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onesandzeroshello all.  Any of you guys know how I can see all the make targets in the kernel?  I'm building from source and need a little refresher on how it all works.01:49
xmanxxxxwhat is this?? pci error cmd=0x157 status=0xc2b002:16
xmanxxxxcan somebody help me with this ubuntu error02:17
xmanxxxxi finish to install and the first that i see pci error cmd=0x157 status=0xc2b002:17
xmanxxxxwhat can i do02:26
seanhif you get a prompt at some point you can look at the boot logs02:51
faulkes-Evening ScottK03:04
xmanxxxxwhere is the dicrectory of C headers03:28
xmanxxxxi'm installing  vmware03:29
xmanxxxxand it is asking for the c headers location directory03:29
kgoetzmeh. *shrug*. i dont use vmware03:29
kgoetzi think theres a channel on freenode if you want to try it though03:29
kgoetzand probably instructions on teh ubuntu wiki03:30
infinityDoes it not appear to have a sane default answer (like /usr/include)?03:30
xmanxxxxo solve03:32
xmanxxxxjjejeje, reading all is possible03:32
DoYouKnowsudo apt-get linux-headers03:37
DoYouKnowsudo apt-get install linux-headers03:37
DoYouKnowthen you should get a list of options03:38
DoYouKnowand then copy paste the right one into: sudo apt-get install <package_here>03:38
DoYouKnowthat will install the kernel headers needed by vmware03:39
xmanxxxxhow is linux/restricted/modules04:57
xmanxxxxit says that cant find the package04:58
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faulkes-gah, once again insomnia takes over05:51
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MartianWhere can I buy an Ubuntu Server cd?07:44
_rubenthen again, downloading usualy is the fasted, unless you're unlucky enough not to have access to broadband connection07:52
Martian__ruben: That's a rare thing in Africa.07:55
MartianThanks fro the help.07:56
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* soren gazes up at the sky with a distant look in his eyes, dreaming of the new ubuntu-server-bugs mailing list08:58
* _ruben pinches soren's arm09:00
* soren stomps on _ruben's foot09:00
Stonekeeperhi. I'm wondering if some kind soul could point me towards getting a promise 20319 controller working during the 7.10 server install? The bios on my ncch-dl mobo doesn't allow me to set the controller in IDE mode, even though the manual has screenshots saying it can. This is now my only option. Thanks.10:57
Stonekeeperor can i just setup a "fakeraid" on the controller, then use softraid when ubuntu picks up the 3 disks?11:07
sorenStonekeeper: What is the problem?11:08
Stonekeeperhi soren. I have 3 disks i would like to set up as raid 1+spare. My mobo has 2 standard sata ports and 4 "raid" ports. The "raid" ports are controlled by a promise fakeraid controller. The bios does not allow me to set these 4 ports to work in standard IDE mode (even though the manual says i can). I have 2 options: Setup the raid using the bios and somehow get dmraid installed during the server install (can't see the answer to that) or could i just11:11
sorenYou got cut off at "or could i jus"..11:13
sorenWell, it's *fake*raid anyway.. What happens if you set them up as raid devices and try to install?11:14
StonekeeperSetup the raid using the bios and somehow get dmraid installed during the server install (can't see the answer to that) or could i just setup the array in bios and then use software raid on the 3 drives that ubuntu detects?11:15
Stonekeeperyeah, it detects 3 drives. I tried just not creating an array, and i installed just fine, however the bios wont boot the drives as it doesn't see any "arrays".11:15
sorenStonekeeper: Ah, I didn't consider the boot process.11:16
Stonekeeperso i wondered if it was possible to create a fake array, and just use the drives as standard drives, or whether there would be some crazy conflicts11:16
sorenWEll, dmraid in the installer is quite experimental, so you can't even enable it.11:16
Stonekeeperfrom the wiki: Under Linux, which has built-in softRAID functionality that pre-dates these devices, the hardware is normally seen for what it is -- multiple hard drives and a multi-channel IDE/SATA controller. Hence, fakeRAID.11:17
