mok0leonel: I patched it according to the bugreport00:00
leonelmok0:   Great ..00:11
leonelmok0: that means that it will be or  is merged to hardy ?00:12
leonelmok0:  that change don't affect  other DBs ?00:12
mok0leonel: it shouldnt00:12
mok0leonel: we'll have to test it00:12
leonelmok0: paul said that  the table  dbmail_aliases needed a change  ..00:13
ScottKleonel: I'm looking at hardy.  Please look at Dapper/Feisty/Gutsy.00:22
leonelscottK i'm on it00:22
leonelscottK do you have the LP bug # ?00:22
mok0leonel: I changed it00:23
mok0leonel: I mean the code, not the table itself00:23
mok0leonel:  I just uploaded the patch, it hasn't been merged yet00:24
leonelmok0: do you need help to test it ?00:25
mok0leonel: please00:25
leonelmok0:  let me finish with clamav  ..  and i'll test that diff00:26
mok0leonel: cool thx00:26
kdubcan i license the packaging under the GPL if the software is licensed under apache?00:31
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blueyedhexmode: I've commented php-xdebug, only minor issues left.00:52
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TheMusoNice. New nautilus shoudl see new windows for sbuild mounts no longer popping up.01:03
superm1TheMuso, how'd that get resolved?01:03
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TheMusosuperm1: In the new upstream version. I'm not 100% sure that it is, but from the changelog, it looks to be.01:04
TheMusoWe'll see once it arrives on my local mirror.01:04
protonchrisquick question:  I have a bug that I am about finished with.  After I attach the debdiff to the bug, what should the bug status be and should it still be assigned to me?01:08
superm1TheMuso, can you look at this FTBFS: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11878063/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.gmyth_0.7%7Esvn915-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz01:10
superm1i'm frazzled at why it failed01:10
TheMusosuperm1: dpkg?01:10
mok0protonchris: status: confirmed, unassign yourself, subscribe u-u-s01:10
protonchrismok0: Thanks.01:10
* TheMuso referrs superm1 to -devel.01:10
slangaseksuperm1: because soren broke the world, we should see a mass-giveback soon01:11
superm1slangasek, ah, someone should set that in /t01:11
TheMusoTheres always one dpkg issue per cycle. :p01:12
jdongsuperm1: the entire world is broken01:12
jdongsuperm1: sit still and wait for the deities to debootstrap you :)01:12
jdong(wait that sounded questionable)01:12
mok0wait... if dpkg is broken, how can he create a new dpkg package to upload :-P01:13
TheMusojdong: ROFL! )01:13
slangasekmok0: because it's only the interaction with pkg-create-dbgsyms which was broken, and it's possible to bypass that in the source package01:14
mok0slangasek: phew01:14
crimsunsoren: nice!  That's as nice as when I broke the toolchain and the archive with alsa-lib.01:14
jdongslangasek: I'm pretty sure it's possible enough to break dpkg enough to cause some interesting problems when trying to fix it? :)01:14
* mok0 is not upgrading for a while...01:14
TheMusocrimsun: Howd you do that?01:15
jdongmok0: nonsense, as long as they didn't break dash, ar, and tar, you'll be fine ;-)01:15
crimsunTheMuso: oh, the gory details are somewhere in the ubuntu-devel IRC logs from a few releases ago.  Basically, broken path for 32-bit libs on 64-bit that screwed gcc.  Cue broken toolchain and archive for 64-bit arches.01:16
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TheMusocrimsun: oh lovely01:22
crimsunheh, not precisely one of my brighter moments  :=)01:23
zulcrimsun: not as bad as breaking ata_piix at one point01:25
crimsunzul: :=)01:26
zulthose were the days01:26
TheMusoI don't know whts worse. Broken IDe drivers, broken toolchain, or broken dpkg that affects users.01:27
crimsunit's fun and games until any one of them, and then it's just no fun and lots of beer.01:28
zulyou just go whoops and move on01:28
zuland hopefully someone wont cane your ass :)01:31
* Hobbsee gets out the Long Pointy Stick of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ™01:33
zulhi Hobbsee01:33
* Hobbsee pokes zul with the Long Pointy Stick of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ™ in greeting01:34
zulouch i already got beaten up today stop it..01:34
pochuWhat's wrong with this? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=obex-data-server01:38
leonelscottK MANY differences  in  libclamav/pe.c   from  clamav.0.92.1 and  0.91.2   I guess the  patch should be  de diff between  0.92  and 0.92.1  right ??01:45
slangasekjdong: possible yes, but this community has lots of clever folks with plenty of experience recovering from self-induced disasters ;)01:46
jdongslangasek: that's always good :)01:46
jdong"This one time, at Debian camp..."01:46
ScottKleonel: 0.92 to 0.92.1 at most.  Even less if you can isolate the fixt.01:52
* asantoni is looking for an advocate for LP #19058901:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190589 in mixxx "New upstream release (in REVU)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19058901:53
leonelthat's what I thought01:54
nixternalsuperm1: what's up?02:01
ScottKleonel: clamav 0.92.1 is about to be uploaded to Debian, I'll sync it from there once it is for Hardy.02:08
leonelscottK: Great   already have the gutsy patch  making the package to test it02:09
leonelscottK do you have the LP # ?02:09
ScottKleonel: I haven't filed a bug.  Feel free to file it and I'll accept your release nominations.02:12
leonelscottK ok02:12
superm1nixternal, okay take a look at atomic parsley02:15
superm1and blueproximity02:15
superm1those both looked good02:15
emgentmalone 18945902:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189459 in meta-gnome2 "Please merge meta-gnome (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18945902:26
RAOFWhat was that piece of CDBS magic to make dh_install list missing files again?02:27
nixternalsuperm1: blueproximity...has version 1.2.4, which hasn't been released yet, so he is using a SVN checkout, which makes his versioning wrong02:28
superm1nixternal, he is releasing it this weekend provided it is accepted02:28
superm1nixternal, he is the upstream02:28
RAOFember: That'd be for dh_install.  There's some black magic to make cdbs add that to the dh_install calls.02:28
superm1he adjusted some thing i had asked him to regarding what needed to be in the .orig.tar.gz02:29
superm1and in case anything else cropped up he didnt want to make the upstream release until things got in here02:29
nixternalwell, I will approve it, but will note not to upload until 1.2.4 is released, or he fixes the version so we can upload it..how does that sound?02:30
nixternalother than that, it looks good02:30
superm1yeah that sounds good02:30
superm1just tell him to ping me or you to upload it once he "does" release 1.2.4 this weekend02:31
superm1in your revu comments02:31
nixternalsuperm1: umm...aren't we like a day or 2 away from freeze?02:32
superm1lets see if he's on right now :)02:32
superm1HighNo, you here?02:32
nixternalFF on Valentines day, how romantic :)02:33
superm1look at the comments above ^02:33
nixternalahh, HighNo, I am adding the comments to REVU as well...so when you are ready to release the final, get it into revu so we can double check it and upload it...looks good02:33
leonelscottK bug 19115002:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191150 in clamav "possible integer overflow" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19115002:34
TheMusosuperm1: Have your seeds been poked at?02:37
TheMusosuperm1: By Colin?02:37
superm1TheMuso, no should they have been?02:37
superm1you mean regarding the alternate disk building?02:37
TheMusosuperm1: No, re making seeds more modular.02:38
TheMusoTake a look at the Ubuntu seeds, and pull the latest bzr. You can work it out by looking at the STRUCTURE file.02:38
superm1TheMuso, i started to this weekend02:38
superm1and got rather confused by what should be put where02:38
TheMusoRight, perhaps the latest ubuntu.hardy bzr may help some./02:38
superm1as in some stuff has changed since the weekend?02:39
superm1or as in read the docs more, i likely overlooked things?02:39
TheMusosuperm1: As in stuff has changed... a lot.02:39
superm1TheMuso, okay then i'll pull after revu party 08 is done tonight :)02:40
superm1TheMuso, you want to join?02:40
superm1its just me and nixternal right now02:40
RAOFOh, dear.  CDBS was a mistake, it seems.  How do I fix the new "symlink all the docs" behaviour so that copyright will always be installed?02:40
TheMusosuperm1: Unfrotunately, I have some higher priority work that needs doing, but I'll do what I can if I have time once I'm done with that.02:40
superm1TheMuso, sounds good :)02:40
nixternalhrmm, is it recommended to use * as an unordered list starter in debian/control?02:42
nixternalI thought it was recommended to use -02:42
superm1its because the pdf has a space i think02:42
superm1rhpot1991, ^?02:42
rhpot1991for that darn rtf?02:43
rhpot1991I couldn't get it to take by name cause of the space02:43
nixternalno no, in the debian/control file02:43
nixternal*iTunes-style metadata into .mp4, .m4a, .m4p, .m4v, .m4b files02:43
nixternal  *3gp-style assets (3GPP TS 26.444 version 6.4.0 Release 6 specification02:43
nixternal    conforming) in 3GPP, 3GPP2, MobileMP4 & derivatives02:43
nixternalthat stuff02:43
nixternalI think it should be02:44
rhpot1991ah ok02:44
nixternal  - blah blah blah blah02:44
superm1oh is there a spec for that ?02:44
nixternal2 spaces and then -02:44
rhpot1991I'll hit that up in a sec, let me get my laptop up02:44
nixternalsuperm1: not that I know of, but I remember getting a package shot back at me a couple of years ago in Debian because of it02:44
superm1nixternal, ah i see.02:44
nixternaljust s/*/- /02:44
nixternalput a space after the -02:44
nixternalTheMuso: can you second that?02:45
nixternalie. not using * but - instead when listing out features in the control file02:45
superm1and if you need space than s/*/\-\ /g02:45
TheMusonixternal: Sorry I haven't been paying attention.02:45
nixternalsleeping on the job :p02:45
ion_\s\u\p\e\r\m\1\:\ Why is everything in the substitution part escaped?02:47
superm1ion_, need to escape spaces and the - do you not?02:48
nixternalsuperm1: haha, I just noticed something, you don't want to s/*/\-\ /g02:48
nixternalmore like s/\*/\-\ /g02:49
nixternaloops, there went the control file :)02:49
ion_nixternal: Depends on the regexp dialect/.02:49
nixternalion_: true02:49
ion_In any case, you don’t need to escape the chars in the substitution parameter.02:49
nixternalwith that, you would get a pattern not found more than likely anyways02:50
ScottKleonel: Does the bug not apply to clamav 0.88?02:53
rhpot1991_laptopshould I s/*/-/g in my manpage too?02:54
leonelscottK don't know yet   still fighting with gutsy02:54
ScottKleonel: Did you look at Feisty yet?02:54
leonelscottK not yet02:55
ScottKleonel: I'm getting the 0.90.1 patch from etch-security for us.  That should work for Feisty (or very close).02:57
ScottKleonel: I'll take care of Feisty.  I get the Debian patch.02:58
leonelscottK Great02:58
leonelscottK the bug is in the function  cli_scanpe   does that is too on  0.90.1 ?02:59
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rhpot1991_laptopnixternal: should I s/\*/- /g the manpage too?03:01
nixternalI was trying to look, but silly Konqi 4.0.1 decided to crash...looking now03:02
rhpot1991_laptophas the same *'s in the list there, I copied them over from the website03:03
rhpot1991_laptopits easy to do, so I can just do it as a precaution03:03
nixternalthe manpages file looks good to me03:03
nixternalI was looking at the wrong file03:03
rhpot1991_laptopalso for the record you need to escape in the match section, and not in the replace section, in perl at least03:04
nixternalI don't think you need the * or the - in a manpage when you use the .TP, as that indents it and brightens its color I believe...03:09
rhpot1991_laptopalright, uploaded the fixes03:10
nixternalmmm, fergilicious!03:11
ScottKleonel: clamav 0.92.1 uploaded to Hardy.  I'm taking feisty now.03:16
avoineHow a package can succefully build but not be in the archive?03:17
ScottKIf it's removed?03:18
avoinehow can I see if this append?03:18
Hobbseeavoine: failed to upload?03:18
ScottKIs it a new package that was recently uploaded for the first time?03:18
ScottKStill in New is another possibility03:18
avoineit's this one: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sugar-calculate-activity/16-0ubuntu2/+build/50790503:18
avoineno it's a update03:19
avoinethe source are there: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/s/sugar-calculate-activity/03:19
avoinebut not the .deb03:20
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avoineIt could be that they not pass linda and litian test?03:21
RAOFDear CDBS: please don't link to files in packages that need not be installed together.03:25
Hobbseeavoine: i've bugged cprov in #launchpad.  he'll be asleep, but hopefully he'll find out03:26
avoinethanks Hobbsee03:27
cprovavoine: what's the problem with that build ?03:28
Hobbseeapparently he isn't asleep03:28
avoinefor some reason the packages have build successfully but the .deb are not in the archive03:29
StevenKavoine: It's in ACCEPTED. It will hit the archive soon.03:30
StevenKavoine: Check when it says (DONE), as opposed to (ACCEPTED)03:31
cprovavoine: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+queue?queue_state=2&queue_text=sugar03:31
avoineI understand know, thanks and sorry for the noise03:33
avoineUsually, how long does It for a package to get into universe after been build?03:35
avoineOk I see, It's because of the translation process03:36
StevenKavoine: Roughly an hour, but could be more.03:37
avoineok, this one have been build february 603:39
avoinebut It's the first time the po file are add I think03:39
cprovavoine: it was probably waiting in the NEW queue since them. New binaries require manual approval from archive-admins03:43
cprovavoine: it's very unlikely that it would be related to the translations.03:43
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ScottKDoing all these updates for Feisty on a slow computer is a definite reminder of how nice triggers are.03:52
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kdubso, i made a package (to resolve bug 116147) using pbuilder. i'm a little confused about how to upload to revu though03:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 116147 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] tv_grab_dvb" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11614703:54
rhpot1991_laptopnixternal: should I be worried that its taking a while, or did you get sidetracked with something else(which is OK, if thats the case)?03:57
ScottKrhpot1991_laptop: Bugging the reviewer isn't generally encouraged.03:58
ScottKIf he found a problem, he'd have likely quit, so I'd guess no news is good news.03:58
rhpot1991_laptopScottK: thats why I said its OK, trying not to be buggy and wasn't sure if I should keep paying attention or not03:59
rhpot1991_laptopjust trying to figure out if I should keep checking back here or not, nothing more04:00
rhpot1991_laptopwhats the deal with the po folder in debian, I see an example with templates in debian and in debian/po04:04
jcastromgunes: around?04:47
mgunesjcastro, hi, yep04:47
ScottKpersia: Are you around?04:49
ScottKpersia: Did your java goals get met already?04:49
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ScottKkeescook or jdstrand: Fixes for Bug #191150 for Gutsy/Feisty are in the bug.  Dapper will be along shortly.05:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191150 in clamav "possible integer overflow" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19115005:08
apetrescuHey, guys05:10
apetrescuI have a patch that I wrote for a package in Universe05:11
apetrescuI had two modify two files (a .h file and a .c file)05:11
apetrescuHow do I properly create a patch file for these?05:11
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apetrescuAnybody? :(05:15
ScottKapetrescu: File a bug in LP.05:20
apetrescuScottK, file a bug for what?05:21
ScottKapetrescu: Make an updated package with a new revision number in debian/changelog05:21
ScottKThe problem your patch solves05:21
apetrescuThere's already a bug report for the problem my patch solves05:21
ScottKThat step is done then05:21
apetrescuIt's why I wrote it :)05:21
ScottKMakes sense05:21
ScottKMake the new package then with a new revision number in debian/changelog05:22
ScottKThen use debdiff to make a difference between the old and new packages.05:22
ScottKAttach that debdiff to the bus and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors.05:22
apetrescu"Make the new package"? :( I am not actually a MOTU, I just asked here because it seemed the right place for it, I don't know much about Debian packaging.05:22
\shlooks like level3 has problems to reach canonical...05:23
ScottKapetrescu: I thought you'd made the package you were updating.  My mistake.05:23
apetrescuScottK, no, sorry, I just have the modified source code that I wrote, and I'm trying to create a patch that I can presumably add to the bug report05:24
apetrescuThat's the usual process, right?05:24
StevenK\sh: My route goes through level3 and reaches Canonical05:24
apetrescuIf it's just one file I know I can use diff -u, but it's two files, so I'm not sure how to create one patch file for two files05:24
ScottKIf you don't want to go to the trouble of packaging the patch, you can diff the old and new files with diff -ruN and attach tat05:24
ScottKThen add the tag 'patch' to the bug.05:25
\shStevenK, 15:  ae-1-100.ebr1.London1.Level3.net (       41.144ms asymm 1205:25
\sh16:  no reply05:25
\shStevenK, and then it ends...05:25
\shStevenK, while pipex, datahop it works05:25
\sh 5:  canonical-gw.datahop.net (            asymm  8  18.089ms05:25
\sh 6:  gw0-0-gr.canonical.com (                asymm 12  21.002ms05:25
StevenK20. ae-1-100.ebr1.London1.Level3.net  0.0%    13  318.9 310.1 306.3 318.9   4.105:26
StevenK21. ae-2.ebr2.London2.Level3.net      0.0%    13  306.9 310.1 305.0 318.7   4.605:26
ScottKStevenK: Up for a requestsync feature request?05:27
apetrescuScottK, how do I pass it if there's MULTIPLE files that need to be diffed?05:27
apetrescuSay file1.c and file1.h05:27
StevenKScottK: I could be tempted to consider it05:27
ScottKapetrescu: Diff the dir05:27
apetrescuOh, okay05:27
apetrescudiff -ruN dir1 dir2 > my.patch05:27
\shStevenK, there could be 2 reasons: 1. my upstream ISP (with the level3 way) just fcked up it's BGP4 routing...OR...2. Dr. Who exists05:28
ScottKStevenK: If one has gone to the trouble of specifying the -k option, could requestsync perhaps not complain about the lack of the DEBEMAIL environment variable and just use the address from the GPG key?05:28
StevenK\sh: I'm guessing ae-1-100.ebr1.London1.Level3.net can't find it's way back, or the router next down the chain can't05:29
\shStevenK, yeah some kind of broken BGP4 table...05:30
StevenK\sh: In other words, probably not level3's problem :-)05:30
StevenKScottK: And how do you suggest we get the address, I'd rather not parse gpg's --list-key output05:31
\shStevenK, do you know how to deal with public accessible core routers?05:31
ScottKStevenK: Implementation detail?05:31
StevenK\sh: I try not to :-)05:31
ScottKIf it's hard, it's not worth the trouble.05:32
StevenK\sh: I prefer core routers to not be publically accessible05:32
\shStevenK, well, public bgp4 query router ;)05:32
StevenK\sh: My BGP4 skills have since leaked out of my ears05:33
\shI'm doomed05:33
\shit's a level 3 problem05:34
StevenKWith your netblock?05:34
\shStevenK, looks like05:37
\shinetnum: -
\shStevenK, could you try to reach buildserver.homelinux.net?05:38
StevenK22.                       0.0%    10  392.8 379.3 323.3 490.7  54.705:40
apetrescuScottK, I went ahead and created the patch and attached it to the bug report :)05:40
StevenK23. ???05:40
StevenK\sh: ^05:40
apetrescuWould you mind taking a quick look to make sure I did everything right? (It's my first time)05:40
ScottKapetrescu: Did you add a bug tag 'patch'?  That will get it noticed more quickly.05:41
apetrescuScottK, yes05:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 131017 in gnushogi "xshogi leaves gnushogi running after exit" [Undecided,New]05:41
apetrescuTags:  patch05:41
\shStevenK, so it's broken in bgp4 on isp site...05:41
\shStevenK, or a router injects wrong routing informations (most propably the 172.30.21.xx site)05:42
StevenKMmmm, right05:42
ScottKapetrescu: The next step would be to learn how to package the fix and make a debdiff.  It's past time for me to go to bed, so someone else would need to help you with that.05:42
