up_the_ironsmacd: oh ok00:00
Bodsda!enter | up_the_irons00:00
ubotuup_the_irons: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:00
up_the_ironsdanbhfive: thanks00:00
RootyRootRootW00Bodsda: thanks, but compiz, even w/o the cube is just slow enough to aggravate me till I get that graphics card00:00
Bodsdajeff1, http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread.php?t=619900:02
BodsdaRootyRootRootW00, here it is anyway     http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread.php?t=619900:02
RootyRootRootW00Bodsda: Thanks, I will look at it for the knowledge even if I can't use it:)00:02
LukeLM!help | LukeLM00:03
BodsdaRootyRootRootW00, lol,.,. ok,,.,. you could run compiz, disable all plugins but the ones needed for the wallpapers?00:03
oebAhh well, ubuntu def does not like running the live cd version on the laptop. Joy of Joys I get to try downloading the other version on Irelands wonderful broadband.00:03
jeff1Bodsda: i don't use compiz. but thanks00:03
Pimentel-ESI am incredible! \o/00:03
Bodsdajeff1, hoow have you got the wallpapaz thing without compiz?00:03
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danbhfiveoeb: how much ram do you have?00:03
tanathsometimes when i minimize a window (usually epiphany it seems), X crashes00:04
Bodsdatanath, unlucky00:04
jeff1Bodsda: it runs regularly. http://wallpapoz.akbarhome.com/00:04
Bodsdajeff1, ty,.,.cheers,.il take a look00:04
oebdanbhfive, 51200:04
ahave_AFKcan someone help me understand how to format my un used partitions?00:04
danbhfiveoeb: that _should_ be enough00:05
RootyRootRootW00BOdsda: It looks like I'm going to try that. this page has alot on it, I'm searching synaptic for wallpapoz, looks like it may run w/o Compiz00:05
Bodsdajeff1, "It works in Beryl/Compiz session"00:05
BodsdaRootyRootRootW00, http://wallpapoz.akbarhome.com/00:05
{Nathan}How can I change the metacity theme via the CLI?00:05
oebdanbhfive, it's been 'booting' for the last 30 min now. I think I'll have to try the text version installer.00:05
RootyRootRootW00Dodsda / jeffl : Thanks! am looking00:05
pike_ahave_AFK: there are a bunch of ways. if youve already created the partitions you can just format em by doing a mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda4 or whatever00:05
pike_ahave_AFK: basically you create partitions from the freespace then format those using mkfs.something to whavever format you want00:06
ahave_AFKty pike, i will search for mkfs.ntfs then00:06
trentsterhey all, I am trying to get network-manager-openvpn to work on my desktop, I have noticed that if I do not habve a wireless connection then non of the network-manager options show up in the menu...is this by design and is there any know workaround for using network-manager with wired only connections?00:06
pike_ahave_AFK: itll take alot of searching :)00:06
Ackdar_I am unable to connect to the internet. I can access my ISP via screen, but I can't use any programs. They can't seem to notice that there is an internet connection open00:06
ahave_AFKpike_, oi00:06
ahave_AFKpike_, is it not straight forward?00:07
pike_ahave_AFK: not sure how you format ntfs in linux id say youre better off letting windows do it. why do you want ntfs?00:07
wilhow do I change my default apostrophe from > ´ < to > ' < ?00:07
tanathsometimes when i minimize a window (usually epiphany it seems), X crashes00:07
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ahave_AFKpike_, i want ntfs so that i can easily access file storage on my linux box via samba00:07
* Bodsda thinks a question should end with a question mark,.,.no?00:08
pike_ahave_AFK: typically if youre using samba you just format it a linux format as the client computer doesnt really care i think00:08
ubotuGlad you made it! :-)00:08
sileniits almost working00:09
silenithanks bodsda00:09
Bodsdano probs00:09
razordeadahave_AFK: pike is right, you don't need NTFS to share stuff via Samba00:09
ahave_AFKpike_, oh?...00:09
sileninow when i type ndiswrapper -l it says bcmwl5: driver installed , device present00:09
silenii type iwconfig it says eth100:09
Bodsdathat means things r good00:09
silenilike eth1 has the things my wireless supposed to have00:09
sileniand i dont have wireless :( can someone help?00:09
razordeadahave_AFK: Samba doesn't give access to the files at a low enough level for the filesystem type to matter00:10
pike_ahave_AFK: just make it ext300:10
ahave_AFKrazordead, pike_, well shit. i should repartition my drive then.. i blocked off 80% of my drive00:10
pike_!samba | ahave_AFK00:10
ubotuahave_AFK: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:10
tatorshow do I give mysqldump permission to write to my desktop00:10
silenitators: sudo mysqldump!00:10
Bodsda!languae | ahave_AFK00:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about languae - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:10
Bodsda!language | ahave_AFK00:10
ubotuahave_AFK: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:10
Bodsdaahave_AFK, sorry bout the double, bad typing00:11
sileniim so close to having ubuntu working perfectly :(00:11
ahave_AFKnp :)00:11
tatorssileni : sudo mysqldump --no-create-info --tab=/home/andrew/Desktop nyvoter cds00:11
silenii can feel it00:11
tatorsmysqldump: Got error: 1: Can't create/write to file '/home/andrew/Desktop/cds.txt' (Errcode: 13) when executing 'SELECT INTO OUTFILE'00:11
ahave_AFKpike_, would it be easier to repartition?00:11
pike_ahave_AFK: well. if you just want to create a samba share you dont really need a seperate partition at all just a directory00:12
razordeadahave_AFK: it would be just as easy to use Gparted to delete the NTFS partition & just resize the other partition00:13
pike_ahave_AFK: maybe ive misunderstood what youre trying to do00:13
tators<tators> sileni : sudo mysqldump --no-create-info --tab=/home/andrew/Desktop nyvoter cds    <tators> mysqldump: Got error: 1: Can't create/write to file '/home/andrew/Desktop/cds.txt' (Errcode: 13) when executing 'SELECT INTO OUTFILE'00:13
ahave_AFKpike_, razordead, right now it is just unformatted space00:13
silenii was joking, im a begginer to linux00:13
silenisorry didnt mean to get your hopes up00:13
razordeadahave_AFK: then just resize the other partition to take up that space00:14
ahave_AFKrazordead, what is a good utl to do that? I am not sure if i put my swap part in the middle...00:14
tatorsHow do I give mysqldump permission to write to my desktop00:14
razordeadahave_AFK: either boot from your Ubuntu livecd or a Gparted livecd & use Gparted to do it00:15
MasterMelBodsda: it looks like my elisa install is working perfect now.. but now next problem.. NO SOUND! aaargh!.. Just  checked if the drivers were installed: they are.. I tested the sound and it gave a nice beep.. now i want to play youtube movies or in the elisa media center.. but now sound.. do you have any ideas where to look?00:15
razordeadMasterMel: is your sound from a USB device?00:16
chaosrldoes anyone know why my spreadsheet applicaitons can't save? they close whenever i want try to save, losing all data. both gnumeric and OO spreadsheet do this.00:16
tcpdumpgodtators, Check the file ownerships and permissions of the mysql data directory and the files/directories under it.00:16
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MasterMelrazorhead: yes it is form a usb device00:16
RootyRootRootW00Bodsda: how do I run the setup.py file pls?00:17
MasterMelrazordead: yes it is from an usb device00:17
razordeadMasterMel: give me a second to find you a URL00:18
thotypoushey, is there a ubuntu developers channel? :)00:18
bruenigRootyRootRootW00, python setup.py install00:18
RootyRootRootW00bruenig: Thanks!00:18
Pelohello users00:19
bruenig!hi | Pelo00:19
ubotuPelo: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:19
ahave_AFKpike_, razordead, thanks. i think i got a grasp on it now00:19
greencookieHm.. back to ubuntu after a four month Vista vacation.00:19
brueniggreencookie, not a big deal of difference00:20
greencookieno bruenig?00:20
Pelogreencookie,  you think of vista as a vacation ????00:20
razordeadMasterMel: this worked for me with USB audio http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3015147&postcount=500:20
greencookielol well I tried to make Ubuntu work for me. like 20 times!00:20
greencookieBut I've never gotten my ATI X1300 card to enable 3d00:21
HangukMigukis there any way to have rhythmbox display now playing information in commandline?00:21
MasterMelrazordead: looks good.. i'll give it a try00:21
greencookieso I had to install vista to take my mind off the problem00:21
koolkathow many people use irc for ubuntu?00:21
greencookiethat plus I'm a linux newbie, so dunno much:) but know enough:)00:21
chaosrldoes anyone know how to fix a segmentation fault on save with gnumeric?00:21
Jack_Sparrowgreencookie: If all you care to do is chat, we have a different room for that..  This room is for support00:21
Pelogreencookie,  when you have a problem with your bank , do you releave the stress by banging on your fingers with a hammer ???00:22
dward526greencookie:  ubuntu-offtopic00:22
greencookieSorry fellas. I'll go there.00:22
koolkatwhere do i go to download themes?00:23
Pelo!themes | koolkat00:23
gletobkoolkat are you using gnome00:23
dward526kkolkat:  gnome-look.org00:23
ubotukoolkat: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy00:23
D-SpairHey gang, another problem. I just tried to install the build-essential package and the packages downloaded, but the unpacking is hanging. Any ideas?00:23
HangukMigukis there any way to have rhythmbox display now playing information in commandline?00:23
greencookieI have tried the Binary How-tos for ATI but no success is there any other option to enable 3d for my ATI X1300?00:23
bruenigHangukMiguk, check rhythmbox -h for usage info, a lot of players have such things but rhythmbox being gnome and having the gnome philosophy of "don't add that feature, it will make people's head explode", it might not00:24
Pelogreencookie,  I recommend researching the problem in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org00:24
greencookieOk Pelo will do. Thanks.00:24
HangukMigukbruenig: i tried that, found nothing.  i'm wanting to display my current track in conky without having to switch to audacious or xmms, anyone know of a script?00:25
bruenigHangukMiguk, you wouldn't want to do that in that manner00:25
HangukMigukbruenig: how should i do it?00:26
bruenigHangukMiguk, your cpu will thank you00:26
koolkatwhats up00:26
bruenigwell xmms works (I believe) by writing a text file everytime it changes a track which is what those monitors use00:26
bruenigbut running rhythmbox all of the time to get that info would make your computer cry00:27
koolkatany one here from missouri?00:27
frijolieawe man, on the freshly installed Gutsy box I can't get internet connectivity via wired or wireless NIC00:27
bruenig!ot | koolkat00:27
ubotukoolkat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:27
Pelokoolkat,  this isnT' realy a meet and greet channel00:27
frijolieany ideas where to start?00:27
HangukMigukbruenig: that's the problem, i'd use xmms if it would support my AAC files00:27
HangukMigukbruenig: rhythmbox is the only one i've found to support it00:28
dward526Hanguk:  Is there not a plug in for xmms for that00:28
bruenigHangukMiguk, ok... figure something out, I am just saying rhythmbox is not viable for what you are talking about, I use sonata + mpd and conky has built in goodness for mpd00:28
HangukMigukbruenig: link me to mpd?00:28
HangukMigukor is it in apt?00:28
bruenigHangukMiguk, I don't know if ubuntu doesn't compile in aac support or something but there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to find a plethora of players which can use it seeing as most players just use one of the few codec backends which aac would be supported for00:29
bruenigHangukMiguk, it might be in apt, I don't use ubuntu00:29
SurvivormanIt's in apt00:29
BagelMasterAll the music players I have tried skip when I play files, particularly when I am opening a new page in Firefox, is there a way to rectify that?00:29
dward526HangukMiguk:  search for xmms plugin for aac00:29
HangukMigukbruenig: hmmmm, well i know my gstreamer plugins make it work. if xmms has the plugins, i could use that00:29
shawn_selig29hi guys00:30
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shawn_selig29i just installed ubuntu 7.10 on my laptop00:30
shawn_selig29can anoyne tlel me hwoot chnage sensutvuty of touch pad..cause i feel i really have to hit it to click00:30
greencookieshawn_selig29: welcome! me too! but on desktop:)00:30
shawn_selig29greencookie, ....thxs..u too....it fells good..to run somehting so fast..and viruses free00:31
shawn_selig29i dual boot vista and ubuntu00:31
Ackdar_I am unable to connect to the internet. I can access my ISP via screen, but I can't use any programs. They can't seem to notice that there is an internet connection open00:31
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dabbillI just downloaded and installed the newest wine, still nothing is working00:31
greencookieshawn_selig29: nice:)00:31
Pelodabbill, what isn'T working ?00:32
=== hoarycri2ple is now known as hoarycripple
dabbillwine wont do anything00:32
Pelodabbill,  do you know how wine works ?00:32
dabbilli was useing it about 7 hours ago00:33
dabbillrestarted my computer and now its not working00:33
Peloshawn_selig29, thismight help  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133060&highlight=touchpad+sensitivity00:33
Survivormanshawn_selig29, maybe gsynaptics may help with the touchpad00:33
muramasaOk - even though the fact I will probably be marked as a retard from this question - where do I find the ~\.xchat2 folder in linux?(or ~\.emacs)00:33
Starnestommymuramasa: they're /'s, not \'s00:34
Pelodabbill,  the latest wine 0.9.55 isn'T out yet in .deb format,  if you installed it I assume you must have compiled the source,  I suggest you installed the previous verson again and wait for it to update automaticaly00:34
muramasawell, that didn't make me look smarter, did it :-)00:34
aroonihow do i open .mid files (midi songs)00:35
ahave_AFKpike_, I am using the liveCD partitioner.. what do i need to call my mount point?00:35
MasterMelrazordead: The usb audio thing worked! Thnx man!00:35
dabbilli have tried multi versions none work00:35
greencookieWhen I enable ATI accelerated graphics driver from the Restricted Drivers panel, X crashes. What could be wrong?00:35
shawn_selig29Pelo, thxs00:35
shawn_selig29gong to try00:35
Monster_javaI am registered with nickname now but when i enter this command /msg nickserv identity <mypassword> its gives me message unknow identity, Why ?00:35
Peloarooni, open them from within rhythmbox00:35
BagelMasterAll the music players I have tried skip when I play files, particularly when I am opening a new page in Firefox, is there a way to rectify that?00:35
dabbilli have removed, purged, and installed multi times still nothing, all i can do is browse the "C" drive.... i cant even get the wine config up00:35
ph0rensicMonster_java, indentify00:35
ahave_AFKpike_, i think i just want to have it show up as a seperate drive.. my swap partition is in the way so i can not combine00:35
razordeadMasterMel: no problem, I was glad to find that fix myself... hopefully that can be fixed in the Ubuntu installer00:35
pike_ahave_AFK: anything really youll just need to make sure you create the dir when you boot back to ubuntu like sudo mkdir /media/shared or something00:36
muramasaSurvivorman, does that mean I should create one if there's no folder there already? Trying to put a python script inside the folder, so it loads each time x-chat starts00:36
ahave_AFKpike_, will it automaticly mount any ext3 partitions it sees?00:37
paul__hello I'm new to ubuntu00:37
Pelodabbill, yes, that only gets you 0.9.54 , not the very very latest which is 0.9.55 out only last week00:37
MasterMelcan ubuntu read an usb hdd? wich is formatted in NTFS?00:37
=== magical_trevsky is now known as MRDANGER
Pelohello paul__  welcome to the madhouse00:37
dabbillahh okay, well thats the last one that I installed.00:37
StarnestommyMasterMel: if you have ntfs-3g, it should be able to00:38
PeloMasterMel, yes but it wonT' write to it out of the box00:38
paul__I have a question is any one could help00:38
pike_ahave_AFK: it should i think under like /media/hda3 or whatever but may not00:38
dabbillPelo, still not working for me tho :(00:38
Pelopaul__, just ask the question and if anyone can answer they will try00:38
arooniPelo, doesnt work; got another program?00:38
Pelodabbill,  what are you trying to run on wine ?00:38
dabbillPelo, warcraft 300:38
Peloarooni, try bmp00:38
dabbillPelo, but i cant even get the wine configuration window to open00:38
Pelodabbill, what command line are you using to start it ?00:38
paul__need to install emc2 on my system, I'm not up on the linux lingo yet00:39
Pelopaul__,  what is emc2?00:39
dabbillPelo, clicking configure wine from my applications menu for 1, and second i was tryin to use the short cut made on my desktop from when i installed warcraft 3 last night00:39
Pelodabbill, open the terminal and type  winecfg00:40
dabbillPelo, exec: 29: /usr/bin/wine: not found00:40
sputnickis there any "ubuntu-reference" like "debian-reference" ? this is an installable full doc for systems00:40
Pelodabbill, how did you install wine ?00:40
paul__It is a linux/ ubuntu CNC control program. It is highly rated. I'm going to atemp to build a homemade CNC router00:40
greencookiewill using proprietary drivers for my ATI X1300 card give me problems?00:41
dabbillPelo, sudo aptitude install wine00:41
Pelodabbill,  sudo apttitude remove wine --purge ,  then try again00:41
warriorforgodWould ubuntu block pidgin by default?00:41
Pelodabbill,  are you sure you picked the correct 3rdparty repos for your version of ubuntu ?00:41
IndyGunFreakwarriorforgod: what do you mean block pidgin?00:41
dabbillPelo, yea 7.1000:42
Pelo paul__  where did you get the package for emc2 ? not in the ubuntu repos I assume00:42
warriorforgodIndyGunFreak: Well, my nephew just installed ubuntu and is trying to log onto his msn addy through pidgin, but it is complaining about connection errors.  He has internet access otherwise.00:42
AdysIs there any program that can force wallpaper positioning on ubuntu?00:42
sputnickapt-file search -l emc2           pelo00:42
D-SpairOK, in case anyone was interested. The problem with my virtual machine was the "Virtual SCSI Adapter". I originally had it set to be an LSI Logic adapter and after switching to BusLogic everything appears to be more reliable.00:42
IndyGunFreakwarriorforgod: then he has not configured his account correctly00:42
dabbillPelo, it was working fine for the past week, but stoped when i rebooted this morning after an update from ubuntu00:42
Pelodabbill,  I suggest you remove the third party repos for now and try with the version of wine in the official ubuntu repos00:43
IndyGunFreakwarriorforgod: i'm on my msn account no probs00:43
MasterMeli just connected my extern usb hdd (NTFS) to fresh installed ubuntu.. and the message was.. could not mount extern device :( Thats really bad news man00:43
Starnestommywarriorforgod: it should be able to connect to MSN unless a firewall or router is blocking it00:43
Pelodabbill, reinstall it then00:43
warriorforgodIndyGunFreak: That is what I was thinking.  Anyways, next question.  Did the 64 bit vnc issue ever get fixed?00:43
IndyGunFreakStarnestommy: even then, i don'tt hink that will be an issue.00:43
IndyGunFreakwarriorforgod: no clue on the 64bit.00:43
IndyGunFreakwarriorforgod: ask him if for his username, is he using his entire user name... like mine is indygunfreak@hotmail.com  if i just have "indygunfreak" it wont' connect me00:44
Pelopaul__,  still with us ?00:44
paul__On the website http://www.linuxcnc.org/ CNC Linux\00:44
IndyGunFreakthen of course, make sure the password is correct00:44
adorablepuppyhow do I install ncurses through apt-get?00:44
Pelopaul__,  hold on , let me check00:44
dabbillPelo, still getting the same thing00:44
paul__yep sorry it takes me a while I'm a old PC guy00:44
Starnestommyadorablepuppy: sudo apt-get install ncurses ncurses-dev?00:44
ahave_AFKif i have a 1 GB memory stick, how large should i make my swap partition?00:44
Peloadorablepuppy, sudo apt-get install ncurses , assuming it is in the repos00:44
dabbillPelo, its installing 0.9.4600:44
IndyGunFreakahave_AFK: 2-3gigs00:45
Pelodabbill, yes but the package was made by the ubuntu dev00:45
pike_ahave_AFK: 1-2gigs00:45
ahave_AFKIndyGunFreak, why so much?00:45
IndyGunFreak*thats what i meant, 1-200:45
pike_ahave_AFK: IndyGunFreak is trying to trick you00:45
IndyGunFreakdidn't realize my fingers got crossed00:45
IndyGunFreak1.5-2x the amount of your memory00:45
IndyGunFreakpike_: na, just wasn't paying attention to where my fingers were walking00:46
dabbillPelo, i just opened software sources, deleted the wineHQ entrys, sudo aptitude update, sudo aptitude remove wine --purge then sudo aptitude install wine00:46
dabbillPelo, still says exec: 29: /usr/bin/wine: not found00:46
Pelopaul__,  from that site it doesn't look like a standard install but they do seem to have fairly complete instructions,  I would suggest you try reading and following them00:46
paul__I have downloaded both the CD iso live version and the single release. I just don't know how to install is. even with reading the instruction00:47
anonBI have a version 7.04 install CD ... will there be much hassle in installing that and updating to 7.10, or should I just get the 7.10 CD?00:47
Pelodabbill, go and look in /usr/bin , see if you can see it00:47
ph0rensicanonB: Better to DL the newer install disc00:47
StarnestommyanonB: getting the 7.10 disc should be easier00:47
PeloanonB,  I prefer upgrading from the cd myself,  online upgrade can be long and tedious00:47
anonBph0rensic  and Starnestommy ok ... my only problem is limited bandwidth00:47
dabbillPelo, wine and winecfg are listed there00:48
ph0rensicanonB: No one else around with better bandwidth?00:48
Pelodabbill, check the permissions for them00:48
ahave_AFKanonB, you will have to download no matter what.. might as well store a copy via CD00:48
_Lucretia_i'm back, in gutsy, thanks to all who helped, didn't need the extra deb's00:48
dabbillPelo, dont remember how to do that00:48
anonBph0rensic I'll be a' looking for someone now00:48
paul__see ya, thanks00:48
Pelodabbill, rigght click properties00:48
anonBahave_AFK yes, that is true. Ok, I'm convinced. Thanks everyone00:48
ph0rensicanonB: Yes you have to download anyway, plus new install is always best.. save you time later00:49
dabbilli was doing it in terminal, gimmie a sec i will browse to it00:49
=== ahave_AFK is now known as ahave
Pelodabbill,  I woudln't know how to do it in cli either00:49
OmegaCentiHow do you REALLY hide a folder in Ubuntu?00:49
_Lucretia_I have added "SYSFS{idVendor}=="04e8", SYSFS{idProduct}=="5083", SYMLINK+="libmtp-%k", MODE="660", GROUP="audio"" this to the /etc/udev/rules/libmtp.rules file, do I need to reboot for it to take effect or should a simple "sudo /etc/init.d/udev restart" work?00:50
_Lucretia_that line is for a Samsung YP-P2 player00:50
dabbillPelo, ls -l gives you permissions, but i dont remember how it breaks down00:50
PeloOmegaCenti,  put a dot before the folder name like /home/username/.wine00:50
dabbillPelo, -rwxr-xr-x  1 root   root      14766 2007-10-10 15:22 wine00:50
lealhello all00:51
kyle___Lucretia_, try latter, then if that fails, do former00:51
lealsomebody knows "one" howto that works about configuring radeon 9600 + compiz fusion on gutsy?00:51
OmegaCentiPelo: you can still list that folder on with ls -al, I am wondering if you can REALLY hide a folder.00:51
Pelodabbill, I think it  root , current user , others,   this is what I get  -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 4856 2008-01-25 20:00 wine00:51
_Lucretia_kyle__: tried a restart of udev, then mtp-detect - couldn't find anything, thing is, the p2 is charging at the moment, so don't really want to interrupt00:52
PeloOmegaCenti, you want encryption00:52
greencookieI've connected an external Hard Drive to my puter. how do I browse it?00:52
lealwhen i install the xserver-xgl, the desktop works in slow motion00:52
dabbillPelo, whitch is the same as what i got for it00:52
kyle__OmegaCenti, "really hide"?00:52
Pelogreencookie, mount it00:52
OmegaCentikyle__: like if someone looks for a folder, they can't even find it.00:52
Pelodabbill, very odd00:52
dabbillPelo, Owner root, Access read and right, group root, access read only, others access read only00:52
Pelodabbill,  I'm stumped00:52
Lionocan i allow 4 apps to run, some file sharings , a shutdown button on destkopand NONE else on clients.. i mean none.... no right clicks no kmenu. .. nothing. possible?00:52
Pelodabbill,  you need for owner root to havwe read write execute00:53
kyle__OmegaCenti, are you concerned about on the HD?00:53
OmegaCentikyle__: yes, a folder on the HD.00:53
kyle__OmegaCenti, er, sorry, rephrasing00:53
PeloLiono, yes , how  don'T quite know00:53
adorablepupp2ahem, disconnected. How can I install ncurses through apt-get, it says that it's obseleted but I need it to build an application00:54
LionoPelo ok00:54
kyle__OmegaCenti, are you concerned about possible hard drive recovery of the folder name and of what is in the folder?00:54
PeloLiono, don't start nautilus, don't start gnome pannel,  don't start other stuff but I'm at a lost00:54
jribadorablepupp2: apt-cache search 19:54 <-- ben__ (n=ben@ has quit (Remote closed the connection)00:54
jrib19:54 --> |DAMAGE| (n=DAMAGE@ool-45711e58.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #ubuntu00:54
jrib19:54 <-- johansja (n=johansja@63oops00:54
greencookiePelo: sorry am new to this how do I mount my external drive?00:54
jribadorablepupp2: apt-cache search -n lib ncurses dev00:55
PeloLiono,  you can probably just make a user with very very very limited access00:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nautilus - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:55
Pelogreencookie, usb ?00:55
lealthere is a better channel to ask about fusion?00:55
adorablepupp2jrib: Thanks00:55
LionoPelo what kind of user. and how and what nautilus00:55
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:55
Peloleal, #compiz-fusion00:55
OmegaCentikyle__: no, I want to hide a folder's existance from other users who are not root00:55
dabbillPelo, Synaptic package manager shows wine as installed as well00:55
speeddemon8803I shoulda pointed that to leal but hey you guys get the idea :)00:56
greencookiePelo yes USB00:56
speeddemon8803sorry about that!00:56
frojndhello there00:56
PeloLiono, I'M not too knowleageble about this ,  nautilus is the file browser,   check in menu > system> admin > users ,   see the permissions users generaly have ,  you can probably make a new user with very little of those00:56
mikecan someone help me, im trying to connect to my ubuntu server via windows and its keeps asking a password, my username is mike, the computer name is server i already did the sudo smbpasswd -a mike and that did not seem to do anything00:56
frojndHow can I set my computer with ralink as wifi router?00:56
Pelodabbill, make synaptic remove it completely , make sure it is not isntalled ,  reboot then install it00:56
adorablepupp2Anybody know if there is a luaplayer package for ubuntu, cause that's what I'm trying to build.00:57
frojndor as internet source, so I can connect to it with my laptop ?00:57
Gun_SmokeWhats the safe way to stop X?  I don't want to restart (<ctrl><alt><back>)00:57
speeddemon8803!find luaplayer00:57
jribadorablepupp2: I don't see any00:57
Pelogreencookie, usb hdd should have mounted automaticlay, are you running native ubuntu or in a virtual machine ?00:57
kyle__!info luaplayer00:57
ubotuPackage/file luaplayer does not exist in gutsy00:57
ubotuPackage luaplayer does not exist in gutsy00:57
drew17112Hi, I need help with a problem I have. I have firestarter installed and my events tab is full of blocked connections to random ports and most of them go to somewhere called unknown.scnet.net. Im trying to setup samba over hamachi to share files and it wont work. ANY help would be apprectiated00:57
mikegunsmoke: control alt backspace00:57
speeddemon8803heh, thanks kyle, i couldnt remember if it was find or info00:57
Gun_Smokemike: I don't want to restart it.00:57
kyle__mike, same thing00:57
adorablepupp2Hmm, thanks.00:57
greencookiePelo: maybe its not mounting cuz its in NTFS format? could that be?00:58
kyle__mike, back == backspace00:58
mikeGun smoke: alt f-6 or 700:58
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE00:58
anonBAh, thanks to everyone who responded to my 7.04 vs 7.10 inquiry. I found a local vendor who will get me out a copy of 7.10 within 3 days for $10 (i'm in australia). Seems the best solution for me00:58
Zeddiedamn kernel source packages weren't updated for latest kernel update ubuntu released00:58
joe_hi all, i have a big problem. When i start ubuntu i get a failed to initiate HAL! error and i can't get on the internet and my background doesnt appear00:58
joe_anyone know what that means00:58
Gun_Smokemike: Not exactly what I was going for either.. I just want out of X altogether..00:58
ZeddieanonB: won't ubuntu send em out free?00:58
speeddemon8803Yes zeddie00:58
ubotushipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org and http://shipit.edubuntu.org - Shipit will send Gutsy (7.10) CDs00:59
mikegun_smoke: hmm i dont know sorry00:59
anonBZeddie yeah, but to get to australia will take about 6 weeks00:59
anonBI don't want to wait 6 weeks ;)00:59
Zeddiewhere are you in Australia?00:59
speeddemon8803Aha, good plan anonB :)00:59
anonBZeddie Perth00:59
Pelogreencookie, should mount as read only , try this , type blkid in the terminal see if you see the drive listed,   if it is ,  find the /dev/... for it ,  , make a mount point     sudo mkdir /media/ntfs-usb   then mount it  sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/.... /media/ntfs-usb00:59
Dr_willisIve seen Ubuntu disks included with several Linux magazines.00:59
anonBmost isolated city in the world :)00:59
Zeddieahhh if you were in newcastle you could've had a copy today :p00:59
speeddemon8803anonb, do you have a cable connection to the internet?00:59
drew17112anyone no any help for my problem00:59
kyle__Gun_Smoke, close all programs and documents00:59
jrib!helpme | drew1711200:59
ubotudrew17112: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience00:59
Gun_Smokemike:  Pretty much what I want is to stop X.  And then when I want it again I'll start it. (startx)01:00
anonBZeddie doh :)01:00
Lionocan i allow 4 apps to run, some file sharings , a shutdown button on destkopand NONE else on clients.. i mean none.... no right clicks no kmenu. .. nothing. possible?01:00
anonBspeeddemon8803 I have a fast connection, but here in australia we have limits on bandwidth (download limits) I'm almost used up for my month01:00
ZeddieanonB: you know it's on most ISP's free mirrors right? if you've got broadband?01:00
kyle__Gun_Smoke, close all programs and documents, then type in Terminal sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop01:00
frojndHow cam I set my computer which has a wireless card ralink set as wifi acces point ?01:01
dabbillPelo, Okay just restarted and Synaptic shows wine as not installed01:01
anonBZeddie yeah, only have 500MB left for month01:01
tantric132hey everyone I'm having a problem with Ubuntu...can someone help?01:01
kyle__Liono, what are these 4 apps?01:01
PeloLiono,  also consider asking in #kubuntu and #kde since you seem to be using kde01:01
dabbillPelo, should i install with Synaptic or in terminal01:01
miketantric132: we can try01:01
speeddemon8803!help | tantric13201:01
ubotutantric132: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:01
Pelodabbill, use synatic01:01
ZeddieanonB: you missed the bit about free mirrors :) , I mean they don't count the traffic01:01
speeddemon8803!ask | tantric13201:01
ubotutantric132: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:01
ZeddieI know internode doesn't from their mirror and that iiNet is the same01:01
Lionokyle__ any. eg firefox. mplayer.    acces to use and a shared file. internet provided by server. etc ?01:01
kyle__Gun_Smoke, when u want to start again sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start01:02
anonBZeddie not in my situation. Long sorry story, but to make it short I have 3 mobile broadband .. no peers or mirrors01:02
Zeddiepoor bugger :(01:02
anonBZeddie well, much better than finding out I was on a RIM and connecting at 26.4Kbps for the first month!01:02
tantric132I just installed the video driver that was listed under the Restricted Driver and after reboot, my moniter keeps saying that the signal is out of range(i'm assuming the resolution is out of wack). Can anyone tell me the steps/commands to type in safe mode to change that or another solution?01:02
Joelitocan anyone tell me what version of the kernel comes in the default installatio of ubuntu 7.10?01:02
kyle__Liono, so only 4 apps running at the same time?01:03
KE7LNUbest program for watching my internet connection. lan cable modem ??????01:03
greencookiePelo : here's my external drive as listed by blkid /dev/sdb1: UUID="6B6C8A2B6C89419" LABEL="External Drive" TYPE="ntfs"01:03
dabbillPelo, Just installed, still getting the same error in terminal for winecfg01:03
Lionokyle__ ya . or any one of them01:03
Dr_willisKE7LNU,  watching it do what exactly? :)01:03
StarnestommyJoelito: I think 2.6.2201:03
greencookiePelo so I should now create a mount directory and continue mounting it?01:03
KE7LNUjust activity01:03
KE7LNUports and stuff01:03
Pelogreencookie,  sudo mkdir /media/ntfs-usb   then  sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb1 /media/ntfs-usb01:04
kyle__Liono, so you want e.g. 4 firefoxes running at the same time OR 4 seperate programs running at the same time? (I'll go look for some solution)01:04
Pelodabbill,  I just don'T know , maybe try asking in #winehq01:04
JoelitoStarnestommy, ok, thanks01:04
Dr_willisKE7LNU,  may want to check out conky, or gkrellm, theres proberly a dozen other network monitor tools out that are specifically for networks. Tje 2 i mentioned are general system moniotrs that can monitor some network things01:04
=== Martinp24 is now known as Martinp23
dabbillthanks for trying Pelo01:05
KE7LNUgkrellm is available??01:05
OmegaCentiI want to  completely hide a folder's existance from other users who are not root. Any suggestions besides a . in front of the name?01:05
greencookiePelo: Failed due to " Mount is denied because NTFS is marked to be in use."01:05
Lionokyle__ i need only 4 allowable. any or all 4 could run01:05
Lionobut not any other01:05
Pelodabbill, i had to restart after an kernel update today myself and I have had no issue01:05
KE7LNUthanks doc01:05
Gun_Smokemike: /etc/init.d/kdm stop does it.01:06
Lionokyle__  privilages........01:06
chaosrldoes anyone know how to uninstall all traces of kde from ubuntu? i tried it out and didn't like it01:06
Pelogreencookie, it would appear that the usb drive is already mounted,  check on your desktop for an icon for it01:06
putnumwho do i need to contact for info on how to create a LoCo team in my area for ubuntu?01:06
mikethanks Gun_smoke im been doing it wrong for a long time now ;-)01:06
greencookiePelo: It worked! woot. I had to force it with " mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /media/ntfs-usb -o force"01:06
drew17112 a problem I have. I have firestarter installed and my events tab is full of blocked connections to random ports and most of them go to somewhere called unknown.scnet.net. Im trying to setup samba over hamachi to share files and it wont work. ANY help would be apprectiated01:06
greencookieTHanks a ton for the support Pelo01:06
Gun_Smokechaosrl: Did you if you used aptitude to install it's as easy as aptitude remove kde01:06
* Pelo is tired of gratitude , he wants cash 01:07
Gun_Smokemike: To simple restart X Ctrl alt backspace is just fine..01:07
chaosrlGun_Smoke: i tried removing kde4-core; it only removed that package, and not the actually apps, etc. i'm not sure which apps kde4-core installed :(01:07
Gun_Smokerun aptitude as root and look01:07
Gun_Smokechaosrl: ^^01:08
putnumsudo apt-get remove kde4-core01:08
putnumtry that01:08
tantric132I just installed the video driver that was listed under the Restricted Driver and after reboot, my moniter keeps saying that the signal is out of range(i'm assuming the resolution is out of wack). Can you tell me the steps/commands to type in safe mode terminal to fix it? Possibly change the resolution?01:08
chaosrlGun_Smoke: a search in terminal for kde with aptitude yields a really long list; should i just go trhough and uninstall each thing i have installed?01:09
greencookieWhy wont Rhythmbox play my lastfm streams? I Just installed Ubuntu Gutsy fresh! do I have to configure codecs?01:09
Gun_Smokechaosrl: Well there is a chance that would work.. But you will dump a lot of stuff you might want.. Amarok for example depends on some kde lib's.01:09
OmegaCentiI want to  completely hide a folder's existance from other users who are not root. Any suggestions besides a . in front of the name?01:10
chaosrlGun_Smoke, putnum: i think i got it. putnum's command told me to use apt-get autoremove, which i think took care of most of the apps01:10
PeloOmegaCenti, I think what would be a permission thing,  just set it to 750 I think01:10
jribOmegaCenti: don't give them any permissions on the parent directory01:10
frojndHow cam I set my computer which has a wireless card ralink set as wifi acces point ? anyone ??01:11
tantric132Pelo, maybe you can help me yet again. I just installed the video driver that was listed under the Restricted Driver and after reboot, my moniter keeps saying that the signal is out of range(i'm assuming the resolution is out of wack). Can you tell me the steps/commands to type in safe mode terminal to fix it? Possibly change the resolution?01:11
PeloOmegaCenti, or possibly 700 ,  where only owner/root with have r w x access and the onther no access at all , even read01:11
drew17112frojnd i think i may be able to help01:11
Pelotantric132, what driiver was it ?01:11
Pelotantric132, what video card model I mean ?01:11
frojnddrew17112,  that's great01:11
tantric132Not sure, my video card is a nVidia 6600 GT. it said it was a driver from the manufactur01:12
tantric132of the video card01:12
OmegaCentijrib: but then doesn't that cause all files/folders inside of said parent folder to be not viewable?01:12
_Lucretia_kyle__: no, that didn't work either01:13
drew17112frojnd: try using this article01:13
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:14
frojnddrew17112, thanx for the article01:14
Pelotantric132, I don't know how you will go about changing it but , out of range usualy means that the horiz sync and/or vert rez values are not correct for your monitor,  I suggest you check the label at the back of your monitor for the correct settings  ( sometimes listed as v and h ) and change xorg.conf accordingly , the settings should be listed under   device monitor  as ranges ,  make sure the range reaches to your monitors capabilites,  what I am not sure a01:14
