jeff1it's pretty stable, i have been doing regular updates from a tribe and it's been smooth00:00
burnerhow can 8.04 be lts and the "stable" one when gnome-vfs is deprecated for gio and gio is horribly broken?00:03
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TheInfinityburner: 8.04 is ALPHA00:05
TheInfinity-> just for testing00:05
burnerTheInfinity: no no, i get it... but i mean when 8.04 is finally released, how can it be the LTS, teh one that people flock to when it has a regression from dapper00:05
burnerftp:// worked in nautilus in dapper00:05
burnersmb:// worked in nautilus in dapper00:05
burnerneither will work in hardy if things don't change significantly00:06
TheInfinitymake a bug report00:06
TheInfinityand alpha means some things dont work00:06
TheInfinitykubuntu is atm happy crashing apps00:06
burnerTheInfinity: it's not a bug... it's gnome's roadmap00:07
burnergio is not going to work in gnome 2.2200:07
burnerhence, it won't work in hardy00:07
TheInfinityok, ... i'm kde guy, so i dont have a problem with it because konqui will always have it ;)00:08
HenrikLynggaardCan someone help with dual head and ati card ? I got problems with both (fglrx and OSS ati) drivers00:08
HenrikLynggaardOpen source ATI = many times the system start to hang... screen unresponsive but mouse can be moved00:09
TheInfinityall updates?00:09
TheInfinityand what says xorg log?00:09
HenrikLynggaardfglrx = small noise effect on screen like pint flashing dots around green text00:09
* burner might be a kde guy in hardy ;)00:10
TheInfinityhardy kubuntu is no LTS00:10
TheInfinitybecause of lots of fun with kde400:10
HenrikLynggaardlog didn't say anything last time, I will try and hang the system again00:10
HenrikLynggaardanything == no error reports00:11
TheInfinitywhich graphics adapter?00:11
flipstarTheInfinity: do you have kde4 installed ?00:11
HenrikLynggaardThe card is a ATi x80000:11
TheInfinityflipstar: yes, kde3 and 400:11
TheInfinityHenrikLynggaard: you used restricted driver manager to install it?00:12
TheInfinityflipstar: i love vmware ... so i have almost everything for testing ;)00:12
HenrikLynggaardTheInfinity, yes... and then aticonfig to get the xorg.conf sorted out00:12
flipstarTheInfinity: me too.. i have a strange app here .. 'knotify4' it takes a lot of ram but doesnt do anything..can you confirm that ?00:13
TheInfinitylets see ...00:13
flipstari thing it might have something to do with kde4 ..00:13
TheInfinitykde4 vm is downstairs on a usb disk00:14
TheInfinityif you dont use aticonfig ... ?00:14
flipstarno i got nvidia ..00:15
HenrikLynggaardTheInfinity: what is normally the preferred way of dual head'ing with ati ?00:15
HenrikLynggaardWell without aticonfig, I couldn't figure out howto setup xorg.conf00:15
TheInfinityHenrikLynggaard: i used xorg conf editing directly until now00:15
TheInfinitybut  hate dual head with linux at all00:16
TheInfinityin osx i make 2 klicks and everything works :/00:16
HenrikLynggaardI tried the screen and graphics applet, but I failed with my monitor. It would send one of the screens a wrong res and then I had to hard kill the system00:16
HenrikLynggaardI think it sent the wrong freq to y new monitor... perhaps somehting with widescreen support00:17
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FliesLikeABrickis anyone here using bluetooth with all of the latest updates?01:22
FliesLikeABrickthe command `hidd` appears to have disappeared01:22
Dr_willisSorry Not me.01:24
WorldBFreei have asked this question multiple times over the past week but havent gotten a response.  is there a way to boot hardy directly from my hd instead of burning to a disc.  I already have a working grub and am familiar with how to do it in other distros.  ive gotten close but the modules dont seem to load02:18
alteregolthe GanjATI driver doesn't work for my notebook02:22
alteregolits a 7200 Ati or whatever inside02:23
Dr_willisWorldBFree,  ive seen some weird and wacy ways to install ubuntu without a cd. But Never done any.02:24
Dr_willisI think the !install factoid has some of hte ways02:24
ubotuntation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - Also /msg ubotu automate02:24
ubotuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning02:24
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UbunLinI'm having some graphics issues in Hardy Heron with the Radeon Mobility 9100IGP chipset. I've already put the Options "AGPMode" "4" in place in the xorg configuration, but that still gives graphic garbage on boot. Does anyone know of an additional fix or a bug that I might contribute to?04:42
