sadmacKeybuk: did you look at this? https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=43238401:57
Keybuksadmac: I hadn't seen that02:00
Keybukfor some reason, I'm not getting mails from your bugzilla02:00
sadmachm. weird.02:01
sadmacKeybuk: do you have an account? (I don't think it filters on that, but maybe).02:02
KeybukI do, yes02:02
Keybukand I set myself to be cc'd on the meta bug02:03
sadmacspam filter?02:03
KeybukI've checked that 02:04
Keybukmy spam filter only grey lists on spam02:04
ion_ma164709 < ion_> keybuk: Please take a look at the refcount branch now. (nih_alloc_reparent, nih_realloc still have  to be taken care of.)02:05
ion_ma164728 < ion_> keybuk: Does that look okay?02:05
sadmacKeybuk: I'll hit devel-list about it.02:05
sadmacKeybuk: or you could (might be nice to introduce yourself to the people :)02:06
Keybukion_: it's on my TODO to look at :)02:06
Keybukion_: did you push the branch to LP?02:11
Keybukcause I can't remember the URL :)02:13
ion_keybuk: Hm, i probably didn’t make LP mirror it. Let me see...02:13
Keybuks'ok, just the original URL would do too :p02:14
ion_Yeah, just grepping for it. :-)02:14
Keybukion_: why uint32_t for refcount?02:21
Keybukunsigned int seems the proper type?02:21
ion_Oh, i forgot to change that. We already discussed this. :-)02:22
ion_What i changed now is just the most recent commit.02:23
Keybuklooks good though02:26
Keybukcan't see any obvious problems02:26
KeybukI'm wondering whether you need the restriction that you can't ref/unref a non-parent object02:29
Keybukit should work if you can02:29
Keybuksince the parent holds one ref, and the other object another02:29
Keybukif the parent is freed, the object will stay around because it's still ref'd02:29
Keybukthat other object would have to take care of unref'ing in its destructor though02:29
ion_OTOH, it would be somewhat confusing if an object is in multiple “containers”, only one of which is the parent. I was thinking that a “root” object (parentless) and all its children would be a single refcounted entity.02:32
ion_keybuk: Ok, i fixed refcount’s type. Pushed.02:35
Keybukit might be interesting if each of the objects could have an n-way relationship with each other, rather than strict parent/child02:36
Keybukthat way unref'ing would be automatic02:36
Keybukmaybe I'm overcomplicating things as usual there though02:36
sadmacKeybuk: nobody else is reporting missing emails. Could it be something in your bugzilla account settings?03:25
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