jdongcan someone tell me what bzr-rebase does exactly, or smack me and tell me to just get the plugin and play with it?00:00
jdongit sound intriguing but I guess I don't completely understand what it's doing from the wiki's description00:00
lifelessits a tool for discarding history00:00
lifelessand making it hard to merge with people00:00
jdongok tell me about why not to use it after telling me what it does :)00:01
beunoor making it linear, not having nested commits00:01
lifelessbut can be used to make the 'revision graph' look 'clean', and some projects consider this more important than good merging and collaboration.00:01
lifelessjdong: what it does is transcribe the content of commits to a new revision graph00:01
lifelessbeuno: you don't need rebase to do that00:01
jdonglifeless: so it essentially extracts the patch associated with each commit in a child branch and linearly commits it to the parent branch?00:01
beunolifeless, you don00:02
beunoer,  you don't?00:02
lifelessbeuno: merge; bzr revert --forget-merges; bzr commit00:02
lifelessjdong: no, bzr is not patch based.00:02
beunolifeless, ah, right, but that's on a per-commit basis00:02
beunothough it's interesting to know, I've needed that a few times00:03
jdonglifeless: the operation that it rebase does is similar to a merge in end result, but not in history, correct?00:03
lifelessbeuno: concurrency is endemic to collaboration; trying to hide it is a lie.00:03
jdongwow I can't type coherently today00:03
lifelessjdong: no, because it _discards history_00:04
jdonglifeless: in what way?00:04
jdong(ok I think I should just play with bzr-rebase to find out for myself)00:04
lifelessjdong: anyone following the branch that has been rebased can no longer follow it; they have to start over00:04
jdonglifeless: oh.... ouch.00:04
lifelessjdong: the revision graph is what gives you the ability to do merges at all00:04
beunolifeless, assuming that you always have non-conflicting merges, it shouldn't actually loose any useful history, no?00:04
beunoaaaaaaaah, interesting...00:05
lifelessbeuno: it always loses history00:05
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beuno_not_ what I need then  :D00:05
lifelessbeuno: if you are a leaf node in the contributor graph, then the impact of this loss is minor or even trivial.00:05
beunoit should be stressed that i's more of a cosmetic thing00:05
lifelessbeuno: if you are not a leaf node in the contributor graph, then every node following you has pointers to revisions that your branch no longer refers to00:06
lifelessbeuno: imagine if linus rebased the linux mainline to insert a new commit a few days ago, which he'd done on a 'private mainline' or something00:06
jdongeep, what does a KeyError on a pack during commit mean?00:07
jdongbzr: ERROR: exceptions.KeyError: 'sftp://linerva/%7E/docs/.bzr/repository/upload/zq5x7hmwfonjtr1jgpd9.pack'00:07
lifelessbeuno: so - if you want to encourage a strict hub and spoke merge graph, rebase may fit the leaf nodes only00:07
lifelessbeuno: but if there are no leaf nodes, noone can use rebase without impact00:07
beunolifeless, I see. I understand why you're so pesimistic about it now  :D00:08
lifelessjdong: no idea; what bzr version? try it again ?00:08
jdong1.0 locally, 1.1.0rc was used a bit remotely, seems to happen consistently with this commit (9 pngs)00:09
lifelessfile a bug00:09
lifelessget the backtrace from ~/.bzr.log00:09
jdongwill do00:10
ubotuNew bug: #191402 in bzr "bzr resolve fails on files with certain strings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19140200:10
ubotuNew bug: #191409 in bzr "commit on bound branch yields KeyError" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19140900:21
jdonglifeless: ^^ filed. Let me know if any more information would be helpful00:24
jdonglifeless: odd, looked like bzr+ssh:// worked fine (remote smartserver is 1.1.0~rc)00:28
mtayloranyway to find out in which revision a file was removed?00:42
mtayloror to get a log of a file not currently in a working tree?00:43
jdongmtaylor: probably not best way, but bzr log -v shows all the add/modify/deletes associated with each commit....00:44
jdongmtaylor: so you can pipe that to less and search through it for a filename00:44
jdongthe first catch should be the deleted revision00:44
rollythere are two grep plugins, aren't there? Maybe one of those can help00:45
mtaylorcool. that worked00:46
mtaylorso now if I want to revert the deleted file to that rev... ?00:47
mtaylorI actually want to restore that file and another, and then revert two other files to the state they were in that rev00:47
beunomtaylor, you can:  bzr cat dir/file -r revno00:47
beunocat it to a file00:47
beunoand there you have it00:47
beunobzr cat dir/file -r revno > new_file00:48
mtaylorwell hot-damn, look at that00:48
lifelessmtaylor: please file a bug00:48
mtaylorlifeless: against what?00:48
jdongmtaylor: probably against log deleted_file_name not working00:48
lifelessmtaylor: using revert to reinstate a deleted file to an old version00:49
mtaylorah. ok00:49
lifelessmtaylor: because you want to restore the file id too00:49
jdonglifeless: shouldn't there be a way to log old_file_name too?00:49
lifelessmtaylor: I think there is one for deleted-way-back file names not working. we need a syntax for saying 'this file in that revision'00:49
jdongthat doesn't involve a long grep00:49
lifelessmtaylor: also, for your case, to restore the file name I suggest you do:00:50
lifelessbzr merge -r 0..before:DELETEDIN ./path/to/filename00:50
lifelessmtaylor: rather than playing games with cat00:50
mtaylorlifeless: can I give that a list of filenames?00:52
lifelessmtaylor: no, not yet. there is a bug about that ;)00:52
lifelessmtaylor: OTOH you can give it a directory :)00:52
lifelessif a directory was deleted00:52
mtaylorwell, I actually do want to cherry pick file from the dir...00:53
mtaylorbut that's why bash has for!00:53
jdongfor file in.....00:53
lifelessbeuno: jdong: for reference, 'revert' is an alias for a special form of merge. So problems with revert can usually be addressed by using merge in a clever way.00:54
lifelessthis matters because you get better results with log afterwards.00:54
lifelessand with merge00:54
jdonglifeless: thanks. I should put this channel in my autojoin. I've learned more here the past 20 minutes than my entire day :)00:54
