blueyedIs there a chance to include virtualbox-ose-modules in linux-ubuntu-modules or something similar, so it gets rebuild for new kernels more automatically?00:59
amitkblueyed: unlikely, tomorrow is feature freeze for hardy. But there are exceptions for legitimate cases... So write email to kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com explaining what needs to be done and why. Providing a patch that already works with Ubuntu gets bonus points.01:07
blueyedamitk: what should the patch target? linux-ubuntu-modules? Please note, that virtualbox-ose-modules is already around, but needs to be uploaded for new kernels always separately.01:29
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Hammer89anyone have any idea what's causing this error? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55947/06:29
Hammer89(I was referred from the #ubuntu channel to ask on here)06:30
Hammer89only modifications I've made were some recent updates from synaptic... which included kernel updates06:31
tjaaltonrtg: do you have any changes to lrm other than the ones by me and tseliot?07:36
tjaaltonrtg: ok, I'll prepare the lrm but won't upload until ack'ed07:58
Kanohi rtg , do you want to add dmraid45?09:19
aboganiBug #9765509:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 97655 in linux-source-2.6.20 "dmraid45 target please" [Wishlist,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9765509:24
krautthis vmsplice issue is fixed in the vanilla kerne 2.6.24-2, not in -1, correct?10:16
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krauttjaalton: thanks11:14
rtgtjaalton: I don't have anything for lrm, though I might take a stab at producing a -server version later on. (next week)13:51
tjaaltonrtg: I'm trying to do that now, if it's ok13:57
rtgtjaalton: that works for me :)13:57
rtgits not like I lack for things to do.13:57
tjaaltonrtg: hehe, ok. it should be easy14:05
tjaaltonwhee, lrm-server built14:57
tjaaltonfritz and ltmodem have been disabled for some time now, but ltmodem seems to build fine14:59
rtgtjaalton: I'll be uploading a -8 kernel this morning that fixes the compile issues with sparc/hppa/ia64.15:00
tjaaltonrtg: you'd have the lrm ready by then?15:01
rtgtjaalton: I assumed you were doing a -8 release for lrm, right?15:02
tjaaltonrtg: sure, but how much do I have time left?-)15:03
natviei have this weird issue with ram.. i have an old pc with me, its a pentium550mhz intel i810 mothermotherboard and it had 128 mb sdram. so recently i thought of upgrading it to 512mb ram. so i bought this 256mb X 2 sticks as my motherboard have only two slots and support upto 512 mb. its all 133 mhz. ie same speed.now the problem is ..when i put this 512 mb ram.. my booting time takes almost 20 minutes.. so i checked it with only 256 mb in the slot.. th15:03
natvieen it took almost 7-8 mins.. but with my old 128mb ram it usedto take only less than 2 mins...i.e as i increase the ram the system is getting slower15:03
rtgtjaalton: even if you upload now it ought to DEPWAIT on the arches that have yet to build.15:03
rtgtjaalton: I guess my point is, I don't think we need to coordinate on when you upload since there is already a -8 kernel in the archive.15:04
natviecan anyone help me15:04
tjaaltonrtg: ok, cool. I hope to be ready soon15:04
rtgnatvie: have you run the memtest ?15:05
* ogra has a really funny bug here ...15:06
natvieyes.. idi run the mem test.. evrything is fine15:06
rtgogra: how amused will I be?15:06
natvieone more  thing.. i have got dual boot.. and 512 is working perfectly with my windows XP15:06
ograsince the beginning of hardy i noticed that my music playback didnt keep a constant speed (sounding like you play with the reel on a tape)15:07
natviei use ubuntu 6.06. as i'm new in linux..15:07
ograi was looking for bugs in mp3 playback and even in rhythmbox ....15:07
rtgogra: I think listening to that would make me ill :)15:07
ogratoday i had to stopwatch something ... 15:07
