crazyboymy friends00:00
jjgalvezI may have to set this up as a dual boot if I can't get this to work, since 7.10 is already on this, if I install XP (after resizing the patrician) am I going to have any trouble, since I know that its recogmended to go the other way around?00:00
crazyboyhow r u00:00
PriceChild!offtopic | crazyboy00:00
ubotucrazyboy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:00
GuerraWhat do you mean, jjgalvez?00:01
Dante124jjgalvez  have you checked out infocus website and manual for troubleshooting?  Also does your laptop manual have any explanation about the fn-f8 key or whatever you use to adjust the resolution00:01
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PriceChild!away > jaggy||sleeping00:01
marinosiI am trying to do chmod +s bin_file but it does not take the flag...what could be wrong?00:01
thomas__hi there00:02
GuerraI have two separate problems people. I would appreciate any and all help on the matter. Problem 1: I am unable to install the restricted drivers for my ATI 2900 PRO video card, and would really like to install it. Problem 2: I saved my sister's laptop from Vista, installed Ubuntu, and her touch pad isn't working. It's a Dell Inspiron 1501. I've tried forums, many, many guides, googling it, etc. So this is my last resort. Anyone have a00:02
nickrudmarinosi: you need to choose if you're trying to set that file suid, you would use u+s00:02
Dante124 jjgalvez check out the troubleshooting part.00:02
nickrudmarinosi: argh, lousy senence structure, I hope the idea got acroos00:02
jjgalvezDante124, from what I can gather fn-f8 turns on and off the external monitor, I know the projector works with 1024,768 because thats what I used to use on my old XP laptop00:03
thomas__any germans in there?00:03
andreus_hello. would somebody tell me if using a mysql client meant for windows on ubuntu with wine.. does it require anything to see my mysql installed on linux.. some kind of a layer? shouldn't it just connect to host and port?00:03
PriceChild!de | thomas__00:03
ubotuthomas__: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de00:03
jjgalvezDantel124, ok I'll check that out00:03
danny_wireless wep is not connection can someone help00:03
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LeechzillaDo I need to configure wpa_supplicant to get encryption working in Gutsy? I can't connect to WEP networks either00:04
fosohey all, im having trouble with watching videos on youtube, i had a pop-up the other day that said there was an update, but it doesnt see mt owork at all now00:05
Kibbles_guerra check out http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide00:05
encrypt128bitcan someone tell me the difference between xubuntu, kubuntu and ubuntu. are they different builds?00:05
mon^rchhi all, still looking for a way to have a specific app open maximized every time. help please.00:05
grim76encrypt128bit, xubuntu is ubuntu with xfce, kubuntu is with kde, and ubuntu starts with gnome.00:06
Vovkencrypt128bit: they are different flavors. xubuntu uses XFCE, a lighter/faster window manager, kubuntu uses KDE which is the rival of Gnome, ubuntu uses Gnome.  each one is just left up to the personal taste of the user00:06
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:06
encrypt128bitwhere do you get the different versions?00:07
Vovkhaving trouble deciding whether ubotu is a bot or not00:07
jjgalvezok second question, if I make some room on my HD for XP, what trouble should I look out for when I install that for a dual boot? I've already installed ubuntu and would rather not reinstall that so I going to do it backwards.  Is it possible?00:07
Vovkencrypt128bit: they should all be on ubuntu.com00:07
StarnestommyVovk: it is, but it has certain flood protection features in it00:07
david__Hi all, my vid card is blacklisted on gutsy (ati) - any hope for getting vid effects? Thanks!00:07
VovkStarnestommy: thanks00:07
Kibbles_Vovk: it's a little green dude that get's paid in crackers00:07
encrypt128bitThanks vovk00:08
VovkKibbles_: :) i want one00:08
LeechzillaDo I need to install something to make WPA work? My card is working fine without encryption00:08
Kibbles_Vovk: umm, you're mis-perceiving the situation: it wants one of you00:08
VovkKibbles_: I'm not quite sure that mis-perceiving is actually a word... but im scared now00:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about misperceiving - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:09
LeechzillaHow do I connect to a WPA network in Gutsy?00:09
omegastatLeechzilla: you may need to check your to make sure you have the correct passphrase or hexadecimal phrase entered00:09
Vovkyour little green man has failed00:09
Kibbles_his english is bad00:10
Leechzillaomegastat: It's correct.00:10
Vovkanyway, we should not have a useless conversation here... this is for ubuntu support00:10
pike_!wpa | Leechzilla00:10
ubotuLeechzilla: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:10
patroyHi, I want a script to run on startup,. I put it in /etc/init.d   and registered it with update-rc.d  .. the script works manually but doesn't work on a reboot00:10
patroyhelp? :)00:10
pike_Leechzilla: sorry no direct exp with wpa ive stuck with wep personally because im lazy00:10
Leechzillapike_: My WEP doesn't work either00:11
pike_patroy: did you use the skeleton template for your script?00:11
Kibbles_pike_: skeleton template?00:11
cellwind929hi, I am trying to install a Hauppage HVR-1600 in ubuntu, I have isntalled the driver, but am on the part where I have to copy the windows firmware files to a linux director and I don't know where that is. here are the instructions im following: http://ivtvdriver.org/index.php/Cx1800:11
pike_Leechzilla: wep should work out of box. like: sudo ifconfig wlan0 up; sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid somename  key 123213213; sudo dhclient wlan0  <-- in terminal00:11
fosoKibbles_ thanks ill check that out00:12
pike_Kibbles_: the skeleton file in init.d dir is what i meant00:12
Leechzillapike_: I'm using wicd, not network-manager. Network Manager eats up my CPU like crazy, like 50%00:13
patroypike_: no idea.. it's a pre-made script "mongrel_cluster"00:13
diamond5pam    Đe je zrno klicu zametnulo,00:13
Jack_Sparrowcellwind929: Do you have a Drivers/Driver18/ directory?  you can search for it00:13
diamond5pam    onde neka i plodom počine.00:13
diamond5pam    je li instinkt al' duhovni vođa,00:13
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Breakage[00:11] < pike_> patroy: did you use the skeleton template for your script?00:13
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diamond5pam    Ovde ljudsko zapire poznanje!00:13
diamond5pam    Vuk na ovcu svoje pravo ima00:13
diamond5pam    ka tirjanin na slaba čovjeka.00:13
FloodBot1diamond5pam: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:13
pike_Leechzilla: i dont have a great deal of experience with either. i normally just edit /etc/network/interfaces or something00:13
tantric132Hey all I have a quick question about Swap space. I'm about to install ubuntu for the first time. I have two 74gig partitions. one, XP will be installed and the other will be ubuntu. my question is how do I make swap space? i have another hard drive too if that helps00:14
Kibbles_pike_: cool... thanks00:14
pike_Leechzilla: well just turn off wep or wpa for now. can you just connect?00:14
jjgalvezcan I install XP after I've already installed Ubuntu?00:15
Leechzillapike_: yes00:15
omegastatTantric132: Ubuntu will make it's own swap space when you install00:15
Jack_Sparrowjjgalvez: yes00:15
pike_Leechzilla: ok is this a lappy or desktop computer?00:15
amenadotantric132-> during installation's partitioning phase, select new paritition and assign space to it, also making it swap type00:15
nickrudtantric132: of the 74 you gave to ubuntu, cut off about 2xram, up to about 2gb for swap00:15
Leechzillapike_: but I need encryption00:15
tantric132but when I installed it before it said that there was no swap space assigned and that it was recommeded to add it00:15
Leechzillapike_: Laptop00:15
cellwind929Jack_Sparrow: I just searched for it, I do not have a Drivers/Driver18/ folder00:15
Jack_Sparrowjjgalvez: You just need to setup grub manually, if ubuntu goes on last it does that for you00:15
jjgalvezjack_sparrow, anything I need to look out for? what about the boot record, will I still be able to boot into ubuntu when I'm done or will I have to fix something?00:16
pike_Leechzilla: oh.. youd prefer not to use the terminal to connect?00:16
nickrudtantric132: yes, make two partitions out of the 74gb for ubuntu00:16
Jack_Sparrowcellwind929: That tutorial does not tell us anything00:16
Leechzillapike_: yeah00:16
* Kibbles_ is out. thanks all00:16
cellwind929Jack_Sparrow: yeah, it just assumes that I know where to put the firmware files, thats why I thought someone here might know00:17
Jack_Sparrowjjgalvez: You will only have windows after you install windows00:17
tantric132nickrud, i have premade partitions if this helps. I am running the live cd atm. my plan is to reboot, install XP first on the empty unallocated part of the drive(74.52GB). then I will install ubuntu on the ext3 partition I have made(74.53GB)00:17
nathan64Jack_Sparrow: are you busy?00:17
jjgalvezJack_sparrow, but my ubuntu install will still be there right? just not bootable until I reinstall grub right?00:17
nickrudtantric132: yes, that will work.00:18
tantric132nickrud, and also if it helps, when im installing ubuntu and it ask for which option I would like to do with partitoning, there is like 3 options. one is split the selected partition in half, the other is to creat a new partition and the last is manual00:18
Jack_Sparrownathan64: Yes a bit..  is it a quick question?00:18
tantric132nickrud, so which do I choose?00:18
tantric132when in installation00:18
nathan64Jack_Sparrow: sort of00:18
nickrudtantric132: use guided partitioning00:18
pike_Leechzilla: for wep you could use gtkwifi instead of network manager umm with wpa_sup i dont think there is a good front end other than network manager00:18
pike_Leechzilla: the upside is im very often wrong00:19
tantric132nickrud, thanks for the help. off to do that now!00:19
iDivineAnizuka, Lol....Anyone helping you?00:19
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Leechzillapike_: I want to use it with wicd00:20
tantric132nickrud, last thing. guided partitioning is the one where i have to select a %? default is 50%. right? should I do 50%?00:20
Anizukaidivine: no.. =P00:20
nathan64Jack_Sparrow: can i pm you?00:20
pike_Leechzilla: broadcom?00:20
Anizukaidivine: didnt ask ;P00:20
Leechzillapike_: Intel00:20
hsuhanyone here has urxvt with a customized font? i'm having with gutsy00:21
Jack_Sparrownathan64: In channel please.. I can already tell this isnt a quick question, or at least the answer is not00:21
iDivineAnizuka, Oh, Btw instead of typing my whole name, try, iDi and press tab ;P00:21
hsuh*having problems*00:21
julzWhenever I start Terminal, it logs me out... Does anyone know why? I have tried reinstalling to no avail00:21
hsuhjulz: check your .bashrc or .zshrc or something like that00:21
hsuhjulz: maybe temporarly rename it00:21
nickrudtantric132: I don't remember it that way; look at pointing your install at the empty partition, and letting it define how it will break it up into system or swap. If you have problems with finding what you want, come back and someone (I'll be around more later) will walk you through manual if necessary00:22
hsuhor not.. i dunno. i'd do that.00:22
jjgalvezjack_sparrow, so if i install XP my ubuntu install will still be there, just not bootable right?00:22
julzhsuh: where are these located? sorry im still learning all this00:22
nickrudtantric132: that should have read system and swap above00:22
pike_Leechzilla: try the fix near the bottom of this thread maybe: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=41980600:22
ahavecould someone tell me how to tell what drivers my wifi card is using?00:22
QwexerI access a network at work but I can only get to a folder and not the actual drive so I cant mount the drive but I can make a perm link, where can I find where that link is created in the tree?00:22
tantric132nickrud, ok thanks bud.00:22
nathan64Jack_Sparrow: I have this issue. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/54621 I want to update my kernel to whats in the hardy alpha so I dont get it anymore. How would i go about doing that?00:22
Jack_Sparrowjjgalvez: correct, as long as you dont let XP write over that partition00:22
Starnestommynathan64: I think there's going to be a bug fix for that in gutsy in a couple days00:23
david__hello all, I'm having trouble watching dvd movies on gutsy. Any help would be highly appreciated!00:23
jjgalvezJack_Sparrow, thanks I'll give a shot tonight00:23
hsuhjulz: on your home. but if you haven't messed with those already forget about it00:23
julzhsuh: ohk well i havent touched them yet. This problem has been here since i installed gutsy, i've managed without it tillnow though00:24
nathan64Starnestommy: really? :S00:24
Jack_Sparrownathan64: That is a question for +1,   but you should be able to install the hardy kernel deb...00:24
Anizukacan someone help? every time I try clicking 'extra' in the visual effects, it always says that the composite extension is not available.00:24
Starnestommynathan64: wait, maybe not, I had it confused with the vmsplice problem00:24
hsuhjulz: try xterm for now :P00:25
nickrudnathan64: not advised, but if you must https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/54621/comments/53 has good instructions00:25
julzhsuh: i install that through synaptic? and will it just be under applications?00:25
TommckI have an interesting problem that I've been trying to resolve.  I need a custom driver for my disk controller.  I am installing Gutsy Server....00:25
ridge-meisterwhat's the best way to access youtube pics and videos using a dialup connection?  I am using firefox, and it's taking FOREVER!00:25
nathan64nickrud: I tried that, it didnt work00:26
hsuhxterm just "exists". try to run from somewhere.. type xterm and be happy00:26
TommckI created my own install CD by adding the compiled driver to the initrd.gz file.00:26
Tommckthis worked, but my machine won't boot.00:26
nickrudnathan64: what it didn't work, that will install the proper kernel00:26
Tommckis there somewhere else I should be adding that?00:26
Tommckanyone else every created their own install CD for Ubuntu? :)00:26
_Oz_that's pretty common though00:27
_Oz_download, burn to CD, etc00:27
Tommckno.. _Oz_ I modified their CD to add a driver00:27
Tommckmounted the ISO.00:27
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nickrud!doesntwork | nathan6400:27
ubotunathan64: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.00:27
Tommckzcat the initrd.gz | cpio -i00:27
ahavecould someone tell me how to tell what drivers my wifi card is using?00:27
Tommckthen went and added a compiled driver to it00:27
camelinvanHow do I install Kino.  I can't make out why it won't install?00:27
Tommckrecreated the initrd.gz00:27
Tommckrecreated the ISO00:27
Tommckthen installed00:27
Tommckthis worked, but... it won't boot after install now00:28
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Tommckso I'm guessing there's another spot I need to put this other driver00:28
Jack_Sparrow!enter | Tommck:00:28
ubotuTommck:: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:28
Tommcksorry everyone00:28
julzhsuh: but where do i tytpe it? I can't open terminal to type it!00:28
nailsdoes anyone have any experience with ubuntu and mythtv?00:29
KebertXel4Having some problems getting uTorrent's WebUI working (using wine)00:29
Tommcknails - I do00:29
hsuhjulz: isn't there a shortcut that opens a box you can call a command?00:29
frank23nails: #ubuntu-mythtv is the best channel for mythtv00:29
Jack_SparrowKebertXel4:   Try asking in #Winehq00:29
nathan64nickrud: I could tell you what it says but my mouse stops working and I have to reboot00:30
nailsfrank23: thanks00:30
Jarjar_Anyone know how to fix "Database Locked - Adept Installer"? If I click yes, it tries unlocking and then crashes.00:30
nickrudnathan64: try ctl-alt-backspace , or alt-f1 and use the arrow keys00:30
Tommckso, my bad IRC etiquette aside, nobody knows how to fix my installation?00:30
nickrudnathan64: shouldn't have to reboot, unless your kernel is bad ;)00:30
KebertXel4thx Jack_Sparrow00:30
julzhsuh: do you mean Applications-->Acessories-->Terminal/XTerm?   That is the terminal I cannot get to work! :)00:31
julzhsuh: I can create a launcher and see how that goes00:31
hsuhdo that !00:31
Sadneophytedoes anyone know of any benchmarks which show a large speed increase from amd64 over i386?00:31
hsuhcreate a launcher for a command named xterm00:31
levanderAfter firefox has been up and running for awhile (like a couple of days), I have to restart it because it's using so much CPU.  Are other people having this problem?00:31
ahavecould someone tell me how to tell what drivers my wifi card is using?00:32
nickrudlevander: if I have much in the way of flash usage, yes00:32
evil_techwhats the dd syntax to write zeroes to a drive00:32
Sadneophytelevander I was about to type the same thing... close flash webpages00:32
julzhsuh: HAHA! it worked! thankyou! ill use this now till the next update and hopefully all will be well then. Thanks mate! cya :)00:32
cellwind929hi, I am trying to install a Hauppage HVR-1600 in ubuntu, I have isntalled the driver, but am on the part where I have to copy the windows firmware files to a linux director and I don't know where that is. here are the instructions im following: http://ivtvdriver.org/index.php/Cx1800:33
Jarjar_For my Database Locked problem, it started after I finished installing about 150 updates, and I tried restarting already.00:33
POCozWoah, a ton of people here.00:34
nickrudcellwind929: that *should* be /lib/firmware00:34
TommckOK, trying one more time:  I am trying to fix an install (done it twice now).  I added a driver to the initrd.gz file on the Gutsy Server ISO.  This allowed it to see my RAID card.  THe OS installs fine, but will not boot (I can get the message).  I believe the installation doesn't have the driver.  Is there a way I can get it there?00:34
robcalewaris compiz fusion working after the update today?00:34
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nathan64nickrud: which line do I comment out so it doesnt try to update everything?00:35
JoshJso i managed to be an idiot and screw up my sound this morning00:35
cellwind929nickrud: thanks, thats probably it, ill give it a shot00:35
nickrudnathan64: as long as you only do exactly those steps (add the repo, update, install <one> package, disable the repo, then update again, you're safe00:35
Anizukacan someone help? every time I try clicking 'extra' in the visual effects, it always says that the composite extension is not available.00:35
JoshJbasically i installed the realtek driver(from their site) this morning because i thought the sound was broken00:36
JoshJturns out i just had the speaker off (durr)00:36
JoshJand now it's not working, i need to get it out and put the ubuntu default sound stuff back in00:36
nickrudnathan64: for apt-get purposes, update means get the list of available packages, and upgrade means install everything that has a new version. You will not be running any upgrades, only one install00:36
Jarjar_Can anyone help me with my Adept problem?00:36
pike_cellwind929: im assuming it should go to the lib firmware dir at /lib/firmware/$(uname -r)/  could be wrong00:37
nathan64nickrud: ok thanks im doing that right now00:37
korte1975how r u people?00:37
korte1975i`m new to linux00:38
zubuntuis there a way i can see what is using my processor? The monitor says it is 90-100% in use, but in System Monitor, no program claims to be using it00:38
ader10i m fine ty for asking korte197500:38
cellwind929pike_: thanks, I'm not sure what you mean buy /$00:38
nickrudpike_: the kernel subdir is for stuff provided with ubuntu, the parent is for other stuff (like my broadcom firmware)00:38
Neural_OverloadI'm having problems with my Linksys wifi usb and Ubuntu (Gutsy) thinking that it is disconnected completely00:38
JoshJzubuntu: top?00:38
mneptokzubuntu: top or htop00:38
pike_nickrud: so just /lib/firmware?00:39
olskolirchi hi:  I just installed a WinTV-PVR tv tuner card and I can't get any of my applications to work.  xawtv - kdetv - and tvtime00:39
olskolirchow can I get some tv :-(00:39
DrBeaverhausenI'm having an issue with foxytunes addon for firefox.00:39
nickrudpike_: yes, that should be sufficient. That way if he ever uninstalls -14, the newer kernel will still find the firmware00:39
zubuntuJoshJ, and mneptok thanks00:39
hsuholskolirc: i can't tell you how to get some tv but i can tell you how to get more free time ;)00:40
pike_cellwind929: just /lib/firmware  so to drop it there youll run gksu nautilus from the terminal  be very carefule as that is running as root and navigate to that dir and drop the fw files there00:40
zubuntunow i have another question why would my network manager be using almost 80% of my processing power?00:40
nathan64nickrud: it says couldnt find package linux-image-2.6.24-4-generic00:40
olskolircwhat is free time hsuh ?00:40
hsuhosfameron: don't watch TV!""00:40
cellwind929pike_: thanks!00:40
pike_nickrud: i see. thanks00:40
pike_cellwind929: have fun. its a cool card i hear00:41
mneptokzubuntu: sudo invoke-rc.d networking restart00:41
DrBeaverhausenDoes anybody know how to get foxytunes to work with amarok?00:41
JoshJso does anyone know how to re-install the ubuntu sound stuff and get it back working after you mess it up?00:41
cellwind929pike_: yeah, its 60 dollars at circuit city. so i jumped on it, im just new to compiling stuff myself, hopefully i can get it working with mythtv00:42
craigevilDrBeaverhausen: foxytunes should work with amarok without a problem00:42
Neural_OverloadI'm having problems with my Linksys wifi usb and Ubuntu (Gutsy) thinking that it is disconnected completely. Disconnecting and then reconnecting it doesn't help.00:42
pike_cellwind929: myth and the hauppaugh cards are made for each other usually it shouldnt be bad00:42
Tommckcellwind929 - you should try the #mythtv-users channel or the #ubuntu-mythtv channel... might have more luck00:42
cellwind929Tommck: thanks, ill ask there00:42
DrBeaverhausenAmerok isn't listed on the players list.00:43
DrBeaverhausenI read about other people having the same problem, but the thread was real limited.00:43
trash80has anyone here ever used google ?00:43
Tommcktrash80 - we don't use those newfangled InterNets things...00:44
nickrudnathan64: there's possibly a new release. you'll have to search thru synaptic to see if there's a later -X-generic00:44
trash80ok, I was wondering :)00:44
Tommckwe use things like TRS-80s :)00:44
apetrescuIs anyone else having problems connecting to the ca.archive.ubuntu.com repository?00:44
nathan64nickrud: ah I thought alpha 4 was the latest one00:44
Ashfire908apetrescu, it fails to return a ping00:45
pike_apetrescu: looks to be down00:45
nickrudnathan64: that's not how kernels are numbered, they don't take the alpha release. That was coincidental in the bug report00:45
apetrescuAnyone know why/how long until it's fixed?00:46
JoshJanyone here know how to fix ubuntu sound issues? i'm looking to go back to default ubuntu sound settings, right now i get: ~$ alsamixer00:46
JoshJalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device00:46
Neural_OverloadI'm having problems with my Linksys wifi usb and Ubuntu (Gutsy) thinking that it is disconnected completely. Disconnecting and then reconnecting it doesn't help.00:46
=== oliver__ is now known as saftsack
Ashfire908apetrescu, i would just use another server till it's up again. but i don't know when that will be00:46
* Tommck wants the install gods to fix his machine00:47
apetrescuAshfire908, kay, thanks, that's what I'll do :)00:47
nickrudnathan64: it's -7-generic now00:47
ahavecould someone help me identify what drivers my wifi card is using?00:47
Guerraahave, which laptop?00:48
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ahaveGuerra, do you mean which wifi card?00:48
=== enJoy is now known as emgent
ahavealfa network, using realtek 8187 chipset00:49
j_humphreyis it possible to encrypt a partition after you install ubuntu on it?00:49
j_humphreyor even jsut my /home partition00:50
linxehj_humphrey: encrypting the root partition would be hard (but not impossible I imagine). /home should be doable quite easily00:50
Tommckcan anyone help me with raid card driver issues?00:50
linxehor you could just have an encrypted file which you mount with loopback I guess00:50
TommckLVM supports encrypted partitions, right?00:51
ubotuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup00:52
Tommckif someone helps me, I'll give that person a cookie00:52
Tommcka big cookie?00:53
ahavecould someone help me identify what drivers my wifi card is using? (realtek chipset 8187)00:53
Che-AnarcWhat is a makefile? and how do I compile it?00:53
Tommckahave - use "dmesg" and look through it... it will say something about the drivers used during boot00:53
TommckChe-Anarc - a makefile tells you how to compile.00:54
TommckChe-Anarc - usually there's a "README" file in the directory with something that requires compilation, telling you how to compile and install it00:54
Che-AnarcYes but this one says "I assume reader has understand of C & Makefiles00:55
TommckChe-Anarc - run "make" in that directory00:55
TommckChe-Anarc - if you don't have make, run "sudo apt-get install build-essential" first :)00:55
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* Tommck is hoping that helping people will help him through ubuntu karma00:56
Che-AnarcThats cool... It tried to run something... but I think I'm missing some stuff... thanks.00:56
Neural_OverloadI'm having problems with my Linksys wifi usb and Ubuntu (Gutsy) thinking that it is disconnected completely. Disconnecting and then reconnecting it doesn't help.00:56
Tommckgandalfcome - sounds magically messy00:57
gandalfcomeTommck: what?00:57
XredXhey would anyone know why when i were to try to run the update manager in Gutsy it would want to run a partial upgrade but then fail saying that my system is up to date?00:57
XredXno matter how many times i run it or restart i get the same error00:57
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_Oz_what's faster: a celeron 2.2ghz or a p4 2.2ghz?00:58
j_humphreyi'd say amd00:58
XredXi would assume P400:59
nathan64nickrud: ok I installed it, I tried to use restricted drivers manager and it says I have to install linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-7-generic. should I do that?00:59
Tommckwell, I guess everyone hates me in here, so I'll just throw my server out the window and call it a day00:59
j_humphreysounds good00:59
Jangariis there a config file that gets run on login, where i can stick in custom commands?01:00
Tommckthis is the official "support" channel and not the official "ignore Tommck" channel, right?01:00
Jangarioh, holy sh|t, i should be able to throw a command in sessions, right?01:00
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trash80Tommck, I was told to come here for some stress relief :D01:01
DimitreeIs there something like Dreamwaver for Ubuntu ? I need the Dreamwaver future to edit pages in Design mode ?01:01
mEck0hi! how can I select a group of directories in midnight commander? * just selects all files, not dir's01:01
Tommcktrash80 - I do find it quite annoying that, out of the 15 million people on this channel, nobody will help.  Oh well... I'll grab another glass of wine and brainstorm01:02
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Dimitreetrash80, was that for me ?01:02
trash80Dimitree, yes01:02
Dimitreeou ok thank you :)01:02
tcpdumpgodTommck, repeat your problem.01:02
tcpdumpgodIm about to help everyone @ once.01:02
tcpdumpgodCause im a genius like that.01:02
trash80Dimitree, its not as good as dreamweaver, but close as you'll get in linux01:03
Onyxwhat's a good tool for ripping audio cds to ogg files?01:03
Tommcktcpdumpgod - I am trying to fix an install (done it twice now).  I added a driver to the initrd.gz file on the Gutsy Server ISO.  This allowed it to see my RAID card.  THe OS installs fine, but will not boot (I can get the message).  I believe the installation doesn't have the driver.  Is there a way I can get it there?01:03
Hammer89anyone have any idea why compiz would fail to initiate a large percentage of the time I start my computer?01:03
nickrudnathan64: yes01:03
exneohey anybody know how to add music and online radio stations in elisa media center01:03
zaivaldiOnyx, sound juicer01:03
ZaphodBeeblebroxGreetings. I've installed Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory here (Gutsy) and everything works fine, except that it doesn't fetch any servers on the server list.... Any ideas?01:03
Onyxzaivaldi: thanks01:03
exneoplz I want to add a few stations and my rythmbox music01:03
Dimitreetrash80, i am unable to find it with the Add/Remove ? is this third party ?01:04
end38I have an problem with static link on an program (with curl lib) when I type:  gcc kernel.c -I/usr/include -lcurl --static -o kernel I have many errors like this:01:04
end38function `Curl_input_negotiate':01:04
end38(.text+0x447): undefined reference to `gss_release_buffer'01:04
end38/usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.1.3/../../../../lib/libcurl.a(http_negotiate.o): In function `Curl_input_negotiate':01:04
end38(.text+0x4e4): undefined reference to `gss_release_buffer'01:04
end38/usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.1.3/../../../../lib/libcurl.a(http_negotiate.o): In function `Curl_input_negotiate':01:04
FloodBot1end38: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:04
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exneoany elisa elp01:04
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:04
tcpdumpgodTommck, luckly for you... you're talking to a veteran corporate *NIX  admin01:04
trash80Dimitree, no goto their website and get the zip file, then look in the wiki for the linux install how to01:04
Tommcktcpdumpgod :)01:04
tcpdumpgodTommck, do you have hardware or software raid setup?01:04
nickrudnathan64: I'm off for a bit, bbl01:04
Tommcktcpdumpgod - hardware01:04
speedcoreis nfs generally faster than smbd with ubuntu?01:04
Dimitreethank you trash80 :)01:04
nathan64nickrud: ok thanks01:05
tcpdumpgodTommck, whats the make and model of your card, and what kinda raid array do you have set up in the hardware raid controllers configuration?01:05
Tommcktcpdumpgod - but the driver is not supported directly.  I have compiled it on another gutsy machine01:05
tcpdumpgodRAID 1, 5?01:05
ZaphodBeeblebroxI've installed Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory here (Gutsy) and everything works fine, except that it doesn't fetch any servers on the server list.... Any ideas?01:05
tcpdumpgodTommck, make and model of the RAID card?01:05
Tommcktcpdumpgod - highpoint rr1740 - doing raid 1 on this machine01:05
tcpdumpgodIs it SATA RAID Tommck ?01:05
tcpdumpgodTommck, 2 SCSI drives?01:05
Tommcktcpdumpgod - sata mirrored01:05
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tcpdumpgodsata mirrored.01:05
tcpdumpgodOkay, i can fix this no sweat.01:05
tcpdumpgodThe problem is, is that you're installing grub on both drives.01:06
zaivaldiZaphodBeeblebrox, what about the filters?01:06
Aaronthats wack01:06
Tommcktcpdumpgod - huh?01:06
Tommcktcpdumpgod - it shouldn't know about 2 drives01:06
exneoso how do I add tracks and online stations to elisa aron01:06
tcpdumpgodTommck, does your raid controller get recognized on boot?01:06
Tommcktcpdumpgod - yes01:06
ZaphodBeeblebroxzaivaldi: All deactivated, except for the password one. I even disabled the "full/empty" filter01:06
tcpdumpgodokay, so it sees one drive correct?01:06
tcpdumpgodor "one drive"01:07
Tommcktcpdumpgod - yes01:07
exneohelp plz01:07
tcpdumpgodWell Tommck since it cant distinguish between /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1, its installing grub on the MBR of both drives.01:07
tcpdumpgodCause it sees it as 1 drive.01:07
Tommcktcpdumpgod there is only one drive01:07
Tommcktcpdumpgod the raid-1 makes it look like a single drive to the OS01:07
Tommckit just needs a disk controller driver01:07
tcpdumpgodTommck, thats what im saying dude.01:08
tcpdumpgodthe ROM on the hardware raid controller takes care of the mirroring.01:08
Tommcktcpdumpgod - right01:08
exneoplz I need online radio in elisa more stations01:08
tcpdumpgodSo it makes the OS SEE IT AS ONE DRIVE.01:08
OnyxOne more question with regard to ripping to ogg -- what would the 'quality01:08
Tommcktcpdumpgod - yes01:08
Tommcktcpdumpgod - it runs at a BIOS level01:08
OnyxOne more question with regard to ripping to ogg -- what would the 'quality' equivalent to 320kbps be in ogg vobis?01:08
tcpdumpgodTommck, when you install the os, it sees the one drive /dev/sda correct?01:08
Tommcktcpdumpgod - yes01:08
Tommcktcpdumpgod - so yes.. it physically writes it to 2 disks....01:09
LadyNikonexneo: someone can help they can.  Also check the forums.01:09
zaivaldiZaphodBeeblebrox, dont have any idea.. versions are ok?01:09
Tommcktcpdumpgod - but the machine is never aware of that01:09
putnumcan you stream music over RDP?01:09
tcpdumpgodso Tommck if breaks the 1 mirrors down to two partitions, /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2, then its breaking down the 1st and 2nd drive because they're mirroring right?01:09
ZaphodBeeblebroxzaivaldi: Just downloaded the latest version (2.60)01:09
Tommcktcpdumpgod - no.. they can't be seen as different drives01:09
tcpdumpgodAre you following me man?01:09
zaivaldii use 2.60 too01:10
kovai am using irssi. is there a way to change the "wc" command to close windows? i'm trying to manage my diarrhea condition by not thinking about it and the command is not really handy :(01:10
NemesisDjoin #linux01:10
ZaphodBeeblebroxI've installed Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory here (Gutsy) and everything works fine, except that it doesn't fetch any servers on the server list.... All filters but "password protected" are disabled. Any ideas?01:10
LadyNikonkova: try #irssi or irssi.org01:11
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Lizard787I have a dsdt.hex file to fix sound for my toshiba laptop it said to enter it into the kernel how would i do that?01:11
kovinhathanks LadyNikon :)01:11
LadyNikonkovinha: i would try irrsi.org first.. #irssi aren't the greatest on help.  They idle alot.01:11
Leechzillakovinha: Change it? What do you mean?01:12
kovinhaan alias to the command01:12
Leechzillakovinha: /alias <aliasname> wc01:12
kovinhawc is not really helpful on my condition01:12
kovinhathanks :D01:12
LadyNikonLeechzilla: that probably wont work inside irssi01:12
kovinhaalias close added01:12
kovinhathanks :)01:12
LeechzillaLadyNikon: Why wouldn't it?01:13
LadyNikonLeechzilla: dunno if irssi handles aliases from inside.. I could be wrong.01:13
LeechzillaLadyNikon: It does.01:13
Leechzillakovinha: I use /close too :P01:13
simpsDoes anyone know of a way to use a command to indicate the speed of my network connection?01:13
dark_Harmonicsifconfig should list it simps01:14
spudraticqhello all01:14
kovinhathat's nice :D01:14
_coredump_hello, idjc wont play any mp3 files...ogg do fine and streaming to shoutcast via mp3 is also possible, but no mp3 files in playlist can be played, anyone here can hekp me with that?01:14
