jeffMASTERflexis there something up with the repos? i have hash mismatches when i try to update00:09
RyanPriorWhen are we getting network support back in Nautilus? :-(00:19
Dr_willisI noticed that fusesmb dont work either.00:27
Dr_williswonder if the issue is related.00:27
* RAOF suddenly realises why his sound doesn't work; he's installed a libasound2-plugins package built for Sid!00:33
telexiconAnyone having issues with firefox having gigantic fonts?00:34
telexiconeverything looks like size 48 in firefox00:34
telexiconall the icons in the toolbars and menus are huge too00:34
jeffMASTERflextelexicon: firefox 3 or 2? i think the upgrade to 3 just hit the repos00:36
telexiconfirefox 3 beta 300:36
telexiconi have to reboot00:37
jeffMASTERflexyou could also try backing up your bookmarks and deleting the .mozilla folder. it might help00:37
john_has anyone used teamspeak before?00:42
john_i have a teamspeak question..well more of a mic problem question00:54
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john_it's not picking up my voice...i have the mic un-muted and i have been playing with sound preferences but it still hasn't pick up my voice00:57
john_i cant seem to record any audio even out of TS00:59
red_oneis there a repository that has firefox 3b3?01:41
ethana2the main one01:44
ethana2I installed it using add/remove at b201:44
ethana2and I went to upgrade it01:44
ethana2and it was already b301:44
twbHowdy.  Changing /etc/hostname and rebooting didn't seem actually change the host name; it's still using the default hostname provided by the DHCP/DNS server (which is wrong).  Have I forgotten something?01:53
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rskwine seems broken02:18
rskruskie@ruskie-desktop:~$ winecfg02:18
rskSegmentation fault (core dumped)02:18
rskhow's that good02:19
twbstrace it?02:21
ethana2well, it's simple, and to the point02:21
ethana2it's not behaving weird or anything, it's just FAIL02:21
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sabrebuttHey all, does anybody use a webcam under hardy? I'm having a strange issue with a camera that worked great with gutsy02:33

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