nekostarhey UnNaturalHigh00:25
nekostarconfirmed its the kernel00:25
nekostartho new bug ;p00:25
nekostarloaded amd64 iso onto disc good burn and all.....00:25
nekostarand kernel not found upon install00:25
UnNaturalHigh2.6.24-7 is a terrible release00:26
UnNaturalHighdoesn't work on any of my five computers00:26
nekostarUnNaturalHigh lol00:26
nekostarprobably something deep is borking it00:26
nekostarand itl be UUBER when it works00:26
* nekostar shrugs00:26
UnNaturalHighyep, I haven't had time to investigate it yet as my research proposal is taking up a lot of my time today00:26
nekostarthink there's a difference between the kubuntu and the ubuntu text based system?00:26
nekostaraww crap booted into wrong kernel again lol00:27
UnNaturalHighnekostar, just change your default kernel in grub00:28
UnNaturalHighor uninstall the current kernel00:28
nekostartoo lazy :P00:28
nekostargonna make this install work00:28
nekostarso apparently i cant go 64bit so i386 here i cum00:28
nekostarfirst: anime00:28
nekostarKino_no_Tabi_02.DVD(h264.aac)[KAA][08AE2EC7]   <<-- awesome motivator00:29
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ionstormis there a forum for hardy00:52
hmullerthis is it00:54
hmullersorry, this is the channel00:54
hmullerhere's the hardy development forum: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=30500:55
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ethana2Does anyone here have a PS3?01:50
ethana2I'm wondering if the PS3 ubuntu hardy spins are functional in their current state01:50
DanaGHmm, channel seems rather quiet for now.02:14
alteregolstrange wine won't work on this 32bit noteboard02:16
mbrushi have a question, but it's absolutely off topic and so stupid, I'm hesistating to ask it ....02:16
alteregolok you came to early or what02:17
rskmbrush:  it's normal if the left nut is bigger02:17
mbrushit's about Opera web browser which i'm forced to use now since firefox doesn't stay open for more than 10 seconds02:18
mbrushno answer at #opera02:18
mbrushi can't find the "Home Page" button ... it's so stupid02:18
mbrushand i friggen hate the "qt" look02:18
rskhome page, what would that doo?02:19
mbrushgo to my homepage02:19
rskyou mean the startpage-button thingie?02:19
rskare you sure there is such a thing in opera?02:20
mbrushno, I'm assuming any decent browser has a button to go "home"02:20
mbrushotherwise it seems decent enough02:20
mbrushand it stays open for more then 10 seconds02:20
DanaGHmm, what's making Firefox crash?02:20
DanaGTry starting it in console.02:20
rskmost likely flash.02:21
Dr_willisI just hit the newtab button it goes to my homepage.02:21
mbrushprolly, the nonfree thing ... i googled it, none of the fixes did that02:21
mbrushDr_willis, it goes to a blank page, and I don't want a new tab02:21
Dr_willisenable the navagiation bar then.  :P02:22
Dr_willisi see a home buton on it..02:22
mbrushi think it's on?  let me double check02:22
Dr_willisbut its greyed.. odd.02:22
Dr_willisI see a lot of toobar type options in the menus02:22
DanaGTry flashblock, for now.02:22
DanaGIt blocks flash objects by default, so the plugin won't have as many chances to crash.02:23
rski think it's weird02:23
mbrushDr_willis, that nav bar would work, but I don't want another toolbar just for a button that should be in with refresh and back02:23
Dr_willisMainbar panel -as a home button02:23
rskthat flashblock is like 1mb +02:23
rski would expect it to bee 10kb.02:23
Dr_willismbrush,  whatever. :) try draggint the botton to another bar then? or ya could just use a mouse jesture to go to home.02:23
mbrushit's text not buttons02:24
mbrushi'll try anyway02:24
Dr_willishmm i think the older opera let ya drag buttons around  not this one.. wonder what version i got02:24
mbrushDr_willis, no drag and home link in nav bar brings me to opera home page not mine02:24
mbrushI'm running 9.2502:25
Dr_willisapparance - buttons --> browser -> drag the buttons where ya want.02:25
Dr_willisjust worked for me.02:25
mbrushjust downloaded from the ubuntu "partner" repo02:25
Dr_willisi put a home button on every bar.02:25
Dr_willisGot one right next to my address bar now :)02:26
mbrushthank you02:26
mbrushI saw that there and I was clicking it, but it wasn't doing anything, had to drag it.02:26
mbrushso retarded02:27
mbrushI always thought firefox was alone in being such a ram hog, but now i see opera is much worse02:28
Dr_willisOpera has a lot of settings it seems..   never noticed it being that configurable befor02:28
mbrushyeah, it seems ok, but it's no firefox02:28
Dr_willisdepends on your needs.02:28
mbrushit's really too bad that flash is so ubiquitous02:29
Dr_willisI got so many opera-type-extensions in firefox its scary02:29
Dr_willisi like this speed-dial extension/feature02:29
mbrushdo you have a KDE theme on it?02:29
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hmullerhow's the amd64 / nvidia 8xxx / usplash issue looking for the final release?03:04
MFencan anyone recommend a good application for ipod nano (gen 3?) integration03:20
MFeni tried plugging mine in, and banshee said the database format was too new03:21
MFenand yes, i am using hardy03:21
DanaGAnybody else having gnome-settings-daemon crash the first time you use volume-control keys?04:06
ethana2mine work fine04:11
DanaGOdd.... even using the same .sf2 file, Timidity and my Audigy sound different.04:27
DanaGAnybody here use Timidity?04:35
DanaGArgh, going to try timidity under 2.6.22.....04:48
DanaGOkay, it's a bit better under 2.6.22 .... even with Folding running.04:56
DanaGFor my uses, CFS sucks.04:56
DanaGtimidity: pcm_pulse.c:196: pulse_pointer: Assertion `pcm->stream' failed.05:05
DanaGOh, I had suid-ed it to root.05:07
q_a_z_steveCan someone help me fix my screen res? It used to be able to handle my 21" monitor, now not so much.05:57
q_a_z_steve*used to be able to handle... was under dapper, I've just installed gutsy05:57
q_a_z_stevetrying to get to Alpha 4 eventually05:58
simihi, the screen resolution is not saved, it always defaults to  maximum , how can i make it saved , is this a known bug?06:30
ChaosParserAnyone else have issues with external storage devices throwing nautilus into a crash loop?06:40
ChaosParserIs anyone awake?06:45
ionstormwhat type of external storage?06:48
ionstorma flash drive?06:49
ChaosParserYeah,  Lexar 2 gig firefly, to be precise.06:49
ionstormi got the same one06:49
ChaosParserI tried to file a bug report, and it says the report is malformed.06:49
ionstormwhat do u do when it fux up06:49
ChaosParserIt never works.06:50
ChaosParserDoes yours?06:50
ionstormlet me try06:50
ionstormif my box locks i'll be back06:50
ionstormwhat os u runnin06:51
ionstormmine works, Bus 004 Device 004: ID 05dc:a660 Lexar Media, Inc.06:51
ChaosParserHardy alpha 4.06:51
ionstormdo a lsusb06:51
ionstormmay be a diff ver06:51
ChaosParsermine ends in :a70106:52
ionstormChaosParser, refile the report06:53
ionstormlet me know what issue ur having06:53
ChaosParserIt won't file.  Any time that dialogue comes up it says the report is malformed.06:54
ChaosParserionstorm: Not listed.06:55
ionstormjust do it as unknown and someone will specify the bug categorie06:56
ChaosParserI created a temp user and the crash report is working properlyl07:01
