persiamruiz: It is precisely because the old package lives in Dapper that it would need a merge instead of a sync.  If you have time for it, great.  If not, no worries: 1.4 is likely good enough.00:01
steveireAnyone? Surely this is obvious to the experienced?00:07
nityadKeeping my fingers crossed.00:09
TheMusomixxx almost ready for upload. Only a test build needed.00:10
cody-somervillepersia Can you review thunar-svn-plugin, please with a cherry on top :)00:11
jumpkickTheMuso: thanks man... Is there anything else asantoni_ and I need to take care of?00:12
TheMusonot that I know of00:13
jumpkickI'm new to the whole process, so I appreciate the help00:13
jumpkickdo we have to do anything with this "advocating" thing?00:14
jumpkickTheMuso: okay thanks00:16
TheMusojumpkick: Just doing a test build, and if thats ok, and it instalsl properly, I'll go ahead and upload it.00:17
JonReagananyone here?00:33
RAOFJonReagan: Yes, many people.00:33
RAOF!ask > JonReagan00:33
JonReaganlol... now I see... 200 people00:33
JonReaganI feel smart.00:33
JonReaganSo, would anyone know a little about the feature freeze coming tomorrow?00:34
TheMusoIts more like today.00:34
RAOFI'd suggest asking your actual question.  The answer to the question you asked is "yes" :).00:35
TheMusoi.e first thing Thursday.00:35
cody-somervilleRAOF: Can you review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=thunar-svn-plugin please? :)00:35
JonReaganso, basically, uploads will not be allowed after today/tomorrow?00:35
RAOFcody-somerville: Not really, sorry.  I'm at work(/Uni), and FF has already sapped a little too much time.00:36
JonReaganalright, I'll get to the point:  I've got a package in REVU.  Since it is in REVU, will it make it into the hardy repos even after the feature freeze?00:40
pochuJonReagan: uploads - yes. New packages - upload, yes. Accepted by archive-admins... depends.00:41
pochuJonReagan: so if it's a new package, you need more than a very good reason to get it accepted.00:42
pochuJonReagan: what package is it?00:45
pochuJonReagan: your best bet right now is to make a perfect package and to find someone interested... as everybody is busy because of the freeze00:46
JonReaganit's openproj00:46
JonReaganafter the feature freeze, are the MOTU folks going to stop accepting packages for Hardy?00:47
pochuJonReagan: after the freeze we concentrate on fixing things.00:48
pochuJonReagan: so no more new packages00:48
JonReaganah. crud.  Well, thanks for letting me know.00:49
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rhpot1991can anyone do a quick ack?  I have one just need one more, should be easy: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=mythexport01:02
cody-somervillepochu: Can you review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=thunar-svn-plugin please? :)01:21
pochucody-somerville: I'll review the debian/ dir, but better ask an Xfce guy to test the package. I'm a GNOME fan :)01:25
cody-somervillepochu: I'm an xfce guy :)01:25
cody-somervilleAnd mr_pouit (Xubuntu team lead) already acked it01:26
pochuAh, cool01:26
rhpot1991pochu: if you have time after that mine is just a simple script (http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=mythexport), already has one sponsor01:26
pochurhpot1991: which prog. language?01:26
pochurhpot1991: I guess superm1 reviewed it, did him?01:26
pochualright, I'll have a look too.01:26
pochuI don't know perl though ;)01:26
cody-somervillepochu: thanks :)01:27
rhpot1991its pretty straight forward and short, comments in there too :)01:27
leonelscottK hello !     Just installed  an ubuntu dapper  and  clamav 0.88 was installed  what I suppose to enable to get clamav 0.92 ??01:35
blueyedleonel: should be in -backports, IIRC.01:42
blueyed"dapper-backports" repository.01:42
leonelblueyed: thanks01:43
cody-somervillepochu: How does it go?01:43
leonelwe tested the new clamav  and its rdepends  to be included in universe01:43
leonelor in dapper-updates ??01:43
leoneldon't remember  that's why I'm asking01:44
leonelI'm testing the upgrade  from Dapper  to  Hardy  with a test  'almost' real server01:44
rjmyst3superm1: wxformbuilder FTBFS on ppc, but the debs for lpia, i386, and amd64 are in the NEW queue01:50
rjmyst3what does that mean?01:50
superm1look at the build log01:50
superm1and see why it failed01:50
rjmyst3it appears that it failed because the premake-linux binary built on i386 does not work on ppc01:50
rjmyst3makes sense01:50
superm1so should this package not be available on ppc?01:50
superm1or can that be fixed01:50
rjmyst3it could be fixed - but without access to a ppc machine, i wouldn't be able to01:51
superm1well i know some folks in here have ppc machines01:51
superm1perhaps you can get someone to let you ssh in to work on it01:51
rjmyst3that would be fantastic - anyone here interested?01:52
superm1i forget who had them other than imbrandon01:52
superm1imbrandon, you have one right?01:52
pochucody-somerville: haven't started it yet. I'm buuuuuuuuuusy ;)01:55
pochucody-somerville: but it's opened in firefox. That's a start ;)01:55
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* TheMuso has a PowerPC.01:58
* wpk too. two actually. stacked under bed02:00
superm1so perhaps would one of you guys be able to help rjmyst3 out with a shell account to help fix that?02:01
TheMusoWhats the problem exactly?02:01
