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asacUbulette: ok i think the idea is to rename firefox bin package to firefox-309:23
asacaeh firefox-209:23
asacand using a virtual package |firefox| that depends on firefox-3 to do the transition09:24
warp10Hi all!10:42
asacwarp10: there are two ways to implement this for seamonkey:10:43
asac1. patching the seamonkey source to add a new menu entry10:43
asac2. writing an extension that overlays the menu and adds a new menu entry10:43
asaci would suggest to do 1. first10:43
asacand if 1 works we can consider to make an extension out of it10:44
asacwarp10: do you know how to build seamonkey from upstream sources?10:44
warp10asac: mmm... I have just worked on sources packages and packaged a couple of software, building seamonkey shouldn't be so much different, right?10:45
asaca bit10:46
asacget the upstream source (e.g. maybe use the current orig.tar.gz)10:47
warp10I downloaded the source package already, so I have it10:47
asacthen add a .mozconfig file with content:10:47
asacac_add_options --enable-application=suite10:47
asacac_add_options --enable-debug10:47
asacac_add_options --disable-optimize10:47
asacon top i would suggest an entry to set a different build location (so the source stays clean):10:48
asacmk_add_options MOZ_OBJDIR=/home/asac/moz-objdir10:48
asac^^ this should go on top10:48
asacadapt it according to a location you like10:48
asacbuild with10:48
asacmake -f client.mk build10:48
asac(this will be a debug build and will require about 5G of disk space :))10:49
asacwhen build has finished you can run seamonkey in /home/asac/moz-objdir/dist/bin/10:49
asaconce you have a working build we can look how to make the changes ;)10:49
warp10asac: ok, it is going10:52
warp10asac: mmm... build failed :(11:01
warp10asac: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55707/ these are the last lines, do you need more?11:02
asacwarp10: instll build dependenciesof seamonkey package11:15
asacsudo apt-get build-dep seamonkey ... but i guess you have have11:16
asacyu need apatch most likely11:16
asaclook in seamonkey source package debian/patches/ directroy11:16
asacUbulette: which patch is it? ^^11:18
warp10asac: well, some build-deps were missing indeed11:20
asacwarp10: try 13_bz344818_att264996.patch11:21
asacyou need to run autoconf2.13 after applying that11:21
warp10asac: ok, patched and building now11:24
warp10asac: mmm... not so good: same error as before :(11:33
asacdid you run autoconf2.13 after patching?11:35
warp10asac: I did. No output from that11:35
asacwarp10: maybe that patch only helps for system cairo ... i am doing a test build now ... you can try to add another option to .mozconfig:11:40
asac--disable-tests you want as well i guess11:42
asacand take care that configure is actually rerun during build11:42
asace.g. if its not run automatically after touching .mozconfig you might want to run make -f client.mk clean distclean before bulding11:43
[reed]asac: mozilla bug 41696911:45
ubotuMozilla bug 416969 in RSS Discovery and Preview "When subscribing to an RSS feed, no default applications are listed" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41696911:46
[reed]looks like a ubuntu problem11:46
warp10asac: ok, I did everything an I can confirm the configure run. Rebuilding now11:46
asac[reed]: which defaulta pp is there for you?11:47
[reed]you mean what does the drop-down say?11:48
asac[reed]: you claimed that we have something that you have ;)11:48
asacso yes, what is the drop-down saying :)11:48
[reed]"Live Bookmarks", "Bloglines", "My Yahoo", "Google" and trunk has "Choose Application" (not sure if branch has that)11:49
asaci have "subscribe" ... "choose application ...", "my yahoo", "bloglines", "google"11:49
asacso its the same for firefox-3.011:49
asac[reed]: i think the reporter complains about that choose application ... doesn't guess any default app11:50
asacif i select liferea through choose application ... it will be added to that menu later on11:51
[reed]true, but where would get we get some "default app" from?11:51
[reed]also, why is that guy running
asacthrough mime-type ... as always ;)11:51
