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dholbachgood morning08:04
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jussi01Morningdholbach 08:42
dholbachmorning jussi0108:50
smagounbfiller: StevenK did push a libosso patch last night, do you know what it was supposed to fix? The changelog says what he did (link the system + session busses) but not why, and it clobbers the fix I was going to put in.15:54
bfillersmagoun: I'll forward you an email from Martin Pitt that explains the proposed fix..15:57
bfillersmagoun: I assume StevenK took his advice..15:57
bfillersmagoun: I should have mentioned the email I was referring to were just comments on bug 14927516:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 149275 in tasks "First cut of source packages for -mobile promotions" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14927516:10
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agoliveiramjg59: Around?19:17
mjg59agoliveira: Hi19:28
agoliveiraHi there. I heard that you will be talking at the Bossa conference, is that confirmed?19:29
agoliveiramjg59: Cool. I hope we meet there then :)19:35
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ian_brasilmjg59: what will you be talking about?20:34
ian_brasilah found it...ubuntu mobile ;)20:37
crevettehi guys20:52
crevetteit seems bluez-gnome doesn't work with latest bluez-utils; bluez-properties lists zero services20:55
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StevenKsmagoun: That change was so libosso could get promoted. Which it now has.22:31
smagounStevenK: thanks. Turns out that change also fixes (masks?) the problem you and I discussed yesterday.22:31
smagounWhich is good, because I can now build a stable, bootable image.22:32
StevenKsmagoun: I can explain it, but I'm on the phone.22:37
smagounStevenK: no problem, I'm not sure I want to know :)22:37
smagountonyespy: The mid linux + lum trees on kernel.ubuntu.com are supposed to match the PPA, right? But right now there's no package in the PPA that corresponds to the head of the mid linux/lum trees, right?22:41
smagountonyespy: nevermind...it's the ume tree that in theory matches the PPA, not the mid tree.22:42
tonyespyThe Intel/Canonical hardy git trees owned by RobR are the master for the PPA22:43
tonyespysmagoun: currently the kernel & lum packages in the PPA aren't publically available via git right now...22:43
tonyespysmagoun: also, all of the patches are in the .7 kernel in hardy, so we're not using the PPA kernel or LUM packages currently...22:44
robri heard my name and my ears began to itch :-)22:44
tonyespyrobr: sorry rob...  ;)22:45
smagountonyespy: right, I got that. I saw that Mike's tree (the mid tree) already had the beta 6 PSB driver integrated, but it looks like that tree doesn't correspond to any .debs anywhere outside Mike's machine.22:45
tonyespysmagoun: you are correct sir22:45
tonyespysmagoun: mike's tree is his personal sandbox, nothing more, nothing less22:46
tonyespyrobr, jayc, amitk: by the way, i have the sd8686 v9 driver building on 2.6.24.  hope to test tomorrow, then will push my patch up to my tree on kernel.ubuntu.com22:47
smagounrobr: it looks like jay chetty pushed the beta 6 drivers to linux-ubuntu-modules in his personal tree (and mike's tree), are you guys going to push a build to the PPA?22:47
smagounjayc: ^^^22:48
robri believe once X side is tested out it will be pushed by AmitK into the PPA22:48
mawhalenrustyl: ?23:07
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