Pelobout is if nvidia restriected drivers use xorg , you'll have to test it01:14
mikecan someone tell my how to completly reinstall samba EVERYTHING01:15
kyle___Lucretia_, ?01:15
_Lucretia_lsusb shows it as being attached01:15
moparfan90hello. how do i open a file with the extension  .r00, .r01....01:15
_Lucretia_but mtp-detect doesn't show anything01:15
Pelomike,  menu `system> admin > synaptic pakage manager, search for samba ,  remove completely everyghing that appears install,01:15
_Lucretia_is it because it is charging?01:15
Pelomike, and then ,  reisntall those packages01:15
mikethanks pelo i will give that rry01:15
drew17112mike: did u try "sudo apt-get remove samba*" then "sudo apt-get install samba*"01:15
Dr_willismike,  to what goal?  you can use the purge option, and reinstall whatever samba related packages you want01:15
NeutrinoMuonicolots and lots and lots of people01:16
tantric132Pelo, I'm not sure what xorg is. xorg.config i think? i heard I could change the resolution there, but your sayuing thats not the problem.01:16
Dr_willisremoving/reinstalling proberly wont fix much of anything.01:16
OmegaCentiI want to  completely hide a folder's existance from other users who are not root. Any suggestions besides a . in front of the name?01:16
Dr_willisUnless  You accidently deleted stuff you shouldent of.01:16
moparfan90how do i open a file with the extension  .r00, .r01....01:16
mikeDr_willis: i have been trying to get it to talk to my windows laptop and have screwed so many things up01:16
squeeOmegaCenti, truecrypt01:16
Dr_willisOmegaCenti,  put it in a directory they cant cd into.01:16
Pelotantric132, xorg.conf is a configuration file for xserver  type gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:16
Pelotantric132,  I am assuming you have a gui at the moment01:17
squeeIs there a way to set the firefox homepage through the terminal?01:17
Dr_willismike,  there is the 'using samba' book in html format in the repos. and online.  It all depends on what you screwed up i guess. :)  that book is a must read for power-samba users. :)01:17
Pelosquee, ask in #firefox01:17
NeutrinoMuonicomoparfan90, isn't that .rar files split into many files?01:17
Dr_willisunrar OPTIUONS whatever.r0001:17
mikeDr_willis thanks i will look for that is that on the ubuntuforums then sorry im really new01:18
Dr_williswill get them all.01:18
moparfan90when i try to open it i get an error01:18
moparfan90let me try again01:18
tantric132Pelo, after typing that in in the terminal, then what?01:18
=== hoarycri1ple is now known as hoarycripple
NeutrinoMuonicothat'll do01:18
Dr_willismike,  its in the repos. and avail online. In fact the samba-doc package int he repos has several books on samba01:18
Dr_willis!info samba-doc01:18
ubotusamba-doc (source: samba): Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0.26a-1ubuntu2.3 (gutsy), package size 6816 kB, installed size 14752 kB01:18
Pelotantric132,  you got the xorg.conf file open , browse your way to where it says , device MONITOR01:18
Dr_willisSamba is just one of those tools - it pays to read the docs/books for. :)01:18
Pelotantric132, find  horiz sync   there are two values next to it ,  make sure they match the ones on the back of your monitor01:19
drew17112 I have firestarter installed and my events tab is full of blocked connections to random ports and most of them go to somewhere called unknown.scnet.net. Im trying to setup samba over hamachi to share files and it wont work. ANY help would be apprectiated01:19
tantric132Pelo, ok let me go try hat brb01:19
Dr_willisNow if ONLY i could figure out why my samba server shows "Publicfiles.exe' and 'PublicFiles.com' and 'PublicFiles.pif' in addation to my 'publicfiles' share......01:19
* Dr_willis wonders what hamachi is.01:20
Pelodrew17112,  firestarter is just a front end for iptables  it's not the actual firewall ,  there is nothing enabled by default01:20
squeeDr_willis, hamachi is a program that essentially creates a vlan between you and whoever you set it up with01:20
dabbillI just tried to reinstall wine and getting dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/ia32-libs_2.1ubuntu3_amd64.deb (--unpack):01:22
dabbill unable to create `./lib32/libacl.so.1.1.0': No such file or directory01:22
dabbilldpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)01:22
Pelodabbill, this is for amd64 ?01:23
dabbillwinehq pretty much said my 32libs are hosed01:23
KE7LNUbest file sys for ubuntu/ normal user??01:23
Pelodabbill, you should have mentionned that first , did you get the correctwine from the winehq site, there is a special wine for amd6401:23
tantric132Pelo, it says GTK WARNING cannot display. Remember, I'm in Ubuntu Safemode(or Recovery..what ever its called where its a black screen and its commands)01:23
bruenigKE7LNU, ext3 for a solid reliable fs01:23
rbdhey guys. ubuntu 7.10, x64, asterisk 1.4.10. I've been trying to compile asterisk's app_swift for awhile and have been getting some WEIRD header errors: http://pastebin.com/d21b4d39f    ...can anyone offer any ideas ...looks to me like something screwy with the kernel headers (or which kernel headers app_swift is referencing)01:24
KE7LNUthanks man...01:24
Pelotantric132,   sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf ,   that will let you edit in text mode01:24
tantric132Pelo, ok, going to try that01:24
dabbillPelo, i have just been useing aptitude the whole time01:24
Pelotantric132, if you can't fix it I will tell you how to get back the vesa driver that will at least get you a gui01:24
Pelodabbill, hold on01:24
kavelotI want to create a backup Live CD with remastersys, but I'm guessing the X video configuration won't be correct for every computer... how can I set ubuntu to auto-detect video settings when booting?01:25
Pelodabbill,  reinstall wine using these instructions  http://wiki.winehq.org/UbuntuAMD6401:25
dabbillPelo did that already01:25
two_bitsi have a newbish question about ubuntu... how do I change file associations?01:26
bruenigtwo_bits, you mean who owns it?01:26
two_bitsfor example, make a torrent file open with azurus instead of the default torrent program01:26
Pelodabbill, read tej second command on that page,  you don'T insetall using aptituide,  you must use dpkg with a special option01:26
bruenigtwo_bits, that is generally configured within the file manager, and most file managers would have you right click on the file, and edit "properties"01:27
Peloanka-ar, hi01:27
Pelowil_, #winehq01:27
anka-arin gnome, there is a way to arrange the windows like tiles or cascade?01:27
Dr_willisanka-ar,  not that ive noticed.01:27
wil_lol, thanks01:27
two_bitsbruenig: ah, thank you. do you know how to do it under gnome, perhaps?01:27
the_darkside_986does anyone know when KDE 4.01 will be in the repositories? i want to try it w/o installing a new OS or building it from source :P01:27
Peloanka-ar, not that I know of01:27
brueniganka-ar, use a tiling window manager, like dwm or xmonad01:27
Dr_willisanka-ar,  some window managers i know have that feature. There may be a compiz plugin/tool that might do it.01:27
two_bitsbruenig: nevermind, thank you01:28
anka-arbut i hate compiz01:28
Pelothe_darkside_986,  only with the next release, version do not get updated only fixes and security stuff01:28
brueniglook at how pretty xmonad is: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/64/Xmonad-tall-status-dons.png01:28
bruenigor dwm: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/17/Dwm-screenshot.png01:28
Peloanka-ar,  don't use compiz then01:29
jvaiwe need a pure fluxbox ubuntu with eyecandy!01:29
the_darkside_986also, i am having trouble with my installation of KDE 3.5.8 in Ubuntu Gutsy. I can't get the Home or Computer icons to show up on the KDE desktop01:29
KE7LNUstupid que: does ubuntu 8 come with any firewall by default install?????01:29
tantric132Pelo, I hate to keep bothering you with the noobish questions but I can't figure out how to navegate in sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf. at the bottom of the screen it says like ^G Help and stuff like that but when I type it in nothing happens but a line break01:29
Pelothe_darkside_986, ask in #kubuntu01:29
eck090i have having a bit of trouble installing Wine. Having a problem with gcc01:29
jescishello, I can't get my neighbors wireless card to connect to my modem/router, he has a belkin that says it's an AR241301:30
Dr_willisKE7LNU,  No firewalling rules are enavbled by default. The 'feature' is there.  but no rules are set01:30
the_darkside_986@Pelo thanks... i had no idea what the right channel was because i figured Kubuntu is set up differently but ok01:30
Dr_willis!firewall | KE7LNU01:30
Pelotantric132, that means  ctrl+G01:30
ubotuKE7LNU: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).01:30
dabbillReplaced by files in installed package lib32ncurses5 ...01:30
dabbilldpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/ia32-libs_2.1ubuntu3_amd64.deb (--unpack):01:30
dabbill unable to create `./lib32/libacl.so.1.1.0': No such file or directory01:30
dabbill 01:30
Pelotantric132,  use the arrows key to go up and down the file01:30
dabbillwhen i try to install the 32libs01:30
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
anka-arok, then is no way to arrange the windows in tiles or cascade at this day?01:30
Pelodabbill,  do not paste in this channel01:30
KE7LNUmin user can i leave it default???01:30
anka-arwhit gnome01:30
Dr_willisanka-ar,  not under gnome's default winodw manager.01:30
Pelodabbill, you're on your own from this point on01:30
jacobis there a way where bashee can constantly monitor a folder for new music without having to restart the program?01:30
Dr_willisanka-ar,   if its a must have feature - you could use some other window manager - other then metacity01:31
dabbillno other ideas01:31
Pelodabbill, you need another amd64 user and I am not one of  that group01:31
eck090checking build system type... i686-pc-linux-gnulibc101:31
eck090checking host system type... i686-pc-linux-gnulibc101:31
eck090checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... yes01:31
eck090checking for gcc... gcc01:31
eck090checking for C compiler default output file name...01:31
eck090configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables01:31
FloodBot2eck090: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:31
dabbillahh Okay, thanks for trying Pelo :)01:32
Peloeck090, sudo apt-get install build-essential01:32
eck090thanks, sorry aobut that spam01:32
Dr_willisEspecially when its such a  Faq. :)01:32
* Pelo thinks eck090 just used the last of his mercy , the next one will never know what hit him 01:33
eck090im a noob :P dont be hating rofl01:33
jescisnot spam, it's called flooding01:33
Pelo!pastebin > eck090  check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu01:33
FliesLikeABrickis anyone using bluetooth on ubuntu 8.04?01:34
anka-arok, thanks everybody, from argentina01:34
_Lucretia_my samsung yp-p2 mp3 player isn't being recognised by gutsy via mtp-detect, but it is being shown by lsusb. How can I get it to work, I've added a line to libmtp.rules01:34
Jack_SparrowFliesLikeABrick: Try Ubuntu+101:34
* jescis beleives ubuntu's for noobs any ways01:34
eck090anybody use cedega?01:34
Jack_Sparrowjescis: We dont need YOUR opinion01:35
jescisok, fine01:35
nosajubuntu i like better than kubuntu and im not anoob01:35
Pelo_Lucretia_, I suggest you check in the forum  www.ubuntuforums.org01:35
nosajlol yeah01:35
Peloeck090,  we are poor ppl we use wine01:35
jescisBut I still need help01:35
_Lucretia_Pelo: have01:35
Jack_Sparrowjescis: Please feel free to ask a question01:36
Pelojescis, just ask a question about your issue01:36
Pelojescis, better yet ask Jack_Sparrow about your issue01:36
jcg42How can I format a Hard Drive from the command line?01:36
jescisand I still tell ppl to go to ubuntu first01:36
kostkon_Lucretia_, you mean that you can transfer files through nautilus but would like to do it with mpt?01:36
bastid_raZorFliesLikeABrick; do you mean like for file transfers to/from a phone?01:36
eck090*feels like a noob*01:36
Jack_Sparrowjcg42: mkfs01:36
Pelojcg42, asking in ##linux might get you better help01:36
jescisI did ask a question, I though :/01:37
Peloeck090,  we've all been there and still are on occasion , just ask a question , what are you trying to do ?01:37
_Lucretia_kostkon: no, i'm just charging the thing up now, but mtp-detect doesn't detect it01:37
Jack_Sparrowjescis: I just came back into the channel and I didnt see your question01:37
WhuutdupNumba3will ubuntu run in vmware? i don't want to make the 2GB vdisk if it won't.01:37
Pelojescis, this is a busy channel , occasionnaly you need to ask again01:37
aO|DBCan anyone help me with manually partitioning and installing Ubuntu?? I am at the screen now, and I have 23 Gigs for linux, 400mb for a swap01:37
PeloWhuutdupNumba3, yes it will01:37
inflexARUGH.... my USB keeps locking up with this new 2.6.20-16 kernel :(01:37
bastid_raZorWhuutdupNumba3; yes01:37
jescishello, I can't get my neighbors wireless card to connect to my modem/router, he has a belkin that says it's an AR241301:37
inflexVIA VT82xxxx chipset01:38
eck090but anyway, does anyone use cedega.. I'm getting video lagg, this happend last time i used Ubuntu(6.10).01:38
vbabiy_laptop_Hey guys how can I set up a  folder on a hard drive that will give all user on the box read write permission but the owner will be the user who crated the file?01:38
tantric132Pelo, in the xorg, the Horizsyn= 30-70. Vertrfresh=50-160. I looked at the back of the screen and the only thing I saw really was 100-240V and 60.50Hz 1.5A. I do have the website for the monitor though: http://www.viewsonic.com/products/desktopdisplays/lcddisplays/optiquest/q7b/#specs01:38
PeloaO|DB,  I recommend  5-10 gig for the root partiton in ext3,  2xram for swap and the rest for /home in ext301:38
patogenWhy is a program like lobster still in the repos?01:38
Pelo!wifi | jescis01:38
ubotujescis: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:38
jescisI have to keep typing in the wep key01:39
bruenig!info lobster01:39
ubotuPackage lobster does not exist in gutsy01:39
jescis and it satill wont connect01:39
Pelopatogen, because linux ppl never throw anyting away01:39
eck090could it be something wtih my d3d?01:39
bruenig2xram for swap is a waste of time01:39
kostkon_Lucretia_, actually, is it supposed to be supported by mtp? did you check that libmtp can recognise your device?01:39
aO|DBPelo, can you help me with the specifics at all?01:39
bruenig!info lopster01:39
ubotulopster (source: lopster): A Napster client using the GTK UI. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.2-4 (gutsy), package size 620 kB, installed size 1844 kB01:39
Jack_Sparrowjescis: For starters, wep is totally insecure.01:39
_Lucretia_kostkon: yes it is listed01:39
aO|DBIm kind of confused as to what partitions to make01:39
PeloaO|DB,  whatspecifics do you need to know about ?01:39
patogenPelo: Yeah, but I don't even think that one works longer ...01:39
aO|DBi have not done the manual yet01:39
FliesLikeABrickbastid_raZor sure01:40
jescisI have DSL through AT&T 2wire01:40
aO|DBi dont like how the guided works01:40
nosaji run 128 bit wep connections i thought it was fine01:40
FliesLikeABrickbastid_raZor are you using 8.04?01:40
dabbillI just got this error from Synaptic E: /var/cache/apt/archives/ia32-libs_2.1ubuntu3_amd64.deb: unable to create `./lib32/libacl.so.1.1.0'01:40
eck090Yeah? WEP isn't the way to go? what do you reccomend for using wireless?01:40
adorablepupp2!info psptoolchain01:40
ubotuPackage psptoolchain does not exist in gutsy01:40
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:40
=== buntu is now known as baran
aO|DBWell, i have 23000 MB of Free Space. Can you tell me what to create so i can install?01:40
compwiz18eck090: wpa201:40
speeddemon8803Eck, I HIGHLY suggest wpa201:40
eck090what type of router do you think is best01:41
PeloaO|DB, make a first partiton in ext3  5 to 10 gig , you will use it for your root filesystem , where the OS will be iinstalled,  after that make one that is twice the size of your RAM for your swap , the rest you use for /home in ext301:41
kostkon_Lucretia_, oh, ok. What application did you try it with?01:41
compwiz18eck090: Linksys WRT54G01:41
aO|DBim just confused as to the mount point... etc01:41
frojndhello tehre01:41
tantric132Pelo, did ya get that?01:41
frojndI have a little problem01:41
speeddemon8803A wireless G router is the best Eck.01:41
Jack_Sparrowjescis: So do I and it is not a very good piece of hardware... but I avoid wireless for the most part.   and as a straight router, it works fine01:41
eck090not N?01:41
Pelotantric132, no I didn't01:41
aO|DBok let me make those real fast01:41
aO|DBi have 3 gb of ram, so i dont really need swap01:41
adorablepupp2Is there N support for linux?01:41
PeloaO|DB, montpoints will come later in the next screen01:41
_Lucretia_kostkon: mtp-detect01:41
PeloaO|DB,  your choice01:41
speeddemon8803i have no clue..thats why i suggest G.01:42
_Lucretia_kostkon: like i said01:42
FliesLikeABrickadorablepupp2 there should be N support for any network cards that are supported01:42
frojndWhere is my network eth* ? http://pastebin.ca/90195601:42
Pelotantric132, still around ?01:42
* speeddemon8803 ALSO suggests checking for yourself first :)01:42
tantric132Pelo, ok here it goes. I checked in the xorg. Horizsync 30-70. Vertrefresh 50-160. Looked on the back and didn't find anything except this and i don't even know if it's regarding Horizsync or Vert. The number was 100-250V - 60/50Hz 1.5A. I did look up the monitor though so here are the specs. http://www.viewsonic.com/products/desktopdisplays/lcddisplays/optiquest/q7b/#specs01:42
* adorablepupp2 is making useful apps for the PSP01:42
aO|DBPelo, what does it mean Primary or Logical, and Beginning or End01:43
aO|DBdo they matter?01:43
aO|DBor leave it alone01:43
Pelotantric132, hold on01:43
bastid_raZoradorablepupp2; like what? i have a psp i play fairly often01:43
eck090i think my d3d is turned off01:43
eck090how do i check this?01:43
tantric132Alrihty bud01:43
nosaji love my psp01:43
compwiz18frojnd: eth*?01:43
speeddemon8803Primary is your main hard drive, where your operating system boots...01:43
aO|DBok so make that the 5 GB part01:43
frojndcompwiz18, yes, what is my wireless eth1 eth2 or what ?01:43
aO|DBthen the logical the 15 GB01:43
compwiz18frojnd: ra0, I think01:44
PeloaO|DB, if you only have ubuntu on that hdd use primary , don't worry about beginning and end,  just use the size bits01:44
* speeddemon8803 grabs pelo and teams up on this one :)01:44
aO|DBI have Win XP dual booted01:44
WeirdbeardWhere does Ubuntu put it's install.log?01:44
aO|DBim gettin rid of Kubuntu01:44
aO|DBand just goin ubuntu01:44
aO|DBand xp01:44
_Lucretia_kostkon: do you have an mtp based player?01:45
Pelotantric132, change  horiz sync to  30 - 82 and vert  to 50 -7501:45
kostkon_Lucretia_, hmmmm. I don't know what else you can do. Although it is not recognized by mtp-detect, did you try it with Rhythmbox and what happens?01:45
Pelospeeddemon8803, team up on what ?01:45
kostkon_Lucretia_, eh, no, I have an iPod.01:45
eck090ugh, as much as it is a pain to do stuff through command line..... its better than windows01:45
speeddemon8803helping that guy out with his partitioning issues.01:45
* Pelo is confused now 01:45
tantric132Pelo, I'm sure this is an obvious answer but how do I change values and then save the file in xorg?01:45
nickrudWeirdbeard: /var/log/installer/ for the initial install01:45
aO|DBErm... i just got a weird problem i guess01:45
aO|DBnow the "free space" says Unusuable01:45
_Lucretia_kostkon: I have enabled the mtp plugin in rhythmbox, but I can't see anything that relates to mtp, confused01:45
speeddemon8803!hi | akin01:45
nosajhay how can i safely get rid of the windows partition on my ubuntu pc can i just deleat the partition01:45
ubotuakin: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:45
WeirdbeardThanks nickrud!01:45
dabbillhttp://pastebin.org/19339 Could some one take a look at this and see if they have any ideas on how to fix it?01:46
nosaji also have a old ubuntu install i want to get rid of as well as the windows partition01:46
Jordanmy ubuntu cd only loads cli. how do i make it load gui and install?01:46
kostkon_Lucretia_, yes, so neither Rhythmbox can see it.01:46
eck090how do i install a.run file?01:46
Pelotantric132, you are in nano right now ? just use the keys to bring the cursor to the right place and type over  I think you use  ctrl x to exit and save01:46
KE7LNUbest part scheme normal user laptop?????01:46
speeddemon8803jordan, did you accidentally install the alternative image to a cd?01:46
_Lucretia_kostkon: doesn't look like it01:46
aO|DBPelo, do i make the Home first, then make the Root??? because it is not letting me create anything else after making the primary01:47
tantric132Pelo, thanks. going to try it01:47
_Lucretia_kostkon: should it give some extra menus or something?01:47
speeddemon8803The alternative install does not include a GUI, Jordan, if that was what you did.01:47
nomopofomoMy desktop has gone black and the shutdown button in the top-right hand corner of my screen doesn't work ;(01:47
compwiz18eck090: ideally, you wouldn't, but you can open up a terminal and run chmod +x file.run; ./file.run01:47
PeloJordan, sound like you have the alternate install cd , there is no gui on it , you have to install ,  from the menu at the beginning01:47
nickrudeck090: first you figure out if there's any other way to get that program.01:47
eck090well its my video driver01:47
kostkon_Lucretia_, it is supposed that if you enable the mtp plugin, your device should appear in Rhythmbox when you connect it01:47
nickrudeck090: which one?01:47
nomopofomoThis was all after I started playing around with my fstab file...01:48
compwiz18eck090: you should be able to get that in the restricted manager01:48
aO|DBshit this is kinda confusing01:48
_Lucretia_kostkon: could it be a charging thing? I'm charging now01:48
nomopofomoI added two lines and then deleted htem.01:48
nickrudeck090: ok, I have ref for the new atis01:48
Jordanok. i might have hit the check box by accident. thanks!01:48
Rukushi i recently uninstalled xserver-xgl , installed a new ATI graphics driver,, newest from ATI site, and now when i try ctrl alt backspace, my system doesnt hang, it just blanks the screen and stops there. ctrl alt del restarts the machine. I also run compiz effects01:48
eck090restricted manager?01:48
KE7LNUnoobie// best partition scheme for ubuntu  home var usr etc01:48
nmz787hey does anyone here know what a dflt value is?01:48
Rukusdflt - default maybe01:49
kostkon_Lucretia_, I think since your device is recognized as a usb device by ubuntu it can be charged. i think that it's independent of the mtp problem01:49
PeloaO|DB, you'll get the hang of it eventualy, you only do one thing at once, if it helps you can exit the installer and go back to the deskop ,  you can partition your hdd from gparted in there and do the insetall after,   you can then skip the bit where you partiton and go straight to the part where you pick the partitons to instal on01:49
eck090says installer must be run as root01:50
aO|DBwell, it dosnt let me install on partitions01:50
eck090do i just put the "sudo" command?01:50
aO|DBit just picks this one hard drive i have01:50
nickrudRukus: you could try running the install on http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide , see if that will fix it. But simply running the ati driver install can often screw things up01:50
nmz787anyone here ever use MPX? I am trying to get the xinput program to work01:50
Rukusthats the guide i followd01:50
Rukusnickrud: thats the guide i followd01:50
jescisJack_Sparrow:  so, would nothing, no wep or anything be better to use using a 2wire modem/router?01:50
maximilion__eck090, if it a graphical install program: gksudo appname, if console: sudo appname.01:50
nomopofomo!info automount01:50
ubotuPackage automount does not exist in gutsy01:50
nickrudRukus: hm. Working here just fine.01:51
mikeok hi all i have samba reinstalled, i go to my windows box and type //server and the password box comes up so i type in my credentials, but with no luck01:51
PeloaO|DB, you do the manual partitionning bit but then you donT' have to do the partitons in the step you are now , they are already there, you can skip to the next bit I mean01:51
_Lucretia_kostkon: it seems that udev has worked and mounted it tho, I do have /dev/libmtp-6-1 & /dev/libmtp-usbdev6.201:51
mikei did the sudo smbpasswd -a mike01:51
smithwHello everyone. I had a fully functional gutsy installation on my PC, but since them I have upgraded some of its hardware and I'm not sure how will gutsy handle that hardware change. The most "critical" hardware (graphics card and wireless card) are the same, so I expect no problems there. However, the HD's have completely changed their order. Will gutsy's fstab go nuts when I boot into it?01:51
nomopofomoIs anyone here familiar with automounting NTFS partitions?01:51
aO|DBright now i have 24 gigs of free space01:51
eck090says im running an x server?01:51
aO|DBand i need to make a ubuntu partition01:51
tantric132_Pelo, I'm now on my Ubuntu system. You're the man! Thank you so much01:51
PeloaO|DB, anyting esle on this hdd ?01:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about automount - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:52
Mathmansmithw: sounds about right01:52
Pelotantric132_, my pleasure01:52
maximilion__eck090, what are you installing?01:52
aO|DBYep, theres Windows partition, 7GB, Storage, 130GB01:52
nmz787you can also edit /etc/fstab and set the ntfs to mount on startup01:52
spike_le_jackalYeah, searching for it comes up with good results you need01:52
spike_le_jackalI've worked similar issues.01:52
PeloaO|DB,  ok  fist please use my nick in each line,  it makes it easier to follow if I know you are talking to me01:52
maximilion__Hm, strange, gksudo should work01:53
robdigPelo: hi, are you plotting yet?01:53
eck090what is gksudo?01:53
nomopofomoWhat filesystem option should I choose when adding an NTFS drive to my fstab file?01:53
PeloaO|DB, you will need to make logical partitons , not primaries,  you can only have 4 primaries per hdd01:53
smithwMathman: thanks... I guess I will resort to an old live cd to edit the fstab before I boot into the actual system01:53
MrPiracyi have installed kiba-dock, but when i type the command to open it, i get a segmentation fault error. how can i fix this? i'm on a 64bit system01:53
nomopofomoMore precisely, what is the proper filesystem to use? fuseblk or ntfs-3g?01:53
nickrudeck090: clt-alt-backspace, ctl-alt-f2 , login.  sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop (this stops your X server. Do the install, then  sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start to restart X server01:53
Mathmansmithw: that and you'll perhaps need to edit grub.conf and reinstall grub01:53
maximilion__eck090, press Alt+F2, type gksudo NVIDIA-Linux-x86-169.09-pkg1.run01:53
Pelorobdig,  not yes,  I am investigating other avenues,    like generic printers with cpl  drivers,  cause I can't get a hpgl.plt flle out of progecad01:54
frojndhow can I check if my wifi card works, what's the command for searching for devices something with scanning ?01:54
nickrudeck090: you can use clt-alt-f2 and clt-alt-f7 to switch back and forth while the X server is running01:54
kostkon_Lucretia_, ok. do you think a mtp specific app that gnomad2 will help? I don't know what else you can do with mtp01:54
maximilion__gksudo allow running apps with a temporary root access01:54
putnumwho is in charge of the support groups for ubuntu? the local ones i mean01:54
smithwMathman: most definitely01:54
EADGHelp. I rm'd a file instead of mv! Is there anyway to recover it? Anyway at all?01:54
nickrudmaximilion__: the nvidia install requires X to be off01:54
nomopofomoWhich file, EADG?01:54
_Lucretia_kostkon: i think i'll wait till it's charged and see what to do next01:54
MathmanEADG: nothing I know of that doesn't cost loads of money01:54
PeloaO|DB, right click in the free space showed in the  graphical repersentation of the hdd,  select new partiton or whatever it is ,  make a new one  5 gig , ext3 , logical01:55
maximilion__nickrud, I see. I'm not as experienced as you, so I'd probably boot into recovery mode and do a su - username in that case :)01:55
eck090ok repeat that01:55
EADGnomopofomo: a text file, no extension.01:55
eck090i forgot that shuts off my GUI01:55
=== rat32 is now known as Palace_Chan
nickrudputnum: you mean the locos? #ubuntu-loco for help01:55
Repleyhi all. is possible to auto-run a command after a custom command? for example i want to run 'ls' after all 'cd' command that i type (for example 'cd /path/dynamic')01:55
putnumthx nick01:55
nomopofomoEADG, a configuration file of some sort? What was it's name?01:55
kostkon_Lucretia_, ok. sorry I couldn't really help you!01:55
Pelorobdig, but the stuff you emailed me works perfectly ,  for what little I can do with it01:55
nickrudmaximilion__: that'd work too, but I hate rebooting when there's another way :)01:55
Mathmannomopofomo: I fail to see how that would be relevant...01:56
_Lucretia_kostkon: thanks anyway, i'll prolly see how it goes tomorrow01:56
maximilion__mm but it's easier to remember :)01:56
putnumnick: nobody is in there01:56
nomopofomoWhat filesystem should I use for automounting an NTFS partition? fuseblk or ntfs-3g?01:56
eck090nickrud can you rpost those directions01:56
robdigPelo: well, we both learned something...good luck getting your cad going01:56
maximilion__night guys01:56
eck090please and thanks01:56
greencookieHow can I download decoder for playing last fm streams? I just installed ubuntu an hour ago.01:56
nickrudeck090:  clt-alt-backspace, ctl-alt-f2 , login.  sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop (this stops your X server. Do the install, then  sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start to restart X server01:56
maximilion__My Ubuntu is now fully setup and tested for webdesign <301:56
Pelorobdig,  when i do get it working I will email you about it , you were a great help01:56
nomopofomoMathman, I probably misinterpreted what he asked.01:56
eck090ok writing them down01:56
eck090and ill brb01:56
robdigPelo: no prob01:56
PeloaO|DB, still around ?01:57
putnumand is there a team that is in charge of promoting ubuntu? As in maybe a roadhow type thing?01:57
nickrudeck090: in the rare case where you don't automatically get returned to the gui when you run the start, hit ctl-alt-f701:57
EADGnomopofomo: an report typed out in nano. Not a config file. File name was 'porocity jan 12'01:57
nickrudputnum: #ubuntu-marketing I think01:57
MathmanEADG: probably a good time to mention rcs or cvs or whatever.01:57
Peloputnum, check in the ubuntu website in the get involved section , look for locos01:57
putnumok thx guys01:58
gotamaHi! I'm using gutsy (i386). When I start or shut down my pc I get a message "input not support" on a black screen. Where can I change the screen !resolution for start up? Help please!01:58
nickrud!loco > putnum (see pm)01:58
MathmanEADG: you should look into something like that perhaps01:58
putnumok got it01:58
MrPiracyi have installed kiba-dock, but when i type the command to open it, i get a segmentation fault error. how can i fix this? i'm on a 64bit system01:58
EADGMathman: not familiar with those abreviations...01:58
aO|DBPelo, I just made 2 Parts, 5GB EX3 Primary, 300MB Swap... made the EX3 /01:58
aO|DBand im installing01:58
* Pelo is feeling like crap and will need to go to bed soon01:58
nomopofomoMathman, happen to know which filesystem I should use when automounting an NTFS volume?01:59
Rukusi have two xorg processes running, is this normal01:59
* nickrud pities Pelo , must be all that cold weather01:59
PeloaO|DB,  I was gonna suggest you use the rest of the free space for /home in ext301:59
MathmanEADG: version tracking systems.  if you're going to be doing this Linux and/or programming thing seriously, you should look into one01:59
* robdig gives Pelo some chicken soup01:59
Mathmannomopofomo: I suppose that would depend on which drivers you wanted.  ntfs3g is the good stuff these days though I think02:00
EADGMathman: would nano have saved an incremental backup?02:00
MathmanEADG: ha, nano?  doubtful02:00
=== noskl1 is now known as nosklo
* Pelo sits in the warm chicken soup, ahhhh 02:00
* EADG weeps02:01
Mathmanif you used something like emacs or vim then those will save backup copies whenever you edit something.  if they're configured to do so anyhow.02:01
* Pelo laughs at EADG 02:01
PeloaO|DB, yes ?02:01
aO|DBPelo, i think it automatically puts that space in the partition02:01
frojndI'm trying to Build A Linux-Based Wireless Access Point by this how to: http://www.enterprisenetworkingplanet.com/nethub/article.php/3467111  I have installed all the required packages Pciutils, Wireless tools, Pcmcia-cs, HostAP driver, bridge-utils and now I don't know how do I have to change my /etc/network/interfaces. Here is my /etc/networ/interfaces http://pastebin.ca/901974 eth0 is my wired card. and ra0 is my wifi card. Here is if02:01
aO|DBBecause it says unusable02:01
frojndconfig http://pastebin.ca/901956   How do I have to change /etc/network/interfaces ?02:01
Sapote_hi all!! winutuxu is a winxp sp2 and show logo of ubuntu02:01
nickrudok, everyone stop talking to Pelo make him go to bed02:01
Sapote_google winutuxu02:01
Sapote_some alert to canonical02:02
PeloaO|DB, is this your first ubuntu install ? meaning your first linux ?02:02
greencookieDoes anyone use mog.com?02:02
aO|DBpelo, Neg02:02
PeloaO|DB, mind if I hand you over to nickrud ?  I realy have to go02:02
aO|DBSure, thanks for the help :D02:02
nickrudnight Pelo see you tomorrow probably02:02
nickrudaO|DB: I take it you're trying to partition your drive for ubuntu?02:03
aO|DBYep... still confused, but it is installing02:03
proprietarysuckshow do I get into single user mode in ubuntu?02:03
Pelonickrud,  aO|DB  needs to manualy partion before installing, 4 gig / , small swap,  the rest in /home,   all logical, he»'s got 3 windows partitions already02:03
Sapote_anybody send this site to canonical please http://winutuxu.fr.ma/02:03
EADGWell, I'm really up the creek without a paddle now. I'm gonna go smash something. Thanks for confirming the obvious. later all.02:03
elecompt2I need help updating my kernel...I have 2.6.20-15-generic and i need at least 2.6.602:03
aO|DBalso, i just deleted Kubuntu..02:04
nickrudaO|DB: sounds like you're moving along nicely, after the install we can inspect what you have02:04
PeloaO|DB, consider you might have a hidden  recovery partition on your hdd,  which would show as free space in gparted but would not be usable02:04
proprietarysucksI've tried kernline.. 1 and kernel line....  single02:04
Mathmanelecompt2: 2.6.20 is newer than 2.6.602:04
Peloanyway, I am gone02:04
robdigproprietarysucks: sudo telinit 102:04
aO|DBI deleted that02:04
Pelog'night folks02:04
aO|DBok cya!02:04
jamiejacksonneed some help getting started with gutsy and a treo 650. shouldn't i be able to plug in via usb and see things happen in dmesg?02:04
proprietarysucksrobdig: grub doesn't have sudo02:04
elecompt2Mathman: well then I am having troubles working with ndiswrapper02:04
proprietarysucksI'm talking about starting the machine and getting into ubuntu to reset the password02:05
nickrudproprietarysucks: use  init=/bin/bash02:05
robdigproprietarysucks: ah, sorry, thought you were already up...boot into recovery mode generally option 2 on the grub menu02:05
Mathmanelecompt2: whats the problem?  yum install ndiswrapper or whatever it is you ubuntu guys do02:05
aO|DBnickrud, Heres what i did: 24Gb Freespace ->  5gb /  and 300mb swap.... then I was left with a bunch of unusable space02:05
aO|DBand im installing now, and i would assume that it takes the unusable space and implements it02:06
nickrudaO|DB: hm, ok. After the install we can double check and reformat and reinstall if needed02:06
gotamaWhere can I change the screen resolution for the start up of ubuntu?02:06
nickrudaO|DB: good chance reinstall won't be needed, just some tweaking02:06
Jack_Sparrownickrud: Hey, is he running into the 4 primary limit02:06
elecompt2Mathman: I tried to follow the instructions, and when I tried to install, It said there was an error02:06
aO|DBnickrud, are you familiar with the kubuntu partitioner?02:06
Vadigotama: for the loading progress bar?02:06
nickrudJack_Sparrow: could be, we'll discover02:07
VadiHow can I add something to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable?02:07
Mathmangotama: I'm thinking you pass something to the kernel, via grub02:07
Jack_Sparrownickrud: goodnight02:07
gotamaJust start up.02:07
nickrudaO|DB: not particularly, but we'll sort it out02:07
nickrudJack_Sparrow: it's just starting :)02:07
Mathmanelecompt2: the point is, you should be installing ndiswrapper via your package manager.  if there's an error then file a bug report02:07
aO|DBnickrud, well it lets you resize any partition during install(unlike ubuntu)02:07
gotamaI've got just a black screen And need to wait until the x server starts.02:07
aO|DBnickrud, i was wondering if ubuntu came with a partitioner that could do that(on the live cd)02:08
nickrudaO|DB: Yes,  gparted and others02:08
aO|DBok, well its 90%02:08
gotamaexact,for the loading progress bar. I can't see it.02:09
nickrudaO|DB: we can do a lot of formatting stuff from the install as well02:09
HellowOk, i am having difficulty with Compiz, when i run it in terminal, it generates this error: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55817/02:09
nickrud!brokenusplash | gotama (this fixes many of those blank screen problems)02:09
ubotugotama (this fixes many of those blank screen problems): Supported screen resolutions are sometimes detected incorrectly, causing the splash screen to not appear and slowing down boot. Edit /etc/usplash.conf and change "xres" and "yres" to a resolution that your graphics system certainly supports, then run « sudo update-usplash-theme usplash-theme-ubuntu »02:09
VadiHow can I append something to an enviroment variable?02:10
rhinovirusis there a way i can remove an OS from displaying on the grub loader?02:10
aO|DBnickrud, Ok i am done installing, should i reboot or tweak?02:10
credibleVadi: VARIABLE=$VARIABLE:blah ?02:10
aO|DBmaybe i will see if its functional first02:10
nickrudaO|DB: reboot, get into the system properly :)02:10
credible(prepend export to that)02:10
Vadicredible: ok, thanks02:11
HellowCan someone please help me? I am having difficulty with Compiz, when i run it in terminal, this is what it gives me: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55817/02:12
smithwI'm running a ubuntu 6.06 live cd, and I need to mount the first partition of the secondary slave IDE HD... which dev would it be? /dev/sdd1?02:13
aO|DBnickrud, ok im in ubuntu02:13
nortyI have two quick questions, how do I change the font color of the taskbars on the desktop to white? and also how do I make it such that when I create a file such as test.txt another file called  test.txt~ doesn't get created or just doesn't appear in the terminal.. ? (ubuntu 7.10)02:13