Assidanyone got vmware-server running on this?07:12
ionstormnah, i got virtualbox running on hardy07:12
ChaosParsernope, but I can verify that virtualbox works.07:12
ionstormworks just fine07:13
ionstormis vmware server free07:13
compwiz18ionstorm: I think so, yes07:14
Assidyeah but vmware works better with multi cores07:15
ChaosParserMeh,  I tried vmware and it was blah.07:15
Assidblah ?07:15
compwiz18virtual box is good also07:15
compwiz18as it qemu07:15
Assidright but doesnt make use of smp07:16
Assidyou dont get processor affinity on the guest os07:16
ionstormi used to run vmware, and virtualbox seems less bloated and faster than vmware07:18
ionstormalthough vmware could b better now07:18
Assidwhen was the last time you tried vmware?07:20
Assidany particular version ?07:20
Assidi have a q6600 .. considering vmware can use 2 of those cores for the guest os.. I guess thats good right07:21
ionstormto be honest dont know the ver, it was back 4 months ago07:21
Assidcould be 1.03 odd then07:22
Assidnevertheless.. i couldnt get vmware to install on hardy07:22
compwiz18I've always found vmware to be tricky to install07:23
Assidmaybe i should use virtualbox07:27
Assideasy to install ionstorm?07:28
ionstormhell yea07:28
Assiddont use synaptic?07:29
Assidi gotta use the OSE edition right ?07:32
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ChaosParserAssid: Don't use synaptic.07:37
ChaosParsersynaptic has the wrong version in the repos or something07:38
Assidk.. already downoloading the .run file07:38
ChaosParseroh no,07:38
ChaosParseryou can use the .deb07:38
ChaosParseras long as its from that site.07:39
ChaosParserand not sudo apt-get install07:39
Assidi didnt see hardy mentioned there.. hence the run file07:40
ChaosParserthe one for gutsy works fine07:41
ChaosParserannnd hardy is stuck in a nautilus crash loop when accessing any partition/drive other than the one its installed on.07:42
qziodo i unsderstand it correctly that you have to agree to some eula for personal use if you're to download the binaries?07:42
AssidChaosParser: err.. doesnt happen to me07:42
Assidworks fine here07:42
Assidwhat i dont like is that it automounts and puts those icons on my desktop07:43
ChaosParserits not a really big deal.07:43
Assidfor once in my life i want to have a clean desktop07:43
ChaosParserhome is on its own partition,07:43
ChaosParserso I can reinstall it with no issues.07:43
Assidoh.. that i screwed up on.. i put everything with /07:43
Assidim gonna go through a pita copying it back and forth07:43
simihi, the screen resolution is not saved, it always defaults to  maximum , how can i make it saved , is this a known bug?07:45
Assidi had something similar.. my "shares" didnt do anything07:50
Assidnow atleast it seems to be saving07:50
qziojust a quick one - am i the only one experiance really slow 2D (firefox scrolling etc) when visual effects is on?07:58
Assiderr how do i know if VT is available for my processor07:59
Assidso virtualbox can use it07:59
qzioAssid: what's your processor?07:59
Assidcore2quad Q660007:59
Assidit should be right?08:00
qziothat's x86-ish so i guess it should be fine..08:00
Assidfpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht tm pbe nx lm constant_tsc arch_perfmon pebs bts pni monitor ds_cpl vmx est tm2 ssse3 cx16 xtpr lahf_lm08:00
Assiddont see vt there tho08:00
DanaGvmx and svm are 'vt'.08:03
Assidokay quick question.. if i enable dynamic expanding image for the drive and if i set the image size to 8gb will it use 8gb directly?08:04
Assidor can i grow it only till 8gb and not more08:04
Assidoh big problem.. i just realized.. my stupid rom doesnt read cd's08:06
grumpymoleqzio: do you have intel graphics?08:15
tapas2d accelleration is vewry slow here on this athlon 64 system08:19
tapaswith 64 bit ubuntu08:19
TheInfinitytapas: nvidia graphics?08:20
tapas3d is great though08:20
tapasjust normal desktop ops are dog slow sometimes08:20
tapasit's like in the 486 days where you could see the browser window updte from top to botom :)08:21
qziogrumpymole: yupp!08:21
tapasTheInfinity: you have any clues?08:22
qziogrumpymole: are there any known issues? i didn't have this problem in feisty/gutsy08:22
DanaGNew scheduler sucks.08:22
DanaGAt least, that's one factor for me.08:22
cwillutapas, compiz on?08:22
cwilluDanaG, lol08:22
DanaGOh wait, I seem to remember hearing that the 8-series cards remove 2D acceleration.08:22
cwilluhow so?08:22
TheInfinitytapas: i had this with missing drivers / wrong installed drivers on win and linux some time ago08:22
tapascwillu: nope08:22
DanaGThe new scheduler doesn't respect 'nice' as expected.08:22
cwilluin that nice actually does something?08:23
tapasthis is a clean install08:23
DanaGA Nice +19, idleprio task as root takes 50% of all cycles.08:23
cwilluwhat's the problem you're running into08:23
cwilluDanaG, it's supposed to08:23
Assidtapas: are ytou uising the restricted drivers?08:23
tapasAssid: yep08:23
DanaGWhat it's supposed to do is to take only SPARE cycle.s08:23
DanaGThat's what "idleprio" means.08:23
TheInfinitywas a strange issue, especially because no nvidia drivers worked08:23
cwilluwhat the new scheduler does is make sure that if anything at higher priority wants to use it, the 50% cpu task will get interrupted really really quickely08:23
aantipoplatest alsa updates broke sound on openarena08:23
cwilluDanaG, not exactly, no08:23
DanaGThe thing is, it was slowing down Xorg --- a lot.08:23
cwilluDanaG, don't renice x if you did previously08:24
DanaGI'd press ONE key, and it'd take a half of a second for the character to show up.08:24
DanaGThat's not usable.08:24
tapasi rather suspect it has something to do with the new xorg08:24
tapasthe config file is so damn small, it just feels wrong08:24
DanaGI usually run two instances of folding@home, each set to +19 and idleprio, and each given one CPU core.08:24
tapasafter years of hacking huge and complex XF86Config and xorg.conf hacking ;)08:25
cwilluDanaG, what does top say the wa% is?08:25
qziotapas: im with you on that one :)08:25
DanaGI'm in the old kernel right now, actually.08:25
tapasmaybe i need to explicitly enable 2d acceleration08:25
DanaGOh, and even once I put folding@home to a new user with cpu_share=2 (1 hard-locks the system, and I think 0 is worse), it still slows stuff down.08:26
DanaGIt's not as drastic, though -- it still takes compiz from 60FPS to 45.08:26
tapasthis is a geforce 7500gt08:26
tapaserm 760008:26
cwilluseperate user wouldn't affect anything unless you set up process groups as well08:26
DanaGOh, and I get audio dropouts in ALSA when I close my laptop lid.  I don't get that with the old kernel.08:26
tapas(II) NVIDIA(0): Using the NVIDIA 2D acceleration architecture08:27
tapasbut it doesn't sem so08:27
cwilluDanaG, I'm sorry, I think I got confused.  You don't actually want to _fix_ these problems, do you :p08:27
DanaGI do, actually.08:27
DanaGI think you were joking, but I missed the joke.08:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178807 in linux "Severe sluggishness under 'nice' load in 2.6.24 kernels (dup-of: 177713)" [Medium,Invalid]08:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177713 in boinc "CFS in 2.6.24 kernel needs cpu_share adjustment for "niced" processes" [Medium,Fix released]08:28