beunolifeless, but won't you have to manage conflicts for a file you actually want to overwrite with a previous version?00:56
lifelessbeuno: rarely00:56
lifelessbeuno: anyhow, note that this is the exception, normally just revert will DTRT00:57
beunolifeless, interesting. Thanks for the tip00:57
jdonglifeless: interesting, it seems like the problem is pushing over sftp onto an OpenAFS filesystem causes all kinds of blowups that I didn't notice before01:04
jdongbzr: ERROR: Generic path error: 'x5mcow4qnooegj14jua7.fetch': Failure: unable to rename to '../packs/e99efc4177e3d29106b0219514f8c3c4.pack')01:04
jdongthat's a new one01:04
jdonglifeless: is there any way to get paramiko or whatever the SFTP backend is to give more debugging info?01:05
pooliejdong, there may not be a debug option, but there is a debug setting in paramiko01:16
pooliei'm just not sure how it's exposed01:16
poolieit may be an environment variable01:16
poolieseparately, the failure i have at the moment is bzrlib.tests.blackbox.test_bundle_info.TestBundleInfo.test_bundle_info01:17
pooliei'm planning to fix bug 189771 by keeping a record of plugins that failed to load,02:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189771 in bzr "launchpad plugin tests broken" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18977102:11
poolieand having the test suite fail if that list is nonempty02:11
spivpoolie: that sounds good to me02:15
pooliei think the other dirstate thing is now merged02:15
pooliegod and pqm willing02:15
lifelesspoolie: I don't know that the launchpad plugin fails to load02:26
lifelesspoolie: it may be that the tests for it fail to load, but that that is a soft error.02:27
lifelesspoolie: if its the plugin failing to load, perhaps a test that all present plugins load  ?02:27
lifeless(said test disabled by --no-plugins of course)02:28
poolieok actually it does load02:28
lifelessif its the tests for it failing to load; then I think failing to load a test containing module should be a hard error not a soft error02:29
lifelessI've always thought this :)02:29
lifelessas in - don't run any tests, just stop cold02:29
poolieand it'd be a simple way to fix it02:33
poolieif you don't like it, you can always use --no-plugins02:33
lifelesspoolie: can you land the 1.3 NEWS sections etc asap03:16
lifelesspoolie: its a blocker for doing merges to mainline, unless you're going to fixup NEWS for us :)03:16
lifelesshmm, well not 1.3, but at least the markers for what is 1.203:17
poolielifeless, sure03:17
lifeless(this is why its in the release process docs)03:17
pooliei have not got up to that part of the process yet03:18
lifelessso technically I can land something in mainline still. _cool_03:19
poolielifeless, i'm submitting that patch now03:26
pooliethe static declarations in symbol_versioning are a bit ugly03:26
poolieremember to check you merges to NEWS go into the right place03:26
lifelesswhich patch?03:26
poolieto call it 1.3dev03:26
lifelessoh the release stuff03:26
lifelessI'll hold off this merge then03:27
lifelessI suspect your release process is somewhat difference in internal nature than mine03:27
lifelessthumper: so why did you add test_lp_registration when there is test_register already ?03:30
thumperlifeless: test_register was testing the register branch command03:31
lifelessand the rpc03:31
thumperlifeless: whereas test_lp_registration was testing the launchpad xmlprc bits03:31
poolielifeless, also your change to use edge seems to break the tests, now that they're running, but probably in a straightforward way03:31
lifelesspoolie: well, when my change landed all the tests passed :)03:32
lifelessthumper: for instance, test_register has test_mock_server_registration, testing the service directly03:32
thumperlifeless: I was pairing with abentley to do this03:33
thumperlifeless: and he suggested it and it seemed reasonable at the time03:33
lifelessthats fine, I am worried that we either have duplication, or confusion.03:33
lifelessif there is no duplication then its at best confusing to me03:33
pooliei think i will merge the files and dedupe03:33
lifelessbecause test_register is just blackbox tests03:33
lifelessthanks poolie03:34
thumperthe tests in test_lp_registration are very simple and explicit, I don't think there is any duplication03:34
lifelessis *not*03:34
thumperI don't have a strong opinion one way or the other03:34
thumperthe tests could be moved if that would help unconfuse you03:34
lifelesspoolie has already said he will03:35
abentleypoolie: But using --no-plugins means I can't use gselftest to run my tests...03:35
poolie! i didn't know of gselftest03:35
lifelessabentley: tests that fail to load are still broken; I _really_ want hard errors on all such things03:36
lifelessabentley: I don't really care if its expressed as a failing test ('all test scripts loaded'), or as an earlier error ('failed to create test suite')03:36
abentleylifeless: I think I agree.03:36
abentleyThere are some plugins I don't run because their test suites don't pass.03:37
poolieabentley, so you mean you want it shown as a failure, but other tests should run?03:37
abentleypoolie: I think that would be fine.03:38
lifelessI think its unneeded complexity though03:39
poolienote that this is only when the plugin's tests can't even be imported03:39
lifelessas failing to run any tests is much easier to signal03:39
pooliehopefully that's rare03:39
abentleyI think mainly I was saying that --no-plugins is not a panacea.03:40
abentleyBut the plugin should be fixed, and I have a low tolerence for broken plugins.03:41
abentleyI have a very big ~/.bazaar/plugins/inactive directory03:41
poolielifeless, re indenting of news, you want the asterisks in column 5?03:48
lifelesspoolie: yes03:50
* igc bbl04:00
poolielifeless, spiv: patch for 189771 sent, would appreciate if someone could look at it04:05
pooliei'm going out for a bit04:05
ubotuNew bug: #191449 in bzr-gtk "tests should skip if there's no $DISPLAY" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19144904:05
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lifelessbleh what a day of little-tasks04:43
lifelesstime for some coding04:46
i386lifeless: im getting another me here at work04:53
i386so they can do those sorts of things :)04:53
lifelessdidn't they break the mold?04:53
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i386large PNG is large04:55