ograintrestingly that showed me that not my playback but my system constantly seems to change speed15:08
natviertg:i tried 512mb and 128mb seprately on suse9.1, gnu/linux, ubuntu 5.10 etc.. in all the above i did fresh installations.. but in all the above ..i'm having trounle with this ram upgrade15:08
tjaaltonrtg: btw, now that we have open-vm-tools, aren't the ones in lrm redundant?15:08
tjaaltonthey are not even built15:08
rtgtjaalton: likely, contact soren. He just updated the lum version.15:09
ogra(i never noticed that before, but the "wait" cursor rotates according to teh music speed as well)15:09
rtgogra: could it be a problem with the codec device and/or driver?15:09
natviertg: wat could possibly be the problem15:10
ogrartg, unlikely and i wonder how that should influence my cursor 15:10
ograits also not constantly there15:11
sorentjaalton: No.15:11
rtgogra: well, if interrupts were not getting serviced. something like that. arethere any complaints in syslog?15:11
smbogra: is that the same machine that has this oopses and sometimes some clock issues15:11
ograonly happens at times, very unpredictable but lasts for a while then15:11
tjaaltonsoren: ok, thanks15:11
ograsmb, nope, other one15:11
sorentjaalton: The ones in lrm are the ones you need on the host side. The ones in lum are the ones you can benefit from in the guest.15:11
smbogra: ah. ok. just came to my mind :)15:12
tjaaltonsoren: ok, they haven't been built since feisty though :)15:13
natviewat can i do abt he ram15:13
sorentjaalton: *shrug*15:13
ogrartg, hmm, nothing in syslog it seems15:13
tjaaltonsoren: not to mention that they are old, but maybe I'll just leave them be for the time being :)15:14
rtgogra: what kind of platform?15:14
sorentjaalton: I forget why they were added to begin with.. I wasn't involved in that stuff back then.15:15
ograogra@ceron:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep model15:15
ogramodel: 415:15
ogramodel name: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz15:15
ogramodel: 415:15
ogramodel name: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz15:15
ogradual core pentium15:15
rtgogra: looks identical to mine.15:15
sorenActual dual core or hyperthreading?15:15
ograplay some internet radio during the next days while working ;)15:16
rtgsoren: hyperthreaded.15:16
tjaaltonsoren: seems that the kernel modules are now in partner repo15:16
rtgogra: I play local tunes quite often. The only time I notice drop out is under heavy disk activity.15:16
ograhmm, i rarely play local tunes ...15:17
ograi'll switch to local for the day tomorrow, so i can see if it shows up there as well15:17
ograits really significant sometimes ... like you hold back the tape, lest loose and it rushes past the head quickly it really behaves very analogue :)15:19
rtgogra: see if you can correlate that behavior with other activity, such as wireless or wired network activity, background disk indexing, etc.15:20
rtgmaybe screen updates?15:21
ograwell, its an ltsp server so it doesnt have or drive any screen15:23
rtgogra: so, lots of network activity, then?15:24
ograwell, not really, i usually only run a single terminal on it ... 15:24
rtgbut your audio is coming over the network, right?15:25
ograthrough pulse15:25
rtgany change that the stream is being affected somewhere else?15:25
ograemulating an alsa device in the user session ... 15:25
ograwell, the line between server and client is a direct connection ... my payload goes over the other networks here in the house15:26
ograall ist does is serving one terminal over 100Mbit ... if i do tests i usually run up to ten terminals on that network piece without any saturation issues15:27
ograadditionally i would expect audio to get choppy rather than changing speed if the net is involved15:28
rtgogra: I agree.15:28
rtgogra: I also know that if this bugs the shit out of you, you're capable of figuring it out :) 15:29
rtgI don't havbe a quick anser.15:29
ograits not overly important and i wasnt after pushing anyone to fix it :)15:29