DanaGGoes to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/17880708:28
DanaGgoes to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/18822608:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188226 in linux "Kernel should use CONFIG_FAIR_CGROUP_SCHED" [Wishlist,Triaged]08:28
cwilluDanaG, can you boot into that kernel?08:28
tapasso if xorg says it uses the 2d render accel08:30
tapasthen i guess the nvidia driver is to blame?08:30
Assidcould be.. whats the refresh rates on the monitor08:31
tapasoh and yeah.. amarok has gotten into a habit of crashing08:31
Assidamarok + gnome/ubuntu isnt a hot deal08:32
tapasoh well i use kde08:32
tapasand also i compiled the alsa jack pcm plugin myself08:32
tapasit seems the xine engne makes some assumptios about the pcm device that don't  hold08:33
tapasother apps work flawlessly with it08:33
cwilluDanaG, okay;  you said cat /dev/zero >/dev/null didn't cause any issues, right?08:34
DanaGLet me stop folding and try it again.08:34
DanaGAs root?08:34
cwilluDanaG, can you pastebin a 'ps lax' as well?  (make sure you check the text for passwords and such before you post it)08:34
cwilluDanaG, can you pastebin a 'ps lax' as well?  (make sure you check the text for passwords and such before you post it)08:36
DanaGmiddle button?08:36
cwilluwrong window for up+enter :p08:36
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)08:37
DanaGI'm running one instance of 'schedtool -D -n +19 -e cat /dev/zero > /dev/null' as root.08:37
DanaGNo sluggishness with just one of that.08:38
cwilluthat's idleprio, 1908:38
cwilluwhat about just plain nice -n 19 cat /dev/zero > /dev/null?08:39
cwilluunder root08:39
DanaGOh yeah, and two of the schedtool'd ones does bring down my compiz frame rate.08:39
DanaGDo you want me to do two of that, or one or two of just 'nice'?08:41
cwillujust one of nice, check if it still causes noticable slowdown08:41
DanaGTrying Timidity with two of the schedtool'd ones actually gives audio dropouts.  I'll try again without pulseaudio.08:42
cwilluidleprio doesn't use a nice level08:42
DanaGThat's odd.08:43
DanaGNo wonder my schedtool'd things aren't showing up as 'nice' in the Gnome system monitor applet.08:43
cwilluokay, just normal nice -19, what do you get?08:44
DanaGOddly, removing pulseaudio from the playback path removes the dropouts.08:44
cwilluI've noticed that as well08:44
DanaGBut my Compiz FPS with timidity and the two schedtool'd ones is roughly 25.08:44
DanaGIt doesn't seem significantly different with just 'nice'.08:45
cwillui.e., still laggy?08:45
DanaG30 FPS, and no dropouts.08:45
DanaGAt least I'm not getting severe key lag, though.08:45
DanaGI think folding is more intensive than just catting /dev/zero.08:46
cwilluonly way it should be is if it's playing with nice levels and scheduling classes on its own, or if io is coming into it (which is something else to check actually)08:47
grumpymoleqzio: yeah, i have 945 integrated graphics and found a similar problem08:47
cwilluhow many nice's can you start up before you start getting issues?  (you're on a dual core you said?)08:48
Assidhrmm i got  a decent nvidia card... works brilliantly08:48
DanaGOh yeah, and even though I have it set to 'nice', and I have cpufreq set to ignore 'nice'd tasks, it's speeding up my CPU.08:48
grumpymoleqzio: reading around, it does seem as if there is a problem with the current intel driver and EXA (i think)08:48
grumpymoleif you change it to XAA, then performance improves08:48
Assidgrumpymole: any suggestions for the nvidia-glx-new ?08:48
DanaGAnd another oddity is that my compiz FPS increases for a moment when timidity first starts.08:48
cwilluyou're running those nice's under root?08:49
grumpymolesorry, only been looking at intel08:49
DanaGYes, the nice is root.08:49
Assidglxgears with compiz on does 10,000 odd fps08:50
Assidis that decent?08:50
grumpymoleqzio: see this thread as an example and some options: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67231408:50
lz7how you check fps and compiz/linux games?08:50
DanaGglxgears is not a benchmark.08:50
DanaGTry one of the opengl screensavers instead.08:50
cwillujust for comparison, I'm running 11 cat's as root, there's a slight lagginess switching between windows, everything else seems perfectly responsive (mouse pointer, typing, etc);  you seeing about the same?08:50
AssidDanaG: that doesnt show fps rates08:51
DanaGAnother oddity for me is that I get my unminimize animation almost being skipped due to compiz taking too long to start.08:52
DanaGOh yeah, and many screensavers have a '-fps' parameter.08:52
Assidi do find a tiny bit of lag.. but thats ever since the new compiz came out i think. not sure08:52
DanaGAudio stuff may be a better test than compiz.08:52
DanaGAdding more of 'cat' as root nice doesn't seem to make it any slower than with just two.08:52
cwillustart up folding, and run top08:53
cwilluI'm curious what the %wait shows08:53
cwillui.e., if its any at all, you may benefit from ionice'ing it08:53
DanaGRight now I have folding done idleprio; since that ignores nice, should I make it just run nice instead?08:53
DanaGAnd should it run as root or as the cpushare=2 user, 'folding' ?08:54
cwilluwell, the plodding but scientific way would be to make sure it still does what we expect under idleprio, and then compare that to nice -n 19'ing it08:54
Assidi should probably start running folding@home08:54
cwilluit'd make it easier to do a compare between the two08:54
DanaGAs root, then?08:54
DanaGI have manually assigned each of the two instances an affinity of one CPU core each (I have a Yonah 1.83GHz).08:55
Assidwhy cant we set affinity through system-monitor like how windows lets you do08:56
Assidi wish they'd add that08:56
DanaGOkay, two started, with just idleprio.  Compiz has slowed, but I'm not getting audio dropouts or key lag.08:57
cwilluDanaG, sorry to keep repeating questions;  64bit or 32bit?08:57
DanaGI think the key lag was with the .24-3 kernel.  Oh yeah, and Yonah is 32-bit only.08:57
Assidi wish there are some ethernet /ram etc monitoring applets for the docks :(08:57
DanaG(You know you're nerdy when you call things by code names, not marketing names.)08:58
cwilluDanaG, can you check the wait% for me in top?08:58
DanaGGaack, pidgin died.08:59
cwilluthat's what pidgin's do best08:59
Assidsomeone shot it down08:59
cwilluwait% DanaG? :p09:00
DanaGWhere is that?09:00
cwillurun top, it's in the 3rd line (000%wa)09:00
cwillu%sy would be interesting too if it's not 009:00
DanaGCpu(s): 16.8%us,  0.3%sy, 81.8%ni,  0.0%id,  0.0%wa,  0.7%hi,  0.3%si,  0.0%st09:01
cwilluwhat framerate are you getting?09:01
DanaG18 FPS right now.  (I'm also running timidity, for audio reference.)09:01
cwilluokay, so about half fps?09:01
DanaGBest is 60, actually.09:02
Assid6702 root      20   0  887m  63m  12m S    5  3.1   5:26.24 Xorg09:02
Assiderr.. is it me.. or does 887mb look bad09:02
DanaGStopping timidity (but manually setting CPU back to higher speed) keeps it at 21 or so.09:02
lz7ok i checked all screensavers and from what i see they not much different from glxgears in term of graphics, one which look like most heavy, lattice, not support "-fps" option, any other ideas to test 3d? :/09:03
