PriceChildnosrednaekim, please ping me when ready.00:02
nosrednaekimPriceChild➜ right.. thanks00:03
PriceChildfunky little arrow there00:03
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nosrednaekimping PriceChild00:05
PriceChildnosrednaekim, so if you "/msg nickserv info nosrednaekim", it shows your alternate nickname and the email?00:05
Piciclaydoh: 'Evening, how can we help you?00:05
claydohI also would like to request a cloak, new Kubuntu membership here00:06
PriceChildwhere's this meeting been going on?00:06
nosrednaekimPriceChild➜ yep.. everything is good00:06
PriceChildnalioth, ubuntu/member cloak for nosrednaekim please. I have added to launchpad group.00:06
PriceChildclaydoh, have you added a secondary nickname and email via nickserv?00:06
* claydoh checks...00:07
Piciclaydoh: like this: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup00:07
claydohPriceChild: should be all set00:10
PriceChildclaydoh, launchpad url please?00:10
PriceChildnalioth, ubuntu/member cloak for claydoh please, I have added to launchpad group.00:11
nosrednaekimthanks PriceChild00:12
PriceChildnosrednaekim, no problem00:12
claydohthanks folks!00:12
PriceChildThankyou nalioth.00:13
PriceChildi added then to ubuntu-irc instead of -cloaks00:16
ubotuIn #ubuntu-bots, ffm said: !baz is <alias> bzr00:38
ubotubzr is Bazaar-NG, a decentralized revision control system designed to be easy for developers and end users alike. Decentralized revision control systems give people the ability to work over the internet using the bazaar development model.  See http://bazaar-vcs.org/QuickHackingWithBzr for a quickstart guide.00:38
jdongbaz and bzr aren't the same thing.00:38
ubotuIn #ubuntu-bots, ffm said: !if is then.00:38
astro76two unsancionted channels have been created00:51
astro76#ubuntu-uncensored and ##ubuntu-uncensored00:51
astro76if anyone is interested00:52
PriceChildthat topic reminds me of something...00:53
PriceChildI remember emma talking about some sort of *#linux* channel... had that topic00:54
PriceChildLjL, down boy00:55
PriceChildah well, life goes on00:55
LjLdown the fuck00:55
LjLshe was discussing politics again00:55
LjLi warned pretty clearly00:56
PriceChildah sorry00:57
LjLno sorry for language, she just made me snap00:58
* Seeker` gives LjL a cookie01:00
elkbuntunalioth, please look into the above01:05
LjLkeescook: /cs identify #ubuntu-hardened01:31
keescookLjL: heh, yeah, just figured that out.  :)01:31
keescooksweet.  this rocks.  thanks!  /me heads to dinner01:32
Sapotehi all!! anybody is ubuntu member? have a cuestion about canonical02:55
PriceChildSapote, This channel is for operator/abuse questions. I'm feeling generous though, so what's the question?02:56
Sapoteyes, is for send info to canonical about this http://winutuxu.fr.ma/02:56
Sapotewinxp sp2 and logo of ubuntu 02:57
PriceChildSapote, http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy might be useful to you.02:57
Sapotemany thanks!02:58
naliothSapote: have you tried #canonical?02:58
naliothwell, that IS where Canonical folks are02:58
* mneptok forwards that to London03:04
PriceChildHello emma.03:05
mneptokheya emma 03:05
naliothhi emma 03:05
emmaI feel this is very heavy handed. No one bothers to speak to me directly (except for PriceChild I should say) . I've done nothing malicious to anyone ever. It's not in my character.03:05
* mneptok searches for some context03:06
PriceChildmneptok, -offtopic03:06
PriceChildemma, Do you believe I have not been able to handle the situation as well as I could if others had had a bigger involvement?03:06
naliothif PriceChild says it, so say we all.03:07
mneptokexcept me. but no one sane pays attention to me.03:07
PriceChildAlso, I know some people find discussions in this channel extremely intimidating due to the amount of operators who will jump in on conversations.03:07
emmaI was baned from #ubuntu-offtopic.  For talking about how people should vote for who they like best, not for who they think can win. I think that's a philosophical point. I'm not telling anyone who to vote for.03:07
PriceChildThat is not what you were banned for.03:07
emmaBut okay. I get it, your rules are your rules. I made a mistake. I do understand that and I don't even really argue that.03:08
naliothyes, mneptok, go race some pumpkins or something  :P03:08
PriceChildWe spent some time discussing what happenned in that channel, and what brought about the ban.03:08
emmaSo I was kicked. When I came back the op who kicked me told me that only his opinion mattered. That rubbed me the wrong way. Why say that? Why knock a person down and then stand over them like that? I work with people in my job, people who are difficult to deal with, I know that if I embarrass them in front of others it will be hard to cooperate.03:09
mneptokemma: subsequently comparing a person behaving that way to an abusive prison guard will only escalate the problem.03:09
mneptokemma: and both the political comments and the ad hominem remarks will not end well, as you see.03:10
PriceChildemma, unfortunately I don't believe I have time to go over all this again. We discussed each major point pretty thoroughly in PM so I urge you to re-read the log of our discussion. I believe we came to an understanding and conclusion of why each happenned.03:10
emmaSo after I was kicked, I thought, well okay, it's not my channel. I should respect the rules of some one elses channel. So I just did what I thought a free person could do -- I went and made my own channel. I thought it could be a place where the smart people' ive met in ubuntu channels could talk about interesting things more freely basically.03:10
PriceChildemma, This may be FREEnode, it may be devoted to free software, but it still has guidelines.03:11
mneptokemma: you are welcome to create channels. you are not welcome to create channels that do not follow the CoC with Canonical's "Ubuntu" trademark in their name.03:12
emmamneptok -- well thats true, but there are two salient remarks that must be made (1) all of my passive aggressive remarks came after I was told that only ops opinions mattered. And (2) (this is the most important one) my metaphor about Abu Gharaib was not out of context it was a response.03:12
mneptokemma: any #*ubuntu* channel is expected to floow the CoC03:12
naliothFreenode isn't like other networks.  Our channel guidelines can be found here: http://freenode.net/channel_guidelines.shtml emma 03:12
emmathree lines above my comment someone said this: 03:13
emma<Brenny> emma, look up the Zimbardo experiment if you don't already know it, good read.03:13
mneptokemma: why passive aggression? why not walk away for an hour or so?03:13
emmamneptok - probably should have.03:13
PriceChildemma, you were comparing us all to abusive prison guards.03:13
PriceChilddrunk on power03:13
mneptokemma: probably should now, as well. one man's opinion.03:13
emmaI was responding to what someone else said.03:13