ograas i stated initially ... funny bug :)15:30
amitk_ogra: could you check if frequency scaling is involved?15:41
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ograamitk, i did alreaady seems not :/15:42
ogra(that was actually the first thing i checked after searching in the audio stack)15:42
amitkogra: install latencytop and keep it running it through these apparent slow downs15:42
ograbut i suspect there is a clocking issue *somewhere* 15:43
ogracool, thanksi didnt know about that tool 15:43
amitkrecently released15:43
ograah, thats why apt doesnt find it :)15:44
ograwhere do i get it ?15:44
amitklatencytop.org i believe15:44
ogradoes our kernel have the required patch ? 15:45
rtgtjaalton: see http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-hardy.git;a=commit;h=983c3899ef3f44ec0e65f23cf6fd8571a8bc4d5b . You'll need to do this for lrm.15:45
amitkunfortunately, no. But I'm thinking if we should...15:46
ograt least during development we should15:47
ograseems like a helpful monitoring tool 15:47
rtgamitk: its gotta happen today.15:48
tjaaltonrtg: needed for lrm too?15:48
amitkrtg: ogra: there is an overhead with tracking anything.15:48
ograamitk, i dont mind having some overhead during the development cycle ... you can remove it for the release15:49
rtgtjaalton: the new dpkg-buildpackage passes options to all build. kernel stuff just won't work unless you unexport LDFLAGS (in particular)15:49
amitkrtg: would enabling it now and disabling it in some Beta be acceptable?15:50
rtgamitk: how about ifdef'ing it? ogra can build his own kernels.15:50
amitkrtg: it is #ifdef'ed. You need to enable CONFIG_LATENCYTOP15:51
ogra(that doesnt mean he wants to :P )15:51
rtgeven better, a sysfs entry to enable it dynamically?15:51
ograthat sounds handy15:51
tjaaltonrtg: gotcha15:52
rtgamitk: it would be easy enough to peridically produce a CONFIG_LATENCYTOP enabled kernel in a PPA.15:52
amitkrtg: yup, let me see how current the patch is. I'll get back to you15:53
rtgamitk: np. we can add it later  since its not an active feature (by default)15:53
sorenHow far are we from a new linux-meta?15:56
rtgsoren: as soon as I verify the kernel FTBS are fixed. probaly later this afternoon.15:57
sorenrtg: When is "afternoon"? I forget your $TZ.15:58
rtgits 0900 here. so, another 3-4 hours?15:59
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amitkrtg: you already wrapping up -8.14?16:28
rtgamitk: test building as we speak.16:28
rtgmaking damn sure I didn't break ABI16:28
amitkrtg: so I can commit to git?16:29
rtgyep, but don't start a new release just yet.16:29
rtgjust in case.16:29
amitkrtg: this is the latencytop patch16:29
tjaaltonrtg: hmm, the new lrm will end up in NEW because of adding -server17:17
rtgtjaalton: thats OK. almost every kernel does as well.17:18
tjaaltonah, ok17:18
rtgtjaalton: besides, I know the archive admins.17:19
tjaaltonrtg: phew, lrm is now uploading17:36
rtgbombs away... kernel in a bit. I want to make _really_ sure I've solved the dpkg-buildpackage FTBS carnage.17:37
Kanortg: do you know this driver: http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/data/drivers/2007_1220_RT2870_Linux_STA_v1.2.1.0.tar.bz218:02
Kanoit fails to build with 2.6.2418:02
rtgKano: why am I responsible for that?18:03
Kanowell it is a wlan driver18:03
Kanoand you could add it if you get it compiled18:03
Kanoi am sure there will be more users for that driver18:03
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rtgKano: its likely it'll have to go into the lbm package (if anywhere)18:11
Kanowhats lbm?18:11
Kanoreplacement for lum?18:12
rtgits in addition to lum18:12
Kanowhats teh difference18:12
rtgin the past its how I upgraded ALSA with impacting users who choose _not_ to install lbm18:12
rtglbm modules take precedence over lum and kernel.18:13
rtge.g., they are first in the depmod search order.18:13
Kanobut is completely empty now?18:13
rtgit is empty for Hardy. Look at Gutsy for an example.18:14
mjg59Hm. -7 boots *very* slowly on one of my test boxes, until / gets mounted18:50
