up_the_ironsin my debian/rules, i have: http://p.caboo.se/151263, but when i run debian/rules build, I get this error: http://p.caboo.se/151269.  I think it's simple, but i'm new to this.  anyone can point me in the right direction?00:00
superm1Riddell, licensing00:00
superm1Riddell, its not an entirely free license on it00:00
blueyedup_the_irons: that's bash code.00:02
RAOFup_the_irons: That's quite crazy.00:02
up_the_ironsblueyed: i've seen bash code in other debian/rules files00:02
* StevenK tries to stop his eyes bleeding00:02
RAOFup_the_irons: The main problem is that you don't have enough ';'s, I think.00:03
RAOFup_the_irons: And I don't believe you can use fi there.  Because this is a *single* line being run by sh.00:03
up_the_ironsRAOF: thanks, yeah, someone in #debian just pointed that out00:03
up_the_ironsRAOF: i'm looking at the debian/rules for xen-linux-system-2.6.18-4-xen-686, and it indeed uses 'fi'00:04
up_the_ironsRAOF: as an example00:04
RAOFFair enough.  I'm not a sh fiend by any means.00:04
up_the_ironsnor am i, but seems i keep running into it00:04
blueyedup_the_irons: you need additional semicolons.. after commands, and before fi probably.00:05
StevenKYou certainly can use 'fi' in one-liners, you just need to be mindful of where you put your semicolons00:05
RAOFAlso, you should spell confirm CONFIRM, not ONFIRM :)00:05
up_the_ironsRAOF: yeah, it *is* $CONFIRM, but somewhere it got lost in the paste ;)00:06
up_the_ironsblueyed: thanks00:06
RAOFup_the_irons: Oh, yeah.  You actually want $$CONFIRM, otherwise make thinks you're referencing the variable $C00:07
up_the_ironsRAOF: aah00:07
up_the_ironsRAOF: good catch00:07
up_the_ironsoh man, maybe i should just make a shell script00:08
up_the_ironsthis is getting weird00:09
up_the_ironsi guess in the packages i'm looking at, the if's are indeed oneliner's00:09
RAOFup_the_irons: Your problem is that you're trying to write a shell script inside a make file.  So you're fighting your tools, which is never fun.00:09
up_the_ironsyup, that was it00:09
up_the_ironsRAOF: i know, i know...  i'm just not very good at makefiles; and i'm trying to learn the packaging thing at the same time.  so i'm tripping over myself00:10
RAOFFor example, it looks like you could make a linux-2.6.18-xen.hg target, and make build-stamp depend on that.00:11
up_the_ironsRAOF: yup that's exactly what i'm typing right now ;)00:11
up_the_ironsi saw shell in other debian/rules files and i figured "yay, i can use shell in makefiles".  i was wrong00:12
up_the_ironsjust simple 1-liner shell00:12
up_the_ironsnow *that's* better:00:18
up_the_ironsso question00:21
up_the_ironswhen i run dpkg-buildpackage, and it does its thing, is that when any changes I made into the source tree get reflected in the diff.gz ?00:22
azeemdepends on the option00:22
RAOFI don't *think* you have to even have those shell ifs there.  You should be able to declare a linux-2.6.18-xen.hg target.00:22
blueyedup_the_irons: now you could depend on the file, instead of the if.. :)00:22
up_the_ironsblueyed: dood, i tried that00:22
up_the_ironsblueyed: it said unknown target00:22
up_the_ironsRAOF: yeah, i figured the same, but it said unknown target00:23
RAOFup_the_irons: You'd need to have a "linux-2.6.18-xen.hg:" line, containing the hg clone command.00:23
up_the_ironsso I can merrily make changes in the source tree, and it'll automatically become part of the diff?00:23
up_the_ironsRAOF: oh00:23
up_the_ironsRAOF: ok00:23
RAOFblueyed: Are you still looking at gnome-do?00:23
up_the_ironsRAOF: the last time I wrote my own makefiles from scratch was in the Turbo C++ 3.0 for DOS days ;)00:24
blueyedRAOF: in my free time during fixing my own package, I'll try a build now and then probably advocate, looks good!00:26
RAOFblueyed: I can upload a new candidate with the changes you've requested if you like.00:27
RAOFBut they won't affect the build, so if you just want to advocate I'll upload the changed package to universe :)00:27
blueyedRAOF: sounds good :)00:28
up_the_ironsRAOF: that worked, now I have a much cleaner: http://p.caboo.se/15128200:28
RAOFblueyed: To the new revu upload, or the advocate-and-me-upload approach? :)00:28
RAOFup_the_irons: Things look *much* cleaner when you don't fight your tools :)00:29
blueyedboth indeed.. but persia has also looked at my package. you might want to check out debian/copyright, but I'll have to add more headers and preambles there.00:30
blueyedThe package is jedit.00:30
up_the_ironsRAOF: indeed :)00:30
RAOFblueyed: Ok.  The new candidate should show on revu shortly.  I'll check out jedit.00:31
RAOFblueyed: I see why persia suggests using make variables for your get-orig-source target.  It seems you could define version & uversion as make variables, and possibly split get-orig-source into get-upstream-source & repack-upstream-source targets.00:41
RAOFSomething like "version=$(shell dh_testdir && uscan --dehs | sed ..etc)"00:42
RAOFI'm also not a big fan of the side-effect of setting version being that the tarball is downloaded.00:43
blueyedthat from the tarball? it's a check only there.00:46
RAOFblueyed: "version=$$(uscan --force-download ...)"00:47
blueyedRAOF: would it be ok to be called from "anywhere" then?00:47
RAOFblueyed: With the make variables?  You'd still need to cd ${DEBIAN_DIR}/.. first, yes.00:48
RAOFI haven't worked it through, but I believe it'd end up looking cleaner.00:49
blueyedRAOF: but still shell like? with && and on the same line? (because of e.g. the "cd")00:49
RAOFYeah.  You'd need to have it shell-like.  The difference would be that you would have a bunch of smaller, split up shell lines.00:50
RAOFblueyed: Oh, actually, no!  "version=$(shell cd ${DEBIAN_DIR}/.. & uscan --dehs | ...)" would be callable from anywhere.00:51
blueyedwow.. there's even a version hardcoded currently.00:51
blueyedWith a single "&"?00:51
RAOFAhem.  && :)00:51
blueyedshould I not get the version/uversion from the sourceball? Just define them at the top of the rules?00:53
RAOFThat *will* get the version/uversion from the sourceball.  Make variables defined with "=" are pretty much recursive text-substitution (IIUC), so it's evaluated only where you dereference it.00:54
RAOFIE: when you go "$(version)", make will replace that with "$(shell foo)", then evaluate $(shell foo).00:55
blueyedin contrast to ":="?00:55
RAOFYes.  ":=" means "evaluate right now".00:56
emgentheya people00:58
up_the_irons<phew>...  the package finally built, now to see what are conffiles00:59
blueyedRAOF: better? http://pastebin.com/m2c01a47901:01
blueyedup_the_irons: you define them in "conffiles", that are those where you're asked during upgrade when you have changed them yourself, and the maintainer, too.01:02
up_the_ironsblueyed: ok thanks.  what do you mean by "and the maintainer, too" ?01:03
blueyedthe package maintainer: you're only asked, if the maintainer changed the default conffile, to merge your changes or take his (or keep yours).01:04
RAOFblueyed: That doesn't actually work, does it?  Sorry, I've been unclear.  I was thinking of defining version=$(shell foo) just above (and outside of) the get-orig-source target, or even at the top of the file.01:04
=== Martinp24 is now known as Martinp23
RAOFAnd you won't need to cd ${DEBIAN_DIR} in your get-orig-source; the only reason you needed to do that is to make uscan work, yes?01:06
up_the_ironsblueyed: ok thanks for the info01:07
up_the_ironsregarding the generated diff.gz, that is the difference between the <package>-orig.tar.gz and the build directory?01:10
up_the_ironsactually, looks like there is a directory that should not be represented in the diff (b/c it is downloaded by hg), is there a way to ignore it, or should that in fact remain in the diff?01:11
* StevenK gets confused. I build gnome-games, and it has undefined references to things that are defined in the same file01:12
up_the_ironsmm.. and why is it trying to diff build files (like *.o)..01:13
up_the_ironscrap "dpkg-source: unrepresentable changes to source"01:13
blueyedup_the_irons: clean them in your clean target.01:14
up_the_ironsblueyed: ok01:14
blueyedRAOF: yes, it totally not works currently. and ${DEBIAN_DIR} does not seem to work for ./rules binary anyway?!01:14
up_the_ironsblueyed: but is there a way to just ignore certain directories?  b/c if i clean them, the next time i build this package, say to add a single kernel module, it will want to rebuild the entire kernel01:15
up_the_ironsblueyed: what is the way to do this so i don't fight my tools? :)01:15
RAOFup_the_irons: Those are restrictions of the debian-source-package format.  You can use dpkg-buildpackage -nc to try to build without cleaning first, but debian/rules clean should take you back to a pristine build directory.01:17
up_the_ironsmaybe i should just cp -a them out of the tree, and put them back when i need them. ghetto style ;)01:17
up_the_ironsRAOF: ok, i kinda thought so01:17
up_the_ironsRAOF: i could just save the build directories somewhere, and copy them back when i need them, as if they were always there.  this package is for my use only, not gonna distribute it01:18
up_the_ironsRAOF: i just really hate to recompile the whole kernel just for a simple change01:18
up_the_ironsRAOF: if I *didn't* use a package syste, i could do it no problem.  So I want to stay package friendly, but hopefully not lose the benefits of a build system (that only builds stuff that has changed)01:19
RAOFup_the_irons: Have you checked out the ubuntu-kernel buildy thing?  That might be what you're after.01:19
up_the_ironsRAOF: you mean build-kpkg, or something01:19
RAOFNo; there's some new infrastructure in the Ubuntu kernel source pacakages.01:20
up_the_ironsno i haven't tried that01:20
up_the_ironsbut this package is from xen-3.2.0 tarball01:20
up_the_ironsi have a feeling it will be hard to integrate01:20
up_the_ironsnot a vanilla kernel01:20
up_the_ironswhat I'm aiming for is, a single .deb that contains everything I get when I do 'make install' from the Xen tarball01:20
up_the_ironsso far, I've gotten close01:21
up_the_ironsin fact, debian/xen does contain the entire built tree01:21
up_the_ironsnow it's just a matter of packaging it01:21
up_the_ironsok, been sitting down too long, brb in 10 mins01:22
RAOFAw, man.  What with the nouveau testing I'd forgotten how awesome compiz is.01:24
StevenKRAOF: What the?01:26
StevenKI find I can't drag windows between viewports anymore, which is irritating me.01:27
RAOFI've been using metacity's compositor.  Changing workspaces is supremely ugly, compared to cube.01:27
StevenKI have to expose out using Super-e, drag and them go back in01:29
RAOFHm.  You're using wall or cube?01:30
pochupersia: I'm fine with the watch file01:30
RAOFStevenK: You might want to check out the various "edge flip" options in ccsm?01:31
blueyedRAOF: gnome-do is similar to katapult, isn't it? It also does not support "f1" for help at least.. ;)01:32
blueyedRAOF: advocated.01:33
RAOFblueyed: I don't know, I've never used katapault.  Also, correct.  No f1-is-help yet :)01:34
RAOFblueyed: Thanks.  Yay!01:34
jdongwhat is the "this is a merge" heuristic01:35
blueyedwhen activating it again here on kde4, it does not display, but grabs input..01:35
jdongit seems like if I say the D word anywhere in the changelog it's officially a merge :)01:35
RAOFblueyed: Don't tell me that kde4's compositor is broken, too?01:35
blueyedRAOF: I've no desktop effects enabled..01:36
RAOFblueyed: I saw that behaviour on Metacity, but it's been partially fixed.  It should work fine without a compositor or with xcompmgr or compiz.01:36
RAOFblueyed: Really?  Hm.01:36
blueyedit's the same with desktop effects..01:37
RAOFup_the_irons: Have you checked out the ubuntu-kernel buildy thing?  That might be what you're after.  February 13 01:44 MOTU chalserogers@gmail.com    Addressed comments from blueyed in #motu    Yes   [del] [remove advocating]01:37
RAOFFrikkin touchpad!01:37
blueyedi have to click somewhere around to get the input back.. it actually starts programs, but I can't see it before..01:37
RAOFblueyed: I've only seen that with broken compositors, but I haven't tried it in KDE, either.01:38
StevenKRAOF: I know that as slammermaus, based on when I first starting using IRC. A guy was nicknamed slammer (not his actual nick), and he kept blaming his mouse for pasting large gobs of text into the channel.01:38
RAOFI should find the irssi knob that disables pasting.  It already saves me from accidentally pasting in *huge* ammounts of text..01:39
RAOFFor those in the audience, paste_verify_line_count is the irssi variable I'm looking for.01:49
StevenKRAOF: You set that to one, and it asks you for even one line?01:53
blueyedRAOF: re-uploaded jedit (a new upload with only minor licensing indenting and re-order ("*" to top), uploaded afterwards (should appear at 2utc then)01:56
RAOFStevenK: Yup.  Just checked.01:56
RAOFblueyed: Ok.  I'll keep looking.02:01
up_the_ironsin the clean: target, what is the minus sign before "-$(MAKE) clean" for?02:06
up_the_irons(this is in the generated template)02:07
slangasekfor generating a lintian error02:07
up_the_ironsslangasek: ok02:08
RAOFup_the_irons: It means "ignore errors from this command", and what you actually *want* is [ ! -f Makefile ] || $(MAKE) clean02:08
RAOFWhich translates to "If the makefile doesn't exist, do nothing.  If it does exist, run make clean"02:09
* asantoni looks for advocate for LP #190589.... :) (any MOTU with a few spare moments?)02:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190589 in mixxx "New upstream release (in REVU)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19058902:13
up_the_ironsRAOF: ah ok02:14
RAOFWhat, you mean that won't list all the files in #ubuntu-motu?  Soft!03:11
RAOFblueyed: jedit fails to build a source package for me - is this likely to be a build-dep lack on my part?03:11
=== _stink__ is now known as _stink_
blueyedRAOF: do you have ant installed?03:12
RAOFIt would seem the answer is "no".03:12
blueyedRAOF: I've just uploaded a new version (and messed around quite a bit in the meantime)03:12
RAOFblueyed: Ok.  Does it really depend on java5-runtime?03:13
blueyedRAOF: icedtea-java7-jdk, ant, ant-optional03:13
RAOFblueyed: I mean, debian/control lists java5-runtime as a dependency of the binary package.  Did you mean icedtea | java-v-m | java5-runtime?03:14
RAOFRight.  I'll check out the new, new package then :)03:15
blueyedRAOF: yes, indeed. Should I put j-v-m last even?03:15
superm1isn't there a nice way to say use a virtualpackage that represents a jre?03:16
RAOFThat should surely be java-virtual-machine, no?03:16
RAOFOr is it java-runtime?03:16