PriceChildagreeing with it...03:13
emmaThe Zimbardo experiment is relatively famous. 03:13
PriceChildI'm not denying anything you are saying here...03:14
emmaBut look, I'm not really disagreeing much here. I don't think my behavior has been model.03:14
mneptokthen there it is.03:14
mneptokthere's the answer.03:14
emmaI don't think things were handled so well though.03:15
mneptokbut if your behavior isn;t above reproach you don;t have much solid ground to stand on.03:16
* mneptok bashes the semi-colon key mercilessly03:16
emmaI am a reasonable person and I'm always likely to cooperate with reasonable people who are being respectful. It's also in the logs where I said I'm more used to dealing with people the way that people deal with each other offline. 03:16
emmaKicking me for talking about the philosophy of voting in an offtopic channel was not necessary, and the comments made after I was kicked were further inflammatory. 03:18
mneptokemma: i think if you understood how much abuse and crap we have to deal with every day you'd be more sympathetic to ops having a low tolerance for bullcrap or any other untoward behavior.03:18
PriceChildOk I think that is enough for tonight.03:18
emmaEverything came from that.03:18
emmaHow about sending me a pm? 03:18
PriceChildemma, you have clearly not listened to much that I have said tonight, or suddenly decided that you no longer agree.03:19
emmaNot so. I've heard every word and I have not contradicted anything I've said.03:19
emmaI think that mneptok has probably given the best advice of all. I should probably walk away03:19
naliothemma: i think it's better to discuss this issue in this channel03:19
emmabut i was told to come in here after my channel was destroyed.03:19
emmawell that's what I'm doing here. 03:20
emmaI'm sure that you gentlemen are reasonable also and you can imagine my perspective, I would think.03:20
emmaI freely admit that I am a spirited person and little issues of justice to stick with me. It's difficult for me to let things go at time, but I'm not being uncivil.03:21
naliothemma: you'll find that ##ubuntu-uncensored is where you left it03:21
mneptoknalioth: that makes me uneasy without IRC Council approval.03:22
nalioththe other #ubuntu-* channels were non-COC and were repointed03:22
naliothmneptok: TWO ##03:22
mneptokach so.03:22
mneptoksomebody get me my big red diet pill and my shotgun.03:22
emmaFrom my perspective I was kicked without any warning for talking about philosophical things in an offtopic channel. Then when I returned I felt like the op was grandstanding telling me that only his opinions mattered. 03:23
PriceChildtbh I'm happy for you to disagree with our opinions. What I am unhappy with is how you have ignored our reasoning which I have explained previously. Instead you come here claiming we ban you for being philosophical. emma I would suggest nothing good will come of further discussion tonight. Instead I think its time to take a rest, and perhaps try to discuss it again tomorrow.03:23
emmaI made a channel for people who like ubuntu to talk about whatever they like (when I say whatever I like, I have in mind academic things like philosophy or current events by the way) and then that was destroyed without you bothering to even talk to me about it.03:24
emmaso you can see how from my perspective Im feeling a little bit pushed around?03:24
PriceChildemma, that is not true, and is enough.03:24
PriceChildWe did discuss it.03:24
emmaand when i say 'you' i mean nalioth03:25
emmayes i just clarified the 'you' there. 03:25
PriceChildemma, I requested nalioth close the channel.03:25
emmaYou did begin to discuss it with me, but you just asked me to get rid of it. That's what you asked me to do. 03:25
mneptokemma: FWIW, i would have requested the same thing.03:25
emmaand this was while you were banning me.03:25
PriceChildI have not once banned you.03:25
emma'you' in the general sense.03:25
mneptokemma: channel ownership is a privilege, not a right. if Freenode staff want to whack a channel, that's their right.03:26
PriceChildYou were given reasoning before the channel was closed. 03:26
PriceChildYou later requested further clarification, and it was given before the channel was closed.03:26
emmaI don't quite agree with that.03:26
mneptokagree with what?03:27
PriceChildMaybe we can discuss that tomorrow too.03:27
mneptokthat Freenode staff get to decide what happens on their network?03:27
mneptokthat seems so patently obvious as to be self-evident.03:27
emmaThere was a third channel which I was seeing being closed which, maybe you were explaining things then, but I was distracted since I thought it was remarkable that naolith could come in and take my channel away. From a purely objective point of view, I found that remarkable. 03:28
emmaim saying, not from an emotional point of view, i just didn't know that was possible so I thought that was kind of fascinating.03:28
mneptokemma: is there an action item in there?03:28
emmaWhat is that?03:29
mneptoksomething we need to actually *do*03:29
mneptokapart from your own internal monologue about the fascinating aspect of having Freenode staff close a channel.03:29
emmaWell I would like to have the ban on me in #ubuntu-offtopic lifted. I think if we can do that then we can all agree it was unfortunate and everyone here can expect it won't happen again.03:29
PriceChildemma, That will not be happenning tonight.03:30
emmaAlright then.03:30
mneptoki suspect that bann will remain for 24h minimum, based on Pricey's last few comments03:30
PriceChildemma, is there anything else we can help you with this evening?03:40
emmaNo. I just want to say that I do apologize for my part, and that I do recognize that the ops in the #ubuntu-channels have a lot to deal with. 03:41
mneptoknot to mention having to keep our make-up fresh and the horses ready to ride.03:44
* mneptok whinnies through his Maybelline03:44
PriceChildemma, see you another day then.03:44
emmalol mneptok 03:44
emmaokay PriceChild - Thank you for talking to me directly. I really think that is a good approach. 03:45
emmaHopefuly after a period of time everything can be sorted out. Have a good night.03:45
jdongPriceChild: can you keep paladine under control in #uf04:19
jdongI'm backing out of the conversation04:19
jdongthankies, I'm gonna try not to invoke him anymore for the rest of the night04:25
PriceChildseems to have stopped?04:25
jdongPriceChild: yeah, that's a good thing04:25
jdonglet's let it stay that way :)04:26
ubotuIn #ubuntu-us-ga, dendrobates said: !5 years is a long time in this day and age.04:26
nickrudLjL: you about?05:22
naliothhe's asleep, nickrud 05:26
naliothit's dark on his side of the world05:26
nickrudnalioth: ah, wasn't sure what time zone he was in05:26
naliothanything i can help ya with?05:26
tonyyarussonickrud: UTC+205:26
nickrudno, he dragged me into this, told him I'd show up here eventually. It can wait05:27
