Dimitreehow can i check if my apache supports mod rewrite ? or is there a simple way to make phpbb3 sitemap and seo ?00:01
Dimitreenevermind =)00:07
m1ri am trying to install gnome desktop on ubuntu server, but it dosent show top window borders, any help01:05
sorenAsk in #ubuntu.01:05
m1rok tnx01:05
helfireare there any tutorials on changing from php to suPHP?01:48
faulkes-not that I know offhand, check ubuntu-tutorials.com01:51
helfirei just have a production machine, wanta make sure everything goes right01:58
helfireactually i'm setting up a VM to test it out on first01:58
helfireif i cant find a good tutorial01:58
faulkes-well, if it's a production machine, vm is always a good route to go to test out changes02:01
Dimitreeis this a safe way to recover mysql password ? http://www.debianadmin.com/recover-mysql-database-root-password.html02:55
Dimitreewill this leave any security risks ? = ) please help02:56
frame45foo u there02:57
antdedyetDimitree: if mysqld_safe listens on any interfaces, it could be a security issue while you are running with the skip-grant-tables; might want to comment out any interface statements in my.cnf03:02
antdedyetalso, local issues could arise if regular users have mysql access03:02
sommerjdstrand: so should the sysctl.conf instructions be included in the ufw section as well?03:03
* antdedyet double checks that last point ... I'm not sure non-superusers are allowed to connect while mysqld is running with skip-grant-tables.03:03
jdstrandsommer: I was just going to email you03:03
jdstranddid you read the bug report?03:03
Dimitreei dont have users yet :) antidedyet i have reset the password using this guide http://ubuntu.flowconsult.at/en/mysql-set-change-reset-root-password/03:04
sommerjdstrand: heh... yep, also noticed your email wasn't very old03:04
Dimitreedo i have to disable anything after that or i just star mysql allover ?03:04
jdstrandyeah-- I just invalidated that03:04
jdstrandsommer: you do, but ufw has a separate sysctl.conf file in /etc/ufw/sysctl.conf03:04
jdstrandI am adding it in there03:04
jdstrandand will get it uploaded tomorrow03:05
jdstrand/etc/ufw/sysctl.conf will have:03:05
antdedyetDimitree: once you run update ()  and set the root password, you can ^C  the mysqld_safe process and re-run the /etc/init.d/mysql start.03:05
jdstrand# uncomment this to allow this host to route packets between interfaces03:05
sommerjdstrand: ah, bonus03:06
antdedyetThe new pass will then be in place and prompted for the new password on mysql client invocation.03:06
jdstrandalso, net/ipv6/ip_forward does not exist (for your iptables section)03:06
sommerjdstrand: so when you set DEFAULT_FORWARD_POLICY ufw will turn forwarding on in /etc/ufw/sysctl.conf03:07
Dimitreeantdedyet, is it possible to run the safe and reguler at the same time ? this guide i used had an exit command at the end and i started mysql after that and was able to login with new pasword ? im wondering if the safe one is still running ?03:07
jdstrandsommer: I was thinking I could make that assumption, but I thought wrong03:07
sommerjdstrand: I see, so update the ufw section to use /etc/ufw/sysctl.conf instead of /etc/sysctl.conf?03:08
jdstrandsommer: will have to do both /etc/ufw/sysctl.conf and /etc/default/ufw in the version that will ship with hardy03:08
jdstrandsommer: well, either would work-- but for forward compatibility, yes03:08
jdstrand(in this version it won't matter)03:09
sommerjdstrand: cool, I'll adjust the steps03:09
jdstrandbut other than flipping ip_forward, I went through the MASQUERADE section and it looks good03:09
sommerthat's good, I think that's a good example of using custom rules03:10
jdstrandsommer: /etc/sysctl.conf is wrong about net.ipv6.ip_forward03:10
sommerjdstrand: heh... was just going to ask for clearification on that03:11
jdstranddoesn't exist03:11
sommerokay, I'll remove that as well03:12
sommerjdstrand: wait... by doesn't exist, do you mean it's not in the file?03:12
sommeror the line in the file shouldn't be there?03:13
jdstrand$ ls /proc/sys/net/ipv6/ip_forward03:13
