mneptokmmm .... turkey.00:18
LjLdiamond5pam spammed #ubuntu for a long time (except he was muted by the bots) then went on to spam #kubuntu when i banned him from #ubuntu00:19
LjLhe flooded #ubuntu for some 5 minutes... wow.00:21
mneptoki'm not seeing that00:22
mneptokhe /join'ed at :13 past amd was muted ~2m later00:22
LjLmneptok: of course not, the floodbot muted him after the first 6 lines00:22
LjLmneptok: but he *was* still going on with that when i got +o and banned him00:22
LjLnow [01:22:45] --> co_gHokiLzZ_____ has joined this channel (n=stmikdp@
LjLnice nickname huh00:23
naliothLjL: poke a staffer for anything5pam, please00:42
nalioththat is an unrepentent recidivist00:45
naliothsame guy who copies all of "War and Peace" or the whole of the GPL and pastes them into places00:45
LjLhad something to do with Alice this time apparently00:46
nalioth--in wonderland, perhaps?00:50
LjLi couldn't say that00:52
* nalioth likes to read, but hates spam00:54
jdongit was the best of worlds...01:10
LjLnalioth, see Gradies in #ubuntu02:08
LjLand #gentoo02:08
LjLseen it02:08
* nalioth has to get spooled up02:08
naliothwhen y'all kickban 'em, i have to type out their nicks02:08
LjLnalioth: meh... next time i'll mute without kicking, ok :P02:09
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)03:00
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)03:00
Jack_Sparrowmneptok: FYI hammer already got banned once today, and he is running through that one proxy Ljl set up..04:17
mneptokJack_Sparrow: beat me to it04:22
Jack_SparrowZero tolerance04:22
mneptokneed a tighter ban, though04:22
Jack_Sparrowplease adjust it04:22
Jack_Sparrowor tell me how04:23
mneptoki banned by host04:23
mneptokall he would have to do is change nicks and he could avoid that nick ban04:23
Jack_Sparrowgreat thanks04:23
mneptoknp np04:23
Jack_SparrowMy quick button needs work04:24
ubotubadkitty called the ops in #ubuntu ()08:20
jussi01Madpilot: good morning, you have access in #ubuntu?08:35
Madpilotjussi01, yes, I do. What's up?08:35
jussi01Madpilot: xmanxxxx swearing 08:36
=== mc44_ is now known as mc44
jussi01Madpilot: ie. [10:29] < xmanxxxx> the fucking ubuntu crash all08:36
Madpilotjust the once?08:36
jussi01twice now08:37
Madpilotmeh. I assume he's been warned? !ohmy and the rest?08:37
jussi01yeah, of course, just thought to let someone keep an eye on08:38
Madpilotwill do. 08:38
Madpilotthere's no 'xmanxxx' in #u right now, though08:38
* PriceChild wonders what happenned to him.10:44
jussi01PriceChild: eha?10:45
jussi01gah, stupid fat fingers10:45
jussi01gah, he disappeared..10:47
Hobbseenow, i could tell him that, if only he'd ask...10:48
Hobbseeah well, he'll come back10:50
ubotujasonn called the ops in #ubuntu-uk ()14:24
Mez!ops | "alpaco" is around and causing trouble, keep eyes peeled14:26
ubotu"alpaco" is around and causing trouble, keep eyes peeled: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Jack_Sparrow!14:26
ubotuMez called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ("alpaco" is around and causing trouble, keep eyes peeled)14:26
PiciMez: again?14:26
MezPici, yeah - I just had to ban from -uk14:26
PiciMez: we have a ident and realname ban on him for #ubuntu14:27
* Dave2 is keeping an eye on him.14:27
MezI know - I set them14:27
MezDave2, can you just kline him:14:27
Dave2I will if he does it again anywhere else.14:28
Mez* Bans matching jasonn!n=srv@ (Al Paco)14:28
Mez* *!?=srv@213.217.*14:28
Mez* Al?Paco14:28
MezDave2, he's done it in plenty of places14:28
Dave2but not that I personally have seen14:28
Mezhe's done it 4 or 5 times in #u - hence why I added the *!?=srv@213.217.*14:28
MezDave2, do you have access to the bantracker ?14:28
ubotuIn #ubuntu-irc, erUSUL said: !addingfs is <reply>If you are adding space to your Ubuntu installation mounting a newly created unix filesystem (ext3, xfs, jfs, etc) you can not set permissions (read writte etc) fs wide like you do when mounting fs that do not support unix permissions (vfat, ntfs, hfs, etc) with mount options like guid, uid and umask. Make directories inside the new file system and tweak the permissions of that folders to allow normal use14:29