naliothah yes05:27
naliothour newest victim05:27
naliothoperator  :D05:27
nickrudreading over the irc stuff, I realized I had to _finally_ sign that coc thing05:28
nickrudalways wanted to have the out of, 'gee, I never saw that' :)05:28
tonyyarussonickrud: as in really commit to it, or finally read up on how?05:28
nickrudplus, I never liked the term ubuntero. Tastes bad. I forget what some of the options were, but I think I said anything but that one05:31
Madpilotit used to be "Ubuntite", I seem to recall. 'ubuntero' seems like pseudo-Spanish.05:32
nickrudgod, I hope that isn't one I spoke up for, that's worse05:33
tonyyarussoI don't remember being consulted...05:33
Madpilotsabdfl changed it a while ago to 'ubuntero'. can't recall what it was before.05:35
nickrudI wasn't consulted either. I just remember the discussion, and pushed in my 2 cents.05:36
dgjonescan i draw your attention to Ramon- in #ubuntu, the spammer from the last couple of days is back under a different name11:45
ubotuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu (Ramon-)11:47
dgjonesposting the same things as before "Do you want to read the revelation" "it involves biblical figures"11:47
MezAlpaco again?11:48
* Mez pokes Dave2 11:48
dgjonesMez, couldn't remember what nick they were using, but sounds about right11:49
Mezthat was a free shell thing he was using11:51
Alohaanyone know if kitofhwaii is still active in #ubunu-us-hi?12:46
Jack_SparrowI have not seen her in awhile12:53
TheSheepanybody know trainingday1 ?13:02
elkbuntuTheSheep, network-wide troll i think13:14
TheSheepelkbuntu: thanks13:14
ubotunixternal called the ops in #ubuntu-meeting ()13:33
nixternalpossible for me to get some ops in #ubuntu-meeting13:34
elkbuntui'm the only irc council member who doesnt have access there, so sorry13:36
nixternalnalioth: soren is looking at taking over #ubuntu-virt - I can vouch for him especially seeing as he is a MOTU Council member...anything we need to do?15:24
Seeker`Is there a "we are not a support channel, try #ubuntu" factoid?15:38
Seeker`and, if there isn't, can we have one please?15:39
ubotuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org15:39
Seeker`hmm, not hugely keen on the wording of that15:39
jussi01Seeker`: so you mean something like the opposite of !ot15:41
Seeker`I mean something like "This is not a dedicated support channel. You may have more luck getting your questions answered in #ubuntu"15:41
Seeker`we get a lot of people in -uk asking for support, and I feel that the factoid should make some statement about the channel we are in, rather than just making statements about #ubuntu15:43
naliothSeeker`: #ubuntu-uk isn't for support?15:58
Seeker`not specifically, no15:58
Seeker`we usually try to give support if it is asked for15:59
Seeker`however, we regularly get people either asking lots of questions, or particularly difficult questions (or sometimes both), at which point we direct them to #ubuntu16:00
nalioththere are only a couple of channels i feel shouldn't provide support16:04
nalioththis one is one of them16:04
naliothi think a factoid "this is not a dedicated support channel" would be kinda rude16:05
Seeker`its what we type to people regularly16:05
naliothbetter you just tell them that they've reached the extent of your support and they're more likely to find more support in #ubuntu 16:05
Jack_SparrowWhy have a Ub-uk if they are just sent here?16:06
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: huh?16:06
Jack_SparrowWhy even have a ubuntu-uk room if you are just going to send them here for help16:07
Seeker`we dont send them here, we send them to #ubuntu16:07
Jack_Sparrowyes, to ubuntu16:07
Seeker`and locos aren't just for technical support16:08
Jack_SparrowI am just trying to see the point of having the room16:08
jpatrick!uk | Jack_Sparrow 16:08
ubotuJack_Sparrow: Join us for a discussion using the Queen's English in #ubuntu-uk16:08
Jack_SparrowWhat has the queens english have to do with ubuntu16:09
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: what is the point of -es or -de?16:10
Jack_Sparrowthey get help in their language.16:10
Seeker`is that it? just support?16:10
Seeker`what about the smaller -us ones?16:11
Jack_Sparrowwe have offtopic, which is where we let an upset user spin down until he is ready to stop ranting and address the problem16:11
Seeker`-uk is mainly an offtopic-ish channel16:12
Jack_SparrowBut none of the ubuntu-countries are "chating" rooms16:12
Seeker`but there are relatively few countries with their main language as english?16:13
Jack_SparrowPerhaps it needs a new name16:13
Seeker`what is wrong with #ubuntu-uk? Being the UK loco, i think it is a relevant channel name16:14
Jack_SparrowI dont.. but we will see what everyone else thinks16:14
Seeker`what part of #ubuntu-uk is not relevant?16:14
Jack_SparrowThe fact that it is not a support room16:15
Seeker`"Ever since the birth of computers, enthusiasts and fans around the world have collected together in garages, universities and pubs to talk about their interest, learn from each other and help promote their interest. Combine this with the huge popularity of Ubuntu, and you have the Ubuntu LoCo project."16:15
Seeker`from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams16:15
Seeker`LoCo teams aren't just there for support. We try to support people, but sometimes people ask questions that we do not know the answer to, or at times when there is noone is about, so we redirect them to #ubuntu16:16
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: Or are you suggesting that we have to answer all questions asked in the channel, and that directing people to another resource is somehow "wrong"16:17
Jack_SparrowYou dont seem to understand what I am saying or you are simply ignoring my point.  Mkae a room for loco16:17
Seeker`AIUI, the naming convention for ubuntu Loco team channels is #ubuntu-<iso code>16:18
Seeker`which would be, in the case of the UK, #ubuntu-uk16:18
Jack_SparrowI am done discussing this, do you have any further business in ubuntu-ops?16:18
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: Yes. I am an op. 16:19
* Seeker` points to his "+v"16:19
Jack_Sparrowwhat else did you need to discuss16:19
Seeker`I have nothing else to discuss at this time.16:19
Jack_SparrowThat was all I was asking16:19
popeythere does seem to have been an increase in people asking for support in -uk, it's true16:24
ikoniapopey: ubuntu's been a little busy of late and quite trollish I guess people try their loco16:24
popeyI'm not sure thats the case16:25
popeywe have had people tell us that #ubuntu is "too busy" sure16:25
Seeker`peopel seem to try -uk before #ubuntu16:25
popeyand we have also had people tell us "I know I'll get an answer here" - because we have some knowledgeable people hanging around16:25
ikoniathats a different perspective16:25
