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burneranyone familiar with what ubuntu is going to do about nautilus and gio in hardy?  gio isn't going to support smb:// or ftp:// according to the gnome folks.  can gnome-vfs going to be backported or are we just going to have regressions when going from dapper to hardy?00:11
* Fujitsu can use SMB in Hardy's Nautilus, and it seems to use GIO...00:11
FujitsuIt's not exavrtly reliable, but...00:12
burnerwell wtf was all that chatter on planet gnome?00:12
FujitsuThere was something about it not supporting network:/// or similar a while ago.00:12
burnerthat's right00:13
burnerhttp://live.gnome.org/GioToDo says there is no Network:  ftp: http/https/webdav: obexftp: burn: or fonts:00:13
burnerftp is going to kill me when doing web dev :\00:14
sorenAw, no fonts:/// ?00:14
FujitsuI have a burn:/// too.00:15
* burner shrugs00:15
ion_You aren’t using FTP with authentication but without encryption, are you?00:17
* burner is00:18
* burner does00:18
* burner has a host that doesn't support sftp00:18
thotypoushi :)00:18
* Fujitsu would have hoped that such hosts ceased to exist a while ago.00:19
ion_You aren’t paying anything for the service, are you?00:19
thotypoushi caetano00:19
thotypoushey, is there someone here responsible for ubuntu's kernel stuff?00:20
mjg59thotypous: #ubuntu-kernel00:20
thotypoushey maskd, #ubuntu-kernel00:21
Pimentel-ESthotypous: burro00:27
Pimentel-ESnao vai falar do oss?00:27
xivulonheno: I have uploaded umenu code to https://code.launchpad.net/umenu00:31
xivulonmake prerequisites && make && make test00:31
ograaclocal: macro `AM_PROG_MKDIR_P' required but not defined01:02
* ogra sighs loudly01:02
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lamontogra: automake does tend to make one sigh, doesn't it./01:31
ograespecially if someone "fixed" your code to use a newer version instead of being compatible with the most common one ....01:33
jdongany ubuntu-main-sponsors want a quickie?01:40
jdong(upload, that is)01:40
lamontogra: but newer is always better, no?01:44
TheMusojdong: In a few months I might. :p01:45
TheMusobut not just yet01:45
jdongTheMuso: :) that's no help for a feature freeze ;-)01:45
* jdong thinks transmission should stay in universe until FF!01:45
TheMusojdong: Its called, just got the keys to the world, and don't want to break anything.01:46
jdongTheMuso: haha well you have my word that it won't break anything :)01:46
jdongif that means anything :D01:46
TheMusoNo, I'm not even on the main sponsors team yet01:46
jdongoh well I'll keep /pounce-ums active then01:47
ogralamont, yeah, but some people use changelogs to let other devs know it changed ... ;)01:48
superm1ogra, i missed the discussion with you and laga on the patches that he had for mythbuntu-diskless against ltsp, what came of that?02:01
ograsuperm1, the plugin is included in ltsp since today, his initramfs changes have to be merged into the mythbuntu-diskless-client package02:02
ograthere are some changes i''d like to see in the code before final but all in all it looks fine02:03
superm1ogra, okay so everything should be fine on it then for this cycle?02:03
superm1ogra, great, thanks :)02:03
lamontsigh.  jdong did you get taken care of while I was translocating?02:16
jdonglamont: you mean my call for sponsorship? not yet02:16
lamontwhat is it you need sponsored?02:16
jdongbug 19061402:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190614 in transmission "New upstream version: 1.05" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19061402:16
lamontif it's not too complex, I suppose I could be talked into it...02:16
jdongit's a trivial and routine one02:16
jdongI've been the one who's done like the past 4 or 502:17
lamontwhere does $UPSTREAM_VERSION get used?02:18
lamontor rather, where should I grab bts from to look at them?02:18
jdonglamont: it's used in Debian's get-orig-source rule02:18
jdonglamont: which is redundant and there for historical purposes, as right now a watchfile is used02:18
jdong(before DFSG needed to do some repacking)02:19
* lamont fetches02:20
* lamont wants to know how to get gutsy's network managler to automatically notice that and switch ssids without me doing "manual config"02:20
jdonglamont: it doesn't detect your teleportation?02:22
lamontsomething like that02:24
jdonglamont: are you sleeping to and from your destination?02:24
lamontI removed network mangler and reinstalled it (long story_)02:30
lamontand right now all i have is 'manual config'02:30
* lamont dist-upgrades his hardy chroot so he can test build02:33
ogradoes anyone know why libexecdir defaults to /usr/libexec, even that dir usually doesnt exists in debian/ubuntu and is usually pointed to /usr/lib ?02:35
ograi would expect it to use a default that actually works with my system02:35
lamontogra: historical linux?02:36
ograsilly ... i would expect tools that have "auto" in their name to set the best defaults for the current system i'm on :)02:37
lamontogra: bug keybuk, I guess...02:38
ograwell, likely asleep :)02:38
lamontand your excuse?02:39
ografreeze tomorrow, and insanely early meeting :)02:39
lamontoh. meh02:39
ogra(well, insanely early for my biorhythm ... others like to be up at 8am :) )02:40
lamontfeature freeze or so?02:42
ograwhich goes hand in hand with UVF nowadays02:42
lamontok.  /me has an upload pending for bind9 - but it's more of a bug fix, IMO02:42
lamontotoh, we're two revs back02:43
ograwell, it wouldnt be a freeze if theer werent exceptions02:43
* lamont files a sync request, having noticed that it's out of date02:44
lamontjdong: you didn't say it build-depends: $WORLD02:57
jdonglamont: sorry :)02:58
jdonglamont: you could take my word that it builds fine in a hardy pbuilder02:58
ubotu<Hobbsee> jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!02:58
ScottKIf it's transmission though, I'd be inclined to believe him.02:59
lamontGet:91 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main gettext 0.17-2ubuntu1 [1978kB]03:00
lamontjdong: transmission_1.05-0ubuntu1 uploaded03:24
jdonglamont: thanks!03:24
jdonglamont: now it'll hurt less the next time you do it for me :D03:24
jdong(luckily for you there's FF)03:25
lamontyeah - my build chroots hadn't been set up yet on the laptop03:25
lamontwhat's FF? :-)03:25
lamontI will _not_ upload firefox for you03:25
* lamont ducks03:25
StevenKIs jdong wanting to crackport firefox? :-P03:26
lamontI  wonder if anyone has ever done stats on who's sig is most common on new upstream versions in the archive post-feature freeze...03:26
lamontStevenK: what else could FF possibly mean? :-)03:26
StevenKlamont: "Feature Freeze"03:27
lamontStevenK: you do spoil trolling, you know...03:27
LaserJocklamont: seb128 perhaps?03:27
StevenKlamont: :-)03:27
lamontLaserJock: almost certainly03:27
jdongStevenK: ff-3 crackports already done btw ;-)03:27
StevenKjdong: Argh03:27
* lamont notes that is "just do the right thing, dammit' build-package script is now 250 lines of shell03:28
jdongStevenK: it was done responsibly and safely though ;-)03:28
lamontI should really consider rewriting that in something else.03:28
StevenKlamont: Blink?03:29
StevenK250 lines to do what?03:29
superm1could one of you many core-devs around sponsor a small patch to acpi-support?  bug 12310403:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 123104 in acpi-support "Suspend using nvidia driver and NVIDIA 8400M GS doesn't work" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12310403:31
* ScottK is pretty certain that's not where I'm going to start doing Main uploads....03:32
lamontScottK: _I_ won't touch an acpi upload03:32
StevenKScottK: Did you get core-dev?03:33
lamontStevenK: mostly magic sed commands to smash build-deps around03:33
ScottKStevenK: I did03:33
lamontStevenK: he's a real person now03:33
StevenKScottK: Nice! Congrats03:33
jdongsuperm1: we still use acpi-support?03:33
ScottKlamont: Heh03:33
superm1congrats ScottK, i wasnt aware of this either03:33
StevenKlamont: ... Why?03:33
ScottKStevenK: Thanks.03:33
ScottKsuperm1: Thanks.03:33
lamontStevenK: he's a real person because he's cool.03:33
jdongScottK: congrats!03:34