nickrudaO|DB: ok,  apps->accessories->terminal, and type   sudo fdisk -l02:13
kostkonHellow, it looks like that you don't have the nvidia driver installed02:14
nickrudaO|DB: put the output of that on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org02:14
Hellowkostkon: Where can i find it?02:14
bluefoxok, how do i add resolution listings in System->Preferences->Screen Resolution ?02:14
WorldBFreehow would i go about booting a ubuntu image straight from my hd.  i already have a working grub02:14
aO|DBlet me get on irc on laptop sec02:15
bluefoxall i have listed are the uber-low resolutions from the safety-mode, this laptop can handle HD02:15
kostkonHellow, you can install it using Synaptic02:15
Hellowkostkon: what is it called?02:15
nomopofomoMathman, think /dev/hda1/mnt/ntfs-1ntfs-3gdefaults00 will work?02:15
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto02:15
kostkonHellow, search for "nvidia" in synaptic02:15
kostkonHellow, it will have 3 versions of the driver. choose the driver that applies to you, it depends of what model you have02:16
nickrudnorty: on the first create a file  ~./gtkrc-2.0 , and add the contents of http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55819/ to it.02:16
kostkonHellow, which nvidia card do you have?02:16
aO|DBnickrud, shoot is there any app like konversation on ubuntu? IRC CLIENT02:16
vbabiy_laptop_Hey guys I have set up at directory on my hard drive called back up I have set the group owner to a group called desktop-users and set the group id sticky bit. Now my question is how can make so when every a user creates a file in that directory or moves it to that directory it will have full group read and write permission?02:16
HellowkostkonL i dont02:16
nickrudaO|DB: install xchat , it's a good one02:17
BenalexHello all, is there a way to shutdown ubuntu automatically after finishing updates?02:17
=== hoarycri2ple is now known as hoarycripple
kostkonHellow, ok, sorry, misunderstood02:17
aO|DBsudo apt-get install xchat?02:17
nickrudaO|DB: yes02:17
kostkonHellow, which graphics card do you have?02:18
tantric132Can anyone tell me why I'm getting an error message while trying to import music into Music Player? The error is 'The GSTreamer plugins to decode "MP3" files cannot be found'02:18
tantric132How do I fix this?02:18
nickrudvbabiy_laptop_: either change the users' umask to 002 (they make things group readable by default, not really good) or set up an access control list for that directory (beyond the scope of this channel)02:18
HellowIts Intergrated Graphics by Intel, it can run 3D programs fine02:18
Hellow@ koskon02:18
techqbertdoes anyone know a command I could run from a dock launcher like awn or cairo that would launch gnome-terminal and enter a predefined command?02:18
aO|DBnickrud, shoot i dont have any repositories i think... is it the same as kubuntu?02:18
Benalextantric132: install extracodecs02:18
nickrudaO|DB: yes02:18
kostkonHellow, oh, ok, sorry about that02:19
Hellower, kostkon02:19
nickrud!gutsysources | aO|DB02:19
ubotuaO|DB: gutsysources is in System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (gutsy-security) and (gutsy-updates).02:19
BenalexHello all, is there a way to shutdown ubuntu automatically after finishing updates?02:19
vbabiy_laptop_nickrud: can i set the umask of a directory02:19
mouseboyxShould there be an option in the installer to enable the cd and multiverse and universe?02:19
tantric132Benalex, how? When I search for it in Add/Remove it doesn't show02:19
astro76techqbert: gnome-terminal -e or -x, man gnome-terminal for the differences02:19
jamiejacksonubuntu only seems to be able to see my Treo 650 when i've hit the hotsync button,  but i'm looking to use DUN. what's the trick for getting ubuntu to recognize the device when it's *not* trying to hotsync02:20
nickrudvbabiy_laptop_: thats what access control lists do. You can set it up so only users in that group can write there, and/or only that group are read/writeable02:20
vipacaIsthere a serperate channel for sparc?02:20
Benalextantric132: sorry ... search for extras... and install Ubuntu restricted extras02:20
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techqbertastro76: cool thanks02:21
vbabiy_laptop_nickrud: this just seem to hard to set up something so basic?02:21
nortynickrud, I did what you said, i created the file gtkrc-2.0 in my home directory, and put the contents in it but nothing happened... ?02:21
nickrudvbabiy_laptop_: true that02:21
aO|DBbut xchat dosnt exist or something02:21
astro76vipaca: there is an #ubuntu-server02:21
Benalextantric132: and also install GStreamer extra plugins02:21
nickrudnorty: try killall gnome-panel , that will restart it and it should reread the rc file02:21
kostkonHellow, can you open a terminal and do a "glxinfo | grep direct rendering"?02:21
aO|DBnickrud, i dont see the xchat package02:22
nickrudaO|DB: did you do apt-get update?02:22
aO|DBnot yet02:22
nortynickrud, that didn't work02:22
nickrudaO|DB: required after every change to sources.list02:22
Hellowkostkon: this is what it gives me:02:22
Hellowgrep: rendering: No such file or directory02:22
aO|DBthx :D02:22
nortyshould the file have a . in front of it?02:22
nickrudnorty: yes02:22
tantric132Benalex, thank you02:22
Benalextantric132: NP :)02:23
kostkonHellow, better give "glxinfo | grep rendering"02:23
=== rainvoice_ is now known as rainvoice
nortynickrud, thanks got it02:23
Hellowkostkon: this is what it gives me then: direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)02:23
kostkonHellow, so that means you don't have 3d support by your card02:24
tantric132Does anyone know why when I turn my computer on now where I can choose from the three different types of Ubuntu(GUI, Recovery, and Memory 80 something), why is my Windows XP no longer on the list? I can't load into windows now02:24
proprietarysucksI've logged in with init=/bin/bash    how do I change the password?02:24
proprietarysucksI've tried passwd username02:24
tantric132(I have windows on a NTFS partition02:24
Hellowkostkon: but i run 3D games on it all the time02:24
proprietarysucksI just want to set the password!02:25
nortyHow do I make it such that when I create a file such as test.txt another file called  test.txt~ doesn't get created or just doesn't appear in the terminal.. ? (ubuntu 7.10)02:25
nickrudtantric132: that happens sometimes, what partition is your windows on?02:25
eck090Hey, i installed the driver, but i still get video lagg with games02:25
tantric132nickrud, let me double check02:25
Dr_willisnorty,  thats vi making backups.02:25
aO|DB-DXnickrud, ok02:25
tantric132nickrud, how come GParted isn't on here anymore? Is it only part of the Live CD? ALso, in Linux, how do I view partitions02:25
compwiz18proprietarysucks: when you say "the password", which password do you mean?02:25
kostkonHellow, maybe they run on software 3d acceleration02:25
vipacaThat channel is dead02:25
proprietarysucksa user's password or the root, either02:26
nickrudaO|DB: ok, put up that   sudo fdisk -l02:26
frojndI've tryed to mount /dev/sda2 /media/win  but than I got message that it has to be specified name of the system. This is windows, so how can I mount it ?02:26
nickrudtantric132: you can install gparted,  and     sudo fdisk -l  shows partition info02:26
aO|DB-DX   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System02:26
aO|DB-DX/dev/sda1   *           1         892     7164958+   7  HPFS/NTFS02:26
aO|DB-DX/dev/sda2             893       16611   126262867+   f  W95 Ext'd (LBA)02:26
aO|DB-DX/dev/sda3           16612       17219     4883760   83  Linux02:26
aO|DB-DX/dev/sda4           17220       17255      289170   82  Linux swap / Solaris02:26
aO|DB-DX/dev/sda5             893       16611   126262836    7  HPFS/NTFS02:26
FloodBot2aO|DB-DX: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:26
aO|DBo fuck02:26
nickrudaO|DB: lol, that's why I said http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org02:26
aO|DBwell it made it thru02:26
compwiz18!language | aO|DB02:26
aO|DBmy bad02:26
ubotuaO|DB: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:26
tantric132nickrud, ok let me install it and I will get back to you(apprciate the help)02:26
vipacaaO|DB-DX usepastie02:26
Dr_willisfrojnd,  you mean it wants the 'filesystem' type most likely.   -t ntfs or -t vfat is an option you need to use02:26
compwiz18proprietarysucks: passwd user should do it02:26
aO|DBwow im getting hated left and right02:26
kostkonHellow, can you do a "lspci" on a terminal to see what's the model of your card?02:27
aO|DB-DXshould i still paste it02:27
compwiz18!pastebin | aO|DB-DX02:27
ubotuaO|DB-DX: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:27
soldatskostkon: what card02:27
nickrudaO|DB: put that up on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (open the browser, go there and copy and paste) and give me the url02:27
vipacaaO|DB-DX yes02:27
kostkonsoldats, graphics card02:27
Hellowkostkon: this is what it gives me for the gfx card: 00:01.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82810 (CGC) Chipset Graphics Controller (rev 03)02:28
vipacapastie.caboo.se is better.02:28
frojndDr_willis, http://pastebin.ca/90201902:28
soldatskostkon: try lspci | grep VGA02:28
nickrudvipaca: Illl look at it, I'm kinda disappointed in the nl one02:28
frojndDr_willis, it says that wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda2, when I do: mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /media/win02:29
eck090is there a way to check if my d3d is running??02:29
gold44how to disable gui splash screen? want to see the boot process in text mode , cause my video card/monitor says out of range.02:29
aO|DB-DXnickrud, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55821/02:29
kostkonsoldats, , that's for Hellow, he/she already did it, ok02:29
Hellowkostkon: he02:29
gold44i have no way of telling what the status is, cause screen out of range02:29
Dr_willisfrojnd,  yopu may want to go read a few mounting drives on linux tutorials. You are most likely doing some typo or other trivbial thing wrong.02:30
soldatsgold44: does it say refresh rate out of range?02:30
Dr_willisfrojnd,  it may be vfat,02:30
kostkonHellow, so it looks like you have the intel 810 chipset. ok02:30
gold44soldats: let me check, bu t i think the resoultion is wrong, my screen support 1024x and default probably bigger02:30
nickrudaO|DB: install gparted, I don't like the looks of the overlap of the ntfs partition with the other partitions. Not a good looking thing02:31
jake85hi, im new to ubuntu can anyone help - having issues with wifi (it looks installed )and i can see my AP but i cant connect to it, it just looks like it keeps connecting and nothing - ( using Broadcom wifi chipset)02:31
tantric132nickrud, okay. I have got it. Let me break down my entire HD for you. /dev/sda1(74.52GB) is ntfs. Used-20.70GB Free-53.82GB. Mountpoint for it is /media/disk-1 /dev/sda2(36.88GB) is ext3. Mountpoint /media/disk.  /dev/sda3(36GB) is ext3. Mountpoint is / . then I have the two swap spacve partitions. (extended and linux-swap)02:31
soldatsgold44: well what happened, was this the first time. did you edit something.02:31
aO|DB-DXnickrud, use this name to talk to, easier to read on this laptop02:31
nickrudDr_willis: if you have a sec, could you look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55821/ , I don't like the looks of the start blocks02:31
kostkonHellow, it's a little old so I don't know if 3d is supported by the intel driver for 81002:31
nickrudaO|DB: ok02:31
nickrudaO|DB-DX: ok that is02:32
nomopofomoI'm having problems with links to folders containing MP3 files on an NTFS partition.02:32
frojndDr_willis, I made a wrong dev, it was dev1 and not dev202:32
eck090how do i test my D3D?02:32
nickrudtantric132: a sec02:32
frojndis this bad, I mount it under root, and now set as chmod -R 777 and it's making huge scan..02:32
aO|DB-DXnickrud, while im installing what messanger service would you reccomend?02:32
gold44soldats: just installed it on dual boot. monitor says "out of range", it's not a message from the console. it's a message from  my LCD screen itself.02:32
ussereck090: D#D?02:33
Dr_willisnickrud,  ive seen that happen  at times if you partition the disks oddly.02:33
eck090direct 3d02:33
magnumpihey what package do i need to install to get compiz-fusion to work on a 1400x ati card?"02:33
ussereck090: ehm, do you have wine installed?02:33
ussereck090: theres no D3D on linux per se02:33
gold44soldats: oh no. unable to boot into ubuntu. i have in intitial ram disk prompt02:33
Dr_willisfrojnd,  you DONT normally chmod mountpoints that way.. and you definiatly dont do it for NTFS/Vfat filesystems02:33
Hellowkostkon: where can i find a system wide accelerator like Direct X for Windows?02:33
eck090well im using a linux version of eve-online02:34
nickrudtantric132: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55822/ , add that to the very end of /boot/grub/menu.lst02:34
eck090but im getting tons of graphic lagg02:34
frojndDr_willis, I hope I didn't something screw :S02:34
usserHellow: its included with video card driver02:34
usserHellow: its called opengl02:34
GrueliusI need some help withchunksizes. Raid5 array with 4x500gb disks,files ~200mb+ in general. will have a lvm withext3. What chunksize should i set02:34
nickrudaO|DB-DX: pidgin I guess. That's what most people seem to use02:34
kostkonHellow, for linux you can say it's opegl. but if you don't have 3d support for your card you can't do many things, actually02:34
ussereck090: it uses opengl02:34
soldatsgold44: i know. it usually means wrong resolution or bad refresh rates. if you can do ctrl+alt+f2 and get a terminal you can try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" and it should rebuild it to the correct settings. otherwise you may be able to get a terminal with recovery mode boot02:34
eck090ok, im  not sure why im getting lagg then02:34
bortI bought a power supply for my old computer (500Watts), but the connector for the mb has twelve pins and the entry of the mb has only 10. I managed to stick the twelve pin connector to the entry but now I'm wondering if my mb will burn or something.02:34
kostkonHellow, I don't know if the intel driver supports 3d for your card02:34
bortany ideas?=02:34
aO|DB-DXnickrud, where did gparted go?02:34
nickrudaO|DB-DX: it seems you're installed ok, try booting your windows02:34
eck090can i run a test on my card thru terminal02:34
nickrudaO|DB: you need to install it02:35
soldatsgold44: it happens when booting linux right02:35
aO|DB-DXi did02:35
nickrudaO|DB: ok, good. You seem good to go. Your drive seems formatted oddly to me, but it appears it's working ok02:35
tantric132nickrud, how do I access(and what file) is it?02:35
rodserling_Ok, I just put in my new sata drive, formated and partitioned the whole drive. When I boot it up, it goes blank, takes around 5 minutes and gives me the log in screen on ubuntu, Why does it go blank for 5minutes in the beginning?02:35
tantric132that i paste that to02:35
aO|DBtry booting windows xp?02:36
nomopofomoWhy can't I delete these folder links?! It's driving me crazy.02:36
nickrudtantric132:    gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst02:36
nickrudaO|DB: yes02:36
rodserling_Should I mess with the bios?02:36
tantric132nickrud, thanks bud!02:36
eck090ok im retarted....... my 3d-acceleration is turned off02:36
ussereck090: what video card do u have?02:37
gold44soldats: yes during boot time, no splash screen. but bigger right problem now.  some sort of tty device error02:37
aO|DBnickrud, ok im in windows02:37
nickrud!brokenusplash | rodserling_ (this often fixes blank boot screens)02:37
uboturodserling_ (this often fixes blank boot screens): Supported screen resolutions are sometimes detected incorrectly, causing the splash screen to not appear and slowing down boot. Edit /etc/usplash.conf and change "xres" and "yres" to a resolution that your graphics system certainly supports, then run « sudo update-usplash-theme usplash-theme-ubuntu »02:37
nickrudaO|DB: good. Just wanted to be sure it was working02:37
rodserling_Ok, thanks nickrud!02:37
tantric132nickrud, so add this text behind ### END DEBIAN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST?02:37
eck090nvidia 620002:37
nickrudtantric132: below that, yes02:38
soldatsgold44: can you boot to recovery mode.02:38
nickrudtantric132: that way it won't get messed with anymore02:38
gold44soldats: i have all in one budget motherboard combo. so lots of hardware are very rare02:38
ussereck090: did u enable restricted driver in ubuntu's driver manager?02:38
gold44soldats: let me try.02:38
tantric132nickrud, okay I'm going to try it now...thank you!02:38
* gold44 runs upstairs02:38
nickrudaO|DB: gotta step out for a few, brb02:39
frojndok so I mounted ntfs partition, how  can I mount it permanently and how can I access to it, since it says that it's locked and only root can acces to it ?02:39
aO|DBnickrud where is the gparted?02:39
aO|DBnickrud i installed it02:39
RoxanneEDMgood day guys, can someone help me install flash? i would love it !02:39
bluefoxok, i can't seem to get gnome to use a the resolution i know my monitor is capable of handling, it only wants to let me use 800X600 and it can do 1600x140002:40
eck090i think i fixed it02:40
eck090ill know in a minute lol02:40
jack-desktopis there anyway to rotate my desktop screen 90 or 180 degrees in ubuntu? it's really easy in windows... ;p02:40
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:40
usserfrojnd: do something like this just change /dev/hda1 to name of your partition and /mountpoint too  echo "/dev/hda1 /mnt/windows ntfs-3g 0 0" >> /etc/fstab02:40
aO|DBHey guys, where does Gparted go when it is installed?02:41
soldatsaO|DB: type gparted in a terminal02:42
eck090w00t fixed02:42
usserfrojnd: then do sudo chown -R username:username /mountpoint02:42
Dr_willisjack-desktop,  i recall some extra tool (xrand?) that could do that.. or some xorg.conf optiuons..  But ive never tried them out. and it may depend onyour video card.02:42
RoxanneEDMhey guys i just installed [sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree].. now it says that i have the latest version, but when i browse to some vids on facebook, it tells me i need a newer version... any ideas?02:42
kostkonHellow, there is the 810 xorg driver at the repositories. maybe by using this driver you'll get 3d02:43
soldatsRoxanneEDM: firefox02:43
gold44soldats: hm.. recovery mode is stuck or maybe taking a long time. anyway. i will try slackware and see if i get more luck. i think the main thing is the drivers for my budget motherboard02:43
mikecan someone help me figure out how to edit the smb.conf file02:43
tantric132nickrud, it now says windows on the list, but when I try to load it I get: Error 22: no such partition02:43
nosajis ther a quicken alternitave for ubuntu ?02:43
frojndusser, I don't have hda1 in the first place02:43
soldatsgold44: well if you get recovery to work do the command i gave you earier02:43
ussernosaj: try gnu-cash02:43
nosajhmm ok ill look into it02:43
RoxanneEDMsoldats: yes firefox is what i use02:44
gold44soldats: okie dok02:44
usserfrojnd: ok how did u mount the partition give me the command02:44
soldatsRoxanneEDM: in firefox type in the address bar "about:plugins" and tell me what flash version it says is installed02:44
MrPiracyanyone knows how to fix the segmentation fault error when trying to run kiba-dock on 64bit system?02:44
RoxanneEDMsoldats:  what do i type in the address field?02:45
frojndusser, mount /dev/sda1 /home/me/Windows02:45
soldatsRoxanneEDM: about:plugins02:46
techqbertdoes any1 know if gedit periodically saves any documents that aren't saved?  ubuntu just crashed on me02:46
eck090ok, dumb question... can i minimize... like alt+tab02:46
soldatstechqbert: i dont think so, i lost so much data that way02:46
usserfrojnd: cool so do this gksu gedit /etc/fstab02:46
frojndusser, ok02:46
Sapote_hi any ubuntu member here?02:47
ASTX813Can vpnc be set up to only route certain ports/services?02:47
usserfrojnd: add this line to the end /dev/sda1 /home/me/Windows ntfs-3g 0 002:47
techqbertsoldats: pfft I just lost a nice chunk of college application essay.  hrm.02:47
sxealexanyone know what options i need to open proms on a remote computer that use the x display... i don t need to see the output just launch them02:47
usserfrojnd: now do sudo mount /dev/sda102:47
sxealexsorry programs*02:47
usserfrojnd: it should mount the partition02:47
soldatstechqbert: unless it logs it somewhere i doubt it02:47
Dr_willissxealex,   You would need to set up 'xhost' to allow the remote user access to the X display, and then just export the display variable, and run them02:47
usserfrojnd: after that do sudo chown -R yourname:yourname /home/me/Windows02:48
sxealexexport it into the computer im sshing from02:48
badkittyCool finally got vmware to install correctly.. Now just need a decent appliance to boot properly02:48
RoxanneEDMwhat is easiest to install, a rpm file or tar.gz02:48
Dr_willissxealex,  on the remote you need to some how run 'xhost +localhost' or similer.  (this is a potential security hole)02:48
PriceChild!rpm | RoxanneEDM02:48
ubotuRoxanneEDM: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)02:48
Dr_willissxealex,  then export the DISPLAY variable properly, then just run the app. it should then appear on the remote box.02:48
sxealexohh,,, no sorry thats not what i mean02:49
nosajcan any one tell me how manny argrage users for ubuntu and same for windows?02:49
sxealexthe program is on the remote computer02:49
soldatsRoxanneEDM: use the tar.gz from the adobe site. and follow the directions for flash install02:49
=== Sapote_ is now known as Sapote
sxealexbut when i run it02:49
sxealexit says it cant find the x display02:49
Dr_willissxealex,  thats what the exporting the DISPLAY is all about02:49
eck090ill take that as a no02:50
Dr_willisexport DISPLAY=localhost:0.0   or similer02:50
Dr_willisthen run the app02:50
usserfrojnd: so hows it going?02:50
Dr_willissxealex,  IF you had ran xhost +localhost that is..02:50
sxealexok ill give that a whirl02:50
sxealexthis wont work in regular ssh?02:50
ussersxealex: in ssh just use -X flag02:51
Dr_willisusser,  he wants it to appear remotely also.02:51
sxealexi thought x flag would show it on my computer02:51
ussersxealex: ie ssh -X -C username@remotepc02:51
ussersxealex: oh my bad sorry02:51
Dr_willisor so he said.02:51
sxealexi dont need it on my computer02:51
sxealexi do this sshing into my mac all the time02:51
ussersxealex: just run it like that i believe DISPLAY=:0 && progname02:52
frojndusser, when I try to do: chown -R joze:site /home/joze/Windows/  it allways says that it's not valid name02:52
Dr_willissxealex,  the 'critical part' is the X security stuff, thats handled by xhost +.02:52
ussersxealex: i think that would work02:52
usserfrojnd: is it there?02:52
sxealexso DISPLAY=:0 ./program02:52
gold44soldats: nope. failed. tty error can't access control. i still get initial ram disk prompt. i'll give slackware a try later this week =(02:52
ussersxealex: yea02:52
frojndusser, if what is there :)02:53
sxealexthanks you!02:53
sxealexworked perfectly02:53
usserfrojnd: well your /home/joze/Windows is it even there?02:53
usserfrojnd: also case matters02:53
frojndusser, ofcourse02:53
usserfrojnd: Windows and windows are not the same02:53
soldatsgold44: hmm thats too bad. did ubuntu ever start up. maybe had something to with dualboot02:53
sxealexthanks guys :)02:53
RoxanneEDMok, i need a little help, i have the flash tar.gz file on the desktop, i extracted it , now im trying to follow the instructions, bur it is not working , could someone please lend me a helping hand02:53
ussersxealex: np02:53
frojndusser, it's there02:53
eck090is there a button(s) that i can press to minimize full screen games?02:54
smithwIn the ubuntu livecd there is this "Boot from first hard disk" option. I assume there is a way to tell the livecd boot manager (grub?) to boot from a specific partition (in this specific case, /dev/hdc2). can anyone tell me how I do that?02:54
DreamoreI have a problem on live cd.02:54
pppZerois anyone else having a problem with the file menu magically opening itself in openoffice writer?02:54
usserfrojnd: hm, hm can u navigate to it see if your windows files are there?02:54
nosajdoes gnu-cash do wills too?02:54
DreamoreIt says: "/bin/sh: can't access tty: job control turned off"02:54
gold44soldats: no, don't think it's dualboot prob. i am running ubuntu on laptop. the one with problem is my bundled-budget-motherboard-desktop.02:54
nosajwhat program makes wills02:54
frojndusser, chown -R joze:site /home/joze/Windows   chown: »joze:site«: not valid name of the group02:54
MrPiracywould anyone help me get java virtual machine to run on firefox 64bits? i need it for home banking02:54
usserfrojnd: oh i see change site to joze as well02:55
frojndusser, yes fiels are there02:55
soldatsgold44: hmm. i donr know what to say. its beyond me :(02:55
usserMrPiracy: that is impossible02:55
frojndusser, i've tryed the same02:55
DreamoreAnyone who nows about it?02:55
DreamoreIt says: "/bin/sh: can't access tty: job control turned off"02:55
usserMrPiracy: u can install blackdown java but its outdated and buggy02:55
DreamoreWhen I try to boot from live cd02:55
safiyyah_I uninstalled compiz fusion and now I can only run 1 program at a time on the gnome interface. I tried to reinstall and it gave me an error, cant find the files (even though I ran get update) so now I have been forced to instal xfce4... any idea how i can fix the broken gnome window manager?02:55
usserfrojnd: 1 sec02:55
Dr_willissafiyyah,  try running metacity --replace02:56
frojndusser, ofcourse I'm doung this as root02:56
Hammer89half the time I log in my computer compiz fails to load... I honestly have no idea what's wrong.... anyone have any ideas?02:56
Dr_willissafiyyah,   some how gnome is defaulting to trying to run  compiz,  not  sure how ti  tell it metacity by default02:56
MrPiracyusser: my bank uses virtual machine02:56
MrPiracyusser: www.java.com has a version for linux, but it doesnt work02:57
safiyyah_Dr willis can I do it from where I am now or do I have to log out and go back to Gnome session?02:57
coolbam14i have downloaded wubi and installed ubuntu but i want to burn the partition to one of my dvd-r cds can someone tell me how? because im removing off my computer for more space because im getting a new hdd next month02:57
pppZerois anyone else having a problem with the file menu magically opening itself in openoffice writer? - like alt is being pressed, but it does it even if my hands arent on the keyboard, and no other programs do it02:57
Dr_willissafiyyah,  try it now and see. :) if you loging to gnome and got no window decorations, or so forth. try alt-f2 and run metacity --replace02:57
gold44soldats: it's beyond me too. but i'll keep trying until i find a distro that will work with my desktop. i am only using it as web/file server. so no biggy02:58
soldatsgood luck02:58
aO|DB-DXwhy does the ubuntu updater keep slowing down to like..... 22bites a sec from 970KB/sec02:58
techqbertpppZero: I have been having somewhat-related mystery keys being pressed.  when I alt+t for new tab in firefox, sometimes firefox makes like 30 tabs *_*02:58
safiyyah_dr willis, am not understanding the alt f2 rule. you press alt and f2... release and type metacity-replace at the terminal?02:58
techqbertpppZero: I think it has to do with my hardware though02:59
ArrPirateI have a problem with my new monitor and Ubuntu. When I go to a smaller resolution for my monitor, say 1280x1024, it fills my whole screen, but when I tell Ubuntu to use the monitor's native resolution of 1680x1050 it only fills part of the screen and it's shifted so far to the right that my monitor's adjustments in the menu don't fix it.02:59
usserMrPiracy: theres a 64bit java virtual machine its just theres no 64bit plugin02:59
ArrPirateI've tried rebooting a couple times and disconnecting the monitor and leaving it disconnected for a couple minutes.02:59
coolbam14so is there a way?02:59
pppZerotechqbert, i wish i could say the same thing, but its not effecting windows either :( just oo.o03:00
usserfrojnd: hm weird, well we can do it other way important things are your windows files there?03:00
wingotHow would I install Ubuntu Server on Raid-1?03:00
DreamoreI need help!03:00
MrPiracyusser: ok, thankx03:00
wingotIt's detecting the two physical drives seperately03:00
frojndusser, yes they are tere, only root can access them03:00
wingotEven though the motherboard is doing Raid-1 for them03:00
MrPiracyanyone knows how to fix the segmentation fault error when trying to run kiba-dock on 64bit system?03:00
techqbertpppZero: what about impress or the other oo apps?  ya could always try abiword, it's a little lighter03:01
usserfrojnd: cool cool now open /etc/fstab once again and add users after ntfs-3g03:01
pppZerotechqbert, i'll give abiword a spin, i was just using oo cause its there :)03:01
Cpudan80Hello all03:01
Cpudan80What's the dvi viewer for Gnome?03:01
usserfrojnd: then sudo umount /dev/sda103:02
julia_Oh hi.03:02
usserfrojnd: and sudo mount /dev/sda1 again03:02
coolbam14whats the address where wubi installed ubuntu in>03:02
MrPiracyanyone could tell me a good ftp client/server for gutsy? which one should i install?03:02
ArrPirateso, does anyone know how to fix my monitor problem with Ubuntu?03:02
coolbam14in windows03:02
usserMrPiracy: i use vsftpd as a server proftpd is pretty cool too03:02
witepaOkay, I messed up big. I think I destroyed GRUB in the MBR. Can someone help me reinstall it?03:02
wease|hello folks03:02
Hammer89I'm having a problem getting the system monitor to run... when I try running it from terminal it feeds me this error: http://hammer89.pastebin.com/m7e950dad03:02
WasneyFor some reason ubuntu is having trouble booting...it takes about 2 minutes or longer to boot, and sometimes just sits there doing nothing untill I restart.03:02
MrPiracyusser: how about a client?03:03
frojndusser, I'm trying to umount it but it says something that device is busy03:03
DreamoreWhen I try to boot from live cd It says: "/bin/sh: can't access tty: job control turned off"03:03
usserMrPiracy: in case of java i'd install opera and just use 32bit java03:03
techqbertpppZero: I know the feeling.  I always keep abiword handy on lesser machines like my gentoo-loaded ibook g303:03
usserMrPiracy: hm, built in nautilus does just fine03:03
WasneyFor some reason ubuntu is having trouble booting...it takes about 2 minutes or longer to boot, and sometimes just sits there doing nothing untill I restart. Anyone wan to help me out?03:03
pppZeroMrPiracy, i'm not a great fan of the linux ftp clients, nautilus (gnome file manager) does a fairly good job of handling ftp03:03
usserfrojnd: close all the programs that have your windows partition open03:04
MrPiracyusser: that's ok, i found a website that has a work around for it, i'll give it a try03:04
usserWasney: when it just starts press esc that takes you to boot menu03:04
MrPiracyusser: thx for the ftp tips03:04
frojndusser, everything is closed just terminal03:04
usserWasney: press e on the very first line03:04
aO|DB-DXCan anyone help me out? I want to resize a partition... i have this unused space(16 gigs) that i cannot do anything with03:04
wease|if esc doesnt work go with ctrl-alt-backspace to the login03:05
VadiHow can I start another gedit? Whatever I try, it opens a tab in the current one03:05
frojndusser, nevermind, I was in that partition..03:05
Wasneyusser: I will try that next time I reboot, thanks.03:05
usserWasney: and delete "splash" at the end after that press enter and "b"03:05
silas428what is the difference between someone who programs self taught and someone who progams taught by a teacher/university03:05
kercyrIs there a reason to keep 386 version of the kernel around?  Can I safely remove it?03:05
usserWasney: that should temporarily start ubuntu without splash screen so that u can see whats going on when it boots03:05
eck090nobody knows how i can minimize a full screen program?03:05
kercyrI'm running the generic version.03:05
IndyGunFreakkercyr: i probably wouldn't *remove* it, just in case, but you can comment it out of your grub if you want03:06
usserfrojnd: in terminal do cd\03:06
witepaWhen I try to reinstall GRUB, nothing works. Nothing that I try to works. I cannot get Ubuntu to boot. What could the problem be?03:06
silas428echo090: alt-tab?03:06
usserfrojnd: cd\03:06
eck090doesnt work03:06
usserfrojnd: err cd03:06
Wasneyusser: K. Thanks That should help me find my problem03:06
wease|wasney...it could be a safe effort on your side to reinstall as the workarounds arent a fix03:06
Hammer89*tries once more* I'm having a problem getting the system monitor to run... when I try running it from terminal it feeds me this error: http://hammer89.pastebin.com/m7e950dad03:06
IndyGunFreakkercyr: at least if its only commented out, if you ever need it for some reason, boot to cli, remove the # sign,a nd its baack in your menu03:06
eck090could be something with cedega i guess03:06
Hammer89any ideas? anyone?03:06
astro76Dreamore: either try the alternate cd, or there are some potential solutions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=421588 (here's the bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/99757 )03:06
aO|DB-DXCan anyone help me out? I want to resize a partition... i have this unused space(16 gigs) that i cannot do anything with03:06
wease|hammer89, can you run it from the admin menu?03:06
MrPiracysilas428: the programmers taught by a teacher spent a shitload of money to learn it03:06
frojndusser, I've umount it and mount it, tryed again: chown -R joze:site /home/joze/Windows  and again I  get message: chown: »joze:site«: not valid name of the group03:07
Hammer89wease|: yes03:07
silas428mrpiracy: is there any advantage to spending the shitload of money?03:07
WasneyWease\|: is there any way I can save setting to a USB drive then? So I dont have to reinstall all my apps, drivers, and reset setting?03:07
Hammer89wease|: wait... no03:07
kercyrIndyGunFreak, yeah... it makes me queasy to remove it.  But, the grub.conf needs to get updated every time I upgrade.  I guess I could be worse off.03:07
usserfrojnd: no if u mounted it now it should let u modify the files03:07
MrPiracysilas428: yes, u make money go round03:07
Hammer89wease|: but I can run it if I run sudo gnome-system-monitor from terminal03:07
IndyGunFreakkercyr: yeah, don't remove it, juts comment it out, so its not in your menu when you boot up03:07
astro76Dreamore: I would try the alternate install cd first03:07
silas428Mrpiracy: I am in an IT program that offers no progamming classes, but I want to learn to program, should I switch to CS?03:08
Hammer89wease|: which isn't making any sense to me03:08
BagelMasterI have installed a program via WINE, but when I open it, it says "The Application is Starting" in the taskbar, but then that disappears, and it doesn't start.03:08
silas428Mrpiracy: What about buying books =)03:08
eck090is it a game?03:08
frojndusser, I don't understand it...03:08
BagelMastereck090: No, it is Finale 200603:08
usserfrojnd: what?03:08
frojndusser, when I umount windows there is no files...03:08
eck090is it a windows file?03:08
coolbam14when i download ubuntu off wubi is ubuntu files kept in one file?03:08
MrPiracysilas428: buying books is no good, download them from the internet03:08
usserfrojnd: right03:09
wease|hammer, try the following: control+alt+F103:09
frojndand than I mount it usser03:09
wease|then dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg03:09
FurythorI did install UT2004 and now I can't start it03:09
frojndand file is still locked..03:09
silas428Mrpiracy: I guess what I am trying to get at is, is it possible to learn to program things like AI..03:09
wease|then dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:09
eck090you need Cedega to play game03:09
MrPiracysilas428: what does CS stands for? www.couchsurfing.com?03:09
usserfrojnd: just sudo mount /dev/sda1 right?03:09
wease|sorey for the fragmented messages03:09
BagelMastereck090: Then install was an .exe, and it installed fine, and added it to my Wine > Programs menu03:09
=== XiGuy813 is now known as astx813
usserfrojnd: thats how u mount it?03:09
silas428Mrpiracy: I like to "make money go round"03:09
frojndusser, http://pastebin.ca/902058 /etc/fstab03:09
silas428Mrpiracy: computer science03:09
witepaWhen I try to reinstall GRUB, nothing works. Nothing that I try to works. I cannot get Ubuntu to boot. What could the problem be?03:09
MrPiracysilas428: well, if u do then just go to university then03:09
wease|wasney, i have never attempted a save or backup03:09
MrPiracysilas428: at least they have some nice chicks there ;)03:10
astx813I'm trying to get rdesktop working in single application mode with seamlessrdpshell.exe, but when I do "rdesktop -A -s "c:\rdp\rdpseamlessshell.exe cmd" I get a full RDP session instead of just a command prompt.  Any thoughts why?03:10
FurythorI did install UT2004 and now I can't start it03:10
silas428Mrpiracy: I am at school, just want to change schools so I can become a CS major.03:10
usserfrojnd: no like that http://pastebin.ca/90205903:10
silas428Mrpiracy: is there anything else to computer science besides programming?03:10
ussersilas428: shitload of stuff03:10
wease|silas....tons of stuff03:11
MrPiracysilas428: hacking, networking, ...03:11
ussersilas428: forget programming become an administrator dont listen to what others say03:11
astro76!ot | silas428 MrPiracy everyone...03:11
ubotusilas428 MrPiracy everyone...: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:11
Hammer89wease|: okay03:11
silas428I want to program =)03:11
ussersilas428: administrator is the only cs job out there03:11
FurythorI did install UT2004 and now I can't start it, problem is that it shows the "splash screen" and quits, what can cause this ?03:11
silas428I love what I can do, its just not much03:11
Jack_Sparrowsilas428: Would you mind taking the school and programming discussion to the offtopic room03:11
aO|DBhow do i mount my drive??? i just unmounted and it wont let me mount it again03:11
frojndusser, literally users ?03:11
usserfrojnd: yes03:11
silas428astro76: thanks was looking for a place to ask this(knew it wasn't here)03:12
eck090Fury: I use Cedega to play games, it emulates perfectly03:12
FurythorI can't register Cedega due payment problem, and I should be able to run games which have linux native binaries O_o03:12
wease|hammer, let me know if that solves it03:13
frojndusser, still... whn I  cklick on the icon Windows I don't have permissions to access it, this is weird03:13
jack-desktopwhat would "clone output" plugin in compiz be used for?03:13
eck090i agree, but i think it has something to do with directx03:13
usserfrojnd: i dunno probably something simple03:14
crediblejack-desktop: nothing at all, it's a proof-of-concept really03:14
usserfrojnd: do sudo umount /home/joze/Windows03:14
frojndusser, done03:14
Cpudan80Anybody -- dvi viewer to view the output of tex compilations?03:14
jack-desktopcredible, wow awesome plugin...03:14
Cpudan80The thing from the repositories doesn't work btw03:14
eck090this whole not being able to minimize in game is getting to me lol03:14