RAOFThere was a page somewhere with a non-exhaustive list of virtual packages, but I can't remember where.03:17
superm1i think its java-virtual-machine03:17
superm1yeah it is, but it doesnt list icedtea yet03:17
jdongunless he has a specific list of VM's he wants to try in order of preference...03:17
superm1it lists sun-java6, sun-java5, sun java 1.4, etc03:17
superm1so icedtea | java-virtual-machine should do it03:18
blueyedsuperm1: but it's not really versioned, is it? Will take it as such though.03:18
superm1well icedtea is the only one that doesn't provide java-virtual-machine it looks like03:19
blueyedI'm also removing the ${shlibs:Depends} which is not needed for java packages, correct?03:19
superm1so it should cover your bases03:19
RAOFblueyed: If you'd like this to be backportable, you might want to drop the debhelper dependency (and compat) down to 5, unless you use any of the new behaviour.03:20
blueyedwell, e.g. ant has java-gcj-compat-dev | java-virtual-machine, java-gcj-compat | java1-runtime | java2-runtime - so it's something different?!03:20
blueyedRAOF: yes, thanks, forgot about that..03:20
ScottKFujitsu: Thanks.03:20
FujitsuScottK: No problem.03:21
ScottKI figured I was doing enough security work I might as well sign up for the official club.03:21
ScottKWhich reminds me ...03:22
ScottKjdstrand: How clamav going ...03:22
blueyedRAOF, superm1: therefore it was correct already I think.. (icedtea-java7-jre | java-virtual-machine, java5-runtime)03:23
superm1yeah :)03:23
RAOFYeah, fair enough.  All the *jre packages provide java5-runtime.03:25
blueyedicedtea-java7-jre should provide java-virtual-machine though.. this is probably the reasond why gcj gets pulled in for the build..03:27
RAOFOh, dear lord licensing sucks.03:29
RAOFCosmetic: you may want to put each file on a separate line, and they should be comma-delimited.03:29
blueyedRAOF: that would make it much longer.. I've probably missed something minor, but heard that it would be ok. Only that all different licenses are important.03:30
RAOFAlso, if the files are uniquely named you don't *have* to use the full path, */name is implied.03:30
blueyedYes, I've copied and pasted them.. I should it could not hurt to be explicit there.03:31
RAOFYeah.  It's really cosmetic.03:32
LaserJockRAOF: did you file that licensing bug on tomboy?03:32
RAOFLaserJock: Yes.03:33
blueyedbug 18995303:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189953 in icedtea-java7 "Inconsistent 'Provides' for different java compilers/runtimes" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18995303:33
LaserJockRAOF: did you happen to see mjg59's comment in -devel about it?03:33
RAOFblueyed: But, as I understand it, it's not properly conformant to the proposed machine-readable format unless the lists are comma-delimited.  That's not going to block my advocation at all though.03:34
blueyedRAOF: I'll check that in the next round of changes.03:34
blueyedRe-uploaded with compat and shlibs:Depends minor change. I'll have to catch some sleep now..03:36
LaserJockdang, I may end up with way more Multiverse uploads than anything else for Hardy :/03:37
RAOF_LaserJock: Sorry, my buildbox is thrashing thanks to jEdit.03:37
jdonganyone here into blog-ranting about usability related issues?03:38
jdongI found an amusing one from Leopard's recent update03:38
RAOF_LaserJock: No, I didn't see the comments, should I?03:38
jdongprizes go out to those who explain what that charge status actually means....03:38
RAOF_jdong: That's *awesome*.03:38
LaserJockRAOF_: he just basically said that in his opinion a blanket license is sufficient when it's clear, like there aren't inconsistent licenses03:39
RAOF_LaserJock: So the licensing is OK, how about copyright holders?  That makes things easier, though.03:40
LaserJocknot sure03:40
LaserJockbut you tend to get different answers depending on which archive admin you talk to ;-)03:41
LaserJockjust thought you might be interested03:41
RAOF_Oh, certainly.03:41
RAOF_It seems there's no end to the things you can learn about licensing :)03:41
LaserJocks/learn/get incredibly, horribly confused/03:42
bddebianHeh, amen to that03:42
RAOF_Damn you bugzilla.  Why must you make me work so hard to file bugs?03:49
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joejaxxhas anyone here tried using minicom in Gutsy?03:59
superm1i did04:01
superm1but i didn't have luck with it when i tried04:01
joejaxxyeah i had to run minicom -s04:03
joejaxxand had to change the defaults04:03
=== kdu1 is now known as kdub
dendrobatesjoejaxx: I used it sucessfully to connect to a serial console interface on a Sun T200004:03
tonyyarussoThanks to whoever uploaded my kompozer diff - the new version just hit my mirror.  (Meanwhile, I found a LP bug...)04:06
joejaxxdendrobates: NICE :D04:06
joejaxxi am trying to reset the password on a Cisco Router :P04:06
joejaxxwith minicom04:06
joejaxxbut i got it to connect now04:07
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superm1hey if another motu wouldn't mind giving this a quick once over: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libnet-upnp-perl05:24
warp10Good morning06:10
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rhpot1991revu down for everyone else?06:54
=== calc_ is now known as calc
vemonif motus still have access to revu then could someone check the latest version of whysynth. it's already been advocated a few timces but i've needed to adjust the package due to licensing issues07:27
vemonthe latest version is done according to sistypotys comments07:27
FujitsuThe machine is alive, but it appears fairly sick.07:27
* Fujitsu wonders if it's out of disk space again.07:27
* RAOF finishes his 2 hour update-miro's-copyright stint.07:31
RAOFHa!  I speak too soon :(07:34
LucidFoxslomo, could you please comment on bug #191307?07:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191307 in f-spot "f-spot man page missing mono warning" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19130707:42
LucidFoxI think it's not a bug, but the submitter sternly disagrees07:42
slomoLucidFox: it's just that the reporter doesn't like mono?07:43
slomoor do i miss anything07:43
LucidFoxseems so07:44
slomoclose please07:44
dholbachgood morning08:01
gpocentekRiddell: I've reuploaded wzdftpd, the diff is cleaner08:56
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tbutterrevu seems to be broken (timeout)09:10
ScottKslangasek: Are you still up and about perhaps?09:12
ScottK\sh: Did you see my IRC comment on your Perl packages?09:12
\shScottK, nope...revu is down somehow09:13
ScottK\sh: It was about debian/copyright.  I think it's better to redistribute on as generous of terms as possible.09:13
norsettomorning folks and folkettes09:14
\shScottK, you mean that I should explicitly write in debian/copyright that the upstream source could be licensed as GPL or artistic as perl does?09:14
ScottK\sh: That's what I think would be better.09:15
DktrKranznorsetto: folkettes? are you hungry? :)09:15
\shScottK, ok...changing it...anything else? I think packaging wise is everything in order09:15
ScottK\sh: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libtree-perl has what I'd consider to be a good example.09:15
norsettoDktrKranz: neah, just being politically correct (its the gender equality era....)09:15
ScottK\sh: I only had to to review the diff, not test build so far.  If you can stuff the packages somewhere and give me a .dsc link, I'll give them a final review.09:16
DktrKranznorsetto: so it's better saying "morning folkettes and folks"09:16
ScottK\sh: The debian/copyright thing we all that stood out from reviewing the diffs.09:16
ScottKGood morning norsetto.09:16
DktrKranzScottK: congrats!09:17
\shScottK, ok...I'll change the debian/copyright and push some packages on my webserver ...09:17
ScottK\sh: Thanks.09:17
ScottKDktrKranz: Thanks09:17
norsettoScottK: heck, what do you do here? Don't you have a bed somewhere!?09:17
\shScottK, no thank you :)09:17
ScottKnorsetto: We're having an ice storm here and about 45 minutes ago one of our dogs was stuck out in the back yard (couldn't get up the steps to get back in) and so after a trip out in the cold rain to rescue her, I'm not able to get back to sleep.09:18
norsettoScottK: oh, do you know by any chance if it is so bad in minnenapolis too?09:19
ScottKnorsetto: It's February.  You can generally figure it's very cold there. ;-)09:19
ScottKnorsetto: We're far enough away that it's a different weather pattern.  They probably had this precipitation in the form of snow two days ago.09:20
ScottKnorsetto: You aren't coming this way to visit are you?09:20
norsettoScottK: My wife is headed there right now09:20
ScottKnorsetto: Ah.  Excellent reason to worry.09:21
* ScottK checks the weather.09:21
ScottKnorsetto: It's cold and snowy, but nothing unusual for Minneapolis.  No severe storms.09:24
norsettoscottk: ok, thanks, I was hoping to hear that09:24
ScottKnorsetto: What's in Minneapolis?09:25
norsettoScottK: a friend of her09:25
ScottKAh.  Well they get lots of snow this time of year (I was there last December) and they generally know how to deal with it.09:26
\shscottK, please check out http://buildserver.homelinux.net/src/ there are both packages09:27
norsettoscottk: yeah, they might, I'm not so sure about my wife though, she can hardly drive here and she absolutely wanted to rent a car, oh well....09:27
ScottKnorsetto: One thing they are good at is plowing and salting the streets.09:28
ScottK\sh: Will do.09:28
ScottK\sh: If I'm satisfied with them do you want me to just upload them or do you want the pleasure?09:29
\shSCottK: well, if you are satisfied, just upload straight away :)09:29
ScottKWill do.09:31
\shand dpkg is fixed, too ... wow09:32
TheMusoCongrats other -release members.09:35
* ScottK looks to see if that applies to him ..09:40
dholbachscottK, TheMuso, norsetto, hobbsee (absent), sistpoty (absent): congratulations!09:40
ScottKdholbach: Thanks.09:40
dholbachI'll set up the team and send out the mail in a bit09:40
dholbachneed to fix up something else before09:40
norsettodholbach: what for? We haven't started already :-)09:41
TheMusonorsetto: Better to be ready when the flood gates open. :p09:41
ScottKTheMuso and norsetto: we should probably find a time to conspire on rules.09:41
TheMusoScottK: Sounds like a plan.09:41
* norsetto wears his frost-proof hat09:42
TheMusoScottK: I'm surprised you are awake actually.09:42
norsettoerrr, where is that link btw?09:42
ScottKTheMuso: Scroll back about 25 minutes for an explanation.09:42
TheMusoScottK: Ah, that sucks.09:44
=== zakame__ is now known as zakame
ScottKAny MOTU hopeful want to work on a bug fix (I'll provide guidance).  There's a patch, it just needs to be packaged.09:59
isaacScottK: what's the package?10:00
ScottKisaac: https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/pdns/+bug/19150610:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191506 in pdns "TXT records truncated" [Low,In progress]10:00
isaacnot interested :P10:00
ScottKFeel free to assign it to yourself instead of me if you want to try it.10:00
dholbachbug 125658 might be interesting to work on too - it seems to block the blender folks10:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 125658 in openexr "please update openexr version" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12565810:01
dholbach(I realise that openexr is in main, but most of the rdepends that would need to go through a small transition are in universe)10:01
AnAntis there something wrong with REVU's website ?10:04
ScottK2AnAnt: Yes10:07
AnAntScottK2: ok10:08
AnAntI thought something wrong with my connection10:08
\shscottK: you mean http://wiki.powerdns.com/cgi-bin/trac.fcgi/changeset?old_path=trunk%2Fpdns%2Fpdns&old=996&new_path=trunk%2Fpdns%2Fpdns&new=996 ?10:09
gaspathere was been some discussion about sudo policies? ( i'm lookin at bug #191210)10:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191210 in sudo "[hardy] exit out of sudo -i doesnt really exit" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19121010:09
ScottK\sh: Yes.  I haven't checked to see if it applies to our current version directly or needs a bit of work.10:09
\shscottK: I set it on my todo10:10
ScottK\sh: Great.  Thanks.10:10
* ScottK is looking at your packages now.10:10
gesergood morning10:10
ScottK2Good morning geser.10:11
\shScottK, reassigned the bug10:11
ScottKOK.  Thanks.  \sh: I have someone who runs pdns who will test the package when it's done (if you don't).10:11
AnAnthmmm, can anyone tell me where I can get help about makefiles ?10:12
TheMusoScottK: Just got my first uplaods to main in, due to a spec I was working on. I felt rather nervous. :)10:12
\shscottk: cool :) I think the bug is also annoying pdns users in dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy...10:13
ScottKTheMuso: Congratulations.  I haven't done it yet.10:13
ScottK\sh: I'm not sure if it's SRU worthy or not, but since I'm not in motu-sru, I guess I don't need to have an opinion.10:13
TheMusoScottK: We'll see if everybody's boot succeeds first, then congratulations are likely in order. :p10:13
TheMusoIn all seriousness, I tested and re-tested my changes, so there shouldn't be a problem.10:14
\shscottk: well, backporting is always an alternative10:14
DktrKranz\sh, which one?10:17
\shDktrKranz, pdns10:18
HighNohm, revu is down?10:19
HighNoff tore it apart or is it just 'closed' because of ff?10:20
DktrKranz\sh, if you mean bug 191506, when you have a patch, we can discuss at it briefly, but it looks a good candidate.10:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191506 in pdns "TXT records truncated" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19150610:22
ScottKIt was having hard drive troubles yesterday.10:22
Tonio_dholbach: ping ?10:24
dholbachTonio_: pong10:25
Tonio_dholbach: hey ;) I hope you're doing well10:26
dholbachTonio_: thanks, yes I am - how are you?10:27
Tonio_dholbach: my team membership for ubuntu developpers is expiring in a few days, I'm supposed to ping you to get it renewed :)10:27
Tonio_dholbach: very well :) currently working on the kde implementation of sudo for kde4, good progress so I'm a happy guy :)10:27
dholbachTonio_: let it expire, as long as you're in ubuntu-core-dev and/or motu all is good10:28
dholbachTonio_: in the end ubuntu-dev will only consist of ubuntu-core-dev and motu10:28
Tonio_dholbach: oki ;)10:29
Tonio_dholbach: true that core-dev is sufficient for everything ;)10:29
* pochu waves10:46
Nghey pochu :)10:47
Ngthanks for your msg :)10:47
pochuNg: anytime, thanks for the fix!10:48
* pochu hugs Ng 10:48
NgI'm going to risk flames from my gf tonight and cut a release. I've fixed all the bugs I can in time, and FF is tomorrow ;)10:49
