goukiSorry about the offtopic, but .. what are the possible locations for a startup file to be? I've searched all the ones I know but can't find the script which is getting started at boot time (and I don't want him to).00:46
TheMusogouki: /etc/init.d00:49
TheMusogouki: You looked there?00:49
goukiDid a -R ls on all folders, TheMuso00:49
TheMusoWHats the package?00:49
TheMusothats not in hardy...00:52
goukiI don't get it. I'm not using Hardy00:55
TheMusoWell I don't easily have access to gutsy atm00:55
TheMusoso I can't check there00:55
sorenThere was never a package called synergys in Ubuntu.00:56
sorengouki: Are you using Ubuntu? :)00:57
goukiI know there isn't a package called synergys. I'm talking about a script, not a package.00:57
goukiThe software is called Synergy00:57
goukiWhat I'm asking is, where could this script be listed to start at boot time...00:58
TheMusogouki: dpkg -L syngergy will show you all files belonging to that package.00:58
TheMusosyngergy even00:58
TheMusoyou know what I mean00:58
slangasekTheMuso: but only if it's packaged, and he's suggested it isn't packaged00:58
TheMusoslangasek: Right.00:59
TheMusoMind is sorta elsewhere, on other things.00:59
goukiTheMuso: I have already done that. Still, no indication of the script on a startup directory00:59
sorenkeescook: Hmm... "sponsoring trigger creation patch "? Who wrote it?01:03
sorenkeescook: ...and you forgot to add debian/grub.trigger01:03
* keescook cries01:18
keescooksoren: fixed.01:19
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calcazeem: ping02:24
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sparr_after i apt-get source a package, i can build it with configure/make, but how do i build the package?04:37
LaserJocksparr_: dpkg-buildpackage does that04:40
LaserJocksparr_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete might be some good reading04:41
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mguneswas gthumb removed from the default install as part of hardy-reducing-duplication?05:56
RAOFI believe so, yes.05:56
gnudleswhere can I find nautilus team?07:08
gnudlesI'm testing ubuntu alpha 407:09
pittiGood morning07:11
gnudlesyes, good morning...07:11
pittitkamppeter_: you can just upload them, so that they will be in NEW07:11
mvogood morning pitti07:13
pittihey mvo07:13
gnudlestoday is the feature freeze....07:14
gnudlesI have a question07:16
LaserJockmorning pitti and mvo07:16
gnudleswith the new nautilus, why can't I copy a file to the same directory?07:16
mvohey LaserJock07:17
LaserJockmvo: I took care of desktop-multiplier, btw07:17
LaserJockhopefully you won't be getting more emails about that ;-)07:17
gnudlesright... keep ignoring me...07:19
RAOFgnudles: Have you checked out the nautilus bugs on launchpad?07:19
LaserJockgnudles: I doubt people are ignoring you, probably they just don't know the answer07:19
RAOFgnudles: This is possibly not the best place for such a question, either (#ubuntu-bugs or #ubuntu+1 are possibly better).07:20
RAOFgnudles: Also, it works for me.  Although the question seems somewhat odd: why would you want to copy something to the same place?07:22
dholbachgood morning07:22
RAOFHowdie dholbach!07:22
dholbachheya RAOF07:23
gnudlesRAOF: If I want to copy a source file template for example07:25
RAOFgnudles: Do you mean 'copying a file "foo" from mydir/ to mydir/ does not produce a file "copy of mydir"'?07:25
gnudlesit shows me a dialog07:25
RAOFOf whether or not you want to overwrite the file with the same file, yes.07:26
RAOFThis seems to be not-totally-unreasonable behaviour.07:26
gnudles"copy of foo" you mean...07:26
RAOFYes.  Of course :)07:26
gnudlesonce it was like this07:26
RAOFAh.  So this is a regression from gnome-vfs.07:27
RAOFFile a bug.07:27
gnudlestoday a dialog appears...07:27
gnudlesanother thing07:27
gnudlesin the dialog, you can add option for renaming if a file with the same name already exists...07:28
mvoLaserJock: thanks!07:28
RAOFgnudles: A valid feature request.  Again, file a bug :)07:29
gnudlesgreat! firefox 3 at last...07:35
gnudlescrap!!!!!! all my bookmarks disappeared :,(07:37
DktrKranzCould a buildd-admin give-back hdf5 on lpia? Thanks.07:45
pittiDktrKranz: nothing to give-back, it's in depwait07:52
pittimvo: should that worry me? "Fehl http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy Release"07:52
pittimvo: at the end it complains about not being able to access the keyring07:52
mvopitti: possible, can you paste me the exact error message?07:53
DktrKranzpitti: oh, indeed! I misread. Sorry.07:54
pittimvo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4582/07:54
mvopitti: what does apt-key list say?07:55
pitti'gpg: Schlüsselbund `/etc/apt/trusted.gpg' erstellt'07:55
pittioh, I bet I know07:55
pittimvo: I ruined my file system yesterday (silly error)07:55
pittiand lost some files07:55
mvoI was very worried for a moment :)07:56
pittiI should really reinstall this box07:56
mvopitti: if you have the latest apt, please run "apt-key net-update"07:56
mvojust for the fun of it07:56
pittiright, but to get this I need apt-get working :)07:56
mvoheh :) ok, if you don't have a current one, then yes07:57
mvo"sudo apt-key update" may also help, depending on the damage on the FS07:57
pittimvo: yep, that helped07:58
mvo_hey glatzor__08:18
glatzor__morning mvo!08:19
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tjaaltonpitti: hi, I uploaded a new nvidia-settings which enables the binary again (sigh :), but the old upload was already sitting in NEW, so should I do something special?08:23
pittitjaalton: let me reject the old one then to avoid confusion08:23
tjaaltonpitti: ok thanks!08:24
pitti 412897 | S- | nvidia-settings      | 1.0+20071221-0ubuntu | five days08:24
pitti         | * nvidia-settings/1.0+20071221-0ubuntu1 Component: multiverse Section08:24
pittitjaalton: ^ so this should be killed?08:24
tjaaltonit turned out that the binary nvidia-settings shipped with the drivers is buggy, and the separate version can be patched so..08:26
glatzormvo: I am currently turning apt-dbus into an extra backend, so that it can be merged in the main repository08:26
tjaaltonthis should be a win-win08:26
glatzormvo: but the dbus backend infrastructure is still a moving target.08:26
glatzormvo: is there a similar function to git log -p in bzr?08:28
brycehi glatzor08:34
tkamppeter_ piiti, you mean I can directly dput them into Multiverse?08:39
glatzorservus bryce.08:40
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glatzorhow are you progressing?08:40
bryceglatzor: pretty well - http://bryceharrington.org/files/screenrez_a.png08:41
glatzorbryce: have you found any aspects in my user interface that you could reuse?08:41
bryceglatzor: definitely; I borrowed a lot of the layout and the icons08:42
glatzortakes some time ... I am currently participating in the worldwide I-have-got-the-slowest-internet-connection-contest :)08:42
bryceglatzor: mpt's mockup he did for you was also quite inspiring08:43
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glatzorbryce: you had to skip the fancy widget part?08:44
glatzorbryce: has sørensen already started on the widget?08:44
bryceglatzor: yeah, I evaluated the time I had until FF and decided that was going to be too ambitious08:44
glatzorbryce: really cool08:44
bryceas it is I'm a couple days before08:44
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bryceer, behind08:45
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glatzorbryce: really nice08:45
mvo_bryce: have you heard anything from upstream yet? if they like it?08:46
tjaaltonsandmann replied08:46
bryceI don't completely understand what sorensen's working on, but it looks quite different from our concepts.  I don't understand how it's implementing multi-screen08:46
tjaaltonbryce: did you see soerens reply?08:46
brycesorensen said it's all in there, but I guess I'd need to study it more to see how it does it08:47
sorenpochu: I've not sent the extended key event stuff to Debian on purpose.08:47
glatzortjaalton: bryce: have you seen any code of his planned x extension? he wanted to add fade effects08:47