popeyand yes, some people come to -uk first16:25
popeyproblem is that the "locals" who lurk there often ask support questions - should we send them to #ubuntu too?16:26
popeywe generally don't16:26
ikoniaI thought one of the points of the loci's was to provide "local" support if they could16:26
ikoniais it a problem asking support questions from your local community ?16:27
popeybut for someone who just arrives out of the blue and asks for help we generally say "!support" or "this isn't a support channel", but if we've got time often we help them anyway16:27
popeyit is ikonia 16:27
popeybut if people arrive in -uk, and then ask a question and get frustrated because their question isn't answered (perhaps when we are asleep) that can be annoying for them16:27
popeyplus we get _non_ UK people arriving in -uk asking questions!16:27
ikoniayes, I can see that point of view16:28
ikoniabut thats no different from #ubuntu in that people can only answer when they are awake16:28
ikoniaif people get annoyed because someone doesn't can't answer the question, nothing you can do about that, 16:28
Seeker`but #ubuntu is "staffed" 24/716:28
ikoniathats just "them"16:28
popeyof course it's different16:28
popey^ note we have periods where there is almost nobody about16:29
popeyi appreciate that #ubuntu has busy and quiet times too, but people from all around the world hang out there16:29
popeyloco teams generally have "locals" in the same timezone16:29
popey(yes I reliase some locos are large and cover many timezones, but we're talking about -uk here which spans exactly one timezone)16:30
ikoniapopey: what would you like ?16:30
popeya peaceful and caring society16:30
ikoniasorry, I meant as options to help resolve the siutaiton your saying16:30
popeyI really don't know what the answer is16:32
ikoniafair enough, it does seem a tricky situation16:32
popeyI was merely echoing and expanding upon what Seeker` said because there seemed to be some misunderstanding16:32
ikoniaahh I missed Seeker` 's comments16:33
Jack_SparrowSeeker basically wanted to change the factoid to say that -uk was not a support channel16:36
ikoniaoh, an interesting balance, hard line to walk16:36
popeyor perhaps have a new factoid16:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about notsupport - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:37
popeyubotu: !notsupport is This channel is not an official support channel. You should get a better response if you ask your question in the official support channel - #ubuntu.16:38
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, popey said: ubotu: !notsupport is This channel is not an official support channel. You should get a better response if you ask your question in the official support channel - #ubuntu.16:38
=== Mez__ is now known as Mez
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: I didnt say that it was not  asupport channel, I said that it was not a dedicated support channel16:41
ikoniaSeeker`: I think thats a key word, dedicated, I've had some great support discussions on there, but there is a lot of off-support topic banter16:41
ikoniawhat is he official description of uk16:42
Jack_SparrowIt also seems they wont stop the ot to anser a question unless it is from one of their regulars16:42
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: Have you spent any time in -uk?16:43
Jack_SparrowTalked with a few who have...16:43
Jack_Sparrowthey get bounced to ubuntu16:44
Seeker`so you are making statements about what we do in the channel without actually visiting...thats great16:44
Jack_SparrowThere are always the logs 16:44
Seeker`we try to help people if we can. There is only a certain amount of help we can give in a relatively small channel, espcially as people have work / studying to be doing - noone is obliged to spend their time giving support. If it looks like noone can solve the problem we send them off to #ubuntu16:45
Jack_SparrowAnd I do speak from experience.. I get the people you bounce because you wont take the time16:45
ikoniaperhaps - and this is a BIG perhaps, a few of the regulars from #ubuntu could hang out to handle support requests specificly in -uk or other locos ?16:46
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: I'm sorry, I didn't realise that by being part of -uk I signed up to a contract to do x hours of support a week16:46
Seeker`if I know an answer, I will give it. If I'm not sure and noone else is saying anything, I will refer them to #ubuntu. Can you suggest a better procedure?16:47
jussi01Hmmm, I would prefer to see a factoid which said something like, This channel can be a bit quiet at times, you could also try #ubuntu the forums etc16:47
jussi01kind of like the !night factoid16:48
Jack_Sparrowrobot: also, this isn't a support channel.16:49
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: ?16:49
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: Ok, that may have been worded incorrectly16:49
Jack_Sparrow<Seeker`> popey: I dont think it really matters - there isn't usually anything other than chat in here anyway16:51
Jack_SparrowWe can go on and on..16:51
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: And? Its the truth, there bulk of what goes on in the channel is chat16:52
Jack_SparrowI'll leave for others to decide, you know my opinion.16:52
Seeker`However, the issue is that we get questions that we cant answer, and all I wanted was a factoid that suggests they may get more hlep if they ask in #ubuntu16:52
popey16:45:38 <+Jack_Sparrow> And I do speak from experience.. I get the people you bounce because you wont take the time16:53
popeywont or perhaps _cant_16:53
Jack_SparrowMy question is.. cant answer or cant be bothered to answer16:53
popeywhy are you being so harsh to us16:53
popeythis is quite unnecessary16:53
Jack_SparrowBouncing people that go there for help is also harsh.16:54
popeyno, it helps them16:54
popeyhelps them to get a channel that has a boatload of eyeballs on it16:54
popeywe have a tiny channel with only a few people16:54
popeyso would provide a lower quality of service to people asking questions16:54
Jack_SparrowIt seems you dont bother unless it is one of your mates..16:55
popeyyou're wrong16:55
popeysomeone is being helped in there right now16:55
popeysomeone we have never seen before16:55
Jack_SparrowI  have the logs handy, I can go look for another example16:56
popeywhat are you trying to achieve with this Jack_Sparrow ?16:56
* Seeker` feels he is being persecuted because he cannot answer every single support question asked of him instantly16:56
popeyare you trying to highlight how bad the ubuntu-uk loco team is?16:56
popeytake a look at the logs for last weekend. the channel was pretty quiet all day probably because the weather in the UK was good, so people were out busy with real life16:57
Jack_SparrowNOt at all, there are some very talented people in the UK16:57