Stonekeeperso, am i right in thinking that it's literally a plain old sata controller? if so, i should be able to get it to work?11:18
Stonekeeperif the worst came to the worst, i could ditch the spare and go with the onboard 2 channel sata connections. It's a real waste though as i have 5 drivebays and 6 sata ports11:19
sorenfakeraid is indeed fake.11:20
Stonekeeperso you think if i created a raid 1+spare array in the bios, then just did what i wanted with the 3 disks, it would work?11:20
sorenAll it means is that there's an interface (from the BIOS) to configure the raid stuff and then it's up to the driver in the OS to use those settings for setting up software raid.11:21
Stonekeeper(if only these things would work in ide mode this would be fine)11:21
sorenI'm not entirely sure. I've not used fakeraid myself.11:22
Stonekeeperok, I'll give it a go. My options are getting limited :/11:22
Stonekeeperit's easy to get it going once you have dmraid installed, but i'd rather just use software raid and ditch the crappy fake stuff11:22
Stonekeeperhahah, fantastic, i went to the raid bios, created a 1+spare array and then my disks booted into the pre-installed ubuntu server.11:24
Stonekeeperi guess that answers my question11:24
Stonekeeperi'm just worried that there will be any conflicts, but if you're sure that the bios doesn't actually do anything during operation, then it'll be fine i guess.11:25
sorenThat's why it's called *fake* raid :)11:26
Stonekeepersoren: thanks man, I understand this a lot better now. I guess the "controller" is simply a standard controller, with some software that allows you to create a kind of "config". Drivers could then read this config up if they so wished. Or you could just plain ignore it and do what you want with your drives. Would that be a fair summary?11:34
sorenStonekeeper: Pretty much. There might be some additional magic in the bios w.r.t. to booting (failing over if one of the disks are broken or whatnot), but that's it.11:35
Stonekeeperah, that could be a problem i guess :/11:35
Stonekeeperdepends if i've guessed which one of the drives is the spare correctly. Perhaps i should just use the 2 disk on board controller :/11:36
Stonekeeperbefore the bios kills one of my mirrors thinking it's a spare11:36
Stonekeeperhmm.. but i guess the bios wouldn't recover. This is just booting... Meh, I'll stick with it.11:37
Stonekeeperone other quick Q soren: Does the installer now realise that when you setup md mirrors, to install grub on BOTH drives, or do we still have to do that manually?11:38
sorenStonekeeper: The installer should do the right thing.11:39
Stonekeeperah great. I know it didn't used to. I was going to md5sum the bootrecord on each drive. Wont bother now.11:39
* soren lunches11:40
Stonekeeperhmm. no grub isn't installed on the second mirror11:42
sorenIf your boot partition is on raid, the installer should be using lilo, afair.11:52
tzu3lexperiencing curruption issues while debootstrapping a xen domU; packages are corrupt? suggestions welcome12:29
tzu3lpart of the log from xen-create-image W: http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/main/binary-amd64/Packages.bz2 was corrupt12:33
_rubengrub can boot from raid as well12:43
_ruben(must say i havent tried that with ubuntu tho, but works like a charm on suse)12:43
zultzu3l: try a different archive12:44
zulor a different mirror12:44
_rubenScottK: you happen to have any pointers on postfix fine tuning? currently im reading http://www.postfix.org/TUNING_README.html and http://www.postfix.org/QSHAPE_README.html12:48
ScottK_ruben: That's where I'd have pointed you.12:48
_rubenah ok ;)12:48
_rubenone things that remains a bit vague to me is the (default) queue sizes .. the customer im currently investigating this for, has a mailinglist of ~1 million subscribers .. i'd say the default active queue size of 20K is a bit small, unless im not fully understanding the way those queues work12:50
_rubeni'll be using 2 loadbalanced mailservers btw, dedicated for this customer12:50
ScottKI suspect for the active queue that's plenty, but I've not done anything on that scale myself.12:52
