lamontrtg: does the -j16 make it go faster?03:18
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krautamitk: thanks for the info08:09
krautdid anyone of you verified http://www.linux.it/~md/software/novmsplice.tgz?08:10
krautit's an workaround against this vmsplice issue. that's a c-code where you could compile your own kernel-module.08:10
krautit should disable vmsplice08:10
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alex_jonikraut: I thought there's a fix in ?08:20
=== abogani changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Topic for #ubuntu-kernel is: Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | Kernel Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam | Latest kernel upload: 2.6.24-7.11 | Latest news: 2.6.24 Release in Hardy | Next meeting: Feb 12, 17:00 UTC | Kernel Team machine: http://kernel.ubuntu.com
=== abogani changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | Kernel Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam | Latest kernel upload: 2.6.24-7.11 | Latest news: 2.6.24 Release in Hardy | Next meeting: Feb 12, 17:00 UTC | Kernel Team machine: http://kernel.ubuntu.com
aboganirtg, amitk: Hi Tim, Hi Amit! Please don't forget to enable ati closed driver (fglrx) in -rt l-r-m. Thanks.11:29
tjaaltonabogani: does it build?11:30
amitkabogani: why was it disabled?11:30
aboganitjaalton: When i submit the patch it compile fine.11:30
amitkabogani: also the meeting is at 1700 UTC, wiki has been corrected...11:31
tjaaltonabogani: ok, cool11:31
aboganiamitk: Thank you! I have corrected the topic in this room.11:33
aboganitjaalton: Let me re-check build of l-r-m...11:34
aboganiamitk: Could i add a topic for today meeting (as Open Discussion)?11:35
amitkabogani: go ahead11:35
aboganiamitk: Should i add it to wiki page?11:35
amitkabogani: yes11:35
aboganiamitk: Ok, Thanks.11:36
aboganitjaalton: Compilation test in progress...11:40
tjaaltonthere's also a request to enable nvidia/fglrx for -server11:43
aboganifor server?12:05
aboganiserver + GUI? shudder...12:10
tjaaltonthe server kernel is useful in some situations12:12
tjaaltonin a workstation12:12
tjaaltonbug 15301112:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153011 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "no nvidia-glx or fglrx for server kernels" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15301112:15
aboganitjaalton: Compilation test successfully. Patch still good.12:24
aboganiamitk: Could you enable in debian/rules the fglrx driver for l-r-m, please?12:26
amitkabogani: was your patch already integrated?12:27
amitkok, I'll see that it is done12:28
aboganiYou can find it at ati/patches/1-rt-compat-symbols.diff in source package.12:28
aboganiOk, Thanks!12:28
jdahlin_It seems that hardy kernels takes a lot longer to startup than gutsy ones12:37
jdahlin_the part 'looking for new hardware', took 1-2 seconds on gutsy but on hardy it's easily 20 seconds12:37
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amitkjdahlin_: is there a bug about this?13:58
jdahlin_amitk, I tried to search on hardy/linux without finding anything14:02
jdahlin_what's the right product/source package to search on?14:02
amitkproduct=ubuntu, package=linux14:02
amitkjdahlin_: file a bug please14:03
amitktjaalton: have you verified that fglrx and nvidia compiles for server flavour?14:03
tjaaltonamitk: no I haven't14:04
amitktjaalton: rtg says it wouldn't compile due to some dependencies. He'll take a stab at it today14:05
tjaaltonamitk: oh cool14:05
Kanohi rtg , are you interested in a webcam driver patch for lum?15:42
rtgKano: email it to the kernel team mailling list.15:43
alejalejhello kernel people15:46
alejalejam running Hardy15:46
alejalejvery happy with the kernel change15:47
alejalejno need to noapic no more, etc15:47
Kanoif you like to look15:47
alejalejbut I have some problems with suspend/hibernate... and specially resume15:47
alejalejdo I need to file a bug first=15:47
alejalejor could you guys point me to some interesting alternative....15:47
alejalejdid someone flood me out?15:51