jdstrandls: cannot access /proc/sys/net/ipv6/ip_forward: No such file or directory03:13
sommerah, I'm with ya03:13
sommerwould that be a bug then?03:14
jdstrand$ sudo sysctl -A 2>/dev/null| grep ip_forward03:14
jdstrandnet.ipv4.ip_forward = 003:14
jdstrandno, it would be configured in conf/*/forwarding03:14
sommerokay, I'll fix the doc03:15
sommerjdstrand: thanks again for your feedback03:16
jdstrandsommer: should be net.ipv6.conf.default.forwarding=103:17
sommerah, so why isn't that in /etc/sysctl.conf?03:18
jdstrandthat's the bug03:20
sommeraaahhh... now I'm really with ya03:21
sommerjdstrand: so I'll update the ipv6 forwarding to net.ipv6.conf.default.forwarding=1 and add #net/ipv4/ip_forward=1 to /etc/ufw/sysctl.conf, correct?03:22
jdstrandyes on ipv603:23
sommerwill the net/ipv4/ip_forward=1 already be in the file and just need uncommenting or will it need to be added?03:23
jdstrandno on /etc/ufw/sysctl.conf03:23
jdstrandI am uploading a new version of ufw03:23
jdstrandit will have the net/ipv4/ip_forward=1 in there, but commented03:23
jdstrandthe docs should simply say to uncomment it03:24
jdstrand(so yes to your last comment)03:24
sommergotcha, will you need to do a sysctl -p /etc/ufw/sysctl.conf after uncommenting?03:24
jdstrandsommer: yes to 'will the net/ipv4/ip_forward=1 already be in the file and just need uncommenting'03:24
Dimitreeoh shait :/ now that i changed mysql pass the Lamp is broken >__< dang dang03:25
sommerjdstrand: I'm with ya... apologies I got a little confuseded by the ipv6 thing03:25
antdedyetDimitree: Ah, so the ^C isn't applicable since mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables will background itself, so the '/etc/init.d/mysql stop' is the easiest route after you 'flush privileges;'03:25
jdstrandsommer: the 'sudo ufw disable && sudo ufw enable' will handle it03:25
sommerjdstrand: party03:26
sommerI'll update and commit the changes03:26
jdstrandsommer: fyi-- normally you wouldn't have to disable/enable in this way, but because you are changing default policies, you need to03:26
jdstrandsommer: thanks!03:26
Dimitreeantdedyet,  ok i stoped and started ti again thank you :)03:27
sommerjdstrand: np, thank you03:27
antdedyetDimitree: np03:27
dendrobatesantdedyet: I'm glad to see you becoming active in the server community.03:43
sommerjdstrand: another quick question to double check, will the net.ipv6.conf.default.forwarding=1 line be in /etc/ufw/sysctl.conf as well?03:45
jdstrandsommer: yes03:45
sommercool, doc's updated03:45
sommershould a bug be filed about the current ipv6 sysctl line?03:46
sommerI documented it like it was already there :-)03:47
antdedyetdendrobates: Awesome. Time and pressure has only recently started permitting such activity.04:00
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ivokssomeone lives in amsterdam?08:55
sorenAccording to wikipedia, more than 700000 people, yes.08:55
ivoksi hear there are wallets laying around the whole city08:55
ivoksthousands of them :)08:56
sorenWow. Large scale littering.08:57
sorenThey should get this guy to come and clean up: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/00/International_tidyman.svg08:58
sorenHe's awesome.08:58
_rubenholland, yes; amsterdam, no; guess i'll stick to my own wallet then ;)09:06
AnRkeywhy would my samba server give very slow transfer speeds?10:12
wkornewaldwhat's the difference between a debian and an ubuntu server? I want to choose a VPS and I'm not sure which one is easier to maintain/setup10:53
_rubenubuntu is based upon debian, so globally they're identical, but they differ in the details10:54
wkornewaldBTW, I don't like fiddling with settings and compiling my custom kernel/apps. it should just work with the minmum amount of effort on my side10:54
_rubenmaintainance and setup arent that much different i think, tho ofcourse, here you'd only hear that ubuntu is easier/better/etc10:54
wkornewaldwell, at #linux some guys told me that ubuntu isn't as stable as debian and security fixes will become a problem10:55