mwhudsonhee: AttributeError: '_PreviewTree' object has no attribute 'get_symlink_target'05:09
mwhudsoni guess we didn't think that code was complete05:10
abentleymwhudson: nopes.05:19
ubotuNew bug: #191466 in bzr "bzr update on missing file does nothing. svn update brings back file." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19146605:50
poolielifeless, what do you mean "5 spaces rather than 2"?06:35
lifelessrather than 407:35
lifeless    here07:36
lifeless     here07:36
lifelessthats what the diff shows07:36
pooliethought so07:36
pooliedid you have an objection to vila's patch other than the trace thing?07:36
lifelessvila? or alexander?07:37
poolieregarding setup.py07:43
* igc dinner07:44
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lifelesspoolie: oh right the test cleanup one?08:45
lifelesspoolie: note vs info ?08:45
lifelesspoolie: I hadn't seen his follow up08:52
lifelessiz fine08:52
pooliei have a tarball08:53
poolienight all09:15
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rollyyay, rc109:32
johnnyif i do a cvsps-import, what exactly do i have ? layoutwise?10:51
cropalathi, i need some help with bzr. Any body???11:09
garyvdmThere are lots of people here. Go ahead an ask.11:10
cropalatsince yesterday, i try to use "bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~canonical-training/ubuntu-desktop-course/ubuntu-desktop-course-beta", and the transmission stop as you can see with this part of tcpdump output.11:10
cropalat08:04:52.496764 IP > 20150197157.user.veloxzone.com.br.35472: P 2615850:2616810(960) ack 6326 win 8416 <nop,nop,timestamp 1084713278 39394400>11:11
cropalat08:04:52.496852 IP 20150197157.user.veloxzone.com.br.35472 > . ack 2558570 win 3530 <nop,nop,timestamp 39394531 1084713216,nop,nop,sack 2 {2598570:2616810}{2561450:2592810}>11:11
cropalat08:04:52.510477 IP > 20150197157.user.veloxzone.com.br.35472: . 2616810:2618250(1440) ack 6326 win 8416 <nop,nop,timestamp 1084713278 39394400>11:11
cropalat08:04:52.510582 IP 20150197157.user.veloxzone.com.br.35472 > . ack 2558570 win 3530 <nop,nop,timestamp 39394535 1084713216,nop,nop,sack 2 {2598570:2618250}{2561450:2592810}>11:11
cropalat08:04:52.524143 IP > 20150197157.user.veloxzone.com.br.35472: . 2618250:2619690(1440) ack 6326 win 8416 <nop,nop,timestamp 1084713279 39394403>11:11
cropalat08:04:52.524272 IP 20150197157.user.veloxzone.com.br.35472 > . ack 2558570 win 3530 <nop,nop,timestamp 39394538 1084713216,nop,nop,sack 2 {2598570:2619690}{2561450:2592810}>11:11
cropalat08:04:52.537799 IP > 20150197157.user.veloxzone.com.br.35472: . 2619690:2621130(1440) ack 6326 win 8416 <nop,nop,timestamp 1084713279 39394403>11:11
cropalat08:04:52.537903 IP 20150197157.user.veloxzone.com.br.35472 > . ack 2558570 win 3530 <nop,nop,timestamp 39394541 1084713216,nop,nop,sack 2 {2598570:2621130}{2561450:2592810}>11:11
cropalat08:04:52.551418 IP > 20150197157.user.veloxzone.com.br.35472: . 2621130:2622570(1440) ack 6326 win 8416 <nop,nop,timestamp 1084713280 39394406>11:11
cropalat08:04:52.551511 IP 20150197157.user.veloxzone.com.br.35472 > . ack 2558570 win 3530 <nop,nop,timestamp 39394545 1084713216,nop,nop,sack 2 {2598570:2622570}{2561450:2592810}>11:11
cropalat08:04:52.565075 IP > 20150197157.user.veloxzone.com.br.35472: . 2622570:2624010(1440) ack 6326 win 8416 <nop,nop,timestamp 1084713281 39394410>11:11
cropalat08:04:52.565177 IP 20150197157.user.veloxzone.com.br.35472 > . ack 2558570 win 3530 <nop,nop,11:11
garyvdmPlease use http://pastebin.org/11:11
beunoplease :D11:11
cropalatmy screnn show this "| [=                                                         ] Transferring 0/4"11:12
beunocropalat, does bzr output an error?11:12
cropalatbeuno, no11:12
cropalatbut it get out with timeout11:12
beunocropalat, doesn't seem bzr-related than11:12
beunowhat version of bzr are you using?11:13
cropalatBazaar (bzr) 1.0.011:13
beunocropalat, seems good enough. It's probably related to some problem with your ISP11:14
beunoyou can try updating to the latest bzr if you want to try _something_ on your end11:14
beuno1.1 es the latest release11:14
cropalati will get the traffic to see. Thanks11:14
cropalatmy distro are working with 1.011:15
beunocropalat, what distro would that be?11:15
cropalatUbuntu 7.1011:15
beunocropalat, you can get the lastest from: https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive11:16
beunoeither add the ppa to your sources.list, or just plain download and install the deb11:16
cropalatbeuno, what is new in this version?11:16
beunocropalat, nothing significant enough that would fix your timeout, but it won't hurt  :D11:17
cropalatbeuno, thanks11:19
beunocropalat, np11:20
cropalatbeuno, where the bzr put the temp files?11:23
garyvdmcropalat: yourbranch/.bzr/11:24
cropalatgaryvdm, any specia name?11:26
garyvdmcropalat - sorry - I don't understand11:27
garyvdmWhat are you looking for>11:27
cropalatgaryvdm, how can i identify where the bzr are storing the download data at this time?11:29
garyvdmwhere yourbranch is the dir you are creating the branch in11:29
garyvdmIf you bzr branch mybranch and it stop half way you can cd mybranch then bzr pull and it will carry on from where it stopped11:33
mikeXhello, this is somewhat OT, but is it possible for your patiencediff to output only the *characters* that differ, not the whole line?12:05
luksyou can split the input on characters, not lines12:06
luksbut then it will be very slow, obviously12:06
mikeXhow would that work?12:06
lukslist("foobar") -> ['f', 'o', ...]12:06
mikeXwell actually i don't wont characters, just the subsets that differ12:06
mikeXhello world vs hell0_world, in such a case 0_12:07
lifelessmikeX: yes the algorithm can do this12:08
lifelessmikeX: and our internal code too12:08
mikeXcan you point me to the files that require modification for changing the output then?12:08
lifelessmikeX: but its much more expensive (if each line was 80 characters, and it was a linear cost, 80 times slower, but its > linear, upto quadratic worst case)12:08
lifelessmikeX: what you could do is something slightly different, and on the differing lines run the more expensive algorithm12:09
lifelessbzrlib.diff has the bulk of the diff high level logic12:09
mikeXthanks a lot12:10
lifelessoh also12:10
lifelesscheck out bzrlib.tests - there is a thing in there -assertEqualDiff that does a character level diff output12:11