popeyif people come along during that day they'd get little support16:57
popeyand thats because they come to the wrong place16:57
popeywe never refuse to help people on our mailing list because there's a good critical mass of people who can help16:58
popeyso problems rarely go unanswered16:58
popeybut on irc where people _expect_ fast responses, we just _can't_ do that16:58
Jack_SparrowSeeker`: I have no problem with someone not knowing the answer and politely refer them... 16:58
popeyJack_Sparrow: what _do_ you have a problem with then?16:58
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: Oh, and your quote from robot was quite heavily edited. You  missed out the " If you dont get a response here, try #ubuntu"16:59
Seeker`note the *if you dont get a response here*16:59
popeywe almost _always_ say to people "this isn't a support channel, try #ubuntu" and then go on to help them anyway!17:00
popeyJack_Sparrow: what are you trying to achieve by critisising the way we operate our channel?17:00
Jack_SparrowIf you are refusing to support ubuntu, then why have ubuntu in the name.  But after looking through a fair number of pages you do more support than I was ginving you credit for17:04
popey_again_ we aren't refusing support, but i can see that is a semantic argument nobody will win. we merely refer people to someone they would be more _likely_ to get an answer17:05
Jack_SparrowI do have personal experience from users that were not helped and in their opinion were just forwarded on without even being asked what the quesition was.17:06
popeywhat their question is is quite often irrelavent17:07
popeydoesn't matter if it's a video card, network, desktop or whatever issue17:07
popeyif nobody is around who can help, why bother getting their hopes up?17:07
popeyI can see I am not going to convince you of what I know to be true, so I am going to give up in frustration.17:08
Jack_SparrowIt just gives the impression that that channel is a glorified boys club... and nothing to do with ubuntu17:08
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: I know that if noone has said anything in the past couple of hours other than "hi" the chances of anyone getting support in the channel is low17:08
mc44Jack_Sparrow: maybe you should join a loco channel for a while before explaning to other people how they should be run17:09
Jack_SparrowI will let others decide the issue.17:09
popeyI have my irc window open all damn day. I am at work, where I am paid for doing a job. I can't just drop everything and help people, I just flat out can't17:10
popeyno, I wont17:10
popeyI refuse to help people when I need to put food on the table.17:10
Tm_Tpopey: agreed :))17:10
popeyif you have a problem with that then I suggest you get back down to planet earth!17:10
Jack_SparrowBut you can take time during work to chat with mates?17:10
popeysometimes, yes17:10
popeysometimes, no17:10
Jack_SparrowThought so17:11
popeyoh ffs17:11
popeyyou're trolling now17:11
popeylook, I can type something and walk away for half an hour and my friends will still be there17:11
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: I see your point, but, still, popey I mostly right, it might not be the most kindest way for the person needing help, but right it is17:11
popeysomeone who needs help usually needs things answered there and then17:11
popeythey woudl think it rude of me to walk away 17:11
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: Support is different, You can drop in and out of chat easily. Once you start helping someone you have comitted to helping them through to the end of the problem17:11
popeyif I have a meeting at 12:00 at work I am _not_ going to start helping someone at 11:5817:12
popeyyet I might say something to a friend at 11:59:59 before I walk away from my desk17:12
popeyI fail to understand how you don't get that, especailly clearly being someone so familiar with irc17:12
Seeker`If I am talking to popey about something and he says brb and deosn't ansswer any more, thats fine because its just casual chat, but you can't just walk away from support and leave them dangling17:12
popeyfact is that nobody can see what I am doing whilst I am sat here, none of you know what else is going on in my life whilst I am helping someone or indeed chatting to someone17:13
popeyso to make massive assumptions as you are is just madness17:13
Tm_TSeeker`: "put your feet to electric cable, yes, that way, now take this cord, don't let it get too low or you die... oops, dinner, see you tomorrow, bye!" x)17:14
Seeker`Tm_T: :P17:14
popeyreminds me of a sketch - I think it was Jasper Carrot..17:14
Seeker`its like putting a pint of beer on the back of each of a persons hands and walking away17:15
popey"I always seem to wake up to my alarm clock radio in the middle of sentences.... 'So if you live in birmingham and have bought some of these, don't eat them!'"17:15
jdongpopey: lol17:15
Jack_SparrowPersonally I would rather see them kill off ubuntu-uk rather than have people go there thinking they will get support17:15
popeyJack_Sparrow has spoken17:16
popeyGet rid of the UK!17:16
Seeker`excuse me, but wtf17:16
popeyhow on _earth_ did you get ops with that attitude?17:16
popey"Your channel is worthless, it must die"17:16
mc44Jack_Sparrow: them? also, you know theres just about a loco channel for every US state?17:16
naliothgentlemen. let's rein in the horses17:16
popeynalioth: fair enough17:17
Tm_Tnalioth: horses? where? I'm hungry!17:17
Jack_SparrowTaco Bell17:17
naliothJack_Sparrow: nah, horsemeat is too expensive for them.  they use soymeat mostly17:18
* popey feels a blog post coming on17:18
Jack_Sparrowmcc44 Oh, and too funny comparing the entire UK to a US state17:18
mc44Jack_Sparrow: you know california has about the population of the UK?17:19
Jack_SparrowNot for long, two huge earthquales yesterday17:19
ikoniaguys heads up on randon_nick in #ubuntu as a possible ban dodger17:24
ikoniarandom_nickname sorry 17:24
=== Mez_ is now known as Mez
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=== foodoo is now known as AndrewB
Jack_Sparrowone sec17:29
jpatrickArM-eye thrown out of #k17:58
ubotunosrednaekim called the ops in #kubuntu ()18:00
naliothjpatrick: you kicked him for a greeting?18:01
jpatricknalioth: he's that guy^18:01
* ikonia is "the man" 18:02
jpatricknalioth: he's spammed #k, -meeting, and -devel now 18:03
naliothjpatrick: as arm-eye or other ?18:03
jpatricknalioth: yes18:03
Meznalioth, it's alpaco - he's been doing it for about a week now18:04
ikoniaheads up on doris - looks like a bot offender "ciao !list !list !list /part" patton18:37
jussi01ikonia: yeah, in #k also18:38
jussi01ikonia: looks like he/she was looking for the italian channel. 18:38
ikoniabeen in #ubuntu under differnt nicks a few time18:38
ikonianormal pattern is to try to batter the bot18:39
jussi01I gave !it and he/she went away18:39
ikoniaahhh good18:39
