inuka_desksmagoun, chickencutlas, PSB B6 dirvers on PPA https://launchpad.net/~inuka/+archive\00:30
inuka_desksmagoun, chickencutlas, PSB B6 dirvers on PPA https://launchpad.net/~inuka/+archive 00:30
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dholbachgood morning08:01
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crevetteMithrandir, StevenK ; I 've been said to contact you for a bluetooth question09:41
crevetteI've package obex-data-server and now it is in NEW (I totally ignorant about the package acceptance process); once it's okay; will be possbile to make bluez-gnome depends on obex-data-server ?09:42
Mithrandiryes, that's needed for the new bluez-gnome, I believe?09:43
crevetteI uploadded a debdiff to launchpad09:46
crevetteI package bluez-gnome 0.20 yesterday, and I tested it a little also09:46
crevetteI packaged obex-data-server 0.2 also, but I need to figure out If I need to include 2 python scripts, which are only for testing purpose09:47
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smagoun_jayc: robr_ubuntu I got the beta 6 driver stack to install + function using the Intel/Canonical LUM tree. If you push LUM to the PPA, I'l push libdrm2 and xserver-xorg-video-psb.17:28
jaycsmagoun: I wanted to push the beta 6 lum along with kernel, but I could not find the linux-2.6.24-lpia source package to get the orig.tgz file18:13
jaycsmagoun:looks like the linux source package is not available yet, so I was planning to check with amit and see if I can upload the entire source.18:15
amitksmagoun_: jayc: works for me too. So if you can handle the userspace bits and ping me or jayc, we'll upload the kernel bits18:38
jaycsmagoun_: amitk : I just uploaded linux - 2.6.24-7.12 & linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 - 2.6.24-7.12 source19:29
amitkjayc: to ubuntu-mobile ppa?19:30
jaycamitk: yes19:30
smagoun_amitk: jayc I just pushed a new libdrm + xserver-xorg-video-psb to the PPA19:32
jaycamitk:there was a warning about space not being available, but now it got published. may be we need to cleanup19:32
amitkjayc: for future reference, add something like +804ume1 to the version number, so that the same version of a package isn't in hardy and PPA19:32
amitkjayc: you can ignore the warning19:32
inuka_desksamgoun_, this is the beta6 ones?19:32
amitkhey inuka_desk19:32
inuka_deskamitk, howdy19:33
amitkinuka_desk: good... and you?19:33
inuka_deskamitk, not too bad...19:33
amitkinuka_desk: i read that the next version of the graphics drivers should be available soon (after beta 6). In a week from now?19:34
jaycamitk: OK, regarding adding '+804ume1', is it true when I check it in the git as well?19:35
inuka_deskamitk, yes I am waiting for approval from UMG,  19:35
smagoun_inuka_desk: yes, beta 619:35
inuka_deskamitk, smagoun_ , so that means the beta6 changes are in ?19:35
amitkinuka_desk: yes. Thanks to smagoun_ and jayc19:36
smagoun_inuka_desk: in theory they should be available later today (once the PPA is done building them)19:36
inuka_deskamitk, cool,.19:36
amitkjayc: you don't need to push that last commit (changing the version) to the common git tree, since it will be overwritten when we rebase to latest hardy19:37
jaycamitk: ok19:37
amitkjayc: which reminds me, if this ppa build goes well and works, we'll need to rebase the common tree from hardy - we have upgraded to
jaycamitk: I can do that, do I have to rebase the lum too?19:39
jaycamitk: I had uploaded the same source (kernel & lim) to my PPA and tested it19:39
amitkbut wait until the PPA build is done and images can be successfully generated19:40
amitkyes.. lum too19:40
smagoun_jayc: I just got mail that the kernel failed to build in the PPA. I have to run to a meting, do you or amitk have time to take a look?20:08
amitksmagoun_: looking20:11
agoliveiraamitk: Looks like your build failed badly.20:12
agoliveiraOoops, sorry20:12
amitkagoliveira: it's the damn dpkg upgrade I think. It started flagging a long-existent bug in the control file20:12
agoliveiraamitk: Ouch...20:13
jaycamitk: How do we fix this? how come the same source got built in my PPA few days back?21:06
amitkjayc: dpkg was upgraded, it exposed a very old bug in our control file21:06
amitkjayc: I have fixed it and uploaded a new kernel21:07
* crevette is testing bluez-gnome 0.2021:32
crevetteI have no  service listed now ? is there a known bug in bluez ?21:34