ZaphodBeeblebroxI've installed Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory here (Gutsy) and everything works fine, except that it doesn't fetch any servers on the server list.... All filters but "password protected" are disabled. Any ideas?01:15
simpsdark_Harmonics, it lists the number of packets and how much has been downloaded/uploaded, but not the speed01:15
OldTokerhi all :)  is there a nice gui tool for user administration... that I can use.. I know CLI is faster.. but I'm just more comfy with a GUI tool...  I need to correct an error I'm having --->http://pastebin.com/m5d52190c01:15
newnvidiaI just got a new graphics card.  When I boot the computer, BIOS screen and ubuntu loading screen pop up but as soon as loading screen completes, I lose video while my monitor goes from green (on) to a sort of green/yellow (not indicative of power-saver though).  any ideas?01:15
dark_Harmonicssimps, it doesnt say anything like 1000 full?01:15
spudraticqhas any here had any luck with a driver for intelletype kebord and mouse they work fine except my zoom slider01:15
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simpsdark_Harmonics, nope ;s01:16
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:17
spudraticqcan i configuer the zoom in ubunto 7.10 to work on the keyboard slider01:17
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dark_Harmonicssimps yes i see that it lists the txbut no link speed  rate01:17
dark_Harmonicslook it up01:17
dark_Harmonicslooking* i mean sorry01:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about whoami - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:18
trash80you know nothing01:18
simpsdark_Harmonics, i've tried, i guess i'll just wait around and see who would know01:18
simpslol @ trash8001:18
leepingHey there, I'm running into a simple problem with copying operating systems.  I have a 250GB HD with my OS on it, and I also have an empty 500GB HD.  I installed Ubuntu on the 500GB using the LiveCD (just for the partitioning), and then I deleted the whole file tree on the 500GB and copied the file tree on the 250GB over.  However, I'm getting a "GRUB Hard Disk Error" if I boot up with the 500gb01:18
Jangariquestion: i'01:19
bazhangdid the recent updates (last few hours or so) mean the exploit is already fixed?01:19
leepingWhat am I doing wrong?  Is there a better way for me to copy the entire contents of my 250GB onto the 500GB, and have the 500GB work as my primary HD with OS and all?01:19
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Lizard787I have a dsdt.hex file to fix sound for my toshiba laptop it said to enter it into the kernel how would i do that?01:20
craigevilleeping: try reinstalling grub01:20
luisi have one problem01:20
Jangarii'm putting a custom command, an sshfs command into my sessions startup programs. This sshfs command prompts for a password, but the man sshfs page doesn't say where you can put the password in the one command, so how would I write it as a single command line?01:20
leepingcraigevil: I tried that, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right.  I mounted my second HD, chrooted to its root directory, and ran grub-install --recheck --no-floppy01:21
newnvidiaI just got a new graphics card.  When I boot the computer, BIOS screen and ubuntu loading screen pop up but as soon as loading screen completes, I lose video while my monitor goes from green (on) to a sort of green/yellow (not indicative of power-saver though).  any ideas?01:21
ZaphodBeeblebroxI've installed Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory here (Gutsy) and everything works fine, except that it doesn't fetch any servers on the server list.... All filters but "password protected" are disabled. Any ideas?01:21
craigevilleeping: try recover grub from live-cd: sudo mount /media/sdxx ; then: sudo /usr/sbin/grub-install --recheck --no-floppy --root-directory=/media/sdxx /dev/sda01:21
craigevilnewnvidia: did you install the new video driver?01:22
newnvidiacraigevil: no but what's weird is that I don't even get to see terminal, the screen just goes black01:22
Hammer89I'm beginning to think something is messed up with how my computer is configured... half the time I start up my computer & log in... compiz fails to initiate (my desktop is heavily dependent upon compiz)... a few minutes ago I logged in and it wasn't working again... for a totally separate reason while logged in with compiz not running I opened the keyboard shortcuts manager... and it fed me an error saying there might be a possible issu01:22
newnvidiacraigevil: it's not as if xserver crashed or anything.  hrm.01:23
||bassDoes anyone know how to have programs iconify in the style of GNUStep/WindowMaker (without actually using windowmaker) in a relatively standard gnome setup?01:23
leepingRecovering from live-cd sounds like a good idea :) Let me attempt that .. thanks a lot!01:23
||bassi.e. no task bar01:23
leepingI'll lose my internet when I try this, so I'm parting now01:23
leepingthanks again01:23
craigevilnewnvidia: i would reset the card , at worst you can modift xorg using the liveccd01:23
newnvidiacraigevil: like reseat it?01:23
||bassbut just have iconified applications go into blocks or something like in nextstep01:23
simpsDoes anyone know of a way to use a command to indicate the speed of my network connection?01:24
OldTokerhi all :)  is there a nice gui tool for user administration... that I can use.. I know CLI is faster.. but I'm just more comfy with a GUI tool...  I need to correct an error I'm having --->http://pastebin.com/m5d52190c01:24
oreomikehow does one get gdm to rediscover the display types?01:24
craigevilnewnvidia: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia (BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia - Community Ubuntu Documentation)01:25
newnvidiacraigevil: ah I think I found what I was lookign for.  Thanks so much craigevil01:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hotwire - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:26
Gothfuncwhat's the best ir receiver to buy?01:26
Gothfuncfor remote control of media on pc and other apps01:26
trash80Gothfunc, ^^01:27
||bassguess not01:27
simpsOldToker, hotwire is a GUI command line app, but i haven't looked into if it will actually help your case, i guess you could check it out to see how you like it01:27
sorbixhi i recently added a raid setup to my ubuntu machine and in the process grub broke.  i was able to get into ubuntu, but how do i auto-rebuild grub?01:28
craigeviltux droid :)01:28
simpsDoes anyone know of a way to use a command to indicate the speed of my network connection?01:28
kovinhai don't think sending pictures like http://www.stereokiller.com/media/coverart/xxxxxxxx.JPG is the best way to apologize man01:28
th89hey guys, i have 10 new Hulu invites. I am looking for a donation to my site ($5 or more). first come first serve01:28
sorbixis there a command to rebuild my grub config?01:28
brandonc503what is the easiest way to change permissio of a file in the terminal?01:28
craigevilsorbix: try recover grub from live-cd: sudo mount /media/sdxx ; then: sudo /usr/sbin/grub-install --recheck --no-floppy --root-directory=/media/sdxx /dev/sda01:28
kovinhabrandonc503:  chmod01:28
OldTokersimps, thanks for the suggestion will check it out :)01:28
DoYouKnowth89, dude. what are you doing?01:28
DoYouKnowth89, if everyone advertised here, it wouldn't be a very good channel01:29
Hammer89**tries once more** :)  half the time I start up my computer and log in compiz fails to initiate (my desktop is heavily dependent upon compiz)... a few minutes ago I logged in and it wasn't working again... for a totally separate reason while logged in with compiz not running I opened the keyboard shortcuts manager... and it fed me an error saying there might be a possible issue with bonobo or that something was conflicting with a KDE se01:29
simpsDoes anyone know of a way to use a command to indicate the speed of my network connection?01:29
th89doyouknow: have you heard of Hulu?01:29
kovinhasimps: i think ifconfig can handle it01:29
Gothfunctrash80: does firefly work out of the box with lirc also-out-of-the-box01:29
th89DoYouKnow, Hulu is NBC's online video site01:30
oboy03what should i do if after update i have a corrupt package?01:30
oboy03that was not installed?01:30
DIL_jerk chicken $201:30
brandonc503anyone know of site that showes what the numbers for chmod do?01:30
kovinhamanpages brandonc50301:31
Lizard787I have a dsdt.hex file to fix sound for my toshiba laptop it said to enter it into the kernel how would i do that?01:31
simpskovinha, i've tried that already, it only gives how much you have downloaded/uploaded, not the speed though. any other ideas?01:31
kovinhatry to do man chmod. they're occtal values01:31
Hammer89brandonc503: "man chmod" or google :P01:31
mutablehello, i have a problem with genisoimage (growisofs), i want to add some dirs from my fs to some root dir on image (e.g. "data"): $ genisoimage -r data ../../sth1 dirx/sth2, however if sth* is directory, it will add contents of this dir instead of the dir itself01:32
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Gothfunctrash80: can the firefly ir receiver also then be used for say, household remote controls using irrecord?01:33
simpsDoes anyone know of a way to use a command to indicate the speed of my network connection?01:33
exneohow do I add tracks to elisa01:33
roddersgsimps - the transfer speed or the theorectocal work speed01:33
Joelitoanyone know a tool or a software|package that will help me create makefiles?01:33
craigevilGothfunc: take a look at it here > http://www.snapstream.com/products/firefly/01:33
exneouse elisa01:34
shane2peruhey everyone, quick question on setting up printer01:34
shane2peruin gnome01:34
trash80Gothfunc, I'm not sure about that, it is ment for PC.  the logitech remote can do that tho, but at about $10001:34
Gothfunccraigevil: already there01:34
kovinhaholy fucking christ. i go for a walk, passes 40 seconds and i get lost on the conversation.01:34
simpsroddersg, the transfer speed01:34
LjL!language | kovinha01:34
Gothfunctrash80: know the name of the logitech one?01:34
ubotukovinha: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:34
trash80Gothfunc, not off the top of my head, but they only have 2 or 3, the others are about $20001:35
demonspork Whenever I log in to my Ubuntu Feisty install, it loads the desktop and promptly the display crashes and I am back at the login screen. It still does this when I use the failsafe login, extra info: running c-f and kiba-dock. When the system first boots, It takes longer to finish loading whatever causes the crash so I have had time to hit Alt+f2 and type "metacity --replace" but even loading a different wm didn't fix the problem.01:35
kovinha!language | trash8001:35
ubotutrash80: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:35
kovinhalol this is funny01:36
spudraticq<< /msg uboto etiqette>>01:36
trash80what ?01:36
Lizard787I have a dsdt.hex file to fix sound for my toshiba laptop it said to enter it into the kernel how would i do that?01:36
roddersgsimps, can't you get that from Gnome System>System Monitor ?01:36
demonspork When I select My Ubuntu Gutsy install from the boot menu, it says "Failed to mount selected partition" even though the partition mounts fine via IFS in windows and in my Feisty install. I have made no changes to the boot options/loaders since the last successful boot of the system, which was yesterday.01:36
Gothfunctrash80: got it.  thanks for the information man01:36
trash80kovinha, wtf are you talking about01:36
trash80Gothfunc, np01:36
kovinhalol trash8001:37
ubotuUnsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubotu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !NickSpam, !English - and most importantly, use common sense...01:37
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.01:37
PRAEDOwhat package contains xorgconfig?01:37
PRAEDOcan't find it01:37
leeping2008craigevil: I'm back01:37
PRAEDOany help please?01:37
kovinhawtf? i'm using existing commands01:37
Dimitreetrash80 awesome thank you very much : )01:37
leeping2008The grub-install partially fixed my problem, now it hangs at "Loading, please wait..."01:37
Jack_SparrowPRAEDO: /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:37
leeping2008Could it be that I used a livecd with a different kernel? i.e. the livecd had a 64-bit kernel01:37
Gothfuncdoes anyone else know if the firefly ir receiver lets you use any household remote with lirc/irrecord?01:38
trash80Dimitree, welcome01:38
kovinha!AskTheBot Will I experience some kind of homossexual act any time in my life?01:38
Dimitreeubuntu rulez wohooo ^___^01:38
PRAEDOJack_Sparrow, i mean the utility, not the conf file01:38
=== slaytani1 is now known as slaytanic
PRAEDOxorgconf is an utilit01:39
mutabledoes anybody here use growisofs tool please ?01:39
PRAEDOwhat package contains it?01:39
kovinhatry to download xorgconf :F01:39
leeping2008Hey there, I'm running into a simple problem with copying operating systems.  I have a 250GB HD with my OS on it, and I also have an empty 500GB HD.  I installed Ubuntu on the 500GB using the LiveCD (just for the partitioning), and then I deleted the whole file tree on the 500GB and copied the file tree on the 250GB over.  However, I'm getting a "GRUB Hard Disk Error" if I boot up with the 500gb01:39
leeping2008What am I doing wrong?  Is there a better way for me to copy the entire contents of my 250GB onto the 500GB, and have the 500GB work as my primary HD with OS and all?01:39
Jack_Sparrowkovinha: May I have a quick pm01:39
kovinhaaye! arrr01:40
simpsroddersg, but i would like to get it from a command so i can use a php bot to read it :P, i dunno another way to find it ;x01:40
roddersgsimps - try tc - show/change traffic stats01:40
Lizard787I have a dsdt.hex file to fix sound for my toshiba laptop it said to enter it into the kernel how would i do that?01:40
j_whats the command for nvida-setting01:41
roddersgsimps, cmd "ip" and some of the parameters e.g. ip link show01:41
thom_i think nvidia is a restricted driver.....01:42
brandonc503im trying to edit the my.cnf file but says Operation not permitted to cmod.. can i chown?01:42
thom_try it!01:42
simpsroddersg, i don't know what those parameters mean ;x01:42
Jack_Sparrow File xorgconf found in ltsp-server01:42
thom_only takes a second to chown01:43
leeping2008I've gotten to the point where I used the LiveCD to install GRUB onto my 500GB hard drive (the one with a complete Ubuntu filesystem, but wouldn't boot)01:43
leeping2008Currently, GRUB loads, but then the system hangs at "Loading, please wait..."01:43
Jack_SparrowPRAEDO: Did you catch that01:43
roddersgsimps: try sudo ethtool eth001:44
thom_500gb still amazes me..01:44
PRAEDOisn't ltsp related to conf?01:44
j_whats the command for nvidia-setting01:44
thom_<==old trs-80 programmmer01:44
leeping2008it'll be the home directory for like 15 users or so :)01:44
leeping2008<-- started using Linux a year ago :P01:44
OldTokeranyone here know what repository I need to load to get webmin?01:44
brandonc503what do i type in terminal to use the sudo thing?01:44
thom_sudo -i01:45
roddersgj_, you have to install the linux-restricted-kernel first, then enable nvidia with nvidia-glx enable, then change dpkg-reconfigure xerser-xorg01:45
benanzocan anyone suggest a way to download a remote file to a remote ftp server without a shell on either01:45
roddersgj_, can send you the link I think01:45
benanzois it possible?01:45
ginitahi good afternoon01:45
onesandzeroshello all.  Any of you guys know how I can see all the make targets in the kernel?  I'm building from source and need a little refresher on how it all works.01:45
Jack_Sparrowbrandonc503: USe sudo before a command for root access.  If calling up a gui app use gksudo01:45
Jack_SparrowOldToker: you dont01:45
simpsroddersg, is there a command for wireless? i use wireless01:45
ubotuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.01:46
roddersgj_,  try looking here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia01:46
OldTokerJack_Sparrow, I don't see it in adept...01:46
roddersgsimps, how about sudo ethtool wlan0 ?01:46
OldTokerand I kinda need it?01:46
Dex-FreudiiI have a sempron 3500+ which is based on AMD64 technology, which means that it supports 64-bit01:46
Dex-Freudiiand I have Ubuntu for 32-bit installed, am I loosing something? how better would it be to install the 64bit version?01:46
thom_or go to restricted drivers for nvidia01:46
Jack_SparrowOldToker: Please see what I just posted.. .. It is NOT advised01:46
roddersgDex-Freudii, Speed from 64-bit packages, but ask yourself what you loose if you use 64-bit, a lot of other packages don't work well01:47
ginitai install ubuntu linux in my macbook pro... everything works pefect exept the light screen.. for some reason ubuntu low the light then i click to turn the light and 1 minutes later it take it low again01:47
ginitai wonder what is the problem?01:47
OldTokerok Jack_Sparrowl:  Please enlighten me on a nice gui then.. that I can use to manage my user accounts?01:47
Jack_SparrowDex-Freudii: Use 32 until you are really comfortable with it.. THe speed dif is minimal01:47
Dex-Freudiiroddersg, which packages won't work?01:47
Dex-Freudiiroddersg, why is that?01:48
simpsroddersg, doesn't give me speed01:48
Dex-FreudiiJack_Sparrow, what are the advantages of using 64bit then?01:48
roddersgDex-Freudii, on 64-bit you get screwed on the Firefox extensions, java, flash etc, have to look for workarounds01:48
ginitaany onw have idea about this problem?01:48
ginitawith the macbook pro?01:48
roddersgDex-Freudii, only if you want it as a server,  as for packages, they are all there except for the latest versions01:49
ginitaubuntu takes the screen light very low01:49
ginitahow can i keep it up?01:49
Jack_SparrowDex-Freudii: YOu can make them all work, but you would need to use ndiswrapper (I think thats right) and it just isnt the same01:49
roddersgsimps - sorry don't have wireless on this machine to test01:49
simpsroddersg, can't find a way for eth0 to see transfer speed then?01:49
OldTokerJack_Sparrow, can ya point me in the right direction for a nice user / groups management GUI?01:49
Jack_SparrowDex-Freudii: that is to get 32 bit to run under the 64 bit os01:49
brandonc503so if i change the min word len setting in my.ctn or what ever... do i have to remake my tables? or just restart comp?01:49
roddersgsimps, try googling for your answer: ubuntu wireless speed command-line01:50
Jack_SparrowOldToker: Sorry, I dont know one off the top of my head.01:50
Dex-Freudiiroddersg, and Jack_Sparrow thank you01:50
asdrubalroddersg, sudo iwconfig <ethernet handle> rate 11M auto01:50
ginitahello, im using ubuntu in my macbook pro and everything works perfect exept the screen light is very low!01:50
asdrubalthat's what I use01:50
Dex-Freudiiginita, I have a laptop x86 and the screen light doesn't work properly either01:50
simpsroddersg, alright01:50
ginitawhen i turn it up ubuntu take it low again!01:50
ginitahow can i fix this?01:51
OldTokerok Jack_Sparrow,  Well then unfortunately I guess I'm stuck with webmin.... at any rate I found instructions for it.. I have used it for like 2 years now.. I'm familiar with it..   thanks anyway :)01:51
roddersgsimps, iwlist command01:51
Dex-Freudiiginita, which ubuntu are you using?01:51
Jack_SparrowOldToker: As long as you are aware of the risks01:51
ginita6.10 i think01:51
OldTokerJack_Sparrow, there's risks involved in just puting a computer in the internet now days..01:51
Jack_SparrowOldToker: Did you even look into Ebox01:51
ginitathe one that holds update for longer time01:52
roddersgsimps, yes, I think iwlist is what you are looking for01:52
Dex-Freudiiginita, upgrade to 7.04 or 7.1001:52
OldTokerJack_Sparrow, no but I will thank you...01:52
ginitawell im not sure dex01:52
ginitahow can i see my01:52
Dex-Freudiiwhy not?01:52
Jack_Sparrowok, good luck01:52
asdrubalroddersg, I think iwconfig is what you want to use to set speed01:52
roddersgasdrubal, he dosen't want to set speed, he wants the characteristics of the interface01:52
asdrubalroddersg, iwconfig01:52
asdrubalroddersg, without any arguments01:53
Dex-Freudiipress crtl-alt-F2 to see a console and there it says. then get back with ctrl-alt-F7 or F801:53
Dex-Freudiiah you have mac01:53
Dex-Freudiidon't know if ctrl and alt buttons exist01:53
roddersgasdrubal, have a word with him or scroll upwards01:53
deva_is there a help channel ?01:53
celi0usDex_Freudii: lol they do.01:53
Hajuuhey guys.. im having some problems with my laptop.. I posted my problem on the forums but nobodys replied at all and its been days... I have a laptop with no removable media devices.. it has ubuntu installed on it, but after installing a whole bunch of software now it doesnt boot.. giving me lots of segfaults in my bootup.. is there some way maybe I can skip the software loading at boot or something?01:54
asdrubalsimps, type iwconfig01:54
rimaddoes anyone know how to "glue" subtitles in .srt format to some video using ffmpeg?01:54
deva_im new to ubuntu 7.1001:54
deva_and i think i messed up the mplayer :p01:55
roddersgsimps, try this place:http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/wiki/index.php/Quick_HOWTO_:_Ch13_:_Linux_Wireless_Networking01:55
deva_i get the sound ... but i cant see the video01:55
=== praktikum is now known as komink
Dex-Freudiiginita, ????01:55
deva_is there a way i can reload the codecs?01:55
skullso we can ask ubuntu questions in this chanell?01:55
deva_i dunno :p01:55
Jack_SparrowHajuu: You are in a tough spot, sorry I dont have an answers01:55
_Casey_dude, ekiga displays my cam every once in a while, but nothing else does01:55
Jack_Sparrowskull: Yes01:55
_Casey_how do i get other stuff to display my cam01:56
skullcool!! so glad I found it, google is not always right ;)01:56
Jack_Sparrow_Casey_: you can try the skype beta..01:56
deva_does someone in here know how to solve mplayer or vlc media player problems01:56
_Casey_oh really, it supports video?01:56
_Casey_may i have the link01:56
HajuuI know.. really annoying too, I had just finished updating everything I rebooted and made sure everything was ok.. decided that the worst was over and installed software.. then when it was ALL DONE, this happens :(01:56
Jack_Sparrow_Casey_: the new beta does.. 2.001:56
_Oz_which is faster: a p4 or a celeron?01:56
_Casey_ok hold on01:56
_Casey_ill try it01:56
shr1k3_Casey_ : give cheese a try01:56
_Casey_whats cheese01:57
bazhangdeva slow down; take a breath and describe your issue in some detail please01:57
shr1k3_Casey_: photobooth app01:57
skullp4 is normally faster celeron is the cheap version01:57
_Oz_Right.  Deva, calm down!01:57
deva_i tried playing a .mkv file01:57
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: generally a P4 if they have similar sepcs01:57
_Casey_nvm, i found it01:57
garouThis is weird. I've got two computers, sarg and nexus, and I installed Ubuntu on nexus now. After configuring its network, nothing works. Neither can get ping replies from the other. However nexus receives pings from sarg, the received packet counter goes up. I triplechecked the IPs/netmasks. What the bleep is going on? o.O01:57
deva_HD 720p movie01:57
_Oz_Jack: thanks01:57
deva_and i got all these pink and green lines01:57
deva_no video01:57
deva_only sound01:57
deva_and now i cant play any video that i could play before even01:58
Jack_Sparrowdeva_: Please dont use the enter key after every three words01:58
spudraticqgarou are you dual booting with windos on the same hard drive01:58
deva_ok as u01:58
_Casey_im downloading cheese01:58
deva_so yea can01:58
brandonc503so how do i rebuild indexing for fulltext?01:58
deva_someone solve my01:58
deva_problem - _ )01:59
garouspudraticq: No, but my Debian install *should* still be working.01:59
_Casey_dude cheese works01:59
spudraticqmine did not work at first was my nic01:59
shr1k3_Casey_: vlc should work, skype beta too01:59
_Casey_vlc has video?02:00
_Casey_i just want to be able to video with people02:00
shr1k3_Casey_: ;)02:00
spudraticqso you just have ubuntu on the hard drive right02:00
_Casey_can i use skype to video with windows users?02:00
garouNo, Ubuntu and Debian.02:00
deva_erm ... please help me with the video problem if anyone can :p02:00
deva_without kicking me02:00
Hajuudeva_: you say you cant play any videos now?02:01
Jack_Sparrowdeva_: Please do not ignore requests to obey the rules02:01
Hajuuhave you tried restarting?02:01
bazhangdeva turn off compiz and try again--also quit with the enter key02:01
spudraticqI don't know if this helps but for me it was my card windows would shut it down and the ubuntu driver could not turn it on02:01
oboy03hopw come most of my updates become corrupted?02:01
deva_umm ok ill try turning off compiz02:02
deva_but i actually dont know how to :p02:02
garouIt worked under Debian a few hours ago.02:02
oboy03gimp update is corrupted :(02:02
Hajuuoboy03: 1 or most?02:02
Jack_Sparrowoboy03: They should not.. what are you showing for sources02:02
deva_im like a total noob here02:02
_Oz_for those of you who've used photoshop extensively...  just how close can you get with gimp?02:02
_Oz_can you really do work with it?02:02
Hajuu_Oz_: sure, its equal to photoshop or better02:02
bazhangdeva you are not going to get much help if you keep up with the three words and enter routine--no kidding02:03
Hajuucheck out gimpshop also for a single window version02:03
pyr3ca.archive.ubuntu.com seems to be down.... does that resolve to multiple Canadian mirrors?  Or just one?  Should I find the IP of another of the mirrors and use my hosts file to force new DNS?02:03
Hajuuoboy03: try fetching them again..02:03
_Casey_i just go to skype.com and dl it, is it the 2.0 beta?02:03
_Oz_hajuu: *really*?  I mean, **really**?  I've used photoshop for years.  It is the industry standard.  Is anyone doing professional design work with gimp?02:03
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: I am not a photoshop person,  I use corel.. but gimp can do a lot02:03
spudraticqwhat kind of nic card do you have garou02:03
Che-AnarcWhats a good alternative to Winamp?02:03
oboy03Hajuu: do i have to use apt-get clean?02:04
=== grim76_ is now known as Grim76
Hajuuoboy03: use apt-get remove --purge (I think)02:04
spudraticqgarou what type of nic card do you have mine was realteck02:04
garouErrrr, something really generic... RTL81somethingsomething, IIRC.02:04
deva_ok im sorry but please try to bear with me bazhang02:04
Hajuu_Oz_: Personally, I HATE photoshop and I (as a graphic designer) fail to see how it became the industry standard except by them saying so.02:04
pyr3Che-Anarc, XMMS  though I don't know if you'll be able to find an equivalent to any winamp plugins you might use02:04
_Casey_where do i find the skype beta02:04
garouHajuu: Good marketing?02:05
spudraticqthat is most likly the proplem deb is shutting it off and ubuntu can't turn it baack on02:05
Jack_Sparrow_c it isnt clearly marked and it will say for feisty.. but look for 2.002:05
Hajuugarou: yeah thats it I guess..02:06
Jack_Sparrow_Casey_: that was for you02:06
spudraticqI know how to turn it on in windows but this is my first time using ubuntu so I dont know how to do in deb02:06
garouspudraticq: Shouldn't I *not* receive packets, then? Also, considering that Ubuntu is based on Debian, that'd be _weird_.02:06
oboy03Errors were encountered while processing:02:06
oboy03 /var/cache/apt/archives/gimp_2.4.2-0ubuntu0.7.10.1_i386.deb02:06
oboy03E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)02:06
_Casey_i did, on google02:06
bazhangdeva no can do--you buck the ops here and my patience is at an end--try restarting compiz; alt --f2 compiz --replace, then run the video again, after having quit and restarted the video player02:06
_Casey_found it02:06
_Casey_let me see if it works02:06
spudraticqcan you ping02:06
oboy03how do i fix it?>02:06
Jack_Sparrowoboy03: Did you ever post your sources.list02:07
garouNeither can successfully ping the other.02:07
Hajuuhttp://xkcd.com/327/ -- lol02:07
deva_bazhang: thank you ill will do that :)02:07
bazhangdeva after that, if it still does not work, then try some other video players, there a great many number, and see if any of them work. when you have exhausted those possibilities, then we can discuss your issue further02:08
oboy03it seems that i can only update security updates without problems02:08
_Casey_ok skype video works02:08
HajuuI thought only a few could do HD video under linux?02:08
Hajuulike uhm02:08
_Casey_anyone want to test?02:08
CrazyPhil_Hi. I cannot delete one folder with Ubuntu. I start with "sudo rm -r /folder/location". It is located on a NTFS partition. I have try with the ntfs-3g mount driver. I have also try to change the owner with the "sudo chown -R yourname foldername" command. Any idea? thank you02:08
oboy03but when i check recommended updates in the software sources, i often have trouble02:08
Jack_SparrowLjL: You are just too fast...02:08
spudraticqthats what I would say it is the card must be enabled after shut down some one here must know how to do it in deb02:08
garoubbl, time for experimenting...02:08
bazhangoboy03: and third party repos in that list?02:08
_Casey_so how do i get my microphone working now ;x02:09
spudraticqlater g02:09
oboy03i only check canonical and community02:09
deva_actually i have installed VLC media player too ... and have the same problem as the mplayer02:09
oboy03impt sec update and recommended02:09
mbrushHayo ... stupid semi off-topic question ... can anyone tell me where the "Home Page" button is in Opera web browser?02:09
jo4anyone good at squid config? just a couple of things02:09
shr1k3_Casey_: make sure its not muted in "Volume Control"02:09
deva_and restarting compiz fusion did not help. Any other suggestions?02:09
Jack_SparrowHajuu: Please avoid using enter after 2 or 3 words it spams the channel02:10
bazhangoboy03: what about your internet connection? is it adsl/modem dial up or what--how stable is it; also, have you tried a nother mirror?02:10
_Casey_front mic boost?02:10
oboy03bazhang: ADSL, stable, dont know about other mirror02:11
bazhangdeva_: read my suggestion in full--quit compiz NOT restart it; try several other video players out there (there are four or five others) and then come back--five seconds is not enough time to do all that02:11
_Casey_shr1k3 is it front mic boost?02:11
oboy03bazhang: im only using the software sources, and whatever ubuntu recommends for update02:11
_Casey_or is that the mic port on the front?02:11
_Casey_its a built in micfrophone02:12
shr1k3_Casey_: are you in Volume Control?02:12
_Casey_yes i am02:12
oboy03now i have broken gimp and python package02:12
dcraven-Is there a console equivalent to 'update-manager -d'?02:12
bazhangoboy03: you might want to try another mirror--see if it is on the server side where you are--mind posting your sources list? (not here but to pastebin)02:12
_Casey_hda intel, alsa mixer02:12
shr1k3_Casey_: for me I have a "Microphone" column02:12
deva_bazhang: VLC media player and Mplayer both dont play any video file. Even if i play a music file in Mplayer ... the visualization isnt seen .... all i see is green and pink .. sometimes blue color.02:12
oboy03bazhang: how do i do that again?02:12
shr1k3_Casey_: it is defaulted to muted (red X at bottom)02:12
_Casey_i have "headphone, pcm, front mic boost, line in boost"02:13
bazhangdeva install ubuntu-restricted-extras, then try totem and some of the other video players as well02:13
shr1k3_Casey_: go to preferences and check on microphone02:13
_Casey_"mic boost"?02:13
ToddEDMhey guys, does anyone know what "Kernel panic - not syncing :attempted to kill init!" means??? ... my desktop does not want to boot up02:13
Jack_Sparrowoboy03: HAve you installed much from outside official repos? it might not be a problem with the dl and it may be something else02:13
xmanxxxxpci error cmd=0x157 status=0xc2b002:14
SteveWrightNZ  Could not connect to security.ubuntu.com:80 (, connection timed out  any hint ?02:14
_Casey_would it be "mic boost"?02:14
shr1k3_Casey_: my prefs shows microphone and microphone capture02:14
bazhangoboy03: couple of ways; you can either paste it to pastebin (see the !paste command in /msg ubotu paste) or install pastebinit and cat the list to there02:14
xmanxxxxwhat is this on my new ubuntu server instalation02:14
SoludraI have a laptop with a touchpad and "touch-scrollwheel" thing, is it possible to prevent the touchwheel from switching me to another workspace?02:14
xmanxxxxwhat is this on my new ubuntu server instalation???02:14
deva_bazhang: I am using the totem media player. Can you tell me how to install ubuntu-restricted-extras? sorry for the inconvenience02:14
xmanxxxxpci error cmd=0x157 status=0xc2b002:14
oboy03nothing from outside official repo02:14
Caseyugh. highlights >:/02:14
_Casey_i see "capture"02:14
shr1k3_Casey_: should be also just microphone above microphone capture02:15
oboy03but i have to fix broken packages first02:15
Che-AnarcHow to search / find software in depo via command line?02:15
bazhangdeva sudo apt-get install package name (assuming you have the first four software repositories enabled in synaptic)02:15
Scunizixmanxxxx, you might try /join #ubuntu-server02:15
shr1k3_Casey_: probably enable them all and experiment a bit02:15
Dex-Freudiiwhat is ubuntu-studio?02:15
_Casey_ima try02:15
deva_yes i do have :) thanks02:15
dcraven-Che-Anarc, try apt-cache search02:15
oboy03bazhang: i am downloading from main server BTW02:15
shr1k3Dex-Freudii: multimedia editing/creation flavor of Ubuntu02:16
bazhangoboy03: not doubting you--just in order to tell you to use another mirror--you might want to choose another one that is faster and see if that works, thus ruling out the mirror issue02:16
ubuntuIs there a way to get HFS+ support in Linux, specifically read/write to a Mac OS X drive?02:16
=== ubuntu is now known as mikeaz
Jack_Sparrowoboy03: 8beabb8c48f2877e54817b554c92beac   is the md5sum02:16
mikeazIs there a way to get HFS+ support in Linux, specifically read/write to a Mac OS X drive?02:16
_Casey_is there an app to test the mic02:17
bazhangdoes gparted do hfs+?02:17
oboy03Jack_Sparrow: what is that?02:17
Che-AnarcI'm trying ot figure out if there is anyway I can get my touch screen working... can anyone help?02:17
shr1k3_Casey_: like sound recorder02:17
SoludraI have a laptop with a touchpad and "touch-scrollwheel" thing, is it possible to prevent the touchwheel from switching me to another workspace?02:17
_Casey_yeah, anything02:17
Jack_Sparrowoboy03: It is the checksum of a good copy of gimp02:17
spudraticqche is it a toughbook02:17
Che-AnarcAll I know is that its a USB Touchscreen panel from Fujitsu... on a panasonic laptop.02:17
Dex-FreudiiSoludra, which ubuntu are you using?02:18
Che-AnarcStylus CF-T102:18
djtlsi have a quick question02:18
spudraticqtoughbook what model02:18
garouExperimenting done. After the reboot I discovered that everything is working, though a /etc/init.d/networking restart wasn't enough to do that before the reboot. I also discovered that installing Ubuntu fragged my Debian installation. What is this, the next Windows??02:18
shr1k3_Casey_: Sound Recorder, under Applications  | Sound and Video02:18
djtlsfor some reason  my tite bar has dissappeared02:18
amandaI'm trying to fire up thunderbird from a terminal in my wife's x session.  I get ...cannot open display:...  I used to be able to do this fine in Cent and fedora, why not the Ub?02:18
SoludraDex-Freudii: Gutsy02:18
djtlshow can i get my title bar back02:18
Dex-FreudiiSoludra, beryl? compiz?02:18
