pooliei'm not sure 'common' is the right measure, compared to00:00
spivMaybe there's something involving graph logic that already would help bzrlib?00:00
spivI mean,00:01
poolieif there are cases where we need it, how much trouble or friction or00:01
spivmaybe there's already an operation bzrlib does, or would like to do, that could benefit from this?00:01
lifelesssory about interruption00:02
lifelesshardy is not _that_ stable00:02
lifelessI'm saying that the structure I understand you to be heading towards is hand coded00:03
lifelessbut needs on the wire the exact same degree of encapsulation00:03
lifelessso why not just define the encapsulation, then let the client and server use them as desired00:04
spivBasically, the tradeoff is at the moment the encapsulation encoder/decoder has a pretty simple interface with the objects that use it, and there's a single place that knows things like "this message part is a body".  If we generalise, we push that work to the individual message handlers.00:09
spivI guess that's manageable, but I'm also not sure it's work that we'll get much benefit from.00:09
lifelessyou could make sure the wire protocol is generalised00:11
lifelessand then only add api complexity as needed00:11
lifelesslong as the error-handling cases the protocol object knows how to eat the entire entity we're good to extend it later.00:11
lifeless(extend in the python code I mean)00:11
lifelessso START, TUPLE|BODY+, END00:12
spivRight, similar to the container format...00:12
lifelesswhere TUPLE and body are both self delimited00:12
lifelessand BODY is able to be ended_complete and ended_incomplete00:12
lifelesslol https://pqm.bazaar-vcs.org/ refuses to show in ff300:13
spivAnd if a body is ended_incomplete, then it can be followed by another TUPLE?00:14
spiv(as a convention)00:14
lifelessbut even if not we'll know it was incomplete00:14
lifelessand can error regardless00:15
spivthat's the sort of thing that bugs me :)00:15
spivMore options == more cases == more tests & work :P00:15
lifelessup to you00:16
lifelessI've exhausted my ideas on this, but it seems pretty clear to me that there are different layers here00:17
spivIt's not so much that that one part is a big concern, but it's the sort of thing that we're enabling with this plan.00:17
jelmerlifeless: wtf00:17
jelmerlifeless: maybe it was just bad timing00:17
jelmerbut going to pqm.bazaar-vcs.org just crashed my kernel :-)00:18
lifelessjelmer: LOL00:18
lifelessjelmer: get a new kernel00:18
poolieBefore You Die, You See...00:18
jelmermaybe it'll work better if I run a kernel out of bzr instead of out of git...00:18
poolielifeless, i think it's a good point about the protocol00:19
pooliespiv, lifeless, i think we should allow for it in the protocol doc00:53
pooliethe actual encoding iirc would already support this00:53
spivbrb, fixing a KnitCorrupt in Mary's PhD branch...00:57
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spivNewlines in filenames leads to broken inventory.knit...01:16
radixit seems the dapper packages of bzr on ppa don't work? they're complaining about not having python2.5 when I try to install them01:16
poolieradix, yes, it's bug 189915, i'm working on it01:20
radixpoolie: cool, thanks01:21
radixfwiw, the reason it's not working for me is   bzr: Depends: python (> 2.5) but 2.4.2-0ubuntu3 is to be installed or01:23
radix                python-celementtree but it is not installable01:23
radixwhich doesn't seem to be exactly what bug #189915 is talking about01:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189915 in bzr "bzr 1.1 dapper PPA debs FTBFS" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18991501:24
poolielifeless, what is the best address for the bzr packaging team?01:46
pooliehttp://bzr.debian.org/pkg-bazaar/bzr/ubuntu/ ?01:46
pooliethe changelog for the pakcage i took from bazaar-vcs.org is somewhat diverged from that02:11
pooliestarting with your "New bazaar-vcs.org build" on 3 dec02:11
lifelesspoolie: yes, merged numerous times; but theres nothing in the bazaar-vcs.org devel-distro-release packags that wasn't sent back to bazaar-vcs.org02:22
lifelesspossibly some dependency differences02:22
lifelessand the dapper package has the patch from the bzr list02:23
lifelessabentley: ping02:30
lifelessabentley: I'm looking for the branch nick on bb, I can't see it02:30
LaserJockanybody around who has experience using the cvs plugin for bzr?03:28