aTOmicDuDemawhalen: ping23:03
mawhalenaTOmicDuDe: hi23:04
aTOmicDuDemawhalen: sry, this is todd, see me in umd23:05
scaleshello all23:35
scalesanyone home?23:35
scalesok well i was just curious if ubuntu mobile exists or is just in development23:37
scalesmaybe how far along it is23:37
GrueMasterubuntu-mobile is still in heavy development, but looking better each day.  The main focus is for ultra-mobile type devices (Samsung Q1, etc).  If you are looking for an Ubuntu image for a laptop, the desktop images are more suited for that.23:39
scaleswell i have the asus eee23:40
scalesand i think mobile would be better for it23:40
GrueMasterThey're OS is actually derived from Ubuntu desktop.23:40
scalesi have gutsy on mine now23:41
GrueMasterThe Ubuntu Mobile image is more for touch screen systems, and geared to specific hardware at this time.23:41
scalesi see23:41
GrueMasterYOu can check out some screen shots at moblin.org.23:42
GrueMasterALthough they are a bit dated.23:42
scalesi see23:42
scalesi was just looking for a more slimmed down ubuntu since it only has a 4gig hdd23:42
GrueMasterDevelopers would rather work on the code than the web page.  Go figure.23:42
GrueMasterI've seen those.  Quite cool.23:42
scalesits more cute than cool23:43
scalesi mean it is nice for being a toy23:43
scalesbut the screen size is small23:43
scalesi wouldnt mind a "different" os on it23:43
GrueMasterI think the system would be ideal for doing presentations and such.  It has an external vga port, so you can hook it up to a projector.23:44
scalessomething that worked with a small screen23:44
scalesthat is true23:44
scalesi am somewhat of a newb to linux and while i have things running quite well on it, external display messes with it23:44
scalesthat is something i think windows has got down and linux needs to work on23:45
scalesthe screen utility in ubuntu is worthless23:45
GrueMasterActually, it's more the driver than the utility.23:45
scaleswhich, ubuntu or windowa23:46
GrueMasterI have a laptop with the same graphics driver.  Hooking up an external display is an adventure at best.23:46
scalesi wish drivers were made more for linux 23:47
scalesit always seems like a challenge to get things working23:47
GrueMasterIt's a chicken/egg syndrome.23:47
scalesits really tough when i have been a windows user for so long and i want to go to linux.  23:47
scalesinstalling ubuntu wasnt so bad on the eee, but little things here and there dont quite work23:48
GrueMasterHardware vendors won't put much effort into a platform that doesn't have much market share, the market won't use an OS that doesn't have good hardware support.23:48
scalesi fully get ya23:48
scalesmessing with xorg.conf is a mess, sometimes works sometimes doesnt23:48
scalesand at the end of the day it bugs me to know that it all works flawlessly with xp23:48
GrueMasterWell, when you have 20:1 people supporting Windows vs Linux, that's the result you can expect.  Sad but true.23:49
GrueMasterWhat I find disturbing is when the Windows hardware developers complain that something doesn't work in Linux.  They expect the Linux people to just "fix it", but won't provide clues or documentation.23:51
GrueMasterI get that a lot working on alsa.23:51
scalessoundcard drivers right?23:51
GrueMasterIntel HD Audio to be specific.23:52
scalesyeah that is one of my little pet peves with linux23:52
scalesthe sound is logarithmic23:52
scalesor exponentially controlled23:53
scaleswifi is also read differently23:53
GrueMasterYou mean the volume?23:53
scalesnot quite in %23:53
GrueMasterActually, it's pretty close to %.  It is controlled mainly by the hardware.23:53
scalesso why do i only have control over 50% of my volume23:54
scalesi know i can switch that volume adjuster to PCM23:54
scalesbut that wont match up with the FN volume keys23:54
GrueMasterIf you look at /proc/asound/card0/codec#*, and find either a Pin Node or a mixer node, you'll also see a line that says Amp-Out caps: ofs=0x17, nsteps=0x1f, stepsize=0x05, mute=123:55
GrueMasterOr similar.23:55
scaleslet me turn it on23:56
scalesalso, ubuntu boots a little slowly too23:56
scalesnot sure why that is23:56
scalestoo many processes starting by default23:56
scalesoh well23:57
scalesi got to get back to boring lab work23:57
scalescollege gets a little dull at times23:57
GrueMasterI hear you.  Same here.23:57

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