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tjaaltonbryce: looks good. should there be a "clone" bullet too?08:09
tjaaltonah :)08:09
bryceit was getting clunky to have a bullet for that and making the code crufty08:10
brycexrandr internally treats "clone" as a kind of relation08:10
bryceso the code ends up cleaner this way.  I hope users don't get confused by it..08:10
tjaaltonbtw, did you have something for xorg-server that's not committed yet?08:10
brycehmm, maybe08:11
* bryce thinks08:11
tjaaltonthe dix-patch08:11
brycethere's a poulsbo patch, but I don't think it's going into hardy proper08:11
tjaaltonI mean the one that's already uploaded ;)08:12
tjaalton* Add a patch from Matthew Garrett to fix touchscreen issues with DIX.08:12
bryceis that not already checked in?08:13
tjaaltonI can't see it08:13
bryceah, I committed but didn't push08:15
brycecheck if you see it now08:15
tjaaltonyep, it's there no08:15
brycesorry about that08:15
brycetjaalton: btw, we had our platform team meeting just now (on #ubuntu-meeting)08:15
tjaaltonno problem, that happens08:16
tjaaltonok, what did you discuss?08:16
brycehere I'll pastebin for you08:16
tjaaltonI can also check the irclogs08:17
tjaaltonyeah, I'll contact cjwatson08:18
brycethe xrandr gui now correctly detects my dual screen setup :-) :-)08:19
bryce(I'm still too chicken to click Apply on anything... have to click that tomorrow though...)08:22
tjaaltonbryce: what's the "hardy-console" stuff?08:29
brycewas adding i18n support to hardy-console08:29
tjaaltonah, ok08:29
tjaaltonyes, I see the problems all the time :)08:32
tjaaltonanyway, I'll ask colin about input-hotplug now08:32
brycemaybe wait until after the meeting in #ubuntu-meeting is done; he'll have more attention then08:33
tjaaltonah ok08:33
bryceok, over now08:40
bryceheya seb12808:40
bryceseb128: btw, I've got a patch for gnome-control-center coming in a few days (potentially after FF)08:41
bryceseb128: http://bryceharrington.org/files/screenrez_9.png08:41
seb128hey bryce08:45
seb128bryce: do you work with upstream or at least discuss the feature and UI with them?08:54
seb128bryce: is that an user only config or does it change xorg.conf etc?08:54
tjaaltonuser only08:54
bryceit does not change xorg.conf08:54
bryceseb128: I spoke briefly with keithp about the changes to libxrandr but haven't spoken with gnome yet - getting the libxrandr changes accepted upstream will be a prerequisite for gnome to accept the changes08:55
bryceseb128: however I did see in a discussion on gnome-control-center several months ago by glatzor about displayconfig-gtk that upstream basically said it had to be redone the way I'm doing it08:56
seb128but please discuss the UI, etc before doing the code08:56
seb128because I don't want another non trivial patch than we will have to keep for ages because we didn't discuss it with upstream before and they disagree on how to do the changes08:56
brycehmm, well if you suspect they're going to reject it, perhaps I should just package it as a standalone tool09:00
seb128oh, no, I don't say they will09:00
seb128I say to better discuss the feature and UI now based on your mockup to make sure that's something we agree on09:00
seb128they might have good comments09:01
seb128and so we make sure we don't waste energy to do something which will not be accepted09:01
seb128that's one of the complain we get from upstream sometimes, that distro do things on the side and then send everything upstream which rather than discuss it first with them to do it in a way which will work for everybody09:05
mvowhere is the new code currently? in some bzr branch?09:07
bryceseb128: well they also complain we don't contribute things in the first place.  they ought to be happy that we're redoing it in a fashion that can be incorporated09:08
brycemvo, yeah09:08
seb128bryce: ok, let's say we disagree on that then, that's alright09:11
seb128they are happy we contribute09:11
seb128though sometime that leads to thing they will not accept because they disagree on the implementation and it's really lot of work for us to maintain the changes in a distro specific way09:11
seb128and they receive bugs which are distro specific, etc09:12