_rubenwell .. that depends on your definition of "fiddling with settings", no distro will do exactly what you do out of the box10:55
_rubenubuntu has a way faster release cycle, which might make you think its less stable, you do however get newer software in return, and thats a fact10:55
wkornewaldall I need is a very basic LAMP system (PHP for phpmysql only; otherwise Python for the web app)10:57
_rubeninstalling a lamp system (based on php) is a one-liner on ubuntu .. adding python support might just be another single line (never done it)10:58
wkornewaldI might even use GMail for email handling (i.e.: point my mx to their server) if that makes things simpler for me (no SPAM filter, etc.)10:58
wkornewaldthe Python stuff isn't the problem. the initial LAMP setup and security and maintenance are my problems. it's the first time I'll have a VPS (i.e., root access)10:59
wkornewaldis it really as simple as running "apt-get update"+upgrade regularly (esp. when http://www.ubuntu.com/usn shows something new)?11:00
_rubenseting up LAMP is one command .. security and maintenance, well, subscribe to the ubuntu security lists and keep your install up to date11:00
_rubenpretty much yeah11:00
wkornewaldand what does "pretty much" mean? there must be a catch ;)11:00
_rubenand "sudo apt-get install lamp-server^" is all you need to get a LAMP setup running ;)11:01
wkornewaldcool. I think my VPS might even come pre-installed with LAMP (at least Apache and MySQL are)11:01
_rubenwell, it depends on the level of security and all you want to have .. having your system firewalled properly is a must as well ofcourse11:02
wkornewaldsince I won't run any publicly accessible services apart from http and ssh the firewall part shouldn't be too difficult I hope11:03
wkornewaldis there a good security checklist for ubuntu LAMP servers?11:04
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_rubenwkornewald: not that im aware of (was having lunch)11:42
wkornewald_ruben, which DB would you recommend, BTW? I guess that any serious web app will need transactions, so the comparison would be mysql+innodb vs postgresql and here the speed difference isn't so significant, is it?11:50
wkornewaldto me, mysql currently looks more interesting because it got (or will get) acquired by sun11:51
_rubeni only have experience with mysql (and a little mssql on our windows systems)11:59
wkornewaldok. I'll probably go with mysql since it's pre-installed11:59
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=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
ivoksam i missing something here?13:42
ivoksmysqladmin --defaults-extra-file=/etc/mysql/debian.cnf create $database_name13:42
sommerivoks: feels good to me... do you need -u username -p?13:44
ivokshm, no13:45
ivoksbut it works wihtout -extra part13:45
ivoksis there a special reason why dbconfig-common isn't in main? :(13:45
ivoksAccess denied for user 'debian-sys-maint'@'localhost' to database 'bacula'14:02
ivoksi touhgt debian-sys-maint is mighty account :)14:02
sommerit's mighty in my eyes... heh14:04
sommerfyi the dev docs are on the web: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/server/C/index.html14:04
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tjaaltonsommer: hey, re: vmware; now that lum contains open-vm-tools, I guess the vmware-tools in lrm are redundant?15:10
tjaaltondon't know when they were built the last time15:10
sommernot too sure, soren or zul probably know more15:13
sorenOh, same again :)15:16
_rubenhrm .. just downloaded server edition of hardy alpha4 and it seems like it looks straight through my raid array :(15:19
_rubendell sc1420 machine, with both scsi and sata raid controller15:19
_rubenhmm .. "HostRAID" .. probably some fancy name for software raid :/15:25
soren_ruben: It's called fakeraid.15:32
soren_ruben: ...if you want to google for it.15:32
_rubensoren: yeah .. i had some small hope for it being real raid .. untill i noticed the 'hostraid' part (combined with the fact that ubuntu sees raw disks) .. setting up s/w raid + lvm atm :)15:37