tjaaltonNg: I do it all the time ;)10:51
tjaaltonspeaking of which, I'd like to let the MOTU Release Team to know that I'm about to upload a new version of vdr (1.4.7 -> 1.5.13) soon10:52
tjaaltonand some new plugins too10:52
tjaaltonupstream decided to do a stable release before plunging in the HDTV world, so 1.6.0 should be out in a couple of weeks10:53
theseinfelddholbach i think the libdc1394 should be ready for inclussion? what do you think?10:53
tjaaltonand I have upgraded my box with the new packages, works like a charm10:53
theseinfelddholbach check it here: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libdc1394-22 and the compiled PPA here: https://launchpad.net/~libdc1394-dev/+archive10:53
Ngtjaalton: ace :)10:55
tjaaltonNg: I should update the spec too10:55
Ngugh, and I should apologise for not having been near the spec since UDS :/10:55
tjaaltonme neither, until last week ;)10:56
tjaaltonwe should decide the name for the meta-package :)10:56
ScottK2tjaalton: Do it before Feature Freeze and we don't need to know ;-)10:58
tjaaltonScottK2: that's what I'm aiming for ;)10:59
theseinfeldso anybody on MOTU that could advocate the libdc1394-22 package inclussion?11:00
theseinfeldit is ready, just needs someone to advocate it...11:00
gesertheseinfeld: it is a different package than in Debian unstable?11:01
theseinfeldas I am one of the developers, I am closer to the truth11:01
geserany reason for being different?11:01
theseinfeldI have been working with the Debian people11:01
theseinfeldStubborness of Debian?11:02
gesercan't we sync the package from Debian?11:02
theseinfeldyou do that and you get crap11:02
theseinfeldit is missing things11:02
theseinfeldit has some problems with the naming11:02
theseinfeldthe debian was lagging alot behind with this library11:03
theseinfeldi have been trying for one year with them to get them involved and when I got their attention they wanted just to have minor changes and still using the old framework11:03
theseinfeldyou can sync, but you will lose some of the added features11:04
theseinfeldso, geser, what shall it be11:05
gesertheseinfeld: I was just asking as I've seen it in Debian and we usually take packages directly from them11:06
theseinfeldI know11:06
pochusuperm1: around?11:06
pochusuperm1: 11:48 <     slomo> pochu: any other changes for -bad? btw, you could tell superm1 that the gst-plugins-bad gmyth plugin doesn't support gmyth 0.711:06
pochusuperm1: 12:00 <     slomo> pochu: ok, so still... you have 0.7 in hardy and upstream gmyth only works with gmyth >= 0.4 gmyth <= 0.4.9911:06
pochusuperm1: 12:00 <     slomo> pochu: if there's a fix to work with the new version i'll be happy to get it upstream ;)11:06
pochusuperm1: have it worked for you? :)11:06
theseinfeldgeser, the thing with them is that they made clear that us, the developers, should not interfere with the packaging. Something that I find outrageous11:07
slomosuperm1: if it did work with 0.7 for you without any additional changes to what is in cvs that would be great news ;)11:07
theseinfeldgeser they are not on the dev lists and they don't know many of the things that should be included. Now they know, after my lobby, but still insist on some of the things that we didn't agree (like the use of both old API and new one)11:07
theseinfeldgeser we spent quite much effort to make this happen, and the debian just don't want to remove one damn line (conflict: libdc1394-13) :))11:08
pochusuperm1: oh and: 11:45 <     slomo> pochu: iirc the mythtv stuff is not acceptable in Debian (license, patents, no idea)11:08
pochusuperm1: that's bad news :(11:08
theseinfeldgeser, you must agree that i needed a more friendlier environment :)11:08
slomopochu, superm1: ok, i tested it with 0.7 now and i get unresolved symbols11:08
theseinfeldgeser so, using ppa and revu was the way to put our dev ideas into packages11:09
gesertheseinfeld: I can understand your pain11:10
gesertheseinfeld: are there any packages in hardy which could use the new lib already?11:10
theseinfeldgeser, not yet. There is coriander, that will come soon...11:12
theseinfeldthanks geser :)11:12
theseinfeldI was already comforted by cprov for this :)11:12
slomosuperm1, pochu: nevermind... builds and does not have unresolved symbols if done properly ;)11:13
theseinfeldso, geser, the coriander is dependent of libdc1394-22 and once it is stable enough for a new release (couple of weeks) I will let you know11:13
gesertheseinfeld: as feature freeze is tomorrow (which includes also no new packages anymore) perhaps also talk to the motu-release team if they give you an exception11:13
theseinfeldmaybe I will do the packaging for them too11:13
slomosuperm1, pochu: OTOH libgmyth-dev or whatever should depend on libmysqlclient-dev stuff (and gst-plugins-bad should not directly build depend on it)11:14
gesertheseinfeld: feature freeze also include new upstream version freeze so it would also need an exception if the new version should get included in hardy11:14
enycHrrm I would like to know why  ZoneMinder package in Ubuntu is 1.22.3 (2006 release) and not 1.23.1 (2008 release) --  I suspcet I need to be asking the question in debian ......11:14
theseinfeldgeser yes, but how can I ask them if so far, this package has not been revu-ed by anybody?11:15
promaganyone can help me using cbds?11:16
promagI did make dist on my source package11:16
theseinfeldpromag, what is the problem?11:16
promagthen I extracted it11:16
promagis this the correct way?11:16
promagafter extraction I did dh_make -b -createorig11:17
promagcorrect again?11:17
theseinfeldwhat are you trying to do promag?11:18
theseinfeldyou make dist, get the tar.gz, and then what?11:18
promagwell this is not relative to ubuntu packaging11:18
promagbecause the it's a software I'm making11:18
gesertheseinfeld: try getting the package revued and a FF exception in parallel.11:19
promagmy project is using autotools11:19
promagafter tar zxvf I do dh_make --createorig -b11:19
theseinfeldcdbs is basically a wrapper for debhelper11:19
promagthen I don't know what to do11:19
theseinfeldgeser how do you get the package reviewed?11:19
gesertheseinfeld: so you don't get dissappointed if you don't get an exception after putting much work into this package and people revuing know it will make it in (normally revuing slows down massively after FF).11:20
gesertheseinfeld: first wait till REVU is up again :)11:20
slomopochu, superm1: ok, configure in gst-plugins-bad cvs is adjusted to also work with gmyth 0.7, nevermind ;)11:20
promagtheseinfeld: so what's next dh_make?11:21
pochuslomo: cool :)11:21
pochuslomo, superm1: would be cool to get this in Debian too :)11:22
slomopochu: if gmyth is in debian i see no problem with adding it to gst-plugins-bad11:22
gesernorsetto, TheMuso, ScottK: First congrats for motu-release and second what's the process to get an FF exception to complete the ongoing ghc6 transition?11:23
slomopochu, superm1: it seems to be possible to get it into debian... it's only mythtv that had (has) problems11:23
pochuslomo: that's great news11:24
ScottKgeser: Thanks.  How about finish by tomorrow?11:24
ScottKgeser: I'd suggest ask for a general FF exception and list the affected packages, but of course the team hasn't had a chance to meet and discuss process yet.11:25
geserScottK: till now I've synced the packages in the correct order so they build successfully11:26
geserScottK: I could request synced the remaining packages and clear the FTBFS later but this doesn't look clean to me11:27
ScottKgeser: I'd say file one bug with the exception request that also affects the relevant packages and then ask us to look it over.  I'm assuming we'll say yes, but ..11:27
ScottKI was kidding about the finish by tomorrow.11:28
theseinfeldpromag why would you use cdbs if you just want to make dist?11:29
persiaAnyone feel like looking at last-minute merges?  There are currently 17 universe packages with a newer upstream version listed on merges.ubuntu.com that might benefit from attention.11:29
theseinfeldgeser how do I contact the motu-release team? launchpad?11:29
geserScottK: what's your opinion for the clamav-data package after FF: should I ask for a general FF exception for it, ask everytime for a new exception, ask for removal from hardy or ignore it?11:29
persiaDktrKranz: Do you have an opinion about aolserver?  I'm tempted to sync all the latest Debian updates and hope we can forget about it, but wouldn't mind your opinion on the matter.11:30
theseinfeldgeser qa.?11:30
ScottKgeser: Ask for a general exception.11:30
cody-somervilleCan someone please review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=thunar-svn-plugin ?11:30
geserScottK: last question: should the bug be subscribed or assigned to motu-release?11:30
ScottKgeser: I think clamav-data we should take up until the final freeze.11:30
promagtheseinfeld: well I thought I would need to make dist because dh_make says "The directory name must be <package>-<version> for dh_make to work" in the original source directory11:31
persiacody-somerville: That URL doesn't load for me.  Have you tried it recently?11:31
ScottKgeser: Last time it was subscribed.  I assume it'll be the same this time.11:31
gesertheseinfeld: file a bug and subscribe the motu-release team11:31
theseinfeldScottK geser so, I submit a bug to motu-release11:31
theseinfeldgeser ok11:31
ScottKtheseinfeld: Why?11:31
cody-somervillepersia: Revu is down the day before FF?11:31
theseinfeldgeser when does revu go up?11:32
persiacody-somerville: Last REVU day was 4th February, but this is a coincidental outage.11:32
promagtheseinfeld: for instance https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/CDBS explains how to setup the configuration/build files but doesn't mention the required steps t actually build the package11:32
gesertheseinfeld: it depends when the REVU admins fix it (I'm not a REVU admin)11:32
promagor maybe just maybe I'm dumb11:32
persiaAnyone who can upload: please take a look at the sponsors queues.  There are 24 bugs in the UUS queue that look like package updates: it would be good to accept or reject these today, rather than pushing for Freeze Exceptions.11:33
promagI would go for the second.. :) so please give me an hint11:33
theseinfeldpromag you just make the debian things ok, then use dpkg-buildpackage11:33
persiageser: Even REVU Admins can't fix it: needs a local admin at the hosting site :(11:33
sistpoty|workhi folks11:34
theseinfeldpromag use your Launchpad PPA to submit the source changes11:34
theseinfeldlike  dpkg-buildpackage -S -rfakeroot -sa11:34
* ScottK cheers the arrival of sistpoty|work.11:34
sistpoty|workScottK: thanks for sending the note... /me takes a look11:34
norsettohi geser11:34
geserHi norsetto11:36
promagtheseinfeld: it's a package for course work (we thought giving a package to the teacher would be cool)11:37
theseinfeldgeser persia ScottK how do I submit the bug to go to MOTU-revlease team?11:37
promagtheseinfeld: thank you!11:37
persiatheseinfeld: subscription11:37
promagI'll try that11:37
theseinfeldpersia: so, Distribution: Ubuntu, Package: my package, where does it go the motu-release team :))?11:38
ScottKtheseinfeld: For a new package it'll need to have significant justification why it can't wait for Hardy +111:38
tjaaltonsistpoty|work: argh, I found out that the nvidia-settings that the drivers ship write all sort of crap on the xorg.conf.. so, it might be worth it bring back the old version and patch the sources to do the right thing :/11:39
tjaaltongoes around comes around11:39
persiatheseinfeld: Do you not have a needs-packaging bug?  You'd need to follow the freeze-exception process and justify the need for your update in hardy.  If it were a compatible replacement, it would be easy.  As it isn't, the value is somewhat arguable.11:40
sistpoty|worktjaalton: with my upload (which I guess is still in new), I only disabled the nvidia-settings binary, so I guess you could simply uncomment the binary package in debian/control and have it back11:40
persiatjaalton: Also, I've now two different launchers without icons :(11:40
tjaaltonpersia: two? how's that possible?11:40
tjaaltonpersia: the icon thing will be fixed.. the drivers could just ship that and Suggest nvidia-settings..11:41
tjaalton..which would ship the desktop file11:41
persiatjaalton: nvidia-settings.desktop + NVIDIA-Settings.desktop (and no, I haven't had nvidia-settings installed for a couple releases now, and neither is a local .desktop, or I'd have an icon)11:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184834 in ubuntu "libdc1394 version 2.0.1 (new API version 2)" [Undecided,Fix committed]11:42
theseinfeldpersia: can you call this request for packaging?11:42
tjaaltonsistpoty|work: ok, I can fix that11:42
persiatjaalton: The icon can be shipped from restricted, but not from universe.  nvidia-settings would need to be repromoted to use the icon (see nvidia's art licensing)11:43
sistpoty|worktjaalton: excellent, thanks!11:43
tjaaltonpersia: right, the drivers would ship it so it shouldn't be a problem11:43
persiatheseinfeld: I'm unable to parse the question.11:43
persiatjaalton: I'm confused then.  I thought you were going back to the independent nvidia-settings.11:44
tjaaltonpersia: the drivers should only ship the .png :)11:44
persiatjaalton: Ahhhh...  I believe that's a violation of some part of debian policy about icons and menu items, but it has the vast benefit of being legal :)11:45
tjaaltonscrew the policy then ;)11:45
theseinfeldpersia, the question was if 184834 bug can be called as "request for packaging"11:45
persiabug #18483411:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184834 in ubuntu "libdc1394 version 2.0.1 (new API version 2)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18483411:45
TheMusopersia: What does that break?11:46
persiatheseinfeld: Well, it's certainly not fix committed, or we wouldn't be having the conversation.  Aside from that, you could either tag it "upgrade" in which case it should replace the existing library, or tag it "needs-packaging" in which case it would be a new package (with a correspondingly higher barrier to entry)11:46
persiaTheMuso: Something about menu policy.  I forget exactly, and am too tired to hunt google well (too many leftovers for feature freeze, and no mdt all weekend)11:47
TheMusopersia: Oh I meant API wise. Never mind, unfortunately my hands are rather full atm.11:47
theseinfeldpersia god dammit is both :)11:47
persiaTheMuso: Wait, are you talking about lib1394 or nvidia-settings?11:48