Dave2probably not - but it's still something I'd want to see occurring personally, and from the looks of things, I can't see it being too long until it does happen again14:29
MezDave2, actually, it's open to all14:29
PiciMez: it was re-opened? since when?14:29
PiciMez: I tried it this weekend and it wouldnt work14:30
MezPici, I didn't know it was closed?14:30
PiciMez: Its still closed if you dont btlogin14:30
MezI knew it was opened a long time ago...14:30
Mezah, ok14:30
MezI thought btlogin just gave you edit perms14:30
PiciIt used to just do that.14:30
Mezlooks like some bans from -ir too14:31
Mezbtlogin uses LP right?14:32
PriceChildwell... "no"14:32
Mezah, I was just wondering how to find out it Dave2 was on it14:33
PriceChildits closed to anonymous users because of server load14:33
PriceChildi'm sure sev would give him access if he requested it14:33
MezPriceChild, I'm surprised he hasnt got it already14:33
MezerUSUL, can we help ?14:33
erUSULMez: just wanted to know if the factoid was added rejected edited ...14:34
jriberUSUL: is there a wiki page about the issue?14:34
erUSULjrib: no that i could find in 30 seconds14:34
erUSULbut i had the same concern ;) 15:17 < erUSUL> Pici: ok; i will work something out but i'm afraid it will end up a large one... maybe a wiki page is better?14:35
PiciI suggested that he submit the factoid and we'd take a look from there.14:36
erUSULalso forgot to point out that mount point permissions have no effect on the permissions of the mounted fs14:36
jribmaybe the !permissions wiki is a good place?14:36
erUSULthat's a common missconception too14:36
jribor create a new wiki page about mounting extra partitions, tell users to see the !permissions wiki page for filesystems that support it or !ntfs/!vfat wiki pages for others.  There's no fstab wiki page so it could talk about that too14:38
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE14:38
jribon second thought, that's the page to mention it14:39
erUSULjrib: what page? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions this?14:40
jribyeah, the "Editing Ubuntu's filesystem table" section talks about permissions with mount options14:41
jribbut the page never mentions what to do with ext3 and friends14:41
erUSULbut it is pretty windows/MacOs centric the script is for windows patitions only14:41
erUSULThe wiki page i mean14:42
jribThat's true, but the title suggests it shouldn't be14:42
erUSULjrib: it would mean a mayor rework of the page structure imho as all revolve around vfat/ntfs as it stands14:44
jribk, fair enough14:44
erUSULjrib: or we can add it at the end of the page as an afterthought (you know "minimal effort law") XD14:46
jribaddingfs is <reply>If you are adding space to your Ubuntu installation mounting a newly created unix filesystem (ext3, xfs, jfs, etc) you can not set permissions (read write etc) fs wide like you do when mounting fs that do not support unix permissions (vfat, ntfs, hfs, etc).  See !permissions14:46
MezDave2, he's also been causing trouble in #ubuntu-ir14:48
MezI've given them info on a ban to match him well14:48
erUSULSee !permissions covers the part about how to make normal users use the new space added14:48
Tm_Thi kids14:48
Tm_TMez: you pinged me some week(?) ago?14:48
erUSULjrib: ?14:48
jribThough I kind of dislike that !permissions links to a page on FHS that links you to the permissions page14:49
MezTm_T, lol - was it you who did the emulator site?14:49
jriberUSUL: yeah, that seems good to me14:49
Tm_TMez: emulator site? (apparently not me)14:49
Mezmusta been Tonio then14:50
erUSULjrib: well is ok to me thanks! 14:50
MezTm_T, sorry - I get you two mixed up14:51
jrib!addingfs is <reply>If you are adding space to your Ubuntu installation mounting a newly created unix filesystem (ext3, xfs, jfs, etc) you can not set permissions (read, write, etc) filesystem-wide like you do when mounting filesystems that do not support unix permissions (vfat, ntfs, hfs, etc).  See !permissions14:52
ubotuI'll remember that, jrib14:52
jribthanks erUSUL14:52
erUSULjrib: no problem ;) bye i leave you, mighty ones XD, alone14:57
Tm_TMez: no prob14:58
