NBrepresenthey... can anyone give me pointers on setting up a fresh install for dial-up internet connection?01:40
cheeseboyanyone ever setup unrelircd?01:59
Rynux91hey, I need some help02:46
Rynux91every now and then, when I use firefox, my desktop will go blank...just the cursor and the background...02:47
Rynux91and all my windows will simply disappear..02:47
Rynux91I've left it a couple times hoping it'd fix itself...and when I come back, my desktop is completely f'ed up...02:48
Rynux91the panels are usually missing everything on them...02:49
Rynux91...the icons are gone02:49
Rynux91and any programs I was running are closed...02:49
Rynux91I'm using 6.10. Anyone have any clue what's going on?02:49
GregoryPewI have a fresh install of Xubuntu and two of my drives are showing up on my desktop.  How can get rid of them?03:57
GregoryPewI really don't need anything but the trash icon03:57
GregoryPewI think I'm alone now04:00
GregoryPewThere dosnet seem to be anyone hanging ar-oun-ound04:01
graelbhi there05:04
graelbmy TTY's don't work... Nvidia video card, on a laptop, running the newest nvidia drivers installed with the restricted driver manager...05:04
graelbnothing huh?05:06
maxamilliongraelb: define "don't work"05:07
graelbmaxamillion: I'll hit ctrl+alt+F1 and the screen goes black for a second, then cycles through a couple of colors... but definately doesn't display the terminal05:08
graelbI mean...F7 will get me back to X, but i can't really use the others...05:08
graelbcommands still work though05:08
maxamilliongraelb: X works but it won't drop to a tty!?05:08
graelbif i log in on tty1, and use a command like... shutdown for example, it'll do it, but i'm doing it blind05:09
graelbHere's the almost-exact case05:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 129910 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "Blank ttys when using vesafb (vga=xxx)" [Unknown,Fix released]05:10
graelbbut it just talks about it going black... my screen cycles colors, but still the same effect05:11
graelbmaxamillion: iirc, if i reload the older nvidia drivers, not the new ones that'll allow compiz, the tty's work fine, but no 3d stuffs05:14
maxamilliongraelb: huh ... that's a bit messed up05:15
maxamilliongraelb: sorry i am of no help ... i've never heard of such a thing05:15
graelbmaxamillion: hehe, no worries =) I was just curious if anyone had05:15
graelbmaxamillion: The new build is codenamed hardy, do you know when the scheduled release is?05:16
maxamilliongraelb: i would imagine somewhere mid april05:16
maxamilliongraelb: but an exact date i don't have05:17
graelbmaxamillion: *nods* sure, sure =)05:17
graelbmaxamillion: well thank you for listenin' anyway =)05:18
maxamilliongraelb: anytime05:24
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Chobacahas anyone here tried to install xubuntu on a ibook 800 MHz?10:52
Chobacaor does anyone know of an irc channel for xubuntu on mac?10:53
ablomenChobaca, maybe #xubuntu-ppc?11:03
ChobacaI'm on it11:04
Chobacanooo i'm the onlyone there wich means I started the room right11:05
TheSheepChobaca: try looking at the forums11:11
Chobacabut the search thingie at ubuntu forums is shit.11:13
Chobacafound this though :https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat11:14
Chobacathere is an ubuntu-powerpc11:14
ChobacaI'll join that channel11:15
totalwormagegood luck, it sounds sweet :D11:30
Chobacasooo.... anyone here got any experience installing xubuntu on a ppc?14:46
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lovemedohello, im making a philosophy thesis on Linux and its relation to Habermas' ideas on communicative action and the public sphere15:54
lovemedoneed your thoughts15:54
maxamillionlovemedo: not familiar with Habermas .... you have a link on a synopsis on his theory?15:57
maxamillionlink to a*15:57
lovemedohold on15:57
lovemedocheck out his theories on public sphere and communicative action15:58
lovemedoi want to prove a point that the community behind Linux makes it far more superior to profit-driven software companies15:58
lovemedoand far more humane15:59
lovemedobasically i want to legitimize Linux's place as a philosophical and sociological phenomenon as much as it is a feat of technological achievement15:59
lovemedoi wonder if that could work15:59
TheSheeplovemedo: you want to cite us in your thesis? ;)16:01
TheSheeplovemedo: I guess you'd rather need to analyze some mailing lists and repositories to see the actual behavior16:01
lovemedoof course16:01
maxamillionlovemedo: it would work perfectly, linux is a shining star in the realm of "real world proof that open source 'works'" ... open source software is based entirely on a community based collaboration development model16:02