sistpoty|workpersia, TheMuso: imo it doesn't break anything (for a desktop-file). Menu policy iirc has the requirement of a xpm icon (which we don't really need to care about in Ubuntu, if we've got a desktop file)11:48
persiatheseinfeld: Either you want to replace the existing library, or you want to create a new package.  Both is not usefully feasible.11:48
theseinfeldpersia i changed the status in progress11:48
theseinfeldI'll go with the new package11:49
TheMusopersia: No that bug you referred to above, it said it had a new API or some such.11:49
theseinfeldas it should be new from now11:49
persiaTheMuso: No idea.11:49
persiatheseinfeld: TheMuso may be well qualified to have an opinion.  Please explain.11:49
theseinfeldTheMuso, basically it is libdc1394 with a new API. The old one can work in parallel with the new one, as there are some packages depending on it, until we get people to move to the new one11:50
\shscottK: libfile-flock-perl is updated: http://buildserver.homelinux.net/src/libfile-flock-perl/11:50
* ScottK looks11:50
TheMusotheseinfeld: What packages does it break?11:50
theseinfeldTheMuso so we have libdc1394-13 and now libdc1394-2211:51
\shscottK: thx11:51
TheMusotheseinfeld: Whats the source package name?11:51
theseinfeldTheMuso, don't remember exactly, but ones that have to deal with Firewire camera - like Coriander, libav, etc.11:51
theseinfeldTheMuso the old one is libdc1394...wait11:52
theseinfeldlet me check11:52
jdstrandScottK: clamav is still stuck on dapper (I ask someone about it again)11:52
theseinfeldold one: Source: libdc1394 TheMuso11:52
TheMusotheseinfeld: And the new one?11:52
theseinfeldthe new one is libdc1394-22 after a long discussion with Debian guys and agreeing on this convention TheMuso11:53
theseinfeldTheMuso you can get the new package from the ppa (https://launchpad.net/~libdc1394-dev/+archive)11:54
ScottKjdstrand: Thanks.11:54
TheMusotheseinfeld: I don't have an opinion either way.11:55
theseinfeldTheMuso, I have to go to a meeting now :( sorry... I will get back11:55
theseinfeldTheMuso, I should be back in 1-111:55
slytherinNow that lucene2 builds with icedtea, should I log a bug for moving it to universe?12:03
persiaslytherin: Please do so.12:04
slytherinpersia: Have you finished your review work on netbeans6?12:05
persiaslytherin: We decided to just have "netbeans", and not bother with all the silly version-in-name hassles.  It's in source NEW now (http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11904872/netbeans_6.0.1-0ubuntu1.dsc)12:07
slytherinpersia: Cool. :-)12:07
persiaOnce it gets accepted, I'll be filing a removal request for the netbeans5.5 multiverse package.12:07
persiaI haven't looked recently, but I think lucene is one of the last pieces that would keep netbeans in multiverse, so I'd be happy to see it move to universe.12:08
\shguys, what to do with this bug http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=428760 when the package is not found in debian until today?12:12
ubotuDebian bug 428760 in wnpp "ITP: zend-framework -- High quality framework for Web Development" [Wishlist,Open]12:12
persia\sh: You could file a sync request, but you may well need a freeze exception.  How badly do you want it?12:13
\shpersia, the package is not even packaged by this guy12:14
\shpersia, and it's still 13th ;)12:14
\shpersia, and I have it finished right now :) wanted to upload this to ubuntu12:14
persia\sh: Not everywhere.12:14
slytherinpersia: done, bug 19153612:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191536 in lucene2 "Please move package to universe" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19153612:15
persia\sh: Then upload it.12:15
\shpersia, well, all timezones I think that means 13th 23:59:59 UTC and yeah, it's badly needed :)12:15
persia\sh: No, all timezones means UTC+14 through UTC-11.12:16
\shI think I need to add an lintian.override for this?12:18
\shW: zend-framework: executable-not-elf-or-script ./usr/share/php/zend-framework/library/Zend/View/Helper/FormCheckbox.php12:18
bddebianHeya gang12:20
geserHi bddebian12:21
bddebianHi geser12:21
persiabddebian: I've been trying to keep up, but I don't have changelogs handy for any of etw, qonk, or dd2.  I don't suppose you'd be up for filing some more sync requests...12:22
sistpoty|workhi bddebian12:23
geser\sh: why is this file executable at all?12:24
bddebianHi persia, sistpoty|work12:25
bddebianpersia: Sure12:25
sistpoty|workREVU is back online12:25
persiabddebian: Thanks :)  Also, the mdt I was using last night for my catch-up run didn't show NEW packages.  If you know of anything recently uploaded that isn't in Ubuntu yet, syncing those might be good as well.12:26
bddebianpersia: Games wise, or in general?  I've been doing a "few" QA uploads and NMUs these days ;-)12:27
persiabddebian: Yes.12:27
slytherinman-di: Just FYI ... I have fixed w3c-dtd-xhtml and lucene2 build in Ubuntu. I believe all the changes except icedtea build dependency are suitable for adoption in Debian.12:28
persiabddebian: Actually, only "New Feature", "New Upstream", and "New Package" stop tomorrow.  Most of the QA stuff can be pulled a little later.12:28
persiaI just saw your name on three .changes in my mail queue today, and you appeared before I got around to digging up the changelogs to request syncs.12:29
geserhas somebody what to do with ingimp? it has currently unmetdeps and a sync could fix it but I found now Debian bug #432765. ingimp includes a whole copy of gimp :(12:29
ubotuDebian bug 432765 in ingimp "ingimp: Cannot be included in Lenny" [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/43276512:29
bddebianUgh, that's hideous12:30
persiaErm.  Hacksaw patch time?12:30
bddebianpersia: OK.  Well I hope to have a new upstream of lordsawar today ;-)12:30
man-dislytherin: in debian it builds fine also12:30
jdstrandScottK: something goofy is happening on the security buildd, so I just pushed out clamav for feisty and gutsy since they were done12:30
jdstrandit'll hit the mirrors in a couple hours12:31
sistpoty|workjdstrand: out of interest, do the security buildds have the new kernel installed, but not yet rebooted? (s.th. goofy happened to sparky under that situation, but it might as well be a hw failure)12:33
sistpoty|work(as in kernel w. the vm_splice thingy)12:33
* persia cheers bddebian's ceaseless energy and massive improvements to the distribution12:34
slytherinman-di: Yes, they have disabled the unit tests that was causing problem. :-)12:41
tbutteranyone would like to give http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=jodviewer a review?12:41
promagtheseinfeld: great it works!12:44
bddebianpersia: Heh, thanks but I've felt soo disconnected from Ubuntu lately :-(12:44
persiabddebian: You've been doing wonderful things.  That others have been playing "chase the merge" to keep up only indicates how much :)12:45
vemonpersia, hi! i uploaded yet a new version of whysynth12:46
vemonpersia, it's modified according to sistpoty's comments about the licensing12:47
persiavemon: Excellent.  I'm not going to have time to look at it again before feature-freeze, but maybe you can find some other advocates?12:47
vemoni'd be grateful if other motu's would care to take alook at it also12:47
jdstrandsistpoty|work: not goofy in the sense you are thinking.  it seems it isn't handling updated translations introduced in the dapper clamav update quite right12:47
sistpoty|workjdstrand: ah, thanks.. then sparky must have been bitten by a HW failure ;)12:48
persiasistpoty|work: I'm also curious why adjusting an orig.tar.gz as directed by upstream with a get-orig-source rule is considered inappropriate.  I would have thought that putting the relevant documentation for the repack in README.Debian-source was sufficient.12:48
sistpoty|workpersia: because you cannot change licensing as maintainer, or at least shouldn't do this under any circumstances.12:49
persiasistpoty|work: Even when upstream specifically instructs you to do so, and provides a patch?  Hmm.  OK.12:50
sistpoty|workpersia: then upstream could easily produce a new release12:50
persiasistpoty|work: I'd agree with that, but upstream didn't feel like it.12:51
* persia points at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/whysynth-0802122140/whysynth-20070418/debian/README.Debian-source12:51
bddebianpersia: Do you happen to know if stormbaancoureur already got synced?12:52
persiabddebian: Yep.  Just pushed it last night.12:52
bddebianAh excellent, thanks12:52
geserbddebian: Published in hardy-release 1 hour ago12:53
bddebianDamn you guys are goood :-)12:53
persiabddebian: You can see my sync list from the top of https://launchpad.net/~persia/+packages.  Please hit anything I missed :)12:53
persiaAlso, did you ever find a good solution for newpki-client?  That didn't seem to be an available sync candidate, and still needs a rebuild or a drop.12:54
bddebianpersia: I have a patch on BTS and the maintainer mailed me saying he couldn't apply it but I told him it was probably a cr/lf issue and I never heard back from him :-(12:55
persiabddebian: OK.  I suspect we can get a FF exception to remove cruft, so I'll chase that next week.  Thanks.12:56
persiajdong: Have you looked at the new Debian azureus?  Should it be updated?13:00
persiaAnybody use wifi-radar, and want to look at the new upstream in Debian?13:00
rexbronpersia, the only thing I can think of is that we would need to transition the libraries for anything that depends on libopenexr13:01
persiarexbron: That might be a big transition.  Have you investigated it, and done test builds with the rdepends?13:01
rexbronpersia, not as of yet13:02
persiarexbron: That ought be a first step before considering an update of a library at this point.  If you can test everything in the next few hours, it might be worth looking at a sync.  Otherwise, it might not be appropriate for hardy inclusion.13:03
rexbronpersia, hmm.... kdelibs depends on openexr13:03
persiaThat makes it even more unlikely.  Sounds like a hardy+1 feature.13:04
jdongpersia: it can't be updated, swt-gtk 3.3 is needed, which we pull from eclipse (>= 3.3) while Debian pulls from a separate swt-gtk package13:04
persiajdong: Ah.  As long as you've looked, I'll drop it from my list :)13:04
jdongok :)13:04
jdongI mean, I'd LOVE to have Azureus updated, but Eclipse 3.3 just isn't happening13:05
* persia declares grab-merge to be pointlessly slow and goes back to the nice fast manual process.13:05
LucidFoxjdong, could you please re-advocate tovid?13:09
slytherinis anyone getting crashes in javaws binaries from Sun JDK? I am getting this error - java: xcb_xlib.c:82: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' failed.13:09
persiaslytherin: That's a known bug in Sun Java.13:13
persiaThere is an environment variable that is supposed to help, and there is a sed script which when run against the binaries is supposed to help.13:14
slytherinpersia: any links?13:14
slytherinI am unable to launch any JNLP based applications13:14
persiaslytherin: bug #8794713:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 87947 in libx11 "xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' failed." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8794713:15
=== compwiz18_ is now known as compwiz
=== compwiz is now known as compwiz18
slytherinpersia: thanks. I am using the environment variable workaround.13:24
jdongLucidFox: looking13:25
frafuHello, mousetweaks for the hppa architecture is given as pending in the hardy heron build: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+builds?build_text=mousetweaks&build_state=all  Does that mean that it is waiting to be built?13:28
nixternalfrafu: that's correct13:29
geserfrafu: yes, it's in the build queue and waiting for it's turn13:29
geserhi nixternal13:29
nixternalhowdy geser13:29
jdongLucidFox: tovid advocated13:31
jdonggo tovid :D13:31
jdongLucidFox: have you told upstream about it yet? They'd be quite happy13:32
jdongthey came here two release cycles or so ago wondering how to package for Ubuntu13:32
LucidFoxOkay, I'll tell upstream.13:32
LucidFoxAs well as suggest to them some of my patches.13:33
rexbronhey, I have subscribed u-u-s to a bugreport with a debdiff attached, is there anything more to do? bug 19154613:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191546 in ilmbase "libilmbase-dev should conflict with libopenexr-dev (<< 1.6.1)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19154613:33
frafuAnd what does "Build for superseded Source" mean? That night a more recent version is also in the build queue?13:33
=== Martinp24 is now known as Martinp23
jdongfrafu: correct13:35
geserrexbron: why did you change the standards-version and why didn't you mention it in the changelog?13:35
frafuThanks to all for the confirmations13:36
jdonglifeless: poke; why isn't bzr 1.1 in Hardy?13:36
rexbrongeser, sorry, forgot to mention that. I did it as the debian maintainer had added Homepage: and Vcs-Bzr: which iirc were introduced in 7.2.313:36
rexbron(or have I got the verson numbers wrong?)13:37
rexbron3.7.3 rather13:38
geserrexbron: the debdiff has it right, could you a comment that you changed it any why to the changelog (the reason will be helpful to understand the change in the next merge)?13:38
rexbrongeser, sure13:38
rexbrongeser, fixed13:43
bddebianpersia: OK, sync requests in for etw, qonk, and dd2.  I'll do another lordsawar one shortly13:47
persiabddebian: Excellent.  Thanks.13:51
\shguys, does anyone know a tool (not ooffice impress) which could convert powerpoint files into flv/swf? (good if this doesn't need wine and it should run on the cli)13:54
\shscottK: still not sleeping? :)13:57
jdong\sh: why, out of curiousity, not ooimpress?13:58
\shjdong, because I don't want to have a Xnest or Xlibs at all on a server13:58
jdong\sh: ah, ok :)13:59
jdong\sh: so you're trying to make a clone of http://www.fileformat.info/convert/doc/ppt2swf.htm13:59
rexbronOk, updated the debdiff on ilmbase. bug 19154613:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191546 in ilmbase "libilmbase-dev should conflict with libopenexr-dev (<< 1.6.1)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19154613:59
\shjdong, and because ooimpress converts the ppt to swf with keystrokes..so nothing for having it in a video presentation13:59
jdong\sh: maybe take a closer look at http://www.artofsolving.com/opensource/jodconverter?14:00
jdongthough I have a feeling it's using the Java API for OOo14:00
jdongand hence useless14:00
\shwell...nothing really useful I think...14:01
\shthe other alternative is to present a customer with a commercial plugin for powerpoint...14:02
