Picachoowhere can i get quality top famouse games that work in linux? or can be run fine with wine?00:38
Kamping_Kaiserdepends what you mean by 'famous' and 'quality'00:39
Picachoomost played00:47
Kamping_Kaisereg quake3?00:47
Kamping_Kaisertbh, i think that your question is probably better asked in #ubuntu00:48
neil_dHi I was wondering about using an ltsp server to send faxes, is there a howto etc on this ?02:59
lanhelpim using ubuntu ltsp since 7.04. After installed 7.10, thin clients doesnt display local hard disk mount icon, only floppy and cdrom, its a 7.10 known issue?08:29
johnnyi don't know08:33
johnnysorry read it wrong08:33
johnnycheck bugs i guess..08:33
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ffmwhat can we use to manage a lab of ubuntu machines, all are local  booting.17:17
ograffm, try italc17:46
ffmogra: will look into18:20
lnsDoes anyone know where I can get the xorg AMD/geode driver v2.7.7.6 ?19:23
lns(for gutsy)19:23
johnnyif it's not in the repos, then you prolly have to build it yourself19:44
johnnyor submit a bug19:44
Goosemoosehow do you guys lock down the machines so students dont screw stuff up?20:02
johnnyi use sabayon for part of that20:03
johnnyit's imperfect atm tho20:03
johnnypart of it will require policykit i'm sure20:04
pygisubmit patches :p20:04
johnnydon't tell me that20:04
johnnyi have svn access20:04
pygioh :P20:04
johnnyor :p me20:04
* pygi hides then :P20:04
johnnyi hate that20:04
pygiapologies :)20:04
johnnyi'm working on it20:04
johnnyproblem after problem :)20:04
johnnynow i'm having problems making it work in xnest20:05
johnnydueto gnome-settings-daemon20:05
johnnyin 2.2120:05
johnnyand also gvfs..20:05
pygijohnny, I just assume when people say something is wrong, they havent tried to help :)20:05
johnnytrying to help :)20:06
johnnyspent way too long figuring things out so far20:06
pygithat's good :)20:06
johnnylike autotools20:06
pygiheh, autotools20:06
Goosemoosejohnny, if you're using sabayon, is there some way to push that in a preseed installation?20:06
pygidont mention it :p20:06
pygibad bad bad :P20:06
johnnynot the profiles20:07
johnnyor wait.. sorry.. i don't know enough about preseed20:07
johnnyto verify that20:07
johnnyi do know they can be pulled via http20:07
johnnyor ldap (supposably)20:07
johnnyif it lets you put random files on the file system , then sure20:07
Goosemooseit does20:15
LaserJockogra: will we have the addon cd ready for Alpha5?20:16
Goosemooseso the security settings just get saved to a file?20:16
johnnyit's basic lockdown for the desktop session20:17
johnnyit's not very intensive atm20:17
Goosemooseis there something more?20:23
johnnyit depends on what you're trying to lock down20:31
johnnyit'd be better to get sabayon/pessulus working together20:31
johnnyand better20:31
Goosemooseill have to check those out then20:37
Goosemoose200 computers in a high school20:37
Goosemoosevery mischevious20:37
lnsSo I tried the new amd geode xorg drivers... the resolution on my thin clients still don't get detected at 1024x768 :( (Gutsy) any ideas?23:42
lnsit's getting detected at 16bit color now (instead of 16 colors..ugh) but the resolution still isn't allowing me to go above 800x600.23:43
laga_lns: ask the xorg people?23:48
lnslaga_, nope - i didn't know it went above an ltsp/video driver detection issue.23:50
laga_lns: is it using the right driver? seems so23:51
laga_is there anything in Xorg.log?23:51
lnslaga_, it should be the right driver...let me check xorg.log - haven't since i updated the driver23:51
lnsI'm getting a bunch of these in Xorg.6.log:23:56
lns"AMD(0): Not using default mode "1280x1024" (unknown reason)23:57
lns"AMD(0): Not using default mode "1280x1024" (bad mode clock/interlace/doublescan)23:57

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