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vrkhanshi problem.00:04
vrkhansfor some reason both my shelves, got hiden what should i do to bring them back00:05
vrkhansthe one which has the clock00:05
zoredachehave you tried logging out and in again?00:05
vrkhansdoes not appear00:05
vrkhansit doesnt come back00:05
zoredachepress alt-f2 and run the command -   xfce4-panel00:06
vrkhansis there any way to reset everything00:06
vrkhansok let me try00:06
atompoweredI have a weird issue.  I've run some updates and now I can't run "Add/Remove..." or other apps (Gnometris for example).  But things like Firefox and Pidgn work fine00:07
zoredachehave you tried starting some of the broken applications by running them in a terminal?00:09
zoredachefrequently you will get a verbose error message00:09
atompoweredone moment; I'll try that00:10
atompowered(what's the terminal name for "Add/Remove..."?  Is it gnome-app-install?)00:11
vrkhansi tried xface4-panel noting happein00:12
vrkhanswhat should i do00:13
zoredacheatompowered: gnome-app-install00:14
atompoweredhurray, I figured something out on my own! :)00:14
zoredachevrkhans: I am not entirely sure...  One thing you could try is creating another user account00:14
atompoweredI get a long string of error text00:14
atompoweredending with "RuntimeError: can't initialize module gst: Error re-scanning registry , child terminated by signal"00:15
zoredachewell, usually once you get an error you try and put the significate chuncks into google00:15
zoredacheatompowered: looks like someone else is having your problem... https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/2456500:16
MatBoyDoes the Xubuntu CD not have a rescue mode ?00:16
zoredacheMatBoy: the livecd, or alt?  The livecd arguablly is just a big rescue disk with a gui00:17
zoredachethe alternate disk can be used for some limited rescue operations, but it doesn't have as many tools00:17
atompoweredzoredache: lol, yup; that's me00:18
MatBoyzoredache, I have a LinuxEBDA is big issue and after I closed my PC and I also upgraded after that to a 64bits processor... so I'm figuring out what is wise00:18
zoredacheatompowered: ah... there are several hits related to people compiling there on gstreamer...00:19
zoredachedid you compile your own, or are you using something that didn't come from the official respositories?00:20
MatBoyzoredache, what would you do ? new install in that upgrading matter ?00:21
atompoweredzoredache: I'll try reinstalling gstreamer00:22
zoredacheMatBoy: sorry I don't understand your question.    What is a LinuxEBDA00:22
MatBoyzoredache, Lilo didn't update well00:22
MatBoybut I have a 32Bits installed system and I have a Q6600 now00:23
MatBoyso a 64 bits system00:23
zoredacheand you are wanting to upgrade a existing system from 32bit -> 64?00:24
The-KernelNot gonna work, I tried it00:24
The-KernelWay better to completely reinstall00:24
zoredacheatompowered: perhaps just try removing gstreamer and seeing if things work?00:25
The-KernelThis is why I always make my /home dir have its own drive/partition00:25
atompoweredzoredache: worth a shot00:25
The-KernelMatBoy upgrading a 32 bit to a 64 bit that is00:25
MatBoyThe-Kernel, using the cd or on the live syste, ?00:25
zoredacheThe-Kernel: I don't keep /home as a seperate paritition... I think it is more important to setup a good-automated-backup system00:26
MatBoyThe-Kernel, there are many ways to upgrade :)00:26
The-KernelMatBoy I'd suggest completely removing it, then installing it from a 64 bit version for a CD, however any other way is fine if you completely remove the old.00:27
MatBoyThe-Kernel, ok, but I was thinking... why not override it ?00:28
MatBoythat can be done... don't know if it works...00:28
The-Kernelzoredache I agree with you entirely, but I just like a separate partition anyways.00:28
The-KernelMatBoy it can be done, however it never worked the way I wanted it to when I did it00:29
The-Kernelkernel panics and the likes00:29
The-Kernelto much of the old to remove, to many conflicts00:29
MatBoyok, will do a new install :)00:29
MatBoyI have my stuff in /home on a seperare partition... so that is no problem..00:29
The-KernelHeh, my point proven.00:30
MatBoyThe-Kernel, your point ?00:32
MatBoyan in raid too :D00:32
The-KernelOh, I forgot to state my point :P00:32
The-Kerneloh well00:32
The-KernelMatBoy just to let you know, this isn't a Windows type fix(to reformat and reinstall), its just that the crossover from 32bit to 64 bit is pretty big and if you want your system to perform at what it should, then this is the best option.00:34
MatBoyThe-Kernel, yes I knew... but better know 200%for sure :)00:36
atompoweredzoredache: It worked!  Thanks!00:38
MatBoyThe-Kernel, here I go :)00:39
MatBoyweird, black screen acter booting linux00:50
MatBoywhen I want to boot Xubuntu for installing00:51
The-Kernelhuh, hit Ctrl+Alt+F100:51
MatBoyI get a Mapping message00:51
MatBoyand than.. monitor goes of00:51
The-Kernelor F4 for that matter00:52
MatBoyI will get another mobo tomorrow00:52
MatBoythis one sucs00:52
MatBoyThe-Kernel, man, what did you do... you have frightned us all !01:07
The-KernelMy conenction dropped01:08
MatBoyThe-Kernel, yeah yeah... you just compiled a wrong kernel and thought you were the master :P01:08
MatBoyWOEI !01:09
MatBoyI see someting on my screen... I just need to wait :D01:09
MatBoyah kewl, new way of installing :)01:10
MatBoymhh, since when can't we setup softraid in that fancy installer ?01:27
Devohi all01:56
DevoI seem to have a problem. My boot screen and login screen have a different monitor resolution than my desktop manager. I already configured xorg to the same settings as the desktop manager resolution, but it didn't help.01:58
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