bryceI tried compiling and running his code, but the only piece I could get to run didn't do anything08:47
tjaaltonglatzor: nope.. sounds nice08:47
sorenpochu: It's not completely finalised.08:47
sorenpochu: In Ubuntu I have control over both ends of the wire.. In Debian, not so much.08:48
glatzorbryce: the actual monitor handling is now done by gnome-settings-daemon?08:48
tjaaltonhum, the vmware-stuff in lrm is ancient08:48
glatzorbryce: does gdm now use the settings-daemon in ubuntu?08:49
brycetjaalton: yeah I don't know what to think of the reply.08:49
sorentjaalton: There's vmware stuff in lrm?08:49
tjaaltonsoren: yes, player, server, tools08:49
sorentjaalton: Oh, that.08:49
tjaaltonsoren: not built in hardy08:49
sorentjaalton: Right, I remember now.08:49
bryceglatzor: I've not gotten to the gnome-settings-daemon part yet08:49
ivoksquestion for kde people; libqwt5-qt4-dev - any plans to move this in main?08:49
glatzorbryce: what are your plans for handling the new overriding nature of xorg.conf?08:50
bryceglatzor: redhat is developing a patch against gnome-settings-daemon to expand how it handles the monitor setup. I haven't looked at it though.  But it would seem most sensible to follow their design.08:50
tjaaltonsoren: do you know if we have the right to update those?08:50
tjaaltoncopyright doesn't mention anything08:51
sorentjaalton: No clue. Sorry.08:51
bryceglatzor: well, the work I'm doing is only for cases where xorg.conf does not need modification08:51
tjaaltonsoren: ok, no worries :)08:51
bryceglatzor: for situations where people do need to override things in xorg.conf, we'd need a different tool.08:51
bryceglatzor: there is also the case of bulletproof-x, which will need that kind of a tool as well08:52
tjaaltonbryce: I'll bring back "Device" in the Screen-section, which should at least make aticonfig and nvidia-settings to work again08:52
glatzorbryce: how does pitti now deals the proprietary driver installation?08:53
brycetjaalton: good idea08:53
bryceglatzor: sorry, don't understand the question?08:54
glatzorbryce: yeah, funny grammar08:54
bryceheya soren08:54
sorenbryce: Hey.08:54
glatzorbryce: how does the restricted drivers tool change the driver in the xorg.conf now?08:54
brycetjaalton, glatzor:  I've been having fun today screwing up my monitors by hitting Apply on this gui.  ;-)08:54
bryceglatzor: ahh - I gather that's what tjaalton was just referring to via aticonfig and nvidia-settings08:55
tjaaltonnot really08:55
tjaaltonjockey works right now, but aticonfig crashes08:55
tjaaltonjust like dc-gtk :)08:55
tjaaltonnvidia-settings fails to write the config, which actually is a blessing since it would write all sort of crack08:56
mvo_dosn't jockey use the displayconfig code for the modifications?08:56
glatzormvo_: I haven't followed the jockey rewrite08:57
brycemvo_: I knew that envy uses guidance-backends now, but didn't know that jockey did too08:57
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glatzorbryce: the rate configuration won't be allowed in your tool? or just not yet implemented?08:58
bryceglatzor: it's there - but it's smart now; if you only have one rate available, it displays as a label rather than a dropdown08:58
pittiglatzor: jockey still uses guidance-backends nowadays08:59
glatzorbryce: doesn't this result in small flickering when changing screens?08:59
glatzorpitti: hello08:59
pittihi glatzor!08:59
glatzorbryce: you could also disable the combo box.09:00
bryceglatzor: for LCD's (which is what I took the screenshot on) 60 Hz is fine09:00
bryceglatzor: true...09:01
glatzorbryce: flicking of the user interface, since it has to replace a widget when you select a different monitor in left chooser09:01
bryceglatzor: oh, no it's perfectly solid09:01
bryceI need to figure out how to do screencasts or something09:02
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glatzorbryce: what is the primary status? does the applet move the panels to a different screen when it is set?09:03
glatzorbryce: I would be careful with the same-as position, since it requires that the screens have got the same resolution09:04
glatzorbryce: that is why I had three radio buttons (disable, extend, clone)09:05
bryceglatzor: the 'primary' is basically what I'm calling an output that other outputs are relative to09:05
bryceglatzor: however it's been proving ornery in the coding so I'm not sure having a 'primary' screen adds that much09:05
bryceglatzor: yes you're right about the same-as (aka clone or mirror).  It probably will take a lot of testing to get right.09:06
glatzorbryce: how do handle the virtual size issue?09:08
bryceglatzor: right, that's a remaining issue09:08
bryceglatzor: I decided to focus on only non-xorg.conf changing functionality09:09
glatzorbryce: the other parts can perhaps never be done right :)09:09
bryceglatzor: my thought is to use a script or something attached to an Advanced button or something to update Virtual, but I'm ignoring it for now09:10
glatzoradvanced buttons are evil :)09:10
bryceyeah yeah09:11
brycewell ultimately (maybe xserver 1.5??) it'll become unnecessary to specify Virtual anyway09:11
glatzorbryce: perhaps a small check if the virtual size allows to display two displays could be added to the applet09:12
bryceglatzor: yup09:12
brycealso since increasing virtual often results in forcing DRI/Compiz to have to be turned off, I thought a popup dialog warning the user might be of value09:13
glatzorbryce: indeed09:13
RAOFbryce: Thinking of xrandr, do drivers other than nouveau suffer from http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14394 ?09:13
ubotuFreedesktop bug 14394 in Driver/nouveau "[NV4B] Composite broken on 2nd head" [Normal,New]09:13
RAOFThe fact that the patch is against the X server makes me think so, and it's a really curious bug to run into.09:14
bryceRAOF, for most typical multi-head systems (at least ones I've played with), compiz gets disabled entirely because you go beyond the Virtual limits09:15
RAOFbryce: But this kills metacity (& Kwin I think) too.09:15
bryceRAOF: hrm09:15
RAOFMetacity as of .8 uses the COW.09:16
tjaaltoncompiz 0.7 should have "multi-head support", but I'm not sure what it means here09:17
bryceRAOF, hmm, well this is a configuration I've not really tested myself much09:17
bryceRAOF, offhand it does sound driver-specific, but I don't really know; I've never run anything like this09:18
tjaaltonRAOF: have you tried the patch yet?09:18
RAOFtjaalton: Not yet.  I mean to grab our X package and add the patch, but I haven't tried yet.09:18
mvo_tjaalton: this is really more about the window managment capabilities, those got improved a lot for multihead in compiz 0.709:19
RAOFbryce: I don't have a non-nvidia card handy to test, but if you've got an intel cand or somesuch that bug should be easy to trigger, if it exists.09:20
tjaaltonRAOF: hmm, I have an intel box next to me, and it could borrow the monitor from the Sunray terminal ;)09:21
glatzormvo_: how can i see the diff of a commit after adding the "content" to the commit?09:30
glatzormvo_: any git gurus around?09:30
cjwatsongit diff --cached09:31
glatzorcjwatson: thanks a lot09:35
* ogra would so love to not find a frozen laptop on his desk every morning ... *sigh*10:08
Riddellivoks: no, why is it needed?10:11
ivoksRiddell: i'm asking cause this lib is needed for bacula's QT console10:13
ivokssince we are moving bacula to main, we'll have to drop qt console :(10:13
ivoksor build it for universe...10:14
Riddellivoks: so write a MIR for libqwt5-qt4-dev10:14
iRonRiddell: ping10:14
ivoksRiddell: that crossed my mind too...10:14
iRonRiddell: could you please check your mail10:14
RiddelliRon: doing so10:15
pitticjwatson: do I need to pay attention to something special when I'll change the seeds for e. g. slocate -> mlocate?10:59
pitticjwatson: e. g. I guess I should add that to the platform.hardy branch?11:00
cjwatsonpitti: platform.hardy/desktop-common has dlocate11:02
cjwatsonerr, slocate11:02
cjwatsonso it makes sense to change that, along with ubuntu.hardy/server-ship11:02