ikoniagone out of ubuntu too18:39
PriceChildpopey, Seeker` just read the backlog.....18:46
PriceChildThankyou Gary.18:47
PriceChildJack_Sparrow, I've just read the backlog in this channel.18:48
PriceChildI'm unsure what the hell just happenned?!18:48
Jack_Sparrowyes, quite a session18:48
Jack_SparrowMy side.. simple18:49
Jack_SparrowI had had a couple of people that went to the uk room for support and were rudely bounced without even getting to ask their questiom18:49
PriceChildLoCo channels are for LoCos. This is whatever they want. ie discussing events etc. etc. Many LoCos do support because their language is not English.18:49
PriceChildrudely? #ubuntu is the official support channel... and its in English?18:50
Jack_SparrowUnderstood... but they felt they were treated pooorly18:50
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: how they got treated poorly then?18:50
Jack_Sparrowand felt it reflected badly upon ubuntu in general.  How many ubuntu-countries do not provide support18:51
PriceChild* Topic for #ubuntu-uk is: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is logged | Ubuntu FAQ: http://help.ubuntu.com/community CommonQuestions | Pastebin http://pastebin.ubuntu-uk.org/ | Next Meeting TBA | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/IdeasPool |  For official support channel please use #ubuntu  | Be nice or i.u2701u263b.eu18:51
PriceChildIts a bit rude to join a channel and not read the topic?18:51
Tm_TPriceChild: it is18:51
naliothhow many new users even are aware of a topic?18:52
Tm_Tnot many, so polite way is to tell them nicely the existence18:52
Jack_SparrowHow many people did we have to tell about flash althought it was in the topic18:52
PriceChildits the first thing they see upon joining a channel... if they don't read it then they get told again?18:52
PriceChildThe point is... what is in the topic *is* the channel policy.18:53
Tm_Tanyway, if people are directed politely to correct channel, who poorly treated then?18:53
PriceChildIt sounds like no-one at the time knew the answer... so they were redirected?18:53
Jack_SparrowWe had the situation yesterday where we had a ubuntu-room that was disrespectful and the room was removed..18:53
Jack_Sparrowemma is the case in point18:53
jussi01we have the !topic factoid18:54
PriceChildI don't think that is a good analogy Jack_Sparrow.18:55
PriceChild#ubuntu-uk aren't trolls.18:55
Jack_SparrowHow many ubuntu-(list any country ) room do not provide support18:56
PriceChildNo idea.18:56
Garybut we do Jack_Sparrow often, just not all the time18:56
PriceChildNormally the primary channel... like #ubuntu-es or #ubuntu-pt, but not countries speaking the same language for example.18:57
Jack_Sparrowgary, understood, I looked at the logs.18:57
PriceChildThe point is... they're not going to push people away if they know the answer and have the time.18:57
Jack_Sparrowoh but they do18:57
PriceChildBut it people want to give support and have the time, surely they're going to help in #ubuntu?18:57
Jack_Sparrowthey said so18:57
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: log?18:57
Jack_Sparrowthey said they dont even want to know the question18:57
Jack_Sparrowlog of this room earlier18:58
PriceChildbecause they don't have the time/don't want to help?18:58
Tm_Tjust arguing without the real evidence is pointless18:58
PriceChildfair enough? #ubuntu is the official support channel and its mentioned in the topic18:58
Jack_SparrowTm_T: their admission should be adequate18:58
PriceChildI don't see anything wrong with them admitting that.18:58
Jack_SparrowI tried to drop the subject repeatedly18:59
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: sure, but when we are talking about small finesse, it's not enough to say "yes" or "no"18:59
PriceChildNot from what I've read.18:59
Tm_TPriceChild: hug me18:59
PriceChild!pony | Tm_T No you can't have a hug,19:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pony - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:00
Jack_SparrowI left the channel several times to try and let it drop19:00
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: anyway, I see your point very well, but, if they were not treated poorly but just like to make noise out of it, well, meh19:00
PriceChildOk well then lets leave it there.19:00
GaryI just typed a long ramble, but it is I feel not needed.19:00
PriceChildGary, was it in the countryside?19:00
Tm_TGary: shove it to my backyard19:00
Jack_SparrowI just finished 4 miles along the lake to cool off19:00
jpatrickFor the record: Topic for #debian-uk: This *REALLY* is not a *Debian* support channel. | <will-h> Gentoo is, I'm afraid, simply an OS for child-molestors. | http://wiki.earth.li/FOSDEM200819:01
Gary4 miles?  walking/cycling/running/flying?19:01
no0ticsorry for join/quit spamming19:01
Jack_SparrowDragged by Akita19:01
PriceChildno0tic, you will be ;)19:01
* Tm_T hugs Jack_Sparrow 19:01
Garyakita = doggy?19:01
Jack_SparrowSorry for all the hassle..19:01
Jack_Sparrowyep cute dog.. BIG dog19:02
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: thanks for all the hassle19:03
Jack_SparrowI will not say another word on the subject, if I hear a complaint about it I will simply refer them upline19:03
Gary [monty python] I wish to make a complaint [/monty python]19:04
Jack_SparrowTake my wife ..please.. Rodney Dangerfield19:05
PriceChildI always look forward to each xkcd... but this one... :(19:07
Jack_SparrowWhat is xkcd?19:07
PriceChildJack_Sparrow, look at the previous one quickly to cheer you up19:10
Jack_SparrowMuch better...19:10
Jack_SparrowMy Akita has killed every squirrel in the area..19:11
Garywhat make and model is your dog?19:12
Tm_Tgood dog!19:12
Jack_SparrowWhen she was a pup I almost gave her away, I have never seen a more viscious animal in my life19:12
Jack_SparrowSquirrels are just rats with good PR19:12
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: you haven't seen me then19:12
Jack_SparrowTm_T: we can hit the bars together, 6'3 265 here19:13
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: what numbers are those?19:13
Jack_SparrowI lie.. 28119:13
Jack_Sparrowmy height and weight19:13
Garyheight in feet/inches and weight in pounds19:14
Tm_T...any possibility to have them in SI format?19:14
Jack_SparrowI was having a fat day last wek at the doc and I had my shoes on.. 281.19:14
Jack_SparrowCall it 275 wearing nothing but pride19:15
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: and size doesn't matter19:15
Tm_TI can still eat you without my half-rotten hands19:15
Jack_Sparrow:)  yea, but you will scream when I claw my way out your other end19:16
Tm_Tno I won't19:16
Jack_SparrowAre you trying to make a point here.. 19:17
Tm_Tyes, though it ran away19:18
Jack_Sparrownot to worry, I'll buy you a beer one of these days19:18
PriceChildHey nickrud.19:33
nickrudHi PriceChild 19:33
ubotuCpudan80 called the ops in #ubuntu (Bladder)19:54