_rubensince afaik thats still prefered over fakeraid15:37
soren_ruben: If the price tag leaves you in any sort of doubt as to whether it's proper hardware raid or not, then it's not.15:40
_rubensoren: its an old box15:41
_rubenso pricetag isnt on it no more :p15:41
sorenWas it free?15:41
sorenThen stop complaining. :)15:41
_rubenno, but bought years ago15:41
_rubenand not by me personnally15:41
_rubenjust a no longer used machine im gonna use to play with kvm and test stuff15:44
_rubencrap .. cpu too old .. no vt, thus no kvm15:59
_rubencrap .. qemu requires framebuffer .. lets continue tomorow16:11
soulcis there vsftp for ubuntu?17:02
soulcgot it needed the d on the end17:03
fooAnyone use logwatch? I was writing a custom script to grab logs on systems, parse them, and e-mail... but I think I should just be using logwatch.17:05
soulcwhere can I get help with mail?17:06
faulkes-soulc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Servers has mail related documentation17:15
faulkes-however "mail" is a rather large subject, perhaps you can be more specific17:15
soulcha ha  1/2 an hour later17:47
soulcok I installed the internet mail server postfix local mta and I guess a smtp program for internet mail....17:49
soulcI guess that is right.  sorry if I hit <enter> too often went from irc to im then both irc and im17:50
soulcls -al /var/log17:50
peterdvOK, when it comes to postfix, I wil recommend you to have a look at http://www.postfix.org/docs.html and especially the excellent notes from Ralf Hildebrandt (http://www.postfix.org/docs.html). The path to take really depends on your requirements (authorization, security, spam filtering etc.). I am afraid that it takes some time to explore the various different architectures available. Personally I find postfix an excellent ch17:58
peterdvSorry, Rlaf's work is at http://www.arschkrebs.de/postfix/18:03
faulkes-I would also consider reading the Server Guide page about Postfix18:03
faulkes-and peterdv's suggestions are both excellent resources18:04
* ScottK would add that the postfix documentation is not organized for beginners. "The Book of Postfix" will tell you everything you need to know and more.18:06
ivoksmathiaz: any objections on filling mir for dbconfig-common?18:11
mathiazivoks: it will rejected.18:12
mathiazivoks: it will be rejected.18:12
ivoksis there a special reason?18:12
mathiazivoks: it has already been looked at. moodle had to be changed in order to get in main.18:12
mathiazivoks: so the option is to drop dbconfig-common.18:13
ivoksok, i'll take a look at moodle to see how it's done18:13
ivokseverything else i've already striped18:13
ivoksbacula builds now only with main libs18:14
ivoksmathiaz: wwwconfig was droped; there's no mention of dbconfig18:28
mathiazivoks: so how does moodle handle db creation ?18:31
ivokstrough large perl scripts18:31
ivoksi'll copy that18:31
ivoksbut having dbconfig would make it easier...18:32
soulcthanks for the resources18:32
faulkes-today, my valentine goes to squid proxy19:07
* faulkes- <heart> squid19:07
sommerfaulkes-: details!19:11
faulkes-I have my niece staying with me and lets say, teenagers aren't particularly aware or caring of what they install / download19:15
faulkes-so I forced the only windows box here into a proxy, which bans a bunch of sites and rate limits others19:15
faulkes-leaving my precious bandwidth alone so I can download ubuntu iso's19:16
faulkes-as much fun as it is having to clean up malware, spyware and all the other junk that gets infested on windows19:17
jronnblomnice thing about squid is that it is simple to connect to Active Directory and with NTLM authentication in the background the users don't know that they're running through a proxy19:17
* faulkes- nods19:18
jronnblomand finally the squidguard project has come back from death (died in early 2000 i think)19:18
jronnblomI have a box with ~ 3000 clients connected through dapper + modfied squid ;)19:20
moos3can anyone help me with a openldap issue?19:25
peterdvDont know ....19:26