usserfrojnd: sudo chown -R joze:joze /home/joze/Windows03:14
Hammer89wease|: still giving me the same error... should I ctrl-alt-backspace for whatever I just did to take effect?03:14
crediblejack-desktop: if you press the key binding, it'll show a tiny copy of your screen at the cursor, but there's no use for it03:14
jack-desktopyea i noticed03:15
jack-desktopbut seriously, kind of pointless03:15
crediblejack-desktop: so don't use it.03:15
wease|hammer89, nope03:15
wease|that wont do anything03:15
usserfrojnd: did it work?03:16
ahorriblemessCan someone tell me if a Cat5e Inline Coupler serves any other purpose than creating an extention for ethernet cables?03:16
frojndusser, yes03:16
ahorriblemesscan i use it to link two computers together?03:16
Hammer89wease|: could it be related to the kernel update I installed from synaptic?03:16
usserfrojnd: cool now try changing your fstab like that http://pastebin.ca/90206703:16
aO|DBwhy does the ubuntu updater keep going from  800kb+ then sit at 4kb for ever...03:16
Kujaahorriblemess: if you have a crossover cable, you can.03:16
wease|hammer89, does it load at all or?03:17
usserfrojnd: are u the only user of the system?03:17
ahorriblemessKuja, I don't if I buy a crossover cable, than I don't need the coupler do I?03:17
amdbcgKuja I've got a crossover cable, what are we doing?03:17
Ashfire908is something up with the changelogs? i can't get it for "linux-headers-2.6.22-14", "linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic" or "linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic"03:17
ahorriblemesswow bad grammar I'sorry03:17
Hammer89wease|: the system monitor doesn't load at all03:17
Jack_Sparrowahorriblemess: No you cant,, you need a crossover cable or crossover adapter03:17
FurythorHow I stop compiz ?03:17
sileniwhy doesnt my gusty have /etc/iftab03:17
amdbcgor you can make your own crossover cable03:17
ahorriblemessJack Sparrow, One or the other?03:17
Hammer89wease|: it feeds me that error before it gets anywhere03:17
=== benzs_s is now known as benzss
wease|hammer89, which error?03:18
tantric132can someone help me please? I have XP on a ntfs partition and ubuntu on a ext3, but when I start my computer and have to choose which OS to load, it only shows ubuntu...XP has disapeaered from the list. how do I get it back?03:18
Jack_Sparrowahorriblemess: or make your own, but the quality crimper costs more than a cable03:18
ahorriblemessJack Sparrow: ok good, I'll get whatever's cheaper. I have 40gb of music and pictures and videos of my daughter on my old computer, I need to get them onto this one03:18
frojndusser, yes03:18
Hammer89weasel: http://hammer89.pastebin.com/m7e950dad03:18
amdbcgok, broadcom, chipset 3 , not working - any suggestions? (and if you say ndiswrapper, could you build it for me? or tell me how to build the driver?)03:18
mjw-!grub | tantric13203:18
ubotutantric132: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:18
Jack_Sparrowahorriblemess: You can probably get a cheapie router or switch for the same price depending on where you live03:19
usserfrojnd: cool now try mount /dev/sda103:19
djezerhelp with usb, nothing detected (camera or usb drive)03:19
FurythorHow I stop compiz ?03:19
usserFurythor: metacity --replace03:19
frojndusser, that's weired but I'm still not able to acces as not root03:19
usserfrojnd: man i dunno it should let u do it right now03:20
Ashfire908my desktop's kernel is out of date, but since there's that exploit, and my connection sucks, (dial-up) should i just wait for the patch?03:20
tantric132what is the command in terminal to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst03:20
mjw-djezer what does   lspci | grep -i usb    return?03:20
xeomIs there any fix for keyboard lag? i've tried making my swap bigger(even tho its not being used because my ram is barely getting scratched)03:21
aO|DBCan someone pls help me move 16GBs of unallocated space to a different partition??03:21
frojndusser, bah.. enough for today it's 4:20 am need to get up early, thanx for your time03:21
Jack_SparrowAshfire908: Do you have untrusted people using shell accounts on your computer?03:21
Ashfire908tantric132, nano or vim. nano is simple, vim is complex03:21
djezeranyone know how to fix the automount? nothing is detected anymore. I manually mounted my usb drive, but I don't know how to mount my camera, besides, I'd rather have a functional automount03:21
usserfrojnd: np im sorry it didnt work out03:21
mjw-tantric132 try sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst    or gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst03:21
xeomI have a solid pc and have no issues in windows just in ubuntu does anybody know what could be the cause wired logitech keyboard03:21
tantric132thank you!03:21
frojndusser, not a problem tomorrow is another day :P03:21
wease|hammer89, alt+f2 + gnome-system-monitor doesnt bring anything up?03:21
amenadoxeom clarify the problem, be specific03:22
djezer00:1d.1 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) USB UHCI Controller #2 (rev 01)03:22
djezer00:1d.2 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) USB UHCI Controller #3 (rev 01)03:22
djezer00:1d.7 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-M) USB2 EHCI Controller (rev 01)03:22
Ashfire908Jack_Sparrow, no, still though i don't want to download it for like a half an hour and slow my connection down just to have to download it all over again.03:22
Hammer89weasel: no03:22
wease|and no errors?03:22
Hammer89wease|: no errors from the gui... only if I try running it from the terminal03:22
mjw-djezer that's a standard usb controller, so it at least sees the usb ports ok03:23
Jack_SparrowAshfire908: If you dont have untrusted people using shell accounts on your system then the exploit isnt an issue03:23
xeomamendo:Basicly i get 1-2 second lag from my keyboard sometimes I cant finish typing a whole word before it shows up. I even have to turn off repeat keys because it goes crazy03:23
amenadoAshfire908-> do your download when you go to bed at night..by the time you're awake the next it is done downloading03:23
safiyyahhow do i change the terminal from the current user to root.... i need root priviledges03:23
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.03:23
Weezhow do you change windows managers? im currently running gnome but would like to try kde, i did apt-get install kde and it did its thing but im not sure how to change over03:23
wease|hammer89, when you upgraded the kernel was there anything that interrupted it?03:23
Jack_SparrowWeez: under options when you log in03:23
Hammer89wease|: not that I know of03:23
djezermjw-, yeah I'd like to either get the automount working or have a way to manually mont my cam if possible03:23
aO|DBCan someone pls help me move 16GBs of unallocated space to a different partition??03:23
mjw-Weez apt-get install kubuntu-desktop might transition you over to kubuntu/KDE desktop most gracefully03:23
Weezok ill give it a shot, thanks Jack_Sparrow03:23
Weezok mjw-03:24
Weezill do that first03:24
djezermjw-, even the camera programs don't see it (digikam, gphoto2, f-spot)03:24
Hammer89wease|: there's another kernel upgrade out already... should I try installing it?03:24
pppZerotechqbert, abiword is pretty nice, thanks for the tip :)03:24
Ashfire908amenado, i can't do that. it's a. a cell phone (free but only in the free calling range) and b. i have a rack server sitting in my house and it's freaking noisey and it's acting as a gateway03:24
mjw-Weez i'm not sure that's the right package name...might want to check it twice03:24
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras03:24
wease|hammer89, you can go ahead and install it but i am not sure if that will be the fix03:24
Hammer89wease|: yeah...03:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ups - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:25
Hammer89wease|: maybe I'll do that... + restart the computer... see what that does for me03:25
xeomSo basiclly tons of keyboard lag,I can sometimes finish whole words before it shows up on screen. I can't even use repeat keys because it becomes impossible to type.03:25
safiyyahsudo isnt doing what i need it to do....03:25
mjw-djezer well you'd have to have the camera mounted for it to be recognized, and I'm not sure what can be messed up in automount land so I probably can't help you03:25
[gquit]bombadil_i need some way to make my computer utilize my UPS and monitor its battery time03:25
amenadoAshfire908-> per Jack if you are the only user for now, dont worry about it for now..btw a whole rack and you are only using your cellfone to dial up?03:25
=== [gquit]bombadil_ is now known as bombadil[gquit]
astro76safiyyah: what are you trying to do?03:25
safiyyahhow do i truely change from the current user (me) to the root at the terminal03:25
techqbertpppZero: sure.  Lastly, I'd advise you to save often as I'm not sure if it has document recovery.03:25
wease|hammer89, i cant find a real fix for something like that due to its peculiarity for me. go forward with an update and see03:26
astro76!rootshell | safiyyah03:26
ubotusafiyyah: Using !sudo with single commands is preferable in most circumstances. However, if you really need a root shell, use « sudo -i » (other variants of this commands are redundant and/or potentially dangerous)03:26
Jack_Sparrowamenado: :)03:26
djezerAnyone know how to fix automount (or mount a camera)?03:26
Hammer89wease|: alright... be back later03:26
Jack_Sparrowdjezer: Did you check the supported hardware page?03:26
Ashfire908amenado, i use it to do other devices, but it's also a test server and a sort of playground.03:26
safiyyahastro76, this www.java.com/en/download/help/5000010500.xml#rpm03:26
pppZerotechqbert, windows users call that the ctrl-s twitch ;)03:26
Ashfire908amenado, i'm worried about the large downloads.03:26
butsniffercan i multiple ATA contoller cards of the same type and not have irq conflicts?03:27
djezerJack_Sparrow, it worked fine last week... it worked for years03:27
astro76safiyyah: no no no, java and everything else you are likely to need is in Ubuntu's repositories03:27
djezerJack_Sparrow, now the camera or my usb drive don't automount03:27
astro76safiyyah: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin03:27
amenadoAshfire908-> well if you dont have a big pipe to download, it is an issue, how you can make use of your whole rack of equipment and not access beyond it is amazing..lol03:27
Jack_Sparrowdjezer: Have you used or installed things from outside repos?03:27
safiyyahastro thank you03:28
astro76safiyyah: you're welcome ;)03:28
Jack_Sparrowdjezer: Hopefully you have never used automatix or envy?03:28
dward526safiyyah:  it is also include din 'ubuntu-restricted'03:28
aO|DBCan someone pls help me move 16GBs of unallocated space to a different partition?? Can i do it on the live disk??03:28
Ashfire908amenado, access beyond it? (btw, it's 2001, kinda old.)03:28
woodwizzleFor some reason or another metacity too over for emerald on my machine. running emerald --replace just stalls with no output. Glxgears still runs fine though. I dunno wassup? :(\03:28
djezerJack_Sparrow, not automatix on this machine, envy I don't know03:28
stroyanbombadil[gquit]: These packages all monitor a UPS in some way- apcupsd genpower nut powstatd tinysnmp-module-ups upsd03:28
amenadoAshfire908-> yeah, no dsl connections?03:29
Jack_SparrowaO|DB: Yes, you can do it with livecd, but better is use the gparted livecd03:29
bombadil[gquit]stroyan: thanks, do any of those have a gui?03:29
Jack_Sparrowdjezer: What about the rest03:29
aO|DBi dont have gparted livecd, what do i use on the ubuntu live cd?03:29
djezerJack_Sparrow, what rest?03:29
techqbertpppZero: that's humorous.  I think kde even has a word processor.  kword, its called maybe.  I haven't been following that one htough03:29
xeomI have tons of keyboard lag,I can sometimes finish whole words before it shows up on screen. I can't even use repeat keys because it becomes impossible to type. Wired generic logitech keyboard works fine in windows.03:29
mjw-aO|DB gparted is on the ubuntu livecd as well03:29
Jack_Sparrowdjezer: Installing from outside repos03:30
furythorHow I can get ut2004 to work, I installed game and patch and now it only shows splash and quits03:30
Ashfire908amenado, you mean you wonder why other people can't access it?03:30
stroyanbombadil[gquit]: "gapcmon - apcupsd monitor GUI"  "knutclient - A KDE GUI that displays UPS statistics from NUT's upsd"03:30
djezerJack_Sparrow, the last thing I tried to install was iceweasel from deb repo03:30
Jack_Sparrowfurythor: I think there was a command line option to set a useable res for that program.03:30
Jack_Sparrowdjezer: What else since you last had the cam working03:31
jsoftwAnyone know of any backup software with pretty guis and stuff that works on Linux, BSD, OSX, and windows?03:31
jsoftw( the server can be guiless as its on a linux box )03:31
Ashfire908amenado, no dsl, at the end of the phone line. modems can't even get 56k connections.03:32
eck090does anyone here use cedega?03:32
djezerJack_Sparrow, the cam has always worked, I installed everything since the cam worked :P I don't know of any other package that isn't standard03:32
stroyanjsoftw: backuppc has web pages for client systems.  It will use samba or rsync to fetch and restore files.03:32
insignemichael jackson03:32
mjw-!backup | jsoftw03:32
ubotujsoftw: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning03:32
insignei love you micghael jackson?]03:32
mjw-jsoftw rsync also comes to mind...but yeah, it's not pretty03:32
insignehes triller03:32
jsoftwYeah this backup stuff is for non geek users.03:32
wease|jsoftw isnt pretty but it is functional03:33
insignebilie jean03:33
xeomDoes anybody know what might cause keyboard lag of upto 1-2 seconds sometimes i am able to complete whole words before they show up on screen?I have a wired keyboard.03:33
mjw-!offtopic | insigne03:33
ubotuinsigne: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:33
insignemichael jackson faturung 50 cent03:33
tantric132Hey, I'm trying to set up GRUB so it shows XP on the list but I don't know what to put as root in the /root/grub/menu.lst03:33
tantric132can anyone help?03:33
jsoftwwease|: huh?03:33
ubotuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning03:33
djezeranyone know how to fix automount or mount a usb camera???03:33
wease|jsoftw. i was making a joke03:34
ubotusbackup is a tool to create complete and/or incremental backups (which can be scheduled to be automatic, and can be done over a network). It is available in !Universe03:34
xeomDoes anybody know what might cause keyboard lag of upto 1-2 seconds sometimes i am able to complete whole words before they show up on screen?I have a wired keyboard.03:34
=== hoarycri1ple is now known as hoarycripple
mjw-tantric132 do you know which partition xp is on?03:34
Scunizitantric132, check out http://users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/p15.htm  it will help reset grub03:34
tantric132mjw, I can tell you.03:34
Hammer89weasel: still here?03:34
wease|hammer89, yes03:34
=== asdrubal is now known as azdrubal
xeomany help would be great ='(03:34
ArrPirateCan someone please help me? I have a new Envision G218a1 22" widescreen lcd monitor with a native resolution of 1680x1050 but when I select that resolution in Ubuntu it displays on only part of my screen and is too far to the right for my monitor's built in adjustment settings. If set to a lower resolution it fill the whole screen as it's supposed to.03:35
Hammer89weasel: system manager is opening now... but compiz isn't loading on login... I tried logging in and out about 4 times with no luck03:35
stroyanjsoftw: Have a look at   http://backuppc.sourceforge.net/info.html#screenShots03:35
=== azdrubal is now known as asdrubal
ArrPirateI'm desperate.03:35
tantric132mjw, at the moment in the menu.lst, it is set as root     (hd0,0) but looking at it in GParted XP is on the first partition which is /dev/sda103:35
djezercan anyone help me get to my usb camera please?03:36
Hammer89weasel: the desktop environemnt is acting quite unstable... images not rendering correctly... windows moving choppily... etc03:36
joey_how should i burn an iso file to disk to make it bootable?03:36
wease|hammer89, system monitor was the main concern so i am glad it is functional.03:36
illriginalWhat's up guys, anyone know a good Web development program like dream weaver for Ubuntu?03:36
mjw-tantric132 sda1 = (hd0,0) in grub parlance03:36
ArrPirateMy computer has odd hardware problems in Windows so linux is my only option but at the lower resolution in ubuntu everything looks horrible but in the higher resolution my screen isn't properly centered.03:36
wease|hammer89, you may want to consider reinstalling gnome desktop manager03:36
djezerI don't know how to mount and my automount is broken (no one knows how to fix it)03:36
Hammer89weasel: how do I do that?03:36
mjw-tantric132 you have to run update-grub if you added or changed an entry03:37
tantric132when I reboot and click on windows on the GRUB list, how ever, it says: Error 22: No such partition03:37
jack-desktopwhat is conkys name or title name, or how can i figure it out?03:37
wease|hammer89, synaptic03:37
illriginalWhat's up guys, anyone know a good Web development program like dream weaver for Ubuntu?03:37
Hammer89weasel: and will that mess up the theming I've done?03:37
ste-foyThx ArrPirate03:37
wease|hammer89, it will03:37
Flannelillriginal: Kompozer03:37
tantric132mjw, some guy in here earlier told me to add a command. all I pressed was save03:37
tantric132after adding it03:37
aO|DBCan someone help me? Apparently I have 4 "Primary" partitions, and there is 17 Gigs of unallocated space, I want to move the unallocated space to a diff partition.03:37
ArrPiratewhat, ste-foy?03:37
joey_what is the easiest way for me to create a ntfs partition on my hd?03:37
illriginalsweet... thanks flannel03:37
Jack_SparrowArrPirate: Usually that is the result of the wrong v/h refresh settings not just the sync 75 or whatever that most people know about.  Look in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf then post it in the pasatebin, not in the channel.03:38
wease|hammer89, apparently something you have installed doesnt agree with gnome03:38
Hammer89weasel: one other thing... would that be what's responsible for compiz not initiating? (if I try logging in and out enough times compiz initiates properly... eventually... and when it does everything is stable)03:38
stroyanArrPirate: I would suspect you need to change a  HorizSync  setting in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf.  To high of a refresh rate could cause your monitor's distress.03:38
djezerhelp ! pretty please, I need to access my camera03:38
=== nickrud_ is now known as nickrud
joey_what is the easiest way for me to create a ntfs partition on my hd?03:38
mjw-tantric132 check ubotu's !grub link...you need to run update-grub to actually update grub. saving menu.lst alone is not enough03:38
djezerdoes anyone know howq to mount????03:38
safiyyahastro76:  sorry i cant figure this out, the installation hung midway and just gave me the terms and conditions which I couldnt get out of, I tried to make firefox install it itself and it tried but got an error, any idea?03:38
wease|hammer89, would what be responsible?03:38
tantric132mjw, thank you.03:38
xeomDoes anybody know what might cause keyboard lag of upto 1-2 seconds sometimes i am able to complete whole words before they show up on screen?I have a wired keyboard.03:39
rxKaffeeis there any specific reason that Print menu option would not be showing up in my gimp ? I am using hplip/hpjis printer drivers via CUPS03:39
astro76safiyyah: press tab to select the ok button, space bar or enter to click it03:39
=== asdsadasd is now known as frank32
Hammer89wease|: gnome desktop manager03:39
djezerCan't fix my automount and need to access camera through usb03:39
wease|hammer89, i would uninstall compiz and see how gnome reacts03:39
ste-foyHow I can close firefox ? stop /usr/lib/firefox/firefox on the root ? but doesn't work :(03:39
djezerwould like help on mount command to get it mounted03:39
joey_can anyone help me partition my hd?03:39
mjw-ste-foy killall firefox will probably do it03:39
djezeranyone know how to use the mount command???03:39
wease|hammer89, it seems fair to think that compiz overloads your system or was installed incorrectly03:39
illriginalhmmm... Kompozer doesn't exist in the synamptic03:39
Hammer89weasel: Hmm... my desktop is extremely dependent on compiz (along with my theming... this is gonna hurt) :P03:39
astro76safiyyah: alternatively, if you install through Synaptic, you'll get a gui window for the license03:39
Flannelillriginal: What version of Ubuntu are you running?03:40
Hammer89weasel: compiz worked fine for a long time03:40
illriginalfiesty fawn03:40
stroyanArrPirate: There is a success story about ubuntu and your model of monitor at  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=54410303:40
xeomDoes anybody know what might cause keyboard lag of upto 1-2 seconds sometimes i am able to complete whole words before they show up on screen?I can't even use repeat keys, typing is very annoying03:40
wease|hammer89, so what possibly could have happened to crash the environment?03:40
Flannelillriginal: You'll need to enable the backports repository03:40
ste-foyno sorry mjw-03:40
illriginalback ports?03:40
rxKaffeexeom: only in Kazekase web browser?03:40
djezerNo one here can help me mount a usb camera ???03:41
=== kurumin is now known as kaka_
Flannelillriginal: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports03:41
djezerI've been googling for 3 days with no workaround03:41
djezerwould like help mounting a camera03:41
Flannelillriginal: Kompozer was only added to the repos for Gutsy (and backported for Feisty), sicne its relatively new.  That's why you have to do a little bit extra (but not too much)03:41
ste-foyI have always this message :"Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new windows, you must firt close the existing Firefix process03:42
Hammer89weasel: sorry for leaving... had to restart... it got too unstable :P03:42
rxKaffeedjezer: normally you have to use a card reader, unless you have camera-specific support via gphoto and friends03:42
illriginali see... and this program, Kompozer is very similar to Dream weaver?03:42
wease|djezer, mounting a usb camera is fine if the cam is supported03:42
Hammer89weasel: I've been trying to figure out what went wrong... whatever it is seems to be getting systematically worse03:42
astro76ste-foy: 'killall firefox' and 'killall firefox-bin'03:42
aO|DBCan someone help me? Apparently I have 4 "Primary" partitions, and there is 17 Gigs of unallocated space, I want to move the unallocated space to a diff partition.03:42
Jack_Sparrowdjezer: Your cam was working, so it has to be something that was changed , upgraded or installed.  You didnt answer earlier so I doubt you will find a fix.03:42
Starseedste-foy, hit alt-f2 , the type killall -9 firefox-bin03:42
KlrSpzif you use dd to image the harddrive, do you have to unmount it?03:42
djezerJack_Sparrow, I don't know what to answer03:43
djezerJack_Sparrow, I don't know of anything i installed that might of broken the automount03:43
ste-foyahhh :)03:43
wease|hammer89, i need some details to find the root of the problem03:43
encrypt128bitLooking for some help, I finally got the live cd to work and im unsure of where to install the bootloader, I want windows to manager the bootloading, and I have two hard drives. Id like to install the boot loader onto the second hard drive, So .. If my windows hard drive is hd0 would my second hard drive be hd1?03:43
djezerJack_Sparrow, I'm trying to answer with tthe best of my ability03:43
ste-foyThank astro76 and Starseed now is working03:43
jer132hi there.  I'm having problems with getting my computer to shutdown properly with the shutdown splash.  I have the usplash set to 1400x900 and it boots up fine but it doesn't seem to do the same for shutdown...  anyone have some insight?03:44
ste-foyand thanks mjw-03:44
Hammer89weasel: sure... what info would you need?03:44
Jack_SparrowaO|DB: Easiest way is to delete one of the 4 you have, preferably #4 then create an extended or use the livecd to combine the unallocated space with an existing partition03:44
wease|hammer89, i feel like im reaching at straws to get a definitive answer. but having said that...when it corrupts the gnome desktop then my opinion is to reinstall said desktop manager and reinstall compiz03:44
aO|DBcan i delete the swap??????03:44
djezerJack_Sparrow, I'm UNAWARE of anything that could have broken the automount!03:44
Hammer89weasel: hmm03:44
usseraO|DB: that would be a bad idea03:44
ApOgEE-hi all...03:44
aO|DBwell cant i just remake the swap after?03:45
astro76aO|DB: yes swap would be easiest to delete then remake03:45
safiyyahastro76:  the installation completed but when I test my Java on the Java page it says I have a missing pug-in03:45
djezerhow do I mount a camera??? ANYONE??03:45
wease|hammer89, once you reach errors in the core system of gnome - i.e. the system-monitor03:45
wease|then you get some shaky action03:45
usseraO|DB: oh yes sure if u planning on recreating it03:45
wease|and it is hard to produce code to fix it03:45
ApOgEE-i'm having problem with my dial-up connection... i'm using hp nx901003:45
Hammer89wease|: yeah... what's the name of the package I'd have to reinstall?03:45
Starseeddjezer, google, ubuntuforums .. dont' spazz out here03:45
Jack_Sparrowdjezer: I understand that you are unaware of anything, but since it did work and now dosent, it will take some work on your part.  I assume you had no form of backup to revert to03:46
KlrSpzanyone use backuppc? was curious if it's what i want03:46
wease|hammer89, what version of gnome is it?03:46
Jack_SparrowKlrSpz: I just use one line in cli and create a tar compressed image....03:46
astro76safiyyah: 'sudo update-alternatives --config java' and make sure the java6 is selected, besides that I don't know, I've never had that problem ;)03:46
Hammer89weasel: not sure... how would I check?03:46
djezerJack_Sparrow, how about simply mounting???? I mounted my usb hard drive, but I don't know how to do it for my camera03:46
ApOgEE-can anybody help me? lspci says my modem is ALi Corporation M5457 AC'97 Modem Controller03:46
KlrSpzJack_Sparrow: not of the entire FS though03:46
wease|hammer89...system...about gnome03:47
Hammer89weasel: 2.20.103:47
stroyanKlrSpz: I like backuppc.  It seems especially nice for a mixed OS envirionment.  But I didn't try many different packages.03:47
Jack_SparrowKlrSpz: Actually, I did the entire partition and excluded, archives and things I didnt need.03:47
djezerJack_Sparrow, I'm not sure what kind of work besides reinstalling the whole system03:47
wease|i would first go about unsinstalling compiz03:47
wease|easiest effort03:47
Hammer89weasel: okay03:48
djezerJack_Sparrow, I'm not a programmer03:48
KlrSpzstroyan: ok cool.. was what i was looking for.. you think rsync servers on the windows pc's would be worth while or another route?03:48
djezerNo one here knows how to manually  mount a camera??03:48
wease|uninstall compiz and see if the stability is restored03:48
djezeris it that arcane?03:48
=== greencookies is now known as greencookie
encrypt128bitwill ubuntu installer automatically partition the max swap space if im using the live cd installer?03:49
KlrSpzJack_Sparrow: yeah, but i like to get the entire structure so i don't have to start from any other images for a base fs03:49
djezercan't find anything on google to fix the broken automount or even how to simply manually mount my camera03:49
stroyanKlrSpz: I use backuppc on ubuntu pulling from a windows system with cygwin rsync.  It did have some trouble with getting rsync on a vista system happy.03:49
Jack_Sparrowdjezer: I dont have the time to help with that, but start with lsusb in cli and see if it still sees the camera03:49
greencookieIs there a delicious addon for opera?03:49
aO|DBwell shoot how do i re-allocate the unallocated space??03:50
KlrSpzstroyan: so you setup rsyncd with a sync-pont? or did you push?03:50
furythorWhere I can find UT2004 configuration file ?03:50
Jack_SparrowaO|DB: You combine it with the last partition03:50
red_onei've booted from a install cd - i'd like to actually install from a ISO image on a USB disk - is this possible?03:50
aO|DBJack_Sparrow: how? i am using gparted03:50
astro76aO|DB: you resize a partition which is adjacent to the unallocated03:50
illriginalanyone know the script to put into terminal in order to download kompozer after adding t deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu gutsy-backports main universe multiverse restricted03:50
stroyanKlrSpz: The backuppc scripts on ubuntu pull with rsync from linux and windows.  It can also restore files that way.03:51
djezerBus 004 Device 001: ID 0000:000003:51
djezerBus 003 Device 001: ID 0000:000003:51
djezerBus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:000003:51
djezerBus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:000003:51
xeomDoes anybody know what might cause keyboard lag of upto 1-2 seconds sometimes i am able to complete whole words before they show up on screen?I can't even use repeat keys with out it going crazy03:51
Jack_SparrowaO|DB: Are you running livecd or off the hard drive03:51
vipacatg3: eth%d: Cannot get nvarm lock, tg3_nvram_init failed.03:51
astro76illriginal: the command is: sudo apt-get install kompozer03:51
sfearsi am trying to copy a folder off of a 2nd hard drive hooked up thru usb.. it says i don't have permission's.. does any one know how i can get that folder copied over?03:51
vipacaany ideaswhat this special dmesg line meanss?03:51
KlrSpzstroyan: yeah, but what i'm asking is how did you get windows setup with rsync via cygwin? did you just set up the daemon? or just connect with a cygwin-capable user?03:51
aO|DBi can only resize the one next to it????03:52
Jack_SparrowaO|DB: gparted shows 4 partitions and unallocated space, start by unmounting the last partition03:52
astro76aO|DB: yes you have to potentially slide (move) other partitions to get it where it's needed03:52
illriginalhmm... still doesn't let me download it.03:53
stroyanKlrSpz: I set up with a user first.  But I ended up making it a service by the time I had it working.03:53
safiyyahastro76:  Thank YOUUUUUU!!!! I got it going, still needed to get firefox to do it itself, but also the key is the correct installation (which I couldn't have done without you)03:53
KlrSpzok, excellent, just wondering... i didn't really wanna install all of cygwin though just for a daemon.. or do you know of a different package?03:53
encrypt128bitLooking for some help, I finally got the live cd to work and im unsure of where to install the bootloader, I want windows to manager the bootloading, and I have two hard drives. Id like to install the boot loader onto the second hard drive, So .. If my windows hard drive is hd0 would my second hard drive be hd1? also will ubuntu installer automatically partition the max swap space if im using the automated partition using the full hard d03:53
astro76safiyyah: excellent, enjoy ;)03:53
djezerwhat is the filesystem for a digital camera?03:53
Jack_Sparrowastro76: I fear he is a bit of a novice to do all of that.  I thought I would start with something simple03:53
astro76Jack_Sparrow: I'll let you continue so as not to confuse ;)03:54
aO|DBAlso, for some reason now my big storage drive is now in this "extended" thing, and i would like to take it out03:54
Jack_Sparrowastro76: I was about to call it a night03:54
sfearsi am trying to copy a folder off of a 2nd hard drive hooked up thru usb.. it says i don't have permission's.. does any one know how i can get that folder copied over?03:54
astro76well I'll help if I can03:54
Scuniziencrypt128bit, you must have a reason for wanting windows to manage the boot process .. care to share?03:55
KlrSpzsfears: how did you mount it?03:55
sfearsit self mounted03:55
Jack_SparrowaO|DB: I can help you tomorrow if you dont finish03:55
KlrSpzdo an ls on the mountpoint and see what the perms are03:55
KlrSpzand is it in your fstab?03:55
sfearssudo mount /dev/sda /home/user_name/Desktop/mnt?03:55
talcitehey guys, does anyone use VirtualBox?03:55
sfearswill check fstab03:55
astro76aO|DB: the extended thing is the way to have more than 4 partitions03:55
encrypt128bitScunizi: Its just the way I want it. I want linux as a secondary system at the moment, and I know how to make dual booting work under windows03:55
KlrSpzsfears: that's how you mounted it?03:55
KlrSpzsfears: then yeah, root would only have access03:56
sfearsno.. i was asking if that's how i should mount it03:56
sfearsi just plugged it in and it showed up on the desktop03:56
KlrSpzwell you'd put permissions on it possibly, or a guid atleast03:56
sfearsi don't see it in fstab03:56
stroyanKlrSpz: I am looking at my notes.  I had to change the 'power management' setting for a wifi card to keep a vista system happy during a long backup.  It needed to be changed to "best performance".03:56
aO|DBastro76: how would i go about making it so that my windows XP and storage drive are inside it? (right now there is only my storage drive)03:56
astro76aO|DB: you can have at max 4 primary partitions, so the "extended" container was created which can hold more partitions (called logical partitions)03:56
KlrSpzwell run mount without options, find the mountpoint and do an LS on it03:56
czrhmm. seems that linux-ubuntu-modules isn't installed automatically when doing a preseed install, seems weird. how do I make a dependency against it properly?03:57
sfearsit has ubuntu installed on it.. i was using it the other day and want to pull a couple files off of it03:57
KlrSpzstroyan: thanks for the tip, i'm all ubuntu, gentoo, or xp here03:57
astro76aO|DB: actually, everything can generally be logical... but windows usually demands to be a primary partition03:57
SHMOhow do i mount an external usb hdd? what would it be under in /dev/ ?03:57
Scuniziencrypt128bit, you have a couple of options. Disconnect the windows drive and install Ubuntu to the remining drive so it puts its bootloader there, then switch back and forth using the bios. or Install ubuntu letting it install it's bootloader then return to windows and resetup windows bootloader the way you want.03:57
aO|DBastro76: yea thats cool you can do that, how would i move the win xp partition into the sub partition?03:57
Hammer89weasel: I reinstalled compiz... still acting up... took me like 8 logins to get my desktop to show up03:57
djezeranyone can help fix automount? or help mounting a camera manualy????03:58
wease|hammer89, did you try to run it without compiz?03:58
MrPiracyi would like to have "comic sans ms" font installed on my gutsy. how can i do that?03:58
encrypt128bitScunizi: Can't I just tell the installer to install the boot loader to my second hard drive? Hence my question, would my second hard drive be considered hd1?03:58
Scuniziencrypt128bit, although "grub" the default boot loader for Ubuntu is fairly transparent and easy to use.03:58
Hammer89no... though I have all the plugins disabled03:58
Hammer89@ weasel03:58
xeomDoes anybody know what might cause keyboard lag of upto 1-2 seconds sometimes i am able to complete whole words before they show up on screen?I can't even use repeat keys with out it going crazy03:59
wease|hammer89, have you performed fsck at reboot?03:59
kyuubisealSup, do u guys happen to be gamers03:59
djezerok there's no help here I'm gonna try using a liveCD03:59
SHMOxeom check your bios03:59
Hammer89weasel: no... how would I do that?03:59
nekostaranyone know how to start a program so that its a restart mode in gnome-session ?03:59
furythorI get this error when i try to run ut2004 "Can't find 'ini:Engine.Engine.GameEngine' in configuration file" How I do fix that ?03:59
SHMOhow do i mount an external usb hdd? what would it be under in /dev/ ?03:59
FlannelHammer89: `sudo touch /forcefsck` then reboot (and go get a coffee)03:59
xeomSHMO:What setting in my bios + i dont think its my bios because it don't get this issue at all in windows04:00
kyuubisealare there any gaming irc channels04:00
Scuniziencrypt128bit, post facto you can redo grub to the second drive, but it won't really do what you want.. maybe someone else in here will have more input if it's possible.04:00
kyuubisealare there any gaming irc channels04:00
wease|flannel, thanks04:00
Hammer89weasel: so try that?04:00
kazim59When will you release 8.04?04:00
djezerkyuubiseal, for glest there is #glest04:00
SHMOxeom windows over-rides bios settings so that's why you haven't noticed it before04:00
NigelS_encrypt128bit: you can install grub to the mbr of your other hd then use dd to dump said mbr to a file. you can then place that file in your windows c: drive's root and the modify boot.ini to use this file when the ubuntu option is selected04:00
Starnestommykazim59: I think April 604:00
Flannelkazim59: April (end-ish)04:00
SHMOhow do i mount an external usb hdd? what would it be under in /dev/ ?04:00
tantric132I cannot fix my GRUB...I still get a Error 22: No such partition   when I select windows from the list.04:01
kyuubisealHow abput call of duty 404:01
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
tantric132I even ran sudo update-grub04:01
nekostarkazim59 the naming tells you the release date lol04:01
Scuniziencrypt128bit, there is some reading that might shed some light.. check out http://users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/p15.htm.04:01
wease|im waitin on 8.0404:01
aO|DBHow can i organize my partitions so that linux and swap are in one part and Windows and storage are in the other?04:01
nekostar'08 '0404:01
NigelS_SHMO: it should be auto-mounted when you plug it in within gnome04:01
encrypt128bitNigelS_: I know that.... no one is listening to my question though, is my second hard drive considered hd1?04:01
wease|i love runnin the new OSs04:01
xeomSHMO:ah its not cosistant btw.it comes and goes. What should i look for in the bios04:01
wease|great fun for me04:01
encrypt128bitthats all im asking04:01
astro76aO|DB: I don't think windows will boot if it were logical, also I don't think believe you can convert..04:01
Flannelencrypt128bit: yes04:01
kazim59nekostar: how come?04:01
kyuubisealis there an Irc channel for call of duty 404:01
Flannelkyuubiseal: probably not04:01
SHMOxeom irq priority for keyboard04:01
sfearsshould mount -a should load all file system types??04:01
astro76aO|DB: what do you have now and what do you want to resize? could you pastebin the output of 'sudo parted /dev/sda print' and I'll take a look04:02
wease|i built my latest computer around the alpha gutsy04:02
Starnestommykyuubiseal: probably on quakenet or efnet, but not on freenode04:02
kazim59kazim59: okay, got it04:02
MrPiracyhow can i install a new font in gutsy?04:02
wease|be nice to see how it works with hardy04:02
Flannelfonts | MrPiracy04:02
Flannel!fonts | MrPiracy04:02
ubotuMrPiracy: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer04:02
sfearsi'll reword.. how do i mount a hard drive thru usb with the correct file system?04:02
Shrugzwhat is the best pop3 / stmp email access program for gutsy if someone can pm me the awnser to my question please because the channel moves to fast for me04:02
ubotuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.04:03
ubotuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:03
Flannel!best | Shrugz04:03
ubotuShrugz: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.04:03
SHMONigelS_, it doesn't, and i'm running hoary hedgehog (5.04). i'm trying to download the latest iso of ubuntu but i don't have enough RAM for storage and my partition is corrupted04:03
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:03
wease|yum be suse04:03
aO|DBastro76: well i dont have IRC on LIVE04:03
mneptok!enter > wease|04:03
ScuniziShrugz, most will include your nick in their line to you so it's highlighted and beeps..04:03
Shrugzi was not conducting a poll ubotu i was asking a question04:03
aO|DBastro76: but theres sda1 -> N04:04
red_onei've booted from a CD, and i have mounted an ubuntu ISO from within liveUbuntu. how do i execute the install script from the ISO mountpoint?04:04
nekostaranyone know how to start a program so that its a restart mode in gnome-session ?04:04
aO|DBastro76: but theres sda1 -> NTFS (windows)04:04
tantric132can someone please help with editing GRUB? I'm having problems loading into windows on the hd(0,0) partition...04:04
nekostartantric132 mm?04:04
two_bitsI cannot connect my wireless to a particular hidden essid04:04
wease|that was unny04:04
ScuniziShrugz, Evolution comes with ubuntu and works well. korganizer is another then you could also install zDesktop from zimbra..04:04
aO|DBastro76: sda2 (which is extended) with only one thing under it (sda5 --> storeage)04:04
mjw-two_bits then unhide it :)04:05
two_bitsi think the problem stems from the fact that one router is broadcasting two different essids, and i was wondering if anyone else has any experience in this04:05
aO|DBthen the linux part and swap04:05
two_bitsmjw-: unfortunately, this is my school network04:05
Shrugzyah i tried evolution Scunizi but it did not work for me04:05
ScuniziShrugz, are you looking for specific features?04:05
tantric132nekostar, I've been working on this for awhile now and can't seem to get it to work. I opened /boot/grub/menu.lst and adding the Windows thing at the very bottom and when I reboot and press Windows on the GRUB menu I get a Error 22: No such partition04:06
two_bitsits the georgia tech wireless network, if anyone knows about that04:06
Shrugzjust one able to connect to a stmp and or pop3 server04:06
nekostarmm bots not here atm04:06
nekostarone sec04:06
Shrugzso i can check my email via my website that i own04:06
laphow can I enable my dual-screen with an 7600 GS nvidia ?04:06
FlannelShrugz: Use evolution.  It's the ltitle mail icon on the top of your screen (in the middle of the three)04:06
lapi cannot install nvidia-settings 'cuz it want to remove my nvidia drivers04:06
ScuniziShrugz, include my nick when answering. type first few characters then hit tab to complete otherwise your messages dissappear in the morass.04:06
nekostarfirst off thats my /boot/grub/menu.lst tantric13204:07
nekostarnow can it let you boot into ANY of the partitions?04:07
nekostarlike linux?04:07
Hammer89weasel: back... still no luck with compiz running... desktop loaded faster this time though (could just be chance)04:07
ScuniziShrugz, so what you're saying is you want to get to your pop email via your personal site.. right?04:07
wease|hammer89, seems to me that compiz is draggin you down for reasons i cant help04:08
tantric132nekostar, can yuou explain04:08
Scunizi!mail > Scunizi04:08
ShrugzScunizi yes that's exactly what i am saying04:08
wease|hammer89, id suggest uninstalling compiz and performing a clean reboot to see how it goes without compiz04:09
Hammer89wease|: possibly... there seem to be deeper problems though... just from what I can see (stuff not initializing properly, etc...)04:09
nekostartantric132 i mean can you not boot into any operating systems or just windows you cannot get to04:09
nekostarand is it on the same physical hdd04:09
bruenigwease|, reboot? have you confused this with the ##windows channel?04:09
Hammer89bruenig: lol04:09
nekostarbruenig lol.... it is called for now and then tho :P04:09
jpetermanWhy does it seem that every other Linux kernal has a CPU-leak for Netowrk manager?04:09
astro76aO|DB: it's hard to tell you what to do without understanding your physical setup04:09
tantric132nekostar, yeah. i can boot into the three ubuntu options, just not windows. at first, Windows wasn't even on the list(well it was when I first formatted, but disapeared) so I added a line at the end of menu.lst04:09
laphello ?04:10
wease|bruenig, no, i simply call a reboot in linux as a ctrl-backspace04:10
lapsomeone to help me PLS ?04:10
bruenigjpeterman, linux kernel and network manager? do you know what you are talking about04:10
ScuniziShrugz, sounds like that would be a server related program to access pop.  Of course you'd have to do something on the web page to pipe access via html.. You might try asking in #ubuntu-server.04:10
lapdual-screen with nvidia 7600 GS04:10
bruenigrestarting x is not a reboot nor anything even related to it04:10
nekostartantric132 ok boot into the ubuntu then04:10
lapwithout nvidia-settings04:10
wease|bruenig, it is close enough for me04:10
jpetermanbruenig not sure. all i know is every few times i update linux kernels network manager all of a sudden starts consuming 98% of CPU after being up for about 20minutes04:10
wease|i rarely reboot my computer04:10
bruenigthat's like saying restarting firefox is rebooting04:10
wease|thats as close as i get04:10
nekostarlap you want dual mons without nvidia driver?04:11
lapnekostar: no..04:11
tantric132nekostar, im in ubuntu right now04:11
jpetermanbruenig it just started 5minutes after adding the new kernel today, didnt have it happen for the last few months04:11
bruenigjpeterman, that cannot have anything to do with the kernel, but I would recommend just not using it04:11
lapnekostar: i want dualscreen with nvidia-glx-new installed.04:11
wease|bruenig, you would be right04:11
nekostartantric132 ok in terminal do: sudo fdisk -l04:11
Trogdor3634Gutsy question: How would I edit a configuration file in the usr/share folder? Konqueror-superuser won't let me modify the file, nor will text editors04:11
wease|but i dont use windows04:11
lapand I cannot install nvidia-settings04:11
bruenigjpeterman, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post_hoc_ergo_propter_hoc04:11
Hammer89wease|: would compiz really have any effect on elements of the desktop not drawing properly?04:11
wease|so my way of a "reboot" is different04:11
ShrugzScunizi if that's the case then there's no need for me to ask in that channel i think i already know the problem you just opened my eyes is all its my box so i can fix it from there :) thank you for your input04:11
jpetermanbruenig Ceteris parabis, what else could it be?04:12
nekostarhttp://pastebin.com/m1d67931  >> lap04:12
ScuniziShrugz, np :)04:12
bruenigjpeterman, network manager being sucky04:12
tantric132nekostar, ok04:12
nekostarlap nvidia-settings is already installe04:12
jpetermanbruenig hadnt happened for 3+months04:12
nekostarits built into the drivers04:12
nekostarjust run as root lol04:12
bruenigjpeterman, still04:12
FlannelShrugz: You want to host your own mail, on your home box, so you can connect (to your home box) and get your email?04:12
nekostartantric132 paste that on www.pastebin.com04:12
ShrugzScunizi wow i am a newbie to ubuntu a friend of mine named chris introduced me to it.04:12
Trogdor3634Gutsy question: How would I edit a configuration file in the usr/share folder? Konqueror-superuser won't let me modify the file, nor will text editors.04:13
wease|hammer89, IMO yes04:13
bruenigoh chris introduced you04:13
FlannelShrugz: Or you want to connect to your ISPs (whatever) POP and SMTP servers with an email client?04:13
ShrugzNo Flannel i want to connect to my box a box i purchased from a friend04:13
SHMOok well it's been atleast 24 hours in this chat room trying to solve my problem, but i guess when it comes to support, you get what you pay for, so thanks for the help (or lack there-of)04:13
Hammer89weasel: okay... I'll try totally disabling compiz then04:13
ScuniziShrugz, It's fun stuff.. welcome04:13
mjw-Trogdor3634 sudo nano /usr/share/whatever04:13
nekostarHammer89 if no joi here then try #compiz-fusion for related problems ^^04:13
tantric132nekostar, http://pastebin.com/m442cd0d904:13
FlannelShrugz: Right.  So, you want a central mail repository, that grab sstuff from various POP sources04:13
nekostartantric132 bingo04:14
nekostarthat first one sda1 is your windows04:14
ShrugzBruenig you might now know the chris im speaking of but maybe you do or where you just being a smart allic lol04:14
Hammer89weasel: brb04:14
nekostarnow post your /boot/grub/menu.lst for me tantric13204:14
wease|compiz can be sketchy depending on overall hardware and what not04:14
ShrugzFlannel like windows outlook but better04:14
tantric132nekostar, http://pastebin.com/m60b1e9d904:15
Trogdor3634mjw-... any way to do it in GUI?04:15
Hammer89weasel: compiz is disabled... things are still drawing wrong04:15
FlannelShrugz: Outlook is just a mail client, if I have all my mail on outlook on box A, can I view that mail on box B?04:15
Hammer89weasel: logged in faster, though04:15
ShrugzFlannel yes that's what im saying that's what i need04:15
mjw-Trogdor3634 I know gksu is used with graphical programs in gnome, don't know the one for kde off the top of my head04:15
talciteblah someone needs to rewrite flash04:15
FlannelShrugz: you need a mail client?  or you want to view your mail (stored on box A) from box B?04:16
talciteadobe's on crack04:16
Trogdor3634mje- I'm on gnome04:16
wease|hammer89, it is close to a solution but not as well as i wanted to hear04:16
Hammer89weasel: the windows on my desktop are randomly flashing :P04:16
MrPiracyis it possible to install IE on ubuntu?04:16
tantric132nekostar, I think I just go an idea bud. Can you do me a favor? Look at the bottom of what I sent you. See where it says second drive?04:16
nekostartantric132 do you have multiple hard drives?04:16
compwiz18!ie4linux | MrPiracy04:16
zelrikriandolol MrPiracy who would do that04:16
ScuniziShrugz, Flannel, maybe zimbra ?04:16
ShrugzFlannel I Want a email client to retreive my email from my box's email setting's directly onto my computer04:16
mjw-Trogdor3634 then use gksu gedit /usr/share/whatever04:16
juicE_wow... why would one want IE on Linux04:16
FlannelMrPiracy: through wine, yes.  check out "ies4linux"04:16
compwiz18MrPiracy: google ies4linux04:17
mjw-!gksu | Trogdor363404:17
wease|hammer89, somebody else may chime in to help but i would consider reinstalling gnome 2.20.104:17
nekostarthats probably it04:17
Starnestommyfor testing sites for IE compatability?04:17
tantric132nekostar, if I replaced second drive with /dev/sda204:17
FlannelShrugz: right, thats just a regular mail client.  Evolution will work fine for you.04:17
compwiz18for sites that don't worok in FF?04:17
MrPiracyzelrikriando: well ... there are some pages that can only be seen from IE04:17
ShrugzScunizi zimbra? ill look into that04:17
nekostarjust make it the same as the ubuntu entryies04:17
juicE_that was a rhetorical question (A)04:17
Hammer89wease|: I'm nearly desperate enough to try it04:17
FlannelMrPiracy: you'll need to google, we dont have a factoid04:17
zelrikriandoMrPiracy: installing IE will make things worse04:17
nekostarhm actually04:17
compwiz18zelrikriando: how would it make it worse?04:17
ShrugzFlannel omg i just finished telling Scunizi that it does not work for me Evolution that iis04:18
ScuniziShrugz, zimbra is now owned by Yahoo but it's opensource.  there's a networked server addition and desktop accessable via http from any browser.04:18
wease|hammer89, its not a big thing to reinstall04:18
nekostarchange it to hdd (1,0)04:18
zelrikriandocompwiz18: by using IE you play M$'s game04:18
wassahi newb question.. I installed RPM in gutsy using sudo apt rpm.. i am trying to install the vmware player.rpm ... I have no idea how to install this thing though.. do i have to do it through the terminal??04:18
wease|it just seems there are corrupt areas therein04:18
Hammer89wease|: except the theming on my laptop has hours of work behind it :P04:18
ShrugzScunizi Barfs At Anything owned by yahoo sorry that's just me04:18
compwiz18zelrikriando: fair enough, but if you've gotta access a site, then you've gotta access the site... that's the only way04:18
FlannelShrugz: What about it doesn't work for you?  "It doesn't work" doesn't tell us a whole lot about whats going wrong04:18
astro76!alien | wassa04:18
zelrikriandocompwiz18: I dont want to access corrupted sites04:18
ScuniziShrugz, they just bought it in the last couple of months. It's a very good app.04:19
astro76wassa: you use alien to convert rpms but it's highly *not* recommended04:19
compwiz18zelrikriando: then don't install IE :)04:19
zelrikriandoI dont04:19
ShrugzFlannel i configured it correctly Evolution but it did not connect maybe its my network maybe its my box i have no clue at this point in time04:19
wassaastro76 why can't i just install it in some normal method?04:19
wease|hammer89, if its that big a deal then you may want to wait for somebody who can help solve it from a command line as i cannot at this point.04:20
ShrugzScunizi i dont think there going to be buying anything for awhile have you by any chance looked at the news on Yahoo lately04:20
FlannelShrugz: alright, well, we'll be happy to help you diagnose it.  If you're looking for non-evolution alternatives, there are plenty.  One that comes to mind is Thunderbird04:20
ubotuwassa: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)04:20
Hammer89weasel: okay... not sure how long I can wait though... it's pretty much unusable04:20
wassais there no way to install this without installing some other application?? why does everything with this build have to be so friggin challenging?04:20
G_Bensoni have several parts of a rar archive (part1.rar, part2.rar, etc.) how do i extract the content so that it is joined back together? (ubuntu 7.10)04:20
ScuniziShrugz, no.. they spent 10' of millions on zimbra04:20
wassahmmm so I can't install the vmware player then?04:20
ushimitsudokiG_Benson: archive manager should do that for you automatically04:20
ShrugzFlannel Okay ill look into thunderbird sounds like something created for mysql lol04:21
Flannelwassa: sure, get a vmware deb, and you wont need to use alien04:21
stroyanwassa: Using alien lets you install and remove a package with apt tools like the rest of the system.  With rpm you would install with   rpm -i vmware.rpm04:21
wease|im off to bed04:21
wease|night folks04:21
Hammer89weasel: here's one possibility (maybe)... I used to have KDE installed as well as gnome... I've since removed KDE (I think I still have enlightenment installed, though)... is it possible that some configuration file from KDE is messing me up?04:21
ushimitsudokiScunizi: and zimbra's future is in serious doubt because of MS trying to buyout Yahoo. Read the zimbra forums04:21
wassawhat is vmware deb?04:21
ShrugzScunizi Yahoo is in the middle of negotiateing with microsoft microsoft wants to buy out Yahoo for some where's around 46 Billion Dollors04:21
Trogdor3634mje- thanks, I opened gedit via gksu and edited the file from there. Does GKSU show up in the default ubuntu menubar?04:22
Scuniziushimitsudoki, Shrugz i know.. time will tell what will actually happen.04:22
zelrikriandothat will not save microsoft from copalsing04:22
mjw-Trogdor3634 you could make a launcher for gksu gedit if that's what you're getting at04:22
ShrugzScunizi well i will half to talk with a admin friend of mine who work's for yahoo he will half to tell me about it on what's going on04:22
wease|hammer89, no. they normally run separately from my understanding. KDE is KDE, Gnome is Gnome, XFCE is XFCE, etc etc04:22
Trogdor3634I know I can, I'm asking if it's already on there and I missed it04:22
Hammer89weasel: okay04:23
=== GodTodd_ is now known as GodTodd
Trogdor3634Ubuntu renames half its applications to generic names04:23
zelrikriandothe new monopoly is google04:23
nortyHow do i use ls to only list the files and not directories?04:23
ScuniziShrugz, if it's in dought grab it soon.04:23
FlannelTrogdor3634: thats incorrect04:23
astro76wassa: I'm really not aware of the best way to install vmware on Ubuntu currently, but you would be better off with their .tar package rather than .rpm04:23
astro76that is for certain04:23
Trogdor3634Flannel: as in "Partition Editor" rather than GParted04:23
FlannelTrogdor3634: The file itself is still gparted, just because a menu entry may not be, doesn't mean its been renamed.04:24
Flannel!vmware | wassa04:24
ShrugzScunizi buy as much yahoo stock as you can before its all gone as soon as microsoft doe's buy out yahoo LOL anyways04:24
ubotuwassa: VMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers04:24
ScuniziShrugz, :)04:24
Trogdor3634That's what I'm asking - are there any menu entries for gksu by default that I'm missing?04:24
G_Bensonushimitsudoki i was expecting an iso image, instead i get a bunch of files04:24
FlannelTrogdor3634: what do you mean "for gksu"?04:25
ScuniziTrogdor3634, nope but you can make some if you like.04:25
owl16hi people04:25
Trogdor3634k, thx04:25
orbisvicisanyone used xvkbd ?04:25
nortyHow do i use ls to only list the files and not directories?04:25
ShrugzScunizi Flannel thank you for all your help i will look into those application's as soon as possable this is 1 of the first times i come in that i actualy got any awnser's is newbie to ubuntu but i am geting the hang of it i got to go now you both have a nice night04:25
Scurubuzcè qualke italiano qui??????????????????04:25
KlrSpzstroyan: mind helping me wrap my head around something with backuppc? I can't figure out how to do a per-host configuration?04:25
Flannel!it | Scurubuz04:25
ubotuScurubuz: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!04:25
ScuniziShrugz, night!..04:25
iratikI don't know why this is happening... but when i switch on Appearance>Visual Effects>Normal... I lose the title bars and window frames to any window. I also can't see the terminal if I pull it up. This is on a fresh upgrade to gutsy from feisty. I hope someone here has heard of this issue before...04:26
ushimitsudokiG_Benson: archive manager will support automatically re-joining the .rar archives ... for example, if you click on the .rar one, then all the .r00-r99 and so forth will be included when the file is extracted. Check what you get when just dbl-clicking one one of the .rar files04:26
ushimitsudokiiratik: this is because compiz has turned off "window decorations" probably04:27
Trogdor3634From the manual: gksu is a frontend to su and gksudo is a frontend to sudo. Their primary purpose is to run graphical commands that need root without the need to run an X terminal emulator and using su directly04:27
nortyHow do i use ls to only list the files and not directories?04:27
stroyanKlrSpz: I put each per host config file in /var/lib/backuppc/pc/hostname/config.pl04:27
CVD-PR ya misno regreso restarting04:27
iratikushimitsudoki: how might I address this issue?04:27
Trogdor3634Hence, if the given instructions are "Open up an X terminal emulator and type in gksu..."04:28
Trogdor3634doesn't make much sense04:28
ushimitsudokiiratik: I do it my using the compiz settings manager to make sure window decorations are enabled. I don't know a better solution (but I wish I did!)04:28
KlrSpzstroyan: yeah, but how do i tell it to connect to each individual one?04:28
Trogdor3634any idea why it isn't on the default menu?04:28
KlrSpzstroyan: it seems like they all share a common connection schema04:28
iratikushimitsudoki: how do i open the compiz settings manager?04:28
ushimitsudokiiratik: it should be under System > Preferences > Advanced Desktop Effect Settings (if you have the compiz settings package installed - I don't think it is installed by default)04:30
nortyCan someone help me? I want to list only the files not directories , how can I do that using ls.. or some other command??04:30
stroyanKlrSpz: You can override the setting of variables like  $Conf{XferMethod} in each hosts config file.04:31
xeomHow can i stop keyboard lag its making it impossible to type with repeat keys and impossible to play any games.I can ussualyyyyyyyyyy finish typing a word before it shows up.<- see what i mean about the repeat keys just one tap.04:31
tantric132If both Ubuntu and Windows are installed on a second hard drive(the first hard drive is unallocated at the moment), and Windows is not on the GRUB list, how do I add it? Its partition is hd(0,0)04:31
iratikushimitsudoki: what is the name of the compiz settings package04:31
G_Bensonhmm, anyone know how i can take a bunch of setup files and make a disk image, then burn it in ubuntu? using dvds?04:31
KlrSpzstroyan: well i'm config'ing from the cgi gui04:31
ushimitsudokiiratik: um, i think compizconfig-settings-manager? (not sure about that)04:31
Trogdor3634xeom: System > Preferences > Keyboard04:31
vtailHello. Anybody knows how to install Firefox 3b2 on Ubuntu 7.10 on x86-64 _AND_ get flash support?04:32
KlrSpzstroyan: ahhhh.. i just found it... nm04:33
stroyanKlrSpz: As far as I can tell some of the host setup must be done by editing config files as text.  There is documentation on it in the left margin of the GUI.04:33
xeomTrogdor i know but that lag contiues and i need to use repeat keys its a problem with the timing of the keyboard04:33
iratikushimitsudoki: where do you configure window decorations in compizconfig settings manager?04:34
Trogdor3634xeom: On that configuration window ("Keyboard Preferences"), there should be an option for Repeat Keys Delay, and you should set it to Long04:34
ushimitsudokiiratik: it is under the "Effects" section and is called "Window Decoration"04:34
danielski_pllol i got a new laptop 2 hours ago with vista and now im a happy buntu user04:35
wobblywumy ubuntu just crashed (required a hard reset), and now gnome has gone colour-crazy; http://img516.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotubuntuforumsmhq2.png04:35
Trogdor3634xeom: or at least, longer than it is now04:35
MidnighTokerhmm, i removed compiz and now i have no window manager :S04:35
wobblywuwhenever any text moves in a window (nautilus, firefox, xchat), fonts screw up and the background (if not already black) becomes black (like in the screenshot)04:35
xeomTroogdor i know about it. Still doesnt not fix the lag issue. For instance when im playing a game i will keep moving in the same direction or take to long to jump even with repeat keys on04:35
wobblywuany ideas? and, even better, a solution? :)04:35
KlrSpzstroyan: you pick the host at the top, i didn't see it04:36
KlrSpzanyway, i'm out for the night.. thanks04:36
Trogdor3634xeom: Elaborate the phrase "Even with repeat keys on"04:36
Hammer89weasel: still here?04:36
stroyanKlrSpz: Oh.  that "Edit config" under a particular hosts home page does seem to have all the variables per host.04:36
levanderCan you view flash movies on YouTube full screen on Ubuntu like you can in Windows?04:36
Bakefyso i have a new raid 1 set, just mounted it, cant write to it.  anyone know what to do>04:37
fosohey all, i cant see videos on youtube, i could but then ff asked me to update and now it doesnt work, someone here pointed me to a wiki but it isnt really applicable, i tried reinstalling gnash but it still doesnt work, any ideas?04:37
MrPiracyPidgin 2.2.1 doesnt have webcam feature?04:37
wobblywuMrPiracy, it does not04:37
Dezinelevander, in firefox you can, it pops up a window and you just maximize that04:37
xeomsorry trogdor3634 that was ment to say off i keep moving in games in the same direction or jumping to late even with repeat keys off. Its some kind of keyboard lag04:37
Hammer89guess not04:37
Hammer89I can't log in to Ubuntu... my desktop never loads04:38
Hammer89it just gives me a little X as a cursur04:38
levanderDezine: I see a window pop up in the lower left, but it just disappears on me, even if I move fast enough to get the mouse over it before it disappears.04:38
DezineHm, it did that for me but the second try worked.04:38
tantric132I need a little help with GRUB I think I almost got it just need someone to look at something. Anyone with knowledge of GRUB?04:38
Bakefyanyone here know a bit about how raid works with ubuntu?  I have some questions.04:39
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Trogdor3634xeom: Do you have any Keyboard Accessibility Preferences set?04:39
sn00zertantric132, i'm no expert but i'll look at it04:40
eck090does anyone here use cedega?04:41
Trogdor3634eck090: just ask your question :)04:41
UbunLinI'm having some graphics issues in Hardy Heron with the Radeon Mobility 9100IGP chipset. I've already put the Options "AGPMode" "4" in place in the xorg configuration, but that still gives graphic garbage on boot. Does anyone know of an additional fix or a bug that I might contribute to?04:41
wobblywuno thoughts on my problem, then?04:41
tantric132sn00zer, http://pastebin.com/d26786c8d this is my fdisk -l   and this is what i have added to the end of /boot/grub/menu.lst   http://pastebin.com/d1e7d7dde04:41
CodeMa1I'm not new to Ubuntu, I know that when one process is using a sound device, another cannot. However, is it possible to bend this? I'm using a USB headset, and would like to use it in both Skype and Firefox/Media Programs at the same time. Possible?04:41
Cpudan80Anyone know if kile runs ok under gnome?04:42
ushimitsudokiUbunLin: hardy at #ubuntu+104:42
eck090Was wondering if anybody used it because i have a game installed on my windows drive but i want to port it into cedega without installing from the cd's again04:42
eck090if that was possible04:42
tantric132sn00zer, I'm thinking that if I replace /dev/sda1 with /dev/sda it will fix it? bc /dev/sda1 is the name of the partition but /dev/sda is the name of this disk04:42
Hammer89*tries again a bit more orderly* I just logged out of Ubuntu, and when I tried to log back in it wouldn't load my desktop (only gave me an X as my curser)... this is kinda urgent,,, can anyone help?04:42
levanderDezine: I figured it out.  I had to turn off Compiz.04:42
DezineGlad you got it, I was going to try other browserts04:43
ushimitsudokiHammer89: no message of any kind?04:43
Hammer89ushimitsudoki: no04:43
G_Bensoneveryone ignore my previous question04:43
Hammer89ushimitsudoki: just a black screen04:43
UbunLinushimitsudoki: The room seems to be a bit dead.04:43
tantric132what is the page on dell to build a laptop with ubuntu?04:43
tantric132everyone i try to build has windows04:43
CVD-PRany know how to start xchat automatically when logon, but only the tray icon or minimized04:43
G_Bensongo to ubuntu.com tantric123, they have the ubuntu models listed04:44
ushimitsudokiUbunLin: Well, it's the room for Hardy *shrug*04:44
MrPiracywobblywu: do you know any program that does it?04:44
UbunLintantric132: http://www.dell.com/content/topics/segtopic.aspx/linux_3x?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs is a good place to start.04:44
UbunLinor http://www.ubuntu.com/dell/04:44
stroyanHammer89: Use <ctrl><alt><F1> to get to the text console.  Then you can log in and poke around the log files and ps output.04:44
ushimitsudokiHammer89: what about getting a command line first? Did you try that? Then try to start gdm from there04:45
ushimitsudokiHammer89: yes, what stroyan says04:45
Hammer89ushimitsudoki: what command would I use to start GDM?04:45
CodeMa1Anyone: Any response to my former?04:45
ushimitsudokiHammer89: /etc/init.d/gdm start04:45
sn00zertantric132, i think it needs the partition info have you tried it as is?04:46
wassawhat do you guys use for vm applications for gutsy ?04:46
stroyanHammer89: Since gdm is already running you would use    sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart04:46
SASQUATCHhello all!04:46
Starnestommywassa: I usually use qemu/kvm, although I've tried xen and virtualbox before04:46
=== Frogzoo_ is now known as frogzoo
wassaapparently the vmware player does not work on i386 machines04:46
SASQUATCHI am about to give up on linux04:46
UbunLinushimitsudoki: Is there another place to ask besides ubuntuforums.org and the #ubuntu+1 room?04:47
CodeMa1I'm not new to Ubuntu, I know that when one process is using a sound device, another cannot. However, is it possible to bend this? I'm using a USB headset, and would like to use it in both Skype and Firefox/Media Programs at the same time. Possible?04:47
ushimitsudokiUbunLin: launchpad.net I would think... you could search for an existing bug or start a new one04:47
UbunLinI would just trace the process, but tracing X.. heh.. that is a bit more than I want to bite off unless I absolutely have to.04:47
UbunLinushimitsudoki: I've searched that and the lists. I would like to avoid opening a new bug about this if at all possible.04:47
fosoanyone know why i cant watch flash videos?04:48
G_Bensonflash isnt installed foso04:48
wassaStarnestommy were you able to install xp as a layer?04:48
SASQUATCHanyone know of a troubleshooter for connecting ubuntu to the internet through a router?04:49
Lalo_somebody to new your?04:49
SASQUATCHthe forums are absolutely no help04:49
Starnestommywassa: I've never tried to, but one of my friends was able to do it in qemu or kvm04:49
Lalo_somebody to new york?04:49
G_Bensoni run mine through a router with a windows machine as well SASQUATCH04:49
fosoG_Benson could you explain?04:49
wassaqemu does not show up when I search for add remove applications04:50
SASQUATCHyeah i tried that the xp can connect but the ubuntu machine cannot04:50
Starnestommywassa: use System > Administration > Synaptic04:50
G_Bensonyou need to install firefox04:50
wassaoh ok04:50
G_Bensonfirefox's flash plugin*04:50
RedroseI have a problem with what I assume is fonts04:50
fosoG_Benson where can i get that?04:50
travisatif your processor supports it kvm is faster then qemu04:51
G_Bensondoes the ubuntu machine dual boot w/ windows SASQUATCH?04:51
NigelS_SASQUATCH: have you verified basic network connectivity? pinged the router etc? are you obtaining settings via DHCP?04:51
RedroseWhen I'm at the login screen, the font is giant size04:51
G_Bensongoogle it foso04:51
Redroselike 72 point04:51
stroyanSASQUATCH: Is the network wired or wireless?  Can you get to other systems inside the router?04:51
SASQUATCHthe router sees the ubuntu machine, but ubuntu doesn't connect.04:51
cometinimfrom mexico04:51
G_Bensonimfrom america04:51
SASQUATCHyeah i tried the pppoeconf command and it doesn't find a connection04:51
Lalo_somebody wants to make an interchange cultural?04:51
RedroseAnyone have a solution? Fonts too big at login screen>?04:52
SASQUATCHoh and i tried to ping the router, to no avail...04:52
CodeMa1I'm not new to Ubuntu, I know that when one process is using a sound device, another cannot. However, is it possible to bend this? I'm using a USB headset, and would like to use it in both Skype and Firefox/Media Programs at the same time. Possible?04:52
NigelS_SASQUATCH: pppoeconf is not neccessary if you're networked to a router - this router connects to the device that connects to the net or is itself the modem?04:52
travisatSASQUATCH: if you are connecting to a router you don't use ppp, you need to set up a lan, on eth0 or eth1 normally04:52
Hammer89Okay... restarted my computer and I'm back in Ubuntu.... but things aren't drawing properly (graphics are kinda screwed up)... and it's running _really_ sluggishly and unstable... anyone have any idea what could be wrong? this is getting pretty urgent04:52
stroyanRedrose: I have seen that with Intel graphics.  Once you log in you could use xdpyinfo to see if the resolution is reported as crazy values.04:53
Lalo_somebody wants to make an interchange cultural?04:53
mrb88I have ubuntu installed inside a Virtual PC, recent updates have left me with no network connectivity. Forum thread is at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=695144 wondering if any could help.04:53
jeffMASTERflexRedrose: i had the opposite problem, my fonts were too small. i fixed the problem by forcing the dpi of the nvidia driver in xorg to 96 dpi04:53
wassado i need all the other qemu stuff or just qemu/kvm ?04:53
NigelS_Hammer89: incorrect gfx driver?04:53
Hammer89NigelS_: it was working for quite a while before today04:53
SASQUATCHmy router connects to a dsl modem04:53
NigelS_Hammer89: what did you change?04:53
bluej774Are there any sed masters in here?04:53
NigelS_SASQUATCH: then you are just doing normal tcp/ip from ubuntu box --> router in which case you dont need to fiddle with ppoeconf04:54
b4l74z4rwhere on the disk does ubuntu place the swap file?04:54
Hammer89Hammer89: nothing I can think of... other than some updates in synaptic (including kernel updates)04:54
NigelS_SASQUATCH: your router is using DHCP to provide settings to clients?04:54
jeffMASTERflexb4l74z4r: on a separate parition04:54
RedroseYes, I have intel. I did xdpyinfo, but nothing looks out of the blue04:54
sn00zertantric132, did it work?04:54
bluej774b4l74z4r: In the swap partition.04:54
SASQUATCHyeah i think it is, however i must confess i am really ignorant when it comes to networking04:54
ComunisTicohi i got a problm with my pc, specificaly my ram04:54
chaosrlwhere are screenshots saved in gutsy? i can't seem to find them04:54
travisatwassa: just kvm/qemu then you have to modprobe the kvm modules and it should work, you might have to reboot after you install it04:54
ComunisTicoive got a laptop with an internal 512Mb ram04:55
jeffMASTERflexchaosrl: usually on your desktop04:55
b4l74z4ri know, but is it the swap partition placed at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the disk?04:55
ComunisTicoi recently added 1Gb to my xternal slot for the ram04:55
tantric132sn00zer, no and I'm getting frustrating. Going on two hours now XD. Can you explain why on http://pastebin.com/d26786c8d next to the /dev/sda1 it has a * under boot?04:55
stroyanRedrose: It should have a xdpyinfo line something like   "resolution:    98x98 dots per inch" when broken the values are very different.04:55
bluej774I need sed to replace any new lines with two quotation marks and a new line.  Can anyone help me with what command I should give sed?04:55
wassatravisat ... how do i access the gui? I assume there is a gui?04:55
sn00zertantric132, that means its a bootable partition04:55
ComunisTicoworks good, until it crashes04:55
gamerdudeany x-chat scripters on that could help me figure out how to get scripts to work?04:56
ComunisTicoit only happens when i got the ram on04:56
travisatwassa: no gui to my knowledge04:56
chaosrljeffMASTERflex: i can't find them on my desktop, in my home folder, or in my pictures folder. is there anywhere else?04:56
NigelS_SASQUATCH: if you click on your network icon and check setings or go to system settings and chenk networking - how is the card setup?04:56
Starnestommyvirtualbox-ose has a gui, wassa04:56
NigelS_SASQUATCH: have you used the cmdline at all?04:56
sn00zertantric132, what exactly is your problem? can boot into linux but not windows?04:56
tantric132sn00zer, ok so any ideas? I've tried everything. hd(0,0) isn't right, becuase the first 0 represents the disk? and the second represents the partition?04:56
travisatwassa: oh come on its really easy to use from cmd line04:56
jeffMASTERflexchaosrl: if you use the "take a screenshot" tool rom accessories, it tells you where it is saving the picture after you take the screenshot04:56
SASQUATCHi've used the cmd line in as much as i tried things that were suggested from forum posts, with little luck04:56
fosohey all, my flash problems were solved by deleting gnash and restarting firefox in case someone else has the same issue later04:56
wassaso do i need to do the sudo qemu ?04:56
travisatwassa: huh?04:57
tantric132sn00zer, it all started when Windows disapeared off of the GRUB menu when I started my computerm, so i'm attempting to add it back so I can load into windows04:57
Hammer89*repeats* restarted my computer and I'm back in Ubuntu.... but things aren't drawing properly (graphics are kinda screwed up)... and it's running _really_ sluggishly and unstable... anyone have any idea what could be wrong? this is getting pretty urgent04:57
NigelS_tantric132: because that is the boot drive04:57
chaosrljeffMASTERflex: that's what i was afraid of. i'm using it and it's just making the "busy" mouse pointer for a few seconds, and goes away. it did used to ask me, but not anymore.04:57
Redroseis there a tool I can run to help fix it? right now the DPI is 112x96804:57
wassai installed both kvm and qemu ... but i don't see how to access or start them??04:57
=== rahal_ is now known as rahal
travisatwassa: I suggest you look on the ubuntu forums for kvm/qemu how to04:57
wassaback to the forums..04:57
gamerdudehammer89: how long has the issue been going on?04:57
jeffMASTERflexchaosrl: then you have a different issue altogether. if you use compiz you can probably use its screenshot plugin to take a screenshot04:58
ouellettesrhello, can i set a baud rate in a udev rules file?04:58
ubotuqemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo04:58
tantric132sn00zer, so originally, that last part of my /boot/grub/menu.lst wasn't even there - someone suggested adding it, but what he said to add didn't work so I have been changing things around.04:58
chaosrljeffMASTERflex: ah, i forgot about that. i'll give it a shot. Thanks!04:58
SASQUATCHi have to two ethernet ports on my system, one built into the mobo and another added separately so they are eth0 and eth104:58
travisatwassa: use that but you can replace winxp with other x86 based systems04:58
SASQUATCHwhen i set them to dhcp in network connections i get no connectivity04:58
Hammer89gamerdude: it's been getting buggy for a few days now (where I'd have to log in and out a few times to get it running).... it only got serious today04:58
NigelS_SASQUATCH: ok, without knowing what state your network card is in it's quite hard to see what's wrong; but - from a terminal let's first give your card an ip address04:58
NigelS_SASQUATCH: what's the IP of your router?04:58
Hammer89gamerdude: I installed one update last night... and another tonight04:59
stroyanRedrose: The problem is discussed at https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10304  You may be able to correct it by adding a manual "DisplaySize line" to /etc/X11/xorg.conf as discussed at the URL.04:59
wobblywumy ubuntu just crashed (required a hard reset), and now gnome has gone colour-crazy; http://img516.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotubuntuforumsmhq2.png04:59
gamerdudehammer89: do you recall what those updates were?04:59
wobblywuwhenever any text moves in a window (nautilus, firefox, xchat), fonts screw up and the background (if not already black) becomes black (like in the screenshot)04:59
wobblywuany ideas?04:59
Hammer89gamerdude: some kernel updates... don't know what they were for other than that...04:59
SASQUATCHip of router =
gamerdudehammer89: and have you changed your hardware at all ie., usb items04:59
phuzionHey, I'm looking to put a little load monitor in my taskbar at the top, next to where it says my name.  Anyone got any ideas?04:59