apetrescuScottK, say I learn how to make a debdiff on my own -- then what05:43
ScottKThen attach the debdiff to the bug and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to the bug and someone will get to it and upload it.05:44
apetrescuThanks, ScottK!05:45
apetrescu(This will happen even though i am not a maintainer for this package?)05:45
\shStevenK, i'll talk to my upstream provider...needs to rush to the office now05:46
ScottKYes.  We do team maintenance here, so it's all the same.05:46
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
apetrescuExcellent, thank you :)05:47
apetrescuThen I'll try to figure out the debdiff stuff on my own using documentation, and hopefully by tomorrow my very first patch will be up :D05:48
apetrescuUnless the package maintainer beats me to it with the .patch I already attached to the bug report, hehe05:48
q_a_z_steveCan someone help me fix my screen res? It used to be able to handle my 21" monitor, now not so much.05:57
q_a_z_steve*used to be able to handle... was under dapper, I've just installed gutsy05:57
TheMusoq_a_z_steve: #ubuntu for support.06:00
warp10Good morning!06:05
TheMusodamn kvm06:12
RAOFTheMuso: What's it not doing?06:13
TheMusoRAOF: Its locking a key occasionally when switching between machines.06:13
RAOFOh.  You're probably thinking of kvm-the-not-virtualisation technology :)06:13
TheMusoNo, a keyboard video mouse switch06:13
TheMusoi.e between physical machines.06:14
* TheMuso grumbles at KVM the virtualization stuff. What an annoying conflict.06:15
TheMusonamespace wise.06:15
jscinozEvening everyone.06:18
jscinozI'm working on two packages, urbanterror and urbanterror-data, both are on revu, and currently there is a problem with urbanterror requiring its own embedded libjpeg62 (attempts to patch it to use the system library cause the game to render incorrectly), emmet.hikory recommended bringing the topic up for discussion here and to see if we can get any additional motu's to accept the use of the embedded library, the package in question06:21
jscinoz is located at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=urbanterror06:21
rhpot1991_laptopif I have a note in a template I am trying to display to a user after they install a deb, how should I call that to display in postinst?06:27
rhpot1991_laptoplike you call a string with db_get, what do I use to call my note06:28
HighNorhpot1991_laptop: hi again. just for my understanding - the installation can be localized too?06:33
rhpot1991_laptophuh, not sure what you are asking about, might be thinking of something you talked to someone else about?06:33
HighNorhpot1991_laptop: you were mentioning a po folder within debian dir - po is not for translations there?06:40
rhpot1991_laptopya I think it is, though I'm a little confused about it, trying to copy an example to get a notice to show up06:40
HighNobtw, as you mention 'example' - I've heard there is a packaging example 'hello world' available somewhere?06:41
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rhpot1991_laptopthere is, though I don't think it does any debhelper06:44
rhpot1991_laptopsuperm1 pointed me at one of his that I am trying to copy off of06:44
vemonhmh. how should i call the get-orig-source target in debian/rules? like this?: debian/rules get-orig-source06:45
RAOFOr ./rules get-orig-source, or my-package-dir/debian/rules get-orig-source (get-orig-source should be callable from any directory)06:46
jscinozI'm working on two packages, urbanterror and urbanterror-data, both are on revu, and currently there is a problem with urbanterror requiring its own embedded libjpeg62 (attempts to patch it to use the system library cause the game to render incorrectly), emmet.hikory recommended bringing the topic up for discussion here and to see if we can get any additional motu's to accept the use of the embedded library, the package in question06:57
jscinoz is located at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=urbanterror06:57
RAOFIf anyone is interested in useful, keyboard-driven desktop-navigation bling I'd encourage you to revu gnome-do and do-plugins (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gnome-do)07:02
RAOFThe main package should be good to go; I've addressed persia's concerns, and the plugins should be easy.07:04
HighNoIf upstream has created an AUTHORS file or something alike, do I still need to create a debian/copyright file or can I link somehow to the upstream version?07:06
RAOFHighNo: You *always* need a debian/copyright.07:06
RAOFThe AUTHORS file can be a useful reference, but they're often out of date.07:07
HighNoRAOF: that's interesting and good to know. I was just reading the new UpsteamGuide and thought about howto improve my upstream package.07:09
AnAntpersia: thanks07:11
RAOFHighNo: Right.  The single biggest thing you can do is to make sure *every* file has a license header, preferably one of the GPLs.  It takes a lot of other craziness to use up the goodwill generated by easy licensing.07:11
RAOFNOTE: my priorites may be skewed by having to fight licensing issues with every package I've recently touched.07:11
jonnymindI receive this log from launchpad:07:35
=== WikiMan is now known as MatthewV
jonnymindwhere a new error suddenly appeared:07:36
jonnymindError: parsed ddeb section or priority is empty07:36
emgentdebian #43472507:36
ubotuDebian bug 434725 in xsupplicant "xsupplicant - FTBFS: error: header file <iwlib.h> is required for Xsupplicant" [Serious,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/43472507:36
AnAntI need to discuss the matter of native packages, what's the problem with them ?07:37
Hobbseejonnymind: known problem.  it'll get given back07:37
jonnymindHobbsee: thnx; in other words, I have not to worry?07:37
jonnymindHobbsee: Ok, thanks. Anyhow, I'll stick around in case you need me.07:38
AnAntI am making packages for UbuntuME (a derivative distro) artwork, why is it not liked that the packages be native in that case ?07:38
RAOFAnAnt: Is that artwork only ever interesting for a Debian system?  It seems the answer would be "no", so it shouldn't be a native package.07:39
AnAntRAOF: ubuntu's artwork is native07:41
LaserJockmost artwork packages are native07:43
HighNohm, offtopic: does anyone know how to link to a certain heading/section or how to set an anchor in the wiki?07:44
AnAntRAOF: besides, it maybe only interesting for  a Ubuntu system, for example, the GDM theme has the word "ubuntume", would that be of interest for a non-Ubuntu (or actualy non-UbuntuME) system ?07:44
HighNonever mind - reading helps... *lalala* ;-)07:46
goobsoftIs there more documentation for python-support other than "man dh_pysupport"?07:52
slomo__ScottK: saw you uploaded poppler-data to revu... you know that it's not possible to redistribute it (ugly adobe license)?07:55
Hobbseeoh, ewww, not more poppler?07:56
AstralJavaAnyone of the launchpad-buildd-admins present? I've got an issue with buildd on a package (gigedit) that builds fine on my Hardy setup.07:59
dholbachgood morning08:04
dholbachhey LaserJock08:04
rhpot1991_laptopif anyone can look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=mythexport and leave me a comment about why I never get my debconf note that would be great.  Thanks.08:07
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
\shdholbach, moins...could you fix the sentence: "where we could dial in using Kernel" with "where we could dial in using Kermit", pls? :)08:15
dholbach\sh: done08:16
\shdholbach, thx a lot :)08:16
HighNo\sh: now that would be killer feature or not?08:19
HighNodial-in kernels :-) hehe, Kernel panic? no prob, Linus' gonna call in :-)08:19
\shHighNo, in the beginning there was only the kernel...even with kermit, you needed to advice the kernel to recognize your serial interfaces correctly ,-)08:20
HighNoI even guess it would be possible to create something like a hardend mini-environment containing a tcp/ip subset and network drivers. just for remote debugging purpose :-)08:21
HighNo\sh: I know although I didn't use linux back at those days08:22
\shHighNo, these days there was a software, running as client and server, which could tunnel an ip session over a normal plain dial in line (without having ppp or something like that)08:23
emgentheya people :P08:24
HighNo\sh: you mean slip, right?08:24
\shHighNo, no slip ...:)08:24
HighNo\sh: more like rawIP as it has been later on with isdn lines?08:25
\shHighNo, slip you used when you had non-pap/chap auth for ppp...you logged in via normal unix login and started ppp on the other side..08:25
\shHighNo, I need to get the name of the software...a cool technology these days08:26
HighNo\sh: just checked slip - it does exactly that - putting the raw packets on the line. the only change is that there is a packet end marker being included which has to be escaped if it would be in the packet. Other than that it is just raw IP08:27
\shHighNo, yes..but it wasn't slip :)08:27
HighNo\sh: btw, putting raw packets on the line - would one call that still a tunnel?  :-)08:28
\shHighNo, this didn't work..we had to call in via kermit, on a terminal server which was connected via serial to the sun08:28
\shHighNo, so there was no tcp/ip or raw packets over this line...I think it used mosaic or something on the remote server and was pushing the data as plain ascii back to the client where a mosaic was started and received the data via lo0 ... you had to map some local ports actually...08:30
HighNo\sh: yeah, that's the usual way. All it misses is a way to reboot that thing - wait, rebooting it was just impossible for pc's. One can reboot a hanging sun via the serial interface, right?08:30
HighNo\sh: ahh, so you are talking plain terminal transfer then08:31
\shHighNo, you can jump into the bootloader of a hanging sun, yes08:31
\shHighNo, yepp08:31
HighNo\sh: that is such a cool feature. I miss it on my pc every time I see a sun :-)08:31
\shHighNo, well, difference between good and bad hw/bios design ;)08:32
HighNo\sh: I know. I am wondering if linuxbios would change things. I never had a machine to try that. It would remind me of old c64 times. Turn it on, wait 2 secs, there you go :-) (I know that linuxbios is no complete linux system...)08:34
Laibschgood morning08:55
LaibschI wonder how to include original source for the upload to my ppa.  I am sure it must be a switch to debuild, but the man page says nothing about it08:56
CarlFKhow do I find what is causing this: $ debchange --nmu updeb.carl09:00
CarlFKutf8 "\xF6" does not map to Unicode at /usr/bin/debchange line 963, <S> chunk 1.09:00
CarlFK  * Add a patch from J�rn Reder to fix an issue with filters that have long09:04
HighNoLaibsch: Include the source where? in the .deb file?09:04
Laibschin the upload09:05
LaibschI think it is the -sa switch09:05
LaibschUnfortunately, not mentioned in "man debuild"09:05
HighNoLaibsch: hm, could be, cause creating a signed .changes file is debuild -S -sa09:06
HighNoLaibsch: that would include the source09:06
HighNoLaibsch: man  dpkg-buildpackage  - the debuild options go there09:07
Laibschwell, the man page should mention that for complete reference you should also look into $foo09:08
HighNoLaibsch: it does - hidden somewhere somehow: line 4 of description: "passed on).  Parameters can be passed to dpkg-buildpackage, li..."09:10
=== Aloha__ is now known as Aloha
gesergood morning09:28
dholbachhey geser09:28
geserHi dholbach09:28
psavvahi all09:32
psavvagot a question if anybody knows anything about ffmpeg ???09:32
crevettehello people09:32
crevettehttp://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=obex-data-server is broken09:33
psavvahey crevette09:33
crevettecan someone solve this09:33
crevettehello psavva09:33
goobsoftI've used ffmpeg before09:33
psavvagetting a error message09:34
psavvaUnknown encoder 'h264'09:34
psavvagot ffmpeg from mediabuntu repo09:34
goobsoftWhat command are you issueing?09:34
goobsoft./configure --enable-libmp3lame --enable-liba52 --enable-libgsm --enable-libogg --enable-libtheora --enable-libvorbis --enable-libfaac --enable-gpl --enable-libx264 --enable-pthreads09:35
goobsoftuse that before making09:36
psavvaffmpeg -i INPUT -s 176x144 -vcodec h264  -ar 48000 -ac 2 -acodec aac -r 25 OUTPUT09:36
goobsoftsudo apt-get install liba52-dev libdts-dev libgsm1-dev libvorbis-dev libxvidcore4-dev libdc1394-dev libfaac-dev liblame-dev libx264-dev libfaad2-dev libtheora-dev libsdl1.2-dev09:36
psavvafrom src09:36
goobsoftneed to get the dependencies first though.09:36
psavvarecompile then?09:37
goobsoftyes, get the library dependancies, then get src, then configure, then make09:37
psavvalibogg not recognised09:37
goobsoftsudo apt-get install libogg-dev09:39
psavvaall ready newest version09:39
goobsoftmaybe this one too x264-bin09:40
CarlFKhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpdatingADeb  sudo apt-get build-dep <package> will take care of all that09:40
psavvaall deps are all ready installed09:40
goobsoftThat's all I know.09:40
psavva0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove09:40
psavvai think i need to see if a new version of ffmpeg has been released09:41
CarlFKpsavva: do the steps on that page09:41
goobsoftoh, I got my ffmpeg from subversion09:41
psavvaok CarlFK09:42
psavvaall ready got the builds working, got the installs working... just not the encoding09:43
psavvagoing to try and find the subversion of mmpeg09:44
CarlFKpsavva: did dpkg-buildpackage build?09:44
psavvathere's no source for ffmpeg in the repos09:45
CarlFK"got ffmpeg from mediabuntu repo"09:46
CarlFKi would be surprised if the source isn't there09:46
psavvayip, only the binary available from there09:46
psavvaI'm getting the source from svn09:47
psavvathen i'll try the build that goobsoft suggested09:47
psavvagot subversion, gonna try build now :D09:50
psavvastill got the problem of --enable-libogg...09:50
psavvashould i just remove it?09:50
goobsoftIt's worth a shot09:50
psavvaconfigured ok09:51
crevettewhi can I contact for my problem on http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=obex-data-server;09:52
HighNocrevette: hi again - so it still is broken?09:53
crevetteHighNo yes09:53
Highno_phoneCrevette that is bad. I saw the broken upload - it looks strange09:55
crevettethe problem is I fixed all the reamaining problem of my package09:55
crevetteand I found people to advocate it09:55
crevettewe need it in hardy09:55
slytherinpsavva: you don't have headers installed probably09:55
Highno_phoneDid you file a bug already?09:55
slytherinoops, wrong channel09:56
crevetteno, were ?09:56
gesercrevette: try ask siretart for help09:56
crevettesiretart, around ?09:56
HighNocrevette:  https://launchpad.net/revu/+filebug09:57
tbutteranyone would like to give http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=jodviewer a review?09:59
psavvalooks cool tbutter... i'm just a visitor here :D10:00
psavvaso is anyone here from South Africa?10:04
HighNopsavva: there is #ubuntu-za10:10
psavvajust curious :D  I'm a Ex-South african....10:10
psavvawell still at heart :D10:10
Hobbseebug #18813010:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188130 in moblin-image-creator "Update moblin-image-creator to 0.39" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18813010:16
HighNocrevette: I've applied to become a REVU hacker - let's see who wins the race :-) Anyway, can't you just put them somewhere else like in your ppa or such? So reviewers could download it from there10:19
HighNoI don't know the complete revu infrastructure but I guess motu's can manually upload your package once two of them agreed on advocating.10:21
DaveMorrisHighNo: congraz on getting your package accepted10:25
psavvawell done :D10:27
HighNoDaveMorris: I did?10:38
sistpoty|workhi folks10:38
HighNoDaveMorris: Whooooohoooo10:39
psavvano ide10:39
sistpoty|worksparky's disk is full :( (still need to find out why, because there was quite some space left yesterday, unless I completely misread the numbers there)10:39
sistpoty|work-> REVU won't accept new uploads atm.10:39
RAOFiwl3945 is spewing hundreds of megabytes worth of kernel log for me, but that's unlikely to be affecting sparkey :)10:40
HighNosistpoty|work: I am willing to join REVU hackers to help if I can. Do you need help? I applied via Launchpad...10:40
frafuHello, I am looking at the build log of a package for universe and there are a lot of warnings (and a few errors) concerning the schemas; could anybody please have a look at it and tell me whether it is normal or if I have to do anything to fix it?10:41
sistpoty|workHighNo: for improving the codebase of REVU? (that's what revu-hackers is about)10:41
sistpoty|workHighNo: of course, I'm always interested in revu improvements :)10:41
frafuAnd here is the complete log.  http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11886840/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.mousetweaks_2.21.91-0ubuntu1_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz10:42
HighNoI'd like to help out wherever possible. I got so much help around here. I feel the need to do something :-)10:43
frafuHighNo: you might have a look at the log that I pasted above ;-)10:45
frafuor anybody else, of course :)10:46
Hobbseesistpoty|work: erk!  need a bigger hard drive10:47
sistpoty|workHobbsee: or clean up more often (currently 30Gb only used by revu uploads)10:48
HighNofrafu: I am still too unexperienced to check for a problem - sadly I never used gconf (on my list...)10:53
sistpoty|workcrevette: please reupload obex-data-server10:53
frafuHighNo: thanks nevertheless10:54
HighNosistpoty|work: how can I see revu's code?10:54
sistpoty|workHighNo: the currently codebase of revu1 is at https://code.launchpad.net/~revu-hackers/revu/trunk10:55
* sistpoty|work has just free'd a tiny amount of space on sparky... still need to clean up later after lunch break10:55
HighNoDaveMorris: hey, thanks to the fast releases and the audience BlueProximity made it on rank 127 of sourceforge today. That's my best rank so far :-)10:56
HighNosistpoty|work: I'll have a look10:56
Hobbseepersia: FYI, MIC is crack.  let them have it as native if they want - just make sure it doesn't point a maintainer address to MOTU10:59
HighNosistpoty|work: do we still have that directory with the broken obex-data-server upload? I would dive into that problem then as I seems to happen more than once. Or maybe - was it a problem of low disk space? I saw the problem arrises in clusters.11:01
sistpoty|workHighNo: it was a problem with low disk space (of course revu could handle out of space problems more gracefully, but currently the entire upload processing is only some ugly shell scripts)11:02
HighNosistpoty|work: ok, well I'll still have a look at it, maybe I can add some graceful error message there and at least an unbroken old package...11:05
HighNosuperm1: I have done the file release. Will it be uploaded automatically now?11:06
persiaScottK: Not quite.  Still two packages to go.  libini4j-java and netbeans itself.  lashwrap would be nice, but the rest of my new packages lust is satisfied.11:07
crevettesistpoty|work, okay I'll do tonight11:13
crevetteI'm at work now11:13
HighNosistpoty|work: you probably know it too - after two advocates, the next step is what exactly?11:20
persiaHighNo: Someone uploads it.  THe packager may relax in confidence.11:20
HighNopersia: then I'll relax in confidence :-)11:22
* HighNo is enjoying an interesting, learningful but successful week, and even passed the exam he couldn't learn for because he was constantly debugging his package...11:23
persiaDoes anyone have a working mdt installation running?  I'd like to catch up on my syncs :)11:35
geserpersia: I've one setup, let me run the update11:37
persiageser: That would be great.  Thanks.11:37
=== apache|mobile is now known as apachelogger
persiaslomo__: Can we not distribute poppler-data even in multiverse?11:40
geserpersia: http://members.ping.de/~mb/universe-versionslist.html11:42
persiageser: Excellent.  Only 2130 packages to investigate tonight :)11:43
slomo__persia: imho no... (and if i remember the license correctly)11:43
persiaslomo__: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/poppler-data-0802101530/poppler-data-0.2.0/debian/copyright seems to indicate we can distribute as long as we don't modify, patch, or support it.  Am I reading it incorrectly?11:44
jdstrandScottK: ack bug #19115011:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191150 in clamav "possible integer overflow" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19115011:48
HighNohow's not supporting it possible? do they have blacklists in #ubuntu which packages they can answer?11:49