persiaso...  the sponsors queue has a bunch of stuff that needs to get accepted or rejected before feature-freeze.  Please take a look at http://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-universe-sponsors/+bugs14:03
* jpatrick wishs he had more time14:04
CarlFKshouldn't there be a libusb meta package that points to the current version of  http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/libs/libusb-0.1-414:04
mruizmorning all14:04
tbutter\sh: keynote on the mac14:05
tbutter\sh: or use a java applet to present an odp ;)14:05
mruiz\sh, lintian & linda without errors ... thanks ;-)14:06
\shtbutter, nothing really useful for webtv ;)14:06
\shmruiz, :)14:06
tbutterdoes webtv support MHP?14:07
rexbronCarlFK, it would be better to do it via a Provides: field in debian/controls14:08
_MMA_siretart: PM when you are around.14:09
CarlFKrexbron: should I put that in a launchpad ticket?14:10
rexbronCarlFK, filing bugs is always a good way of keeping track of problems14:10
\shsistpoty|work, i found a bug in revu , while recovering passwords ;)14:11
sistpoty|work\sh: what's the problem?14:11
\shsistpoty|work, the recover source doesn't use the main key, but the signature key, which is wrong ;)14:11
\shs/signature key/subkey for signing/14:11
\shgpg: encrypted with 1024-bit RSA key, ID E4967E90, created 2007-10-1414:11
\sh      "Stephan Hermann <sh@sourcecode.de>"14:11
sistpoty|work\sh: ugh... never touched that one yet... can you file a bug please?14:12
\shsistpoty|work, which is my subkey for signing14:12
\shsistpoty|work, yepp14:12
vemonsistypoty|work, could it be possible for you to re-ckec whysynth with the new debian/copyright?14:12
vemoni modified the package according to your comments14:13
sistpoty|workvemon: sorry, not from work (though the copyright file looks great now, thanks!)14:15
\shsistpoty|work, oh well...14:17
\shpub  1024D/C098EFA8  created: 2005-03-20  expires: never       usage: SC14:18
\sh                     trust: ultimate      validity: ultimate14:18
\shsub  1024g/31A7EF3B  created: 2005-03-20  expires: never       usage: E14:18
\shsub  1024R/5D12B6BA  created: 2007-10-14  expires: never       usage: S14:18
\shsub  1024R/E4967E90  created: 2007-10-14  expires: never       usage: E14:18
theseinfeldpromag glad to help14:19
promagtheseinfeld: thanks! do know a good place to learn more? for newbies like me...14:21
promagtheseinfeld: also, it's normal to add debian/* to EXTRA_DIST?14:22
promagor atleast some of them?14:22
theseinfeldpromag don't add that to EXTRA_DIST14:22
promagdon't add at all?14:22
\shsistpoty|work, it's not actually wrong...14:23
sistpoty|work\sh: heh, actually I wouldn't also know which of the two elgamal keys should get selected then14:24
promagtheseinfeld: so I always need to update the debian/* files?14:25
dendrobatesanyone that would like to take a look at likewise-open it is in my ppa https://launchpad.net/~dendrobates/+archive14:26
dendrobatesYou need an AD server for it ot be of any use, of course.14:26
dendrobatesIt's also currently in the queue waiting for an AA to approve it.14:26
\shsistpoty|work, the problem is just that, that working on remote, having the smartcard reader here at my company...is worse for decrypting then :)14:30
\shzend-framework uploaded...14:30
\shsend mail to this debian guy14:30
theseinfeldpromag debian folder is for packaging, the rest of the project is another thing14:30
sistpoty|work\sh: seems like you've got a typo on your from field in the mail14:30
theseinfeldif you do the packaging, you add the debian thing14:30
theseinfeldif you do the real code, you use autotools promag14:31
theseinfeldquite straight forward14:31
\shsistpoty|work, yes ;)14:31
\shsistpoty|work, I saw that now too :(14:31
sistpoty|work\sh: sure... but I don't really see a solution to that problem... however I'm absolutely no gpg expert :(14:31
* \sh is old, can't even write his own name14:31
theseinfeldTheMuso, me is back :)14:32
promagtheseinfeld: so cdbs will determine dependencies, changelog, etc etc from autotools project files?14:32
TheMusotheseinfeld: Well I'm about to go to bed I'm sorry.14:32
theseinfeldTheMuso see you tomorrow...14:32
theseinfeldpromag no14:32
theseinfeldpromag debian folder contains the way you do the packaging that include the cdbs scripts that are aiding you in making clearer debhelper calls14:33
theseinfeldpromag and you don't need to use debian to install the thing14:33
promagtheseinfeld: but I want to provide a package, not the source for other to build it14:36
promagtheseinfeld: I don't want to provide a source package14:37
theseinfeldpromag, then you just build the packages with dpkg-buildpackage and give them the binaries14:37
theseinfeldso, you don't need to do make dist in source14:38
theseinfeldyou just add the debian folder with the proper files14:38
theseinfeldyou need dh-make lintian linda pbuilder cdbs devscripts ubuntu-dev-tools, promag14:39
promagand these files can be versioned with svn?14:39
theseinfeldpromag you can use pbuilder14:39
theseinfeldpromag have to go now14:41
theseinfeldpromag cheers14:41
durapraxisHi, everyone. Can anyone point me on a clear howto for signing a package of my own to put on an internal repository and have other machines doing apt-get from it without having authentication warnings (i.e. doing the authentication correctly)14:47
=== santiago-php is now known as foursixnine
sistpoty|workdurapraxis: not too sure... maybe the docs of mini-dinstall might contain a howto14:49
dholbachcongratulations LucidFox :-)14:52
LucidFoxdholbach> heh, thanks!14:52
dendrobatesdholbach: I would be honored if you would take a look at likewise-open.  Soren, mathiaz and zul have already looked at it, but it is a hairy package, so the more eyes the better.14:53
dendrobatesdholbach: https://launchpad.net/~dendrobates/+archive14:54
dholbachdendrobates: I'm a bit busy right now, I'll add it to my TODO list but wouldn't mind if somebody else checked it out in the meantime14:54
dholbachLucidFox: welcome - you're member of the team now :)14:57
mruizcongrats LucidFox !14:58
LucidFoxMay I join u-u-s right away, or do I need a separate approval for that?14:58
persiaLucidFox: You need a second approval, but it's typically easily granted.14:59
dholbachI'm very happy with that14:59
nixternalLucidFox: congrats! sorry I didn't respond sooner, but I was totally used to only responding if I was included :)  getting used to the new job still :)15:02
mruizhi DktrKranz ... I uploaded a new revision ;-) . Thanks for your comments15:07
DktrKranzmruiz: nice!15:07
DktrKranzmruiz: it should be ok, now15:08
mruizDktrKranz, I hope so ...15:08
\shmssql db backup is fcking broken15:15
soren\sh: I'm shocked!15:19
\shsoren, just for the record...I'm switching to ubuntu, and I need the data from old mssqls :(15:20
soren\sh: Oh.15:21
\shsoren, again thx for the dpkg upload :)15:22
sorenNo worries :)15:22
homeris there any way to sense a user's locale?15:26
homereg en-US15:26
geserhomer: what are you trying to do?15:27
homerI need to know a user's locale in order to download locale specific files from the net15:28
persiahomer: Often you can collect it from the user's environment variables.15:28
geserhomer: see the locale output15:28
homerawesome, thanks15:29
LucidFoxHmm. I recently filed a sync request for subtitleeditor, after which it FTBFS, despite building successfully in Hardy PPA15:29
geserhomer: pick the correct env variable you need15:30
slytherinLucidFox: What is build error?15:30
LucidFoxoh, wait... the build process seems to have been rerun, and now it did build15:30
persiaLucidFox: The PPAs don't quite match the production archives, although they are very, very close.15:31
geserLucidFox: that happens sometime when hardy changes between filing the sync request and the sync itself15:31
LucidFoxthe original error was something like: dpkg-gencontrol: cannot parse '-'15:31
LucidFoxbut as I mentioned, now it's been resolved15:31
geserLucidFox: transient error in dpkg breaking pkg-create-dbgsym, already fixed15:32
persiaLucidFox: That might have been timing: there was a dpkg oddity recently.15:32
homer locale | grep LANG= | sed s/^LANG=//g | sed s/.UTF-8$//g15:33
geserLucidFox: and subtitleeditor build successfully now15:33
slytherinI was just wondering that when new release of gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad comes out will it need FFE. It will contain the VCD plugin which was not ported until now to GST 0.1015:33
homerthat works :)15:33
LucidFoxyes, it did15:33
persiaslytherin: Any new upstream requires FFE.15:33
persiasuperm1: I'm reminded: did you have any luck getting gst-plugins-bad to build the wildmidi plugin, or should I be chasing that if I want it?15:34
LucidFoxjust performed my first sponsor upload, by the way15:34
geserhomer: echo ${LANG%.UTF-8} is shorter15:35
homerdamn I got rid of one of my sed's and you go and get rid of the whole statement :o15:36
homerthanks geser15:36
geserhomer: another hint: some people might still be using something like de_DE.ISO-8859-1515:36
homerI am no good at regular expressions though, I am trying to figure out which one will match anything after the period15:36
slytherinIs anyone interested in bringing thoggen latest version in Ubuntu real fast? If so then I will file a needs-packaging bug. Else I will wait for Debian to package it and file a FFE15:42
jdongslytherin: real fast as in within 15 hours? :D15:44
Kanohi, could somebody update em8300 package? current version from sid will do15:45
jdongis there a sync request on launchpad yet?15:45
Kanoonly .4 compiles with 2.6.24, so .3 is useless15:46
persiaKano, it needs a sync request with the updated changelog from Debian and a bit of testing.  Unfortunately, my card is not in my current workstation, so I couldn't do the second part.  Would you mind filing the bug?15:46
Kanopersia: please test it yourself.i do not own the card myself anymore.15:47
sistpoty|workslomo: did you have a chance to look at the sync request for boo yet (bug #191394)?15:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191394 in boo "please sync boo ( from unstable to universe" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19139415:47
persiaKano: I won't have time before the new upstream deadline :(15:47
homergeser, hah! found one that works :)  echo ${LANG%%.*}15:47
Kanopersia: update it now before you forget it...15:48
persiaAnyone have an em8300 card to test the new upstream?  The current version is apparently useless for us.15:48
slomosistpoty|work: let's get it ;)15:48
sistpoty|workslomo: :)15:48
sistpoty|workslomo: can you subscribe ubuntu-archive and set it to confirmed (don't have credentials here right now... otherwise I'll do it once I'm home)15:49
jdongpersia: if it's useless then I dont think much testing is required other than install the module doesn't explode your computer15:49
=== foursixnine is now known as santiago-ve
slomosistpoty|work: already done15:49
persiapochu: You beat me by seconds: remember to unsubscribe UUS before the ACK to avoid collisions :)15:49
sistpoty|workslomo: thanks!15:49
pochupersia: ah, I'm the fastest! ;-)15:49
* pochu wins15:50
Kanopersia: i tested that it compiles fine15:50
jdongpochu: you know, from my personal experience, that's not ALWAYS a good thing ;-)15:50
persiajdong: Sure, but if .4 doesn't work with our kernel, it's better to fix it and get an FFe later, rather than doing a sync now and forgetting about it.  That's why I won't sync untested.  Maybe you have different guidelines?15:50
jdongpersia: I thought it would be easier to get fixes to .4 to make it work after FFe than to realize we need .4 after the fact and go through a FFe15:51
persiajdong: I've never had an issue with an FFe that would otherwise qualify for a UVF.  Feel free to sync if you like :)15:52
jdongpersia: haha with that said I'm scared to be on the blame trail ;-)15:52
ubotu<Hobbsee> jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!15:52
persiaSee, no change involved :)15:53
Kanontfs-3g is still outdated btw..15:55
Kanoeven sid has the new version15:56
pochuwoha 5/5 in the MC call15:56
* pochu hugs *his* MC ;)15:57
\shsiretart, ping mplayer...would you kill me if I say, that mplayer-skins should be moved from Depends to Suggests?15:57
\shsiretart, just because on a server, you can use mplayer to generate small thumbnails from videos and you don't need mplayer-skins at all ;)15:57
DktrKranzmruiz: mnemosyne is on its way to the archives :)15:57
mruizthanks DktrKranz ... I learned many things during your sponsoring :-)15:58
DktrKranzmruiz: now it's time to learn quilt, then!15:58
mruizDktrKranz, I'll do15:59
* DktrKranz used to hate quilt, but he quicly changed his mind when he really used it16:01
persiaquilt is very powerful, but awkwardly documented16:02
nixternalvery awkwardly I might add16:03
* bddebian thirds that16:03
DktrKranzpersia: that's why I like it, you have to fight against it, and when you win, you rule the world! :)16:03
nixternalwe are using it for the kde 4 apps, and it tends to confuse the hell out of me at times, causing me to go old school on it :)16:03
nixternalhahaha, I guess I just give up easily on it...god I am a loser :p16:03
DktrKranznixternal: I always forget to export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches, *always*16:04
nixternalI believe we have that set in our cdbs file we use for kde4 apps, so I get lucky there :)16:05
DktrKranzrexbron: oh, you beat me!16:05
DktrKranzrexbron: erm... sorry.16:06
rexbronDktrKranz, :P16:06
DktrKranznixternal: it was you to beat me :)16:06
DktrKranzrexbron: the real issue was related to bug 191546, does it happens during gutsy -> hardy upgrade?16:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191546 in ilmbase "libilmbase-dev should conflict with libopenexr-dev (<< 1.6.1)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19154616:07
* persia likes seeing race conditions in sponsoring, and encourages more. First person to get 50 sponsored bugs between now and FeatureFreeze wins.16:07
DktrKranzpersia: do SRUs count?16:08
persiaDktrKranz: If they are sponsored :)16:08
rexbronDktrKranz, That will fix a potential upgrade breakage when we transition to openEXR 1.6.1. It is too late in the cycle to make such a disruptive change.16:09
Kanopersia: did you add em8300-headers to mplayer to use it with it?16:10
rhpot1991_laptopis revu still broken?16:11
persiaKano: Nope.  I'm not an mplayer person.16:11
Kanopersia: without it is hard to test em8300...16:11
sistpoty|workrhpot1991_laptop: no, it's broken *again*... (and my guess is that sparky's hardware starts to die of age :/)16:11
persiaKano: Depends on how you use the card...  Anyway, it's not in my current workstation, and I'm doing other things.  Better to ask someone else.16:11