asac[reed]: is what ubuntu gutsy has on CD (as it was current) ... he most likely didn't run any update/upgrades yet11:52
[reed]and he's jonathan@ubuntu.com? not running updates? tsk11:52
asacmaybe he used a live-cd to test this?11:53
asacno idea11:53
asacwarp10: oh in case it fails with some visibility issues you need debian/patches/20_force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.3.patch as well11:54
asac(run autoconf2.13 too)11:54
asaci think that should be the last11:54
asac(sorry forgot most things about the old branch where seamonkey 1.8 is from)11:55
warp10asac: ok. It's still running and looks like the critical point is behind us (crossing fingers)11:56
asacyeah lets hope12:00
asacotherwise you need the pach above as well unfortunatley12:00
warp10asac: if this build test ends successfully, what is the next step? Making changes and building again?12:03
asacyes ... you don't need full rebuilds ... usually you go to your MOZ_OBJDIR (in .mozconfig) ... and just run make12:04
asacsometimes even running make in just subdirectory is enough ... but depends on what you are changing12:05
asacwarp10: the change would be adding a menu item for the help menu12:05
warp10asac: yeah, I gave a look to ubufox as you suggested in the bug report12:06
asacok .. should be similar then12:07
asacyou need the javascript function that runs apport to report the bug12:07
asacnext we want to create apport hooks that gather some valuable information from the users profile (e.g. what extensions/plugins are installed)12:08
asacwe have that in firefox atm12:08
warp10asac: so looks like I need ubufoxReportBug() within content/overlay.js, perhaps ...12:09
asac[reed]: any news on a native application picker for gtk?12:09
asacwarp10: yeah ... first figure out where the help menu for seamonkey is in12:09
asacthen there is probably a .js file already that you could use to add that function12:09
[reed]is there a bug on that? I would think we could support that pretty easily12:09
asacmozilla bug 39770012:12
ubotuMozilla bug 397700 in File Handling "Implement application selector (nsIMIMEInfo.possibleLocalHandlers) for Linux" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39770012:12
asacmight be related12:12
[reed]hmm, it's a blocker12:13
asac[reed]: my vision would be something you get when right clicking on file in nautilus and say "open with other ..."12:13
asaccurrently trying to figure if that dialog is available insome gnome lib12:13
[reed]ok, I'm going to go study a bit and take a short nap before I have a test12:15
[reed]boo, tests :(12:15
asac[reed]: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/apppick.png ... good luck12:16
[reed]yeah, that looks useful12:16
[reed]figure out the api behind that and post some urls / links12:16
[reed]or supply a patch!12:16
warp10asac: good news! I just launched seamonkey :)12:19
asacwelcome .)12:20
warp10asac: I'm not sure where I should look for the help menu12:25
asacwarp10: try xpfe/communicator/resources/content/utilityOverlay.xul to start12:27
warp10asac: ahh... ok, I found the menu part12:28
asac[reed]: i will work on upstream code again after Feature Freeze (which is end of this week);12:38
warp10asac: what about this? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55721/12:43
asacwarp10: looks good ... try to not make unneeded changes ;) (line 23 and newline removed in line 7 should go to line 10 i guess)12:45
warp10asac: yeah, it is :) I'll fix that. What about the position of the item within the menu?12:46
asachmm ... maybe place it below the menu separator12:46
asacand put another separator below that12:46
asacafaik other overlays anchour their new menu entries at that separator12:47
asacbut in the end just look at the final result12:47
asacwe might want other menu entries (e.g. look at what ubufox ships as well)12:47
warp10asac: ok. I'll do that and add launchpad and online help too12:47
warp10asac: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55722/ http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55723/ Do I need to add something else to the .js?13:17
asacwarp10: yes, s/firefox/seamonkey/ and s/feisty/hardy/13:21