PriceChildthanks nalioth 19:56
PriceChildnickrud, i'll add you to !ops19:56
nickrudPriceChild: thanks.19:56
Tm_Tglad I'm not in it19:56
Jack_SparrowGood choice PriceChild..19:56
* Tm_T hides19:57
PriceChildTm_T, do you have access?19:57
Tm_TI do19:57
nickrudtrust me, I'm gonna be very slow on the trigger for quite some time19:57
PriceChildyou do... Tm_T do you want putting on ops?19:57
Tm_TPriceChild: I have !ops call in hillight19:57
PriceChildTm_T, you didn't answer the question :)19:57
PriceChildnickrud, here's something special for you:19:57
PriceChildnickrud, http://www.kaarsemaker.net/software/chanserv/19:58
Tm_Tthus said, no, I don't think it's needed, I get calls anyway when I'm there :))19:58
nickrudPriceChild: talked to nalioth last night about useful stuff, got that already :)19:58
PriceChildah okies :)19:58
nickrudPriceChild: anything else you think will be useful, or just general guidelines that haven't made it to the wiki yet?19:59
Tm_Tjust remember this, I am the Overseer19:59
* Tm_T hides19:59
PriceChildnickrud, you've read the operator guidelines right?19:59
* nickrud wonders when dennis changed his nick19:59
jpatrickPriceChild: man, what is with this init stuff20:00
PriceChildjpatrick, pardon?20:00
nickrudPriceChild: yes, first thing. 20:00
jpatrickPriceChild: in #u20:00
PriceChildoh they're still talking abut it20:00
PriceChildnickrud, that's about it tbh, most things are now automated what with the floodbots and all.20:01
PriceChildnickrud, do you know the ubuntu irc council/20:01
nickrudPriceChild: just the general stuff. Looked it up on launchpad as well20:01
nickrudso far, the only annoying thing is seeing all the part/join messages again. Fiddling with colors for contrast will help I guess20:04
PriceChildI like xchat's defaults tbh20:06
PriceChildthe light green and brown don't stick out.20:06
sharperguyAnyone mind telling me how long I've been banned for from #ubuntu?20:08
naliothnickrud: you'll seen learn to ignore the joins/parts/quits except when looking for info20:08
PriceChildOne moment please sharperguy.20:09
PriceChildsharperguy, 3 days.20:12
PriceChildsince you've been banned20:12
sharperguyWhat I meant to ask is, how long will the ban last?20:13
PriceChildWe don't usually put definitive lengths on bans. They've either removed once the banlist is full, or after an appeal if we can see a change in attitude.20:14
sharperguyHmm well I usually try to help people in #ubuntu while I'm there asking a question myself if possible20:15
PriceChildsharperguy, do you remember what you were banned for?20:15
sharperguyI was just feeling depressed and typed an offensive word that day and nothingelse20:15
sharperguyand by nothing else i mean thats what I typed, I don't mean that it wasnt bad20:15
PriceChildright after a flooding attack20:16
sharperguywas it?20:16
PriceChildjust a minute or so yes20:16
sharperguyOh I remember someone saying something about it actually but I wasn't really relating it to that20:18
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
PriceChildLjL, any chance of stopping the floodbots muting ubotu?20:50
PriceChildLjL, lag just caused all his messages come through at once.20:51
LjLPriceChild: well, that happens sometimes, but when it happens should it not be muted?20:52
LjLi muted it manually sometimes when that happened20:52
PriceChildI'm not sure, in the case just then it wasn't necessary imo.20:52
PriceChildI would have thought if it gets bad, ubotu would flood off?20:52
LjLthat's pretty unlikely20:53
LjLPriceChild: however ubotu sent just 4 lines didn't it20:54
LjLah i know why that is20:54
naliothtwo major servers are about to be rebooted.20:55
naliothin five minutes or so20:55
LjLoh wonderful20:55
LjLon-join in #ubuntu: [22:00:20] [Notice] -L3W1S- Welcome To #ubuntu LjL-Kubrick! To see what bot modes are on, please type !status.21:00
LjLa bot21:01
jussi01oh. got you21:02
naliothnixternal: you about?21:08
LjLnalioth: rebooting or what?21:11
* Tm_T dies21:12
naliothLjL: something like that21:13
LjL... anytime soon?21:13
naliothshould have been 15 minutes ago21:13
LjLwasn't there any split21:14
naliothmaybe it will be in 9 hours and 45 minutes21:14
LjLstill problems with utc haven't you :P21:14
naliothno, i was going off a statement of "reboot in 10"21:17
naliothso if it wasn't 10 minutes, it must be 10 hour21:17
sorenHi, guys. I'm trying to take over #ubuntu-virt. The current owner seems to be MIA (chanserv says he registered it over a year ago and never came back).21:23
Seeker`does everyone get noticed before a server reboot?21:24
naliothSeeker`: only those users on the affected server21:26
naliothsoren: the chanown has not been gone long enough for us to drop the channel21:27
naliothsoren: chanserv does not keep track of users, nickserv does21:27
soren22:10:37 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)-      Contact: fernando, last seen: 1 year 1 week 2 days (9h 23m 12s) ago21:27
sorenI just thought it asked nickserv for that info.21:27
sorenSo we're stuck with a channel that is outside our control? I guess it's ok if that's the policy, I'd just like to have a straight answer if that's the case.21:28
Seeker`nalioth: but isn't everyone affected due to the netsplit that happens?21:28
soren..and I'll come up with an #ubuntu-somethingelsethatmakessense21:28
sorennalioth: Do you have access to fernando's contact info? The fernando that's currently on is clearly not the right one.21:29
naliothsoren: what is #ubuntu-virt, anyway?21:30
sorenUbuntu channel about virtualisation21:30
naliothah yes, the reboots were scheduled for 30 minutes ago, LjL 21:31
naliothsomething is delaying them21:31
PriceChildsoren, to do with development or support?21:33
naliothsoren: is there a team for this?21:34
sorenunsurprisingly named ubuntu-virt21:34
sorenhttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-virt for your clicking pleasure.21:34
sorenI'm the "Ubuntu Virtualisation guy", and I've no clue who fernando is...21:35
naliothmost likely a channel squatter21:36
sorenOr a well-meaning user that just didn't stick around. Don't know (and don't care much).21:36
sorenI suppose that might fall in the "channel squatter" category as well.21:37
sorenHmm... Taking over #ubuntu-server was much easier than this :)21:37
sorenAnything else I can do?21:47
ogrehey dccfix bug fixed. test plz22:02
PriceChildogre, please read the instructions in the topic of #ubuntu-read-topic22:02
ogrePriceChild:  I did22:02
ogrei changed to port 8001\22:02
PriceChildogre, read the next bit please.22:02
ogrethe "test me" part?22:03
ogrei did that22:03
ogreno luck22:03
PriceChildogre, you didn't try it.22:03
ogrePriceChild:  yes i did22:03
PriceChildogre, please try again22:03
ogrelet me retry22:03
naliothsoren: has #ubuntu-server gotten too busy?22:06
ompaulogre, please take this channel off your auto join the bot can deal with you correctly you are not doing what it says in the topic for that channel22:07