=== Frogzoo_ is now known as frogzoo
regulatewhich dpkg bug is being fixed?04:47
DanaGHmm, underrun!!! (at least 655.765 ms long)05:39
DanaGunderrun!!! (at least 635.675 ms long)05:39
DanaG(command: aplay -Dplug:surround51:1 , on some file ripped from dvd-audio.)05:40
DanaGOdd... audigy can't do 24-bit?05:43
DanaGor rather, Audigy 2.05:43
DanaGOh, I see... source file is S24_3LE.05:45
DanaGMy onboard SIgmatel (hda_intel) is using s32le.05:46
UbunLinI'm having some graphics issues in Hardy Heron with the Radeon Mobility 9100IGP chipset. I've already put the Options "AGPMode" "4" in place in the xorg configuration, but that still gives graphic garbage on boot. Does anyone know of an additional fix or a bug that I might contribute to?05:46
alteregolthink ther eis a bug in deskto background05:49
alteregolif you use CENTER it Zooms, and revert05:49
alteregolin gnome05:49
DanaGOdd... it seems like Audigy 2 really can't do 24-bit..... odd.05:50
DanaGWell, now I see why we need surround51 for audigy: the channel mapping is odd.05:57
scizzo-is anyone else having problems with the xine libs and playing videos?06:02
scizzo-when I play videos on any player at all it seems that some gamma coloring or simular is blue or such...?06:02
shirishhi all, does anybody what that project/idea is where one can pull updates from any machine which might have updates?06:20
shirishI know about apt-cacher-ng but that is for a dedicated machine06:21
RAOFshirish: You could look at apt-zeroconf, which is exactly what you want.06:21
RAOFAs long as it works.06:21
shirishRAOF: hey :)06:21
RAOFGoogle will get you to the right place.06:21
shirishRAOF: yup, there is/was also some blueprint, where they could be some hash-key or something to verify the package integrity & stuff as well, any ideas?06:22
DanaGAPt-zeroconfg just broke stuff for me.06:23
RAOFdpkg already has that built-in.06:23
RAOFDanaG: Yes.  It's quite fragile.06:23
RAOFBut when it works, it's seamless.06:23
DanaGI wish there were a way to say somebody's name with out going all the way to 'pinging'.06:24
shirishRAOF: I will definitely investigate about apt-zeroconf (atleast the idea) & see if there are any parallel work/ideas around that. If you guys know about something similar as in efforts please lemme know.06:24
DanaGI still want that time-changing wallpaper that Fedora has.06:24
shirishDanaG: what is that time-changing wallpaper? Any links?06:25
DanaGTry the Fedora 8 LiveCD some time -- disable the screensaver, and leave the PC idle for a while.06:25
DanaGThe wallpaper changes over time -- it fades between a few color schemes.06:26
shirishDanaG: would look at it, thanx for the links.06:28
DanaGI can't find the actual patches it requires.06:28
DanaGIt gives an effect that now Google has in their iGoogle thingy, with the time-changing banner.06:31
DanaGIt's really nice.  I want to see that in Hardy.06:31
DanaGOr if it comes after release, as unofficial patches, that'd be fine.06:31
ethana2ff3b3 is fast06:31
ethana2still no SCIM06:34
ethana2yeah, it's for input in various non-latin languages07:05
ethana2standard across all gnome apps I think07:05
ethana259 on ACID3 by the way.. with no color and a failed linktest07:06
DanaGAcid3?  Never heard of it.07:07
Ayabaraanyone with a dell xps laptop here? I'm trying to make my mediakeys work on hardy07:07
ethana2It's a test for web standards compliance07:07
DanaGI've seen Acid2, but 3 is new.07:07
ethana2I have a Dell Latitude D83007:07
ethana23 is blazing new07:07
Ayabaraethana2: I got my XPS 1530 yesterday, and decided to try Hardy instead of Gutsy. The mediakeys and the gsynaptics-stuff I asked you about yesterday is what's not working so far07:10
DanaGMy 3.0 gets 58 with adblock plus, 59 without.07:10
ethana2Ayabara: did they work in gutsy?07:11
Assidhrmm hardy's gotta do something about the way it sucks power07:11
Ayabaraethana2: don't know, since Hardy was the first thing I installed :-)07:11
Ayabarabrand new like I said07:11
Assidmy laptop used to give me pretty good life up until maybe alpha 4 or around then07:11
DanaGActually, the battery reporting is probably what's broken, not the usage.07:11
ethana2Assid: ask phoronix to bench power consumption.07:12
ethana2There's no reason linux can't be the most environmentally friendly OS out there...07:12