luksmikeX: PatienceSequenceMatcher(None, "hello world", "hell0_world").get_opcodes()12:12
mikeXthat's greak, thanks luk12:18
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jdongis there a bzr plugin yet that can act like a "branch aggregrator"13:46
jdongi.e. check X different branch locations for new commits13:46
awilkinsjdong: Even if there was, would there be any difference between that and a shell script?13:51
jdongawilkins: well other than from a UI perspective, no.13:51
jdongthat would be a final fallback if there weren't a plugin AND I wasn't willing to write one :)13:52
awilkinsSort of like a branch manager GUI?13:52
awilkinsKeeps track of all your branches and such?13:52
jdongkind of like let's say "foobar" has a large developer community, with 20+ branches13:53
jdongright now, if I want to check for new commits from one of the developers, I'd have to keep track of 20 branch URLs by hand13:54
jdongor edit aliases by hand in a text editor... both of which are kind of annoying13:54
jdongI'd love to be able to do like "cd foobar; bzr check-related-branches"13:54
jdongand get a quick summary of type "Branch $foo has $n new revisions"13:55
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ignasif i have 5 branches and want to put them into a shared repository that i have just created using "bzr init-repo" what would be the command to use?14:40
LeoNerdJust push them there14:41
luksbzr branch14:41
ignasi want to pull 1 branch as a trunk, and put other 4 in branches/14:41
luksoh, or push14:41
ignasLeoNerd: thanks14:41
mikeXhmm, PatienceSequenceMatcher seems to yield very bad results for unicode strings14:41
ignashmm I get bzr: ERROR: No WorkingTree exists for "file:///home/ignas/src/schooltool.devtools/.bzr/checkout/" if I try bzr mkdir branches in the central repository14:45
fullermdYou just want to use mkdir for branches/...14:46
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ubotuNew bug: #191569 in bzr "Cannot set "whoami" at a repository level" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19156914:55
ubotuNew bug: #191572 in bzr "KeyError when pulling from svn repo." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19157215:00
ubotuNew bug: #191576 in bzr "TypeError when using `bzr branch` on an svn repository" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19157615:10
datoabentley: hi. do you think `shelf show` could use colors like `shelve` itself does, and maybe gain a --no-color switch?15:23
abentleydato: I don't remember what shelf show does.15:24
datodisplay the contents of a patch from the shelf15:24
datobasically `cat $topofshelf`15:25
abentleyYeah, I think that's reasonable.15:25
datowould you like a bug? I'm afraid time doesn't allow me to offer anything else =)15:26
abentleydato: Launchpad actually provides for feature requests as "blueprints".15:27
* dato guesses he has the "wishlist bug" concept very hard wired in his brain15:28
* abentley doesn't like it when people say his software has bugs just because it doesn't have a feature they want :-)15:29
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abentleyI actually prefer the Trac approach of "Issues" being "Bugs", "Enhancements" and "Tasks".15:30
schierbeckhad a network outage, now the bzr-gtk trunk is locked, and break-lock ain't working15:32
abadger1999Any packagers of bzr & company for Ubuntu/Debian/etc around?15:32
datoabadger1999: yes15:32
abadger1999Do you guys do anything out of the ordinary to manage the large number of bzr plugins?15:33
abentleyschierbeck: Pastebin us a traceback, and I can take a look.15:34
datoabadger1999: yes: most of them are not packaged15:34
datopersonally I wanted to create a big package with a selection of the most useful ones15:34
datobut several core people disliked the idea15:34
abadger1999dato: Yeah, that would make my day as well :-)15:34
datoand I'm afraid I'm not going to spend my time in creating 10 or 12 different packages for such tiny stuff15:35
abentleydato: Isn't that what I do? ;-)15:35
schierbeckabentley: well, the only thing i get which resembles an error is "Disconnecting: Received extended_data after EOF on channel 0."15:35
schierbeckright after using break-lock on the remote branch15:35
datoabentley: hehe15:35
abadger1999abentley: That's why bzrtools is packaged for Fedora but bzr-{dbus,avahi,bisect} is not :-)15:36
abentleyschierbeck: That resembles a bug we had with old versions of Paramiko.15:37
abentleyBut it was a harmless message15:37
schierbeckmaybe, but the locks are not released15:37
schierbeckactually, it just resets the lock time15:37
abentleyschierbeck: Okay, so you probably have a couple of "bzr serve" processes running on the server.15:38
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abadger1999If there was an effort to get things into a single upstream product (like bzrtools) and make releases as part of that product then there'd be more uptake of the individual utilities.15:38
abentleyYou should be able to run break-lock several times.15:38
schierbeckabentley: yeah, it seems like it15:39
schierbecki'll try15:39
* abadger1999 resigns himself to asking for more bzr related packagers on the fedora lists15:39
abentleyEach time you break-lock, a bzr process should stop.15:39
schierbeckabentley: that worked! thanks!15:39
abentleyschierbeck: No problem.15:40
datoabadger1999: and what do the packagers say? they'll do more packages?15:42
schierbecki've drunk an unhealthy amount of coffee today...15:42
abadger1999dato: I'm guessing I'll get a bunch of people telling me to use git :-/15:42
datoabadger1999: heh15:42
abadger1999dato: I don't think the overlap between packagers and bzr users is very high in Fedora ATM.15:43
datoabadger1999: there are a lot of git fanboys in debian as well15:43
abentleyabadger1999: Could you post something to the list?  If the authors are amenable, I'd be happy to incorporate more stuff into bzrtools.15:43
datodamn, abentley was faster about the list bit15:43
abadger1999abentley: I sure can.15:43
abentleyAnd that's not exclusive with shipping the plugins separately.15:44
abadger1999Anything to help me scale more effectively :-)15:44
ignashow do I do a push without being in the branch, like bzr push /path/to/some-repo sftp://place-for-push ?15:45
abadger1999abentley: Oh?  Meaning you'd help manage releases as separate tarballs from the bzrtools tree?15:45