Jack_Sparrowgarou: Ubuntu has nothing to do with your debian install going bad02:18
dominionMy ekiga suddenly has problems. I can't make outbound calls now. I get "security check failed" errors. It worked last night and no changes have been made02:19
Dr_willisdjtls,  titlebars and window decoration for all programs? Compiz or similer crashed..02:19
djtlscan anyone help me please02:19
Dex-FreudiiSoludra, it's a compiz setting02:19
Dr_willisdjtls,  try alt-f2 and run 'metacity --replace'02:19
Dex-FreudiiSoludra, change it02:19
deva_bazhang: The installation is complete ... what do i do now ?02:19
lee__alright, good evening friends02:19
Soludraah, k02:19
bazhangdjtis you deleted the main panel? put in a new one02:19
Che-Anarcspudraticq   yes it is a toughbook CF-T102:19
bazhangdeva try the video again02:19
_Casey_isnt recording02:19
garouJack_Sparrow: It'd be a _BIG_ coincidence if it "just happened" in synchronicity.02:20
spudraticqhttp://biobug.org/toughbook/  this site is for linux on a toughbook don't know if it will help che02:20
deva_didnt work :(02:20
amandaI'm sure it has something to do with my wife owning the terminal, but how do I get around this?02:20
djtlsdr_willis i will try it now02:20
bazhanggarou comparing ubuntu to ##windows will not get people rushing to help you around here02:20
deva_should i restart the computer once again?02:20
Jack_Sparrowgarou: If you have a question, please ask, but dont go spreading FUD in here02:20
bazhangdeva what file are you trying to play?02:21
SoludraDex-Freudii: Not sure where to change it, I'm looking with no luck02:21
deva_it is a .divx file02:21
dominionMy ekiga suddenly has problems. I can't make outbound calls now. I get "security check failed" errors. It worked last night and no changes have been made02:21
bazhangdeca and that is the one file that will not play? or is all your video files?02:21
spudraticqgarou did you find out how to keep the card on after shut down?02:21
IdleOneneed some help with sis191 ethernet controller. got it working using this how-to http://www.howtoforge.com/creating-the-sis191-gigabit-ethernet-driver-on-linux-2.6 internet connection now works but I can only navigate to www.google.com and my gmail account. makes surfing the net a little difficult. doing a search in google returns links but cant connect to any links. any help would be appreciated with this02:21
deva_all my video files bazhang02:22
garouSorry if I hurt your feelings, but the facts remain.02:22
deva_is it possible to send a screenshot ? so that u can see how it looks :p02:22
bazhangdeva what other formats, and this is with the compiz still off?02:22
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:22
IdleOnebazhang, btw thanks for the link to that how to the other day :)02:22
Jack_Sparrowgarou: This is not a discussion room...  Please take it offtopic02:22
spudraticqwho me lol i'm noy hurt lol02:22
bazhangIdleOne: you set now? nice work!02:22
garouspudraticq: No. As I said, after reboot it *just*worked*.02:22
deva_no i guess it started again02:22
IdleOnebazhang, partialy02:22
Jack_Sparrowgarou: I see no facts just your opinion and disruption02:23
spudraticqah good02:23
Dex-FreudiiSoludra, SYstem/Preferences/Advanced desktop settings02:23
IdleOnebazhang, need some help with sis191 ethernet controller. got it working using this how-to http://www.howtoforge.com/creating-the-sis191-gigabit-ethernet-driver-on-linux-2.6 internet connection now works but I can only navigate to www.google.com and my gmail account. makes surfing the net a little difficult. doing a search in google returns links but cant connect to any links. any help would be appreciated with this02:23
lee__i'm trying to play dvd's on my ubuntu and have gone through the message board guidance and it didn't fix my issues.  i have tried a number of things and the dvd will abruptly stop playing after i get to the title menu.  it will play through the previews but nothing beyond that.  any recomendations?02:23
deva_i just typed compiz --replace02:23
bazhangIdleOne: what else is not working? we need the main helper in this channel back ;]02:23
deva_give me a second02:23
deva_ill brb02:23
IdleOnebazhang, :)02:23
* IdleOne is no where near the main helper02:23
bazhangdeva my mistake--try metacity --replace in the alt-f2 window02:23
korte1975buy a new dvd drive02:24
Dex-FreudiiSoludra, i don't remember exactly where but it is in that Advanced Desktop Effects Settings02:24
bazhangIdleOne: check the irclogs--you are up there near the top ;]02:24
IdleOneI am ?02:24
SoludraDex-Freudii: Right, I'm looking around in there and I can't find the setting.02:24
IdleOnewell in any case not here for the recognition. just want to do what I can for Ubuntu02:25
Jack_SparrowIdleOne: If you enter an ip address into the browser do you get that website.. it might be dns issue02:25
bazhanghmm might it be a proxy issue IdleOne? or is this direct connection? what about DNS?02:26
deva_bazhang: I did metacity --replace02:26
bazhangdeva try the video again--not just the divx one by the way02:26
IdleOneJack_Sparrow, havent tried. in windows now so would need to reboot to test. bazhang not a proxy issue I dont use proxy02:26
bazhangIdleOne: I think Jack_Sparrow may be on to something ;]02:26
IdleOnelet me reboot to ubuntu and I'll be back on from another machine in a few. bazhang yeah I think Jack_Sparrow is also02:27
Jack_Sparrowbazhang: Time for dinner.. thanks for helping02:27
lee__i'm trying to play dvd's on my ubuntu and have gone through the message board guidance and it didn't fix my issues.  i have tried a number of things and the dvd will abruptly stop playing after i get to the title menu.  it will play through the previews but nothing beyond that.  any recomendations?02:27
wease|hello folks02:27
bazhangJack_Sparrow: at your service sir ;]02:27
rodrigo_ /systeminfo02:27
deva_bazhang: i tried .mkv .divx .mp4 .avi - and none of em work ... same as before ... only sound02:27
rodrigo_: /systeminfo02:28
bazhangdeva what about inserting a legitimate dvd? does that play?02:28
lilg111111does anybody know how to install avant window navigator02:28
Dex-FreudiiSoludra, I'm looking for it02:28
spudraticqlee have you tried google I read something on your dvd problem while i was trying to fix my problem a few days ago worth a shot02:28
dark-knightCan anyone point me somewhere that explains how to properly install gnome themes and icons02:29
deva_let me check02:29
bazhanglilg111111: you need to enable their repo and install from there--tuxfamily.org iirc02:29
rodrigo_: /systeminfo02:29
bazhangrodrigo_: do you have an actual question or are you just spamming?02:29
lilg111111bazhang: can you install it from synaptic02:30
bazhanglilg111111: first enable their repo then yes02:30
deva_bazhang: same with the dvd02:30
lee__i'll look into it spudraticq, thanks02:30
zoelee__, example02:31
bazhangdeva go to www.medibuntu.org and install the dvd playback ability then try the dvd again02:31
spudraticqbest I can do barly hanging in there myself02:31
oboy04E: gcalctool: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2 <--- what does this mean?02:31
rodrigo_ /QB ON02:31
spudraticqthats it right there lee02:31
bazhangrodrigo_: best stop now ;]02:31
Dex-FreudiiSoludra, Viewport Switcher/Actions/Desktop-based Viewport Switching/Move Next or Move Prev02:31
Shaun2222is there a command line tool for managing service to start on boot02:32
nickrudnathan64: how'd it go?02:32
SoludraDex-Freudii: Aha, it worked. Thanks!02:32
Shaun2222other that update-rc.d looking for something a bit more user friendly for customers02:32
nickrudShaun2222: update-rc.d02:32
lufisIs there some way to read PDFs in Firefox without Adobe bloat?02:32
nickrudShaun2222: rcconf02:32
IdleOnebazhang using ip does not connect to site either02:33
Shaun2222nickrud: rcconf is in 7.10?02:33
nickrudlufis: evince reads them, it comes by default02:33
nickrudShaun2222: yes02:33
penehoffgot a question if someone feels like answering?02:33
lufisnickrud: In firefox?02:33
Shaun2222what provides it?02:33
nickrudlufis: pops up (preferred by me, anyway)02:33
IdleOne!ask | penehoff02:33
ubotupenehoff: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:33
nickrudShaun2222: rrconf is the package name02:34
meI feel stupid, but why did my Gutsy installation CD use LILO instead of Grub?02:34
nickrudShaun2222: erm, rcconf that is02:34
IdleOneme impossible. where did you get the cd?02:34
Shaun2222apt-get install rcconf says no package name02:34
ToddEDMshould the live CD work even if i have no hard drive in?(or its screwed up)02:34
meIdleOne: I downloaded the Kubuntu 7.10 Alternate install CD from the official torrent02:34
Odd-rationaleToddEDM: It should still work02:34
nickrud!gutsysources | Shaun2222 (you don't have universe enabled)02:35
ubotuShaun2222 (you don't have universe enabled): gutsysources is in System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (gutsy-security) and (gutsy-updates).02:35
IdleOneme #kubuntu but I believe kubuntu use grub default and not lilo02:35
meIdleOne: I asked there, no response...and it's not a K/u issue, we're talking base installer02:35
penehoffok i just bought my new dell laptop with ubuntu installed on it and i am trying to download and install mplayer but it stops and says i need dependecies installed first? so my question isnt their a program that you can install that autodetects and installs dependecies?02:35
astralsinhow do you reset the password used in a samba connection?02:35
astralsinpenehoff: use the package manager02:35
mehmeti'm trying to install deluge but this is what it is happening02:36
nickrudpenehoff: if you use apt-get or synaptic it'll pull in the dependencies02:36
mehmetmehmet@mehmet-laptop:~$ apt-get install deluge-torrent02:36
mehmetE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)02:36
mehmetE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?02:36
Shaun2222i have 3 sources...02:36
astralsinmehmet: put sudo in front of that02:36
nickrudmehmet: close synaptic02:36
Shaun2222deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu gutsy main restricted, deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu gutsy-security main restricted, and deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu gutsy-updates main restricted02:36
nickrudShaun2222: you need universe, do the above to set up things correctly02:36
astralsinnickrud: that's not the problem, he's not running it with sudo02:36
mehmetthanks astralsin i forgot sudo02:37
nickrudastralsin: ah, didn't read fully02:37
Shaun2222nickrud: is that thing telling me how to do it via a gui or somthing...02:37
nickrudShaun2222: yes.02:37
Shaun2222only the CLI sorry....02:37
Odd-rationaleShaun2222: Edit your sources.list02:37
Shaun2222Odd-rationale: and change/add what02:38
nickrudShaun2222: then look for the lines ending in universe, and uncomment them. Also, add the word multiverse there at the end of those lines02:38
Odd-rationaleShaun2222: The entries for universe and multiuniverse should already be there, just comment them out.02:38
Shaun2222my sources.list is small, what i shows you above is all it has...02:38
Shaun2222nothing commended out02:38
bazhangIdleOne: is this a home connection? not a university or work or what not02:38
nickrudShaun2222: a sec, I'll put up a complete set02:38
Shaun2222this install was done with debootstrap so it's minimal02:39
Odd-rationalenickrud: Thanks! (I;m not running ubuntu atm)02:39
dark-knightCan anyone point me somewhere that explains how to properly install gnome themes and icons, I can get the themes to work but when I drag and drop it looses the last one installed02:39
Shaun2222this sources.list i just grabed from examples in /usr/share02:39
mikeazI need to get HFS+ write support. Can anyone help me in my noble quest?02:39
riznarfcan someone tell me how to download beryl please?02:40
_Casey_i need webcam support for flash ;x02:40
Odd-rationale!beryl | riznarf02:40
uboturiznarf: Beryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz02:40
penehoffwhat if the package thingy doesnt have the dependecies i need02:40
astralsinberyl is outdated, compiz fusion is the latest, greatest thing02:40
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:40
riznarfah, thanks everyone, its been a while02:40
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy02:40
ksnipzwas wondering can the live cd access ntfs partitions?02:41
bazhangsee above dark-knight02:41
Odd-rationaleksnipz: Yes.02:41
_Casey_is there webcam support for flash and linux?02:41
nickrudShaun2222: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55666/  I'm using a local mirror, you can adapt them to us.archive if you like02:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about libsvgal1 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:41
ksnipz0dd-rationale - thanks02:42
IdleOnebazhang home connection02:42
_Casey_yes, no?02:42
bazhangIdleOne: the google you are seeing may be in the cache--try searching for something really unusual and see if is still connects02:43
dark-knightwere would i normal place gnome icones?02:43
xzasedHow can I check and open ports ?02:43
penehoffok does anyone know of the program that works along side apt-get to install dependecies automatically?02:43
Shaun2222nickrud: thats a huge ass list of sources02:43
bazhangdark-knight: scroll up for my last message to you02:43
IdleOnebazhang have tried many different sites. can connect to gmail. this is on a fresh install02:43
nickrudShaun2222: they could be consolidated into about 6-8 lines, but this is how ubuntu releases them02:43
_Casey_try "m.gmail.com02:43
_Casey_it may be mobile, but it should work02:44
nickrudShaun2222: and they are all from ubuntu, no third party02:44
IdleOne_Casey_ m.gmail.com works02:44
_Casey_you are welcome02:44
_Casey_its used for mobile phones ;x02:44
_Oz_having some network issues02:45
markgreeneHey guys. I am running a fresh install of Ubuntu 7.10 with advanced graphics selected from my Apperence options. Where do I do things like enabling the cube and disabling the wobbly windows?02:45
_Oz_from ubuntu machine #1, can't get into files of ubuntu machine #202:45
_Oz_what am I doing wrong?02:45
IdleOne_Casey_ that is great but what about the rest of the internet? cant connect to it02:45
bazhangccsm markgreene02:45
_Casey_not at all?02:45
umdoistresa error message "C compiler cannot create executables", what i do ?02:45
Shaun2222rcconf isnt showing me many services...02:45
Shaun2222only 402:45
nickrudmarkgreene: install compizconfig-settings-manager , and it'll be sys->prefs->advanced desktop settings02:45
Flannel!doesntwork | _Oz_02:45
ubotu_Oz_: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.02:45
dark-knightBazhang Thanks didn't see the post02:45
IdleOne_Casey_ nope02:45
_Oz_let me try again.02:45
Flannelumdoistres: What are you trying to compile?02:45
_Casey_are you connected via a lan cable?02:45
markgreenebazhang: What is ccsm?02:45
_Oz_I have two ubuntu machines.02:45
_Casey_or wireless02:45
bazhang!who | _Casey_02:45
ubotu_Casey_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:45
umdoistresi trying to install a program..02:46
_Oz_Both have folders named "Ubuntu Shared" on the desktop.02:46
bazhang!ccsm | markgreene02:46
_Oz_Both can see each others' shared folders.02:46
ubotuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:46
ubotumarkgreene: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion02:46
IdleOne_Casey_ yes.02:46
Flannel!enter | _Oz_02:46
ubotu_Oz_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:46
_Oz_But I cannot copy files from one to the other.02:46
markgreeneubotu: thanks02:46
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)02:46
mikeazI need to get HFS+ write support in Linux. Can anyone help me in my noble quest?02:46
_Oz_Sorry, Flannel.  Old habit.  I try not to, but it's hard.02:46
_Casey_<tab>IdleOne which one is it02:46
* INOSHU farts02:46
INOSHUSo anyway02:46
Flannel_Oz_: It takes a while, no worries.  Just a reminder02:46
ksnipzanyone know where i can get the official torrent?02:46
Flannelumdoistres: Is it not in the repositories?02:46
bazhangmikeaz: does gparted support that?02:46
_Oz_Yeah, I'm usually reminded every time.  :)  I will get there eventually.02:46
IdleOne_Casey_ wired02:46
INOSHUI have a few questions... 1) Is it possible to install as a dual boot with an existing windows? Is a seperate partition needed?02:47
FlannelINOSHU: yes, and yes.02:47
_Oz_Inoshy: you certainly can.02:47
mikeazbazhang: i don't know. my gparted doesn't even start up because i don't have a floppy drive. isn't that silly?02:47
_Oz_a separate partition is necessary.02:47
bazhangINOSHU: yes and yes02:47
INOSHU2) Network printer sharing. Compatible with other windows sytems on the network?02:47
INOSHUlike, if the printer's on my computer, that is02:47
Flannelumdoistres: Alright, well, build-essential is the package you need to be able to compile.  But make sure you actually need to compile, before going through all that work02:47
_Casey_IdleOne: No internet websites work?02:47
umdoistresFlannel: what ?..02:47
umdoistresops, sorry..02:48
Dr_willismikeaz,  ive seen fdisk and other tools scan for partitions, and can get hung on the floppy. normally theres a dont scan for foppy option they got.02:48
IdleOne_Casey_ nothing but google02:48
Dr_willisbye all02:48
Flannelumdoistres: What program are you trying to install?02:48
bazhangmikeaz: floppy? this is cd based--you should test on the gparted live cd or the parted magic (cant recall the name) www.distrowatch.com latest you can check there02:48
_Casey_IdleOne: Thats weird, what internet Service are you using?02:48
umdoistresFlannel: LiVES02:48
IdleOne_Casey_ verizon02:48
LeChacali have to reinstall and i am look for all the packages that I installed not just ever package that is installed is there away to do that? So that when i reinstall i can put the ones i want back.02:49
bazhangINOSHU: no guarantees what printer02:49
Caseywow this is annoying02:49
bazhangdpkg -l LeChacal02:49
INOSHUBrother DCP-330C02:49
Flannelumdoistres: Alright, well, whatever that is.  It doesn't appear to be in the repository, so yeah.  Install the "build-essential" package, and you'll be ready to go02:49
mtendencias_suichola como stan02:49
nickrud!clone | LeChacal02:49
ubotuLeChacal: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate02:49
INOSHUit's a multifunction, scanner + printer +copier. I don't need the scanning to work over the network though02:49
Flannel!es | mtendencias_suic02:49
ubotumtendencias_suic: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:49
_Casey_IdleOne: ill figure it out in a second02:50
umdoistresFlannel: i didn't understand.. what you meand with "build-essential" ?02:50
Shaun2222update-rc.d is there a way for it to give me output about which services are starting at which runlevels?02:50
INOSHU3) Best place to find drivers?02:50
Flannelumdoistres: You need to install the package called "build-essential", that'll get you everything you need (except specific libraries) to compile02:51
ubotuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection02:51
bazhangsee above INOSHU02:51
INOSHUah ok02:51
INOSHUthanks ^^02:51
umdoistresFlannel: oh, and, and.. where i found this ?02:51
Flannelumdoistres: In the repositories.  `sudo apt-get install build-essential`02:51
nickrudShaun2222: if you didn't care for rcconf, you might try sysv-rc-conf or sysvconfig02:52
Shaun2222ahh, much better!02:52
nickrudShaun2222: and for future ref, ubuntu doesn't really differentiate between runlevels a la redhat02:53
mtendencias_suicdisculpen tengo el ubuntu ultimate pero no puedo descargar actualizaciones ¿por q?02:53
IdleOnemtendencias_suic /join #ubuntu-es por favor02:54
olskolircim back02:54
cfeddeHow do I teach firefox to just start a new session each time. Rather than prompting?02:54
INOSHUSo, if I can get my wireless network connection up and running(so I can get internets), I can set up the rest of the drivers after installing, right?02:55
JamesinatorHelp, I'm at the end of my rope! All my USB devices have stopped working now and I can't use any input devices but my keyboard.02:55
INOSHUIs there any others I need to download prior to install?02:55
olskolirccan someone help me get my ubuntu to know that I have a hauppauge wintv pvr 150 card now?  I can't get tv.02:55
ubotuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning02:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hauppauge - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:55
putnumINOSHU: yes get connected first02:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mythbox - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:56
simps!wireless | INOSHU02:56
putnumthen update your system02:56
ubotuINOSHU: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wintv - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:56
simps!ndiswrapper | INOSHU02:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tuner - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:56
simps!ndiswrapper | INOSHU02:56
nickrudolskolirc: try  /msg ubotu factoid02:56
simpsstupid bot :(02:56
simps!ndiswrapper | INOSHU02:56
ubotuINOSHU: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:56
simpsoh, gives the same thing ;x02:56
putnumis it true that ubuntu does not have any services that are internet facing turned on by default?02:57
IdleOne*ubotu responds: stupid user :P02:57
INOSHUhaha, more than enough info... I'm just asking, the system install plus the wireless network driver... that's all i need to get started, right? i can download the other drivers once i'm actually running it?02:57
Flannelputnum: It used to be, yes.  On more recent versions, avahi is internet facing.02:57
simpsIdleOne :P02:57
putnumwhat is avahi?02:57
Flannelputnum: Its a service discovery thing02:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about avahi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:58
putnumman ubuntu rocks02:58
IdleOnebazhang seems _Casey_ has left me hanging here :/02:58
putnumthats cool02:58
Flannelputnum: and actually, I dont know exactly if its on by default, or if it asks you if you want to enable it.  I haven't installed a version that has avahi yet.02:58
putnumi see ok02:58
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!02:59
simpsi don't get it ;x02:59
mtendencias_suicnadie me ayudo grasias03:00
bazhangIdleOne: he got annoyed at the highlights? haha--I'm going to have to bolt for a couple of hours as well will be back later though03:00
putnumhow can i get ubuntu to automatically launch and run one of my vms?03:00
abrocadabrois there a program that will automatically create init scripts?03:00
IdleOnebazhang ok thanks. if you think of anything leave me a msg.03:00
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
umdoistresFlannel: oh! thanks03:00
putnumafter logging on03:00
olskolirccan someone help me get my ubuntu to know that I have a hauppauge wintv pvr 150 card now?  I can't get tv.03:01
bazhangIdleOne: will do ;]03:01
INOSHUgr. NZ internet is SLOW. :(03:01
INOSHUAH yes, another question... M4A audio. How compatible?03:02
INOSHUor would I be better converting it to MP3? (OGG is not practical for me, because I often share with others)03:02
olskolircwhen I start mythtv-setup - it brings me two useless config pages.  where is the tv?  I can't even set up hardware or nothing just the sql database03:02
olskolircwhich it can't find03:02
Shaun2222Whats runlevel S suppose to mean in sysv-rc-conf03:03
james__INOSHU:  M4A playlists will work provided you have the right codec.03:04
StarnestommyShaun2222: startup, I think03:04
INOSHUAlright ^^03:04
profoakif anyone can help me with installing vmware, message me on aim, "plasmaperson08"03:04
putnumprofoak: whats the issue?03:05
umdoistresFlannel: now shows a message "no package gtk+-2.0 found"03:05
corporealanyone here use NIS/ypbind?03:06
profoakI have alot of issues, i did sudo apt-get install vmware but i got to a screen with their disclaimer and stuff and couldn't get it to go anywhere, so i tried to use this guide    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Server and when i put in the first line to get it, it says it cant find the package, nor the one amd64 user need, i tried to get both03:06
=== demonspork__ is now known as demonspork
Shaun2222whats ubuntu's equiv to /etc/inittab03:07
putnumare you running a 64 bit ver of ubuntu?03:07
profoakno, a regular 32bit03:07
demonspork When I select My Ubuntu Gutsy install from the boot menu, it says "Failed to mount selected partition" even though the partition mounts fine via IFS in windows and in my Feisty install. I have made no changes to the boot options/loaders since the last successful boot of the system, which was yesterday.03:07
putnumor the i386?03:07
demonspork Whenever I log in to my Ubuntu Feisty install, it loads the desktop and promptly the display crashes and I am back at the login screen. It still does this when I use the failsafe login, extra info: running c-f and kiba-dock. When the system first boots, It takes longer to finish loading whatever causes the crash so I have had time to hit Alt+f2 and type "metacity --replace" but even loading a different wm didn't fix the problem.03:07
putnumjust go download the tar file from vmware.com03:08
profoaki have it03:08
putnumok what happens when you run sudo vmware-install.pl?03:08
olskolircmy xawtv never loads.  can someone help me with that?03:09
profoaki get a command not found03:09
james__demonspork: you've probably got an Xorg config problem. Have you tried google?03:09
umdoistresnow shows a message "no package gtk+-2.0 found", what i do ?03:09
putnumyou first have to go into the dir that you extracted it03:10
putnumshould be vmware-server-distrib03:10
jribumdoistres: what are you trying to do?03:10
umdoistresjrib: install a program03:11
profoak i get bash: vmware-install.pl: command not found03:11
profoak and its in the right dir03:11
jribumdoistres: what program -- be specific03:11
umdoistresjrib: LiVES03:11
jrib!compile > umdoistres (read the private message from ubotu)03:12
demonsporkjames__, It used to boot successfully, but I made a clean gutsy install and then one day I booted into feisty again to try to find a command in the console history and this problem occured.03:12
putnumdo you see the file when you do a ls?03:12
jribumdoistres: you need to install the dependencies.  Look for a package with "lib" "gtk" "2.0" and "dev" in its name03:12
putnummight also try sudo ./vmware-install.pl03:12
profoaki do see the file, ill try the second thing03:13
=== Johanna is now known as brandy
umdoistresjrib: i search in system, or internet ?03:13
=== brandy is now known as Mezclar
markgreeneHey guys. I'm trying to add a workspace to my ubuntu 7.10 install. I added it so that I have 2 rows and 2 columns by right clicking on my workspace switcher and going to preferences. The problems that compiz still only sees two workspaces and so when I turn on rotate cube it's a cube with 2 sides. What am I missing?03:13
profoakits asking me what dir i want to install the binary files in?03:13
jribumdoistres: do you know about APT?03:13
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KatanovaCan anyone here help me with some problems with the latest live cd?03:14
umdoistresjrib: APT ?03:14
james__demonspork: so you have gutsy installed alongside feisty?03:14
putnumok hit enter on all the defaults03:14
demonsporkand XP, and Vista and used to have a slackware, but I deleted it03:14
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jribumdoistres: APT, you use commands like apt-get, or aptitude or GUIs like synaptic or Add/Remove to install things03:15
jrib!apt > umdoistres (read the private message from ubotu)03:15
KatanovaI'm having problems booting into the live cd >>03:15
profoakis there anything i shoudln't put default on?03:16
umdoistresjrib: oh, i use apt-get to install a build-essentials03:16
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jribumdoistres: yes, see the page ubotu gave you to search for the terms I said.  If you have questions let me know03:17
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umdoistresjrib: ok, thanks03:17
james__demonspork: Personally I wouldn't bother with feisty and stay with gutsy but if that's what you want. what exactly did you do before you rebooted into gutsy?03:17
blackestanyone good with scanners i can get it working but only as root03:18
james__demonspork: i.e. did you edit /etc/fstab in any way?03:18
Alangaraanyone know a good shoutcasting program for linux? (cant get internet DJ Console to connect)03:18
Wasney_Anyone have experience running compiz on a Xpress 200m graphics card?03:18
profoakdo i just go and register for the serial number?03:18
Katanovaso noone can help me with booting into the live cd???03:18
badkittyWhats up folks03:18
badkittyKatanova Just tell uswhat the problems is and we'll see if we can help03:19
james__Katanova: what's your problem?03:19
StarnestommyKatanova: what kind of problems are you having with it?03:19
putnumthats it03:19
Katanovasure, i can get to the selection screen, but once i try to boot it it comes up with a black screen and stops sending messages to mi monitor03:20
profoakis it the registration on their website for the download?03:20
Katanovai tryed gfx save mode and my intergraded03:20
StarnestommyKatanova: hif F6 and replace "quiet splash" with "nosplash"03:20
Thurin1Katanova: Download the alternative install CD03:20
profoaknevermind found it03:20
Katanovarunning ~3500+ 64bit with 3.5gb ddr2 800 and 8600gt03:20
Thurin1Some older monitors video cards have problems with recent Xorg's.03:20
Katanovanosplash, ok i'll try that now03:20
Wasney_I have Compiz Fusion Installed and runnable, but no effects do anything...I am running a laptop with a Xpress 200m integrated card...anyone want to help03:21
Starnestommyand I think the amd64 edition's usplash is a bit broken03:21
DG19075I'm looking for a copy of the Aurora-GTK2 engine, Synaptic doesn't seem to have it...03:21
badkittyKatanova: Some systems are having that same trouble, for installing try the alternate install03:21
Katanovathe OEM install?03:21
badkittyWasney_: They dont do anything??03:21
blackestkatanova  the text based install03:21
badkittyKatanova: No not OEM, text based03:21
Wasney_badkitty: nothing...its as if they are all dissabled...no cube effects or anything...not even wobbly windows03:22
Katanovalol theres an option for that lol if i'ld seen that i wound have used it03:22
badkittyWasney_: Is it beryl or compiz fusion, and is it running?03:22
blackestkatanova there are two at least install cds03:22
Katanovainstall with driver update cd ic03:22
eshaaseanyone know of a way to run a webserver just for localhost (and not to the outside world)?03:23
Sir_Siddoes the amarok package for ubuntu come with dcop compiled in it?03:23
Wasney_badkitty: its coompiz fusion, and it runs...I can open the "Advanced Desktop Effects Setting" in system>pref and everything03:23
blackestdifferent versions graphical textbased and 64bit03:23
demon_sporkjames__, no, someone on google said that panel transparency was the cause of their problem. They fixed it by logging into KDE and using xnest to log into the damaged gnome session, which worked for some reason, and change their settings. If I run a vncserver from that system and login from another machine, would the panel on the vnc session use the same config as the panel on the local login?03:23
blackestplus ppc ect...03:23
KatanovaWhere do i donwload the driver update cd?03:23
Stofferlooking for an opinion:  I couldn't get my external ntfs usb hard drive working in ubuntu because of a policy issue or something, so I just converted it to fat32.  That was a good idea right?  No serious drawbacks to a fat32 filesystem over ntfs?03:24
blackestkatanova is your system prebuilt? from a shop you might want to google your pc make and model and gutsy03:24
Katanovana i made it03:24
badkittyWasney_: But you are sure that compiz is running? I think you can get into the setting manager even if it is not running03:24
Sir_Siddoes the amarok package for ubuntu come with dcop compiled in it?03:25
Wasney_badkitty: how can I make sure it is ruuning? Is there a command to check?03:25
badkittyWasney_: There is a compiz channel, and they would really know more things specific to compiz03:25
y_o_ueshaase: iptables i would think03:25
blackesthow about the graphics card  what have you got03:25
Wasney_badkitty: could you tell me how to get in the channel?03:25
mon^rchevening all, I am still looking for a way to have a program (evince) open maximized every time it's invoked. As it stands... 100% of the time the window border is a different size and position every time it's opened.03:25
demon_sporkWasney_, press alt+f2, then type "compiz --replace" to start compiz03:25
Katanova8600 GT 256mb03:25
badkittyWasney_: Off hand Im not sure .. as far as the channel hold on.. i think its #compiz-fusion03:25
badkittyWasney_: Ill check03:25
demon_sporkWasney_, type /join #compiz-fusion in the chat box03:25
demon_sporkfor help with c-f03:26
profoakputnam- so i should be able to run it now?03:26
badkittyWasney_: type /join #compiz-fusion03:26
TazbobuTrying to associate ctrl-alt-del with gnome-system-monitor.. I tried the commands listed online but it isn't working.. any other way to change it?03:26
Wasney_thanks badkitty and demon_spork...I will head over there and see what I can do :D03:26
blackestyeah well i think going for the alternate install disk will be the easiest option03:26
badkittydemon_spork: Haha beat me03:26
Katanovalol i downloaded the cd... so all i got is 64-bit03:27
Katanovawhere to download the other install disk?03:27
blackestyour not running a seagate drive 40 or 20 gig03:27
badkittyKatanova: You might want to download the 32 bit version of gutsy03:27
JangariKatanova: i think you want x86 version03:27
blackestthe same page katanova03:27
badkittyKatanova: Agree with Jangari03:27
Jangarior whatever it's called03:27
Katanovasure ok, i'll try 32bit03:27
badkittyKatanova: TRUST me . its a good idea03:27
Katanovaok ty then03:27
Jangaribadkitty: is it called x86? or i86 or something like that?03:28
Sir_Siddoes the amarok package for ubuntu come with dcop compiled in it?03:28
* nickrud wonders why anyone would trust a bad kitty03:28
* Jangari grins sheepishly03:28
badkittyJangari: Yeah x8603:28
Katanovawell i'll try that now, cya03:28
mon^rchevening all, I am still looking for a way to have a program (evince) open maximized every time it's invoked. As it stands... 100% of the time the window border is a different size and position every time it's opened.03:28
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Jangarimon^rch: that'd be good, what would also be good is it you could specify 'open in desktop ...'03:29
bcardarellaI can play WMV video just fine but the audio does not play. I have VLC installed but still no audio. I'm sure there is an answer in the forums but I can't seem to find it... does anybody have a thought?03:29
Jangarii had the problem recently of windows opening too high, with the toolbars above the limit of the screen, but that appears to have sorted itself out03:29
badkittybcardarella: Do you have the media codecs installed?03:30
mon^rchJangari: "open in desktop"?03:30
badkittybcardarella: I don't know how to troubleshoot sound, but I would check to make sure you have the codecs downloaded03:31
Jangarino mon^rch, i mean specifically 'open in workspace 3' (not desktop)03:31
bcardarellabadkitty: I tried to install w32codecs but those don't exist in repo anymore... is there another package? (other than what attempts to install automatically)03:31