lamontacpi?  scary - too easy to break random crap elsewhere with what seems like a simple fix.03:34
StevenKlamont: Sorry, that "... Why?" was due to "mostly magic sed commands to smash build-deps around03:34
superm1jdong, I was under the impression that part of it was still used03:34
lamontbecause sometimes I backport things from hardy to dapper.03:34
superm1to build the modules that need to be taken out03:34
jdongsuperm1: that may be. Sounds a bit silly though03:34
lamontjdong: acpi-support is on my freshly-installed gutsy box03:34
StevenKsuperm1: I'd talk to mjg59 first.03:34
jdongsuperm1: and pm-utils's taking out modules routine actually does absolutely crap03:35
ScottKjdong: THanks03:35
jdonglamont: hardy's using pm-utils though :)03:35
lamontah, ok03:35
superm1thanks StevenK i'll check with him03:35
jdongsuperm1: I filed a bug and a debdiff on that ;-)03:35
lamontone of these days I should do more playing with hardy...03:35
jdonglamont: it looks very promising as a solid release :)03:35
lamontmostly ScottK just tells me to upload stuff, and I do....03:36
lamontno one wants a solid hardy release more than me03:36
lamontbackporting from hardy to dapper, um, sometimes really really sucks03:36
lamontonly 10 sed commands (admittedly, it could be 2, since all but one just tweak debian/control03:38
lamontI think my favorite has to be:03:38
lamont                        sed -ri "$(grep-dctrl -P -sPackage -n python- ${CTL} |03:38
lamont                                  sed 's/\(python\)\(-.*\)/\/^[^ ]*(Pac|Dep|Sug|Pro|Con|Rep)\/s\/\0\/\12.4\2\/g;/')" ${CTL}03:38
StevenKPlease. I just ate.03:38
lamontwhat's wrong with having sed generate a sed program?03:40
lamonthave I mentioned that I love python, and I _HATE_ python-packaging changes?03:40
StevenKlamont: A few things. Mostly readability and maintainability?03:40
lamontStevenK: piffle03:41
lamont                        sed -i '/^Build-Dep/s/libdb-dev (>=4.6.19-1)/libdb4.4-dev/g' ${CTL}03:42
lamontthat one is nicer.03:42
lamontsee, this way I just say 'build-package -bfeisty postfix_4.7.1-1' and it does the right thing, and generates binaries for testing, so that I can sign and upload the source.03:43
lamontadmittedly, the dapper backports I'm doing have a very targeted uh, target.03:43
jdonglamont: why don't you just write a pbuilder-satisfydepends that's more lenient? :)03:43
jdonglamont: then I can steal parts of that for backports usage too03:43
lamontjdong: because I'm uploading these to a pedantic archive03:44
StevenKlamont: Is the meat of build-package calling sbuild or pbuilder?03:44
jdonglamont: lovely :)03:44
lamontwhat's pbuilder?03:44
* lamont has only been using sbuild for most of a decade...03:44
lamontI keep saying that I should really take time and learn pbuilder... it never makes it above the cutline though...03:44
StevenKDepends how long your machine takes to untar a 80Mb base tarball03:45
lifelesslamont: pdebuild FTW03:45
lifelesslamont: combined with bzr builddeb, its fun03:45
lamonta major improvement in the script came recently when I taught it to notice that I'd forgotten the epoch in the version, and just rip that from changelog03:46
StevenKI'm going to stand up for sbuild, and say that keescook is my hero and that mk-sbuild-lv rocks03:46
lamontlifeless: I've used bzr far more in the last five weeks than ever before.03:46
lifelesslamont: thumbs up or down03:46
lamontI'm building a list... have filed a bug or 303:46
lamontwell, _a_ bug, iirc.03:47
lamontI think that I have more03:47
lamontlifeless: I did make my life a bit simpler by making sure that I'm using bzr 1.1-1 everywhere, instead of 0.8.$mumble03:47
lamont0.8.2-1ubuntu3 to be specific03:48
lamontand myriad versions in between...03:48
lamontbzr uncommit? +103:49
lamontany bzr command that generates copious output not doing the right thing (piping to $PAGER)? -103:49
lamontmostly thumbs up03:50
LaserJocklifeless: you guys got a "bzr for git users" doc somewhere?03:50
lifelessLaserJock: the wiki, possibly the user manual now03:51
lamontlifeless: give me an easy way to bzr import from active git repo, and push commits both ways03:51
lamontLaserJock: I'03:52
lamontve mostly been getting the crash-hands-on course03:52
StevenKI wish there was a "git for bzr users" -- I really like bzr, but can't get my head around git03:52
lamontsee the tech talks03:52
lamontmost notably randalls03:52
LaserJockStevenK: I think I might be the opposite03:53
LaserJockI don't think I got much out of bzr03:53
LaserJockbut I find git quite nice03:53
StevenKbzr just works like cvs and svn, so I just clicked.03:53
StevenKgit just looks oddball03:53
FujitsuStevenK: bzr doesn't work like CVS. CVS doesn't work.03:53
lamontStevenK: that's what happens when someone designs the plumbing and doesn't care about the porcelain03:54
StevenKFujitsu: Sure it works, it just doesn't do some things well03:54
lamontgit prior to 1.5?  sucky UI that is not recommendable for anyone other than kernel gods03:54
StevenKWell, even Rusty can't work out git03:54
LaserJockI really like git-cvs03:55
lamontLaserJock: parsecvs for the win03:55
lamontalthough you need sane ,v files for that03:56
StevenKlamont: Rusty Russell03:56
lamontlifeless: yes, postfix broke parsecvs too03:56
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lamontmerge speed in git is rather incredible, I must say03:57
LaserJockI think the part of bzr that's gives me problems, and perhaps what I like about git, is the "branch as dir" concept03:57
LaserJockI just don't like having directories all over so I tend to not branch very much in bzr03:58
LaserJockwhereas in git my dir structure stays clean even if I have branches all over03:58
* ogra was proposing a branch as pizza function since ages, but noone heard03:58
* lamont tends to bounce between branches in one working directory... if I really really need more than one dir, I can clone the branch I want into a sisiter dir03:58
RAOFLaserJock: Where as I'm completely the opposite.  git's hidden branch approach smacks of code-simplicity over interface tradeoffs to me.03:59
lifelessStevenK: you dont want to get your head around git03:59
* lamont isn't sure about this "branch as dir" thing... maybe I need to actually read the users manual...03:59
lamontRAOF: hidden branch?  it's a file.03:59
lamontyou want it in a separate dir, you clone03:59
lifelesslamont: problem is, plumbing sets constraints on porcelain03:59
RAOFlamont: And then checkout.  Using strange and arcane syntax.04:00
lamontyeah... that's why it wants to be pretty static from the beginning04:00
lamontRAOF: of course.  clone is well, clone04:01
emgentdebian #46487604:02
ubotuDebian bug 464876 in drupal5 "drupal5: New upstream version 5.7 available, fixes several bugs" [Normal,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/46487604:02
lamont git clone postfix test; cd test; git rebase origin/stable/v2.404:03
lamontit's not _so_ arcane...04:03
lamontof course the downside is that 'master' in test is then stable/v2.4 in the original (postfix) tree04:04
lamontjust remember: source management systems all suck.  differently.04:04
lifelesslamont: branches in a file in .git -> not discoverable; complex rules to edit, can't use standard shell commands to manage branches, urls are tricky to define well and usefully.04:05
lamontactually, .git/refs/head/$branchname is a file... containing the sha1 of the head of that branch04:07
lamontand git-branch -a will show all of them04:08
lamonthrm.. does dapper dpkg have anything like source:Upstream-Version?04:08
StevenKlifeless: moblin are using git, so I have to at least learn a bit04:15
lamontStevenK: seriously, watch randall's tech talk04:15
lamontonce you understand git's "index" (which every source management system has, and almost none export to the user's view), then it all falls into place.04:16
lamontuntil then, it's confusion04:16
lamontrandall does a good job of giving a tech overview of git.04:17
StevenKlamont: Google for "randall tech git talk" or so?04:17
lamontlifeless: bzr bisect would be cool to have.04:17
lamontStevenK: yep04:17
lamontgoogle for "git tech talk" (with quotes) and (last time i did it) there were two results: linus and randal04:17
lifelesslamont: https://launchpad.net/bzr-rebase04:18