seb128and that creates tensions where we could discuss thing first to make sure that's done in a way they will accept the change09:12
brycewell, I worry they would just ask for a whole bunch of changes which would require a lot more time to have to be put into it09:15
brycedesign by committee, etc.09:15
seb128I didn't say they have to accept the changes now09:15
seb128but just make sure we go in a way which will make the patch acceptable for upstream at some point09:16
seb128maybe not this cycle but the next one, that's fine09:16
bryceyeah, like I said the libxrandr changes have to be done first anyway09:17
mvobryce: its cool that you extend the display capplet for this, that is the right approach09:18
seb128still if anybody wants to send a mail to the control-center list with the mockup and saying we plan to work on something like that once those libxrandr changes are done they that would be welcome09:19
seb128we could get UI comments from them already, etc09:19
seb128sorry if it seems I'm not happy about the changes, that's not the case, I think that's great too ;-)09:19
seb128I just know I'm the one who will have to update the patch every 2 weeks when GNOME roll new tarballs09:20
seb128and merging glade changes is not fun, I already do it for the desktop effects thing ;-)09:20
brycehmm, yeah I understand09:21
brycefwiw, there's no glade changes in this, just plain gtk code09:21
seb128ah good, I didn't look at the capplet recently and I though they were all using glade nowadays09:22
seb128should make the work easier ;-)09:22
brycethis one appears to not have been touched in years09:22
brycewell, ok I'll send an email09:25
seb128bryce: thanks09:28
bryceemailed.  sent them this link - http://bryceharrington.org/files/screenrez_a.png09:52
brycebleah, I got an AMD meeting in 6 hrs.  time for bed.  night.09:53
tjaaltonnight :)09:53
seb128bryce: thanks and good night10:03
bryceseb128: seen the responses on gnomecc?16:46
seb128see why you should mail upstream first?16:48
brycehmm, I swore I checked that site before I started, and there wasn't much there besides the mockups16:49
brycein any case, that code doesn't appear to be in a shippable state16:49
seb128maybe they have just updated it before replying16:49
bryceseb128: but otoh it shows that gnome intends to adopt redhat's work instead of anything we do16:50
seb128not really16:50
seb128mclasen is a redhat guys16:50
seb128but he's not a gnome-control-center maintainer16:50
seb128there is no g-c-c maintainers from redhat actually16:51
seb128so we might to decide to pick whatever is better16:51
seb128but that keeps happening between novell and redhat16:51
seb128they do their thing and after that there is always the same discussion on which one to use16:51
seb128happened with netapplet and network-manager16:51
seb128with xgl and aiglx16:52
seb128with the new clock applet thing16:52
brycehmm, in any case, looking through the code it appears they also started from the screen resolution tool but seem to have been focused less on hooking up to xrandr, and more towards some sort of dynamic monitor detection/refresh functionality16:59
brycethey seem to be missing all the xrandr 1.2 stuff16:59
seb128that's why their solution might not be the best one16:59
seb128and that's not sure upstream will use it16:59
bryceit's using glade, btw17:00
bryceok, well I'm going to press on with what I've done - it's closer to the xrandr 1.2 goals and I'm more familiar with the code17:01
bryceI'll try drawing in some of their design ideas.  maybe a merge would be feasible at some point, if the monitor auto-refresh stuff looks good17:02
seb128as said there is no redhat bias in the gnome-control-center team I think17:02
seb128so there is no reason we would not decide on the best solution17:03
bryceok, I wasn't sure of that... some of the comments made it sort of seem that way17:03
seb128no g-c-c maintainers commented yet17:03
seb128vuntz is an upstream guy, mclasen from redhat and fcrozat from mandriva17:03
bryceahh, ok17:03
brycewasn't familiar with any of the names17:03
tedgOkay guys, I have a weird problem that I have no idea how to write a bug report about.18:54
tedgIt seems that on my intel card, the output every so often dies.18:54
tedgLike seriously, just the output.18:54
tedgThe screen will go all white and if I restart X it'll stay all black.18:54
