Cpudan80Someone please check on LTawesome or whatever it is01:36
Jack_Sparrowcpu already pinged and id'd01:38
Cpudan80k thanks01:38
Cpudan80just wanted to let you guys know01:38
Cpudan80without using the panic button lol01:39
Cpudan80now all his BS is gonna come here :-P01:39
mneptokbetter here than there01:40
mneptokand that's if he figures out his text isn't actually making it ot the channel01:40
mneptokseeing they use Opera for IRC, i'll guess ">30m, if ever"01:40
ubotuastro76 called the ops in #ubuntu (barata)02:04
ubotumahmoud2 called the ops in #ubuntu (barada)02:04
nickrudI said I would be slow02:06
naliothnickrud: don't sweat the small stuff02:07
nickrudnot sweating. Thought it was very small yet02:07
ubotuawalton__ called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (barata.)02:09
mneptoknalioth: was barata k:'ed?02:15
naliothhe'll be back about now02:15

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