lnsogra_cmpc, haven't you done work with Koolu TCs before?00:30
Brenwilhi all08:22
lanhelpI have a doubt about thin clients bootup09:12
gaz_hayes_the_2nwhat happened?09:13
gaz_hayes_the_2nare u using edubuntu?09:13
lanhelpthin clients boots properly, works great09:13
gaz_hayes_the_2nthats a good start hehe09:13
lanhelpbut its takes 2 minutes between kernel loading and the start of the boot process09:14
lanhelpsticks on .................Done.09:14
gaz_hayes_the_2noh ok09:14
lanhelpseems that nothing happens during this time09:15
gaz_hayes_the_2ntell me exactly, what does it say before the .......09:15
lanhelp1. kernel loads faster09:15
gaz_hayes_the_2nis it TFTP.................?09:15
lanhelpall the dots ...................................09:15
gaz_hayes_the_2nits your network09:16
gaz_hayes_the_2nhow many clients do you have?09:16
gaz_hayes_the_2nwhich type of network card is in the server?09:16
lanhelpthe kernel tftp download is very fast09:16
lanhelp2 seconds to show all the dots09:16
gaz_hayes_the_2noh ok09:17
gaz_hayes_the_2nthats different09:17
lanhelpthe problem is after the tftp09:17
gaz_hayes_the_2nso its actually boot09:17
gaz_hayes_the_2nhmmmm, what are your clients?09:17
gaz_hayes_the_2nold pcs?09:17
lanhelpall the clients have this behaviour09:17
ograedit /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.cfg/default and remove "quiet" and "splash" that will give you more output than dots ;)09:17
lanhelppentium 409:17
lanhelp256mb of ram09:18
gaz_hayes_the_2nyeah i think ogra can help you more with this than me09:18
lanhelpafter the 2 minutes , it begins to show text output on the screen and its very fast to bring LDM09:18
gaz_hayes_the_2nafter you do what ogra says with that file tell us the output09:19
lanhelpI think something is hanging the initial boot proccess09:19
lanhelpok, I will do that know09:19
lanhelpremoving quiet and splash doesnt show me nothing during the pause09:36
lanhelpi got a new problem!09:36
lanhelpldm says now that the ws inst authorized to connect09:36
lanhelpI do the command ltsp-update-sshkeys09:37
lanhelpand workstations stopped09:37
lanhelpabout the hanging problem, the keyboard doesnt work, numlock or any light change09:40
lanhelpduring the 2 minutes09:41
lanhelpit really freezes09:41
lanhelpwich is the next step after tftp download? kernel execution?09:44
ograthe dots you see if quiet is switched on are actually the decompression process of the kernel09:44
lanhelpthe ws hangs, the keyboard hangs, after 2 minutes text output from bootup process appears and keyboard is functional again09:53
lanhelpthe system is working very good after that09:54
lanhelpin some ws, net shows one line, like RHINE LINK ON09:55
lanhelpafter ......Done.09:55
lanhelpothers not09:55
lanhelpbut all ws hangs09:55
ograis the switch you have sitting between server and clients managed ?09:57
lanhelpno is passive10:03
lanhelpi can try to connect a croosover directly between server and one client to see10:06
lanhelpwith 7.04 i got no problem here10:08
ograwas the server that has the prob upgraded or freshly installed ?10:08
lanhelpIm very excited about ltsp in gutsy10:09
lanhelpvery reliable10:09
lanhelpits a transport company in brazil10:10
lanhelpwe have 5 stations at present time10:10
ograwell, it has its bugs .... we changed a lot of stuff in gutsy that didnt go without damage ... hardy will improve a lot since we didnt do any feature development at all this time ... only bugfixing10:10
das-togra: are you a developer? we noticed that some clients that had no problem with 7.04 only boot into a resolution of 800 with 7.10 which is why we will skipp the latest release10:12
das-ti am just about to test this over here @ my end10:13
lanhelpI have 3 ltsp servers working, Im planing10:13
lanhelpto switch to hardy on may10:14
lanhelpim not a dev (yet!)10:14
lanhelpI got the 800x600 prob here10:14
lanhelpin some stations10:14
lanhelpbut its solved now10:14
lanhelpall working under gutsy10:15
lanhelpthe sound system on 7.10 is very good10:15