chaosrljust recently, my scroll wheel will change my virtual desktop when the mouse is over the desktop. is there any way to disable this? i'm running compiz-fusion and AWN, if that helps03:31
badkittybcardarella: You have to add the medibuntu repo03:31
MFenwhen i'm using multiple workspaces, how do i make my application buttons in the taskbar appear on all workspaces?03:31
rsa_md5suddenly my ntfs partitions are not being mounted automatically on startup, and even if i mount them manually from the command line, they don't appear in the GUI03:31
bcardarellabadkitty: ah, okay. I'll look for that03:31
bcardarellabadkitty: thanks03:31
Jangarihang on, aren't the restricted plugins included in the normal repos?03:31
nickrudMFen: #compiz-fusion has the best compiz help03:31
BagelMasterCan someone tlate this for me?  "I had trouble mounting this too, but it turns out it is actually a binary installer (not an image). just make it executable (chmod 744 or something) and run the bin."03:31
badkittybcardarella: I would install ubuntu-restricted-extras as well03:31
Jangariand don't they include the windows codecs?03:32
MFeni have compiz turned off, i'm not talking about compiz03:32
Jangariyeah,t that's the one, restricted extras03:32
nickrudJangari: no03:32
nickrudMFen: sorry, wrong guy03:32
badkittyhey nickrud03:32
MFennickrud: no worries.03:32
nickrudchaosrl: try #compiz-fusion , they know best about compiz03:32
nickrudbadkitty: ah, you finally noticed. I made fun of you earlier ;)03:32
badkittynickrud: Oh yah? I didn't notice03:33
JangariMFen: i think i had that issue a while ago, and i think it is to do with compiz, or, the included 'desktop effects'03:33
badkittynickrud: what did u say03:33
bcardarellabadkitty: I'm think I already have that repo03:33
mon^rchhmm, okay... where do I change the default application for opening different filetypes?03:33
gringochapinNewbie question, is there anything particular I need to do to get smbmount to work beyond just sudo apt-get install smbfs?03:33
nickrudMFen: right click the dots next to the task bar, preferences03:33
Jangarimon^rch: system > prefs > preferred applications03:34
MFennickrud: so awesome are you.03:34
nickrudbadkitty: something along the lines of 'who'd trust a bad kitty' when you said trust me :)03:34
gringochapinI am trying to mount a buffalo terastation, and its not working, even though I can use smbclient -L and see it.03:34
badkittybcardarella: Nah, if you did it would have installed the codecs .. unless you are putting it in wrong or dont have the key03:34
badkittynickrud: haha03:34
astylerOk, quick question.  I'm trying to switch to ubuntu from windows for the first time.  Every time I try to "check disk for errors" or "intall or start ubuntu", my monitor loses signal and nothing is displayed.  I'm using an 8800gt with two dvi ports.  Any ideas how to get this installed?03:34
nickrudweak, I know but I'm known for poor humor03:34
blackestmon^rch nano /usr/share/evince/evince-properties.glade03:34
astylerWhile I see nothing I can hear the CD spinning for a few minutes on error check03:35
badkittynickrud: Great, now that guy is going to stick with his 64 bit disc and that makes more work for the rest of us lol03:35
Jangarioh, sorry MFen, i evidently thought you were referring to something else03:35
BagelMasterCan someone translate* this for me?  "I had trouble mounting this too, but it turns out it is actually a binary installer (not an image). just make it executable (chmod 744 or something) and run the bin."03:35
MFeni just succesfully installed hardy on my macbook pro. if anyone wants to know how to fix their macbook pro, ask me now while the pain is still fresh in my memory03:35
mon^rchblackest: tyvm!03:35
MFenJangari: np.03:35
nickrudbadkitty: once he's set up for firefox and media, everything else is peachy keen03:35
JangariMFen: the only way to fix an apple machine is to get a refund03:35
badkittynickrud: Is that the saying? .. I thought it was peachy king03:35
INOSHU<Jangari> MFen: the only way to fix an apple machine is to get a refund03:36
MFenJangari: goodness no.  the hardware is lovely03:36
nickrudBagelMaster:  chmod u+x  /path/to/binaryinstaller &&  /path/to/binaryinstaller03:36
bcardarellabadkitty: no good, still no audio.. oh well03:36
MFeni just don't like the OS much03:36
Jangarimm, okay then03:36
BagelMasterNickrud, thank you03:36
travisatI like my hardware better then apple stuff :)03:36
nickrudbadkitty: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=peachy+keen03:36
badkittybcardarella: You said it works for other media? The audio03:36
Jangariexcept for apple's contempt for openness of hardware03:37
bcardarellabadkitty: yeah, I can play mp303:37
Jangari'must be apple bits-and-pieces'03:37
umdoistresjrib: show that the aplication apt can be found in the packages "sun java6 jdk".. what i do ?03:37
badkittynickrud: Well Ill be a monkeys uncle.. wait lemme see if thats right03:37
badkittybcardarella: Were you able to install the w32codecs?03:37
nickrudastyler: get the alternate text install cd, your card needs drivers that aren't on the live cd03:37
bcardarellabadkitty: yeap03:38
tyler_dwhere can I get a better sources.list?03:38
L3ttuc3is it possible to have two different two different keymaps on at the same time - say for example, i've got a laptop with a regular US qwerty keyboard, and I've hooked up an Apple keyboard ('Apple' keymap)?03:38
badkittyI dont remember what ubuntu-restricted0extras has in it.. did you try that?03:38
nickrud!gutsysources | tyler_d03:38
ubotutyler_d: gutsysources is in System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (gutsy-security) and (gutsy-updates).03:38
BagelMasterNickrud: All I get is "bash: /home/dan/MAPLESOFT.Maple.v11.0.Linux-AGAiN: is a directory"03:38
nickrudBagelMaster: did you do some kind of extraction on the thing you downloaded?03:39
bcardarellabadkitty: yeah, I installed that package. Earlier I thought you were referring to the restricted repo...03:39
BagelMasterNope, it came in the separate 5mb pieces PIECE.r1, PIECE.r2, PIECE.r3...03:39
BagelMasterand so on03:39
badkittybcardarella: hmmm.. perhaps its the media itself?03:39
nickrudBagelMaster: oh, why oh why would it come in pieces that small?03:40
tatorswhat is the opposite command of tail -n 5003:40
mon^rchblackest: pardon me, but in that particular file do I change GTK_WIN_POS_NONE to GTK_WIN_POS_MAX (or something)03:40
tatorserr tail n -5003:40
Picitators: head -n 5003:40
nickrudtators:  head -n 5003:40
tatorsu sure?03:40
tatorsk thx03:40
bcardarellabadkitty: maybe. It's just a video from IGN that I wanted to watch.03:40
BagelMasterNickrud: No clue, in Windoze I could just make it into an .iso and mount/burn, but I don't know how to in Linux03:40
chaosrlnickrud: thanks, i found what i was looking for in there :P (belated answer xD)03:41
badkittyBagelMaster: There is a great program to mount images03:41
nickrudBagelMaster: I have no clue about the format it comes in.03:41
astylernickrud: thanks!03:41
badkittyBagelMaster: Look into gmount-iso03:41
astyleri'll give that a try03:41
BagelMasterBadkitty: I first need to compile the pieces into an image to mount03:41
badkittyBagelMaster: There are also nautilus scripts you can use to do this also.. although I haven't had luck with that one yet..03:42
badkittyBagelMaster: Part files?03:42
BagelMasterBadkitty :^03:42
Katanovawell 32 bit showed the loading screen at least :p03:42
badkittyBagelMaster: Tried googleing it?03:42
INOSHUI tried googleing your mom?03:42
badkittyKatanova: You have a quick connection dont you03:42
frank23BagelMaster: is there not an executable to run in that directory?03:42
Katanovalol na, i got the disk of mi mate03:43
badkittyKatanova: oh cool03:43
umdoistresjrib: show that the aplication apt can be found in the packages "sun java6 jdk".. what i do ?03:43
BagelMasterFrank23 Badkitty: File extensions are all .rXX, one .rar, one .nfo file03:43
Jangari<Katanova> well 32 bit showed the loading screen at least :p03:43
Katanovabut it gets to local boot and then like dose nothing >>03:43
Jangaripast tense? did something else go wrong?03:43
frank23BagelMaster: install unrar-nonfree  package and run unrar x file.rar03:44
Katanovalol so any ideas :p03:44
badkittyBagelMaster: Right I see.. Yah it should be able to be run then and it should self compile.. Atleast thats how it works in winblows03:44
nickrudKatanova: hit the enter key, do you see a login?03:44
nickrudKatanova: alt-f2 , do you see a login?03:44
Katanovai hit enter and it come up with a new line :p03:44
badkittyBagelMaster: What did you say the other files were? You said something about a binary??03:44
Katanovai press F2 and it come up with some code for f2, but didnt try alt f203:45
Katanovashould i go try alt f2 now?03:45
BagelMasterBadkitty: That was just some vague instructions on the original place of download03:45
nickrudKatanova: yes, if you can see a login then you are installed but your video is not set up right for gui03:45
cfeddeis there a trivial dns server for a small home network?  I'd rather not run bind if I don't have to.03:45
frank23BagelMaster: sorry the packege is just unrar03:45
badkittyBagelMaster: I haven't used parted rar files in linux but in windows you just start the first .rar and all the parts self extract and make on big file03:45
kaoticsnowquick question what package do I need to install VNC in ubuntu server, I dont want a gui from the console But I wana set it up so I can VNC into the server and get a desktop (for serving the net at work)03:45
kaoticsnowserfing the net that is03:46
Katanovawell then ok. brb :)03:46
BagelMasterFrank23 Badkitty:  Ahh, I unrar'd the one .rar file03:46
demon_spork When I select My Ubuntu Gutsy install from the boot menu, it says "Failed to mount selected partition" even though the partition mounts fine via IFS in windows and in my Feisty install. I have made no changes to the boot options/loaders since the last successful boot of the system, which was yesterday.03:46
badkittyBagelMaster: Did that work 4 u03:46
BagelMasterFrank23 Badkitty:  And got a linuxinstaller.bin03:46
Jangarikaoticsnow: ubuntu comes pre-built with a vnc viewes03:46
badkittyBagelMaster: Ok so lets say you run the .bin file?03:46
badkittyBagelMaster: Or I think you can also click on the icon to run it too from nautilus?03:47
=== ibara2x is now known as ibara
BagelMasterBadkitty: Nautilus?03:47
Jangarisurfing the net via vnc? how horrible03:47
JangariBagelMaster: nautilus is the file browser03:48
BagelMasterJangari Badkitty: Oh, wow, never knew that!03:48
BagelMasterBadkitty: I'm pretty sure it's compiling the parts03:48
badkittyBagelMaster: The file browser.. from what ive gathered thats what it is03:48
y_o_ucould someone please tell me how the heck i can ping google.com from 7.10, but not browse to it in firefox?03:48
badkittyBagelMaster: Great03:48
Jangarii didn't either until a little while ago03:48
badkittyy_o_u: Hmm.. running any proxies?03:49
BagelMasterBadkitty: Using a PIII doesn't mean it's going to work fat thought :/03:49
y_o_ubut be able to browse to it in a windows 2000 vm running in 7.10? while having ipv6 turned off?03:49
JangariI kept asking if there was a command to 'open' the working directory in a filebrowser, turns out it's just "nautilus /directory"03:49
y_o_ubadkitty: no proxies, but good thought03:49
y_o_ujust wierd stuff03:49
BagelMasterBadkitty: Argh, it tried to open it in gedit03:49
kaoticsnowJangari: thanks03:50
Jangarifound it, kaoticsnow?03:50
badkittyy_o_u: Hmmm its got to be a setting in firefox... This situation happened to me in windows (imagine that) I could ping a site, but not find it in the browser. WHen I returned to default settings everything worked03:50
roshanaccording to the book i'm reading, it says that if u use dh -h . in a directory it will tell u the partition. however, with the directory /sys it shows the partition as /sys. However that does not exits, can someone explain why it shows that.03:50
badkittyy_o_u: Maybe you can try reset to defaul your settings03:50
nickrudy_o_u: are you using bridged networking in the vm, so it provides it's own dns?  check /etc/resolv.conf  in linux, that's usually the culprit for your symtoms03:50
umdoistreswhats that message when i try to search a apt ? "the aplication apt can be foun in this packages sun java-jdk" something like this..03:51
badkittyy_o_u: this is a vm?03:51
y_o_unickrud: i thought the same, unfortunately, its correct (and its resolving great at the cli)03:51
Flannelroshan: if you type "mount" you'll see all sorts of non-physical partitions that are mounted.  Theyre various things used by the OS (ones a ramdisk for the kernel, etc)03:51
nickrudumdoistres: are you translating the error message? Where are you seeing it?03:51
y_o_ubadkitty: default settings in firefox you mean? and its a win2k vmware image, running in 7.10, from disk03:52
frank23roshan: more properly, they're filesystems03:52
DoYouKnowAny fixes yet for that exploit? I read somewhere that the fix is already in the live source trees for hardy03:53
ScuniziWhat's the channel for Evolution? won't be needed if anyone here can tell me how to forward a message and actually have it include the original attachment.03:53
badkittyy_o_u: Yeah that is what I meant.. just a long shot from things Ive seen in windz03:53
roshanflannel: ah, thx, it did not know that non-physical partitions were called file systems. greatly appreciate it03:53
MeshezabeelJohnny_5 is alive03:53
Jangari#evolution ?03:53
Jangariprobably not03:53
Jangariin fact i doubt it has its own chan03:53
Jangariuse thunderbird instead03:53
nickrudScunizi:   irc.gnome.org , #evolution I think03:53
ScuniziJangari, it is but I forgot which server.. not freenode.03:53
Scunizinickrud, thanks.. I forgot the server..03:54
y_o_ubadkitty: worth a shot, thanks for the go03:54
Jangaridoes anyone know how to get my laptop switching off the speakers when headphones are plugged in?03:54
nickrudumdoistres:  what are you doing when you see that error?03:55
MeshezabeelJangari, do you have a different set of headphones you could try?03:55
frank23roshan: no the filesystems are what's mounted. either virtual ones or physical ones (that are on a partition)03:55
Jangarii do, hold on, but i doubt it's the headphones, as the same headphones worked well under windows,03:55
frank23Jangari: try playing the the switches in the sound mixer03:56
umdoistresnickrud: oh.. i forget, but thanks for the atention..03:56
Jack_SparrowJangari: Some laptops dont use a physical switch from the pin when the headphones go in to kill the speakers they do it with software..  not sure how to fix it though03:56
frank23Jangari: there might be a switch that disables speakers when headphones are plugged in03:56
Jangarii think it's software, since the same laptop under windows used to disable the speakers like i wanted03:57
roshanroshan: ah, tyvm frank. that clears up a lot.03:58
Jangaribut there ain't nothing in prefs > sound03:58
roshanfrank: ah, tvm frank. that clears up a lot03:58
Hammer89Jangari: I have the same problem... still haven't figured out a fix for it03:58
frank23Jangari: did you look in the sound mixer app? the one with the different channels (Master, PCM...)03:58
ubotuTOR is a project aiming to provide anonymous connections via specialized !proxies - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TOR for information and help - Note that TOR is blocked on most Ubuntu IRC channels, please see !hostmask and !tor-gpg03:58
Jangarisurely some geek could come up with a bugfix03:58
frank23Jangari: in KDE it's KMix not sure about gnome03:58
Hammer89Jangari: out of curiosity... what laptop are you using?03:59
MeshezabeelJangari, you are probably correct, if it works under windows then it should work under linux. I've had headphones in the past that didn't work properly and the sound would play through both the headphones and speakers.03:59
Jangarihp... um....03:59
Jangarihp "compaq" nc622003:59
Jangariwork machine03:59
Hammer89Jangari: hmm... not the same as mine then03:59
Jangarifrank23: i can't find that app04:00
Jangarishould i have it by default?04:00
kaoticsnowJangari: ubuntu server should havce a VNC server by default you said?04:00
Jack_SparrowJangari: Please dont use enter for punctuation hitting enter every three or four words get annoying04:00
MeshezabeelHammer89, what laptop you using?04:01
Jangarion reflection kaoticsnow, i don't know about ubuntu server, but ubuntu desktop has it in internet > terminal server client04:01
Hammer89Meshezabeel: Toshiba satellite A135-s238604:01
frank23Jangari: I don't know I don't run gnome. But there must be some program you can use to try the sound switches. Or just use alsamixer in the terminal directly04:01
Jangarisorry Jack_Sparrow, i'll be good in future04:01
kaoticsnowyea I have Server installed no GUI by defalut all command line,04:01
siriusnovacan anyone point me in the right direction to set up a fully encrypted File System under Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon04:01
Katanovagot little more progress :D04:01
siriusnovathat isn't such a PITA04:01
thinman1189does anyone know where I can find a tor/privoxy/ff/gaim/thunderbird/xchat/azureus guide for 7.10? !tor only gives for 6.10 and 7.0404:02
Hammer89Jangari: one thing I haven't tried yet that I hope to try... is to run a Ubuntu 8.04 alpha LiveCD to see if sound works on it04:02
CaptainMorgannot getting a decent answer... and ubuntu folks tend to be smart- plus still all started around the evolution of pidgin:  is yahoo only allowed to talk to yahoo? (IM's), running multiple machines, multiple clients and it appears AIM users can't communicate with known yahoo users. The yahoo users say I'm offline, and I say the yahoo users are offline.. is there some incompatibility issue going on? Ive tested Trillian, AIM, and04:02
CaptainMorgan Pidgin, on more than four machines- what might be the problem?04:02
kaoticsnowWhat packages need to be installed for VNC server to operate? I dont want a GUI at the local system just the Ability to VNC to a GUI.04:03
MeshezabeelHammer89, Jangari see if this helps: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/11631004:03
mneptokJangari: are you comfortable in a terminal?04:03
Katanovathis time it say (in gui) low gfx mode and i pressed continue and it went back to where i was before @ the loacl boot scripts, so i press alt f2 and came up with the console... i know nothing about the linux console lol04:03
Jangarimneptok: more or less04:03
nickrudKatanova:  what video card do you have?04:03
Katanova8600 GT04:03
Hammer89Meshezabeel: I'll try that04:04
MeshezabeelHammer89, Jangari but try alsamixer and see if it works first04:04
nickrudKatanova: a sec, I want to check someting04:04
Katanovaok :)04:04
bastid_raZorCaptainMorgan; from my understanding you can't cross talk IM's .. pidgin allows you to have only 1 application that handles them all. that doesn't mean if you have yahoo you can talk to someone on aim via a yahoo account04:04
ahavewhere is a good place to go for support for wifi-radar ... I am getting error messages on startup04:04
pppoe_dudehow can i backup firefox's stored passwords?04:04
mneptokJangari: please open /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base and add the following bit to the end (do not include the quotes) - options snd-hda-intel model=laptop04:04
Hammer89Meshezabeel: you're referring to the fix fracav68 wrote, right?04:04
mneptokJangari: that should all be on one line04:04
=== Charitwo is now known as kirby
=== kirby is now known as Charitwo
mneptokpppoe_dude: tar up ~/.mozilla04:05
pppoe_dudemneptok, ah it's in there?04:05
mneptokpppoe_dude: aye04:05
thinman1189does anyone know where I can find a tor/privoxy/ff/gaim/thunderbird/xchat/azureus guide for 7.10? !tor only gives for 6.10 and 7.0404:05
Jack_Sparrowbastid_raZor: I agree04:05
MeshezabeelHammer89, yes, look at his last post, looks like he didn't do the first post properly04:05
JJNovaHi. I was hoping someone could tell me how to remove all the packages included with a dummy package. For instance, I installed lde-core , and would now like to remove everything that was installed with kde-core , but just removing kde-core only removes the dummy package.04:05
Hammer89Meshezabeel: Okay04:06
Jangarii'll try that now, mneptok04:06
kaoticsnowwhat packages need to be installed to run VNC server on Ubuntu server? I dont want a gui at the local system, just the ability to VNC to a gui04:06
KeiyentaiHello. I have a quick quesrion04:06
MeshezabeelHammer89, and I'm just guessing here, I am not an expert or anything, just found something that may or may not help04:06
KeiyentaiDoes the latest version of Ubuntu work with ATi HD Series vidcards?04:07
Hammer89Meshezabeel: it's worth a shot... I never use sound on linux because of the headphone issue, anyway04:07
joey_i need to install gstreamer plugins for my audio.  How do i do that?04:07
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:08
badkittyjoey_: That was for you04:08
MeshezabeelHammer89, good luck :)04:08
Jangaridoes that edit warrant a restart, mneptok?04:08
thinman1189jjnove how have you tried removing the packages? in terminal or synaptic?04:08
nomopofomoi'm having a problem with screen resolution. for some reason it won't let me switch to 1680x1050 when i could before..............04:08
ahavewhere is a good place to go for support for wifi-radar ... I am getting error messages on startup04:08
badkittyjoey_: The ubuntu-restricted-extras has the g-streamer plugin04:08
thinman1189jjnova how have you tried removing the packages? in terminal or synaptic?*04:08
KeiyentaiI know Ubuntu works with the X1K series. Though when I have tried other distro's it doesent seem to like the HD04:08
joey_badkitty: so what exactly do i do?04:09
Hammer89Meshezabeel: hmmmm... they just released new alsa drivers...04:09
ere4sikaoticsnow, try this - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=12240204:09
JJNovathinman1189, I have tried #sudo apt-get remove kde-core -purge04:09
nickrudKatanova: the best howto I found is http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=2791480 , you can do this at the console04:09
badkittyjoey_: Go to a terminal and type sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:09
JJNovathinman1189, All that does is remove the dummy package though04:09
kaoticsnowere4si: Thanks@04:09
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion04:10
thinman1189jjova : try searching the packages in synaptic and see if the other packages show up.04:10
thinman1189jjnova : try searching the packages in synaptic and see if the other packages show up.04:10
MeshezabeelHammer89, maybe this problem has been fixed in the new ones, worth a shot04:11
mneptokJangari: aye, or an alsa restart04:11
BenzinSo quiet.04:11
Jangarihow can i restart alsa?04:11
mneptokJangari: restart is easier. unloading all the alsa related modules is tiresome.04:11
mon^rchbye all04:11
Sir_Siddoes the amarok package for ubuntu come with dcop compiled in it?04:11
Jangarimm, alright then, i'll give it a crack04:11
mneptokJangari: via con headphones ;)04:12
nickrudmneptok: that is a classic of understatement04:12
MeshezabeelHammer89, looks like on that site I gave you, that the -with-cards=hda-intel is important. So if the new alsa is compiled with this option by default it might be okay.04:12
* mneptok bows04:12
Hammer89Meshezabeel: I'll try it04:12
ubotuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto04:12
zippytechany one here know hard drive space04:13
BenzinSo whats so good about ubuntu that should make me change from my windows based computer?04:13
mneptokBenzin: try #ubuntu-offtopic04:13
KeiyentaiWill the latest version of Ubuntu work with ATi HD2600 cards? I am just wondering cuase a couple other distros (Sayabon, Mint) dont seem to like it and I don't want to waste a CD.04:14
queuetueHi.  Is there a clean way to temporarily switch the system compiler to gcc 3.4, then switch it back after a compile is done?04:14
nickrudKeiyentai: not properly. You'll want to wait for hardy04:14
CaptainMorganbastid_raZor, that's confusing, because Trillian supposedly can handle this04:14
mneptokKeiyentai: ATI *anything* is a crapshoot on Linux04:14
KeiyentaiCause I want to dual boot.04:14
zippytechi have a full hard drive and been looking for days to find out why it is full04:14
mneptokKeiyentai: yeah. *thanks* ATI.04:14
CaptainMorganat least it could bastid_raZor at one point it did, I'm 110% sure of it04:14
* nickrud runs ati, and agrees, reluctantly04:14
KeiyentaiI don't care if I can't have Beryl I just want to be able to boot it.04:15
KeiyentaiSayabon dies and Mint for some odd reason thinks my CPU is a Centrino >_> but work in VM04:15
zippytechFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on04:15
zippytech/dev/sda2              19G   17G  456M  98% /04:15
mneptokKeiyentai: oh, that'll work fine. the 3D acceleration is the sticky bit.04:15
zippytechvarrun                505M  468K  505M   1% /var/run04:15
zippytechvarlock               505M     0  505M   0% /var/lock04:15
zippytechudev                  505M  100K  505M   1% /dev04:15
zippytechdevshm                505M     0  505M   0% /dev/shm04:15
FloodBot3zippytech: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:15
compwiz18poor guy.04:15
KeiyentaiAs long as I can boot I will be happy.04:15
sileniif i want another person to login to my computer through ssh , what do i have to do04:16
sileniim willing to give root pw and so on04:16
KeiyentaiI just don't wana make a coaster CD.04:16
MeshezabeelKeiyentai, what happened when you booted with those other systems?04:16
KeiyentaiKnow what I mean?04:16
mneptokKeiyentai: AFAIK you could even use the horrendous VESA driver04:16
compwiz18um, Keiyentai how new is that card?04:16
KeiyentaiWith Sayabon it wont start up X and complains about the Driver. IN Mint..for some reason it thinks my CPU is a Centrino and then Fatal Errors04:16
Smegzo1My sources.list appears to be broken.  Its full of    "# Line commented out by installer because it failed to verify:"     What should I do?04:17
KeiyentaiIt's a VisonTek HD2600 so newish04:17
Keiyentailess then a year old04:17
nickrudKeiyentai: and after you get it running with vesa, you can use http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide to install a better one, but it'll only be good until the next kernel upgrade. You have to repeat it then04:17
mneptokKeiyentai: do you already own this card?04:17
Keiyentaiyes I do04:17
KeiyentaiI am in Windows right now04:17
Meshezabeelwow, I've never even heard of VisonTek!04:17
compwiz18Keiyentai: so it's an ati chipset, so fglrx should support it, is my thinking04:18
nickrud!gutsysources | Smegzo104:18
ubotuSmegzo1: gutsysources is in System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (gutsy-security) and (gutsy-updates).04:18
KeiyentaiVisionTek mybad04:18
mneptokJangari: any love?04:18
Jangarimneptok: still no good i'm afraid. Is it relevant that there's a very small reset-style hole next to my headphones jack?04:18
thinman1189does anyone know where I can find a tor/privoxy/ff/gaim/thunderbird/xchat/azureus guide for 7.10? !tor only gives for 6.10 and 7.0404:18
bastid_raZorCaptainMorgan; i have used trillian in the past and no it too is just like pidgin.. all IM's in one bundled application that could NOT cross talk .. you had to have an account for each IM in order to talk to others04:19
KeiyentaiIs there a DVD edition of 7.10 or just CD04:19
compwiz18Keiyentai: if the card is less then 4 months old, though, it may not be recognized by ubuntu gutsy because it would be newer then fglrx drivers04:19
mneptokJangari: try changing that line you added to read "options snd-hda-intel model=laptop-hp" (no quotes).04:19
CaptainMorganok, thanks bastid_raZor04:19
badkittyPretty sure there is a dvd version04:19
compwiz18Keiyentai: there is a dvd edition, it's trickier to find though04:19
compwiz18Keiyentai: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/7.10/release/04:19
Keiyentaithe card is about 6 or so months at least04:20
nickrudcompwiz18: make that 7 or 8 months, that's how old the gutsy driver is04:20
mneptokKeiyentai: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/7.10/release/ubuntu-7.10-dvd-i386.iso.torrent04:20
JangariI'll know next time i restart I guess, otherwise, that page that Hammer89 suggested looks like it has a fix04:20
zach382Hello, I am running 7.10 and after the latest kernel update, I can't access my tty consoles anymore.04:21
zach382Can someone help me get them back?04:21
INOSHUThis channel needs less serious, moar nigger jokes and moms04:21
* nickrud waits04:21
nickrud22 seconds, acceptable :)04:22
astylerin his defense...04:22
astyleri got nothin04:22
slackonwho knows anything about wireless . Madwifi? ..04:22
joey_still there badkitty?04:22
badkittyjoey_: yeah04:23
joey_my sound's still not working04:23
joey_any ideas?04:23
Keiyentaiwell thank you for the links and all. hopefully I can run Vesa04:24
badkittyjoey_: Nah cant think of any at the moment04:24
KeiyentaiI have a nice 60GB I am using for Linux04:24
zach382Does anyone know anything about virtual consoles (ctrl alt f1,f2...)? and how to fix a flashing underscore?04:24
silenianyone got the bcm943611 card to work with ubuntu ?04:24
demonspork When I select My Ubuntu Gutsy install from the boot menu, it says "Failed to mount selected partition" even though the partition mounts fine via IFS in windows and in my Feisty install. I have made no changes to the boot options/loaders since the last successful boot of the system, which was yesterday.04:24
JJNovaI fixed it. COmpletely removed Kubuntu.04:25
tonarpwhere can i download ubuntu04:25
JJNovasudo apt-get remove kcontrol kdebase-bin kdebase-data kdebase-kio-plugins kdelibs-data kdelibs4c2a kdesktop kfind kicker konqueror konsole kwin libkonq4 arts kappfinder kate kde-core kdebase kdelibs kdepasswd kdeprint khelpcenter klipper kmenuedit konqueror-nsplugins kpager kpersonalizer ksmserver ksplash ksysguard ksysguardd ktip poster psutils04:26
tritiumtonarp: from the website: www.ubuntu.com04:26
bastid_raZortonarp; http://releases.ubuntu.com04:27
senderoserver irc-evolution.org04:27
Hammer89why am I getting permissions errors when I try to configure/make a program from source in my /usr/src/ directory? (I ran it using sudo...)04:28
=== Smegzo1 is now known as Smegzor
cr4z3ddoes ubuntu 7.10 use udev or hotplug for usb?04:29
Starnestommycr4z3d: I think udev04:29
DanaGOdd.... even using the same .sf2 file, Timidity and my Audigy sound different.04:29
DanaGAny ideas of how to fix it?04:30
tonarphow many disk do i need to burn ubuntu?04:30
DanaGI want Timidity to sound as good as the Audigy on MIDI.04:30
DanaG.... even if it means high CPU usage.04:30
Starnestommytonarp: just one04:30
Jack_Sparrowtonarp: one04:30
Jack_Sparrowtonarp: Please burn at a slow speed04:30
DanaG4x is good.04:31
thinman1189does anyone know where I can find a tor/privoxy/ff/gaim/thunderbird/xchat/azureus guide for 7.10? !tor only gives for 6.10 and 7.0404:31
Jack_Sparrowtonarp: Some machines dont handle the high speed burns04:31
Starnestommytonarp: higher speeds cause more errors04:31
DanaGThe slower you burn (until you reach too slow), the better (more 'crisply', you could say) it burns.04:31
Jack_Sparrowtonarp: I have a couple of Dells that refuse to use cd's that are burned fast04:31
DanaGBut don't go too slow -- I tried one at 1x or 2x and it was worse than a 4x or 8x.04:31
Jack_Sparrow4 or 8 is fine04:31
tonarpok thanks for your advice04:32
Jack_Sparrowtonarp: if you have trouble, there are some command line options you can use to get around hardware issues04:32
ere4sithinman1189, google search gave this as one result - http://faqf1.net.nz/index.php?title=Tor_On_Ubuntu_Gutsy04:32
Jack_SparrowAnother earthquake milkshake,,,   southern calif.. sorry for the OT but it was a good one04:34
thinman1189thanks ere4si, I'll check it out tomorrow. good night.04:34
r3n0chi, i was having a slight issue, when i boot my desktop has 2 cd drive icons04:34
r3n0cand in my computer:/// there is a CD-RW drive, followed by another icon which is the cd name, then the normal filesystem icon04:34
DanaGAnybody here use Timidity?04:35
ere4sithinman1189, just type in   tor in gutsy04:35
r3n0ci could get the extra icon off my desktop by removing all volume icons on desktop04:35
r3n0cbut now i have this extra one in computer:///04:35
r3n0canybody here know how it could happen?04:35
thinman1189thanks ere4si, I had been searching tor and privoxy in gutsy and the privoxy was throwing it off, even though prvioxy is included in most tor guides :'(04:36
ere4sik thinman118904:37
r3n0canybody know why this would happen: i ejected a disk, but it is still listed as being in the comp04:37
r3n0cbut when i click on it it doesn't have any data04:37
LoRezhow can I keep feisty from attempting to bring up my wireless interface on eth1?04:37
dbmoodbset it as eth204:38
dbmoodbbut does it really matter lorez04:38
LoRezuh, yeah, I'd like it to stop turning the damn thing back on.04:38
r3n0canybody? i have an extra cd icon... after i eject04:38
xopeyr3n0c: how are you ejecting04:39
xopeyhas anyone else had problems with java applications hanging in ubuntu on load04:39
r3n0cright click, eject on the cd drive04:39
r3n0cafter i did that there is still an extra icon which is named the cd04:39
r3n0cif i put the disk back in, there are 2 icons on the desktop04:39
xopeyhi Kata04:40
xopeysry, Katanova04:40
ere4sir3n0c, if you wait ten minutes is the icon still there?04:40
=== genii_ is now known as genii
Katanovaguess it just dont like mi 8600 gt :p04:40
Rubinr3n0c, look in /media and see if theres something in there that shouldnt be04:40
r3n0cRubin,  yea it is empty04:41
Bibliohello. i need to communicate with mark shuttleworth. i have tried the contact adress at his blog, but it seems dead. is there anyone here who could provide some alternative one, or the one of someone who could in turn reach him?04:41
r3n0cRubin,  i was just wondering how i could get rid of the extra icon which now exists in my computer:/// and on my desktop04:41
Rubinr3n0c, can you right click and delete it? maybe its leftover from some previous window manager04:41
ouellettesrhello, if i wanted to create a tar.gz file would i do tar -czvf foo.tar.gz file.iso ?04:41
Rubinr3n0c, my understanding is those icons come from whats in /media04:41
Rubinouellettesr, yes. but tarring a single file makes no sense04:42
r3n0cRubin,  yeah that is what i thought, but it says can't send to trash04:42
Rubinr3n0c, hrm04:42
r3n0cRubin,  i have a CD-RW drive, 'WinXP' icon, and Filesystem icon04:42
=== amidaniel is now known as amidaniel|away
r3n0cthe first and third were normal04:42
r3n0cbut 'winxp' (name of the disk) shouldn't be there anymore after it is ejected04:43
Rubinr3n0c, look in your Desktop folder in your home directory04:43
nomopofomohow do i change the resolution of the login screen?04:43
threefcatahi, i'm trying to install XP after i installed ubuntu, but the XP says cannot write to MBR and stuck with..04:43
threefcatawhat's wrong04:43
r3n0cRubin,  the desktop is empty, but it is set to show mounted volumes04:43
Rubinnomopofomo, it should be the same resolution as after you log in, isnt it?04:43
ouellettesrRubin, you saying basically i cant make it any smaller?04:44
nomopofomoRubin, no.04:44
r3n0c( i could remove it in gconf-editor.... but then i don't know if i have a disk in there... and technecially there are still 2 icons)04:44
Rubinr3n0c, tried restarting x?04:44
r3n0cRubin,  yea was gonna try that in a sec, gonna try to reinsert the disk first04:44