cjwatsonalthough as I said on ubuntu-devel I think it ought to be in platform.hardy/standard really11:02
pitticjwatson: right; so changes in platform.hardy will be picked up by *-meta/running update, not by merging to the other *.hardy seeds?11:02
pitticjwatson: I agree about standard (and removing it from desktop and server-ship)11:03
pitticjwatson: hm, installing mlocate doesn't remove slocate11:04
cjwatsonpitti: changes> right11:04
cjwatsonpitti: yes, seems to be intentional to ease migration, although I see the problem you're raising11:05
pittiI don't see anything in /etc/cron.daily/slocate  that tests for mlocate presence11:05
cjwatsonpitti: however, we could fix this by changing slocate's cron job not to run if mlocate is there11:05
cjwatsonmuch like locate's cron job does11:06
pittiah, it sets the /etc/alternatives/updatedb to mlocate11:06
cjwatsonwell, sort of does, it checks whether it's been diverted11:06
cjwatson[ -e /usr/bin/updatedb.findutils ] || exit 011:06
cjwatsonpitti: yes, though /etc/cron.daily/slocate runs slocate explicitly11:07
cjwatsonso how about:11:08
cjwatson-if [ -x /usr/bin/slocate ]11:08
cjwatson+if [ -x /usr/bin/slocate ] && [ ! -x /usr/bin/mlocate ]11:08
cjwatsonthe only downside I can see is that it'll mean that running slocate explicitly won't work any more, but I'm not too concerned about that11:09
pittiwhy not simply add a Conflicts:/Replaces:?11:09
cjwatsonupdate-manager can deal with encouraging people to remove it, rather than requiring a hard Conflicts11:09
cjwatsonI don't like adding Conflicts arcs when we don't have to11:09
pittiit would mean to leave package cruft around11:10
mvo_sure, we can add it to the obsoleted packages11:10
pittibut right, I guess we'll demote slocate11:10
mvo_in update-manager11:10
pittiand then u-m will clean it up, right?11:10
cjwatsonpitti: I think update-manager is good enough, yeah11:10
pitti... checking rdepends ... right, slocate has no rdepends at all (except *-desktop)11:11
cjwatsonuploaded slocate with the above diff11:11
mvo_cjwatson: I added slocate to the forced obsoletes, that means that for most people it will get removed (unless they object of course)11:12
cjwatsongreat, thanks11:12
pittiok, mlocate MIR looks good, thanks for the great and detailled review11:12
pitticjwatson: I'll do the seed changes, promotions, etc. now11:12
pitticjwatson: I won't update *-meta yet, since the component changes need to get published first11:15
xivulonevand, heno, can you please apply the following patch to umenu? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55953/11:16
xivuloncannot ssh from here11:16
pitticjwatson, mvo_: hm, should mlocate in standard be a recommends or a strict depends? (I lean towards recommends)11:17
pittiserver didn't depend on it so far either11:18
cjwatsonpitti: recommends, IMO11:20
cjwatsonI'm surprised it isn't already a recommends in desktop-common11:21
pittijust an oversight, I think11:21
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cjwatsonhmm, we could do with new language-support-* for the firefox upgrade12:12
pitticjwatson: the split? that's on my list for today12:14
cjwatsonI think actually it's that we need new mozilla-firefox-locale-*12:19
pittiah, right12:22
edwin_does anyone prefer grid layout over embedding hboxes in vboxes and vice versa?12:33
persiaDoes anyone have a timestamp for start of FeatureFreeze?12:40
pitticjwatson, mvo__: AFAIK the installer and gnome-language-selector will get along if a language does not have a language-support-XX package, right? I'd like to remove all the ones with an empty Depends: to remove some cruft12:59
pittias a preparation to merging/using ArneGoetje's 'split support packages' branch12:59
pochupersia: the end of the day in the last timezone of the world oh please :)12:59
cjwatson_pitti: sure13:00
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cjwatsonpitti: oh, err13:00
persiapochu: Maybe.  Something like 12:00 or 24:00 UTC would work as well.  I just want guidance on when to stop accepting UUS stuff that hasn't been pushed for FFe.13:00
cjwatsonpitti: the installer will warn and say that the CD doesn't contain full support for your language13:01
pittipersia: I don't think anyone will measure that precisely13:01
persiapitti: OK.  I won't fuss about it then, and just stop sponsoring when it stops being a reasonable "14th February" for me.  Thanks.13:01
pitticjwatson: oh, even if there is a language-pack-XX in the archive, but not a -support one?13:01
pittipersia: sounds pragmatic and appropriate13:02
pitticjwatson: well, I can leave them around for a while, they'll be practically orphaned13:02
cjwatsonpitti: the check is for what's on the CD13:03
cjwatsonpitti: in practice it'll always have fired for !en anyway13:03
cjwatsonpitti: so it might well not matter; it only does that check for CD installs13:04
pittiright, we'll retain language-support-en anyway13:04
cjwatsonI don't particularly mind if empty language-support-* go away13:04
pitticjwatson: I meant the bits that try to install support and -pack from the network13:04
pittiISTR reading the code and seeing that they are tried independently13:04
cjwatsonthey are, and it shouldn't care if they fail either13:05
pittiok, great13:06
zulpiti: for munin it should be running as a munin user not nobody correct?13:11
pittizul: yes; doko indicated that it already does that, though13:12
pittiso it might just have been a misunderstanding13:12
tkamppeterpitti, hi13:13
pittihi tkamppeter13:13
tkamppeterpitti, I have corrected the .changes file from s-c-p, was I typo in the old version number, can you upload it now?13:14
pittitkamppeter: ok13:15
tkamppeterpitti, I have also all files of the Brother driver now, should I put them directly into Multiverse?13:15
pittitkamppeter: if you think the packaging is ok now, then please just upload them, so that they'll land in NEW13:15
zulpitti: ill leave as it is then13:16
pittitkamppeter: setting Section: multiverse/text would be good, yes13:16
pitti(but it's just a bonus)13:16
tkamppeterWith the section, I will tell it to the packagers, that they can correct that in a later version.13:17
pittitkamppeter: btw, you know that you don't normally need to use -v, right? just for merges13:17
tkamppeterSo without -v it defaults to take simply one ChangeLog entry?13:18
pittitkamppeter: nevermind about Section: we'll override it to multiverse in the NEW queue13:18
persiatkamppeter: Yes.  Note that it is always safe to use -v with an rmadison call to get the current version, even if you are just doing a standard update.13:18
pittitkamppeter: scp uploaded13:19
tkamppeterpitti, thanks.13:19
glatzormvo__: I would like to move the description formating done in UpdateManager/AppInstall and the changelog fetching method to python-apt13:25
MacSlowI need some MOTU-help13:27
MacSlowhow do I make sure a file gets installed in /usr/share/compizconfig, which has been added via a debian/patch/02_some.patch?13:28
MacSlowobviously adding the usual bits to Makefile.am and creating a 99_autoreconf.patch does not seem to be enough13:29
MacSlowhelp greatly appreciated13:29
persiaMacSlow: For MOTU-help, asking in #ubuntu-motu is a good idea.  You might find using debian/$(package).dirs to help, or debian/$(package).install, depending on the contents of your rules file.13:36
mvo__glatzor: sure, that sounds reasonable13:41
frafudoko: are you Matthias that reviewed the following MIR: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mousetweaks/+bug/19020813:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190208 in mousetweaks "Main Inclusion Report for mousetweaks" [Undecided,Incomplete]13:45
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jdstrandpitti, slangasek: thanks for your help with migrating a conffile from one package to another14:37
jdstrandpitti, slangasek: what I ended up implementing was slangasek's suggestion, with the addition of a versioned Conflicts14:37
pittijdstrand: you're welcome14:38
jdstrandpitti, slangasek: you can see what I came up with at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ApparmorProfileMigration14:38