faulkes-aye, I used to run squid for my isp, forward and reverse19:26
moos3Feb 14 13:59:39 edgecomb slapd[4606]: @(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.3.35 (Dec  3 2007 20:02:39) $ ^Ibuildd@terranova:/build/buildd/openldap2.3-2.3.35/debian/build/servers/slapd19:26
jronnblomreplaced it with what?19:26
moos3any ideas what that means19:26
faulkes-jronnblom: no idea, sold it in '99 after we brought it to a regional level, for all I know, they could still be running it19:27
faulkes-that would appear to be a startup message for slapd19:29
faulkes-it is an informational message, not an error19:29
faulkes-unless there is stuff after it, which is more error-like in nature19:29
faulkes-jron: since then I've worked with f5's and cisco stuff mostly19:30
moos3all i did was change was access to attrs=userPassword,sambaNTPassword,sambaLMPassword from access to attrs=userPassword,shawdowChanges19:30
moos3any ideas why it fails in 7.1019:31
faulkes-define "fail"19:31
moos3slapd wont start19:31
faulkes-any other slapd messages in the log other than the startup message?19:32
moos3root@edgecomb:/home/richard# /etc/init.d/slapd restart19:32
moos3Stopping OpenLDAP: slapd.19:32
moos3Starting OpenLDAP: slapd - failed.19:32
moos3The operation failed but no output was produced. For hints on what went19:32
moos3wrong please refer to the system's logfiles (e.g. /var/log/syslog) or19:32
moos3try running the daemon in Debug mode like via "slapd -d 16383" (warning:19:32
moos3this will create copious output).19:32
moos3Below, you can find the command line options used by this script to19:32
moos3run slapd and slurpd. Do not forget to specify those options if you19:32
moos3want to look to debugging output:19:32
moos3  slapd -g openldap -u openldap19:32
moos3thats all i get19:32
moos3sorry for the paste19:32
peterdvDid you try "slapd -d 16383" ?19:33
peterdvSurely it was'nt silent19:34
moos3heres the output http://pastebin.org/1961519:36
moos3way to much to paste in here19:36
moos3you want to see my config file for it?19:39
peterdvline 246: /etc/ldap/slapd.conf: line 101: unknown attr "sambaNTPassword" in to clause19:39
moos3so what should I cahnge it to then19:41
sommeris this for a school project?19:41
moos3I wish19:41
peterdvlines 202-203 was the samba schema read by slapd ? Is the file present ? permissions ?19:41
moos3becuase then I wouldn't be pressed for time19:41
moos3yeah testing a move from windows environment to complete open source19:42
sommerah, I agree with peterdv. do you have the samba schema file loaded?19:42
peterdv"etc/ldap/slapd.conf: line 15: unknown directive <incldue> inside backend database definition (ignored)."19:43
moos3ok, looking to make sure19:45
peterdvI think what i tells you is that you have placed the include in a wrong place. I tend to start the file by including all the schema's right at the top of the file19:50
moos3ok there19:55
moos3ok I made sure the permissions are correct and still dies19:57
Goosemoosedendrobates, what was the link to the active directory authentication program? i forgot to write it down. i want to get it rolled into my preseed im running19:58
dendrobatesGoosemoose: just a sec19:59
Goosemooseok, thanks19:59
dendrobatesGoosemoose: https://launchpad.net/~dendrobates/+archive20:00
Goosemoosethanks dendrobates, is there instructions on how to install that with a preseed file somewhere/20:01
Goosemooseim pushing 200 computers20:01
dendrobatesGoosemoose: there is a new upstream codedrop in a few minutes.20:01
Goosemooseok, ill wait a few minutes to download20:01
Goosemooseeven though it says for hardy, it will still work in the current release right?20:02
dendrobatesGoosemoose: if you wait until it's in the archive it will be easier.20:02
Goosemoosewhen will that be?20:02
dendrobatesGoosemoose: I hope to hvae it reviewed after the new code drop hits, then it will take a short time for it to show up.20:03
dendrobatesGoosemoose: have you tested it?20:03
Goosemoosedendrobates, no i haven't tried it yet20:04
Goosemoosei set up one machine using a 8 page doc20:05
