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* Rinchen checks to ensure his ntp is functioning.17:48
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mrevellooops, it wasn't that long a lunch, honestly :)17:56
Rinchennice an orderly queues now please17:59
thumperwhat? like the pqm one?17:59
MootBotMeeting started at 18:00. The chair is Rinchen.18:00
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]18:00
RinchenWelcome to this week's Launchpad development meeting. For the next 45 minutes or so, we'll be coordinating Launchpad development.18:00
Rinchen * Agenda18:00
Rinchen * Roll call18:00
Rinchen * Next meeting18:00
Rinchen * Actions from last meeting18:00
Rinchen * Oops report (Matsubara)18:00
Rinchen * Critical Bugs (Rinchen)18:00
Rinchen * Bug tags18:00
Rinchen * Operations report (mthaddon)18:00
Rinchen * DBA report (stub)18:00
Rinchen * Sysadmin requests (Rinchen)18:00
Rinchen * New packages required (salgado)18:00
Rinchen * A top user-affecting issue (mrevell)18:00
Rinchen * Blockers18:00
Rinchen[TOPIC] Roll call18:00
MootBotNew Topic:  Roll call18:00
Rinchenme :-)18:00
danilosRinchen: we usually used to do a roll call first :)18:00
Rinchendanilos, I changed the agenda :-)18:00
daniloscarlos: you?18:01
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RinchenBjornT, ?18:02
Rinchenok, moving on18:02
Rinchen[TOPIC] Next meeting18:03
MootBotNew Topic:  Next meeting18:03
RinchenThursday the 21st, same time, same channel?18:03
jtvHoliday in Thailand.18:03
kikosame time same channel!18:03
Rinchen[AGREED] Thursday the 21st, same time, same channel18:03
MootBotAGREED received:  Thursday the 21st, same time, same channel18:03
Rinchen[TOPIC] Actions from last meeting18:04
MootBotNew Topic:  Actions from last meeting18:04
Rinchenwe had a lot18:04
kikorock on MootBot18:04
statikherb! welcome18:04
RinchenI'll skip the ones marked done in the agenda18:04
Rinchen * intellectronica to investigate Bug 18513518:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185135 in blueprint "+roadmap page still times out" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18513518:04
Rinchen * Salgado and Kiko to discuss recent 404s18:05
herbstatik: danke18:05
intellectronicaRinchen: haven't had the time to. tonight or tomorrow, hopefully18:05
flacoste3me mumbles something about batching18:05
salgadoRinchen, done18:05
Rinchen[ACTION] repost: intellectronica to investigate Bug 18513518:05
MootBotACTION received:  repost: intellectronica to investigate Bug 18513518:05
kikoRinchen, we did!18:05
Rinchen * jtv to investigate OOPS-764F119818:05
Rinchen * matsubara to file a bug about the DateTimeWidget oops18:05
jtvRinchen: done and fixed.18:05
intellectronicaflacoste: won't work. we can discuss later, elsewhere18:05
matsubaraRinchen: that wasn't necessary18:05
Rinchen* matsubara to investigate a bunch of oopses18:05
Rinchen * Steve to arrange a call sometime next week with stub and some people from the Foundations team to talk over AuthPersonSplit18:06
SteveAthere's a call arranged for monday18:06
matsubaraRinchen: the datewidget bug was fixed on r561618:06
kikothat's been SteveA and stub's favorite subject this week ;)18:06
matsubaraRinchen: the bunch of oopses are now properly reported bugs18:06
* kiko hi 5s SteveA 18:06
Rinchen * mrevell to ping Rinchen about new blog spam18:06
* SteveA hi5s18:06
kikoblog spam?18:06
RinchenI raised that in priority18:06
mrevellWe get quitea bit of comment spam18:06
SteveAwould getting openid used with the blog help?18:07
kikoI think I see that18:07
RinchenI also fixed the existing undelete-able spam somehow18:07
flacosteSteveA: and who from the Foundations team will join that call?18:07
RinchenSteveA, yes18:07
mrevellRinchen: Yeah, rock on :)18:07
RinchenSteveA, er no18:07
kikoopenid! we can't even get our moin instances running that!!!18:07
SteveAflacoste: salgado and stub arranged it together18:07
intellectronicamrevell: it's wordpress, innit? why don't we use the akismet service?18:07