jdstrandpitti: and I should also thank you for your apparmor/cupsys work-- as I used it as a template ;)14:39
pittiheh, good to hear if it was useful14:39
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azeemcalc: pon14:47
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
calcazeem: hi15:13
calcazeem: i heard you were going to be updating opensync in debian?15:13
azeemif the upgrade path is reasonably clear, I would, yeah15:14
calcazeem: going from 0.19 -> 0.2x isn't clear?15:15
azeemno, both the database and the configuration format has changed15:16
calcazeem: hmm15:17
azeemthere's now a configuration updater for 0.3x, but I haven't tested it15:17
calcmaybe put a debconf message saying its not backwards compat would work? 0.19 is 10 releases old15:17
azeemit should be possible to just wipe the database and do a slow-sync15:17
azeemthat'd be the emergency cop-out maybe, yeah15:18
calcwell it hasn't been updated in 16 months...15:18
calcperhaps its a the DD doesn't want to do the extra work cop-out instead?15:19
* calc doesn't know the details of the work involved but 16 months is a relatively long time15:20
asaccalc: in which binary package is the openoffice firefox/mozilla plugin btw? i installed openoffice.org but don't see anything ooo related in /usr/lib/firefox/plugins15:21
calclooks like not much else uses the libraries, etc except opensync itself so its not a really nasty conversion15:21
azeemcalc: it's rather the DD hoped 0.40 would be ready in time for hardy cop-out15:21
calcazeem: ah i see :-)15:21
calcazeem: mozilla-openoffice.org15:22
azeems/azeem/asac/ I assume15:22
calcazeem: oh yea15:23
geserpitti or Mithrandir: please give-back: bzr doxygen. Thanks.15:23
calcasac: mozilla-openoffice.org15:23
calcasac: its only available on i386/powerpc15:23
calcasac: its broken on the other archs aiui15:23
Mithrandirgeser: given-back15:23
azeemcalc: I can upgrade those packages in Debian (in fact, the only reason I consider it now is because of hardy, lenny should be fine for 0.40), but how much time do I have?15:23
asaccalc: ah ... ok. that explains it15:23
azeemI got work to do now, and today is Valentine's day...15:23
asaccalc: any progress?15:23
pittigeser: Mithrandir beat me to it15:23
Mithrandirpitti: and I didn't even use a script. :-P15:24
* asac wonders how comes that its avail on powerpc ... strange15:24
pittiMithrandir: I repaired mine, but it was too slow15:24
calcazeem: aiui part of it is holding up synce 0.11 upload, but i don't know the details (which was why i was asking about it)15:25
Mithrandirpitti: smart bookmarks in ff are quite fast ("us $packagename"), then one click to get to the latest build, then a click on a button per failed build.15:25
calcasac: i hope to have something by tomorrow, i have a few other patches to integrate as well15:25
pittiMithrandir: I typed "giveback bzr doxygen"15:25
MithrandirI wish LP had something like https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/hardy/+source/glibc/latest15:25
pittiI haven't installed geasemonkey for ff 3.0 yet15:26
asaccalc: ok ... great. if you have questions let me know. maybe do a testbuild so we know that this is really pending15:26
azeemcalc: yeah right15:26
azeemcalc: I was rather asking, "If I don't upload today (missing FF), will somebody be able to get those packages synced for hardy still?"15:26
calcazeem: heh i just notice opensync is actually in main, so you would have to ask slangasek about that i guess15:33
calcazeem: and/or follow the FF exception page on wiki15:34
asaccarlos: any ETA on ffox 3 locales?15:34
asaccarlos: we would need them asap i guess15:34
Mithrandirasac: what does Could not find compatible GRE between version 1.9b3pre and 1.9b3pre.15:36
asacMithrandir: which application? i means that an application cannot find the right xulrunner15:37
asacit looks in /etc/gre.d/15:37
Mithrandirasac: firefox-3.015:37
asacthats strange ... did you hold back xulrunner-1.9?15:38
Mithrandirbut firefox-3.0 is held back15:38
asacMithrandir: ok that explains it. what holds your firefox 3 back?15:39
Mithrandirlocale stuff15:39
Mithrandir(yes, I saw you talked about it above)15:40
asacyeah ... ok i should have added a breaks as well15:40
asacMithrandir: yeah ... you have to live without locales for a while. i want to get an ETA from carlos who promissed that we get locales from launchpad this time15:40
asacif its too long i will just package new upstream versions the old way i guess15:41
Mithrandirasac: a "Breaks" would have been useful.. so I wouldn't have upgraded xulrunner or whatever breaks firefox.15:41
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bddebianRiddell: If/when you get around, do you want me to revive those sync requests for etw,qonk, etc now that they have hit unstable, or just let you know here?15:42
asacMithrandir: can you still downgrade xulrunner-1.9?15:43
Riddellbddebian: what's the 'etc'? then I can just do it15:43
asaci will upload a new xulrunner with breaks asap then i guess15:43
bddebianRiddell: Sorry, etw, dd2, and qonk15:43
Mithrandirasac: yes, by hand.  If I can find a web browser so I can get to launchpad so I can fix my web browser..15:43
Mithrandirseems like 2.0 still works.15:44
bddebianRiddell: I don't think you marked the lordsawar one invalid right?  It should be there now also.15:44
Riddellhmm, someone is already doing syncs? pitti?15:44
pittiRiddell: no, I'm not15:44
asacMithrandir: thats luck15:45
Riddellcjwatson: are you doing syncs?15:45
cjwatsonRiddell: no, it's seb12815:52
cjwatson(I looked in ps and w earlier)15:53
Riddellok, bit confusing of him15:55
Riddellmaybe he's done his 35 hours for the week :)15:57
Riddellbddebian: I've set them up, I guess seb will come back at some point and flush them15:58
bddebianRiddell: Thanks15:58
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tkamppeterpitti, I have uploaded the packages now. They should appear in the NEW queue now.16:07
tkamppeterpitti, what will happen with the packages now to get into Multiverse or Restricted?16:07
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=== carlos_ is now known as carlos
slytherinDoes anyone know why this bug is not actually fixed even though it says fix released - bug 178525 The service files are still missing.16:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178525 in bluez-utils "no available bluetooth services" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17852516:42
slytherinStevenK: ping16:44
juliankAny chance to get ndisgtk into main? - Bug #19186016:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191860 in ndisgtk "Main Inclusion Report for ndisgtk" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19186016:44
slytherinStevenK: I believe you fixed that bug related to service files. But there are actually no service files installed.16:45
neighborleeis  it true  gthumb has been removed from hardy ?16:45
neighborleeif so why16:45
pittineighborlee: just from the default install16:46
ion_    gthumb | 3:2.10.6-0ubuntu3 | http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main Packages16:46
neighborleepitti, may I ask why16:46
neighborleeoh wait..cause fspot is enough ;)16:46
pittineighborlee: we ship f-spot by default and taught it about a 'destination directory' for import, which was deemed sufficient16:47
neighborleefspot has no animation support ..or so I h ear is that correct ? ( maybe this is wrong  venue to discuss this , but I wanted to verify)16:47
neighborleeand honetly I still think a patent discussion about mono is stil relevant isnt' it ?16:47
neighborleeor is that off limits16:47
neighborleeif so where should I discuss it ;)16:48
pochuOn debian-legal? :P16:48
pochuIt's in Debian Main.16:48
pochuAnd we trust Debian. We are even less strict...16:48
neighborleeim just saying im being forced to use something that has less features and take more disk space and has 'patent issues' ;)16:48
pochuIs this another "let's kill mono" thread?16:49
neighborlee I dont feel good about that ;)16:49
neighborleeit is not.16:49