_rubenah ok12:53
_rubeni'll make sure to report back when all this goes live ;)12:53
_rubenthe tender will be sent to the customer sometime this week, so hopefully the servers will be ordered shortly12:55
cjwatsonI've been reorganising the seeds of late, and am now at the point where I'd like to split the server seeds out of the Ubuntu seeds (and keep ubuntu.hardy as "Ubuntu desktop")13:04
cjwatsonthis will let us delete the server clutter from the Kubuntu etc. seeds, which has always been rather confusing13:05
cjwatson... actually, I just realised I can't do this right now as it would involve another Launchpad change and I'm just about out of credit at the moment. Never mind ...13:06
sorencjwatson: so that leaves us at...13:22
sorencjwatson: Where we were a few days ago?13:23
cjwatsonstaying in ubuntu.hardy for now :-)13:23
cjwatsonyeah, pretty much, sorry for the excess drama13:23
cjwatsonI'll try to get something figured out on the Launchpad side soonish13:23
sorenNo worries.13:23
* _ruben wonders what this seeding thing is about :)13:24
soren_ruben: The seeds decide where Ubuntu packages go..13:25
sorenFor instance, there's a seed that lists all the packages that we want to have on the UBuntu Server cd.13:26
soren(kind of)13:26
sorenThere's a seed for each task, basically.13:26
sorenand a few "special" ones.13:27
sorenThe one called "server-ship" decides which packages are on the CD, but they're not part of a task per se.13:27
sorenIt's just the technical parts of moving stuff around from task to task and deciding what goes in main, what goes on which cd, etc. Most people needn't worry about it.13:28
_rubenah, just curious ;-)13:28
soren_ruben: That's how you learn new stuff :)13:31
_rubenyeah, if only i'd just a little less curious ;)13:31
_rubeneverytime i research something, i end up adding 10 other/more things to my to-research list before finishing the first one :p13:32
soren_ruben: I know the feeling :)13:46
_rubensoren: im afraid its a common (mis)habit in IT land13:51
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Stonekeeperubuntu-server with openVZ is really quite special14:49
_rubenhuh? when i do 'apt-get install mail-server^ -s', it shows it'll install postfix and yet also recommends exim4 .. bit strange, no?14:50
lamont_ruben: only slightly14:50
lamontsomething in the pile Depends: exim4 | mail-transport-agent, and mail-server^s Depends: that, I expect14:51
_rubenah, right .. it recommends both exim4 as well as mail-transfer-agent :)14:52
_rubenstrange nonetheless, im my eyes atleast ;)14:53
soulcit is hard to go from a distro that installs everything to a distro that you have to know what to install15:15
soulcI am getting this error and I can't get up15:15
_rubenthat doesnt really look like an error to me15:17
soulcchecking whether make sets ${MAKE}... no15:18
soulcchecking for gcc... gcc15:18
soulcchecking whether the C compiler (gcc  ) works... no15:18
soulcconfigure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot create executables.15:18
soulcah but it got your attention15:18
soulcso what do I install to fix this15:19
soulcthat is the problem.....my ignorance15:19
_rubenwhat are you trying to install?15:22
soulcwas it me?15:22
soulcI have to complie wwwcount15:22
soulcI do know that it needs dbcomp package15:23
_rubenmight be old version: http://ubuntu.cica.es/guadalinex/repositorio/pool/non-free/w/wwwcount/ .. otherwise: sudo apt-get install build-essential .. that installs the basic stuff for compiling apps15:24
soulcwhere can I get a listing of things that I need to install for xyz15:25
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_rubenif its a .deb package, it'll tell you what you need .. if its a source package, then its up to yourself to figure out15:25
soulcthank <fill in blank> that there are these ppl that will help15:27
_rubentime to head home for me tho, bbl15:28
faulkes-heh, \sh, you do look very german15:34
\shfaulkes-, well, I could have send also some pictures where I had long hair, but my cameroonian wife didn't like the look of long hair at me...so she made it short...very short15:35