RinchenSteveA, the problem is that we allow anyone to post comments18:07
RinchenSteveA, for moderation18:07
mrevellintellectronica: Ask IS :) It calls home.18:07
Rinchenthe spam is in the moderated comments18:07
flacosteSteveA: nice!18:07
SteveARinchen: if we allowed only launchpad users to post comments18:07
SteveARinchen: would that help?18:07
RinchenSteveA, yes18:07
SteveAso, openid with directed identity to lp would help18:08
RinchenIn that vain, yes18:08
Rinchen * salgado to investigate adding turbogears for codebrowse and germinate18:08
kikoRinchen, vein.18:08
stubThe akismet plugin for wordpress makes it almost a nonissue18:08
mrevellYes, that would solve everything we get right now.18:08
kikoRinchen, and the moin stuff?18:08
salgadoRinchen, not done18:08
SteveARinchen: let's tie off that vain18:08
SteveARinchen: blow that weather vain18:08
Rinchenkiko, would fix bzr's spam18:08
Rinchen * flacoste to discussing adding launchpad-dependencies inside the sourcecode tree with salgado18:08
Rinchen * danilos to investigate profiling and Rosetta team to prepare proposal for next week to fix remaining timeouts18:09
flacosteRinchen: done, report sent to list18:09
danilosI prepared a script to extract most of the data for rosetta timeouts statistics based on oops-tools used for OOPS weekly summaries, but haven't yet prepared a nice report (please carry on to next meeting)18:09
Rinchen[ACTION] repost: salgado to investigate adding turbogears for codebrowse and germinate18:09
MootBotACTION received:  repost: salgado to investigate adding turbogears for codebrowse and germinate18:09
* abentley hopes in vane that SteveA will stop18:09
Rinchen[ACTION] repost: danilos to investigate profiling and Rosetta team to prepare proposal for next week to fix remaining timeouts18:09
MootBotACTION received:  repost: danilos to investigate profiling and Rosetta team to prepare proposal for next week to fix remaining timeouts18:09
kikodanilos, okay, thanks for doing this, though -- the timeouts are a big deal18:09
Rinchenlast one18:09
Rinchen* matsubara to get last week +translate timeouts OOPS ids for danilo18:09
matsubaraRinchen: I gave the pointers to danilo so he could hack the oops scripts himself18:10
daniloskiko: what I can get right now is this: https://pastebin.canonical.com/2433/ (though, I also have data by the query, and as I suspected 'get external' suggestions is 10x what get local is)18:10
Rinchenthanks for the updates18:10
Rinchen[TOPIC] Oops report (Matsubara)18:10
MootBotNew Topic:  Oops report (Matsubara)18:10
danilosRinchen: yeah, matsubara helped with this18:10
SteveARinchen: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/openid/18:10
matsubaraToday's oops report is about bugs 191887, 191891, 19189918:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191887 in rosetta "Translation import queue filter displays inactive projects" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19188718:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191891 in launchpad "OOPS accessing +expiringmembership for a person." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19189118:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191899 in launchpad "OOPS renaming a team with a mailing list activated " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19189918:10
matsubaraTalked with jtv already about #191887.18:10
matsubaraTalked with salgado about #191891. Seems to be a low importance bug since one18:10
matsubaraneeds to manually craft the URL to trigger the oops.18:10
salgadomatsubara, agreed18:10
matsubarabarry re #191899, can you get that one fixed for this release?18:11
carlosmatsubara: I added a comment for #191887 too18:11
matsubarathanks carlos and salgado18:11
barrymatsubara: not this week.  i'm on leave until tuesday18:11
kikoI'm not seeing any OOPSes on edge, which is good18:11
kikoI still see the same old same old nonsense on production though18:12
kikofeeds stuff18:12
kiko@@ nonsense18:12