qziohm, a question about aptitude/apt/synaptic - why is it so that synaptic finds more packages then aptitude?07:12
AssidDanaG: nah..the system goes into standby/goes off. and also the batter LED goes red means i better charge it.07:12
qzioAyabara: have you added the synaptics stuff in xorg.conf?07:12
Assidat times i dont even get enough notification to pull out the charger  .. and it still goes off07:13
Ayabaraqzio: no, I was about to ask about that. installed gsynaptics yesterday, but never found out what I need to add in xorg.conf07:13
DanaGAnybody here use Asus notebooks?07:13
qzioAyabara: i needed a extra inputdevice section for synaptics, and a sserverlayout section to point to synaptics07:14
qzioAyabara: are you familiar with xorg.conf configuration?07:14
Ayabaraqzio: a bit.07:14
qzioAyabara: then you understand what im talking about?07:15
Ayabaraqzio: yes. thanks07:15
DanaGHere's what I use.07:15
DanaGTakes keyboard and any USB device with evdev.07:15
alteregolsub error process at dpkg udpate07:15
DanaGHowver, evdev recently broke.07:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183119 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev "[Hardy] Cannot open input pEvdev for keyboard (dup-of: 173833)" [Undecided,New]07:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173833 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev "evdev mouse fails on hardy: cannot open input pEvdev" [Medium,Confirmed]07:16
Ayabaraqzio: I'm considering going back to gutsy for a while, to avoid the early bumps in the road on hardy :-)07:16
Assiderr brb.. gotta run a windows update on my virtualbox07:17
qzioAyabara: might be a good idea, altough it's not recommended to downgrade, you might have to do a re-install07:17
Ayabaraqzio: I'm downloading the iso as we speak :-)07:18
qzioAyabara: aiit :) otherwise, my simple xorg.conf is at http://gottfolk.se/xorg.conf.txt07:19
alteregollibwnk 404 not found07:19
alteregolwhat a crap07:19
muszekOpera 9.50 gets 64/10008:52
nanonymewith what?08:52
muszeklol... I  just realised I had the windows scrolled to a conversation that happened way back :)08:52
aikishugyoHello, I'm a first-time Hardy user...also first-time IRC user. Debian for 7 years, Ubuntu (Dapper onwards) for 4. I'm trying to become involved in debugging Evolution calendar operations and joined the ubuntu-users ML. I hope someone here can help me to find the right place to send debug information too, and also if I should rather be on the GNOME IRC channels instead.08:57
stdin!bug | aikishugyo08:58
ubotuaikishugyo: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots08:58
aikishugyoubotu: thanks, I'm looking at the launchpad as we speak. I'll do that then, not go to GNOME directly.08:59
Assiderr.. usplash should determine xorg's resolution and show up09:03
Assid1024x768 looks crappy on ym desktop.. but perfect on my laptio09:04
Assiderr anyone here using thunderbird by chance?09:14
ethana2installing updates09:53
ethana2it doesn't like bluez09:53
Zampaktusame here09:54
ethana2of course, i don't even have a bluetooth adapter on this system..09:55
ethana2adapter doesn't seem like the right word.. you get the idea09:55
ethana2E: /var/cache/apt/archives/bluez-audio_3.26-0ubuntu1_i386.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_ctl_bluetooth.so', which is also in package bluez-utils09:56
ethana2You have 1 broken package on your system!  Use the "Broken" filter to locate it.09:57
ethana2ok fixed09:57
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases10:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hardyrelease - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:20
Assidcosindering  we are pretty close to a feature freeze10:21
Assidare we getting the right gnome version?10:21
Assidand anyone notice X acting really strange recently?10:23
Assidlike i cant restart/shutdown.. i gotta restart X for me to do so10:24
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UbunLinI am currently seeing some fairly odd graphics issues with Hardy and the 9100 IGP chipset. Are there any known problems that any of you are aware of?11:03
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Assidi cant use my scanner11:47
Assidxsane says failed to open device11:48
Assidits busy11:48
Assidanyone having an issue with it?11:49
shirishhi all, does anybody if there is any software to edit .flac tags?12:16
shirishI got some .flac files (music) and I want to fill in some information.12:16