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Kanortg: for amd64: error in debian control line 78: duplicate Conflicts16:26
Kanowhen compiling generic16:27
rtgKano: hmm, I saw that on my PPA build this morning, but haven't been able to get back to it.16:27
Kanofor the linux-libc-dev 16:28
rtgI wonder why that just started showing up.16:29
Kanowell i tried to compile it on amd64 siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid16:29
rtglooks like dpkg was upgraded and caught a long standing syntax error.16:38
amitkrtg: did unifying 75 and 78 fix it?16:40
rtgamitk: don't know yet. it takes a bit.16:40
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Kanoat least my patches compiles the module ;)16:49
amitkKano: you have to send an email to kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com explaining _what_ the patch does.16:50
Kanoit adds just this16:52
Kanosvn co http://syntekdriver.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/syntekdriver/trunk/driver stk11xx16:52
rtgKano: the purpose of the email list is 1) wider distribution for comments, and 2) time elasticity. Not everyone has the time to camp on IRC to find out what is going on.16:54
Kanowell you are online and you have acess to git ;)16:55
Kanoit is a very easy module, em8300 i still have to do...16:56
Kanoor you if you like ;)16:57
amitkBenC just postponed the IRC meeting by 15mins...17:03
rtgogasawara: when you regen your hardy-buglist page, could you put a date in the title?17:12
ogasawarartg: sure, np17:12
king_ogasawara: how often is it updated? Is it a manual update?17:14
ogasawaraking_:  updated every hour via cron job on rookery17:14
BenCI see everyone else is alive17:15
BenCsmb: ping17:15
ogasawaraking_: and the list is maintained in a bzr tree which gets pulled on rookery17:15
smbBen: yup17:15
BenCgood deal17:15
BenCOk, The weekly Kernel Team meeting is now in session...agenda, as usual, is at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting17:16
BenCLet's run down the team, see what's going on17:17
BenCamitk: You're up first, how's things?17:17
amitkdoing ok17:17
amitkA bunch of mobile updates for graphics drivers, dma, etc. coming up next week17:18
BenCamitk: going into hardy kernel?17:18
amitkI won't have a lot of time to do bug fixing this week17:18
amitkBenC: yes17:19
BenCamitk: This is all for lpia, I assume17:19
amitkyes. Everything going in is restricted to LPIA17:20
amitkit won't affect other flavours17:20
BenCgood, so no need to worry much about code freezes for the rest of the dist17:20
maks_BenC: can i please remind you on an initramfs-tools sync17:20
BenCmaks_: best thing is to email me, if you could please17:21
BenCmy inbox acts as a todo list :)17:21
rtgalso copy kernel-team mailing list.17:21
maks_which email BenC ?17:21
BenCbcollins@ubuntu.com, kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com17:21
BenCamitk: Thanks17:22
BenCrtg: How's the kernel looking right now for next milestone?17:22
rtgamitk is packaging the -8 ABI, which is based on
rtgthere are a couple pof critical crashes that I need to look at as soon as its uploaded.17:22
rtgwould also like to review some of the wireless issues.17:23
rtgotherwise, I think its looking OK17:23
amitk-8 will include the fixes for the vmsplice CVEs17:23
BenCThis will be the Alpha 5 kernel, right?17:24
rtgoh, and there are some possible IDE issues.17:24
BenCwhat happened there?17:24
rtgyes - it should be the A5 kernel.17:24
rtgNg complained that his laptop wnet fropm sda back to hda.17:24
BenCyou mean issues like regressions caused by the -8 kernel, or things that were already there?17:25
rtgsometing in the -7 kernel.17:25
BenCDid someone dork around with the via IDE/PATA driver?17:25
rtgthere is one commit that enables more IDE devices. perhaps that one?17:25
BenCyeah, sounds like it17:25
rtgI'll get you to reveiew it with me later.17:25
BenCwe don't want to enable IDE drivers where we already have a libata-pata one17:25
rtgyou are the expert there.17:26
amitkBenC: can initramfs enforce an order in which modules are tried?17:26