atlas95I need help for knockd15:35
faulkes-which reminds me, I have to start planning for oktoberfest15:39
spiekeyany idea how i can solve this problem on my gutsy server? http://pastebin.ca/90129515:45
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tezit seems 7.04 is the only version of ubuntu someones gotten to work on my model of computer, 6.06 gets stuck at detecting network hardware :/ 7.10 gets stuck starting the kernel15:46
tezany ideas on what i can do to stop it from getting stuck at this point?15:48
Stonekeepersoulc: you play tremulous?15:50
faulkes-tez: without more information about the specific hardware in your server, it is very difficult to determine what is happening15:51
faulkes-I would catalog each piece and investigate any known issues which surround them15:52
tezI'm trying to find the info :<15:52
tezblah compaq doesnt help with info at all :|15:54
faulkes-try lspci15:54
tezoh that worked!15:54
faulkes-granted, depending on the age of the computer, it may not display every bit of hardware15:55
faulkes-which means you should also troll through a dmesg15:55
teznope. but it shows the ethernet controller: accton technology corporation smc2-1211tx15:55
faulkes-dmesg should be very specific about what it finds15:58
tezdoesnt show anything about the ethernet controller15:59
tezhmm. "Fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed!"16:00
faulkes-dmesg | grep eth016:01
faulkes-that's an interesting error, anything else related to it (above or below)16:02
tezim not sure, the line directly below is scheduling while atomic: echo/0x000000001/10433 but i dont really know16:03
tezand its a RealTek RTL813916:03
faulkes-iirc there are issues with the RTL8139 which may or may not have been solved, one sec16:04
faulkes-paste the lspci line for the network controller and the dmesg output for the eth0 (dmesg | grep eth0)16:10
tez0000:01:09.0 Ethernet controller: Accton Technology Corporation SMC2-1211TX (rev 12)16:11
tez[17179620.632000] eth0: RealTek RTL8139 at 0xc8972000, 00:10:b5:5c:xx:xx, IRQ 516:13
tez[17179620.632000] eth0: Identified 8139 chip type 'RTL-8139B'16:13
spiekeysoren: my nss_ldap vmware problem disapeared with gutsy :)16:15
sorenspiekey: Great!16:15
spiekeynow i could try to backport nss_ldap16:16
tezfaulkes-: from what I've seen, it doesn't look like its possible, but maybe there's a way :\16:16
spiekeywhat was the backport channel again?16:16
faulkes-tez: well, from what I can see on the forums, there are known issues with network connectivity with the rtl8139 based chips16:18
tezso no way to even get it installed?16:18
faulkes-I also see at least one person having a boot problem16:18
spiekeysoren: what was the backport channel again?16:20
tezfaulkes-: so it appears all-around unusable?16:20
faulkes-tez: it may or may not be related, I'm just going on what hardware we now know exists16:20
tezwell considering its stopping at the "Detecting network hardware..." i'm assuming its realted16:21
sorenspiekey: Er... I don't think there is one.16:22
tez#ubuntu-backports but its small16:23
spiekeyah, i meant ubuntu-motu :)16:23
tezok lol16:25
tezrunning the installer with "noacpi" shows note: udevd[848] exited with preempt_count 116:27
spiekeysoren: could i just use the configure options from the dpkg source file and install it from source?16:27
faulkes-tez: I'd look through the forums, search for 8139 or 8139 wake16:28
faulkes-there is a huge trove of posts which are in some ways similar to your problem (others may not be related)16:28
faulkes-and as you now have a better understanding of what hardware you have, you can decide which is appropriate16:28
tezim still not sure why the kernel doesnt even load in 7.1016:29
sorenspiekey: Why would you?16:29
spiekeybecause i need a recent version of nss_ldap?16:30
faulkes-afternoon soren16:31
sorenspiekey: That's why you want to backport it. Otherwise, upgrades will be a pain.16:36
tezlooks like i wont be getting anywhere today with ubuntu and this stupid computah16:38
tezgah i was really hoping i'd be able to get this instlaled16:39
tezbye everyone16:40