shirishbasically the metadata, that is what I want to change.12:20
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bardyrhow come the linux-libc-dev package are updated before linux-image-generic?13:46
rsklag in mirror mayb bardyr13:47
bardyrrsk, downloading from main13:48
bardyrrsk, the restricted modules are probably not ready, thats why linux-image-generic is not updated, but it does not make much sense updating the linux libc headers for a kernel you dont have13:49
mateuszHow to install something from hardy for example kernel?13:49
bardyrmateusz, on gutsy?13:49
mateuszCan I add mirror and pin it on lower proiority13:49
mateuszbardyr: yes13:49
bardyrmateusz, well you can grab the individual packages and install it manual13:50
mateuszbardyr: I did but there are dependencies13:51
bardyrmateusz, grab them too13:52
mateuszI dont want to search for every one13:52
mateuszisnt it apt-get a tool that can do it for me?13:52
bardyrmateusz, imagine its rpm's13:52
mateuszbardyr: how to upgrade to hardy ?14:20
mateuszbardyr: is it really so broken ?14:21
rskbardyr: if you dont know. dont upgrade14:21
mateuszrsk: I worked 9 years on debian sid14:22
mateuszrsk: and this should be similiar.. but I am not sure14:23
mateuszand I don't know how much it is broken14:23
rskthere wes think-tank so long ago?14:23
rskor what that project was called14:24
rskto pay developers14:24
mateuszI am  confused with mirrors.. I am not sure if hardy does have any update sites etc...14:25
rskyou make no sense14:26
mateuszlooks like that I will switch back to Deban14:26
mateuszpackages that I use in gutsy are too old14:26
rskwhy would you leave  working for debian for almost 10 years and then not figure out something that's easily avialiable on google and then 'go back '14:27
mateuszI dont understand what are you trying to say14:29
sveriwhat are you trying to say mateusz?14:30
rskmein either14:30
mateuszsveri: I asked if hardy is so buggy that I should not upgrade14:30
mateuszand I would like to know what are mirrors for hardy14:30
rskwhat is yo buggy for you?14:30
mateuszrsk: buggy means no  working desktop14:31
sverimateusz: for me it is not buggy, i am using it scince four days and it worked fantastic till now14:31
sveriat least kubuntu, i cant say anything about ubuntu, which is a bit more complicated i heard cause of the gvfs14:31
mateuszsveri: well sid sometimes had packages breaking whole system.. so livecd was needed14:31
mateuszI want to ensure that hardy is installable and usable14:32
nanonymehave you taken a look at the topic?14:32
sverihehe, thats what i asked myself right now too14:32
mateusznanonyme: no;]14:33
mateuszor I forgot about it14:33
mateuszok I'll google it14:33
nanonymedpkg being broken means low-level package management not currently working properly14:33
sverihere it works14:34
nanonymeproperly as in properly in every way14:35
nanonymebreakages can be stuff user doesn't even notice at best14:35
nanonymeand i'd personally backport stuff i need to Gutsy if i just needed some new packages14:37
nanonymeas i do14:37
sveriok, maybe its broken and it doesnt affect me right now14:37
svericould be, but neednt be14:37
nanonymeusing a pre-release version of an OS in production use is always a bit of a silly idea :)14:38
nanonymebetter to backport14:38
sverinanonyme: but its boring to use stable versions14:44
sverii like the risk of having an unusable system during my exams :D14:45
nanonymethat's because you don't want to read for the exams and want to make up excuses ;)14:45
nanonymesome people clean up, some fix broken computers14:46
nanonymesome write AI's that take over the world14:46
sverithats it14:46
nanonymeeach to their own14:46
sverihehe i prefer fixing up over writing AI14:46
tretl1who is in charge of rhythmbox and coherence packaging?15:02
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports15:05
bardyrHey, i get Access denied with sftp in nautilus but it works fine in konquror, what can it be?15:22
tretl1nautilus is undergoing some huge code changes15:24
tretl1alot of things are broken right now15:24
tretl1will be fixed as soon as possible15:24
bardyryea i know, its only affect one server15:24
bardyrbut its*15:24
bardyrseems a little weird15:24
tretl1well is there s difference between the working servers and the not working server?15:27
bardyrthe port15:27
bardyrbut i get Access denied before it even tries to connect to it15:28
