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tomaTonio_: pinh17:43
* jpatrick gives toma an g17:49
tomajpatrick: pinhg does not make sense to me, but thanks ;-)17:49
* mhb gives toma an s/h/g/17:51
tomao, i can choose between them ? ;-)17:51
Tonio_toma: pong ?17:58
mhbRiddell: how's the KDE4 CD, by the way?18:05
mhbRiddell: are the seeds unstuck now?18:05
mhbsorry for the polling18:05
mhbI guess this approach is not really polite, some "bus mastering" would be a much better way18:06
Riddellwell, as it happens...18:08
Riddellnow I should say that those were only created a minute ago and I have zero idea of if they'll actually work18:08
RiddellI expect the package choice will have gaps in it18:09
RiddellI wonder if live CDs will work18:09
smarterRiddell: the files in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/daily/20080215/source/ are empty18:09
Riddellplease don't sue me!18:10
smarterjust letting you know ;)18:10
jpatricksmarter: not here18:11
jpatrickoh wait..18:11
Riddell<mepis> what, we have to provide sources?</mepis>18:11
mhbawesome work, hooray for Riddell18:14
Riddellso, anyone want to try it and see what happens?18:26
tomaTonio_: hi18:28
smarterI will if there was a live version18:28
Riddellthere isn't18:29
tomaTonio_: if you have hacking questions, please mail me or find me, I'll can help you, but I might be less available on this channel next weeks.18:30
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txwikingerxorg leaked 2G of memory in less than 24 days :(18:36
jouelletteHi, Can anyone help me create a .deb package? It uses cmake and I"m having issues building the package correctly19:05
jouelletteI've read the tutorial on creating .debs but I can't figure out how to config the rules file to work with cmake19:06
jpatrickjouellette: you've come to the right place19:06
jouelletteI'm trying to package a Plasmoid I wrote..19:07
jouellettebut I can't seem to be able to get dh_make to create a rules file that works...19:08
jpatrickjouellette: I'm not sure what the current last one looks like, but look into the yakuake-kde4 package for an example19:11
jouellettejpatrick: how can I look into a .deb without installing it?19:12
jouelletteI think I just built the .deb....19:12
jpatrickjouellette: make sure you have hardy deb-src's in your /etc/apt/sources.list, apt-get update and apt-get source yakuake-kde419:12
ScottK2jouellette: ark filename.deb will do it.19:13
jpatrickjouellette: dpkg -c filename.deb - will print it's contents19:13
ScottK2jouellette: or debc binarychangesfile.changes will do it too19:14
jouelletteThanks for the help, I looked into that .deb and all the files are there... I just need to mod the control and such files and it'll be done...19:15
jouelletteThanks again for the help, it's very appreciated19:15
jpatrickIt's our speciality19:15
jouelletteI can't wait for 4.1, I'm fine with 4.0.1 but there's a few things that are bugging me.. :)19:16
smarterjouellette: if you want to see what a packaged plasmoid looks like: apt-get source kepas19:18
jpatricksmarter: did that get though NEW?19:18
smarterjpatrick: yes ;)19:19
jpatricksmarter: gentil19:19
smarterjpatrick: that's not the right word :}19:19
Riddelljouellette: which tutorial did you read?19:19
ScottK2smarter: I reuploaded qdevelop yesterday before the freeze.  Next time when we're close to a freeze, please don't ask to have the package rejected.  Just bug fix it after it's out of New.19:20
jpatricksmarter: damn19:20
smarterjpatrick: we use "cool" in french too19:20
jpatricksmarter: lame19:20
jouelletteRiddell: the Package building tut.19:21
jpatrickRiddell: probably mine19:21
jpatrickdon't sue me!19:22
Riddelljouellette: which one, there's lots :)19:22
jouelletteRiddell: they are all the same... :) just copy and pasted.. :)19:22
jouellettelet me get a list of links.. :)19:22
jpatrickjouellette: does it have: "Kubuntu Tutorials Day - Packaging 101" on the front page?19:22
jouellettehttp://www.debian-administration.org/articles/337 | https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/basic-chap.html19:23
jouellettejpatrick: I did see that one.. but that looked just like the ubuntu one.. just blue.. :)19:23
jpatrickah right19:23
jouelletteI hadn't seen the IRC chat transcript though...19:24
jpatrickjouellette: you don't want to, that's why I made the PDF :)19:25
smarterScottK2: sorry for that, someone advised me to do that, he uploaded my package too19:32
ScottK2smarter: Who do you think uploaded your package?19:37
ScottK2smarter: I uploaded it both times, so something is a bit confused.19:38
smarterScottK2: gpocentek uploaded it and at some point there was two qdevelop packages in NEW19:40
smarterhe forgot to remove the package from revu I think19:41
ScottK2smarter: That's odd because normally one will get rejected.  Then I'm additionally grumpy because I wasted time yesterday re-reviewing and uploading the package.19:43