cwilluthat's two running, right?  (sucks that I don't have a dual core, although I'm seeing a bit of latency switching windows;  nothing noticible within apps though)09:03
DanaGTry the sierpinski3D.09:03
DanaGTwo folding? Yes.09:03
DanaG(Sierpinski with really high depth is ridiculously high-poly.)09:04
cwilluhave you tried playing around with any of the sched variables in /proc/sys/kernel?09:04
DanaGCpu(s):  2.3%us,  0.2%sy, 97.0%ni,  0.0%id,  0.0%wa,  0.3%hi,  0.2%si,  0.0%st09:05
cwillusounds about right09:05
lz7DanaG: with sierpinski3D i get cpu load less than 10%, but with lattice its almost 100%...09:06
lz7maybe i should use some options?09:06
Assidmine was decent too09:06
Assidi found a slight lag09:06
DanaGI haven't seen those variables in /proc/sys/kernel, actually.09:07
Assidnot noticable09:07
cwilluone thought, X server runs as root, wonder if there's some interaction there;  did you say you had tried it as a third user (not yourself, not root)?09:08
DanaGI think the severe-key-lag thing was fixed in an update of the scheduler somewhere along the line, but it still impacts FPS, and still causes dropouts when using PulseAudio.09:08
DanaGI still find it odd that applying nice and idleprio seems to break one or the other.  It should just ignore whichever doesn't apply, not break it, at the very least.09:09
cwillusorry, break?09:10
DanaGOh wait, I got confused -- with my folding, I had not taken out the 'nice' part.09:11
DanaGSo that with folding was idleprio and nice together.09:11
lz7DanaG: and, it seems sierpinski fps is capped at 50 fps... :/09:11
cwilluwhich should be the same as just idleprio09:11
Assidhow doy ou check the fps in sierpinsky ?09:11
Assidhow do you check it for any screensaver09:11
DanaGGaack, died again.09:12
Assidlz7: how do you check the fps of a screensaver?09:12
cwilluDanaG, okay, and with just nice -n 19?09:12
DanaGOkay, with just idleprio, it speeds up my CPU, and is subjectively the same as with nice+idleprio.09:13
DanaGI'll try just nice now.09:13
lz7Assid: i don't know, ask DanaG09:13
cwilluDanaG, I want to compare those two, and schedtool -B, and then try playing with the latency vars09:13
cwilluDanaG, ya, idleprio should be identical to nice + idleprio09:13
lz7he is the one specialist of screensavers benchmarks09:13
* cwillu points DanaG at xchat09:14
* cwillu gestures wildly towards xchat09:14
DanaGdied AGAIN!09:14
DanaGI think it's because I killed PulseAudio, and then somebody said my name (which makes it try to play a sound).09:15
DanaGThe Fix: start pulseaudio.09:15
cwillufigures, alsa/esd was just starting to be stable for me :p09:15
DanaGHmm, just 'nice' seems about the same, though a bit more laggy when typing quickly.09:16
cwilluokay, what about batch?09:17
DanaGAnd oddly, there's not a freeze when unminimizing; instead, it's just slow.09:17
DanaG"-B" With or without nice?09:17
cwillu-B implies nice I think09:17
DanaGAnd it's still as root.09:17
DanaGJust -b is again speeding up CPU, but it's not causing significant key lag.09:19
Jaymachaven't upgraded to hardy yet, just wondering if network-manager 0.7 is being included? (I'm looking forward to some static-ip goodness :))09:19
DanaGOh wait, I just noticed something odd: when folding first starts under -B, it's not 'nice', but then after it drops down and then pops up again, the load is now nice.09:19
DanaGThe client itself must be doing something to its own processes.09:20
cwillucould well be09:20
DanaGIn htop, the two cores are showing up as nice +19.09:21
cwilluit's throwing away the class09:21
cwilluI started it as batch, and it's running as sched_normal now09:21
DanaGHow can you tell what it's running as?09:22
cwilluschedtool <pid>09:22
cwilluit spawns off new processes, and the new processes aren't taking the scheduling class with them, even though that's normaly inherited09:23
cwilluone sec09:23
DanaGOdd, I see 4 things for pidof fahcore78 (that's one client; the other is 81.)09:24
DanaGschedtool `pidof FahCore_78.exe`                     PID 15269: PRIO   0, POLICY N: SCHED_NORMAL  , NICE  19, AFFINITY 0x1                           PID 15268: PRIO   0, POLICY N: SCHED_NORMAL  , NICE  19, AFFINITY 0x1                               PID 15267: PRIO   0, POLICY B: SCHED_BATCH   , NICE  19, AFFINITY 0x1                                           PID 15266: PRIO   0, POLICY B: SCHED_BATCH   , NICE  19, AFFINITY 0x109:24
cwilluDanaG, question:09:24
cwilluyou're runnign stock 2.6.24 right?09:24
DanaGPackaged -Generic, yes.09:24
DanaGnvidia binary driver, too.09:24
cwillubah nvm, got my self turned around09:24
DanaGI wonder why one client is showing four processes, and each is showing a different class.09:25
cwillueach core will be running in a seperate process09:25
DanaGThe affinity does seem to be inherited.09:26
cwilluso, what happens if you schedtool -D <pid>, where pid is the one showing up in top (for each, that is)09:27
Ayabara_anyone running hardy on a dell xps1530? I'm getting that laptop today, and have to decide if I should install gutsy or hardy :-)09:27
cwilluAyabara_, mailing list may be a better bet;  far more likely to run into somebody with the same laptop09:28
DanaGDoing it for both 78 and 80 (the two clients) doesn't seem to significantly change behavior.09:28
DanaGAnd even though PulseAudio is supposed to be realtime priority since I'm in pulse-rt group, I get dropouts.09:28
cwilluwhat about -B?09:28
cwillure: pulse, you can still get priority inversions09:29
cwilluif the app feeding pulse drops out, pulse can't do anything to fix it09:29
DanaGAnd timidity is especially vulnerable: it freezes if it drops out for too long.09:29
Ayabara_cwillu: got it.09:30
cwilluDanaG, okay, what changes if you run it from your own account?09:30
DanaGThe Folding?  I'll give it a try.09:31
DanaGAnd it's still -B on the clients.09:31
cwilluya, it'll be interesting to see what it'll do with the classes when not running under a privileged account09:32
DanaGOOpsie, I don't own the 'folding' user's home.09:34
Ayabara_is hardy fairly stable atm? I accept the occasional crash and like living on the edge :-)09:35
cwilluI've been using it for a few months, only had about 3 times when I was stuck spending quality time with vt1 :p09:35
DanaGThat reminds me: I can't get PulseAudio to play that file at native res.  It insists on resampling.09:36
DanaGUsing wmhdplop, I'm showing it bouncing between 1.9 and 2.2 megabytes per second.09:37
DanaGOh yeah, and folding set to batch, on my name, isn't causing dropouts now.09:37
DanaGMy FPS is now at 45.09:37
cwilluwhat about on idleprio?09:37
cwillu(and you checked the pids with schedtool after it started?)09:38
DanaGOh yeah, I didn't remember to '-B' them when on my user.09:38
cwilluso that's purely niced then?09:39
DanaGI guess so, then.09:39
DanaGI'm now running them idleprio as myself, and it seems to have been inherited.09:40
DanaGCompiz is now around 40 fps with idleprio, and compiz unminimize (lamp) still jumps.09:40
DanaGSwitching them all to -B with schedtool gives no change in behavior.09:41
DanaGI'm also still wondering why each 'core' of folding@home is showing four PIDs.09:42
cwilluis it being smart and thinking you want two pids per cpu? (i.e., it already was going to run 2, and you told it to double that?)09:43
DanaGI don't think the 32-bit one is SMP-capable.09:43