lovemedoi have to actually16:02
lovemedocool beans!16:02
maxamillionthe public sphere concept can be easily mapped to the culture that engulfs all that is the open source community16:03
lovemedothanks, thats what i needed to hear16:06
lovemedoit'd be really nice to have as an opening quote the first message torvalds sent with regards to Linux16:06
lovemedothe speech act that started it all16:07
maxamillionlovemedo: have you found the email?16:07
maxamillioni think i have a link to it around here somewhere16:07
lovemedonope, not yet16:07
lovemedoi think i did see it before in the online book the bazaar and the cathedral16:07
maxamillionlovemedo: lemme get you a link ... just a sec16:10
maxamillionlovemedo: http://www.linux.org/people/linus_post.html16:10
TheSheeplovemedo: looks a lot like the original Wiki community16:18
lovemedoi just decided maybe its time to give Linux props in the academe16:20
lovemedoi believe people in the field of social science would consider the GNU/Linux community a treasure trove of new models and ideas that could be applied to other realms of human interest16:21
maxamillionlovemedo: i completely agree, as well as the wiki culture being a large addition and integral part16:22
roland_hello everyone16:37
roland_could anyone help out! i accidently deleted my panel16:37
TheSheeproland_: alt+f2 and type 'xfce4-panel'16:38
march_afkroland_: press ALT+F2 enter:  xcfe4-panel &16:39
roland_ok lemme try16:39
roland_command not found16:39
roland_bash: xfce-pane: command not found16:39
march_afk+ l16:40
TheSheeproland_: xfce4-panel16:40
TheSheeproland_: and don't do it in terminal, do it via alt+f216:40
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TheSheeproland_: otherwise it will disappear when you close the terminal16:40
roland_TheSheep,  nothing appears when i press alt + f216:40
roland_TheSheep,  it works in terminal but when i close it the panel disapears again16:40
solar_georgelogout and login again16:41
roland_ok then lemme try16:41
TheSheepwhadda ya mean nothing appears? :/16:41
roland_same thing16:42
roland_panel is still missing16:42
roland_how can i get to the alt+f2 outcome16:42
roland_im trying the alt+f2.. but nothings happening16:42
TheSheeproland_: you are running compiz or something like that?16:44
soldatsjust try it from terminal with "xfce4-panel &" then minimize the terminal make sure you save sessions on logout then logou and back in16:44
roland_TheSheep,  i dont know16:44
TheSheepsoldats: it won't save in the session if it's run from terminal16:44
roland_TheSheep,  the thing is i did ctrl+alt+esc.. aand i was trying to kill a certain application tht was hanging16:44
roland_i did it while it was minimized16:44
roland_which wht caused the whole prob16:45
roland_so TheSheep  tell me how to get to the alt+f2 outcome..16:45
TheSheeproland_: maybe try running 'xfrun4' from the terminal16:45
maxamillionroland_: can you right click the desktop and get a menu?16:45
roland_yes i added it maxamillion16:45
roland_i didnt have it b4.. but i had to add it to b able to access the menu list16:46
roland_TheSheep,  ok ill try16:46
soldatsTheSheep: hmm strange it worked for when i had xfce. oh well :)16:46
maxamillionroland_: ok, use that and just go into the system configuration utility ... there is a panel config app in there16:46
solar_george<roland_> try adding xfce4-panel in the startup programs16:46
roland_ok lemme try16:46
roland_ok i opened the xfrun416:47
roland_then wht16:47
solar_george<roland_> try adding xfce4-panel in the startup programs - you can get to that from your menu on the desktop - then logout/in16:48
roland_hey it worked16:48
roland_solar_george,  thanks but TheSheep ś advice worked16:48
TheSheepsolar_george: that'd break the logout button16:48
TheSheepsolar_george: it would just close the panel instead of logging you out16:49
roland_i went into xfrun4 and tped the panel16:49
roland_it worked :D16:49
roland_im gonna log out log in again to see if its gonna stick this time16:49
roland_brb lemme log out16:49
TheSheeproland_: check your keyboard shortcts and make sure ou hve xfrun4 somewhere in them16:49
solar_george<TheSheep>  Whoops - imagine trying to work out what had gone wrong if he only came back later with the prob16:50
solar_george<TheSheep> I'll have to stop pretending that i know what i'm talking about16:51
roland_im back to thank you guys16:53
roland_it worked16:53
roland_thanks TheSheep  solar_george and every1 else16:54
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rothchildHi how do I get xfce to remember my router password so I don't have to re-enter it on every boot?17:49