ScottK2Please let people who are involved with a package know what's going on.19:44
smarterScottK2: I didn't know that the package was still on revu, but sorry again ;)19:47
* ScottK2 mumbles something about checking and moves on.19:49
ryanakcakwwii: good, we've settled on the last mockup on the wiki page20:46
* ryanakca grumbles at all the Kubuntu meetings being on Wednesdays...20:46
jpatrickryanakca: they're on Saturdays too20:47
mhbryanakca: like the last one which was on Saturday20:48
ryanakcajpatrick: heh, nevermind then :)20:48
ryanakcadoesn't really matter if I make them or no... I'm not exactly what you could call "essential" or even "important" to the project :)20:48
jpatrickryanakca: we all are20:49
ryanakcajpatrick: lol, I don't think I've been to a meeting in the past 3 months... ok. "essential" or "important" to the meeting then.20:50
nixternalryanakca: aren't you managing the website transition? that is pretty important right there. Plus you have done a bunch previously fulfilling school requirements as well20:50
ryanakcanixternal: lol, yep :)20:50
ryanakcaschool requirements? aka Classroom or volunteer hours for school?20:51
nixternaleveryone is important, except for maybe crimsun_....all he does is spit out his vista knowledge :p20:51
nixternalryanakca: ya, that's them...I remember JR having to sign stuff for you ya20:51
nixternalyou ya, hrmm, that is a new one20:52
jpatrickryanakca: how's alpine?20:55
ryanakcajpatrick: icky... I ditched it for mutt :P20:57
nixternalPine was awesome back in the 90s....Mutt was great, but Pine was just awesome20:58
nixternalI have been thinking about reverting back from KMail, but I have just gotten to used to it20:58
ryanakcayeah... I already had a .muttrc set up from a few years back, and it "just worked"... and I didn't feel like having to go through patching and rebuilding or something of the sort to get GPG support20:59
ryanakcanixternal: KMail (KDE3) doesn't like KDE4 here... which is why I use mutt...21:00
nixternalreally? it works pretty good for me thus far21:01
ScottKryanakca: That's why I use KDE3.21:01
ryanakcanixternal: I don't feel like having a seperate X session just to run a few KDE3 apps... and with mutt I can access my email from school too when I ssh in to do my C++ stuff :)21:01
nixternalseeing as KMail for KDE 4 is starting to mature a bit, I have been thinking of building a kdepim-kde4 package to give it a try21:01
* jpatrick wonders what happened here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56129/21:01
nixternaljpatrick: that is an easy one to fix...just read the error message it gave ya :p21:02
jpatrickdpkg-buildpackage: host architecture i386 -> Aborting with an error21:02
* ryanakca goes to finish his kalzium patch21:03
ryanakca... except I have no clue how to convert the atomic weight into g/cm^3 :)21:04
nixternaljpatrick: hahaha, I was being a wise ass with that one...because, there simply isn't a reason/error stated with the abort21:05
ScottKnixternal: If there was a kdepim-kde4 package, I would sign up for testing it in Hardy.21:07
nixternalmaybe I will do that then...just do an svn export and put it in my ppa21:08
ryanakcanixternal: so would I :)21:08
ScottKnixternal: Why PPA?  Why not in Hardy?  I think KDE4 is a good candidate for a blanket feature freeze waiver.21:08
nixternalwell, maybe they will release a beta for 4.0.2 or soon21:09
nixternalI will ask winterz if they are planning on it, or toma if he knows anything?21:09
tomanixternal: ?21:10
nixternaldo you know if there will be a kdepim release, like a beta release, anytime soon?21:11
tomanixternal: no, not really, we are planning for 4.1.0, so there will be beta releases21:12
nixternalroger that21:12
tomanixternal: but that's in a couple of monthes21:12
nixternalhow is akonadi thus far? is it complete yet?21:12
yuriyreally too bad it won't be used by kdepim in 4.121:13
tomanixternal: it's getting there rapidly21:13
tomayuriy: it's unrealistic to do that21:13
yuriyi understand21:14
tomayuriy: we just want the kdepim apps to be stable for 4.1.021:14
tomathen we have 6 months to 4.2.0 to port to akonadi21:14
tomain the meanwhile Mailody is porting to akonadi to find the most crucial bugs21:14
tomayuriy: we don't want to mix porting to kde4 with porting to a new framework21:15
tomayuriy: both are very sensitive to introducing bugs21:16
tomaand we are playing with user data, like addresses and mail. we don't want to mess it up. it's not KChess21:17
tekteenI am learning PyQt and am wondering if there is something easy I can make as practice. What did you guys do?21:32
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ryanakcaRiddell: did you get my /msg ?22:16
Riddelloh aye22:17

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