Rubinouellettesr, you can, i think, but its not easy04:44
DanaGGaack, Timidity playback is way uneven.04:44
nomopofomoRubin, is there any way I might be able to restore all settings related to graphics like when everything was first installed?04:44
r3n0cRubin,  yea brb, i'll try  a restart04:44
Rubinr3n0c, or you could try killing and restarting nautilus04:45
mike_can anyone tell me why gparted is taken so long to take to find my two 80gb drive04:45
badkittythreefcata: Install windows first then ubuntu.. make life easy04:45
Rubinnomopofomo, not all, but those settings are stored in /etc/X11/xorg.conf so you can back that up and restore it04:45
threefcatabadkitty, then i had to go through a hell lot of configuration..04:45
=== genii_ is now known as genii
r3n0cRubin,  yea a restart seems to have fixed it04:46
Katanovaso can anyone help with the 8600GT problem?04:46
dward526theefcata ?04:46
Rubinr3n0c, bug :/04:46
nomopofomoRubin, what about the login screen?04:46
badkittythreefcata: waddayamean?04:46
Rubinnomopofomo, some of it is in /etc/gdm/gdm.conf or local.conf04:47
threefcatabadkitty, i had been using this ubuntu for a while, and i did a fair amount of configuration, if i scrap it, i have to redo a lot..04:47
Rubinthreefcata, you shouldnt have to scrap it04:47
threefcataRubin, but i'm stuck with XP installation..04:48
badkittythreefcata: Cant you back it up first? All I know is installing windows after ubuntu is a pita04:48
Rubinthreefcata, the install of xp fails?04:48
Rubinits not that hard badkitty you just have to reinstall grub is all04:48
threefcatabadkitty, i can't find enough space now04:48
badkittyRubin: Oh yah. hmm04:48
Katanovaso noone can help with the 8600 GT problem :(04:48
threefcataRubin, yes, it failed04:48
Rubinthreefcata, iv never seen linux do anything to a disk that make xp refuse to install04:49
badkittythreefcata: You gotta make sure you have enough space for xp04:49
Rubinthreefcata, maybe somethin else is goin on?04:49
Rubinyeah. is there enough free space?04:49
Rubinwhat exactly does it say?04:49
_coredump_anyone here uses the internet dj console with gutsy 7.10?04:49
threefcataRubin, yeah, i guess the fact that i'm running the installation program from harddisk has something to do about it..04:49
=== visi is now known as kokom
threefcatai made the NTFS where XP is going to be bootable and boot from there..04:50
threefcatathen ran winnt32.exe..04:50
puffAnyone here running gutsy on a thinkpad t43p?04:50
threefcatabut it never get through the step where it is writing to MBR04:50
Katanovaso it copys all the files but not writes the MBR?04:51
Rubinthreefcata, ohhh04:51
dward526threefcata:  why not a disk install?04:51
puffthreefcata: How big was the NTFS where XP is going to be?04:51
Rubinthreefcata, theres issues with linux making ntfs partitions. dont do that. just free up space and leave it unformatted04:51
Katanovai maybe could like make the MBR with something else04:51
threefcatapuff, 10g04:51
=== co_kenter_fs is now known as co_pgn
threefcataRubin, so use XP to make a ntfs out from free space?04:52
Rubinthreefcata, yep04:52
Rubinthreefcata, or you can create the partition, but dont put a filesystem on it04:52
jetscreamerKatanova: change stuff up to suit your box: http://linux.hfds.com/files/n-i.txt04:52
threefcatadward526, i don't have a disk in hand, and i did the same last time with another laptop, i guess it won't be hard..04:52
Rubinthreefcata, but best to let xp do the whole thing its way04:52
puffthreefcata: Be advised, from what I'm told, that's just barely big enough.  Also, winxp doesn't have an explicit swap partition, so you'll have to watch and make sure you always have at least 1gb free in the XP partition.04:52
nomopofomoRubin, where can I find local.conf?04:52
Rubinnomopofomo, /etc/gdm04:52
threefcatapuff, ok i will take note of that04:53
Katanovajetscremer: lol how :p04:53
Katanovado i edit a file on the disk or something?04:54
dward526threefcata:  Rubin is right, do not create an ntfs partion with linux, let xp do that04:54
=== kandinsk1 is now known as kandinski
geekworxhello people i'm running linux ubuntu 7.10 an i wants to install unrealircd can somebody help me how to install it? the irc server?04:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ircd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about unrealircd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hybrid - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:55
Rubingeekworx, this isnt the proper place for that really04:55
geekworxdamn :S04:55
geekworxRubin: where to go to help me with that?04:55
threefcataRubin, dward526 alright, thx guys, maybe getting a XP disk is the best solution04:55
Starnestommygeekworx: I think unreal has its own support network on irc.unrealircd.org.  Since it's not part of ubuntu, we can't support it04:55
neopsychehi what do i type to get old mouse working on xorg?04:55
Rubingeekworx, check the unreal website for their irc channel maybe. or try searchirc.com04:55
neopsychePreviously i typed something like dev/ttyS004:55
neopsychedoes anyone know the exact command?04:55
Rubinplus unreal sucks :)04:56
Rubinneopsyche, typed where?04:56
oboy03why do i always have this gcalc tool error after installing?04:56
cdubyaI setup my wireless connection on this laptop (Compaq c751, Atheros AR5007) using instructions I found for using madwifi.....I can get around on my local network, but am unable to get out. Everytime I try to modify the nameserver, it defaults back to the original. Any ideas?04:56
neopsycheinxorg .conf04:56
neopsycheRubin: in xorg04:56
neopsycheRubin The configuration file04:57
Rubincdubya, theres a setting for dhcpcd (in the conf file) to disable its overwriting of resolv.conf04:57
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:57
olskolirci am having a problem with updating my repositories.  - when it gets to security, it fails, says repository is outdated04:57
Rubinneopsyche, xorg.conf?04:57
olskolircwhat do I do?04:57
Ryu010im running gos and i cant get bcm43xx to install can someone help me out?04:57
Rubinolskolirc, check your repositories04:58
olskolircwhat am i supposed to look for Rubin04:58
olskolircthey are still there04:58
ere4siolskolirc, which ubuntu are you running04:58
Rubinolskolirc, if you can get around on the commandline, look in /etc/apt/sources.list for a line or two with the wrong distribution name04:58
puffWhat's the "super" button on a thinkpad keyboard?04:58
Ryu010im running gos and i cant get bcm43xx to install can someone help me out?04:58
flexgripCan someone tell me - in separate x screen setup (nvidia-settings) can I also bind a separate keyboard and mouse to each session?04:58
jetscreameri think mine says thinkpad, but no idea anyway04:59
Rubinpuff, i think you have to configure super on any modern keyboard04:59
Rubinpuff, ie, make it right alt or something04:59
cr4z3dpuff, should be the windows key04:59
Katanovaso how to boot into the live disk with an 8600GT?04:59
Jack_SparrowRyu010: Please dont repeat.. what is gos...  fwcutter works for normal ubuntu just fine05:00
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:00
travisatKatanova: hit F6 and delete quiet and splash05:00
puffcr4z3d: I don't see a windows key on my thinkpad keyboard :-)05:00
nomopofomoEvery time I log out and log back in, my screen resolution resets to something much lower... :(05:00
badkittypuff .. windows key??05:00
Jack_SparrowKatanova: Most likely need to force vesa mode from F605:00
flexgripCan someone tell me - in separate x screen setup (nvidia-settings) can I also bind a separate keyboard and mouse to each session?05:00
jhoonhi i leaning inglish05:01
Katanovai did, it gets up to "Low gfx settings" so i press continue and it goes to console >>05:01
Katanovahow to do that jack?05:01
zcat[1]does anyone sell a keyboard with a penguin key instead?05:01
puffbadkitty: ask cr4z3d05:01
Rubinnomopofomo, how do you set it back?05:01
demon_sporkOh my, I just watched the whole userlist of this chan scroll through my terminal05:01
Jack_Sparrowsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg   select vesa mode 102405:01
travisatKatanova: hit F6 and delete quiet and splash05:02
travisatoops wrong window05:02
olskolirchere are my repositories in pastbin: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55673/05:02
olskolircwhat is wrong with my repositories05:02
demon_sporkWhenever I try to do a graphical login, X just restarts after it starts to load the desktop. I don't know what to do05:02
nomopofomoRubin, in screens and graphics.05:03
Jack_SparrowKatanova: If you get to cli.. use the command I gave above05:03
Rubinnomopofomo, try logging out and pressing ctrl-alt-backspace05:03
KingJerkwhois kingjerk05:03
nomopofomoRubin, what will that do btw?05:03
Rubinnomopofomo, restart the x server05:03
threefcataone more question, how to just make a partition but not put a file system on it?05:03
Rubini think rising and brenny just tried it :/05:03
threefcatacan i do it using gparted?05:03
Jack_SparrowKingJerk: Were you not already banned once today?05:04
Rubinthreefcata, best to just leave empty space.05:04
olskolircall of my security repositories won't update05:04
Rubinolskolirc, paste your /etc/apt/sources.list to pastebin.ca05:05
Rubinand what error do you get exactly?05:05
nomopofomoRubin, it always resets to 1280x768.........05:06
Rubinnomopofomo, thats odd. try editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf directly05:06
Rubinnomopofomo, tbh i havnt really used the gui to do it05:06
nomopofomoRubin, in fact, I replaced the entire contents of the conf file with the contents of a file from 4 days ago when things were working fine.05:07
Jack_Sparrownomopofomo: Please check the v/h refresh rates on your monitor...  If they are wrong it will drop to the first res and v/h that work05:07
Katanovai guess noone can help with the 8600GT problem them :p oh well05:07
Rubinnomopofomo, yeah, what Jack_Sparrow said.05:07
jetscreameri did already05:07
mike_hi all i have a drive that came out of a mac and now is a slave in my ubuntu machine, its name is Storage HD how would i go about formatting that, thanks alot05:07
nomopofomoJack_Sparrow, the refresh rate is set to something ridiculous like 73hz. Is that the problem?05:07
Katanovayeah but u didnt tell me how to do that lol :p05:07
jetscreamerread the link05:08
SupaFlyHey are there bandwidth monitor tools for kubuntu? i just wana keep track of what i dl/ul each month, i need it pretty fast though :S05:08
Katanovai'm new to ubuntu05:08
RubinKatanova, i dunno about anyone else, but i have no clue what a 8600GT even is and you havnt actually asked a usefull question.05:08
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:08
Katanovahow to install drivers while its not even installed?05:08
Jack_Sparrownomopofomo: Certainly could be, but check the other two rates as well horizsync and vert refresh05:08
jetscreameryou don't even have the card installed?05:08
Katanovai cant even boot into the live disk so :S05:09
Katanovano the os05:09
Jack_Sparrowor the other way around..  getting way late here05:09
RubinKatanova, it wont boot?05:09
nomopofomoJack_Sparrow, where can I learn more about how to properly configure the conf file?05:09
RubinKatanova, try the alternate cd05:09
jetscreameractually, yes you can, but it's tricky. use the text installer05:09
ubotuA desktop course manual for Ubuntu 7.10 can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training05:09
jetscreamer'alternate cd'05:09
Katanovai'm running the 8600gt in vista right now...05:09
Katanovawhere to download the alternate cd?05:09
Rubinwhat makes you think its the video cards fault?05:09
jetscreameri'm running the 6600gt in debian myself05:09
SupaFlyHey are there bandwidth monitor tools for kubuntu? i just wana keep track of what i dl/ul each month, i need it pretty fast though :S c'mon there must be SOMETHING!05:10
jetscreameri know it's the card, and not the cards fault05:10
Katanovano i think drivers...05:10
jetscreamernot supported05:10
Katanovawhere can i download this other cd?05:10
jetscreameryou can get the livecd to boot though, fyi05:10
jetscreamer!alternate cd05:10
ubotuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode installation CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD.  It can also be used as an upgrade CD. - See also !minimal05:10
jetscreamerhow helpful05:10
Jack_SparrowKatanova:  f6 at start or install and try a couple of hese before the --    xmodule=vesa, vga=normal,  xdrvr=vesa,05:10
Katanovalol good try05:10
Katanovaok i will try that05:11
jetscreamerJack_Sparrow: setting xvrefresh and xhrefresh also helps.... and vga=normal sometimes too05:11
jetscreameroh you said that one05:11
Jack_SparrowKatanova: Your card is specifically noted as not supported in the nvidia wiki page05:11
Jordan_UIs there any way to get a replacement power supply?05:11
Jordan_Usorry, wrong channel05:12
Katanovaso your saying there is noway for it to work?05:12
jetscreameryes you go to microcenter and buy one05:12
jetscreamerJordan_U: they're on sale at microcenter05:12
tanlaanhello everyone, I need help with my desktop. All of my icons *except for my CD/DVD icon which showed up because of I have a DVD in* have gone away, these icons were home and system icons. How can I get them back?05:12
jetscreamerkata: no you're being told it will work given the proper instructions05:12
putnumhow can i use putty and view my linux desktop via the internet?05:12
jetscreamerKatanova: ^^05:12
r3n0cdoes somebody know what temp my cpu/mobo should run at since.... 47C for cpu and 42C for mobo seems way to high05:13
putnumssh right?05:13
KatanovaSo i needa download the other disk then manualy install the drivers?05:13
jetscreamerKatanova: might be easier just to use the other cd05:13
Jack_SparrowKatanova: HAve you READ the wiki page for nvidia05:13
Rubinputnum, for the graphics you need VNC with or without putty05:13
jetscreamerobvious answer05:13
jumbersHey guys, I ordered a Dell Inspiron notebook last night with Ubuntu preinstalled on it. What is going to be the easiest way to transfer everything from my current notebook to the new one?05:13
Katanovathe problem is, i cant find these other disks :p05:13
ubotuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:13
DrDerekI lost the game05:14
Rubinjumbers, best thing i can tell you is to buy 300 gig ide disk, and an external usb enclosure. you can use it to transfer your files AND as a backup in case something happens.05:14
r3n0cis 47C to high for my cpu temp? and 42C for my mobo?05:14
r3n0c(when just idle)05:14
Rubinjumbers, failing that, you can transfer your files to the new pc using scp05:14
jetscreamerKatanova: i thought you had ubuntu installed and just wanted to get the card to work... my link was for that05:14
Rubinjumbers, or winscp etc05:14
Katanovaok ic now ty :D05:15
jetscreamerKatanova: use it after :)05:15
jumbersRubin: What folders should I be backing up then?05:15
Katanova:) will do05:15
olskolirchere Rubin :-( http://pastebin.ca/90081305:15
putnumis there a good howto for setting up vnc+putty to connect to ubuntu?05:16
Rubinolskolirc, see how some say fiesty and some say gutsy? you cant do that unlessy ou know what your diong.05:16
demon_sporkhow would I modify the Session list of programs without being able to get to the GUI?05:17
olskolircI didn't do that it is just like that :-(05:17
Rubinolskolirc, basically, comment out line 3305:17
do0zmanWhen i try to start ventrilo in wine the program stops responding how do i fix this?05:18
geniiputnum: If you want to run X over putty look instead at FreeNX05:18
genii!freenx | putnum05:18
ubotuputnum: FreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX05:18
Rubinor Xming, or vnc05:18
Jack_Sparrowdo0zman: Try #Winehq05:18
do0zmansave server?05:18
SupaFlyoh ffs, im getting very irate with kubuntu atm05:18
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funnyfarmGood evening gentlemen. I'm creating a new partition for Ubuntu. Should I do it in vista or from the LiveCD?05:19
putnumok thx05:20
Rubinfunnyfarm, the live cd is very advanced. it can even resize vista for you05:20
SupaFlycan someone please explain WTF this crap means, thanks http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55675/05:20
Jack_Sparrowfunnyfarm: Doesnt matter much.. I like the live gparted cd05:20
Rubinfunnyfarm, just make sure your have free space and run defrag a few times05:20
cr4z3di'm having trouble giving an attached usb device permission to the current user.. it seems to only give permission to root05:20
firefly1Alacarte menu editor has crashed out of the blue I'm using gnewsense, http://pastebin.com/m367c271905:20
olskolircsudo apt-get update hangs here: 99% [Connecting to security.ubuntu.com (]05:21
funnyfarmAnd what's the best format to make it with? FAT? NTFS?05:21
Jack_SparrowSupaFly: Please dont talk like that in here.  Please also give a description of the problem05:21
Jack_Sparrowfunnyfarm: for ubuntu   it needs ext3  or something other than ntfs or fat05:21
SupaFlyJack_Sparrow i have a problem with a package, im not exactly a very tech person and i dont actually know what the problem is but here it is http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55675/05:22
RubinSupaFly, it means you installed some package from (hopefully) some unknown source and it had a bug or problem and has broken your package management system05:22
SupaFlyits the stuff in the 'terminal'05:22
tanlaanmy home and system icons randomly disappeared from my desktop, I still have my DVD icon though. Any help?05:23
evanottenI am not sure anyone can offer any help, but any ideas would be great.  Has anyone used $hit talker v1.2 on windows?  It is a text-to-speach customizeable soundboard and its ideal for prank calls.  Does Linux have anything similar aside from Festival?05:23
SupaFlyhow do i fix the package management system?05:23
RubinSupaFly, if you have some patience, theres some complicated commandline stuff that can maybe get you out of it05:23
Jack_SparrowSupaFly: You do not need to be a techy person to understand how to be polite in a busy room, where you are asking for help05:23
SupaFlyok, ill give it ago05:23
Rubinlets go into pm05:24
SupaFlyok ty05:24
nomopofomoJack_Sparrow, I've pastebin'd my xorg.conf file, would you look at it?05:24
erawfishSupaFly: where is bandwithd from?05:25
olskolircall of my security repositories are screwed!05:25
SupaFlyits a debian sarge deb package05:26
nomopofomoAnyways... http://pastebin.com/maf1147405:26
erawfishSupaFly: duh!05:26
olskolircRubin what does my pastbin mean?05:26
nomopofomoI can't tell how to manually set my refresh rate.05:26
pawanhow to install drivers for canon ip1000 printer05:26
erawfish!paste | olskolirc05:26
ubotuolskolirc: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:26
erawfish!printing | pawan05:27
ubotupawan: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows05:27
notrootI'm using an ubuntu vmware image under Windows XP, and I'm having trouble forwarding ports. I can access my ubuntu web server locally and I can connect to the internet, but I can't get traffic the server over the WAN05:27
olskolircI pasted at the pastebin05:27
erawfishpawan: not all printers have working drivers. maybe try a "similar" model's driver05:27
pawanwhat is similar to ip100005:27
Rubinolskolirc, it still does it after you commented out line 33 and did an apt-get update?05:27
olskolirchere is my pastbin http://pastebin.ca/90081305:27
SupaFlyerawfish ?05:27
olskolircyes Rubin05:28
olskolircall of my security repositories hang05:28
olskolircfailed failed failed05:28
Jack_Sparrownomopofomo: That looks horrid.. here is mine from my 6600  http://pastebin.com/d78483a5705:28
erawfishSupaFly: instaling stuff from foreign distros is a bad move05:28
Sinisterhow do i get my screen to shut off after 30 min im using kde ?05:28
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories05:29
_coredump_someone here using idjc (internet dj console) with gutsy?05:29
wilspituna pregunta05:29
olskolircmoving right along:  I installed a Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 today and I can't get any of my tv softwares working.  help?05:30
SupaFlyerawfish but kubuntu/ubuntu is based on the debian architect no?05:30
MrObvious!sp | wilspit05:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sp - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:30
firefly1I'm having trouble with alacarte menu editor in gnewsense. It has stopped loading and gives me this error in terminal. http://pastebin.com/m367c2719. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks05:30
MrObvious!es | wilspit05:30
ubotuwilspit: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.05:30
Jack_Sparrowwilspit: espanol, port.. brazil ?05:30
oboy03i have 7zip and a .rar file, how can i extract it?05:30
wilspitdonde ecnuentro en mi compu la carpeta del ams05:30
joankii have medibuntu... which application to i use to play my dvd?05:30
olskolircIm trying to get mythtv going but it won't get me past backend setup - where is the tv?05:30
Jack_Sparrowwilspit: English only please05:30
travisatjoanki: I like vlc05:30
oboy03VLC for videos05:30
travisatjoanki: you need to install livdvdcss2 too05:31
joankitravisat, for some reason i can't plya my dvd in totem.... know why?05:31
uboturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free05:31
travisatjoanki: libdvdcss2 I mean05:31
travisatjoanki: the lib I posted is why, once you install it, totem should play dvds05:31
joankitravisat, i already have it05:31
=== bladezor_ is now known as bladezor
joankiany other ideas? thx05:31
travisatjoanki: oh, well I dunno then05:31
riznarfso i typed "sudo apt-get install wordpress" and im pretty sure the application downloaded and installed, but how can i be sure, its not in my applications menu...?05:32
olskolircriznarf, type: which wordpress05:32
olskolircand make a menu item05:32
riznarfolskolirc, type "which wordpress" in the terminal?05:33
LibertyShadowI am having trouble connecting to my wireless network becase there are so many access points in my building...can anyone suggest a solution05:33
olskolircyes riznarf05:33
riznarfolskolirc, nothing happened when i typed that05:34
flybackhow do I change my color depth05:34
travisatI didn't know wordpress had some sort of gui, I thought it was just the stuff to run blogs with05:34
jetscreameredit xorg.conf05:34
olskolirctry: whereis and locate05:34
olskolircanyone got the gonads to take on my mythtv?05:35
fluxerhi can anyone help me get screen resolution running at 024x768?05:35
riznarfolskolirc, wordpress: /etc/wordpress usrshare/wordpress, does that mean anything to you?05:36
Jack_Sparrowfluxer: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg   select vesa mode 102405:36
olskolircyour program is in /usr/share/wordpress riznarf05:36
riznarfolskolirc, how do i get there? (sorry im brand new at the ubuntu thing)05:37
fluxerJack_Sparrow: vesa mode 1024?05:37
litiustry http://blog.dotkam.com/2007/05/18/dual-monitor-on-ubuntu-704-feisty-fawn-nc2400-with-intel-945gm/ it is dual monitor, but you can copy xorg.conf05:37
olskolircriznarf, type:  cd /usr/share/05:38
Jack_Sparrowfluxer: and use tab to accept all other defaults05:38
steven_hi does anybody know if they have fixxed the flash file yet for ubuntu ?05:38
riznarfolskolirc, ok i found it, so how do i now open the application?05:38
fluxerJack_Sparrow: I already selected the vesa and set to 1024.. but it doesnt show up as option for res05:39
Jack_Sparrowsteven_:Yes, works fine for firefox05:39
q_a_z_steveCan someone help me fix my screen res? It used to be able to handle my 21" monitor, now not so much.05:39
olskolircis it a green app or a blue folder riznarf05:39
Jack_Sparrowfluxer: check the settings for your monitor..  specifically v and h refresh rates05:39
onatsis there anyway I can access a remote ubuntu machine, getting a GUI/Desktop?05:39
q_a_z_steve*used to be able to handle... was under dapper, I've just installed gutsy05:40
Jack_Sparrowonats: Rdesktop05:40
riznarfolskolirc, neither, its an orange folder05:40
Jack_Sparrowonats: for the other side terminal server client05:40
olskolirctype: file wordpress05:40
olskolircto see what type of file it is riznarf05:40
bluefoxxany good health websites?some bloody cowards croke my nose05:41
fluxerJack_Sparrow: back of monitor says 50/60 hz05:41
riznarfolskolirc, wordpress: directory05:41
olskolirccd wordpress riznarf05:41
onatsjacksparrow, Arrrrr, thanks!05:41
Jack_Sparrowfluxer: Not that.. you need to find pdf.... for your specific monitor and get V/H rates05:41
olskolircoooooooo yippie a fight05:42
olskolirctell us about it bluefox8305:42
Jack_Sparrowonats: What?05:42
riznarfolskolirc, wordpress: ERROR: cannot open 'wordpress' (No such file or directory)"05:42
Jack_Sparrowonats: Never mind05:42
olskolircfind out what its called05:42
olskolirci can't see for you05:42
olskolirctype: sl05:42
olskolircoops no05:42
travisatolskolirc: are you sure you know what you are doing?05:42
olskolirctype ls05:43
FloodBot3olskolirc: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:43
onatsI plan to leave only the power cord an cat5 connected to my miniserver05:43
olskolircnavigating through directories is simple travisat05:43
olskolirches looking for a file05:43
Jack_Sparrowonats: http://www.techmongrel.com/29/remote-desktop-ubuntu-710-from-windows/05:43
travisatI mean on wordpress, I don't think it is an executable that can be run in a gui way05:43
olskolirci don't have it - ask him what he need, i have to fix my mythtv05:44
riznarfolskolirc, i got an entire readout when i typed ls05:44
bluefoxxi was waiting for the bus, needed a CD burned...and then 6 guys come up rip my headphones off while one punches me in the side, and they ask what im listening to, i tell them not cool and they punch me in the face...i try to run off[im a geek, not a muscle head] and get pushed down while they unzip my jacket and rip my sansa e260 rockboxed away from me...now i cant even think at school...i dont want to know who banged who at the PN05:44
bluefoxxthats the family friendly version of it...05:44
riznarftravisat, what do i need to do?05:44
h1ddoes anyone know how i can restrict ssh login by looking at ldap groups?05:44
bluefoxxso, any good health website telling how to set a broken nose?on yourself?05:44
travisatriznarf: I don't know but I think you have to log into wordpress from your browser to set it up05:45
Jack_Sparrowbluefoxx: I feel for you , but not in this channel .. thanks05:45
bluefoxxJack_Sparrow, oop, my client automatically joins several channels...05:46
Jack_Sparrowbluefoxx: And it is hard to do your own.. I have had three05:46
Jack_Sparrownp.. thanks05:46
bluefoxxJack_Sparrow, oh?05:46
pawanhow to install printer05:46
pawanrpm files05:47
olskolircis ubuntu forums down or is it all of my browsers05:47
olskolircubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=318360  does this link work?05:47
Jack_Sparrowpawan: Avoid rpms.. get source and compile if you gotta have it05:47
Jack_Sparrowpawan: Alien.. is NOT your friend05:47
pawanpawan@pawan-desktop:~/Desktop$ sudo alien bjfilter-common-2.50-2.i386.rpm05:48
pawan[sudo] password for pawan:05:48
pawansudo: alien: command not found05:48
travisatriznarf: I suggest you google for how to set up a blog with wordpress, if you plan on running a blog off of your computer you need to set up apache, mysql, and php and set them up, you cant just run a program called wordpress and get instant blog, it takes a little effort05:48
ubotuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)05:48
olskolircmmmm Jack_Sparrow do that again :-P05:49
olskolircspeaking or rpm, I miss my Mandriva sometimes05:49
olskolircbut I couldn't stand the dependency problems05:50
Jack_Sparrow!info alien05:50
ubotualien (source: alien): install non-native packages with dpkg. In component main, is optional. Version 8.68 (gutsy), package size 101 kB, installed size 276 kB05:50
corradocan some body help me how do i fix the flash file in ubuntu  i heard that theres a release of the fixx is that true ?05:50
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »05:50
pawanno source available05:51
dischow do I install a proprietary program if it comes in .tar.gz format so that it is a package?05:51
Jack_Sparrowpawan: I wont touch them...  Printers are too cheap to risk my system05:51
discand hence removable with dpkg ?05:51
discI know if it's open source I can use checkinstall ....05:52
olskolircgunzip it disc05:52
discwell I know that05:52
olskolircsudo dpkg -r packaganame05:52
discbut how do I turn the gunzip'd program into a .deb package?05:52
* olskolirc shrugs05:53
diegosouzadisc, checkinstall generate the deb05:53
dogpigeoncowhi. i want to sample the alert sounds used in pidgin for a electronic sound track. where can i find those sounds?05:53
discdiegosouza, does it work with a program that doesn't have a makefile?05:53
Jack_Sparrowdisc: You would need to build the whole thing, there is no magic wand that will allow you to remove it if it goes wrong.05:53
diegosouzadisc, i think yes... take a look05:53
discdiegosouza, thank you05:53
discJack_Sparrow, it's proprietary, not open source.....VMWare Player05:54
pawanshould i leave the printer and print using xp05:54
diegosouzadisc, i m trying to send u a private message05:54
dogpigeoncowhi. i want to sample the alert sounds used in pidgin for a electronic sound track. where can i find those sounds?05:55
Jack_Sparrowpawan: Do what works best for you...  Printers are a dime a dozen, free after rebate at frys etc..05:55
olskolirci can't even get xawtv to scan channels05:55
olskolirci hate to have to go over to windows to watch tv05:56
* olskolirc wants someone to panic now and help her05:56
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dogpigeoncowhi. i want to sample the alert sounds used in pidgin for a electronic sound track. where can i find those sounds?05:58
dogpigeoncowcmon, can no1 answer my simple question>06:00
sn00zercan somebody help me setup my xstartup file for vnc this isn't working for me: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55681/06:00
ubotupidgin is the new name for Gaim forced by AOL's legal dept. It is available in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), but not previous versions. See http://www.pidgin.im/index.php for more info. To install Pidgin please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallPidgin2.006:01
compwiz18dogpigeoncow: go to the package manager, right click hte pidgeon package, and select list of files06:01
ATGI'm getting an error with my package installer... it requests the CD mounted on /cdrom, which is annoying, but I do it. However, now that I need to do this, it doesn't work right... is there any way to not require the CD? This package (envy) shouldn't require the CD; but Ubuntu's been requesting the CD in the drive for random things lately06:02
DezineI have compiz installed, all works well. I have the expo effect turned on but all it does is show all the desktops.. I want it to be more like mac's expo. Any clue how I can do that? You know, show all my open programs and not my desktops?06:03
compwiz18Dezine: Like Mac's Expose effect?06:03
ATGnever mind; managed to fix it myself. Been working on this for days.. oh well; thanks anyway06:03
Dezinecompwiz18, yeah, like it shows all your open programs.06:04
DezineThe one on here shows all the desktops06:04
compwiz18Dezine: yeah, you want the scale plugin I thinhk06:04
Dezinelet me see06:04
dbmoodbis ubuntu working to patch vmsplice problem - debian has already put out patched kernels i believe06:05
DezineAh, there we go, thanks compwiz1806:06
amin1when i type startx .. it says :06:06
amin1xauth:creating new aurthority file /home/thepro/.severauth.458306:06
amin1x:cannot stat /etc/xii/x (no such file or directory), aborting06:06
amin1xinit:sever error06:06
amin1when i frist time type this.. it says not install and it says type ...... ot install and i did install that thing but ... when install it says the above...06:06
FloodBot3amin1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:06
DezineUbuntu is great but Compiz definitely makes it that much sweeter06:06
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DezineI want to extract the audio from an AVI, how can I?06:08
Dezineor, to say it better, what program can do that?06:09
jetscreameror a front end06:09
jetscreamerthere are many06:09
compwiz18amin1: on my computer, /etc/X11/X is symlinked to /usr/bin/Xorg - is that the case on yours, and if it is, does /usr/bin/Xorg exist?06:09
jetscreamerthere's also transcode06:09
jetscreameravidemux is easy to use06:10
jetscreamereasiest i've found06:10
amin1hi, when i install my ubuntu..it will appear at a comand-typing thingy..how can i make it to the desktop?06:10
DezineSounds great, I'll try those, thanks.06:10
sn00zeramin1, $startx06:11
compwiz18amin1: login, and sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start -- but you probably have a configuration error. What graphics card do you have?06:11
amin1nvidea.....old but new....i mean .. not too old06:11
reyalguien que hable español06:11
reybueno que lo escriba06:12
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.06:12
amin1compwiz18:nvidia.....old but new....i mean .. not too old06:12
kahrytanmindframe-->  did you use alternate cd installer?06:12
DezineAnother app question :) any apps out there that let me subscribe to podcasts?06:12
kahrytanamin1-> ->  did you use alternate cd installer?06:13
zxjwho can talk with me06:13
ubotuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:13
zxjthank you06:13
kahrytanamin1-> ->  err ..server cd06:13
amin1i just install it by a software...cuz i dont hav a cd burner..( http://lubi.sourceforge.net/unetbootin.html )06:13
zxjwhere are you06:13
zxjWhat's your name06:14
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kahrytanamin1->  did you order a shipit cd?06:14
zxjI don't known06:15
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zxjWhat can I do?06:15
zxjWho are you06:15
amin1yes but im installing it now....the cd just in case if something goes wrong or i odnt hav to download it again later06:16
nickrudzxj: people usually chat on #ubuntu-offtopic06:16
zxjMay I speak in Chinese?06:16
compwiz18zxj: in chinese channels, this is an english channel06:16
nickrud!cn | zxj06:17
ubotuzxj: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk06:17
amin1kahrytan : yes but im installing it now....the cd just in case if something goes wrong or i dont hav to download it again later06:17
SaadS|AboutUsHello guys i need help06:17
SaadS|AboutUsi can only hear sound at a time from one application06:18
QwelI need help too06:18
QwelDoes anyone know of a GUI for Cisco that runs on Linux06:18
reyuboti que chinese06:18
Qwelon Ubuntu anyway06:18
vI have a pdf document that is rotated. Is there any way I can just change the orientation and save it as such?06:19
reyubotu: que es chinice06:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about que es chinice - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:19
litiusSaadS|AboutUs, try "sudo chmod -R a+rwx /dev/snd"06:19
compwiz18!ubotu | rey06:19
uboturey: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:19
litiuslet me know it helps06:19
SaadS|AboutUswhat would that do ?06:19
amin1 when i type startx .. it says :06:19
amin1 xauth:creating new aurthority file /home/thepro/.severauth.458306:19
amin1 x:cannot stat /etc/xii/x (no such file or directory), aborting06:19
amin1 xinit:sever error06:19
amin1 when i frist time type this.. it says not install and it says type ...... ot install and i did install that thing but ... when install it says the above...06:20