HobbseeHighNo: it should be "no making changes to the code, at all, even if there are bugs"11:52
HighNoHobbsee: ah, I see - although that's not a nice license is it? It seems even more strange as someone else might be able to fix your bugs for zero bucks - I can't understand some people11:54
HobbseeHighNo: it's adobe.  enough said.11:55
jcfpAnyone in for reviewing http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sabnzbdplus? (latest revision of the package is based on a new, improved upstream release)11:57
persiablueyed: jedit FTBFS for me!  I'll comment when I can fix REVU not telling me my password, but if you want to fix and reupload in the meantime, that might be good...12:08
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
sistpoty|workpersia: more revu probs?12:12
persiasistpoty|work: no output from recover.  Waiting for a keyring sync to fix it :(12:13
persiaCurrently up through 'j', so shouldn't be too much longer...12:13
sistpoty|workpersia: ah... k (you could have also done a revu-key import <keyid> for the fast way)12:14
persiasistpoty|work: My thought was that if it was broken for me, it was likely broken for others.  I can certainly do a lot of pre-review work prior to getting comment access.12:14
* persia seeks a second advocate for http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=libini4j-java and http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=lashwrap12:15
sistpoty|workpersia: heh, good point12:15
persiaThe first is a build-dep for netbeans 6, which would be a really nice upgrade from netbeans 5.5: now with support for more languages.  The second allows any package to use LASH to maintain session for audio work.12:17
=== ember_ is now known as ember
HighNosistpoty|work: I setup my revu here - it seems to work though I did not try an upload there yet. upated the readme a bit, but it pointed my always in the right direction12:25
geseroh, a third REVU now :)12:25
HighNosistpoty|work: I'll try uploads and afterwards I need to know what processes should be in the crontab12:25
HighNogeser: yepp, and I can advocate everything I want to :-)12:26
JonReagando any of you folks know who the REVU admins are?  I just joined the universe contributors group, and was hoping to get my GPG added to the keyring12:27
HighNoJonReagan: I think a keyring update is in process right now12:27
JonReaganwell, that takes care of my question!  Thx12:27
HighNoIf I understood persia right12:27
persiaJonReagan: Asking for a keyring sync in this channel is your best chance.  How long ago did you join the team?12:28
JonReagana couple of min. ago12:28
HighNosistpoty|work: I didn't search too far but is there some kind of admin-page or maintainance page?12:29
persiaThen the last sync likely missed you :)  I'll run again in a few minutes.12:29
JonReaganthank you so much!12:29
HighNopersia: a running keyring sync does not influence the normal processes, right?12:29
persiasistpoty|work: running a sync didn't fix my lack of a password.  Help!12:30
persiaJonReagan: Umm, please wait a bit: I don't want to collide with sistpoty sorting my password before I sync.  Soon...12:30
persiaHighNo: Slows them down a bit, but LP is so slow that it's not significant impact.12:30
JonReaganno problem... I wont be attempting to upload stuff until this afternoon anyways.12:31
HighNopersia: hehe12:31
persiaJonReagan: Depending on your local time of day, it should be fine then :)12:31
JonReaganthanks!  yeah, its 7:30 am where I'm at12:31
JonReaganwell, I better get back to work.  Thanks, guys!12:32
ScottKslomo__: Urgh.  I guess I misread the license.  I thought it'd work for multiverse.  I actually uploaded it to the archive, not to REVU.12:34
ScottKpersia: Did your java goals get met already or do you need me to look at something still?12:35
slytherinScottK: If you are one of the build admins, I still have a request pending. :-D12:36
ScottKNo, I'm a MOTU, but not a build admin12:36
sistpoty|workpersia: sorry, was afk for a moment12:37
sistpoty|workpersia: /me looks12:37
geserslytherin: you mean the jbossas4 package?12:37
slytheringeser: Completely forgot that. I was actually only thinking about batik12:38
persiaScottK: If you have time to look at libini4j-java, that would be great.  My goal is upgrading netbeans from 5.5 to 6, but I still need to review the netbeans package myself (although I'd be happy to be the second advocate if you feel like manually installing all the build-deps).  If libini4j can get in within a few hours, I believe netbeans will be able to build without manual arrangements tomorrow, making it less hard to review.12:38
persiasistpoty|work: Thanks.12:38
geserslytherin: for jbossas4 you will need to manage to reach infinity and ask him about the status of the bug12:38
sistpoty|workpersia: hm... your key (0x00FD4057) is in the keyring12:38
persiasistpoty|work: Unfortunately, both http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/lostpw.py?email=emmet.hikory@gmail.com and http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/lostpw.py?email=persia@ubuntu.com have somewhat limited output :(12:40
* persia preferrs the first address for REVU, but may well have both registered12:41
sistpoty|workpersia: both are registered... /me looks what lostpw actually does12:41
sistpoty|workpersia: trying to encrypt a message on sparky with the first email, gpg says "gpg: [stdin]: encryption failed: unusable public key"12:43
persiaMy key hasn't changed recently.  Did sparky?12:44
sistpoty|workpersia: hm... actually I get the same gpg problem here as well, so this is probably not a sparky problem12:45
* persia is confused, and wonders if gpg had an incompatible upgrade recently. Worked locally just 13 hours ago12:46
ScottKNot that I've seen.12:46
persiaScottK: Be especially strange for sparky: it'S feisty12:47
* sistpoty|work is at a debian/stable box btw.12:47
geserpersia: sub  4096g/41AF13DC  created: 2007-01-15  expired: 2008-01-14  usage: E12:47
ScottKWhich would also be strange to have suddenly break.12:47
* persia checks again, and updates :(12:48
sistpoty|workpersia: heh, oh... what geser wrote: your encryption key has expired12:48
* persia is fixing12:48
persiageser: Thank you very much.  I completely missed it.12:49
sistpoty|workpersia: as a workaround, you could lookup in the sql database (/srv/revu-production/revu.cfg should be readable for you, which contains the credentials)12:49
sistpoty|workpersia: then it's just psql -Urevu revubase12:49
sistpoty|workpersia: and there12:49
slytherinCan anyone confirm bug 18995312:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189953 in icedtea-java7 "Inconsistent 'Provides' for different java compilers/runtimes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18995312:49
sistpoty|workpersia: select * from users where email='youremail';12:50
persiasistpoty|work: Thanks.12:53
persiageser: updated key pushed.  Would you mind checking to make sure that it stops showing expired in about 10 minutes?12:53
persiajonReagan: Running another sync, you should be sorted in about 20 minutes.12:54
vorianheya sistpoty|work, can you please remove http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=kdiamond-kde412:59
slytherinpersia: geser: Can anyone of you please mail buildd admins for this preseeding? 'j2re1.4/license: true' and 'j2sdk1.4/license: true' I don't have access to my gmail account. :-( (damn these security policies in office) Thanks in advance.13:05
HighNoslytherin: security policies are always getting worse - next thing they do is actually try to make you work - eek :-)13:06
_rubenthats the good thing about being an sysadmin, you dont get to set them policies, but do get to implement them, with all 'benefits' of that ;-)13:09
slytherinHighNo: gmail pop was working till yesterday now they have blocked even that. What is worse we don't have access to blogs which are many a times source of technical troubleshooting tips13:10
persiaRAOF: gnome-do advocated, but not uploaded.  Needs at least a one-line patch, but otherwise looks good.13:10
geserslytherin: they block gmail but let you still use IRC?13:11
Hobbseegeser: you can tunnel irc.13:11
_rubenand pop as well ;)13:12
* persia thinks one can tunnel http more easily than irc: request/response and all...13:12
_rubenirc is actually easier to tunnel13:12
slytheringeser: fortunately I am on client ip tunnel and I can bypass proxy. But this is true only for non standard ports. :-P13:12
persiaslytherin: If you can get through on non-standard ports, just hit a web proxy somewhere.  There are lots around on the internet.13:13
geserslytherin: or if you have a shell account somewhere use ssh for tunneling13:13
slytherinProxy seems nice idea. :-D No shell account.13:14
* persia tends to think of 22 as a "standard port", but that's another issue :)13:14
_rubenproxy the ssh session? ;-)13:14
* slytherin thinks the security policy is perfect example of 'security by obscurity' attitude. 13:15
norsettopeace everybody13:15
persia_ruben: Depending on the intelligence of the filter, may be easier to proxy http than ssh.  synchronicity can raise alarms.13:15
persiaHey norsetto.13:15
norsettoheya persia13:15
HighNoslytherin: if you have a root server I would install ssh to listen on port 80 :-)13:16
HighNoslytherin: I can even give help on installing gnu http-tunnel - that way everything gets out somehow13:16
_rubenHighNo: i'd use 443 instead .. when going through a proxy 443 uses CONNECT .. port 80 standard GET ;)13:16
HighNo_ruben: depends on what you want to do :-)13:17
_rubenHighNo: true ;)13:17
slytherinnah, I don't want to try too many things and risk loosing my job over 'tried to bypass security measures' blame.13:17
_rubenslytherin: just bribe a sysadmin then .. or steal neighbour company's wifi ;)13:18
HighNo_ruben: the most working setup I usually do is a) have a gnu httptunnel running with it's end connected to a ssh server and b) always having a working setup of dnstunnel going13:18
_rubenHighNo: sounds good13:18
slytherinOk. I think that now the discussion is an off-topic for this channel. :-)13:18
HighNo_ruben: dnstunnel is very cool as many hotspots are installed in a stupid way, I can surf on almost any hotspot for free if I wanted to13:19
* _ruben expected a similar comment much earlier to be honest13:19
HighNoslytherin: true - back to work now13:19
mok0_ruben: thy neighbors wifi is a honeypot... waiting to rip off your creditcard...13:21
Hobbseednstunnel...i've not herad of that one13:25
HighNoHobbsee: very cool - sets up a fake dns server, tunneling is not too slow13:27
geserpersia: did you already updated your key? http://pgpkeys.pca.dfn.de/pks/lookup?search=0x00fd4057&op=vindex still lists the subkey as expired13:29
HighNoHobbsee: apt-get install nstx13:32
persiageser: Yes, but I only pushed to MIT and LP.  Thanks for pointing out that page: I'll watch it.13:33
* persia may need a new key, and a better expiry notification system13:33
HobbseeHighNo: later :)13:34
geserpersia: http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?search=0x00FD4057&op=vindex looks the same13:34
sistpoty|workvorian: done13:34
vorianthanks sistpoty|work :)13:34
vorianyou are awesome13:34
* persia checks again, and tries to sync harder13:35
* geser goes now writing an exam13:38
=== LifeHacker is now known as tuxmaniac
sistpoty|workgood luck geser!13:38
dholbachgeser: we have our fingers crossed!13:38
* Hobbsee waves goodbye to all13:38
slytheringeser: I just confirmed that libxstream-java builds and marked bug 187606 as confirmed.13:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187606 in ubuntu "Please sync libxstream-java 1.2.2-1 (multiverse) from Debian unstable (contrib)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18760613:39
Hobbseedon't have too much fun without me!13:41
sistpoty|workHighNo: can you actually read what I wrote in the query?13:42
HighNoi was all into the source - thought of sql :-)13:44
HighNono, can't read your messages sistpoty|work13:44
sistpoty|workHighNo: hm... seems like freenode won't let me privmsg (since I'm not registered user here at work... and always forget to bring my pw from home *g*)13:45
HighNoi think i could switch it off if i wouldn't have forgotten how :-)13:45
sistpoty|workHighNo: let's move to #ubuntuwire then13:45
lar2Hi - wondered if anyone would care to give http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sun-javadb a review?  Hoping to have it in hardy :)  Cheers, and thanks.13:47
mruizhi all13:53
leonelscottK good morning ...13:59
ScottKHeya leonel.13:59
voriansistpoty|work: it seems I am doomed with this one, still shows up stale http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=kdiamond-kde413:59
sistpoty|workvorian: /me looks14:00
vorianthanks :)14:00
leonelscottK I can't get a complete debdiff      http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55724/14:00
* ScottK looks14:00
leonelscottK this is what I got  when I run  debuild -S -sa : http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55725/14:01
ScottKleonel: Pastebin me your other changes and I'll look at it.14:02
effie_jayxhey mruiz14:02
mruizhola effie_jayx :-)14:02
leonelbut the patches are  in  :   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55726/14:03
theseinfeldquestion for builders14:03
leonelscottK Ok paste the 2 patches14:03
theseinfeldI get this error when building for HARDY14:03
theseinfeldkpathsea: Running mktexmf ptmr8t14:03
theseinfeld! I can't find file `ptmr8t'.14:03
theseinfeldany idea why is it doing this? It used to work :((14:04
ScottKleonel: Are you going to paste the actual patches?14:04
leonelscottK yes  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55727/   first14:05
theseinfeldI guess I need to add also texlife-fonts-recommend?14:05
leonelscottK http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55728/   second14:05
sistpoty|workvorian: I've hand extracted the package for now... /me will need to free yet more space14:10
voriansistpoty|work: thanks, I'll wait a bit before re-uploading it14:10
ScottKleonel: I get the same error.  I think it's a problem in the dapper toolchain.  I think I know how to work around it.14:15
leonelScottK any thing I can do ??14:15
ScottKTry the debdiff I'm about to give you.14:16
ScottKleonel:  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55733/14:16
ScottKleonel: I get the same .po file errors when I build the source package, but I'm not worrying about it.14:19
ScottKkeescook or jdstrand: I think we are about ready with fixes for Bug #191150 (just testing the Dapper fix now).14:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191150 in clamav "possible integer overflow" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19115014:21
* jdstrand nods14:21
ScottKjdstrand: I'd appreciate it if you would get started on Gutsy, because once that's published, I need to backport it to feisty-backports14:23
norsettosistpoty|work: Long-time MOTU Stefan Potyra will talk about the bread and butter !?14:23
jdstrandScottK: it's going to be a few minutes14:23
leonelscottK Great  Thank YOU !14:23
ScottKjdstrand: OK.  Understand.14:23
norsettosistpoty|work: ahhh, there was a following: of almost all packages: libraries and how to package them right14:24
sistpoty|worknorsetto: heh... the bread and butter session, right *g*14:27
* persia notes for anyone else using date-based expiry for GPG keys that each subkey needs to be signed with a new expiry date to say alive, and that changing the expiry for only one subkey doesn't help.14:31
* persia syncs the keyring again, just for fun14:32
ScottKleonel: Dapper debdiff works.14:34
ScottKjdstrand: Dapper tests out so Dapper/Feisty/Gutsy fixes are ready when you are.14:35
jdstrandScottK: thanks!14:35
ScottKNothing like dist-upgrading to Hardy and having that be your 30th reboot and now waiting for the fsck to see if the upgrade actually succeeded...14:36
persiaScottK: Consider it an enforced break :)14:41
ScottKIt's not the stopping (I've got other boxes), it's the not knowing.14:41
* persia advocates running fsck before dist-upgrade14:42
lar2Re: my review request for http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sun-javadb: Java DB is a brilliant - of course - full-featured 100% java database for both embedded and client/server application.  It is used and supported by other splendid players like NetBeans, the GlassFish application server and Sun's JDK.  With both NB and GF in Hardy, Java DB should be there, too, so I hope some kind person(s) would review/advocate the package... :)14:42
CarlFKMarillat says " 1.0.6rc1 is the latest package on my repository." - but I can't find the url for sources.  did it become .debian-multimedia?14:42
* persia notes that the NetBeans currently in hardy is outdated, crufty, and non-free14:43
leonelscottK great  yesterday i tested too the debs     and worked fine14:44
ScottKpersia: I've got a package won't build twice in a row problem with a patch.  I was wondering if you'd have time/be willing to have a look at it?14:45
slytherinpersia: what do you mean by non-free?14:45
persiaScottK: Do you need it done pre-FF?  I've a list.14:45
persiaslytherin: Look at the licensing for the netbeans5.5 source.  Compare to netbeans on REVU.14:45
ScottKpersia: No.  It's for Debian, so it can wait.  I'll ping you after FF if I don't have it sorted.14:45
persiaScottK: Thanks.  Given FF, I'm expecting to have some time this weekend, as RCbugs is still down...14:46
dcorderoDktrKranz, did you check kannel warnings on hardy?14:48
persiapochu: emesene commented.  Minor packaging, and yet more licensing14:48
DktrKranzdcordero: I had a test build and I got the same results you did, let's see if it can be fixed somehow, but I don't think it's blocking14:50
dcorderoDktrKranz, i was searching about similar bugs, but i can't found anything :/14:50
rhpot1991_laptopanyone have some time to help me figure out why debconf isn't working with my package?14:51
DktrKranzdcordero: in the meantime, you should adjust your debdiff in order to have Homepage field in Source stanza only, you should not repeat if for each binary packages.14:56
dcorderoyep i read it on pdebuild but i dont know what is souce stanza :/14:58
persiadcordero: The stanzas in control are separated by a blank line.  The "source stanza" is the one that begins with "Source:"14:59
DktrKranzdcordero: it's a paragraph in debian/control which begins with Source:15:00
dcorderoi see thanks15:00
* DktrKranz is slow, persia is quick15:00
mruizDktrKranz, !15:01
persiaNah.  Just not distracted at that moment :)  Anyway, it's not a "paragraph": each line in control is a "paragraph".  "stanza" is a better word.15:01
DktrKranzmruiz! :D15:01
mruizDktrKranz, how are you today?15:01
DktrKranzmruiz: good, Milan is far away in my memory. Could you please point me to that bug?15:02
mruizDktrKranz, bug 18062515:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180625 in mnemosyne "Request Mnemosyne package upgrade to version 1.0" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18062515:03
DktrKranzok, as promised a century ago, I'll have a look :)15:03
mruizthanks DktrKranz15:05
DktrKranzmruiz: I like complex things (so I like interdiffs...), but we recently switch to .diff.gz to review new upstream candidates. You may want to use it in future revisions or in outstanding bugs to attract sponsors.15:10
pochupersia: thanks for the emesene review. I'll get that sorted out (the copyright issues with upstream).15:11
persiapochu: Good luck on a fast turnaround.15:11
persiapochu: Any chance you'd like to look at lashwrap or libini4j?15:12
mruizDktrKranz, I prepared an interdiff too :-)15:12
pochupersia: what are those? :)15:13
mruizDktrKranz, Do you need the diff.gz ? I can upload it right now15:13
DktrKranzmruiz: no, I like interdiffs15:14
rhpot1991_laptopI could use some debconf help if anyone is available15:14
persiapochu: lashwrap is a little wrapper that allows one to add (limited) Linux Audio Session Handler support to any application, and libini4j is a java library for reading ini files that is the last dependency for updating netbeans for hardy.15:14
ScottKIf anyone wants practice with security fixes or working with python packages, Bug #191198 is available ...15:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191198 in python-cherrypy "[python-cherrypy] [CVE-2008-0252] missing input sanitising, remote vulnerability" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19119815:15
jdongDktrKranz: where is it documented on the wiki our current sponsorship preferences?15:15
pochupersia: I can have a look, but I've never looked at a java package, and I don't know much regarding sound :-)15:16