tretl1are the working ones port 21?15:29
Assidanyone here using amsn and has a webcam15:30
Assidi cant seem to see non windows users' webcam15:30
tretl121 is the standard ftp port which brings me to the conclusion that changing the port has been removed from it atm15:30
tretl1irc.gimp.net #nautilus15:31
bardyrtretl1, i even get it when using the normal port15:31
tretl1u can check there to see if its been reported or resolved in the latest versions15:31
tretl1does it try to connect while using the normal port?15:32
Skweeker_duceHello everyone.16:10
coz_Skweeker_duce, oh boy they just dont know how to say hi do they ? :)  welcome16:15
Skweeker_duceI guess not!16:16
Skweeker_duceI just upgraded my Hardy install. Getting XKB errors when I log in now, though I haven't noticed anything not working.16:17
=== Skweeker_duce is now known as Skweeker
coz_Skweeker,  well it is alpha still16:25
coz_Skweeker, but so far things seem to be working fairly well16:25
SkweekerI know :)16:25
Skweekercoz_, running it on 3 systems here. No problems so far.16:26
coz_Skweeker, yeah ,,, I like so far myself :)  as long as what is working now continues to work after release :)16:27
Skweekercoz_, aside from this laptop I'm on (MacBook Pro) the other two machines are pretty old. Don't think I'll have any problems with them as they're sort of tried and true16:28
coz_Skweeker, right understood... as long as it works  :)16:28
Skweekercoz_, Do you know if XKB controls keyboard LEDs?16:30
coz_Skweeker, sorry I dont16:30
Skweekercoz_, I just noticed my capslock LED doesn't come on when it is active. Though I don't know if it did previously under Ubuntu or not. Same goes for the num lock LED.16:31
coz_Skweeker, mm on the keyboard itself?16:32
coz_Skweeker, I doubt it has to do with ubuntu  more likely the leds on the keyboard.... does this keyboard need a driver????16:33
Skweekercoz_, seems like it's been a problem in previous versions of Ubuntu, also. I believe the keyboard is to use XKB as the driver..16:35
coz_Skweeker, oh!! mm you may want to google this issue since I wouldnt know the solution for that sorry16:36
mohbana1.  can someone please tell me if the live cd has an option of where to install grub? 2. where can i find the log for the last boot attempt?16:36
Skweekercoz_, looks like it's conflict with mouseemu, which provides emulation for right/middle clicking. Apparently it breaks the capslock LEDs16:37
coz_Skweeker, oh! ok16:37
Skweekermohbana, I believe the grub installation options are easier accessed using an alternative CD. The live CD more or less installs non-interactively.16:38
Skweekermohbana, though I haven't tried changing grub install options from the live cd's installer. It may have an option burried somewhere but I have never seen it.16:39
Skweekercoz_, Just uninstalled mouseemu, and sure enough... the LEDs work.16:40
=== Mez__ is now known as Mez
SkweekerI suppose "removed" would be the proper term..16:41
coz_Skweeker, whoa cool  you solved it :)16:41
Skweekercoz_, Yeah, but now I need to get another method of right clicking working :)16:41
coz_Skweeker,  what do you mean?16:43
slytherinHas anyone mnaged to get grub2 working on any powerpc machine?16:44
Skweekercoz_, Mac trackpads only have one button. In Mac OS X, right-clicking is accomplished by holding control, and clicking. Or on newer machines, holding two fingers on the pad, and clicking (by default, anyway)16:44
coz_Skweeker, oh!!!!   mm then I would have absolutely no clue as to the solution for that one :)16:45
slytherincoz_: What is problem?16:45
coz_slytherin, not sure guy sorry16:46
coz_guys I have to break here  lunch time    yummm16:46
slytherinSkweeker: Are you looking for making the right click work in Ubuntu?16:47
Skweekerslytherin, I've removed mouseemu, as it makes the keyboard LEDs for caps/num lock not work16:47
Skweekerslytherin, so now I'm looking for a new method to use on my MacBook Pro. I'd prefer holding two fingers on the trackpad and clicking, but I'm not sure how to do that just yet.16:48
slytherinSkweeker: I have two solutions for that on my ibook. One is that my 'Eject' button (F12) works as right click by default and second is I have made the 'Enter' button on right side of spacebar to work as right click16:48
Skweekerslytherin, enter would work, I suppose.16:49
Skweekerslytherin, my F12 key isn't doing right-click now that I've removed mouseemu16:49