abentleyabadger1999: Meaning that bzr-dbus can be provided as a standalone plugin and as part of bzrtools.15:46
abadger1999abentley: okay.  that would be awesome for packagers.15:46
* dato bbl15:47
abentleyI suppose the converse also applies, if people think bzrtools is getting too big.15:47
* awilkins sulks because there is no dbus on Windows16:02
LeoNerdThere were rumours of a port16:02
awilkinsCursory searching reveals one16:03
awilkinsI mean, it wouldn't be hard, windows is thick with IPC methods it could wrap16:03
awilkinsOnly wanted to see if commit-notifier worked16:03
awilkinsIt puts an icon in the toolbar then dies :-)16:04
* Debolaz has a dbus-daemon.exe running on his Windows XP box.16:09
DebolazAt least according to task manager. :)16:09
orospakrHey, can I get bzr diff to do colour diffs with paging like git can do?16:35
awilkinsRight, I've switched from svk to bzr for my working-at-home needs from the SVN repo16:35
orospakrawilkins, do you have issues where bzr eats all available ram (due to a bug in libsvn) when doing a big svn checkout?16:36
awilkinsorospakr: Yes, I have that problem, esp on my big repo16:36
orospakrawilkins, it's been ongoing for years.16:37
awilkinsorospakr: Alas, it's now failing on something else, having successully converted about 7900 / 9000 revisions16:37
orospakrrecently I finally saw some activity on the svn bug tracker about this issue.16:37
awilkinsYou can at least resume it after it MemoryErrors you16:38
awilkinsBut now it's the same KeyError on a pack each time16:38
awilkinsIt's in the upload folder which makes no sense to me because it's PULLING not pushing16:38
awilkinsGo figure.16:38
awilkinsThere's a bug in for it16:38
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awilkinsI think increasingly SVN is going to end up as the nice, safe, steady backend for roving teams of developers using wild and crazy new VCS tools16:42
awilkinsDespite all the effort they put in for v 1.516:43
awilkinsAnd when TortoiseBzr or TortoiseGit are done, SVN will really start to die.16:44
awilkinsTortoise<DVCS> ought to be possible - just use the common idiom and a plugin backend16:45
awilkinsShould cover bzr, mtn, hg, git ; there aren't too many radical differences there.16:46
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awilkinscd ..16:51
=== bigdo1 is now known as bigdog
=== awilkins is now known as awilkins_away
abentleyorospakr: "bzrtools" provides cdiff.  You can also use diff --using colordiff.  The pager side is generally done using |less -R.17:10
zurguttfolks, help me understand something: apparently i can commit just one subdir of branch by "bzr commit dir" but how to update just some file/subdir? "bzr update dir" updates whole branch.18:56
kikofor general reading and comments: http://news.launchpad.net/general/the-great-source-code-supermarket18:57
kikozurgutt, I'm not sure that's actually possible18:57
zurguttbzr help update says "bzr update [DIR]"18:57
fullermdThat should probably say "bzr update [BRANCH]" instead...18:58
zurguttwhat would [BRANCH] mean in this case ?18:59
fullermd"bzr update foo" instead of "cd foo ; bzr update"18:59
datokiko: 'three or more of the words: "foo"' <-- the foo stuff is screaming for commas, otherwise you try to read it as a sentence and choke18:59
kikothat's kind of the point ;)19:00
zurguttah.. but no way to update one file?19:00
fullermdNo, that's not a sensible operation.  Files aren't versioned, whole branches are.19:01
datokiko: well, suit yourself. IMHO it sucks, but it's not my problem. :-)19:01
zurguttin respect to this, how does committing just one file make sense?19:01
fullermdYou can create constructs like "a branch at rev6, with this file at rev3", but what you'll end up with is a branch at rev6 with one altered file; that it happens to have the same content as the file did at rev3 is periphal and of no interest to bzr.19:02
fullermdIn that you're implicitly creating a branch state that only partly corresponds to what's on disk.19:02
zurguttshould be ok to update (well, get) one file to working tree from central repo without updating local status.. someone used to svn is asking for it, i myself am not familiar with svn19:06
fullermdWell, "central" is kinda question-begging.19:08
fullermdYou can use 'revert' to throw a file's contents to some arbitrary rev.19:08
ubotuNew bug: #191651 in bzr "bazaar.conf::editor line quoting is not preserved correctly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19165119:20
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n[ate]vwwhat's the best way to send another coder a repo over, say, email? just tarring the project folder up can leave "dangling pointers" to other branches on my machine19:33
fullermdDoes that matter?19:33
n[ate]vwit doesn't hurt, I suppose. It's not like "merge" would have a better reference given that mode of transportation19:34
n[ate]vwso that's not a bad way to do do a lo-fi share without involving an HTTP server or opening ports for ssh?19:35
fullermdI s'pose you could just push it to /tmp somewhere and tar that up.  Then it wouldn't have those cosmetic issues.19:36
datopush /tmp/foo19:36
datoremove-tree /tmp/foo if you'd like19:36
fullermdThat would also take care of issues you might have with it being in a repo, too.19:36
n[ate]vwok, that makes sense. the push would let bzr know it's a distinct branch, which is basically what I was wanting. and the remove-tree would help the other guy get familiar with basic usage :-)19:39
lukshm, would be nice to have an option to do this from bzr export19:40
n[ate]vwyeah, I'd looked into export, but it didn't seem to be quite what I was looking for (a complete branch, but able to go wherever a .tgz can)19:42
abentleyn[ate]vw: bzr send is a good choice for sending a branch to someone.19:42
n[ate]vwabentley: that's not just for patches?19:43
luksthat would involve creating an empty target branch, no?19:43
abentleyn[ate]vw: It preserves all data except tags.19:43
fullermdI thought bundles were a wildly inefficient means of bulk rev moving...19:43
abentleyluks: yes, it would19:43
abentleyfullermd: They are actually more efficient, because they use MPdiff and don't have any fulltexts.19:44
abentleyAnd they use bzip.19:44
abentleyThe previous bundle format was much more inefficient, in terms of both storage and speed.19:46