DktrKranzjdong: it was decided in latest MOTU meeting, IIRC15:16
pochupersia: looking into them15:16
persiajdong: It's not.  Please feel free to update the docs before I get to them :)15:16
persiapochu: Thank you.15:16
jdongDktrKranz: ah ok. A good decision IMO, because we reviewers can still interdiff it ourselves...15:16
pochuOh they are even advocate :-)15:16
jdongno loss of information15:17
DktrKranzjdong: there's a wiki page where we discussed review methods, probably under UbuntuDevelopment/CodeReviews15:17
DktrKranzor Interdiff itself15:17
persiajdong: I think the original idea of interdiffs (way back) was that they were supposed to be smaller than diff.gz.  During my effort to automate the production of packages from interdiffs, I was advised that this was not the case.15:17
persiaPlaces needing updates are the package update recipie, the Interdiff page, MOTU/Contributing, and there likely needs to be a new page describing the process for generating a source package from a diff.gz15:18
DktrKranzpersia: it depends on .diff.gz size, I guess. With small .diff.gz's, .interdiffs usually get bigger15:18
jdongpersia: oh, ok15:19
=== _stink__ is now known as _stink_
persiaDktrKranz: Actually, due to the lack of hunking support in combinediff, an interdiff is always the size of the old diff.gz plus the size of the new diff.gz, and possibly uncompressed.  gzip helps a little with the duplication for interdiff.gz, but I'd be surprised to find a case where interdiff.gz was smaller than diff.gz and the package could be reconstructed from the interdiff.15:20
HighNoScottK: Is tells us a fix is already released for hardy?! What would there be to be done?15:20
ScottKHighNo: Dapper/Edgy/Feisty/Gutsy fixes15:20
HighNoScottK: ok, so I would have to 'backport' the patch, right?15:21
DktrKranzpersia: no hunks? I wasn't aware of that (probably because I never read an interdiff directly), so you are right.15:21
persiaDktrKranz: Yep.  interdiff -z -p1 would be smaller, but it often doesn't work to reconstruct, which is why moving to diff.gz makes sense.15:22
ScottKHighNo: Yes.  You'd get the fix and then package it with a security changelog entry, test it, and attach a debiff to the bug.15:22
persiaDktrKranz: Also, I'd recommend reading the output of interdiff -z -p1 in a pager.  It's a good indication of the packaging changes for a new upstream.15:22
HighNoScottK: sounds interesting though I would need a lot of guidance in that15:23
persia(but not actually a valid patch)15:23
\shis there anywhere a policy how to name perl module packages?15:24
ScottKHighNo: I can probably coach you through at least parts of the first one.  After that you'll have it.15:24
ScottK\sh: Yes.  AFAIK it's in perl policy15:24
persiaRAOF: I can't get the build-deps for do-plugins installed in a clean chroot today (even manually).  I'll take another look tomorrow, in the hopes that something will change.  Sorry.15:24
ScottKBut it may just be debian-perl team policy.  Not sure15:24
=== mathiaz_ is now known as mathiaz
\shScottK got it :)15:25
DktrKranzmruiz: I don't know if this is one of the cases persia referred to, but:15:26
DktrKranzReversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Assume -R? [n]15:26
DktrKranzApply anyway? [n]15:26
DktrKranz1 out of 1 hunk ignored -- saving rejects to file /tmp/interdiff-1.Drt1l0.rej15:26
DktrKranzinterdiff: Error applying patch1 to reconstructed file15:26
DktrKranzmruiz: erm... my fault. I got mnemosyne_0.9.9-1.dsc instead of mnemosyne_0.9.9-1.diff.gz :)15:27
* DktrKranz hates TAB key15:27
HighNoScottK: I got the source, now I would like to get the patch for hardy but I can't see a way in launchpad to download that as I don't see a link to that file there15:30
HighNoScottK (I'd start with a feisty fix as I have it installed)15:30
DktrKranzmruiz: looks good, but I have not X to test it ATM, so I'll have to delay detailed review for a couple of hours15:32
ScottKHighNo: Go to the Debian Security Notice linked in the bug and you'll see packages for etch linked.  Diff those against the released etch package and you'll know the fix. http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/p/python-cherrypy/15:32
ScottKHighNo: http://packages.qa.debian.org/p/python-cherrypy.html may also be useful.15:32
HighNoScottK: thanks15:33
mruizDktrKranz : thanks... we're improving ;-)15:33
DktrKranzmruiz: you implemented debian/patches/01_python_shebang_fix.dpatch, did you use dpatch?15:35
linux__alienHi LucidFox15:38
mruizDktrKranz, no . Do I need to rename the patch ?15:38
DktrKranzmruiz: also, watch file isn't accurate. Try with http://sf.net/mnemosyne-proj/mnemosyne-(.*)\.tgz15:39
LucidFoxhi linux__alien15:39
DktrKranzmruiz: It seems you forgot to implement a patch system, so your patch won't be applieed, no matter which name you choose15:40
linux__alieni ve started working on the bug LucidFox15:40
mruizDktrKranz, any suggestion about patching ?15:41
bddebianHeya gang15:43
DktrKranzmruiz: if you have to setup a packaging system from scratch, dpatch is the simplest one, I prefer quilt just because it's more difficult :)15:43
linux__alienLucidFox, i am sorry again i am struggling i made a mistake15:44
linux__alienLucidFox, i need your help15:44
linux__alienLucidFox, I am not able to download the package . The link in launchpad does not have the package where should i download it from15:45
LucidFoxlinux__alien> what do you mean? There is a link15:46
DktrKranzmruiz: this page is very simple, but it tells you everything you need to know about dpatch: http://matrixhasu.altervista.org/index.php?view=use_dpatch (point No. 4), unless you want to use quilt :)15:46
sistpoty|workhi bddebian15:46
linux__alienLucidFox, this is the link i am looking at15:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189584 in ddtp-ubuntu "Typo" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:47
mruizthanks DktrKranz ... I'll read it15:47
bddebianHeya sistpoty|work15:47
LucidFoxlinux__alien> yes, then click the overview link15:47
LucidFoxwhich will bring you here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/avidemux15:47
\shhopefully I'm lucky to push some new packages to hardy today15:47
LucidFoxlinux__alien> and then click the latest version number15:47
sistpoty|work\sh: why did you join ubuntu-universe-contributors?15:48
linux__alienok there you have development,current,supported etc15:48
linux__alieni should select hardy15:48
linux__alienbut here i ve a doubt where does the bug actually prevail does it exist in all versions of ubuntu or only in hardy?15:49
\shsistpoty|work, just because I saw too late, that I was an indirect member :)15:49
sistpoty|work\sh: heh15:49
\shok my first upload to revu after a long long time :)15:50
* ScottK2 cheers.15:50
* \sh needs some packages to rollout ubuntu servers in his new company ,-) nice sideeffect building new packages ;)15:51
* sistpoty|work hopes that the packages will be small *g*15:53
LucidFoxlinux__alien> you should select the last version in hardy - that is, 2.4.0-0.3ubuntu115:53
linux__alienyes ve selected that but what does ubuntu1 and ubuntu3 stand for ?15:53
LucidFoxlinux__alien> let me explain15:54
\shsistpoty|work, the first is just 16k with all debian stuff I think15:54
linux__alienya thanks :)15:54
LucidFoxthe Ubuntu package version is (upstream-version)-X if the package was synced verbatim from Debian15:54
LucidFoxwhere X is a number15:54
HighNoScottK: OK, now I have the diff15:54
\shsistpoty|work, when does the frontend updates its list?15:54
sistpoty|work\sh: as soon as the package got accepted by the cron job (*/10 iirc)15:55
LucidFoxfor example, f-spot 0.4.1-4 means that the upstream version is 0.4.1 and this is the fourth revision of the Debian package15:55
\shsistpoty|work, cool thx :)15:55
LucidFoxif there are Ubuntu modifications, it gets an additional "ubuntuY" qualifier: -XubuntuY15:55
LucidFoxfor example, the current Hardy version of F-Spot is 0.4.1-4ubuntu3; it means that the package is based on Debian version 0.4.1-4 with 3 Ubuntu modifications15:56
HighNoScottK: and the apt-get source for the ubuntu version. I guess I now have to change the source and have to run debdiff afterwards?15:56
ScottK2HighNo: If the package already has a patch system, use that.15:56
ScottK2Then make your debdiff.15:57
LucidFoxlinux__alien> so, for avidemux, if you create a debdiff, you will bump the Ubuntu version number from 1:2.4.0-0.3ubuntu1 to ubuntu215:57
linux__alienLucidFox, i understood it but does that mean as far as the author of the software is concerned its 0.4.1-4 but in Ubuntu its got 3 modifications and hence ubuntu3 is it?15:57
sistpoty|work\sh: there now..., I just triggered the upload queue manually15:57
ScottK2HighNo: When you make your debian/changelog entry, use dch -S (I think it's a big S).15:57
\shsistpoty|work, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=libdaemon-generic-perl => directory (/var/revu/revu1-incoming/libdaemon-generic-perl-0802121656/) of upload (1963) not found15:57
\shsistpoty|work, you broke it ;)15:57
LucidFoxlinux__alien> as far as the author of the software is concerned, the version is everything before the dash - that is, 0.4.115:57
linux__aliengot it15:58
linux__alienthen ?15:58
LucidFoxbut the package may be modified in Debian and Ubuntu15:58
* ScottK2 will be back in a bit. If someone else could help HighNo with his security fix, I'd appreciate it.15:58
linux__alienOk got it but does it include the modifications done in K/X/buntu families too?15:58
LucidFoxso in -XubuntuY, X is the number of Debian uploads before the package was synced/merged into Ubuntu, and Y is the number of Ubuntu uploads since then15:58
LucidFoxno, all Ubuntu variations are maintained in the same repository15:59
\shsistpoty|work, reupload?15:59
sistpoty|work\sh: if you don't mind, I'd rather like to see why this happened (again) today... this time it is not the free space15:59
linux__alienok so if its incremented in Ubuntu it would be same across the other families too so how does it get incremented more than once in the same release? is it possible?15:59
LucidFoxlinux__alien> the Ubuntu increment is global for all of its subprojects16:00
\shsistpoty|work, done16:00
linux__aliengot it16:00
LucidFoxlinux__alien> for example, Dolphin is part of Kubuntu, but the version number is  0.9.2-0ubuntu4, not kubuntu416:00
linux__alienoh ok16:00
LucidFoxthe 0 before ubuntu4 means that the package is not based on a Debian upload, and instead packaged directly for Ubuntu16:01
sistpoty|work\sh: same problem as before16:01
DktrKranzHighNo: I'm more comfortable with SRUs, but I prepared a couple of security updates, if you have questions, feel free to ask :)16:01
sistpoty|work\sh: /me takes a look at the strange process_uploads script16:01
linux__alienLucidFox, thats interesting :)16:02
\shsistpoty|work, take your time...you'll revu later anyhow ,)16:02
LucidFoxlinux__alien> and avidemux was merged from debian-multimedia.org, which uses a dotted versioning notation. The original package was 1:2.4.0-0.3, and it was modified for Ubuntu once, hence 0.3ubuntu116:03
HighNoDktrKranz: great. I know there is a command for creating a patch in a package which will setup everything, i can do my changes, and on exit it created the patch. Now how on earth was that beast called... ?16:03
linux__alienOh thanks i was searching for 0 in a package as an example :)16:03
DktrKranzHighNo: could you please point me to the bug? My backlog filled up and I missed it16:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191198 in python-cherrypy "[python-cherrypy] [CVE-2008-0252] missing input sanitising, remote vulnerability" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:04
* persia wonders if anyone uses Rails, and whether they feel like investigating about an upgrade from 1.2.6 to 2.0.2 (and the associated libraries, etc.) in the next couple days.16:04
\shpersia, you'll break all apps using rails 1.2.616:05
HighNoDktrKranz: I just need that patch create command right now16:05
\shpersia, you need to update all config files when doing an update...(that happened to me last time in my last company)16:05
sistpoty|workwhile still unsure of what exactly is going wrong, I guess it won't hurt blaming StevenK, as linda's rfc822 parser produces backtraces *g*16:05
LucidFoxpersia, could you please readvocate tovid?16:05
DktrKranzHighNo: I'm getting the sources to see what patch system is implemented16:06
persia\sh: Yep.  I'm not interested enough to do that, but was just reviewing upstream variance with Debian, and thought I'd mention it in case anyone really wanted Rails 2.0 for hardy.16:06
persiaLucidFox: I'll take a look once I get through the mdt list.  Maybe you can find another advocate?16:06
\shpersia, how did debian solved the problem? introducing a rails2 package?16:06
LucidFoxpersia> All right.16:06
persia\sh: Etch didn't have rails.  Lenny will have 2.x.  There is no problem :)16:07
\shpersia, ok...so I think we are good with rails1 and for hardy+1 we can inject rails2 and blow up youtube ,->16:07
\shor whatever will use ruby+rails *harhar*16:07
\shoh no..youtube is using python ;)16:08
LucidFoxlinux__alien> So, if the number before ubuntuN is something other than 0, it means that this upstream version got into Ubuntu from elsewhere (generally Debian). And if there's no ubuntuN, it means the package wasn't modified within Ubuntu.16:08
persia\sh: I'm happy with that.  Like I said, I don't really have an opinion, just know that there's some buzz about it, and significant version skew16:08
* persia is rather happy to no longer be a rails programmer16:08
linux__alienoh ok thanks16:08
DktrKranzHighNo: you may want to use cdbs-edit-patch patchname16:08
linux__alieni am looking in the bug . The bug says there is a typo the version has to be version16:08
sistpoty|work\sh: how did you generate your changes-file?16:09
linux__alienand it affects cli, qt and GTK16:09
LucidFoxlinux__alien> right16:09
sistpoty|work\sh: because it doesn't contain a "Description" field16:09
\shsistpoty|work, debuild -S -sa -k'0xC098EFA8!' because my gpg cardreader is in the company :)16:09
LucidFoxlinux__alien> so you'll have to edit debian/control and correct the typo16:09
linux__alienok i found it by grepping for it ;)16:10
sistpoty|work\sh: I guess someone broke dpkg-source... that's why revu is bailing out16:10
linux__alienbut what version shoud i put in for qt and gtk16:10
\shsistpoty|work, wtf?16:10
linux__alienwhere do i find the version numbers for it16:11
DktrKranzcrimsun: around?16:11
HighNoDktrKranz: Yepp, that was it16:11
joejaxx\sh: did i hear cardreader? :D16:11
* joejaxx wants to play with smartcards on linux16:11
\shsistpoty|work, that's serious16:11
sistpoty|work\sh: 5.5 of the policy says, there needs to be a description field in a .changes file. linda's rfc822 parser produces backtraces, if there isn't and that's because revu won't do the right thing with your upload16:11
\shnew dpkg package is coming16:12
\shwho the heck did that16:12
sistpoty|work\sh: so since you used debuild, I assume that it calls dpkg-genchanges (or whatever it is called) which does the changes file wrong16:12
\shjoejaxx, aeh yes, I have an usb smartcard reader16:12
\shjoejaxx, but never inserted a different card then my gpg card :)16:13
joejaxx\sh: :D would you be able to point me to a specific model? :)16:13
joejaxx\sh: oh16:13
AnAntHello, I've uploaded ubuntume-themes & ubuntume-gdm-themes to revu about 2 hours ago, yet when I access their page on revu I get something like: directory (/var/revu/revu1-incoming/ubuntume-gdm-themes-0802121510/) of upload (1955) not found16:14
\shjoejaxx, I can send you an email tonight when I'm at home :) looks like that I left it at home and not in my rucksack :)16:14
sistpoty|workAnAnt: /me checks16:14
joejaxx\sh: ok sure :D16:15
linux__alienLucidFox, you there?16:15
sistpoty|workAnAnt: same problem as \sh... I'll try to find the real problem (which is from a broken dpkg-dev package, I believe)16:16
LucidFoxlinux__alien> yes16:16
\shsistpoty|work, just installed the update...no change16:16
linux__alienhow do i get to know the exact version of the qt, GTK and CLI16:17
\shsistpoty|work, it's been wished16:17
\sh  * Some code refactoring on dpkg-genchanges and bug fixes in the generation16:17
\sh    of the Description: field. As a result, source only uploads will no more16:17
\sh    have Description fields.16:17
linux__alienwhich version numbers should i place it in control file16:17
\shsistpoty|work, says changelog dpkg (1.14.16) unstable; urgency=low16:17
LucidFoxlinux__alien> The version is the same for the entire source package, and it is managed via debian/changelog, not debian/control.16:17
sistpoty|work\sh: that's against the policy! and there is a reason why... it breaks revu!16:17
LucidFoxlinux__alien> The bug is in a typo: the word "version" is spelled "verison"16:18
\shsistpoty|work, tell raphael herzog that16:18
linux__alieni thought i ve to put the version numbers there :(16:18
sistpoty|workbuxy: you broke revu >P16:18
linux__alienLucidFox, the spelling is right in the control file16:19
buxysistpoty|work: 1.14.17 will have it back16:19
sistpoty|workbuxy: wohoo, thanks!16:19
* vorian was afraid he broke revu16:19
linux__alienok got it16:19
buxyit's still impressive to see how many people are using fields which are not really normed16:19
linux__alienin the control file16:19
buxyand how removing it can break lots of stuff16:20
buxy(in unexpected ways)16:20
sistpoty|workbuxy: erm... it's in policy (which told me linda, which is the real reason for the breakage *g*)16:20
LucidFoxlinux__alien> Since you're into it, please also change QT and GTK to Qt and GTK+ respectively16:20
linux__aliengrepped for verison and changed it in all necessary places16:20
linux__aliennow i ve to build it right16:21
linux__aliendebuild -S16:21
LucidFoxlinux__alien> in the control file, please also replace the text "QT4" with "Qt 4" and "GTK" with "GTK+"16:21
LucidFoxlinux__alien> excellent, now create a debian/changelog entry for your changes16:23
LucidFoxlinux__alien> what is your favorite text editor?16:23
linux__aliendch -i16:23
LucidFoxhello spiekey16:23
LucidFoxlinux__alien> you can use EDITOR=vim dch -i16:24
LucidFoxthis will open debian/changelog in vim instead of nano16:24
spiekeyany idea how i could get a recent nss_ldap onto my dapper box?16:24
linux__alienok so if its just dch -i it uses nano is it?16:24
jpatrickLucidFox: EDITOR=vim should be enough (works here)16:24
LucidFoxlinux__alien> by default, yes; you can also add the line "export EDITOR=vim" to your ~/.bashrc file to avoid typing it in the future16:25
LucidFox(this change will apply after you reopen the terminal)16:25
linux__alienok thanks16:26
linux__alieni ve edited the file and saved it16:26
linux__alienwith dch -i and saved it also16:26
HighNoDktrKranz: how exactly should the dch call look like and what to put in the entry so the launchpad bug is registered?16:26
linux__aliennow debuild _S right?16:26
linux__aliensorry debuild -S16:26
LucidFoxlinux__alien> please make sure that you set the distribution to "hardy" and referenced the LP bug number using (LP: #xxx)16:26
AnAntsistpoty|work: so are the packages on revu (ie. can they be reviewed somehow) or not ?16:27
=== hexmode` is now known as hexmode
rhpot1991_laptopcan anyone tell me if they see any reason why my debconf note in here isn't launching: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=mythexport16:29
DktrKranzHighNo: dch -s -D release-security (where release is the one you want to propose your security fix for)16:30
linux__alienLucidFox, have one doubt is it ok if i make 2 entries in the changelog file16:30
linux__alieni by mistake saved it without updating the BUG ID in the changeLog16:31
sistpoty|workAnAnt: revu's codebase needs to be fixed first... I hope to have it accept the new changes files soon16:31
LucidFoxlinux__alien> no, there should be only one; don't use dch -i for the second change16:31
DktrKranzHighNo: gutsy, for instance, would have dch -s -D gutsy-security16:31
LucidFoxlinux__alien> for the second change, just open debian/changelog directly16:31
linux__alienve done it now :(16:31
linux__alienwhat do i do delete it manually by opening the changelog file ?16:31
LucidFoxlinux__alien> yes16:32
LucidFoxdelete one of the entries and correct the other16:32
\shsistpoty|work, buxy : so we need it fast ;) before the 14th...and someone needs to merge it properly or re-introduce the description field in source.changes again16:33
DktrKranzHighNo: for good changelog templates, you can find useful examples here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityUpdateProcedures16:33
linux__alienLucidFox, ok got the package but again fails in the signing part16:33
