chuksuperm1 - is ubuntu 8.04 avail for public download?00:27
superm1chuk, yeah00:27
chuksorry, mythbuntu00:27
superm1chuk, oh00:27
superm1it needs to me mirrored still00:27
bkingxAlright fellers, I seem to be having issues installing.  After I get throught a Standard install, the wizard stops at the final screen to setup the guide and a button to setup MythTV.00:33
bkingxI can't seem to find in the firections which to do next.00:33
bkingxShould I hit Finish or MythTV.00:34
bkingxI somehow ned to get to the screen that sets up the database, etc.00:35
bkingxAnyone?  Seems when I hit Launch MythTV Setup, it wants to logoff and log back on, then throws an error about adding mythbuntu to /etc/hosts01:30
bkingxsuperm1: Do you have any thoughts?01:35
superm1bkingx, try launching it from command line01:57
bkingxHi superm1 .  Kind of the same issue.  Whenever I try to initiate Terminal, it will logoff.01:58
bkingxI can't seem to open a terminal window.01:58
bkingxCan I launch from Alt-F2?01:58
superm1bkingx, yeah01:59
superm1but that fact that its doing that is rather odd.01:59
bkingxI agree.  Not sure what the deal is.01:59
npurcifulIf i was going to build a deticated backend 2 hdtv tunercard plus commflag what CPU and ram would i look for01:59
bkingxUsing the same image, I can load it fine in a test VM envirnment01:59
bkingxsuperm1: what is the syntax?02:00
superm1just like that02:00
bkingxOK, trying02:00
bkingxsuperm1: says mythbackend must be closed before continuing.02:01
bkingxOK or Cancel?02:01
superm1well listen to it02:01
superm1if you can close the backend then continue02:01
superm1otherwise cancel?02:01
bkingxOk, I click OK to close backend and continue.02:02
bkingxThen it logs off and logs back in02:02
bkingxAnd back to the LiveCD Desktop02:02
bkingx"Could not look up internet address for mythbuntu.  This will prevent Xfce from operating correctly.  It may be possible to correct the problem by adding mythbuntu to the file /etc/hosts on your system"02:04
bkingxContinue anyway or Try again02:04
superm1wait you're doing this on a livecd?02:05
superm1oh i just read scrollback02:06
superm1well if its not working, then just go ahead and hit finish02:06
superm1let it reboot02:06
superm1and you can run the setup then02:06
superm1that's odd that its not working though02:06
bkingxok, I'll try that02:09
bkingxsuperm1: no go02:22
superm1did u choose a weird hostname02:23
bkingxjust mythbuntu02:23
superm1or something out of ordinary02:23
superm1was network workin02:24
superm1during install02:24
bkingxseemed to be02:24
bkingxI;ll try again02:24
bkingxWalk through it with me?02:24
bkingxsuperm1: ALright, starting install02:32
bkingxsuperm1: Wizard done, installing now02:37
npurcifulwhoa i just found a htpc with ubuntu 7.1 install?02:48
bkingxOK, last step.02:48
bkingxnpurciful: Really?02:48
bkingxDANG....clicked Launch MythTV Setup and it went to the login screen.02:49
npurcifulheh, ubuntu 7.1 that must be the pirated version02:51
npurcifuland it doesnt have a tuner card02:52
npurcifulthat just makes it a pc then02:53
npurcifulwell it could be a frontend02:54
npurcifulwould a nice lilttle fronted02:54
superm1bkingx, it sounds like mythtv is crashing X to me02:58
bkingxYup, seems like that to me too.02:58
superm1bkingx, do you have another graphics card you can use?02:58
bkingxunfortunately, no.02:58
superm1what kind of card right now?02:58
bkingxDon't laugh....onboard vga on a DELL gx10002:59
bkingxIt's my test machine.02:59
superm1well you can try to install with safe graphics mode03:01
superm1which will resort the driver back to vesa03:01
bkingxyeah...or buy a new machine03:02
npurcifullol, the htpc also hase 144tb of storage03:02
npurcifulno, 144000tb03:03
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javatexanhey anyone home....howdy all!03:39
javatexandoes mythbuntu run a firewall by default?03:42
MythbuntuGuest49Hi, does anyone have a mythtv frontend only setup remotely?03:43
MythbuntuGuest49I am having troubles setting up the nfs (or samba) to get the music and videos to work03:43
MythbuntuGuest49live tv and recordings work fine03:44
javatexandoes mythbuntu run a firewall....I can find where iptables is installed, but it doesn't look like its running....Oddly enough I want to turn it off to try something...I cant get another FE to attach to the BE...thought the firewall might be the problem04:07
baalhi anyone help me get a ir blaster to work I had it working under fedora so i know its not hardware issue, but seems there are problems with lirc_serial05:02
baalim very new to using ubuntu so its a bit hard to figue out what to look for have spent hours googling for a solution and cant seem to find an answer05:03
npurcifulhey does anyone here know if a 1.2ghz cpu is enough power for 2 hdtv tuners (backend only system)05:05
baalnpurciful depends on the hdtv tuners but i would think not05:06
superm1hd tuners dont take much05:07
superm1they just dump a bit stream05:07
superm1i've got a 600 mhz or so box05:07
superm1that has 3 hd and 2 sd05:07
npurcifulokay superm1, commflag with be slow05:08