das-twith the latest updates? did you get clients running that way that did not work at the beginning of release 7.10?10:16
lanhelpone station10:16
lanhelpwith nvidia riva tnt card10:16
das-ti heard we have several boxes with this problem, though the installation might not be absolutely up to date as they are located in tansania with a very shaky internet connection ... to say the leaset.10:16
das-ti am from linux4afrika.de10:17
RichEd-1ogra ? you around10:25
gaz_hayes_the_2ni just installed 7.10, i get "this workstation isn't authorized to connect to server", is this normal? anyone know which file to put allowed hosts in or something like that?10:39
gaz_hayes_the_2nok im running ltsp-update-image, might work:)10:44
das-tgaz_hayes_the_2n: you found it, you need to update the image if an ip address changes.11:12
gaz_hayes_the_2nah, yeah, it works now hehe11:13
gaz_hayes_the_2nwow this is much better than k12ltsp which is what i was using before11:13
gaz_hayes_the_2nat least this has a proper implimentation of synaptic11:13
highvoltageRichEd, ogra: ping11:19
highvoltageRichEd: I think it would be useful if we joined https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-derivatives/2008-February/000081.html meeting11:21
highvoltageRichEd: even though edubuntu wouldn't strictly be a standalone installation, I think many of the common issues (artwork, etc) would still be applicable11:21
alkisgHi guys! On Edubuntu Gutsy 7.10 my clients take a long time to logon (minutes). I've read on the lists that it may be a DNS server fault. Question: why do I need a DNS server? My router is on another subnet, the LTSP server has access to it, but not the clients. Do I have to install a DNS server to my LTSP server? Can I work around it with option root-path  ""; in lts.conf?11:28
alkisg(router = existing DNS server)11:28
RichEd=== edubuntu/education meeting in #ubuntu-meeting = 25 mins ===11:35
RichEd=== edubuntu/education meeting in #ubuntu-meeting = 3 mins ===11:58
Kamping_KaiserRichEd, will it be long?12:03
* stgraber waves12:03
RichEdKamping_Kaiser: not too sure ... prolly not12:03
RichEdjust found out that the fridge puts the meeting an hour later than usual :(12:04
Kamping_Kaiser:/ DST?12:05
RichEdKamping_Kaiser: something funny somewhere12:06
RichEd=== edubuntu/education meeting in #ubuntu-meeting = delayed for an hour ===12:06
RichEdsorry guys ... the fridge schedule was incorrect12:07
Kamping_Kaiserthese things happen12:07
RichEdi think we should stick to the advertised time12:07
RichEdKamping_Kaiser: if you need the sleep, we'll understand if you are not around :)12:07
Kamping_KaiserRichEd, i'm about to head off, its been a long day :)12:09
* RichEd excuses Kamping_Kaiser from active duty for the extended day12:10
* Kamping_Kaiser switches to inactive duty12:10
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RichEd!seen ogra12:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about seen ogra - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:54
RichEdhighvoltage: what's happened to edubuntugirl ?12:54
highvoltageshe's misbehaving again12:55
* highvoltage should pay more attention to her12:55
highvoltageactually, I think I should just install a newer version of her software12:56
highvoltageshould go quickly, I'll do it tonight!12:56
RichEdhighvoltage: well that's what happens when you name a bot as a her ... moody, misbehaving, demands attention12:56
highvoltageRichEd: ssssh, careful!12:57
RichEd=== edubuntu/education meeting in #ubuntu-meeting = 2 mins ===12:59
RichEdwill probably be a short meeting ... ogra does not seem to be available today13:00
stgraberRichEd, ogra: Sorry guys, I had managed to have the 12:00-13:00 hour free for the IRC meeting but not 13:00-14:00 :(14:25
RichEdstgraber: no problem ... ogra gave us the good news <ogra> italc is uploaded14:26
RichEdand i gave thanks to you for the work on that14:26
stgraberstill some bugs to fix though, it seems that all crashes aren't fixed yet. Anyway, the goal was to have it uploaded before FF and with a reasonable stability14:27