asacand file a bug against ubufox that it still refers to feisty for "Get Help" and "Translate applicatioN" :)13:21
warp10asac: ok. I have to go AFK for a while, so I'll do that once I'm back :)13:23
asacwarp10: sure ;) we can go on whenever you want :)13:25
warp10asac: ok, I'm back and I think the source is ready. Is there a way to test the new menu without rebuilding the whole thing?14:20
asactry to build just the xpfe directory in the MOZ_OBJDIR14:21
asace.g. cd $MOZ_OBJDIR/xpfe14:21
asacor even the communicator dir therein14:21
warp10asac: looks like I have broken the menu14:31
asacwarp10: replace the &...; entities with real words14:33
asacyou probably lack the translations for that14:33
warp10asac: ah, works now :)14:34
warp10asac: the problem was the "&"14:35
asacline 17 or 19?14:36
asacor both14:36
asacthats an entity. it most likely just isn't defined anywhere14:37
asac(translatable entity)14:37
warp10(and corresponding ones for the other two menus)14:37
asactry to search where the other access keys are defined14:37
asacand how thats done14:37
asac(for the log: i don't think that accesskeys are important in this case anyway)14:40
warp10asac: i found the .dtd where accesskeys and labels are listed.14:45
warp10I don't see any accesskey that I can use for this bug, anyway14:46
asacwarp10: thats fine ... don't use any then14:49
warp10asac: ok. Unfortunately, I have another problem: the three new item doesn't actually work14:51
warp10If I click them, nothing happens. something wrong with the .js?14:51
asacwarp10: look in the javascript/error console for eventual errors14:55
warp10asac: it just says: Error: ubufoxReportBug is not defined15:01
warp10Source File: chrome://navigator/content/navigator.xul15:01
warp10Line: 115:01
asacyeah ... then the .js file is not found15:01
asacmost likely you didn't add it to the jar.mn15:01
warp10(sorry if I answer a little late sometime, today it's a very busy day for me :-S)15:01
asacthats ok15:01
warp10jar.mn? Oh, I didn't know about that15:02
asacwarp10: did you find it?15:09
asacyou need to add _new_ files you want to become part of the chrome there (e.g. the .js file of ubufox)15:10
asacplay abit around with it and look with unzip -l /path/to/xpi/file.xpi15:10
asachow its included afterwards15:10
warp10asac: I did and I fixed that but I have another issue with openUILink15:11
warp10Error: openUILink is not defined15:11
warp10Source File: chrome://communicator/content/reportbug.js15:11
warp10Line: 2715:11
asacwarp10: maybe thats defined in a different .js file in ubufox?15:13
asacjust steal the code then and add it to reportbug.js15:13
asacmaybe rename that to ubutumenu.js15:13
warp10asac: I don't see that function in other .js within ubufox, indeed.15:16
asacok thats firefox specific15:22
asacits defined http://lxr.mozilla.org/seamonkey/source/browser/base/content/utilityOverlay.js#11715:22
asaci think you can do it like:15:22
asacmaybe create a new helper function in your .js file for that15:23
asace.g. just window.openDialog15:24
asaclike in plain html/javascript?15:24
asacno ida if openDialog exists there15:24
warp10asac: should the new page be opened in _blank?15:27
asachmmm ... what does firefox do atm?15:35
warp10asac: mmm... it opens a new window, so _blank should be fine15:36
warp10asac: looks like we are almost done, just one more thing: seamonkey shows a (U) close to the item in the menu. How can I fix that?15:40
warp10I guess it is related to the missing accesskeys and labels, isn't it?15:40
asacwarp10: missing labels?15:45
asachow that?15:45
asachmmm ... maybe ( don't know) it could be a debug build feature to mark strings that are not translatable15:46
asacmake them translatable (at least the labels)15:46
asacbut see that it doesn't break if you run seamonkey with a different locale15:46
asacbut maybe we should do that when we have intgrated those changes to our bzr branch15:46
warp10asac: Ok, I'll leave that unchanged, so. The whole changes list is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55750/16:38
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shirishasac: you up buddy?16:45