BenCNeed to watch out when we mess with that sort of config change...could really screw up someone's system17:26
amitkata_piix before ide_disk, for example?17:26
BenCamitk: only by blacklisting17:26
amitkBenC: unfortunate17:27
* BenC pimps the udev device/driver binding paradigm, and moves on17:28
BenCrtg: Ok, thanks17:29
BenCsmb: how's things coming along for you?17:29
smbSo far, I work on several bugs. Most of them currently require more input or looking into them17:30
smbDid the tp_smapi addittion to lum last week17:30
BenCsmb: Since you are a few weeks into things now, how are you finding the work flow and documentation?17:31
smbGenerally, there are a few bugs in the crried forward section that have fixes either only in the -mm tree or not ready yet. Is it ok to leave them triaged there or can we park them17:31
smbWell, as most of us, I find Leann's buglist most usefult. 17:32
BenCsmb: if there's no chance of us fixing them, then marking them WontFix is proper17:32
BenCsmb: it will get it out of limbo so we can move on to more important things17:32
ogasawarasmb:  if you want to keep an eye on them, feel free to reassign to canonical-qa and I'll track them17:33
rtgsmb: if there isn't an upstream fix by now, then its unlikely to happen in timew.17:33
smbogasawara: Yes, I guess we did that for one and I keep an eye on the upstream report17:34
BenCThe only time that isn't the case is where it's a critical bug/regression that we should put some effort into17:34
rtglike an oops.17:34
BenCwell, and oops that isn't in something like netatalk :)17:35
rtgright. an oops in something interesting.17:35
BenCsmb: Alright, thanks17:35
BenCking_: And fresh from your first week with us, how are things coming along?17:36
king_Ok thanks - I believe I'm up to speed .. with help I've got some code now into the repository!17:37
king_I've been looking at several bugs...17:37
king_Some look a bit more open ended than others.17:37
king_I've put a patch in for the macbook 3.1 track pad17:38
king_And I've been trying to understand why  the /proc/acpi/alarm is missing for the x86_64 17:38
BenCThat reminds me, we should probably revert back to sending patches to kernel-team for double-ack before commit like we used to17:39
king_I need to know how to this then.17:39
BenCThis predates both you and smb, so I'll give it a quick once over17:40
maks_baah kernel-team is a subscriber list17:40
BenCAny patches that we commit (this pertains mostly to the kernel), would be sent to kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com17:40
BenCbefore they are committed17:41
BenCat least two people on the team have to ACK the patch before it can be committed...assuming a kernel team person submits the patch, that means one ACK from a team member17:41
smbor pushed. we could commit locally to get a git-format-patch version17:41
king_This would be a good way of catching any dubious commits by newbies :-)17:42
BenCyeah, it's all about checks and balances :)17:42
rtgexcept its not a democracy.17:43
* BenC puts on the iron fist17:43
BenCseriously, I'm more inclined to just put in my 2 cents where needed and let you guys make the final decision17:43
king_I'd appreciate it.. if it does not slow down workflow..17:44
BenCit seemed to work well before, but we stopped doing it since we only had 3 of us on the team, which did slow things down17:44
BenCwith 5 of us, the ACK turn around should be quick, especially if you ping everyone when it's important17:45
rtgI try to stay on top of kernel-team submissions.17:45
BenCking_: ok, thanks17:46
BenCMoving on to QA bug list17:46
BenCI haven't had a chance to look at it today...is there anything serious going on there?17:46
rtgBug #189224 is interesting17:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189224 in linux "sunrpc causes kernel oopses on 2.6.24-5-generic" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18922417:47
BenCThe carried forward section is still growing17:47
smbWhich might be  cpuidle17:47