slytherinSkweeker: I don't remember exact option right now for 'Enter' key, but you should look into System -> Preferences -> Keyboard -> Layout -> Layout Options -> Alt/Win key behaviour.16:51
Skweekerslytherin, when I do that, I get errors that XKB wasn't able to load the config.. But I'll see if that works.16:54
SkweekerBe Right Back16:54
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corbykrislytherin, are you still around?17:04
=== corbykri is now known as Skweeker
socthe touchpad is pretty f****** up currently :-)17:08
Skweekersoc, what's going on with yours?17:08
soceither it doesn't respond at all or it jumps right to the other side ...17:09
=== corbykri_ is now known as Skweeker
socmoving the pointer is pretty difficult :-)17:10
Tuv0kbug #19147117:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191471 in clock-setup "Set System Time crashes Time Settings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19147117:10
Skweekersoc, what kind of laptop?17:10
socdell inspiron 640017:10
Skweekersoc, hmm don't know anything about those17:10
soci assume the mouse acceleration has been changed to totally horrible values17:12
socbut corg.conf looks ok ...17:12
Skweekersoc, I think there is a different config for the trackpad that overrides what xorg.conf has, but don't quote me on that.17:13
socmh ok17:13
socgnome-settings-manager doens't work anyymore too17:14
DanaGI enable SHMConfig and then install gsynaptics.17:15
socsegfaults after some screensaver things in debug17:15
socDanaG: do you mean me?17:15
DanaGFor touchpad, yes.  I haven't had any odd acceleration, but the 'gsynaptics' thingy will let you control sensitivity.17:16
socmhh ok17:17
DanaGOh yeah, and I have to go out to school now; I'll be back some time later.17:17
soci'll try that if it doesn't get fixed i a few days ...17:17
slytherinSkweeker: pong17:17
DanaGOh yeah, and the RightEdge thingy is for setting where the vscroll zone starts -- you can tweak it by using snyclient in console, and then once you find a value that works, put it in xorg.conf.17:17
DanaG(that reminds me..... I should put comments on my config entries to tell what they do.)17:18
socdoes someone experience gnome-settings-deamon crashing?17:18
DanaGAnyway, bye for now.17:18
tretl1having problems when i try to ./autogen.sh an svn trunk17:18
tretl1says im missing gnome-vfs-2.017:19
tretl1can anyone help me out17:19
Skweekersoc, I have not.17:20
slytherinSkweeker: is the right click working?17:20
Skweekertretl1, perhaps you need to install gnome-vfs-2.0?17:20
Skweekerslytherin, negative.17:20
Skweekerslytherin, what keyboard layout are you using?17:20
slytherinSkweeker: which option did you change?17:20
slytherinSkweeker: I am using Apple Laptop17:21
tretl1skweeker : where can I get it17:21
Skweekertretl1, maybe you can install it using Ubutnu's repositories?17:21
Skweekerslytherin, I just selected "Apple Laptop". No dice.17:21
socomg ... these "unlocking" buttons appearing almost everywhere now in gnome are the worst thing i ever saw ...17:22
slytherinSkweeker: And which option did you change?17:22
Skweekerslytherin, I didn't change any options.17:22
slytherinSkweeker: I will let you know tomorrow what I changed exactly.17:22
eddieftwhey all, im trying to get my graphical output to work, when I do function+f3 it doesn't do anything, when I go to system settings in my kmenu, it complains about libpython2.5so not found in paths. sudo apt-get install didn't do it, and neither does ldconfig...17:22
Skweekerslytherin, what option am I supposed to change, and what is a "third level chooser"?17:23
eddieftwoutput to a projector i sohuld say17:23
slytherinSkweeker: I think third level choose is for international keyboards, for keys with accent. but I am not sure17:23
Skweekerslytherin, alright.17:24
tretl1it looks like its installed?17:24
slytherintretl1: you need to install header files (-dev packages)17:24
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tretl1slytherin thanks I'll try and find em17:25
bobjinkmay i ask a question17:28
bobjinkit may be a little off topic17:28
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)17:28
Skweekermohbana, did you get grub installed alright?17:32
mohbanaSkweeker, nope i haven't tried it yet i don't want to take the risk of putting the live cd until i have further confirmation, you can look at this post if you like http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69569917:34
