kiko-afksoren, geser: https://launchpad.net/bugs/17981600:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179816 in malone ""Unknown" importance should be unsettable if project uses Launchpad for bugtracking" [Medium,Confirmed] 00:00
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reacocardI just created a PPA, and uploaded a couple of source packages to it, which were accepted. However, they do not appear to be building nor are they listed in the build records, is this normal?02:50
jameshreacocard: what's your Launchpad ID?02:56
reacocardsame as my username here, but I made a separate team for this PPA, called reacocard-awn02:57
jameshthat is weird02:58
jameshI'd have expected to see them at https://edge.launchpad.net/~reacocard-awn/+archive/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all02:59
reacocardexactly what I was expecting02:59
reacocardbut, they're not, and no error of any sort was given02:59
jamesha lot of the PPA stuff is handled by cron jobs02:59
jameshso it is possible that it hasn't been picked up for building yet (even though the source packages have been published)03:00
reacocardeven so i'd expect it to be listed as 'pending' or something like that on the status page03:00
reacocardsorry, 'needs building'03:00
reacocardif it goes through on the cron and it's just not showing in the UI then that is a bug that need fixing, giving feedback to users is improtant03:01
jameshif it still hasn't shown up in 30 minutes to an hour, please file a ticket at https://answers.launchpad.net/soyuz03:01
reacocardit's already been nearly 40 minutes for the first one03:02
jameshI agree that the system needs work.  At some point, it'd be good to make the system a lot more event based03:03
jamesh(similar to how the background jobs for code hosting work)03:03
reacocardsounds good03:03
reacocardI'll give it another 20 minutes, if nothing shows then I'll file a ticket at the page you linked to03:04
ubotuNew bug: #191445 in launchpad "lint.sh still does s/bzr+ssh:/sftp:/, even though bug 147836 is fixed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19144503:25
reacocardjamesh: it just went through (build failed but that was my fault, missing build-dep), so it seems it's just a bug in launchpad's build display mechanism03:28
reacocardmm, more ui bugs, after deleting what I had uploaded my 0 source packages are taking up 2.2MB of space :)03:41
jameshreacocard: asking to delete something just removes it from the archive.03:44
jameshthere is another batch job that goes through to actually remove obsolete files later on03:44
jameshunless you are running close to the quota, I wouldn't worry about it03:44
reacocardah ok03:45
reacocardIt just looked weird, I figured it'd be something like that03:45
jameshthere are still rough edges on the PPA functionality, as you've seen03:46
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ubotuNew bug: #191485 in launchpad "repeated rows when searching for bugs with patches" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19148508:28
ubotuNew bug: #191486 in launchpad "badge in bug listing for bugs with patches" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19148608:30
goobsoftI'm trying to use pbuilder to ensure I have the proper build-deps in a package I'm going to upload to lp ppa.  However, I'm getting "cp: cannot stat `./misc': No such file or directory"08:54
goobsoftI searched on google and all I found was this which seems to be the same thing08:54
goobsoftthe only place I have misc is in debian/control as "Section: misc"08:54
goobsoftnevermind, I was running pbuilder with the changes instead of the dsc09:03
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* kiko high fives scottk10:58
thegodfatherkiko: ping?11:07
kikoyes thegodfather?11:08
thegodfatherhey consigliere11:08
kikohow goes it11:08
thegodfatherkiko: i am a bit lost on the LP interface.. i was wondering if you could help me a second11:08
thegodfatherpretty ok... i guess11:08
thegodfatheri am trying to find the binaries generated by that source11:08
thegodfatheri remember there was a way in LP to download them from the librarian even if removed from disk11:09
thegodfatherbut i can't find it anymore11:09
kikothegodfather, unpack builds, follow a build, and then unpack resulting binaries, and pick the binary.11:09
kikoby unpack I mean expand the portlet11:09
thegodfatheroh there it is :)11:10
kikorock on11:10
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dholbachhow often are NEW packages accepted into PPA?12:22
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dholbachcprov: ^ do you know?12:35