DanaGHmm, running folding idleprio as a separate user puts my FPS back to around 35, and there's a slight key lag again; this is without cpu_share adjustment.09:44
Ayabara_wg\here cab09:46
Ayabara_where can I find dvd releases of hardy alpha 4?09:46
Ayabara_was what I meant to say09:47
AssidDanaG: you use folding@home?09:47
AssidDanaG:  im thinking of doing that. but then i gotta make sure it runs on super low priority09:49
DanaGANother interesting thing:   http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=977909:50
ubotubugzilla.kernel.org bug 9779 in Scheduler "Setting cpu_share to 1 freezes system" [High,Closed: code_fix]09:50
Ayabara_anyone? are there being made dvd images for the hardy alphas?09:53
DanaGHmm, using idleprio and setting the user share to 2 gives me 45 FPS.09:53
DanaGAyabara_: it wouldn't be worth the time or the server space, most likely.09:53
Ayabara_DanaG: ok. I so seldom have CDs anymore :-/09:54
tumbleweed__Ayabara_ : you can burn cd images to dvds09:55
Ayabara_tumbleweed__: _that_ I did not know :-D09:56
DanaGOOOOOOooooooooooh, I just had some interesting idea about Intel AMT:  it finally gives a way to boot from ISO images (over the network).  How cool is that?09:56
tumbleweed__well now you do09:56
tumbleweed__DanaG : there were already ways to do that09:56
DanaGI couldn't find any.09:57
Ayabara_tumbleweed__: :-)09:57
tumbleweed__booting from nic has been an option on many motherboards for ages09:57
DanaGWhat other ways were there?09:57
tumbleweed__not off isos, mind you09:57
DanaGFrom an ISO, though?09:57
tumbleweed__but it's been there09:57
DanaGThis actually redirects the IDE port itself, I think.09:57
DanaGAnyway, it's 2:03 AM here.  I'm going to go to bed.10:03
tumbleweed__it's 6:04 here10:04
tumbleweed__I win10:04
Ernstwill the new kernel 2.6.24 make it into Hardy?10:07
DanaGuname -a10:07
DanaGLinux GLaDOS 2.6.24-7-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 7 01:29:58 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux10:07
ethana2i just woke up10:15
ethana21:15 am10:15
ethana2the next version of gnome..  does it come with support for the global menu thing?10:16
tumbleweed__global menu?10:17
ethana2like macs use10:18
ethana2but we can do it better ;)  like always10:18
tumbleweed__I still don't understand10:18
ethana2menu bar panel applet10:18
tumbleweed__you mean one menu instead of 3?10:18
ethana2windows wouldn't have menu bars10:18
tumbleweed__it hasn't made it into hardy yet, no10:19
ethana2i've heard kde can do that, but i've never seen it10:19
* tumbleweed__ shrugs10:19
tumbleweed__I like menu bars just fine10:19
cwilluPresumably you don't mean Main Menu?10:19
ethana2yeah, the mac main menu thing10:20
ethana2with an app open10:20
tumbleweed__I see10:21
tumbleweed__no, I don't think it'll be in it10:21
ethana2i'm thinking of installing kde 3.5.x to see if i can do it10:21
ethana2yeah, they said it may wait until gnome 3...10:21
tumbleweed__it's doesn't really present any advantage, just a usability issue10:21
ethana2less ugliness and wasted screen space10:22
ethana2better adherence to Fitt's law10:22
ethana2or whatever that thing is ;)10:22
tumbleweed__yeah, gnome 3 definitely won't make it into hardy10:23
ethana2of course not.10:23
tumbleweed__maybe for the next release10:23
ethana2now to figure out how to do that in kde...10:23
tumbleweed__I suppose it could be hacked up10:23
tumbleweed__doesn't seem to be a huge demand for it, though10:23
qzioi would use it...10:29
ethana2i'd like to have three panels in one10:31
ethana2and the ubuntu logo at the far left would switch between them10:31
ethana2menu bar, gnome menu/gimmie, window list, perhaps10:31
ethana2it would rotate as they scrolled in and out of the panel10:32
qziothat would be neat10:33
ethana2perhaps i should put that on ideapool...10:34
ccookeit'd make it harder to click the menu button, though10:40
ccooke(one of the best practices for ease-of-use is to have common buttons at the edges and corners of the screen, so the mouse will stop on them - it means you don't have to aim at the target so much as twitch vaguely in the right direction ;-)10:41
Assidhrmm theres a kfolding.. isnt there a gfolding?11:04
lz7small problem from 7.10, still not fixed: sometimes then i run program from nautilus by mouse double-click, nautilus tries to run 2 copies of program, i.e. when i quit from game i can see dialog "run display cancel".11:14
Assiderr.. anyone here have a core2duo or so ..and running boinc/folding@home11:19
AssidTuesday 12 February 2008 04:46:55 PM IST||Benchmark results:11:19
AssidTuesday 12 February 2008 04:46:55 PM IST||   Number of CPUs: 411:19
AssidTuesday 12 February 2008 04:46:55 PM IST||   2665 floating point MIPS (Whetstone) per CPU11:19
AssidTuesday 12 February 2008 04:46:55 PM IST||   7779 integer MIPS (Dhrystone) per CPU11:19
Assidis this bad?11:19
simiwhy are some packages missing? like opera, vmware-server11:41
simican i get them? opera i belive i can take it from theyr web page but vmware ? i can't find a .deb11:42
ccookesimi: those are commercial software packages which are not part of a standard Ubuntu install. They are provided via the third-party apt repositories, which should not be expected to work until much closer to Hardy's release.12:08
ccooke(and in some cases, even after release)12:09
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
ethana2is widget factory going to find its way into the repos?12:25
ethana2ohh, that's not a theme editor....12:27
PiciIt is in the repos.12:28
ethana2not seeing it12:30
ethana2Pici: what package name?12:31
Piciethana2: let me check...12:31
jussi01!find widget_factory12:31
ubotuPackage/file widget_factory does not exist in hardy12:31
Pici!info thewidgetfactory12:31
ubotuthewidgetfactory (source: thewidgetfactory): a showcase for GTK+ widgets. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.1-2 (hardy), package size 16 kB, installed size 88 kB12:31
jussi01there it is :)12:31
Piciethana2: the application name once its installed is just twf12:32
ethana2ahhh  /the/ widget factory12:32
[miles]guys, wth is hardy going with tranmission instead of deluge12:35
Dr_WillisThey must of liked it better.12:35
[miles]thats scary12:35
Dr_WillisI cant say that ive tried either one.. this is linux. Install what you like12:37
[miles]but for quality and presentaion, I'd put Deluge well above Transmission12:38
Dr_Willisand i repeate... I cant say that ive tried either one.. this is linux. Install what you like12:38
[miles]ya ya I hear you dude I hear you12:39
Dr_WillisI imagine theres a discussion/flamewar on the forums.. :) there is for about everything else.12:39
Dr_Williswine utorrent.exe12:39
ethana2oohh.. if i ever want a klingon desktop, crux is my theme ;)12:39
[miles]I won't even say 'why-o-why don't they use 'http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Aurora+Gtk+Engine?content=56438' as the default gtk engine12:40
ethana2ooh, nice12:43
ethana2the first theme engine that lets me change the whole theme using three key colors on the fly get my allegiance12:43
ethana2like, say i like orange and tan one day12:45
ethana2and then it starts looking ugly to me real quick12:45
ethana2so i just change the orange to purple and the tan to black12:45
ethana2and the theme just regenerates itself12:45