rhpot1991_laptopsistpoty|work: what do I do about getting my changes up there and reviewed then, just wait?16:12
slytherinjdong: yes, by 'real fast' I meant before FF. :-D16:12
Kanowell: minimally update the package16:12
DktrKranzrexbron: potential? Do you mean Hardy is not affected at the moment, but Hardy + 1 will?16:12
rhpot1991_laptopsistpoty|work: it starting failing while I was uploading a change last night and I haven't seen it back since16:12
Kanonobody can even try to use it that way16:12
sistpoty|workrhpot1991_laptop: I'll walk down to the server room in a few minutes and reboot that thing... So I guess you just cross fingers that it will stay up alive longer then ;)16:13
rhpot1991_laptopheh, ok16:13
rhpot1991_laptopthanks :)16:13
rexbronDktrKranz, it affects hardy but only if one tries to install libilmbase-dev . What has happened with openEXR is the latest upstream source has moved from one tarball to several tarballs16:13
rexbronilmbase has been synced from debian unstable, but only the new openEXR needs it. openEXR 1.6.1 has not been synced from debian experimental for the reason above16:14
slytherinjdong: FYI ... It was updated in Debian by slomo, so you will have to wait only few hours. :-)16:16
geserpersia: I've updated http://members.ping.de/~mb/universe-versionslist.html in case you want to overflow the archive-admin queue :)16:17
persiaCould someone else please look at the drupal5 merge?  I'm not sure I understand the new upstream well enough to be sure if we still want those changes.  (emgent)16:17
persiageser: I'm planning to sleep tonight.  I'm chasing a few more merges, but I'm not sure how much more I'll get done.16:18
jdongslytherin: what luck :)16:18
DktrKranzrexbron: I see now. My main doubt is if a universe package can Conflict/Replace a main one16:18
persiageser: I don't suppose you could populate http://members.ping.de/~mb/universe-versionslist.html#notinB: that's probably one of the more interesting targets.16:18
emgentpersia, ok just a moment :)16:19
* persia encourages people to check http://members.ping.de/~mb/universe-versionslist.html#outdatedinB and review anything that has a new upstream.16:19
geserpersia: I'll try16:19
persiageser: Thanks.16:19
persiaemgent: Great!16:19
geserpersia: how much night it left for you before the morning comes?16:19
rexbronDktrKranz, I don't see why not. As it stands right now, it is broken. You must uninstall libopenexr-dev before you can install libilmbase-dev16:20
persiageser: My alarm goes off in 4 hours, and I skipped last night.  I'm not around much longer.16:20
emgentdebian #46487616:20
ubotuDebian bug 464876 in drupal5 "drupal5: New upstream version 5.7 available, fixes several bugs" [Normal,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/46487616:20
persiaIf you get a solution, I'll see it in backscroll, and submit inclusion requests.  If you get a solution and want to file inclusion requests for useful things not previously removed from Ubuntu, that'd be even better.16:20
persiaemgent: Exactly.  We want that, but it needs to get merged in the next few hours.16:21
emgentpersia, for me in hardy we can sync16:21
* slytherin suggests geser to add persia's location in the new shiny clock applet to track his time zone. :-)16:21
persiaemgent: If you're sure, please file the sync request (it's your merge).16:21
emgentwait i'm re-see debian patch :)16:22
persiaemgent: If it's not a clean sync, please file the merge bug and subscribe the sponsors.  There are extra sponsors helping to get new upstreams in right now.16:23
emgentpersia, sure thanks16:23
sorenpersia: The kvm bits of https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qemu/+bug/156085 are assigned to you... Not sure how to interpret that.16:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 156085 in qemu "Could not open /proc/bus/usb/devices" [Low,Confirmed]16:24
Kanowell isomaster should be updated too16:24
persiasoren: Note that the bits assigned to me a supposedly "Fix Released".  That's the result of me sponsoring TJ's work so that you can ask me about it rather than hunting TJ.16:26
persiasoren: If I remember correctly, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qemu/+bug/156085/comments/10 was the debdiff I uploaded (which apparently didn't fix it hard enough).16:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 156085 in qemu "Could not open /proc/bus/usb/devices" [Low,Confirmed]16:27
persiaErr.  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qemu/+bug/156085/comments/8 rather (same patch, different package).16:28
sorenpersia: Ok. Thanks.16:31
persiasoren: From you asking, I'm assuming it shouldn't be "Fix Released"?16:31
sorenpersia: Right.16:31
sistpoty|workrhpot1991_laptop: revu is back16:32
* persia updates, and unassigns to reflect reality16:32
sorenpersia: Lovely. Thanks.16:32
rhpot1991_laptopthanks sistpoty|work16:32
sistpoty|worksorry for the inconvenience16:32
persiasoren: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/kvm/+bug/156085 is open for your assault :)16:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 156085 in qemu "Could not open /proc/bus/usb/devices" [Low,Confirmed]16:33
pochuDoes anyone know of a good application to screencast your own desktop?16:34
mguneshi all, anyone know why freeloader was removed from Hardy? the changelog and Soyuz page do not indicate any reason, and I can't find a relevant bug to the removal.16:34
\shpochu: ask MacSlow (Mirko Mueller)16:36
pochuistanbul - Desktop session recorder producing Ogg Theora video16:36
pochu\sh: that looks good, will try it :)16:36
pochumgunes: maybe it was removed from Debian?16:37
\shpochu: hmm...:)16:37
pochu\sh: I was using deskscribe and when I finished I realized it just recorded the mouse movements o.O16:37
pochu\sh: well I think it did that. I'm not sure as when I tried ot open the log (4kB) it crashed :P16:38
mgunespochu, it wasn't in the list of orphaned packages but indeed seems gone from Sid, with no indication why16:39
mruizhey LucidFox ... I have uploaded the diff.gz to the bug 186397. I attached the interdiff only16:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186397 in gpredict "Please add Gpredict 0.9 to Hardy" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18639716:39
LucidFoxmruiz> I've already reconstructed it from the interdiff :)16:40
=== Mez__ is now known as Mez
mruizLucidFox, thanks for review it16:41
LucidFoxmruiz> the orig.tar.gz doesn't need repackaging, I assume? (It was better to include get-orig-source even if it doesn't)16:41
mruizLucidFox, I'm not familiar with get-orig-source16:41
sistpoty|workmgunes: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=45490716:42
ubotuDebian bug 454907 in ftp.debian.org "RM: freeloader -- ROM; obsolete; abandoned upstream; few users" [Normal,Open]16:42
mgunessistpoty|work, just found it, thanks.16:42
LucidFoxCould a REVU admin please archive tovid, or give me REVU access so I can archive it myself? :)16:45
* persia hopes someone will look at the libaudio-flac-header-perl merge. The new upstream fixes a lot of bugs, but it needs re-insertion of the conflicts/provides/replaces stuff to handle upgrades from Dapper.16:45
persiaLucidFox: Granting you reviewer rights...16:46
persiaLucidFox: Try reloading the page16:47
LucidFoxYes, I see the new buttons now, thanks. Archived.16:47
persiaNobody wants libaudio-flac-header-perl?  Easy merge?16:49
mruizpersia, I can do it :-)16:49
persiamruiz: Great.  Just check to make sure you preserve the transition handling for Dapper, as it looks like a sync at first glance.16:50
persia\sh: gfpoken baffles me, but I think Bas integrated equivalent changes.  When you have a moment, could you take a closer look, and maybe sync?16:53
jdongugh looks like I broke apt16:54
jdongfortunately unofficially to a small user base16:54
jdongso none of you guys have to sweat. just point and laugh at me16:54
persiaAnyone around know the piuparts codebase?  There's a huge patch for Ubuntu, and we're 9 releases behind, with what looks like good work by the Debian QA team.16:56
linux__alienHi LucidFox16:57
=== evand_ is now known as evand
LucidFoxlinux__alien> I've uploaded your avidemux debdiff, thanks for your work!16:57
linux__alienis it great thanks :) and i should thank you for your help and co-operation and i am looking forward for more16:58
sistpoty|workpersia: Lars Wirzenius (liw?) should know16:58
linux__alienLucidFox, i ve a doubt i read through today's motu mailing list and found that they used the word REVU16:58
linux__alienwhats that16:58
linux__alieni found something like that what does that mean?16:59
LucidFox!revu | linux__alien16:59
ubotulinux__alien: REVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU16:59
persiasistpoty|work: Doesn't seem to be about, and I'm not sure it would merit FFe, but I'd like to see the newer one available for testing hardy archive stability later in the cycle.16:59
linux__alienso when i create a new package i will have to upload it there is it?16:59
LucidFoxlinux__alien> yes, REVU is a place where packages for software not currently in Ubuntu are uploaded for review17:02
=== dfiloni_ is now known as dfiloni
paasHi Guys, I know everybody is terribly busy right now but I just need one more advocate http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libtuxcap, thanks17:08
linux__alienLucidFox, ok thanks so now is there any bug that i could work on ?17:11
linux__alieni ve just started to try porting kchmviewer to Gnome :) and package it and give it to Ubuntu :)17:12
LucidFoxlinux__alien> I don't have any for you at the moment, but you can look for them yourself17:12
LucidFoxlinux__alien> it's too late for new packages, really17:12
LucidFoxwe've almost hit feature freeze17:13
linux__alienya i understand but i can add it later even after the Hardy release17:13
linux__alienright ?17:13
linux__aliencan it be done17:13
linux__alienHi RainCT17:13
rexbronlinux__alien: it can be, but you must file an upstream freeze exception17:15
linux__alienrexbron, what does that mean ?17:15
rexbronlinux__alien: read the MOTU page on wiki.ubuntu.com17:16
persialinux__alien: You can add them to the next release after hardy freeze is complete.17:18
linux__alienand i want the bug list in Ubuntu where could i find it17:18
linux__alieni mean the list where i can filter those are opened , closed etc17:18
persiaSo, my last outstanding merge help request is for someone to look at crystalspace to see if we can pull from Debian.  Any volunteers?17:19
linux__alienpersia, i am ready17:19
linux__alienpersia, if someone can guide me i am ready to do it17:19
persiaAnyone want to help linux__alien for this?17:20
linux__alienas you might know or might now i am new just fixed couple of bugs in Ubuntu :) with LucidFox 's help17:20
mruizpersia, talking about libaudio-flac-header-perl, the main difference in debian/control is Conflicts and Provides fields. Debian version doesn't include them17:21
persiamruiz: Right.  It would be a sync, except we might still need them for Dapper upgrades.  Your job is to investigate Dapper to see whether we need them, and either add them back, or request a sync.17:22
mruizpersia: thanks17:22
linux__alienpersia, anything i could do for this ?17:24
jdongquick poll: is bug 190461 considered a new feature requiring a FFe or not?17:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190461 in clutch "Lighttpd support" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19046117:24
persialinux__alien: I'm too tired to help in detail.  Sorry.17:24
=== Mez_ is now known as Mez
RainCTLucidFox: congrats!17:25
linux__aliencongrats for ?17:25
LucidFoxfor joining MOTU, presumably :)17:25
persiaRainCT: Any luck with the diff.gz -> .dsc script, or will it be a hardy+1 feature?17:25
slytherinlinux__alien: That will just need the adjustment to 'Depends' right?17:25
linux__alienOh Great LucidFox17:25
mruizpersia, Dapper uses 1.4-1. 1.9-1  removed all control references (Provides, Conflicts, Replaces) to the old libaudio-flac-perl package, as that was not included in the last stable Debian release anymore. (from the changelog)17:26
emgentone problem to merge drupal517:26
linux__alienslytherin, i am new to packaging so if someone could just guide me i could work on it17:26
emgentpatch dont work, and i dont work in this17:26
emgentsome idea?17:26
persiaemgent: Are you the wrong person?  My apologies, I thought you had the last upload.17:26
emgenti should remove this and re-apply with systempatch?17:27
slytherinlinux__alien: wait, does clutch needs php?17:27
emgentpersia, yep, i was upload this, but in this merge there is a problem17:27
linux__alienslytherin, i dont know whats clutch17:27
persiaemgent: OK.  It is your merge then.  If you can do it now, great (and ask for help).  If not, the variance gets larger, and you'll have a bigger job for hardy+1.17:28
slytherinlinux__alien: It is a web interface to transmission bittorrent client. I believe it needs php, at least the dependencies specify so. So I am not sure if you will be able to run with lighttpd17:28
persiamruiz: I haven't investigated in detail.  Check the upgrade path.  Maybe they are requried, maybe it's a sync.17:28
RainCTpersia: (yesterday 18:41:54) RainCT: persia: I don't think I can be of much help with that (I never used many of those commands you listed), sorry :(17:29
emgentok persia i will apply with other metod thanks persia17:29
persiaRainCT: Sorry.  I missed that.  Thanks anyway.  I'll put something together for hardy+1 then (I'm not expecting many more new upstreams for hardy :) ).17:30
linux__alienslytherin, ok thanks17:31
linux__alienslytherin, can you help me on this ?17:31
linux__alienon that packaging17:31
slytherinlinux__alien: It is trivial provided you verify clutch runs on lighttpd17:32
linux__alienslytherin, oh i thought you were talking about crystalspace :)17:33
linux__alienslytherin, i am sorry was out of context17:33
linux__alienwhats that i ve to do for this17:33
jdongDoes anyone know where bluekuja is?17:33
jdongI haven't seen him for weeks and motu-p2p is kind of his thing17:34
LucidFoxmruiz> gpredict uploaded17:34
mruizthanks LucidFox :)17:34
persiajdong: He's been on-and-off jabber (although I haven't chatted)17:35
linux__alienLucidFox, i want the link to the bugs in Ubuntu17:35
linux__alienLucidFox, so that i could look into whatever i can17:35
LucidFoxlinux__alien> http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu17:35
linux__alienOh Thanks17:35
emgentpersia, merge is ready, i go to open bug.17:40
LucidFoxthe entire content of the orig.tar.gz for vips consists of a single tar.gz, what kind of borked upstream release is that? :/17:41
persiaemgent: Great.17:41