cprovdholbach: PPA uploads are auto-accepted, there is no queue-stage12:36
dholbachcprov: ah ok, it's just that in the 5-a-day PPA there are "No matching builds." for "All states" although I got the accepted mail12:37
cprovdholbach: PPA url ?12:37
dholbachcprov: https://launchpad.net/~5-a-day/+archive/+builds12:38
cprovdholbach: it takes up to 1 hour until the accepted sources get queued for build12:38
dholbachcprov: I see - thanks a lot, I'll be patient then :)12:38
cprovdholbach: ahh, that was the team name :) sorry.12:38
dholbachdon't worry12:39
cprovdholbach: published 38 minutes ago ... the build(s) will be there in a bit, queue-builder starts on :08 and finishes on :48 (hourly)12:41
dholbachrock and roll12:41
dholbachgracias cprov - you ROCK12:41
dholbachhey thekorn12:41
thekornhuhu dholbach 12:42
cprovdholbach: PPA users *rock* even more :), keep it up !12:42
cprovdholbach: btw, your build is there.12:53
dholbachcprov: yoohoo!13:00
holtmannI put in the bluez-gnome trunk/HEAD for translation and import directly from CVS. However it seems that needs to be approved first. Can someone please do that. Thanks.13:02
kikoholtmann, I did it today, but the import failed.13:12
kikoholtmann, I asked mwhudson to help me figure out what the problem is, because it's pretty weird.13:12
holtmannkiko: Anything I can do?13:12
holtmannBesides that Sourceforge.net CVS was down yesterday for a few hours.13:13
kikoholtmann, well, there might be -- I'll be able to tell you tomorrow.13:13
kikohe's in NZ so the timezone doesn't work out so well13:13
holtmannOkay ping me and I do it.13:13
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ubotuNew bug: #191594 in soyuz "Add kubuntu-kde4 task" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19159415:55
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jonalvCan launchpad couple to sourceforges bug tracking system in some way?17:05
kikowe support sourceforge perfectly!17:06
kikojust add watches17:06
jonalvI like the word "perfectly" :)17:07
jonalvand now my question would be: what's the base url for a sourceforge projects bug tracking?17:10
kikojonalv, just use a sourceforge URL 17:11
kikojonalv, SF is a unique tracker -- so it's a bit special.17:11
kikojonalv, is there a form asking you for a base url?17:11
kikojonalv, ah! you don't need to register the tracker17:11
kikojonalv, just use SF urls -- it works.17:11
jonalvhm I don't think I understand. I seem to have some other projects bugs now :)17:14
kikojonalv, what are you trying to do?17:15
jonalvWell in change details I changed bugs are tracked from "somewhere else" to In a registered bug tracker Sourceforge.net tracker17:16
jonalvThen I went over to bugs thinking that I could point it over to some sourceforge adress somehow17:18
jonalvah well not exactly I think it was something about bug tracker....17:19
jonalvThe short answer is probably: "then I got lost..."17:20
kikojonalv, can you show me an example bug? I'll teach you something.17:27
ubotuSourceforge bug 1885535 "Jmol broken in 1.2.0" [Pri: 5,Open]  - Assigned to Nobody/Anonymous17:27
ChrisMHello, is there the Launchpad where I can get help with Ubuntu problems?  I was directed to here by a person in #ubuntu.17:30
ChrisMis this*17:31
kikojonalv, I mean the launchpad bug.17:33
kikoChrisM, what problems are you having?17:33
jonalvkiko, what launchpad bug? :)17:33
kikojonalv, you said "in change details".. what project was this?17:33
jonalvkiko, we seems to have some sort of communication problem here :)17:33
kikoyeah, a big one!17:33
ChrisMI updated the Linux Kernel Headers, and no matter what I try, I can't seem to get past this error in the menu.lst17:34
jonalvthe launchpad project is bioclipse17:34
kikoChrisM, okay. they probably were suggesting you asked the question at answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu17:34
kikojonalv, thanks.17:34
ChrisMOh, on a forum?17:35
kikoChrisM, sort of.17:35
ChrisMOH OK.17:35
kikojonalv, okay. were you looking to import your bugs into launchpad? I guess I'm not sure what you want to do.17:36
jonalvWell remember what I asked first? If laucnhpad could couple over and use the sourceforge bug tracker17:36
kikojonalv, well, can you clarify the somehow? that's the root of my confusion right now. :-)17:38
jonalvAh well, I guess hm...17:38
jonalvWell pu it like this17:39
jonalvWe want to use launchpad but we want to keep having the bugs at sourceforge for a while longer. 17:39
jonalvIs there a best way for doing this?17:39
jonalvCan launchpad use the bugs over at sourceforge in some way?17:40