jrib!addingfs is <reply>If you are adding space to your Ubuntu installation mounting a newly created unix filesystem (ext3, xfs, jfs, etc) you can not set permissions (read, write, etc) filesystem-wide like you do when mounting filesystems that do not support unix permissions (vfat, ntfs, hfs, etc).  See !permissions and !fstab14:58
ubotuBut addingfs already means something else!14:58
jrib!no addingfs is <reply>If you are adding space to your Ubuntu installation mounting a newly created unix filesystem (ext3, xfs, jfs, etc) you can not set permissions (read, write, etc) filesystem-wide like you do when mounting filesystems that do not support unix permissions (vfat, ntfs, hfs, etc).  See !permissions and !fstab14:58
ubotuI'll remember that jrib14:58
popey!info parallels15:03
ubotuPackage parallels does not exist in gutsy15:03
popey^^ its in the canonical partner repo - does ubotu not know about that?15:03
popeyshould it? :)15:03
jribbug :)15:03
Mez@list plugins15:35
ubotuAdmin, Bantracker, Bugtracker, Channel, Config, Encyclopedia, Filter, FreenodeAuth, Lart, Math, Mess, Misc, Owner, Services, User, and Webcal15:36
Mez@list Bugtracker15:36
ubotuadd, list, remove, and rename15:36
Mez@config list Bugtracker15:36
Mez@config Bugtracker15:36
jussi01Mez: what are you tring to do?15:37
Mezfind out it's list of archives15:37
jdongMez =~ s/it's/its/g15:38
* jdong puts on a helmet...15:38
* Mez lols@the helmet15:38
jussi01@bugtracker list15:40
ubotuapache, ati.cchtml.com, bug, bughost.org, bugs.gentoo.org, bugs.ghostscript.com, bugs.opencompositing.org, bugzilla.mindrot.org, bugzilla.mozdev.org, bugzilla.pculture.org, bugzilla.xfce.org, cups, debian, django, freedesktop, freedesktop2, gaim, gcc, gnewsense, gnome, gnome2, issues.workrave.org, kde, launchpad, lp, madwifi, malone, mandriva, mozilla, novell, openoffice, openoffice.org, oss.codepoet.no, (1 more message)15:40
jussi01Mez: is that what you were after?15:41
Mezjussi01, nvm15:41
jdongjussi01: he was after getting !info pkgname distro to know about gutsy-partner15:41
jdongor a large chocolate bar15:42
jussi01jdong: ahhh yes15:42
jdongI forgot which15:42
* jussi01 thinks !java needs an update15:43
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)15:43
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.15:43
jussi01someone want to fix that?15:43
jdongboth are incorrect15:44
jdongfirst of all, it is just simply a runtime, not an interpretor15:44
jdong(unless you're using gij in which case burn in hell)15:44
jdongsun-java{5,6}-jre are the right ones, -jdk for compiler15:44
jdongthey're all in supported distros so no need for this backports stuff 15:44
jdongand icedtea-java7-* is new and FOSS in Gutsy/Hardy15:45
Jack_Sparrowjussi01:  please hold off on the enter key..  full sentences really help keep this readable15:52
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: ??15:52
* jussi01 whacks jdong for Jack_Sparrow 15:52
Jack_SparrowBoth of you15:52
Jack_SparrowJust getting punchy15:53
Jack_SparrowDidnt even realize I was in the ops room15:53
jussi01wel im off for a bit - someone fix that factoid if you have time :)15:54
Jack_Sparrownp  will do15:54
Jack_SparrowThe Dr changed my meds and I have not had a good nights sleep all week15:55
LjLchannel, for crying out loud, *channel*15:55
LjLno0tic: "room"15:57
MezLjL, -HASH- ubuntu-ops ;)15:57
no0ticjpatrick, hi16:30
jpatrickhi no0tic 16:32
PriceChild 16:34
LjLPriceChild: you're so right16:34
PriceChildI call that a design flaw of qwerty... having a backspace so close to return.16:34
PiciWhat a lousy tournament that must be if everyone wins.16:36
LjLkicks tournament!16:38
PriceChildWhat tournament?16:39
Pici11:32:48 <?Poker_Player> POKER TOURNAMENT --> EVERYBODY WINS MONEY !16:39
no0ticwhere?! I wanna play!16:42
TheSheepmoeny? no ponies? pffft!16:46
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore16:51
TheSheepbut when you install sighing doors, I'm leaving ;)16:54
Jack_SparrowWhy do we have a page in the forums promoting automatix and envy?   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51205917:05
jpatrick"Last install I had to use ENVY 3 times before it installed correctly."17:08
PriceChildJack_Sparrow, forums are forums.... users can write what they like17:20
PriceChildJack_Sparrow, PMing the user about it.17:21