sorennalioth: Not per se.22:07
sorenHang on, in a meeting.22:07
ogrehttp://img505.imageshack.us/img505/50/screenshotmk5.png like this?22:10
ompaulogre, that looks right you need to leave the server when you do that22:11
ogreompaul:  i did twice :(22:11
ompaulogre, let me check it 22:11
PriceChildogre, close xchat completely, then try again22:11
ogreahhh i bet thats it22:11
ogre1 sec guys. thanks alot :)22:11
naliothogre: that is it.22:11
ompaulogre, you need to depart and rejoin that is what that means 22:11
PriceChildif you edit that tab, just getting disconnected, it tries to reconnect using original settings22:12
ogremakes sense22:12
ompaulogre, have a nice day22:12
ogreI just wanted to say ubuntu changed my life before I go. thanks alot guys22:12
PriceChildI thought xchat had had that changed in defaults... someone said yesterday it wasn't either... *looks for a bug report*22:13
Piciman.... that is one ugly theme.22:13
ompaulso why still an ogre ;-) but anyway I digress22:13
* ompaul sents Pici to work in a factoid factory22:13
* ompaul runs22:13
PriceChildThat's xchat-gnome that he's using isn't it.22:14
sorennalioth: There are a few upstreams that want to help out. I'd like to have a channel free of all the other server stuff to annoy them as little as possible. Also, several upstream virtualisation channels get a lot of ubuntu questions, and I'd like to direct them to #ubuntu-virt instead of #ubuntu-server. This *will* make #ubuntu-server too busy.22:14
PriceChildBut I'm pretty sure I checked xchat's source the other day and that had 6667 as the default so I'll file a bug against both... might even try and submit a patch.22:14
ompaulPriceChild, is it really worth it - if a user has bad kit they get sorted in 9 out of 10 cases?22:15
ompaulPriceChild, does 8001 break dc/c on people22:15
PiciIt shouldnt. iirc, dc.c uses other ports.22:16
PriceChildompaul, a lot of the other clients have been "fixed", and is dcc really necessary? This doesn't even cause any adverse effects does it?22:16
ompaulPriceChild, it is very useful if you are me and topli and want to discuss documents and research - which as certain topics will testify to we both do on a semi regular basis22:17
naliothompaul: an actual dcc event doesn't use any standard irc ports22:17
sorennalioth: Besides, virtualisation is not a server specific thing at all.22:17
ompaulsoren,  not server specific - I think that is a wrong argument, case in point I run massive servers with desktop software on them, which I then serve over xdmcp ... so are they desktops or servers ;-) 22:20
sorenompaul: I fail to see your point. nalioth (for whatever reason) asked if #ubuntu-server had gotten too busy.22:21
ompaulsoren, I was just wondering (more as an aside than anything else) how it is not server specific, I always think of it as a server function22:23
* soren is failing to see why he has to get dragged through this just because some dude registered a channel a year ago and then went on his merry way22:24
sorenompaul: People use it to run Windows if they need some apps that don't have linux counterparts.22:24
sorenompaul: for example.22:24
sorenompaul: That's not very serverlike at all, IMO.22:26
ompaulsoren, I see what you are saying, I would content other wise, but that is a separate matter22:30
sorenOr our QA people use it to verify bugs in older version of Ubuntu.22:30
soren..or people could use it to test new versions of UBuntu before they upgrade..22:31
sorenGee, I sure wish there was a channel I could use where this would be on-topic... 22:31
* soren is also failing to see how this can be anything but an open-and-shut case22:33
Seeker`was that the reboot?22:52
PriceChildWooohooo we're -J22:52
PriceChildhmm that was a split rather than death :/22:53
PriceChildSeeker`, I "thought" that a reboot would cause a death, and so staggered rejoin rather than what looks like a netsplit above.22:55
PriceChildgah read those as bans, not removes22:56
sorenCould you at least fill me in on what the problem seems to be? Does it need to be discussed in another forum? Are you blocked on someone else actually doing it? Do I need to prove that I have anything to do with Ubuntu's virtualisation efforts? Do I need to hunt down fernando? Should I just give up? I don't mind waiting if I just know what I'm waiting for.22:57
PriceChildsoren, sorry for the delay. nalioth is currently away and he is the one able to change ownership of the channel.23:00
ompaulPriceChild, will I chance removing that ban?23:01
PriceChildompaul, go +z first?23:02
PriceChildand +o23:02
PriceChildi don't see anything23:02
ompaulPriceChild, I will now unban that party - psicobra23:02
PriceChildsoren, We will be able to make a decision when he returns. Sorry for the hassle.23:03
sorenPriceChild: Thanks.23:03
nosrednaekimhey, could someone check if what _Freez_ just posted in #kubuntu is dangerous?23:13
Seveasnosrednaekim, paste it here please23:13
Seveas(i'm not in #k)23:13
nosrednaekim[18:11] <_FReeZ> sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mem will free up your RAM and speed up your running system, execute it before any memory-hungy program and benchmark how many times faster it runs23:13
Seveaskill that bastard23:13
nosrednaekimsounded bad to me...23:13
Seveasit's similar to sudo rm -rf :)23:14
Seveasthough I think /dev/mem is protected from this in ubuntu nowadays23:14
LjLSeveas: well it's not that nefarious23:14
nosrednaekimwrite random stuff to memory?23:14
LjLstill not particularly nice either23:14
PriceChildHe just hit #ubunt23:14
Seveasnosrednaekim, all zero bytes23:14
LjLnosrednaekim: no, random would be /dev/urandom23:14
nosrednaekimah.... well, same effect ;)23:14
* PriceChild wonders if anything extra special could be done for him23:15
Seveasrm -rf /dir/with/4million/files23:15
Seveastakes a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time23:15
Seveastalking serveral days already :)23:15
Seeker`Seveas: that is a long time23:16
LjLPriceChild: well, it's not like he wasn't in #gentoo as well23:17
ompaultomaw, ^^ care to have achat 23:18
tomawI can look23:20
PriceChildsoren, /msg chanserv info #ubuntu-virt 23:25
sorenPriceChild: Lovely. Thanks very much!23:26
sorenPriceChild: Hm... Still no access.23:28
PriceChildsoren, /msg chanserv identify #ubuntu-virt 23:29
PriceChildsoren, /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-virt add soren 1023:29
sorenPriceChild: Oh, clever. Thanks muchly.23:29
PriceChildsoren, change that to /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-virt add soren 3023:29
PriceChildwill be more handy23:30
LjLPriceChild: not really. /cs identify is the sudo of freenode :)23:30
sorenI went straight for the full monty and chose 49.23:30
PriceChildLjL, hehe maybe23:30
LjLwell, *one* sudo of freenode23:30

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