daton[ate]vw: there is --no-patch, in case you want that if you use send19:47
dato(that'd be the equivalent of the remove-tree above :)19:47
fullermdD'oh, you moved bzrtools to launchpad...19:49
abentleySomething wrong with that?19:49
fullermdNot as such, really.  Just the URL's for the download files are unfriendly.19:50
fullermdAre you planning to keep using the 'stable' release series?19:50
fullermd(i.e., for 1.3.0 and 1.4.0 and such)19:50
abentleyYes, that's the plan.19:50
n[ate]vwdato: so I would "bzr send --no-repo -o ../sendable_repo", and then the other developer would need to create an empty branch and "bzr merge sendable_repo"?19:51
fullermd'k.  I think I can get away with using the 1.x.y version for that bit of the path too, and not have to update the base URL for every upgrade then...19:51
* fullermd is trying to get a head start on port updates for the next release while he waits for a phone call.19:51
abentleyI can't really keep hosting stuff on panoramicfeedback.com now that I don't work there.19:52
fullermdSome places are funny like that.19:52
daton[ate]vw: sorry, gotta run, but : `bzr send --no-patch -o ../sendable ../empty-branch` <-- *you* create the empty branch19:52
datoleaving now, but I leave you in good company ;)19:52
n[ate]vwthanks, I'll keep experimenting!19:53
fullermdHm.  I guess I should add LP as a backup source for bzr too, as long as I'm here...  means I need to get creative on that anyway.  Blah.19:56
fullermdHeck with it, I'll just change it by hand for every release series.19:58
n[ate]vwcan someone explain what the function of the PUBLIC_BRANCH argument is on bzr send?20:00
fullermdIt's the location of a public mirror of your branch (assuming one exists)20:00
n[ate]vwhow can I "unremember" it? I was playing with it, and now I can't play *without* it20:00
fullermdYou can edit the branch.conf manually.  Don't think there's a UI for it.20:01
appcineHi! I've been using svn for a project about a year. Is it possible to preserve revision history somehow when switching to bzr? I'm not likely to revert as the system is quite stable, but it's fun to check out oooold stuff to see what you had back then :)20:03
n[ate]vwfullermd: ok. so by setting it, it would cause the branch to push changes to submit_branch?20:05
n[ate]vwhmm, but that role seems to be fulfilled by push_location already20:05
fullermdNo, it's not used for push.20:05
fullermdI'm not sure if it's used for anything except send.  Maybe some of the PQM stuff?20:06
abentleyappcine: Check out bzr-svn.  It provides lossless import from svn and export to svn.20:06
appcineabentley: Ah, sweet20:06
n[ate]vwfullermd: so I guess I'm confused as to what happen's when I specify dato's ../empty-branch20:07
abentleyfullermd: Yes, it's used by PQM-submit also.20:07
abentleyI can't think of anything else that uses it offhand.20:08
fullermdn[ate]vw: 'send' can include the revisions inline, or it can refer to an external branch ("Get these revs from there").  The public loc is used for the latter.20:08
fullermd(it may be used in the former too, if the person trying to do the merge needs other revs you didn't include)20:09
n[ate]vwok, so if I specify a public branch, the ../sendable file won't actually include the history?20:09
fullermdNo, you need --no-bundle to cause that.20:09
abentleyBut if you specify --no-bundle, then a public branch is required.20:10
abentleyThe important thing to note is that dato's commandline specifies only one branch: the empty one20:12
n[ate]vwI guess I don't see why you would specify a "public_branch" on your local machine when sending to another developer20:12
abentleyWhat you are sending is a requst to pull or merge your changes.  If you have a public mirror, there's no need to include a bundle, and that's what public_branch is for.20:14
n[ate]vwok, so the public_branch usually goes with --no-bundle, so that you can send some changes to somebody who already has a branch or can grab one from the public repo20:15
n[ate]vwcool. then for a one-off "here's my code, and also please play around with bazaar",  it looks as though my options are:  A) push+remove-tree+tar on my side, untar+co for the receiver, or B) send on my side, init+pull on the receiver20:17
n[ate]vwin this case, A seems preferable given that I'm a little more familiar with bazaar than the other developer20:17
johnnyso, what exactly do i get when i run cvsps-import on a repo20:19
johnnyis it a repository already?20:19
=== Gwaihir_ is now known as Gwaihir
lifelessjohnny: 'bzr info' :)20:45
johnnylifeless, it says repository branch: .20:53
johnnyin each area20:53
lifelesssounds like each has been converted separately, which is what I would have expected if you didn't create a repository yourself20:55
lifelessyou can create a repository and bzr branch them into it all at once via bzr multi-pull (from bzrtools)20:55
johnnyi only have 1 branch20:55
lifelessno tags?20:56
fullermdEh?  If it says "repository branch", it's in a repo...20:56
lifelessfullermd: but a path of . ?20:57
lifelessjohnny: perhaps I'm confused20:57
lifelessfullermd: unless 'repository branch' means 'the shared bit is on'20:57
fullermdI didn't say it's a great UI   :p20:59
fullermdYou're in the root of the branch, so it gives the branch path as '.'20:59
johnnyit doesn't matter where i am21:00
fullermdThe line after it gives the location of the repo.  If it were a standalone branch, it would say "branch root: .", not "repository branch: ."21:00
johnnyi have one tag called start21:01
fullermdBut anyway, cvsps always puts its stuff in a shared repo.21:01
johnnyi just want to shorten the path i think21:02
lifelessfullermd: oh god thats just confusing21:03
lifelessfullermd: surely it should say branch root always; and only sometimes show the repository root21:03
fullermdWell, it could be a checkout, in which case it'll say "repository checkout root: ."   :)21:03
fullermdOf course, if you move into a subdir, it calls the branch root (by whatever name) by its full path, instead of relative to $CWD like it does with '.'...21:04
abentleyThe fact that it says "repository branch" not "standalone branch" means that it's in a shared repo.21:04
johnnyany where in here ~/projects/redemmas/infoshopkeeper/branches/HEAD21:05
fullermdOr if you info $DIR from elsewhere, it always uses a path relative to ., unless that path would include a '..'...21:05