lifelesslamont: exposing the index is not done by most systems for a reason04:19
lifelesslamont: its like exposing inodes to the user (and I don't mean C programs) on a file system.04:19
lamontlifeless: yeah04:21
RAOFlifeless: You know, it seems like all the features I want in bzr are already plugin projects on LP.  Are they going to get an actual release sometime soon?  Please? :)04:22
lifelessRAOF: what do you mean04:22
lamontlifeless: yeah... the index does tend to confuse the hell out of people without providing them the benefit that understanding it would given them.04:23
RAOFWell, there seem to be a lot of useful bzr plugins on LP; things like bzr-git, bzr-rebase, bzr-bisect, etc.  But none of them seem to have released a tarball.04:23
RAOFOr been packaged in some other form useful to me.04:24
lifelesslamont: s/would/might/04:24
lifelesslamont: most users won't get any benefit from the index04:24
lifelessthey don't /want/ a current state that differs from the working tree in any wa.04:26
lamontthe index being exposed is one of those things you get when a kernel jock designs an SCM.04:26
* lamont uses it as a 1/2 commit :0)04:26
lifelessRAOF: so package and upload them04:29
lifelessRAOF: join the bzr-packaging team04:29
lifelessRAOF: tarballs are so 1980's04:29
LaserJocklifeless: is there such a team?04:29
RAOFOh, but that's *work*.  Worse, it's work that I have to do! :P  Ok, added to my TODO.04:30
lifelessLaserJock: its on alioth04:30
StevenKlamont: Googling only shows Linus' talk04:30
LaserJockStevenK: the first one is the one you want04:30
LaserJockStevenK: it just says "git"04:30
lamontgimme a second04:31
* StevenK clicks the yummy download link04:33
lifelessRAOF: basically, with a vcs every push is a release; folk really stop bothering with tarballs in smaller projects. too much overhead, and too slow.04:33
lamontStevenK: any of the october versions are Randall.  Linus was a few months earlier04:33
lamontlifeless: overall, I'm very impressed with bzr04:34
LaserJocklifeless: except it's hard to distribute and is much harder to find a "stable" release04:34
RAOFlifeless: Fair enough.  Bzr builddeb should make packaging from bzr more enjoyable.04:34
lamont  * backport to dapper04:34
lamont  * source:Upstream-Version expanded inline04:34
lamontthere. now build-package deals with packages that use source:Upstream-Version04:34
lifelesslamont: good :)04:34
lamontwc /home/lamont/bin/build-package04:35
lamont 254  802 7371 /home/lamont/bin/build-package04:35
lifelessLaserJock: uhhh, its trivial to distribute, and tarballs have no magic equality with stability.04:35
LaserJocklifeless: it's not trivial to distribute until we get rid of source packages, and no, there is no "magic", but it's more "conventional"04:37
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lamontlifeless: for anything that's going into a debian/ubuntu/whatever release, trivial packaging of tar+diff is kinda a requirement04:41
lamontor at least a tarball04:41
lifelesslamont: 'bzr export'04:41
lamontyeah - it's trivial for us'ns04:41
lamontI was aluding back to the bzr builddeb04:42
lamontwhich I freely admit to never having used04:42
TheMusobzr-builddeb is great.04:42
jdong"which I freely admit to never having used"04:44
jdongthat's coolest sentence construct of the day!04:44
lamontjdong: cool sentence construction is just one of my more flashy skills04:45
lamontI haz gud wordspeak04:45
lifelessin ur channelz hacking ur brainz04:45
lamontlifeless: so when are we all switching to RCS? :-)04:46
lamontmy kids go to RCS.04:46
lamontI think that's different04:46
jdonglamont: you you have to pick them up and drop them off individually?04:47
StevenKAnd woe betide if your children change names!04:47
lamontactually, their start/stop times _are_ staggered 15 min... so the one just gets dropped off early and picked up late04:47
StevenKA classical school.04:48
lamontStevenK: _very_.04:48
StevenKDamn, I was going somewhere with that, and then my thought train derailed04:48
StevenKOh yes.04:49
StevenKA classical school, as opposed to you know, *regular* boring school.04:49
jdongto make everyone feel better....04:50
jdongat the MIT software engineering course, I am being FORCED to write JAVA CODE in a PAPER NOTEBOOK.04:51
jdongof course, 0.5 pages of code later, it turned into a 3 page argument why this is nonsensical :)04:51
StevenKI hate doing that in exams.04:51
regulatetake a different course04:52
lamontStevenK: it's more around changes in the modern education ideas04:52
lamontwhich the school kinda, uh, rejects.04:52
StevenKlamont: Like computers?04:52
lamontlike student-desire-drivin curriculum.04:53
lamontactually, the school teaches openoffice to everyone04:53
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StevenKPah, we never had that when I went to school04:53
lamontit's a mindset, not specific curriculum.04:53
lamonttardy?  no problem.  sit right there on the bench until the period is over.  you will not interrupt the class and waste 1+ student-hours (30 students, 2 min or so disturbance)04:54
lamontlittle things like that.  very teacher-centered education04:55
lifelesslamont: do they get their drugs from CVS?04:55
lamontwe actually don't have any CVS stores here.  iz very sad.04:55
StevenKI nearly fell over when I saw the CVS store in Boston04:55
StevenKAnd then on Friday, pitti and I saw a CVS import04:56
lamontStevenK: that just hurts04:57
lamonthrm...  closing time... I guess I should start wrapping up04:57
lamontdear kde.  70 MB is not a deb.  it's several.04:58
geniiOK, not sure if this is some dev issue, but here's a weird problem. In 2.6.22-14-generic my usb based rtl8187 works fine but kernel of course can't see my full 8Gb. In 2.6.22-14-server the RAM gets seen but the nic is no good. Even tried compiling from svn from rtl-wifi but getting indecipherable compiler errors on all svn versions 61 thru 67.The exact same code compiles without a groan under -generic04:58
geniiSome weird PAE thing perhaps?04:59
* genii hands SNuxoll a coffee05:01
SNuxollyay caffiene05:02
* lamont relocates homeward05:10
talcitehey guys, does anyone know if the sqlite3 in the gutsy repos is compiled with the --threadsafe option?05:35
beunotalcite, it would seem from the build log that yes: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/9193582/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-i386.sqlite_2.8.17-2.1build1_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz05:38
LucidFoxAny core-devs involved with Mono here?05:39
beunoit has the "-DTHREADSAFE=1" bit in it05:39
talcitebeuno: thanks05:41
warp10Good morning06:10
* lamont gets home, sleeps. night all06:22
FujitsuNight lamont.06:23
LucidFoxFujitsu, did you check PM?06:27
thegodfathersuperm1: ping?06:45
thegodfathersuperm1: hey.. i think you should plan to change the Depends: mysql-server to Predepends06:46
superm1on which?06:46
superm1er which package particularly at least06:46
thegodfathersuperm1: problem on upgrade is simple.. mythtv wants to backup and update the db, but if mysql is upgraded too, it's not running.. failing to backup and update06:46
thegodfathersuperm1: dunno.. you can figure that out yourself :)06:46
superm1ah for folks going from dapper->hardy or gutsy->hardy06:47
thegodfatherat the moment i am just doing hardy->hardy regular updates06:47
superm1and running into that particular issue i suppose?06:47
thegodfatherproblem occours when there is a major myth db update and mysql update at the same time06:47
thegodfatherso that will be the case also on upgrades from release to release06:47
thegodfatheror anything that upgrades to hardy06:47
thegodfathersuperm1: yes.. right now06:48
superm1thegodfather, okay i'll see what i can do, you should see it in the next hardy update.  let me know if that works out better for you then06:48
thegodfathersuperm1: well it can be simulated if you need to06:49
thegodfathersuperm1: just prepare a fake mysql update in your local repo and a mythtv update at the same time06:49
superm1yeah good point06:50
thegodfathersuperm1: make sure that the mythtv update simulate a mysql DB update and zack06:50
superm1well i'm fairly confident that you're right on this too, pre-depends should solve it.06:50
