hsuhanyone here has urxvt with a customized font? i'm having with xubuntu gutsy00:20
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Traveler6i need help, pissed off01:08
Traveler6i am trying to install x 7.10 from cd01:09
Traveler6it goes to the partitioner screen but doesn't show anything, completely blank01:09
Traveler6i rebooted, loaded gparted and created 2 parts both ext to do it manually01:09
Traveler6and than it still doesnt show anything when i get to the partioner screen01:09
hsuhso how do you now you are in the partitioner?01:10
zoredachenot seeing the drives in the partitioner usually indicates that the drive-conroller is not supported01:10
Traveler6it says "prepare partitions" step 4 of 701:10
hsuholder versions worked?01:11
Traveler66.06 yes i believe so, it seems to not be seeing the drive or not mounting it01:11
Traveler6on the forums some say to use alternate cd hmm01:15
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mikeazIs there a way to get HFS+ support in Linux, specifically read/write to a Mac OS X drive?02:17
LjL!info hfsplus | mikeaz02:21
ubotumikeaz: hfsplus (source: hfsplus): Tools to access HFS+ formatted volumes. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.4-12build1 (gutsy), package size 45 kB, installed size 236 kB02:21
mikeazLjL: how should i mount it so it can write?02:30
LjLno idea02:30
mikeazLjL: i have a hackintosh, and i'm trying to move around some files because right now i get a panic if i boot into os x02:31
mikeazi can see the files i have to change, i just can't write to them02:31
mikeazi'm annoyingly close, but linux isn't my first language02:32
Yamichianybody feel like holding a total noob's hand through his xubuntu deflowering?04:58
zoredacheare you have specific problems?  I might be able to help a little, but I am also upgrading servers...05:02
ere4sisounds like it could be wet and messy...05:02
YamichiI'll bring a towel05:03
YamichiAfter much berating from co-workers and an over-zealous brother, I installed gutsy on a laptop05:03
YamichiI'm trying to get it to connect to my home network to pull shared files from my PC05:03
Yamichiwhen I go into "shared folders" it says I need to install NFS or Samba05:03
Yamichiso I click "install" and the "you need to install..." dialogue just pops right back up05:04
tunaHow do I set the default web browser in xubuntu?05:04
YamichiI went through the package manager and it says the samba is already installed so I'm a bit lost05:04
tunaYamichi: start synaptic, search for nfs and samba05:04
ere4siYamichi, you need to open up more repositories in the synaptic package manager05:05
zoredachetuna: applications/settings/prefered applications05:05
Yamichitranslate that to noobtalk please, Ere?05:05
tunadid you have samba or just samba-common installed?05:06
YamichiSays I have smbclient, libsmbclient and samba-common05:06
tunainstall the package called "samba"05:06
Yamichithere isn't one listed as samba05:07
YamichiI have samba-common, libsmbclient and smbclient05:07
Yamichiand it says all three are installed05:07
zoredacheYamichi: are you trying to connect TO the windows box or from the windows box?05:07
Yamichito the windows box05:07
tunahmmm.. what repositories are you using?05:08
zoredacheshared folders doesn't do that05:08
zoredachethat is if you want windows to connect to you05:08
Yamichithe laptop is butt nekkid aside from the fresh xubuntu install05:08
tunazoredache: didn't work. Opening a random link still opens it in konqueror05:08
zoredacheYamichi: xubuntu doesn't have a native gui smbclient... you can mount file systems from a terminal, or you run install something like pyneighborhood05:10
zoredachethere are several howtos out on the net that show how to compile fusesmb + afuse to automagically mount things05:11
YamichiI'm so used to being the nerd.  this is gonna take some getting used to05:12
zoredacheYamichi: http://ohioloco.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30413105:14
Yamichinot sure but I think this may come back to my initial problem.  when I go to shared folders, it says I need to install NFS or Samba.  both of which say they are already installed05:16
Yamichibut I'm reading further to see if I can make it stick05:16
zoredachestart system/add-remove software05:17
zoredachego to preferences and on the 'downloadable from the internet' make sure everything is checked05:18
Yamichiyeah- that wasn't :-)05:18
Yamichigood grief.  that added a LOT of options...05:18
Yamichiwooo... getting somewhere05:27
Yamichithanks zore05:27
Yamichiok so it looks like I'm a super user and in the 'root' group but I can't create folders05:36
Yamichiblah. nvm...05:36
zoredachejust because you are in the root groups doesn't mean you can write anywhere05:36
Yamichiwell... thought root = god05:37