tezthanks for the help faulkes-, i'll continue looking on the forums, maybe i'll post a topoc16:40
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spiekeysoren: you mean i just take the source package from gutsy and build/install it on dapper?16:48
Stonekeepersee ya. Thanks soren.17:11
XiXaQdoes anyone have experience with LTSP? How is video on a webpage when connected to a local network?17:31
faulkes-havent done anything with ltsp, perhaps other here have17:35
ra21viI am working on corporate-site transformation from IIS windows to Ubuntu server based. and right now I am unabe to achieve one basic goal18:17
ra21vii am using django, and I want my single server, that alloctaed to me for demo, to have Apache with subdomains18:18
ra21visuch as www.site.com, and www2.site.com and forums.site.com etc18:18
ra21vican it be possible with single server, afaik machine-hostname.domainname.com or whatever, forms the FQDN18:19
ra21viso like my server machine name is oss-dev18:19
ra21viand domain name is abc.com18:19
ra21viso, FQDN would be oss-dev.abc.com18:19
ra21viso how can I achieve that goal of having multile subdoamins served from apache18:20
ra21vinetwork is CISCO based18:20
ra21viplease Guide me18:20
leoneljust as you tell apache to server  for  www.site.com  and  www2.site.com  same config  for   oss-dev.abc.com18:22
leonelall you need is your nameserver to  point  oss-dev.abc.com  to the ip of your apache server18:23
leonelor your /etc/hosts  in case you cant move  your dns18:23
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faulkes-it would likely also be helpful for you to read the community documentation available at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Servers18:26
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ScottKlamont: requestsync fubar'ed the version wanted in your postfix request.  I fixed it.18:31
ScottKlamont: Your timing was good.  Riddell's already done the sync.18:57
ra21vileonel: how does apache knows that the it has been asked to serve the www2 virtuals instead www when I am pointing the same ip for two subdomains18:58
leonelthe protocol sends the hostname you are asking ..18:59
ra21vileonel: :) thanks19:06
incorrecti am lazy these days, is there a web admin tool that will do most things for me?19:35
ubotuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See the plans for Hardy at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EboxSpec19:36
incorrectis there a nas server project based on ubuntu a bit like freenas?19:38
zulnot too my knowledge19:38
incorrectah well19:39
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good_danaincorrect: i dont know what it's based on, but if you're looking for NAS software, i'd recommend openfiler20:05
faulkes-incorrect: iirc there is some work currently on the list for iSCSI targets and such20:10
faulkes-but I'm not aware of any full projects devoted to NAS stuff for ubuntu specifically20:10
incorrecti just installed sdb, how do i generate the uuid?20:11
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faulkes-incorrect: once you have partitioned sdb, you can find the uuid by executing the following command20:43
faulkes-udevinfo -q env -n /dev/sdb<partition #>20:44
faulkes-the ID_FS_UUID= contains the uuid of the disk such that you could put it into /etc/fstab20:44
faulkes-again, with all commands someone tells you to run, you should always look at the associated man page first20:46
faulkes-hmm, I guess whoever that "peer" guy is reset him20:48
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SoskelI want to show people a list of installed server software, will running rpm -qa and displaying the results show anyone something.... bad?21:33
faulkes-considering ubuntu doesn't use rpm for packaging, I don't think it would display anything at all21:40
faulkes-hrm, perhaps I could have phrased that better, it sounded a little sarcastic22:05
mathiazScottK: thanks. Congrats you too ! :)22:16
faulkes-ScottK: good news on core-dev I take it?22:20
ScottKmathiaz: Thanks22:24
ScottKfaulkes-: Yes22:24
faulkes-ScottK: well, congrats23:01

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