ethana2uggh.. i hate to bring microsoft into this12:46
ethana2but you know windows media player and live messenger?12:46
ethana2they work like that, and it's very nifty12:46
ethana2just pick your color, and you're good to go12:46
Dr_Willisand they are still ugly. :)13:13
ethana2oh wow...13:16
ethana2i can drag theme file links right from art.gnome.org into the theme manager13:16
ethana2they install and all by themselves13:16
ethana2i randomly find that amazing13:16
simiccooke: if i realy want a package from gutsy is a way i can get it? on my own risk, it may be safer then compile from source or instaling in other way13:17
Dr_Willissimi,  i imagine a lot depends on the package and its dependencies.13:22
simiDr_Willis: just that i hate not having those programs, i upgraded because i needed mono 1.2.6 and i got it now but i do not have other applications and i do not have a solution how to make this computer mine, to have all i need, probabily i must learn more advanced things and make installs from other places then.deb packages,13:27
Dr_WillisI know diddley-doo about mono. :) so good luck there.13:27
* Dr_Willis wonders who decided to name a program after a common 'slang' for a Disease. :)13:28
simii was thinking to try other distributuion but Ubuntu is the best (found it on other web sites)13:28
Dr_Willisif you are doing real work. You may want to avoid using this pre-beta ubuntu stuff for now. :)   of course ya could run an older ubuntu in virtualbox (which i cant get to isntall under hardy either) or vmware.. (not tried to intall that on hardy yet)13:29
simiDr_Willis:vmare is not packaget yet13:30
Dr_Willissimi,  i noticed. and virtualbox gives me a error when i try to isntall it. heh.13:31
Dr_WillisOh well.. ill try them againin a few days :) no biggie.13:31
Dr_WillisNight all.13:31
taggieanybody having issues with HDA/ALSA/pulse/jack/whatever audio system is in use today? I'm only getting sound from my left channel. been that way for a few days.13:45
muszekI'd start debugging by checking if there any foreign objects in your right ear ;)13:47
taggieheh :)13:48
taggiebeen through most of the normal wringers, but i have no idea what the current state of the audio subsystems are, so i thought i'd ask.13:49
muszekI can't help you  mate, I'm not even running Hardy yet13:49
taggieoh well, if i wait around long enough somebody may wake up.13:50
rskworks fine here on emu10k213:50
rskbut havent reeboted for a while13:50
rskand there was an alsa update13:50
rskso... dunno :F13:50
nanonymeconsidering what the topic says, i don't think i'll upgrade to Hardy just yet either ^^13:50
rskactually 2.13:50
taggiersk; i'm using intel HDA, AD198x13:50
taggieand i just took the alsa update this morning, and it didn't fix13:51
rski'd ask in #alsa'13:51
taggieweird, in alsamixer, one channel is muted, one is on, when i choose mute, it toggles both.13:51
taggieyeah #alsa it is.13:52
Picitaggie: use < or > to mute each channel independently.13:52
Picitaggie: Oddly enough, you're the second person who has asked that question a few days.13:52
taggieyep < > did it.13:53
taggiethanks guys13:53
taggiePici: i'm guessing i'm the second because something broke it. i don't go mucking around in that area without provocation.13:53
taggieanyway, thanks13:54
muszekright after alpha4 came out I came here and was advised not to upgrade because GVFS might corrupt my data... is it still true?14:02
muszek*upgrade = dist-upgrade14:04
rskno idea :P14:04
* rsk holds on to hi's data14:04
Samus2khello .. anyone have tried the lastest alpha release of kubuntu ?14:23
rskjust the gnome one14:28
Samus2kthen you dont know if the problems with the mount of NTFS partitions in 3.5 is in this version ?14:29
Samus2kor have been fixed in 4.014:29
Samus2ksorry for my english i´m latin14:30
nanonymei wasn't aware there was someone on the planet who speaks latin as his native language14:32
=== AnRkey_ is now known as AnRkey
shirishwhat command I should use if I want to know from where a certain package was installed? archive.ubuntu.com or something else?14:54
Picishirish: apt-cache policy packagename14:55
rsksynaptic maybe?14:55
shirishPici is right.14:56
Areliswhat is the latest "tribe" or whatever it is called for Hardy and where can i find a page describing it's new features?15:04
rskArelis: sec15:06
Arelisrsk, thank you :)15:07
Lunar_Lamprsk, the new features listed on Alpha4 page - are there any more expected before release?15:07
rskLunar_Lamp: chekout the milestones here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy15:08
lz7during ubuntu install grub ignores boot order of disks (and this is a bug), but during boot it can't ignore that, cuz it always loads from device, which it identifies as (hd0,0).16:25
lz7if i installed ubuntu on second disk and write grub on that disk too, i.e. (hd1,0), than during boot grub fails with "error 15: file not found", cuz that second disk from which i boot becomes (hd0,0), but grub expecting image on (hd1,0).16:25
lz7how i explained that? is it fixable, do you tried to install ubuntu in multi-disk environment?16:33
lz7well... seems like a bug for me16:33
lz7wrong channel?16:49
Assiderr.. anyone around17:41
coz_hey guys, if i am not mistaken here,  since both the linux wacom tablet driver and sun java are able to deal with the kernel in hardy  , and its unlikely that either one will be ready before hardy's release,  do you think there will be a delay in the release or a dropping of the current kernel for release/17:46
coz_sorry wacom talbet driver and sun java are NOT able to deal with hardy's kernel17:47
Assiderr.. whats better vmware/virtualbox17:52
Assidim soo confused17:52
coz_Assid, well if you go to #vmware  or #virtualbox  they will say theirs is best :)  I would guess that question is more appropriate for #ubuntu  than here  :)17:54
coz_Assid, I  persoanlly use neither one  so i cant help with that :017:55
Assidcoz_: if i go to any of those channels.. its always biased17:55
Assidso rather NOT ask there17:55
coz_Assid, yeah I think thats what I meant :)  probably for a less biased answer   #ubuntu would be good or better yet  #linux17:55
Assidand if you ever mistakenly ask someone in #ubuntu and mention your using hardy.. they go nuts17:56
coz_Assid, lol  I know17:56
coz_Assid, #linux is probably the best choice then17:56
Assidheaven forbid do they ever READ the question before yelling at you17:57
coz_Assid, or lie about which version you are running in #ubuntu17:57
Assidi dont get what their issue is17:57
Assidubuntu+1 BECOMES ubuntu effectively so what the hell is wrong with those people17:57
Jack_mcdowellHello, sorry to bother but I compiled a 2.6.25-rc1 kernel and when installing it I get update-initramfs:.... | find: /lib/firmware.... No such file or directory.... etc....17:58
Jack_mcdowellthis is because of the broken dpkg?17:58
coz_Assid, well the perspective of support   it is already a      hand ful to deal with problems with the released versions  and woulld get overwhelming to deal with alpha release problems as well17:58
Assidyes but a question like this doesnt require a rocket scientist or support17:59
Assidlast time i asked about im's17:59
Assiddidnt ask for support.. no dpkg.. nothing.. just im's17:59