FloodBot3amin1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:20
ATGSo, is it just me, or is ca.archive.ubuntu.com down? and if so, is there something I can use instead?06:20
litiusallowing everybody to use your sound device06:20
vI want to convert a pdf to text, but the  document is rotated, what's the solution06:20
reyubotu: de donde eres pais???06:20
litiushowever it may not be the root of the problem - it is a good place to start06:20
litiusyou can always change it back later06:20
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.06:20
compwiz18!hi | Ein_06:20
ubotuEin_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:20
QwelAnyone Know of a Cisco GUI for ubuntu?06:21
Ein_I need small help06:21
reyok thank tou men06:21
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:21
Ein_how I can delete folder from terminal? is it rmdir?06:21
reyubotu:  ok thank tou men grasias por tus atenciones06:21
compwiz18Ein_: rm -r foldername06:22
SaadS|AboutUslitius, no it didnt help, i can only play sound in one app at a time.06:22
litiusQwel, will this help: http://www.goonda.org/wireless/aironet/06:22
amin1what should i do cuz my ubuntu is only ended up at a command console-thingy...how do i make it to the desktop ( this is my frirst time installing ubuntu)06:22
litiusSaadS|AboutUs, start "the other" app from the terminal, try to play something there, paste the output06:22
litius(from the terminal)06:22
Ein_it seems works06:23
Ein_thanks bro06:23
QwelI will check it out litius06:23
litiusamin1, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop06:23
compwiz18!alsa | SaadS|AboutUs06:23
litiusQwel, cool06:24
ubotuSaadS|AboutUs: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:24
litiussorry  - Cisco is not my forte06:24
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amin1what should i type? this? sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop06:24
xavieranwelcome back bullgard406:24
litiusamin1, yes06:24
litius"sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"06:24
bullgard4xavieran: Hello!06:24
litiusand enter your root password06:24
kahrytanlitius-> not root, admin password06:25
compwiz18sudo password06:25
litiusthis will pull GUI desktop (Gnome) to your beautiful Ubuntu06:25
litiuskahrytan, yes06:25
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo06:25
litiusit can be admin if admin is in SUDOERs06:25
ATGOk, ca.archive.ubuntu.com is down. Can someone point me in the right direction to using an alternative repo? I'm not asking for a walkthrough; just something to google would work. I can't seem to find anyresults..06:25
litiusso "THAT OTHER" password, I think I should put it :)06:26
xavieranATG: Search the forums?06:26
ATGxavieran: those are back up? thanks06:26
SaadS|AboutUslitius, it plays but gives a whole bunch of weird errors: ALSA lib confmisc.c:768:(parse_card) cannot find card 'I82801BAICH2'06:26
kahrytanlitius->  the password you use to login.06:26
SaadS|AboutUsand more06:26
_nix_Hello everybody.. I don't know where's the laptop support channel but anyone know how to reset the bios in a laptop? I've forgot the supervisor password :-(06:26
xavieranATG: Yeah,well,they work fine for me06:26
kahrytanamin1->  the password you use to login.06:26
compwiz18ATG:  synaptic -> settings -> repositories -> downoad from06:26
ATGcompwiz18, thanks06:26
litiuskahrytan, it is not me - it is "amin1"06:26
kahrytan_nix_->  it depends on the bios06:27
litiusfor me it actually is quite a different password06:27
kahrytan_nix_->  Different bios have different master passwords.06:27
_nix_kahrytan: I think its a pheonix bios.. an acer notebook06:27
litiusSaadS|AboutUs, hit us with the output06:27
xavieranATG: Or go to System>Administration>Software Sources and a choice of mirrors should be available on the main page06:27
compwiz18!pastebin | SaadS|AboutUs06:27
ubotuSaadS|AboutUs: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:27
kahrytan_nix_->  then google  pheonix bios master passwords.06:27
_nix_kahrytan: oh so there's such a thing as a master password!! k maybe I'll google or pester the customer care.. thanks a lot :-)06:28
Slartbios have master passwords?? 0.o06:28
kahrytan_nix_->  yes there is06:28
kahrytanSlart->  You didnt know that?06:28
compwiz18Slart: kind seems like it defeats the point of putting a password on it, doesn't it?06:28
xavieranSlart:Can reset them though by simply pulling the battery out...the sys clock battery06:28
litiusBIOS have "Super User" or "Master" passwords aside from the regular user password - yes.06:29
Slartkahrytan: nope.. I've always removed the battery.. or found a reset button or something06:29
kahrytanxavieran-> try doing that to a laptop...06:29
SaadS|AboutUslitius, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55685/06:29
kahrytan_nix_-> http://www.biosflash.com/e/bios-passwords.htm06:29
xavierankahrytan: If you pull out the laptops normal battery it has the same effect06:29
ATGworking great... thanks again; saved my ass once more06:29
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:30
compwiz18SaadS|AboutUs, what do you get when you run "alsa-mixer"06:30
litiusSaadS|AboutUs, what "command" do you run from shell (terminal)?06:30
Neekuhi all06:30
Neekui want to install dia-gnome (download the package)06:30
kahrytanxavieran->  What!? no backup?06:31
kahrytanxavieran->  seems dumb to me06:31
xavieranNeeku: Try sudo apt-get install dia-gnome06:31
Neekui recieve an error: dependency is not satisfiable: dia-common06:31
Neekuwhat can i do?06:31
simihi, the screen resolution is not saved, it always defaults to  maximum , how can i make it saved?06:31
compwiz18Neeku: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install dia-common06:31
xavierankahrytan, It works though!06:31
Neekuxavieran: it doesn't work since my internet connection is so weak these days06:31
xavieranNeeku: Try sudo apt-get install dia-gnome dia-common06:31
vicsaurusis there an xfce core type package like gnome-core?06:31
Neekucompwiz18: i can't install anything via terminal06:31
compwiz18Neeku: why not?06:32
SaadS|AboutUslitius, alsa-mixer returns: bash: alsa-mixer: command not found06:32
compwiz18vicsaurus: I think there is an xubuntu-desktop pacakge06:32
SaadS|AboutUslitius, and i used this to launch from terminal :~/Music/Black Sun Empire$ vlc 01\ -\ Arrakis.mp306:32
xavieranNeeku, try sudo dpkg --configure -a06:32
compwiz18SaadS|AboutUs: sorry - I though alsa-mixer was installed with alsa06:32
kahrytanxavieran->  Which is easier, master password or opening a case and playing with jumpers/battery?06:32
xavieranNeeku, That should fix any probs with your apt06:33
xavierankahrytan, If you are an evil government agent,playing with the batter...06:33
vicsaurushmm, not sure if its just the minimal installation though, I'll check the site to see whats in it, thanks compwiz06:33
kahrytanxavieran->  no such thing as evil gov agent.06:34
litiusSaadS|AboutUs, type: sudo apt-get install alsa-mixer06:34
xavierankahrytan, Not in america no...06:34
compwiz18vicsaurus: you can try install xfce4 too06:34
kahrytanxavieran->  making a joke06:34
Neekucompwiz18: i don't know, there were some cables torn in the ocean and since then i can't download anything from terminal06:34
compwiz18vicsaurus: xfdesktop4 too06:34
Neekuthis is the error:06:34
NeekuFailed to fetch http://ir.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/d/dia/dia-common_0.96.1-3_all.deb  Could not connect to localhost:4001 ( - connect (111 Connection refused)06:34
NeekuE: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?06:34
vicsaurusso many06:35
vicsaurusthanks man06:35
SaadS|AboutUslitius, i also got E: Couldn't find package alsa-mixer06:35
compwiz18vicsaurus: sorry, I was just reading down the synaptic package list, and as I read, I kept finding better looking packages :D06:35
canthonyanyone know why compiz kills all the windows for a few seconds when it starts06:35
compwiz18Neeku: you can try a different repository server Synaptic -> Settings -> Repositories -> Download From06:36
kahrytancanthony->  it replaces metacity06:36
SaadS|AboutUslitius, let me uncheck the cd source from software sources and try again06:36
xavierancanthony, Yes it replaces the window manager which you have running...06:36
pier357blank to all I have a problem with the installation of danger deep06:36
pier357offers this error to me....!Caught exception: Error opening directory '/usr/share/games/dangerdeep/objects/airplanes/'06:36
canthonythat it does06:36
xavierancanthony, and?06:36
canthonywhen you go back to metacity though06:36
SaadS|AboutUslitius, nope same error E: Couldn't find package alsa-mixer06:36
kahrytancanthony->  thats why you can use metacity --replace or compiz --replace to change between the two06:36
canthonyit does not KILL it06:36
canthonyit replaces it06:36
xavierancanthony, Metacity also replaces compiz06:37
demon_sporkWhen I try to mount a partition that I know to be ext3, it is the root filesystem of a different ubuntu install, mount cannot determine the fs type. I have tried fsck, and it can't make heads or tails of it either, but when I boot into windows, the partition is fully accessible via ext2 IFS. What can I do to fix this?06:37
canthonywhen i log into gnome...i dont want the gnome-panels and desktop icons to pop up then dissapear for 8 seconds06:37
pier357nobody can help me?06:37
patogenIs there some way I can see how long it takes for a software to run? It's a CLI-software and it encodes CD:s but doesn't tell me the total time for it to do this ... so I need it manually06:37
compwiz18patogen: time program-name06:38
canthonyi am using the readahead to profile my login so it only takes about 12 seconds from login to fully loaded desktop06:38
patogencompwiz18: Nice, thank you :)06:38
litius" sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer alsamixwergui"06:38
canthonyi want it to be a smooth transition06:38
litiusthat will also give you GUI for alsamixer06:39
NeekuThe repository might be no longer available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and the correct writing of the repository address in the preferences.06:39
SaadS|AboutUslitius, again got E: Couldn't find package alsamixwergui06:39
xavieranlitius, Spelt alsamixergui wrong...06:39
ibara /quit06:39
xavieranshould be :06:39
canthonyis ther a way to start compiz earlier in the login process?  i tried with gnome sessions but no luck...06:39
xavieransudo apt-get install alsamixergui gnome-alsamixer06:39
compwiz18SaadS|AboutUs: shot in the dark here: sudo killall esd06:39
litiuslet me think06:39
Neekuplease help me :)06:40
SaadS|AboutUsty  xavieran its doing something...06:40
canthonyi am in hardy right now...but gutsy did it to, and feisty didnt?06:40
xavierancanthony, I do not use readahead and compiz starts as the window manager automatically without the replacingness...06:40
xavieranYes Neeku06:41
compwiz18canthony: on one of the computers I have here, it does the flicker thing, on another, it doesn't06:41
SaadS|AboutUscompwiz18, will try your suggestions too but let me see what this one does06:41
Neekuxavieran: how can i get access to this software, dia?06:41
xavieranNeeku, Just a second...06:41
* xavieran is searching google06:41
canthonythe readahead makes a huge difference06:41
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compwiz18canthony: the only different I know of is that one is faster then the other...06:41
Neekuxavieran: ok, thanks :)06:41
canthonycut my login time in half06:41
Neekuxavieran: i got it from here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/cgi-bin/download.pl?arch=i386&file=pool%2Fmain%2Fd%2Fdia%2Fdia-gnome_0.96.1-0ubuntu1_i386.deb&md5sum=3fbc799f7db88df83d85c8223c4ad7ab&arch=i386&type=main06:43
SaadS|AboutUslitius,  ok it was installed and i ran gome-alsamixer now what06:43
Neekuxavieran: but while installing i recieve an error06:43
xavieranI get it!06:43
compwiz18Neeku: go back to that website and download dia-common, and install it first06:43
SaadS|AboutUslitius, says im using a Realtek card, i recall seeing an Intel HDA audio device06:43
xavieranNeeku, yes do what compwiz18 said06:43
xavieranCan you search for dia in synaptic and install it from there?06:44
xavieranNeeku,  Can you search for dia in synaptic and install it from there?06:44
canthonydoes anyone get a flicker or two between usplash and gdm??  its looks like change from x to a tty... like my graphics card is having issues.  again no problems with feisty06:45
Neekucompwiz18: xavieran: thanks, i'm downloading the package...06:45
Neekuxavieran: yes i tried chaniging the server06:45
compwiz18canthony: all my computers do that06:45
pocketdrummerWhat's a good program to convert audio file formats?06:45
Neekuxavieran: but it still has some errors06:45
canthonyme too06:45
canthonyhaha and it anoyying06:45
xavieranNeeku, So you can't download anything from Synaptic either?06:45
compwiz18I hate it too06:45
compwiz18canthony: supposedly in Hardy they're going to work on it06:45
canthonyim just trying to put a nice support package together so i can install to peoples boxes with all kids of presets and custom installations06:46
canthonysupport documents and remote desktop via freenx06:46
Neekuxavieran: how sould i do that?06:46
canthonyi need it all ready for hardy06:46
compwiz18canthony: good idea if you do a lot of installing06:46
compwiz18Neeku: Synaptic -> Settings -> Repositories -> Download from... | change that and see if you can download then.06:47
canthonyyeah, i plan on downloading the entire hardy repo to a external hd so i can update ppl's boxes in like 2 minutes06:47
xavieranNeeku, Go to System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager and then click Search...search for dia06:47
Neekucompwiz18: i did the same thing, but it doesn't work06:47
compwiz18canthony: might be pretty big :)06:47
compwiz18Neeku: if I'm talking to you now, then you should be able to access some type of repository server somewhere...06:48
SaadS|AboutUsanyone have any guesses? how can i make my soundcard default to Intel HDA instead of Realtek06:48
canthonynever kno if ill have an active connection :) , plus i dont want to wait at clients houses for a 200mb update on 512kb line06:48
Neekucompwiz18: but how?06:48
xavieranIs there any way to update all computers to hardy without having to download the updates each time?06:48
canthonyyou can create a local repo06:48
compwiz18xavieran: you can setup an update server/cache thingy and use that06:48
Neekucompwiz18: see the error: Could not download all repository indexes06:48
canthonylike what i said with the external hd06:48
canthonydoesnt have to have EVERY package06:49
compwiz18Neeku: that's ok, see if you can install dia anyway06:49
demon_sporkhow do I find out what is causing GDM to restart every time I log in?06:49
xavierancanthony, I once had to update gutsy with about 300mb with a 10 k connection...and it broke at the end of it!06:49
achandrashekarhello is anyone with familiar with an ltsp standalone setup?06:49
xavieranI was pretty P***ed off...06:50
Dezineis the official ubuntu site down?06:50
litiusSaadS|AboutUs, thinking..06:50
litiusare you in the "audio" group?06:50
xavieranNeeku, Have you tried synaptic yet?06:50
* SaadS|AboutUs checking06:51
litiusdo "groups"06:51
xavieranSaadS|AboutUs, if not do sudo usermod -aG audio06:51
xavieranSaadS|AboutUs, if not do sudo usermod -aG audio username06:51
Neekuxavieran: yes, i did, it can't connect well!06:51
xavieranNeeku, How are you downloading dia?06:51
xavieranNeeku, From Firefox?06:51
canthonyi probly dont need the whole repo06:52
litiusalso check what groups vlc is in06:52
Neekui'm downloading it manual now, yes from fx06:52
zubuntui am having an issue with NetworkManager. in order to use irc at my university, I have to ssh into a shell account and connect through that tunnel, after this has been running for a while, my processor hits about 80% and even when i close the connection the processor usage stays high is there a way i can restart the network manager?06:52
xavieranNeeku, Ok...06:52
canthonybut i dont know how else to get the packages i need for any arbitrary install06:52
Neekuuh! at last!06:52
litiusbtw, can you play several things with a different player, not VLC?06:52
Neekuxavieran: compwiz18: thanks a lot :)06:52
litiuslike mplayer, etc..06:52
xavieranNeeku, Did it install?06:52
adisinisomebody. please help me. i can't copy the file from my cd rom or other read only media. can u tell me how to fix it?06:53
demon_sporkhow do I find out what is causing GDM to restart every time I log in?06:53
canthonyadisini elaborate a bit06:53
blundaranyone particularly familiar with libata and issues with serverworks?06:53
sexcopteradisini: can you see files on the cdrom at all?06:53
xavieranzubuntu, Try doing sudo killall nm-applet06:53
blundarI *had* Redhat Enterprise running somewhat smoothly06:54
canthonydemon_spork how far does it get before gdm starts again06:54
blundarI can't even get ubuntu Gutsy to boot the kernel06:54
adisinisexcopter: yup06:54
demon_sporkshows the desktop, loads kiba dock, the icons, panel and bam, restart, canthony06:54
wyrmulI am running from the live CD, and I wish to some how backup my system.  I have three partitions, /boot, /, and /home.  I would like to bundle away the / partition so that in case of failure to restore the system I would have to but reformat my / partition and restore the backup.  According to the live CD's add/remove... Archive manager is installed but I cannot seem to find it. Any suggestions?06:54
xavieranOr gksu gnome-system-monitor and try to find nm-applet06:54
xavieranOr network-manager...06:54
sexcopteradisini: sounds odd, so what's stopping you? do you get an error message?06:54
compwiz18wyrmul: hit alt+f2 and type file-roller in the box06:54
SaadS|AboutUslitius, i use Totem by default and tried out vlc, that command didnt help. Not that i want to listen to two streams at the same time, but i need this to have skype working in the background while im playing music.06:55
canthonyadisini can you cp files from terminal06:55
xavieranwyrmul, Applications>Accessories>Archive Manager06:55
Neekuxavieran: yes06:55
wyrmulah, and here I was trying "fileroller"  Many thanks sirrah!06:55
Neekuxavieran: but there's a problem06:55
xavieranNeeku, Awesome!06:55
pocketdrummerHow would I go about downloading the mp3 encoder? And is there a better audio converter than Sound Converter?06:55
Neekuxavieran: yeah :)06:55
xavieranNeeku, Yeah?06:55
adisinisexcopter & canthony: wait a minute06:55
demon_sporkcanthony, do you have any ideas?06:56
litiusSaadS|AboutUs, ok.. but can you play TWO totem sessions?06:56
litiusor two VLC sessions06:56
litiusat the same time?06:56
demon_sporktwo vlc = yes06:56
canthonyhmm demon one sec06:56
vicsauruscompwiz18: thanks for your help, xfce works great06:56
=== ubuntu is now known as drexen
demon_sporkdon't ever highlight a whole folder of music and click "play with vlc"06:56
compwiz18vicsaurus: glad to hear it :)06:56
demon_sporkbecuase it doesn't add to a playlist like most media players06:57
Neekuxavieran: in MS Visio or Rational Rose, while drawing the connections, if two lines are pasing each other, it automatically reorders the lines so that they don't overlap on each other, doesn't dia do this?06:57
=== drexen is now known as one4one
demon_sporkit just upens a vlc for each one06:57
blundaranyone know how to troubleshoot libata / IDE drivers?06:57
Neekuxavieran: actually it's not doing it, i mean is there a way to do such a thing?06:57
=== one4one is now known as SHMO
zubuntuxavieran, no dice, applet is gone (how do i get it back?) and top still says NetworkManager is, well now it is up to 95%06:57
canthonyis there no plugin for that vlc directory?06:57
xavieranNeeku, I am sorry...I don't use dia or MS Visio or the like...06:57
blundarthey worked fine under redhat enterprise with a 2.4 kernel06:57
litiusdemon_spork, that was to a question to "SaadS|AboutUs" ;)06:57
litiusbut I glad you can ;)06:57
canthonyi used to have a custom command to open directory with xmms06:57
SaadS|AboutUslitius, how can i run two sessions of totem?06:57
Neekuxavieran: uhum... thanks a lot anyway. :)06:57
xavieranzubuntu, Kill NetworkManager06:58
SHMOanyone know if i can get multiple monitors running on hoary hedgehog?06:58
blundarwith Gutsy and 2.6.22... I get ata2: soft resetting port06:58
Neekuis there anyone who has used Dia?06:58
xavieranNeeku, Glad I could help! :)06:58
blundarNeeku, I've used dia a lot06:58
xavieranNeeku, Try the forums...06:58
litiustotem my.mp3 & [Enter]06:58
litiustotem your.mp3 & [Enter]06:58
xavieranzubuntu, killall networkmanager...06:58
litiusor just fire up two different shells06:58
compwiz18zubuntu: also, killall nm-applet06:58
litiusand run totem in both06:58
xavieranzubuntu, to get it back do killall gnome-panel06:59
demon_sporkcanthony, you can probably do it at a command, but it can be done from within vlc, I tried highlighting and playing in vlc once, and I almost froze my computer because I had so many vlc copies open, lol06:59
blundarata2.00: exception Emask 0x0 Sact 0x0 Serr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen06:59
SHMOoh i see that hoary hedgehog is unsupported06:59
Neekublundar: while drawing a diagram (use-case diagram for example), how can i use the connectors in a way that they don't overlap eachother? (in MS visio it used to reorder them automatically to avoid this)06:59
blundaranyone know where to go to troubleshoot this ata issue?06:59
SHMOdisregard last question06:59
compwiz18SHMO: you may wish to upgrade ;)06:59
blundarNeeku: I don't know06:59
SHMObut i am having trouble downloading the new ubuntu06:59
adisinisexcopter & canthony: wupz. i don't know why but now i can copy the file. anyway, thanks for help me :)06:59
compwiz18SHMO: are you trying to download the CD?07:00
canthonydemon im not really sure how to look at the currect processes, i like bootchart becasue it visually shows you what was running07:00
SHMOi start downloading it but it stops about 96% way through07:00
xavieranDe do do do! De da da da!07:00
sexcopteradisini: lol, ok, you're welcome :)07:00
SaadS|AboutUsnope, it either plays one or the other07:00
canthonyyou have to modify bootchart to make it run past gdm but its not to hard07:00
compwiz18SHMO: try using the .torrent to download it07:00
SHMOcompwiz18, that's not the problem07:00
xavieranzubuntu, Or try /etc/init.d/networking restart07:01
* adisini laughs07:01
SHMOcompwiz18 the video card on my dell laptop uses system memory for video ram and i only have ~650mb free07:01
canthonydoesnt gdm starting mean the xsession died07:01
SHMOthe distro is ~700mb07:01
demon_sporkdoes anyone know how to edit the programs marked for startup in the "Sessions" menu07:01
SHMOis there a way i can burn a cd directly from the ftp site?07:01
demon_sporkcanthony, one possible culprit is akamaru07:01
xavieranSHMO...you would still have to download it...07:01
demon_sporkbecause it does seem to coincide with the time it loads07:01
canthonyphysics engine for kiba?07:01
griffi1hi everybody07:01
xavieranhi griffi107:02
SHMOgriffil u l33t mofo07:02
compwiz18SHMO: see if you can lower the amount of memory in the bios?07:02
canthonydid you build that yourself07:02
litiusSaadS|AboutUs, I have another idea for you after you "parallel" test.07:02
canthonyi used to use kiba07:02
litiusGo to System > Preferences > Sounds and uncheck the box that says "Enable software sound mixing."07:02
SHMOthe memory setting is via ubuntu but i don't know how to change it07:02
griffi1When I try to run autgone, I get : Please add the files codeset.m4 gettext.m4 glibc21.m4 iconv.m4 isc-posix.m4 lcmessage.m4 progtest.m4 from the /aclocal directory to your autoconf ...07:02
demon_sporkI had it enabled and working fairly glitch free, but then I made a clean gutsy install and one of the times I booted back into feisty, this happened07:02
griffi1does anyone had this issue ?07:03
compwiz18SHMO: are you using a livecd or something?07:03
sn00zerhas anyone else had the bcm43xx driver injection capability broken by recent updates?07:03
SHMOcompwiz18, yes07:03
demon_sporkcanthony I can't figure out how to stop kiba from loading on startup07:03
canthonyare you using gnome07:03
compwiz18SHMO: you don't have any spare 1gb flash drives laying around do you?07:03
canthonyif you didnt hardcode the booting of the program07:03
SHMOgriffil corrupted my windows partition so i have to use this07:03
SaadS|AboutUslitius, did the uncheck and issued "totem 02\ -\ Don\'t\ You.mp3 & vlc 05\ -\ Driving\ Insane.mp3" result: doesnt play in both.07:04
canthonyyou should be able to delete the session file07:04
demon_sporkit is in the "Session" menu07:04
demon_sporkwhere is that at?07:04
xavieranSHMO what is wrong with the windows one?07:04
SHMOcompwiz18, perhaps07:04
canthonyi *think*07:04
SHMOi'll have a look07:04
canthonyor session i mean07:04
canthonynot cache07:04
SHMOxavieran, griffil installed a rootkit07:04
* demon_spork switches to tty2 to go browsing07:04
canthonyi know its in your home folder becaseu i had this issue once too07:04
cybermadwhere is http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic/  ?07:05
xavieranSHMO, Oh...:(07:05
ubotusource-o-matic is not available anymore, please use Software Sources (in your Applications / K menu) to configure your repositories. Do NOT enable "Proposed updates" unless you're willing to test possibly seriously flawed packages.07:05
compwiz18cybermad: see above :)07:05
SHMOi seriously don't know why you're stalking me griffi107:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about floodbot3 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:06
xavieranOk...thanks ubotu07:06
zubuntuxavieran, that worked in the sense that my proc use is back to normal my question now is if this is a known or common issue, or if i should file a bug report07:07
ubotuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!07:07
demon_spork!hello | Netkiller07:07
NetkillerI need a bit of help lowering my resolution for Ubuntu 7.1007:07
ubotuNetkiller: please see above07:07
canthonydemon did you find it07:07
xavieranzubuntu, Try posting on the forums...they probably know more than I...I do not know if it is a common issue,as I have never sshed into anything...07:08
NetkillerI have a widescreen lcd which runs at a maximum of 1440*90007:08
demon_sporkls is a slow way to search07:08
Netkillerwhich I told Ubuntu to run at but the screen says the signal input is to large07:08
demon_sporkI am ignorant of the correct usage of find or locate to accomplish my goals07:08
xavieranls | grep searchterm isn't...07:08
SHMOthanks for the help07:09
NetkillerI am currently looking at the Xorg.conf if I put it up on paste bin would anyone beable to look and tell me what to change?07:09
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:09
SaadS|AboutUslitius, perhaps we can uninstall all sound and config and then reinstall?07:10
canthonydemon ill be right back07:10
canthonyim going to make a session then find the thing07:10
ere4sisudo updatedb && locate "file" demon_spork07:10
SaadS|AboutUsbut im gonna need some serious help with that07:10
puffAnybody familiar with the ATI proprietary drivers?07:10
compwiz18puff: maybe?07:10
litiusSaadS|AboutUs, another thing (before killing and giving birth): check your skype settings (or VLC settings) and see that the sound is set to use ALSA (or "/dev/mixer")07:11
demon_sporkxavierman, I need to find the word session in my home directory, in a hidden file, and I have no idea where, do you know how I could find that?07:11
compwiz18demon_spork: use grep07:11
compwiz18demon_spork: I think it is grep * session07:11
compwiz18oops, backwards: demon_spork grep session *07:12
xavieranls *.* | grep searchterm07:12
Netkillerhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55687/    what do I change to get to resolution 1280*768?07:12
compwiz18xavieran: but then you still don't know what file the word is in, do you :P?07:12
xavieranfind can do this...07:12
demon_sporkcompwiz18, how do I make grep recursive to search inside directories as well?07:13
xavieranI red it in my Red Hat Linux Unleashed a while back...but that book is 300km away...:(07:13
compwiz18demon_spork: grep -R session * I think07:13
sn00zerNetkiller, i think you need to change the modes in the screen section but i'm not positive that will do it07:13
xavieranman grep07:13
xavieranYes Neeku07:13
xavieranYes Netkiller07:13
Netkillersn00zer: how do I do that?07:14
Netkillerxavieran: do you know how to change screen resolution in the xorg.conf file?07:14
sn00zerNetkiller, edit the xorg.conf file with your favorite text editor07:14
Netkillersn00zer I am lol. I just don't know what to change07:14
xavieranNetkiller, First back the file up...07:14
Netkillerand the refresh rate is at 60 which is what my screen uses.07:15
sn00zerNetkiller, scroll down to the section "screen"07:15
xavieranNetkiller, And the built in resolution changing tool doesn't work?07:15
SHMOi'm looking for my usb card reader07:16
Netkillerhow do I use that?07:16
SHMOhow do i find it in hoary hedgehog (5.04)?07:16
demon_sporkSHMO, does it have a card in it?07:16
demon_sporkusually it should automount07:16
demon_sporkwhen you plug it in07:16
canthonyi am using hardy07:16
xavieranNetkiller, System>Preferences>Screen Resolution07:16
SHMOwell the light on the card reader is on07:16
SHMOso it knows it's there07:16
canthonybut mine was in the .gnome2 folder07:16
Netkillerxavieran: How can I do that when I can't see anything?07:17
SHMOwhere abouts would it show up? on the desktop?07:17
patogenIs there some easy way to make the cursor "disappear" when I haven't used it for a while and that it reapperas when I move then mouse?07:17
canthonyi thought it had a dedicated folder07:17
xavieranNetkiller, Oh...07:17
hadesHello All, I have tried to add dual monitors to my laptop, and now it wont boot up.. keeps hanging at running local boot scripts07:17
hadesany idea how to fix this?07:17
puffcompwiz18: I'm working on uninstalling the ATI drivers and going back to the ubuntu restricted ATI drivers07:17
=== hades is now known as Hadeshorn
compwiz18puff: good luck07:17
puffcompwiz18: Thanks :-)07:17
compwiz18puff: sorry, I've tried to do that and failed.. :(07:17
puffcompwiz18: Really?  What'd you end up doing?07:18
canthonyhades did ya back up your xorg07:18
compwiz18puff: going back to the latest drivers - they're the only ones I could get to work07:18
Hadeshorncanthony: nope.. I know i should have done07:18
sn00zerNetkiller, under the subsection "display" look for the Modes line, take out the 1440x900 and 1280x800 assuming you aren't going to try to get that high of a resolution07:18
xavieranNetkiller, Has the screen worked before?07:18
Hadeshorncanthony: I can get into recovery mode and dont know how to unstuff this07:18
puffcompwiz18: Latest as in the latest in ubuntu's apt servers or the latest from ati's site?07:18
canthonyi would re run the dpkg-reconfigure on xorg07:18
canthonyuse xrandr to add dual monitor if you can07:19
compwiz18puff: latest as in from ati's site07:19
compwiz18puff: the ubuntu ones didn't want to play07:19
puffcompwiz18: Ah, I'm trying the drivers from ATI's site right now, but the performance sucks and is glitchy to boot.07:19
SlimGIs there a way of telling if a package is a metapackage?07:19
Hadeshorncanthony how do i dpkg-reconfigure for xorg?07:19
compwiz18puff: tell me about it. what card do you hae?07:19
puffcompwiz18: I'm on a thinkpad t43p with ATI firegl v3200.07:19
canthonyif you can get to a terminal07:19
canthonyvim your current xorg.conf07:20
canthonyor gedit07:20
griffi1dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg07:20
canthonyor whatever text editor you use07:20
xavieranor nano07:20
canthonyok there ya go07:20
clearzenOkay, I had compiz working fine on this machine until I installed updates and now the system refuses to load the glx module. I looked through Xorg.0.log and came up with this error dlopen: /usr/lib/libGLcore.so.1: undefined symbol: _nv000042g can anyone help me?07:20
canthonythe command is in your xorg.conf in the top credits in case you ever need it again07:20
demon_sporkjoe is the way to go07:20
compwiz18puff: I've got a compaq v2000 with a 200m07:20
compwiz18puff: although I have to say, the drivers work much better on faster computers, I find07:20
demon_sporkas does everything else07:21
SHMOi'm looking in /dev07:21
SHMOcan't find anything there07:21
puffcompwiz18: The ubuntu gutsy restricve worked great, but suspend didn't work.  Somebody suggested trying the ATI from-the-ati-site drivers but those are turning to be worse... unless I'm missing some kind of config change or something.07:21
patogenIs there some easy way to make the cursor "disappear" when I haven't used it for a while and that it reapperas when I move then mouse?07:21
canthonyi have compiz running 1280x1024 on a 32mb nvidia desktop... an old comp i bought from the college for $10007:21
Hadeshornwhere is the location of the boot log?07:21
SlimGIs there a way of telling if a package is a metapackage? (is language-pack-no a metapackage?)07:21
canthonyi had to edit the compiz wrapper script to allow the low memory07:22
SHMOpatogen, maybe you'll have to get used to moving the mouse to the right side of the screen to make it disappear07:22
clearzenWhat would stop the glx module from loading?07:22
demon_sporknice canthony07:22
compwiz18puff: that's about what I found -- I never knew why the latest were so much slower07:22
puffcompwiz18: I'm about ready to give up on them (unless you have suggestions).  I'm trying to figure out just how to revert... thinking maybe "apt-get remove" on each of the custom ATI driver packages.07:22
puffcompwiz18: As a start.07:22
bullgard4SlimG: Look its name up in Synaptic. Then read its descriptive text. This will often tell if it is a meta package.07:22
canthonyit runs really well, except when to many windows are open then i get black boxes till i close some ;)07:22
compwiz18puff: that's what I'd suggest... again, good luck :)07:23
patogenSHMO: Well maybe, but if I can get it work like I wish I would rather try that :)07:23
demon_sporkI am running c-f at 1680x1050 on a geforce 8800GTS 320MB 0_o07:23
demon_sporkwell, when I am booted into a GUI07:23
SHMOpatogen, maybe it doesn't exist, and you'll have to write a python script to do it07:23
canthonyi was so happy not to long ago i finally got my tvout and vga out working on my t43 laptop07:23
canthonyi didnt know anything about xrandr until then07:24
demon_sporkright now I am stuck at command line until my grep search of the home directory is complete07:24
canthonyit was eeeeasy after that07:24
xavieranpatogen, Try posting to the forums too...more people will see your question there...07:24
patogenSHMO: Maybe then I won't bother :) It's not *that* important, but I find an easy solution I'll do it :)07:24
canthonyHadeshorn hows it goin07:24
canthonyor did your x puke07:24
patogenxavieran: Yeah I guess I can try that :)07:25
SHMOpatogen, it would still be worthwhile posting in a forum so other people will find the same solution useful07:25
bodeanserver irc.tribalwar.com07:25
SHMOwhere do i find my memory card? in /dev?07:26
xavieranSHMO ya07:26
canthonythere has to be a way to stop the flickering between usplash and gdm07:26
SHMOxavieran, where abouts07:26
j_humphreydoes anyone know where xmms keeps its playlist file?07:26
suiwhat kiinda memory card?07:26
xavieranls /dev and post the output to pastebin07:26
demon_sporkcanthony, what if you skip the usplash?07:26
suiwoulden't it be in /media07:27
clearzenhow do I report a bug?07:27