Jack_SparrowWe should be able to pull something that bad17:21
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)17:21
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)17:21
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)17:21
PriceChildHaha you guys see that pwnage?17:21
jpatrickmeh, they get stupider everyday17:22
ikoniaJack_Sparrow the guy who has wrote the article classes himself as a "development user" which to my mind says "experienced" yet he's saying "it works as long as you use envy" this is back to front on every front17:23
MezOMG @ PriceChild that was AWS0MZ!17:23
PriceChildMez, I'm sure he got his lolz17:23
PriceChildwhoops my mistake17:42
ubotuDRebellion called the ops in #ubuntu (freepenguin)17:56
Seveasfreepenguin should be shot18:01
* jussi01 pulls out his IRC gun...18:03
PiciCpudan80: How can we help you today?18:15
Cpudan80ikonia: As a staffer - you should know the basics for catalyizing 18:15
Cpudan801 friendly comment isn't the basis for an outright assault 18:15
ikoniaI'm not staff, and no-one assaulted you18:16
Cpudan80Oh my mistake18:16
Cpudan80ikonia: Well then --- as a staffer --- I urge you to read freenode's docs about catalysts 18:16
ikonia"hi - how is everyeone" in a VERY busy at the moment support channel is not good18:16
PiciCpudan80: #ubuntu can get crazy at time, ikonia is just trying to keep everyone on topic.18:16
Cpudan80Pici: Maybe so, but 1 comment != drift off topic18:16
ikoniaCpudan80: imagine 20 people "Hi, I'm fine Cpudan80 how are you"18:17
ikoniathe channel is very busy18:17
ikoniayour 1 comment could provoke 20 people to respond18:17
Cpudan80ikonia: At which time further action is necessary 18:17
Cpudan80ikonia: It never does18:17
Cpudan80And you know that18:17
ikoniaCpudan80 no I don't, the bottom line, ubuntu is not a chat channel, and it's really busy at the moment, so idle chat is just making noise18:17
Cpudan80As much crap as #ubuntu (and ##windows in my case sees) some break in the monotony is good18:18
ikoniano it's not18:18
ikoniathe channel is VERY busy at the moment18:18
ikoniago to ubuntu-offtopic for "chat" or a break18:18
Cpudan80So what?18:18
Cpudan80Support is free18:18
Cpudan80Wait your turn18:18
ikoniaI'm not going to discuss this futher and allow someone else to take this up with you18:19
Cpudan80You might not get answered for an hour, oh well18:19
ikoniaPici: ado_sk is back18:28
Piciikonia: thanks.  18:29
ikoniadidn't know if you'd left18:29
Piciikonia: I'm a bit too busy here to help out with any questions in #ubuntu, but I'll try to still do the 'housecleaning;18:29
ikoniafine no problem18:29
ikoniaPici: I should have just said "bye" but he was just trying to provoke18:31
Piciironic for someone with the name familyfriendly to do that.18:37
ubotuIn ubotu, pike_ said: what is dpkg18:43
Picibot > pike_18:43
Pici!bot > pike_18:43
jdongdpkg is the thing that broke in hardy yesterday18:44
jpatrick!dpkg > Pici 18:45
jpatrick!dpkg > pike_18:45
jpatrick!info dpkg > pike_18:46
Pici13:46:26 <pike_> im being spammed by ops for my accidental edit request18:46
Picijpatrick: 13:46:26 <pike_> im being spammed by ops for my accidental edit request18:47
ompauljpatrick, I think that Pici knows !dpkg already ;-)18:47
jpatrickompaul: miss tabbed it :)18:48
ompauljpatrick, aye18:48
jdonghaha poor soul18:50
jpatrickjust wanted to give some pointers :)18:50
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, MenZa said: !halp is <alias> help19:42
jussi01hmmm, whats peoples opinions of this nick: [21:45] *** ReallyhungNbruta [n=x@75-104-186-2.cust.wildblue.net] has joined #kubuntu19:48
ompauljussi01, did ya have to ask?19:49
naliothjussi01: is s/he misbehaving?19:50
jussi01nalioth: nope not at all. just joined, was premptively asking19:50
naliothjussi01: did it occur to you that _your_ nick was offensive in some languages?19:50
PiciAparrently my nick is.19:51
no0ticPici, your nick name is a type of pasta in italy19:51
jussi01nalioth: it did. Hence I ask here where we have a large number of nationalities and experience. 19:51
naliothjussi01: actions speak louder than words19:52
PriceChildPici, I did it in less letters, I win :D20:03
PiciPriceChild: But I still did it first ;)20:03