matsubarabarry: I guess that's ok, since the +review page doesn't seem to be linked anywhere and only lp admins can access it18:12
matsubarabarry: can I set it to the next milestone though (1.2.3)?18:12
kikodanilos, this is very very cool18:12
barrymatsubara: right. maybe we can do it as an rc next week?18:12
matsubarabarry: and assign to you, etc.18:13
barrymatsubara: +118:13
matsubaraI don't think that's worth a RC18:13
matsubarafor the reason outlined above18:13
barrymatsubara: cool. 1.2.3 is fine18:13
matsubarabarry: great, thanks!18:13
matsubaradone here Rinchen, back to you18:13
Rinchenif it's critical it should be done now. If not, then it's not worth of an RC18:13
barrynp, thanks!18:13
Rinchen </SteveA hat>18:13
matsubaraRinchen: not critical18:13
daniloskiko: thanks, and there should be more coming :)18:13
RinchenThanks matsubara18:13
Rinchen[TOPIC] Critical Bugs (Rinchen)18:13
MootBotNew Topic:  Critical Bugs (Rinchen)18:13
Rinchenwell, I was all excited to talk about18:14
Rinchen[LINK] https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+bug/19014518:14
MootBotLINK received:  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+bug/19014518:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190145 in rosetta "Last translator credit is not updated on export time" [Critical,Fix committed]18:14
Rinchenbut it seems carlos has fixed it18:14
kikoha ha ha18:14
kikoas the swede says OLD NEWS18:14
carlosRinchen: I did, yes18:14
RinchenThanks carlos.18:14
carlosRinchen: and it's in rocketfuel already18:14
RinchenI have nothing further on critical bugs other than to thank everyone for continuing to fix them in a very timely manner18:15
Rinchen[TOPIC] Bug tags18:15
MootBotNew Topic:  Bug tags18:15
RinchenWe have one18:15
Rinchenmailing-lists by flacoste18:15
Rinchen[LINK] https://help.launchpad.net/TaggingLaunchpadBugs18:15
MootBotLINK received:  https://help.launchpad.net/TaggingLaunchpadBugs18:15
SteveAis 'lists' descriptive enough?18:15
matsubara+1 for mailing-lists18:15
flacostelists would also probably work, unless we have lists of other things18:16
jtvit's very generic.18:16
SteveAwe have lists of bugs18:16
flacostecould be intrepreted as listing18:16
daniloswell, we have lists of everything :)18:16
barrylists is too generic18:16
SteveAwe have wishlist bugs too18:16
SteveA+1 for mailing-lists18:17
kikoHOW CAN THAT BE A JOKE Rinchen???18:17
RinchenI'm +1 for mailing-lists18:17
thumper+1 for mailing-lists18:17
barry+1 for mailing-lists18:17
SteveAalthough, if they're bugs18:17
SteveAit should be failing-lists18:17
Rinchenok.  So carried.  flacoste do the honours with the web page please18:17
* barry says, knowing that there's no possibility mailing lists will ever actually have a bug18:17
Rinchen[AGREED] mailing-lists tag approved18:17
MootBotAGREED received:  mailing-lists tag approved18:17
kikofucking clowns18:17
Rinchen[TOPIC] Operations report (mthaddon)18:18
MootBotNew Topic:  Operations report (mthaddon)18:18
Rinchenand herb?18:18
mthaddonFirst of all, would like to introduce our new OSA - herb - Herb started at the beginning of this week and will take a while to ramp up, but any OSA requests that you would normally have sent just to me, please cc Herb as he gets up to speed.18:18
mthaddonRollout next week will be a little longer than usual due to new DB server being put in place. Exact timing TBD as it will involve people in a few different timezones :) (should be able to finalise in the next day or two)18:18
mthaddonThat's it from me unless there are any questions18:18
SteveAherb: welcome!18:18
kikowere any legs cut off with leathermen this week?18:18
mrevellwelcome herb!18:18
kikoor is that herb's first task!18:18
herbthanks all18:18
SteveAwhy do we send OSA requests to you, rather than to a functional mail address?18:19
SteveA(like rt or something) ?18:19
mwhudsonherb: which timezone are you usually in?18:19
mthaddonSteveA, presumably because there's only been one of me til now :)18:19
SteveAmthaddon: let's change that, now herb is here18:19
