DShepherdwhere can i find the logs for the last ubuntu-artwork meeting?19:41
kwwiithere was no meeting19:42
kwwiias per my email19:42
DShepherdoh ok19:42
kwwiisince nobody replied to the first email19:42
DShepherdthanks kwwii19:42
kwwiino prob19:42
kwwiiI will be sending another email soon19:42
kwwiiso that we can have a real meeting19:42
kwwiias real as possible with this bunch :p19:43
DShepherdkwwii, any clue when the art direction will be decided? or are you still watching and waiting?19:44
kwwiiI am going to start testing things for hardy tomorrow19:45
kwwiiso tomorrow feta kuli goes in as wallpaper19:45
kwwiiand we will start testing the new clear looks stuff19:45
kwwiifor hardy we will not change much more than that kind of stuff19:45
DShepherdkwwii, so should i gather that the art direction is clear now20:04
kwwiiDShepherd: yes, I assumed that after my mail a few weeks ago it was20:20
DShepherdthat is indeed sweet kwwii.20:21
kwwiiit is in my email from the 28th of January, I can resend it to you if you'd like20:22
DShepherdkwwii, let me see if can find it first20:22
DShepherdmaybe i missed it or overlooked it or something20:22
kwwiino worries, you are not the first to have missed it :-)20:25
DShepherdnow, tat makes me feel so much better now :-)20:25
kwwiiI kind of expected everyone to flip out and ask a bunch of questions but nobody responded at all20:27
kwwiiwell, a few responded but not what I expected20:42
kwwiithat's all from me for tonight, see you tomorrow20:58

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