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xivulonHi all11:58
xivulonNot sure if you heard from heno, but we would need some artwork for wubi and umenu12:02
xivulonI did some basic one myself12:02
xivulonat the very least need icons for xubuntu, kubuntu, edubuntu12:02
xivulondid not manage to find them around12:02
xivulonso now I am using the ubuntu icon all over, which of course is less than desirable12:03
kwwiiI made an image for him yesterday...did you see that?12:03
xivulonah no12:03
xivulondo you have a link?12:03
kwwiias far as icons go, we do not have anything other than the logos12:04
kwwiiit is an image for the background of the win installer thingy12:04
xivuloncan you make icons from the svg for me?12:04
kwwiiif you have inkscape you can make them yourself :-)12:04
kwwiialthough we might want to use some 3D version12:05
xivulonI am very short on time since feature freeze is tomorrow, did look for 5 minutes in inkscape and failed12:05
kwwiiI guess we could take the 3D logos from GDM/KDM12:05
xivulonWould need the equivalent of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Official?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=UbuntuLogo.ico12:05
kwwiiwell, you need to export the bitmap in inkscape and then open that in gimp and save it as in .ico file12:06
xivulonkwwii: I do not have a linux machine handy at the moment, the first time I will get one is tonight, and have yet to test the new ISO, which gets high priority12:08
kwwiiso you only need a kubuntu and edubuntu version, right?12:08
xivulonand xubuntu12:09
xivulonIf I am not around you can ask heno (or anyone in the ubuntu-installer team) to drop them in umenu/wubi > data/images/Distroname.ico12:10
kwwiiI might get around to it later tonight, kinda busy atm12:10
xivulonCurrent artwork is here: http://codebrowse.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/umenu/devel/files/agostino.russo%40gmail.com-20080214093250-yz6az1e54m6y17u5?file_id=images-20080212233008-kvy2sm0usmkk5nf3-1112:11
xivulonI just took the basic log svg and dropped a shadow in gimp12:12
xivulonthat is as far as my graphic skills go :P12:12
xivulonIf you want to test it from linux, use bzr to grab umenu sources, then run:12:15
xivulonmake prerequisites && make && make debug12:15
kwwiihehe, not enough time for all of that..I might find time to make convert and icon or such later though12:16
xivulonThe icon should ideally be ready before alpha, for the rest I guess general artwork deadlines apply12:17
andreasnkwwii: hi!12:20
andreasnkwwii: it seems I got unsubscribed from the mailing list some time ago (to many bounced messages or something weird)12:20
andreasnI saw in the archives that there was some meeting coming up (or has there already been one?)12:21
kwwiiandreasn: I am going to announce another meeting today12:26
kwwiiandreasn: I think that after a certain amount of time it auto-unsubscribes people12:26
andreasnah, because I hadnt sent anything in a while?12:27
kwwiixivulon: luckily the artwork deadlines are set by me :-)12:27
kwwiiandreasn: actually, I think it just does that to normal members all the time12:27
kwwiiit is the launchpad team stuff which does it I think12:27
xivulonkwwii: ahah great news12:27
xivulonby the way, it might be a good idea to have the icons also on the wiki, others might want to use them too12:30
kwwiixivulon: not sure if there is a good reason to put an .ico version of the logo (which is available in the more flexible svg format anyway)12:32
kwwiion the wiki12:32
kwwiiandreasn: it is nothing personal, no worries :-)12:33
andreasnkwwii: regarding the mailing list? oh, I know what kind of person you are... ;)12:33
andreasnheavy drinking and randomly deleting people on a Wednesday night12:34
kwwiiI spend the evenings with a beer in my hand randomly unsubscribing people12:34
kwwiilol, exactly12:34
andreasnanyway, Ill try to attend to the meeting12:35
kwwiiok, time for lunch, bbiab12:35
andreasnnow, lunch12:35
xivulonlunch time for me too, bye and thx12:36
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troy_skwwii: You have a screenie of how the wallpaper looks in Hardy?17:18
* thorwil builds a rocket17:20
kwwiitroy_s: nope, I want to get the clear looks stuff taken care of first17:38
avetenebraehi all20:56
avetenebraehi kwwii20:58
avetenebraewhat's up here?20:58
kwwiinot much atm20:59
avetenebraelol ok20:59
avetenebraefirst time here, wanted to look around ubuntu designers ;)20:59
kwwiiprobably a better time to get a good opinion of what goes on here21:00
avetenebraehow does the collaboration work?21:01
kwwiigenerally, people watch the mailing list, here and perhaps the blueprints on launchpad to know what is going on and they help if they can21:12
avetenebraeok thanks!21:13
avetenebraewhere is the mailing list please?21:13
avetenebraethanks :)21:15
avetenebraeby all!23:11

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