightrosehaha we gotta do that next time apachelogger__ ;-)19:50
Nightroseinstead of counting crows19:50
Nightrosethat was way to hard19:50
nixternalmy Karaoke tune that I am known for in all sushi bars around the Chicagoland area is Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody19:53
nixternaland also America's A Horse With No Name19:54
nixternalthat is of course after a few bottles of hot saki and a few sapporos19:56
apachelogger__Riddell: yeah, since I heard you sing it I can't stop listening to it ;-)19:56
apachelogger__Nightrose: @ fosdem?19:56
Nightrose;-) sure19:56
nixternaloh man, you gotta take video of that one :)19:57
apachelogger__of course :D19:57
Nightrosehehe yea19:57
Nightroseand not as short as the ones of Riddell singing...19:57
Nightrosethey were way too short19:57
* nixternal cranks up the Proclaimers19:58
Nightroseman I am sooo happy to finally have found these two pairs of jeans... - tried like 50 till I found them19:59
* apachelogger__ is listening to Moonlight Shadow and Mr. Jones by Amarokers live @ Channel Party [Amarok]20:00
* Nightrose is too short for regular stuff :(20:00
Nightroseahhh yea gotta put that on my playlist ;-)20:00
* Nightrose is listening to Moonlight Shadow and Mr. Jones by Amarokers live @ Channel Party [Amarok]20:01
manchickenMan, I wish I could figure out how to make coffee like they had in Spain.20:06
manchickenTry as I might, I get close, but can't find a blend that's smooth and creamy like what they had there.20:06
apachelogger__Nightrose: sounds like someone is dying :D20:07
Nightroseapachelogger__: our karaoke skills? yea ;-)20:07
Nightrosewe totally rock :P20:08
Nightrosebut it was _great_ fun20:08
apachelogger__can't remember :P20:10
apachelogger__too long ago20:10
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=== txwikinger2 is now known as txwikinger
buzi'm wondering: is there a particular reason why i see 3 entirely different icon types for folders depending on the icon size? first standard old blue icon, then a blue-greyish and finally at largest size a weird brownish one20:44
_StefanS_buz: where?20:48
buzin konqueror3 on hardy20:48
_StefanS_buz: using view-> Icon size ?20:50
buzi can provide screenshots if you like20:50
_StefanS_buz: uhm, i dont see it here20:51
buzscreenshots then20:51
buz(show image links at the bottom make it original size)20:55
buzjpatrick: i've just successfully tested the luks integration, thanks a lotè20:55
jpatrickbuz: even the new package recently uploaded?20:56
buzupdated today20:57
buzonly thing is devices connected upon boot still dont work because of some usb storage bug20:57
buzbut that one's well known20:57
jpatrickbuz: bug #18684120:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186841 in kdebase "[hardy] Please merge latest version of kio media LUKS support" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18684120:59
jpatrickhmm... :-/20:59
buzit did work for me today21:00
* jpatrick hasn't done anything to kdebase recently21:00
buzbut race conditions are notoriously hard to debug21:00
jpatrickbut if it works, it works :-)21:01
buzjust not entirely obvious why it asks to mount it after decrypting but i dont mind it :P21:03
jpatrickhmm, creepy21:04
buzwell i guess it creates the node in device mapper, then detects it and ask if it should mount it21:04
buzdoesnt seem to do anything bad21:04
buzworks from inside a kde4 session, btw21:05
jpatrickScottK: congrats!21:07
ScottKjpatrick: Thanks21:07
jpatrickbuz: I wonder what caused it to just click21:08
buzthere's been some udev hackery going on i believe21:08
buznot sure if just clicked today21:08
buzonly today i tested it21:08
nosrednaekimScottK jpatrick what happened?21:08
* ScottK made core-dev21:09
jpatricknosrednaekim: we have yet another kubuntu core-dev21:09
Nightrosewohoo congratulations :)21:09
nixternalcongratulations ScottK!21:10
nosrednaekimexcuse my ignorance.... but what is that?21:10
ScottKThanks all.21:10
ScottKnosrednaekim: It's the step after MOTU.  It means I can upload to Main now.21:10
jpatricknosrednaekim: people who upload to main21:10
jpatrickor -backports21:10
nosrednaekimoooo... wow.21:10
apachelogger__ScottK: congratulations :)21:12
ScottKapachelogger__: Thanks.21:13
txwikingercongrats ScottK21:14
ScottKtxwikinger: Thanks.21:14
vorianw00t ScottK :)21:15
mhbScottK: so you're the big core developer now? congratulations21:17
mhbScottK: should we call you "boss" or something? :o)21:17
ScottKThat's core-packager to you.21:17
mhbyes, sir21:17
_StefanS_argh wtf.. sun bought the makers of virtualbox21:18
jpatrick_StefanS_: and nokia bought trolltech21:19
buzso thats why virtualbox is being ported to solaris21:19
nosrednaekimhaha.... as son as its ported to solaris...21:19