persiaLucidFox: tarball-in-tarball was popular for a while.17:41
=== Spec[x] is now known as Spec
* persia has completed personal FeatureFreeze preparation, and wishes others luck: please try to hit all the FF critical bugs in https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-universe-sponsors/+bugs , and review http://members.ping.de/~mb/universe-versionslist.html#outdatedinB for any new upstreams that have hardy-worthy features.17:43
emgentdone, subscribed u-u-s too.17:44
linux__alienarent there any open bugs in Gutsy18:01
linux__alienall bugs i see in LP are more for Feisty and the older releases?18:02
linux__alienor am i looking at the wrong place /18:02
geserlinux__alien: where are you looking?18:05
tsmithehi, my alsa-firmware package was uploaded from revu just over a week ago. i have since received a rejection notice, as there were a couple of issues with copyright and distributability. i have now uploaded to revu a fixed version, and am consequently looking for a motu to sponsor it. presumably i only need one motu this time? the url is http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=alsa-firmware18:05
RainCTapachelogger_: you might be interested in advocating http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=oxygen-cursor-theme18:06
geserbddebian: stormbaancoureur has already the first bug :)18:06
bddebiangeser: The endianness one?18:08
geserlinux__alien: it's due to the sorting, I usually use "newest first" to see new bugs at the top18:09
tsmitheRainCT, geser, bddebian, can i pester you, wrt the above?18:09
geserbddebian: bug #191620, I didn't check further18:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191620 in stormbaancoureur "stormbaancoureur segfaults" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19162018:10
LucidFoxtsmithe> well, superm1 is here, you can ask him to readvocate him18:12
LucidFoxgiven how he was one of the original advocates18:13
tsmitheah yes, superm1, can you?18:13
linux__alienLucidFox, there are lot of crash kind of bugs in the bug list which i cannot reproduce coz i dont have the same environment in these cases what do i do18:15
linux__alienLucidFox, there are few bugs which i could work on or even try to reproduce coz i run Gutsy18:16
LucidFoxthen don't touch them :)18:16
LucidFoxsimple as that18:16
linux__alienhow do you people generally manage to simulate and fix bugs . Do you all run those many versions of Ubuntu in you comp or you have an other comp to be used as secondary for all these purposes ?18:16
* sistpoty|work heads home now18:19
durapraxisHi. Is there a possibility to have an apt repository password-protected e.g. via .htaccess? Can apt be configured to provide this type of authentication?18:19
pochudfiloni: FF is tomorrow, in case you want to get wx2.8.7 in ;)18:19
dfilonipochu: what?18:20
dfilonipochu: FF?18:20
pochudfiloni: Feature Freeze18:20
tsmithe(hence my hurry :p)18:20
dfilonipochu: oh damn, I think it's impossible to fix all wxwidgets2.8 bugs for tomorrow18:21
\shdear Ubuntu Release Team :) Do we get a blank UVF exception for wine? :)18:22
mruizpersia, libaudio-flac-perl only exists on dapper, edgy and oldstable  in Debian. For me is a sync18:23
dfilonipochu: I had fix only a little number of bugs, however I will post it this night18:23
pochudfiloni: well you don't need to fix bugs for tomorrow, just get the new stuff. Bugs can be fixed in the next month ;)18:23
ScottKDear \sh: One has to ask first.18:23
dfilonipochu: yes, I know, for this reason I will upload in revu this night18:24
pochudfiloni: alright, ping me when you are done.18:24
dfilonipochu: ok18:25
\shScottK: *g* I don't think that we get a 0.9.55 from YokoZar and I'm asking myself, if I push a 0.9.55 this evening to ubuntu but then I'm feeling bad for YokoZar18:26
ScottK\sh: I'm fairly certain you get it for the usual reasons. but just file a bug and subscribe the team so we have it all documented.18:26
\shScottK: for sure...nothing without paper18:27
durapraxisHi. Is there a possibility to have an apt repository password-protected e.g. via .htaccess? Can apt be configured to provide this type of authentication?18:28
\shemgent: how far did you get with the drupal 5.7 merge?18:32
LucidFoxHow many hours remain before FF?18:35
blueyedLucidFox: ~29 as far as I understood it.18:37
linux__alienLucidFox, i am upset that i am not able to find anything with the resources that i ve :(18:38
linux__alienany help on this regard would be very much helpful18:38
linux__alieni really like contributing here and staying here but my resources are a stopping factor :(18:39
Moniker42linux__alien, what kind of resources do you mean?18:40
promagdurapraxis: nobody cares about you :D18:40
linux__alienMoniker42, i ve only one laptop where i ve installed 7.10 and want to contribute to Ubuntu but am not able to fix or look into issues as i dont have an other system to play with . This is my only sytem that i ve got18:41
linux__alienMoniker42, how do i go about doing it18:41
Moniker42linux__alien, dual-boot?18:41
Moniker42or get a job18:41
linux__alienMoniker42, i thought i could fix some small application issues like something not working stuff like that18:42
linux__alienMoniker42, please18:43
Moniker42linux__alien, what is it that you want?18:43
linux__alienreally curious to know this. there would be many people in the same situation that i am in . Having one system and not enough resources. so those people are not encouraged to contribute to Ubuntu ?18:44
\shdurapraxis: did you try deb http://<user>:<password@<host> in sources.list?18:45
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
apachelogger_RainCT: please archive the upload, this package is already in debian, and I merged it with the one on revu18:47
tsmitheapachelogger_, are you able to check out a new revision of a recently rejected package?18:48
tsmithe(for me)18:48
RainCTapachelogger_: ok, done18:48
apachelogger_tsmithe: just toss it over18:48
linux__alienHey Ok guys got to go now cya tomorrow18:49
apachelogger_I'll be out for the next couple of hours though18:49
tsmitheapachelogger_, http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=alsa-firmware18:49
linux__alienthanks LucidFox for uploading the package18:49
slangaseklinux__alien: I think the vast majority of Open Source contributions come from people with more than one computer, particularly for distributions like Ubuntu.  I don't mean to discourage you from contributing, but you're certainly working with a handicap18:49
apachelogger_tsmithe: please mention in a comment why it got rejected18:49
linux__alienslangasek, so i need an other system is it18:49
linux__alienany other alternative ?18:49
RainCTlinux__alien: I also have only 1 PC but this is no problem for contributing to Ubuntu18:50
linux__alienslangasek, why do you say particulary for distributions like Ubuntu18:50
linux__alienRainCT, how do you do it18:50
* linux__alien listens 18:50
slangaseklinux__alien: I don't say "need" - but having a dedicated development system makes a big difference in not having your life disrupted when you break your development environment :-)18:50
linux__alienok but how does RainCT do it :)18:51
slangaseklinux__alien: I say "particularly for distributions" because when the *distribution* breaks while you're doing development, and it's your primary system, rebootstrapping yourself can be painful18:51
RainCTlinux__alien: what are you having problems with?18:52
linux__alienslangasek, so it applies to all the distros then18:52
slangaseklinux__alien: yes18:52
linux__alienRainCT, i ve only one laptop where i ve installed 7.10 and i just want to know how to fix bugs with this system alone ie for hardy how do you do it18:52
linux__alieni ve 7.10 installed18:52
tsmitheapachelogger_, done18:53
linux__aliennow its hardy which is gonna be released so how do you contribute with just one system18:53
Moniker42linux__alien, why would you need two systems in the first place?18:53
linux__alienso that if i break one i would still have an other to connect to the internet and the normal routine does not get affected18:53
LucidFoxHmm, my @ubuntu.com address doesn't seem to work18:53
LucidFoxor do I have to do something explicitly to enable it?18:54
geserLucidFox: it takes some time till it gets activated18:54
RainCTlinux__alien: well, just choose bugs in programs that have still the same version in gutsy as in hardy or are easy to upgrade to (eg, don't need lots of dependency upgrades and such)18:54
ScottKjdong: It is fitting that my first 'core-dev' upload would be a clamav source backport ...18:54
\shScottK: pdns bug #191506 is already fixed in hardy...18:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191506 in pdns "TXT records truncated" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19150618:54
ScottK\sh: Thanks.18:55
linux__alienRainCT, thats how you do it is it18:55
\shScottK: I checked our source and the changeset is longtime applied18:55
\shScottK: so, question is, worth an SRU?18:55
RainCTlinux__alien: for stuff that needs testing, yes18:55
linux__alienok for other stuff like fixing ?18:56
linux__alieni mean testing after fixing18:56
linux__alienyou would use the same machine to do it which might not produce the actual results sometimes right?18:56
RainCTlinux__alien: then there is also other stuff you can do (fixing / adding .desktop files, manpages, etc. for example) that doesn't necessary need the resulting package to be installed for testing18:56
linux__alienhmm thats there true18:57
ScottK\sh: Then I think that's not the right change set as the person who had that bug is running the current version.18:57
linux__alienOk RainCT Thanks for the info18:58
RainCTlinux__alien: and as someone already said above you also have the dual-boot option18:58
linux__alienRainCT, like downloading hardy and using it18:58
linux__alienis it18:58
\shScottK: regarding http://wiki.powerdns.com/cgi-bin/trac.fcgi/ticket/112 the revision is 996 and this is applied18:58
RainCTlinux__alien: yes, having Gutsy and Hardy installed at the same time (in different partitions) so that you can use Hardy for development but have Gutsy as a backup if you need it18:59
ScottK\sh: I'm verifying the version now to make sure.18:59
linux__alienRainCT, how about VMWare or something like that ?18:59
linux__alienRainCT, do you have it in that way ?18:59
\shScottK: and browsing svn there is nothing to see more about TXT records18:59
ScottK\sh: Thanks.  I'm checking.19:01
LucidFoxhellboy195> I had a lame start, really :)19:02
hellboy195everybody give it up for LucidFox the newest MOTU (since 4 hours) :D19:03
LucidFoxI learned about REVU, read the packaging guide and uploaded 3 packages, one of them (psi) really badly done19:03
LucidFox(and not even based on the Debian one)19:03
pochuLucidFox: I didn't know you were Sikon. Congrats :-)19:04
hellboy195LucidFox: ^^. and next steps? I supposed it took 8 months until now19:05
LucidFoxI didn't do much for Gutsy, admittedly19:06
LucidFoxPackaged videotrans from scratch19:06
\shScottK: and it looks like that the bugger is in pdns-recursor, reading the debian bug19:06
ScottK\sh: Yes.  That's what I'm discovering too talking with the person that had the bug.19:06
LucidFoxAlso packaged kink, but then I realized upstream was dead - so I forked it and became upstream, and another person packaged the fork for Debian faster than I did for Ubuntu :)19:07
\shScottK: I pinged pkern...:)19:07
tsmitheLucidFox, hey, as new motu induction, you could upload alsa-firmware for me?19:07
LucidFoxtsmithe> well, you need two advocates first19:08
tsmitheeven if it has already had two advocates?19:09
LucidFoxI don't know, really19:09
hellboy195LucidFox: nice19:09
hellboy195LucidFox: so you did ~30 packagings?19:09
RainCTtsmithe: http://revu.tauware.de/diff.py?upid1=1715&upid2=2006 I guess changes in makefile, autom4te.cache/output.0 and such are just a side effect of re-building?19:10
LucidFoxno, far fewer than that19:10
hellboy195LucidFox: but other things like ... ?19:10
tsmitheRainCT, oh crap. is that in there? i had to rebuild configure, but forgot to remove that. hang on19:10
LucidFoxhellboy195> some packages listed on my +packages page are Debian syncs19:11
LucidFoxothers are minor modifications19:11
hellboy195LucidFox: so what and how ~ many contributions did you in generel to become a motu?19:12
LucidFoxthere are only four packages I packaged for Ubuntu from scratch: videotrans, inkblot, smplayer-themes, and tovid19:12
LucidFoxhowever, I did quite a few Debian merges19:12
ScottK\sh: Here's another clue http://mailman.powerdns.com/pipermail/pdns-users/2008-February/005130.html19:13
hellboy195LucidFox: I have now 22 merges and 3 sync requests ^^19:13
ScottK\sh: None of those files happen to appear in pdns-recursor they (it references the same commit)?19:14
RainCTtsmithe: I'm away for ~1 hour. If LucidFox doesn't upload it ping me later19:14
LucidFoxRainCT> so, readvocation isn't needed for reuploaded NEW rejections?19:15
\shScottK: right, the changeset is in pdns itself...and this is already applied19:16
\shScottK: so pdns is correct...19:16
ScottK\sh: It appears and the problem is just in the recursor19:17
mruizbye all19:17
\shScottK: and we don't find any fix in recursor :(19:17
\shScottK: I'm downloading the 3.1.5 preview and check what's changed against 3.1.419:18
ScottKYes.  The guy that's having the problem is asking on #powerdns.19:18
ScottK\sh: Sounds good.19:18
\shScottK: now I understand the system ;)19:19
rhpot1991_laptopif anyone has any time I could use a revu on: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=mythexport19:19
\shScottK: pdns-recursor is sharing some code with pdns itself...and funny that are the same filenames19:19
\shScottK: fixing19:19
ScottK\sh: Great.19:19
\shScottK: I can fix the 4.3 stuff too ;)19:20
ScottK\sh: I'd say just fix this one bug and then we consider updating to the snapshot after.19:21
tsmitheLucidFox, well, i guess RainCT meant just that, soo... (now i've uploaded a new revision cleaning up the patches)19:22
hellboy195LucidFox: btw, nice post on ubuntu planet ^^19:23
\shScottK: yepp19:23
AnAntpersia: hello, I don't understand why ubuntume-themes didn't build for you19:24
AnAntpersia: in Build-Depends it has: xcursorgen | x11-apps19:25
LucidFoxtsmithe> uploaded19:27
tsmitheLucidFox, excellent :D19:27
tsmitheapachelogger_, looks like you're off the hook :)19:27
norsettocongrats lucidfox!19:31
tsmitheoh, yes, and of course, congratulations :)19:31
rhpot1991_laptopRainCT: Thanks for doing the revu for me yesterday, I got another one ready to go if you have time later19:32
AnAnthow do I submit a debdiff to the "sponsors queue" ?19:34
\shScottK: what arch do your friend need for testing?19:36