buxy\sh: it's rather unlikely that dpkg will be released in two days16:33
sistpoty|work\sh: I'll do a hotfix on linda's parser for now (locally only on sparky), so that it can cope with a changes file w.o. description16:34
buxy^that's the commit to cherry-pick if you want to make a special upload in Ubuntu16:34
LucidFoxlinux__alien> correct the signing part in debian/changelog as well16:34
\shbuxy, I think this is necessary, regarding the time16:34
linux__alienLucidFox, how do i do that i ve given the proper entries in that file but it fails16:35
linux__alieni ve given my email address and my name16:35
linux__alienis there anything else should i give16:35
LucidFoxlinux__alien> no; just verify that it matches the output of gpg -K16:35
linux__alienLucidFox, should i give the comment also in the file ie when i do gpg -K it says MyName (Comment) <Email>16:37
linux__alienshould i give it in the same order in the changelog file ?16:37
buxy\sh: necessary or not, I'm not an Ubuntu developer... :)16:38
\shbuxy, I'm taking care of it :)16:38
LucidFoxlinux__alien> leave the comment out16:40
linux__alienbut other than that everything else is the same but it still fails16:41
linux__alienthe changelog has the date in the same line16:41
linux__alienapart from that16:41
\shbuxy, and you should become one ;)16:41
joejaxx\sh: did you get your gpg smartcard from fsfe?16:41
\shjoejaxx, nope16:41
\shjoejaxx, as a present from a former colleague :)16:41
joejaxxis there a general place you can get them?16:42
LucidFoxlinux__alien> Okay, try adding the comment...16:42
\shjoejaxx, looks like it.16:42
LucidFox(I have no idea why it would fail, though)16:42
buxy\sh: thanks but my work on the debian side benefits both :)16:42
\shbuxy, hehe...so you are able to sponsor some perl packages which I wanted to post to revu now ,)16:43
buxy\sh: come in #debian-perl @ OTFC, lots of nice people to sponsor perl packages :)16:44
\shbuxy, will do when I'm home :)16:44
\shand now I'm going home :) bbl16:44
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
LucidFoxlinux__alien> Or you can ignore the whole signing part for now; the dsc was created, so you can generate the debdiff anyway16:45
linux__aliennow it works its asking for the PassPhrase is it possible to find out the pass phrase ?16:45
linux__alieni forgot it i believe16:45
mruizDktrKranz, dpatch rules :-)16:46
DktrKranzmruiz: quilt more :)16:46
jeromegDktrKranz: hello, I upload the debdiff for klavaro feisty, and gpocentek will test it too, thanks to you both :)16:47
DktrKranzjeromeg: GOOD!16:47
jeromegDktrKranz: I thought this SRU would never be accepted ;)16:47
DktrKranzjeromeg: recently we had a policy change, so even minor patches have a chance to be SRU worthy. But this is not the case since it isn't a minor bug :)16:48
DktrKranzjeromeg: I tested it both for italian and english locale, two segfaults16:48
DktrKranzso it is definitely SRU-worthy16:49
jeromegDktrKranz: after the patch or before ? (i'm worried :) )16:49
DktrKranzjeromeg: of course before16:49
jeromegoh ok ! :)16:49
linux__alienOk done16:49
linux__alienLucidFox, its signed16:49
linux__aliennow whats to be done16:49
linux__alienthe debdiff right?16:49
DktrKranzafter your patch, a nice recap showing me I was not fluid :)16:49
jeromegDktrKranz: i might try to proceed other SRUs16:49
jeromegDktrKranz: lol :)16:49
LucidFoxlinux__alien> right16:50
jeromegDktrKranz: i've a few patches for gnumeric but there's one important missing and upstream doesn't want to provide it, and I can't find it on the svn16:50
DktrKranzjeromeg: since I typed "little test." in less than a second, I guess what the heck mean "fluid" for it16:50
linux__alienis this right?16:50
jeromegDktrKranz: :)16:51
LucidFoxlinux__alien> no, should be ubuntu216:51
DktrKranzjeromeg: if those are well-defined and it is easy to isolate single test cases for each, they are good16:51
LucidFoxlinux__alien> look at debian/changelog again16:51
jeromegDktrKranz: ok16:52
linux__alieni ve only one entry16:52
linux__alien+--  6 lines: avidemux (1:2.4.0-0.3ubuntu3) hardy; urgency=low -- Balaji (My Key)  -------------------------------16:52
linux__alien+-- 16 lines: avidemux (1:2.4.0-0.3ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low -- Matvey Kozhev  --16:52
linux__alienthis is what i ve16:52
mruizDktrKranz, is correct this line as unpatch target: rm -rf patch-stamp debian/patches ?16:53
linux__alienshould i do it again from scratch ?16:54
pochupersia: emesene has been accepted (I uploaded it to the archive instead of to revu by mistake) but I'll get your points sored out for the next svn revision16:54
LucidFoxlinux__alien> no, just change the version of the most recent entry from ubuntu3 to ubuntu216:55
hexmodeanyone else want to be my second on http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=php-xdebug ?16:55
persiapochu: If an archive admin accepts it like that, please correct their interpretation of licensing (and fix it).16:55
DktrKranzmruiz: usually unpatch lies near clean:16:55
tuxmaniaccan somone please review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=alliance16:55
persiapochu: For extra points, fix it quick, and reupload before the archive-admin gets to it.  superceded uploads are almost never reviewed :)16:56
pochupersia: err, the archive-admin *already* got to it, and accepted it16:58
persiapochu: Err.  Point them at the REVU comment: we need less of that :(16:58
linux__alienLucidFox, ok now i ve done the debdiff too17:00
linux__alienwhat do i do now17:00
LucidFoxlinux__alien> upload it to the LP bug17:00
linux__alienlast time i stopped here :)17:00
linux__alienve to click on add attachment  is it?17:01
linux__alienand comment should be the corrected the typo errors in the file something like that right?17:01
linux__alienand attachment should be the diff file right?17:01
linux__alienis this all i need to do ?17:02
jdstrandScottK2: fyi looking at clamav now17:03
linux__alienLucidFox, is this fine ?17:07
linux__alienwhatever i ve mentioned above17:07
linux__aliencan i upload it ?17:07
LucidFoxlinux__alien> wait17:09
linux__alienam sorry i had by mistake clicked on Save what do i do ? :-o17:09
LucidFoxlinux__alien> yes, now you can subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to that bug17:10
LucidFoxthe sponsors will review your debdiff and upload it17:10
linux__alieni ve uploaded it in LP thats ok right?17:10
LucidFoxlinux__alien> yes17:11
linux__alienhow do i subscribe that sponsors17:11
linux__alienwhere is that option17:11
linux__alienis it in LP?17:11
pochupersia: I have a patch/request for emesene upstreams to fix the licnese issues. I'll upload a new tarball as soon as they commit it (which should happen in one/two days hopefully). Is that OK with you?17:11
* persia decides to test requestsync again17:11
pochupersia: http://emesene.org/trac/ticket/37317:11
linux__alieni ve clicked on subscribe someone else option its asking for a name17:12
linux__alienso i ve to give ubuntu-universe-sponsors as the name of the person is it?17:12
persiapochu: Sure.  I can't test it (no MSN account), and I'm not motivated enough to file a removal request for emesene when there are so many more deserving applications to remove :)  Thanks for working to fix it.17:12
DktrKranzjeromeg: got mail for klavaro SRU, I'm test building and in a couple of hours I'll be able to test it on Feisty box17:12
jeromegDktrKranz: thank you very much17:12
pochupersia: my pleasure. Thanks for your review ;-)17:12
persiapochu: Now about libini4j or lashwrap :)17:13
Riddellsuperm1: do you know why liberation font is in multiverse?17:13
LucidFoxlinux__alien> yes17:13
RainCTlinux__alien: yes17:14
DktrKranzjeromeg: if gauvain has feisty too, mind asking him to check bug 124896 ?17:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124896 in spe "spe 0.8.2a+repack-1 fails with python-wxgtk2.8" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12489617:14
sistpoty|work\sh_away: revu can cope with the new changes files now17:14
persiaRainCT: Are you swamped for FeatureFreeze?17:14
sistpoty|work\sh_away: I've put back your upload17:14
sistpoty|work\sh_away: and removed the stale ones17:14
linux__alienLucidFox, done17:14
linux__alienthats it ?17:15
RainCTRiddell: if it helps, on Debian they rejected the liberation fonts because they don't like some of the clauses added by RedHat.. there's a discussion about it somewhere on the mailinglist17:15
mruizhi all... I got this lintian error: no-description-in-changes-file ...how can I fix it ?17:15
HighNoDktrKranz: hm, the changes in debian/changelog should not be part of the patch, right?17:15
LucidFoxlinux__alien> good work, now wait until a sponsor reviews and uploads your changes17:15
RiddellRainCT: how strange, it's gpl17:15
DktrKranzHighNo: do you refer to DebianMaintainerField?17:15
HighNoDktrKranz: and waht's about the maintainerfield change?17:16
LucidFoxAny idea what could cause this FTBFS? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11876047/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.subtitleeditor_0.20.0-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz17:16
HighNoDktrKranz: no, i was referring to the changelog entry17:16
LucidFoxdpkg-gencontrol: failure: cannot read -: No such file or directory17:16
DktrKranzHighNo: oh... I misunderstood. No, changelog entry has to be done *outside* of the patch17:16
LucidFoxError: parsed ddeb section or priority is empty17:17
linux__alienThanks LucidFox for your help and advice17:17
linux__alienwhat next :)17:17
LucidFoxlinux__alien> now wait :)17:17
RiddellRainCT: hmm, I see, the "exception" is actually a limiting trademark clause17:17
RainCTpersia: swamped?17:18
HighNoDktrKranz: came to my mind a little too late. I have to patch my patch...17:18
persiaRainCT: Do you expect to have some free development time?17:18
linux__alieni ll have to wait until this is closed is it ? is it something like that in Ubuntu ie a bug fixer fixes a bug and only when its uploaded he can start working on the other bug is it?17:18
linux__alienjust to know the process17:18
LucidFoxlinux__alien> no, you can work on multiple bugs at once17:19
linux__alienso can i ?17:19
linux__alienvery eager to start an other one :)17:19
LucidFoxof course!17:19
linux__aliensomething in the code as such ?17:19
linux__alienie in a small gnome application or stuff like that17:19
RainCTpersia: hm.. depending for what17:19
linux__alienso that i can download it compile it try fixing it and then do the same :)17:19
DktrKranzHighNo: no big trouble... cdbs-edit-patch patchname17:19
persiaRainCT: Adding a script to ubuntu-dev-tools to turn a diff.gz file into a Debian-format source package.17:20
LucidFoxlinux__alien> When I find an easy bug, I'll let you know; you can also try looking yourself17:20
LucidFoxwhich will probably be faster :)17:20
linux__alienok sure :)17:20
linux__alienso now i ve fixed one bug in Ubuntu is it17:21
RainCTpersia: do you have such a script or does it need to be written?17:21
HighNoDktrKranz: now again - the maintainer field - which one should I change to what value?17:24
linux__alienHey LucidFox Thanks for your help and time i am ready for the next bug but now a little bit tired and really happy that i ve contributed in a very small manner to this wonderful project and want do more to this17:25
linux__alienso will log in back tomorrow :)17:25
linux__alienmy first patch to this MOTU happened today :)17:25
persiaRainCT: I have a non-robust script for interdiffs.  Dropping the combinediff bits ought reduce to the diff.gz case.  Something like filterdiff -z -i '*/debian/*' diff.gz | patch -p1 && (debian/rules get-orig-source || uscan --force-download) && rm -r debian && $(insert nifty .dsc file creation code here)17:25
DktrKranzHighNo: now it is Maintainer: Gustavo Noronha Silva <kov@debian.org>17:26
DktrKranzHighNo: your change must replace it with:17:26
DktrKranzMaintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>17:26
DktrKranzXSBC-Original-Maintainer: Gustavo Noronha Silva <kov@debian.org>17:26
HighNoDktrKranz: it already has been before17:27
linux__alienOk cya all17:27
linux__aliencya LucidFox17:27
persiaRainCT: It7s the last part that stumps me.  One needs to create the target directory, enter it, run tar --strip -1 -xzf ../orig.tar.gz && zcat ../diff.gz | patch -p1 or something.17:28
persiaThen dpkg-source -b ought do it.17:28
DktrKranzHighNo: you don't have to change it, then17:28
persiaOn the other hand, there ought be a way to do it directly, perhaps based on the dpkg-source source17:28
HighNoDktrKranz: ok, so now I do the debdiff ?17:28
mruiz no-description-in-changes-file is a lintian bug ?17:28
persiamruiz: Or a dpkg bug, depending on your viewpoint17:29
mruizpersia, I was reading about it on debian ML... It seems that lintian 1.2.43 will fix this issue17:30
mruizups, 1.23.4317:31
persiamruiz: Yes, for Debian, a new lintian will fix it.  I don't remember the outcome of the discussion for hardy.17:31
DktrKranzHighNo: sure17:32
mruizDktrKranz, I'm finishing with mnemosyne fixes ;-)17:32
DktrKranzmruiz: good17:33
RainCTpersia: so what's the problem? that you don't know the name of the files or what?17:33
RainCT*the name the files will have17:33
persiaRainCT: That, and having smart orig.tar.gz handling to cover the case where the directory name doesn't match what is desired, or there is no top level directory.17:34
persiaAlso, having some nice robust error handling, so the user knows what to tell the diff.gz submitter if it doesn't work.17:35
persiaAnd lastly, having time to write & test it in the next 43 hours :)17:35
persiaRainCT: For the file names, that ought be somewhat discoverable from the output of lsdiff -z diff.gz.17:37
RainCTpersia: I don't think I can be of much help with that (I never used many of those commands you listed), sorry :(17:41
AnAnt_Stefan Potyra: thanks17:48
jpatrickAnAnt_: that'll be sistpoty|work :)17:49
AnAnt_sistpoty|work: thanks17:49
DktrKranzgpocentek: I saw you update debdiff in bug 41491. If you want, please go ahead and upload.17:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 41491 in wzdftpd "Dapper: Broken dependencies for some wzdftpd modules" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4149117:50
sistpoty|workAnAnt_: no problem, and again sorry for the inconvenience17:50
AnAnt_sistpoty|work: no probs17:50
persiaAnAnt_: You asked about native packages earlier.17:50
tbutteranyone would like to give http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=jodviewer a review?17:51
crevettethanks to the person who have fix my upload on revu17:51
AnAnt_persia: yeah17:51
AnAnt_persia: btw, I re-uploaded GDM themes package17:51
persiaThe reason I don't like them for derivatives is that typically the derivative team wants to maintain the branding, etc, in some external VCS, which is then packaged for the distribution.17:51
AnAnt_persia: and uploading ubuntume-themes now17:51
crevettesuperm1: hello, If you can review my package (as you have already started), I would be thanksfull17:51
persiaI think the mythbuntu team is a good example of how this can be done well.17:52
mruizDktrKranz, do you prefer an interdiff?17:52
DktrKranzmruiz: this time a .diff.gz would be advisable17:54
DktrKranzso anyone can review it following our new procedures17:54
RainCTam I the only one having problems with launchpad.net and *ubuntu.com?17:57
jpatrickanyone else unable to get a experimental pbuild with: "pbuilder-dist experimental nolog create" ?17:57
jpatrickRainCT: it's your modem, yes17:57
geserjpatrick: could it be that experimental isn't self-hosted?17:58
persiaRainCT: Yes17:58
jpatrickgeser: well, I kinda need a experimental pbuild for KDE 4 packages :-)17:58
persiajpatrick: Create an unstable chroot, and dist-upgrade to a combination of unstable and experimental17:58
* RainCT gets "Connection to 91.189.90.* Failed" :S17:59
crevetteif someone can review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=obex-data-server17:59
crevettethanks for your time17:59
jpatrickpersia: ok, but will that work for pbuild?17:59
mruizDktrKranz, mnemosyne is ready for another review17:59
persiajpatrick: Maybe.  experimental+unstable is expected to be broken regularly.18:00
gpocentekDktrKranz: ok thanks, I was just wondering if dapper-proposed is the correct target?18:00
persiapochu: You're uploading libini4j-java, or you're fine with an upload with a couple tweaks?18:00
DktrKranzgpocentek: it is.18:00
jpatrickpersia: hmm, so no way to check if a kde4 may/may not build?18:01
persiajpatrick: empirically?18:01
jpatricks/kde4/kde4 package/18:01
DktrKranzgpocentek: you'll receive a "waiting for distro manager" mail, so you will have to wait an archive-admin to approve it before it begins to build and to be spread to the world.18:01
DktrKranzmruiz: good18:02
DktrKranzmruiz: I'll have a look in a couple of hours, now let's get out of the office :)18:02
gpocentekDktrKranz: ok18:02
jpatrickpersia: I know it works on Ubuntu, however all kde4 packages in Debian live in experimental18:02
mruizthanks DktrKranz ... I learned how to patch with dpatch ;-)18:03
DktrKranzmruiz: and now, you'll have to learn yada :D18:03
DktrKranzand please, teach me once you have learned it :)18:04
persiajpatrick: Right.  experimental doesn't live by itself, it lives in combination with unstable.  The names should give some indication of how likely it is that any given combination of build-dependencies will work.  You might seek a debian KDE channel for better guidance.18:04
mruizDktrKranz, hahaha18:04
* persia notes that yada packages are an exception to the minimal diff rule, and may be repackaged at will18:04
lakinMaybe this is the wrong place to ask, but I'll ask anyways.  A friend of mine need to compile a new PHP package for Ubuntu due to a known bug with using different gd versions or some such, is there a good tutorial or howto for something like that?18:04
AnAntpersia: sorry I got disconnected18:05
persiaAnAnt: No worries.  You didn't miss much.18:05
pochupersia: I prefer someone else to do the upload, as I'm not very confident with java packaging. Feel free to do those changes, as long as they aren't very intrusive18:06
jpatrickpersia: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55768/ - but I haven't... yet :)18:06
tbutterlakin: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpdatingADeb18:06
persiapochu: I'll check with Marek, but likely use my watch file and get-orig-source rule from an earlier comment.  If you're happy excepting that, I'll upload once I get confirmation from Marek.18:07
pochupersia: of course. Did you seem my comment? ;-)18:08
RainCTRAOF: do-plugins has a typo in debian/control :P18:08
AnAntpersia: so what mythbuntu did is that they hosted their packages in LP ?18:08
persiajpatrick: Create a sid chroot.  Add the experimental repos (not replace, add). with pbuilder --login or something.  pdebuild18:08
persiapochu: Yep, just asking to be sure, as typically changes after the second advocation are frowned upon :)18:09
RainCTRAOF: line 45, s/albumb/album ;)18:09
jpatrickpersia: gotcha, thanks18:09
persiaAnAnt: Rather that mythbuntu made non-native packages for everything.18:09
AnAntpersia: problem is that the repository has both the work & the packaging18:10
geserjpatrick: check also with the Debian Qt/KDE Team which pachage from experimental they use for building as normally not everything available from experimental is used during build18:10
persiaAnAnt: One can work around that with a suitable process to generate the tarball.18:10
persiageser: jpatrick@freenode is davies@OFTC (see pastebin above)18:11
geserjpatrick: you probably need also to use /usr/lib/pbuilder/pbuilder-satisfydepends-experimental for PBUILDERSATISFYDEPENDSCMD18:12
* persia gains deeper appreciation for the relative simplicity of sbuild18:12
geserpersia: how does sbuild do it to prefer unstable over experimental and use only packages from experimental when really needed (not in unstable or wrong version)?18:14
persiageser: versioned build-dependencies18:14
persiaErr.  versioned build-dependencies + setting apt-policy to prefer unstable over experimental.18:15
RiddellDktrKranz: about?18:16
RiddellDktrKranz: you uploaded dspam (3.6.8-4ubuntu1.1) to feisty-proposed, but there is already a package with that version in the archive18:17
jpatrickpersia: wow, that pbuilder --login's useful18:18
AnAntsistpoty|work: can you remove ubuntume-themes_1.1.dsc, as I am not able to upload18:19
geserpersia: that works? then jpatrick should be able to use the same trick in pbuilder18:19
DktrKranzRiddell: was it the same upload?18:19
sistpoty|workAnAnt: done (btw. the next cron run would have moved it out of place anyways ;)18:19