abentleylifeless: I think it's not there.03:30
lifelessLaserJock: do you mean cvsps-import ?03:30
abentleyI assume you want the branch nick from the last-committed revision?03:30
LaserJockyes I guess that's the one03:30
abentleyWe do have the source branch location, if the user provides it.03:31
LaserJocklifeless: I'm assuming I can use cvsps-import to track a CVS repo03:32
lifelessabentley: yes, I'd like it to be visible03:33
lifelessLaserJock: I don't know if it can do incremental or not; it certainly doesn't have the logic to handle all the idiocies people can do to cvs like cscvs does03:34
LaserJockwell, I've been using git-cvsimport and it seems to be working well03:35
LaserJockI'm just trying to figure out the bzr equivalent03:35
lifelessLaserJock: well cvsps-import is the plugin to examine03:38
lifelessI've used it for one-shot conversions very successfully03:39
LaserJockI have about 14 different VCS repos in CVS, SVN, bzr and I thought I might give it a go at trying to just use bzr for everything03:45
LaserJockRiddell keeps saying it's the only way to go :-)03:45
lifelessLaserJock: riddel is right :)03:50
lifelessbzr-svn will get your svn stuff beautifully03:51
lifelessfor CVS, just one-shot convert and never look back03:51
LaserJockwell, I don't own the CVS repos so I'll have to keep updating periodically03:51
lifelesshave a look at it; or use the launchpad cvs service03:51
LaserJockactually one of them is already in launchpad03:52
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abentleyI wonder how hard it is to 0wn a CVS repo04:11
lifelessits ok security wise, if you like crunchy shell04:12
thumperwhat's a better merge type to use for criss-cross merges (in bzr 1.1) ?04:29
spivthumper: --lca04:30
thumperspiv: so `bzr remerge --lca`?04:30
spivthumper: yeah.04:31
thumper7 conflicts -> 2 conflicts \o/04:32
thumperboth of which were entirely valid04:33
thumperwhen is --lca becoming the default?04:33
spivabentley: ^04:33
poolielifeless, how can i avoid dpkg-source complaining about the binaries in the debian/.bzr directory?04:36
lifeless-x .bzr04:36
poolieok, i have to give that every time?04:36
lifelessor use bzr builddeb to do most of the machiner for you04:36
lifeless   bzr builddeb --working --builder="pdebuild-$distro --override-config"04:37
lifelessthats how I built the packages04:37
poolieso to do that i should have the source in one branch, and the debian/ directory in another branch checked out below it?04:38
* poolie reads the maunal04:40
poolielifeless, so it looks like people are using it in "merge mode", since the packaging is alone in a branch?04:42
abentleythumper: I would give it another release cycle.  See I got this new job, and it's been a lot to learn all at once...04:45
abentleyUnfortunately, there's some work needed before it's a complete replacement for merge3.  It doesn't do reverse-cherrypicks, and there's an edge case where it doesn't give a conflict when it should.04:46
lifelesslater all04:57
pooliehave a good weekend04:57
abentleylifeless: later04:58
lifelesspoolie: you have mail; if you want a call ring now :)04:59
poolieno i don't think so05:00
poolieam just learning more about builddeb05:00
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appcinehi! getting "bzr: warning: unknown encoding . Continuing with ascii encoding." every time I call bzr.07:58
appcineecho $LANG reports C07:59
appcineLC_ALL is not set07:59
appcinetried exporting LANG as sv_SE.UTF-8 too, still the same message07:59
appcineMac OS X 10.5.207:59
DebolazEww, UTF-808:05
ubotuNew bug: #188058 in bzr-gentoo-overlay "Launchpad transport error installing bzr-vimdiff-0_pre17 (dup-of: 181945)" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18805808:21
appcine_So, I've pushed my source to my server -- bzr update doesn't work, what do I run to initialize?08:34
kedmccabeWhat's the best/recommended way to install bzr on OS X; easy_install or macports?08:44
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appcinekedmccabe: Probably what you're most used to working with08:51
appcineI used ports .. because, well I use it for lots of things and it's easy to keep stuff updated.08:51
rottyhow's the support for cherry-picking these times? bzr still does not track them, right?10:55
lifelessrotty: will be discussing this in the up coming sprint11:20