neighborleeits a legitimate question about linux future ;)16:49
neighborleeI dont know where else to h ave this discussion honestly :)16:49
neighborleethe forum is a joke, as it wont get anywhere.16:49
neighborleedevs hang here typically.16:49
neighborleethough I dont kn ow h ow many of you know about the patent issues..or if im just not aware of the entirety of it all16:50
neighborleeit sounds like a mess to me.16:50
neighborleebut I dont want to come across like a complainning bitch either ;)16:50
pochuneighborlee: regarding those /patent issues/, that's not up to the devs, but to the archive admins. And I tried once f-spot and it looked nice to me, except that it copied all my pictures, but that's fixed now I believe.16:51
neighborleeit is nice visually16:51
neighborleebut IF what im told is right..16:51
neighborleeit has no animation ability16:51
neighborleegthumb does , or so in told.16:51
neighborleebut if they are going for 'visual' I guess I understand    ..but im still not sure about this patent crap it sounds very IFFY to me.16:52
slytherinneighborlee: By animation do you mean slideshow?16:52
neighborleebut I suppose this isn't quite the right venue :(16:52
neighborleeslytherin, no16:52
neighborleeim told it wil import animations , where suposedly fspot wont16:52
neighborleeor so im told.16:52
ion_Video support would be nice indeed.16:53
neighborleeyes indeed16:53
slytherinneighborlee: So you have based your discussion on what someone have told you, not what you have actually seen.16:53
neighborleeslytherin, I see no reason they would lie.16:53
neighborleetypically ubuntu users aren't liars.16:53
pochuneighborlee: I see no reason why the archive admins will include software with patent issues.16:54
neighborleehmm let me try to verify16:54
neighborleetypicallly I would agree16:54
neighborleeone would think ;)16:54
neighborleeassuming they are aware of all the ramifications.16:54
slytherinneighborlee: No. What I am saying is that if you use f-spot and really feel that it is inferior to ghtumb, sure go ahead and file a bug with all the points. As far as I am concerned f-spot rocks16:54
neighborleerocks is irrelevant16:55
neighborleedisk space,,memory consumptioin stabiloity and patent issues IMO loom largely16:55
neighborleebut as I say im not sure this is the RIGHT venue for that disucssion16:55
neighborlee ;)16:55
neighborleeim not sure where the right place is honestly for it ;)16:56
ion_I have had no problems with disk space or memory consumption, it has been stable, and personally i couldn’t care less about patent trolls.16:56
neighborleeion_, I hope your not calling me a troll ;)16:56
ion_Nope, unless you own stupid software patents.16:56
neighborleeI dont ;)16:57
neighborleeI defintely dont16:57
slytherinneighborlee: When I say rock, it includes everything you mentioned except I don't think there are patent problems. It is just FUD.16:57
neighborleethat is the claim yes ;)16:57
* ScottK wonders if any of these patents have numbers?16:57
neighborleeim not so sure its right.16:57
cjwatsonneighborlee: if there are *real* patent issues to discuss, then let's discuss them on a case-by-case basis. But we cannot have a conversation about imponderable speculation.17:00
neighborleewell in part  think I worry about stability of mono aps..I mean just look what happened to beagle ,,it got replaced by  someething else..makes you wonder about mono apps in general if you ask me..and its not like there aren't alternatives to fspot and  tomboy both, but then trouble is half agree, and slightly over half agree mono shoudl be gone..at least the forum shows those numbers anyway..but then I undersgtand ubunt is a meritoc17:00
neighborleeracy ;))17:00
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=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
cjwatsonbeagle's lead developer lost interest, AIUI; I don't think that necessarily says anything about the implementation language17:01
neighborleecjwatson, ok what about the latest lawsuit against novel and redhat..is that legit or something  totally separate17:01
neighborleecjwatson, possibly17:01
cjwatsonwhich lawsuits?17:01
neighborleeyou dont know about it???17:01
cjwatsonthere have, as I understand it, been a number of companies suing them at various times17:01
pochuemilio@pochu:~/dev/projects/revu/trunk$ apt-cache show f-spot gthumb | grep ^Size17:01
pochuSize: 142653817:01
pochuSize: 136740817:01
pochu^-- disk space doesn't look like a very strong argument...17:02
neighborleecjwatson, is the one where novel paid M$ 42billlion in damages17:02
neighborleecjwatson, with no specifics as to why they did17:02
ion_neighborlee: It’s not fair to compare F-Spot to Beagle. Beagle feels bloated and resource-hungry. F-Spot does not.17:02
cjwatsonneighborlee: reference, please17:02
neighborleeim jus saying they both use the same language...17:02
neighborleecjwatson, let me find please hold17:03
cjwatsonare you referring to http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20071011205044141 ?17:03
neighborleelet me see17:04
neighborleecjwatson, do you at least know about the forum discussion on ubuntu about removing mono ?17:04
neighborleeif not you shoudl read it..20 pages or so but if you read fast its no biggie ;)17:04
neighborleeits informative imo17:04
neighborleecjwatson, im not sure if that is the one, but its one of them yes...17:05
pochuWe have seen the threads in ubuntu-devel-discuss@ and they lead to nowhere IMHO.17:05
slytherincan someone take a look at debdiff attached to bug 178525. It should re-fix the bug and another bug 19170417:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178525 in bluez-utils "no available bluetooth services" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17852517:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191704 in bluez-utils "hidd binary removed form bluez-utils package unable to connect as a result" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19170417:05
cjwatsonneighborlee: given that Novell's revenue for the financial year 2007 is about $1 billion, I'm afraid I don't believe your "42billion in damages" claim, hence my request for a reference17:05
ion_neighborlee: If F-Spot or Mono infringe on some patents, feel free to point out the patent numbers.17:06
neighborleepochu, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=594767 < ok sorry i should have offered url...it is tha tone17:06
cjwatsonneighborlee: it is not the first such thread, and I have read previous ones17:06
neighborleecjwatson, and whlie its not staggering.more want it gone than want it to stay ..17:06
cjwatsonforum votes are interesting, but not binding on Ubuntu development17:06
neighborleecjwatson, I agree17:07
cjwatsonwe have taken a decision on this before17:07
cjwatsonthe current archive reflects that decision17:07
neighborleewhat about the wiki that was submitted about mono removal ?17:07
\sh14th Feb -> FF means "last day to push new stuff in" or "after 13th 23:59:59" no new stuff,please?17:07
neighborleedid that even get discussed ?17:07
cjwatsonat some point you have to stop endlessly revisiting decisions unless concrete new evidence regarding patents is brought forward17:08
cjwatsonrather than vague claims17:08
neighborleewas it submitted by a team member or just a regular user17:08
cjwatsonanyone can create a wiki page17:08
cjwatsonfrequently, anyone does17:08
neighborleeright , I was jus asking if 'anyone' did or a developer17:08
cjwatsonto my knowledge that did not arise from the development community17:08
cjwatsonbut you could check for yourself; the wiki exposes revision history17:09
neighborleeI did check but could not find who did it to ask them17:09
neighborleeill recheck17:09
neighborleeI mean I know who did it, but im not sure how to contact them, but let me verify that17:09
cjwatsonif this is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/No-Mono-by-Default, none of the people involved in that are Ubuntu developers17:10
neighborleeyes  thats the one17:10
cjwatsonand, with all due respect, Canonical would be the target for any patent infringement lawsuits and it's up to Canonical to decide whether it's a worthwhile risk17:10
