effie_jayxno0tic,  do you have op in kubuntu-es?03:44
effie_jayxheavy sex talk about it03:45
effie_jayxjpatrick,  please do keep an eye on kubuntu-es ... some nice sex talk while the cat is away03:47
effie_jayxjpatrick,  I know you are away... please check log on #kubuntu-es and check the sex talk there. asl note how regulars refute op desicions03:56
effie_jayxjpatrick,  consider enforcing a bit of order as that channel no longer has 5 users ;)04:03
Palintheusis there anyone else on the access list?04:05
effie_jayxPalintheus,  I am there04:06
effie_jayxI kicked banned some of them04:06
effie_jayxthe rest of the op's are away, and what upsets me is how regular users just feed them trolls04:07
effie_jayxmakes me want to ban 'em all04:08
effie_jayxjpatrick,   *!*@gateway/web/*!#ubuntu-proxy-users and tor as well04:11
djmaxmaltahi guys10:57
djmaxmaltai need some help10:58
effie_jayxPalintheus, theyturned out to befrom #gentoo-es and one is even an op11:58
no0ticeffie_jayx, no op in #k-es14:40
effie_jayxno0tic,  mmm14:41
effie_jayxjpatrick,  you may need some more op's in kubuntu-es14:42
jpatrickeffie_jayx: yep15:52
effie_jayxjpatrick,  qbe is an op?15:53
jpatrickeffie_jayx: yep15:53
effie_jayxjpatrick,  he was just watching the whole thing...15:53
botijo_Ayuda! jpatrick, mstreetlinux, qbe, Elidix, LjL, effie_jayx15:53
effie_jayxcould have helped a bit15:53
jpatrickeffie_jayx: someone told me they were his friends..15:54
effie_jayxhe even op'ed himself15:54
effie_jayxjpatrick,  ohhh for christ sakes15:54
effie_jayxI bet I am not the bad police man that can't be croocked15:54
jpatrickeffie_jayx: not my fault - I was sleeping15:55
effie_jayxjpatrick,  true.. but who's the channel funder?15:55
jpatrickI don't remember15:55
effie_jayxjpatrick,  you asked for that position15:56
effie_jayxand you function like one15:56
jpatrickchannel's been aroudn for more than 2 years15:56
effie_jayxplease get the facts straighten with these *very permisive* op's15:56
jpatrickthe old-old-times are all gone, I'm the only one from those times15:56
effie_jayxjpatrick,  yeah... trolls time15:57
jpatrickno, when the channel was first around15:57
jpatrickeffie_jayx: I'd love to have a ssh connection from my brain to the server my irssi is on, alas, that is not possible15:59
effie_jayxjpatrick,  I don't mean to blame it on you bro. but these op's could help keep a more productive less relaxed environment to say the least16:01
effie_jayxjpatrick,  you may not be the head honcho... but you can pull strings16:01
effie_jayxyou are very influencial and it is not about being cool... it's about being righteous16:01
jpatrickeffie_jayx: I am head-ish (/msg ChanServ access #kubuntu-es list)16:01
effie_jayxjpatrick,  the other op's don't seem to get that16:02
effie_jayxand I have a problem with it. I detest trolls16:02
effie_jayxand much more people who foster them16:03
jpatrickyou and the rest of the people in this channel :-)16:03
effie_jayxjpatrick,  great then... at times I feel like I am too lawfull-good... please feel free to kick me in the arse if I am being too much of a pain16:03
jpatrickeffie_jayx: I want to throw those guys out too16:04
jpatrickI'm just never around16:04
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Garyelkbuntu, LjL did you see my request yesterday re: #ubuntu-uk ?17:42
naliothGary: please don't waste our time17:43
GaryI'm sorry, but pardon?17:44
Garyah, me bangs head on desk, thanks17:45
Tm_Tnalioth: =)18:45
naliothTm_T: ?18:45
Tm_Tnalioth: got amused by the accident one hour ago, sorry if I interrupted18:46
Garyhehe :p18:46
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