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* Mithrandir grumbles at his /dev/sda being renamed to /dev/hda07:48
ogralol, really ?07:49
* ogra has never seen it this way around07:50
Mithrandirhappened between -5 and -7 in hardy.07:51
Mithrandirunsurprising, this breaks libpam-mount07:51
dholbachgood morning08:01
TomJaegerStefan Bader is not hanging around here, is he?08:12
TomJaegerare there any formal critera to get a patch into the ubuntu kernal?08:17
TomJaegeralright, I'll just post to launchpad08:20
TheMusoDo MIRs need to be done by FF?09:06
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ionstormhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.24/+bug/190587 whats up with this security risk09:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190587 in linux "Local root exploit in kernel 2.6.17 - 2.6.24 (vmsplice)" [High,Fix committed]09:07
pantherafor the sake of 'history', i'd like to have all ubuntu revisions ever of my packages in debian.09:08
pantherais there something like snapshot.d.n for ubuntu?09:09
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cjwatsonpanthera: you should be able to fish them out of links in Launchpad, at least from dapper onwards09:15
cjwatsonstart from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/PACKAGENAME09:16
cjwatsonionstorm: seems to be in pretty good progress09:18
pantheracjwatson: nice, thanks.09:24
\shsoren, thx09:32
Riddellpitti: could you give back digikam09:32
* Mithrandir stabs gecko with a very sharp spoon09:33
Mithrandiractually, cairo.09:34
simiraMithrandir: didn't I tell you to stop stabbing people with spoons?09:34
Mithrandirepiphany-browser: /build/buildd/cairo-1.5.8/src/cairo-pdf-surface.c:4461: _cairo_pdf_surface_fill: Assertion `_cairo_pdf_surface_operation_supported (surface, op, source)' failed.09:34
Mithrandir(when trying to print to PDF)09:34
sorenUnless there's any particular reason not to, could an archive admin please release the new kernel from NEW?09:35
Mithrandirnot that postscript fares any better.  *sigh*.09:35
tjaaltonany hal experts available? I can't get hal-set-property to work from a script ("Could not initialise connection to hald."), when it works if run by hand09:49
cjwatsonsoren: done (amd64 i386 lpia sparc)09:50
sorencjwatson: Cool. Thanks.09:52
sorencjwatson: Any chance we could get a new debian-installer once the new kernel is published?09:52
sorencjwatson: ...and perhaps a respin of the server cd when the new debian-installer is published? Pretty please? :)09:53
TheMusosoren: We need new metas I think.09:54
sorenTheMuso: Not exactly "need".09:54
sorenTheMuso: d-i specifies which version it wants.09:55
sorenTheMuso: explicitly.09:55
TheMusosoren: Fair enough09:55
sorenTheMuso: It wouldn't be very nice to have the installer and linux-meta out of sync, though.09:55
sorenTheMuso: To sum up: Good point!09:55
* TheMuso now feels nervous... About to upload packages to implement initramfs error handling... :)09:57
cjwatsonsoren: linux-meta should go in at around the same time, so I'd prefer kernel team coordination10:10
gesergood morning10:11
sorencjwatson: Alright then.10:11
pittiRiddell: given back10:12
pittisoren: so pkg-create-dbgsym should use a temporary file instead of stdin? hmkay10:15
pittiScottK: argh, sorry about not being at the meeting; I was at dancing school; how did it go?10:15
\shif someone has some time checking licensing stuff: please review this license and tell me if it's usable for universe/multiverse? zend-framework http://framework.zend.com/license10:15
sorenpitti: Either that or find another way of reading it from stdin.10:16
ScottKpitti: It went quite well.  I'm in.10:18
ScottKpitti: Thanks for asking.10:18
Riddellpitti: did you see that mhb had extra exams so won't make feature freeze for jockey qt10:20
geser\sh: what problem do you see with this license? it has a caption of "New BSD License" and also looks very similar to /usr/share/common-licenses/BSD10:21
\shgeser, this point: * Neither the name of Zend Technologies USA, Inc. nor the names of its10:22
\sh      contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this10:22
\sh      software without specific prior written permission.10:22
geser\sh: "3. Neither the name of the University nor the names of its contributors10:22
geser   may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software10:22
geser   without specific prior written permission." from /usr/share/common-licenses/BSD10:23
geserso it doesn't look like a problem10:23
\shgeser, so naming the package "zend-framework"  is not covered by this?10:23
MacSlowmvo, do you happen to be in a mode of grabbing a newer version of libcompizconfig from upstream atm?10:24
pittiScottK: congratulations! *hug*10:25
geser\sh: at this point I'm not sure10:25
pittiRiddell: ergh, not given back; my script fails with a HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error10:25
pittiRiddell: yay ever-changing LP10:25
MacSlowmvo, I ask because I just happen to run into a bug, which I talked about on #compiz-fusion... Danny fixed it right away... and it is important for the profile-spec10:25
ScottKpitti: Thanks.10:25
\shgeser, see, that's what was bugging me :)10:25
pittiRiddell: mhb> I didn't see it, I just talked to him yesterday and he seemed quite busy10:25
pittiwith hacking on jockey10:25
\shelmo, you as ftpmaster, any thoughts about this?10:26
MacSlowmvo, if you're busy elsewhere I can do it myself and just hand over the .diff.gz/.dsc for upload-sponsorship10:26
cjwatson\sh: a package name isn't normally counted as "endors[ing] or promot[ing]"10:27
cjwatson\sh: we have plenty of other examples of the same thing in the archive10:27
mvoMacSlow: I can do it in a bit, just use your local fixed version for developing in the meantime. it will be uploaded before lunch10:27
MacSlowmvo, okyday10:27
cjwatson\sh: p.s. elmo hasn't done active Ubuntu ftpmaster work other than related system administration for a couple of years now. launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive10:28
MacSlowmvo, thanks10:28
\shcjwatson, so it's ok to name the package "zend-framework" without violating the new BSD lic...(and elmo came into my mind because of his duties as debian ftpmaster)10:30
Riddellpitti: ok, that was last week, maybe he's back onto it now10:30
TheMusoOk, so I'm assuming that silence means that MIRs can be written, and can be accepted after FF...10:31
cjwatson\sh: if this were a problem, little things like python would be in violation. It's fine.10:31
cjwatsonTheMuso: err10:31
cjwatsonTheMuso: the incorporation of dmraid into the installer is a feature, and is subject to feature freeze10:32
TheMusoOh ok.10:32
\shcjwatson, thx for the headsup :)10:32
cjwatsonTheMuso: we treat things on that kind of level rather than the mechanics of "is it an MIR or something else"10:32
TheMusough of course10:33
Mithrandirsiretart: is revu down?10:47
Mithrandirhm, any idea when it'll be fixed?10:48
ScottKNo.  It had a full hard drive yesterday, but sistypoty isn't around now and he was the one looking into it.10:48
Mithrandirah, ok10:50
Keybukogra: long running argument, that one10:54
TheMusocjwatson: Are you able to change the status of the initramfs error handling spec? Since I wasn't involved with it, I can't, but have edited the whiteboard and left notes.11:00
drameni built my own apt-repository. now when i want to install a programme using "apt-get install ...." i get a warning about authentification of the package11:08
sorenpochu: gtk-vnc uploaded. Thanks.11:10
TheMusodramen: You need to sign the Release file with a GPG key, and then ad the public key to apt's keyring, so it knows about it.11:10
sorenpochu: Sorry for the delay.11:10
pochusoren: yohoo :)11:10
drameni generated a Release.gpg in the repository and added the key to apt (apt-key add <file>)11:10
pochusoren: I was blocked with that for vinagre, so thanks a lot!11:10
pochusoren: was the patch update ok?11:11
TheMusodramen: Hrm wel I'm out of ideas.11:11
cjwatsonTheMuso: I've assigned it to you, so you should be able to change its status now11:11
TheMusocjwatson: Thanks.11:11
dramen"apt-key list " shows me the correct data about my keys11:12