neighborleewell it looked very professionally drawn up, so I kinda assumed it probably was ; (17:10
neighborleeand at the time I wasn't aware 'anyone' could create wikis there for such things17:11
cjwatsonyou know that now17:11
neighborleeit looked like a development wiki basically is what i meant17:11
cjwatsonit's trivially easy to create a page that looks like that, because there is a template for it17:12
neighborleeah ic well that explains that17:12
cjwatsondeveloper specifications usually include less advocacy, too17:12
slytherinCan anyone look at my debdiff please and let me know if it need any refinements so that I can do those in next half hour.17:13
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pittiArneGoetje: I fixed the langpack-o-matic split branch sufficiently and merged it into trunk; building packages now17:35
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tjaaltonare there limitatons to what the package revision must be for a new package? I uploaded some plugins for vdr yesterday, but can't see them in the queue. They were based on packages that are not in debian, so I just added ubuntu117:39
tjaaltonbbl ->17:41
pittiArneGoetje, cjwatson, mvo: FYI, split language-support packs all uploaded now; if I ever get back ssh, I'll NEW them17:47
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cjwatson16:30:09 ERROR   Unhandled exception from processing an upload17:48
cjwatson -> http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11924746/vG8MMJpPVrrLkVUTSDwRmR4knlT.txt (Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu at lists.ubuntu.com>: no @ found in email address part.)17:48
cjwatsontjaalton: ^-- probably that17:48
juliankAny chance to use aufs instead of unionfs as the default in Hardy? The only missing part is Bug #18725917:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187259 in casper "Add support for Aufs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18725917:49
cjwatsonwe can add support, but I doubt it will be the default17:49
ogracjwatson, i belive we have the module in l-u-m already17:50
ograthe mythbuntu guys just wrote a ltsp kiosk client using aufs17:51
cjwatsonright, I just don't think it's appropriate to change the unionfs implementation at this point in the cycle17:51
ogra/opt/ltsp/i386/lib/modules/2.6.24-7-generic/ubuntu/fs/aufs/aufs.ko yeah17:51
juliankcjwatson: AFAIK, aufs is faster and more stable than unionfs17:51
cjwatsonjuliank: I'm not arguing with that, but at least with unionfs we have a rough idea of where the bugs are17:52
cjwatsonbetter the devil you know etc.17:52
juliankcjwatson: Also, the Debian Live project uses it, too.17:52
cjwatsonDebian is further away from a release than we are17:52
cjwatsonand TBH Debian's live CDs are an order of magnitude less heavily used than ours17:53
juliankcjwatson: Kanotix uses it with the same kernel we use.17:53
cjwatsonsame comments apply17:54
cjwatsonI'm happy to merge it and people can try it out from there17:54
cjwatsonbut the default will still be unionfs17:55
cjwatsonit's just not something I'm comfortable changing at feature freeze17:57
juliankcjwatson: So we won't complete https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/livecd-unionfs-alternatives (Priority: medium)17:57
mjg59juliank: The aim should be to have stuff implemented by feature-freeze, not push them in untested at the last second in the hope that it'll be stabalised by release17:58
cjwatsonthe first step with this sort of thing is always to make it available as non-default so that people can try it out17:59
juliankmjg59: Many distributions switched from UnionFS to aufs, because unionFS was to unstable. They are happier with aufs noew17:59
cjwatsonif testing *in the context of Ubuntu* finds that it is performing better *for us* (NOTE EMPHASIS) then we can consider flipping the switch at that pooint17:59
mjg59juliank: Which makes it a wonderful thing to investigate and integrate, at some point less than 6 hours before feature freeze17:59
cjwatsonI've merged your branch and changed the default to unionfs18:00
pittiRiddell: FYI, I just uploaded a new jockey with mhb's -kde package \o/18:02
juliankcjwatson: thx18:02
juliankcjwatson: We could also add an aufs entry to isolinux, so people having problems with unionFS can find it.18:05
cjwatsonITYM gfxboot-theme-ubuntu18:05
cjwatsonbut yes, it's a possibility, although I shudder to think of how to present that in a reasonable UI18:05
Mithrandiradd "unionfs=au" to the kernel command line and document it, IMO.18:06
juliankWe could just add an entry 'Boot...Ubuntu (Alternative UnionFS)' to the list.18:06
cjwatsonMithrandir: (union=aufs, implemented by the casper change above)18:06
Mithrandirjuliank: Boot Ubuntu (with Alternative gobbeligock) ?18:07
cjwatsonjuliank: no way, I just got rid of all the entries from the main menu that weren't sensible user-comprehensible options18:07
Riddellpitti: awooga18:07
Mithrandirseriously, most people won't have a clue whatsoever what unionfs is.18:07
cjwatsonogra: still around? could you have a look at the seed change in http://paste.ubuntu.com/4594/ ?18:07
evandstick it and safe graphics mode in a submenu?18:08
Mithrandir"Troubleshooting" "try one of those until it works".18:08
cjwatsonthe F6 menu has this kind of option now18:08
cjwatsonevand: already done, safe graphics mode is on F4 now18:08
cjwatsonF6 is a garbage-bag of random boot options at the moment18:08
cjwatsonbut I would like it to be verified to work in the context of Ubuntu before advertising it18:09
ogracjwatson, looks fine apart from the fact that ltsp can go but i can clean up later18:09
cjwatsonwe have had some very subtle bugs in the past that would not necessarily show up on other distributions18:09
cjwatsonogra: yeah, I left it in because Ubuntu doesn't have it on all architectures at the moment18:09
evandah, neat!18:09
cjwatsonogra: we should figure something out about bootability of these CDs18:10
cjwatsonogra: it would be nice to give people something better than this-disk-is-not-bootable-you-fool18:10
ograbootability ?18:10
ograbut what would you give them ? selections ? reboot, minimal system etc ?18:11
cjwatsonI'm not sure :)18:11
cjwatsonprobably can't even give them a minimal system18:11
cjwatsonmaybe a nice note that this is an add-on disk and they need to install Ubuntu first18:11
ograusplash alike18:12
cjwatsonor gfxboot18:12
juliankOther topic: I would really like to see ndisgtk in main (Bug #191860), it's a widely used frontend for ndiswrapper. It's there since dapper and has 21526 installations.18:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191860 in ndisgtk "Main Inclusion Report for ndisgtk" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19186018:12
ograhmm, yeah18:12
_MMA_juliank: What would being in Main do? Moving to Main for some things can mean more restrictions.18:17
juliank_MMA_: many users requested to have it installed by default. You should also see https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/easy-ndiswrapper18:18
_MMA_With the ability to pull from Universe, its not really necessary. Unless there is something in place that would stop Ubuntu from doing it.18:19
juliankIt's also very stable and does not need to be updated very often.18:19
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TomaszDhello, carlos told me to stop by, can someone from the dev team please include my Polish translation into a universe package paprefs? The upstream vendor doesn't respond. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/paprefs/+bug/19185418:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191854 in paprefs "Translation template unavailable for paprefs" [Undecided,New]18:26
TomaszDthe translation is attached to the bug report18:26
juliank_MMA_: Users would like to have it included on the CD, and AFAIK adding packages from universe is not possible. And its users need it configure their internet access, so they may not be able to get it from a mirror.18:26