rottyso it could be implemented in the foreseeable future?11:23
appcine_How do you ignore all files in a certain directory? Like bzr ignore dir/*, but that adds all specific files to the .bzrignore file .. should I manually edit the file?11:38
luksI think bzr ignore 'dir/*' should work11:39
luksor "dir/*" on windows11:39
luks(to disable the * in the shell)11:39
appcine_worked, thanks :)11:40
appcinecan you remove all ".svn" directories from your project somehow?11:48
appcineI added them, and the ingored them .. now I want to remove them :P11:48
Pengappcine: If you're on *nix or something, that would be easy. 'find -name .svn -execdir bzr rm {} +' or something.12:16
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rottylifeless: I have an ideas for a new feature: tracking the currently-checked-out revision, so when you do "bzr get -r FOO", a subsequent "bzr status" will compare against the revision FOO and not HEAD12:28
rottydoes that make sense?12:28
datojelmer: ping?12:30
jelmerdato: pong12:30
datojelmer: I have a situation, and I'd like to know whether rebase could help. well. situation. I commited some stuff over a revision that I didn't thought it was there...12:31
datohow much would I need to write to make rebase re-commit the good ones on top of $BAD-112:31
datoI don't mind a dirty+ad-hoc solution12:31
jelmerwell, there's also the "replay" command that's part of rebase12:32
jelmerif you check out $BAD-1 then you can just run "bzr replay -r<revision-to-replay>"12:32
datothank you12:33
jelmerfor $BAD+112:33
datoI get a conflict, whereas I think I shouldn't get one12:38
dato$BAD touches foo1.py12:38
datoand $BAD+1 is a merge that does not touch foo1.py12:39
datojelmer: ^12:40
fullermdrotty: Err?  get == branch; it does do that...12:46
rottyfullermd: but "revert -r" doesn't, does it?12:47
halluhello, i'm running into a repository compatibility problem with bzr hosted on launchpad.12:48
fullermdWell, what you'd want for that use case isn't revert, it's "update -r".12:48
hallui used svn-import to create a new branch on my machine.12:48
fullermdWhich comes with a minor hitch.12:48
halluthen i push it onto launchpad12:48
hallubut bzr co complains that KnitPackRepository is not compatible with RemoteRepository...12:49
rottyfullermd: according to "bzr update --help", update doesn't have that option "-r"12:49
fullermdrotty: That's the minor hitch   8-}12:49
hallui should say: I push it *first* and that works, then I try *bzr co* and that fails.12:50
datooh well, I used WorkingTree.commit for $BAD+1. replay did $BAD+2,3 fine12:51
rottyfullermd: is this implemented in bzr HEAD?12:52
* fullermd shakes his head.12:52
fullermdrotty: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/4571912:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 45719 in bzr "update command cannot take a revision number" [Medium,Fix committed]12:56
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appcinePeng: Ah, yes. I'm on unix. Something like the find-command might work, but {} doesn't print the path to the file .. know how to do that? :)13:18
Pengappcine: It doesn't? What? Depending on your shell, you might need to escape it.13:20
appcinefind . -name .DS_Store -execdir echo {} +13:20
appcineprints: .DS_Store .DS_Store .DS_Store13:20
appcinebash on os x13:20
Pengappcine: Yeah, exactly. execdir 'cd'es to the directory and then executes it.13:21
Pengappcine: It's supposed to be safer. Shrug.13:21
appcinePeng: Hmm, hehe.. let me try again .. bzr reported that .DS_Store didn't exist13:21
appcinewith --exec it worked13:22
appcinePeng: Nevermind me. I'm just sloppy. It works just fine.13:23
appcineThanks for the tip13:23
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rottyfullermd: where can I get a recent version of this patch?13:32
rotty(the repos mentioned in the report don't apply to current HEAD anymore)13:33
fullermdI don't think there is one.13:34
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* fullermd ponders.14:01
fullermdI guess poolie's long since gone for the night...14:02
* lamont wonders when bzr 1.2.0 will hit the ppa14:09
LarstiQlamont: it did yesterday14:10
LarstiQor well, the buildds and then failed14:10
lamontit's not there....14:10
LarstiQso eh yeah, can't use it yet :)14:10
* lamont notes the lack of a debian directory in the tarball, too14:12
LarstiQlamont: which one, upstream?14:14