AnAntsistpoty|work: what's the time between cron runs ?18:20
sistpoty|workAnAnt: every 10 minutes18:20
sistpoty|work(and yes: it's moved in a way so that an upload taking longer than 10 minutes won't break)18:21
persiageser: It works, but only if you have a dedicated "experimental" chroot.  The pbuilder stuff you mentioned might allow a single "unstable/experimental" chroot to be used for multiple purposes (but I really have no idea, not being a pbuilder person).  sbuild just calls out to apt, which uses the system apt-policy.18:21
RiddellDktrKranz: yes but you still shouldn't use the same version number18:22
DktrKranzRiddell: curious. I uploaded it once and there was no other 3.6.8-4ubuntu1.1. Could we look at it later? I'm leaving now.18:23
RainCTdoes Feature Freeze affect syncs that were ACK'd before it started?18:24
persiaRainCT: Quite likely, although that ends up being an archive-admin decision.18:25
RiddellI'd expect archive admin to be lenient on that since the sync script is currently broken18:25
persiaBah.  The script is usually broken.  syncs should be filed manually.18:26
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
Riddellgpocentek: ping18:29
gpocentekRiddell: pong18:29
geserpersia: I guess Riddell means the sync-source script used by the archive admins, see bug #19123018:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191230 in soyuz "sync-source broken by recent cherry-pick" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19123018:30
persiaAh.  I thought it was the other script.  Thanks.18:30
Riddellgpocentek: your upload of wzdftpd to dapper-proposed is not minimal, it includes updates to config.sub and .guess18:30
Riddellgpocentek: could you upload one that's just the debdiff?18:30
webwolf_27I'm planning (engineering) a graphical alternative for pppoeconfig, are there any other connection methods that use pppoe besides DSL18:31
gpocentekRiddell: yep I will, sorry for this upload18:31
cody-somervillewebwolf_27: Hardy already has a graphical alternative to pppoeconfig18:31
Riddellgpocentek: ping me when you do that18:31
webwolf_27cody-somerville, someone beat me to it :-( then I'll have to work on something else18:32
persiawebwolf_27: pppoe over fiber18:32
RainCTpersia: thanks18:32
sistpoty|workwoooohooo... REVU survived my bzr activities, so now the description hotfix is merged from trunk, instead of the local hack :)18:32
cody-somervillewebwolf_27: Why not work on something that already exists to make it better? :)18:32
sistpoty|workand pochu's comment's patch is now also on production, thanks!18:33
LaserJockRainCT: you around?18:33
RainCTLaserJock: pong18:33
webwolf_27cody-somerville, also a point, but then I'm already working with a few others in adding support for more brother printers in hardy18:33
LaserJockRainCT: ok, I just have nothing but problems with pbuilder-dist18:33
RainCT\sh: ^18:34
LaserJockRainCT: how do I do a i386 pbuilder on a amd64 machine?18:34
RainCTLaserJock: latest version from Hardy?18:34
LaserJockyeah, I grabbed it from bzr18:34
gesersistpoty|work: REVU only waits till you go home before it breaks :)18:34
RainCTLaserJock: ok, it's broken :P18:34
\shLaserJock, pbuilder --debootstrapopts --arch --debootstrapopts i386 ;)18:35
\shLaserJock, and yes it's my fault that pbuilder-dist is broken ;)18:35
tuxmaniaccan somone please review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=alliance18:35
LaserJockwhat's the point of having this script if it's constantly broken :/18:35
sistpoty|workgeser: heh, *crossing fingers*18:35
persiatuxmaniac: What is it, how is it good, and why should it be in hardy?18:36
LaserJocksorry, just venting a little as it seems like I always use pbuilder-dist when it's not working18:36
\shLaserJock,  it's broken by design ;)18:36
persiaLaserJock: sbuild is nice...18:36
RainCT\sh: btw, any progress with the rewrite you started?18:36
LaserJockpersia: does it work without LVM?18:37
\shRainCT, I'm missing my time, catching up with the new job etc. :( and I think we are thinking to complex18:37
geserpersia: can you reproduce the FTBFS of mediatomb in your sbuild? (http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11884727/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.mediatomb_0.10.0.dfsg1-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz)18:37
tuxmaniacpersia, its a VLSI CAD Tool used by several hundred students.18:38
persiaLaserJock: Sure, if you have some chroots around, but it doesn't clean up after itself without LVM18:38
LaserJockhmm, it can't just untar a clean chroot?18:38
persiageser: I don't have any i386 chroots.  Should it be reproducible on amd64?18:39
AnAntpersia: I re-uploaded ubuntume-gdm-themes to http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=ubuntume-gdm-themes18:39
geserpersia: the same error happens on amd6418:39
pochusistpoty|work: cool :)18:39
tuxmaniacpersia, Fedora already has them in the repos and it would be nice if Ubuntu also get it through. Till date there is no .deb available for it. (rpm package is already available)18:39
persiaAnAnt: Now you need reviewers.  I don't have any build resources available just now, and a bit of a queue.  Try seeking someone else first.18:40
AnAntpersia: ok18:40
persiatuxmaniac: That's a better advertisement than "please review this URL" :)18:40
sistpoty|workAnAnt: there still seems to be a stale upload of ubuntume-themes... did you interrupt an upload of this?18:40
tuxmaniacpersia, debian is also very much interested in getting this package through18:40
AnAntsistpoty|work: dunno what's the problem here18:40
AnAntsistpoty|work: I may re-upload later from a faster link18:40
geserpersia: see als Debian bug 46517718:41
ubotuDebian bug 465177 in mediatomb "FTBFS: configure: error: unable to configure inotify support" [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/46517718:41
sistpoty|workAnAnt: ok, then I'll clean up the stale files now (looks just like an incomplete upload though)18:41
geserpersia: the interesting thing is that mediatomb builds on i386 and amd64 in Debian but fails on powerpc while in Ubuntu is reversed18:42
tuxmaniacpersia, I know I have spammed this channel. But I dont want to disappoint so many people who are eager to see this pakcage in Hardy18:42
RainCTAnAnt: wasn't it uploaded already by superm1?18:42
thekornhi, I've got a small packaging question,18:43
RainCT(or at least that's what he says on his last comment..)18:43
AnAntRainCT: the gdm theme ? yes18:43
thekornI would like to add examples to the python-launchpad-bugs package,18:43
persiageser: Hmm.  Sounds like it needs attention of the buildd admins who might understand how our buildds work better than you or I.  They may have special kernels or use interesting virtualisation or something.18:43
thekornthis packages is using cdbs, I added a debian/python-launchpad-bugs.examples,18:43
thekornwith the path to the example scripts,18:43
AnAntRainCT: I just fixed some issues the reviewers weren't so happy about18:43
thekornWhen I install the package, all samples are created in /usr/share/doc/py-lp-bugs/examples,18:44
AnAntRainCT: 1 issue actually18:44
persiathekorn: CDBS calls dh_installexamples by default.  `man dh_installexamples` for information about how to indicate what should be installed.18:44
geserpersia: aren't the builds done inside a xen instance?18:44
thekornpersia, but they are all gzip'ed, is this common policy or did I miss a switch or something18:44
persiathekorn: In short, you need debian/python-launchpad-bugs.examples to have the right contents.18:44
RainCTAnAnt: Oh ok. The right way to get this into Ubuntu then would be posting a debdiff on Launchpad and subscribing ubuntu-universe-sponsors18:45
RainCTAnAnt: but as LP isn't working right now for me I think I'll have a look at it ;P18:45
persiathekorn: That's policy.  If you have a good reason, you can pass -X to dh_compress.18:45
AnAntRainCT: after the package passes out of the Queue or while it is still in the queue ?18:45
persiageser: I remember something like that, but don't really know.18:45
thekornpersia, ok thanks, I thought I did something wrong18:46
AnAntRainCT: can I do a debdiff against a native package ?18:46
persiathekorn: No, just that CDBS gets extra confusing when you want to violate policy for some reason.  It's designed to make that hard :)18:46
persiathekorn: For CDBS, set DEB_COMPRESS_EXCLUDE := .py or something.18:47
RainCTAnAnt: dunno..18:48
RainCTCan I upload a new revision for a package that's still in the NEW queue?18:48
thekornpersia, ah,ok, thanks, I'm personally fine with having them gzip'ed, but good to know18:49
sistpoty|workRainCT: iirc yes18:49
sistpoty|workAnAnt: looks, like you've got some ftp troubles (at least from what the logs say)18:49
persiaAnAnt: You can do a debdiff against a native package, sometimes, as long as there were only certain sorts of changes (another of the reasons I don't like native packages, especially ones containing graphic or sound files)18:49
AnAntsistpoty|work: yeah18:50
sistpoty|workAnAnt: test-wise, you can try to upload the files with a different ftp-client, just make sure to get the .changes file uploaded last18:50
sistpoty|workAnAnt: however you cannot resume on a file (because it will get mv'ed every 10 minutes, but since the inode doesn't change, the upload can continue, as long as you don't close the ftp-client)18:51
sistpoty|workAnAnt: if it weren't a native package, I could simply put the old orig.tar.gz back into the incoming directory, but this won't work here of course :/18:52
AnAntfreezed @ 0%18:52
AnAntsistpoty|work: bah, I'll just do it from a fast connection tomorrow18:53
sistpoty|workAnAnt: or you could post a debdiff somewhere and have it uploaded from someone else18:54
webwolf_27Night folks I need to put the kids in bed18:55
* sistpoty|work is now heading home18:57
sistpoty|workeveryone cross fingers that murphy-geser is wrong *g*18:57
\shsistpoty|work, would you like to remove the source.changes file, just because it's annoying if someone can't access it ;)18:57
* persia would like to retain the source.changes file for reference by REVU Admins18:57
sistpoty|work\sh: no .changes file is accessible (that's the upload ticket)18:58
\shsistpoty|work, yeah that's what I meant, can't we get rid of it after the package occurs on the list?18:58
sistpoty|work\sh: and what persia said, sometimes it's good to have these still around (e.g. like for your upload)18:58
\shsistpoty|work, hmm..ok, just don't print it then ;)18:58
persia\sh: The issue is that one can sponsor uploads to REVU, and only examination of the .changes file can determine the sponsor.18:58
pochupersia: will you upload lashwrap if I advocate it? My only concern is copyright not listing the years and the upstream email. If you are going to fix&upload, I'll advocate. Otherwise I won't until the packager fixes that.18:58
persiavemon: You around?18:59
\shif someone wants to do me a favour: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libdaemon-generic-perl ;)18:59
vemonpersia, i'm here18:59
sistpoty|work\sh: well, not too sure... if I could easily find the point where the files are definitely safe on the list, yes. (but the whole incoming-processing is a crude, crude hack, so it's quite tough to say that everything went fine(18:59
persiavemon: Can you fix the issues pochu found please?19:00
sistpoty|work<- now really afk19:00
\shsistpoty|work, interessted in changing revu into a django app? ;)19:00
pochuvemon: commented.19:00
vemonpersia, yes i can. what's the problem with the email?19:00
vemonok i'll check19:00
sistpoty|work\sh: why not... but that would probably mean a complete rewrite (actually siretart started with some django stuff already for revu2ng, but maybe this will also be vaporware for quite some time)19:01
persiapochu: Thanks a lot for looking at those.19:01
staniScottK: can I debug pychecker on gutsy or do I need a hardy machine for it?19:01
pochupersia: anytime19:02
pochuhey stani19:02
ScottKGutsy should be fine AFAIK.  The real issue is Pyhton 2.5.19:02
\shsistpoty|work, I was working on an app for doing some autobuilds with separated sbuild daemons ;) well, just a rewrite of dak actually but understandable for the human being ;)19:02
staniha pochu!19:02
sistpoty|work\sh: heh :)19:02
\shsistpoty|work, I'm just worked  on the archive management system...19:03
stanipochu: did you receive my spe tarball?19:03
persiasmagoun: We were discussing bug #188130 earlier.  If you could respond to lool's question, I'd be willing to upload...19:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188130 in moblin-image-creator "Update moblin-image-creator to 0.39" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18813019:03
vemonpochu & persia, made the changes to lashwrap and re-uploaded to revu19:04
pochustani: heh, I didn't see it was attached to the mail :) I was going to ask you where was the tarball, or just to repackage it myself ;)19:04
* persia seeks another willing volunteer to review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=lashwrap in 7 minutes19:05
pochustani: I'll see if it still happens with that tonight. Thanks for it.19:05
pochupersia: with your +1 and mine, isn't that done?19:05
\shpersia, I can do, if you review libdaemon-generic-perl, pls :)19:05
persiapochu: New upload trumps advocations.19:05
ScottKpersia: What is lashwrap?19:05
* asantoni is looking for an advocate for LP #190589 (fixed version tag)19:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190589 in mixxx "New upstream release (in REVU)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19058919:06
pochupersia: does that mean you won't re-advocate it?19:06
pochupersia: (I know)19:06
persiaScottK: A small wrapper program that enables Linux Audio Session Handling for non-compliant applications.19:06
affluxa package I requested a sync for FTBFS on all architectures with 'dpkg-gencontrol: failure: cannot read -: No such file or directory'. It builds fine in my hardy pbuilder. Is that a known issue?19:06
sistpoty|workcya folks19:06
persiapochu: I'll re-advocate if the changes aren't insane, but my queue is currently full enough that if someone else went first, it would simplify things :)19:07
ScottKafflux: When did it FTBFS?19:07
AstralJavaafflux: I got a notification from one of the admins that a new dpkg got in recently, and things should work now again.19:07
geserafflux: pkgname?19:08
ScottKafflux: ^^^ If it happened ~18 hours + or - a few, then it's  likely the dpkg issue19:08
pochupersia: ah, ok. I was thinking on a one-line-change on debian/copyright, so it would be pretty straightforward. :)19:08
geserafflux: there was a bug in dpkg which broke packages during dh_strip19:08
affluxgeser, ScottK: it's libotr, one build was: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libotr/3.1.0-2/+build/511614 - it says "15 hours ago"19:08
persiapochu: If that's the debdiff, certainly.19:08
smagounpersia: I can repack moblin-image-creator and fix the maintainer. I've already added the ubuntu-specific changes to the package. Is that what you mean?19:09
ScottKIt should get retried automatically as there is supposed to be a mass giveback.19:09
persiaafflux: That would be during the broken time.  It likely got rebuilt since.19:09
\shpochu, i'm on it :)19:09
persiasmagoun: Yes, assuming the Ubuntu-specific changes include the changelog changes.19:09
mruizhi all19:10
affluxpersia: ah, didn't check that. It's been successfully built (again, 15 hours ago according to launchpad)19:10
geserafflux: there was a massive give-back today night or morning and it build now successfully19:10
pochu\sh: on what? :)19:10
affluxthank you19:10
smagounpersia: I think the Ubuntu-specific changelog entries made it in, but I don't remember. I'll be sure to check. I need a day or so to fix it, I have some deadlines today19:10
vemonpersia, it actually is a one-line-change to copyright + linebreak arrange to fit control to 80 chars width :)19:10
\shpochu, lashwrap19:10
smagounpersia: thanks, by the way!19:11
pochu\sh: I guess you want to wait for the update then ;)19:11
pochu\sh: thanks anyway :-)19:11
\shpochu, yes...19:11
\shpochu, what else? I would need some reviewers too ;)19:11
persiasmagoun: OK.  I'm just worried about FeatureFreeze, which would then require a freeze exception making it more difficult.  I think you have about 29 hours, but I can't promise to be able to upload that whole time :)19:11
smagounpersia: Understood. thanks.19:12
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
mruizI got a lintian error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/451019:13
vemonis it ok to use wget instead of uscan in get-orig-source? i'm having a hard time extracting the version number from the uscan download :/19:13
\shmruiz, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/19132419:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191324 in dpkg "dpkg-genchanges.pl missing the "Description" field in *_source.changes files" [Undecided,New]19:13
\shmruiz, fix is in the report :)19:13
mruizthanks \sh19:14
\shmruiz, just waiting for the upload...so it'll resolve by itself in time :)19:14
* mruiz hugs \sh 19:15
\shif slangasek would be cool, he could do it ;) because he has main powers ;)19:15
* persia hopes someone remembers the uscan --dehs | sed ... trick and can provide vemon a pointer19:15
vemonwell i'm trying to use it :) but it doesn't work for some reason19:16
vemonhaven't fooled around with makefiles that much so i'm not really sure about the notation/syntax19:17
jdongpersia: is sed supposed to be used to parse XML? :D19:17
persiavemon: Look through some of the recent archived double-advocated packages on REVU.  I've seen it often in the past couple days, but don't remember19:17
vemonjdong, yes.. "parse" :)19:17
persiajdong: Why not.  XML is text, isn't it?19:17
jdongpersia: are there not better tools for this, though?19:17
jdongpersia: seems a bit low-level to me19:17
vemonit works ok when executed from the shell but not in the makefile19:17
ScottKjdong: The best tool is the one you have in hand and know how to use.19:18
vemonScottK, agree :)19:18
vemonthough now always19:18
persiajdong: The advantage of sed over all other XML processors is that it is installed on every developer's workstation.19:18
jdongpersia: true :)19:18
vemonit's also installed on every non-developers linux desktop'19:18
persiaThat means that any given developer is more likely to be able to get the newest upstream with debian/rules get-orig-source, which helps us work as a team.19:19
persiavemon: Yes, but non-developers aren't expected to use get-orig-source :)19:19
\shpersia, what is wrong with <url> \ debian uupdate?19:19
persia\sh: Fails for non tar.gz.  --repack helps for .tar.bz2, but .zip or stripping files for DFSG, etc. requires get-orig-source.19:20
\shpersia, phew...good to know that many perl packages are in tar.gz format ;)19:21
\shbah...this IS BAD19:22
\shCopyright (C) 2003 Uri Guttman <uri@stemsystems.com> but according to cpan the actual author is someone else...what to write in debian/copyright now...19:22
jdongit's the 2nd example listing there, vemon19:22
vemonjdong, that's the one i've been trying to use19:23
HighNocan debdiff compare a .deb file with a file structure or do I have to generate the package via debuild first and afterwards do a debdiff between both deb's ?19:23
vemonjdong, i think i just (finally!) got it working. still can figure out what was wrong in the first place :)19:23
mruizbye guys19:25
crevettepersia have you some time today to look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=obex-data-server ?19:25
vemonpersia, what was the directory i was supposed to put the whysynth licensing patch?'19:25
pochuvemon: advocated19:26
persiavemon: I think I suggested debian/upstream-patches because the patch was from upstream, and you were applying it to the orig.tar.gz (upstreams should actually release code rather then sending patches).  Different directory names might also work: there's no guideline for this.  Be sure to write about it in README.Debian-source19:27
persiacrevette: Unlikely, but I'll take a look if I do.19:27
vemonpersia, ok. thanks! i think i'll have a new upload soon19:27
vemonpochu, thanks to you too! :)19:27
crevettepersia: at least, thanks19:28
staniScottK: pychecker in hardy seems still at -3, which is incompatible with spe. Is it possible to sync it to -7? I'll see if I can fix the FTBS of -3 for now, but it would be better to have -7 in the repos.19:29
ScottKstani: -7 still FTBFS.  Figure the fix for that.  Give me a patch, and I'll upload it.19:30
ScottKstani: Don't worry about -319:30
geserRainCT: your scrapbook FTBFS on !i386 is because iceweasel-scrapbook is arch:any instead of arch:all19:31