asacwarp10: ok ... next we need to integrat that change into the package ... but i will be gone soon. will be back later for a while (in ~3 hours) or tomorrow and so on16:55
asacshirish: a bit ;)16:55
shirishasac: glad, there was something I came to also know, so perhaps the crashes might not have to do anything at all with firefox.16:55
shirishasac: do you know about this new library, its supposed to be integrated with lib-glib16:56
warp10asac: I merged the changes into the package already and I'm building in a clean pbuilder envy. If build is successfull, probably I can attacch the debdiff to the bug report16:56
shirishintegrated into libglib16:56
shirishwarp10: what are u building?16:57
* shirish curious16:57
warp10shirish: seamonkey, for bug #19084516:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190845 in seamonkey "seamonkey has no Help > Report Problem in Help Menu" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19084516:57
shirishwarp10: oh thank u, I put that one up :)16:57
shirishasac: the new library is basically for doing all i/o in gnome. So that's another possibility, what do you think?16:58
warp10shirish: I annoyed asac for the whole day, since I never tackled a bug involving mozilla team and I am not very familiar with Mozilla development. On the other hand, I learned a lot of things today :)16:59
shirishwarp10: well, me neither & I'm just a user & I annoy them everytime, both asac as well as Ubulette_17:00
shirishbut they are good to me :)17:00
warp10shirish: I'm sure of that :)17:01
shirishwarp10: when u are done with this one, mind trying to do the same for Amaya? That's a nice tool, pity many people don't know about it.17:04
warp10shirish: infact I have never used amaya so far. I'll try to fix that too, anyway. :)17:06
shirishtry the old version, you'll love the way it looks, forget the functionality & all that ;)17:06
warp10:D ok!17:07
shirishby old version, I mean the one which is on hardy17:07
warp10new version upstream not synced yet?17:08
shirishnope, there is an old version for which I gave a sync request about a day back.17:09
shirishold as in about a yr. back.17:09
shirishthere would be a new one in the near future, but who knows when that near future would be.17:10
shirishI mean as in upstream development17:10
* asac hsa to run ... bbl17:11
warp10shirish: I am just looking to your sync request. It will be never accepted if you don't subscribe u-u-s for it17:11
shirishwhat's u-u-s ? Universe Sponsors or something like that?17:12
warp10shirish: yeah, ubuntu-universe-sponsors. I just subscribed it17:12
warp10Once they ack your sync request, an archive admin will do the real sync17:13
shirishok, hmm... so this is with all the packages? where I want them to be synced with debian?17:13
warp10shirish: it is. sponsors review your request and check if Ubuntu really needs it, but if you don't subscribe them to the bug, they will miss it17:14
shirishaha, ok, will remember it then.17:14
shirishwarp10: I want to subscribe u-u-s, what should I write in the person's name when subscribing other?17:19
shirishanother bug, another sync request.17:19
warp10shirish: sorry, I didn't understand. May you elaborate?17:20
shirishwarp10: When one tries to subscribe somebody else, one should either know their e-mail address or something like that in the space/drop-down menu on which one clicks choose, what did u put up there?17:22
warp10shirish: just type exactely "ubuntu-universe-sponsors"17:22
shirishdid & they are now proud owners of another sync request ;)17:23
shirishwarp10: did u realize u just taught me something ;)17:23
warp10shirish: it's just the soul of FOSS: if I have an idea and you have one idea, and we share them, we have two ideas each! :)17:25
shirishthat unfortunately for MS is true ;)17:25
warp10shirish: indeed, but they don't rock like we do! ;)17:26
shirishI think that's true of most of the free software distributions, one way or the other, but we all feed on & off each other.17:27
shirishwarp10: btw u-u-s would be so sorry now that I know them, for I would be much more vigilant.17:30
warp10shirish: well, you can became a MOTU: this will allow acking for yourself :D17:33