johnnyit says repository branch: .21:05
johnnyunder infoshopkeeper thatis21:05
fullermdjohnny: I don't think cvsps-import creates working trees in the repo, so there's nowhere you could go inside any of the branches BUT the root.21:06
lifelessabentley: I think it is confusing to have something that is always the same datum labelled differently21:06
lifelessabentley: if I understand what the output is doing correctly that is21:06
johnnyaha.. ok21:07
johnnyso, i think i'd like to reformat per the recommendations in the user guide21:07
lifelessif they are all under the same repository21:07
lifelessjust mv the directories to where you want them (still under the repository)21:08
fullermdI never directly touch the repos/branches cvsps-import creates.  I branch them elsewhere and rearrange stuff there.21:08
fullermd(that leaves them pristine for future incremental conversions, for one thing)21:08
johnnygood recommendation21:09
abentleylifeless: Well, you've got a point.  When I worked on "info", it was mostly to make it handle more cases show more paths.  I didn't want to make too many changes at once.21:09
abentley...handle more cases AND show more LOCATIONS...21:09
johnnynow i just need to make loggerhead work21:11
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RainCTis it possible to force a merge with uncommited changes?21:24
lifelessbut its usually a bad idea; why do you want to?21:24
RainCTlifeless: because I have some changes that are not intended for commiting (local changes to get the code working on my machine)21:27
lifelessRainCT: merging with them present will result in you committing them21:28
lifelessRainCT: its definitely not what you want to do.21:28
lifelessRainCT: bzr shelve --all21:28
lifelessRainCT: then merge21:28
lifelessRainCT: commit21:28
lifelessRainCT: bzr unshelve --all21:28
lifelessRainCT: (but have you considered having a branch where the changes to make it work are committed)21:29
RainCTit's database password, path locations and such stuff..21:31
RainCTlifeless: thanks21:31
james_wlifeless: won't that be a problem if the changes you merge affect the same area that your local changes do?21:31
james_w(as I recall shelve currently only does two way, and doesn't handle diffs that don't apply).21:32
lifelessjames_w: shelve --force21:32
lifelessjames_w: its less of a problem than a commingled tree with stuff you don't want to commit and a merge you need to commit21:32
mwhudsonjames_w: it's not worse than having conflicts in your tree where some changes are from the merge and some from your uncommitted changes is it?21:32
james_wno, it's not worse at all.21:33
lifelessRainCT: sounds like that stuff should not be altering versioned files; I'd consider making a branch that adds an include facility or some such, then you can have an ignored file with that local stuff21:33
james_wIt's just not the perfect solution in all cases.21:33
lifelessRainCT: or you could still have a branch called 'machineX' that you commit them too, but never ever merge from it.21:34
lifelessjames_w: for the given scenario --force is never the right thing21:34
RainCTit doesn't commit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4565/plain/ (had an error like that some days ago too)21:35
lifelessjames_w: (merge --force) I mean21:35
james_wit would be great to have a shelve that could do 3 way merges to avoid all of this.21:35
lifelessbb crashing on the resubmit tab :(21:39
james_wRainCT: I think that is the name of one of the directories in the path that is causing the problem.21:40
james_wI can't find the bug report at the moment.21:40
lifelessabentley: the containing dir?21:40
lifelessjames_w: ^ the containing dir?21:40
lifelessRainCT: have you committed in other projects under programació ?21:40
RainCTlifeless: yes, all my branches are there and they work fine21:41
james_wlifeless: yeah, Programació21:41
james_wRainCT: do you have versioned symlinks in the other branches?21:41
lifelessRainCT: please try the commit with BZR_PDB=1 (BZR_PDB=1 bzr commit ....)21:41
lifelessRainCT: when it stops you'll be in a python debugger21:41
lifelessRainCT: and able to example the path it fails on21:42
RainCTjames_w: Programació is a symlink to another hard disk21:42
RainCTbeside that there is no other symlink I think21:42
james_wah, but if it is that then it would be odd to only fail in this branch.21:43
RainCTlifeless: ok I'm there, what now21:43
james_wRainCT: p abspath21:43
lifelessok thats wrong21:43
lifelesswhats os.getfilesystemencoding()21:44
abentleylifeless: bb restarted.21:44
james_wRainCT: also "p path" please.21:45
RainCTlifeless: in an interactive python console?21:45
lifelessRainCT: where you are right now :)21:45
james_wRainCT: and "p self.basedir" please.21:46
lifelessjam: ping21:46
RainCTlifeless: *** AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'getfilesystemencoding' (and the some with python -c "import os; print os.getfilesystemencoding()")21:46
james_wit's sys.getfilesystemencoding() I think.21:47
lifelessprint bzrlib.osutils._fs_enc21:47
RainCTjames_w: 'UTF-8'21:47
RainCTlifeless: UTF-821:47
luksos.readlink doesn't seem to like unicode strings21:49
lifeless>>> '/media/sdb2/rainct/Programaci\xf3/Python/revu'.decode('utf8')21:49
lifelessTraceback (most recent call last):21:49
lukslifeless: u'/media/sdb2/rainct/Programaci\xf3/Python/revu/bin' already is unicode21:50
lifelessand giving it the u and encoding to utf8 fails too21:50
lifelessluks: yes I know21:50
lifelessluks: I am probing for what particular mis-interpretation has occured21:50
luksif I make a file 'á' on utf-8 filesystem, os.readlink(u'á') fails, but os.stat(u'á') works21:50
lifelessluks: which thanks to the entire lack of structure (its all bytes, HAI), is mainly trial and error21:50
lifelessoh foo, misread the output.21:52
lifelessok, so its valid unicide21:52
james_wso abspath = os.path.pathjoin(posixpath.realpath(safe_unicode(basedir)) , u'bin')21:52
lifelessright, we need a readlink wrapper21:52
luksbut it's encoding it in ascii, not the FS encoding21:52
lifelessa) file a bug on python21:52
lifelessb) wrap readlink and do the fs_encoding ourselves21:53
lifelessRainCT: please file a bug on bzr21:53
lifelessRainCT: to work around this, cd to where the symlink points first21:53
lifelessRainCT: or if the symlink is in the tree you are committing; you'll have to patch bzr21:53