Goosemooseto connect to my AD domain20:05
Goosemooseusers log into ubuntu with their AD account20:05
Goosemoosebut replicating that on all machines would be a major PIA20:05
Goosemooseso ive been waiting for the utility release20:05
dendrobatesGoosemoose: Are the machines using AD for DNS?20:05
GoosemooseIt's a school20:06
GoosemooseI have 200 windows machiens20:06
Goosemoosenow rolling out 200 ubuntu20:06
Goosemoose6 in each classroom20:06
Goosemoosegot a large donation from kinkos :)20:06
GoosemooseP4, 2.6 ghz machines20:06
Goosemoosework pretty well20:06
dendrobatesGoosemoose: I'll ping you when the new release is up.20:11
Goosemoosedendrobates, ok thanks20:12
Goosemooseanother server question, in my preseed I create an administrator user. And that account seems to automatically get administrator access. How can I create a normal user account as well?20:13
jronnblomGoosemoose: I do it with a script that I run in preseed using late-command20:55
jronnblomd-i preseed/late_command string preseed_fetch http://mywebserver/preseed/install_me.sh /target/root/install_me.sh ; chmod u+x /target/ro20:56
jronnblomot/install_me.sh ; in-target /root/install_me.sh20:56
Goosemoosejronnblom, thats how you install new users, or install the AD script?20:56
jronnblomthats how I adapt thing on the desktop after the preseed install is finish (I add a local user account among other things)20:58
jronnblomIn your case I suppose all you user accounts is in the AD?20:58
moos3ok back to sqaure one with ldap issue, samba is all configured and this is still giving me issues access to attrs=userPassword,shadowLastChange,sambaNTPassword,sambaLMPassword21:03
Goosemoosejronnblom, yes21:06
jronnblomGoosemoose: you need help with an AD script to create new users, is that what your asking for or did I missunderstand the question?21:08
Goosemooseim asking lots of things :D21:09
Goosemoosedendrobates is posting the new version of his program21:09
Goosemoosei need to figure out how to work that into a preseed21:09
jronnblomyou could use late_command and download a script which in turns uses wget to download the program...21:10
Goosemooseok, guess i need to read up more about the program21:21
jronnblomme too, likewise-open seems almost to good to be true ;)21:23
moos3ok this doesn't make any sense at all, all the how-to's say this is correct access to attrs=userPassword,shadowLastChange,sambaNTPassword,sambaLMPassword I dont understand why it fails then21:24
pwnguini think i confused the installer =(21:53
pwnguinim running the installer via ssh -- is there a way to reset the current decisions without rebooting?21:54
pwnguinit just sits at the partitioner at 50 percent saying please wait...21:55
moos3pwngiun: which installer21:56
pwnguinthe text mode one?21:56
moos3so you booted off the cd and then started sshd and then connected?21:57
pwnguini was trying to browse for a raid option, and i might have run two menus at the same time22:00
pwnguinmaybe ill just grab the cluster admin and see about resetting it22:01
pwnguini can still bring up a root console22:13
mathiazsoren: can I run a guest using a logical volume as the root disk ?23:01
sorenmathiaz: Sure.23:06
mathiazsoren: hum. how do you define that in the xml file ?23:07
mathiazsoren: I've tried using <disk type='block' device='disk'> but it fails.23:08
mathiazsoren: my xml configuration file: http://pastebin.ca/90445623:09
sorenmathiaz: What happens if you just do type='file' ?23:09
mathiazsoren: and using a logical volume as a source ?23:10
sorenakvist: Yup.23:10
mathiazsoren: I guess I meant yup for me.23:11
mathiazsoren: it fails with a qemu error: qemu: could not open disk image /dev/mapper/ubuntu-vm_hardy-server23:11
mathiazsoren: the configuration that is the paste works.23:12
mathiazsoren: if I comment type=file and use type=block instead, create fails.23:12
sorenmathiaz: create? What exactly are you doing?23:14
mathiazsoren: I'm using virsh23:14
mathiazsoren: from the shell, I use the command "create vm/cfg/test-srv.xml"23:14