zoredacheyes, but being in those groups means you can become God... not that you are05:37
YamichiMy brother has a shirt that says "god just think's he's root" so that's about my understanding of root05:37
Yamichiah well damn05:37
Yamichiso how do I ascend05:37
zoredachetry this... press alt-f2 and enter the command gksu Thunar05:37
YamichiI found a workaround I'm just curious what you mean05:37
zoredachein a gui application you precede a command with 'gksu', in the cli you start a command with 'sudo'05:38
Yamichihahahaha- gives me the pink bar that says I'm gonna shoot myself in the foot05:39
YamichiI'm gonna go ahead and close that just in case now that I've made my folder...05:41
* Yamichi sighs05:42
Yamichimy wife is going to STAB me for playing with this thing05:42
YamichiOH FOR SHIZZLE!05:48
* Yamichi does the happy dance. takes his five yard penalty for excessive caps05:48
Yamichialrighty.  thanks so much zore.  MUCH appreciated05:57
ryan_I recently did an update, after rebooting I tried to mound a drive and it locked up06:35
ryan_I rebooted again and all my desktop settings are messed up, I can;t right click for the menu anymore06:36
ryan_and I can't change my desktop image06:36
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alnoktahi, i have the sound volume very low on xubuntu while normal on windows, vlc on both..any idea why is that?12:25
TheSheepalnokta: open alsamixer in terminal12:30
TheSheepalnokta: and check the various channels12:30
alnoktaTheSheep, yes , what i should do next?12:33
TheSheepalnokta: well, use left and right arrows to cwitch channels, and up and down arrows to change their volume12:36
alnokta_<alnokta> TheSheep, yes , what i should do next?12:40
TheSheepalnokta: well, the problem didn't go away?12:48
alnokta_TheSheep, no :(12:51
alnokta_may be it is because i changed its place on the mb?12:54
alnokta_TheSheep, how can i make it re detect the sound card?13:14
TheSheepalnokta_: it does it on every boot13:16
alnokta_TheSheep, i see PCM item is off, how to turn it on?13:19
WhitmanI've set the terminal to have a transparent background but no matter what level of transparency I set the background stays black.  Am I missing something? (xubuntu 7.10)13:35
sugardrunkgo to window manager tweaks13:42
sugardrunkdo you have "display composition" enabled?13:42
WhitmanI do now and the terminal transparency works, but it's very slow.  It's an old machine with an ati rage card. Never mind.13:45
sugardrunkcan't remember what was the case with compiz on xubuntu 7.10... is it by default?13:47
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sugardrunkI managed to hide my menu.. is there a way to get the original back?14:41
sugardrunkoh sorry nothing :D14:41
sugardrunki hate to edit the menu of XFCE14:41
sugardrunkit sucks (or just me?)14:45
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SimfonyousWHat's the difference between xubuntu and kubuntu?15:13
solar_power_georXubuntu  uses xfce kubuntu uses kde as the desktop environment15:14
solar_power_georboth are based on the ubuntu base system15:14
Simfonyoussolar_power_geor, what about gnome?15:15
solar_power_georgnome is used by the main ubuntu system15:15
Simfonyousah.. ok15:15
Simfonyousso Ubuntu is gnome, kubuntu is kde and xubuntu xfce15:15
SimfonyousAnother thng Iw as wondering is application compatibility15:16
Simfonyouswill kde apps wirk in gnome?15:16
Simfonyousor gnome apps in xfce15:16
solar_power_georyes but kde apps will not follow gnome or xfce themes15:17
Simfonyousbut they will work properly?15:17
solar_power_georgnome and xfce use the same graphics system so you should notice no difference15:17
sugardrunkbut there are ways to configure them i think15:17
SimfonyousI'm not concerned with looks, just am wondering if the will fully function15:18
solar_power_georthere will be noting wrong with the application but it will look different15:18
SimfonyousI see15:18
SimfonyousWell, thats good to know.. at lease no compatibility issues15:18
sugardrunkand additional libraries etc. installed of course... but that won't be a problem15:19
SimfonyousWhat are the advantaes of kde, xfce or gnome? how do I know which is right for me?15:19
nanonymetry out?15:20
nanonymexfce is the lightest of the three anyway15:20
SimfonyousIs it easy to15:20
solar_power_georyou don't need to reinstall just to try them15:20
SimfonyousI can run any I want?15:20
solar_power_georjust do aptitude install xfce for xfce kde ect.15:20
sugardrunkit is possible to install them all.. and many others15:21
SimfonyousI'm a windows user. I tried Debian once and really liked it. What is the advantage of using ubuntu over Debian? (if any)15:21
solar_power_georubuntu has a more up to date package base and easier to use15:22
Simfonyousthanks guys15:23
