adac2rhpot1991: no it never worked. I'm using the right password, yes00:01
adac2rhpot1991: maybe on the server the access to the database is restricted?00:01
adac2rhpot1991: how can I check that?00:03
rhpot1991check that MySQL service is enabled in MCC00:03
rhpot1991launch MCC00:03
rhpot1991click system services00:04
rhpot1991and its the last one in there00:04
adac2rhpot1991: it is not there00:09
rhpot1991go on?00:10
adac2rhpot1991: may you can tell me the terminal command for that?00:10
rhpot1991mythbuntu-control-centre will launch it00:10
rhpot1991but it needs x00:10
rhpot1991what do you mean "its not there" the options not, MCC isn't, the option is disabled?00:11
adac2rhpot1991: ahh i see: mythbuntu-control-centre == mcc00:12
adac2rhpot1991: it is all enabled00:13
rhpot1991double check your password with /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt00:20
adac2rhpot1991: it seems it is safed encrypted there00:21
adac2tehe password00:21
rhpot1991might need sudo to open the file00:22
rhpot1991sudo nano mysql.txt00:22
rhpot1991when you are in that directory00:22
adac2rhpot1991: no it is still encrypted00:24
adac2rhpot1991: no it is not encrypted...it IS the password00:29
adac2but why??00:29
adac2I set another one00:29
adac2when i installed it00:29
rhpot1991did you set the mysql root?00:43
rhpot1991I think it normally asks you for that00:43
alexvd_how do I enable verbose logging to troubleshoot the frontend freezing at 30 minute intervals.  Its on a slavebackend/frontend and I send the logs to the main mythbackend00:53
adac2rhpot1991: yeah it asked my at installation time to give the password for the mysql database...but now it is a differernt one...son't know why?01:15
adac2how do I access ro videos on my backend?01:15
adac2is there an option in the frontend to set?01:16
rhpot1991it was prob the root password you set, try using that one for your mythtv mysql user01:19
rhpot1991the one in the file that is01:19
rhpot1991when you setup the frontend initially you tell it the ip that the backend is located on01:19
rhpot1991and the mysql user and password to use01:19
rhpot1991should handle the rest fairly smoothly provided everything is ok01:19
adac2rhpot1991: I probably did it to fast and made a mistake...but hey now it works! thx for your help!01:20
rhpot1991no prob01:24
afmanyone with mame working on an amd64 system?01:41
afmahh just got sdlmame and sdlmame-tools for x64...is kxmame truely need? perhaps just libs? i dont run kde02:36
tritiumGood evening.  Is there built-in support for exporting recordings to CD/DVD in mythtv?  Or do I need to download something like nuvexport to accomplish that?02:38

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