_MMA_juliank: Adding packages from universe is now possible.18:27
cjwatson_MMA_: not for Ubuntu it isn't18:27
_MMA_I was about to add that. :P18:27
cjwatsonI think that's sort of relevant ;)18:27
_MMA_I type slow.18:27
cjwatsonsigh, I need yet another germinate change for this Edubuntu seed rearrangement18:27
cjwatsonlamont: happy Christmas18:28
_MMA_Was gonna say I didnt know if you had it set up for Ubuntu or not.18:28
cjwatsonintentionally not18:28
_MMA_I figured.18:28
lamontcjwatson: just tell me the number and I'll expedite it18:29
juliankcjwatson, _MMA_: Having ndisgtk on Hardy disks (amd64+i386) would be cool.18:30
cjwatsonjuliank: I agree with you, am just too flat out to do anything about it myself. you only filed the main inclusion report two hours ago :)18:30
cjwatsonseriously, it's one thing core developers leaving things to the last minute (part of the nature of things), but when you need sponsorship and assistance from other people to make changes, turning up on feature freeze day is more optimistic than anything else18:31
cjwatson(I know you had the casper/aufs thing for a while but you only said the branch was ok to merge today)18:32
cjwatsonlamont: I'll do a merge for you18:32
* _MMA_ reminds himself to to work on his JACK MIR for Hardy+1.18:32
lamontcjwatson: thanks18:33
luisbg_MMA_, MIR?18:35
cjwatsonlamont: chinstrap:~cjwatson/germinate/germinate_0.11ubuntu11*18:35
cjwatsonlamont: will file an RT too18:35
luisbg_MMA_, why JACK in main?18:36
_MMA_So we can build in JACK support for packages in Main. PulseAudio for 1.18:37
=== rzr is now known as rZr
luisbg_MMA_, that makes sense18:38
lamontcjwatson: is there a way to tell ssh (in ssh_config et al) if Host matches this pattern, then append $foo to it?18:39
cjwatsonunfortunately I think not, there's no expansion syntax18:40
lamontbecause for my other christmas presents, I want that one, and an ssh client hack for control mastery that says "if the other end said ETOOMANY, then be master instead of slave, and uh DTRT wrt control file"18:40
lamontcjwatson: how fast you want that germinate?18:41
cjwatsonlamont: well, I'd like to land the edubuntu-addon changes tonight if possible ...18:41
cjwatsonalthough after telling somebody else off for being late I may not have a leg to stand on :)18:41
lamontit's a question of 60 min, or do I get out and push18:42
cjwatson60 mins is fine18:43
* cjwatson blinks. curl build-depends on openssh-server?18:44
lamont(play human cron)18:44
* lamont wonders if there's an open bug against the dhcp server that if you stop networking and restart it, you need to restart the server...18:44
lamonthrm... syncing data to my laptop at 12MB/s on a 100Mbps lan kinda tanks everything else.18:48
lamontcjwatson: and yes, I prefer nice pretty-n-merged packages to "pull this from bzr, kthx" :-)18:51
cjwatsonlamont: I am so looking forward to DC hosts running hardy18:51
lamontyou and all of IS18:52
tjaaltoncjwatson: sheesh, copy-paste bit me big time :)18:52
cjwatsontjaalton: heh18:52
tjaaltonapparently I was a bit tired at the time, oh well18:53
lamontcjwatson: if you promise not to get used to it, germinate has landed19:03
cjwatsonlamont: ooh. thanks19:04
cjwatsonlamont: did I get lucky timing?19:04
lamontsomething like that..19:04
lamontcron.daily runs at :3 and :3319:04
cjwatsonbeer[lamont] += 1 then19:04
lamontso I happened to look at it around :52 ish, ran cron.daily, and then fat-fingered the 'look at the queues' a few minutes later and re-rean cron.daily... go me.19:05
lamontand that cron.daily caught the binary - that part was fortuitous timing19:05
asaccarlos: ping19:27
cjwatsonogra: Edubuntu converted to an add-on CD, at least theoretically; I confess I haven't yet tested it and have no idea whether it'll work first time19:59
cjwatsonogra: but I'm far too exhausted now to take it any further19:59
cjwatsonogra: you probably ought to be able to fix it up from here in light of what I've done20:00
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asacbryce: how can i figure the dpi that X detects for my monitor?20:24
bryceasac: xdpyinfo | grep resolution20:26
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bdmurrayAmaranth: Would tagging compiz bugs based off the plugin be helpful?20:41
Amaranthbdmurray: i don't think so20:43
Amaranthbdmurray: Well, it might help me decide what ones to ignore if launchpad gives me a way to search for "all bugs that don't have tag foo" :)20:44
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bdmurrayAmaranth: If the bug is about a specific plug should the package not be compiz but compiz-fusion-plugins-main or extra?21:07
Amaranthif that's what package the plugin is in, yes21:07
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bdmurrayAnd is the mapping between name in CCSM and the actual plugin pretty intuitive?  It looks like it to me.21:10
bdmurrayOr is there something we could look at / point to that would show the mappings?21:11
seb128jamiemcc_: hi, do you plan to roll a new tracker tarball? the hardy feature freeze is now and we will likely review if we want to keep tracker enable for hardy, having a new version with svn bug fixes could be useful there21:12
jamiemcc_seb128: yeah I was planning for this weekend - can it wait that long?21:13
jamiemcc_seb128: its all bugfixes as there are no neew features at present21:14
seb128jamiemcc_: yes, we can always get freeze exceptions, no problem, having it next week would just be nice because we likely want to look at it soon21:16
bdmurrayAmaranth: Is there something we could look at / point to that would show the mappings? or is just guessing based of the plugin name effective enough?21:16
Amaranthbdmurray: I just do dpkg -S libfoo.so21:16
Amaranthwhere foo is the plugin name21:16
jamiemcc_seb128: yeah i understand - but we have to lots of testing before doing a release to help rpevent regressions21:16
seb128jamiemcc_: the current concern is that it creates quite some cpu and io load and not used a lot by applications yet21:17
mario_limonciellseb128, did you look at the bug that pitti commented on today regarding gmyth?21:17
seb128mario_limonciell: yeah, we discussed it on IRC, neither of us knew exactly what it brings21:17
bdmurrayAmaranth: right, my question is does the plugin name match up to what it is called in ccsm pretty well?21:18
seb128mario_limonciell: slomo pointed the gstreamer code doesn't work when using 0.7 or something I think?21:18
mario_limonciellseb128, it brings support to watch recordings via native protocol for myth21:18
seb128mario_limonciell: dunno what is myth, can you describe it from a newbie user point of view?21:18
mario_limonciellseb128, i've gotten things working at home doing a local build with gmyth integrated21:18
jamiemcc_seb128: we will try and tune things so its not noticeable by auto pausing when user is moving mouse or pressing keys21:18
mario_limonciellseb128, its a tv recording server21:19
mario_limonciellseb128, you schedule recordings, and then it does them for you21:19
Amaranthbdmurray: almost not at all, about half the time21:19
mario_limonciellseb128, there is a native viewer out there, but its a bit big.  so for casual usage on a secondary or tertiary machine, this is most ideal21:19
Amaranthbdmurray: i dunno how to map the two automatically, i just do it in my head21:20
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seb128mario_limonciell: how responsive is upstream? will you look after totem bugs, etc for the next years? ;-)21:20
mario_limonciellseb128, for gmyth, very responsive.21:20
seb128mario_limonciell: because that looks like rather a small usecase and we have already lot to do, I don't want to maintain that for 3 years21:20
bdmurrayAmaranth: it looks like it is in the xml files21:20
Amaranthbdmurray: well, yeah21:21
mario_limonciellseb128, well its a "plugin" and off by default21:21
mario_limonciellso shouldn't hurt the majority of people21:21
Amaranthbdmurray: the name of the xml file is the name of the plugin, then inside there is the name that ccsm shows21:21
mario_limoncielli'll be glad to get myself and the rest of ~ubuntu-mythtv to triage related bugs though21:21