ogasawaraalso mathiaz reported Bug #18530317:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185303 in linux "Kernel Oops - unable to handle kernel paging request - Hardy server i386 alpha3/alpha4 install on HP Proliant ML350 fails" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18530317:47
BenCAnd there's still a lot unassigned bugs17:47
Kanortg: btw. sent a mail...17:48
smbFor example https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/152187 is something  that is assigned to qa and the fix wont happen too soon17:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 152187 in linux "Serial Wacom tablet fails to return from ACPI suspend to RAM" [Unknown,In progress] 17:49
rtgI should have a bit more time to work on bugs. The CVE flurry seems to have settled.17:49
ogasawarasmb: I can move the qa assigned bugs off the list and track them separately17:50
BenC189224 looks pretty damn serious17:50
smbogasawara: I think that would be good. Since this issue has to wait for the upstream fix17:51
rtgBenC: yup, even.17:51
BenCrtg: 185303 appears very similar to a vendor issue we had17:51
rtgits got some interesting wrinkles. amd64 works, i386 doesn't17:52
BenCbios related17:52
BenCalthough that one was fixed by a bios update...so maybe we need to track the actual problem17:52
BenCit's a regression either way17:52
rtgI think Mathiaz has checked for BIOS updates. I'll confirm.17:53
rtgHe showed me this one at sprint.17:53
BenCLet's make a point to get this carried over list knocked out some how17:53
BenCthose two bugs mentioned should get some priority (especially the cpuidle one)17:54
smbOk, I try to dig further there17:54
rtgsmb: get him a based kernel.17:54
BenCthe pci bios seems like it should be easy to debug17:55
rtgexcept for the fact that it chunders inside the BIOS.17:55
smbrtg: right. I read something related that vanished later17:55
BenCabogani: ping17:58
aboganiBenC: pong17:58
aboganiOk the thing is off-topic in this moment but I prefer clarify this point in time for next release.17:58
aboganiIs it possibility to ship -rt kernel flavour in main in hardy+1?17:58
aboganiThere isn't CVE or Secunia advisory. It have the same local exploit of the -generic one.17:58
aboganiObviously i don't want merge -rt code into main git tree but is sufficient maintain it to a separate patchset (as usual) and release it through main repos.17:58
aboganiNoteworthy is that 2.6.25 will merge other fundamental pieces from -rt patchset via Molnar's git tree (http://kerneltrap.org/node/15345).17:59
aboganiThus why we can't raise -rt to main? what i can do to achieve this goal (for hardy+1)?17:59
BenCabogani: this is something we'll need to discuss in detail at UDS17:59
BenCabogani: are you on the sponsored list?18:00
aboganiMhhh sponsored list? I don't know nothing about it... Thus I suppose no. 18:01
BenCabogani: email me some notes and I'll see if we can work some way for you to be at either FOSSCamp or UDS to plead your case in person :)18:01
aboganiBenC: Ok. Thanks a lot.18:01
BenCat the very least, creating a blueprint on launchpad targetted for hardy+1 is a great start18:01
aboganispecifically for main inclusion?18:02
aboganiOk. 18:02
BenCOk, that ends the actual agenda18:03
BenCAny open items for discussion?18:03
BenCI'll take that as a no, and call the meeting to a close18:04
BenCThanks every one!18:04
tjaaltonwell, there are some DRM changes in 2.6.25-rc1 that would be nice to have, like ba8bbcf6ff4650712f64c0ef61139c73898e216518:08
tjaaltonit might fix bug 18926018:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189260 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "Backlight doesn't turn on after resume" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18926018:08
tjaaltonat least upstream thinks so :)18:08
tjaaltonamitk: if you are doing l-r-m as well, let me know before you upload.. I'll toss you with a diff to fix bug 19034718:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190347 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "Bad entry in menu" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19034718:23