PriceChilda mere technicality20:03
Garyquite a big technicality though20:04
* Pici hides20:18
* ompaul scratches his head20:19
Garyhave fun ompaul ?20:19
ompaulGary, na - that can be defined as me not having fun20:20
ompaulvery clearly 20:20
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, aoupi said: ubotu: not that high is it?20:46
ubotuMLP called the ops in #ubuntuforums ()21:31
=== crdlb is now known as credible
ubotunosrednaekim called the ops in #kubuntu ()22:24
keescookhello!  the #ubuntu-hardened channel's founder is MIA.  We'd like to coordinate things a little better for it's ownership.  what do you folks recommend?22:39
LjLkeescook, i'm not sure why you don't use #ubuntu-security, would seem the obvious choice to me give the name of the team...?22:44
LjLkeescook: anyway i recommend that you take over as contact22:46
keescookLjL: we kept #ubuntu-hardened since it already had active people, etc.  It was a trade-off, but I'm hoping we'll grow the group of people involved to the point where we'll need both channels in the future.  :)22:48
keescookLjL: I'm happy to take over as contact.22:48
naliothwhat is the difference in 'hardened' and 'security' ?22:48
LjLyeah, i'm wondering too, since there are two different teams22:48
keescookLjL: traditionally, the "hardened" team was for proactive security only (not ongoing security)22:50
keescookbut since the ongoing security work tends to be related, we merged22:51
keescookand the prior "security team" team tended to do all it's work via privmsg.  :P22:51
LjLi see22:51
keescookso in our attempts to have a more sane community, we've all piled into #ubuntu-hardened channel and mailing list, while keeping some of the team structures separate22:52
LjLkeescook: i have no idea how familiar you might be with IRC commands related to channel management, but in case we have some information and tips here  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/CreatingChannels and here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/Coordination - for anything else, ask in #ubuntu-irc or here22:54
emetLjL, do you know if I'll ever be unbanned from #ubuntu ?22:55
keescookLjL: okay, thanks for the tips22:55
LjLemet: uhm, sorry, refresh my memory, why were you banned?22:55
emetlike a month ago for posting a youtube video>22:56
LjLemet: back in a second22:59
LjLemet, are you familiar with the CoC and our IRC guidelines?23:02
LjLemet: can you reasonably say that you will abide by them in the future? "being bored" is not a good enough reason for tricking users into clicking links in #ubuntu - not at all23:05
LjLemet: just to be on the safe side i suggest you check out these factoids too23:06
LjL!etiquette > emet    (emet, see the private message from Ubotu)23:06
=== profoX_ is now known as profoX`
emetLjL, thank you23:07
emetI don't typically do stuff like that :o I don't want to give you the impression that I am a trouble maker23:08
LjLemet: show your thankfulness by not giving us a reason to ban you again23:08
emetI mean I helped found the Florida LoCo and founded the FAU LUG (university lug)23:08
emetalso I distributed over 100 CDs from ShipIt and another 50 or so that I printed23:09
LjLemet: then you're expected to behave even more responsibly than the casual user :)23:10
emetI didn't realize it was such a big deal23:10
Piciemet: I hear LjL has already taken care of you and explained everything the same way that I would have.23:19
PiciAnyways, you're right, it wasn't *that* big of a deal.  23:21
nosrednaekimhey, how can I get my ubuntu member cloak?23:53
PriceChildnosrednaekim, launchpad url please23:53
PriceChild*could you give me your23:53
nosrednaekimsure, one sec23:54
ubotuBodsda called the ops in #ubuntu ()23:55
nosrednaekimPriceChild➜ https://launchpad.net/~nosrednaekim23:55
naliothi hate typing out nicknames23:56
Picinaloith, me too23:56
PriceChildnosrednaekim, have you got two a secondary nickname linked to this, and an email set?23:56
nosrednaekimPriceChild➜ I do not have two nicks if thats what you are wondering....23:57
PriceChildnosrednaekim, could you follow http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup please?23:58

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