sn00zertantric132, mine is root (0,0) but you said that didn't work correct?04:59
Hammer89gamerdude: I'm using a laptop... no hardware changes at all04:59
sn00zertantric132, mine is root (0,0) but you said that didn't work correct04:59
graelbHi there... my TTY's don't work... Nvidia video card, on a laptop, running the newest nvidia drivers installed with the restricted driver manager...05:00
=== gouki_ is now known as gouki
gamerdudehammer89: running 7.10 32bit or 64bit?05:00
NigelS_SASQUATCH: ok, so if for this one we try setting: sudo ifconfig eth0
sn00zertantric132, root (hd0,0) sorry05:00
Hammer89gamerdude: 7.10 32bit05:00
chaosrljeffMASTERflex: haha, compiz plugin worked like a charm. you just saved me a TON of trouble, thanks so much!05:00
NigelS_SASQUATCH: and then sudo route add default gw
jeffMASTERflexchaosrl: no prob.05:00
tantric132sn00zer, i'm not sure. see I'm changing around two different things here. tell me what it says at the very top....# This entry automatically added by the Debian installer for a non-linux OS05:00
tantric132# on /dev/sda  that part05:00
tantric132sn00zer, what is yours on?05:01
gamerdudehammer89: are you familiar with the recovery kernel in the boot loader?05:01
Hammer89gamerdude:  no...05:01
pgHi, all - How can I set up s2disk (uswsusp package) to be the default hybernation method (and s2ram the default sleep method)?05:01
sn00zertantric132,  mine is hda1 which translates to hd0,005:01
gamerdudehammer89: it's not complicated, are you dual booting?05:01
Hammer89gamerdude: yes... with vista05:01
xeomhow can i "add "ec_intr=0" to your boot line"05:02
gamerdudehammer89: okay, when you boot up you will have an option to choose the recovery kernel05:02
tantric132sn00zer, so what does sda1 translate to?05:02
sn00zertantric132,  mine aren't sda drives though, maybe (sd0,0) would do it?05:02
cafuegoxeom: You're not allowed to add anything to my boot line, thankyou.05:02
Hammer89gamerdude: I have no idea how to use it, though...05:02
tantric132that's actually a good idea sn00zer. one sec05:02
cafuegoxeom: You can add it to your own though, edit /boot/grub/menu.lst05:02
gamerdudehammer89: k just a sec05:02
Hammer89gamerdude: okay05:03
SASQUATCHNigelS, I typed the commands and received no errors, but still no connection05:03
quest23does anyone use the ubuntu ultimate edition?????05:03
NigelS_SASQUATCH: you can't even ping
cafuegoquest23: There's only one edition as far as i know05:03
xeomcafuego: Thanks that was just a copy paste.How can i edit the file i forgot the command05:04
NigelS_I suspect this is a play on vistas innumerable versions :)05:04
tantric132sn00zer, no that can't work because I'm looking at a working example off of a website. it's exactly like this:05:04
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tantric132sn00zer, # This entry automatically added by the Debian installer for a non-linux OS05:04
tantric132# on /dev/sda105:04
tantric132title        Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition05:04
tantric132root        (hd0,0)05:04
quest23there is an ultimate edition that has basically all the kinks worked out..already05:04
FloodBot2tantric132: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:04
visualdensityhi guys, does having SSH access means I can also do an rsync? Or do they run on different ports?05:04
cafuegoxeom: sudo nano or sudo gedit05:04
NigelS_SASQUATCH: perhaps if you paste the output of ifconfig and route to a pastebin05:04
SASQUATCHSadly, no Pinging the router gives nothing05:04
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xeomcafuego: thanks a bunch05:04
cafuegono worries05:05
tantric132sn00zer, did you get that or do I need to post it on a site05:05
xinxcan someone give me a hand please? with ubuntu I have an issue :[ im new with this OS05:05
sn00zeri got it05:05
NigelS_xinx: just ask away05:05
SASQUATCHNigelS, sorry i understand ifconfig, but am not sure what you mean by pasting it to a pastebin, i'm not to knowledgable on these sorts of things05:05
xinxI had windows xp I installed ubuntu and I just made a partition05:05
xinxI didnt format the drive and I can choose when I boot what OS to use05:06
cafuegoxeom: You'll probably want to add it to the line starting with "# kopt=" as well as the actual line with your kenrel, so it will remain after kernel updates.05:06
tantric132sn00zer, http://pastebin.com/d38afd56405:06
xinxis not showing and I have many information paperwork and stuff on windows05:06
cafuegoxinx: Did you resize the windows partition?05:06
xinxI have 250 GB I took only 50 GB of it05:06
xinxfor ubuntu05:07
cafuegoxinx: ... and the windows partition is still there? You can boot it ok?05:07
nickrudtantric132: that didn't work for you, the one I put up?05:07
xinxno is not showing05:07
cafuegoxinx: can you paste the output of 'sudo fdisk -l' to a pastebin?05:07
NigelS_SASQUATCH: it's a place to paste content - trouble being if your linux machine isn't online....it sounds like your network interface isn't coming up for some reason05:08
xinxyou know when you boot it shows a selection what to use ubuntu or windows05:08
xinxand it only go straight to ubuntu05:08
tantric132nickrud, no and i'm still haven problems. I've been working on it ever since you left haha. must have rebooted 10 times. let me show you my current. both my menu.lst and my fdisk and you can see what I need05:08
gamerdudehammer89: you have all the latest updates correct?05:08
quest23do your files show up ???on ubuntu??05:08
Hammer89gamerdude: that I know of... yes05:08
nickrudtantric132: sure, on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org05:08
xinxmy files?05:09
tantric132nickrud, this is menu.lst http://pastebin.com/d1e7d7dde and this is fdisk http://pastebin.com/d26786c8d05:09
NigelS_Hammer89: so what driver are you currently using for xorg?05:09
gamerdudehammer89: okay, so you will have "friendly recovery" when you boot into the new kernel - if you were able to install this OS yourself it will be very straight forward05:09
quest23the paperwork05:09
cLeanto the world of lilpimps05:09
xinxI cant get access05:09
Hammer89gamerdude: ah... okay... I did install it myself05:09
gamerdudehammer89: more information can be found here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FriendlyRecovery05:09
xinxim on ubuntu right now05:09
tantric132nickrud, keep in mind that I have two HDs. the first HD(hd #1) is not formatted yet(gonna use it for storage, its currently unallocated). the second hard drive has ubuntu and windows05:09
xinxI want to have access to windows too05:10
SASQUATCHNigelS, thanks for your input, I'll keep tinkering.05:10
nickrudtantric132: yeah, I hadn't caught that.05:10
gamerdudehammer89: friendly-recovery let's you repair broken aspects of the OS including the kernel itself05:10
Redroseok, got my display working... next, sound. my problem is that the sound is way way way too low05:10
xinxI have important stuffs on windows can someone help me please05:10
Hammer89gamerdude: okay... I'll take a look at that05:10
gamerdudehammer89: i hope that helps ;)05:10
Hammer89gamerdude: thanks :)05:10
pgHi, all - How can I set up s2disk (uswsusp package) to be the default hybernation method (and s2ram the default sleep method)?05:10
Redroselike even when I turn it up to the max, it's still only about 1/4 as loud as it should be05:10
thiemsterxinx:what stuff?05:11
tantric132nickrud, I should have provided that in the first place and I'm sure none of this would have happened haha05:11
cafuegoxinx: can you paste the output of 'sudo fdisk -l' to a pastebin?05:11
xinxI install ubuntu on a partition that I made05:11
NigelS_SASQUATCH: if you can rule out a hardware problem, cable problem etc then it should just be a matter of configuring the software - but plainly something is up since obtaining a DHCP lease is automated and should def work out of the box05:11
cafuegoxinx: If you need help, you need to help us help you.05:11
xinxand I cant access to windows back05:11
thiemsterxinx: boot a live cd, then u may be able to access the information05:12
xinxcafuego please can you explain me step by step ... im new with this05:12
xinxplease I will appreciate the help05:12
stroyanRedrose: Right click on the volume icon.  Select open volume control. Choose Edit->preferences menu item.  Enable all the toggles.  Then look for low volume setting on some of the sliders.05:12
quest23i had the same problem xinx..but i was able to see them even on ubuntu...and i just used ubuntu to open...05:12
cafuegorun the command 'sudo fdisk -l' and put the output on a pastebin. Tehn give us the ink.05:12
nickrudtantric132: show me your entire menu.lst05:12
tantric132one sec05:12
badkittyIm happy Got vmware working..considering ditching virtualbox05:13
Redrosestroyan, Nope, Those have all been turned up05:13
xinxDisk /dev/sda: 164.6 GB, 164696555520 bytes05:13
xinx255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 20023 cylinders05:13
xinxUnits = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes05:13
xinxDisk identifier: 0xd583d58305:13
xinx   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System05:13
xinx/dev/sda1   *           1        6079    48829536   83  Linux05:13
FloodBot2xinx: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:13
tantric132nickrud, http://pastebin.com/d6d026f9e05:13
putnumyea i didn't like virtualbox when i ran it05:13
sentixIs there an "easy" way to move 32K subdirectories from /subdirectory to /sub/dir/ect/ory/subdirectory05:13
nickrudtantric132: and your ubuntu is booting properly, yes?05:14
tantric132all three options05:14
BagelMasterIt seems the Ubuntu Wiki is out of date for the installation of my printer, as it says to get a .tar.gz from the Gentoo wiki, but Gentoo now only has .ebuilds, how do I install an .ebuild?05:14
frogzoosentix: use find05:14
thiemstercan i install a non-cups printer in linux?05:15
cafuegoxinx: If that's it, it looks like you wiped windows.05:15
quest23has anyone else used this edition of ubuntu05:15
xinxomg omgomgomgomg05:15
gamerdudeso are there any script kiddies in the house to help with x-chat?05:15
xinxI cant loose those files05:15
xinxhelp me please05:15
cafuegoI';m sorry, but it looks like you did.05:15
astro76quest23: not recommended, it's not official, not supported, and uses the terrible automatix05:15
sentixfrogzoo: something like find -exec mkdir $1[0-2]/$[3-4]/$[5-7] - with criteria and correct syntax that is?05:16
thiemstercafuego: couldn't xinx's windows partition just not be mounted or does fdisk list unmounted partions too.05:16
cafuegothiemster: fdisk reads the partition info off disk.05:16
Starnestommygamerdude: try #xchat05:16
thiemstercafuego: oh. ok05:16
xinxIt didnt say anything about format the disk only to select the space05:16
quest23hum.....ive been using it for a while now...worked for me fine...all the little kinks worked out the box...didnt have to configure or set up nothing05:17
quest23oh well05:17
thiemstercafuego: are there tools to recover deleted partitions?05:17
quest23just checking05:17
xinxand I did it05:17
gamerdudestarnestommy: yeah i did, it's completely dead there heh05:17
tantric132nickrud, should it be (hd1,1)? Becuase the Ubuntu is (hd1,2) in menu.lst and it is on the same hard drive and is one partition behind the ntfs(xp)05:17
nickrudtantric132: add the lines   map (hd0) (hd1)   <newline>   map (hd1)(hd0)  <newline>  between the title and root lines in your windows stanza. You have to fool windows into thinking it's running from the first drive05:17
cafuegothiemster: Yes-ish, but I have no experience with them.05:17
thiemsterxinx: you could search google for finding tools to recover deleted partions, but they may not work very well05:18
quest23yeh xinx..there is ways to get those file...unfortunatley i dont know how..dont stress out yet05:18
gamerdudei figured with over 1k peeps here someone would be familiar with xchat scripts haha05:18
nickrudtantric132: it's saying it's the 3d partition,  sda3  . Grub counts partitions starting at 005:18
BagelMasterIt seems the Ubuntu Wiki is out of date for the installation of my printer, as it says to get a .tar.gz from the Gentoo wiki, but Gentoo now only has .ebuilds, can I install an .ebuild, and if yes, how?05:18
badkittyxinx: I saw one the other day.. and i also think knoppix live boot CD has some good tools on it05:18
xinxat least the folder mydocuments05:18
xinxis all I care about the rest its ok05:18
mrb88Anyone able to help me with a network driver issue? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=695144 is my thread.05:18
badkittyxinx: is the system just not booting it, not finding the parition or what05:18
thiemsterxinx: when you installed linux, did you manually or automatically partition it?05:19
cafuegoxinx: linux will have not overwritten ALL data, only some parts. So you may be lucky and able to recovery a fair bit.05:19
tantric132nickrud, http://pastebin.com/d75462d3 anything you see out of the norm?05:19
cafuegobadkitty: From what I can tell, there is no Windows partition.05:19
nickrudtantric132: delete the <newlines> , that was to tell you to put them on new lines ;)05:19
badkittycafuego: Ohhhh....yah thats not fun.. how did you install ubuntu?05:19
tantric132hahaha mybad05:19
xinxI put the cd and install it from boot05:20
xsnoopyxhey does  anyone here know how to connect and transfer files from hd while on livecd to a windows share ?05:20
tantric132nickrud, also look at the on /dev/sda....should it be sda1?05:20
cafuegoxsnoopyx: Mount the hd and the windows share, then copy.05:20
quest23i should have prompt you to choose auto or manual partition05:20
thiemsterxsnoopyx: when i use ubuntu live cd, it always has the main hard drive as a drive listed on it05:20
badkittyxinx: Yeah but did you install only to the partition you made for it or did you select guided use entire disk?05:20
thiemsterxsnoopyx: it's already mounted05:20
xinxto share05:21
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xsnoopyxsorry, the hd will mount, but the share will not mount!05:21
xinxand I took 50 gb I remember05:21
nickrudtantric132: that's only a comment, it has no effect on setup. Any line that starts with a # is a comment05:21
graelbmy TTY's in ubuntu don't work... Nvidia video card, on a laptop, running the newest nvidia drivers installed with the restricted driver manager...05:21
graelb Don't work =  ctrl+alt+F1 drops to a "TTY" which works, but i can't see anything on the screen. I can log in, and run commands, but i'm doing it all blind05:21
NigelS_xinx: it looks like you made a 50gb partition at the start of your hd05:21
thiemsterxnoopyx: sorry, i don't know too much about windows shares. good luck05:21
xinxyes I05:21
xsnoopyxanyone good with windows shares ? and the livecd?05:21
BagelMasterIt seems the Ubuntu Wiki is out of date for the installation of my printer, as it says to get a .tar.gz from the Gentoo wiki, but Gentoo now only has .ebuilds, can I install an .ebuild, and if yes, how?05:21
xinxthe option was partition from the begining05:21
tantric132duh! i'm an idiot. ok nickrud i'm going to try it. if I don't return with in 5 mins, SUCCESS! if I do, then you know...haha05:21
thiemsterxinx: ooh, bad choice05:21
NigelS_xinx: which would be where you windows partition was presumably?05:22
xinxand I noticed that but I didnt know what to choose05:22
quest23yeh...you should have did a manual....and used up free space...05:22
nickrudtantric132: don't leave me hanging ;)05:22
quest23you probly wrote over your windows os05:22
badkittyxinx: Im guessing you installed over your windows partition05:22
tantric132nickrud, thanks for the help! ill be back regardless because I need to ask you of one more simple thing =D05:22
NigelS_xinx: if you don't understand something, it's a bad idea to choose to do it - especially if you're worried about losing data05:22
xinxbut it didnt say anything about format the drive05:22
badkittyxinx in that case, your lucky that windows is so bloated, you may be able to recover some of your files05:22
badkittyxinx: You should have backed the data up on your shiny new drive before you went ahead with the install05:23
badkittyxinx: I suggest getting a recovery disk somewhere very soon05:23
xinxwell I tried to have ubuntu because of a friend told me is a good OS and to try it also I wanted to learn more about linux05:23
thiemsterxinx: you should've used a live cd05:23
NigelS_xinx: if you tear up the partition table it will kind of have the effect of losing it even if it doesn't mention the word format05:23
badkittyxinx: And do not install anything else until you get your files recovered as much as you can05:23
xinxbadkitty recovery disk ?05:24
badkittyxinx: It is a great OS, I finally got rid of my dual boot system, and soley use ubuntu now05:24
wassahey.. im trying to follow some instructions.. i get this error You do not have enough space in '/dev/shm' for the 384 MB of QEMU virtual RAM.05:24
wassaTo have more space available provided you have enough RAM and swap, do as root:05:24
wassaumount /dev/shm05:24
wassacan someone explain what it means05:25
xinxI can stay on ubuntu as long I can get those files05:25
xinxare contacts and important data05:25
xinxlike office files05:25
badkittyxinx: Yah you should look into some programs that can do recovery.. your files may not be erased, but the 'pointers' to them are missing.Recovery software digs beyond the pointers and extracts the raw files and lets you recover them05:25
NigelS_we feel for you but it doesn't look good...there are tools for data recovery but there's a danger it was already overwritten by the install05:25
thiemsterxinx: try http://www.rescubuntu.info/node/105:25
xinxexcel word etc,..05:25
xinxthank you ill try that website05:26
thiemsterxinx: i saw it on a forum, but haven't used it05:26
badkittythiemster: hmm sounds interesting i wanna take a peek at that site too05:26
b4l74z4ri want to create a dual boot, what would be easiest; install windows xp or ubuntu first?05:27
badkittythiemster: Its a command line interface, maybe he would like a graphical interface05:27
squidlyb4l74z4r: install windows first05:27
geniiXP first05:27
xinxhow can I use iso files on linux? like on windows?05:27
badkittyXP first for sure05:27
badkittyxinx get a program called gmount-iso05:27
ubotuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.05:27
squidlyjust make sure you leave room for you linux partisions05:27
thiemsterxinx: place it on a cd, then boot off the cd05:27
xinxlike powerIso?05:28
thiemsterxinx: i think there's a tool already installed05:28
gamerdudexink: you might also want to take a look at these instructions to confirm wether windows is still there http://jclark.org/weblog/2005/12/23/ubrescue/05:28
mrb88Anyone know how to use "ifup" to point to a certain network module?05:28
goodmanhi all05:28
xhhuxhi, im new05:28
badkittyxinx: You can do it from command line, but gmount is also a good program to use from graphical interface05:28
tanubis_mrb88 network device?05:28
BagelMasterIt seems the Ubuntu Wiki is out of date for the installation of my printer, as it says to get a .tar.gz from the Gentoo wiki, but Gentoo now only has .ebuilds, can I install an .ebuild, and if yes, how?05:28
gamerdudexinx: if it's still in tact, those directions will help you recover it05:28
mrb88eth0 should be going to vmxnet05:28
goodmanhow  can open xp in ubuntu05:28
thiemsterbadkitty: i think gmount may be part of the website i recommended05:29
mrb88tanubis_ - how would I set that? Security update borked it.05:29
astro76BagelMaster: no you can't use an ebuild05:29
thiemsterbadkitty: nevermind, forget that05:29
squidlyok could someone tell me why a drive keeps getting picked up as a raid device wevery time I reboot?05:29
xinxim reading05:29
soldatsBagelMaster: the gentoo wiki should have a tar.gz05:29
xinxill follow everything as it says05:29
tanubis_mrb88 typically I just use ifup / ifdown <device> after using ifconfig <device> to configure how I want it to connect05:29
CoasterMasterhas the recent local root exploit in been patched for Ubuntu?05:29
tanubis_I usually use wireless though05:29
mrb88tanubiis_ what's ifconfig device05:30
gamerdudexinx: worse case scenario you can't recover it - best = you get it all back ;)05:30
BagelMasterastro76 soldats: Not that I can find :/ http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Lexmark_Printers05:30
* BagelMaster shudders... Lexmark05:30
badkittyepson ftw05:30
soldatsi think lexmark is completely unsupported in ubuntu right?05:30
tanubis_mrb88 it lets you play with how you're connecting that device.  if you just hit ifconfig eth0, for example, it shows you the settings you're using05:31
BagelMasterYea, that's why you have to go in and do the drivers yourself05:31
badkittygamerdude: haha that is a pretty wide range of options05:31
Madpilotsoldats, not completely. Lexmark's Linux support is pretty bad, though05:31
mrb88tanubis_ I see - how can I tell what kernel module it's using?05:31
squidlysoldats: lexmark optera are supported but they are very expensive.. the other ones are winprinters05:31
badkittygamerdude: Thats like... worst case scenario the tumor eats your face and you die.. best case.. it just dissappears05:31
Madpilotsoldats, buy HP, basically every HP printer works on LInux05:31
gamerdudebadkitty: lmao sometimes that's how life is05:31
badkittygamerdude: sadley yes05:32
tanubis_mrb88 not sure...  what exactly is it you're trying to do with your network connection?05:32
tantric132nickrud, ya there?05:32
mrb88tanubis_ Somehow my network got messed up with the kernel update. Trying to set it back to what it should be. Not sure how.05:33
mrb88tanubis_ I made a thread at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69514405:33
talcitehey guys, is the sqlite3 package in the repos compiled with threadsafe?05:33
stroyansquidly: The kernel can autodetect a RAID superblock on a device.  You might be able to stop that with the mdadm command and --zero-superblock.  Be careful where you point that thing. ;-)05:33
tantric132Error 11: Unrecognized device string. let me get what is currently in there pasted and ill send you link05:33
tanubis_mrb88 reading it now05:33
soldatsBagelMaster: sorry if i booted into my gentoo i think i could have got the source for it05:33
gamerdudebadkitty: at least now he's got options05:33
BagelMasterSoldats, Ah, thank you very much.05:33
squidlystroyan: yea I dont wanna lose the data. If I use fdisk I can sync the disk and get it05:33
squidlyI think I may just do that05:33
talcitedoes anyone know if the sqlite3 in the repos are compiled with threadsafe? or if there's any way to find out if it is?05:34
tantric132nickrud, http://pastebin.com/d12785b8905:34
quest23*****xinx**** check your pm05:34
XabrielI'm having trouble getting gutsy to update, or install anything. It finds new updates, but when I click install, all it does is search for updates  again and asks me if I want to install them.05:34
badkittygamerdude: very tryue.. i hope he can get his stuff back.. any one who uses windows.. can you please use bartPE and make a disk and use the plugins from runtimesoftware... do yourself a favor!05:34
Xabrieland when I try to install something, I get a random error05:34
soldatsBagelMaster: i might be able to do it tomorrow?05:34
gamerdudeaye true, also easyBCD is a saint05:34
badkittyXabriel: Is this from the GUI?05:35
tantric132nickrud, should map be between makeactive and chainloader or does that not matter?05:35
BagelMasterSoldats, no problem05:35
nickrudtantric132: no, that's where it normally goes05:35
Xabrielbadkitty, yes05:35
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badkittyXabriel: Just for fun, try from the CLI05:35
tantric132nickrud, http://users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/p15.htm#Windows_on_a_non-first_hard_disk05:35
xinxiso files can be mounted on usb flash drives?05:35
xinxor needs to be a cd?05:35
mrb88tanubis_ thoughts?05:35
BagelMasterSoldats: I'll query you an email address, is that ok?05:35
NigelS_mrb88: you want a particular card to always use a particular interface/name? i.e. eth0, eth1? you can set these in /etc/iftab05:35
Xabrielbadkitty, you'll probably have to walk me through it05:35
quest23they can be mounted virtually05:35
badkittyXabriel: No problem open a terminal05:36
soldatsBagelMaster: sure05:36
mrb88NigelS_ Right, it should be eth0. How can I set that?05:36
tanubis_mrb88 just running the update to the latest kernel now, watching what it's doing.05:36
chaosrlwhen i use "aptitude search" in command, what does a "v" mean in the left hand column?05:36
quest23no need to to put on cd05:36
nickrudtantric132: hermanzone has good info, try his05:36
greencookiehow do you open new screen with the 'screen' command?05:36
NigelS_mrb88: see that file - you select on MAC addr05:36
Xabrielbadkitty, ok05:36
NigelS_greencookie: ctrl-a c05:36
NigelS_greencookie: press ctrl-? for full options05:36
badkittyXabriel: ok now type this: sudo apt-get upgrade05:36
badkittyXabriel: what does it do?05:37
mrb88NigelS I do not see iftab in /etc/05:37
greencookieNigelS_: thanks a lot bud05:37
NigelS_greencookie: ctrl-a ? that is05:37
Xabrielbadkitty, hmm, it's saying "must be setuid root"05:37
greencookieyeah I forgot.. I'm trying to go full text05:37
Xabrielbadkitty, it used to ask for my password05:37
badkittyXabriel: hmm anyone know what that means?05:37
tantric132nickrud, i shall return! one other question, each time I save menu.lst I always run sudo update-grub....should I be doing that?05:37
badkittyXabriel: you aren't running a root session are you05:37
mrb88NigelS_  - where would it be? I don't see a file called iftab inside /etc/.05:38
Xabrielbadkitty, no05:38
gamerdudewelp i'm outta here all - back to my normal server heh tc05:38
badkittyXabriel: Hmm I dont know offhand what that means05:38
quest23sudo should cover that....it should still work05:38
quest23try selecting only one update at a time05:38
stroyanXabriel: What does   ls -l /usr/bin/sudo    report?05:38
badkittyXabriel: Did yu try to reboot (windows fix lol)05:38
nickrudtantric132: not necessary, but since your windows stanza is outside the automagic stuff it has no effect05:38
Xabrielbadkitty, lol yea05:39
badkittystroyan: Hey man ;-)05:39
tantric132haha ok05:39
=== tanubis_ is now known as Tanubis
badkittyXabriel: ^^ what stroyan said, hes smarter than me05:39
cometinsomeone URANTIA?05:39
CVD-PRq paso aqui05:40
Xabrielstroyan, -rwxr-xr-x l05:40
StarnestommyXabriel: it should be -rwsr-xr-x05:40
=== _max is now known as max
stroyanXabriel:   There could be a problem there.  :-(   You probably need to reboot into recovery mode to fix the permissions.  And how did it get that way????05:41
bullgard4In Ubuntu there is no DEB program package 'kernel-source'. Still, can one speak about a 'kernel source' in Ubuntu? (See http://linux.about.com/cs/linux101/g/kernel-source.htm)05:41
xinxguys look  http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/4149/screenshotad6.png05:41
mrb88Tanubis I am not yet registered so I can't reply to your PM.05:41
xinxis on 50 GB I dont see the other 200 gb05:41
tantric132nickrud, i know your getting tired of this but...any last ideas? still unrecognized device string05:41
NigelS_mrb88: actually, that's not used any more i think - you can add a rule to /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules05:41
StarnestommyXabriel: go into recovery mode and do chmod +s /usr/bin/sudo05:41
Xabrielstroyan, absolutely no clue, I set this laptop up for a friend a month or two ago05:41
NigelS_mrb88: there's prob a nice frontend to this however05:41
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:42
stroyanXabriel: The ownership on sudo should be root and group root05:42
Xabrielstarnestommy, ok05:42
badkittyanyone know of a good tutorial on how to use a proxy in firefox.. anyone know anything about TOR?05:42
Tanubismrb88 public then?05:42
mrb88Tanubis - it is not functioning and there's the exclamation point next to the network icon.05:42
xinxbadkitty http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/4149/screenshotad6.png05:42
soldatsbadkitty: tor is pretty good05:42
mrb88NigelS_ - looking for it, what would I need to change?05:42
Tanubismrb88 is it a wireless device?05:43
mrb88It's a network device that links my virtual ubuntu pc to my host pc05:43
johnhello, I just did a system update with the software update tool and when I rebooted it seems like X.org failed to boot properly and I am stuck in low graphics mode. Where can I begin to troubleshoot05:43
mrb88Outside network doesn't even matter at the point of this driver, Tanubis05:43
nickrudtantric132: get out your XP disk, and try to boot windows with that.05:43
Xabrielstarnestommy, ok, done. Should I reboot an try to update?05:43
badkittysoldats: Is that what tor is used for??05:43
NigelS_mrb88: ah, I thought you were talking about physical hw, not sure its the same thing then - the description of that file is in the udev manpage or you can follow the existing format05:44
soldatsbadkitty: or privoxy but if you use tor you should use it with privoxy anyways tor is just an onion router relay and privoxy is the proxy which tor uses05:44
Tanubismrb88 Ok, I just wasn't sure as I thought the same as NigelS_05:44
NigelS_mrb88: that is to say use the MAC addr and give it a name05:44
johnwhat is the dpkg-reconfigure command for X server?05:44
Xabrielwhat exactly is a tor?05:44
mrb88NigelS_ and Tanubis - the module name in the kernel is vmxnet. Not sure how to find its mac address and reset eth0.05:44
badkittysoldats: mmm onions.. I can only imagine what that means lol...05:44
astro76!xconfig | john05:44
ubotujohn: To reconfigure your X server, open a console and type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg » - To configure only the driver and resolution, type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh » - See also !FixRes05:44
soldatsXabriel: an onion router relay05:44
mrb88NigelS_ and Tanubis - how do I find out what module it's currently using?05:44
NigelS_mrb88: why does that matter?05:45
johnthanks astro7605:45
xinxhey can someone help me to install that program please ?05:45
mrb88NigelS_ Because it's not working?05:45
ouellettesrdoes anyone know of a food terminal besides xterm or terminal the one that comes with gnome?05:45
badkittysoldats: I am seeing a tutorial on how to install them.. is there extra configurations I need to do with all my clients that access the network?05:45
NigelS_mrb88: what's running your vitual software? sounds like it could be an issue with that05:45
ouellettesrlol good*05:45
Xabrielsoldats, so basically when I use something like torpark, I'm just routing my self through one or more  servers?05:45
soldatsouellettesr: you might have Eterm but im not sure05:46
NigelS_mrb88: from your description I thought you had a problem with physical hw not having the desired name05:46
mrb88NigelS_ - It's VMware Workstation 605:46
stroyanouellettesr: So you don't want bananaterm then?05:46
soldatsbadkitty: theres pretty good documentation on the TOR site as well as the privoxy site. also they come with a README thats really good for that05:46
Xabrielsoldats, I mean, is it basically the same thing as using a proxy?05:46
NigelS_Xabriel: tor is an anonymising network designed to obfuscate the origins of a request by sending it through multiple encrypted "nodes"05:46
ouellettesrstroyan, no i dont like bananas05:47
Blue_Sassleyhow can I tell if a deamon I installed is running?05:47
Xabrielso, sort of like going through a proxy, but much more layered and secure05:47
NigelS_mrb88: check the help for VMWare 6 I guess - certainly what i've told you is the way to assign a network interface name to a particular card05:47
mrb88NigelS_ - it's not showing up as a network device when I mouse over the network icon, and yet eth0 definitely exists. It's not "up" though05:47
dori I'm trying to test the new beta alongside on ubuntu feisty, but the old version starts instead, is there something I need to do?05:47
soldatsXabriel: tor basically connects you through multiple servers worldwide and when your browser or app reaches the destination it reaches it from the exit node on a tor server05:47
Tanubismrb88 not sure why you're looking for it, but If you use ifconfig eth0 ,  the MAC address of the device should show up has HWaddr on the first line05:48
scragarhow can I tell what program keeps accessing my hard drive? about once every 2 hours I get a huge amount of access for about 10 secs...05:48
doriI'm running /opt/firefox3b3/firefox by the way, not the old executable05:48
Xabrielsoldats, cool05:48
stroyanBlue_Sassley: You could use ps or pgrep to look for the daemon.05:48
NigelS_Xabriel: not really like a proxy no - a proxy doesn't really anonymise any traffic it just gives you an alternative presence, whereas tor completely removes traces of the origins of a request which will just seem to come from an exit node05:49
tantric132nickrud, thanks for the help. I know what I'm going to do!05:49
nickrudtantric132: what's that?05:49
chaosrlhas anyone installed an lc-3 simulator in gutsy?05:49
ouellettesrhow can i get the output of a command into a txt file, normally i would do "command > out.txt" but i have to kill the process cause it never ends05:49
tantric132nickrud, I'm going to reinstall everything(for the third and final time). http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=46003&highlight=dual+boot+sata05:50
badkittysoldats: I guess I was justing asking the basic question.. I wanted an overall feel for how it works explained in a way I can understand easily ... Is it something i can connect to or not connect to if I want... and of course it wouldn't any impact on local LAN settings right? If I was running say a home web server.. would this need to be turned off?05:50
soldatsouellettesr: do man cat in a terminal05:50
NigelS_mrb88: what's the hardware? should it work in vmware? if so then it ought have loaded the module for it (see lsmod for a list of running modules) - then ifconfig can configure an interface, ifconfig <name> <ip addr> assigns an ip addr05:50
ouellettesrsoldats im not using cat though05:50
tantric132nickrud, but before I do this, I need to print these instructions...except, my printer won't print. it says under printers that its there bbut I don't guess the driver is installed. how do I get the drivers? Its a dell printer/scanner05:50
Xabrielstarnestommy: code executed without any errors popping up, but I still can't get the updates05:50
mrb88NigelS_ It was working pre-Ubuntu update. The hardware itself is just wired ethernet. The network will show up if I'm connected to the internet or not, the driver is just my connection between the host pc and the virtual PC. It definitely has works.05:50
soldatsbadkitty: it depends on how you set it up. for browsing there is a firefox plugin to quicky turn it on or off with the click of a button05:51
sxealexis there away to predeclare a password in a sudo command?05:51
mrb88NigelS_ - it's running my model.05:51
sxealexi.e.  sudo gedit : password05:51
stroyanouellettesr: The 'script' command is amusing.  It starts a shell or command an logs all tty output into a file.  Just don't cat that file while recording to it.05:51
badkittysoldats: Sweet, so I could have outgoing traffic anonymously and incomming still working with my public IP?05:52
nickrudtantric132: I notice that the map commands are different in comment 2 of that page. Try that first05:52
mrb88NigelS_ - it has my model and 17536 and 005:52
ouellettesrstroyan, i have never used this script command and suggestions for basic usage?05:52
tantric132nickrud, im not doing what I said. that's too much time haha im not reformating everything again for the third time. so what are you suggesting?05:52
NigelS_sxealex: you can fiddle with the sudo settings certainly, timeout etc, but "pre-declaring" a pw sort of eliminates the point of one05:52
mrb88NigelS_ - How would I set my network to use that module?05:52
nickrudtantric132: it said to put the map commands after the root (hd1,0)05:53
=== co_kenter_fs is now known as c0_edan
xinxhow can I fing ubuntu Disk Manager ?05:53
soldatsbadkitty: hmm not sure about that. afaik all ougoing can be anonymous. if you decide to do it and there is no documentation on your situation you can always email tor and ask. they might have a forum05:53
sxealexNigelS_: i don t wanna predeclare it  I just have a php script i need to run a sudo command05:53
xinxIs not under system > Administration05:53
tantric132root            (hd1,0)05:53
tantric132map (hd0)(hd1)05:53
tantric132map (hd1)(hd0)05:53
thiemsterxinx: did the website i recommend work?05:53
badkittysoldats: Thanks for you input!05:53
tantric132like that nickrud?05:53
Xabrielanybody else know how to fix: -rwxr-xr-x l  ?05:53
nickrudtantric132: I don't see why that would help, but what the hey? And, I'm gonna remember to keep my nose out of pata/sata stuff until I hear from you what works :)05:53
soldatsbadkitty: np05:53
nickrudtantric132: yes05:53
xinxbut I dont know alot about ubuntu05:53
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
xinxtheres some stuffs I need help really05:54
NigelS_mrb88: what do you mean by the network will show up if you're connected or not?05:54
xinxill be in trouble05:54
tantric132ok...ill return shortly...probably. brb05:54
thiemsterxinx: what do u need help with?05:54
soldatsXabriel: whats the problem05:54
stroyanouellettesr: I usally start a shell with plain 'script', then run a command and then exit the shell.  Just don't forget to exit the shell.  You can also use the '-c command' option to run the program you actually want to capture.05:54
Tanubisxinx what information do you need to manage on your disk?05:54
xinxim following the tutorial to recover05:54
mrb88NigelS_ - It doesn't matter if I'm actually on the internet or not, I'm "networked" from the Ubuntu standpoint as long as the vpc is talking to my host pc, that's the network. Doesn't matter if I'm on the internet or not, doesn't matter if I'm wired or wireless.05:54
ouellettesrthanks stroyan05:55
xinxOn Step  4 im stuck05:55
XabrielI'm getting: "sudo: must be setuid root" when I try to sudo apt-get upgrade05:55
stroyanouellettesr: All the output is logged info a 'typescript' file, unless you give more meaningful filename for it to use.05:55
xinxTheres no Ubuntu Disk Manager here05:55
sauravhi guys. I'm in a tty. how do I scroll up? page up and dwn dont work05:55
thiemsterxinx: it seems that this tutorial is different from your situation. i thought you had already installed ubuntu over windows05:55
mrb88NigelS_ - can you join a room I make so I can post something the configuration program said to do at one point? It's a few lines.05:55
xinxis over windows05:55
stroyanouellettesr: If you do start script and 'cat typescript' it will recurse, showing output again and again.05:56
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
xinxcan you send me the link again please? im so confused05:56
Tanubisxinx are you just trying to get information off a drive that had windows on it?05:56
Discipulushow do I clear apt's cache?05:56
Discipuluslike all the packages that apt has downloaded and unpackaged05:56
thiemsterxinx: http://www.rescubuntu.info/node/105:56
Xabrielsoldats: I'm getting: "sudo: must be setuid root" when I try to sudo apt-get upgrade05:56