SHMOmedia is empty07:27
canthonyhmm i guess i havent done that07:27
canthonyreally... i have been looking for a good usplash replacemtn07:27
clearzen!bug report07:27
xavieranBye every one!07:27
canthonycant get splashy going and i keep reading its not developed anymore07:27
canthonypeace out man07:27
demon_sporklike a random episode of the Simpsons?07:28
demon_spork!hi | tsurko07:28
ubotutsurko: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!07:28
canthonythat, plus the white tearing of gdm, plus the dying desktop when compiz starts are the last visuall quirks i have! AHAH07:28
speedhunt3ris there a way to have certain screenlets load at startup? I always have to go to /usr/share/screenlets-manager/screenlets-manager.py to run the application.07:28
suihey SHMO07:28
tsurkois the 64bit version of ubuntu aimed to amd64 users only? I mean should I install 64bit version on dual core intel CPU?07:29
j_humphreydoes anyone know where xmms keeps its playlist file?07:29
suiit should be in /dev listed as one of ur harddirves07:29
speedhunt3rtsurko, yeah it works for all 64bit pcs intel or amd07:29
suilike hda107:29
canthonyj_humphrey can you do a search on the name07:29
SHMOok i'll have a look sui07:29
tsurkospeedhunt3r, thank you07:29
suiprobably the last one07:29
demon_sporkcanthony, I won, with the command <grep -r kiba-dock .*> lol07:29
SHMOsays there07:30
j_humphreycanthony, i dont what its even called07:30
SHMOsays there'll inaccessable07:30
Slarttsurko: yes.. it's both intel and amd.. I think they kept the amd-name as credit to amd for being first with an 64bit-processor that ran normal code or something07:30
=== adisini is now known as ^rumput_kering^
suir you browseing them with in the nautilus window?07:30
canthonydoes that search the file themselves?07:31
canthonyahh nevermind07:31
canthonyi didnt know you could do that07:31
demon_sporkit only took 30 sec07:31
canthonyi always...   cat WHATEVER > grep ...07:32
suiSHMO if you are useing nautilus... try useing the command "gksu nautilus" in the terminal07:32
demon_sporkI bet if we looked at the source code for locate and find we would see a lot of cat a grep07:32
demon_sporkor their equivalent07:32
Hadeshornok, my computer is now getting to the Gnome login screen, but the screen is black.. any ideas?07:32
demon_sporka friend of mine decided he wanted to be able to cat and grep on his window server, so he compiled grep for windows07:33
canthonyhaha nice07:33
canthonyill never go back to winblows07:33
canthonyshe is a dirty whore07:33
canthonylike cartmans mom07:33
ubotuvista is the new 'operating system' by the evil overlords from Redmond. For more information, see http://www.badvista.org and !windows07:33
ubotuFor discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubotu equivalents07:34
* Hadeshorn agrees with Canthony07:34
Slartcanthony: no need for name calling.. it's just an operating system..07:34
canthonyyour right07:34
suidude windows is awsome07:34
HadeshornSo yes, i have a black gnome login screen... any ideas?07:34
canthonynot professional ;O07:34
* demon_spork is blinded by sui's comment07:34
SHMOsui do you know the default root password on a live cd?07:34
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com07:34
bossjock77I guess I shouldn't introduce myself by saying I like Vista, huh?07:34
clearzensui: That is blatant flamebait07:34
demon_sporkHadeshorn, try hitting alt+ctrl+backspace once, see what happens07:35
canthonycan you see anything Hadeshorn07:35
suihade tpick the other ubuntu load thing you know (safe mode)07:35
SlartSHMO: there isn't a root password by default07:35
Slart!sudo | SHMO07:35
ubotuSHMO: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.07:35
Hadeshorncanthony, nothing07:35
Slart!root | SHMO07:35
ubotuSHMO: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo07:35
canthonyhow do you know its gdm07:35
canthonythe sound07:35
suiwhats wrong with windows clearzen?07:35
Hadeshornbecause it makes the sound07:35
speedhunt3ris there a way to have certain screenlets load at startup? I always have to go to /usr/share/screenlets-manager/screenlets-manager.py to run the application.07:35
Hadeshorni did ctrl, alt, backspace and just makes the login sound again07:35
xmanxxxxi i try to install vmware07:35
canthonycan you punch in your name and pass07:35
SHMOit still doesn't like '' as pasword07:36
canthonyjust for grins07:36
=== WikiMan is now known as MatthewV
Hadeshorni ran the dkpg-configure thing.. and changed the displays and stuff07:36
Slartspeedhunt3r: isn't there a checkbox in the manager for auto-startup ? I have that07:36
xmanxxxxi install the patch, but it dont accept any serial07:36
xmanxxxxsomebody know whats happening07:36
canthonyhow can i change my name on here via command07:36
SlartSHMO: I didn't say the password was "".. there isn't one07:36
Slartcanthony: /nick yournewawsomenickname07:36
canthonyha nice thanx07:36
SHMObut anyway, i digress, here07:37
=== canthony is now known as sweetsinse
dondongoops,i ,my emerald still has no border07:37
SlartSHMO: what are you trying to do?07:37
sn00zerxmanxxxx, have you looked into virtualbox? alot of people claim its faster07:37
speedhunt3rSlart, i try it it says failed to create autostart folder, i try to create it manually it says it already exists...07:37
SHMOSlart, trying to access memory card in usb card reader07:37
xmanxxxxi want vmware, because i know it07:37
Slartspeedhunt3r: hmm, sounds odd07:37
sweetsinsehey can ya gotta be flexible07:37
xmanxxxxthanks, but i need be avaliable to put the serial07:38
SlartSHMO: where is your card mounted? /media/disk? /media/somethingelse?07:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about emerald - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:38
SHMO /media/ is empty07:38
nortyI have a question, i have a path to a file, ./test/test.txt, how do i just get the filename "test.txt" ? using the terminal/csh ?07:38
SlartSHMO: what are you running? ubuntu?07:38
demon_sporkdondong, Fusiobot knows about emerald, try #compiz-fusion07:38
GoundyHello* sorry07:39
GoundyI got an old ubuntu live-CD but there's no install icone on the desktop.07:39
Slartnorty: grep is one way... give me a minute and I'll come up with something07:39
GoundyHow to get it ?07:39
SHMO5.04 (hoary hedgehog) i'm trying to burn the latest distro to cd but i can't hold it in the live cd's memory07:39
dondongdemon_spork: Dank!07:39
Hadeshornwhere is the boot log file?07:39
xmanxxxxis possible install vmware in ubuntu or isnt07:39
Hadeshorni can try reading that and see why we are going wrong07:39
suiSHMO are you sure the drivers for the card reader are installed?07:39
SlartSHMO: ouch.. that's really old.. you can't run the regular live cd? how much memory do you have?07:39
SHMOno sui07:40
suiu can install vmware in ubuntu its easy07:40
GoundyI got an old ubuntu live-CD but there's no install icone on the desktop.07:40
GoundyHow to get it ?07:40
Goundygot the 5.1007:40
SHMOi've got 1gb memory but it's a dell laptop so the intel card uses system memory for video memory07:40
xmanxxxxsui: i do, but it dont accept the serials07:40
SHMOi get to 86% downloading the latest distro07:40
xmanxxxxis amazing07:40
SHMOis there a way i can burn the iso directly from the ftp?07:40
xmanxxxxsui: u know why?07:41
SlartSHMO: try saving the iso somewhere else.. not on the desktop or home07:41
SHMOSlart, that's why i'm trying to access my memory card07:41
xmanxxxxsui: i run the patch and it dont accept the serial07:41
speedhunt3rSlart, so any idea what can i do? if i download screenlets and build it again will it do any good? cuase i tried make install and make menu but it still doesn't let me run screenlets automatically at startup07:41
suixmanxxx what patch r u talking about the vmware patch?07:42
demon_sporkgar, disabling kiba-dock didn't stop the crash07:42
Hadeshornboot log, anyone? where is?07:42
speedhunt3rSHMO, why don't you just use the alternate CD installation?07:42
xmanxxxxsui: http://www.howtoforge.com/installing-vmware-server-1.0.4-on-ubuntu-7.1007:42
sweetsinsethere is an xsession error file in your home folder07:42
sweetsinsemight be hidden07:42
SHMOspeedhunt3r, because i have a malformed windows partition that i don't want to touch07:43
SHMOuntil i get more help07:43
SHMOin the mean time the latest version of ubuntu will do fine07:43
SHMOif i can get it burnt07:43
sweetsinsei am running that now07:43
sweetsinsethere is scroll lag and compiz lag with firefox07:43
Neural_OverloadI'm having problems with my WUSB54GC and it disconnecting randomly. The only thing that helps is rebooting without the WiFi dongle attached.07:43
sweetsinsekindof annoying07:43
kahrytanSHMO-> what you do to windows?07:43
SHMOkahrytan, an a.i. bot installed a rootkit07:44
hotmonkeyluvIs there a utility or a program that can reduce disk access in ubuntu? I think linux uses my hard disk more than windows and therefore decreased battery life. is there such a program?07:44
kahrytanSHMO-> Oh crap ... Linux has those two.07:44
suixmanxxxx i don't know about that patch because i installed VMware less then two weeks ago and i never instaled a patch like that07:44
suion 7.1007:45
xmanxxxxi try but it send errrors07:45
simihi, the screen resolution is not saved, it always defaults to  maximum , how can i make it saved?07:45
Slartnorty: grep -o '[^/]*$' should work07:45
SHMOsweetsinse, the rootkit was made by an a.i. bot that someone taught how to program via hacker forums07:45
SHMOit's actually, according to the bot, an existing rootkit that has been modified07:46
nortySlart, do i just use that or do i need to put in the filename im searching for?07:46
sweetsinsewhat does it do... it was installed by a bot/07:46
SlartSHMO: do you have a fast internet connection?07:46
suixmanxxxx http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-vmware-server-in-ubuntu-710-gutsy-gibbon.html07:46
SHMOSlart, pretty fast07:46
suixmanxxxx this tut doesn't mention patching at all07:46
patogengmi_vorbis.c:37:26: error: vorbis/codec.h: No such file or directory07:46
xmanxxxxsui: pssss, i hate this07:47
patogenwhat does this mean? I know it has to do with vorbis07:47
patogenbut what do I need to install to get it to compile?07:47
Filled-Voidhotmonkeyluv, I think theres a command which optimizes hard disk access on laptops. I think this should help https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/5969507:47
Slartnorty: you can use that like this ..  ls | grep -o '[^/]*$07:47
sn00zerxmanxxxx, this one does but its for fiesty http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu_feisty_fawn_vmware_server_howto07:47
hotmonkeyluvFilled-Void: thanks!!!07:47
suixmanxxx are use useing the defalts on the vmware install or are you sintalling to a diffrent location?07:47
SlartSHMO: because I think there is a netinstall cd you can use that is much smaller than the regular cd07:47
SHMOSlart, can i use the netinstall cd to install a livecd?07:48
xmanxxxxsui: defaults, isnt the first time that i install vmware07:48
SlartSHMO: but you'll have to install much of the stuff from internet instead of from your local cd.. so it might take a bit longer07:48
Filled-Voidhotmonkeyluv, Be sure to READ THE WHOLE THING ALSO07:48
nortySlart, thanks!07:48
Filled-Voidsry for caps07:48
xmanxxxxbut is the first time in ubuntu server 7.1007:48
SlartSHMO: nah.. but you can use it to install ubuntu on your computer07:48
xmanxxxxbecause i use opensuse, but now i migratye all to ubuntu07:48
SlartSHMO: I kind of assumed that's what you wanted to do, right?07:48
hotmonkeyluvFilled-Void: I always read and make backups (I didn't a while ago, then xorg.conf turned to mush, now I backup everything)07:49
SHMOSlart, unless i can install to a usb hdd, it's ok, but i don't want to touch the main partition07:49
erawfishSHMO: makes no sense to use a netinstall for a liveC07:49
GSF1200Shey, quick question.. whats the latest gutsy kernel image?07:49
suixmanxxx im no prob at installing vmware but i used that tutorial i showed you and i only have problems when i tried to change the default file loactions07:49
Filled-Voidhotmonkeyluv, :) Good make sure theres no consequences sicne I avent personally done it on my laptop yet07:49
SlartSHMO: ah.. so what's the goal here? you need a live cd to do what?07:50
erawfishGSF1200S: packages.ubunut.org will tell you07:50
suixmanxxx: im no pro*07:50
SHMOsurf the net, etc.07:50
GSF1200Serawfish.. thanks07:50
xmanxxxxsui: ???07:50
hotmonkeyluvFilled-Void: I'll be your tester!07:50
simi    hi, each user set his own resolution, where is this saved?07:50
SlartSHMO: can't you do that from your windows install?07:50
puffwith a .deb file, is there a way to list what the package name will be after you install it?  I don't see anything in the man file.07:50
Filled-Voidhotmonkeyluv, :)07:50
xmanxxxxsui: in no pro, ???07:51
SHMOSlart, as i said before, my windows partition is damaged07:51
GSF1200Shmm, that site isnt loading up07:51
suixmanxxxx: im not a pro at installing vmware but when i used that tutorial i didn't have a problem at all07:51
SlartSHMO: ah.. didn't read that part...07:51
suiBY THE WAY vmware works way better with windows!!07:51
xmanxxxxsui: is rare man, i'm having trubbles here, trust me07:52
SHMOso, Slart, you see i'm in quite the conundrum07:52
astylerhey, I'm new and trying to install ubuntu off of the alternate cd07:52
SlartSHMO: and the problem with the cd you've got is that you don't have enough memory to burn a newer cd, right?07:53
simimy resolution is saved like a gnome setting? i need to see where it is saved?07:53
SHMOSlart, yes07:53
Slart!res | simi07:53
ubotusimi: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto07:53
suixmanxxx: try removeing all the files you installed and then install with no patches07:53
astylermy installing process of xubuntu is stuck on "scanning the mirror" and won't move.  I'd check forums but they are down, and almost all google results point to ubuntu forums.07:53
suixmanxxxx: r u trying to sintall from the apt-get?07:54
SHMOSlart, http://pastebin.ca/900883 is my /dev/ can you see my memory card there?07:54
xmanxxxxsui: i 'm trying this07:54
xmanxxxxnop apt/get07:54
xmanxxxxi download the 1.0.407:54
suioh because thats what the tut u posted tells to do07:55
xmanxxxxand put on server using winspc07:55
SlartSHMO: might be any of the sd* things07:55
suibut apt-get dosen't seem to work for vmware07:55
speedhunt3rWhat exactly happens when I hit "Remember currently running applications" under sessions>session options ?07:55
SHMOSlart,  i'll have a look07:55
kahrytansimi->  Easy way to restart X is Ctrl-ALT-Delete (key)07:55
GSF1200Sanyone know what the latest kernel image is?07:55
kahrytansimi->  Easy way to restart X is Ctrl-ALT-Backpsace  (key) OOPS07:55
xmanxxxxsui: i hate when yhis happen07:55
threefcatawhy is my XP installation unable to write to MBR?07:55
threefcatai'm install xp after ubuntu07:55
SlartGSF1200S: latest in ubuntu? I think07:55
suixmanxxx yeah idk what to tell you really execpt how i installed it with http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-vmware-server-in-ubuntu-710-gutsy-gibbon.html07:56
Slartthreefcata: ask the microsoft people.. they are the ones that created it07:56
speedhunt3rthreefcata, your xp installation will overwrite your MBR (welcome to windows) lol07:56
SHMOSlart, sd* are all inaccessable07:56
GSF1200Sslart.. thanks07:56
=== xzae-lm__ is now known as biboy
kahrytanspeedhunt3r->  Or be like me and use two different hdds for linux and xp.07:56
SlartSHMO: and sda1 is your regular hard drive?07:56
threefcataspeedhunt3r, yes but now it can't07:56
xmanxxxxthreefcata: first install xp, after ubuntu07:57
suixmanxxxx: make sure you have xinetd and build-essential linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic07:57
SHMOSlart, it's a livecd07:57
xmanxxxxyes sr07:57
threefcatamy other partitions are ext307:57
speedhunt3rthreefcata, after installation, you can boot up using ur livecd, go to terminal and you can restore grub07:57
xmanxxxxsui: it will be the first that i do when finish to install ubuntu server07:57
SlartSHMO: yes.. but the live cd is scd0 or somethinh like that.. sda1 is a hard drive07:57
threefcataspeedhunt3r, now the problem is i can't install XP bucause the installation can't write to MBR07:57
SHMOwell i haven't been able to access any of the hd* and i'm not surprised as the windows partition is damaged07:58
kahrytanthreefcata->  you need to chroot into hdd before grub restore.07:58
speedhunt3rthreefcata, use "sudo grub > find /boot/grub/stage1 > root (hdx, x) > setup (hdx) > quit " where x,x, is the result of the find command.07:58
xmanxxxxthreefcata: these hdd is bad07:58
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
kahrytan!grub | threefcata07:58
ubotuthreefcata: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:58
Frogzoothreefcata: ask in #windows07:58
kahrytanthreefcata->  you can use fdisk to delete mbr07:59
suithreefcata: supergrub is the best tool/bootdisk to fix all boot issues http://supergrub.forjamari.linex.org/07:59
abuyazani am searching about a good solution for purchasing management , does any one have idea about this07:59
threefcatakahrytan, fdisk under linux?07:59
kahrytanthreefcata->  dos.08:00
speedhunt3rthreefcata, or you could use the grub rescue cd, burn the iso and boot from that..it'll fix all ur mbr problems....08:00
=== _max is now known as max`
xmanxxxxsui: is the same version as in ur tutorial08:00
HadeshornI am in the terminal, how can i list what screens ubuntu thinks are attached to the comuter08:00
SecretLinefdisk can delete all mbr ?08:00
Hadeshornbecause I believe the black screen at the login is because its putting the display out to an external monitor that isnt there08:00
kahrytanthreefcata->  There is only one. hence MASTER08:00
SHMOSlart, did you get my last message?08:00
suixmanxxxx: yeah08:01
SaadS|AboutUs_litius left?08:01
SlartSHMO: yes.. still thinking here08:01
han`i am having an issue in compiz where ctrl-alt-right (or ctrl-alt-left for that matter) skips a desktop and instead moves two to the right08:01
han`if that makes sense08:01
xmanxxxxsui: let me try08:01
kahrytanthreefcata->  fdisk /mbr will delete and replace with ms original08:01
han`anyone ever seen or heard of that?08:01
xmanxxxxfdisk -mbr08:02
d7how can I change the defualt program for different file extensions?08:02
suixmanxxxx: VMware-server-1.0.4-56528.tar.gz08:02
kahrytanxmanxxxx->  thats for linux?08:02
xmanxxxxsui: yes i download it minutes ago08:02
han`oh i just figured it out myself...08:02
=== SaadS|AboutUs_ is now known as SaadS|AboutUs
speedhunt3rd7, system>preferces>perferred applications08:02
suithis channel has 10 times as many as ##windows08:03
d7speedhunt3r, that seems very limited08:03
kahrytand7->  another way is right click the on the file and click properties08:03
SHMOi'm stumped, bored, and in need of a cigarette08:03
kahrytand7->  and open file with will change the default program08:03
threefcatai tried the diskpart that comes with XP disk but it seems it can't handle my disk..08:03
=== SHMO is now known as SHMO[a]
d7kahrytan, thank you08:03
Hadeshorni removed xrandr and its like untinstalling soo much stuff08:04
xmanxxxxwhy he try to install  2 os if he cant format mbr08:04
suiwho knows but supergrub fixes everything08:04
xmanxxxxfirst u install any windows os, because by default any windows take all the mbr08:04
xmanxxxxyes i dontknow supergrup, i use lilo08:04
kahrytanxmanxxxx->  Windows install cant delete mbr08:04
bazhangweird internet situation--not mine, a friend's--can connect to google on a fresh gutsy install and gmail but nowhere else--would this be a ipv6 or a dns problem?08:05
xmanxxxxi create my oun disk08:05
suiu can install windows second if you use supergub to get ubuntu back on the boot screen08:05
speedhunt3rwindows will not take over or delete mbr08:05
xmanxxxxkahrytan: u read well, use the recovery option fron cd08:05
speedhunt3rit just overwrites the data...MBR is the first few bytes of ur hardisk (512 bytes) i think, that tells the BIOS where to look on the harddisk to load the OS... step 2 of booting up the PC.08:05
d7man, I don't understand how ubuntu can be so good, and windows be so lame08:06
suiimo i still think windows is better simply because so many apps are still developed for it08:06
suibut ubuntu runs way better and is a lot cooler08:06
kahrytansui-> dude... thats commercial apps. There is thousands of oss apps08:07
sweetsinsei have yet to find an app for windows that doesnt hav a better one in linux08:07
speedhunt3ralong with so many apps there are so many viruses that window's is vurnable to08:07
suibut no one makes great apps for ubuntu08:07
sweetsinsewhat kind of app are you lookng for08:07
badkittysui: Give an example08:07
kahrytan!best | sui08:07
ubotusui: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.08:07
sweetsinsei have a whole suite of nice ones08:07
* Slart misses the games...=/08:07
suivmware works better on windows08:07
sweetsinsewell yes08:07
kahrytanSlart->  and thats why they got consoles08:08
sweetsinsethere is always the games08:08
badkittysui: Try virtualbox08:08
badkittyThe only better support I see is for games08:08
WGGMksui: I think VMWare works fine on Linux08:08
speedhunt3rvirtualbox is so easy to use, i don't know about vmware, never used it.08:08
oxeimonhi, I tried the instructions in "https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager" to fix my network manager causing my computer to not suspend, but now my network manager won't even start up on restart. I even removed all the files I created, and it still won't start. Can someone Please help me get my networkmanager to start? Even typing "nm-applet&" in the terminal doesn't do anything...08:08
sweetsinsemabe is devs would *maybe* consider there is something other than directx08:08
Slartkahrytan: bah.. consoles.. then I'd have to buy my own tv.. hmm.. on the other hand.. that's not a bad idea =)08:08
kahrytanSlart->  not really08:08
WGGMkI have some specific security questions about deploying a server. Was wondering if anyone could help me answer them for me08:08
kahrytanSlart-> Just get tv tuner card08:09
suibut you see if ubuntu becomes main steam then it will become just like windows08:09
=== cew_mature is now known as Jivelz
badkittysui: Except the whole fact that it is NOT PROPRIETARY08:09
Slartkahrytan: nah.. that's not my problem.. the wife uses the tv.. =)08:09
kahrytanSlart->  though. most dont have a/v input you naturally have to use coxial adapter or get good lcd with a/v inputs08:09
sweetsinsemy modded xbox does everything anyway08:09
badkittySlart: I feel your pain, the gf owns the tv :-(08:10
suisoon ubuntu will be full of auto loginscripts and auto sudio password scripts viruses will have no problem at all08:10
=== SHMO[a] is now known as SHMO
SHMOany ideas, Slart?08:10
WGGMkyea if ubuntu becomes more dominate in the Desktop world, it wont have as many faults as windows in many different area's of what makes a good OS. IMHO08:10
sweetsinseplus i have a xvga2, so i can play high res xbox on a monitor :)08:10
SlartSHMO: I'm not sure here.. but have you tried mounting sda1?08:10
oxeimonI tried the instructions in "https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager" to fix my network manager causing my computer to not suspend, but now my network manager won't even start up on restart. I even removed all the files I created, and it still won't start. Can someone Please help me get my networkmanager to start? Even typing "nm-applet&" in the terminal doesn't do anything...08:10
muepsui: people wouldn't use it if it stops working well08:10
kahrytanbadkitty and Slart -> it's a bad sign when the man of the house gives up the tv...08:10
dondongdoes anyone konw how to install sopcast?08:10
muepsui: there are dozens of other distros08:10
SHMOSlart, i'm a newb08:11
muepbadkitty: ubuntu ships proprietary code already08:11
oxeimon"ps aux" gives: "nm-applet --sm-disable", AND "nm-applet"...what does that mean?08:11
SHMOSlart, how do i mount sda1?08:11
sweetsinsebottom line...windows has no concept of users at the filesystem level...wide open legs08:11
badkittykahrytan: It's really more of a percieved giving up.. She thinks she is in control.. If I really wanted to use it, she'd be out08:11
suimuep: the only reason any of that would happen is if people use it a lot08:11
kahrytansweetsinse->  any HD monitor has the right ports for console08:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sopcast - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:11
SlartSHMO: I'm assuming the card is formatted as.. FAT32 or something..08:11
sweetsinseyeah but this is only a vga monitor08:11
sweetsinselike a crt08:11
kahrytanbadkitty-> but she might kick you onto the couch then08:11
sweetsinsebut it looks fantastic08:11
SHMOSlart, probably08:11
badkittykahrytan: Actually she prefers the couch ;-)08:11
SHMOubuntu@ubuntu:~$ mount /dev/sda108:11
SHMOmount: can't find /dev/sda1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab08:11
WGGMksui: i think your missing a key factor about Linux vs. Windows08:12
Hadeshorncan you have network access in recovery mode?08:12
xmanxxxxsui: the same trubble08:12
muepsui: users don't directly affect ubuntu08:12
SlartSHMO: try this  "sudo mkdir /media/sda1 && sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1"08:12
xmanxxxxit dont accept the serial08:12
WGGMksui: its not that Windows is used by more people everywhere, its the fact that the OS isnt as hardened as a linux system.08:12
Hadeshorncan you have network access in recovery mode?08:12
xmanxxxxsui: why, is ubuntu server 7.1 fault08:12
oxeimonHadeshorn: if you're talking to me, I'm testing it now08:12
muepsui: they may request things, but doing anything too idiotic would cause the people who contribute to the distro to disappear08:12
sweetsinsewindows 'pretends' to lock you out of stuff when in reality every user is an admin08:13
Hadeshornoxeimon, let me know how it goes08:13
suiWGGMk: a windows system can be made as secure or more secure then a ubuntu system08:13
SHMOSlart, SUCCESS!08:13
SHMOi'll take it from here08:13
sweetsinsewhat does this word 'secure' mean....08:13
sweetsinseif its made by humans it has a crack08:13
SlartSHMO: sweet.. you're welcome, good luck08:13
WGGMksui: I fail to see that? passing windows "Genuine Advantage Test" is the matter of changing a .dll value from 1 - 0 in the system32 folder08:13
suiWGGMk: but generaly speaking windows is less secure because of the many ease of use fetures08:13
xmanxxxxsui: why it doesnt work08:14
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
nortyI have another question, I have a path to a file, /test/test.txt and i just want this /test/test  I dont want the extension, i tried figuring this out with grep but can't get it, any help?08:14
WGGMksui: ease of use features do not make a system unsecure, the way they were developed does08:14
oxeimonHadeshorn: it seems like I can. I can do a "sudo aptitude search" successfully08:14
muepsui: it's not the features, but they have made compromises in security to ease the use08:14
muepsui: it's just the default settings08:14
sweetsinsei like the fact that in linux...the files needed by my computer to run dont even belong to me, the user08:14
WGGMksui: muep: and that is MS's flaw, compromissing the wrong things08:15
Slartnorty: sure.. grep -o '[^/]+/[^/)+$'08:15
suiyou guys you always have to comprmise security to make things easier08:15
SHMOSlart, "/media/sda1/200705~1.mp4" cannot be deleted because you do not have permissions to modify its parent folder.08:15
xmanxxxxsui: i had to reinstall ubuntu again to see if it work08:15
muepsui: yes, that's why they have done it in windows08:15
suiyou cannot make a fullproof secure system thats also user friendly08:15
oxeimonsui: the problem is, linux doesn't always work, and compared to windows, it's Extremely buggy and hardware dependent08:15
SlartSHMO: run this first.. "sudo chmod -R a+rw /media/sda1"08:15
oxeimonHadeshorn: any ideas?08:15
suixmanxxxx: did it work?08:16
Hadeshornox: I am soo lost it isnt funny08:16
muepoxeimon: linux is a lot less hardware dependent than windows08:16
Hadeshornox: i need to reinstall GDM08:16
xmanxxxxsui: nop08:16
sweetsinselinux is just a differnt concept of programming08:16
xmanxxxxit dont accept any serial man08:16
xmanxxxxany serial08:16
suidid you copy and past it?08:16
sweetsinselinux is a chain of scripts and highly specialized functions and commands08:16
xmanxxxxin suse it never happen08:16
nortySlart, that doesn';t seem to work, is there a typo in what you wrote?08:16
oxeimonmuep: well, in the sense that it will load up on any hardware is one thing, but for it to work flawlessly, is extremely hardware dependent08:16
sweetsinsewindows favors 'do-it-all' programs08:16
WGGMkIMO, linux is THE concept of an OS. Windows is the "different" concept08:16
xmanxxxxhow i copy if i am in text mode08:16
oxeimonmuep: windows has worked perfectly on every computer I've ever built. Linux hasn't08:17
muepoxeimon: it's not hardware dependency in linux, it's just the lack of drivers08:17
bazhangweird internet situation--not mine, a friend's--can connect to google on a fresh gutsy install and gmail but nowhere else--would this be a ipv6 or a dns problem?08:17
kahrytanWGGMk->  Linux is the kernel and NT is kernel of Windows08:17
badkittysui: Do you use linux or are you trolling?08:17
muepoxeimon: perfect is a subjective thing08:17
Slartnorty: sorry.. use this instead.. grep -o '[^/]*/[^/)*$'08:17
ubotuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic08:17
suixmanxxx: oh... idk what to tell you its hard to explain things over the net08:17
WGGMkkahrytan: i know this?08:17
oxeimoncan someone Please help me get network manager to start up?08:17
suii use linux08:17
Khisanthsui: can't be much worst than vista's "ask permission for every tiny thing" :)08:17
DelvienIs Ubuntuforums down?08:17
suibut im not "useing" linux08:17
SaadS|AboutUsHi All08:17
SaadS|AboutUsI need help with my snd08:17
SaadS|AboutUspossible totall removal and reinstall08:18
suiXP 4 life!!08:18
xmanxxxxis possible work with thois shit o not, i'm fucking angry08:18
sweetsinsehalf the time devs have to reverse engineer the hardware to make drivers becasue so many vendors ASSUME we want windoze08:18
Slartnorty: or change grep into egrep.. egrep understands the + operator.. regular grep doesn't08:18
oxeimon"ps aux" shows "nm-applet --sm-disable", what does that mean? How do I get it to start?08:18
SHMOSlart, how do i unmount and remount sda1?08:18
xukunHi all. I wonder which subversion client is best for linux(ubuntu)?08:18
bazhangxmanxxxx: watch the language08:18
Hadeshornwhats the command to do a apt-get install and get the packages off a cd?08:18
WGGMksweetsinse: thats not an assumption, thats market control08:18
SlartSHMO: sudo umount /media/sda108:18
pocketdrummerIsn't this a support channel, not a discussion channel? No offense to anyone, but really, this is taking up a lot of screen space that others can use to get help with issues they are experiencing...08:18
simikahrytan: i know how to restart X but after restart my resolution is set to maximum (1400x...) and i saved it to 1024x... i just want to find where my resolution was saved, somewhere in /home/simi folder08:18
xmanxxxxbazhang: u don understand08:18
SlartSHMO: and this to mount it again "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1"08:19
nortySlart, im trying this but it's not working: ls | egrep -o '[^/]*/[^/]*$'08:19
sweetsinseif vendors made opengl games and linux drivers for everything there would be no windoze i think08:19
suii don't think ubuntu is better then windows... however i do not think windows is better then ubuntu08:19
kahrytansimi->  edit xorg file08:19
sweetsinsehell look at the server market08:19
sweetsinsenot alot of corps. running windoze servers08:19
suithe are diffrent08:19
Slartnorty: ah.. that's because ls only prints out the filenames. not the path08:19
WGGMkI happen to agree with pocketdrummer, we have a lot of !offtopic here08:19
Hadeshornwhats the command to do a apt-get install and get the packages off a cd?08:19
adambadamI'm having problems with the ubuntu install... Stuck on 15 percent "detecting file systems"... help?08:19
nortyo ok08:19
badkittysweetsinse: Actually a great deal of corp use MS servers08:19
bazhangsui offtopic08:20
nortySlart, ill try it with my actually program, thanks for the help08:20
pocketdrummer!topid | badkitty08:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about topid - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:20
pocketdrummer!topic | badkitty08:20
muepsui: one is mostly free software, the other is one of the most proprietary in existence08:20
ubotubadkitty: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic08:20
kaoticsnowhow do I set up multiple IP addresses on a Ubuntu serveR?08:20
kahrytansimi->  Modes part .. try just putting in your prefer resolution08:20
badkittypocketdrummer: Ouch that hurts man08:20
kahrytansimi->  make backup of course08:20
sweetsinsewhy though08:20
suimuep: you're right08:20
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sweetsinseok sorry forget it haha08:20
kaoticsnowI just cant remember how do set it up lol08:20
Slartnorty: if you want to test it do this echo "/path1/path2/file.ext" | egrep -o '[^/]*/[^/]*'08:21
adambadamCan someone help me with an install issue? 7.1008:21
SaadS|AboutUsNeed help removing all sound drivers and reinstalling08:21
badkittysweetsinse: They must have extra money they need to write off to lower their co's taxable income i guess08:21
Gumbyhello all.  I have network driver issues with the kernels that come with edgy but the kernel in hardy works flawlessly with it.  Does anyone know if I am going to see MAJOR issues with using a hardy kernel in edgy?08:21
Slartbadkitty: anything wrong?08:21
suiso guess what im getting08:21
SHMOSlart, same error when deleting08:22
Slartadambadam: just ask.. someome will answer08:22
sweetsinsei just hate recurring fees, and that is m$'s strategy08:22
suiim getting an eee pc08:22
adambadamI have been stuck on15 percent for about 20 or 30 minutes now08:22
adambadam"detecting file systems"08:22
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SlartSHMO: hmm.. can you pastebin the output of this command "mount" ?08:22
xmanxxxxfucking ubuntu08:22
Slart!paste | SHMO08:22
ubotuSHMO: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)08:22
SHMOno output08:22
Slart!language | xmanxxxx08:22
ubotuxmanxxxx: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:22
badkittySlart: ANE thing wrong??08:22
suisweetsinse: windows comes free with the internet08:23
SlartSHMO: mount didn't print out anything?08:23
SHMOSlart, no08:23
sweetsinsewhat would billy say to that sui08:23
suiwho is billy sweetsinse08:23
Slartbadkitty: since you used the !ops command..08:23
SHMOit does mount though08:23
nealioI am suing ubuntu becuase they are using my wifes name08:23
WGGMkCan anyone give me some advice on a network layout? Security wise08:24
sweetsinsehe is the GatesKeeper08:24
badkittySlart: Oh no I was just seeing who the ops were... is there a better way to do this08:24
SlartSHMO: ok.. this then.. "cat /etc/mtab" ?08:24
suiGateskeeper idk him08:24
Slartbadkitty: ah.. I've only seen that used when someone needs to be kicked etc..08:24
sweetsinsebill gates bro08:24
Slartbadkitty: and no.. I don't know of a better way to see who the ops are =)08:24
SHMO/dev/mapper/casper-snapshot / auto rw,noatime 0 008:25
jussi01badkitty: Please dont use that, its only for emergencies08:25
SHMOproc /proc proc rw 0 008:25
SHMOsysfs /sys sysfs rw 0 008:25