dramenand "gpg --list-keys" as well11:12
sorenpochu: Almost :) One line missing, but it was easy to miss.11:12
cjwatsondramen: this may be obvious, but you need to 'apt-get update' *after* setting up a proper Release.gpg11:13
drameni did it11:14
dramenand everything seems to be all right11:15
Lurewho is the right person to approve blacklisting specific kernel modules, like suggested in bug 11456511:55
* persia suspects someone in #ubuntu-kernel, but doesn't actually know11:56
TheMusopitti: If you're around and have a minute, I'd like to have a chat with you about dmraid.12:15
pittiTheMuso: I'm 120% busy today anyway due to FF, so please just ask me, and I'll answer (maybe with some lag)12:40
TheMusopitti: Ok. There was talk of adding dmraid to the installer as a feature for hardy, but nothing has been done till now. I happened to have hardware that supported it, and have managed to perform an install using dmraid, which is almost 100% working.12:41
TheMusopitti: Do you think its worth trying to get in, and if so, should I go about writing an MIR for it, assuming that all is well with code etc?12:42
TheMusopitti: Or do you think it shoudl wait for hardy+1?12:42
pittiTheMuso: what is dmraid? d-i already has support for setting up RAID?12:43
pittiTheMuso: is there a spec for it?12:43
TheMusopitti: Afaik there is no spec. Dmraid is used to use the kernel's devmapper layer to make use of configurations that are saved to hard disks that are configured in a fakeraid/bios raid setup.12:44
TheMusopitti: This is common on a lot of newer motherboards, well since 2002 at least.12:44
cjwatsonpitti: the existing RAID support doesn't help with dmraid; there's no spec because this is work done upstream by Debain12:47
pittiTheMuso: MIR wise you can go ahead for my sake, but I don't feel qualified about feasibility of d-i/ubiquity integration; I defer to cjwatson and evand for that12:49
pitti(and keep in mind that we are currently DoSed with dozens of MIRs and can hardly keep up, so it'll take a while)12:49
TheMusopitti: Part of the integration with d-i is already done through partman-dmraid.12:50
geserpitti: have you time to give-back ftphs?12:57
pittigeser: if my script wouldn't fail with 500: Internal Server Error *sigh*12:58
Mithrandirgeser: given-back12:58
pittigeser: nothing to give back12:58
pittiah, Mithrandir beat me to it apparently12:58
Mithrandiryeah, my greasemonkey script doesn't take 500 for an answer.12:58
geserMithrandir, pitti: thanks13:00
Riddellpitti: could you move the dapper packages in bug 184149 to -updates at some point, they're been checked by sru-verification13:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184149 in kdelibs "[hardy]xembed and flash support patches doesn't work for konqueror" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18414913:17
pittiRiddell: ok (although the flashplugin isn't updated in dapper yet)13:19
Riddellpitti: no but there's one in backports, and it won't do any harm for those with older flash13:19
pittiRiddell: bdmurray had to update the one in -backports AFAIR13:19
pittianyway, will move13:20
pittiRiddell: btw, the bug mentions 'still broken in hardy', although it's marked as fixed?13:20
Riddellpitti: I suspect his konqueror just hasn't found the flash plugin13:21
pittiRiddell: copied13:26
Riddellthanks pitti13:26
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pranithis there any good decompiler which i can use to decompile binaries to source code. i need this for a project im doing...13:36
pittipranith: if you are talking about decompiling machine code (ELF files), there can't be something like a 'good' decompiler13:39
pranithpitti, any decompiler, not necessarily good...?13:39
pittipranith: I don't know any either13:39
Mithrandirpranith: gdb can disassemble for you13:40
pranithMithrandir, dissambling is ok. i want a decompiler which can give me C source code. working with assembly is too complex13:41
Riddellpitti: so you're unable to give back digikam?13:42
pittiRiddell: doing now (just more work)13:42
frafuHello, could anybody please review the main inclusion request for mousetweaks: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mousetweaks/+bug/19020813:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190208 in mousetweaks "Main Inclusion Report for mousetweaks" [Undecided,New]13:42
pittiRiddell: done13:43
Riddellthanks pitti13:43
TheMusofrafu: Is ubuntu-mir subscribed? If so, theres nothing you can do but wait.13:43
pittifrafu: we have a huge backlog of MIRs; we'll get to it13:43
TheMusofrafu: The main inclusion queue is quite long atm.13:44
frafuTheMuso:  yes subscribed13:44
TheMusofrafu: Good.13:44
frafuBut does feature freeze not apply?13:44
zulpitti: how convient for the drbd MIR should it be upgraded as well?13:54
frafuTheMuso: What about feature freeze? Once feature freeze has passed, will it have to wait ubuntu 8.10? Moreover, once it is in main, will the upgrades (upstream is GNOME) be done similarly as for universe: I prepare the diff.gz .of the new package, file an upgrade bug and subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors to it?13:59
seb128frafu: GNOME desktop has a freeze exception for new versions14:00
frafuseb128: thanks for the reply; so I assume that it will make it into hardy. And what about the upgrade procedure? Will the core-dev do everything or is there also a procedure similar to upgrades in universe with sponsoring?14:08
seb128frafu: what upgrade?14:08
frafufor example when there is a new upstream release?14:09
seb128ah, you mean update14:09
seb128well, whoever does the updates usually should do those14:09
seb128when the package is promoted open sponsorship requests14:10
frafuseb128: thanks14:19
seb128you are welcome14:19
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saispoany know if it's possible to resume a broken dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot or you must relaunch it from start ?15:03
persiasaispo: You can resume, but the results may not be what you expect.  Restarting is preferred to ensure reliable behaviour.15:03
saispopersia: ok, it's an error about some info missing in control file :/15:03
saispopersia: how can i relaunch for test ? :)15:04
persiasaispo: For something missing in the control file, you really want to run it all over again.15:04
saispook :/ kernel building take a lot of times :)15:04
pittizul: "how convient for the drbd MIR should it be upgraded" -> parse error15:17
zulpitti: i was just wondering about the drbd MIR, i was talking to ivoks and we believe that it should be upgraded15:17
zulso Im in the process of doing that right now15:18
pittijust FYI, my plan is to catch up on emails and some bugs now, and get to the MIR queue tomorrow15:18
pittianything that qualifies for main in principle, but needs some bugs fixed first, can still be promoted later15:19
zulpitti: thats fine with me15:19
pitti(we need to settle on features now, not components)15:19
zulive been going through the server-team related packages and trying to resolve the issues brought up in the MIR15:19
pittihm, let me do a quick re-review now, so that you guys have some more time15:21
geserpitti: do you know when you will find time to fix pkg-create-dbgsym to respect -X from dh_strip calls?15:26
pittigeser: this week people will keep me busy with MIRs, sponsoring, reviews, etc., I'm afraid15:28
pittigeser: I'll switch to full bug fixing mode next week, and this is on the top of my list15:29
pittiif anyone is interested in fixing this, feel free to preempt me, of course :)15:29
pitti(even writing a test case for it would save me a lot of time already)15:29
geserpitti: no hurry, I'm just curious if it didn't get lost somewhere15:30
pittigeser: no, it's definitively not lost; just stalled until after FF15:30
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dholbachkeescook: you said something about syncing imagemagick: the newest response on bug 110178 says that it's in sid now and that 2 packages will ftbfs (dx and vips)15:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 110178 in imagemagick "Please sync imagemagick 7: from debian unstable" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11017815:38
