TheMusoevand: Re dmraid and what I was talking about with cjwatson in -devel. I saw partmon-dmraid mentioned over the weekend in my logs, but see nothing in the archive. Is this being worked on/a bzr branch somewhere I can pull to have a look? And whats its current status?00:07
sorenThere is dmraid magic in the installer..00:08
sorenYou need to pass disk-detect/dmraid/enable=true on the kernel command line to activate it.00:09
TheMusoRight. So dmraid is part of an existing partmon package?00:09
sorenThe interesting bits are in a) dmraid-udeb and b) the disk-detect script in the hw-detect package (udeb).00:10
TheMusosoren: Right.00:10
TheMusoI happen to have hardware to test this with, so will get things sorted for doing so later, and I'd also like to integrate it with the initramfs error handling spec stuff, which I can at least make a start on. Thank you both.00:11
cjwatsondmraid is still in universe, so none of the dmraid stuff will work yet00:12
TheMusoI'm als assuming one has to modify an alternate image to include dmraid. :)00:12
cjwatsonand partman-dmraid00:12
TheMusocjwatson: Yeah I just saw that00:12
TheMusobut I don't see a partman-dmraid...00:13
TheMusooh of course, its in the installer section.00:13
cjwatsonright, we need to get it properly integrated, I asked evand about that on IRC but I don't recall whether he replied (I've lost my logs due to my client going barmy)00:13
cjwatsonthe UI it exposes was pretty mad last I looked, but functional00:13
sorenThe new iscsi magic isn't exactly pretty either, but it seems to work.00:14
cjwatsonooh! launchpad supports inter-branch seed inclusion now00:14
* soren tries to turn that into something that makes sense in his head00:15
* soren fails00:15
cjwatsonRN  installer.OTHER => installer.OTHER.OTHER00:25
cjwatsonthanks, bzr00:25
cjwatsonsoren: I'll explain via ubuntu-devel-announce shortly-ish00:25
cjwatsonbut basically the thing I talked with you the other day about server seeds00:26
sorenI think I get that bit.. I just don't quite get how launchpad fits into that. No worries, I'll just read it on u-d-a. :)00:27
cjwatsonoh, launchpad runs germinate and needed a few tweaks to cope00:28
cjwatsonin order to generate task headers00:28
sorenlaunchpad runs germinate? Erm... Ok. I don't suppose you just mean the buildd's when building d-i?00:29
sorenOh, for tasks.00:29
sorenRight, beginning to make sense.00:29
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TheMusoWoo. After reading http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/SataRaid, things really do seem to be rather experimental. Do we really want to integrate this yet? I'm of the view that we don't.00:38
TheMusoDispite the fact that just about every mother board sold, at least in Australia, supports fakeraid.00:38
cjwatsonI'd like to offer something, even if it's a bit homebrew00:55
cjwatsonvarious vendors are starting to make desperate noises00:55
TheMusoYeah having said that, there are a lot of users who wish to, and do use it for windows installs, as its the only sane way of getting Windows onto a form of RAID without doing something weird like dynamic disks, or expensive controllers.01:05
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2452 ubiquity/ (3 files in 3 dirs):03:40
CIA-24ubiquity: * Always show the advanced partitioner buttons, greying them out03:40
CIA-24ubiquity:  conditionally instead of hiding them.03:40
CIA-22oem-config: cjwatson * r412 oem-config/ (d-i/update-control debian/changelog debian/control): * Build-depend on dctrl-tools rather than grep-dctrl.11:23
CIA-22ubiquity: cjwatson * r2453 ubiquity/ (d-i/update-control debian/changelog debian/control): * Build-depend on dctrl-tools rather than grep-dctrl.12:18
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xivulonHave done the winfoss replacement (umenu)14:23
xivulonAs discussed with evand and heno14:23
xivulonWill upload the code tonight to umenu project14:24
xivulonevand can you pls fwd to Henrik?14:24
evandxivulon: Fantastic work, thanks a lot!  I'll forward it on to Henrik.14:24
evandcjwatson: provided that heno approves of the above implementation, do you have any objections to me adding this to find-live-filesystem?14:36
cjwatsonnot at all, please go ahead14:37
sorencjwatson: Got any good hints about how to debug grub-installer?14:49
sorencjwatson: Calling it from the commandline in ("grub-installer /target" like it says in the postinst) does not give me any output, but has a 0 exit code, but from the installer menu, it fails.14:50
sorensyslog just says it returned 1.14:50
cjwatsonhave you tried the usual 'set -x' and DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer tricks?14:51
cjwatsoni.e. edit 'set -x' into /usr/bin/grub-installer and then run it from the installer main menu14:51
* soren does so14:52
sorencjwatson: Ah.14:52
sorencjwatson: Right, that explains..14:52
saispohi soren :)14:58
saispohi cjwatson too :)14:58
sorensaispo: hi14:58
saisposoren: you're the virtualization man for Ubuntu ? :)15:00
sorenI am.15:00
saispoi open a bug about syncing qemu 0.91 to debian unstable, you will or not ?15:00
cjwatsonsoren: what was the problem?15:02
sorencjwatson: Well, the first part of it was that the virtio block devices are called /dev/vd[a-z], which grub-installer didn't recognize.15:03
sorenRight now I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with the device.map generation bit..15:03
cjwatsonnote grub-installer duplicates it from grub :-/15:05
sorensaispo: I'm doing it today.15:08
saispook great ! thanks, i haven't seen it on list :)15:09
sorenWhich fd to send stuff to from something like grub-installer for it to show up in syslog?15:22
cjwatsongrub-installer already has log, error, info functions though15:25
cjwatsonyou should normally use them15:26
sorenAh. Good call.15:37
sorenWhat actually generates the device.map? grub itself?15:38
* soren sobs15:39
saispoany git expert ? :)15:39
* evand pats soren on the back15:39
* evand proposes a grub support group15:40
evandoh, actually15:45
evandmaybe not15:45
xivulonsoren what is the issue?15:45
xivulondevice.map is missing, or is it wrong?15:45
sorengrub not "getting" virtio devices.15:45
xivuloncan't you append them to device.map maybe?15:46
xivulondevice map is generated via grub --device-map15:46
sorenYes, I've gathered by now.15:47
xivulonwhich in turns is called by grub-install which is called by grub-installer15:47
sorenAnd the device.map generation doesn't know how to handle virtio devices.15:47
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sorencjwatson: Still around? Can you in a few words explain why grub-installer replicates so much of grub-install's logic? Why not just call grub-install?23:10
CIA-22grub-installer: soren * r726 grub-installer/ (debian/changelog grub-installer):23:41
CIA-22grub-installer: * Teach grub-installer about virtio devices (/dev/vd*).23:41
CIA-22grub-installer: * Release 1.27ubuntu4.23:41

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