MythbuntuGuest53sounds pretty iffy00:00
MythbuntuGuest53hate to loose all that data I have saved to disk00:00
MythbuntuGuest53Thanks for checking00:01
nailsgreetings all.00:30
nailsI am looking to setup mythtv on ubuntu but have a basic question, How is the linux box cabled in, sat -> linux box -> tv?00:31
cellwind929hi, I am trying to install a Hauppage HVR-1600 in ubuntu, I have isntalled the driver, but am on the part where I have to copy the windows firmware files to a linux director and I don't know where that is. here are the instructions im following: http://ivtvdriver.org/index.php/Cx1800:44
cellwind929Is it just the /lib/firmware/ directory or is it something else?00:45
lime4x4where else do i have to change for 16.9 aspect?01:29
lime4x4I changed in mythtv but when watching tv it's in 4.3 asspect01:29
hansoffateHi, anyone here can help me trouble shoot an STB?02:34
sshirleyhi all04:00
sshirleyCan anyone tell me why, with my mythbuntu box, whenever i bootup, i ahve to change my video settings (screen type and video driver)? i'll set them but the next time i bootup, the defaults are there.04:01
HelvascaI restarted and now I can't acess my backend :(04:45
hansoffatehey, anyone here?07:21
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HighNohansoffate: yes07:33
HighNohansoffate: but most likely I can't help as I am new to mythbuntu. anyway ask a question.07:34
hansoffatedo you know anythign about setitng up an STB?07:34
hansoffateoh ok07:34
rhpot1991_laptopwhat exactly do you mean by STB07:35
rhpot1991_laptopirblasting it07:35
hansoffateset top box07:49
hansoffateno connecting it via firewire07:49
rhpot1991_laptophansoffate: I know wiki.mythtv.org has some info07:50
hansoffatei folowed it but it didn't quite work out07:52
hansoffaterhpot1991_laptop: it looks like it should be working07:53
rhpot1991_laptopnot really sure what to tell you haven't ever done that myself sorry07:54
hansoffateahh, its alright, thanks for theh elp anywas07:58
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Helvascaanyone feeling helpful13:11
af1morning everyone14:21
af1i finally got my ir blaster working from the command line, and installed the change-channel-lirc script.  do i need to create a second lirc instance to get the remote to ir blaster working?14:22
af1seem to be missing one last step14:22
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keescooksuperm1: hi! just now back from holiday.  do you still need the lirc sponsoring?17:40
cmugHi. Could someone help me get screensavers installed on mythbuntu 7.10 xfce4 desktop?18:45
cmugI only have Bland installed, and installing all kind of rss-glx packages don't show up18:46
beexwaxhi all19:12
npurcifulalright put on your thinking caps SVN trunk LiveTV causes buffer underruns but watching record doesn't. it does it only on HDTV, cpu max is 50%19:13
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fuhgawzi have installed mythbuntu 7.1019:21
fuhgawzhow can i upgrade mythtv to svn version19:22
fuhgawzits a tutorial out there19:22
directhexmythbuntu.org has a link for setting up svn builds19:26
npurcifulthat was a stupid problem to have, i unchecked the 'extra audio buffer'19:36
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grawgrawHi.  I want to run myth-tv like an application inside ubuntu, in the mythbuntu setup app, should I check the "ubuntu" tick under "mythtv config" ?20:02
directhexyou could just install mythtv-frontend in ubuntu20:06
hadssuperm1: Anduin commited the Python bindings last night if it's not too late to do the packaging thing before freeze.20:25
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wotten_I recently updated the kernel through ubuntu updates and had to reload v4l-dvb......23:27
wotten_the module is recognized but I can't get any video out the card....23:27
wotten_do I need to re-install the v4l-dvb drivers?23:27
directhexdid you compile the v4l drivers yourself?23:32
wotten_yes...I'm using a dvb card that isn't supported with the kernel release23:35
wotten_do I need to un-make something?23:37
directhexyou need to rebuild hand-made modules after every kernel update23:39
wotten_I followed the same instructions I originally used to build it23:41
Salvat0reanyone can help me23:42
Salvat0rei have problem with technotrend s-3200 card tv23:42
superm1hads, argh, yeah just barely in time then :)23:47
superm1keescook, yeah i od23:47
superm1do even23:47
hadssuperm1: Sweet :) Thanks.23:48
keescooksuperm1: okay, so the lirc-ubuntu5-ubuntu6.debdiff from Feb 10 is still valid?  I'll get it building23:48
superm1keescook, yeah i havent touched it since then23:48
keescooksuperm1: I don't know squat about dkms, but I like seeing lots of shell code disappear.  ;)  I'll get it uploaded, thanks!23:53
superm1keescook, yeah dkms is some awesome stuff, just a pain to get working23:58
superm1thanks :)23:58
keescooknp!  uploaded.  :)23:59

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