LarstiQI'm not clear on what you mean, but fwiw there are something like 4 different debian dirs needed14:15
LarstiQsince dapper/etch/sid are all different enough that there is no universal packaging (yet?)14:15
lamontmost people tend to package something that's the latest...14:16
LarstiQas the Bazaar project, debs for all those distributions need to be made14:17
LarstiQanyway, I haven't been involved in that area for a while now14:18
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lamontheh.  it took longer to test the backport to dapper/edgy than it did to do it.14:42
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* fullermd wonders whether 1.2 is officially released.15:14
fullermdI see the file, but I haven't seen any announcements.15:15
ubotuNew bug: #145811 in nautilus-python "python-nautilus: Feisty: Python script's methods seem to be not called by extension." [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14581115:16
* rotty is annoyed that the "update -r" patch has been abandoned15:18
fullermdHere's your number; there's the line   :p15:19
rottyunfortunatly, I'm not able to forward-port the patch, as I don't have knowledge of bzr internals15:19
PengI have an entirely off-topic quandary: I created a GPG key for myself 5 days ago. I had a copy of my private key on a server I don't own the whole time. Should I be paranoid and revoke it or not? I'm not using it for much so it would be no big deal if I did revoke it.15:20
fullermdI s'pose it depends on how much you trust whoever has root on it.15:22
PengAlso, if I ever got a VPS, I might need to put the private key on it, which would be just as bad...15:24
* fullermd shrugs.15:25
fullermdAny hardware that anybody else ever has physical access to is insecure and untrustworthy if you're paranoid enough.15:25
PengI'm trying to find the right level of paranoia.15:26
johnnyand the changelog needs to be updated for 1.2 too..15:30
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radixis there any recent .deb of bazaar that works on dapper?17:50
Pengradix: https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive ?17:55
PengHuh, Hardy and Dapper are the only ones that have had their 1.2rc1 debs built.17:55
* Peng wanders off.17:55
radixPeng: the dapper debs from ppa are broken17:57
radixthey depend on python2.517:57
PengI dunno nothin' then.18:00
* Peng wanders off.18:00
PengSorry I couldn't help.18:00
jdongAre the bazaar-vcs.org branches going to be packs?18:32
jdongI notice that they're still dirstate/knits currently18:32
beunojdong, bzr.dev has been in packs for a while now18:34
beunobeuno@beuno-laptop:~/bzr_devel/bzr.dev$ bzr info http://bazaar-vcs.org/bzr/bzr.dev/18:34
beunoStandalone branch (format: pack-0.92)18:34
jdongbeuno: what? no way18:35
* jdong questions his sanity18:35
* beuno questions it too :p18:36
jdongbeuno: oh I see my idiocy18:36
jdongbeuno: I looked at bzr.1.218:36
jdongnot bzr.dev18:36
beunojdong, I think 0.92 and on have been in packs on bzr.dev. Especially since at that poing packs<>knits operations where painfully slow18:36
jdongWOW the performance difference with packs over HTTP is very noticeable18:37
beunojdong, yeap, lifeless and jam did an amazing job at it  :D18:38
beunoand I understand the smart server has improved greatly too18:38
jdongyeah I'm impressed at dumb http alone18:38
jdongI haven't branched something big from HTTP since packs came about18:38
beunoI think the "less amounts of round-trips" was the key18:39
jdongright, that's always been the case18:39
beunogazillion knits vs a dozen packs18:39
* beuno wonders why the 1.2 branch is in knits...18:40
beunoand no poolie around...  :/18:40
jdongbeuno: yeah the 1.2 branch took nearly 5 minutes to get, while I just grabbed dev in under a minute18:41
jdongand looking @ how it's 85MB, most of that time would've been simply network transfer18:41
beunojdong, I'll send an email to the list and see if it just got forgotten or if there is a good reason for it18:42
jdongbeuno: cool18:42
beunothanks for the heads up!18:42
* jdong reconciles bzr.dev for fun18:51
beunojdong, if it's in packs, it should be fairly fast. Knits, on the other hand, might take a while. I have 3gb branch that took 40+ hours to reconcile on a AMD 4000+ dual core18:52
jdongbeuno: yeah right now the packs are taking over 10 min to reconcile, looks CPU bound18:53
jdongoh well, i twas for fun anway18:53