mthaddonSteveA, sounds good - will do and will email the list with the appropriate info18:19
kikothanks mthaddon18:19
SteveAgood show, chaps18:19
kikoherb, good to have you closeby then!18:19
Rinchen[IDEA] Find a better way to communicate with our OSAs now that there are two.18:19
MootBotIDEA received:  Find a better way to communicate with our OSAs now that there are two.18:19
Rinchen[TOPIC] DBA report (stub)18:20
MootBotNew Topic:  DBA report (stub)18:20
stubWhen I looked this morning, the rocketfuel archives on devpad where not packs. What time frame do we have for switching them over too?18:20
stubNew hardware coming next rollout. Woot.18:20
stubI think we are on top of this cycle's DB patches. One more of my branches to land, a test suite update from cprov and a late submission from Elliot that should land tomorrow.18:20
stubInterested parties should look over the AuthPersonSplit spec. Talk to me or the mailing list about any issues you think it raises or changes it needs.18:20
stub[LINK] https://launchpad.canonical.com/AuthPersonSplit18:20
stubI want devs running PostgreSQL 8.3 as soon as possible. I think this just involves updating our tsearch2 index maintenance tool. We won't worry about a timeline for switching PQM, staging or production though until we have kicked the tires locally.18:20
MootBotLINK received:  https://launchpad.canonical.com/AuthPersonSplit18:20
stubThink that is all.18:20
abentleytopic on #bzrlp claims they're packs now.18:21
statikI'm all for running on 8.318:21
cprovstub: I'm fixing that test right now.18:21
statikas soon as that script is fixed18:21
mthaddonstub, packs for devpad would be down to lifeless - I believe we're using packs on praseodymium, but not devpad yet18:21
statikbut it also requires a change in the developer-dependencies package18:21
statikas that specifies 8.2 right now18:21
SteveAthat could be awkward18:21
Rinchenstub, do you have some documentation about how to upgrade anything that needs upgrading from 8.2 to 8.3 on dev machines?18:21
intellectronicastatik: maybe it's possible to install them side-by-side?18:22
SteveAas I think the production dependencies and developer dependencies are linked somehow18:22
stubYou can happily specify both 8.2 and 8.3 - they coexist18:22
statikhmm, perhaps I did something weird when I installed in hardy18:22
jtvof course only one is going to be at TCP port 5432...18:22
stubRinchen: That will come when I know how we will do it18:22
statikI saw that the configs co-existed, but I thought that 8.3 uninstalled 8.218:22
kikostatik, no, a big migration happened after dapper to allow parallel installs18:23
kikostatik, pitti is a master18:23
Rinchen[IDEA] devs should upgrade to postgres 8.3 as soon as we are ready18:23
MootBotIDEA received:  devs should upgrade to postgres 8.3 as soon as we are ready18:23
Rinchenanything else for stub?18:23
kikostub, how are the DB patches looking?18:24
kikostub, statik: you guys sorted out your pending issues?18:24
kikostub, salgado: ditto?18:24
statikkiko: all set18:24
kikocprov, anything left from you apart from the test failure fix?18:24
stub01:20:48) stub: I think we are on top of this cycle's DB patches. One more of my branches to land, a test suite update from cprov and a late submission from Elliot that should land tomorrow.18:24
kikojust making sure18:24
cprovkiko: no, I have a fix for it18:25
stubAnd the CodeReviewVoting stuff needs to be finalized, but it is probably too late in the cycle to get that new design approved18:25
thumperstub: maybe it is18:25
thumperstub: I've talked through with sabdfl about it18:26
kikothumper, stub: is there a point to landing this early?18:26
thumperkiko: it would help work for the next cycle18:26
thumperthat's all18:26
stub"We'd like to get these changes landed for 1.2.2 in order to work and land the code review work during 1.2.3 without worrying about the database."18:26
kikowell... don't really see that much of an issue18:27
thumperkiko: it isn't critical, just handy18:27