rtgtjaalton: email it to kernel-team. I'll probably be doing the upload later today.18:26
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tjaaltonrtg: oh today already.. ok18:26
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rtgtjaalton: actually, lrm probably won't get uploaded until tomorrow given the ABI bump.18:27
tjaaltonrtg: cool, more time for me ;)18:28
tseliottjaalton: maybe your diff can include my patch as well ;)18:29
tseliotshameless plug18:29
tjaaltontseliot: hehe18:30
tjaaltonactually, I'm having second thoughts about including the desktop file for nvidia-settings, since it's not a tool for a casual user, and could do more damage than good18:30
tjaaltonor at least don't show it by default18:33
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Kanohi, ist ubuntu.com down?20:33
Kanohmm now it seems to work again20:36
Kanortg: did you see the mail in the ml?20:37
Kanoand where is your commit20:37
Kanowhen there is a more complicated makefile with serveal flags, how to convert these?20:38
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Kanortg: do you test the kernel on amd64?21:45
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Kanortg: do you know that standard debian kernels have FB_VESA=y and FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE=y?22:38
mjg59Kano: That doesn't make it a sensible thing to do22:40
Kanosure without i dont get a framebuffer on amd6422:40
Kanonever with a ubuntu live cd22:41
mjg59Sure you do22:41
mjg59But you'll never get one by default22:41
Kanodont know whats differnet with i386, but that problem is mainly amd64 there22:41
Kanoalso usplash only works with 32 bit22:43
mjg59usplash works fine with most 64 bit hardware22:44
Kanowell my destiny is to have the none working examples22:44
mjg59I'm working on it, but it's not a kernel issue22:44
Kanodo you own a system where it does not work22:46
mjg59No, but I know what needs to be done before it can be fixed22:46
Kanoso what22:47
Kanotell me what you think the problem is22:47
mjg59The x86 emulation is bugged in some way22:47
Kanoin usplash?22:48
mjg59Well, in libx8622:49
Kanointeresting that it works on some systems...22:49
mjg59Depends on the video BIOS22:50
Kanousually static vesafb is working everywhere...22:51
mjg59We can't use vesafb by default22:52
Kanovga=0 would disable it22:52
mjg59The default would have to be disabled22:53
Kanoat least enabling is then easy22:53
mjg59It will already be handled properly22:54
Kanoi really doubt that22:54
tjaaltonmjg59: the buglist for xserver-xorg-video-nv has many potential testers for you ;)22:55
mjg59Kano: Check /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-top/framebuffer22:56
mjg59tjaalton: Why on earth are they filed against the X driver?22:56
Kanomjg59: why dont you make fbcon static, it is modprobed anyway?22:58
mjg59Kano: So it's not loaded if the user doesn't ask for it22:58
Kanoalso the splash check is suboptimal22:59
tjaaltonmjg59: lack of better knowledge perhaps23:00
Kanowhen you use splashy you have a splash option,but you need vesafb23:00
Kano        splash*)23:00
Kano                FB="vga16fb";23:00
mjg59Which version are you looking at?23:00
mjg59That's not in the current code23:00
mjg59Well, blame Debian23:00
Kanowell will fetch u initramfs23:01
Kanothe modprobe does not work23:03
Kanoon my system23:04
Kanodefinitely not23:04
mjg59Working out why would be helpful23:04
mjg59Since it works here23:04
Kanowell i can not send you my gfx card23:04
mjg59If the modprobe is failing, the graphics card is irrelevant23:04
Kanowell sid + ubuntu are similar in that file btw23:06
* mjg59 shrugs23:06
Kanojust that u does not check for while read fbno desc; do if [ $(($fbno < 32)) ]; then before mknod /dev/fb${fbno} c 29 ${fbno}23:07
Kanoand u uses -Qb23:08
Kanooption to modprobe23:08
Kanointerestingly i can use onboard vga too and get the same problem...23:12
Kanothis board23:13
Kanomjg59: the thing is: after boot vesafb is never loaded, only fbcon23:57

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