jpatrick_StefanS_: btw, please send all kdmtheme patches to upstream21:19
* mhb buys _StefanS_ , film at 1121:20
_StefanS_jpatrick: sure21:21
jpatrick_StefanS_: thanks :)21:22
_StefanS_jpatrick: i need to iron out some stuff in the default button and then I think its ready to go21:22
jpatrickwb nixternal21:23
jpatrick_StefanS_: great to hear :)21:24
_StefanS_jpatrick: did you hear something from upstream ? :)21:24
_StefanS_jpatrick: since you want the patches to go there for sure21:24
jpatrick_StefanS_: I tried last time, but their mail server was down21:25
jpatrick_StefanS_: the time I got a patch though he accepted it immeditaatly21:25
_StefanS_jpatrick: nice21:26
nixternalwhy thank you...had to reboot the server21:28
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* seaLne pokes nixternal with a measuring tape21:42
nixternalooh, I forgot to respond...the Large would be to short for me...sorry for not responding21:43
seaLneah, thats a pity21:43
nixternalwidth wise it sounds fine, but lenght wise and my belly button would be showing :)21:43
seaLnemuffin tops are all the rage with girls in glasgow...21:43
nixternalnot for the men in the US though :p21:44
nosrednaekimwe'd freeze to death here...21:45
nosrednaekimor, at least our belly buttons would :)21:45
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ryanakcajpatrick: can you please take out the mockup contest link from the channels you have access to?22:13
nosrednaekimryanakca➜ have you guys chosen one?22:14
ryanakcanosrednaekim: unofficially, https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/WebsiteMockups?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=mockup-dmiller.png22:15
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
nareshovnixternal's mockup was good (mockup2.svg)22:17
nosrednaekimyah... I liked the kde4 one..22:18
ryanakcaThey're all nice :)22:18
mhbthe nicest one is the implemented one22:18
_StefanS_could someone tell me their opinion on these new buttons ? (only those to the far right..) : http://enhance-it.dk/kwin-crystal.png22:37
_StefanS_Riddell: if you're there22:37
_StefanS_Riddell: ^22:37
emonkeyThe requested URL /kwin-crystal.png was not found on this server.22:38
mhb_StefanS_: I like them a bit better than the last ones22:38
mhb_StefanS_: still, there are some things I don't like, for example how they look sunken when the window is activated22:39
mhbit feel unnatural, buttons aren't usually sunken22:39
mhbit kind of seems that all are pressed22:39
_StefanS_mhb: yes, i'm aware the effect is not that obvious22:39
_StefanS_mhb: needs to be enhanced slightly22:40
nosrednaekimside Q, is that kde3 or 4?22:40
mhb_StefanS_: also, I like when buttons on inactive windows don't stand out too much22:41
mhbit's not a big deal22:41
_StefanS_mhb: yep, but else you like it ? :)22:41
mhbI'd fix the main window first :o)22:41
mhbif that is good enough, I like it :o)22:41
_StefanS_cool, I will make a screenshot with a vanilla kubuntu as I wanted it to look.. tomorrow. Now I gotta sleep22:42
mhb_StefanS_: nighty night22:42
Tonio_Riddell: kdesudo-kde4 seems to work23:17
Tonio_Riddell: but appart from kdesudo itself, I'm a bit surprised by a few kdesu-kde4 command line options......23:18
Tonio_Riddell: how can a "nonewdcop" option exist in kde4 ?23:18
mhbdoes it really exist?23:19
Tonio_mhb: try /usr/lib/kde4/lib/kde4/libexec/kdesu --help23:19
Tonio_mhb: I'm a bit lost on what to do against the command line compatibility....23:19
mhbI don't think it does anything23:20
Tonio_I think it is just a fake option for scripts compatibility too23:20
Tonio_so that the option is just ignored23:21
Tonio_mhb: fancy testing kdesudo-kde4 ?23:21
Tonio_still a few options on resolving app name, desc and icon23:21
Tonio_mhb: but it globally works23:21
mhbTonio_: perhaps tomorrow morning23:21
mhbI'm a bit tired today.23:21
mhbTonio_: how can I test it?23:21
Tonio_get that deb file :)23:22
mhbah, amd64 here anyway23:22
Tonio_then you'll have to wait a bit ;)23:22
RiddellTonio_: dunno, look at the code, maybe it does something with dbus (but probably it does nothing)23:28
=== rouzic is now known as rouzic_ausente
Tonio_Riddell: nothing in the code afaik23:31
Tonio_Riddell: looks like let for compatibility23:31
Tonio_Riddell: a few issues with kstandarddirs and icon finding, but I globally get good results with the new kdesudo :)23:32
nosrednaekimhey, how can I get my ubuntu IRC cloak?23:48
voriannosrednaekim: join #ubuntu-ops23:52
mhbsupercalifragilisticexplialidonosrednaekim with a cape23:54
mhba cloak reminds me of superheroes23:54
mhbfor some reason23:54
nosrednaekimmake fun of my long nick will you...23:54
mhbnosrednaekim: nah, it's cool23:55
mhbnosrednaekim: mine is unpronouncable23:55
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