tedgX seems to be running all happy as GDM starts and even playes the login sound.18:55
tedgI don't see anything in my logs that is different when this happens.18:55
tedgIt probably only happens ever few days, maybe even a week though.18:55
tedgIs there some information I can grab at that time that'd be useful?18:55
tjaaltontedg: when did you first see this? are you running the latest driver?19:14
tedgtjaalton: Yes, I've only really run Hardy on this box.  So for the last few months.19:15
tedgtjaalton: I got the box in Dec.19:15
tjaaltontedg: does bug 139094 look similar?19:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 139094 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "white screen on intel GMA 900 graphics card " [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13909419:28
tedgtjaalton: A little, but not quite as it runs normally for days, and then breaks.  But, it might be related.19:37
tedgTheirs looks easier to reproduce ;)19:37
tjaaltonwhat chip is it? (lspci -vv |grep VGA)19:38
tedgIntel 945GM/GMS, 943/940GM19:39
tedgI'm not sure why both of those are in the lspci.19:39
tedgBut it's one string.19:39
tedgHAL reports the same.19:39
tjaaltonI'm not sure where to start debugging19:43
tedgMe neither :)19:44
tjaaltonI'll check bugs.fd.o19:44
tedgIs there someplace that I can query more information from the driver when it happens?19:44
tedgIt really feels (from a user perspective) like the output driver isn't getting set right.19:45
tedgI wonder if I log in as GDM if I can query xrandr....19:45
tedgPerhaps it's a really weird resolution/refresh rate that's confusing my LCD.19:45
tedgDoes that make sense, or is it crazy?19:46
tjaaltonhard to tell :)19:46
tjaaltondoes it gradually turn white or all of a sudden?19:47
tedgAll of a sudden.  It's only happened once or twice when I'm at the computer.19:49
brycetedg, if you put xhost + in your .xinitrc or something before starting up, you should be able to call something like DISPLAY=":0.0" xrandr19:49
tedgJust by law of averages, it seems to be mostly when I'm not at the computer :(19:49
brycethen could it be a screensaver thing?19:49
tedgbryce: Is there a way that I can do "xhost +" after X has started, like remotely?  I'm a little nervous putting xhost in xinit.19:50
tedgbryce: I don't think so, it has happened while I've been sitting there.19:50
tjaaltonhmm, right.. it could be a screensaver that triggers it19:51
tedgIt just happens very rarely.19:51
tjaaltonoh right, so if it happens while the session is active..19:51
bryceafaik, you have to run xhost from a client inside the xserver you're adjusting19:51
tedgHmm, okay.  I'll try to get some more info the next time it happens.19:52
tjaaltondo you use compiz?19:53
tedgIt doesn't happen enough that it's a real blocker, but it would make people think "Ubuntu is unstable" if it happened to normal users.19:53
tedgtjaalton: When it doesn't crash, yes. ;)19:53
tedgIt's not on right now because it crashed this morning.19:53
tjaaltonso it could be a bug in the mesa/dri-land19:53
tedgtjaalton: Yeah, but the weird part is that it doesn't come back when I restart and GDM is running.19:54
tedgI dont' have a GDM theme that uses OpenGL.  (Hardy+1)19:54
tjaaltonok so gdm is running in the background and you can hear the drums?-)19:54
tedgYeah, I hear the drums.19:55
tedgI didn't try to login... that might be an interesting test.19:55
tjaaltonright, it's not a gpu hang then19:55
tedgI could probably login, Alt+F2 and do the xhost.19:55
tedgIt really feels like just the output module of the GPU is not there.19:55
tjaaltonI guess it's a worthy bug for upstream ;)19:56
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tedgDoes X11 use HDCP over DVI?  Could it be misnegotiating with the monitor?19:56
tjaaltonhmm, hdcp is a DRM technique ;)20:05
tjaaltonanyway, AFAIK the negotiation is done once, when the server starts or the device is plugged20:06
tedgShould be, but I was curious if witching to things like VTs and back would cause a renegotiation.20:07
tedgDRM is always a problem, I was curious if it might be here also ;)20:07
tjaaltonif restarting the server doesn't help, then it's probably not the monitor20:12
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