Discipulushow do I clear the .deb's apt has downloaded?05:56
NigelS_sxealex: then don't ask how to pre-declare - I suspect that you can't do it nope - you'd have to think about running the script itself with root privs05:57
sauravcan anyone tell me how I can scroll when I'm inside a tty? like Ctrl+alt+f105:57
mrb88You can scroll in tty?05:57
Tanubisxinx just go to the places - computer menu05:57
Tanubisxinx you should see a list of all available hardware you can mount05:57
xinxthiemster I downloaded the program and I burned it on a CD but I dont know how to install this05:57
thiemstertanubis: he already installed ubuntu over windows. he's trying to get the information out from under it05:57
sxealexi want a phpscript to call a bash script with root privs05:57
NigelS_mrb88: post on a pastebin05:58
mrb88NigelS_ What's a pastebin?05:58
NigelS_mrb88: see the topic05:58
thiemsterxinx: it doesn't install, it runs off the cd. u need to reboot your computer and boot it off the cd.05:58
stroyanDiscipulus: sudo apt-get clean05:58
xinxok brb05:58
Tanubisthiemster windows takes fat32 or NTFS... ubuntu takes ext3.... he reformatted his drive, installed another OS overtop of it, and wants to reclaim data from the old OS?05:58
mrb88NigelS_ - http://pastebin.ca/90215405:58
thiemstertanubis: yes05:58
Tanubisthiemster that's... messy.05:59
thiemstertanubis: it may be possible, as the repartitioning may leave raw files behind05:59
NigelS_mrb88: and when you do that, what happens?05:59
thiemstertanubis: and those are what he's looking for05:59
mrb88NigelS_ - Nothing!05:59
Tanubisthiemster hmm05:59
mrb88NigelS_ - What should that be doing?05:59
NigelS_Tanubis: strictly speaking I think he formatted the first 50gb of his drive05:59
thiemstertanubis: i recommended he use a recovery live cd (i saw one at http://www.rescubuntu.info/node/1) and he's trying it now05:59
thiemsterNigelS_: which is where his windows partition had been06:00
NigelS_thiemster: yes, though not necessarily all of the files that he wants06:00
TanubisYeah...  he's definately not going to be able to use that tutorial he linked me to though.  That's for recovering data from an unbootable but intact NTFS partition using a liveCD.06:00
thiemsterNigelS_yes, i sort of get it06:00
NigelS_depending on the degree of fragmentation etc06:00
thiemstertanubis: i tried to tell him that06:00
thiemstertanubis: i'm not sure if he got it06:00
wng-Hi, I just installed 7.10 Desktop, and it didn't autodetect the speaker/headphone output on my laptop, how can i fix this?06:01
NigelS_I don't think he understood anything ppl told him tbh06:01
stroyanXabriel: What does   ls -l /usr/bin/sudo   show now?  The file needs to be owned by root as well as being mode -rwsr-xr-x .06:01
thiemsterwell, he's really new06:01
mrb88NigelS_ - what should those commands be doing?06:01
thiemsterhe didn't see "format" at the installer for ubuntu, so he didn't think installing ubuntu could wipe out windows06:01
NigelS_mrb88: it brings the net interface down, unloads the modules, then reloads one of them, then brings the interface back up06:01
mrb88NigelS_ - how would it know what to set eth0 as?06:02
Xabrielstroyan: -rwsr-sr-x l <usrname> <usrname> 91776 date/time06:02
mrb88NigelS_ - also, in lsmod, would having 0 as what it's "being used" for be meaningful?06:03
NigelS_mrb88: eth0 is just the name of an interface, if there is only 1 card then it will get that - though as I say udev manages assignments in /etc/udev/rules.d/06:03
_Oz_Hi, Ubuntu friends!06:03
bardesanesHello. A bit of an odd question but I would appreciate any help: I have a USB soundcard which Ubuntu will play sounds through, but when I run JACK Audio Connection Kit, it plays the sound from the onboard soundcard. So, I disabled the onboard soundcard and now Ubuntu has an X over the sound icon. The sound plays through the USB card but when I start Jack, it won't even start up. Can anyone give me any suggestions?06:03
NigelS_mrb88: the number indicates the number of other modules that are dependent upon it iirc06:03
NigelS_mrb88: e.g. a usb driver tha has multiple usb devices relying upon it06:04
Tanubiswonder if you could use ddrescue after doing something like that06:04
_Oz_Got a REALLY strange one.  I bet you've never heard of this one before.  I have an old dell desktop, a celeron 2.4ghz with 1gb RAM.  The DVD drive will NOT recognize an ubuntu disc on startup, but it WILL recognize a vista disc (which is what is presently installed.)  BOTH DISCS were created by the SAME BURNER.  And to be sure, I burned a new Ubuntu disc.  It reads fine in other machines and drives, just not that ONE DRIVE on the vista machin06:04
_Oz_e.  Any ideas?06:04
mrb88NigelS_ Ah ok. So no way to tell if it's being used?06:04
stroyanXabriel: if <usrname> is root then you are fine.  Otherwise you need to go back to booting in recovery mode and do chown root:root /usr/bin/sudo  and  chmod u+s /usr/bin/sudo .  I wonder how many other files had their permissions changed?06:04
Xabrielstroyan: I'll try that06:05
Xabrielstroyan, hopefully not many :/06:05
mrb88NigelS_ Really just trying to see if it's using pcnet32 or vmxnet06:05
NigelS_mrb88: what do you mean by being used - if the module is loaded it's loaded - you can check logs like /var/log/messages and /var/log/syslog for any output there - but otherwise, use lsmod to make sure the modules you need are loaded and make sure that the interface as acquired an address and is up using ifconfig06:05
NigelS_mrb88: which is loaded?06:06
mrb88NigelS_ It keeps loading both pcnet32 -and- vmxnet06:07
mrb88NigelS_ Both are loaded.06:07
mrb88NigelS_ - When clicking the network icon next to the time, it says no network device is found.06:08
Agent_bobwould the fact that i don't have a kernel installed cause lilo to not install correctly ?06:08
wng-Hi, I just installed 7.10 Desktop, and it didn't autodetect the speaker/headphone output on my laptop, how can i fix this?06:09
_Oz_roentgen...  interesting nickname.06:09
pgHi, all - How can I set up s2disk (uswsusp package) to be the default hybernation method (and s2ram the default sleep method)?06:10
emoryHi, I just upgraded the motherboard in one of my Ubuntu systems and now have no networking.06:11
danielski_pldoes ubuntu have support for ipods?06:11
chubs_danielski_pl, yes, it's quite wonderful actually06:12
Xabrielstroyan, woohoo! you win ten thousand internets! it worked, I'm so glad I'm not gonna have to re-install everything :D06:12
thiemsterNigelS_: do you know if xinx ever got the information back?06:12
danielski_pldo i need to install anything to port movies and stuff over?06:12
NigelS_mrb88: I see what you mean - sounds like a problem with the virtual server, if you edit /etc/modprobe.d/aliases you could create an alias - you can also add an entry to blacklist to prevent the wrong driver from loading06:12
tantric132nickrud, you there?06:12
danielski_plchubs_ : do i need to install anything to port movies and stuff over?06:12
chubs_danielski_pl: if you're referring to copying movies and songs from your ipod to your computer, gtkpod will do nicely06:13
fjfalconcan anyone say to in which rep are iwl3945 or ipw3945?06:13
stroyanXabriel: You really should look around for file permissions next.  If sudo was clobbered many others probably were as well.06:13
joequincyI'm prepping for my first Linux installation (besides DSL) and I don't have a clue where to start. I don't need any data saved off the HDD, and I don't want to keep the existing Windows installation06:13
danielski_plchubs_: im mean other way around06:13
chubs_ danielski_pl: and you can also use gtkpod to transfer to the ipod, but i prefer amarok06:13
mrb88NigelS_ - how do I add it to the blacklist and an alias for it?06:13
astro76joequincy: then it's easy, download the desktop install cd, boot it and install, select use whole disk when it asks06:14
DiscipulusIn the Synaptic Package Manager what's the difference between Removal and Complete Removal ?06:14
chubs_danielski_pl: there are quite a few programs for it, rhythmbox comes preinstalled and i believe that works too06:14
emoryjoequincy: Just download the Ubuntu iso and burn it.  Boot from CD and follow the installation.  The install is really straight forward.  Even my wife could do it!06:14
alka_trashDamn it! Sun bought virtualbox    http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/02/12/sun_innotek_virtualization/06:14
danielski_plchubs_: ok thanx06:14
Agent_bobDiscipulus purging the config files06:14
Xabrielstroyan, how do you mean?06:14
Discipulusalka_trash, that's a bad thing why?06:15
=== rahal_ is now known as rahal
emoryI think I'm gonna rephrase, I just replaced a damaged  motherboard in one of my Ubuntu systems and now have no networking.  What do I need to do to reset the settings and get my new integrated card working?06:15
joequincythanks @emory and astro76. I'm just trying to cover my bases before I start. I just finished burning the disc, so here goes (on the other machine)06:15
alka_trashDiscipulus:  They will probably make it use Java06:16
Agent_bob!wifi | emory06:16
ubotuemory: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:16
emoryjoequincy: Good luck and I think you'll enjoy it, I've tried everything from SuSE to Mandrake and Red Hat and just LOVE Ubuntu06:16
stroyanXabriel: There should be many suid programs in /usr/bin.  You may need to fix many more.06:16
DezineHello all.. I've been looking around and have failed to find what I am looking for.. is there an open source alternative to adobe flash?06:16
emoryAgent_bob: its not wireless... anywhere else I can look?06:16
mrb88NigelS - btw what is YaST and how does it relate to networking?06:16
alka_trashDiscipulus: It hopefully won't be bad, but I haven't really been impressed with SUN06:17
Agent_bobemory page still might help06:17
mrb88NigelS_ - btw what is YaST and how does it relate to networking?06:17
sxealexNigelS_:  for future refrence this is what i wanted to do echo "password123456" | sudo -S whoami06:17
Xabrielstroyan: how do I check them?06:17
sxealexwhoami is just an example06:17
pavshow do I log into a different SSH port than the default 22 from terminal? something like ssh ip_addie:port (doesnt work06:18
joequincyin all honesty, it's just going to be a web browsing/printing computer (maybe my sis will use OOo)... but I'm psyched to give it a shot. I've been a Windows guy since... well, DOS... and I'm stuck on a mac right now *barf*06:18
sxealexthanks though06:18
* sxealex smiles06:18
Agent_bobemory lspci | grep -i network     or  lshw -C Network     either might reviel the card/chip06:18
Dezinethanks anyway06:18
NigelS_mrb88: I think the problem might be that you have an older install of vmware? possibly it made changes that aren't recognised  - do you have a modprobe.conf? yast is a suse tool called yet another setup tool - I can't think why you'd use it06:18
mrb88NigelS_ - I have the most up to date version. A forum thread recommended using YaST to examine the things. Is there an equivalent in ubuntu? Where is modprobe.conf?06:19
stroyanXabriel: You could compare them to a known good system.  Unfortunately apt doesn't have a permissions tester like rpm or other packaging tools do.06:19
NigelS_sxealex: sure, -S is right there in the man page, presumed you'd checked it06:19
_Oz_Hi, Ubuntu friends!06:19
NigelS_mrb88: /etc/06:19
gopodgeAny pyflag users here?06:19
sxealexyea i didnt know how to pass in a password06:19
pavshow do I log into a different SSH port than the default 22 from terminal? something like ssh ip_addie:port (doesnt work06:20
sxealexbut got it now06:20
NigelS_pavs: -p06:20
pavsnigels thanks06:20
mrb88NigelS_ - No file called modprobe.conf, but if I open up the modprobe directory, there's a vmware-tools file in there that I can open06:20
joequincyone more quick q: the previous owner kinda deleted the Windows partition, so the entire disk is unpartitioned space. Will I need to partition it first?06:21
mrb88NigelS_ - install pcnet32 /sbin/modprobe -q --ignore-install vmxnet; /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install pcnet32 $CMDLINE_OPTS06:21
NigelS_mrb88: what I'm getting at is that vmware may need an alias to load the correct driver - but this is really a vmware issue06:21
mrb88NigelS_ Not sure why this problem is cropping up now. It was working perfectly before the update.06:21
* jgeeky says greetings all06:21
Agent_bobjoequincy no.06:21
mrb88NigelS_ - how would I make that kind of alias?06:21
NigelS_joequincy: the installed includes a partitioner if that's what you're up to :)06:22
jgeekyanyone know if there's a way to allow all addresses by default in tinyproxy?06:22
xinxhow do i know how many files I recovered with this program?06:22
amin1can i use everything thats compitable for windows xp in ubuntu .. like games or programs?06:22
NigelS_mrb88: presumably a file was overwritten - have you run the vmware setup since the update?06:22
mrb88NigelS_ Yes, didn't help.06:22
NigelS_amin1: not everything no06:22
NigelS_amin1: but there are good analogs available06:23
speeddemon8803!wine | amin106:23
ubotuamin1: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.06:23
NigelS_amin1: some games using wine06:23
amin1analogs..im not fimiliar06:23
joequincyhmm. The screen has gone completely blank on the machine, and won't turn back on. It was working a second ago.06:23
NigelS_amin1: there are better or as good as equivalents06:23
ubotuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org06:23
speeddemon8803thanks mrb88 :)06:23
Tanubisxinx yes?06:24
speeddemon8803i didnt know we had an appdb :)06:24
xinxhow do I know how many files I recovered with the program06:24
xinxI ran it06:24
ubotuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org06:24
Tanubisxinx which program did you run?06:24
badkittyQuick question.. I am just learning how to use pgp. I had created a first key but made a new one and deleted the old one. Now however when I try to attach signature, it is attempting to load the old key, how do I fix this?06:25
trance_techaudoes anyone else run amarok on ubuntu with windows samba shares as there storage?06:25
joequincyclarification: it was working, then I chose "Start or Install Ubuntu" and it started a progress bar animation (along with the general sounds that accompany a working computer) then after about two minutes, the screen turned off and activity sounds died. It will not resume.06:25
trance_techaui'm running gigabyte network and amarok is heaps slow. it was fine until the last update (a while ago now)06:25
patogenHow high can the load be until the system becomes unstable? It's between 10 and 13 now...06:26
trance_techauamorok often hangs now06:26
speeddemon8803patogen, it depends on the processor06:26
sn00zertrance_techau, i have similar issues, it hogs the cpu on track changes, i think its related to the cover manager but i don't know how to fix it06:27
NigelS_patogen: the system won't necessarily become unstable though it may not respond to requests very quickly...only problem with stability is if it overheats :P06:27
amin1i want to play the game halo that i hav already install before i install ubuntu but it says.....cannot find 'Z:\home\aminpro\config.txt'06:27
xinxTanubis it should be inside a folder or something?06:27
badkittytrance_techau: You big into trance? MSG if yo are06:27
trance_techau<sn00zer> yeah that might be true...hmm i'll look into it tonight06:27
sn00zertrance_techau, it is alittle better since i disabled last.fm, magnatune, moodbar, and stopped my scripts06:27
gopodgejgeeky : Did you get an answer on your tinyproxy issue?06:28
patogenspeeddemon8803: Core 2 duo06:28
amin1i want to play the game halo that i hav already install before i install ubuntu but it says.....cannot find 'Z:\home\aminpro\config.txt'  ..... should i reinstall the game ???06:28
sxealexis bash.bashrc the file for global aliases?06:28
patogenso if it's not to hot it probably won't do anything if it's like this for a couple of hours more?06:28
NigelS_amin1: follow the guide on winehq06:28
fx|RabBitmorning all! i have the problem that i cant resize windows anymore as soon as i use compiz, what could be the reason for that?06:28
amin1i will try06:28
trance_techauok i'll try tonight. it used to be ok. haven't added that many more tunes. but when upgraded about 2 mths ago it started happening06:28
Agent_bobamin1 z: ???06:28
NigelS_amin1: you will prob need to install in linux again in order to create registry keys etc06:28
danielski_plhow do i transfer movies to ipod, gtkpod wont detect ipod06:29
Agent_bobamin1 did you make id dir named Z: ?06:29
jodasHey max you there?06:29
NigelS_Agent_bob: that's just the wine drive mapping i assumed06:29
jodasDoes anyone know what x86 means when it comes to hardware?06:30
Agent_bobNigelS_ could be i guess.   i thought wine defaulted to a c: mapping06:30
nevillex86 CPU architecture?06:30
NigelS_the, pentium, athlon series of processors jodas - based on x86 architecture developed by intel06:30
ThreeFingerPetejodas: it means a pc of 286/386/486 or some sort of pentium06:30
fx|RabBitjodas: means not 64 bit but 3206:30
bullgard4/usr/share/doc/linux-doc-2.6.22/Documentation/filesystems/ext2.txt speaks about an 'Extended_Filesystem' and an 'Second Extended Filesystem'. What is the difference between these two terms?06:30
bardesanesI reenabled the onboard sound in the BIOS and now the the startup sound plays through the onboard soundcard, most everything else plays through the USB drive except for JACK which plays through the onboard sound. Anyone have an idea of what could cause this?06:31
jodasSo it will only work with X86 type computers correct?06:31
jodasif you are downloading a program that says that correct?06:31
ThreeFingerPetejodas: correct06:31
fx|RabBiti have the problem that i cant resize windows anymore as soon as i use compiz, what could be the reason for that?06:31
NigelS_Agent_bob: for the c: drive yes, but he almost certainly tried to run halo from somewhere else06:31
NigelS_fx|RabBit: I haven't seen that problem since the really early stages of compiz06:32
fx|RabBitjodas: precisely that means it does not work on 64 bit architectures06:32
crediblefx|RabBit: please join #compiz-fusion06:32
NigelS_jodas: PPC, Alpha, these are examples of non-x8606:32
amin1i hav go to the website http://appdb.winehq.org/......but where do i search the data base so i can my game thats in the database?06:32
fx|RabBitNigelS_:  hm me neither06:32
amin1so i can get the compability..06:32
NigelS_fx|RabBit: can you resize by holding alt down?06:32
fx|RabBitcredible: aw yeah thx for the hint06:33
jodasSo I guess that I cannot download Microsoft Visual C++ for 32 bit then?06:33
bluefoxxerr, i have a logitech quickcam chat usb and installed camorama, it works and can see from the camera but its all night visionish, EG colors are off, i have decent lighting but it can't see well...how can i fix this?i dont want my reds looking blue and blues looking red and everything else greenish06:33
fx|RabBitNigelS_: nope06:33
NigelS_jodas: why would you expect MS VS++ to run in linux?06:33
ThreeFingerPetejodas: there are linux/ubuntu C++ compilers.06:34
jodasWell you were the only chatroom that I knew of that had people with some knowledge on computers.06:34
jodasI have Vista.06:34
jodasI have had ubuntu before.06:34
jodasThat is why I came here and asked.06:34
ThreeFingerPetejodas: it works a little differently and microsoft stuff wont compile right for ubuntu06:34
jodasI know that.06:35
ThreeFingerPetejodas: you are asking in the right place!06:35
NigelS_jodas: but your question was about linux not about a general issue...I mean you get why Wine is needed yes? it implements windows libraries in linux06:35
mrb88NigelS_ - Thanks for your help. Probably going to have to reinstall ubuntu06:35
astro76jodas: try ##windows06:35
NigelS_mrb88: if you google it looks like several ppl have this problem, try setting an alias for eth0 in the aliases file, it can't hurt06:35
biabiatheres a database of wine supported programs06:35
ThreeFingerPetejodas: I dont know much about wine. why do you want to program for windows under it, rather than in your vista boot?06:36
biabianot every program is supported06:36
danielski_plhow do i transfer movies to ipod, gtkpod wont detect ipod06:36
Hammer89Hello.... I've been having major problems getting ubuntu to log in (the desktop wouldn't ever show up... and when it did it was almost too unstable to use)... I've finally gotten to the point where it's "usable" (but compiz still isn't working... pop-up menus are occasionally scrambled... windows move sluggishly and leave artifacts, etc)... anyone know what could be wrong?06:36
mrb88kk night06:36
joequincyVisual Studio will work in Vista on either a 64bit or 32bit. Microsoft actually managed to think of that in advance. The DL installer detects your architecture and installs the correct components for your system06:36
jodasI do not have a double boot.06:37
ThreeFingerPetejodas: i sent you a private message. can you see it?06:37
jodasI have only vista. I just came here because one of my friends comes here because he has ubuntu and I used but he knows more about software then I do.06:37
NigelS_so what is the question that you wanted to ask?06:37
danielski_plwhat is the command line to edit reps?06:37
joequincyjosas: see my response06:38
NigelS_danielski_pl: they're listed in /etc/apt/sources.list06:38
jodasWhere is it?06:38
danielski_plnigels : thanx06:38
goobsoftDoes anyone know why an empty .xsession file in my home directory will keep me from being able to login?06:38
Kalir./n/n_v14: error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:39
GunbladeIVdanielski_pl, you need to sudo06:39
joequincyjodas: right above where you said you don't have a double boot06:39
ThreeFingerPetejodas: you might have a flashing menu at the top or bottom, depending on what client you are using for the chat06:39
Filled-VoidCOuld anyone tell me what this command is meant to do ? git clone git://source.winehq.org/git/wine.git wine06:39
jodasNo I do not see it.06:39
NigelS_Filled-Void: it grabs the code repository for the inw project in git format06:40
=== GodTodd_ is now known as GodTodd
NigelS_Filled-Void: wine project even06:40
Filled-VoidNigelS_, thank you06:40
UbubeginAnyone has installed Tomcat in Ubuntu...06:40
ThreeFingerPetejodas: ok. so you do not have only vista? and want to use visual C++ natively in vista, or with wine for some reason?06:40
warriorforgodI am trying to recompile my kernel and get the following error.  Any Suggestions? http://rafb.net/p/N5EcpE76.html06:41
ThreeFingerPetejodas: xchat should have my name in the bar on the left.. click that06:41
Hammer89**tries once more... this is pretty urgent** Hello.... I've been having major problems getting ubuntu to log in (the desktop wouldn't ever show up... and when it did it was almost too unstable to use)... I've finally gotten to the point where it's "usable" (but compiz still isn't working... pop-up menus are occasionally scrambled... windows move sluggishly and leave artifacts, etc)... anyone know what could be wrong?06:41
=== ce_emo_blood_und is now known as ce_cute
friedtofui guess you should check your video driver? :/06:41
joequincyOkay, so this installation isn't happening... it keeps failing with some error about "network bus" (I can't get all of it, it disappears after about half a second)06:41
danielski_plhow do i transfer movies to ipod, gtkpod wont detect ipod06:42
NigelS_warriorforgod: you need the ncurses dev library to build the interface06:42
warriorforgodNigelS_: libncurses-dev?06:43
NigelS_warriorforgod: should be the one06:43
mynullvoidcan I change the firefox menu font size? I can only get the setting for the page content font size but not the menu font size06:43
ThreeFingerPeteHammer89: dont use compiz til you are stable with gnome or xcfe06:43
jodasIt didn't pop up for some reason.06:44
NigelS_Hammer89: what make card do you have?06:44
ljsmithxWhen I try to send and E-Mail I get "relay not permitted" how do I fix this. I'm using Thunderbird and my ISP it AAPT Internet06:44
Hammer89um... somehow my graphics drivers got disabled O_o06:44
ThreeFingerPeteHammer89: then that fixes it?06:45
Hammer89we'll see06:45
fx|RabBitljsmithx: that error message meanst that you mailserver does not accept that mail as you havent autenticated as a valid user06:45
NigelS_mynullvoid: you can..but not from within firefox - you need to play with the system fonts to get the right look (this has bugged me in the past too) - consider using epiphany which is more gnome friendly06:45
ljsmithxHmm ok thanks i'll see what i can do06:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about equivelant - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:45
fx|RabBitljsmithx: in other words try enabling  password authentication in that mail account06:45
ThreeFingerPetefamilyfriendly: try !equivalent06:46
aswdhow do i fix this ? --> No package 'gnome-vfs-2.0' found06:46
familyfriendlythanks lol06:46
ThreeFingerPetefamilyfriendly: i always mispell it too..06:46
familyfriendlyI just got back from tafe so Im buggered06:46
joequincyI need serious installation help. It won't start the installation at all. Keeps failing with a "Network Manager: some_stuff_I_can't_catch_cuz_there's_no_time" error... followed by ejecting the disc.06:46
NigelS_aswd: in what context did you get that error?06:47
fx|RabBitaswd: sudo apt-get install gnome-vfs-2.006:47
ubotuA comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant06:47
aswdfx|RabBit, no package like that06:47
ThreeFingerPetefamilyfriendly:  nice! i am checking that too06:47
aswdNigelS_, configuring banshee06:47
rich1hi.  does anyone have ideas about how to get applets working in firefox?06:48
g35chello, i just installed ubuntu command line version via the alternate cd06:48
aswdrich1, java applets?06:48
rich1aswd: yes.  applets will not load in firefox.06:49
g35ci have a dynex wireless pcmcia card and i did a lspci and i saw Broadcom BCM4318 AirForce One 54g06:49
g35calso i did a iwconfig and i see it there properly06:49
g35cproblem is the light dont light up and i cant get it to communicate06:49
g35cany ideas? thanks.06:49
NigelS_aswd: it should install - with problems - what repos are you using and have you run apt-get update06:49
blaganybody know why this happened?  http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=randomnumbertermbugzl9.png06:49
rich1aswd: freechess.org's jin, skyviewcafe.com, the official us clock; none work.06:49
aswdrich1, open any website with java applets. and select install missing plugins06:49
Filled-VoidIsit possible for a person to take a screeshot of the login screen. No Im not using a VM06:50
familyfriendlydo I have to buy wine06:50
Boglizkfamilyfriendly: no06:50
aswdfamilyfriendly, to drink yes, to install no06:50
familyfriendlywhere can I get it06:50
mynullvoidthanks for the help06:50
Boglizkfamilyfriendly: sudo apt-get install wine06:50
soldatsFilled-Void: like the gdm login screen06:50
rich1aswd: i have installed and reinstalled ad nauseam.  but no go.  there are all sorts of posts about this on the ubuntu forums.06:50
Filled-Voidsoldats, Correct06:51
soldatsFilled-Void: yes there is06:51
rich1aswd: are you using firefox?06:51
Filled-Voidsoldats, How can I do that06:51
aswdrich1, yes06:51
blagi did cat /dev/random to show a friend the randomness of /dev/random, and my terminal got screwed up.  see here: http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=randomnumbertermbugzl9.png06:51
emoryAlas the wireless docs are not helping me and I still have no internet on this system, again for those who don't remember: replaced the motherboard today and wired internet is no longer working. Only thing I've found is asking for new address returns: NO DHCPOFFERS recieved.  But the only thing google turns up is "you don't have a dhcp server" which I do so... any other suggestions?  I would really appreciate06:51
rich1aswd: try skyviewcafe.com.  it's an astronomy site.06:52
ThreeFingerPetefamilyfriendly: use console or synaptic to get wine06:52
bijumonhi all06:52
g35cany ideas on how to get a pcmcia wifi card to work if its showing up in iwconfig but not lighitng up or communicating?06:53
ThreeFingerPetefamilyfriendly: sudo aptitude install wine06:53
g35ci tried setting the essid, no og06:53
bijumonubuntu 7.10 log outs frequently06:53
g35cim running 7.10 gutsy command-line install06:53
aswdrich1, i have it working06:53
fx|RabBitaswd agree...06:53
rich1aswd: dang.  mine will not load.  what ff are you using?06:53
familyfriendlyI get this error when running synaptic06:53
familyfriendlydoesnt matter cant paste it06:54
bijumoni am using ubuntu 7.1006:54
fx|RabBitaswd: you get quite a list if you use apt-cache search gnome-vfs but no 2.0 version...06:54
bijumonubuntu 7.10 log outs frequently06:54
=== DarkKnight is now known as CarpeNoctem
soldatsFilled-Void: first you need to download an app called "scrot" its a cli screenshot app. then you need to do a command like "scrot 'imagename.png' -d 5". but the tricky part is you need to get to the login prompt then do ctrl+alt+F2 to get a terminal then login in there first then run the command. right after you run it quickly press ctrl+alt+f7 and after a few seconds it should have done it06:54
Filled-Voidsoldats, Thanks :D Ill try that now06:55
soldatsFilled-Void: the -d 5 part means theres a 5 second delay so you can change the 5 to a 9 if youneed more time06:56
rich1aswd: ding dang.  do you have any ideas?  i'm at a loss.06:56
bijumonubuntu 7.10 desktop log outs frequently06:56
aswdrich1, install missing plugins gives no options ?06:56
Filled-Voidsoldats, :) Will set it accordingly . My system needs more time I think06:57
kahrytanbijumon-> Ubuntu isn't Windows Vista06:57
rich1aswd: i have everything installed.  all applets load under opera, epiphany, konqueror but not ff.06:57
sxealexwhat in the heck is wrong with my bash  o.O    -bash: ./bot.sh: /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory06:58
bijumonubuntu 7.10 log outs frequently06:58
rich1aswd: all my java is good.  it's got to be something in the ff config.06:58
griffi1how do i use apt-key ?06:58
Filled-Voidbijumon, You might get a better response if you explained when it usually just logs out , or if you get an error message etc.06:58
tritiumsxealex: nothing.  You have a bad character at the end of your first line (^M)06:58
aswdrich1, 1 sec06:58
griffi1how can I find the signature for a repository06:58
sxealexits not in the file06:58
bijumonhi Filled-Void06:58
rich1aswd: ok.  thanks.06:59
sxealexcheck in vim06:59
Filled-Voidhi bijumon06:59
kahrytanbijumon-> Ubuntu isn't Windows Vista06:59
aswdrich1, you tried this ? https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/browse/type:706:59
Ububeginwhen i try to start Tomcat in ubuntu06:59
bijumonwhen I am working normaly suddenly it logs out without any error message and comes login window06:59
UbubeginThe JAVA_HOME environment variable is not defined06:59
UbubeginThis environment variable is needed to run this program ...........Anyone knoes06:59
aswdUbubegin, define JAVA_HOME07:00
SurvivormanHas anyone else had a problem with Ubuntu logging out after switching mplayer plugin in Firefox to fullscreen?07:00
rich1aswd: ugghh.  how do i copy that?  or make the screen stop moving?07:00
Ububeginaswd: where should i define it07:00
aswdrich1, PM07:00
Filled-Voidbijumon, Im sorry Im not quite good at Ubuntu. However are you being set bacl to a command line interface. Cause if so Id check if I had the right drivers installed for the display card.07:00
aswdUbubegin, for temporary use try --> export JAVA_HOME=path to java, where path to java is the path07:01
bijumonhi <kahrytan>07:01
=== aswd is now known as [chr0n0s]
[chr0n0s]rich1, check PM07:02
bijumonFilled-Void, what is bacl07:02
Filled-Voidbijumon, back*07:02
Filled-Voidand set = sent*07:03
Ububeginaswd: hmm, sorry man..where is the path to java... I thought it was this... "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/bin/java" guess i was wrong... tks07:04
rich1[chr0n0s]: what happened to aswd?  i've already tried that.  i've loaded the plugin every which way.  it works in opera, epiphany, and konqueror but not firefox.07:04
rich1[chr0n0s]: and what is PM?07:04
[chr0n0s]rich1, i am out of solutions then07:04
[chr0n0s]rich1, PM = private message07:04
Hammer89okay... things are running smoothly now... but one major issue: my windows dont have borders...07:04
Jangaribijumon: what sort of things are you doing when it logs out unexpectedly?07:04
rich1[chr0n0s]: sorry.  i'm a noob.  how do i check that?07:05
Hammer89it looks like emerald themes were screwing me up for some reason07:05
Hammer89anyone got any input?07:05
[chr0n0s]rich1, there must be some popup/tab in your client07:05
bijumonjangari, normal browsing, editing text files through ssh connection etc07:05
JangariHammer89: you're referring tothe title bar of each window, right?07:06
Filled-VoidHammer89, I had a problem like that and recall running a command which had the option --replace in it . Unfortunately I dont recall the command :(07:06
rich1[chr0n0s]: i'm trying to learn the cool stuff.  i'm on irc on a terminal.  i just figured it out.07:06
Hammer89Jangari: yeah... all I have is the content of the window.... no title bars... sides... etc07:06
Jangari'wondows decoration' then07:06
rich1[chr0n0s]: thanks for the help, anyway.  i'll keep trying in the morning.07:07
Jangariyou run compiz fusion, right?07:07
Jangariit's one of the things in advanced desktop settings07:07
Hammer89woah... duh07:07
Hammer89thanks man07:07
Jangarifor some reason (happened to me too) changing some things removed the windows decoration altogether07:08
Jangarianyway, play around with it07:08
bijumonubuntu 7.10 log outs frequently07:08
kahrytanbijumon->  did you push ctrl-alt-backspace?07:08
joequincywill anyone help me troubleshoot an installation? I'm trying to get the complete error right now...07:08
Hammer89Jangari: I got it working... and yeah... I've had to do some major messing with my computer... couldn't even log in before :P07:08
bijumonkahrytan: no07:09
Jangaribijumon: is it really logging out? not just prompting for your pasword?07:09
bijumonjangari: its logging out07:09
kahrytanbijumon->  are you running ubuntu in virtual applicate under windows vista?\07:09
slateis it possible to replace the default right click menu on the desktop with the applications menu?07:09
Hammer89anyone have any idea why emerald themes would make it so my desktop environment never loads?07:09
bijumonkahrytan : no, native installation07:09
Jangarianything's possible, slate07:09
Jangarior you could just use KDE instead07:10
slateis it documented somewhere?07:10
kahrytanbijumon->  are you using screenscaver?07:10
chubs__or xfce07:10
macogwslate: if you install fluxbox or enlightenment and use it as your window manager instead of the default (metacity), those two use right click applications menus.  you could also just use fluxbox or enlightenment instead of gnome (i'm using fluxbox)07:10
chubs__or xfce07:11
bijumonkahrytan: nothing, its fresh instalation, i have not used any screensaver07:11
macogwchubs__: xfce does that?07:11
kahrytanfresh installs dont auto logout. you did something to change it07:11
chubs__macogw: yes07:11
familyfriendlyhttp://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2ngsil3&s=3 I get this error with synaptic07:11
chubs__macogw: at least it did by default on my slackware box07:12
macogwchubs__: hm ok neat07:12
macogwchubs__: i havent really used it much. i just remember hating the menu configuration thing for it07:12
kahrytanbijumon-> fresh installs dont auto logout. you did something to change it07:12
chubs__macogw: i don't/haven't used it too much, but it's nice for low end machines07:12
joequincyI'm about ready to just reinstall freaking windows. This is the worst installation experience I've ever had07:13
Jangarifamilyfriendly: have you tried running 'dpkg --configure -a'?07:13
karlNYjoequincy: what happened?07:13
kahrytanbijumon->  did you install nvidia driver?07:13
bijumonkahrytan: no07:13
rich1are chr0n0s or aswd still here?07:13
karlNYjoequincy: an hour ago I saw you ask 'ok I'm ready how do I start' next thing I know something is tough for the install?07:14
kahrytanbijumon-> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/12148607:14
joequincykarlNY: nothing. It shows a progress bar for a while, then ejects the disc. Nothing installs.07:14
kahrytanbug 12148607:14
karlNYjoequincy: what hardware? PC? Dell or Generic?  Laptop? What install CD you using?07:15
bijumonkahrytan: what is this url07:15
kahrytanbijumon-> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/12148607:15
macogwjoequincy: you just keep saying "will anyone help me troubleshoot..." without telling us what's wrong07:16
wng-Hi, I just installed 7.10 Desktop, and it didn't autodetect the speaker/headphone output on my laptop, how can i fix this?07:16
joequincykarlNY: Dell Inspiron 1100 (about 3 years old). I'm using a disc from the DL .iso (UofU server)07:16
kahrytanbijumon->  go there and see if you reproduce the problem wit those steps07:16
bijumonkahrytan: thank you, i will che07:17
joequincykarlNY: just got the .iso about two hours ago, so I know it's current07:17
joequincymacogw: I was saying more before, but nobody was responding, so I kinda gave up07:17
kahrytanAnyone know how to install mythtv w/o mythbuntu crap?07:18
Jangariis it the x86 version, joequincy?07:18
joequincyJangari: yes07:19
karlNYjoequincy: laptop ok awesome I use a latitude d620 and got it to work off install CDs07:19
CroXI am told, by an error message, that I must install libdvdcss v1.2 but when trying to install either of the two, 'libdvdcss' or 'libdvdcss2' aptitude can't find a canditate version..07:19
macogwkahrytan: umm do you already have whatever distro you would then be using installed?07:19
CroXHow can I fix this?07:19
macogw!medibuntu > crox07:19
macogwCroX: check your PM07:19
=== neskaya is now known as uh-oh
macogwjoequincy: whats wrong?07:19
karlNYjoequincy: what exactly happens? boots into CD, you hit enter, then a progress bar, then reboot? please write as much details as you can07:19
kahrytanmacogw->  yeah. Mythbuntu is a distro and I dont want xfce crap in the system ( the package installs it)07:20
CroXmacogw: Thanks! I'll check it out. :)07:20
Jangarikahrytan: just get the mythbuntu repository, it'll then let you download whatever you want07:20
kahrytanJangari->  no thanks07:21
macogwkahrytan: can't you just apt-get install mythtv?07:21
Jangariwhy not?07:21
badkittykahrytan: Hey foooo07:21
NeonLightningwhat would be the command to mount a ntfs hd as readable as an nfs share? i have at present in the fstab /dev/hda1 /home/ubuntu/lappy ntfs uid=999 gid=999 0 007:21
macogwkahrytan: i just did a simulated install, and i dont see any xfce stuff listed07:22
NeonLightningand that lets ubuntu read it but get permission denied when i try and mount that nfs07:22
kahrytanmacogw->  configure it07:22
macogwkahrytan: i didnt actually install it.  i just did simulated to see the full dependency list.  this laptop would die if i tried to run mythtv07:22
bijumonkahrytan: what this url tells, I could not undestand07:22