tretl1now its telling me that configure: error: totem playlist parsing library not found or too old17:34
mohbanafedora basically kinda ruined things for me or i did17:34
Skiessiwhy hardy's linux kernel hasn't been upgraded to
slytherintretl1: again, header files for that too, search plparser in synaptic17:35
Skiessi:P or
slytherinSkiessi: what are you talking about? This is the version on my machine currently - linux-image-2.6.24-7-generic17:35
Skiessi2.6.24-7 is newer that or
tretl1lol, there should be an option to automatically download and install the dev files17:36
socthe package name doesn't count up with kenrel's bugfix releases17:36
soc-7 is the 7th package uploaded to the servers17:37
Skiessi!info linux-image-2.6.24-7-generic17:37
ubotulinux-image-2.6.24-7-generic (source: linux): Linux kernel image for version 2.6.24 on x86/x86_64. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.24-7.12 (hardy), package size 19421 kB, installed size 66792 kB17:37
slytherinSkiessi: Sorry, looks like no one wants to risk an upgrade this close to Feature Freeze17:37
Skiessislytherin, ok that's good enough17:38
slytherinSkiessi: May be it will land after FF.17:38
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mohbanacan someone confirm if the live cd has an option of where to install grub?17:45
kalpikmohbana, yes, AFAIK it has that option17:48
tretl1how do i make install to a specific directory?17:51
Skweekermohbana, You could try the live CD and see..17:57
Assiderr anyone here  using amsn18:06
Assidi cant seem to webcam with other amsn users when they are on a mac18:07
BUGabundohey there!!18:07
Assidhavent tried with  linux users.. but def. doesnt work with mac guys18:07
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regulateany progress on dpkg ?19:36
PriceChildcs t  Current breakage (being fixed): dpkg | Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" and various breakage | dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy in #ubuntu | If you are here to ask questions such as "what repositories do i use?", "is hardy going to break for me?", update without checking what is to be updated, or do not know how to resolve dependencies with apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY | Help test 6.06 -> 8.04 upgrade: https:/19:42
=== PriceChild changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Current breakage (being fixed): dpkg | Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" and various breakage | dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy in #ubuntu | If you are here to ask questions such as "what repositories do i use?", "is hardy going to break for me?", update without checking what is to be updated, or do not know how to resolve dependencies with apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY | Help test 6.06 -> 8.04 upgrade: https://wiki.ubu
* PriceChild wonders whether anyone saw19:43
=== PriceChild changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Current breakage (being fixed): dpkg | Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy in #ubuntu | If you are here to ask questions such as "what repositories do i use?", "is hardy going to break for me?", update without checking what is to be updated, or do not know how to resolve dependencies with apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto
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StevethepirateUm, haai.20:24
StevethepirateEverytime I open up nautulis my PC hangs.. After pressing Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, and like.. 30 seconds. it restarts X20:24
StevethepirateI do get an error on startup, "Can't open file file://usr/share/gdm/themes/Human/Human.xml20:25
regulatehint: dont use nautilus20:25
Stevethepiratebut not sure if that has anything to do with it.20:25
Stevethepirateregulate: Sigh. I'd rather fix this problem, then just switch to Konqueror.20:26
StevethepirateLike, 1 of nautulis's windows pops up20:27
Stevethepirateafter start up20:27
Stevethepiratesince it was opened in the past20:27
Stevethepiratedoesn't go away.20:27
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regulateStevethepirate: remove it from your session20:48
Stevethepirateregulate: ...20:51
StevethepirateI think i've fixed it.20:51
StevethepirateNeed to restart x-quick20:51
phasefield 21:17
selckin 21:17
bardyr 21:17
phasefield 21:18
ffmhow unstable is hardy>?21:42
bardyri had a crash 2 weeks ago!21:43
ffmbardyr: lol.21:43