* TheMuso has two, one mini, and one powermac G3 300.02:01
rjmyst3never tested building on ppc02:01
TheMusoWhat package?02:01
rjmyst3it uses a build file generator called "Premake" - premake.sf.net02:02
TheMusorjmyst3: Would you like me to take a look, or would you rather do it yourself?02:02
* wpk has powerbook pismo and powerbook lombard02:02
rjmyst3i think all i need is a premake-pcc binary02:02
rjmyst3so wxfb can execute it during the build process02:02
TheMusoRiht, so premake is not available on PPC.02:02
rjmyst3or, wxfb's build process could build premake first, then use it02:03
TheMusoI'm assuming thats a separate package.02:03
rjmyst3it is not a package at all02:03
rjmyst3as far as i know02:03
TheMusoOh right.02:03
rjmyst3but it is cross platform (mac, linux, windows), which is why wxFB uses it02:03
TheMusolet me get my mini updated, and I'll take a look.02:03
blueyedRe dspam: there's a 3.8.0 release and 3.8.1~cvs... - both not in unstable. So I could either create a new upstream package using 3.8.0 or use the 3.8.1~cvs (from outside of unstable, but likely to land there). Would uploading the ~cvs version be ok?02:05
rjmyst3TheMuso, superm1, or anyone - would you advise that wxFB just build premake during the build process, then execute it?02:08
rjmyst3that would make the build architecture independent02:08
TheMusorjmyst3: I'll have a look in a sec.02:08
TheMusoAnd then see what might be better.02:08
rjmyst3TheMuso: I just got a ppc mac user to build a linux-pcc binary of premake for me02:14
rjmyst3the mac user is a linux novice, so setting up and opening ssh for me, or building wxfb for me would be not easy02:15
rjmyst3but, i can extend the arch check in my debian/rules to use this premake02:15
rjmyst3if you would test if it builds02:15
TheMusorjmyst3: Sur.02:17
rjmyst3how many architectures does wxformbuilder need to build on to be accepted into hardy?02:19
LaserJockone I would assume02:20
blueyedTheMuso: bug 190589 is fixed now, after your upload?02:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190589 in mixxx "New upstream release (in REVU)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19058902:20
TheMusoblueyed: gah I wish I knew that existed. Thanks, I'll close it./02:21
LaserJockhmm, I wish I had seen that I downloaded gutsy 64bit *before* I installed it02:22
StevenK% uname -m02:23
StevenKLaserJock: Come to the dark side!02:23
LaserJockI did, I just didn't know it until I was setting up pbuilder02:24
LaserJockand then I had to download hardy 32bit for virtualbox/vmware02:24
LaserJockand then rebuild packages I wanted to test02:24
LaserJockah well02:24
StevenKLaserJock: man linux3202:25
* TheMuso will be joining the dark side in a few weeks hopefully.02:25
cody-somervilleLaserJock: Would you be able to review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=thunar-svn-plugin please? :)02:28
rjmyst3TheMuso: i have a new dsc02:30
rjmyst3should I upload it to revu02:30
rjmyst3or give it to you somehow02:30
TheMusorjmyst3: A .diff.gz is better02:30
rjmyst3got that too02:30
TheMusorjmyst3: And if there is a bug for this, attach it to the bug, and give me the bug number02:31
TheMusoI can't do anything with a .dsc02:31
rjmyst3right, sorry02:32
rjmyst3TheMuso: there is no bug for this02:34
rjmyst3i'm a bit confused as to what is going on in the process02:34
TheMusorjmyst3: Ok, how do you want to get the .diff.gz to me?02:34
TheMusowhat process?02:35
rjmyst3the wxformbuilder as a new package in ubuntu process02:35
TheMusoWell the package has built, and is awaiting he binaries to be reviewed, this doesn't stop us uploading a new revision.02:36
TheMusoThe archive admins have approved it to be in the archive, so once the binaries are clear, no more checking needs to be done, unless the package intorduces a new binary package.02:36
rjmyst3so i should not be freaking out about rejection of the wxformbuilder package on the day before the feature freeze?02:37
TheMusojrib: `Hang on, le tme check something, and I'll be able to say for sure yes or no. :)02:37
TheMusough jrm02:37
ScottKleonel: Did it get resolved?02:37
TheMusough rjmyst302:38
TheMusorjmyst3: No, the package has been accepted, it will not be rejected from here.02:39
rjmyst3big sigh of relief over here02:39
leonelscottK no it didn't02:39
rjmyst3the source archive is 2.4 megabytes02:39
rjmyst3email work for you?02:39
ScottKleonel: You may have a stale mirror then.02:40
TheMusorjmyst3: If it uses the same orig tarball as in the archiev, just the diff is fine02:40
TheMusodamn slow box and keyboard neding a replacement.02:40
rjmyst3the premake binary is in the orig tarball02:40
TheMusoOk thats alright.02:40
leonelscottK just by having  dapper-updates  universe  will do  right ?02:40
TheMusoIs it a new orig tarball?02:40
rjmyst3(i'm an upstream dev as well as the package maintainer, its confusing)02:40
ScottKleonel: And security02:40
rjmyst3it is a new orig, and a new diff02:41
TheMusorjmyst3: Right yeah email is fine.02:41
TheMusorjmyst3: themuso@ubuntu.com02:41
ScottKleonel: The dapper-security fixes just got pushed about half an hour ago ...  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/dapper/+source/clamav/0.92~dfsg-2~dapper1ubuntu0.102:41
LaserJockanybody know of anything special that needs to be done to get Hardy firefox to see plugins?02:42

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