joequincykarlNY: okay, so here's what happens... I boot from CD, and it loads the options screen. I choose the default first option (Start or Install Ubuntu), and it goes to a progress bar. After about two minutes of that, the screen flicks on and off several times, before ending up off, but with the machine running. If I do nothing, it sits there forever. If I tap the power button, the screen flicks...07:23
jigscant install breyl have error like this >> c compller cannot excutables? what to do?07:23
joequincy...on long enough for me to see there's an error message (I'll try to get it in a sec) before ejecting the disc and blanking the screen. At this point nothing happens and I have to hold the power button to turn it off.07:23
kahrytanmacogw->  mythbuntu control center installs xfce07:24
macogwkahrytan: why do you need mythbuntu control center?07:24
jigshi guys...  anyone? pm me please... cant install beryl have error like this >> c compller cannot excutables? what to do?07:25
macogwjigs: 1) beryl is old, use compiz fusion 2) why are you compiling it?07:26
macogwjigs: 3) do you have build-essential installed?07:26
mrnotproperhi, i've a little problem with cpu scaling .. someone is available to help me ?07:27
Filled-VoidAnyone here who uses cod4 on wine?07:27
Filled-VoidOr has patched Wine-git with a patch?07:27
kahrytanmacogw->  cuz i cant config mythtv on my own07:27
jigsmacogw tnx for replying.. well i dont even an idea that beryl is old. so am going to use compiz instead07:28
macogwkahrytan: i thought that was what mythcontrols was for?  well if you get the deb for mythbuntu-control-center and download just that deb, you can always dpkg -i --force-depends to install it07:29
macogwkahrytan: it turns the errors about missing dependencie into warnings07:29
karlNYjoequincy: I wonder if you can try dumbing-down to a lesser video-resolution07:29
macogwkirkor: /join07:29
macogwkahrytan: or --ignore-depends=xfce07:30
macogwkahrytan: there are a TON of things you can get around if you read the dpkg manpage07:30
kahrytanmacogw-> The control center does the installs.07:30
jigs<macogw> sir where i can find compiz? do i have to install it like beryl? is there available program ready to install?07:30
kahrytanmacogw-> No commands to enter. it's like synaptic07:30
neopsychehi my server on ubuntu is not playing streams flv on joomla .. can anyone help?07:30
neopsychepermissions maby?07:31
hotmonkeyluvis there a way to re-do the grub boot loader without installing ubuntu again? (I installed ubuntu, then installed suse in a different partition, but the suse bootloader is now the default one, but I like the one that came with ubuntu better)07:31
macogwkahrytan: well theyre all in the repos.  but if you want, do the 2nd thing i said and set it to --ignore-depends=<package-you-dont-want>07:31
joequincykarlNY: there's no option that I can find. Also, the error won't show up now... it just tells me to remove the disc, close the tray, and hit "enter". I do so and it turns off, not installed.07:31
jigso boy am so noob with this ubuntu system07:31
macogwjigs: which version of ubuntu are you using?07:31
macogwjigs: the latest includes compiz fusion07:31
jigssir latest sir07:31
macogwjigs: i'm a woman07:32
macogwjigs: if you just install compizconfig-settings-manager you'll get access to lots of configuration options for compiz fusion, but compiz itself is already installed on your system07:32
Hammer89anyone know why emerald would cause Ubuntu to crash? (e.g., I enable emerald... log out... and I can't login again till I've uninstalled it)07:33
karlNYjoequincy:  there are options like F2, F3, F4, etc - they show you how to dumb-down the resolution07:33
macogwjigs: it's in system -> preferences -> appearance, in the desktop effects tab, i believe07:33
kirkorhi, how to get my password from evolution file?07:33
kahrytanmacogw->  and ill repeat it.  THE SOFTWARE DOES THE INSTALL. It is part of the configuration phase.07:33
badkittymacogw: Do you know off-hand how to install some of the non-supported plugins for compiz-fusion?07:33
karlNYjoequincy: can you try again - boot into CD menu, hit F1 - F6 to read the help info?07:33
zornI'm having printing problems. my printer worked fine for months now it works intermittently. right now its not printing a pdf I want to print but it does print the test page from the printer configuration. So is my problem with cups?07:33
macogwkahrytan: you can install the control center with --ignore-depends=xfce and the control center will install.  then you can go ahead and use it to install the rest of the stuff07:34
Hammer89badkitty: you prolly have to find the source and compile it yourself07:34
pocketdrummerSo, for some reason, I can't see some videos in firefox. Does anyone else see this video? http://www.tomshardware.com/2008/02/12/video_open_source_scavenged_hardware_powers_life_sized_747_simulator/07:34
joequincykarlNY: where's that disk formatting utility that someone mentioned earlier?07:34
joequincyoh, and I should have been more clear... there's only a "VGA" option... nothing else07:34
macogwbadkitty: no, sorry07:34
karlNYjoequincy: there HAS to be an option to lower resolution - can be done in the CD-installer's "boot command line" too07:34
Filled-VoidAnyone know what I can do if I cant move my Windows :x . AT first I lost my title bars and then did a ctrl + alt + backspace and got it back but now I cant mvoe my windows although I can max or min it07:34
Jangariinstalling compizconfig-settings-manager will give you "advances desktop effects settings" in your system > preferences, jigs, which give you much more control over compiz, just be prepared for plenty of bugs07:34
macogwjoequincy: VGA is probably what you want07:34
crediblebadkitty: /msg fusiobot gutsy07:34
joequincymacogw: that's the default07:34
JangariFilled-Void: tried alt+click-and-drag?07:34
karlNYjoequincy: gparted? it will overwrite stuff so don't use it if you are afraid to lose all data.07:35
Filled-VoidJangari, Doesnt work :(07:35
macogwkahrytan: maybe i dont understand what you mean.  do you install mythbuntu control center then use it and click around to pick what you want?  or does it happen during the dpkg configuration stuff?  or do they all come in as dependencies?07:35
joequincykarlNY: It was already erased and rewritten several times by the guy who gave it to me. I don't really care.07:35
karlNYFilled-Void: try ALT+SPACEBAR07:35
emoryHi I'm having problems connecting to the internet even from the live CD can anyone help?07:36
Filled-VoidkarlNY, I can select Move from the menu but I cant actually move it :X07:36
pocketdrummerI have a problem with videos popping up for a split second, then disappearing in firefox. Does anyone else have this issue? Here an example: http://www.tomshardware.com/2008/02/12/video_open_source_scavenged_hardware_powers_life_sized_747_simulator/07:36
macogwkahrytan: brb i gotta get my laundry out07:36
karlNYjoequincy: hey man this is a last-ditch-fallback idea -- there's probably a local ubuntu community group in your area - I'm sure if you showed up with the inspiron, they'd have you rocking out in no time.07:37
Filled-VoidIm using Emerald also . Not sure if thats what is causing this07:37
jigsyay its working now effect is working but.. something wrong with the windows, no bar..07:37
Jangaribugger, some wavs missed my mp3ing07:37
=== kipingor is now known as Qwel
joequincykarlNY: hmm. Don't know anybody here yet... where would Iook online?07:38
joequincyfor a goup*07:38
Jangarijigs, i said beware of bugs07:38
gonzoismwhere can i get a sources.list for gutsy i386 ?07:38
badkittycredible: Maybe I'll wait till they are stable hehe07:38
Jangarirestarting lots of times and trying many different things will eventually work07:38
gonzoismi'm having that missing indexes problem, been having it for about a month or so07:39
joequincykarlNY: can Ubuntu use the NTFS file system?07:39
cal_Can anyone tell me (I am very new) how too specify a directory  and file in the Konsole? I have a driver for my soundsystem on my desktop in a file folder named "new Folder"07:39
GunbladeIVgonzoism, it located at /etc/apt/ folder07:39
badkittyjoequincy: yes it can access it, do you mean can it install and run off of it?07:40
gonzoismGunbladeIV yeah, i mean that i need a known good one07:40
joequincybadkitty: yes07:40
QwelI am still Searching for a Cisco GUI that runs on ubuntu.... anyone know of any openSource Cisco GUI's?07:40
badkittyjoequincy: to my knowledge no.. what for?07:40
GunbladeIVgonzoism, a gud one? mean a configured one?07:40
Jangarical_: "cd" will "change directory", so you want "cd ~/Desktop/new\ folder"07:40
cal_I use / to specify dierctories and subs.. humm let me try.07:40
gonzoismGunbladeIV yeah,  a default one would be best07:40
cal_just like old MS dos?07:40
GunbladeIVgonzoism, it actually depends on your location to get the best server for upgrade07:41
gonzoismGunbladeIV is yours pretty generic ?07:41
Jangarimm, like unix,07:41
gonzoismGunbladeIV  i'm in US07:41
GunbladeIVgonzoism, first of all.. you need to open up System>administrator>software sources07:41
cal_thanks  I will try now07:41
joequincybadkitty: well, the disc I DL'd tonight isn't working. Period. I'm thinking of using the XP install disc to reformat the drive and then try installing Ubuntu again07:41
gonzoismGunbladeIV   done that07:41
jigsanother question... am planning to use this ubuntu to my shop and am just wondering.. how do people can use web cam in my shop using this system?07:41
GunbladeIVgonzoism, then go to server selection and choose others07:41
gonzoismGunbladeIV   i've been using linux for ten years and ubuntu for at least one.07:41
gonzoismGunbladeIV i think i need a new sources.list file.07:42
Jangarialternatively, cal_, not sure if this works with konsole, but you might be able to drag and drop the folder into the konsole window, and it will print out the directory path07:42
GunbladeIVgonzoism, oh i see07:42
badkittyjoequincy: Hmm.. do you want windows installed at all ie dualboot?07:42
GunbladeIVgonzoism, :)07:42
gonzoismGunbladeIV   :)   :)    so is your sources.list generic ?  and US ?07:42
GunbladeIVgonzoism, mine using hong kong mirror07:42
gonzoismGunbladeIV ah.07:42
GunbladeIVgonzoism, that's my fastest mirror07:43
gonzoismGunbladeIV know where i can get a template ?07:43
joequincybadkitty: nope. Just Ubuntu. It's basically going to be a web portal/printer station (maybe OOo) so I don't want the extra crap from Windows07:43
badkittyjoequincy: Plus, what disc did  you download and how is it not working... your should get a good copy of an install disc that works07:43
neopsychecan anyone help me with problem on ubuntu server?07:43
GunbladeIVgonzoism, which mirror would you like to use?07:43
karlNYbadkitty: joequincy can't get his inspiron to load the install CD properly - as soon as he hits enter to install/load the CD, it flashes his monitor .... on/off/on/off and all he can do then is power down and reboot.07:43
macogwneopsyche: whats up?07:43
neopsycheI cant seem to stream data to webpage on my LAMP07:43
GunbladeIVgonzoism, i'll create one for you07:43
Jangariand when you download the iso, joequincy, do an md5 comparison07:43
karlNYbadkitty: I agree about joequincy needs a known-good CD07:43
NeonLightningi have a ntfs partition setup with uid 999 and gid 999 and i'm trying to use nfs on this partition but every time i try and mount the nfs share i get a error saying permission denied from the server07:44
macogwneopsyche: ok outside my range, sorry07:44
badkittyjoequincy: Ok well you COULD use windows to format the partitions.. but really you just need to get a working disc07:44
neopsychemacogw: cant stream flv.. not sure if it is a programming error or permissions07:44
gonzoismGunbladeIV   thanks a lot.07:44
emoryHi I'm having problems connecting to the internet even from the live CD can anyone help?07:44
macogwneopsyche: is it 755?07:44
neopsychehmm ok07:44
badkittyneopsyche: Whats up man07:44
macogwneopsyche: 755 is usually what you use on the web to be sure it'll work as far as permissions go07:44
neopsychebadkitty: im using joomla and embedding flv on my LAMP for localhost streaming but it wont stream?07:44
GunbladeIVgonzoism, i need a mirror..07:44
gonzoismGunbladeIV k07:45
gonzoismGunbladeIV archive.canonical.com ?07:45
badkittyneopsyche: I think there is actually a really good media plugin you can use for joomla that should resolve that.. makes adding all media really easy07:45
GunbladeIVgonzoism, okeh then07:45
GunbladeIVgonzoism, 10 second07:45
GunbladeIVgonzoism, 5 min07:45
neopsychebadkitty: im using allvideos plugin07:45
badkittyneopsyche: Ok, is it just not loading at all?07:46
badkittyneopsyche: That is the best plugin Im aware of for that07:46
joequincyall: I got the .iso off the University of Utah server (straight from the Ubuntu.com main page form). I used ImageBurner for OSX to verify the checksum and burn it. It should be fine. The verification utility on the disc doesn't show any errors either.07:46
badkittyjoequincy: so what happens, why do  you say it doesn't work?07:46
Jangarii'd blame the cd drive07:47
Jangarithen i'd blame the communists07:47
kaushalgood afternoon everyone07:47
badkittyneopsyche: Also does the media plugin play other types of media?07:47
GunbladeIVgonzoism, so how am i going to send to you the source.list?07:47
kaushalI have a situation with one of my customer is facing a kernel panic when he boots the system.how can he send those information to me.07:47
kaushalI mean about 10 - 15 lines above the kernel panic line message07:48
kaushalOne way is to manually write those information on a piece of paper and then write it in email and send it to through email.I believe there should be some method to capture kernel panic message07:48
=== _max is now known as max`
gonzoismGunbladeIV  got apache running ?07:48
badkittyGunbladeIV: Why dont you paste it on pastebin07:48
GunbladeIVgonzoism, yeah..07:48
GunbladeIVbadkitty, yup..07:48
neopsychebadkitty: no .. they all dont want to play.. it just says 'waiting for localhost' in the browser07:48
GunbladeIVbadkitty, gud idea07:48
gonzoismGunbladeIV url would be cool.  wget :)07:48
GunbladeIVgonzoism, my apache cant be accessible from my office.. got firewall..07:48
badkittyneopsyche: You mind if I take a look or is it only configured for localhost07:49
GunbladeIVgonzoism, i'll paste it in the pastebin then07:49
gonzoismGunbladeIV pastebin is cool.  or email.07:49
zornIs there an article that explains how printing works in ubuntu?07:50
joequincybadkitty: I boot from CD, and it loads the options screen. I choose the default first option (Start or Install Ubuntu), and it goes to a progress bar. After about two minutes of that, the screen flicks on and off several times, before ending up off, but with the machine running. If I do nothing, it sits there forever. If I tap the power button, the screen flicks on long enough for me to see...07:50
joequincyNote: it shows a "Loading Linux kernel" progress bar, which finishes. Then it shows the Ubuntu logo with an orange progress bar, which bounces back and forth for a while... then begins to "progress" from the left to right. When that bar fills, the screen turns off. There isn't any flickering... rather it turns off, then color fades (my bad, I mistook that LCD characteristic for flickering...07:50
joequincy...there's an error message (I'll try to get it in a sec) before ejecting the disc and blanking the screen. At this point nothing happens and I have to hold the power button to turn it off.07:50
joequincy...the first time).07:50
neopsychebadkitty: unfortuantely it is only on localhost atm07:50
badkittyjoequincy: hmm maybe try the alternate install cd07:51
neopsychebadkitty: wondering how it can work?07:51
joequincybadkitty: ok, what are you referring to?07:51
sn00zerhow do you comment out paragraphs at a time? # is for one-liners, i forgot the multi-line one....07:51
badkittyneopsyche: I've used that plugin before but It has been a while so I would have to get in there to see and remember what to do to get it to work07:51
sxealexhow do i remotely wake a display via ssh07:52
gonzoismGunbladeIV :)07:52
badkittyjoequincy: There is an alternate install cd you can download that is text based.. you can try that cd.. alot of people seem to be having problems with the regular cd lately07:52
joequincysn00zer: you talking to me? I use Chatzilla, and it's just a button press.07:52
gonzoismGunbladeIV thanks07:52
GunbladeIVgonzoism, i just send you via emel07:52
jigshello am back... how to execute  windows exe file?07:52
joequincybadkitty: Will do. Is that at the main page?07:52
badkittyjoequincy: it should be07:52
feshaI am having network issues can someone help me?07:52
sn00zerjoequincy, talking to anyone that knows07:52
badkittyjoequincy: just keep an eye and make sure it says alternate install07:53
joequincybadkitty: I see the checkbox now. Thanks!07:53
gonzoismGunbladeIV   thank you07:53
GunbladeIVgonzoism, i think you should update your kernel.07:53
LeechzillaI'm running an IRCD. How do I set it in inetd.conf which IP/port it should listen on?07:53
GunbladeIVthe latest update include patch for vmsplice rootkit exploit07:53
mm2000hello, i am using ubuntu 6.06 and have some problems with freenx. I am getting this; http://pastebin.ca/901240 Anyone knows how i can fix it? -Is the problem with the server or the client?07:54
joequincybadkitty: I just hope this DL goes faster. :P07:54
jigshello am back... how to execute  windows exe file? do i have to use wine? or any better program07:54
badkittyjoequincy: hehe dont bet on it lol.. maybe try a closer server?07:54
neopsychebadkitty: if you  could help me out that would be great.. i used the plugin a while ago too and cant remember how i got it workign last time lol!07:54
badkittyneopsyche: Well you'd have to forward the port and let me access it .. I dont want to do a full joomla install locally atm07:55
feshaI am using a local line for my internet but Ubuntu dosent seem to recognize my integrated network card07:55
karlNYjoequincy: later on -- good luck -- you'll get it.07:55
karlNYgnight all07:55
joequincybadkitty: uhm... hope I don't jinx myself here... but I'm getting ~250kbps off this server :D07:55
wlastikfesha what is a local line?07:56
gonzoismGunbladeIV that fixed it.  thanks a lot.  it was a weird problem.  and thanks for giving me what i wanted and stopping to edit that file at the same time.  saved me a little hair pulling and i can get back to work again.07:56
gonzoismGunbladeIV  :)  again, thanks.07:56
joequincybadkitty: last one was at about 65kbps. Took two hours.07:57
neopsychebadkitty: dont know how to do port forwarding here.. am behind routers07:57
jorje_villafanSo my computer runs fine on MS Windows, and when I switched to Linux it runs poorly. The graphics get stupid and it freezes often. I have been trying to figure this out for some time now. Last week I changed to a lower resolution, and while it didn't completely stop acting silly, it got much better. My computer has onboard sis760 graphics. My guess is a driver problem, so I am thinking of getting an nvidia graphics card to hopefully07:57
GunbladeIVgonzoism, np07:57
feshawlastik: I just ment a LAN07:57
neopsychemultiple routers on isp with no public ip07:57
badkittyneopsyche: Do you have access to the routers?07:57
neopsychenot the isp ones07:57
badkittyneopsyche: No public op??07:57
sxealexanyone know how to wake from screen save black screen over ssh?07:58
neopsychebadkitty: see above07:58
wlastikfesha ifconfig    what does this tells you?07:58
LeechzillaI'm running an IRCD. How do I set it in inetd.conf which IP/port it should listen on?07:58
badkittyneopsyche: I did.. strange07:58
neopsychebadkitty: no no public ip07:58
Filled-VoidWhen I run the command ./configure as per the instructions http://www.linux-gamers.net/modules/wiwimod/index.php?page=HOWTO+COD4&back=HOWTO+INDEX+Wine+Games Here I get an error and it refuses to compile . The error is " configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables"  Any pointers would be great :)07:58
neopsychebadkitty: www.hellkom.co.za internet monopoly in South Africa07:58
wlastik!compile | Filled-Void07:58
ubotuFilled-Void: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)07:58
macogwFilled-Void: do you have build-essential installed?07:58
Filled-Voidmacd, yes07:59
feshawlastik: it isnt reporting any errors, also no recieved or transmitted packets.  No IP address07:59
Filled-Voidmacogw, Yes07:59
wlastikfesha type dhclient eth0  to acquire an ip address assuming you are using dhcp07:59
neopsychebadkitty: hence.. no public ip ;-)08:00
neopsychebadkitty: they make you pay a lot for just about everything.08:00
feshawlastik: NO DHCPOFFERS received but we do have a DHCP server08:00
badkittyneopsyche: Hmm well I don't know what to tell you then .. maybe tomorrow.. Im gonna try and get vmware working with the LAMP appliance I just got done downloading and Ill test it with joomla which I already have downloaded, and Im sure I have allvideo plugin on my external drive somewhere08:01
wlastikfesha can you paste the ifconfig results?08:01
badkittyneopsyche: bastards08:01
feshawlastik: sure its gonna take a few I have to copy them into paste-bin by hand... kind of a flaw with having no internet ;)08:01
Tyczekum... there was update while moment ago... and I can't play any mp3 Oo08:04
mm2000anyone here familiar with freenx?08:06
kaushalhi again08:06
kaushalwhat is recovery mode kerne08:06
CroXAre the latest update, with the linux kernals, for the wmsplice bug?08:06
gatenI've got apache 2.2 insalled, and it serves my webpages but as raw html. the only error i get is "Attempt to serve directory /var/www/html". I have an index.html in that directory, anyone know whats going on?08:07
feshawlastik: http://paste-bin.com/1307308:08
wlastikgaten what the heck is raw html ?08:08
weiboyou8which system do you use??08:08
gatenwlastik: it shows the html code itself instead of the rendered html08:09
wlastikfesha-> you dont have an ip address assigned to you, rerun either dhclient eth0;  or  /etc/init.d/networking restart08:10
NeonLightningi thought when it came to html it was all rendered client side and php was rendered server side or am i thinking backwards again?08:10
wlastikgaten you mean it shows  the tags like  <html> ?08:10
apparleAnybody in India right now08:11
humblerodentapparle: I am chatting on AIM with a friend of mine that is Indian.  Hehe.08:11
humblerodentBut she lives here at the U of A.  :P08:11
Leechzillaapparle, me08:12
ghostlineshi all08:12
gatenwlastik: correct08:12
feshawlastik: /etc/init.d/networking restart says: Reconfiguring network interfaces - OK then ifconfig and no IP address.  so I tried dhclient eth0 and it says No DHCPOFFERS recieved. and still no IP from ifconfig08:12
ghostlinesi'm using filezilla to connect to my server which uses ftps08:13
ghostlinesmy login and password is successful, but filezilla fails to retrieve my directory listing08:13
ghostlinesdoes anyone have any ideas to solve this?08:14
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apparleLeechzilla: do you have a good network ( high speed )08:16
feshawlastik: any ideas?08:16
Leechzillaapparle, nope08:17
ghostlinesproblem solgved don't bother08:18
PaloAltohow would i change my linux shared library path ?08:18
PaloAltoor add something to it ?08:18
apparleLeechzilla: Please run this command "tar -czf package.tgz /var/lib/apt/lists /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin /etc/apt/sources.list"08:18
Leechzillaapparle, what does that do?08:19
apparleLeechzilla: it creates an  archive. I need that archive. If you cannot upload it. At least tell me the size of resulting archive. Do this only if you have all the repositories enabled08:20
=== badkitty is now known as ph0rensic
Leechzillaapparle: I don't have them all enabled :[08:21
emoryAnyone know how to get a Marvell 88E1000 Series YHP network card working?08:22
macogwemory: is that wired or wireless?08:22
apparleLeechzilla: then no use. Still thanks for trying08:22
emorymacogw: wired08:22
Le^statHow do i fix " PCI cannot allocate resource to device 0 " message?08:22
apparleAnyone else from India08:22
macogwemory: lsmod | grep sky208:22
macogwemory: what's the output of that?08:22
Le^staton bootup08:22
emorymacogw: nothing :/08:23
LeechzillaLe^stat: I have that error message too since months :[08:23
macogwemory: sudo modprobe sky208:23
macogwemory: see if that works maybe08:23
macogwemory: my computer uses a Marvell 88-something too, and that's the driver it uses08:23
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emorymacogw: I still don't have an IP address08:24
macogwemory: after you modprobe it, can you sudo ifdown eth0 && sudo ifup eth008:25
emorymacogw: hmmm ifdown says eth0 not configured... this is new!08:26
Le^statLeechzilla so nobody can help us?08:26
Le^statthat sux08:26
emorymacogw: what would you recommend I do to gt it configured?08:26
macogwemory: if you type "ifconfig" what interfaces are listed?08:26
Le^stati think it has something to do with the pci express08:26
LeechzillaLe^stat: Doesn't seem like it. Thought I'd try another distro next month. That error message annoys me.08:26
emorymacogw: eth0 and lo08:26
Le^stat*shakes fist*08:27
macogwemory: maybe (trying to remember the right command...) sudo dhclient eth008:27
emorymacogw: No DHCPOFFERS recieved08:27
macogwemory: :-/ your router's not answering your computer when you hit it08:28
macogwemory: dhclient is supposed to tell it to say hello to the router and they shake hands, and the router gives it an ip address08:29
emorymacogw: well ... I'm using the same router to talk to you right now ;) so I kinda feel like its not actually trying to talk to the router...08:29
macogwemory: yeah...thats what i figured youd say :P08:30
emorymacogw: You have any other suggestions? This is a new motherboard in an old install, a transplant if you will, you think its possible its still trying to use the old NIC driver?08:31
macogwemory: i dont know, sorry.  the router doesnt by any chance have any mac address filtering or anything set up that youve forgotten about?08:31
emorymacogw: Only for wireless08:31
macogwemory: possible, but modprobing sky2 wouldve activated the proper driver08:32
macogwemory: you could try putting sky2 in /etc/modules then rebooting08:32
sazelwhy i can't get and install frostwire through apt-get ?08:33
emorymacogw: OK i'll try that.  thanks... I have the distinct feeling I'm not done in here yet though! :(08:33
mustard5I just installed frostwire with a deb from the website08:34
macogwsazel: because its not in the repositories08:34
mustard5I've just made a clean install of 7.10 using and old /home...I have some files that I encrypted using gpg in my old /home and I've forgotten which software to install to set up the old keyring and decrypte the files..any suggestions?08:37
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emorymacogw: Wow... I feel like an idiot.  I installed that module and rebooted.. No cake.  Then I jiggled my cables and suddenly ifconfig lit up with sent and recieved packets... I'm up and running again.  I'm gonna tell myself it was a combination of the two things that fixed it!08:39
DidotHi all08:39
mustard5emory: :)08:39
emorymustard5: :(08:39
FurythorHey question, I have nforce chipset based motherbord on computer so which driver packet I need to install ?08:39
darrendmustard5: gnupg?08:39
mustard5darrend: I'll give that a try..thanks08:40
macogwemory: haha ok08:41
Bodsdamacogw, took ur time with that one,.,.;~)08:41
emorymacogw: can't argue with results.08:42
macogwBodsda: im in the middle of writing a blog post08:42
Didot Ada yg dari ndonesia?08:42
Bodsdamacogw, oh rite, fair excuse,.,.lol08:42
rich1hi.  are there any ubuntu forum mods on here?08:42
oebMorning folks. I saw somewhere in the docs that there is a version of the ubuntu cd with a text only installer. Where can I download this? I can't see the option in the 'Get Ubuntu' or 'Download' sections of the website.08:42
BodsdaDidot, language?08:42
macogwrich1: i am08:42
macogwrich1: whats up?08:42
ubotujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia08:43
macogwoeb: the Alternate CD is a text-mode installer.  the Server CD results in a text-only system when you're done installing08:43
prince_jammysoeb: the ubuntu server might work08:43
rich1macogw: cool.  i was having trouble with firefox and applets.  i made xul.mfasl executable and now they work.  is that ok?08:43
Bodsda!alternative cd08:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about alternative cd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:43
macogwrich1: no idea08:43
macogwrich1: whats that have to do with forum modship?08:43
Yamatowhich of the 2 ubuntu variants has a smaller hdd requirement?08:43
rich1macogw: i guess i'm asking too late cause i posted the fix on the forums.08:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about thank - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:44
macogwYamato: xubuntu is the lightest weight08:44
prince_jammysoeb: i have installed ubuntu server, it's text only and you don't really have to install any of the server stuff08:44
rich1macogw: i don't know.  i guess i just thought you guys knew everything.08:44
macogwYamato: a server install would be the smallest, but there'd be no graphical mousey stuff..just command line, and im guessing you dont want that08:44
prince_jammysYamato: probably xubuntu08:44
oebprince_jammys, macogw, the problem is the live cd, it does not seem to like the fact that I only have 512 ram. I want gnome etc on the final system, I just dont want to have to install from within the live cd.08:44
macogwrich1: nah we just turn into mods if we're considered helpful and friendly and stuff and are there for a while08:44
macogwoeb: then use the Alternate08:45
prince_jammysYamato: unless you don't even want a gui, in which case ubuntu server08:45
Yamatoi do08:45
Yamatoi want a more stable alternative to Windows08:45
Yamatothat takes a lot less ram08:45
Yamatoand hdd space08:45
rich1macogw: ok.  i just hope i didn't post bad advice.08:45
oebmacogw, that's what I cant find. In the get ubuntu section of the website my only options for desktop is 7.10 and 6.06LTS. is the 6.06 the alt version?08:46
prince_jammysYamato: xubuntu is a small desktop (xfce) -- good if you have little ram, just fewer bells and whistles08:46
oebdoh, just saw it08:46
Yamatoi have 1024mb of ram08:47
Yamatoand soon 204808:47
Yamatoi just like having more HDD space avaliable08:47
prince_jammysoeb: did you get an error about ram?08:47
FurythorI need help to select correct driver for my graphics card (I have nforce based mother board)08:47
prince_jammysoeb: sometimes the burn speed of the live cd can be an issue, i found08:47
Bodsdaoeb, http://linux.softpedia.com/progDownload/Ubuntu-Gutsy-Gibbon-Download-27851.html08:47
oebprince_jammys, nope, just takes about 30 min to boot and then freezes up.08:47
Bodsdaoeb, the alternative cd is the one you want08:47
olskolirccolor test08:48
macogwoeb: i hate the new website.  see the checkbox at the bottom saying "check here if you need the altnernate cd"?  click that, i think08:48
Bodsdaoeb, the link i gave you, has the text based instaler download08:49
prince_jammysoeb: have had that problem. in addition to what others are saying, i would also try burning the cd at a slower speed if you are using it on the cdrom of a different machine08:49
oebBodsda, thanks, it's on the way down =)08:49
Bodsdaoeb, cool,.how do you no its freezed? is it just a black screen?08:49
oebprince_jammys, ok thanks. I'll try that (I'm burning it from this machine and trying to install it on a laptop)08:49
Bodsdaoeb, i had probs with the livecd on 2/3 laptops now08:50
oebBodsda, Because it does not do anything excepy give me a creme screen, the HD is going mental, and it stayed like that for an hour.08:50
emoryHi I'm getting crackly audio with mplayer and other media player apps.  both with mpeg2's and AVI's.  Is it possible I have the wrong codecs installed?08:50
oebRight, I gotta head to work, I'll try again after. Thanks for the help guys!08:51
wainii have some trouble with grub08:51
prince_jammysoeb: good luck. i have been through that. frustrating08:51
Bodsdaoeb, Gutsy requires 512 mb rAM TO RUN, BUT I THINK THE LIVECD MAY NEED MORE, NOT SURE,oops sorry bout caps,.,.the text installer works brilliantly though08:51
FurythorI need help to select correct driver for my graphics card (I have nforce based mother board)08:51
wainiafter installing it says: GRUB Loading stage1.5. and nothing more08:51
prince_jammyswaini: dual boot?08:52
waininew system (via epia)08:52
Bodsdawaini, is the HD first in your bios startup list?08:52
wainii have read that the server-version want work (because of the kernel)08:53
BodsdaFurythor, why do you need a driver for a motherboard?08:53
wainiso i have decided to the alternate-text-mode install08:53
Bodsdawaini, the server version works08:53
Bodsdawaini, have you installed?08:53
wainibut i have get the same error08:53
wainilive-cds are no problem08:54
fanat1kУбунту 7.1008:54
fanat1k(11:47:10) fan: Создаю папку, жмакаю расшарить, появляется диалоговое окно - установить ли поддержку юниксовых и виндовых сетей (SMB & NFS)?08:54
fanat1k(11:47:10) fan: вот мне нужен весь точный список пакетов которые должны загрузитсья и установиться если я ОК нажму08:54
fanat1kHi all, help me smbd please. Ubuntu 7.10. I've created new folder -> click to share it -> Do you want to install SMB & NFS?08:54
fanat1kSo I need to know what packages will be downloaded and installed if I click OK? I need a list of this packages08:54
wainithere is only one serial-ata hdd08:54
FloodBot1fanat1k: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:54
Bodsdawaini, i think you may have a corrupt grub from a bad install,.,.formatt hard drive and reinstall?08:54
LL00someone know about sed and how to delete matched lines? I try sed "/#/d" file08:55
ph0rensichaha .. I just installed enlightenment on my vmware server install.. it looks like crap by default08:55
Bodsdafanat1k, probably yes08:55
wainiafter reading, that the server version will not work on my system i hvae installed the alternate by reformatting the hole hdd08:55
prince_jammyswaini: don't know the answer, but you can try to repair using "super grub disk" -- google, download and burn live cd08:56
c1|freakyis the kernel upgrade from today fixing the new found kernel bug?08:56
LL00it's change the matched lines for \n08:56
Bodsdawaini, the alternate what? alternate cd for desktop/server   ??08:56
wainialternate installation with command-line option08:56
Bodsdawaini, for what edition   desktop    or    server?08:57
prince_jammyswaini: or manually edit menu.lst if you know what you're doing, from a live cd that gives you access08:57
wainii think so08:57
Bodsdawaini, so have you installed it or not?08:57
fanat1kBodsda: oh my bad English, u dont understand me :( I need a list of this packages without downloading08:57
Bodsdafanat1k, you want to know whats inside the deb files?08:57
reacocardI'm compiling some software and it wants AM_CHECK_PYMOD, any idea where I can find this?08:58
isra&join #ubuntu-de08:58
fanat1kBodsda: I want to know names of the deb's which need to be downloaded08:58
Bodsdareacocard, if thats the package name it gives then    sudo apt-et install packagename08:59
wainihttp://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-releases/7.10/ubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso - thats it08:59
ph0rensicAny use LAMP in vmware apliance?08:59
tarelerulzDo any of you know of a program that could be use to make a .avi , ogg etc into a dvd ?08:59
=== tyczek_ is now known as Tyczek
reacocardBodsda: it's not a package, it's something to do with autoconf08:59
prince_jammystarelerulz: avidemux is one08:59
Bodsdareacocard, oh ok,.,.not sure then im afraid08:59
Bodsdareacocard, synaptic search?08:59
reacocardit's not there, this is not by any means my first compiled [piece of software09:00
prince_jammystarelerulz: from command line, mencoder or ffmpeg can do it-- one of the two09:00
reacocardI know the normal tricks09:00
Bodsdafanat1k, if its gonna ask you if you want to install something, it will most likely download all nessesary files itself,.,.no?09:00
blazinfirealright i'm having a problem. i recently updated to ubuntu 7.10. and for some odd reason i'm connected with an internet connection. but the only software that i'm able to use my connection with is pidgin09:02
blazinfirei can't update ubuntu, cant add any software. cant even use firefox09:02
* Bodsda thinks this channel is oddly quiet today09:03
spantherBodsda, thats how it is hehe :)09:04
Bodsdaspanther, this place is hardly ever silent,.,.lol.,,.it even has busy hours like a coffee shop,.,.haha09:05
spantherBodsda, well another question do you know for what this "Deskbar Applet" is? ^^09:06
fanat1kBodsda: I've downloaded this packages at another computer and now I want to copy them from it, but I dont now what packages to copy? There are so many packages in var/cache/apt... :(09:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about deskbar - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:06
xyblorHow do I enable dual-head monitors on an ATI Radeon 8500? I'm on Ubuntu 7.1009:06
macogwspanther: you ever see Spotlight on a Mac?09:06
spantheri can type in something to search for09:06
spanthermacogw, no sorry hehe09:06
ph0rensicxyblor: I usually use the edit the config but i think you might be able to do it via the display manager????09:06
Bodsdafanat1k, if you dont know the name of the deb files,. how am i meant to know09:06
spantherits this weird icon next to my name in the upper right panel09:07
Bodsdaspanther, oh that search feature that does nothing? its so funny09:07
macogwspanther: oh...well that's basically what deskbar is.  It's like a combination of a launcher, a desktop search thing, and some other stuff... there are plugins you can enable to search your del.icio.us links, check the dictionary, etc09:07
xyblorph0rensic: no that option is disabled in display manager09:07
ph0rensicxyblor: Ok is your system running the proprietary drivers?09:08
blazinfire<blazinfire> alright i'm having a problem. i recently updated to ubuntu 7.10. and for some odd reason i'm connected with an internet connection. but the only software that i'm able to use my connection with is pidgin09:08
perfectorblazinfire: u must be having a firewall running...09:08
fanat1kBodsda: maybe there is the way to know what packages are needed for smb&nfs?09:08
xyblorph0rensic: I'm not sure, I just installed and haven't added anything custom except for updating the packages09:08
blazinfirenope no firewall09:08
Bodsdablazinfire, the only thing i can think of is all of your programs (except pidgin) are blocking your ip, firewall? or its badly configured network09:09
spantherlol after typing a bit inside and deleting deskbar crashed XDD09:09
Bodsdafanat1k, im not sure, sorry09:09
fanat1kBodsda: ok, thx...09:09
ph0rensicxyblor: I have nvidia.. so I would ask someone with an ati card.. I dont want to be responsible for screwing up your display settings ;-)09:09
macogwspanther: yeah it has a tendency to do that09:09
xyblorph0rensic: ok thanks anyway09:09
ph0rensicxyblor: Otherwise Id help u for sh009:10
prince_jammysblazinfire: can you ping a web site?09:10