qwerkusI can t start apache217:52
qwerkuslog shows:17:52
qwerkus[Wed Feb 13 18:51:05 2008] [error] (2)No such file or directory: could not open mime types config file /etc/apache2/mime.types.17:52
qwerkusConfiguration Failed17:52
zoredachehow did you install apache?17:54
qwerkusapt-get install17:54
qwerkusi manually created that file17:55
qwerkusand it seems to work17:55
qwerkusbesides i have no modules17:55
qwerkusno php17:55
zoredachedid you try to manually change the configuration or something?17:55
qwerkusdo not remember17:55
zoredachethe 'standard' location for the mimes.types is /etc/mime.types17:55
qwerkusperhaps a symlink ?17:56
zoredachewell that is why I asked if you had changed the configuration at all.  I am looking at a clean install of apache on gutsy, and it points at /etc/mimes.types17:56
zoredachelook at the /etc/apache2/apache2.conf there should be a line - TypesConfig /etc/mime.types17:57
zoredacheack, ww17:58
qwerkusthere is no mention of mime.types in my apache2 config17:58
qwerkuswhere can I get a *clean*  apache2 default config ?17:59
qwerkus(for 7.10 ?)17:59
zoredacheyou could remove+purge apache and reinstall I guess17:59
qwerkuswhat is the command line ?18:00
zoredachewell I would do something like:  dpkg --get-selections | grep apache18:01
zoredachethen a dpkg -P for each package listed... on my system that is: dpkg -P apache2-mpm-prefork  apache2-utils apache2.2-common18:01
qwerkus+ mysql and php518:02
zoredachebut you may have gotten a different apache2-mpm package18:02
zoredacheyou shouldn't need to get rid of mysql...  and probably not php518:03
qwerkusstill no php18:07
zoredacheyou reinstalled?18:09
qwerkusand config file is still missing mime.types18:10
zoredachehow about this... run this command:  ls -lR /etc/apache2/18:12
zoredacheand put the output on pastebin18:13
batma8hey guys, anyone in here using eeexubuntu?18:13
qwerkusi forced-reload a couple aof time18:14
qwerkusand now i have php18:14
qwerkusbut i still need the symlink to mime.types18:14
zoredacheok then... I dunno what happened, but I guess that doesn't matter18:14
RandyboYHow can i set up my xubuntu to actually use my "VGA-Card Sapphire Radeon 7000 64MB PCI DVI TV-Out Retail" and not just use vesa driver?18:15
fredsuaHi, I am new to the world of Xubuntu and Linux.  I was able to install Ubuntu on my desktop machine.  The one I'm using right now.  However, I am having difficulties installing Xubuntu on my laptop.  Can anyone help me?18:15
rothchildfredsua what is the difficulty?18:16
zoredachefredsua: ask your question... if someone knows how to help you and is avialable then they will18:16
fredsuaI'm runing Xubuntu alternate.  Once it begins to install it stops at 6%18:17
totalwormageRandyboY: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver18:17
zoredacheof course the first question is, did you verify the disk?18:17
solar_george<fredsua> Completely - the installer tends to wait there for a long time18:17
fredsuayes, the disk was verified.  I looked that up in the forums. LOL18:18
solar_george<fredsua> switch to tty4 ctrl+alt+F4 see if any thing is happening18:18
qwerkushow do i change mysql root password ?18:18
zoredacheqwerkus: I don't know the syntax offhand, but the command is mysqladmin.  Check the man page, or the mysql web page for more details18:19
zoredacheof course if you are running a gui, you could also install the mysql gui tools, and just do everything from there18:20
qwerkusi did it18:20
qwerkusbut the gui interface18:20
qwerkusrequires to be authentificated18:20
qwerkusso i have to reset a least root pwd18:21
fredsuaHi I'm back18:24
fredsuathe alt+shift+F4 took me to a black screen18:24
fredsuaI need help installing xubuntu in my laptop18:25
fredsuaCan anyone help me install xubuntu?18:26
fredsuaI am very new to this18:26
ere4siwhere are you up to fredsua ?18:27
fredsuaI am trying to install xubuntu on my laptop but it freezes at 6% during "select and install software"18:28
fredsuaI using xubuntu alternate 7.1018:29
ere4sihow old is notebook (laptops can explode!)18:29
fredsuais a 900Mhz Pentium 3, 10GB HD and 256RAM18:30
ere4siat the install prompt press F6 - type   noapic nolapic     then enter and have the ethernet cable unplugged18:32
fredsuaI'll try it now18:33
fredsuaby the way, if I upgrade the RAM to 512, would I be able to run edubuntu?18:35
zoredachefredsua:edubuntu should run in that ammount of ram.  but cpu/disk space are also some factors in how well something will run18:37
zoredacheyou can always try it though18:37
fredsuaI tried it before and it hung up the install.  I thought it was because I needed more RAM18:38
zoredachewell the install is pretty much the same for each version if *buntu18:39