stgraberwhich I tink we have14:27
stgrabernow we have some months to fix the remaining bugs14:27
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random0nehas anyone encountered a policy authorizing or encouraging the use of open source licensing?  i am writing a proposal for our technology department21:01
pygirandom0ne, what do you mean? Our government for example issued some papers that encourage usage of open source products21:01
random0nei am tired of asking for approval to use open source licenses21:02
random0nepygi: i want to submit a policy recommendation that makes osi licenses the norm and proprietary the exception21:03
random0nepygi: any links you have would be greatly appriciated21:03
pygirandom0ne, even If I had them, they're not in english21:04
random0nepygi: heh.  english is the only language i'm any good in :(21:04
pygirandom0ne, however ... I'd be happy to advise you when you have something ready? :)21:05
random0nepygi: excellent21:06
pygirandom0ne, are you registered at freenode?21:07
pygiI can pm you my mail21:07
random0nemy nick is registered, if that is what you mean.21:07
pygirandom0ne, ok, you got pm =)21:23
pygihey LaserJock folk :)21:23
random0nei'm surprised i can't find any examples of policiies21:25
pygirandom0ne, just write something, and we'll try to come up with something sane :)21:26
random0nepygi: heh21:26
LaserJockhi pygi21:28
random0nefound something! http://www.utexas.edu/vp/it/policies/opensource.php21:35
fredsuaHi there.  I am a newbie to the linus system.  I was in the process of intalling edubuntu on my laptop and it seems to freeze up.21:49
fredsuaI have a 930Mhz Pentium 3, 10G HD and 256RAM21:50
fredsuaRight now it is frozen in the "installing system" at 15%21:50
fredsuaCan anyone help?21:53
lagafredsua: calm down.21:57
lagafredsua: if someone has an answer/hint, they'll let you know. not everyone in here is online all the time21:57
lagafredsua: maybe it just needs a while?21:57
fredsuaunfortunately its been like this for more than 15 minutes22:00
random0nefredsua: you could try a different installer.  many laptops have specialized hardware and there are some differences in the kernels used by the different installers22:09
random0nefredsua: have you googled edubuntu OR ubuntu YOURLAPTOPMODEL?22:09
fredsuaI was just googleing this subject.22:14
fredsuaIt turns out that I need to download Ubuntu Alternate and install it22:15
random0nefredsua: nicely done22:16
fredsuathen run edubuntu-desktop22:16
fredsuaI wonder why edubuntu doesn't install right?22:17
random0nefredsua: specialized laptop hardware22:18
stgraberfredsua: the live environment (graphic install) requires at least 300MB of RAM in order to work correctly22:20
stgraberfredsua: so you indeed need the alternate installer which is text based and works fine with low amount of RAM22:20
stgraberfredsua: the desktop once installed will work correctly with your 256MB, the RAM amount is only a problem during the installation22:21
fredsuaI see, thanks for the info.  As a newbie, this information is readily available in the Ubuntu website and it is a bit frustrating some times.22:23
fredsuaI meant to say, is not readily available.  :-)22:24
johnnyyou could be the first to add it :)22:24
GoosemooseWhen is edubuntu releasing a hardy version?22:26
LaserJockGoosemoose: same day as everybody else :-)22:28
LaserJockGoosemoose: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule for the details22:29
Goosemooseok, im looking at one of the features in it and trying to figure out if i should postpone my 200 computer rollout22:29
stgraberGoosemoose: which one ?22:29
Goosemoosehey stgraber22:30
Goosemoosei want the active directory login to work22:30
GoosemooseIf it will work with the preseed I have right now with edubuntu then I can do that22:30
GoosemooseI know dendrobates says he updated a new build of it22:30
Goosemooseoh man, in april22:31
Goosemoosewould definitely rather do this now22:31
Goosemooseanyone using likewise?22:31

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