cjwatsonmjg59: did you get a chance to look at the kernel font restoration work for hardy-console15:46
mjg59cjwatson: Afraid not15:46
cjwatsonare you likely to?15:46
mjg59Probably can do this evening15:47
cjwatsoncool, thanks15:47
* mvo wonders what the magic switch for git diff is to make it show newly added files as well15:52
cjwatsongit diff --cached15:52
cjwatsonif you 'git update-index' everything you've edited, then that will show everything that's due to be committed15:53
mvocjwatson: thanks! that was what I was looking for :)15:54
* mvo wants to go back to bzr15:55
cjwatsonI have few words for whomever thought that --cached shouldn't be the default15:55
mvofunny, git diff gives me now the changes to the existing files, git diff --cache the diff of the new file. but none shows both15:56
cjwatsonmvo: see my comment about update-index15:56
cjwatsonin git you have to explicitly tell it about files you're changing, sort of like in quilt15:57
cjwatsonalthough you can do so after editing rather than before, unlike quilt15:57
mvoI'm reading the man page for git update-index now, it seems like a simple "git update-index" is not enough (nor --add my-file)15:58
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Mithrandirmvo: doesn't git add $new_file $file_you_changed and then git diff --cached DTRT?15:59
mvoMithrandir: yes! misunderstood cjwatson earlier. that are indeed the magic words :)16:00
Mithrandirno need for git update-index nowadays, just use git add and git rm16:00
Kanohi, how about updateing ntfs-3g?16:01
* mvo nods16:01
Kano1.1120 is pretty old comparted to 1.2129 and also has built-in fuse lite (which uses debian)16:02
cjwatsonMithrandir: somebody said on a kernel channel the other day that one should continue to use git update-index because add may stop DoingTRT there16:02
Mithrandircjwatson: yes, that was BenC and I corrected him about 20 lines further along; add is the right way to do it now.16:03
Mithrandir(see what git status outputs, for instance.)16:04
cjwatsonMithrandir: oh, ok16:04
cjwatsonI stand corrected16:05
tkamppeterhi pitti16:05
loolcjwatson: Are you working on #127985?  Now that I'm core-dev, I can actually upload it  :-P16:08
xivulonheno: re umenu, you need "touch po/umenu.pot" before running make, forgot to include that file yesterday16:09
cjwatsonlool: I'm not - please go ahead16:09
CarlFKcjwatson: what should I be reading to get my "partman-auto/choose_recipe All in one partition"  settings right?  (install currently asks for recipe and disk.)16:36
cjwatsonCarlFK: please ask me again after feature freeze16:37
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Mezany xen experts here?16:50
mathiazMez: you'd better ask zul16:53
ArM-eyeamon-ra everyone16:54
* pitti grumbles about someone uploading partman-target without checking it into bzr; this caused a rejected upload for me16:54
ArM-eyeDo you want to read the reveal?16:54
ArM-eyeIt involves biblical figures16:55
pittievand: can you please commit your partman-target changes to bzr? I already committed/pushed my own ubuntu4, so that needs to be merged16:55
ArM-eyeyes or no?16:55
ArM-eyeit must not be given against will16:56
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bazhangArM-eye: you got kicked from #ubuntu for that17:07
evanddear glade-3, stop renaming my widgets.  No love, Evan.17:12
tkamppeterpitti, ping17:14
jpatrickcjwatson: prehaps we should ban him? (just in case)17:17
=== Mez_ is now known as Mez
cjwatsonjpatrick: *shrug* he hasn't come back yet, if he does then I will17:27
pochuhe was kicked by mdz on -meeting too17:27
neftunehe seems to be all over freenode17:32
jpatrickneftune: network troll, then, anyone problems in #ubuntu channels, give us a call with !ops17:33
pittihi tkamppeter17:46
keescookdang, missed dholbach17:52
pittihi keescook17:52
pittikeescook: for the imagemagick sync?17:52
keescookhiya pitti17:52
keescookI was looking at the API changes and was worried17:53
keescookbut if it's just two ftbfs, that's easy17:53
keescookI'm still a bit worried about the ABI changes -- there might be issues no one has noticed yet17:53
tkamppeterhi pitti, have you seen the HPLIP packages? Can you upload them before UVF?17:54
keescookhowever, I'd really like to get the updated imagemagick into hardy for the LTS17:54
pittitkamppeter: yes, I will17:54
pittikeescook: no problem, I can sync it right now if you want me to17:54
tkamppeterpitti, when is the freeze exactly? At midnight UTC today or at midnight UTC at the end of tomorrow?17:56
pittitkamppeter: tomorrow evening, see slangasek's mail17:56
pittiwell, we deliberately don't specify it up to the second :)17:56
keescookpitti: it needs a merge, unfortunately (small change for g++ 4.3 compilation)17:59
keescookpitti: I've got it merged locally but was shy to upload it.  :)17:59
keescookshould I just do it?18:00
pittiif it doesn't horribly break main18:00
pittikeescook: is the gcc 4.3 fix upstream/in Debian's BTS, BTW?18:00
keescookwell, that's what I mean -- I'm unsure if the ABI changes are going to eat the world or not.18:00
keescookpitti: not sure, doko did the ubuntu one, I will check for it.18:01
pittioh, btw18:01
pittiI remember seeing an MIR for graphicsmagick18:01
pittiwhich was supposed to supersede and replace imagemagick18:01
pittibut I haven't heard anything about this any more from the reporter18:01
keescookI think graphicsmagick got attention because Debian hadn't moved imagemagick since 2005.  :P18:03
pitti-- hardy/main i386 deps on libmagick9:18:03
pittikeescook: ^ not too bad18:04
pittii. e. screensavers, inkscape, and xine18:04
keescookI can make sure inkscape works.  ;)18:04
pittioh, and some build deps: human-icon-theme tangerine-icon-theme tango-icon-theme tango-icon-theme-common18:04
pittibut I guess the CLI interface didn't change, just the internal library API?18:05
keescookokay, I'm going to shove it in -- the list looks small enough that we can sort out problems if they come up.18:05
keescookright, just the so bump18:05
keescookthough I have to wonder if people have lots of work-arounds built up due to bugs in the CLI behavior -- but that's no reason not to upgrade either.18:05
keescook(yay alpha masking!)18:05
webwolf_27tkamppeter, do those *.dsc files need to be IN the source packages? or accompanied?18:10
geserwebwolf_27: .dsc is part of the Debian source package (the others are the .diff.gz and .orig.tar.gz)18:11
webwolf_27geser, thanks18:11
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
webwolf_27does the *_source.changes belong in the archive as well?18:18
pittiwebwolf_27: source.changes are an upload vehicle, they aren't kept permanently18:19
webwolf_27thanks pitti18:19
jdstrandpitti, slangasek, et al: I am adding a profile that exists in apparmor-profiles to a package.  the profile is a conffile in both packages.  I know that Conflicts is not enough-- is there a standard way (ie docs) on how to move a conffile from one package to another?18:21
tkamppeterwebwolf_27, you do not need to make a tarball, you can put the 4 files .dsc, .diff.gz orig.tar.gz, and _source.changes simply into the same directory on the server. Then the whole kit can be directly passed over into the distro repos.18:21
webwolf_27tkamppeter, thanks for the info18:22
tkamppeterwebwolf_27, but as I have to download the kit anyway to sign it you can also put the four files into one tarball.18:23
ionstormupdate manager should have a update history18:24
ionstormor does it already?18:24
webwolf_27ok I'll tar em18:24
slangasekjdstrand: these days, I think all you need is "Replaces"?18:25
jdstrandslangasek: mathiaz and I were talking about Replaces18:25
jdstrandslangasek: I was reading 7.5.1 of the policy and trying to make sure it did the right thing18:26
mathiazdon't you need to conflicts also ?18:26
pittijdstrand: oh, for conffiles that's indeed quite some wizardry18:27
* jdstrand nods18:27
pittijdstrand: especially if you want to avoid dpkg conffile questions for modified ones18:27
slangasekmathiaz: no, conflicts means "remove the named package before installing this other", and I think all you want here is to change the ownership of the conffile18:27
slangasekI'm pretty sure that Replaces: now DTRT in dpkg18:27