flacosteland early instead of having to wait for the DB to open18:28
stubI'll see what we can do anyway.18:28
kikoflacoste, just base work on the same branch and get them reviewed in steps.. I dunno.18:28
kikois there an interest in disclosing this in parts?18:28
Rinchenready to move on?18:29
flacostekiko: it makes manageing conflits easier18:29
Rinchen[TOPIC] Sysadmin requests (Rinchen)18:29
MootBotNew Topic:  Sysadmin requests (Rinchen)18:29
RinchenHi! Is anyone blocked on an RT or have any that are becoming urgent?18:29
kikopas moi18:30
RinchenRTs have continued to see good progress lately due to the addition of additional IS staff, so I'm excited about that.18:30
Rinchenalthough we have a lot in the queue still18:30
Rinchenlast call....18:30
cprovRinchen: ah, fyi, dpkg LZMA is being rolled out in production as we talk, and the soyuz fix is already in PQM18:31
cprov(slightly related with blocking RT)18:31
kikocprov, rock on! is it in lp-deps already?18:31
Rinchengreat stuff, thanks.18:31
Rinchenthat's a good lead in....18:31
Rinchen[TOPIC] New packages required (salgado)18:31
MootBotNew Topic:  New packages required (salgado)18:31
salgadoif any of the branches you're working on right now  depends on any library which is not part of the launchpad-dependencies package, come talk to me ASAP.18:31
cprovkiko: no,  gutsy version already supports it18:31
kikocprov, ah, cool.18:31
kikoany takers?18:32
kikosalgado, what's the latest you've added to lp-deps?18:32
salgadopy-lxml, simplejson18:32
salgadoand tickcount18:32
SteveAsee... codebrowse would answer that question for us, if this was in a bzr branch18:32
SteveAjust sayin'18:33
flacosteit's faster for salgado to reply than to wait for codebrowse... just sayin'18:33
Rinchengetting ugly now18:33
kikoflacoste, that's not a nice thing to say18:33
kikoso I think apt-cache works fine for me18:33
kikoI just wanted to hear salgado's voice18:33
Rinchenright then....18:34
Rinchen[TOPIC] A top user-affecting issue (mrevell)18:34
MootBotNew Topic:  A top user-affecting issue (mrevell)18:34
mwhudsonflacoste: oy18:34
mrevellRecently, I've noticed a number of licence project submissions come in as "Other/Proprietary".18:34
mrevellThe wording we use to state which licences are acceptable is a little vague right now:18:34
mrevell"Launchpad.net is free to use for software projects that comply with  these licensing policies."18:34
kikomrevell, I have been good at KILLING THOSE very quickly when statik isn't looking18:34
mrevellThat's linked to http://www.ubuntu.com/community/ubuntustory/licensing18:34
mrevellThere's also been some confused messages sent using the "Description of additional licenses:" box. One person selected every licence available and wrote, "I need at least one licence, please".18:34
* kiko pimps "apt-cache show launchpad-dependencies"18:34
mrevellI propose we add an introductory sentence above the licence check-boxes. Something like:18:34
mrevell"Select the licence(s) under which you release your project."18:35
mrevellAnd also strengthen the wording below to say, "Launchpad.net is free to use for software projects that share their source code and comply with these licensing policies. Contact us if your project uses a proprietary licence."18:35
mrevellUnless people have objections or suggestions, that's me done.18:35
statikmrevell: I like that suggestion, that is an action for me or EdwinGrubbs18:35
mrevellCool. We can link "contact us" to help.launchpad.net/Feedback18:36
kikoyes, action for EdwinGrubbs18:36
mrevellstatik: want me to file a bug?18:36
Rinchen[ACTION] statik/EdwinGrubbs - add introductory sentence above the license check-boxes for clarification.18:36
MootBotACTION received:  statik/EdwinGrubbs - add introductory sentence above the license check-boxes for clarification.18:36
abentleyOr perhaps have Other/proprietary produce a "contact us" page?18:36
mrevellabentley: Are you channeling mpt? :)18:36
SteveAabentley: I'm not so sure about that18:36
SteveAit may encourage people to just to back18:36