ffmbardyr: ubuntu has me spoiled. I'm not used to crashes.21:43
ffmbardyr: was this a full-system crash?21:45
bardyrffm, actually it was a freeze and had to do a hard reboot21:45
mohbanahi everyone, i having major problems with acpi, i had to use this for the kernel and in safe graphic mode for the live cd to boot propely 'quiet nosplash -- acpi=off', i noted that during my whole live session the mouse and keyboard (both usb based) where exteremly slow and the network card (LAN) wasn't even working.  I used the 64bit cd and i have a 8800 gts 512.  any sort of help would be great21:50
ffmbardyr: so, should I wait for alpha 5, beta, or final? I'm supposed to be working on docs, and I want to help find bugs.21:54
bardyrffm, well it runs pretty smooth for most people, there are some nautilus/gvfs problems but not that many21:55
bardyri would just jump on it or wait for alpha521:56
ffmbardyr: I'm running 32 bit on a 64 bit system. Would now be the time to go 64 bit, and how hard would it be?21:56
bardyrfeature freeze is tomorrow so alpha5 should be pretty stable21:56
bardyrffm, depends on your hardware but it should be pretty easy nowadays21:57
ffmbardyr: would I have to reinstall, or is there a simple "convert all binaries to 64" command?21:57
bardyri think you need to reinstall21:58
bardyryou should be able to change the apt source list to 64bit, but i think the best option would be a fresh install21:58
sveriffm: i installed 64bit on saturday, and it works great, as works hardy great :-)22:04
sveriffm: i had to setup a 32 bit chroot, it worked too without big problems22:04
Assidi wish my webcam worked :(22:14
michaelfaviaanyone else haing bluetooth trouble after todfays update? hidd seems to be missing form bluez-utils.22:15
michaelfaviahow am i supposed ot connect bt devices , new binary or just a bug?22:15
Assidjust wait till all the repositoriies are updated22:25
ffmAssid: be glad it ever worked. My brand new (5 months ago) does not work anywhere.22:34
Assidworks on windows.. not on linux22:35
Assidi hate driver issues22:35
StevethepirateSigh.. my wireless network isn't being picked up.. any help?22:53
StevethepirateSigh.. my wireless network isn't being picked up.. any help?22:54
smallfoot-i ran update today, and i think it broke something, i cant select "custom" desktop effect23:03
smallfoot-only "none", "some", "extra"23:03
smallfoot-the custom is gone23:03
pygiwill somebody explain me why seahorse doesnt support ssh keys anymore? :p23:04
michaelfaviasmallfoot-, do you have the compiz manager installed?23:04
smallfoot-and the advanced desktop manager enabled too23:04
smallfoot-then when i updated, its the 4'th option in Appearance is gone23:05
smallfoot-also when i choose background, they're all solid brown in the background chooser dialog, but when i click on them, the desktop changes to the real background23:05
pygissh keys support is broken *again* :p23:07
michaelfaviapygi, new ssh updates in stream ... check changelogs23:25
michaelfaviaserver, client and askpass23:26
pygimichaelfavia, yea, will do ... it's just broken as usual :P23:26
michaelfaviapygi, im having trouble with bt so i understand the pain... hidd binary has gone missing..23:26
michaelfaviapygi, you use bt on your system?23:26
michaelfavianot bottorrent23:27
pygimichaelfavia, not really, what's broken with it? :)23:27
michaelfaviathe hidd binary is missing.23:27
michaelfaviaand i cant tell if it is an intentional change ort not.23:27
michaelfaviai assume not23:27
pygiright, I could have read that above as well :)23:27
Jordan_UIs the fact that sounds stop playing when switching to another tty other than X an intended feature?23:27
michaelfaviahidd is the binary used to attach human input devices23:28
michaelfaviaJordan_U, unknown here.23:28
pygiwell, alpha is generally broken, but it's more stable for me then gutsy :P23:28
pygiso I'll stay here :)23:28
pygihopefully seahorse gets fixed soon, or I'll just submit a debdiff23:28
coz_so what happened  to hardy :)23:33
michaelfaviacoz_, ?23:34
coz_michaelfavia, i am one of three people who were not able to boot into hardy after the last update this evening :)23:34
michaelfaviais there a bug report? or a description of the issue?23:35
coz_michaelfavia, not sure just know that it is broken as of this evening  so far  but am   going to try to install again "without" shutting    down or rebooting :)23:35

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