putnumhow does one go about starting a loco? And is there anybody that is in charge of promoting Ubuntu as in doing roadshows and or shows that "show" off ubuntu?02:01
putnumanybody alive?02:04
boredandbloggingputnum: as far as starting a loco: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams03:22
putnumoh ok03:30
putnumwhat about the road show idea?03:31
putnumhas that been talked about any03:31
boredandbloggingputnum: not that I've heard of03:32
boredandbloggingjenda: would it possible to reorganize the DIY site a bit so we could get some content for hardy?03:33
putnumi guess that would be up to the loco teams themselves03:33
boredandbloggingputnum: right03:33
elkbuntukatkin, ping?10:11
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Syntux_any trademark personnel online?13:25
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elkbuntuSyntux, had you asked a few hours earlier, it might have been more fruitful13:27
elkbuntuduring UK business hours is probably your best bet13:28
SyntuxYes, I did 13:28
Syntuxanyway it's good to see you online 13:28
Syntuxbeen looking for you for a while. 13:28
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zebobhi ppl18:48
zebobis there a person who can modify a bad URL in the UWN (or for next UWN) ?18:50
Monkee_Of_EvilIf the UWN was already sent out then no, the url can't be modified (unless there is a web version )18:51
zebobok but for newer UWN ?18:51
Monkee_Of_EvilI guess make sure the person who handles UWN knows about the bad url?18:56
Monkee_Of_Evilim not sure really as i do not envolve myself with the UWN project.18:57
zebobthanks, but I just do it myself finally18:58
DPic_awayplease digg :)20:44
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