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desertcyou all seen this yet?03:18
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tjaaltonbryce: maybe you noticed, but david is very busy atm perhaps we need to come up with a solution to input-hotplug05:58
tjaaltonI'll try to make the hal-script work, and ask help again if can't06:01
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MacSlowGreetings everybody!13:05
tjaaltonhey MacSlow 13:12
MacSlowChris Jones told me you try to keep up-to-speed with TTM13:13
tjaaltonwith the emphasis on word "try" :)13:13
MacSlowhehe... I know what you mean13:13
tjaaltontbh I haven't tried it lately, but krh posted some instructions to easily have all the crack on a separate directory so I could try it out again13:14
MacSlowtjaalton, yeah... I remember a post from krh to the xorg-ml stating that he started merging his work into the master-branch 13:16
tjaaltonyeah, DRI213:16
MacSlowI've "reserved" the comming weekend for getting a fresh upstream xorg plus related parts onto my i965 laptop13:17
tjaaltonI could devote a couple of hours13:17
tjaaltonafter lunch :)13:18
tjaaltonbbl ->13:18
tjaaltonMacSlow: do you know if krh has committed DRI2 upstream yet?14:12
tjaaltondoesn't look like it14:17
MacSlowhe wrote something about his DRI2 work on the xorg-ml14:19
MacSlowbut I don't have the link to that post handy14:19
tjaaltonhe said about merging it the next day after that post, but it's been a week already :)14:24
tjaaltonintel-batchbuffer doesn't build, and the last commit suggests that it needs DRI214:39
tjaaltonpulling DRI2 doesn't help either, now mesa fails to build, bah :)15:45
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brycetjaalton: great let me know what still needs done with input hotplug17:58
brycetjaalton: I'm making good progress on the xrandr gui, and hoping to have it ready for upload in a couple days17:58
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tjaaltonbryce: hopefully the hal-script can be made to work..18:42
bryceI've got the gui speaking xrandr 1.2 now (at least for getting data), and the gui allows browsing each output18:44
tjaaltonit'll be a separate lib on top of libxrandr?-)18:53
bryceno, since I had pretty much finished the libxrandr work I decided to press on with setting it up.  redoing all that work into a separate library will take 2-3 days, and since FF is only a couple days away I want to focus on getting all of this actually working19:05
bryceactually I've been thinking about just dispensing with doing a separate lib, and instead just pull all my code changes out of libxrandr and gnome-control-center and make my own stand alone, self-contained tool19:06
bryceit'd be easier to work in, the downside would be that this approach wouldn't end up helping gnome or xorg at all19:07
bryce(or kubuntu)19:10
brycebut maintaining a library is a significant commitment...19:10
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