\shScottK: ok...I'll compile one package for i386 and where do I send it?19:37
ScottK\sh: Actuall it's i386 Sid.19:37
AnAntok, where/what is the sponsors queue ?19:37
\shScottK: grmpf19:37
ScottK\sh: You want to just give me a link to it?  Or join #spf on irc.perl.org and we can chat directly.19:37
ScottK\sh: I've got a sid pbuilder set up if you want to link me the .dsc19:38
\shScottK: ok...give me a sec...put it on my webserver :)19:38
\shScottK: just doing a testbuild...19:38
vemondoes anyone have a moment to spare for a great softsynth ready for advocation? :) http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=whysynth19:42
ScottK\sh That was close.  You do want #spf and Julian is the individual in question.19:43
\shScottK, what is SPF actually? ;)19:46
\shScottK, don't answer :) I know what it is ;)19:47
cody-somervilleCan someone please review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=thunar-svn-plugin?19:48
cody-somerville It requires one more advocation :)19:48
ScottK\sh: Then you know why someone involved in that project would find obscure TXT record bugs.19:48
ScottKBTW, Julian is in Germany too.19:49
\shScottK, yeah :)19:49
LucidFoxHmm. It seems that some archive admins have tendency to ascribe synced packages to the ACKer of the sync request and not to the original requester19:49
asantonipersia: What do you think the odds are that LP #190589 will get in before the freeze?19:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190589 in mixxx "New upstream release (in REVU)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19058919:50
LucidFoxRoll back to old upstream versions? Is that even possible?19:53
Moniker42LucidFox, anything's possible - if only you believe in it!19:55
* LucidFox believes that it's possible that Microsoft and Apple will simultaneously go bankrupt today19:57
zulonly if i crush tehm19:57
hellboy195LucidFox: dreamer :P19:59
ScottKLucidFox: The reason they do that (with sync's) is they want to tag them to someone who's more likely to care/know what to do if it goes bad.19:59
AnAntHello, I am submitted a debdiff to a package that is currently in Queue for Hardy, should the Status of LP be New or Confirmed ?20:00
hellboy195AnAnt: confirmed and subscribe u-u-s20:01
AnAnthellboy195: thanks20:02
LucidFoxGreat. My blog post has been on Planet Ubuntu for an hour and already I got porn spam.20:02
hellboy195LucidFox: yeah I heard that many people with @ubuntu mail adresses are suffering from a lot of spam20:03
ScottKLucidFox: Is this good news or bad?20:03
\shLucidFox, you mean trackback and comment spam?20:04
LucidFoxcomment spam in blog20:06
cody-somervilleI get lots of spam on my blogs :)20:06
LucidFoxhellboy195> my @ubuntu.com email doesn't even work20:07
LucidFoxno idea why20:07
hellboy195LucidFox: hmm. just wait until tomorrow?20:07
geserLucidFox: you could ask in #launchpad how often new @ubuntu.com addresses are generated20:08
LucidFoxI'll try after I get some sleep first20:10
LucidFoxnight all20:10
jpatrickgeser: after a week at least I believe20:11
\shScottK, did you see http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/27751 ? :)20:21
ScottK\sh: Fixed in all supported Ubuntu releases (except the package for feisty-backports is waiting to build).20:22
ScottKSo, yes.20:22
\shScottK, you are fast :)20:23
ScottKIt helps to have help.  leonel did Gutsy/Dapper and I did Hardy (grabbed the new upstream out of Debian incoming) and Feisty (stole Debian's patch for Etch).20:23
ScottKThat and now that I can upload source backports myself, that part's faster too.20:24
\shScottK, your core application was overdue...20:25
cody-somervilleScottK: Would you be able to review thunar-svn-plugin on revu?20:25
cody-somervillehttp://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=thunar-svn-plugin ? :)20:25
ScottKcody-somerville: Perhaps later.20:25
ScottK\sh: Thanks.20:25
\shsiretart, did you get my ping from this afternoon? regarding mplayer and moving mplayer-skins to suggests ?20:26
siretart\sh: I didn't read the context yet, but from the line, Recommends seems appropriate20:27
\shsiretart, yepp..that would be also possible..and telling apt not to install Recommends in the first place...20:27
\shsiretart, the thing is you can use mplayer in a server environment to extract thumbnails of videos..therefore mplayer-skins pulls in a lot of not used and not needed x stuff20:28
siretart\sh: either that, or blacklisting xserver related packages20:30
\shsiretart, well, actually you don't need the skins to start mplayer...so I think Recommends: is a better solution20:30
\shsiretart, but you are the right person to answer this question :)20:31
siretartyou proposed suggest at first ;)20:32
siretart\sh: btw, did you do something with fai on hardy?20:33
\shsiretart, not right now...neither used nor put my hands on the source20:33
siretart\sh: I'm currently considering pushing my merge to hardy right now, and fix broken things after FF20:34
\shsiretart, please do..I think there are some bugs with the old version in hardy because of the new kernel world order20:34
siretartallee: do you agree? (pushing fai into hardy right now)?20:35
\shsiretart, and yes, I said suggests, because I know that this won't be installed by default...I forgot that you can train apt to not install recommends..so recommends is the better solution20:35
siretart\sh: you could even pin down individual packages20:37
\shsiretart, I did rebuild the ubuntu package for etch and fixed it in our local repo ;)20:38
\shbut pinning down because of this doesn't make sense, and moving it to recommends is more logical, because you can use mplayer without it20:38
siretartI mean moving the skins to recommends, and pin down the xserver. this way you don't need to turn of recommends20:39
\shsiretart, sure...but disabling installing recommends is a good think so you know much better what's on your server, when apt is following only the main dependencies...well I'm lazy that's all ;)20:40
dfilonipochu: done, wxwidgets2.8 is in revu20:43
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
pochudfiloni: cool. I'll have a look at it later.20:45
pochupersia, DktrKranz ^ perhaps you can have a look at it too and with all our eyes we can get it in tomorrow.20:46
dfilonipochu: I don't know if it works, I didn't test it, my pc wan't to kill me :)20:46
pochudfiloni: I'll do that for you ;)20:47
DktrKranzpochu, sure. Last upload went good (at least they didn't shoot at me or dfiloni)20:47
pochudfiloni: thanks for the good work20:47
dfilonipochu: great! thanks!20:47
* pochu hugs dfiloni :)20:47
pochuDktrKranz: cool. I have to leave soon. I'll leave wx building...20:47
affluxShould I provide a rule for get-orig-source if the source can be obtained with uscan?20:54
RainCTafflux: it isn't necessary if upstream's tarball is ok20:56
affluxRainCT: the reason why I'm asking is lucidfox' comments on bug 19067120:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190671 in gdecrypt "new upstream version available (0.7.1)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19067120:58
crimsunhmph, my irc server is sinking.21:00
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hendrixskiAnybody know a good resource on how to make apt.conf files?21:14
=== AndyP_ is now known as AndyP
james_whendrixski: is "man apt.conf" not sufficient?21:21
hendrixskijames_w, nope21:24
hendrixskijames_w, I'm trying to get apt-ftparchive to make a packages.gz file of the .ddeb files in a directory (normally it only picks up debs)... and you need to pass it a conf file to do that... the only examples i've found are confusing, and I'm looking for a manual21:25
hendrixskiand the man page doesn't have a lot of the key things that are in the example21:25
\shhendrixski, apt-ftparchive has a good docu..but man apt.conf is the wrong help ;)21:26
\shhendrixski, http://cihar.com/publications/misc/debian-repository-howto/ as one pointer with examples21:28
hendrixskiah, I guess I googled the wrong things21:29
hendrixski\sh, thanks :-)21:30
\shhendrixski, another pointer where apt-ftparchive is used you'll find here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization?action=show&redirect=InstallCDCustomizationHowTo21:30
hendrixski\sh, nice.  I'll read through more of that stuff. .. I thought those conf files being passed were in the style of apt.conf files so I was kind of scratching my head21:34
\shhendrixski, nope21:35
\shhendrixski, but the mentioning of apt.conf(5) looks like a bug to me21:35
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csomervilleIs ubuntuwire down?22:16
blueyedRAOF: I've re-uploaded jedit on revu.22:27
RainCTcsomerville: seems so22:35
RainCTwell, good night22:35
=== wolfger_ is now known as wolfger
blueyedcsomerville: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/ works..22:38
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emgentlastfm    Ubuntu Hardy    1:   2008-02-12   Not yet built23:05
emgentuhm.. some idea?23:05
emgentxsupplicant    Ubuntu Hardy    1.2.4.dfsg.1-5   4 hours ago   Not yet built  23:06
emgentproblem with buildt ?23:06
=== jml` is now known as jml
geseremgent: lastfm build successfully23:16
emgentmy launchpad have some problem23:16
geseremgent: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/xsupplicant/+builds and https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/lastfm/+builds23:17
rhpot1991anyone available for a revu?23:17
geseremgent: probably because some arch are still pending23:18
emgentok cool.23:18
emgentthanks geser23:18
jumpkickHello all23:32
jumpkickasantoni and I (original authors of Mixxx) are trying to get our package in before the freeze, we are facing from resistance from the fact that a old version was synced from Debian into Universe...23:34
jumpkickthe debian package was authored by a 3rd party23:35
jumpkickand there is now some problem with change-logs being divergent23:35
pwnguinwhen you say 3rd party, do you mean a DD, or an NMU?23:36
jumpkickwe could use the MOTU mojo in resolving this issue23:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190589 in mixxx "New upstream release (in REVU)" [Wishlist,New]23:36
jumpkickpwnguin: there are debian maintainers who ported the ubuntu package to Debian Sid23:37
jumpkickwhen universe was synced from Debian it pulled their version of our ported package23:38
jumpkickI should say ported and updated from trunk23:39
jumpkickbeta 2 has since been released and is quite a bit more stable and feature complete23:39
jumpkickbut we the original authors of the package are shut out of the loop23:40
jumpkickso we are unable to get it updated23:40
steveireHi I'm still confused about version numbering in my ppa. I've named the package 1.1.10-1ubuntu1~ppa1. That should be upgraded if a new version of libxine appears in -backports. Is that what will happen with the current version name23:42
jumpkickso can someone do whatever MOTUs do and advocate the acceptance of our beta2 package plz23:45
_MMA_jumpkick: I think the possibility of getting it into Debian and then syncing to Ubuntu are slim. But I might be able to get someone to do a package you can host for users if nobody has the time to do something in Ubuntu.23:45
pwnguin_MMA_: but the situation is a bit strange, in that upstream to debian is/was ubuntu23:46
jumpkick_MMA_: no, no, no...  someone (not us) took the Ubuntu package for 1.5.2 and updated it against trunk to 1.6.0b1 and put into Debian23:46
jumpkickUbuntu synced against debian23:47
_MMA_Ok. I see. You have a package in REVU. Ill poke around to see if I can get it attention.23:47
jumpkickand now we are pooched23:47
jumpkick_MMA_: help is much appriecated...23:47
pwnguini thought there was a list of software not to import from debian23:47
pwnguinfor situations like this23:47
jumpkickDebian never had the package before23:47
nityadHello, I am planning to upload new packages for GlassFish V2 UR1 (multiverse) to the REVU queue later today. LP: # 191658 . Is there any other process that I should be aware of other than following the instructions on uploading to REVU - Thanks23:48
jumpkickpoor asantoni has been trying to get the package in for feature freeze since last week23:48
_MMA_jumpkick: Still too late in my experience. :P23:48
TheMusojumpkick: I know what the portaudio problem is, and it has to do with the fact that portaudio v19 used to be in main, which is where all the core Ubuntu softwrae is. However, jack is still in universe.23:48
TheMusoSo portaudio is not currently built against jack.23:49
persianityad: That the deadline for new source packages (and hence REVU) is today, and that glassfish is already in the repository.  You'd do better to submit the diff.gz to the sponsors queue in an upgrade bug.23:49
jumpkickWe can probably live without jack if we have to...  We also support ALSA and OSS23:50
jumpkickor package up unofficial bins to support jack for the hardcore folks who want it23:50
TheMusoI'm surprised you use jack via portaudio.23:50
TheMusoThats... um... somewhat messy23:50
jumpkickTheMuso: I thought the point of using portaudio was to not care what the underlying api is for sound23:51
TheMusoYes, but that introduces latency.23:51
jumpkickI'm not down at that level of dev, so perhaps I have it wrong23:51
jumpkickTheMuso: yeah, there's a trade off there23:51
jumpkickwe already compensate for latency to some extent as it is23:52
TheMusofair enough23:52
TheMusoI'm seeing what I can do to squeeze it in now.23:52
jumpkickTheMuso: thanks23:52
jdstrandScottK: dapper clamav pushed.  should hit mirrors in a couple hours23:53
cody-somervilleCan someone please review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=thunar-svn-plugin ?23:53
steveireIs there anywhere else I can ask my version question? Launchpad is silent.23:53
jumpkickpwnguin: where can I find info about this don't-sync-from-Debian list of packages?23:54
jumpkickis there a keyword or something I can google23:54
nityadpersia: GlassFish V1 relase is in the repository. This is going to be a completely separate package glassfishv2ur1 (and its dependencies) so that both versions are installable in parallel.23:55
steveireHi I'm still confused about version numbering in my ppa. I've named the package 1.1.10-1ubuntu1~ppa1. That should be upgraded if a new version of libxine appears in -backports. Is that what will happen with the current version name23:55
rhpot1991Can I get a review on this (http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=mythexport), been looked at a few times, should be pretty good by now23:57
persianityad: In that case, your chances of getting it into hardy are slim to nil.23:58

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