ScottKbddebian: How come your testresources fix FTBFS in Ubuntu?19:32
RainCTgeser: Oops. And why does it fail because of that? :/19:33
bddebianScottK: I didn't know it didn't.  I'll try to look at it19:33
DktrKranzRiddell, have you a couple of minutes to look at dspam upload?19:34
ScottKbddebian: I'm building it again now (it built when I asked for the sync).  It may have gotten caught in yesterday's dpkg mess.19:34
bddebianAye, I know my lordsawar sync did :-(19:35
geserRainCT: on !i386 the binary-arch target is used which doesn't do anything useful19:35
ScottKbddebian: It builds for me.  I'm gonna ask for a give back.19:36
bddebianOK, thanks man19:36
geserstani: pychecker fails to build with python2.5 so syncing doesn't improve the situation19:36
RainCTgeser: ok, thanks!19:38
RiddellDktrKranz: where?19:39
paasHi, can someone have a look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libtuxcap, It's ready for advocation, thanks19:39
DktrKranzRiddell, feisty-proposed, the one you rejected some minutes ago19:39
\shguys, again, I'm not sure I understand our advocating system now, even when a motu uploads to revu, he shouldn't be able to advocate itself for the package, right or wrong?19:39
RiddellDktrKranz: nothing in there currently19:40
DRebellionHardy feature freeze is on the 14th. Does this mean packages can still be submitted on this day (14th)?19:41
DktrKranzRiddell, I know. It has been rejected (https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dspam/+bug/158252/comments/29). You stated gutsy already has 3.6.8-4ubuntu1.1, but I'm unable to see it on LP.19:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 158252 in dspam "dspam won't start:  /var/run/dspam missing in tmpfs" [Medium,Confirmed]19:42
ScottKDRebellion: They can be uploaded on that day, but they have to be approved first.  They are rarely approved on the first try.19:42
RiddellDktrKranz: ah, looks like I'm entirely wrong19:42
DRebellionScottK, its just that i have one in revu that ftbs and i'm waiting on upstream for a fix.19:43
ScottKWell you'll need to ask them to get moving then ...19:43
persiaDRebellion: Not really.  That's the deadline for packages to be pushed to the archives.  My my count, there are about 28 hours left, which is a very tight timeframe to get two advocates from the already very busy MOTU.19:43
\shDktrKranz, gutsy  current  release  3.6.8-5ubuntu1    None defined19:43
\shupdates 3.6.8-5ubuntu1.1 19:43
\shDktrKranz, in updates it is19:43
RiddellDktrKranz: accepted19:43
DktrKranz\sh, feisty-proposed would have 4ubuntu1.119:44
\shDktrKranz, ah feisty :)19:44
* DktrKranz hugs Riddell19:44
\shI wonder why we can't go with -4ubuntu07.04.1 or something like this for updates19:45
DktrKranz\sh, it is often used when base versions are the same19:45
ScottK\sh: You can, but I personally find it unattractive.19:45
\shScottK, well, yes it looks strange, I agree...19:46
HighNoDktrKranz: I think I have done it now - could you have a look at it?19:46
DktrKranz\sh, basically you can use ubuntu1, as a normal upload. The rule is "don't clash with past, present or future versions"19:47
HighNoDktrKranz: Please tell me where to put the debdiff generated file19:47
DktrKranz!paste | HighNo19:47
ubotuHighNo: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)19:47
cbx33hey all anyone know if deskbar can run in openbox?19:47
cbx33in pypanel?19:47
\shDktrKranz, na I always think when I see "ubuntuX.Y" as of "security fix update" and not "normal update"19:48
DktrKranz\sh, I think there are issues when releasing a security update after a SRU or viceversa19:49
DktrKranzhaving a "common" versioning is simpler19:49
ScottKI find it helpful when they use the same numbering scheme to keep things straight.19:49
keescookDktrKranz: -update and -security need to not clash their version numbers19:51
keescookthe way it is supposed to work is that -security builds on top of -updates19:51
keescookthis allows people that only want the -security pocket to still get sane updates.19:51
geser\sh: xmds depwaits on octave2.1-headers. Will it build/work without it? (it b-d also on octave3.0-headers)19:52
keescookand -updates must include -security, so the latest release of any given package should always have all security updates applied.19:52
\shgeser, what? I tested the xmds sync and it build cleanly...I wonder what's that now...19:52
ScottK\sh: I think you typoe'd the build-depends and left the old one.19:53
\shScottK, it was a sync...19:53
\shScottK, and changelog said explicitly: * debian/control:19:53
\sh    + Build-depends on octave3.0-headers instead of 2.919:53
\sh    + Use ${octave-3-0:Depends} in Suggests field19:53
ScottKOK.  Then the Debian maintainer did.19:54
DktrKranzkeescook, is it why there are some XubuntuY.5 uploads in -security?19:54
\shScottK, could you do me a favour and review two small perl packages? :)19:54
keescookDktrKranz: for which package?19:54
DktrKranzkeescook, don't remember right now, let me check19:55
ScottK\sh: sure. I know more about perl packaging than I really want to.19:55
\shScottK, libdaemon-generic-perl and libfile-flock-perl on revu :)19:55
HighNoDktrKranz: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55786/ - I don't feel god about it as it seems too long and has many filenames in there whereas I only changes the debian/changelog and filters/sessionfilter.py19:55
ScottK\sh: Link me.  I'll look at them while I wait my tern in the tech board meeting.19:55
\shScottK, http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libdaemon-generic-perl19:55
\shScottK, http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libfile-flock-perl19:55
\shScottK, oh big day tonight? :)19:56
rhpot1991_laptopcan anyone translate this for me "* open a needs packaging bug and close it in the changelog "19:56
rhpot1991_laptopI opened a bug, assigned it to myself19:56
rhpot1991_laptopdo I change the status now too?19:56
DktrKranzHighNo, that is probably due because you used debuild in a gutsy (or hardy) environment while preparing a revision for feisty19:57
persiarhpot1991: If you are working on it, change the status to "In-Progress".  Unfortuantely, do to weak support for sponsoring workflow, when you are done, set the status to "Confirmed", and subscribe the sponsors.19:57
DktrKranzHighNo, if you didn't touch these files, you can omit from your debdiff19:57
HighNoDktrKranz: the strange thing is - I only used feisty :-)19:58
rhpot1991_laptoppersia ok thanks19:58
rhpot1991_laptopwas just dputing stuff up and not opening any bugs19:58
HighNoDktrKranz: or does setting up a pbuilder environment for hardy involve changes for the normal debuild ?19:58
geser\sh: see http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11885637/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-amd64.xmds_1.6.4-1_MANUALDEPWAIT.txt.gz19:59
DktrKranzHighNo, no, if you executed debuild outside of the pbuilder environment.19:59
\shgeser, yeah saw it...I know now why it build these days...because octave2.1 was still in the archives :(U19:59
\shgeser, just fixing it and uploading19:59
AstralJavapackages.ubuntu.com inaccessible to anyone else?19:59
geser\sh: thanks19:59
* persia wants an LP Preference "Yes, I always want the complicated bug filing form: it's less complicated".19:59
ScottK2\sh: As a rule, I think it's nice when you just use the same licensing for the packaging that the package uses.  It simplifies things.  Just kvetching.20:00
persiaAstralJava: rmadison -u ubuntu packagename and apt-cache search packagename are likely more useful anyway.20:00
persiaScottK: Sometimes people use packaging from samples that complicates that.20:00
\shScottK, actually the upstream source can use both...on cpan it says "the same as perl" and perl is dual licensed, when I understood it correctly20:01
* persia advocates writing all packaging files from scratch20:01
HighNoDktrKranz: then I don't understand the difference but at least the debdiff is done. I am to put it somewhere with the bug in LP and is there a naming convention for these patches?20:01
ScottK2\sh: True.  Interestingly enough Perl is still GPL V1+20:01
AstralJavapersia: Thanks, I'll look into them. In this particular case I was worried the mirror I used was out-of-date. Turns out it wasn't, though.20:01
persiaAstralJava: packages.ubuntu.com is often out of date :(20:02
AstralJavaAhh... gotcha.20:02
AstralJavaSo it's been a while since I last setup pbuilder, if my base system is gutsy, didn't its pbuilder have scripts for hardy?20:03
rhpot1991_laptoppersia: you don't have a second to poke at a package and see why debconf isn't working how it should, do you?20:03
\shScottK, when you are on it...I wasn't quite sure about the copyright in libfile-flock* because the version I packaged was uploaded to cpan by dave rolsky, but the original author is someone else...I put both authors in copyright but the next line in copyright I wasn't sure if this is write...if you have a clue about this, please enlighten me :)20:03
ScottK2\sh: I think what's in the code matters.20:04
geserAstralJava: you need the debootstrap from gutsy-backports to be able to debootstrap hardy20:04
persiarhpot1991: Not really.  Best to describe the issue and paste the error to a pastebin.20:04
* ScottK2 is mostly paying attention to the tech board meeting right now.20:04
\shScottK, well, I put both in...just to be sure...20:04
ScottK2\sh: Right.  I'll look at it.20:04
AstralJavageser: Okay, thanks. I have no recollection of doing that before, but like I said, it's been very long from the last setup. Thanks for the help!20:04
rhpot1991_laptoppersia: thats the problem, no errors, just the note never shows up on install20:05
DktrKranzHighNo, attach it to the bug in LP and subscribe ubuntu-security20:05
RainCT\sh: about your review question before, the wiki says «MOTUs can upload new packages directly to the archive. However they are greatly encouraged to have a new package reviewed prior to uploading. (cf. MOTU/Council/Meetings/2007-02-23)».20:07
\shRainCT, well, but it doesn't answer the question :)20:07
ScottK2jdstrand: You mentioned that you might be able to show up for my core-dev application at the tech board meeting.  It's just started (I should be up 2nd).20:08
LaserJock\sh: what's your question?20:08
\shRainCT, even motus are making mistakes, and regarding revu it should be a standard to have another or better 2 more pair of eyes looking over the package20:08
\shLaserJock, if motus should advocate their own packages...20:08
LaserJockoh, I probably shouldn't say anything then :-)20:09
LaserJockI've usually just poke another MOTU to give an IRC ack and then upload20:09
LaserJockbut I usually don't upload "high risk" stuff20:10
ScottK2LaserJock: If you have the time/interest, I should be up for core-dev shortly in #ubuntu-meeting.20:10
LaserJockScottK2: how shortly?20:10
ScottK2LaserJock: As soon as they get done torturing TheMuso.20:10
HighNoDktrKranz: attached, bug status set to "fix comitted" but I am to assign the bug to me or ubuntu-security?20:10
LaserJockI've gotta teach in 30min or so20:11
LaserJockI'll hang out as long as I can20:11
persia\sh: I typically advocate my package if I think it's all set, and don't advocate if I'm just looking for a review and I'm not sure.  Depends how many packages of that type I've touched before.20:11
DktrKranzHighNo, mark it as Confirmed, do not subscribe anyone and subscribe ubuntu-security20:11
\shScottK, you'll make it...it only looks painful :)20:11
* persia notes the inherent conflict, and notes s/subscribe/assign/120:12
HighNoDktrKranz: ehm, "do not subscribe anyone and subscribe ubuntu-security" ?20:12
HighNopersia: ahh, thanks20:12
HighNopersia: ubuntu-security = "Ubuntu Security Team"?20:12
DktrKranzHighNo, my fault, sorry20:13
persiaHighNo: Quite possibly.  I'm not really a good person to ask about security processes.20:13
\shHighNo, just add "it's a security bug" checkbox under the very first entry point and remove the "private" flag afterwards when the CVE already be known for the public20:13
\shHighNo, and yes, it's ubuntu-security and motu-swat (if it's a universe package) please :)20:14
HighNook, that was already set20:15
\shgeser, xmds uploaded20:15
rhpot1991_laptopI wait till I get 2 sponsors before I set the bug to confirmed, correct?20:15
HighNoso that was it then - I submitted my first security fix ?! :-)20:15
rhpot1991_laptoplearning the week before a feature freeze sure is stressful20:16
\shoh wow...they cook TheMuso ;)20:16
leonelhow do I test this  DIFF https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dbmail/+bug/191096  ??20:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191096 in dbmail "[needs-merge] dbmail_2.2.9-1" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:18
RainCT\sh: heh. good that I don't want to become core dev, they are scaring me :)20:19
\shRainCT, ah come on..it's fun :)20:20
paasRainCT: Thanks for advocating!20:20
geserleonel: dget -x http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/d/dbmail/dbmail_2.2.9-1.dsc; wget http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11877122/dbmail_2.2.9-1ubuntu1.debdiff; cd dbmail-2.2.9; patch -p1 < ../dbmail_2.2.9-1ubuntu1.debdiff20:20
persialeonel: Run dbmail with postgres 8.3 before and after application.20:21
RainCT\sh: hehehe20:21
leonelgeser: Thanks20:21
leonelpersia: before it's done there are bugfixes that need  from upstream  and that diff appears to fix them20:21
RainCTpaas: np, thanks for contributing to ubuntu :)20:21
leonelthank you20:22
paasyour welcome :-)20:24
rhpot1991_laptopRainCT: I have an easy package that could use a 2nd sponsor20:24
\shRainCT, and spending more time with ubuntu, and fixing more packages even for main, you have to become a core-dev someday...because the sponsors don't have the time anymore to sponsor your package fixes ;)20:24
=== jelmer_ is now known as jelmer
geserRainCT: you missed the old times where you have to go to a CC meeting to become a MOTU (which included some grilling there)20:25
HighNoCC meeting?20:25
* persia wonders if being a member shouldn't still be a requirement for being MOTU, but is distracted by FeatureFreeze prep20:26
LaserJockTB meeting20:26
LaserJockpersia: it's not a requirement?20:26
RainCT\sh: Yes, sure. I meant I don't want to become one soon, we will see what I do long term.. :)20:26
persiaLaserJock: Not since me20:26
leonelgeser: after patched  just rebuild the package  right ?20:26
LaserJockpersia: ummm, that's not cool20:26
persiaLaserJock: Please raise it at a MOTU Meeting.  I won't make this weeks, but I'll back you up on the 29th if you are available then.20:27
RainCTLaserJock: no, if you are accepted as MOTU you also become a member, I think20:27
RainCTgeser: :D20:27
geserHighNo: Communit Counsil20:27
LaserJockwith the new structure I don't know how it would work20:27
HighNogeser: ahh, thx20:28
persiaRainCT: That is the current process.  Previously, you had to be a member to apply (which I thought was good).  There was a timing mixup with the new process, and a non-member was accepted.  Since then, the requirement has been waived.20:28
RainCTLaserJock: and LoCo Council will also be able to appoint members soon20:28
LaserJockit used to be you could get simultaneous membership in some cases, but certainly not the normal20:28
geserleonel: yes, as usual20:28
leonelgeser: thanks20:28
DktrKranzkeescook, I'm unable to find any example of XubuntuY.5, probably I am wrong.20:28
LaserJockwell, but many teams require Ubuntu membership prior to team membership20:28
persiaRainCT: Not LoCo Council: Regional Membership Councils.20:28
keescookDktrKranz: well keep an eye out -- you never know if something went goofy.  :)20:29
LaserJockso MOTU could actually be less strict, which doesn't make sense in terms of the importance of MOTU20:29
persiaLaserJock: Raise it at a meeting.  Discussion here can't change anything.20:29
LaserJocksure, but that seems to be a TB/CC issue, IMO20:29
TheMusoScottK2: I would call it challenging me. I'm enjoying this.20:30
persiaLaserJock: Not really.  Delegated to MC.  MC takes guidance on policy from MOTU.  A MOTU Meeting discussion followed by mailing list discussion would likely result in MC comment.20:31
LaserJockbut the TB is ultimately in charge of MOTU membership and CC of Ubuntu membership20:31
persiaLaserJock: Yes, and both groups have delegated to MC.  MC is able to take the decision.  I suspect MC would listen to MOTU Consensus about it.20:32
\shLaserJock, the MC can now approve motus themselves, when I'm not wrong...and you can only become a core-dev after having some cheering from MC and other core-devs20:32
persia\sh: Yes and no.  MC doesn't cheer, so much as administer the core-dev application process.20:33
persia(although some members of MC are core, and may also be sponsors)20:33
LaserJockpersia: yes, I realize they have delegated, but they have not delegated requirements for MOTUship, as far as I know20:33
geserLaserJock: dholbach adds the new MOTUs to ~motu if there are enough +1 from the MC members20:33
LaserJockI *know* how MOTUship is granted20:33
persiaLaserJock: Any MC member can add members to MOTU at will.20:33
persiaThe MC follows the MC process to grant MOTU based on TB and CC direction.20:34
LaserJockI'm saying that MC acts only upon delegation from TB/CC and are subject to their requirements20:34
\shpersia, yeah, cheering wasn't meant like "uh his good..why not" more that they give the advice or much better a councelor for the TB20:34
=== txwikinger2 is now known as txwikinger
LaserJockI believe that the TB/CC set MOTUship requirements, MC is supposed to be "executive" branch instead of a "legislative" branch when it comes to MOTUship, as I understand it20:35
persia\sh: MC only compiles the application for core-dev, but makes the decision for MOTU applications.  There are cases of MC turning down core applications, but more because it was incomplete than because of MC decision.20:35
persiaMC is not executive.20:35
persiaIf anything, MC is judicial.20:35
LaserJockhmm, yeah, judicial is better20:36
LaserJockin any case, my understanding was that MC was to figure out how to apply the requirements, not necessarily make them up20:36
persiaMOTU as a body propose/discuss/plan/initiate and individual developers (MOTU+Contributors) execute.20:36
RainCTrhpot1991_laptop: oops, oversaw your message. URL?20:37
\shoh ... when I20:37
rhpot1991_laptopRainCT: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=atomicparsley should be good to go20:37
LaserJockanyway, I don't really care so much20:38
\shI'm reading the discussion now on -meeting, I wonder how people actually would want to package software at all ;)20:38
persiaLaserJock: Not even enough to raise it at a meeting?20:38
LaserJockI'm just surprised that Ubuntu membership is not a requirement for MOTUship20:38
LaserJockI might enough for an email20:38
LaserJockhopefully I can make the MOTU meeting, but I can't guarantee it20:39
crevetterhpot1991_laptop: are you a motu ?20:39
crevetteand are you available for a review20:39
rhpot1991_laptopnope :(20:39
rhpot1991_laptopits questionable as to if I even know what I am doing :P20:39
persiaLaserJock: Understood.  Mail would be a step.20:40
RainCTsuperm1: you might want to advocate atomicparlsey again, since your last advocation the only change was in debian/control formatting (http://revu.tauware.de/diff.py?upid1=1917&upid2=1945)20:40
rhpot1991_laptopRainCT: he knows whats going on, but is at work now20:41
\shLaserJock, I wonder if it makes a change...20:41
LaserJockpersia: hmm, MC granting membership could provide a "we think your on your way to MOTUship" step that might be helpful20:41
\shLaserJock, the former method of becoming a member first then a motu and hopefully then a core was a hard way...and frightend some people to stay away from ubuntu at all...20:42
rhpot1991_laptopLaserJock: I have this one too (http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=mythexport) but it has a debconf issue that is driving me crazy20:42
LaserJockfrankly if you can't do "significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu" then you shouldn't be a MOTU20:42
vemonhi! the whysynth pkg with modified get-orig-source & Readme.debian-source is now in revu: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=whysynth20:42
persiaLaserJock: I very much agree with that.  I've been thinking about ways to better organise the Contributors into a team with some identity, and think that is part of the solution, but don't have a good plan yet.20:42
\shLaserJock, which doesn't mean it's bad in the first place...but people come people go noone can say what's the best for the project at all...20:42