jonalvI was beginning to suspect this was the case since I could clearly tell it that the bugs in fact are over at sourceforge...17:40
jonalvah ping kiko?17:44
kikojonalv, okay.17:45
kikojonalv, right now we can't import your bugs read-only into launchpad. we'd like to do that, but there is a bit of engineering that needs to happen.17:46
tomekgood day, I need to develop a closed source project. Can I host it on launchpad?17:46
kikotomek, talk to statik! :)17:46
tomekkiko: thanks :)17:47
kikojonalv, I was checking to see if your software is in Ubuntu, but I see it's not17:47
jonalvkiko, okey so the answer is: "not yet"? :)17:47
jonalvah yes the answer to that is not yet :)17:47
kikojonalv, well, what can be done is bugs in Launchpad can be linked to bugs in SourceForge17:47
kikojonalv, however, in your case, that isn't really what you want I don't think17:47
jonalvokey, that is at least very helpful I guess17:47
kikojonalv, we use this functionality so that a project can keep track of bugs that are actually caused by other software17:47
kikojonalv, for instance, in Ubuntu, we use these links (called bug watches) to say "this bug is in Ubuntu, but it's actually caused by a problem in firefox" or whatever upstream it is.17:48
kikojonalv, let me find a bug to exemplify this to you17:48
tomekstatik: hello? :)17:48
jonalvyup I understand :)17:48
jonalvkiko, I understand :)17:49
kikotomek, hmm, let me see if he's on the phone17:49
kikoah, he dropped off17:49
kikotomek, can you write to elliot@canonical.com?17:49
tomekoh, okey. but I mean only an academic project for a competition17:50
tomekit is not something big or... you know :)17:50
kikotomek, yeah, I understand -- Launchpad's free for free software, and for non-free you need to check with him17:51
tomeksomething that may get opened next year17:51
tomekok thanks :)17:51
statiktomek: hey there17:58
statikwas getting some food17:58
tomekI was thinking about using Launchpad for our academic project18:04
tomekit has to be in the beginning closed source, because we would lose the competition if others took all our work18:04
tomekthe topic is very hot, so our innovations must be kept secret18:05
tomekis it possible to get such an account?18:05
Rinchentomek, interesting!18:11
Rinchentomek, the best thing you can do is to send an email with your details to feedback@launchpad.net18:11
tomekstatik is probably eating the food now18:11
tomekRinchen: send a request or share the idea of hosting a closed source projects?18:12
statiktomek: go ahead and mail me as kiko previously suggested and we'll see what we can do.18:12
Rinchentomek, what statik just said :-)18:12
statikit sounds like a very exciting project18:13
kikoah, I was going to show jonalk https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/1646518:13
kikooh well18:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 16465 in firefox "Firefox eats up all the CPU with certain pages" [Medium,Confirmed]  - Assigned to Mozilla Bugs (mozilla-bugs)18:13
tomekcompetition by MS18:13
tomekso does launchpad help in translating Visual Studio projects?18:13
statiktomek: I don't think it has anything to do with visual studio18:14
statikbut with the resource file format18:14
statikwindows uses integers as string identifiers18:14
statikwhile po files use the english string as an identifier18:14
tomekso there is no bigger problem18:15
statikit's a question of teaching launchpad to understand the file format18:15
statikI've been thinking we needed to support this18:15
statikbut you are the first person I've seen request it18:15
statikdo you have your resource files built already, or are you just getting started?18:15
tomekwe are just getting started18:16
tomekand I've found your blueprint manager18:16
tomekthat's thing I dreamed of 18:16
statikit can be a bit tricky to allow changing languages on the fly using the windows translation formats18:16
statikbut you don't have to use the built in windows resource file format on your code18:16
statikin fact, if you intend the software to be portable to other systems, I recommend against using the windows format18:16
statikand instead using something like ICU (IBM Components for Unicode or something like that) for managing your strings18:17
statikthis works just fine on windows and all the other platforms as well, so porting is a whole lot easier18:17
tomekit is a MS competition, so we have to use VS...18:17
statiksure, you can use visual studio18:17
statikthat is just a compiler and an IDE18:17
statikanyway, I'm sure you will make a good choice there18:18
tomekthanks :)18:18
statikjust wanted to point out a hard-earned lesson about portability in translation formats :)18:18