lukshm, from http://svn.python.org/projects/python/trunk/Modules/posixmodule.c it looks like it should be using the FS encoding21:54
luksbut maybe it's a recent bugfix21:55
awilkins_awayHmm, shame you can't have bug dependencies in launchpad21:55
=== awilkins_away is now known as awilkins
lifelessawilkins: we can't depend on python being fixed anyway21:55
awilkinsNo, but it would be nice to unpick the fix if it is ?21:57
RainCTok, thanks :)21:57
lifelessawilkins: its a C module; we're not going to monkey patch with a new build of that at runtime :)21:57
mwhudsonpff, ctypes!21:57
* mwhudson hides21:58
lifelessmwhudson: I know where you live21:58
* RainCT renamed /media/sdb2/rainct/Programació to something without special chars (but the symlink still has them) and now it works21:58
lifelessRainCT: what python version are you using ?21:58
* RainCT is away for a while21:59
lifelessRainCT: please file a bug on ubuntu's python then; this is a regression from the look of it22:00
awilkinsLooks like you need a test case for this anyway22:01
lifelessoh yeah, we have to change bzr22:01
lifelesssomeone has this in the field :(22:01
james_wlifeless: that fix isn't in 2.522:03
james_wit wasn't also fixed in the 2.5 branch as far as I can see.22:04
lifelessjames_w: its from 2006 !22:04
james_wyeah, but 2 months after the 2.5 branch was created.22:05
lifelessanyhow, all moot; we support 2.422:06
schierbeckyou guys know of a generic patching library for python? i just need to be able to apply a patch22:18
lifelessschierbeck: application is really trivial, the main issue is actually parsing22:19
lifelessschierbeck: if you mean patches created by 'diff -u' I *think* there is a parser in bzrtools.22:20
RainCTlifeless: so, what should I report?22:20
lifelessRainCT: the error and original backtrace22:20
schierbecklifeless: okay22:20
lifelessRainCT: for bzr itself. For python, that os.readlink in 2.5 barfs on unicode paths.22:21
schierbeckjust checking to see if there's anything obvious, i'm not that well-versed in python libraries22:21
schierbeckand searching for "patch library" yields quite a bit of noise...22:21
lifelessRainCT: and point at the fix in svn :) - this should be an ubuntu bug, because we can cherry pick that fix from svn22:21
lifelessschierbeck: yeah I can imagine22:21
foomsurely it should be filed against upstream python so they backport it into the 2.5 branch...22:24
lifelessfoom: well they presumably already know that 2.5 doesn't have it, they committed it solely to trunk after all22:26
foomlifeless: if they know 2.5 doesn't have it, and explicitly didn't backport it, I (as a python software developer) would be very unhappy to see it appear only in ubuntu python 2.522:27
lifelessfoom: why?22:27
foomgoing against the explicit stable release policy decision of upstream for no particularly good reason.22:28
lifelessdistros are more than a build engine22:29
foomit's not like anyone writing software could ever depend upon that fix existing, seeing as how no other python 2.5 will have it.22:29
foomso it provides no value22:29
lifelessI would be very unhappy if ubuntu didn't carry patches in advance of huge numbers of upstreams22:29
foomin advance is one thing, in opposition to is another22:29
lifeless-> #ubuntu-policy or something22:29
lifelessI've got some code to write, sorry.22:30
foomme too.22:30
RainCTbug 191694 reported22:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191694 in bzr "bzr crashes commiting a branch from a directory with special characters" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19169422:30
foommy only point was: it should be filed against upstream python to make sure they're aware. didn't want to get into an argument. :P22:30
lifelessfoom: my point was file it against ubuntu where the bug was observed; doko will do something sane from there.22:30
RainCT(the title is not very good but I couldn't think of anything better..)22:30
lifelessRainCT: thanks22:31
foomlifeless: great. we can agree to that point. :)22:31
luksouch, some tests are failing is readlink returns unicode strings22:32
RainCTlifeless: np22:34
* RainCT thinks that it would be better if some of you reported the bug in python as he isn't really understanding what's going on :P22:35
luksusing %r in diff output is probably not a good idea, anyway22:35
RainCTwell, good night22:35
ubotuNew bug: #191694 in bzr "bzr crashes commiting a branch from a directory with special characters" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19169422:36
abentleyschierbeck: Actually, the patch parsing / applying code lifeless was referring to is in Bazaar: bzrlib/patches.py22:39
schierbeckabentley: thanks!22:55
hipertrackerIs there any Baazar plugin for Eclipse, Netbeans6 or TextMate?23:04
igcpoollie, jam, spiv: call?23:05
mwhudsonhipertracker: there's at least something for eclipse23:06
=== jml` is now known as jml
jamigc: I don't want to talk to you, I just want to listen to the pretty music23:07
igcit's prettier today than normal for some reason :-)23:07
igcit's even bearable23:07
jamigc: I'll just enter the leader code, and we'll get done with it23:07
pickscrapeHi, does anyone know of a quick way to publish a fresh branch to a remote host?23:51
LeoNerdbzr push ?23:51
pickscrapeThe working copy is 384M, and the .bzr direcotry of my shared repo (containing just this branch) is 228M.23:52
pickscrapeIt's taking *ages*.23:52
pickscrapeWell, it's taken about 40 minutes so far and the remote shared repo has reached 63M in size. Does that sound about right?23:53
pickscrapeI'm using bzr+ssh. I'm just wondering if there's a way to speed it up. For example, tarring it up and using scp would be much quicker, but I doubt that it would put things in the right place.23:53
LeoNerdIt should do23:54
pickscrapeEven taking into account the shared repository?23:55
LeoNerdOh.. hrm.. possibly not23:55
LeoNerdbzr push it locally to another local dir, then tar/scp that23:56
pickscrapeYeah, I'm thinking it's probably quicker to scp the raw WC to the server, and import and then branch locally to kick things off.23:57
pickscrapeThanks for the idea :)23:57
pickscrapeMy other question is, is it possible to do something like bzr branch <remote_url> <remote_url> to create a new branch remotely?23:57
mwhudsonhard to beat tar.bz2 + scp for the initial transfer23:57

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