mjg59Then it seems to speed up18:50
mjg59Caps lock takes ages to respond, so it seems to be somewhere in the kernel18:50
rtgmjg59: I've noticed that on at least one as well. I'm hoping -8 (without the generic IDE driver) will help.18:54
rtgmjg59: -8.14 that is.18:54
mjg59Hm. Yeah, generic has ended up binding. 18:56
mjg59Wait, no.18:56
Kanortg: how about using pata_nv for nvidia?18:56
inuka_deskamitk, Jay toled me that you guys were having issues with the driver....?18:56
rtgmjg59: I backed all the IDE changes out: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-hardy.git;a=commit;h=351cc10d3c1c2ab09773b24994389d7533c832dd18:56
amitkinuka_desk: it was an ABI and versioning confusion in the mobile PPA18:57
amitkshould be solved soon18:57
mjg59rtg: Right, if the legacy drivers are enabled they need to be blacklisted by default18:57
inuka_deskamitk, oh ok just checking...18:57
rtgKano: CONFIG_SATA_NV=m in all configs except virtual.19:00
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Kanortg: but i have got hda19:03
Kanoi mean PATA_NV19:03
Kanothe other nv driver disables dma for my dvd drive19:03
amitkmjg59: rtg: Wouldn't it be nicer to have a way to explicitly enforce an order in which modules are tried: ata_piix -> ide_generic 19:03
rtgpata_amd.c: Nvidia SATA devices are claimed by sata-nv.c19:04
mjg59amitk: There's only really one order that makes sense19:04
Kanoi will compile the kernel without old ide drives but it is really annoying when you try the generic one19:04
rtgamitk: some thing in itiramfs ?19:04
mjg59amitk: There's only really one order that makes sense (native,acpi,pci-generic,generic)19:05
mjg59The problem is that there's two different native drivers provided19:06
mjg59Either will work, but libata is basically always preferred19:06
amitkrtg: yeah... apparently fedora does something like this in the mkinitrd script19:06
mjg59The sensible thing is just not to include the legacy ones in the initramfs when a libata driver is shipped19:06
amitkmjg59: but sometimes (admittedly very rarely now) the libata driver doesn't work19:07
mjg59amitk: Right, so in that case we should ship the legacy one and blacklist the libata one :)19:08
mjg59You'll never want both in the initramfs19:08
mjg59Unless one trips bugs on some hardware and the other trips bugs on different hardware, in which case we should probably just trim the PCI IDs19:08
Kanono good idea when you want to use em with a different config19:09
mjg59Kano: ?19:09
Kanowell when you want to do a kernel without legacy ide drivers19:10
mjg59I still don't understand what you're saying19:10
Kanowhich ids do you want to remove?19:10
mjg59Any overlapping IDs when we need to provide both in the initramfs19:11
Kanothen remove the legacy ids19:16
mjg59Well, obviously19:19
Kanoalso pata_amd i would prefer (it is not pata_nv)19:20
mjg59amitk: It would probably be helpful to write something to scan through the modules and flag any cases where we have multiple modules supporting the same IDs19:24
amitkmjg59: sure19:34
Kanomjg59: thats easy19:35
Kanojust usw awk on modules.pcimap19:36
mjg59amitk: Then we can add appropriate blacklist entries or remove IDs as necessary19:46
tjaaltonrtg: crap, lrm failed to build on i386, nv-new for -server19:58
Kanotjaalton: do you want a patch19:58
Kanoor do you want to seek for it alone ;)19:59
Kanoi fixed that weeks ago *g*19:59
tjaaltonKano: you have one?19:59
Kanoi reused the fedora one19:59
Kanoaccept dcc19:59
Kanowhats up20:00
tjaaltonurl please20:00
tjaaltonor pastebin20:00
Kanoextracted from source.rpm20:00
tjaaltonwhich package?20:00
Kanois what you need20:01
Kanoalready included in http://kanotix.com/files/install-nvidia-debian.sh20:01
Kanotjaalton: i think it was before from fedora, but just seek for the name, very easy to find20:04
tjaaltonKano: ok thanks20:05
Kanothat script installs nvidia with a patched standard installer and has that patch also integrated in case of xen found20:06