superm1well i assumed this was a second backend05:08
superm1i dont do commflagging on that backend :)05:08
npurcifulit will be a primary backend,05:09
baalanyone got a irblaster goign ?05:09
npurcifulwell i could do commflag on another backend though05:09
npurcifuli am looking at a m ITX 1.2ghz with 1g ram 120w power supply05:10
npurcifuli thinking that 1g ram is probably tomuch05:11
npurcifulhah the requirements of pchdtv 5500 is 1.2ghz cpu, i wound if that is using NTSC05:12
superm1yeah that's using the NTSC05:15
baalanyone using IR blaster on a serial port ?05:15
superm1baal you'll have better luck posting on the forum05:15
superm1its much more active for support05:15
npurcifulthank for the info superm105:17
npurcifulhum i wonder if 120 watt PSU should be big enough05:20
tritiumWell, this is awful.  mythtv seems to have recorded enough live TV to fill up the disk, and now I can't start the backend.05:45
rhpot1991remove some of the files by hand?05:45
tritiumrhpot1991: which ones?  how?05:46
rhpot1991it should leave something like 5% free by default05:46
tritiumNo, unfortunately, the disk is 100% full.05:46
tritiumexcuse the paste:05:46
tritiumFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on05:46
tritium/dev/sda2             292G  277G   65M 100% /05:46
tritiumvarrun                474M  1.2M  473M   1% /var/run05:46
tritiumvarlock               474M     0  474M   0% /var/lock05:46
tritiumudev                  474M   76K  474M   1% /dev05:46
tritiumdevshm                474M     0  474M   0% /dev/shm05:46
tritiumlrm                   474M   34M  440M   8% /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/volatile05:46
tritiumoverflow              1.0M   16K 1008K   2% /tmp05:46
tritiumrhpot1991: are you suggesting I remove recording files?05:48
tritiumWill that hose up mysql?05:48
rhpot1991mysql will get angry if the file system it is on gets filled05:48
rhpot1991I'd free up some space, and then run the mysql repair from MCC05:49
rhpot1991and then restart your backend05:49
tritiumthanks, rhpot1991.  I'll try that.05:49
tritiumfree up space how?  delete recording files?05:49
rhpot1991if you don't care about them05:51
rhpot1991otherwise move them05:51
rhpot1991and sort it out05:51
superm1rhpot1991, only issue with mythexport i see is the need to run debconf-updatepo05:51
superm1otherwise looks good05:51
rhpot1991superm1: upload is in progress05:53
tritiumrhpot1991: how can I run mysql repair?  I only see radio buttons to enable daily cron jobs for various things (mysql tweaks, XFS defrag, database optimization)05:53
rhpot1991tritium: hmmm I thought there was a button to do so, let me look05:53
tritiumI hope it's fixable.  It'd be a shame if mythv can kill itself by simply watching TV.05:54
tritiumkind of defeats the point...05:54
rhpot1991you might want to bump the % of HD to leave free05:54
tritiumI've not seen that setting, but I'll look for it.  I assume it's in the setup somewhere?05:55
rhpot1991it should deal with this juts fine, so I am guessing you had something else writing to the HD too05:55
foxxbuntutritium, its in mythtv-setup as I recall05:55
tritiumfoxxbuntu: cool, thanks05:55
rhpot1991tritium: unders "advanced management" there is a button that says "optimize tables"05:56
tritiumrhpot1991: ah, yes, the grayed out one05:57
tritiumHow to un-gray it?05:57
rhpot1991click the checkbox under it saying "enable mysql tweaks"05:57
tritiumokay, done, but still gray05:58
tritiumAny ideas how to enable that button, rhpot1991?05:59
rhpot1991did you apply05:59
rhpot1991restart MCC05:59
rhpot1991close it and reopen05:59
rhpot1991the daily optimization is a good idea too, last checkbox on that page06:00
tritiumOkay, that did not work.  Restarted MCC, and still grayed out.06:00
tritiumThere, clicking the "Enable daily MythTV databse optimization/repair" enabled the button06:01
tritiumOkay, clicked the button, and it appears to have done something so quickly, that I sense it may have failed.06:01
tritiumWhat should I see when I click that button, other than MCC flashing for 0.25 seconds?06:02
superm1its a very quick procedure actually06:02
tritiumReally?  Okay...06:02
rhpot1991superm1: mine throws up a terminal which runs through the tables06:02
superm1on hardy though...06:02
rhpot1991I'm still on gutsy for my mythbox06:03
tritiumwell, mythweb is still showing me "Database Error" after trying to restart the backend.06:03
rhpot1991tritium: what are you on?06:03
tritiumI'm on gutsy.06:03
rhpot1991superm1: it executes myth.rebuilddatabase.pl right?06:04
rhpot1991no, wait thats not it06:04
superm1beats me, laga wrote that code06:04
rhpot1991tritium run it by hand: launch a terminal and run optimize_mythdb.pl06:05
tritiumI try to restart the frontend, and it doesn't go to the normal start screen.  It asks me for my preferred language, and then tries to configure mysql stuff, and then quits.06:05
tritiumokay, trying...06:05
tritiumrhpot1991: where is that?  It's not in my $PATH.06:06
tritiumonly one I find is under /usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/optimize_mythdb.pl06:08
rhpot1991run that one06:08