sorenYou probably want "define vm/cfg/test-srv.xml" instead23:15
mathiazsoren: ok. So how do I start a vm then ?23:15
sorenmathiaz: start23:15
soren"create foo.xml" instantiates the domain. When you shut it down, it ceases to exist.23:16
soren"define foo.xml" adds it to libvirt, so to speak.23:16
mathiazsoren: hum... it's documented neither in the man page, nor in the help message.23:16
mathiazsoren: IIUC create = define+start23:17
sorenNo, the documentation really relies on you having the same understanding of the word "create" as the authors have.23:17
sorencreate = load+start23:17
soren(load is a term I just made up)23:17
sorenIt doesn't get defined.23:17
sorenIt just starts it.23:17
sorenand when you stop it, it disappears again completely.23:18
sorenIf, however, you define it, libvirt remembers it. After defining it, you can start it.23:18
mathiazsoren: ok. you need to define if you want to have your guest persistant across host reboot.23:19
mathiazsoren: or when libvirtd is restarted23:19
mathiazsoren: so if I use this xml file: http://pastebin.ca/90446823:20
mathiazsoren: define fails with the following error: libvir: QEMU error : hda23:20
sorenwon't work.23:20
sorena) you probably don't want localtime23:20
sorenb) /usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64 <---23:21
soren<type>hvm</type> and <emulator>/usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64</emulator> probably adds up to it trying to use kqemu.23:21
sorenmathiaz: Oh.23:23
sorenYou need to:23:23
sorenNo, sorry. :)23:23
* soren has tired eyes.23:23
sorenI'm wouldn't have thought qemu/kvm cared whether the type was block or file.23:24
sorenWhat's the exact error if you try with type='file' ?23:24
sorenAnd which hypervisor are you connecting to?23:24
mathiazsoren: when using type='file23:25
mathiazsoren: I get: qemu: could not open disk image /dev/mapper/ubuntu-vm_hardy-server23:25
mathiazsoren: for the connection string, I've used: qemu:///system23:25
mathiazsoren: if this is what you meant with hypervisor I'm connecting to23:26
sorenYeah, that's what I meant.23:26
sorenThis is a logical volume?23:26
mathiazsoren: yes.23:26
mathiazsoren: not filesystem created on it.23:26
sorenIn that case, I'm not sure I belive that /dev/mapper/ubuntu-vm_hardy-server exists.23:26
sorenCould you doublecheck?23:27
sorenI'm guessing one of those - should be --.23:27
mathiazsoren: yes.23:27
mathiazsoren: you're right.23:27
mathiazsoren: you have to use type=file23:28
mathiazsoren: so type-block doesn't work ?23:28
sorenRight. I think type=block only makes sense for Xen.23:28
mathiazsoren: is there a way to specify that the vnc server should listen on instead of ?23:29
sorenmathiaz: Yes, you can add listen=''23:31
mathiazsoren: great !23:31
sorenmathiaz: The docs are really awful, IMO.23:32
mathiazsoren: yes.23:32
sorenmathiaz: Documentation by example doesn't work well in this case.23:32
mathiazsoren: so now I'm trying to boot using an iso: http://pastebin.ca/90447323:32
mathiazsoren: I've got an error while creating/defining.23:33
mathiazsoren: http://pastebin.ca/904473 is my configuration23:35
mathiazsoren: there isn't any specific error message23:35
mathiazsoren: just: libvir: QEMU error :23:35
sorenmathiaz: Does it work anyway, by any chance?23:38
mathiazsoren: it seems the problem is <boot dev="cdrom">23:39
sorenAh, yes, your xml is invalid.23:40
sorenit should be <boot dev='cdrom' />23:40
mathiazsoren: yeaaah ! It works :)23:41
mathiazsoren: It seems that you cannot define a cdrom as being hdb23:41
sorenmathiaz: That's right.23:42
sorenIt's a limitation in qemu.23:42
mathiazsoren: I didn't get the network part.23:43
mathiazsoren: there are multiple options in the documentation for qemu23:43
mathiazsoren: which is the default in ubuntu ?23:44
sorenmathiaz: I recommend virtual.23:45
sorenmathiaz: It's got everything "user" has, and more.23:45
sorenmathiaz: and doesn't require you to change anything at all on the host.23:45
mathiazsoren: ok23:46

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