coz_Assid, right!  however since the question is not deistribution specific I would ask it in #linux17:59
AssidCould not load the Host USB Proxy Service (VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND). The service might be not installed on the host computer.18:00
Assidhrmm.. virtualbox doesnt like usb ?18:00
cwilluJack_mcdowell, wouldn't be dpkg I don't think unless you actually made a deb that you installed18:01
coz_Assid, ah   well   it could be hardy also for that.... and as I mentioned I havent used either one so I have no way of knowing for sure18:01
Jack_mcdowellcan someone help me about the dpkg? I have a half installed kernel... last time this happened I remember having to manually reinstall dpkg, is this what I should do?18:01
Jack_mcdowellwell I got a kernel from kernel.org and patched it18:01
Jack_mcdowellbut the same thing happened with gutsy when I compiled my own kernel18:01
cwilluJack_mcdowell, I believe the update-initramfs is benign, (I see it on my machines, it doesn't break anything)18:02
Jack_mcdowellcame to the #ubuntu+1 channel and discovered that dpkg was broken18:02
coz_Jack_mcdowell, how did you fix the problem in gutsy?18:03
Jack_mcdowelldownloading the new 'fixed' dpkg18:03
coz_Jack_mcdowell, ah!   mm   well  why reinstall hardy's kernel  and wait until dpkg is fixed?18:04
Jack_mcdowellthat is one option18:04
Jack_mcdowellmy problem is, how do I remove the half installed kernel?18:04
coz_Jack_mcdowell, it depends , I guess, on the reasons you changed the kernel and whether or not you can still do what  you need with the original kernel18:05
Jack_mcdowellbecause it tries to finish installing it on every upgrade, etc... and of course, it fails18:05
Jack_mcdowellwell I can18:05
coz_Jack_mcdowell, oh!18:05
Jack_mcdowellbut I still need noapic nolapic iraqpoll (which overheated and fried my mobo last time :( )18:05
coz_Jack_mcdowell, right now there are a few things not avaiable with this current kernel which is the question I posed when I logged on18:05
Jack_mcdowellwell  I can wait18:06
Jack_mcdowellbut I just wanted to leave everything working so that I could upgrade to a more stable hardy without any problems18:06
coz_Jack_mcdowell, ok  :)  good idea .. that way it causes less frustration18:06
coz_Jack_mcdowell, I see!18:06
Jack_mcdowelldpkg -r linux-image-2.6.25-rc1-custom_2.6.25-rc1-custom-10.00.Custom_amd64.deb18:07
Jack_mcdowelldpkg: you must specify packages by their own names, not by quoting the names of the files they come in18:07
Jack_mcdowellany idea of how to remove it?18:07
Jack_mcdowellthat would be solution enough :)18:08
coz_sudo make uninstall ?18:08
cwilluJack_mcdowell, you made a deb, right?18:08
cwillusimplest way to remove it would be to open synaptic, find the package, and remove it18:08
cwilluat the very least, that'll tell you what the actual package name is that dpkg is expecting18:09
Jack_mcdowellI'll check... I'm just worried because it is half installed... so, any upgrade tries to finish installing it, but it wont let me uninstall it18:09
Jack_mcdowellIll check though, thank you!18:09
coz_well at the end of the day, if nothing else works, it;s just an Os    easily reinstalled ?18:10
tcpdumpgodanyone know of a mp3 to avi converter?18:11
coz_tcpdumpgod, mm  mp3 to avi?18:12
Jack_mcdowellI feel very stupid! I should use synaptic more instead of the command line :) found them in 2 seconds18:12
coz_Jack_mcdowell, synaptic is your friend :)18:12
tcpdumpgodyeah, so i can upload a song to youtube18:12
Jack_mcdowell:) thank you18:12
coz_tcpdumpgod, mm  they dont accept mp3 or ogg or other music formats?18:13
Jack_mcdowelldone! perfect! oh, will hardy final have the .25 kernel?18:14
tcpdumpgodI believe they only accept video format.18:14
cwilludoubt it18:15
coz_tcpdumpgod, I am not sure you can18:15
cwilluJack_mcdowell, unless 2.6.25 stabilizes really fast18:15
coz_tcpdumpgod, what I mean is I am not sure mp3 can be converted to avi   although it never occurred to me18:15
tcpdumpgodI'd imagine they could be.18:17
Jack_mcdowellah... ok, well thank you... I'll need to stick to xp for a while then, because I can have my motherboard melt again now that Im out of warranty... damn hp dv600018:17
Jack_mcdowelloh, the dv6000 overheats (a lot) with noapic and nolapic18:18
Jack_mcdowellto the point that the solder arround the northbridge melts18:18
cwilluand with?18:19
Assidi wish someone fixes support for my webcam18:19
Jack_mcdowellquite a serious problem!18:19
Jack_mcdowellxp works ok though... pclinux did too, but I prefer to stick with ubuntu18:19
cwilluwhat's the problem that you need noapic et al?18:19
Jack_mcdowellthen the cpu is erratic (getting stuck by hard interrupts from irq 7) and really overheats18:20
Jack_mcdowellyesterday it froze and wouldnt start for 10 minutes because it was overheated...18:20
Jack_mcdowellbut its a kernel problem it seems...18:21
cwilluwell, I'd be more inclined to say "it's work aroundable with a kernel patch";  software shouldn't be able to overheat hardware18:21
Jack_mcdowelland being out of warranty... I cant have it do it again :) (hp was nice enough to fix it last time)18:21
Jack_mcdowellthe hp forums are full of people losing their wifi (next to the nrthbridge) and if you look close enough, most of them were running ubuntu :)18:22
coz_ok guys  have a good one...  have to go18:22
avsa242Has anyone else with a cx88-based device (e.g., pcHDTV HDxxxx series) experienced a regression in 2.6.24-7 from 2.6.24-5 where cx88-alsa cannot be loaded (disagrees about version of symbol, Unknown symbol)?18:26
Assidwtf 107 updates?18:56
Assiddid we enter beta ?18:56
Gninepackage [screens and graphics] is broken in x86_64 after setting external monitor19:23
Gnineresolution fixed at 1024x768. native resolution 1280x800 which i have to manually adjust via system > preferences > screen resolution19:26
Gnineon X or system restart19:26
GnineBug 13027819:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 130278 in displayconfig-gtk "displayconfig-gtk crashed with IndexError in _resyncResolution()" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13027819:33
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scizzo-hmmm anyone else has color problems playing some DVDs in totem?19:52
scizzo-right xv stuff is not working properly here20:07
LattywareHey all, with Hardy, I'm getting a black screen. It goes Grub -> Black Screen -> Login, that's fine, but I'd rather see something, it's somewhat disconcerting. Is this intentional? (I'm guessing not.)20:19
rskLattyware: maybe because of the usplash upgrade20:20
Lattywareshould I file a bug or something?20:20
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Ayabarahow do I disable mouse tapping on my laptop in hardy? I can't find any settings for it in "Mouse"20:54
Ayabaraand xorg.conf is really really small now :-)20:55
avsa242If you mean for the touchpad, I think you still need to install gsynaptics (requires an addition to xorg.conf)20:57
Ayabaraavsa242: I meant touchpad. did that one come automagically installed on gutsy?20:57
ethana2it's easy to do in gutsy, if that's what you're asking20:57
Ayabaraethana2: what I mean is that in gutsy I didn't have to install anything to get touchpad options in my preferences20:58
ethana2and they're very important20:59