rhpot1991I moved mine to /usr/local/bin, it looks like MCC puts a copy in /etc/cron.daily06:08
tritiumI moved mine to /root/, and chmod +x it06:08
tritiumHere's the error:06:08
tritiumDBI connect('database=mythconverg:host=localhost;mysql_emulated_prepare=1','mythtv',...) failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) at /root/optimize_mythdb.pl line 5906:09
tritiumCannot connect to database:06:09
tritiuminvoke-rc.d mysql restart seems to have helped.06:10
tritiumnow, optimize perl script seems to be running06:10
rhpot1991did you free some space up already?06:11
tritiumI deleted some music files, but I have very little to purge.  This is strictly a mythtv box.  Nothing else is writing to disk.06:12
rhpot1991well you are gonna want to make sure there is space before you continue06:12
rhpot1991or you risk trashing your mysql06:12
tritiumHow?  Will mysql break if I delete recording files?06:13
tritiumThat's the vast majority of the disk usage.06:13
rhpot1991that can be fixed easily06:13
tritiumIf I could just delete one recording, it would free up a ton of space.06:13
tritiumOkay, I'll do that.06:13
tritiumhmm, I'm at 81% free, having not deleted anything manually06:15
tritiumsomething must have done something there06:15
rhpot1991you got something funky going on06:15
tritiumlooks like that huge live TV recording got deleted when I ran the script06:16
rhpot1991tritium: try sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart06:17
rhpot1991to see if it brings mysql back up, then you can try to optimize the tables again06:18
tritiumrhpot1991: okay, thanks06:18
tritiumactually, the backend restarted properly now, and mythweb was able to connect06:18
tritiumI might run down to the HTPC, and see if the frontend appears to be working06:18
rhpot1991mysql will try to shut down to preserve data if there is a problem06:18
rhpot1991prob what happened06:19
superm1tritium, it sounds like it was right about to clear that recording06:19
superm1if it did it automatically when yo ustarted things back up06:19
rhpot1991either way optimizing the db daily is a good idea06:19
tritiumsuperm1: cool06:19
rhpot1991I'd bump the % to leave free on the HD a little bit too06:19
tritiumThank you both very much for your help.  I sincerely appreciate it.06:19
rhpot1991no problem06:20
tritiumI appear to be in decent shape at this point.06:20
tritiumI often idle here.  Please let me know if there's anything I can do to return the favor.06:20
superm1tritium, the biggest thing would be to try to answer easy questions in here06:21
superm1if none of us are around, and such06:21
superm1and you see something pop up that you can answer06:21
tritiumI sure will, as I am able.06:21
tritiumI'll return shortly.06:25
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afmwhere is the roms/game directory expected to be?18:11
afmthe setup never askes for a location18:11
afmah...has menu settings, but the disc never actually installed...18:12
frank32afm: there is info about that in the mythtv wiki.18:13
afmyeah...i was reading the install notes.  nothign was in there18:13
frank32afm: I think mythbuntu just installs myth-game18:14
afmyes, but non of the required apps associated18:14
afmxmame-common xmame-gl xmame-sdl xmame-tools xmame-x18:14
afmalso a user based rom path, and not global config per se18:15
frank32afm: hmm yeah I think you have to install the emulators yourself...18:16
afm:)  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythGame18:16
frank32afm: mythgame is just an interface to start the emus18:16
frank32afm: lots more here http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/MythGameEmulationSetup18:18
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bkingxHi guys....finally making some progress on some new equipment.  I get a Grub loading, please wait  ...... Error 2 after the first reboot after installing.  Any thoughts?19:21
pdragoncheck your boot order in the BIOS19:28
pdragonyou have any USB devices plugged in?19:28
bkingxpdragon: only usb mouse19:31
bkingxboot order is CD, HDD, Flobby19:32
pdragonhmm... dunno. saw an error like that once when i was trying to boot from a USB device or if i even had a usb drive plugged in19:32
pdragoncrappy motherboard :p19:32
bkingxNo doubt19:33
pdragonyou have more than one HDD in the computer? some BIOS's let you further define HDD boot order and if the main drive isn't there it could be a problem19:34
pdragonthat's about the extent of where i can see the problem may be19:35
pdragontried installing another OS or just regular Ubuntu on the machine?19:35
sslashescan mythtv use a mixer control besides "Master" and "PCM"?19:40
bkingxOK, I have the Live CD in and booted, how can I go look at the grub entries on the HDD?20:13
adac2does enable the vnc server in the mythbuntu-control-centre not work?20:18
adac2 I try to connect to my backend server but i get this error: Database error was: Access denied for user 'mythtv'@'' (using password: YES)23:57
adac2what can I do?23:57
rhpot1991has it ever worked?  are you using the correct password?23:58

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