SHMOdevpts /dev/pts devpts rw,gid=5,mode=620 0 008:25
SHMOtmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs rw 0 008:25
FloodBot2SHMO: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:25
SHMOusbfs /proc/bus/usb usbfs rw 0 008:25
oxeimoncan someone please help me to get network-manager to start? "ps aux" gives "nm-applet --sm-disable", can someone PLEASE help...?08:25
suii see... idk he never said anything about it to me...08:25
SlartSHMO: not in here.. pastebin..08:25
nortySlart, when i try that command it says "Permission denied"... do i need to stick sudo in there somewhere?08:25
Slartnorty: my echo thingy?08:25
SHMOlook i gotta go08:25
badkittyjussi01: Ok, I apologize .. what does it do..I figured using it by itself only shows me who ops are..not calls anyone08:25
sweetsinsei dont think he would take to kindly to the idea of "free windoze" via the interent...hell vista ultimate costs over 400 where i w3rk08:25
SHMOi thought i could get this done in a couple of hours08:25
Gumbyoxeimon: have you tried sudo Network-Manager (I think thats what it is)08:26
xmanxxxxthe fucking ubuntu crash all08:26
cooli1anybody here that worked on the training manuals?08:26
Hadeshornwhats the command to do a apt-get install and get the packages off a cd?08:26
pocketdrummerAre only ops supposed to use !commands?08:26
SHMObut that's linux for ya08:26
suido you know that if you're software cannot be pritated then that is a sure sign that it will fail08:26
sxealexis there someplace i can download the default apache2.conf file that comes with ubuntu  i deleted mine by mistake08:26
ubotuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)08:26
oxeimonGumby: the command is "nm-applet", and that doesn't work. It doesn't do anything...08:26
xukunwhat's your preferred subversion client?08:26
SHMOi gtg08:26
nealioI am going to name my daughter ubuntu08:26
SHMOi'll re-ask the question in a few hours08:26
suinealio lol08:26
sweetsinsesxealex can you reinstall the package, not sure if that'll do08:26
SHMOthanks for the help so far, Slart08:26
Slartnorty: shouldn't need sudo.. it's only a echo command..08:26
nortySlart, wait this is what happenes when i run: echo "/path1/test.txt" | egrep -o '[^/]*/[^/]*$' I get "path1/test.txt" but nothing else08:26
SlartSHMO: you're welcome08:27
jussi01pocketdrummer: no, anyone can, but !ops is only for emergencies :)08:27
nealioIf I cant find a wife named ubuntu ill name my daughter that08:27
oxeimonGumby: "ps aux" shows that nm-applet is already running, but for some reason it's running with the option "nm-applet --sm-disable", which according to the helpfile "disables connection to session manager"08:27
sxealexcan i dpkg-reconfigure?08:27
Slartnorty: ah.. thought so.. well that wasn't what you wanted?08:27
WGGMkcan anyone advise me on security measures for running a server with listening applications and security? best practices? hardening the system?08:27
nortySlart, no, i want just the fullpath to the file but without the .ext08:27
sxealexi have only ssh access08:27
nortyso like /path1/test.txt I want /path1/test08:27
suiWGGMk sounds like you will be reading lots of texts files on server security soon08:28
SaadS|AboutUsneed help in reinstalling sound08:28
badkittyWGGMk: There are a few linux administration pdfs online that have alot of great in-depth information about that08:29
sweetsinsesxealex ill see if i got one08:29
sxealexyou the man08:29
sparr_am i the only ubuntu user still encountering fallout of the apache->apache2 conversion?08:29
Slartnorty: ahh.. I get it.. are there any dots in the path?08:29
WGGMksui: i have a server running already but im just looking for friendly advice, or an assurance on how secure it is to run a server + firewall system as 1 instead of physically seperating it08:29
sweetsinseok got it08:29
* davidw is wondering if there was something dramatically wrong with the latest firefox upgrade08:29
sxealexi never have luck with any httpd.conf files08:29
nortySlart, no there aren't08:29
sweetsinseopen dcc with me08:30
WGGMkbadkitty: you wouldnt happen to know a good direction to start at would ya? preferabbly NOT a HOW TO08:30
sweetsinsei dont remeber how to send files08:30
Slartnorty: egrep -o '[^\.]*'08:30
mwaznyI have a problem. My computer freezes with just the wallpaper showing when I try to log out or switch users or anything08:30
suiWGGMk don't you use a router?08:30
Gumbyoxeimon: nm-applet --sm-disable is how it runs by default.  Its normal08:30
nortySlart, thanks!!08:30
Slartnorty: you're welcome08:31
Gumbyoxeimon: I think without sm-disable the network would only run as long as your session was running08:31
oxeimonGumby: it's not appearing in my notification area, and I can't connect to the internet though...08:31
WGGMksui: no, my server is serving my DHCP and a number of other things.. my WRT54G is flashed with DDWRT firmware acting as a wireless/ethernet bridge/access point08:31
badkittyWGGMk: Hmm I suppose I could find the name of some of the pdf's and you could search for them08:31
xmanxxxxthe fucking ubuntu crash all08:31
Gumbyoxeimon: if network-manager isnt running then what is the network applet supposed to connect to08:31
Gumbyoxeimon: does ifconfig return any IP address for your network device?08:32
suiWGGMk yeah the best way to lean about it is just to google text files and grab ebooks off torrents and stuff08:32
oxeimonGumby: normally when my internet is working, ifconfig gives 3 sections, "eth0, eth1", and something else08:32
Gumbyoxeimon: I am guessing that your network issues do not lie with nm-applet (it is only an applet afterall) but more with your network settings/configuration08:32
oxeimonGumby: now, ifconfig gives a section "lo", with inet addr ""08:33
mwaznycan anyone help with a problem where ubuntu freezes every time I try to log out or switch users?08:33
oxeimonGumby: it's definitely with the applet.08:33
sweetsinsei like tomato better that ddrt08:33
Gumbyoxeimon: ok, so your network isnt up.  no its ont the applet08:33
davidwfirefox is dead in the water:-/08:33
oxeimonI followed the directions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager08:33
oxeimonGumby: the two instructions under "Suspend support"08:33
Gumbyoxeimon: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart08:33
oxeimonafter I did that, I restarted, and nm-applet didn't load08:33
suiWGGMk default ubuntu is faily secure.. not much you can do to if execpt social engi the admin08:33
=== SecretLine is now known as Nightmare
oxeimonGumby: that didn't do anything.08:34
snorkelsui: what about the recent kernel exploit does that effect ubuntu?08:34
WGGMksui: do you think there is any down fall to using the same machine to firewall and serve?08:34
oxeimonit said "reconfiguration network... [OK]"08:34
=== Nightmare is now known as SecretLine
Gumbyoxeimon: so as I initially stated, network manager probably isnt running.  which of course means you have no network management and nm-applet can not connect to anything which is why it isnt working or possibly not even showing up08:35
WGGMksnorkel: it only effects you if you give out shell access, for example is someone can ssh into your machine.08:35
suisnorkel maybe im not up on all the details of that08:35
DelvienIs Ubuntuforums down?08:35
=== SecretLine is now known as ReeM
Gumbyoxeimon: and what does ifconfig show now?08:35
=== ReeM is now known as SecretLine
SlartDelvien: works here08:36
Filled-VoidCan I take a screennnnshot of my login screen somehow :x ?08:36
sweetsinsedamn i really want to fix the gnome panels dying when compiz starts08:36
oxeimonGumby: how do I get network manager to start running?08:36
oxeimonGumby: ifconfig gives the same thing08:36
Gumbysudo  /usr/sbin/NetworkManager --pid-file /var/run/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.pid08:36
sweetsinseor just start compiz really early in the login process08:36
=== SecretLine is now known as Rostizado
oxeimonGumby: "lo...inet addr:"08:36
=== Rostizado is now known as SecretLine
DelvienSlart its giving me a time out...08:37
Delvienslart weird08:37
oxeimonGumby: wow, that worked. Now why didn't it do that normally?08:37
oxeimonGumby:  actually, not I can see the applet, but it still doesnt connect08:37
Gumbyoxeimon: try doing the sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart08:38
oxeimonalready tried08:38
Gumbywhat does ifconfig say now (dont paste here, paste somewhere like pastebin.ca and paste the resulting URL back here)08:38
=== SecretLine is now known as Rostizado
=== Rostizado is now known as SecretLine
suisnorkel "Unprivileged  local users can gain elevated (root) privileges. Since the08:39
suivulnerability permits  privilege 0  ring code execution, users  may also08:39
suibreak out from virtual machines like UML (user mode Linux)"08:39
oxeimonGumby: well, I clearly can't paste, since I'm on another computer as the problem computer doesn't have internet08:39
oxeimonGumby: but it gives the expected 3 sections08:39
=== SecretLine is now known as a
=== a is now known as SecretLine
oxeimon"eth0, eth1, lo", with no valid ip-addresses anywhere08:39
Gumbyoxeimon:which connection is the default connection?08:40
oxeimonGumby: "eth1" is the wireless08:40
suiWGGMk do you use remote logins on you're server?08:40
ninettosomeone knows virtualbox ?08:40
WGGMksui: yes why?08:40
Gumbyoxeimon: are you using encryption with the wifi?08:40
oxeimonGumby: "eth1      Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00...... UP BROADCAST MULTICASST MTU:1500  Metric:1  RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:2841"08:41
ninettoi have a problem....after installation of vista in virtualbox i have a problem 67 to connect the shared directory08:41
jason__okay, i have tried literally everything. and still, the only operating system that will recognize my sound card and USE it, is freespire.. anyone have any ideas?08:41
suiMGGMk because thats the only way someone and exploit you're kernal08:41
WGGMksui: i know, i just told someone else that08:41
Gumbyoxeimon: try this  sudo iwlist eth1 scan08:41
oxeimonGumby: hmm, I'm not entirely sure what you mean. I recently installed some certificates via firefox that allowed me to connect to an encrypted network08:41
WGGMksui: im not concerned though08:41
ninettosomeone help me please ?08:41
codenameAnyone know anything about installing UT200408:41
codenameOn 7.1008:41
oxeimonGumby: but there's another unencrypted network that I often connect to as well08:41
oxeimonGumby:  and neither works08:42
Gumbyoxeimon: see if it shows wireless networks available and hopefully at least yours08:42
sweetsinsehas anyone else used freenx08:42
suiWGGMk ubuntu passwords are more secure then vista08:42
oxeimonGumby: Yes it does08:42
=== gamerdude is now known as alinon
WGGMksui: i think that would depend on the individual08:42
simii can't find where gnome is saving my resoltion, i will try to save it in xorg but is not posible that gnome or ubuntu change it back to the maximum suported resolution?08:42
Gumbyoxeimon: ok, that is good.  have a look at the nm-applet now.  does is list those networks?08:42
suiWGGMk you host lots of people08:43
oxeimonGumby:  in fact, it shows 43 networks, a bunch of which have the same name as the ones I normally connect to08:43
WGGMka private group08:43
oxeimonGumby:  and yes, it does.08:43
alinoni'm having issues changing the theme for my lock dialog, anyone care to lend a hand?08:43
codenameAnyone know anything about installing UT200408:43
Gumbyoxeimon: and can you connect to those ones you were connecting to before now?08:43
oxeimonGumby: However, when I click on them, it tries to connect for 5 seconds, and fails.08:43
WGGMksui: a private group (didnt include your name that time)08:43
oxeimonGumby: I cannot connect to any of them08:43
alinoni'm not getting any errors, but my theme doesn't change either08:44
Gumbyoxeimon: ok, let me read that page you posted earlier for a second.08:44
=== jason__ is now known as taime1
sweetsinsealinon them for everything?08:44
oxeimonGumby: which page08:44
Gumbyoxeimon: what exactly were you trying to do when following the instructions on that page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager08:44
alinonsweetsince: no just for the lock dialog theme08:44
oxeimonGumby: well, my wireless used to randomly crash, taking the whole computer down with it08:45
=== epifanio_ is now known as epifanio
oxeimonGumby: so I was trying to fix that08:45
sweetsinselike shutdown and gksudo and whatnot08:45
taime1no sound on my laptop..help?08:45
wersin what directory are kde icons located? :)08:45
Gumbyoxeimon: ok, that page isnt going to help with that08:45
alinonsweetsince: like if you hit ctrl-alt L - i want to change what that lock screen looks like08:45
oxeimonGumby: so I followed the instructions under "Suspend support", and later on under "Disabling NetworkManager"08:45
oxeimonGumby: but afterwards, I deleted all the files I created08:45
sweetsinsenever use that08:46
Gumbyoxeimon: rm /etc/acpi/suspend.d/*network-manager.sh (just in case)08:46
alinonsweetsince: i went to gnome-look.org and found one i like, followed the instructions - but it's just not changing it08:46
sweetsinsedoes everything else change like gksudo and the logout screen alinon08:46
oxeimonGumby: no such file or directory :-)08:46
alinonsweetsinse: naw, it's only suppose to change the lock theme08:47
sweetsinsei didnt know there were themes just for that?08:47
Gumbyoxeimon: and also sudo rm /etc/default/NetworkManager*08:47
oxeimonGumby: can you paste your /etc/dbus-1/event.d/26NetworkManager08:47
Gumbyoxeimon: sudo  /usr/sbin/NetworkManagerDispatcher --pid-file /var/run/NetworkManager/NetworkManagerDispatcher.pid08:47
WerdnaHi, I'm trying to install ubuntu on a system with no cd-rom drive, unable to boot from usb with syslinux (but it can read the drive), and a floppy drive. I've copied the contents of the ubuntu cd to my USB drive, and I'm trying to boot into it via a floppy drive. How can I talk syslinux into booting a kernel on external media (such as a usb storage device)?08:48
alinonsweetsince: yeap if you goto gconf-editor and change the lock_dialog-theme08:48
oxeimonGumby: I mean, your "/etc/dbus-1/event.d/26NetworkManagerDispatcher", and your "/etc/dbus-1/event.d/25NetworkManager"08:48
oxeimonGumby: I think I accidentally deleted those...08:48
sweetsinseWerdna i just did this08:48
alinonsweetsince: they look great, i just can't change mine! haha08:48
Gumbyoxeimon: http://pastebin.ca/90095808:48
sweetsinsei have the floppy at my house though and im not there :(08:48
Gumbythats the first one08:48
Werdnasweetsinse: how'd you do it?08:49
oxeimonGumby: would yours be the same as mine?08:49
sweetsinsei found a boot image for a floppy somewhere08:49
alinonwell i guess i'm just gonna try rebooting and see if that helps08:49
Werdnasweetsinse: remember anything about it?08:49
sweetsinsebasically uses drivers 2 mount the cdrom then boot from there08:49
Gumbyoxeimon: second one is http://pastebin.ca/90096008:49
sweetsinsegimme a min08:49
Gumbyoxeimon: I am using ubuntu hardy so it may or may not be.  tough to tell08:50
NineTeen67CometWWhuah nelly! .. I recently updated my son's computer (7.10 Ubuntu) and rebooted to blackness .. No BIOS even .. I can hear the hd spin around, and even moved the PCI video card around and tried an AGP card I have laying around with same results .. help?08:50
Gumbyoxeimon: cant hurt to try though.08:50
oxeimonhmm, if I reinstall networkmanager, would that remake those scripts?08:50
tijnNineTeen67Comet, does not sound like an OS / update problem08:50
sweetsinsedo you know much about the s30gdm script08:50
oxeimonsweetsinse: yes?08:50
oxeimonsweetsinse: nope nothing at all08:51
tijnNineTeen67Comet, do you hear beeps?08:51
NineTeen67Comettijn: that's what I'm thinking .. maybe the mobo battery?08:51
sweetsinsein my bootcharts...gdm starts from that script then gets killed and reinitiated by the getty08:51
NineTeen67Comettijn: yeah .. it'll beep three times sometimes, and others it'll dual beet, then tripple .. I'm in google now looking up beeps ..08:51
sweetsinsei want to solve this flashing screen between usplash and gdm08:51
Gumbyoxeimon: after editing those files I'd give your system a reboot and see how things worked then08:51
tijn3 beeps have a meaning indeed ;)08:51
* NineTeen67Comet lol .. no beeps now .. sigh ..08:52
tijnmaybe  your memory08:52
cptnymois the update website down for ubuntu?08:52
NineTeen67Comettijn: yeah .. slowly pulling and replacing stuff .. lucky it is an old box with hardware I've got in supply .. lol08:52
=== jakil is now known as jakil_
tijnNineTeen67Comet, what you also can do is strip the system completly except mobo/proc etc and listen for beeps08:53
jakil_piti je fait quoi ma08:54
cptnymocan anyone read this?08:54
badkittyupdate website?08:54
badkittyyes i can08:54
NineTeen67Comettijn: bout to that point .. I'm a little confused because I can hear the hd boot up as normal ...08:55
cptnymoyes i tryed to update at it said 40408:55
badkittyhow did you try to update?08:55
oxeimonGumby: I can't seem to reinstall network-manager08:55
oxeimonGumby: can I somehow get it from the ubuntu install disk?08:55
Gumbyoxeimon: reinstall?08:56
Gumbyyou completely removed it?08:56
Gumbyor just those files?08:56
oxeimonGumby: I'm trying to sudo aptitude reinstall network-manager08:56
cptnymoW: Failed to fetch http://kr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kdelibs/kdelibs-data_3.5.8-0ubuntu3.3_all.deb08:56
oxeimonGumby: hopefully that will replace those files08:56
cptnymo  404 Not Found08:56
Gumbyoxeimon: why not just create them yourself?08:56
marshmelloHow would I go about adding all ips to the ban list in the iptable and then adding certain ips on a specif port limited access?08:56
P1rohi, any guide to update kernel ?08:56
oxeimonGumby: how do I create them?08:57
oxeimonGumby: the ones you sent me are from hardy, and I can't copy/paste08:57
tijnNineTeen67Comet, well it can be multiple problems, mem, video card, proc, mobo etc08:57
badkittycptnymo: Is that for kde?08:57
Pupenoany recommended RSS reader?08:57
Gumbyoxeimon: well a few ways, you can open them up on the desktop by doing gksudo gedit /path/to/file  or via a console by doing sudo nano -w /path/to/file08:57
Gumbyoxeimon: floppy? cdrom?  usbstich?  copy them over08:58
P1roits there any guide/doc or something to update the kernel ?08:58
cptnymoidk its just a bunch of stuff that came up in the little available updates pop up08:58
bullgard4English help wanted. What is a 'commit' log? (Found in Synaptic > File > History.) I have read 'dict commit' but do not get the meaning of 'commit' here.08:58
marshmelloHow would I go about adding all ips to the ban list in the iptable and then adding certain ips on a specif port limited access?08:59
badkittycptnymo: I dunno what that repo is for.. i dont get an error and I dont think that is a repo in my sources08:59
sweetsinseWerdna you there08:59
cptnymodo you know how i can make it go away?08:59
codenameAnyone know anything about installing UT200409:01
codenamei dont have the installer.sh09:01
P1rohow i can make my sources point to my kernel09:03
P1roi have two kernel and im trying to patch one driver and it always patchs the old kernel !09:03
Werdnasweetsinse: yes09:03
sweetsinseyou need sbm.bin09:03
mabapHello how do I view a dvd?09:03
gary4garcodename, http://ubuntu-forum.com/showthread.php?t=39470609:04
ttys2how can i sett user rights in fstab for smbfs09:04
=== ubuntu is now known as ttt--
Werdnasweetsinse: cheers.09:04
sweetsinseuse:    dd if=sbm.bin of=/dev/fd0 bs=1 count=512    :to copy to a floppy haha09:04
sweetsinseWerdna that last part is important09:05
sweetsinseits like rawrite in windows09:05
nomopofomoHello, I'm trying to figure out why the title bar of windows turns white occasionally.09:05
thelonecabbageis there an applet than can monitor remote server uptime?09:05
=== unix is now known as unixpower
badkittymabap: Use vlc or totem09:05
unixpowerhello all09:05
NineTeen67Cometthelonecabbage: I use Munin to track all my boxes .. munin.openlug.com .. you can also just have it watch your one box ..09:06
pabixnomopofomo, system, preferences, sounds, system bell ?09:06
PupenoI am used to Akregator, but I'd like to use something more Gnomish on Gnome.09:06
NineTeen67Cometaptitude intstall munin-node munin and some minor /etc/munin/*.conf editing and it'll be up09:06
feanorekhow can i hide, my hdd icon on the desktop?? I got gnome09:06
gary4gardoes d4x, support multiple connections to same servers?09:06
Werdnasweetsinse: I have rawrite, I'm in windows now :P09:06
sweetsinsewhats akgragator09:06
thelonecabbageNineTeen67Comet: I use munin09:07
sweetsinseok perfect09:07
Survivorman    Liferea is gnomish09:07
badkittysweetsinse: RSS reader i believe09:07
thelonecabbagebut I need something more simple, just to report when a server goes down09:07
mabapbadkitty: okay I will try this09:07
oCtoduranyone that have time to give help with a e100_eeprom_load: EEPROM corrupted error while booting ubuntu ?09:08
pabixgary4gar, system, preferences, peripherals09:08
NineTeen67Cometthelonecabbage: I use a server uptime service that'll pop you an e-mail .. http://www.serviceuptime.com/free_monitoring.php first URL is free.09:08
pabixgary4gar, sorry, was for feanorek09:08
nomopofomopabix, it's nothing to do with sounds at all. It's a bug, I believe, where the title bar of a window will turn white/gray and the minimize/maximize/close buttons become mostly invisible.09:08
pabixnomopofomo, got compiz?09:08
thelonecabbageunless the email reaches out and smacks me in the head, it's not much use09:09
mabapbadkitty: Totem could not play 'file:///home/mabap/media:/hda'09:09
thelonecabbagethe point is I need something to alert me when a server goes down09:09
thelonecabbageI don't check my email 'cept once or twice a day09:09
feanorekpabix, thx09:09
nomopofomopabix, I believe I do but I think I probably need to download the application that allows me access to the advanced compiz settings, right?09:09
pabixnomopofomo, for compiz issues, you better ask another person... I'm the wrong one :(09:10
NineTeen67Cometthelonecabbage: lol .. Hire a little kid to go off when he sees his game go down .. lol .. I dunno what'll actually pop out a signal other than e-mail or log ..09:10
badkittymabap: If it doesn't work you probably need to download the codecs09:10
ttys2where can i find material that will give me an idea about user rights and how they work when it comes to setting them my self09:10
thelonecabbageNineTeen67Comet: in theory applet09:10
thelonecabbageI guess I'll have to write one09:11
* pabix is compiling itk, vtk, ffmpeg, mpeg2-encode, and paraview...09:11
nomopofomopabix, maybe you can help me with another issue? Which plug-in would you recommend for viewing Quicktime movies in Firefox?09:11
pabixnomopofomo, mplayer plug-in?09:11
nomopofomopabix, I'll look, thanks :)09:11
pabixyou search for mplayer in synaptic (and you have downloaded the non-free codecs)09:11
Survivormanpabix, does the whole app grey out?09:11
mabapbadkitty: I have all the codecs.. :/09:11
nomopofomoSurvivorman, are you talking to me?09:12
pabixSurvivorman, I have no problem with my desktop, you might have asked nomopofomo09:12
badkittymabap: are you sure.. do you have libdvdcss2?09:12
sweetsinsenomopofomo what driver and vidcard you using09:12
SurvivormanSorry pabix09:12
pabixno need to be09:12
nomopofomosweetsinse, nvidia and Geforce 6600 GT09:12
Werdnasweetsinse: didn't work. my files are on a USB drive, which it wouldn't talk to.09:12
sweetsinseoh you did say that didnt you Werdna09:13
sweetsinsei thought you needed floppy09:13
SurvivormanIn compiz, the whole app occasionally greys out when the app crashes, but if the titlebars disappear, usually switching from gtk back to emerald helps me fix it09:13
Werdnano, not enough room on a floppy :P09:13
=== Aloha__ is now known as Aloha
sweetsinsewhat do you need on there?09:14
sweetsinsewhat you mean not enough room09:14
sweetsinsenomopofomo what wndow decorator09:14
nomopofomoSurvivorman, no, that's not the case. Sometimes while switching between windows or moving my mouse over the title bar buttons, the title bar ONLY will grey out.09:14
Werdnasweetsinse: the 700MB ubuntu install disk. I can't find my damn USB CD-ROM drive. I've copied the files themselves onto a USB disk, and I want to run it.09:14
nomopofomosweetsinse, compiz... I think? I don't actually know what a window decorator is.09:14
Werdnasweetsinse: I've determined that if syslinux would work on that disk, I'd be in business.09:15
nomopofomosweetsinse, I know I'm using the human theme. 7.10 Gutsy.09:15
nomiccan anyone tell me when i have set up a simple NFS share and i type "sudo mount  /home/dan"  where is the inet address of wlan0 on the server  -- I get "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on, missing code page or helper program or other error"09:15
sweetsinseWerdna why not use floppy to boot cd, what were you trying to do again09:15
sweetsinsenomopofomo you are probly using gtk-window-decorator09:16
Werdnasweetsinse: Install ubuntu. I don't have a CD drive for this computer (it's a laptop)09:16
nomopofomosweetsinse, how would I confirm?09:16
pocketdrummerIs there a Dashboard like program that works well with Ubuntu (that I can get from the repository?)09:16
sweetsinseps aux | grep gtk-window09:17
dgjonesnomic, are you using this help guide to setup nfs? https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/network-file-system.html09:17
sweetsinserun that nomopofomo09:17
nomici will try that one09:17
nomopofomo/usr/bin/gtk-window-decorator --replace09:18
nomopofomosweetsinse, I am running it.09:18
badkittypocketdrummer: screenlets?09:18
sweetsinseyou could try like soeone suggested, to install emerald nomopofomo09:18
sweetsinsei personally like it alot09:18
pocketdrummerbadkitty: is it available from the repository and not Ubuntu breaking? This is the first time I've had it up and running without serious problems.09:18
nomopofomosweetsinse, what's it called in the package manager?09:19
sweetsinseand i know gtk has issues sometimes with compiz09:19
oxeimonGumby: thanks for all your help. I finally have it working09:19
griffi1does anyone where is the file .config for the kernel when youfirst install ubuntu (I mean the kernel header) ??09:19
sweetsinsejust emerald09:19
Gumbyoxeimon: good to hear09:19
oxeimonGumby: and by working, I mean back to the point before I tried to fix it hahahah09:19
sweetsinsecompiz will use it by default if it exists09:19
badkittypocketdrummer: Umm actually i think it is.. try it if not, its just a repo away..09:19
dgjonesnomic, i used that and didn't have a problem setting it up, my nfs shares mount from fstab, instead of using the hostname, i use the ip address of the machine and have set the mount points into /media09:19
Gumbyoxeimon: always a learning experience :)09:19
nomicright thanks dgjones ... btw how do you get a hostname for a machine instead of an ip address09:19
oxeimonnow I can finally start on my problem set that's due tomorrow. gahhhhh09:20
nomici think it is because i should be using fstab09:20
sweetsinseWerdna do you have a floppy though on that lappy09:20
oboy03what should i do if in my restricted drivers manger ATI card is present and not NVIDIA which is my video card09:20
nomopofomoOne last question. How do I choose which plug-in I want to decode movies in my browser if there are two installed? Should I just remove the Totem plug-in or will that cause dependency errors? I would rather use the VLC plug-in.09:21
dgjonesnomic, i'm not sure about getting the hostname, its something i need to have a look at myself at some point for situations when the ip address changes09:21
sweetsinsenomopofomo remove totem-mozilla09:21
nomicyes i gather the ip address may not be constant dgjones09:21
sweetsinsenomopofomo is emerald w3rking/09:22
nomopofomosweetsinse, installing it now :)09:22
dgjonesnomic, in theory on mine it should be, i use mac address filtering and each allowed mac address is linked to an internal ip address on the router, but for some reason my router settings have gotten confused and they've changed which is why i want to change to the hostname09:23
oboy03what should i do if in my restricted drivers manger ATI card is present and not NVIDIA which is my video card09:23
nomopofomooboy03, shit a brick.09:23
sweetsinseoboy03 is everything w3rking at the moment?09:23
nomic l8r dgjones09:23
sweetsinsethen id say if it aint broke... :)09:24
oboy03sweetsinse: then i cant use accelerated graphic09:24
Werdnasweetsinse: yes.09:25
oboy03nomopofomo: what do u mean by shit a brick???09:25
speedhunt3rcan anyone use QtTube anymore? seems like every URL times out when i try to download...09:25
sweetsinsehaha what is output of:   lspci | grep VGA   :oboy0309:25
nomopofomooboy03, I meant it sounds like a tricky problem.09:26
sweetsinseWerdna i dont know, maybe sbm can pass boot to usb also?09:26
badkittyoboy03: He means, that shouldn't be possible09:26
Werdnasweetsinse: nope.09:26
oboy03well it is possible09:26
badkittyoboy03: And that your are in a jam09:26
sweetsinsea very sticky fruit jam09:27
badkittyoboy03: How could it recognize an nvidia card as an ati?09:27
sweetsinseyes that is peculiar09:27
sweetsinsewhat is the output of that command oboy0309:27
nomopofomoHaha, how do I actually apply one of these themes in Emerald?09:27
oboy0302:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5500] (rev a1)09:28
sweetsinsenomopofomo are you in the theme manager for emerald09:28
oboy03but in restricted driver it says09:28
oboy03ATI accelerated drvier and HAL09:28
sweetsinsehang on i dont have it installed on hardy09:29
nortyhow do i get diff to print out 0 or 1 everytime? i need to use it in an if statement..09:29
nomopofomoSigh... I need subversion...09:29
nomopofomoI'm on it sweetsinse.09:29
sweetsinseoboy03 you might have to specify driver in xorg.conf, dont know which you need?09:30
=== jakil is now known as jakil_
sweetsinsenomopofomo do you have a .emerald file09:30
sweetsinsepretty sure you just go to 'Import'09:31
badkittyoboy03: I see the system tells you its an nvidia card but it recommends an ati driver in the restricted manager?09:31
oboy03badkitty: yes09:31
nomopofomosweetsinse, not yet. I could export one from the theme manager but I'm going to try to import some first from the repositories.09:31
nomopofomoBut first, I need subversion.09:31
sweetsinsei dont know of any packages in the repos09:31
oboy03i just updated a while ago and i am surprise it recommends ATI, i had it working before with nvidia09:32
badkittyoboy03: Can you install the nvidia drivers yourself?09:32
sweetsinsedo you remeber what driver you were using09:32
oboy03badkitty: i do not know manually, i just follow the update09:32
oboy03i remember the new-nvidia-glx09:33
oboy03i think09:33
oboy03thats it09:33
nomopofomosweetsinse, yeah, I can't figure out how to get any of the themes from the repositories...09:34
oboy03i tried now sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new09:34
nomopofomoafter that command finishes, oboy03, run sudo nvidia-glx-config enable09:35
badkittyoboy03: Your going to have to enable the restricted repo i imagine09:35
badkittyoh ...it worked?09:35
oboy03so how can i remove the ati and the HAL?09:35
sweetsinseno sure either, didnt know there were theme packs in repo nomopofomo09:36
sweetsinseoh you dont want to remove hal my friend09:36
sweetsinseemerald is crazy customizable09:37
corporealanyone here use ypserv/nis?09:38
Le^stathow do i install different login screens or themes09:38
sweetsinsesystem > administration > login window09:38
Le^stati've downloaded some09:38
Le^statit doesnt recognise it09:39
sweetsinsedid you unpack it09:39
oboy03i think u hav to us gdm manager or something like that09:39
sweetsinseleave it as a .tar09:39
Le^statnice one09:40
nortyHow do I get diff to output either 0 or 1, i need to use it for an if statement.. ??09:40
sweetsinsehaha no worries09:40
sweetsinsenorty is this bash09:41
nortyno csh09:41
mabapnorty: diff a b > /dev/null; echo $?09:41
Werdnasweetsinse: any ideas?09:41
nortyI need it to work locally09:42
mabapnorty: what do you mean?09:42
nortycan't have access to /dev09:43
oboy03sudo nvidia-glx-config enable   did not work09:43
nomopofomoI can't figure out how to make Emerald work for me. :(09:43
badkittynomopofomo: It doesn't work at all?09:43
IndyGunFreaknomopofomo: are your graphics drivers installed?09:43
nomopofomoIndyGunFreak, course. badkitty I opened up the app in System >Preferences but can't figure out how to apply the theme.09:44
badkittynomopofomo: You apply the theme inside of emerald09:44
sweetsinseWerdna i dont suppose youve poked around your bios for usb support...haha wishful thinking?09:44
IndyGunFreaknomopofomo: it should enable as soon as you choose it, least it always has for me.09:45
nomopofomoemerald: Could not acquire decoration manager selection on screen 0 display ":0.0" from terminal09:45
boywhat is your name09:45
nomopofomoI meant that came from the terminal.09:45
sweetsinsenomopofomo can you see the default red borders?09:45
sweetsinseyou need to restart compiz09:45
badkittyi see... have you rebooted since you installed it?09:45
sweetsinsein terminal09:45
nomopofomobadkitty, no :)09:45
sweetsinseemerald --replace09:45
oboy03is there an easier way to remove the list in the restricted driver manager?09:45
nortynevermind i got it09:46
nomopofomosweetsinse, that worked!09:46
sweetsinsemmm BOMB09:46
IndyGunFreakoboy03: why are you worried about it?.. just disable what you don't want, enable what you want, and don't worry about it.09:46
sweetsinsecompiz will boot emerald from now on09:46
nomopofomoUh oh.09:46
badkittynomopofomo: That was my next move09:46
oboy03thats the problem09:46
oboy03what i want is not in it09:46
sweetsinsehaha i think he killed his decorations09:47
sweetsinsewhen he closed term09:47
IndyGunFreakoboy03: ok, think about your question.09:47
oboy03i cant use accelerated graphics if my card is not detected09:47
Werdnasweetsinse: well, it HAS usb support, but I've tried numerous syslinux-based methods to boot from it, and all I get is 'Boot error'09:47
oboy03so any ideas?09:47
kerbtrayhello, i want to know if running virtualbox on a 64 bits ubntu installation would really get a perfomance boost out of my machines. Can someone give me some vieuws on that ?09:48
sweetsinsei wish i could help ya more man but i have never done anything with usb Werdna09:48
IndyGunFreakyes, install your graphics drivers09:48
IndyGunFreakoboy03: what type of graphics device?09:48
oboy03yeah it is installed and not listed09:48
IndyGunFreakwhat version of ubuntu are you using?09:48
sweetsinsewhat is output of:   glxinfo | grep direct   :oboy0309:49
oboy03glxinfo: error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:49
sweetsinseha what the fudge09:49
IndyGunFreakwell, i'd say your drivers likely aren't setup09:49
sweetsinseyes a very not good sign09:50
oboy03isnt the update suppose to handle that?09:50
IndyGunFreakoboy03: how did you install the driver?09:50
oboy03it just update from the main server09:50
sweetsinseoboy is this udgrade from feisty 2 gutsy09:50
oboy03this is gutsy09:50
sweetsinsejust a simple package upgrade?09:51
kazilhi all! i'm loosing wireless connection when trying something to upload (torrents, ftp, browser, no difference). i've got LevelOne WNC-0305USB adapter. anyone any idea?09:51
oboy03then i chose important sec updt and recomendd update09:51
kazilthe device worked out-of-the-boy09:51
BelisarivsHi all09:52
NullNoneHi All!09:52
sweetsinsehi y'all09:52