beunojdong, you can also run "bzr check" if you feel like making the CPU sweat a while  :p18:54
mwsomeone should change the topic to mention 1.220:00
johnnyand add a changelog entry20:02
johnnyon the site20:02
mario_limonciellis there no way to pass bzr through an authenticating proxy?20:06
mario_limonciellit would seem according to bug 83954 that the support should be there20:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 83954 in bzr "Error while using "bzr branch" through proxy" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8395420:09
ubotuNew bug: #156299 in bzr "bzr bash completion error (compgen: --: invalid option)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15629920:20
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* mtaylor hates that Branch.open_containing() returns a tuple and not a branch. 21:10
mtaylorjust FWIW21:10
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treeform_hey my network is just awful but i need to copy a big bzr repo (300mb) to a server it always disconnect while doing it21:59
treeform_is there a way to zip up the repo and rsync it there?22:00
beunotreeform_, "pull" has resume integrated22:02
beunoyou can of course just rsync the folder22:02
beunoand/or zip it22:02
beunoyou don't need anything special22:02
treeform_beuno, does push has resume integrated?22:03
beunotreeform_, I'm not 100% sure, but I don't see a reason why not22:04
treeform_it always errors out with a python stack trace so i think it bzr just crashes22:04
beunotreeform_, what version of bzr are you using?22:04
beunoif it's spitting out a traceback it should be a bug22:05
treeform_sorry i would post the trace back but i dont have it22:05
beunotreeform_, would you happen to have a traceback handy that you can paste somewhere?22:05
beunoah, right22:05
treeform_i will run it again just wait about 10 min22:05
beunowell, just plain rsyning the dir will work just fine22:05
treeform_but the dir is about 600mb22:06
treeform_with the .bzr 300mb and the contents is 300mb22:06
beunotreeform_, can you run "bzr info" and see what repository type it is?22:06
beunotreeform_, I suppose you can rsync the .bzr directory and then just do "bzr revert"  (which is sort of what bzr branch would do)22:06
beunozip up .bzr, rsync that, unzip, "bzr revert"22:07
beuno(I'm sure there are better solutions though)22:07
treeform_as long as that works22:07
treeform_"Standalone tree (format: pack-0.92)"22:08
treeform_oh my format is lower version22:08
beunotreeform_, that's the latest version22:09
treeform_i been using bzr since .14 and never had reasons to upgrade but it looks like i did at .9222:09
treeform_oh ok22:09
treeform_i think i needed to upgrade it because some one could not read it22:10
fullermdThat seems unlikely...22:10
beunotreeform_, if they have a pre 0.92 version than they might not be able to read packs22:10
treeform_ok but i am up todate?22:10
beunotreeform_, if you have bzr 1.1 and are using the packs repository, yes22:11
treeform_ok thanks22:11
fullermd1.1?  Jeez, that's SO yesterday...22:12
treeform_fullermd, i should upgrade?22:13
beunofullermd, :p22:13
beunotreeform_, 1.2 is out _today_22:13
beunoso 1.1 is _yesterday_22:14
beunoupgrading is always recommended, but you're good at 1.122:14
treeform_oh i just installed 1.2 on the server22:14
treeform_that is how it crashes http://dpaste.com/35397/22:14
beunotreeform_, it says you're using bzr 1.022:15
beunoand, a release candidate22:15
treeform_ok 1.2 it is22:15
beunoI'd recommend upgrading to at least 1.0 final22:16
beunotreeform_, your traceback says: bzr 1.0.0.candidate.1 on python 2.5.1.final.0 (linux2)22:16
treeform_yes it does22:17
treeform_i am sure i am wrong22:17
treeform_grr installing it also fails http://dpaste.com/35399/22:19
treeform_i got my current bzr is the latest in my repos22:22
rthalleyAssume we have a centralized shared repository for product foo.  directory "foo" has been bzr init-repo'd.  we then make branch "foo/head", and do work.  Now, getting reading for a release, we bzr branch foo/head foo/release-1.0.  Question: is there any way to see what branches are available within foo?  (within bzr, that is...)22:24
mtaylorrthalley: not that I know of22:28
mtaylorrthalley: but a simple ls of foo will give you some idea22:28
vinhow does the bzr_access script work? I've added set up the .ssh/authorized_key file. Do I just invoke the script with the appropriate parameters?22:29