shirishwarp10: have no coding, packaging skills at all, just can tell people, this is broken and this needs to be synced, can do bit of gdb & strace & valgrind but that's about it.17:34
warp10shirish: I am not a coder and I learned everything about packaging in the last 4 months, but my mentor says I'm almast ready to apply as MOTU. If I could, you can too. ;)17:36
shirishwarp10: cool, that is cool for sure :)17:36
warp10indeed! Being MOTU is not just writing patch and bugfixing, it involves a lot of other things that (almost) anyone can do. We are having Developers Week (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek) soon, that's a great moment to get started! :)17:38
shirishwarp10: I know I do happen to read sometime the ubuntu-devel but haven't seen the wiki yet.17:47
shirishasac: any idea if ff is ever going to move out of cvs?18:01
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rajiasac, r u there?18:32
armin76[reed]: around?19:07
[reed]armin76: yep19:07
armin76http://nvd.nist.gov/nvd.cfm?cvename=CVE-2008-0416 <- anyone knows something about that?19:07
ubotu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2008-0416)19:07
armin76that's rather weird19:08
armin76the ubuntu changelog says: * MFSA 2008-04 aka CVE-2008-0416: Multiple XSS vulnerabilities from19:08
armin76    character encoding19:08
ubotu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2008-0416)19:08
armin76bug MFSA 2008-04  is Stored password corruption19:08
armin76http://nvd.nist.gov/nvd.cfm?cvename=CVE-2008-0420 <- another one19:09
ubotu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2008-0420)19:09
[reed]sounds like a problem with ubuntu's CVEs19:09
[reed]or is this an issue on mozilla's pages somewhere?19:09
armin76but i found it rather strange :P19:11
armin76saying that a vuln has been fixed and the report doesn't say anything19:11
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Ubulettefor MSFA, I use http://www.mozilla.org/projects/security/known-vulnerabilities.html19:20
Ubulettethat's what I used for the latest seamonkey19:20
Ubulette[reed], trunk is broken http://paste.ubuntu.com/4517/19:41
[reed]that's an easy fix19:42
[reed]file a bug19:42
[reed]rename GetMessage to GetMessageMoz19:42
Ubulettemaybe it's already fixed. my buildbot got that nearly 2h ago19:44
[reed]doubt it19:53
[reed]webservices isn't part of the build19:53
[reed]Ubulette: I just got rs= to fix it19:58
[reed]I'll commit a fix19:58
Ubuletteoh, thanks19:58
[reed]committed... give it 10 min. and then try again20:07
Ubulette[reed], is b3 officially out ? I don't see anything in my usual channels20:11
[reed]couple more hours20:12
Ubulettewhat happened ?20:12
[reed]what do you mean?20:15
Ubulettei was supposed to be released yesterday according to tons of moz blogs20:16
[reed]today's always been scheduled20:17
[reed]for the last several weeks at least20:17
rhelmer|afkUbulette: we don't release before 3pm, to be nice to our mirrors21:06
rhelmer|afkUbulette: doing final testing now21:06
Ubuletteok, thanks21:07
warp10asac (and whoever): regarding the bug in ubufox (still opening feisty pages for help and translations), should I update pfs/db/sources.list.7.10 too?21:17
asacwarp10: whats in there?21:19
asacthat should be gutsy21:19
warp10asac: it is, but shouldn't it be updates to hardy?21:20
asacarmin76: don't bother about them21:20
asacall the info available is the ones in ubuntu changelog. moz security group knows it and thinks its ok21:21
asac(read: it was a glitch)21:21
asaci don't want to tell the full story now ... but remember me in a while21:22
armin76asac: thanks21:23
armin76gentoo bug 20998721:23
armin76bad ubotu :P21:23
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Ubulette[reed], still broken21:54
UbulettensSOAPMessage.cpp:68: error: no 'nsresult nsSOAPMessage::GetMessageMoz(nsIDOMDocument**)' member function declared in class 'nsSOAPMessage'21:54
Ubulettebefore, it was21:55
UbulettensSOAPException.cpp:63: error: no 'nsresult nsSOAPException::GetMessage(char**)' member function declared in class 'nsSOAPException'21:55
armin76Ubulette: webservices aren't going to be fixed unless you file a bug :)23:39

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