zoredacheso if the alternate installer failed on xubuntu, it will probably fail on edubuntu18:39
nanonymedone a memory check?18:39
nanonymeinstalls actually hanging doesn't sound very good18:40
nanonymemore like data corruption or driver incompatibility18:40
fredsuaI started doing it but I quit because it was taking too long18:40
nanonymethat's different :)18:40
fredsualet's see if it installs xubuntu this time18:41
fredsuais there an alternate edubuntu?18:41
zoredachefredsua: of course you know that the only difference between most *buntes is the packages installed by default right?  You can add the edubuntu packages on a system you installed with xubuntu18:42
zoredachefredsua: there is probably a edubuntu alternate... if there isn't, just use the mini.iso, or the ubuntu server iso, install a cli system and then do an 'apt-get install edubuntu-desktop'18:43
fredsuaplease excuse my ignorance.  I am a newbie from Windows.  LOL18:44
fredsuaI think the Linux Ubuntu rocks over Windows.18:46
fredsuahere's the moment of truth: 1% "select and install software"18:50
fredsuait did it again, it stopped at 6% while the CD-Rom keeps spinning18:53
ere4sigive it a min18:53
solar_georgeit will just be caching the packages - if you used the netinstall you would have to wait for hours18:54
deepsfredsua: alt+f4, see the syslog output to see what's happening18:56
fredsuacool, it by passed this time!18:56
fredsuaThanks a million ere4si18:57
fredsuaNow, one last dumb question.  How do I get the edubuntu package in the xubuntu.  Do I do a search on Add/Remove?19:02
solar_georgeaptitude install edubuntu-desktop19:03
deepssudo aptitude install edubuntu-desktop, but that'll switch you to the entire edubuntu setup instead of xubuntu19:03
fredsuaand where to i type that?  what is aptitude?19:04
solar_georgeuse synaptic and search for edubuntu-desktop19:04
fredsuathank you!19:04
TheSheepdeeps: we try to recomment apt-get to users, as it's compatible with synaptic19:04
TheSheepdeeps: using aptitude can give some headaches when you autoremove19:05
ere4sifredsua: good luck :)19:05
solar_george<TheSheep> yeah but it can handle that its self19:05
solar_george<TheSheep> of course that assumes that you only use aptitude19:06
fredsuame being a newbie to linux, the easier the better19:07
solar_georgeuse synaptic19:08
TheSheepsolar_george: the point is, new users are more comfortable with synaptic19:08
solar_george<TheSheep> I just tend to type aptitude because thats what i use - i'll try not to though19:09
fredsuaas soon as the laptop finishes installing xubuntu, I'll give it a try with synaptic.  Thanks to everyone who helped me!  You are all very kind.19:10
lovemedothanks maxamillion  and TheSheep19:19
fredsuawhat is the proper way of removing a USB thumb drive from Ubuntu once you are done using it?20:08
crimsunumount it20:09
crimsuneither use the graphical environment's tool(s), or umount20:09
crimsunthen just remove the device20:09
fredsuait doesn't matter if the light on the USB stays on?20:10
crimsuncorrect, it doesn't matter.20:10
fredsuathank you20:10
rdehleri'm using compiz on xubuntu 7.10, and whenever i lock the screen my WM crashes21:37
rdehleri'm going to lock it right now21:41
RandyboYIm trying to get my "VGA-Card Sapphire Radeon 7000 64MB PCI DVI TV-Out Retail" to work in xubuntu by using this guide; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver , but comes up with an error. "Error: couldnt find RGB GLF visual"... What to do?21:59
fredsuaafter a successful install of xubuntu I decided to give edubuntu another try.  Nevertheless, the system froze.  If I'm running 900Mhz P3, 10G HD, and 256RAM, why can't I get edubuntu to install?21:59
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OfficerHotpantshi everyone23:31
OfficerHotpantsi'm trying to install Xubuntu 32-bit but during installation Ubiquity crashes at Step 6 of 7 and wont' seem to progress. any ideas on what the problem could be?23:31
zoredachethe first thing to check is to check your disk for defects... after that, you might want to try the alternate cd...  it tends to be more reliable in my opinion23:40
OfficerHotpantsokay. i'll try that23:41
OfficerHotpantsalso, this might not be relevant. but can the login name have spaces?23:42
zoredacheOfficerHotpants: no usually a login name should not have spaces23:47
zoredachefor the best results pick something with letters and numbers only23:47
OfficerHotpantsyeah, i just did that and ubiquity didn't crash this time >_<23:48
OfficerHotpantsyou'd think it would check for spaces and not crash. weird bug though23:48

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