mario_limonciellespecially until gmyth is in debian (that's the eventual plan)21:21
bdmurrayAmaranth: okay that might help people out then21:21
seb128pitti: ^21:22
seb128mario_limonciell: what about the gstreamer code and 0.7?21:23
mario_limonciellseb128, i've pulled the appropriate patches from the vcs already for gstreamer21:23
mario_limoncielland  they are part of gstreamer-0.10-plugins-bad now21:24
mario_limonciellwell once gmyth clears NEW at least, and it can build against it - the source package is in depwait right now21:24
seb128thekorn: the retracer crashes on     raise ValueError, "Unsupported attachment-type '%s'" %type(attachments)21:50
seb128is that a known issue?21:50
seb128commentsbase.py", line 15, in __init__21:50
thekornseb128, do you know the content-type of the file which should be added,21:52
seb128ValueError: Unsupported attachment-type '<type 'set'>'21:53
thekornoch, that's bad21:53
seb128that was on bug #191065 apparently21:53
ubotuBug 191065 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/191065 is private21:53
thekornhmm, it's private :(21:54
seb128hum, I can view this one21:54
seb128can't type neither ;-)21:54
somerville32I can't view that bug either21:55
crevettegood night21:56
thekornseb128, the retracer is running the code of the .main branch of py-lp-bugs, right?21:56
seb128thekorn: it's running the hardy package version21:57
propagandistanyone know of a package using cdbs that also creates a python debug package?21:58
seb128propagandist: gnome-menus21:58
propagandistseb128: :o} thank you!21:59
seb128propagandist: you are welcome21:59
thekornseb128, just checked the code, that's definitely a unknown issue22:02
seb128thekorn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4599/22:04
thekornthanks, let me create a bugreport and ask someone from the bug team to remove the"private" attribute22:05
thekornseb128, I created bug 191963 to track this issue22:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191963 in python-launchpad-bugs "ValueError: Unsupported attachment-type '<type 'set'>' " [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19196322:10
seb128thekorn: thanks22:10
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keescookslangasek: I assume we should just simply _not_ merge pcre3 7.6 for Hardy.22:23
slangasekkeescook: yes, I expect so22:23
seb128thekorn: seems to crash on bug #191627 now22:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191627 in terminator "terminator crashed with GError in reconfigure_vte()" [Critical,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19162722:24
Robi1WINE is broken in hardy22:24
Robi1+how do I22:24
=== Robi1 is now known as Robin_
thekornseb128, same error?22:24
seb128thekorn: yes22:24
slangasekkeescook: not completely out of the question that it /could/ be merged, but standard freeze rules apply, offer not valid in all states, yada yada22:25
thekornlet me check, sound like a change in edge22:25
seb128thekorn: hum, the retracer should not be using edge22:25
keescookslangasek: yeah.  I have no driving need to merge it.  :)  I like stability, thanks.22:25
thekornseb128, right,22:26
keescookRobin_: best to file a bug report (and look for duplicates first) along with steps to reproduce22:27
Robin_Do I need to register a launchpad account22:27
keescookRobin_: and then check with #ubuntu-wine too  (LP account: yes)22:27
yogiwhen is hardy alpha 5 expected to roll of from the compiling farm?22:28
keescookyogi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule22:28
Robin_WINE seg faults... how can someone mend this package with the stream it's stupid :)22:29
Robin_anyway off to launchpad then22:29
yogikeescook: thanks!22:29
yogiare there any 'daily snapshot' cd images? (like debian has)?22:29
yogiI hate downloading 650MB of ISO + 300MB of updates ;)22:30
LaserJockyogi: cdimage.ubuntu.com22:30
yogithanks a lot!22:30
keescook_MMA_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jinx_%28children%27s_game%2922:31
_MMA_Yeah, I owe Jordan a Coke now. :P22:32
LaserJock'cept I'll have to move to NC to collect22:33
thekornseb128, I cant reproduce this error here, parsing of this bugreport works22:33
_MMA_LaserJock: ;P22:33
seb128thekorn: k, weird22:36
thekornseb128, the retracer is running on dapper, right?22:36
seb128thekorn: yes22:36
thekornseb128, ok, will check this error in a dapper vm tomorrow,22:38
seb128thekorn: thanks22:39
thekornyou are welcome22:39
bryceogasawara: can you take a look at 187855?  trying to determine if it is a kernel bug or not22:44
ogasawarabryce: sure22:45
ogasawarabryce: hard to say if it's a kernel bug, but I'll post a comment to get more info.  do you know if timo has a reference he can point us to regarding upstream claiming it's a kernel issue?22:54
brycegreat thanks; you might ask tjaalton about that on the bug (I was wondering the same thing)22:54
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_Angelus_i wanted to know...23:41
_Angelus_do the developers know that the bootup splash doesnt work on 64bit computers?23:41
_Angelus_i mean...  on kubuntu 64bit23:41
ion_Is there a bug report? If not, please report it.23:43
mjg59There is, and it's not all 64 bit machines23:43
_Angelus_90% the problem is that ubuntu uses vesafb-tng instead of vesafb, vesafb-tng is not compatable with most 64bit computers23:44
_Angelus_there never was a fix , the only fix i found is, to compile a custom kernel, which worked fine...23:45
_Angelus_so probably this issue would be solved if the kernel compiled by ubuntu for 64bit systems would use vesafb..23:47
mjg59_Angelus_: Uh. No.23:48
mjg59We don't use vesafb-tng, and usplash doesn't use vesafb.23:48
mjg59It does vesa directly.23:48
_Angelus_im reading a post from some german comunity23:49
mjg59The issue is in x86emu23:49
_Angelus_which have a fix23:49
mjg59_Angelus_: Well, it's wrong (I wrote usplash and the vesa code it uses)23:49
_Angelus_it says that gutsy by default doesnt load vesafb? :/23:49
_Angelus_and its blacklisted?23:49
mjg59Yes, we don't use a framebuffer by default23:49
mjg59By default, usplash only uses a framebuffer on ppc23:50
_Angelus_i see23:50
mjg59We can't make the default setup use vesafb23:50
mjg59It interacts poorly with some graphics drivers and suspend/resume support23:50
faketanganyone here familiar with the installer for server, as in /usr/bin/main-menu on the disk's initrd?23:50
_Angelus_well, i will try to enable vesafb and the other 2modules listed in this guide and see if it solved the problam23:50
mjg59It'll probably work around the problem, but it won't solve it23:51
_Angelus_why would the bootup splash need x86emu?23:51
_Angelus_cant the bootup splash be compiled for x86_64 ? :/23:51
mjg59No, because you can't run 16-bit code on a 64-bit kernel23:53
mjg59It's your video card BIOS code that's the problem23:53
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faketangwhere would I be able to find the source code to /usr/bin/main-menu?23:55
_Angelus_mjg59: then why does gentoo for example can have a bootup splash on amd64 arch? :S23:55
_Angelus_and i heard gentoo and ubuntu use the same bootup splash system23:56
mjg59_Angelus_: We don't use the same bootup splash system23:56
crimsun_faketang: apt-get source main-menu.  See also http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/talks/debconf6/paper/ .23:56
mjg59usplash works fine on many 64 bit systems23:56
mjg59It's just some recent ones where the video BIOS triggers bugs in x86emu23:56
_Angelus_i see23:57
_Angelus_mjg59: if this guide im trying works and solves the issue, is there somewhere where i can post it so people with the same problem find it with ease?23:57
faketangcrimsun_: I have no main-menu in any my repos (main/restricted/universe/multiverse); I have seen that debconf paper, but it doesn't explain how to modify the installer23:59
mjg59_Angelus_: Not really. This will almost certainly be fixed by hardy release - I just haven't had time to write the appropriate debug code yet23:59

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