lnsIf any of you are interested I'm tracking my issue here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-amd/+bug/18074200:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180742 in xorg-server "xf86-video-amd: switching to a vcons fails" [Unknown,Confirmed]00:23
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johnnyogra, so how does gvfs affect what you're doing with ltsp? anything?14:09
johnnyany problems caused?14:09
ograi didnt test the new ltspfs yet14:10
ogra(since i do my tests in the free version of virtualbox i dont have USB support)14:10
ograbut i actually dont expect any problems14:11
johnnywell, what you need to test .. is to make sure that logout actually closes down the mounts14:11
johnnywhich i seem to be having on and off troubles with14:11
johnnyit seems that gvfs hasn't gotten the love it deserves14:14
johnnyogra, have you gotten vbox additions to work in hardy vbox?14:25
ograwith a patch i dug up upstream for the older kernels, but recently tehre was an update of the modules, the current hardy package should worjk with the current hady kernel14:28
johnnydidn't work so far14:33
johnnyaltho i do have vboxvfs showing up in lsmod14:33
johnnyogra, do you know anything about this? http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=43294714:35
ubotuGnome bug 432947 in general "Mouse pointer keeps busy while Sabayon is ready to work" [Minor,Unconfirmed]14:35
johnnyas i see hardy still uses gksu for some apps (atm at least)14:35
johnnyi've replicated that in ubuntu14:36
johnnyeither way.. it's definitely a distro bug,as sabayon uses gnomesu by default in any case14:39
laga_ogra: did you ever add support for alternate dhcp ports? https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/edubuntu-users/2006-August/000172.html14:39
ogralaga_, i think dhclient prevents that deliberately so your second dhcp request will fail14:40
ograat leat in recnet versions14:40
laga_ogra: the second dhcp request happens in the initramfs, doesn't it?14:41
ograin the running system14:42
ograerr, nonsense14:42
ograthe first one happens from the bootloader ... the second one from initramfs14:43
ograand s/dhclient/ipconfig/14:43
laga_and the third one (being dhclient) will fail?14:43
ograthe second one will already fail14:44
laga_ogra: did you actually check that URL? you can just add -q <port> to the ipconfig call it seems14:45
ograas i said above, that was deliberately dropped i think14:48
laga_ogra: ah, i misunderstood you then. sorry about that :)14:48
laga_ogra: the code seems to be there in gutsy's klibc-utils14:51
laga_ogra: just checked for hardy. it's still in the README and in usr/kinit/ipconfig/main.c so i guess it wasn't removed14:54
ograhmm, i read it was ...14:57
laga_ogra: i can make a patch if you want (next week, no time right now)15:02
ograif ysou can prove that it works :)15:03
ograi know it doesnt if you forcefully set the port in the ltsp_nbd script15:03
laga_ogra: sure.15:03
laga_ogra: you mean if you use -p <port>?15:03
laga_i'll just try it w/ my other changes15:04
ograthere is a guy on the edubuntu ML who is playing with non standard prots since a while15:04
laga_IP-Config: binding source port to 1337, dest to 133615:06
laga_seems like it works. maybe there was another problem at your end. i'll just test it and let you know.15:07
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_mAyDaY_hello everyone :) , could someone please take a look at this -- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69577522:35
_mAyDaY_and comment? :)22:35
johnnyldap .22:36
johnnyand the pam thing22:36
_mAyDaY_isn't the pam thing only local ?22:37
_mAyDaY_ie. will it record remaining time in someway in ldap?22:38
johnnychill with the nick tho22:38
johnnyno need for the upper and lower case22:38
_mAyDaY_it's an old habbit :o)22:39
johnnyi'm sure there's a way to store it in ldap somehow22:40
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_lowercase_is that the only way you see it?22:40
johnnywell you'll be doing some script on the user side for sure22:41
johnnyi'm sure there are other ways22:42
johnnymaybe if i get some time i can look it up22:42
_lowercase_i wonder why the edubuntu team hasn't done any work in that direction22:44
_lowercase_since it's pretty useful for schools or such22:44
johnnythey have enough to do already22:44
johnnyi'm sure stuff like that is on the radar22:44
johnnythis is what they are working on integrating now22:45
_lowercase_very nice22:46
johnnysomebody else might have some advice for you too22:47
_lowercase_*hats off*22:47
johnnyif you stick around for a bit22:47
_lowercase_i'll come by often22:48
johnnyi'd suggest idling22:48