ethana2if they're not there by default in hardy, something isn't complete20:59
ethana2or perhaps there's a bug21:00
Ayabaraethana2: ok.21:00
Ayabaranow I have installed gsynaptics. any of you know the xorg.conf edit I need?21:00
mrtimdogQuick question... When printing to PDF file, where does the PDF file end up?21:03
Ayabaranight now. have to look more into it later. thanks21:04
sverimrtimdog: where you tell it to end up21:12
sverias far as i remember21:13
ethana2i'm considering installing the gnome global menu thing again.. but it eats small children...21:16
ethana2this guide seems a little more foolproof than the one i screwed over my apt index with..21:17
ethana2it may not work with hardy though.. i don't think i should take the risk21:18
yipehey I thought this chan always had the link to the release schedule in it's topic21:18
coz_yipe, someone will have to include that21:20
yipehow far along is hardy? Not very? I've totally lost track of the releases, been out of the loop21:22
sverialpha 421:23
sveriand usable for me21:23
sveriat least stable for the things i use21:23
yipenice :)21:23
sveriyea, really21:24
yipeI'm excited that there will finally be a new lts release :D21:24
sverihm, i thought kubuntu 9.04 wont be a lts released, or am i out of date?21:24
sverii meant 8.0421:25
ethana2i can't even imagine how awesome 9.04 is going to be21:25
yipeI'm probably the one out of date21:26
sveriyipe: i think so21:27
yipe:( darn21:27
ethana2there is some really amazing art out there..21:27
yipeI thought it was called "Hardy" because it would be lts, hence hardy21:28
ethana2it's going to be sweet when the visual refresh hits repos and disk images21:28
yipevisual refresh?21:29
ethana2yipe: many rumors21:29
ethana2yipe: if there isn't one, people will explode21:29
ethana2new theme and such21:30
ethana2it needs to be able to rival osx and vista all by itself21:30
sverilinux is able to rival that trash scince a long long time21:31
Jack_mcdowellhelp... opening synaptic gives this21:31
Jack_mcdowellE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.21:31
Jack_mcdowellE: _cache->open() failed, please report.21:31
ethana2functionally, absolutely21:31
ethana2Jack: so you ran the dpkg --configure -a thing?21:31
ethana2and the cache open fail is the result of it?21:32
Jack_mcdowelldpkg: error processing bluez-utils (--configure):21:32
Jack_mcdowell dependency problems - leaving unconfigured21:32
Jack_mcdowellProcessing triggers for initramfs-tools ...21:32
Jack_mcdowellupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.25-rc1-custom21:32
Jack_mcdowellbecause... I had a failed kernel install... and removed it...21:32
Jack_mcdowelland now this...21:32
ethana2hmm..  'smack it with aptitude'21:33
Jack_mcdowelllike... reinstall dpkg?21:33
ethana2no.. use aptitude to resolve all the dependencies manually21:35
ethana2and when the problem gets that far, I'm not ninja enough to really be of help anymore21:35
Jack_mcdowellyes... neither am I... and the help on the forums is usually partial at best21:36
Assidman new updates messed up my keyboard :(21:43
enycAssid: welcome to development-releases21:44
Assidi hope my desktop doesnt go too crazy21:44
yipeare there any relevant links where people are posting ideas or drafts for the visual refresh?21:46
rubeezwhen i run  "gnome-power-cmd.sh suspend" I got a a DBUS error21:58
rubeezError org.freedesktop.DBus.GLib.UnmappedError.GpmControlError.Code0: The message was not sent due to DBUS security rules21:58
rubeezany idea on how this might be fixed?21:58
rubeezsuspend works find before login (at GDM screen)21:59
gabspecki see generic icons for a lot of filetypes, what's wrong?22:01
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mateuszhow to check what version of given package is in hardy?22:17
mateuszI have gutsy22:17
rskpackages.ubuntu.com mateusz22:18
mateuszand I want to install recent version of qemu22:18
mateuszbut in gutsy its too old22:18
mateuszwhile latest stable is 0.9.122:18
crimsunmateusz: use rmadison -uubuntu22:18
crimsun(or in hardy, just rmadison)22:18
mateuszcrimsun: its also 0.9.0rc in hardy22:19
mateuszthat version is old and really bugy22:19
mateuszfrom 200722:19
crimsunI'm not sure why you're telling me this  :=)22:20
mateuszso 7 mouths not updated22:20
crimsunI see bug 19068122:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190681 in qemu "Please merge qemu from Debian Unstable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19068122:20
crimsunso it's definitely known.22:20
crimsunif you'd like to verify that a straight rebuild of the Debian sid source package works properly in current hardy, please note that in the bug report22:21
emetWhen will Celestia 1.5 make it into Hardy?22:31
emet!info celestia22:31
ubotucelestia (source: celestia): A real-time visual space simulation. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.1+cvs20070626-3ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 30 kB, installed size 60 kB22:31
crimsunemet: it's much easier if Debian sid has it first.22:35
crimsunemet: note also that FF is imminent.22:35
mateuszcrimsun: I will recompile from debian22:46
mateuszI mean rebuild22:46
crimsunmateusz: thanks!22:46
mateuszYou want package?22:47
mateuszok have to go22:47
emet@schedule miami22:53
bluefoxicydoes synchronizing with ntp work yet?23:20
bluefoxicy'cause my system says it's feb 5 8pm EST23:20
bluefoxicyand that it's supposed to be syncing against ntp.ubuntu.com23:21
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theunixgeekHow's the new theme going?23:28
rsktheunixgeek: going to next release23:29
theunixgeekrsk: so it's gonna be done the next alpha? :)23:30
rskno 8.1023:30
theunixgeekWhere can I get info on how it's going?23:30
theunixgeekLike, the top-rated theme suggestions, etc.23:30
rsk#ubuntu-artwork maybe23:30
rskor maybe chek here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate23:31
theunixgeekrsk: wait.... 8.10? do you mean 8.04?23:31
rskno i mean 8.1023:31
rsk8.04 will not have a new theme23:31
rskit was canceled23:31
theunixgeek:( why?23:32
theunixgeekwhere can I get info on 8.10?23:32
rsktheunixgeek: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Alpha423:33
TheInfinityhe means 8.1023:33
theunixgeekso 8.04 won't be LTS?23:33
TheInfinitynot 8.0423:33
theunixgeekTheInfinity: yes.23:33
rsk8.04 will be LTS23:33
theunixgeekTheInfinity: 8.1023:33
TheInfinity8.04 is LTS23:33
rskthen i dont know theunixgeek23:33
rskmisread as 8.0423:33
TheInfinitykubuntu wont have a LTS at all because of kde4 and missing devs23:34
TheInfinityespecially because of kde4 integration - this makes lots of work and kde4 is not thaaaaat stable23:34
rskyea not even 4.0.1 is stable =)23:35
rsk4x is more of a technology preview23:35
TheInfinitythe interesting features will come with kde 4.123:35
TheInfinityfor end user23:35
Arwenanyone, approximately how stable is Hardy at the moment (none of the "it's dev software" stuff please)?23:52
rskfor me, no errors yet.23:52
flipstaron standart hardware its very stable i would say23:53
flipstarbut you should be able to deal with varios errors anyway23:53
Arwenand, we're at tribe... 4?23:58
rsknot tribe anymore23:58
rskit's alpha4 now23:58

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