tseliotKano: doesn't this line work any more?20:07
tseliotexport IGNORE_XEN_PRESENCE=120:07
Kanoit works but for 2.6.24 you need an extra patch20:07
Kanoi told you the name, gave you link to rpm with that, even a script with it...20:08
tseliotok, thanks20:08
tseliotI asked since DKMS + export IGNORE_XEN_PRESENCE=1 works well on Hardy20:09
Kanoit can not be for xen20:10
Kanothat deb has20:11
Kanoerr rpm20:11
Kanodo you see that20:11
Kanoin the dkms.conf20:11
* tseliot nods20:13
tseliotyou're right20:13
tseliotIt looks like I'll have to modify Envy20:14
Kanoyou write envy?20:14
tseliotYes, I did20:14
Kanowell i wanted to adopt that for my script too20:14
Kanomaybe i add dkms support,seems to be easy20:15
tseliotyes, it's quite easy to do20:15
Kanoonly that dkms file20:15
tseliotI did it20:16
Kanoi never use envy ;)20:16
tseliotwell, I haven't released EnvyNG yet20:16
Kanomy scripts have been out years before envy and work still20:17
tseliotEnvyNG (Next Generation) will use DKMS20:17
tseliotyes, I know :-)20:17
Kanowill change the fglrx script to dkms , thats easy, for nvidia it is a bit tricky20:17
tseliotnot that tricky ;)20:17
Kanowell maybe i put it in a package like fglrx20:18
tseliotmaybe you can have a look at EnvyNG when it's finished20:18
tseliotthat is to say very soon20:19
Kanomaybe, but i prefer "own" solutions *g*20:19
tseliotthere's only one solution as regards dkms.conf :-P20:19
Kanoyou can reuse the mandrake one too20:20
tseliotI tried but DKMS refused to install the module20:20
Kanoso upload yours20:21
tseliotsure, I would like to include the patch you gave me first20:22
Kanoi can think of the 2 lines20:22
Kanothats not the problem20:22
Kanonvidia, 169.09, 2.6.24-7-generic, i686: built20:22
Kanothat worked btw...20:22
tseliotwith Mandriva's dkms?20:23
tseliotwith Mandriva's dkms.conf ?20:23
Kanoi only changed ver to 169.0920:23
tseliotreally? Then it means that I had tried some older version of the package20:24
Kanoi used the one i gave you20:25
tseliotI remember that the package built but when I tried to install it, DKMS failed20:25
tseliothave you tried to install the packages?20:25
Kanomaybe it needs the makefile for other kernels too20:27
tseliothave you tried the packages yourself?20:28
Kanothe package now20:28
Kanoi only extracted a few things20:28
tseliotah, ok20:28
Kanobut in theory i could try that too...20:29
tseliotit shouldn't break anything20:30
tseliotif it's only the part with DKMS20:30
Kanohmm when i copy it completely i get bad exit status 220:32
Kanomusst diff it20:32
Kano-mcmodel=kernel -mno-red-zone20:33
Kanoand removed xenchat20:34
tseliotdoes this depend on your specific system configuration?20:38
Kanowell i fetched the x86_64 rpm ;)20:40
Kanoyou need a 64 bit system20:41
Kanowell basically only 2 files are different to 32 bit20:45
KanoModule.symvers + nv-kernel.o20:45
Kanothen it works20:47
tseliotI see20:47
Kanoi just dont understand why20:54
Kanothis is used20:54
Kanousually it is in20:54
Kanodo you get this?20:55
tseliotlet me check20:57
Kanowhich is stupid20:58
tseliotit should be20:58
Kanoas when you uninstall the module an older module will be copied to the new location20:58
tseliotit works well with that20:59
Kanosure, maybe mandrake specific20:59
tseliotI don't use Mandriva21:00
tseliottherefore, yes it might be mandriva specific21:01
Kanointerestingly fglrx uses the drm location for dkms.conf21:03
Kanobut misc when you use m-a...21:06
Kano(edgy target)21:06
Kanodont know what the installer uses21:07
tseliottrue, but I don't know why fglrx requires that line...21:08
Kanoi dont think that you require it, maybe you just use it for both21:08
tseliotcurrently I use a customised dkms.conf for NVIDIA while I leave the ATI installer the burden to build the packages for me21:11
Kanowhy is it impossible to use remove before using build?21:15
Kanodkms remove $(dkms status|awk '/^nvidia/{print "-m "$1" -v "$2}'|sed 's/,//g'|uniq) --all21:16
Kanothat only works after build but not directly after add...21:16