vemoncould someone also check out my package which already has one advocation: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=lashwrap20:43
LaserJockso the basic technical requirements for MOTUship should be 1) signed CoC 2) signed gpg key 3) Ubuntu memebership (needs 1. for this but it's a useful separation)20:43
\shvemon I'm on it20:43
persia\sh: Or just ignore the process.  I wasn't a member for two years because it was too much trouble (despite pushing patches).20:43
LaserJockalrighty, I gotta run to lab20:44
persia\sh: The issue is that now MOTU is sometimes seen as the first step, and it can be frustrating to take 6-12 months to become MOTU.20:44
geserpersia: do you believe you would have applied earlier with the current process?20:44
\shpersia, the problem I see actually is that people stay focused ...20:44
\shpersia, which is one of the difficult problems...20:45
persiageser: Yes.  I had three MOTU advocates in Dapper.20:45
\shpersia, and a simple process or a difficult process doesn't really solve this20:45
persia\sh: Yes.  That's a separate problem.  I just think giving out Membership earlier to those who are showing sustained effort and ask would help keep more of the Contributors active.  Keeping people longer-term is harder.20:46
\shvemon, uploading now :)20:46
RainCTrhpot1991_laptop: please convert the binary and manpage names to all lowercase20:47
\shpersia, and that's the problem actually...what is "sustained efford"20:47
zulTheMuso: congrats..20:47
vemon\sh, great! :) this was my first uploaded package20:47
TheMusozul: THanks.20:47
rhpot1991_laptopRainCT: its ok to do that when thats how the author has it happening?20:47
\shvemon, good work :) thx :)20:48
HighNohm, how long does it take from upload to being available via apt-get ? [universe is enabled]20:48
goobsoftAre menus best implemented with the freedesktop's Desktop Entry Specification rather than menufile(s) now?20:49
persia\sh: Used to be two months of solid work.  Last I heard it was getting closer to six.  Not really well defined.20:49
\shHighNo, depending on the time your build needs, depending on the syncs of the mirrors you use, between 15 mins and 8 hours ,->20:49
slangasekTheMuso: congrats :)20:52
jpatrickTheMuso: congrats :)20:52
sboden\sh: or longer...  1 package that was uploaded yesterday doesn't even show up now20:52
\shpersia, well until this isn't resolved and until we don't have any clean standards on this, I think right now, it's for many contributors much easier to become a vital part of ubuntu (actually for the software part) ... others are doing different work, but this I don't see actually...20:52
\shsboden, a new one? so it's in the new queue most likely20:53
persia\sh: For development types, yes.20:53
geserTheMuso: congrats :)20:53
sboden\sh: no an update, "kmess" from v1.4.3 to 1.5 ... but 1.5 is not yet available it seems20:54
gesersboden: if the package has to pass source (and/or binary) NEW it takes longer20:54
RainCTrhpot1991_laptop: I think so, unless you have a good reason to don't change it20:54
rhpot1991_laptopI wasn't cause thats how the author did it20:54
rhpot1991_laptopI suppose I can change it as long as I get the install file to copy the file like I say20:55
rhpot1991_laptopalready working on it20:55
\shsboden, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/kmess/1.5-0ubuntu120:55
\shsboden, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/kmess/1.5-0ubuntu120:55
sboden\sh: cool... doesn't show in apt-get though? Or am I missing something?20:56
TheMusothanks folks20:56
RainCTrhpot1991_laptop: ok. you'll need to do something in debian/rules to rename them as install only copies files (doesn't rename)20:56
rhpot1991_laptopis it really a big deal to keep it with the caps?20:56
\shsboden: it's there. https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/kmess/1.5-0ubuntu120:57
\shInst kmess (1.5-0ubuntu1 Ubuntu:8.04/hardy)20:57
\shConf kmess (1.5-0ubuntu1 Ubuntu:8.04/hardy)20:57
rhpot1991_laptopI would think that would be better for cross platform results, say my script calls AtomicParsley, now it breaks on ubuntu cause we have ours as atomicparsley20:57
vemonhow much time until the feature freeze now?20:57
RainCThm.. what do you other guys think about this (is it ok for a binary to have capital letters)?20:57
rhpot1991_laptopwhich mythexport does20:57
\shsboden: which mirror and did you do an apt-get update? ,-)20:57
rhpot1991_laptopand the manpage just matched the binary20:57
persiaRainCT: There are a few that do, although it is not preferred.  Depends on why.20:58
rhpot1991_laptoppersia: thats what the source did, and I didn't want to change it20:58
persiarhpot1991: It would be your responsibility as the packager to convince upstream that mixed-case is namespace-confusing, but it's not an absolute block to archive inclusion.  On the other hand, mixed-case package names are an absolute block.20:59
HighNoRainCT:from the users point of view it is quite annoying. If I were to decide I'd vote against it. My original package name is mixed case - but the executable has to be all lower case20:59
sboden\sh: deb http://be.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hardy-updates multiverse ?21:00
RainCTTheMuso: congrats :)21:00
TheMusoRainCT: Thanks.21:00
rhpot1991_laptopI'll change it then, seems to be the consensus21:01
\shsboden, it's there: http://be.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/k/kmess/ but only the amd64 one21:01
persiarhpot1991: If you change it, and upstream doesn't, you'll be incompatible with all other installations, which is not preferred.21:02
sboden\sh: ok... I have time, I already have kmess 1.5 on my kubuntu :D21:02
rhpot1991_laptopok, so don't change it then?21:02
persiarhpot1991: Convince upstream to change it.  Once they do, apply a debdiff flattening the name to hardy (it will be after FeatureFreeze)21:03
\shsboden, well it's the mirror...de/be doesn't have the i386 package actually..but archive.ubuntu.com has it21:03
rhpot1991_laptopok, I'll try that, that good RainCT?21:04
sboden\sh: ok, I'll try uninstalling and restalling from the main one21:04
sbodenDoes this group also apply the patches in launchpad for ubuntu fixes, or is that another group?21:05
RainCTrhpot1991_laptop: if you'll try to convince upstream, yes21:05
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TheMusoScottK2: Congrats!21:07
geserScottK2: congrats21:07
slangasekScottK: muhahaha, sucker21:07
slangasekoh, er21:07
slangasekScottK: congrats!21:07
zulScottK: congrats...no sweat21:07
ScottKgeser and slangasek: Thanks.21:07
ScottKzul too21:07
RainCTScottK: congrats21:08
vemonpersia, going to bed now. check out whysynth if you still have an empty time slot somewhere :)21:08
\shScottK, you did it :) nicely done :)21:08
RainCTrhpot1991_laptop: Section: unknown21:09
persiavemon: Sleep well.21:09
RainCTrhpot1991_laptop: choose a section for it (you can find a list of all sections with their description on http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy), and also let the short description in debian/control start with lowercase21:10
RainCTrhpot1991_laptop: and close a LP bug in the changelog21:10
\shScottK, now break kde4 ,-)21:11
TheMuso\sh: lol21:11
\shwell, I meant: break gnome and fix kde4....this way21:11
* ScottK is more worried about kde4 not breaking KDE3.21:12
sbodenI have another small (ubuntu specific) bugfix ready, this time for amarok mp3 : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amarok/+bug/18740621:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187406 in amarok "[hardy] Amarok install-mp3 fails silently" [Undecided,New]21:14
Nightroseapachelogger__: ^21:16
Nightrosesboden: nice :)21:16
* apachelogger__ should adopt sboden21:17
sbodenlol :D... Is this the right group to get such a bug fix applied, or is there another one?21:17
\shApachelogger to Sboden: "I'm your father" ,->21:17
apachelogger__sboden: technically it would be kubuntu-devel since amarok isn't part of universe, but main21:18
apachelogger__sboden: is adept_batch installed?21:18
sbodenapachelogger_: on kubuntu yes... the line before the fix checks whether it's installed executable21:19
sbodenapachelogger_: it's in fact an ugly script to do all kinds of update managers, but right now the kubuntu bits are broken21:20
apachelogger__yeah, the script is not what I would like to see on a sunny day21:21
apachelogger__sboden: why is the patch so big?21:21
sbodenapachelogger: don't know... I took original dget -x ...dsc; change script; dch -i; debuild -S -sa21:23
crimsunDktrKranz: pong21:23
apachelogger__sboden: oh, for such a change, please only attach a patch for the file21:24
DktrKranzcrimsun, do you plan to have a look at bug 55706 soon?21:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 55706 in python-uncertainities "python-uncertainities python2.3/2.4 breakage." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5570621:24
apachelogger__sboden: or create a debdiff in case you also add an changelog entry etc.21:24
persiaSo...  There's a netbeans on REVU.  It now builds with stuff in the archive or in NEW.  It's a lot cleaner than the netbeans we have.  Anyone object to me just uploading?  It won't pass REVU easily, as it still isn't 100% packaging clean (although this can be fixed post-feature freeze).21:24
crimsunDktrKranz: I can look now21:24
persiaI think the licensing is good, but there are 3000 source files, and I have to admit I've not read them all carefully.21:24
persiaIf anyone has time now to give it a look, and make any suggestions for things to fix before I might upload, I'm more than willing to listen.21:25
crimsunDktrKranz: oh, that's just missing administrivia; feel free to "hijack" it from me as necessary21:26
crimsunDktrKranz: i.e., no, I don't plan to do anything further with it presently.21:27
frafuRainCT: thanks for reviewing, correcting and uploading the upgrade of mousetweaks yesterday :-)21:27
DktrKranzcrimsun, debdiff seems good, I need to check if it is still valid and eventually "sponsor" you (I know, it sound weird)21:27
RainCTfrafu: yw :)21:28
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rhpot1991_laptopRainCT: just uploaded those changes, gotta drive home through the snow now, hit up rhpot1991 if you see anything else and I'll respond when I get home, thanks21:31
crimsunDktrKranz: still valid, yes.21:33
DktrKranzcrimsun, ok. I'll go for the upload, then21:33
slangaseklool: congrats21:34
* persia wants an Apache Derby package to replace sunwderby and sun-java6-javadb and the sun-javadb on REVU.21:36
loolslangasek: Thanks!21:36
TheMusolool: Congrats!21:41
sbodenapachelogger_: debdiff now also attached to LP #187406 (+ additional change to use absolute path for adept_batch)21:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187406 in amarok "[hardy] Amarok install-mp3 fails silently" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18740621:41
loolTheMuso: Thanks again!21:41
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persiapochu: I can't get the get-orig-source for libini4j to work.  Would you mind if I upload with just a watch file?  While uscan seems to talk to sourceforge just fine to check the version, it won't download the zip file.21:46
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* persia , rapidly running out of functional attention, uploads libini4j-java and netbeans, expecting to address any complaints post-NEW.21:56
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warp10MOTUs, please review my package gbemol (a graphical frontend for MPD). http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gbemol21:57
mr_pouitmmh, I forgot the "REVU:", too bad ;/22:02
persiamr_pouit: No issues.  At least the package got in :)22:02
ScottK\sh_away: I'd prefer to see your packages with less restrictive licensing (i.e. put all the possible options in debian/copyright and not just Artistic).22:06
persiaAnAnt: My apologies, but I've run out of time.  I won't be able to review ubuntume-gdm-themes for at least another 14 hours, which may well be far too late.22:07
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RainCTlool: gratz22:11
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RAOFpersia: Thanks very much for your review.22:14
persiaRAOF: Sorry I couldn't get anywhere with do-plugins, but you've other fans :)22:15
RAOFpersia: That's fine.  It needs gnome-do to build, so it's harder.22:15
persiaRAOF: If also needs some combination of things that cannot be satisfied by the current archives.  I was getting snakeoil related errors trying to manually install the build-deps in a clean chroot.22:17
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persiaI'm sure it's fine for an already installed system, but the buildds might choke.22:17
RAOFI built it in a schroot yesterday.22:17
RAOFSo it can work.  Maybe the archives are a little bit churned this close to FF :)22:18
persiaVery likely.  We need more freeze deadlines to spread out the load :)22:20
RAOFHm.  The new FSF address is 51 Franklin st, yes?22:21
persiaRAOF: less /usr/share/lintian/checks/copyright-file.desc22:22
RAOFAh.  Cool.22:22
* RAOF was using common-licenses/LGPL-2.122:22
* persia notes that the world will break between when the FSF moves and that file is updated.22:22
crimsunRAOF: for GPLv2, yes.22:23
RAOFcrimsun: Thanks.  Found time to test the multiarch alsa? :)22:24
DktrKranzdoes anybody know if python-support is able to substitute ${python:Depends} with "python2.4" instead of "python (<< 2.5)" ?22:24
crimsunRAOF: no, sorry, not yet.22:24
crimsunRAOF: between work and commuting, getting a reliable update is rather difficult22:25
RAOFThat's fine.  Just curious.22:25
POX__DktrKranz: use hardcoded python version in hashbang22:25
RainCTrhpot1991: only a little detail and you have my advocation :); see my comment on REVU.22:25
POX__or try dh_pysupport's "-V" option22:25
POX__(dunno if the second one will work)22:26
DktrKranzPOX__, I wanted to avoid hardcoded dependencies22:26
POX__DktrKranz: so why do you want python2.4 in Depends ?22:26
RAOFpysupport -V should give depends of python >> 2.3 and python << 2.5, right?22:27
DktrKranzPOX__, because package is compatible with python2.4 only, and it won't install because Ubuntu ships python >= 2.522:28
RainCTDktrKranz: well, so you need to hardcode the shabang to python2.4 anyways, as else it would execute it with 2.5 even if 2.4 is installed22:29
persiaDktrKranz: Depending on what the package does during build, you may need to hardcode python2.4 in debian/rules anyway, or end up with #!/usr/bin/python in your script files.22:29
DktrKranzIIRC, shebangs are already OK, but I'll have a look.22:30
persiaRainCT: Even hardcoding in the source doesn't always help if you use distutils and build on a system with python2.5 installed (like the Ubuntu buildds)22:30
DktrKranzFYI, package is python-wsgiref22:30
POX__python2.4 setup.py22:30
POX__and you have hardcoded hashbangs22:31
POX__oh, wsgiref :)22:31
* POX__ sponsored this one22:31
POX__DktrKranz: replace "python (<<2.5) | python2.4" with "python2.4" (or fix sbuild)22:32
POX__in build depends22:32
DktrKranzPOX__, yes. I already did it since it FTBFS22:33
POX__and do some cdbs magic to force python2.422:33
* DktrKranz needs to study cdbs...22:33
POX__DEB_PYTHON_COMPILE_VERSION=2.4 or something like that22:34
POX__dont remember exactly22:34
DktrKranzme too22:34
RAOFDktrKranz: Check out Miro, I'm pretty sure that does what you want.22:34
DktrKranzRAOF, thanks for the pointer, I'll have a look at it22:35
RAOFWell, not quite.  It hardcodes for the version of python that boost-python is built against.  Still, it uses CDBS and does that sort of magic.22:35
RainCTgood night22:36
DktrKranznight RainCT22:36
DktrKranzPOX__, do you plan to switch to 2.5 soon?22:36
DktrKranzor is it too late for Lenny?22:37
POX__Lenny will have 2.5 as default22:37
DktrKranzso, wsgiref has to be adjusted in Debian too soon. I'll contact Debian maint about it to coordinate efforts22:38
POX__no need, we already know what's wrong22:39
POX__(sbuild mainly)22:39
DktrKranzmh... "Depends: python (>= 2.3) | python2.3, python (<< 2.5), python-support (>= 0.7.1)"22:54
RAOF"Albumb.  It's like plumb"22:57
blueyedpersia: regarding the jedit package, you've said that debian/rules is no shell script and I should use make vars and syntax there.. I'm not entirely sure, what you mean.. as far as I can see it would make the whole target more ugly.23:00
RAOFCan anyone cast their eyes over gnome-do (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gnome-do) for (what should be, really really) the final time?  It should only need a brief check; it's had 2 advocates in the past.23:34
RAOFI'm prepared to offer reciprocal review/advocation at this point :)23:36
blueyedRAOF: the Homepage field should have a trailing slash.. ;)23:38
HighNohm, my package blueproximity is accepted and according to REVU it has been uploaded already about 12h ago. It does not show up in the repository though. It can't be found on the webpage http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/allpackages and it can't be found by apt-get. The bug for inclusion LP# 137339 is also 'in Progress'23:40
RAOFblueyed: Really?  OK.23:40
blueyedyou may clean the head of debian/rules23:40
RAOFHighNo: It'll take some time to build/negotiate NEW.23:40
RAOFblueyed: The dh-make boilerplate comments?23:40
blueyedRAOF: at least I think so. hostname+path.23:40
NafalloFujitsu: ping23:40
RAOFHighNo: Basically, your work here is done.  For the moment :)23:41
blueyedRAOF: you should use cdbs, too, for the future. at's a less more verbose in debian/rules!23:42
RAOFblueyed: At the expense of being totally impenetrable :P23:42
RAOFblueyed: You'll notice do-plugins uses CDBS, because I presumed it'd be a simpler package.23:43
RAOFI quite like having all the steps laid out in front of me ;)23:43
blueyedomg.. s/less more/lot less/23:43
blueyedyes, but most are all the same, e.g. patch/unpatch.. just depends on what you include.23:44
RAOFYeah.  CLI packages have quite a lot of non-CDBS-magic in them.23:44
blueyedchangelog should only list "Initial Package"?23:44
* blueyed does not know cli (just command line interface for that)23:45
RAOFCommon Language Infrastructure, aka CIL aka mono/.NET/gnudotnet/etc.23:46
geserHighNo: it's still in source NEW: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text=blue23:46
blueyedah.. heard about mono quite a bit.. ;)23:46
emetI read the Ubuntu packaging guide, and I am confused, how can I have a shell script execute on package install and a different one on package remove?23:47
RAOFemet: You'd be after the postinst/postrm maintainer scripts.23:47
geseremet: it's done in the postinst and prerm scripts23:47
emetdoes the flashplayer-nonfree use those?23:47
emetit seems to download flash when you install the package23:48
emetflash is not actually in the package23:48
RAOFYes; flashplugin-nonfree is almost entirely postinst/prerm scripts.23:48
blueyedRAOF: a comment in the desktop file would be nice. gets displayed nicely in kde423:49
emetI'll take a look at that package then23:49
geseremet: if you interested in the "documentation" for those scripts see http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-maintainerscripts.html23:50
RAOFblueyed: There already *is* a comment in the desktop file?23:51
emetspeaking of the flashplayer-nonfree package23:52
emetit seems adobe changed their installer slightly, causing flashplayer-nonfree to fail because of MD5 mismatch23:52
emetthis was about a week ago23:52
geseremet: gutsy?23:52
RAOFblueyed: Anything else?23:53
blueyedRAOF: yes, sorry. I've only looked at the patch and thought you added a desktop file..23:54
geserdoes someone remember the status of the flashplugin-nonfree for gutsy?23:55
RAOFblueyed: Ok.  I'll add a comment to the patch then.  I thought it would have been obvious by the name, but it clearly isn't.23:55
geseremet: there should be a new flashplugin-nonfree in gutsy-updates ( Does it still have a problem with the md5sum?23:56
blueyedRAOF: I've only looked at the patch chunk, without realizing that it's not just added. the name is clear I think.23:56
emetgeser, no, this was last week, I havn't checked again23:57
emetgeser, I figured you guys would find it very fast23:57
RAOFblueyed: I'll add a comment anyway.  It's simple to do and uncommented patches annoy me sometimes.23:58
blueyedRAOF: your copyright file is sweet. /me obviously has not fully read the proposal. I've only used Files, Copyright, License fields.23:58
RAOFHeh.  Yes, I think that proposal actually makes writing copyright files easier, too.23:59

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