jdstrandI was thinking I needed to do a variation on http://wiki.debian.org/DpkgConffileHandling18:28
pittijdstrand: look at the udev preinst for an example18:28
jdstrandbut would be very pleased with Replaces18:28
pittijdstrand: yes, that has the recipes, too18:28
slangasekyeah, that wiki page is for moving a conffile around, not for changing its ownership18:28
jdstrand(hence the variation)18:28
pittifor normal files it's Conflicts:/Replaces: package (<< version_that_moved_the_file)18:28
pittibut conffiles are special18:28
slangasekprobably wouldn't hurt to /document/ on that page how to change ownership of a conffile18:29
pittitkamppeter: hplip uploaded18:29
* jdstrand goes to look at udev...18:29
slangasekpitti: udev is moving conffiles around and removing them, which is again not what's happening here18:30
slangasekfwiw, libldap-2.4-2 took over a conffile from libldap2 in the recent migration using nothing more than a Replaces:, and there've been no bug reporst18:31
pittiit also has prep_mv_conffile() etc.18:32
mathiazjdstrand: apparmor profiles are not conffiles IIRC.18:32
pittias long as it's a conffile which users won't likely change (like an init script), a simple replaces: will probably do18:32
jdstrandmathiaz: let me check that18:33
pittimathiaz: erm, they should18:33
slangasekpitti: but prep_mv_conffile() is also about moving the conffile to a different *location* on disk, not to a different package18:33
* jdstrand admits he *thought* they should be too, and therefore assumed18:33
tkamppeterpitti, thank you.18:34
jdstrandmathiaz: some are, some aren't18:35
jdstrandthe ones in question are18:35
jdstrandwell, it installs some conffiles.  others are in doc/ as examples-- nothing is installed as a configuration file18:36
mathiazjdstrand: right.18:39
jdstrandslangasek: is libldap-2.3-0 completely gone?18:39
slangasekjdstrand: long gone18:39
jdstrandslangasek: that was part of my question-- apparmor-profiles should still stick around.  I wasn't sure Replaces wasn't too heavy-handed18:40
slangasekjdstrand: oh, but libldap-2.3-0 isn't the package that owned the conffile, it was libldap218:40
slangasekwhich is not completely gone yet; it /should/ go, but the Replaces: in any case is IMHO correct for your use case18:41
slangasekif apparmor-profiles is sticking around, though, it should be a versioned Replaces:18:41
jdstrandslangasek: I will give it a shot18:41
jdstrandslangasek: agreed18:41
* jdstrand really would not like to create another recipe for DpkgConffileHandling18:42
slangasektake heart in the fact that if it hasn't been written before now, it's pretty likely that it's not needed. :)18:42
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webwolf_27tkamppeter, I'm uploading18:48
webwolf_27tkamppeter, I'll let you know when they are up18:48
cody-somervilleRiddell: Hey.18:49
cody-somervilleRiddell: for bug 191322, I simply packaged it before debian did so I feel it can be synced.18:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191322 in libfile-basedir-perl "Sync libfile-basedir-perl 0.03-0.1from debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19132218:49
webwolf_27tkamppeter, The3 tarball should be on http://www.fam-schoenhaar.de/jeremy/packages/ in about 12 Mins.18:52
Riddellcody-somerville: you misunderstand.  it would be nice to have it synced but that is impossible because the orig.tar.gz file is different (run md5sum on them)18:54
Riddellcody-somerville: it can be synced next time there is a new upstream .orig file in debian18:55
webwolf_27tkamppeter, did you get those tarballs?19:04
bddebianRiddell: All of those sync requests were pre-emptive.  New uploads just went in to Debian today. :-(19:05
mathiazslangasek: are you planning to merge php5 before FF ?19:08
tkamppeterpitti, I have prepared bug 25966 for the package upload into NEW19:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 25966 in ubuntu "NEW PACKAGE: Printer drivers for Brother needed" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2596619:08
tkamppeterpitti, should I upload all the packages to REVU? They will make one REVU entry for each (10 entries).19:09
tkamppeterIs it OK for the freeze when the packages are in REVU in time?19:11
slangasekmathiaz: had no plans for it, no; I only touched the package to rebuild against libldap-2.4-219:12
mathiazslangasek: ok. I'll work on the merge then.19:12
slangasekmathiaz: enjoy :)19:12
cody-somervilleRiddell: Okay19:13
tkamppeterwebwolf_27, a small fix is still needed in your source packages: You need to delete all editor backup files (*~).19:16
Riddellbddebian: that's pretty confusing then.  give me a ping when they're actually ready to process19:17
bigonwill the new queue processed before FF?19:20
bddebianRiddell: OK, sorry, I just didn't want to miss the cut-off for Hardy.  BTW, there's one for lordsawar out there too that probably hasn't propigated in Debian either.19:23
ScottKRiddell: If you have a moment, would you please accept clamav 0.91.2-3ubuntu2.3~feisty1 in feisty-backports (it's got two CVE fixes in it).19:23
RiddellScottK: done19:26
ScottKRiddell: Thanks (my first 'core-dev' type upload BTW).19:26
pochuScottK: oh are you core-dev now? I didn't see any announcement. Congratulations :)19:27
ScottKpochu: Thanks (just happened yesterday).19:27
bddebianWhoa ScottK, congrats!19:28
ScottKbddebian: Thanks.19:28
ScottKbddebian: There were 4 others too (including TheMuso).19:29
geserbddebian: when it's your turn? :)19:40
cody-somervilleCan someone please review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=thunar-svn-plugin?19:41
cody-somervilleIt requires one more advocation :)19:41
bddebiangeser: I'll never be worthy :-)19:52
cjwatsonkeescook: openssh with selinux fix on its way into the archive now19:57
cjwatsonogra: ^-- the above also includes consolekit support19:58
keescookcjwatson: nice, I was _just_ looking at that.  :)  which archive do you mean, btw?  I see it just landed in Debian.  Did you do a sync in ubuntu too?19:59
cjwatsonkeescook: I needed to branch the Ubuntu package for the consolekit support anyway so I just did an upload with that based on the Debian change20:00
cjwatsonso I meant both archives20:00
siretartMithrandir: yes, I'm tomorrow in the office again (finally!) and will look after sparky via serial console20:06
pochuTheMuso: \o/20:06
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gnashi ws askin if anybody can listen to me20:42
ScottK!ask | gnash (but not /topic and be on topic)20:43
ubotugnash (but not /topic and be on topic): Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)20:43
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gnashactually i m a very new user ..i even dont know if i m on right thread...here it goes i installed ubuntu gutsy yesterday and the sonund is not working at all..laptop is lenovo y series ...sound card is being detected....checked by lspci....sound not available to root even20:45
gnashany suggestions20:45
ScottKgnash: Then you should be asking on #ubuntu.  That's the channel for help.20:45
gnashthank u20:46
gnashjoin #ubuntu20:46
gnashi think that is the command20:46
ScottKgnash: Preceed the command with '/'20:46
keescookseb128: do you have details about the pcre3 7.6 incompat issues?  I'm surprised that upstream broke -- they're usually very careful.21:10
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jjessequestion in hardy which will be default firefox 2.0 or firefox 3.0?21:47
pochujjesse: 321:48
jjessepochu: thanks21:48
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lifelesswhy does pulse hate me :(22:08
cjwatson        modes.tmp.key 6 add dup length 1 add string /modes.tmp.str exch def22:14
cjwatsonsigh, RPN makes my head hurt22:14
lifelessBenC: new kernel spam in hardy: [163017.896131] wlan0: switched to short barker preamble (BSSID=00:0c:41:f9:3f:12)22:14
lifelessBenC: want a bug ?22:14
mjg59cjwatson: I think I've got font restoration sorted, but the kernel does some weird things when switching from X. I'll want to look at that a little further.22:15
mjg59cjwatson: Amusingly, there's already a font structure in the vt structure22:15
mjg59It's just unused22:15
cjwatsonI think I remember noticing that and swearing22:15