Kanostupid or not...21:17
Kanorm -rf /var/lib/dkms/nvidia/21:24
Kanomaybe thats faster...21:24
Kanoas final cleanup21:34
Kanodkms remove $(dkms status 2>/dev/null|awk '/^nvidia/{print "-m "$1" -v "$2}'|sed 's/,//g;s/:$//'|uniq) --all 2>/dev/null21:38
Kanothis works... forgot that :21:38
Kanotseliot: what do you think about creating the dir, adding it, mkdeb --source-only and then just install the deb?21:44
tseliotI don't understand your question21:45
Kanohow do you package it21:46
tseliotI use the packaging scripts of the lrm21:46
ntoliaHi. I am tryiing to compile a Xen kernel using the linux-source package in 7.10. However, simply copying the config file from the linux-xen image and running make oldconfig doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions / instructions on how to build it?21:46
tseliotso that I get 3 packages21:46
Kanowell to integrate into my script i will first use another way21:46
tseliotsorry but I have no experience whatsoever with Xen kernels (yet)21:47
tseliotBack to what I was saying, I generate 3 packages:21:47
tseliotnvidia-glx{new,legacy}, nvidia-glx{new,legacy}-dev, nvidia-kernel-source21:48
tseliotwhere nvidia-kernel-source contains the dkms part21:48
Kanowell my script works a bit differnt21:49
Kanoit has a -v option to specify the driver or it chooses automatically the best driver for th card21:49
Kanoso it is more generic21:49
tseliotEnvy can do that for me21:50
tseliotso that I can build whatever the user wants21:50
tseliotor whatever autodetection decides21:50
Kanonv autodetect is really simple... fglrx you need to update everytime21:51
tseliotI keep id lists for both drivers21:51
Kanoi use whitelist for fglrx and blacklist for nv21:52
tseliotI keep the ids in python dictionaries. Each driver flavour has its own dict21:55
Kanothere are always different ways21:57
Kanoi do not understand python, i use bash21:59
Kanoor better: dash21:59
Kanoas the script is pure posix21:59
tseliotI use Python because it's just too easy to use22:02
tseliotand I can use both GTK and QT4 with it22:02
tseliotand of course I know Python better than bash22:03
tseliotit's a matter of taste22:04
tseliotbtw, envy was originally written in bash22:08
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Caesarre: #183928, is the intention only to carry the Centrino branded and certified version of iwlwifi at the expense of the various improvements in the later versions?23:19
Caesar(particularly talking about Hardy here)23:20
alex_jonibug #18392823:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183928 in linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 "update iwlwifi to latest version" [Medium,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18392823:20
rtgCaesar: for now. its possible that if there are compelling reasons I might do an lbm version.23:20
Caesarrtg: how would you like to be compelled? :-)23:20
rtgThere would have to be a number of failure cases. At any rate, I'm not going to get to it for a few weeks.23:21
Caesarserge: you have failure cases, right?23:21
sergeVersions like 1.2.23 is being used by Fedora 8 so could be considered well tested 23:21
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sergeon WPA enterprise roaming from one access point to another we get packet loss, I have bug reports from people saying that their connection drops 23:22
sergedrops out from time to time23:23
sergealso my logs are full of TKIP decrypt failed for RX23:23
sergeI don't think the users look at their logs so have not had any reports 23:24
Caesarrtg: can we make this easier for you? Provide a patch?23:24
rtgsure, but do it for linux-backports-modules23:25
sergeFro Hardy ? 23:25
Caesarrtg: why backports?23:28
rtgbecause its an elective install. lum and the kernel are required.23:28
tjaaltonrtg: I hope the latest lrm builds on i386, since I need to get some sleep :)23:53
tjaaltonlpia is the only one that has finished building23:53
tjaaltonso far23:54

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