SteveAand then, um, lie18:37
SteveAI think it's important people complete a process18:37
SteveAthe same process in each case18:37
SteveAand then we contact them18:37
Rinchen(without fibbing)18:37
SteveAtaking them to a "contact us" page18:37
SteveAmeans they haven't completed the process of registering18:37
abentleyI guess my experience has been that documentation is not always effective, especially as the amount of it increases.18:37
SteveAand if their goal is to register, they may well find some other way to achieve that end18:37
kikoand btw, I am pretty quick to nuke those projects. :)18:37
SteveAfinger on da button18:38
Rinchenabentley, I agree with your experience. :-)18:38
Rinchenanything else for mrevell ?18:38
abentleyBut it's always a matter of taste.18:38
kikoabentley, you're right. the thing is that these people /already/ contact us18:38
mrevellnope, that's me. thanks.18:39
kikoabentley, this is really a big project -- we get a /lot/ of public requests18:39
kikoit's quite unlike running your own software project18:39
kikoI had never expected this18:39
kikobut we get hundreds of bogus requests a week18:39
kikorequests in random languages18:39
kikopeople asking for Ubuntu CDs on a list whose mailman page says in RED LETTERS no ubuntu cds please18:40
abentleyI've no doubt.18:40
intellectronicayeah, being popular sucks18:40
kikoRinchen, movin' on..18:40
RinchenThere are no submitted additional topics. You know what that means!18:40
sinzuiWe need RED LETTERS in random languages then18:40
stub[ACTION] mthaddon - discuss updating devpad rocketfuel archives to packs and do so if lifeless approved.18:40
* barry invokes the pinball machine rule18:40
Rinchen[TOPIC] Blockers18:40
MootBotNew Topic:  Blockers18:40
RinchenReleases Team: Not blocked.18:41
flacosteFoundations: not blocked18:41
jtvTranslations: Not blocked.18:41
BjornTBugs: not blocked18:41
adeuringhwdb: not blocked18:41
Rinchen [ACTION] mthaddon - discuss updating devpad rocketfuel archives to packs and do so if lifeless approved.18:41
cprovSoyuz: not blocked18:41
Rinchen[ACTION] mthaddon - discuss updating devpad rocketfuel archives to packs and do so if lifeless approved.18:41
thumperCode: Not blocked18:41
* flacoste wonders what th pinball machine rule is18:41
MootBotACTION received:  mthaddon - discuss updating devpad rocketfuel archives to packs and do so if lifeless approved.18:41
statiklpcomm: not blocked18:41
SteveASC: not blocked18:41
* jtv wonders like flacoste does18:41
Rinchenstub, action is restricted to mtg chair unlike LINK and IDEA18:41
Rinchennot my code :-)18:41
* SteveA channels kiko18:42
SteveAstub: "fascist"18:42
jtvSteveA: He may have meant "faeces"18:42
stuboh oh i'm being oppressed!18:42
RinchenThank you all for attending this week's Launchpad Developer Meeting. See the channel topic for the location of the logs.18:42
MootBotMeeting finished at 18:42.18:42
* Rinchen laughs18:42
mrevellthank you everyone!18:42
SteveAthanks Rinchen !18:42
flacosteRinchen: thanks for a on-time meeting!18:42
flacostebarry: what's the pinball machine rule?18:42
jtvRinchen: thank you18:42
jtvbarry: yeah, what's the pinball machine rule?18:43
cprovthank you, guys18:43
SteveAno tilts?18:43
barrygoogle warsaw's fourth law :)18:43
intellectronicaflacoste:  The Pinball Machine Rule is the observation that it doesn't matter a wit if the instructions are printed clearly for all to see, nobody will read them.  They'll just drop their quarter(s) and start pushing buttons like a Tommy. -- Barry Warsaw18:43
mrevellbarry: Isn't that something to do with international flight?18:43
kikoopressors rock18:43
SteveArock opera18:44
stubWhere  where you in the 60s?18:44
kikojtv, the who?18:44
SteveAabout a pinball wizard18:44
jtvkiko: No, Tommy.18:44
mrevellI hear he was quite good with pinball. levitated the obstacles out the way18:44
sinzui♬ Sure plays a mean pinball ♬18:44
jtvDamn, it's been a while since I heard that...18:45
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