johnnyfor awhile22:48
new710I have a question about deploying edubuntu in a school for about 25 computers.22:49
_lowercase_due to technical issues, i can't idle (as in, leave the box running infinitly:)22:49
new710How should I go about doing that?22:50
johnnythat's too broad22:50
johnnydid you read the edubuntu handbook?22:50
johnnythat's a good start22:51
new710Is there a way to install it to a server and deploy automatically?22:51
new710Not thin clients, though.....22:51
johnnymost people do thin clients22:51
johnnyevne with real pcs22:51
new710My server is not that powerful, will that many users, 25, impact performance?22:51
LaserJockwhat are the specs?22:52
new710Server is a P4, hyperthreading (don't recall the clock speed, but it is ubder 3GHz), 2 GB RAM.22:53
LaserJockI would think the RAM would be the limiter22:54
new710Yeah.... I guess most of the processing will be handled by the clients.22:57
new710Do you know how much RAM each thin client requires (default)?22:57
LaserJockthe handbook says the server needs: 256 + (128 * users) MB22:59
LaserJockso you need about 3.5GB RAM22:59
LaserJocknew710: check out http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/edubuntu/handbook/C/server-hw.html23:00
new710Ok, thank you very much for your help.  I know I should read the handbook!!!23:01
new710Just that this school wants to upgrade to 2003 server and I mentioned this as a possible alternative.23:02
new710Also comes with the usual Linux benefits, etc.23:02
_lowercase_btw. can someone plz in few sentences explain (i didn't read the documentation:o) what is the role of the edubuntu server?23:05
gyaresuHey. Is edubuntu still a supported project?23:05
laga_read the documentation? :)23:05
gyaresuthat's my point.23:05
laga_gyaresu: was talking to _lowercase_23:05
gyaresulink to "Edubuntu Handbook" not there... http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/handbook/C/23:05
gyaresulaga_: Ah. Sorry.23:05
_lowercase_laga_: just in few words :) , not in detail23:06
laga_gyaresu: google "edubuntu handbook" and it comes up http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/edubuntu/handbook/C/23:06
laga_gyaresu: looks like the URL is wrong23:06
LaserJock_lowercase_: the server "serves" everything over the network to the thin client23:06
new710The server acts as a controller for all of the thin clients connected to it.23:07
laga_copyright 2004, 2005, 2006. hum.23:07
LaserJock_lowercase_: have you ever done X forwarding? where you ssh into another machine and start up an X app?23:07
_lowercase_LaserJock: yup23:07
LaserJock_lowercase_: this is basically like that, but way cooler23:07
_lowercase_that pretty much answers my question :)23:07
new710Every thin client logs in to the server as their own user.23:08
LaserJockthe thin client just has a kernel,ssh, and X23:08
LaserJockeverything else is run on the server and is "forwarded" to the thin client23:08
_lowercase_i get it, thnx :)23:08
LaserJockthat's why the thin client doesn't need a hard drive23:08
LaserJockgyaresu: Edubuntu is very much a supported project23:08
_lowercase_LaserJock: do you maybe have an idea for my inital question?23:09
new710I was wondering, can the thin client do some processing in processor-intensive applications?23:10
johnnythat's something that is in the pipeline23:10
LaserJocknew710: well, there is work going on for that kind of thing23:10
LaserJocknew710: called local apps. where we actually run some stuff on the thin client23:11
LaserJocklike openGL apps23:11
new710Yes, sounds good.23:11
LaserJock_lowercase_: well, my guess would be ldap. time usage is something we'd like to do better with but just haven't seen good software for that23:11
gyaresuI'm going to put a server into a cafe to run thin clients and manage wireless connections. Is edubuntu already setup to do proxy & shaping?23:11
LaserJockbut I actually don't run LTSP so I'm probably not the best to ask23:12
johnnygyaresu, i useopenwrt23:12
johnnyerr i use openwrt for that wireless part23:12
new710Laserjock: Thanks for your help!23:12
gyaresujohnny: I use Tomato. Not really gonna help with shaping though eh?23:12
gyaresujohnny: I want a proxy so that it's a captive portal and does caching.23:13
johnnyyes.. captive portal23:13
johnnyi use coova atm23:13
gyaresujohnny: Maybe even radius server.23:13
gyaresuah. not heard of it.23:13
johnnyi didn't need a radius server23:13
* gyaresu is googling coova23:13
johnnybut it does have that option23:13
gyaresuHow's it working out for you?23:13
johnnymostly well23:14
johnnyi just used the TOS acceptance thing23:14
gyaresujohnny: So some things not working?23:15

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