mjg59Oh, and I need to spend a while looking at the locking22:15
mjg59The VT layer is made of fail22:15
lifelessyay, pkill pulseaudio restores my music.22:19
mario_limonciellcjwatson, wading through debian/changelog from gfxboot, it looks like you brought it in from kanotix some time back.  what was the issue with bringing in grub-gfxboot at the same time (or was there one, or just not a priority)?22:28
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: not a priority, and would have required care in gfxboot-theme-ubuntu which I didn't have time to give it22:38
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: plus general consensus was that we didn't want to display a grub menu by default anyway22:38
mario_limonciellcjwatson, ah i understand22:38
cjwatsonand the risk of things going wrong in grub is IMO greater than the risk of things going wrong at CD time22:38
cjwatsonbecause at that point you're talking about people's previously working systems22:38
cjwatsonso for all those reasons I steered clear22:38
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mario_limonciellcjwatson, would there be an opposition to my bringing it into universe (and letting it live there for now)?22:53
keescookcan someone familiar with grub and/or dpkg triggers look at 189173 with a +1/-1 ?22:54
mario_limonciellat least in the sense of using the normal grub package (that's in main) with the gfxboot patch added on to it22:54
keescookI believe it to be sane, but I wanted a second opinion22:54
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: IMO that should only be done if somebody commits to updating gfxboot-theme-ubuntu to work with it22:55
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: otherwise all it does is lead people down a wild goose chase22:55
cjwatsonkeescook: looks fine to me22:55
mario_limonciellcjwatson, do you know how much is involved with updating it?22:55
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: I don't think it should be done unless it's actually worthwhile. We shouldn't have useless packages in universe and large complex patches applied to our default boot loader.22:55
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: probably moderate amounts of work; bear in mind that gfxboot "themes" would in fact be better described as programmed boot loader menus22:56
mario_limonciellcjwatson, well we have a use case that is going to be needing it, so it would be preferable that it lives in apt rather than has to go into the factory only22:56
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cjwatsonyou can't use gfxboot without a theme, and I doubt you want to use the SuSE one22:56
cjwatsonyou really should investigate this part of it before pulling grub-gfxboot into the archive22:57
mario_limonciellwell with the impending feature freeze, that's little time to explore it, so I was thinking "get it in" and then sort out the dust right afterward22:57
cjwatsonthe theme is a large part of the feature22:58
cjwatsonseriously, the name is quite badly misleading22:58
cjwatsonyou are asking to get in a package that just will not work in any reasonable way22:58
cjwatsonit's a bit more than dust22:58
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slangasekkeescook: the patch in 189173 looks sane enough to me, I'm more concerned about what goes on the other end of it :)22:58
cjwatsonI've not deliberately broken it for non-syslinux boot loaders, but I'm fairly sure it won't work as is22:59
cjwatsonand you absolutely need to know what's involved before committing to it22:59
keescookslangasek: yes, me too.  I'm trying to find the part of the selinux packages that touches menu.lst.  :P22:59
slangasekkeescook: also, I'm not sure why this case warrants the complexity of a trigger, as opposed to having those other packages just call update-grub23:00
michaelfaviabluez-utils most recent update 3.26-0ubuntu2 is suspiciously missing binary named hidd is this intentional?23:00
slangasekthe benefit of triggers is to defer all invocations until the end of a dpkg run, but there's no mention of getting the kernel packages to use this and those are the main consumers of update-grub today23:01
keescookslangasek: well, it'd be nice if everyone who needed to run an update-grub would trigger it instead of running it each time separately, so I'm for it.23:01
slangasekfair enough23:01
michaelfaviait isnt in the changelog and there is an existing question: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez-utils/+question/24516 would like to update ubuntu documentation to reflect chnages if change is known and intentional.23:02
michaelfaviaalready had 2 support requests.23:02
mario_limonciellcjwatson, okay thanks i'll double check with some folks on my team about it23:02
_MMA_mario_limonciell: Skype?23:03
LaserJockhow many times is update-grub run generally for an average apt-get run? I wouldn't think it'd be that many23:03
sorenkeescook, slangasek: libc6 has done this quite cleverly w.r.t. ldconfig. We don't need to touch the kernel packages at all, afaics.23:03
mario_limonciell_MMA_, I won't be able to from here23:03
_MMA_np. Hit me up later.23:03
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: what's the use case here?23:04
* LaserJock hits _MMA_ 23:04
mario_limonciellcjwatson, a localized grub menu is necessary23:04
mario_limonciellcjwatson, and the only way that it seems to be possible to do (or at least has been done) was via the grub-gfxboot23:04
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: rather than a hidden grub menu, which is the Ubuntu default if at all possible?23:04
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: it's faintly possible that grub2 might be a saner approach here; there have been recent Planet Debian posts about its localisation support23:05
sorenkeescook, slangasek: Short version: ldconfig has been replaced by a wrapper that checks if it's being called as part of a postinst running. If so, it triggers. If not, it just calls the real ldconfig.23:05
sorenWe could do the same to grub quite easily.23:05
mario_limonciellcjwatson, yeah we need to be able to provide locale specific options rather than a hidden grub menu23:05
sorenAnd by "we" I of course mean "someone who isn't me".23:06
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: try grub2? with a bit of integration work, it might work better, and is already in the archive23:06
cjwatsonwe're probably going to have to migrate to it eventually anyway, and it would be nice to have somebody trying it out23:06
cjwatsongrub-gfxboot will totally break with grub2 anyway23:06
mario_limonciellcjwatson, okay will do, and with it  being in the archive that gives time for the integration work still then23:06
slangaseksoren: meh :)23:07
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: http://oskuro.net/blog/freesoftware/time-for-grub2-2008-02-09-17-5323:07
mario_limonciellcjwatson, ah very good.  this does seem like a much more feasible route then as you say23:08
keescooksoren: :)23:08
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: on the flip side, grub2 is a new boot loader base and is untested in the Ubuntu context (though more people are beginning to try it out in Debian)23:09
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: but I think it's probably the same order of magnitude of work as grub-gfxboot, and less horrifically painful in the medium to long term23:09
mario_limonciellcjwatson, indeed the additional testing that it would see from our usage would probably be beneficial to Ubuntu come the time to switch then23:10
cjwatsonright, rather than having to throw it away in a year's time or whatever23:11
mario_limonciellokay thanks cjwatson23:12
sorenWow... Singing and piano lesson spam.. That's a first.23:56
sorenI hope they teach singing and piano better than they spell.23:56
ion_I wouldn’t mind spam that teaches me to play piano better.23:57
sorenion_: I'm not complaining. :) Just saying.23:57
TheMusosoren: lol23:57
sorenOh, it's Argentinian. Some of it might just be dialect.23:58
persiaRiddell: wildmidi was both rejected and accepted.  Am I missing something?23:58

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