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MootBotMeeting started at 15:01. The chair is barry.15:01
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barryhello everyone and welcome to this week's ameu reviewer's meeting15:01
barrywho's here today?15:01
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barry[TOPIC] agenda15:02
MootBotNew Topic:  agenda15:02
barry* Roll call15:02
barry * Next meeting15:02
barry * Action items15:02
barry * Queue status15:02
barry * Mentoring update15:02
barry * Review process15:02
barryi think we have a fairly light agenda today so maybe we can end early15:03
barry[TOPIC] next meeting15:03
MootBotNew Topic:  next meeting15:03
barryanybody know they cannot make it same bat time next week?15:03
barry[AGREED] meeting same time next week15:04
MootBotAGREED received:  meeting same time next week15:04
barry[TOPIC] action items15:04
MootBotNew Topic:  action items15:04
barry * intellectronica to put cover letter draft on wiki15:04
barryintellectronica: shall we just continue that 'til next week?15:05
intellectronicadamn, another week passed and i haven't done that15:05
intellectronicayes, please15:05
barry * (continued) gmb to work on the review web site15:05
gmbNo time to do much really.15:05
gmbBut wasn't reviewboard mooted last week?15:05
barrygmb: yeah.  i should just take that off15:06
barrythumper has an action item to write up his thoughts of doing it all in lp15:06
barry[ACTION] review web site mooted in favor of an in-LP solution15:06
MootBotACTION received:  review web site mooted in favor of an in-LP solution15:06
barry * (continued) sinzui to look into running `make lint` and output PR stanza by default in `review-submit`15:07
sinzuiI did not work on lint integration. I do however have a rudimentary doctest style checker and reformatter.15:07
sinzuiThe PR stanza is have not done as well15:07
barrysinzui: will the doctest checker look for things like duplicate or unused imports?15:07
sinzuibarry: Not yet...that is one of my promptings to write it15:08
barrysinzui: yeah, it's something that's fairly difficult to review15:08
barrysinzui: we'll just continue this item to next week then, ok?15:09
sinzuibarry: I'15:09
sinzuim torn between simple pyflakes style checking verses extracting the script to run it.15:09
barrysinzui: maybe discuss on the m.l.?15:09
sinzuibarry: sure15:09
barrysinzui: great.  thanks for all the awesome work on make lint15:10
barry[TOPIC]  * Queue status15:10
MootBotNew Topic:   * Queue status15:10
intellectronicano branches pending review. yay15:10
barrypending-reviews looks pretty good to me actually.  any feedback from on-call reviewers?15:10
intellectronica(except for yours, barry, which you said flacoste is taking care of)15:11
barryintellectronica: yep, and that's now in flacoste's queue15:11
sinzuiintellectronica: you have number of branches that have not landed yet15:11
barryof course, this /is/ week 3 :)15:12
sinzuiintellectronica: Do you have dependencies (database?) blocking their landing?15:12
intellectronicasinzui: i know. i am landing all of them in one big branch (i am just now looking at why my attempt to land this yesterday failed)15:12
barryanything else on the queue topic?15:14
barry[TOPIC] mentoring update15:14
MootBotNew Topic:  mentoring update15:14
barryany feedback from mentors or recruits?15:15
barrythings going okay?15:15
barryno news is good news then :)15:15
intellectronicathings going very well as far as i'm concerned15:16
barryintellectronica: great!15:16
barry[TOPIC] review process15:16
MootBotNew Topic:  review process15:16
barryi really have nothing for this topic.  seems to me things are going as smoothly as possible with PR still alive :)15:16
barryany concerns, glitches, problems?15:17
intellectronicaa slight problem15:17
intellectronicawe sometimes forget to allocate branches that are left on the general queue at the end of a shift15:18
bacintellectronica: i realize i forgot to allocate one yesterday.  sorry.15:18
intellectronicathen, we often take fresh on-call reviews before dealing with the ones on the queue15:18
sinzuiintellectronica: I am guilty of that. I decided not to allocate a branch that 1400 lines.15:18
intellectronicai really think it would be good if we systematically allocate left-over branches, for that reason15:19
sinzuithat was 1400 lines15:19
barrysinzui: i think that's fine.  it's unfair to dump a 1400 line branch on someone (but of course they can always reject it)15:19
flacostewe have a policy with 1400 branches15:20
flacostethe developer was supposed to discuss this with a reviewer first15:20
flacosteso i think it's fair game that the branch linger in PR15:21
flacostewe should contact the developer though15:21
intellectronicabac, sinzui: i wasn't referring to any particular instance, just that if we don't do this regularly we penalize people who didn't manage to 'fight' for their branch on #launchpad-reviews15:21
sinzuiintellectronica: understood15:22
danilosme (late)15:23
sinzuiI think when allocating branches, we need to review jamesh's page to see how many lines are allocated to each review.15:23
barryintellectronica: agreed15:23
barrysinzui: yes, i definitely try to do that15:23
sinzuiI think I was mean to some review the first time I allocated by not checking how many lines they had in their queue.15:24
barrysinzui: remember!  reviewers can reject branches by putting them in the reject queue15:24
barryi know you feel guilty when you do it, but feeling guilty is better than feeling mad :)15:24
barryanything else?15:25
barryany topics not on the agenda?15:26
MootBotMeeting finished at 15:26.15:26
barrythanks everyone!  short and sweet15:27
schwukthanks barry15:27
intellectronicathanks, barry15:27
gmbCheers barry15:27
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