troy_skwwii: Tell me that you added a little complexity to the fela kuti wallpaper.05:43
=== klepas is now known as leno
=== leno is now known as klepas
kwwiitroy_s: actually I was going to use your version :p11:01
troy_skwwii: YIKES.  It needs a tidy... that was a PoP.13:59
kwwiitroy_s: right, I fixed up the brown bg and made the stuff in the background a bit more transparent14:03
kwwiianyway, it is just a test :p (and it is already submitted so it is too late now!)14:03
troy_skwwii: Yeah the palettizing is what I was probably getting at.14:03
* troy_s outs.14:04
kwwiisee you14:04
* kwwii heads off to pick up a valentine day present for the little woman14:05
Rapouchello there21:23

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