tomekwe are now choosing technologies to achieve our goals, and the time to decide on file formats is coming :)18:21
tomekthanks a lot, I will consult the rest of the team and talk to you if they get excited with launchpad too@18:22
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ubotuNew bug: #191623 in malone "Launchpad should import statuses from Savannah bugs" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19162318:54
ubotuNew bug: #191624 in malone "Launchpad should import importances from Savannah bugs" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19162418:54
ubotuNew bug: #191639 in malone "Bug status transitions should be recorded" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19163918:56
pochuCan I subscribe to 3 bugs in a row?19:05
pochuubotu: subscribe 1234 !19:06
pochu^ that would be cool19:06
ubotuNew bug: #191648 in malone "Launchpad bugs should have an aging report" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19164819:21
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ubotuNew bug: #191666 in soyuz "PPA: Delay before packages appear in build queue" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19166620:16
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Sam__Hi Launchpad team, I was interested in trying out the Launchpad translation facility for my project, but my translation file has been in the import queue for 7 days now.  Can you help?21:19
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seb128_is there a way to know what ubuntu task has a watch on a determined upstream url?21:51
Fujitsuseb128_: A URL like https://edge.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/mozilla-bugs/375591 will take you to the Launchpad bug that references #375591 in Mozilla Bugzilla.21:55
seb128_Fujitsu: thanks21:55
tomekhave a good valentines :)22:05
SeqHello. If a team creates a PPA, can any team member upload to that PPA, or is there a way to limit it to a certain few?22:23
lifelessSeq: the team defines write access, anyone can read22:24
lifelessSeq: so no, you can't have team A's ppa only written to by team B.22:24
Seqlifeless: well it's just one team. I just created one and have had two users request membership. I want them to be involved, but don't want them to be able to upload to the PPA until there is a certain level of trust.22:26
lifelessSeq: sounds like you equate 'involved' with 'team membership'22:26
lifelessSeq: what ubuntu does is have various teams for graduated trust22:27
Seqlifeless: ahh, I see. so you'd have Blah-members and Blah-community22:32
lifelessyes, *if* you need to grant some permissions (like bug triage) to some people, and others (like ppa's) to other people22:33
Seqlifeless: i'm not neccessarily equating involved with membership, but I don't want them to mistake "rejected membership" for "rejected participation"22:33
lifelessfair enough22:34
Seqlifeless: i'll keep that in mind in the future. I'll probably just talk to them beforehand and explain the issue. I'm sure they'll understand22:34
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jmlHey guys.23:00
jmlLooks like my linode server is down :(23:00
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sorenPeople still use linode servers?23:07
sorenAre those still uml based?23:07
jmlsoren: no idea23:10
jmlsoren: what do the cool kids use?23:11
jmlinstead of linode, that is.23:11
sorenI've got an actual server hosted somewhere. It's not the pricey anymore at all.23:11
sorenOf course linodes are probably way cheaper now than when I look at them last (3-4 years ago).23:12
sorenFor €59 I get a Dual core 2.8GHz box, unlimited traffic, 100 Mbit/s, 4 GB RAM, 800 GB disk. I could fit a lot of linodes on one of those :)23:13
ubotuNew bug: #191701 in launchpad "build stuck in pending state" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19170123:21
spivsoren: you can get a linode for 20 USD.  For that price it's only 360 MB RAM and 10 GB storage, but that's plenty for what I need.23:26
spivsoren: (and they are still UML based I think, although they are beta testing Xen)23:29
sorenspiv: Yes, I just found that out, too.23:29
ubotuNew bug: #191703 in launchpad "ppa overview page doesn't make failed archive visible" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19170323:30
steveireHi I'm still confused about version numbering in my ppa. I've named the package 1.1.10-1ubuntu1~ppa1. That should be upgraded if a new version of libxine appears in -backports. Is that what will happen with the current version name23:46

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