solar_power_georno prob15:23
Tobias92Hello xubuntu people. All the icons in openoffice vanished and removing it with --purge and installing again doesn't work. I'm on xubuntu gutsy (just switched). Is there a fix for this?15:44
solar_power_geortry changing the theme15:45
solar_power_georin OOos own options settings15:45
Tobias92Do you mean the icon style?15:46
Tobias92solar_power_geor, no, it doesn't work15:47
solar_power_georhmm - i've never had that prob - thinking15:49
TheSheepsolar_power_geor: do you have the openoffice.org-gtk installed?15:50
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inka-lame question19:46
inka-i've tried to install xfce, but it doesn't show up in the session manager19:47
inka-what can be wrong<19:47
rothchildhow do I get network manager to remember my router password? is there a 'wallet' system in xfce?20:07
lecherothchild, i got the same problem20:50
RandyboYmy xubuntu hang in boot. syslog gives some warnings and criticals.... but i dont understand what to do.20:54
RandyboYFeb 12 19:36:34 MediaXubuntu gdm[5144]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :020:54
RandyboYFeb 12 19:36:34 MediaXubuntu gdm[4944]: CRITICAL: gdm_config_value_get_bool: assertion `value->type == GDM_CONFIG_VALUE_BOOL' failed20:54
zoredacheRandyboY: have you see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96068&page=320:57
RandyboYNo, but i will :)20:58
stupidwhitemanI'm having mount issues, I just want to play a CD from the CDROM drive, which I know works, because I installed xubuntu with it22:42
stupidwhitemansam@fox:/$ sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 /media/cdrom022:42
stupidwhiteman[sudo] password for sam:22:42
stupidwhitemanmount: block device /dev/scd0 is write-protected, mounting read-only22:42
stupidwhitemanmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/scd0,22:42
stupidwhiteman       missing codepage or helper program, or other error22:42
stupidwhiteman       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try22:42
stupidwhiteman       dmesg | tail  or so22:42
stupidwhitemansam@fox:/$ dmesg | tail22:42
stupidwhiteman[58086.459453] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 022:42
stupidwhiteman[58086.461130] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 022:42
stupidwhiteman[58086.462817] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 022:42
stupidwhiteman[58086.464496] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 022:42
stupidwhiteman[58086.466173] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 022:42
stupidwhiteman[58086.467859] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 022:42
stupidwhiteman[58086.469556] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 022:42
stupidwhiteman[58086.472152] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 022:42
stupidwhiteman[59034.109027] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 6422:42
stupidwhiteman[59034.109123] isofs_fill_super: bread failed, dev=sr0, iso_blknum=16, block=1622:42
stupidwhitemananybody in here?22:49
solar_georgeare you only working from a cli or will the desktop not auto mount22:49
stupidwhitemanit won't auto mount, invalid mount option when attempting to mount22:54
solar_georgecheck it in another computer22:55
stupidwhitemanthe cd?22:56
stupidwhitemanit's an audio22:56
solar_georgewell you don't need to mount it then - just use an audio player22:56
stupidwhitemanI've used totem player, and it played the first track and stopped.22:59
stupidwhitemanit autoplayed23:00
solar_georgewhat about xfmedia - it should be able to handle it23:00
stupidwhitemanhi w4ett23:20
stupidwhitemanhave you had problems playing audio CDs? "invalid mount option" when it tries to automount?23:24
stupidwhitemanor rather, when I try to "mount the volume"23:25
stupidwhitemansudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 /media/cdrom0 doesn't work either23:26
w4ettnoproblems at all23:26
stupidwhitemaninteresting...I have know idea what could be wrong23:27
theunixgeekI think Xubuntu should be renamed to Ubuntu Lite or Ubuntu Lightweight Edition23:27
w4ettis ur fsta set up right?23:27
w4ettI run xubuntu on an eeepc, so that is pretty much a moot point with me23:28
w4ettwithout an optical drive23:29
stupidwhitemanI'm not sure actually, that's where I got the /dev/scd0 and /media/cdrom0 from, it seemed to expect those, but they didn't work...I've looked the web for mounting instructions to no avail23:29
w4ettbut my desktop works well with cds23:29
w4ettbut I run Gnome on it23:29
stupidwhitemanmaybe it's an xfce problem23:30
stupidwhitemanbut I haven't found my exact problem on google yet23:31
w4ettdid u do a good search on the forums23:32
w4ettor you might ask on #ubuntu23:32

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