abentleyrthalley: bzrtools provides a "branches" command that lists the branches under a given location22:29
rthalleythanks, that's handy.  now a "best practices" question...  let's say we now finish foo-1.0 and ship it.  do I tag foo/release-1.0 to indicate the version that was released?  Do we worry about people still being able to commit to foo-release-1.0?22:37
jdongis it clean to clean .bzr/repository/upload by hand or is there a tool for it?22:52
mneptokjdong: sounds like my dating career22:53
jdongmneptok: that probably explains the global shortage of nitrile gloves :)22:54
jdongsome little developing conscience in my head is telling me I shouldn't go into .bzr with /bin/rm and whack out things I don't think belong :D22:55
jdonglol well ASS-U-ME-ing that nothing is uploading to the location, I would expect the 35MB of packs in upload to be simply in-transit cut-connection junk23:02
abentleyjdong: you can't break your repository by removing the contents of upload.23:03
* jdong saves this chat log ;-)23:03
abentleyIf someone was in the middle of uploading, you might cause their upload to fail with a nasty error.23:03
jdongthis one branch I have, I regularly commit to it via a crappy connection... it's nearly double its pristine size because of cruft in upload23:04
jdongI'm wondering if bzr should have a command for dealing with cruft like that?23:05
abentleyWell, perhaps robert can fix that, but it's not an open-and-shut case like obsolete-packs.23:05
jdonggranted, else it would've been naturally fixed already23:06
jdongbtw if you haven't heard yet, packs rock :)23:06
jdongI am astounded by the performance difference over plain HTTP23:06
jdongnow if there's only a way for LP to upgrade all branches to packs rather than me having to sftp them.23:07
abentleyYeah, I did see your talk in the scrollback.23:07
jdongyeah, you guys really came through for me. That was just about the last complaint I had about bzr :)23:08
abentleyjdong: You would not believe how snowed-under the launchpad-bazaar team is.23:08
abentleyI don't think we'll have time for nice-to-haves in the near future.23:08
jdongI can imagine :(23:08
jdongoh well scrape-and-loop time :)23:08
jdongif there's one skill I've learned in my time around Ubuntu, it's how to abuse Launchpad :)23:09
abentleyBut create a blueprint, and then we'll at least have it in the system.23:09
jdongyeah, I'll do so in a sec23:09
fullermdSeems like "smart server upgrade verb" would fill that niche pretty well.23:10
jdongwell the thing is...23:10
jdongI don't think $average_lp_user knows or cares what the heck a pack is.23:10
jdongand I don't think people are aware in general of this massive speedup. LP should be more active in telling owners of branches to upgrade to packs23:11
=== kiko-afk is now known as kiko
abentleyWhere would you suggest we tell people about packs?23:22
mtaylorwhen was rich-root-packs added?23:27
lifelessjdong: yes it should and I think there is a bug open for htat23:28
lifelessmtaylor: 1.0 IIRC23:28
lifelessmtaylor: bzr help formats or so should say23:29
lifelessalso bzr should start nagging soon23:29
mtaylorlifeless: thanks23:29
beunoanyone up to helping me brainstorm what tests I should include with the automatic plugin thingie?   I've got working code and would like to strap on the tests and send to the list for initial review23:49
abentleybeuno: You should test all the commands you add, and the major functions you add.23:53
abentleyI'm not sure whether you're doing network stuff.  That can be annoying, but you should be able to run your own server if necessary.23:53
beunoabentley, the problem is that I'm not actually adding any commands at this point, just catching unknown commands and checking to see if another plugin provides it23:53
abentleyOkay, so you should be testing the command-line functionality you've added.23:54
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beunoabentley, right, I got that far. The question is a bit more specific. I should make the test execute a command that I know will be caught as a plugin and test if the output is correct?  Maybe also commands that I know will be unknown and make sure they are still unknown?23:58
abentleyYou don't necessarily have to do exhaustive tests of the commandline.23:59
abentleyBut that's pretty key functionality.23:59

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